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07-31-2008, 07:14 AM
Morning, everyone! And no, get your minds out of the gutter, it's not that kind of "steamy" that I'm talking about! Too hot for that, anyway. ;)

We didn't get any of the storms that were predicted, they all went around us and made the humidity even worse. I took the girls to watch the polo game last night, but we didn't stay too long. I really think it's cruel to make the horses work in such weather, but everyone says they don't mind the heat. How do they know???? :shrug: Anyway, I got the girls involved in a crafts project, so they had more fun doing that rather than watching the game in the sweltering heat.
We have piano lessons this morning, then will most likely spend the day at someone's pool. It will be nice when Cindy finally puts in a pool on their farm! Maybe next year.

Kim, how are you doing this morning? That would be some pretty exciting news if you are pregnant! I hope the nausea doesn't linger all day.

hmacneil, I'm glad you made it through the quake ok! We actually had a mini one not too far from here yesterday, but no one barely noticed it.

07-31-2008, 07:24 AM
Morning Cottage. Steamy here too even at 5am!! Hope you can find a pool!

We are thinking that MAYBE today will be the day the puppies arrive. Poor Bijoux has been throwing up since yesterday afternoon and looks just miserable. (for some reason she had to go throw up on my living/dining room rugs, so I finally closed off that section of the house..yuk.) I looked it up and found that throwing up is a sign that labor is on the way. My husband is off till Sunday, so we are hoping they come soon while we are both home. He said we ought to name one of the male puppies (up)Chuck.

Our plans for the day are going to school for a while to start hauling my stuff over there and waiting for pups. I went to the school yesterday and toured it. Beautiful school and my classroom is great. ( Really neat color scheme at the school of dark yellow, teal and light purple...soothing colors. I met some of the faculty and everyone was so nice and helpful. Felt like home already.

07-31-2008, 07:31 AM
Cat, I hope Bijoux has an easy time of it. Keep us posted, ok? I'm excited for you about your new teaching position! It sounds like it's going to be great! Audrey will be starting 2nd grade in a few weeks, I may be asking you for councel! :)

Belle Mer
07-31-2008, 07:37 AM
Good Morning,

Yesterday, I went off P2 and had pizza for lunch. I felt pretty bad about that, and had a small salad for dinner. My stomach is not too happy this morning from my "transgression" yesterday. So I won't stick around for personals right now.

Have a great day, everyone!

07-31-2008, 07:59 AM
Cottage, I've never taught 2nd grade before, so I may be asking Miss Audrey for HER council!! (I've taught 5th, 6th,1st, but mostly kindergarten).
I'm really looking forward to teaching these "older" kids. Kindergarten is rough physically and very tiring. At least these babies will know how to hold a cafeteria tray!!

07-31-2008, 08:04 AM
Happy Thursday!!

Running late this morning...seems to be the theme for this week!

Cat...the school looks too cute!! So happy for ya!

Have a good one girls!!

07-31-2008, 08:18 AM
Good morning:coffee2:

Cottage - Good luck finding a pool :)

Cat - puppies! I can't wait to see pictures.

Belle - Hope your tummy is better today. I suppose it's good that our bodies point out our transgressions, but no fun.

Mandy - Have a good day!

Not much here, just another Thursday. We are trying for a whale watch again tomorrow. Looks like the weather might finally cooperate.

I'm on day 4 in The Beck Workbook (thank you Nessa!). It's slow going already. I started to lose focus almost as soon as I hit goal so I'm hoping this will help me refocus and stay on track.

Have a good day everyone :wave:

07-31-2008, 08:24 AM
Good Morning all! Sorry, NO time for personals, I'll probably do them after the gang leaves today!

Yesterday was such a blast! My son was over so we picked up one of his friends and my nephew and I went for a hike to one of the gulleys I have been speaking of! we were walking up the gulley bed and trying to avoid getting wet. Well, easier said than done, two of the boys came out bone dry (the clime was an hour and half up!) Dn got his shoes wet... me... well, I'm short and couldn't reach in one place from where I was standing to the next, and I slipped (It had rained that day, making the hike more difficult and more excited) and fell into a pool of water... ice cold water, clean as a whistle... I scrapped my arm pretty bad, but once the shock of falling was over, it was sort of fun! I just sat in the pool laughing! The look on Joe's face was priceless! His face was ridden with worry till I started laughing! So, the rest of the way I didn't care if I got wet, I was soaked already, which made the hike easier!!!!!! hahahah.... I'm glad I left Jade home, there's NO way she'd of been able to climb that thing! THE BOYS HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!!!

