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07-29-2008, 06:49 AM
:coffee: Up and at em, Chickies! Daylight's burning!

I should be all rested and refreshed from my decadent day of being a couch potato yesterday, but I could sure go for another day of it. But I'm going to be good and get myself to Curves this morning, then getting in gear for a long day with my girlies. No idea what kind of mischief we'll get into today, but I'm sure we'll find something fun to do.

What's happening on your part of the the beach today?

07-29-2008, 07:22 AM
Morning! i'm being bad, not in the boot.. but i'm sick of the damn thing...

bagel is sick. not sure what.. he's half off his food... he is staggering around WHEN he gets up... he can't climb. I have no idea how i'm going to get a lame 120 pound dog to the vet...

brian is also staggering around. July 5, he fell when a chair he was sitting on broke and he landed on his tailbone. it bruised up nicely. well the bruise is gone but he's still in major pain and yesterday he reported some popping sound/feeling when he got up... so i have to call the ortho for him.

figuring the vet will wanna see bagel today i got to work at 6!

07-29-2008, 07:29 AM
Ladybug, take them both to the vet! So sorry your day sounds like crap.

Cottage, I'm sure you'd love another day of convalescence but....too bad we were brought up to be adults.

Feeling rested this morning after a nap yesterday and a solid sleep - no transports roaring down my road. The Fairgound is an absolute mud pit as a lot of the trucks got stuck trying to get out. Good old Leeds County clay! Art and the lads have a lot of grading and seeding to do to get it back in shape.

Not much on my schedule today. :cb: I may do more pressure washing, I want to get more reading at the Library and may make a cake for the freezer. I have a BD party Friday in Ottawa and know Ross would love my rum cake. It improves with freezing so.... I guess I should post it in Food Porn.

Have a Terrific Tuesday! :cofdate:

07-29-2008, 07:43 AM
Good morning :cofdate:

Cottage - Glad things went smoothly yesterday. Have fun with the girls :)

Nessa - Eek! Good luck today.

Ruth - Sounds like you're still taking some time for you, definitely a good thing. I'm curious to see that recipe. A Scottish friend makes a rum cake that's quite tasty. Luckily it's not the sort of thing I'd ever make here.

However I would make - chocolate berry fruit leather! I'll let you know how it turns out. I was getting a little punchy by the last batch last night and tossed some cocoa powder in. Tasted pretty good at that point. There's even a little container that didn't fit in the trays that is going in my oatmeal this morning!

I'm trying to save samples of things for our food preservation workshop. We finally found someone willing to do the canning piece for us so we're moving forward.

Today is a work at home day for me. I've got a chiropractor appt. this morning and it's easier to work at home those days since she is 2 miles from my house. I'll get some more zucchini in the dehydrator while I'm here.

Have a good day all!

07-29-2008, 07:43 AM
ha-ha Ruth that was my thought too.

07-29-2008, 07:43 AM
Nessa, I'm sorry about the stress in your life right now. Hope both the pup and the DH are on the mend soon.

Ruth, I've been waiting years for you to share that rum cake recipe! So glad to hear you're feeling rested today! Now don't overdo it!

Cyndi, chocolate berry fruit leather! Yum!!! You sure are creative with that food dehydrator thing!

07-29-2008, 08:39 AM
Good morning chickies!

Cottage - ahhh....downtime! Decadent is the perfect word!

Nessa - ugh! Good luck with the pup (first thing in my mind....Lyme?). Hope you're feeling okay today!

Ruth - I giggle every time I read the phrase "food porn". Maybe my husband will think I'm doing something naughty?

Cyndi - when can I come over?!

Me - same ole, same ole (but that's a good thing, right?). Off to work. I think it's not too busy of a day, so I can maybe go to the gym for a run. Nothing exciting planned so far, let's hope it stays that way!

Belle Mer
07-29-2008, 08:51 AM
Good morning. No time to chat today. Have a full schedule of things to do. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

07-29-2008, 08:54 AM
Good morning Chickies!

Cottage- Have a good day and have fun at curves.

Ruth- You will have to post that recipe sounds delicious!

