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08-04-2008, 09:55 AM
Is it really August already? I can't even believe it!

This thread is for novice and experienced cyclists and everyone in between. We had some bike purchasing questions posted in our July thread, so if there are any brilliant cyclists out there with feedback, please check it out! We'd love your advice.

08-04-2008, 10:00 AM
Well, yesterday as part of my midsummers night 5K challenge, I went on a real bike ride! DH and I rode along a bike path by the river---19+ miles roundtrip altogether. My goal was to ride to the zoo and see the elephants from the trail. Whew! That was a long way for my first ride.

THe first half of the ride, I was pretty sure I was toast. I wished I had a huge sign that said "I don't have a clue" so that everyone would just get the heck out of my way. I was so scared I was going to hurt someone. I told DH, "My crotch hurts, my hands are tired, and I have sand in my eyes." He said, "Welcome to cycling." :lol: He adjusted my seat so that helped my crotch issues a bit.

On the way back, my confidence was quite high and I enjoyed it a lot more. I did see the elephants. :) I mentioned in another thread that just about when we got back to the parking lot where we started, we saw some camels in a yard. If I would have known I could cycle two miles to see camels, I might not have cycled 19 to see elephants.

Eh--I would have anyway!

I am super proud of my bike ride yesterday.

Have a great day all!

Mrs Snark
08-04-2008, 10:28 AM
Yow, that's quite the saddle (and butt!) break-in ride! Are you at least wearing cycling shorts -- I highly recommend them, the chamois pad will help make sure your butt survives with only minimal numbness and chafing. Also gloves will help with the hand-soreness.

My dh and I rode both on Saturday and Sunday, about a 25-miler each time. The ride on Saturday took us over the local causeway bridges -- it is always fun to come flying down the bridges at close to 30 mph just hoping we won't wipe out and die! Talk about adrenaline rush. ;) But the view (and the breeze) makes it worth it!

I think riding to see elephants is awesome motivation! Hmmmmm, I need to see how far a ride our zoo is from our house and if there are any routes! I'd love to see the giraffes!

By the way, I recently replaced the trek saddle (which I found pretty darn hard on my butt for rides over 20 miles) with a Serfas RX-922L Women's saddle. So far I'm impressed with it's comfort!

08-05-2008, 10:09 AM
Cycling shorts? What are those? :lol: No, I really did just wear my running shorts. And my saddle is a man's saddle, so I was not very bright about either of those.

Thanks for the tip on the Serfas saddle. I'll check it out. I just got my membership card for my local women's bike group and I get discounts at some of the local bike shops. So I'm gonna go get some padded cycling shorts at least!

Mrs Snark
08-05-2008, 12:59 PM
Oh rush right out and get some cycling shorts, you won't believe the difference they make!!! Terry has some of my favorite stuff:


Notice that you don't have to wear the "tight black spandex" look if you don't like that. They have "baggy shorts" with the cycling chamois built-in with a liner. They also have cycling skorts, which are too cool for school and are on my xmas list!

Sign up to receive the catalog -- while I rarely buy, I LOVE looking at the catalog.

Mrs Snark
08-06-2008, 07:17 PM
I biked early this morning and was on top of the causeway bridge to see the sun come up over the beach. It was really pretty! Worth getting out early for.

08-06-2008, 10:31 PM
Bought a bike today and went on my first ride! I forgot how much I loved cycling in high school. It was great and it's so much gentler on my joints than even walking. My only real concern is that maybe it's not burning as many calories as my walks were. I tried to go for the same amount of time but I was pretty worn out about 3/4s of the way through and slowed way down. It was fun though and it's not all about burning calories, it's about learning to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I guess it's all good.

08-06-2008, 10:55 PM
Nice job on the rides, ladies!

Josephine, I love watching the sun come up. There is something very awesome and cool knowing that I am witnessing this gorgeous event rather than hitting the snooze button. :carrot:

Cdiem, I am convinced that cycling uses its own set of muscles, so I am not surprised you felt worn out. That is good!! I'm sure you burned some calories.

I am cycling again Saturday morning. Must buy bike shorts before then. Thanks for the link, Josephine. (PS Would it bug you if I called you Jo? Easier to type---especially after an hr of upper body weights).

Mrs Snark
08-07-2008, 09:17 AM
Midwife -- "Jo" is perfect. Or even just J. An hour of upper body weights would leave me a trembling puddle on the floor. Yow.