So, today the Barnum's are coming (switched from doing it Friday, which is fine by me)... Not all of them, so let's see, Randy, (the father), daughters Janelle and Rachelle, son Jordan, friends Isaiah and Nathan, my nephew and myself will be going. I've been off plan last couple days, so I picked up the necessary items to make tuna sandwiches and ensure an op day! Not sure which one(s) we'll hike, but I know it's not going to be Grime's Glenn as that one was closed yesterday for some reason! We were dissapointed. Lucky for us we found another one close by to hike.

I got the call the couch I wanted is mine, so I've offered Clair my set. I will have Randy eye it up for her to see if they want it. If not, I'll post it on Craigs list to get my money back from the one I'm buying.

I hope you all stay cool. We have LOTS of water to bring along!

Hope you all have a great day! I need to straighten the house while I wait for their arrival, wont take too long.

07-31-2008, 08:48 AM
Morning chicks, I was up and working at 5:30, nothing like a little panic to get you going in the morning! I've got to brief two Brigadier Generals in the next couple of weeks and I have been losing some sleep over it.
Overcast and breezy here today so I guess we will be having thunderstorms on and off. So the pool is out, and my laundry is piling up because I need a sunny day, but the kids will still have their horseback riding later, rain or shine.
Loriann, sounds like a fun and busy week for you. Glad you got your couch.
Cyndi, hope you find Beck helpful and good luck spotting some whales.
Hi mandyleigh!
Belle Mer, get yourself right back on track and you'll be fine. Was the pizza worth it at least? I succumbed to a piece of pizza not long ago and was disappointed because it wasn't that good.
How's the tummy this morning Kim?
And you too, weezle, hope you are feeling better and things are "stopped up".
cottage, I don't know about horses, but at the farm where the kids ride, on really hot days they ride the horses through a sprinkler and they (the horses) really seem to enjoy it. Really? We had a quake around here? I hadn't heard.
Good luck with getting the puppies delivered and classroom ready Cat. I love second grade age. They haven't really started cliqueing up too much yet, and are still pretty accepting of each other. No "dating" either.

Well, off to spend some more time guessing what questions the generals will want answered!

07-31-2008, 09:21 AM
Good morning chicks!

Maybe we'll be getting news today on babies delivered and babies conceived?!?!

Not from me though!! (thank goodness!!!)

Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse. I must say, it was the most enjoyable meal out since starting SB. Normally, I have to tip toe around what I can and can't eat on the menu. But I had a ribeye (actually done properly), a plain sweet potato (I think I adore them now) and steamed mixed veggies. AND, my children BEHAVED!??! Wowzers!!

Today is the longggg day at work. Hopefully nothing too exciting! Friday is only a day away....

Have a good day!

07-31-2008, 09:22 AM
good morning....

it's hot and steamy here too.

Cottage I'm planning shrewsberry markget and green dragon on August 15... maybe we can meet up???

the vet called at 10 last night. a C-6 test is the test they do for lyme disease bacteria. a count of 30 or higher is considered infection enough to treat. Poor Bagel his score was 324. he's an extremely sick puppy. so they now will have him on antibiotic for 6 weeks total. ugh...

i ended up taking a laxative last night. I do not do it often but i felt so uncomfortable... now i feel light and empty FINALLY... I know it's TMI but when you have IBS your life lives around the bathroom... either you go too much or you don' go enough.... well i went enough to lose 3.8 pounds overnight...

i called in sick today because of it... ugh...

i do want to swim as yesterday i did not... i felt too crummy... but i'm thinking getting on the bike might be a better plan as DH and i are going out early...

we have dinner plans with friends... thankfully she's a diabetic so food is pretty much on plan for me....

have a fabulous day friends...

07-31-2008, 09:29 AM
Good morning Chickies

Cottage- have fun at the pool

Cat- sounds like you are going to enjoy teaching, glad that everyone is welcoming

BelleMar- just pick right back up and you will be fine.