Nessa- I feel for you- good luck today with both issues

Cyndi and TwynnB- Have a great day

As for me I am at work today- waiting for appliance repair to call to let me know when they come fix the washer- other than that no much going on.

07-29-2008, 09:05 AM
Good Morning all... wanting to make my coffee, but my nephew is sleeping on the couch and when I wake him up doesn't seem like he can get back to sleep to easily. I forgot to grind the beans last night before going to bed. SIGH

Yesterday I brought him and Jade to Boughten Park. It's nothing fancy, just a very nice hike around three huge ponds (some call them lakes, but they are too small to be a lake). It is a good hour and a half hike with small steeps to climb up and down for a very nice work out. I like it there cause Jade is allowed to be offleash so I can let her run and tire her out for the day! I felt so bad for her being left that long I've been doing extras with her to get back on her good side :).

I believe Clair and her family to be coming out tomorrow (will be confirmed today which day they are coming) for a hike in one of the gully's I showed you all last week or the week before! I'm excited! Her family, two of their friends makes 10 folks, me, my nephew and hopefully my son will be 13! What a crew to go hiking, and of course I'll bring Jade. Only thing with bringing the dog is I don't think she'll be able to climb up to see the other two falls, which I wanted to see. Thats alright, we'll enjoy the first falls, maybe with the three younger kids. did it go with the car today? (I hate when they take advantage of women!) have you had your hubby take it in?

07-29-2008, 09:29 AM
Morning girlies! Just popping in to say hi. Gotta get Little Guy ready for school and get ready for work myself. Just wanted to make sure I popped in to say hello!!!!!


Have a great day girls!


07-29-2008, 09:46 AM
good morning all,

Was up way to early and got in the walk already. Going to go make egg muffins for the swim this morning. It looks like a good day has begun for all hopefully it will stay that way. I got the girls room done yesterday!!!!! Took me a month from start to finish but it is done now onto the boys' room... in a week don't think it will get all done before school starts.

Everyone have a great day and a safe one.

07-29-2008, 09:54 AM
Morning all...
no time for personals. Son is sick and I have to take him to BR to the doctor at LSU. He had a bladder infection that now seems to have moved in his kidneys. He had a high fever last night that broke in the middle of the night.

I went on an interview for a 1st grade teaching position yesterday afternoon Turns out the principal is an old friend who I went to college with and taught with in the early days (we both have "new" last names and didn't recognize each other till we saw each other in person.) She wants me for the job, but had already offered it to someone else who had yet to call her back and accept. She was going to call them and find out if they still wanted it and if not, it's mine. Very nice looking school and praying I get the job which is only about 7 minutes from my house. Great for gas not having to drive far. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

07-29-2008, 09:55 AM
Morning all, the heat is back today!

Nessa glad to see you in the daily, when you mentioned yesterday you might take a break I almost cried! I love seeing your honesty and opinions everyday, your my insperation!

Pearl hope that repair person calls you, still waiting on mine too and mount laundry is growing quickly! Guess the maytag repair isn't as bored as he used to be.

To everyone else, Hello, hope all is well in your world!

I'm sporting a $10 bargin dress I found at the mall, cute little halter type with some big flowers, very tropical! A year and a half ago I wouldn't have been caught dead in it, but today I'm walking tall and struttin my stuff. Too bad my bra has to be pinned to it because I don't have the boobs to hold it up! Hey we can't have it all right? :dizzy:

Must work! Have a great day!

07-29-2008, 10:02 AM
Good morning chicks, 2 good PH1 days down here. Nothing special going on around here, the usual work, etc. DD1 is babysitting her boss's kid and agreed to do it here since they live 40 minutes away. I found out last night and was mad she didn't consult with me first, since this is my office as well as house. He arrived at 6AM and he's napping now. Seems like a good kid and he's a cute little guy. I think he's around 2YO.