Cdiem -- Congrats on your new bike! What kind did you get? Cycling uses your muscles differently than walking or running, you will build up bike endurance the more you ride. It is excellent cross-training with walking and as you said, it's FUN, too!

08-07-2008, 11:11 PM
I got a Raleigh detour 4.5. I made it 16.5 miles today total! I couldn't believe how far I went. It's soooo much fun! I tried country roads yesterday, but the gravel and the general lack of smooth pavement made it hard. Today is was cool out and I hit the real roads and it was much better. I was a little leery of the traffic, but everyone was considerate so it wasn't at all scary.

Holy moly, I am still kind of rushing from the ride and how far I went. It was such a blast I can hardly wait to get out again tomorrow. 'Town' is about 10 miles away. I always thought it was to far to ride, but now I'm thinking differently.

And! My car broke down today. So the only way for me to get out and play Saturday is to bike. What timing! :carrot: Not that I'm happy about my car, but it'll all work out and it's getting me more daring about my cycling than I would have been otherwise.

I need to get those cycling shorts I think. It's not my butt so much as my inner thighs, I guess? They are sore, sore, sore! :^:

08-08-2008, 02:17 AM
Hey there fellow cycling chicks!
I'm new here, but have been biking for quite a while now. Mainly mountain biking, but I've also ben getting in to BMX a lot lately - which is a ton of fun.

Yesterday I went for a 20 kilometer bike ride around sydney - all along my favourite bays and also in the city.

Out of curiosity, how often do you gals all ride?

08-08-2008, 08:59 AM
Yesterday, the day before that and twenty years ago almost every day. :D

08-08-2008, 10:43 AM
Hi Jo, Yes, I could barely type the other night. Ain't weightlifting fun? :)

Cdiem, Nice job on your bike ride! We are at about the same place. I rode when I was a kid, and then crashed, and was severely phobic for over 20 years. I never would have imagined I would ever get on a bike again. And then in June, I did!

Welcome, Mazza! I am drooling with envy that you rode around Sydney yesterday. Ah, how exotic other peoples' lives sound! I have a mountain bike that I love very much. I suppose someday I will get a rode bike, but right now, my mountain bike is it! My goal is to ride once a week. I lift weights 3 times a week and I run 5 times a week, so I am very pressed for time to bike ride. I am going tomorrow morning though and I am excited.

I bought some bike shorts! They are mountain bike shorts and they have removable padded underwear that crack me up! But I can take out the padded underwear and then they are regular shorts. They are Adidas and they have zipper pockets. No spandex though. I tried on about 12 pairs of shorts and I was actually happy with how the spandex-looking road cycling shorts looked, but I really wanted pockets. Bike clothing is cool. It is so form fitting that it zaps away any problem areas. :lol:

08-10-2008, 06:33 AM
Hey, Midwife - a pair of cycling shorts sounds good! Definetely something I'm looking into.
I wish Sydney was as exotic as it sounds! It has its beautiful parts, but the central business district is just a lot of pollution and way too many cars...

Have you gals been following the Olympic cycling at all? I'm watching the women's road race right now - those ladies look like they are made of steel and have the muscular endurance to boot.

Mrs Snark
08-10-2008, 10:45 AM
Olympic cycling leaves me agog. Amazing, aren't they?

Welcome Mazza! According to my exercise log, I ride on average about 3 times a week. I have both a mountain bike and a hybrid, both of which I've raced in triathlons. Some day I might get a road bike, but I have to admit I'm not overly fond of the aero position. People say I'll get used to it in time, but I remain unconvinced. I know nothing about BMX riding, I'd love to hear all about it! Share!

Cdiem -- way to go on you long ride! I looked up your bike, very nice! It's a hybrid similar to my hybrid Trek, though yours is a little bit more upright than mine. I don't think "town" is out of your reach on your bike! I predict you'll be riding back and forth very soon!

Midwife -- Your new shorts sound really nice! I agree that bike clothing rocks. My husband bought me my first real "cycling jersey" the other day and I can't believe how cool, comfie, and aero it is! I can't wait to get another one!

08-11-2008, 03:53 AM
Jo - I think its awesome that you've raced in triathlons - it's definetly something that I want to start to work towards in the near future - as soon as I finish school.

BMX riding is, ehem, TOTALLY FREAKEN AWESOME! To put it lightly, lol.

