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08-01-2008, 07:07 AM
Happy August! My goodness, the summer is almost over! In a few more weeks around here, the kids will be back in school! I"ll be going along with my DD to take Caitlyn to college in Maine the end of August. I have mixed feelings about that, I'm going to miss Caite soooooo much, but yet I'm happy and excited for her to be starting a new phase in her life, too. I hate to see my kids grow up. :cry:

It's promising to be a tiny bit cooler today, so we may pack up a picnic and spend the day at a state park. If we do, I'm going to try to talk my mother into coming along. My dad is out of town, and she's been sitting at home by herself all week. She's afraid to go places by herself, so the outing would do her good.

Tomorrow we start kitchen demo! Jake has already started ripping out the backsplash. I'm pretty excited!

Zeffryn, congratulations on expecting a baby boy! I bet little Calvin is looking forward to having a little brother! Have a safe trip to Minnesota!

08-01-2008, 07:31 AM
Good morning from Drowsy Delta! The dogs slept in this morning but we're up and at it now. Hershey did not want breakfast, probably because she ate a big bag of oatmeal and a package of egg noodles that she stole out of the cabinet! I hope she feels better soon as we are supposed to go to Ottawa right after lunch.

Cottage, I hope your mother does decide to go along with you. It's so important to get out and about when you are older. Ask me how I know!

So nice to know we are going to have babies and puppies in our little community. Our daily really is like chatting with the neighbours.

The garlic harvest has begun behind the barn. Moel and I dug several rows and the kids hung them up to dry under the tarp M. rigged up at the edge of the meadow. It looks very Third World! It'll take several days to harvest the rest and about a week for it to all dry. Once again there are over 7,000 plants out there! We're nuts!

The lads will be back this morning to finish up the roof shingling. It's gone very well and the weather has cooperated for a change. Rain was predicted every day but didn't happen.

If Hersh is OK, we're off to Ottawa and won't be back until tomorrow evening. Behave yourselves because I just might check in on Shirleyanne's computer.

Belle Mer
08-01-2008, 07:37 AM
Cottage: Oh, a picnic sounds nice!

Ruth: Garlic, huh? Wow, can I come over and get some when it's ready? LOL

As for me, I'm about to plan menus for the next few days, hit the grocery store and then get into my SBD exercise DVD. Hazy, hot, humid here. What else is new?

The rest of the day will be devoted to writing.

Have a great day, all!

08-01-2008, 07:54 AM
i love garlic. there is not enough garlic in the world for me.

morning all

back at work
in the boot
scale up 1 pound from last month as expected... 1.8 from yesterday but well deserved.

bagel seems to be feeling a bit better
brian is too.. <insert evil grin here>

i'm so glad it's friday
but so sad it's august already...

08-01-2008, 08:20 AM
Cottage - Happy August :) Good luck with kitchen demo :eek:

Ruth - Garlic?! Now I'm jealous! I finally found local garlic yesterday. I've been pulling my baby heads up because I've been so desperate for good garlic.

Belle - Happy writing

Nessa - I am with you on the garlic. We have a garlic festival nearby on Labor Day weekend. :drool: Lots of samples ;)

We are off to the coast for a whale watch finally! The weather is actually cooperating this time. I hope to have pictures to share when I get home. I'm planning my on the road meals for the day so I avoid temptation. There are some good restaurants at the coast!

Have a good day Chicks!

08-01-2008, 08:34 AM
Good morning chickies!

Wow, y'all have exciting lives! Demolishing kitchens, having babies, watching whales.

As for me - short day of work today. Hopefully, I can eat in between appointments, so that I can work out when I'm done. Then maybe a hike or a movie with the hubbie before picking up the kiddos?

We talked about going to the Pittsburgh zoo this weekend...we'll see. Depends on if we want the expense of a hotel, and battling the personalities of a 3 and 5 year old. We shall see!!!!

08-01-2008, 09:03 AM
Good morning all,

I was hoping the scale this morning would put me down 1 for the month but no such luck.

The concert last night was good better than I expected

It is already hot and humid yuck

Nessa I am with you sad that it is August already my guys start school Aug 15th where does the time fly

Today I am working from home so I will get stuff done around work- but nothing on the books for tonight.