zeff, enjoy Minnesota, My Dad is from Blue Earth. I have an Aunt near Minneapolis another in Elmore, an Uncle in New Richland, and cousins scattered around everywhere. I should get up there for a visit someday, shouldn't I?
phx, what are you doing to the rooms? Cleaning and organizing my kids rooms is on my to-do list this summer, but we haven't even started. DS needs some new furniture too.
HELLO weezle!
Loriann, sounds like a fun family hike outing!
Pearlrose, have a great day.
Nessa, glad to see you are posting here. Hope your sickies are better soon.
Have a great day Belle Mer and Twynn!
Cyndi, wish I could attend your workshop.
Glad all went well yesterday cottage.
Ruth, thanks for the reminder, today is bookmobile day. I've got about 20 pages of World Without End to finish so I can return it.
Steph, I bet you look smashing! And a bargain to boot, even better!
Cat, good luck with the job, and hope DS feels better soon.

07-29-2008, 10:02 AM
Pacer, I'll donate some to you! Trust me, being "well endowed" is a curse! How many times I have to lift the guy's chin so their eyes meet mine! "My eyes are up here" i tell them, boy do they get red! hahaha

07-29-2008, 10:10 AM
Steph, I'd be willing to donate too, especially with the pregnancy...I am DDD and still growing. AAAHHHHH!!! I am horrified of scaring small children once my milk comes in. It is honestly so uncomfortable and I have to wear a camisole under everything nowadays.

Sleepy still this morning...I was up twice during the night to potty. And didn't sleep great the rest of the time. Bleggh.

Better go do some work.


07-29-2008, 10:14 AM
Cottage - hope you're rested!

Nessa - have fun at the much fun as one could have..

Ruth - Do post your rum cake recipe. yum!

Cyndi - Chocolate Berry fruit leather...oh my. You're tempting me to get a dehydrator.

Twynn and Belle - Have a good day!

pearlrose, weezle- have a good day

Lori - I haven't taken the car in yet today....I just woke up....give me some time ;) Fortunately, one of my hobbies used to be restoring classic cars with my dad...When car places do try to take advantage of me, I can usually tell and don't fall for it. Not something they usually expect from a preggo with a toddler in tow. DH came with me yesterday, though...but only because the preggo in me causes major irrationality sometimes and I didn't want to get kicked out :)

Cat - my fingers are crossed for you. Sorry to hear about your DS. :(

Schmoo - have fun with the baby! Minnesota is great, we both love it there. It is great for a nice reprieve from the heat of southern Louisiana. :)

Jessie - My boobs didn't grow hardly at all my first pregnancy....and now they've gone up 2 sizes so far. woohoo! I bought some shirts that were maternity/nursing shirts.....and they are so immodest without a camisol! I didn't realize it until DH and I were out to dinner and my boobs kept popping out.:o


Bringing the car to the dealership sometime today...also have to make a trip to the library to pick up some books for DS on vacation, he also wants to get some movies for the car trip. I have to see how many times I can renew them though...I don't want to get hit with a big fine when we get back.

We were outside this morning....not so humid...yet. I've heard it is supposed to be sweltering - like yesterday. :(

07-29-2008, 10:31 AM
Morning Ladies!

Cottage - Glad to hear that you enjoyed your lazy day, yesterday. Here's hoping that today is filled with fun and energy!

Nessa - Sorry to hear that your dh and pup are not doing well. I hope everything gets figured out. Glad you're hear today.

Ruth - Enjoying the quiet? Looks like you've got another "Ruth" centered day, I hope you're able to be as productive as you'd like.

Cyndi - Seriously, I so wish I lived by you....first the zucchini chips and now chocolate berry fruit leather. It all sounds so good. Enjoy working from home.

Pearlrose - Good luck with the repair man today!

Lorianne - Sorry that you don't have coffee this morning. The hike you took yesterday sounds so nice.

Phxsunflower - Up and walking....impressive!

Cat - Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the call that the other teacher did not accept. Good luck!

Stephanie - Congrats on the great new dress. I'm sure it looks great, pins and all!

Schmoodle - I hope the boy is good. If not, make DD take a VERY LONG WALK!!!!

Jessie - Sorry to hear you didn't sleep well. I hope you're able to take it easy today.

Zeff - I hope everything with the car works out. You sounded so frazzled yesterday....Just remember to keep your cool.

Twynn, Belle, & Weezle - GOOD MORNING!!!!!

