30-Somethings - 30 Something Chat Monday July 28th

07-28-2008, 08:16 AM
Morning all. I feel horrible this morning. I had the worse case of insomnia last night an only got about 2 hrs of sleep. Work is going to be rough today.

Hope everyone else had a better night than me.

07-28-2008, 09:31 AM
Oh GG, I've had those nights and sympathize with you. It's very hard to get thru the day when your body is exhausted. Be careful driving most importantly. Hope you get some rest later. :hug: Sorry to hear your struggling. Hope things get better. Some of us joined sparkpeople.com for more motivation. Maybe you should sign up too! Lots of great info, food and exercise logs and you earn points as you visit the different parts of the site.
Just a thought. Hope you have a good day today!!

Off to work today. Boss on vaca and hopefully Napoleon will use that as an excuse to be at the gym all day...

Check in later!! :p

PS... Yana... I'm not on WW, just my own plan. :)

07-28-2008, 09:50 AM
Hey girls@!!!

GG, hope you make it through the day alright. How many more till you have a day off??

Valerie, I have to take time to figure out sparkpeople. I haven't had time to sit down & mess around with it. HOpe your day goes well ;)

Alicia, glad you are back home. Hope your DH's friend isn't a creep. With a name like Dirt, though...anywho, we used to have a coil-up hose at our townhouse. It wasz great cause it didn't take much room. However, I think it only lasted a year or two before it started leaking. If it's new and leaking, I'd take it back!

Okay, back to work. I already got in a mile walk with the dog, two loads of wash, and the bathrooms cleaned. I was waiting for Cadence to get up to vacuum, but I need to get back on my roll. She was up late last night. Guess I have to wake her up now, it IS almost nine!!! Maybe she thinks she's a teenager??


07-28-2008, 10:10 AM
P - I know!! Sparkpeople has so much stuff I started to get a little overwhelmed but now I think I'm getting the hang of it! I got 20 points 2 days in a row spinning the point wheel so I was like... YES!! LOL I really like it and now my hubby is doing it too!

Have a fabulous day!

07-28-2008, 11:05 AM
Morning All,
Sounds like we all had a good weekend! I had a birthday party to go to yesterday for my nephew's stepson. It was at the city pool in the next city over from us. I didn't bring my bathsuit so I couldn't go swimming. I forgot it at the house. I don't even know if it would still fit me or not. But it was very sunny, hot and humid. So I tried to stay in the shade as much as I could. I did good I had a small piece of cake, a small scoop of ice cream, a small handful of chips and one cup of pop. I am still trying to wake up since my dh decided to wake up at 7 this morning and felt that he needed to talk to me even though I was trying to sleep. I finally decided to get up at 8:30. So I am still trying to wait up so far. I think I might take me a quick little nap since he left for a little bit. :)
Alicia, thanks for the congrats. Sorry to hear that your dh's friend gives you the cripes. But trust your gut insticts. Little weird that his name is Dirt. Short for dirtbag? Hope work isn't too rough this morning.
GG, hope work is not hetic for you today. So how many days until your trip? Sounds like you had a busy weekend with work and family in. Hope you can relax a little bit this week. Hope you can get some rest tonight.
Pam, good for you getting back to your excerise. Would you like to come to my house and clean? I started on Saturday and then dh came home and I stopped. So I guess tonight when the boys and him are at football practice maybe I will start again. Enjoy your day!
Valerie, hope your day at work is a smooth one! Maybe like you said Napoleon will use his day at the gym instead of being underfoot! So how do you feel today, still bloated? I hope not! I hate that feeling after you eat something bad.
Toni, I can't believe that you saw changing leaves already. I would be sad too. Even though I love the fall, but it is too early. Enjoy your start to the week.
Erin, glad that you had a wonderful weekend. One more trip right? Hope your weigh-in goes well for you on Wednesday.
Yana, congrats on your weight loss. That is great! Keep up the good work!
Hi to everyone else. I am starting to doze here. So I think I will go sneak in a nap. Chat with you all later. Have a great day!

07-28-2008, 11:43 AM
Kerry- Yes one more trip...thanks goodness. I swear we are all out of whack!

Allie is such a grump today...must be all the travel. I put her in bed, let her cry it out and she is finally taking a nap...we will see how long that lasts.

Yana- I was on WW but it wasn't working...now I am just logging food, counting calories and trying to get in exercise each day.

I have really been relying on 100 cal packs for snacks..and I am still buying some WW food for the lo cals...their cheese sticks are only 50. Sometimes I will drink a slim fast shake just to help me out. I am definitely feeling better so we will see how it goes.