Mandy- Have a good day

Lori- Sounds like you had a blast hiking

Cyndi- good luck with Beck

Schmoodle-don't lose too much sleep over the Generals- the earthquake was in CA somewhere I believe

As for me day 6 of Phase 1 and I am back on track so will move to Phase 2 on Saturday. I got my washer fixed and it was cheap fix 76 with labor included. $20 part I wouldn't have been able to fix on my own. So I am happy again. Tonight we are going to six flags to see Vanessa Hutchinson not really looking forward to that one but DH and DD2 want to go so I will go with them.

07-31-2008, 09:42 AM
mornin chicks! i can see friday in the distance. hot one here today until the storms roll thru around lunchtime. gotta do some birthday shopping today for my little cousin but other than that it's the same ole workout, dinner and work around the house til bed time.

07-31-2008, 09:43 AM
Morning! I feel much better today, thanks! So far so good. I don't want to go to work, and it'll be a long day as I'm by myself, but I'll be ok. I'm just in a lazy, stretchy mood, if that makes any sense.

Little Guy still has a fever, although proclaiming that he feels much better and his throat doesn't hurt anymore. Hopefully another day of rest will make him better.

Well, it's time to start getting ready. Hope you girls have a good day!


07-31-2008, 09:45 AM
Nessa, I'll mark that date in my planner to keep open. That would be fun to meet you, and maybe we can talk Schmoodle into coming, too. BTW, that's an awful lot of poo you had stored up in you! :lol:

Twynne, I love Texas Roadhouse, but how on earth did you manage to avoid those hot rolls with the honey butter??? :drool:

Schmoodle, that earthquake was centered around the Allentown/Bethlehem area I believe.

:wave: to the rest of you, and I hope Ruthie gets her computer up and running again real soon!

07-31-2008, 10:06 AM
Whooooo let the steambath begin!

Twynn I'm with cottage, those rolls get me everytime! I have willpower but not that much!

Nessa & Lisa Yeah on going and not going! Glad you both are feeling better today.

Pearl So happy you got your washer fixed, mine on the other hand, no repairman until Tuesday! UGH another week of the freaking laundry mat.

Loriann I so wish I was going with you today, I love hiking! Have a blast!

Cat Glad you are happy with the school.

Me not alot new in my world. Ended my day yesterday with the boss saying "yet another sh%*y month" ARG! I work my tail off and given todays housing market I think we had a great month with 4 more closings coming in the next few days. Somedays I wonder why I bust my butt and yet don't have the kahunas to speak my mind! Just another area I need to get control of.

Have a good one chicks!

07-31-2008, 10:07 AM
Morning, girls!

Quick fly by for me. Yesterday was a whirlwind of getting things done. I have most everything packed and ready to go (deciding what an entire family needs for a month is daunting). Fridge is cleaned, dishes are done, kitchen is closed! The food for today has already been prepared and just needs to be microwaved - yay, paper plates! I'll just have to run a quick vacuum around and start the dishwasher before we leave.

Today is more of the same - packing. I have a few errands to run as well. Not very exciting, but necessary.

Have a good day!

07-31-2008, 10:07 AM
Back online and I have 37 emails from yesterday! The power problem is not resolved properly but I managed to rig myself up with an extension cord. Only one circuit is out and I'm just going to leave it for now. Too much stuff to do today including the darned Church Bulletin.

The lads are working on the other half of my roof so it'll be a day of banging and scraping and dogs barking. I feel like escaping to the cottage on the Island but poor Disney freaks about water so we'll ride it out here at home.

Sorry no time for personals but too much is happening around here.

07-31-2008, 10:28 AM
I've decided to try to join the daily check in! I'm usually horrible about these but I skimmed and I'm here! I hope it'll help keep me accountable.

Nessa - Sorry to hear about your pup. Reading your post yesterday though reminded me that I needed to take my baby Winston in for the second half of his lyme disease vaccine. We go hiking quite a bit so both of our babies get it. We will go today to get his second shot.

This morning, I decided to have a peach in the morning along with my soy milk/tea mixture. I didn't have any fruit yesterday since we went out for Chinese. I had been adding my fruit near the end of the day but I decided to try it in the morning since well the peach looked so good.