Have a great day

08-01-2008, 09:08 AM
TGIF, but not TGIA! I don't know where July went.
For that matter, I don't know where the last week went. I feel like I just got back from the beach.
I got a very nice email from DH. He can't say where he is but says things are going well and he is fine. He was incommunicado for a couple of weeks so I was glad to hear something.
One of my zucchinni plants has powder mold and is dying. Two are still very healthy so I hope it doesn't spread. Anyone know anything I can do to stop it?
Our weekend looks low key. Pizza night tonight at my mom's. I plan to hit the Farmer's market, PA Dutch market, and Gap and Old Navy tomorrow morning with my friend. Catching up on laundry, planning menus and cooking for the week, and some cleaning are on the agenda, along with the pool and movie on the green, if the weather's nice. Oh, and a visit to my grandmother is due. I'll take her some crabcakes for lunch on Sunday maybe. She loves that.

zeff, have a great trip!
Nessa and cottage, I am in if you want me! I googled those places and Shrewsbury market is 1.5 hours away, Green Dragon, 2.5. Definitely do-able and I'll just take the day off. I've been dying to get to that Green Dragon anyway, since you two wrote about it.
cottage, the college drop off is hard, for parents and kids, but such an exciting time!
Ruth, what will you do with all that garlic! Have a great visit to Ottawa. I was at a conference in Ottawa a couple of years ago and brought the family. We had a great time. The children's museum was amazing! We could have spent the whole week there.
Cyndi, hope you get some great pix, can't wait to see them!
Twynn, good luck finding something fun to do this afternoon.

08-01-2008, 09:30 AM
Cottage: Oh, a picnic sounds nice!

Ruth: Garlic, huh? Wow, can I come over and get some when it's ready? LOL

As for me, I'm about to plan menus for the next few days, hit the grocery store and then get into my SBD exercise DVD. Hazy, hot, humid here. What else is new?

The rest of the day will be devoted to writing.

Have a great day, all!

How is that SBD exercise DVD? I'm working with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD which alot of people said is a killer, lol

I'm going grocery shopping as well today, not getting much cause I'm shopping with dad (who is retired and limited on money) and mom is the main food shopper.. but to shop in the hot humid weather sucks. I dread going out.

08-01-2008, 09:45 AM
Posting quickly. We are all exhausted here. Puppy #1 arrived at 2 a.m., and Puppy #7 arrived at 4 a.m. 3 all black females, 3 mostly white males with spots and one little female, white with grey spots.

Bijoux did great. The last little baby had some trouble breathing at first, so I rubbed it with a wash cloth and it started squealing just fine.

I had decided to take a nap around midnight and woke up about quarter to 2 to find my husband had Bijoux in bed with us patting her and calming her. I said "you'd better go put her in her box, I think it will be very soon" and he said. "Ah, just let her have the first one up here where it's comfortable"

I told him he was nuts and she had to be in her box. Things can get pretty messy! After he saw what happened when the puppy arrived, he was very happy that he had listened to me. After puppy #4 came along and she finished cleaning him she got "sick" and blew her bisquits all over the box. Terry was especially glad then that he listened to me then.

08-01-2008, 09:53 AM
Yay for August! I've been looking forward to this day since.....March?

Cottage - I have no idea what I'm going to do when I have to bring my kids to least they usually come home every break :) Oooh! A kitchen exciting....I would loooove to do that here. Thanks for the congrats!

Ruth- It is like having morning coffee with friends...I share more here than I do with my real neighbors. :lol: @ Hersh getting into the dog food...our cat does the same thing. If you have too much garlic, feel free to send some my way! ;)

Belle - Have a great day, dear

Nessa - glad your boys are doing a bit better :)

Cyndi - I'm jealous!

Twynn - have fun on your date with Hubs. Hope your weekend goes well!

Pearl - have a great day!!

Schmoo - glad you finally heard from DH, it must be so stressful sometimes!
Old Navy has some good sales as they are moving their fall stuff in....hit the clearance racks! Have a nice rest of the weekend!