Me - Another day at work, the closer I am to the end of summer school. We have a visitor coming today to take pictures. I may be the one to escort them around since my day is so quiet. Tonight Dh and I are headed to a magazine event party, and then we're going to hook up with friends afterward for a drink. Should be a good evening.
Hope everyone has a Fantastic day!

07-29-2008, 11:40 AM
Good morning all! I guarantee this post will take forever for me to do while here at work, but I'll get it done!

Cottage: Every time I have a couch potato day, I feel great but wish for just one more day of rest! Hope you had a nice workout at Curves!

Nessa: Sorry to hear about both Brian and Bagel. Good luck getting Bagel to the vet. 120 lbs is a lot to drag around!

Ruth: As far as I'm concerned, Rum Cake is the best kind of food porn! Maybe I'll make some to take to the in-law's for Christmas this year. They love anything made with alcohol! Take it easy today!

Cyndi: A food preservation class? That would be so interesting! I wish we had something like that out here. Enjoy your day working from home!

:wave:, TwynnB and BelleMer! Hope you both have great days!

Pearlrose: I hope your washer repair is an easy one! Have a good day!

Loriann: Wow, 13 people hiking together! That ought to be a lot of fun! Enjoy your day.

Lisa: How's the spots? Hope they're clearing up! Enjoy your Tuesday!

Phx: Congrats on getting the girls' room done! Good luck on the boys'! Getting it done in a week does sound pretty impossible, but stranger things have happened...

Cat: I've got my fingers crossed for you. I hope you get the job - it sounds like it would be a great fit for you! I hope DS gets better soon.

Stephanie: I hear you in the boob department...I've gained about 100 lbs since high school and still barely fill a B cup. It's downright disgraceful!! Congrats on strutting! You earned it!

Schmoodle: I agree that DD should have consulted you first, but at least the kid is cute! It would really stink if he was a holy terror!

Jessie: Aw, hon! Sorry you're so uncomfortable with your ta-tas. :lol: I can't imagine DDDs! Hope you have a nice day.

Zeffryn: Sounds like you may need to get a little irrational with the dealership! :lol: I hope your trip today is better and that they get everything taken care of. Enjoy your library time.

hmacneil: Oooh. A magazine event party. Details? Sounds very glamorous to this little Texas gal! :lol: Enjoy!

Me: Can you tell I'm in the mood for fall? It's been one **** of a morning so far, but it has to get better, right?

First, I went to the post office to check into mailing DH's broken handgun to the manufacturer for repair. Well, I can't mail it through there since we're not licensed dealers. So, I call FedEx who can ship it if it's Priority Overnight, and end up talking to this poor girl that I couldn't understand for 30 min., so I'll have DH call back tonight to verify the details.

Then, I asked one of my girls to type up a spreadsheet in Excel, but she did the whole thing in a Word table for some unknown reason and I'm having a heck of a time getting it transferred correctly to be able to do a mail merge.

Well, at least I got a workout in, there's no food porn in the forecast for work today and I don't have to cook tonight because we're just having leftovers. Phew. All I've got to do tonight is put away 5 loads of laundry and pick up the house a bit. Believe me, that is a relief! Well, off to work again.

BTW, after one day of eating on P2, D1 again, I'm back down to 201. Thank goodness it was only water weight. I may even see onederland be the end of next week! Wahoo!! :carrot:


07-29-2008, 01:53 PM
Morning everyone..Yesterday was the blast off day #1,and I did wise. Also got my walk in..45min. Feeling good,kinna proud of myself really. I've come to find the hardest part of dieting (or one of them) Is just starting the blasted thing..getting that mind set.
THANK YOU RUTH FOR EMAILING ME THE CHILI RECIPE;) very kind of you..actually it was a recipe from one of the gals of this board back a yr.or so ago...All legal and stuff,and delicious. I made it by memory last night..and it's for tonights dinner....lots and lots of beans.
Take care~Choices;)

07-29-2008, 03:15 PM
hi again back from water areobics and made some egg muffins for DH to try and then a batch for me to eat.