I also checked out the SBD supercharged book from the library. I had been using the good fats/good carbs mini book as my guideline and my SBD book is outdated so I didn't think reading it again would do me much good.

07-31-2008, 11:37 AM
Good morning ladies. Sorry, but it's a late fly by for me today. I have a conference I have to attend and I thought I had given myself enough time in the morning, but alas.....not so much. Hope all is well and every one is doing fine!
ENJOY your Thursday!

Fat Melanie
07-31-2008, 12:15 PM
Hi everyone, god, it's so HOT today!!! I turned off the air conditioner last night, and woke up to a hot and humid miserable atmosphere. Now the AC's been on for an hour and it's still friggin' MISERABLE!!!!!!!!

My kittens are doing well, (the orphaned ones), and have gotten bigger, become more rounder, and are really playful now. Also, the whole undeveloped 'fetus look' has gone away, and they are so, so adorable. I'm keeping one, who looks just like her mom, and have named her BabyGirl Jr. Since I always feed the other one as well, I'm attached to it too, and thus have named it Fetus Face. (Well... it was all I could think of. They really did look fetus like at first, all strange and not quite developed.) Bf told me I'm a Cat Geek. Cool.

Anyhow I must go feed BabyGirl Jr and Fetus Face their mid morning meal. I found some great kitten formula recipes online, believe it or not, on kitten-caring websites. They just lapped that stuff up.

07-31-2008, 01:27 PM
Good morning all! First off; no nausea this morning. I'm going to assume I was trying to eat and take my vitamin too soon after an intense workout.

Cottage: Sorry you are stuck in all that humidity. I get so miffed when animals are mistreated. I've seen a few ranches south of town that have their horses fenced in without any shade. It is beyond awful! Hope you find a pool to cool off in!

Cat: The school and your classroom are very nice! It looks like there is a lot of stuff in your room already, so I bet there will be a lot of organizing and arranging in the next few days. I hope the puppies are here soon...poor Bijoux!

:wave:, Belle Mer and Mandyleigh! I hope that you both have awesome days!

Cyndi: Good luck with Beck! I'm going to check into it a little more, but I'm definitely thinking about doing it. Have a good day!

Loriann: Congrats on getting the couch. I hope you get yours sold quickly. Enjoy your time with your company!

Schmoodle: Don't fret! I'm sure the briefings will go well. Enjoy your day and I hope the sun comes out so you can get your laundry done.

TwynnB: Congrats on getting through your meal at Texas Roadhouse! I love those rolls they bring out and would not have had an easy time saying no. Thank goodness there's not one near me! Have a great Thursday!

Nessa: So sorry you're feeling so poopy. Hope you feel better with your resting today. Poor Bagel! Hope the antibiotics work quickly.

Pearl: Congrats on finally getting the washer fixed. I haven't a clue who Vanessa Hutchinson is...guess I'll go google and find out. Hope you have a decent time at least.

Gonna: Enjoy your shopping! I hope those storms aren't too bad!

Lisa: I hope Little Guy's fever breaks soon and that you get through your long work day okay! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Stephanie: Sorry boss-man was so inconsiderate! I think you're doing a great job, if that helps! :lol: Hope you have a nice day - a new month is coming and it'll be better I bet!

Zeffryn: Wow! It sounds like you're on top of things. I hope you have a pleasant day before vacation begins.

Ruth: Sounds like your me time is getting cut short! Poor Disney! Maybe one day she'll grow accustomed to the water and the three of you will be able to escape. Hope the power problem gets taken care of quickly.

Nelie: Enjoy the SB Supercharged book. A lot of the info is a bit repetitive from the first book, but it's definitely worth reading again. I loved the workout plan. I've used it as a basis for my interval training, although I've moved from walking to jogging, it's still a great plan!

hmacneil: Hi! Have a great day!

Melanie: Enjoy caring for the kitties and I hope it cools off soon!

Me: Well, we didn't get anything done last night. DH worked out while I made dinner and then a HUGE storm system rolled in while we were eating. It ended up being a total of 2.5 inches of rain from 7 pm to this morning. 2.5 inches is more than we get most months let alone in a night. We were power-less for a bit, but everything is back up this morning.

