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08-05-2008, 12:40 PM
Okay so I just started my journey AGAIN lol, on Monday and I have been doing great and staying OP. My question is how much weight when you first start losing is mostly water weight. Is it usually the first like 10lbs.

When did you notice a difference in yourself or someone else recognize it and say hey you look like you've losing weight.:carrot:

08-05-2008, 05:14 PM
Good job at getting back on the wagon!
I've read in numerous places that if you drink your required amount of water (which i believe is supposed to be half your weight in ounces) you can lose 10-15lbs, only if you weren't drinking water on a regular basis. I drink a lot of water already, so what i have lost i know is weight that is already coming off of me..I have lost an inch to my waist with just 10lbs. And i did have someone notice that there was something different about me just last week. I measure myself every two weeks, so that i can see the #'s to my waist and hips decrease. (i have an excel chart that does this for me). Looking at those #'s go down make me happy.