DH is "showing" interest in changing his eating habits and I am very cautious as what I try on him. He is not a vege eater AT ALL!!! I am reeaallly nervous about pushing to quickly. I figure egg muffins might get him eating breakfast before leaving for work and not just grabbing a soda.

SHmoodle-The girls room is finally CLEANED and organized and ready for back to school. Had them wiping down the wall yesterday and moving out the beds and dressers and trying on clothes the whole nine yards. The boys' room will be a little harder to get started but once going they will want to get it done!! Not easy to convince a 14 and a 12 year old it needs to be done and since it wasn't done ALL summer mom IS going to help!!

Well a load of laundry needs to be folded out of the dryer and then :crossed: hopefully a start on the room.

Have a great day and a safe one..

Fat Melanie
07-29-2008, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. Sounds like everyone is..

Ladybugnessa, awww, poor puppy. Hope he is okay. And Bagel, what an unusual and adorable name for a dog.

Loriann7, that sounds like a fun time you had out in nature... thanks again for your great advice yesterday, btw.

Choices, good job on phase 1.

Zeffryn, I know the feeling about the boobs. When I was thinner I was pretty much just a B, then I started gaining weight and they still weren't so impressive. Then I gained more weight, got pregnant and they were all big like Jessica Simpsons (not a fan of hers, but she does have really good boobs.) Bf had never paid so much attention to my boobs as he did when I gained weight and got pregnant. Now they're shrinking again, sigh. I know I have a flat chest to look forward to when I've lost my weight.

Phxsunflower, you're seriously giving me egg muffin cravings. :p yum!

Kimstar, onederland was an amazing day for me. I know the feeling of excitement when you're almost there. Great job!

Everyone else, hope you're all doing well. Femmecreole, good luck with the job, sounds like a really good opportunity. I hope your son is okay.

Speaking of dogs, you guys, two stray pups (big ones, not little) came up to our house yesterday afternoon, emaciated and it was heartbreaking. After awhile we figured out someone must have dumped the poor things. They never left, so we gave them water, then borrowed some dog food. We were gonna call animal control (that's the only thing you can basically do in this county, unfortunately.. . I wish we had Animal cops here like on that tv show) but my boyfriend wants to keep one. He told me to wait to call animal control and we'll see if we can find them homes. They are still here, incidentally. Slept on our porch and now are hanging outside... poor things. I want to severely hurt the people who let the dogs loose like that, all starved and bony... poor puppies. My mom would take one but doesn't want boy dogs, her boy dogs are already territorial enough. I don't know if it's a good idea for us to keep one because after we give away some of the kittens, we'll have 4 cats.... and although these dogs are friendly to the cats, it wouldn't be so great to have them all in the house together. My bf said we could keep the dog outside in the doghouse out back... but I just don't believe in forcing an animal to sleep outside in the cold when winter arrives. If I were to have a dog, it'd be an inside and outside dog... not one that always had to stay outside. I'm conflicted and guilty about it right now... I can't believe how some people treat animals.

07-29-2008, 04:04 PM
I am so tired already. I've spent the first 5 hours of my workday on an outage call while multitasking the whole time. I finally got to eat lunch when it was almost 2PM. Good thing I had a snack at my desk.

I also got a really nasty email response from Robert who didn't like the email I sent asking him to be no later than a half hour picking up Brian. He had forwarded it to the court counselor who is doing our family study so I sent her an email asking her for advice on how to respond.

07-29-2008, 04:21 PM
Hi everyone!
Has anyone heard from Kara since she and Tom moved to Germany?
I don't think I've seen her post since towards the end of April.

Day 2 of phase 1 repeat going ok here, I feel like I kind of fell back into that old comfy routine, in a good way. Trying to keep the SB "flu"/headaches away with beans and dairy each far, so good.