Tonight is leftovers for dinner and doing the things we planned to do last night. (Clean up some rooms, a load or two of laundry). I'll also be working out after work as we both woke up too late to do it this morning. We're having our budget meeting tonight to discuss August's budget as well as what's going to go on with our money in the next few years. Now that we're on the same page financially, these meetings only last about 15 minutes and there's rarely ever any fighting. Being that we used to pretty much fight about nothing but money, our fighting days are, for the most part, behind us. That's such a blessing.

Well, my official weight this morning is 201 which was my official weight on July 1st, so that means no loss for July. Can't worry about that now. Just need to make August much better!!


07-31-2008, 01:53 PM
Kim-- i just want to apologize--I didn't mean to start "pregnancy rumors" yesterday. I was really just joking. :)

Today's my wedding anniversary (4) so DH and I are going out to a fancy dinner. He sent me flowers at work, too. Yay! Unfortunately I assume he will expect a "Steamy Thursday." Let's just say pregnancy has not agreed with me in that way. Blech.

This weekend we are driving to Pittsburgh for his grandpa's 85th birthday party. I am really not looking forward to the drive as I have major tailbone issues right now and being in the car is pretty uncomfortable. But I am excited to see my in-laws. My MIL wants to take me shopping for baby stuff and also show me a quilt she's working on for the babe. That should be fun! I am hoping I will just sleep a lot of the drive.

Nessa, I haven't ever been diagnosed but I am pretty sure I have IBS and it is so miserable. I'm sorry for your pain. :(

Happy weekend to everyone else! I know it's Thursday but I won't be in tomorrow since we'll be on the road.

07-31-2008, 02:26 PM
Kim I may have spelled her name wrong- she is on Disneys High School Musical 1, 2, and 3- Gabriella if that helps lol

07-31-2008, 02:30 PM
For everyone that's asked -

I've never been to Texas Roadhouse, so I don't know how good they are!! You can't be tempted by something you've not had!!

07-31-2008, 03:05 PM
Morning...;)thought maybe orange would brighten up my post..abit.
Awww love dogs..some of my best friends.
Stayed on plan yesterday,and walked 30 min.
Did the eggplant thing for dinner...
MELANIE..This is how I made it,and what I think about it.
Not a inexpensive dish to make,lots of cheese, and olive oil,and took more time than I like to spend in the kit,in the summer..
I did change a few things. Because I don't do ovens in the summer,
so I grilled the eggplant on the stove..GEEZ it takes oo like a sponge....and then after following the recipe,I zapped it in the micro.
I don't think I'll do it anytime soon,...Just didn't wow me that much for all the cost and effort.
It does come out kind of soupy..(I did cut the recipe in half until I found out if I liked it.)
Husband just looked at it and I could tell he was soooooo happy he had his brat,and potato...which didn't tempt me @ all...of which I'm grateful.
tootles~:D off to walk,take care~choices:cool:

07-31-2008, 03:24 PM
Okay girls. Maybe I spoke too soon. Things were fine this morning. Breakfast was fine. Then for lunch I ate about 1 1/2 cups salad with some oil and vinegar and felt great. Started in on my 3rd or 4th bite of bean stew and felt sick, sick, sick. Not sure what's going on, but DH and I talked and I will stop taking my vitamin for a few days and see what happens. If I'm still having these feelings up to Monday, I will POAS. Now that I think about it, I did have a very, very light period last week and "things" happened around what should have been my ovulation days, considering I was regular this month. :o Hmmmmm...

Kim-- i just want to apologize--I didn't mean to start "pregnancy rumors" yesterday. I was really just joking. :)

Jessie: Don't worry about it a bit. It's fun to think about and you know better than anyone that with my PCOS, DH and I would love to find out that we conceived without the Met. :) Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your evening with DH! Maybe you can talk him into a good movie instead of doing other things?

Pearl: Okay, I think I know who you're talking about now. I'm so out of the loop these days!

TwynnB: Good! Don't eat them! They're the DEVIL!! :lol:

Choices: Enjoy your walk. Thanks for the review of the eggplant dish!

