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Pink Geranium
07-29-2008, 05:54 PM
Hi, I've been running for a short period, although I'm pretty fit from my other activities at this point, and have done some road race 5K's. Just love it. This weekend I did a 5 mile trail run, the first time I tried that (although I practice run in several different trails through parks, reserves, etc., this one was much rougher, hillier, etc.) It was a fantastic experience and I hope to repeat it. Does anyone have any advice on training for this vs. the usual road type of running? Also in the strategy of running the race (I notice you have to think more about the other runners, when to pass, etc, given the conditions of the trail, as well as allowing for the extra energy all the obstacles take). Then of course there is the length of many of these races. What training can help me be able to do the extra miles - is it a matter of running longer, or doing routes with more challenge in the terrain? (Or maybe both??)

I did have trail running shoes and I think it made a difference in keeping my footing. Kind of funny, I take step classes at the fitness center and I think the skills learned in that helped me maintain my balance better than I would have in the past, especially going downhill.

Thanks for any advice.