I have also been drinking lots of the diet lipton teas...white, green, black. I really like them...and need the caffeine to keep up with these kids! Well, I will check back later. Enjoy the day...Erin

07-28-2008, 11:58 AM
Mornin' All! :wave:

I know, it's late. I've been up since 7, but running. Took the boys to get our pool passes (had to have pics taken), then dropped them off at their daycares, then went to the bank, got my DD coffee and come home. Have to meet my aunt & mom at the hosptial at noon. Mom is getting 2 new knees today!! :D She's nervous, but excited! Her knees couldn't get any worse. SHe's in for a loong rehab though.

I think the 20mg Adderall is helping. I've been pretty productive, which I guess equals more focused.

Have a great day all!

07-28-2008, 12:35 PM
Good morning! I don't think my new Body Fat % Scale likes me very much. I got on this morning, and it said to me, "What did you do yesterday, eat a bucket of salt?" :fr: How did it know!? Sigh, it's true. I went to that little family function yesterday, and had a few chips, which led to several helpings of salty popcorn twists. I did not have a burger or a hotdog, but I did have half a small piece of chocolate cake (store cake with that soft, fluffy frosting.) An hour later, as I was helping bring everything in from outside, I was hit with the most TERRIBLE cravings! So I had enough mini-slices of the cake to equal a whole piece. I only stopped when SIL punched me in the arm and told me to quit it. (OW, thank you!)
When I got home, I ate a little of everything, peanut butter, crackers and salsa, and when I couldn't stop the cravings for salt, I had a large can of vegetable soup and some crackers. Today I feel kind of yucky, no kidding. And I'm up 2 more pounds. BUT, I'm going for a run, and will be good today, foodwise, no trigger foods, and if I'm bad, the scale has promised to call SIL, and she'll come over and kick my arse.:devil:

Mamatoni, the percentage thing? It doesn't change that quickly, because if a person weighs 200 lbs with 30% fat it's 60 lbs of fat. If they lose 20 lbs, and are 29% fat, it's like 52 lbs of fat (Total loss of 8 lbs of fat, some water, and some muscle tissue). So you're losing fat and water, but since its a percentage of your new, lower weight, the percentage number still seems a little high. That's why I'll calculate my total fat lbs, and my total lean body mass lbs every time I use the body fat % function, which is like once a month.

Lauren, My MIL has artificial knees, hips, and shoulders, and gets around very well, to the point of going for walks, and picking up 3-year-olds. She says it it totally worth it. Good luck to your Mom!

07-28-2008, 01:48 PM
Hey ladies!!!

Kerry, sounds like you did great at the party...good for you!! Hope you are able to get your cleaning in!!

Kori...girl, it always starts that way doesn't it?? I have the hardest time at parties...I just keep eating everything, cause I never make most of the stuff, so that's how I rationalize it "hey I never eat this stuff in real life...woo hoo!!" sounds like you have a good SIL!!

Lauren, glad to hear the meds are working for ya...how's the appetite?? I hear a lot of those mood regulators have the side effect of killing the appetite. Boy, that would be a great side effect, eh??

Hey Joan, are you sending Brigid to Kindergarten this year, or did you say you were holding her for one more year?? I'm pretty sure Trish is waiting another year, thought you were too, but can't remember. I got Cady's teacher assignment, and just hold the paper with her name & room number on it was sad...but great :)

Heads up on snacks, girls. Just recently tried Jello dark chocolate pudding cups...60 cals...and super yummy. Also, their rice pudding (70 cals.) is great too..and I don't even LIKE rice pudding.

Off to fold laundry. Got all my cleaning done by 10:30 YAY!!!! Gotta go...Cady has been waiting patiently to go on Webkinz.

07-28-2008, 02:31 PM
Hi Pam ~ yep, I'm sending my baby girl this fall. She'll by 5 1/2 by then and she is *so* ready to go! I'm excited too! She'll go half day (a.m.) so I'll still have my little buddy around for the afternoons. I think that I'll have a far harder time when first grade rolls around ~ full day so no more fun afternoons:(. I'm looking forward to getting some time to establish an exercise routine this fall. How about you?

07-28-2008, 02:34 PM
Alicia ~ forgot to mention the "Dirt" name... LOL at Kerry's comment, "as in DirtBAG!" Creepy.

Lauren ~ I gotta say that your posts sound more "perky" as of late. I hope that you see some quick results with this stuff. Your poor mother has had one thing after the next, hasn't she? How is she doing since her gastric surgery? Is she finally able to build up immune system again?