Well, Cottage is right. We found out yesterday that we're having a boy - both of us actually expected it to be a girl, but our dreams may have been wishful thinking. I'm happy with a boy as well, and we were undecided about possibly having a third....great opportunity to try for a girl! Now to decide on a boy's name! We've been rakcing our brains coming up with names and now have a huge list. DH's middle name (and family name) is Zephirin (now you know where my SN comes from) and we're going to use that....but finding a first name to go with it is tough. Our top two choices are Connor and Kilian...but we have so many others...who knows.

We leave today - I've been doing nervous/stress cleaning all night. Finally went to bed about 2 and DS decided to get up extra early this morning. I'm bleary! I need a cuppa. We're planning to leave between 3 and 4, make it to Shreveport for dinner (3 hours) and then drive through the night and hopefully hit Kansas City for breakfast...although we may be farther by breakfast time.
If all goes well, we should be there tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Hope everyone has a good Friday night and keep our family in your prayers for safe travels! Talk to everyone soon!


Cat - Congrats on the puppies! 7!! She sounds like me, I always puke a bunch during labor ;)

08-01-2008, 09:56 AM
Good morning girls! I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday. I am exhausted. It's just been a very long week, and yesterday was a HORRIBLE day at work. One of those one-thing-after-another days, and I worked by myself and busted my butt, so my legs, knees, and hips hurt. Hopefully today is better.

Grandma isn't doing well, according to Mom. I need to go see her this weekend. I would've last night but was just emotionally and physically exhausted when I got home. I took a shower and then even drank (don't hurt me) a beer. This may make some of you laugh, but I hardly drink anymore. Maybe once every month or two, but that's about it.

Little Guy's temp is 99.6 this morning, pretty early. I think Tommy's gonna call the doctor's office and take him in today. Poor kid is prone to sinus infections, and I hope that's not what he has. Yesterday he said his throat felt better and he wasn't coughing or anything, just stopped up and a good fever all day, even with Tylenol. It finally broke around 10:15 last night, but I fear it's going to go up today.

Well, I have another long, hard day ahead of me so I'd better get a move on. Hope you girls have a great day!


08-01-2008, 10:03 AM
Weezle - I hope your DS gets better. Sick kids are no fun. :(


Mmk, so here is my theory...

Pregnancy is God's idea of a joke....putting all of these crappy hormones and feelings together...and then telling you that you can't drink. I don't think I have ever needed a stiff drink more than I do now (ok, maybe not now - it isn't even 10!).

08-01-2008, 10:08 AM
TGIF indeed!

Cottage it is so hard taking them to college the first time but after that first year, it gets much easier! ;)

Ruth Hope you get to go and have a safe trip!

Nessa I'm not even going to ask what the evil grin is for! ;)

Schmoodle glad you got word from DH! Oh and I am jealous of you meeting up with cottage & nessa, I hate living in the boondoks!

Zeff Be safe out there!

Lisa Hope all is well with the little one!

Everyone else Have a great day & try to stay cool.

Me nada, zip, zero, nuttin going on and I am not complaining!

08-01-2008, 10:29 AM
Talking of babies, I had the weirdest dream last night! I found out I was preg! UM, since when do people practicing abstinence for YEARS become preg? Oh, I was informed it was a boy!

Will do personals in a bit, need to take a long warm bath, every muscle aches from all the climbing yesterday.

08-01-2008, 11:25 AM
August? Where'd the summer go?

I'm with the garlic lovers, I love (love love) garlic. I made garlicky greens last night and they were soooo good.

I found out Papa John's has whole wheat pizza crust. I told my husband that I'd like some pizza in a couple weeks. How is that for planning? I'd like to get to my ticker weight and/or below 200 before I add in wheat/bready things.

Lorian - a few months ago, I dreamed not only was I pregnant but that I had a baby too! I woke up and thought it really happened. It scared me a bit.

Belle Mer
08-01-2008, 11:38 AM
How is that SBD exercise DVD? I'm working with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD which alot of people said is a killer, lol

I'm going grocery shopping as well today, not getting much cause I'm shopping with dad (who is retired and limited on money) and mom is the main food shopper.. but to shop in the hot humid weather sucks. I dread going out.

