Weight Loss Support - There is always tomorrow (amazing article)

07-28-2008, 12:07 PM

07-28-2008, 12:13 PM
Thank you -- I needed that today :hug:

07-28-2008, 12:18 PM
Amazing indeed!

07-28-2008, 12:37 PM
Great article, thanks for sharing!

07-28-2008, 01:50 PM
I really liked the becoming the "Scarlett O'Hara" of food. Great article!

07-28-2008, 02:08 PM
I loved that article too. It's definitely a strategy I've used in the past and it has sometimes worked really well for me. One thing I try to remember to remind myself of is that I don't have to thin--there's no law. I can quit this whenever I want. And knowing that I can stop and have a treat any time has helped me to stay on track.

Sometimes it backfires through, because when "tomorrow" does finally come and I do finally have a treat, I've been so deprived for so long and I feel like it's going to be so long before I can have another treat that I really overindulge. I can't seem to find a happy middle ground.

07-28-2008, 02:13 PM
Could have wrote it myself; the baby weight that wouldn't come off. I swear, it's so true. Except in my case, it wasn't Toblerone; it's Snickers.

07-28-2008, 03:21 PM
I've used this strategy as well. I used to feel anxious about food, as if it would all suddenly disappear and I needed to have it *now* in case it was my last chance.

It's not as if I am in danger of being undernourished any time soon (I know I am blessed greatly).

I do tell myself "I don't need to eat that today. There will be another one available on another day." No more quiet desperation or panic or "last suppers".

07-28-2008, 05:37 PM
Wow...did that article come in handy at just the right moment!! I just ate my afternoon snack of yogurt, opened up my desk drawer to put something in it and there was a 100 calories snack pack of banana nut bread. I was right on the verge of saying, just one snack today won't hurt...i'll do better tomorrow. But after reading that article....my urge to snack on it has diminished. I can't thank you enough for posting that article!! I may need to print it out and put it on my desk. Whew!!! Crisis averted!!!:dancer:

07-28-2008, 06:08 PM
great article. I've also had a similar Mind set change with food, and it is liberating!

07-28-2008, 10:29 PM
I've also used the strategy.

I find it particularly useful when there is "free" food around. Like at a social event. The food is abundant and it's very easy to overdo it. But I tell myself there will always be another wedding, party or what have you. There is no need to "load" up at this particular time. I can have that pasta, cookie, cake or whatever at another time. Right now, TODAY, I need to focus on my health/weight. And it works. Sometimes. ;)

07-30-2008, 10:11 AM
I can't thank you enough for posting that article!! I may need to print it out and put it on my desk. Whew!!! Crisis averted!!!:dancer:

So glad it helped ;)