You have to pedal much more than with mountain bikes, since the wheel diameter is usually 20" and there aren't any gears. However, the bike is more of a natural extension of your body since it is smaller, so in a way - its more sensitive to the pedalling work you're putting in, if that makes any sense..
(cool fact: this year is the first time BMX is in the Olympics, so you guys might want to check it out if you have some free time - its awesome to watch.)
There are different types of BMX riding - dirt jumping, freestyle (park, vert - grinding and halfpipes etc.) as well as bmx racing and flatland riding.

I have a black Freestyle Gargoyle BMX which I ride around my suburb and at the local skate parks. (before you ask, yes, my legs are covered in bruises and grazes, but it's worth it :D)

There's a huge dirt jumping track at the Sydney Olympic park site that I want to check out.

It's a fun, exiting sport and I love it. I still ride my mountain bike and swap over between the two, not really having a preference since both have their pros and cons.

Hope that gave you a better idea of BMX riding =D

Mrs Snark
08-14-2008, 05:57 PM
How can you not love a bike called "The Freestyle Gargoyle". That sounds so totally cool.

So do you spend most of your time riding flat, or is it more about jumping things, hopping curbs, and learning tricks?

When I try to imagine my 40-year-old, 5'10" inch self popping wheelies down the street I get the giggles. I'm not sure I'm hip (or coordinated) enough!

08-16-2008, 05:14 PM
Hey Jo,

I'm sure you could do a wheelie! I think you can do anything!

I rode 14 miles this am. I am still having crotch issues and I need to go look at bike seats. I just lack shopping time.

08-16-2008, 08:35 PM
Midwife: I hear you with the lack of shopping time. I'm in need of cycling gloves and a long sleeve jersey. (Can't believe I'm even saying that, I swore I would never wear this stuff but now I understand...)

The discomfort of your seat must really take some of the fun out of your ride. I hate to be uncomfortable. In addition to a good seat I have also found these shorts to be very comfortable


Yep. They're padded. A lot. They feel weird when I first put them on but after about 15 minutes they kind of mold to your body and then I truly forget that they were ever awkward feeling. In fact, I had them on yesterday when I rode into a small college town to share some frozen custard with my boys. Well, they ate the custard, I just cleaned up after them.

Speaking of rides. I had a blast yesterday. It was a flat course with a gentle downward grade. I finally broke my 15mph limit and was cruising at 17 to 18mph and 20 on the way back. The course was covered by trees and blocked out a lot of crosswind which I think made all the difference. Stellar ride. I also discovered that my bike hums at this speed. :goodvibes: Now that I'm over the guilt of purchasing this bike I'm totally smitten. :love:

Mrs Snark
08-17-2008, 09:41 AM
Midwife -- I'll do a wheelie when you show me how, girl!

Awesome cruising speed, Lydia! I agree with you on the idea that more padding is better. I have some seriously padded shorts and also some that are meant for competing in triathlons with minimal padding (because they have to dry fast after the swim) and the difference during long rides is MAJOR. I trade off and on, trying to toughen up my butt, but I still look forward to the comfie, super padded rides the most!

Speaking of cruising speed, coming down the causeway bridge the other day my husband hit 38 mph on his mountain bike. :eek: I can't get anywhere near that speed -- this is where his higher body weight works FOR him, drat!

Yesterday we biked to my dh's birthday lunch with his mom and then biked back. It was a good strategy, because neither of us wanted to have to bike back home in the midday heat with too much food in our stomachs, so we ate lightly.

08-17-2008, 11:33 AM
[QUOTE=Tyler Durden;2319962]Speaking of cruising speed, coming down the causeway bridge the other day my husband hit 38 mph on his mountain bike. :eek: I can't get anywhere near that speed -- this is where his higher body weight works FOR him, drat!/QUOTE]

OMG. :faint:

Did his life flash before his eyes. :lol:

08-18-2008, 10:16 PM
The first time I tried to do a wheelie - it wasn't pretty. Oh - hey, remind me to tell you guys about the time I chipped my shin bone (tibia). Funnily enough, it's the same story... :D

Jo - I'm all over the place right now - bunny hopping, jumping dirt tracks, etc.
I took a spill last week that rammed one of the pedals into the back of my leg and left me with a nasty looking bruise/cut, so I've taken a break for a few days.
Can't wait to get back out there, though!

Lydia - sounds like that course you rode was a lot of fun... zooming a track at fast speed and having your bike even hum must have been a nice, liberating feeling!

