General Diet Plans and Questions - We do not support HCG injections and plans

Suzanne 3FC
08-06-2008, 09:32 AM
Please note that threads discussing HCG injections (they come with a 500 calorie diet plan) may be deleted at moderator discretion. We cannot support this plan here as it is dangerous, extreme, doesn't last, and even the FDA specifically does not allow HCG injections for weight loss.

Also please know that the FDA has called homeopathic HCG drops (and other oral forms) a "fraud" product. They may not be harmful, because any trace amounts of HCG that may be present are broken down by stomach acids. But there are no studies showing these products do anything at all. It is illegal to sell true hcg directly to consumers. UPDATE: FDA has classified this type of HCG as ILLEGAL and till be seeking criminal prosecution of sellers that continue to offer them.

Studies have shown hcg injections are no more effective than salt water placebo injections.

Side effects from this diet include hair loss, gallstones (requiring surgery), constipation, heart arrhythmias. Diets this low in calories have also caused deaths, as recorded by the CDC.

Another aspect to consider - If a young girl came here and posted that she was consuming just 500 calories per day, I would bet that 100% of you would worry about her and suggest she see an eating disorder counselor. Why would you consider doing the same thing?

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