I think it's good but I don't know a lot about exercise. It's in two parts. Part one is 15-20 minute interval training - a lot of marching, jogging, jumping, and bends, to get the heart rate up. Part 2 is crunches, some pilates, etc. I'm only doing part 1 right now because I'm out of shape and have health issues. Once I can get my heart rate up on a regular basis I'll move to part 2

I'm sure that the Jillian Michaels DVD is harder.

08-01-2008, 11:44 AM
Good morning ladies! Happy Friday!!!

Cottage - I hope you're able to get out to the park. It will be good for all involved.

Ruth - Holy Moley! All that garlic sounds crazy!!! Do you every think of selling some of it? Have fun in Ottawa!

Belle - Have fun planning your menu. From one who likes to cook to another, I actually really enjoy menu planning. Hope you like how it turns out!

Nessa - Glad to hear that pup and dh are feeling better. Glad that you're back in the boot......You need to do what's best for you. Have a good one!

Cyndi - Whale watching is so much fun! What kind of whales are you hoping to see. Here on the west coast it's always California Greys. And it's always amazing!

Tywnn - I LOVE the zoo. I hope you decide to go....I'm sure it would be well worth it.

Pearlrose - Glad you had a good time at the concert.

Schmoodle - Happy to hear that dh is well. You are so strong!!! Have a lovely time with your grandmother!

Jelly - Hope the shopping with dad goes well and you're able to get what you need.

Cat - Congrats on EVERYTHING!!! I haven't told you yet congrats on the new job.....awesome! And congrats on the puppies.......can't wait to see pictures!

Zeff - Have a wonderful time on vacation! Be safe!

Weezle - Sorry to hear things with your grandmother are not going well. Hopefully she'll be comfortable these next couple of days.

Stephanie - Have a restful weekend!

Loriann - I'm sure the dreams are coming from all of the baby talk around here.

Me - So nice to be able to do personals! Today I'm going in late to work due to a chiropractic appointment (we'll also do some I hope to get good results!) Tomorrow I'm catering an Art Show so I'll be busy tonight prepping for that. I think we're actually going to order in pizza (WW from Papa Johns) so I can work as efficiently as possible. Only one more week of school before I'm off for 3 weeks! Can't wait!
Have a good one ladies!!!

08-01-2008, 11:55 AM
Of course we sell lots of it, Heather. Otherwise nobody would come near us!

The lads are taking down the scaffolding so the job is nearly done. That means I need to scurry around and get organized for Ottawa. Hershey still hasn't eaten and is sleeping a lot. I guess she's got a carb binge hangover. Silly dog!

08-01-2008, 12:45 PM

So, I was on the phone with the insurance man making a 6 month payment ("OUCH!" says my checking account) and all of a sudden DS comes to me whining with powder all over his face and in his mouth. I notice what he is electrasol tab. OY! I had taken one out to wash the dishes and before I could put it in the man called...and Calvin decided it looked yummy and took a bite. I dumped insurance man and called the poison control center...they said to let him drink some water and eat a popsicle....great, rewards for eating cleaning stuff.

man. I guess I need to start making my own dishwasher detergent as well :(

Anyway, insurance is all paid are printed out...suitcase is packed...DH just needs to get home from giving his final and we're out the door!

08-01-2008, 12:53 PM
Zeff, have fun!

08-01-2008, 03:23 PM
Boy have I been trying to get here all day I have been so busy.

Zeff enjoy your trip and congrats on the baby boy

Schmoodle glad your dh is well

Lisa :hug:

Family dinner night tonight and it's at Bonos BBQ. Tomorrow is furbabys grooming, bday shopping for lil cousin, lil cousins bday party and the baseball game to end the day. Sunday is church and work around the house.

Hope you chicks have a great weekend!!

08-01-2008, 04:02 PM
Quick check-in for me this afternoon. I didn't make it to work until after lunch today because I was having issues. The house has been a mess since our camping trip and it was driving me CRAZY! So, I called boss-man and told him the truth, that I couldn't come in to work with the house looking so tragic. I got the house picked up at least, will do the real cleaning tonight, and was able to get to the bank, get the bills paid and do the grocery shopping for the rest of this and next week. I feel so much better now. Like I said, I had issues. :lol:

Anyhow, no time for personals right now. Congrats to Zeff and be careful on the trip! Hope you all have a great Friday! :hug: to Lisa and your family. I hope your grandma is comfortable at least.