Mrs Snark
08-22-2008, 10:19 AM
Did ya'll watch the BMX racing in the Olympics? Really rad and gnarly, dood. ;)

Mazza -- I kinda like my tibia unchipped, I think perhaps BMX is better for me to watch than DO. I'm quite sure at this point that my coordination skills are not up to it!

Lydia -- I was all freaked out about my dh's speed down the causeway bridge when he casually mentioned that it wasn't even his BEST time -- he's hit 45 mph coming down the bridge in the past (with a strong tailwind). I mean SERIOUSLY, that's just ridiculous. He loves it though, the speed doesn't make him nervous. But he is somehow able to ignore the fact that if his bike hits a rut or blows a tire he's probably going to DIE in a spectacular wipeout into traffic.

I can't decide whether I find his devil-may-care attitude incredibly stupid or unbelievably sexy. ;)

08-22-2008, 07:45 PM
I saw the Olympic BMX finals.

Eeks!!! They are braver than I am! As is your DH, Jo!

08-23-2008, 03:11 AM
Did you guys see that stack in one of the BMX races? (well, its true - there were quite a few stacks in several races) but, I'm talking about the one in the men's race where among others, an Aussie guy was brought down.

....Talk about chippin' bones.

08-23-2008, 09:46 PM

I'm scared to death of riding a bike. I'm scared that I'll fall and crack my head open. Yet today, I am the owner of a bicycle. I haven't ridden a bike in 20 years. We had been thinking about training for a triathlon (doing the tri is a bit different story). So we went to a sports store we had never been before and I didn't know but they sold bikes and actually it is one of their specialties. So we started by trying to see how I'd fit on a bike. To actually going into the parking lot and riding on a bike. It is a road bike and it is pretty light.

So we bought it and brought it home. I don't know how to work the gears yet and I can only do slight uphills, downhills and flat. I'll get there though.

Mrs Snark
08-24-2008, 08:46 AM
Yay, Nelie! How exciting! Did you get a helmet while you were there? I always wear a helmet (and gloves, but those are more for comfort).

Maybe a class like the one midwife took would be cool for you, teach you all about the bike and gearing, etc.

Are you still thinking of a tri, too? They are so fun, you should definitely do one!

08-24-2008, 11:07 AM

I did get a helmet. I would never think of riding a bike without one. I didn't get gloves but I think I will get some today. I will have to look for classes. There is a bike store not too far from here (different store than I bought my bike at) and our community center has tons of classes, maybe bike riding is one of them.

I am considering the tri. I got an actual swimming suit, I've never had one of those. The horrible rolls on my back are all exposed but I bought it on sale and it does the job, so I don't care. The pool I want to use is still closed for a couple weeks (indoor pool getting redone). So for now, I'll be biking, ellipticalling, kettlebelling, etc.

The running will be also something I'll have to figure out because of my bad knees. I think I may try incorporating running very infrequently. If I do the entire tri (as opposed to doing it as a relay), I would be just happy to mostly walk the run portion.

My legs are sore today amazingly. I guess the bike used different muscles than I'm used to. I plan to go for a slightly longer bike ride today, if everything works out.

Mrs Snark
08-24-2008, 02:11 PM
Nelie -- You can definitely walk the whole 5k portion of a sprint-distance triathlon, so definitely don't let your knees hold you back!

Look at all the different activities you'll be doing! Biking, swimming, walking/running, kettlebelling, ellipticalling, etc. That some serious cross-training! w00t!!

08-26-2008, 09:34 PM
So Sunday, I went on a 2 mile bike ride (some walk). I did have to walk up most of the hills although I was playing with the gears and was able to get up some hills toward the end. I almost fell once which rattled me but it was my own nervousness that almost made me fall. Also, I had to stop whenever I was passing a person. I was scared that I'd bump into them so I stopped.

Today, I went on a fairly short bike ride but did fairly well. I worked on the gears to help go up a hill as well as I was able to pass people with little issue. Still a little bit nervous but I'm getting there.

This weekend is a planned bike ride with a more experienced rider.

Mrs Snark
08-27-2008, 04:20 PM
Yay, Nelie! The more you ride the more comfortable you'll be!

08-30-2008, 08:33 PM
I did 10 miles today! I was amazed but it was a pretty decent wide path with only minor ups/downs. One thing is I had some *ahem* seat pain that really stopped me from going further although my legs were tired. I think I may need a different bike seat or adjustment or something. Anyway I can see a vast improvement from my wobbly day 1 last week until today.

