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08-10-2008, 12:33 PM
Oh dear, this is all personal and weight lossy and emotional and argh I hate feeling this way.

A very good friend did something to hurt my feelings. He half-heartedly apologized, but also kinda agreed to give me an explanation the next time we saw each other in person. Well, we did see each other, and he didn't give me an explanation, and this was on Friday {day 1 on of my two day drinking spree}. He is a very important friend to me, which is why this whole situation has me so upset.

Now I'm depressed, and trying not to show it to my husband, and I'm having major difficulties staying OP. The dehydration, the sour stomach, the emotional upset over this situation...it's all conspiring against me.

I know goal 1 is to stay away from the booze until I'm drinking for fun rather than comfort. We had "party friends" staying with us this weekend which led to a mild drinking {which always leads to "just one more drink" - which ended up being way too many gin and tonics - until I'm txting above-mentioned friend and, when morning rolls around, I don't remember what we talked about and am too embarrassed to read it again!}.

So, I know what I need to do. I guess I just needed to vent and have someone listen. Skip the booze, take my mind off it with exercise, focus on me and my family, and accept that I've done all I can to patch up this situation with above-mentioned friend {and that conversing with him while drunk is a [I]really bad idea}. Right? Right....OK....I feel better now. :dizzy:

08-10-2008, 01:22 PM
Hey Altari! :hug:

Sorry you're having such a lousy time. :( I agree with all your conclusions--especially staying away from the booze. For some folks it's way too tricky, and I'm one of them.

Also, it's probably best to stay away from that friend. You didn't give any clues about the issues, but it sounds to me as though you are too involved with him on an emotional level... And it's probably best to let that go.

Take care--do some positive things to help feel better that don't involve alcohol or overeating.


08-10-2008, 03:00 PM

I was also a big binge drinker, weekends and holidays. You are going to feel so much better laying off that stuff. I drank, really drank, (you know, besides the occasional beer) for the first time in about two years last Saturday night. I was hurting until Sunday night. I do not miss it. I can't believe my body was ever conditioned for that. I, as well, had many an embarrassing regretful phone call. A lot of the time I had to be taken care of and reminded of all the Crazy stuff I did the night before.

08-10-2008, 05:34 PM
I am very attached to this friend. He's been an extremely close friend a quite a while now, he's part of the "group" we run with, and he's also very close to my husband. It would be incredibly hard to lose our friendship and still be able to coexist. I've basically removed any ability to contact him from my life (taken him out of my phone, IM and eMail lists) and have decided to just let him contact me if he feels like he's gotten over whatever I said or did that bothered him.

I usually don't drink that much. It's a rare occasion that I'm so flipping wasted that I can't remember what I said or did. We drink with friends a few times a month, and I'm usually nursing three or four drinks throughout the entire night - enough to get me toasty and fun, but not enough to cause crap like this.

So...where's that hole for me to crawl into and die?