Fat Melanie
07-29-2008, 04:32 PM
Yesterday night BF had called the sherriff's office after hours to find out how to get up with animal control or someone who could help the puppies. Apparently they passed along the message because a lady just came up and took the puppies. She told me that they will go to the pound, but the owners will be given 4 days to claim them, then, if they're healthy, they'll be put up for adoption. So, that's a good thing. But I know what it means when she said, "if" they're healthy.. . if not, they'll get put down. And she said one of them might have worms, I'm not sure how she could tell but, that's what she said. I really hope those dogs are adopted, they're loveable and would make perfect pets. Poor pups. :(

Barb0522, do you save the email he sent to you? Before the lawyer in my bf's and ex-wife's case decided to drop out, he had wanted me to go through my inbox to find all the nasty emails with the threats my bf's mother had sent me b/c she mentioned bf's daughter a lot and how she refused to give her up, etc etc. It's a good idea to save them but I'm guessing you probably do! Man, he's just making it so harder on himself in the long run with his attitude.

07-29-2008, 05:10 PM
Mel - I definitely save every email I get from him and every one I send to him. I also save any text message that has anything in it of significance. I don't think he will ever settle so it will probably be up to the judge in 2-3 months to make the decision.

I caved when someone came around offering homemade chocolate chocolate chunk cookies. It's just been such a stressful day!

07-29-2008, 06:17 PM
Nessa, when I had my Newfoundland go down on me a few years ago I had to use a blanket to pull her to the car and take her to the vet. I laid it beside her, rolled her onto it and drag her to the car. Between her struggling and me lifting her backside the two of us (the dog and I) got her into the car. She was such a dear old girl. Still miss her and it's been about 9 years now.

Pacer -- if you have to be extreme one way or the other be very thankful you are small. I would love to be only a DDD. I never loose it first in the bust and I always gain it first there.

07-29-2008, 06:26 PM
Lori, I was an "early bloomer" and had a B cup in the 4th grade, and D's by 8th grade. (Back then I was 105 lbs and a perky little thing.) When I was a senior in high school I bought a bright yellow t-shirt with red sparkly letters that had a GREAT BIG red arrow pointing up, and below it, it said "HEY! I'M UP HERE!" I found it amusing, my parents and parochial high school did not.

Kim, still spotted. Looks like the large, "herald" spots are going away, but the little ones are plentiful and itchy in the heat. I do ok unless I sweat (in the car with no a/c, sitting outside picking up Little Guy from school, etc.) I think they're starting to get better, even though there are bazillions of them, because I haven't noticed any new ones since the 9 that developed on the underside of my left arm in the last week.

Home early from work today.... had a bout of the poops all day. Too much fiber last night I think (I hope.) Going to stay in the apartment and rest, trying to eat non-fiberful foods. Maybe a brick of cheese. I don't know. Anybody got a cork?

Hope you girls have a great evening. Talk with you later!


07-29-2008, 06:46 PM
Lisa you and your bathroom stories just kill me! :lol: you always seem to put a smile on my face.

Back to me strutting it today! I had a closing at 3 today, little did I know my sellers were conservative mennonites! Here I am in my slinky little dress! :o Might not have thought anything about it except that I was raised in a mennonite church and know what this poor woman was thinking when she saw me!

07-29-2008, 06:50 PM
Steph, :doh:! (DOH!) Ever feel like you're God's comic relief? I do..... all the time.....

07-29-2008, 10:23 PM
Howdy everyone! :)

I got some walking in today. :tread: Slowly but surely will I get back into my regular walking schedule. I still need to check into the water aerobics class. I don't know what's taking me so long to just jump right in. My deal with myself was to be enrolled by the first week in August. ;)

My menu is planned through Monday so I stocked up on a few things I needed. :) I still need to hit Costco or Sam's Club as there were a few things I refuse to pay for at the supermarket that I know I could get better deals on.

We still have leftovers from the Pork Scaloppine with Herbs I made. It was a hit with my family! :) There's enough leftover if the kids don't want to wait for me to prepare tonight's meal. Tonight we're going to have Shrimp Stir Fry, brown rice and a tossed salad.

May you all have continued success! :)

07-29-2008, 10:48 PM
Argh!!!! Hello everyone I finally had time to write personals and my computer farted... loosing my nearly completed post!!! So all I can say is "Hi" everyone!
I'm good...Not much rains... but no sun either so very depressing hereI miss the SUN!!!! Well off to make oatmeal and start my day... Have a good evening everyone!