08-31-2008, 02:19 PM
I need to hang out in the exercise forum more...there's a biker chick thread and I haven't been in it.

Nelie- holy :censored: girl...how have I missed your ticker lately? That's amazing!! The sore butt syndrome goes away if you stick with it...bike shorts or a gel seat work too.

Jo - 45MPH? :eek: :faint: I happen to ride a scooter so I know what 45 MPH feels like on 2 wheels...but still.

Mazza - RAWK on, girl. You won't catch me on a BMX bike anytime soon...so I'll live vicariously thru you. :cool:

Lydia - WTG with 18-20 MPH - I need to actually install the speedometer I bought like 2 years ago. :p I seem to average around 17-18 MPH on an hour long ride, but I would like it see it as I ride.

Midwife - I'm still dealing with the visual of removable padded underwear. :lol3: I have a gel seat - so I haven't bothered with the shorts....

I s'pose I should introduce myself....I ride a Specialized Hard Rock Mountain bike that I bought off a friend for $50....it has been modified a bit with clip in pedals, hybrid tires and a rack for my panniers....I ride outdoors mostly on weekends, we have an amazing bike trail (http://www.saccycle.com/bikewaymaps/map6.htm) here in Sacramento that goes 30 miles mostly along the American River. I also ride to work maybe once or twice a week - at least when it isn't over like 95 degrees..but most of my riding is indoors, I enjoy x-bike (http://www.trixter.net/Home/Content12006div.aspx?SiteCode=web&PageID=XBikesX1000), I'm training to be an instructor. I like regular spin classes as well...but x-bike really gets my heart rate up.

08-31-2008, 05:54 PM
Wow, xbike looks amazing.

Chick - my ticker has been mostly the same for the past year sadly but its there :)

I bought a trainer today because I really need to practice with some stability plus it'll be good for rainy and cold days in the future. I plan to stick to biking.

One thing I realized is my hand placement is 'wrong' because I have a regular road bike with curved handles and the road has you leaning a bit forward. So I want to place my hands 99% of the time on the part closest to me where I can grip (also I have a second set of brakes there). I know I should move my hands a little more out to be on the top of the curved bars (where I can also brake and shift) but I have a fear that my hands are going to slip off somehow. I think the trainer will help me get more comfortable with that position.

We went to the bike store where we bought the trainer and I sat on one bike because it had a different seat. It was a hybrid I believe and the bike had me sitting more upright. The bike also basically only had one hand position as opposed to my bike which has multiple. I also sat on a cruiser for fun. I think cruisers are interesting bikes and if I wanted to just get into bike riding without thoughts of a triathalon, it is probably the type of bike I would've bought.

08-31-2008, 05:56 PM
I need to hang out in the exercise forum more...there's a biker chick thread and I haven't been in it.

My reaction exactly :) I started biking again back in May and am addicted. I've planned all our summer trips around campgrounds near rail trails ;) Unfortunately nothing like that near me so I just ride on our roads and hope the drivers are polite (it's Vermont and they usually are).

Nelie - you're rocking! Now you need a nice wide gel seat and some of those padded shorts. I'm not sure who those scrawny seats are made for!

It's great to see you all here!

08-31-2008, 07:00 PM
Chick - my ticker has been mostly the same for the past year sadly but its there :)

:doh: Shows ya how observant I am. Well - then more power to you, that means you know how to maintain. :cb: My ticker has been in the same weight range (+ or - 10 pounds) since 2004.

Allright time to get off my duff and go for a ride. :bike2:

09-01-2008, 06:10 AM
Chick in the hat - the riding you do sounds awesome! $50 sounds like a good deal for the bike you got - especially since, I'm guessing, upgrading and modifying cost you less than a whole new bike would have been.

Nelie - you raised a good point about hand positioning. Does anyone else get pain in their thumbs after riding for too long with their hands in the basic riding position (that is, hands on the handlebars on the parts closest to you)?
One of my bikes only has one hand position, and I find that extended periods of riding (especially on flat road, where I am leaning forward more so) occasionally results in pain in my thumbs.

Now I'm off to mountain X BMX at sydney olympic park for some dirt jumps. Seeya girls!

09-01-2008, 09:48 AM
Hey guys, come over to the September thread! What life in this thread! I love it!!!