08-01-2008, 04:55 PM
Kim - I get the same way....I can let it go and let it go...and then one day I just snap and go on a cleaning rampage. :)

08-01-2008, 05:24 PM
day five,feeling good..getting lots done around the house,and sleeping surprisingly well.
congrats on the puppies..
while cleaning up some paper, i found a intersting zucchini recipe that sounds sb it a try tonight, will report in if anyone is interested..starting to feel abit invisible here..
take care, Choices~

08-01-2008, 06:19 PM
Nessa and cottage, I am in if you want me! I googled those places and Shrewsbury market is 1.5 hours away, Green Dragon, 2.5. Definitely do-able and I'll just take the day off. I've been dying to get to that Green Dragon anyway, since you two wrote about it.

Sounds like it's all set then! :) We'll have to PM each other to agree on a time and where to meet.

Cat, congratulations on the new puppies! That must have been so exciting to watch! I bet they're just precious!

08-01-2008, 06:30 PM
Well, chicks, it is 5:24, the weekend has officially begun! :carrot:
cottage, I'll have my people call your people!
choices, please do report back, we are all recipe hounds here. Glad Ph1 is going well for you.
Hi Gonna Steph and Kim!
Loriann, congrats on the immaculate conception!
Cat, congrats on being a puppy grandma.
nelie, and Hmac, I looked up the nutritional info on that pizza and it looked amazingly SBD-compliant, 100% whole grain and not too high in sugars. Let us know if it's any good.

Fat Melanie
08-01-2008, 09:21 PM
!!!! Zeffryn, congratulations on the boy!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome. :D

Everybody else, oh it's been a long and dissapointing and exhausting day... legalaid won't help us, because my bf's mom has already been there for help and Legalaid said it's 'adversarial"... and then one of the most prominent barracudda-like attorney said he ALREADY knew about this case, as did the other lawyers and judges, and said he would NOT TOUCH THIS CASE WITH A 24 FOOT POLE. AND NOR WOULD ANY OTHER LAWYER. He said ex-wife's lawyer made a huge mess of things and needs to fix it, and that will probably be impossible. No judge will side with them... this is just beyond ridiculous, this has become an absolute circus.

Oh, my, god. Drained, absolutely drained. In case no one knows what I'm rambling on about, I'm talking about my boyfriend and his ex-wife's (my good friend by now) custody case against his mother who has had temporary custody. How is it that this community is so biased and idiotic and makes their own rules? That b*tch will be after my son next if she wins full custody and says they're unfit (and it seems that's where it's heading.) How can the judges and lawyers be biased just because that lawyer did not follow the statutes (yes, I've done my research, and now I'm like an uneducated paralegal! lol) and screwed up and now they have to pay for it?? Now this crap is being taken out on them, and it's not fair.

I've cheated two days in a row, today being one of them.

When I'm truly depressed and just let down, that's when the bad, bad cravings hit.

Will be back OP tomorrow, I feel bad about it, I know it was stupid but the last two days have been ****. I just want my son to be able to grow up with his sister, to know his sister, and it doesn't look like it's ever gonna happen. It deeply saddens me.

(Don't yell at me for going OP you guys... I know I did really badly. I will be back OP tommorow.)

I do hope everyone elses day was better than ours.

08-02-2008, 12:02 AM
Hi everyone! TGIFF!!! (Thank God It's Finally Friday)

All is well on this end. I haven't been on or a few days due to spending time with DH on his days off. :)

Through it all I've stayed on plan. :) This is truly a life change for us. There's no going back to my old ways. The South Beach way of life is my way of life. Nothing is ever worth straying from that. Well, unless they make a magic space pill that will remove all the weight from my body instantly!! :D Since that won't be developed 'til 2020, I'll stick with "The Beach". ;)

So here's to another successful week! :hat: May your weekend be just as successful!! ;)

For those of you who had it rough this weekend, hang in there! You CAN do this! ;)