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08-07-2008, 03:22 PM
here is a quick background just to clarify the title: last summer i lost a lot of weight (i probably didnt go about it the best way, but that is another post for another time) while i was in chicago but when i came back home to new york after a few days i had stopped working out like i used to and after about a week i had lapsed back into really bad eating habits and after a month i had gained everything back.

fast forward to this summer. i have been in mexico for the last 8 weeks and i have lost a lot of weight again (i have no scale but i have gone from a tight size 10 to a comfortable 8) anyway i am going home in a few days and i am terrified that the same thing is going to happen this summer. i have been on a much more sensible eating and exercise plan i devised for myself this summer (i eat 1 carbohydrate, 2/3 servings of tuna or turkey, 1 serving of yogurt, and 3/4 servings of fruit and 4/5 servings of vegetables every day) and i run a mile or two a day. the big thing is, i walk EVERYWHERE here, i mapped it and i probably walk around 10 miles a day. i am terrified of putting weight back on when i go home because i know that will discourage me and i will end up gaining everything back, whereas id like to actually lose another size but september/october and then work on maintaining.

i dont really want to decrease the amount i eat a day because while i am never hungry i fear if i ate less i would be since i am eating anywhere from 1000-1200 calories a day, but i know in my little long island suburb with my SUV i will never walk 10 miles a day even if i still do run a few. i also do pilates for an hour every night, but i think that is enough i wouldnt want to do it for longer than that.

any suggestions at all? guidance? advice? thanks so much in advance, you guys are the best :)

PS- my father just finished renovating our house into a gorgeous estate...except he has yet to choose a kitchen. so i have no access to a stove or oven, and my mom said we would be eating out a lot as a result of the inability to cook anything. granted, most of what i have been eating here requires little to no preparation, but still...I anticipate many problems.


08-07-2008, 06:20 PM
Hey briefcase!

Don't panic! There's no need. Yes, you'll need to make some adjustments when you get back, no doubt about it. And yes, you'll need to avoid the pitfalls you dropped into last time. But, you know what those are now! I assume you live with your parents from what you said.

- Consider a gym membership. The YMCA is often a good possibility. You'll need to keep up your physical activity.

- Check out workout videos you can do at home, also hand weights that you could use at home, or resistance bands.

- You're gonna think I'm nuts, but you probably ought to increase your calories. I think you must be fairly young--20s?--and if you continue to be active (as in, working out 5-6 days a week) then you are not eating enough at 1000-1200 cals per day. I would say 1400-1500 might be better, as long as you keep exercising. Maybe more!

- Don't be afraid of protein! You need more if you're using your muscles, not less. How about chicken, pork, salmon, fresh tuna, even (gasp) red meat occasionally? And what about eggs? They are a good food, too.

- Check out restaurant nutrition information on line. Many chains these days provide information on calories, fats, carbs, proteins. That way, when you go out to eat with your folks, it won't be total guesswork.

Good luck! Fear not! You are experienced now, and you can plan...


08-07-2008, 06:28 PM
I'm going to comment on this line ...

i also do pilates for an hour every night, but i think that is enough i wouldnt want to do it for longer than that.

... because I read something. I think it was in a magazine. I'll make up what I forgot :D

Increase the intensity of your exercise, not the time spent.

So I'm going to support Jay's suggestion about weights and resistance exercises.

08-07-2008, 11:25 PM
thanks girls! yes i am exactly 20 and i am only going to be home (yep, with my parents haha) for a month before i go back to school in chicago where my gym membership will be unfrozen and waiting for me. im not sure i see the point in joining a gym for a month, i did it last summer but that obviously didn't help anything. i think i will add weights to my workout, the pilates routine i have for myself is at the most advanced level offered on the dvd i adapted it from but maybe its time for a new dvd then :)

at least this time i have 3FC to come running to if i feel myself slipping into my old ways again, thanks again for the advice and support!