LA Weight Loss - The Waterfall Diet - what is it?!?!?!

07-30-2008, 08:24 AM
So I had my weightwatchers weigh-in last night and i was up 2.5 and am disgusted! :mad: i had been seriously good, i was even well behaved on a weekend away so i was pretty annoyed. i said as much to the leader and she said its possible im retaining water. i dont feel bloated but she said sometime you cant feel it. :?: so i went online to look for "how to get rid of water retentio" and this thing called the waterfall diet came up, talking about eating foods that make you shed water. but in order to see more information you had to pay for it, which i was not willing to do! so can anyone summarise it for me?

Suzanne 3FC
07-30-2008, 09:57 AM
The numbers on the scale can be so confusing. It's very normal for weight to fluctuate, though it can be disappointing at times. Even if you happen to be holding on to a couple of pounds of water, you could still be losing fat and that's all that counts in weight loss. If you work hard to lose water weight by eating foods with diuretic qualities, it will still just come back as soon as you eat something normal again. You can't keep chasing those 2 pounds back and forth, you'll drive yourself nuts. Your body can retain water for a lot of reasons. TOM, weather, too much sodium in last night's dinner, or even the clothes you were wearing, etc. If it were me, I'd overlook it. Your next weigh in should be better. Good luck :)

07-30-2008, 11:24 AM
Forgive me if this is a spectacularly silly question, but are you sure that you're drinking enough water every day? I mean, I agree with Suzanne - weight does fluctuate on a week-by-week basis for all sorts of silly reasons, and it can be more helpful to see whether you're making progress overall on a monthly basis, maybe? But is it possible that you're just not drinking enough water? Maybe?