07-31-2008, 03:35 PM
Kim, Yes, it such a blessing to be able to conceive with PCOS at all for a lot of women! I will be just thrilled if it's happened for you, and hope you aren't just sick. If you are even thinking about conceiving in the next year, I hope you are taking a vitamin with lots of folic acid!

Can't believe you're going to make us wait the whole weekend...LOL.

07-31-2008, 03:39 PM
I just had some of the eggplant that I made last night..for lunch..and It's SOOOO much better:) It's not soupy,it cuts nice..and I suppose all the flavors have gelled so to It's def.on my ok/worth it list again..Just wait until the next day! Walking...:dizzy:Choices

Fat Melanie
07-31-2008, 03:56 PM
Choices, it seems a lot of dishes taste so much better the next day. I think it's cause it gives the dish time for the flavors to combine and deepen. Glad you liked it better today, I still haven't tried it yet.

I hear mention of that Vanessa Hudginson girl, she's on the high school musical stuff ( I do not watch that) and neutrogena commercials.

She's also the girl who took full-frontal nude pics when she was only 15 and supposedly sent them to another nickolodeon star she was reportedly dating.

What really disgusted me is how they flashed those pics all over TMZ, and that "Best week ever" show on Vh1, (when I still had cable), and etc. All they did to cover the MINOR/UNDERAGE GIRL'S body was to put tiny little stars over her boobs and uh, crotch. You could basically see everything. It's like, it doesn't matter how young a girl is, if she's a celebrity and she's done something revealing, then the media (especially men!) are all over it. I found it really disgusting, that should have been illegal. I mean, technically it is so I don't know how they got around showing those pics all over the net and tv, is it just 'cause she's a star now? Or is it 'cause she's 18 now and they figure it doesn't matter? Still, she was a minor and in my eyes, a child, and I found that to be so disturbing. Supposedly millions looked at those pics online.... probably mainly men. Men disgust me. Some don't care if it's 13 as long as it's growing boobs and hips. The media is doing similar things with that Miley Cirus girl, she takes skanky pics and they're flashing it all over the place and she's only 15. Disturbing, this world we live in. Also disturbing, my bf's daughter just adores little miss Hannah Montana.

I am not dissing the poster who brought Vanessa H. up or anything, I was just ranting about what I thought about that whole nude photo fiasco. Other than that I don't know much about her.

07-31-2008, 04:05 PM
Kim, Yes, it such a blessing to be able to conceive with PCOS at all for a lot of women! I will be just thrilled if it's happened for you, and hope you aren't just sick. If you are even thinking about conceiving in the next year, I hope you are taking a vitamin with lots of folic acid!

Can't believe you're going to make us wait the whole weekend...LOL.

Yes, I'm taking just folic acid by itself and One-A-Day Weight Smart multi-vitamins. I've been taking the folic acid for two years now, so I'm not going to stop taking that (besides, I take it at night, so I don't think that's it.) I'm going to take a break from the One-A-Day for a few days.

BTW, I want to go take a test now, but I will be patient. I will wait...maybe...:)

07-31-2008, 04:15 PM
Kim - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I managed to conceive Brian without Clomid after 6 months on Clomid. I think it made me regular just long enough but I was charting my basal so I knew for sure. I am STILL waiting for TOM to show up. He's almost 3 weeks late and it's really a pain since I want to get back on the Pill. My hormones have always been irregular and it's worse now that I am 45 but at least I don't have to worry about being pregnant (if you know what I mean). When I do get single, and meet someone, I do have to be careful though since the blood pressure meds I take are not safe to be on while pregnant (and I really don't want another kid at my age).

That was quite a runon comment. I'm tired, ladies. Yesterday I worked from 7:50 AM to 7:50 PM. I did get a 10 minute break to pick up Brian and microwave some hot dogs. Today I started even earlier but it shouldn't run as long. I do have a meeting tonight but it is a dinner meeting and Brian will be coming with me.

Robert didn't want to let Brian text me last night to tell me he picked him up (although he did finally) so I will be looking into getting Brian his own cell phone today or tomorrow.

07-31-2008, 04:22 PM
Robert gets my award as Jerk of the Year!

Kim, when I took those One-A-Day Weight Smart thingies, I felt like I was pregnant!

Just a fly-by after a quick trip into town for shutters which have to be ordered. I think I want to move to Toronto where you can just buy stuff! The lads are shirts off at the moment and I may take them out some lemonade and cookies. :devil:

07-31-2008, 05:43 PM
Puppy update:

None yet, but I think they will be here by tomorrow morning. She has been panting and roaming the house trying to find "a spot". We keep putting her back in the box we have set up for her, but she will stay in there for a bit, then start roaming again. Those little pups are just moving like crazy in can feel a little feet poking out on her tummy.

07-31-2008, 05:45 PM
Cat, has she stopped eating? That was always my signal with my Girls.

07-31-2008, 05:53 PM
Kim, when I took those One-A-Day Weight Smart thingies, I felt like I was pregnant!

Then that's probably what it is. I wasn't taking them while we were camping and started back up on Monday. Thanks, Ruth!

07-31-2008, 06:19 PM
Hi all, I am ssoooo wiped out! The crew came in and devoured the entire loaf of bread with the entire bowl of tuna salad, both packs of pecan twirls, three gallons of lemonade and that was before the hike!

The boys wanted to go to conklin, which was where we went yesterday. Yesterday was a bit trickier as it had rained, so everything was even more slippery than today. I told the kids that if they get a bit ahead of us to make sure there's at least two together, well, they took that as "RUN!" All six teens were GONE! Nowhere to be found! Randy (the father) and I just took our time. I didn't fall where I did yesterday, but I didn't feel like climbing the same waterfalls we stopped at yesterday. They all went on to the top, which took them another hour to do! I was just relaxing and worshipping, what a nice time to just lay back against the rocks and close your eyes, listening to the waterfalls! SSOOOO relaxing!

Well, they came back SOAKED to the skin! There was a pretty good size "pool" at the top. The water was crystal clean all the way, so they all went swimming. Well, once they reached where I was my nephew slid down that waterfalls! Next thing I know I have six teens sliding pretty much the entire way back down the gully!

They ALL had a blast!!!!!! "That was the BOMB!" and my nephew saying he's gonna write his brother and brag to him what he did! I'm glad they had fun.

Randy and Clair are going to take my old couch and loveseat so that's one less hassle. They have six kids (three of which were not with us today) and trust me, their couches get wear and tear! I'm so thrilled I can help them out this way.

I'm gonna try and nap and try to do personals later!


07-31-2008, 06:21 PM
Oh cat! How exciting! PUPPIES!@!!!!!! what kind are they (or will be?)

07-31-2008, 06:45 PM
Kim, A lot of time the iron in those multi-vitamins is enough to make you want to lose your lunch. I took Flinstones for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy or so (and before) because they have all the vitamins you need but a little less iron so they are more sensitive on your stomach. I think the dr. prefers you take a big old prenatal but keeping in the Flintstones is better than throwing up the other. My girlfriend puked for like 18 weeks until she started taking the Flintstones vitamin--and immediately felt better.

07-31-2008, 06:50 PM
Ruth, she hasn't eaten nearly all day long, then got real interested when I grilled some turkey and took a couple of bites. She's not drinking either. I gave her some ice and she just chewed it and dropped it.

Lori, Bijoux ( a shih tzu+ rat terrier
Daddy Roux ( a catahoula+austrailian shepherd
So we figured the babies are ratacatahshepherdsh*ts!!

Bijoux was an adorable puppy!!! (

07-31-2008, 07:45 PM
Jessie - with DS1 I took the doctor's scrip of big ol' prenatals...but with DS2 (yes ladies, we found out today that we're expecting a boy!) I've been taking Shaklee's multivitamin with added iron (it also comes without - but I am prone to anemia), I also take an extra b-complex supplement that is coated in folic acid and a Omega 3 supplement. I had a ton of problems with the big horse pills the doc gave me, but haven't had problems with these at all. I also break them up into different times - they don't have as many vitamins as the big horse pill so I can take them in the morning and at lunch without any problems. Way better for my stomach, and Shaklee supplements are among the best when it comes to absorption levels. When I was newly preg. I threw up about 10 minutes after I had taken one and it had already dissolved.

My pee is also BRIGHT yellow from the b-vitamins....tmi, but funny. My nurse at the OB always giggles.