07-28-2008, 02:50 PM
Hello Ladies!!

:carrot: Lunch time, lunch time!!! :carrot:

I don't know what it is, but I am so light headed--- on and off all day today :?:. We were at the gym and I had to slow down on the treadmill as it just came on-woosh. My dh asked if I ate breakfast, I did, a big ole yogurt and a drink. So we got our protein drinks there and I chugged mine ate a small lunch and still am light headed :halfempty. UGH. I think I'll go and lie down after I finish this post.

The funny thing though at the gym was... I was over with dh doing arm curls :workout:and these two Meatheads (as dh calls them) were spotting one another, the one working out was moaning and groaning but it sounded like I do when I get *sick* . I had to finish up real quick as I was about to burst from laughing it sounded so bad... I heard moaning and groaning before but never pukey sounds. Hehehe... :dizzy::^:

GG--- I hear ya on the insomnia--- I've been having awful sleep lately, if it isn't the short hours it is the vivid dreams that keep me alert and unable to get into a deeper sleep. Sending Deep Long Sleep Vibes your and my way for tonight. :df::df: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZz's :df::df:

LBH---- My dad had a knee replacment a few years back. He was a pusher and did an amazing job working through the pain in his PT. The only thing he is slowly getting back into is riding bikes for long periods of times and kneeling. Other then that he is sooo happy he had it done.

Sparkpeople.com---- hey I have an account there as well. I just don't know how to look up people? Where do you all gather around in there? Care to share your names as well... I am sorry if I missed out on that post already. :o

07-28-2008, 03:48 PM
Hey Joan...Cady will be doing the AM as well, and I agree, I think 1st grade will be harder. Hoping to get a part-time job in the school district then, though, so it may not hit me as hard. This year she'll get on the bus at 8:00 am with her brother and I'll pick her up at 11:10, so not too bad. I think it's just the idea that she's old enough to go to school is freaking me out.

Pear, I get mini dizzy spells evrey great once in awhile. Have no idea what they're from, but when I get adjusted seems to help. If it happens frequently, I would get it checked.

Off to iron (ugh)

07-28-2008, 04:11 PM
Pam ~ I've thought about getting a part-time job at the school too once DD starts full day school. Not sure though... the aides always look miserable
LOL. I'm volunteering a lot at the school this year so that will help give me a better feel for things. I just love staying at home full-time and I'm hesitant to give that up. The money would be nice but it's not like I'd make that much working at the school. Thankfully, there is no hurry and DH is always so supportive of what works best for me.

Pear ~ I get dizzy spells too and it's from sinus pressure. I've felt that way off and on today. I'll take a few sinus caplets and it always goes away.

07-28-2008, 05:14 PM
Lauren - Hope everything goes well with mom today.

Pear - I have no idea how to look people up on sparkpeople. That's the one thing I haven't been able to figure out. Everyone keeps finding me though. I am poppyseeds there too. I get dizzy spells every once in a while. Don't know what they're from but I think it's hormones.

Kerry - I'm feeling better today but I was off program for dinner last night but still fell into my calories so I'm not gonna sweat it. I cannot believe that I used to put up with feeling like that every single day of my life.

Kori - I am a salt-a-holic too. I feel your pain.

Napoleon is being so nice to me, I'n not quite sure what's up. I'm mostly just ignoring him because that is the easiest thing to do but today was a dream. He left me alone and the other boss isn't in. Heaven... sheer heaven... :)

07-28-2008, 06:32 PM
Hi all, just popping in to say HI. I am very busy today at work... What is sparkpeople?

07-28-2008, 07:44 PM
Valerie, I used sparkpeople to log my calories...wow how easy!!! Hopefully it'll keep me in check!!

Yana,,,it's a website geared around healthy lifestyles/weight loss. Kind of like 3fc & myspace & dailyplate put together.

Off to give Cady a bath...Veggie Tales movie tomorrow AM...can;t wait!!

Have a super night, all!!


07-28-2008, 08:02 PM
Hello everyone! Happy Monday! :) Looks like we all survived the weekend! :)

I made great choices despite a few temptations. I just refused to give in no matter what. No cheats are worth re-gaining. I want to lose more weight, not the same pounds over and over.

I wasn't able to log on earlier since my daughter beat me to the computer. She missed summer school this morning as we both overslept. Neither of us set our alarms. Whoopsie!! :dizzy: Fortunately she e-mailed her teacher and got the homework for tonight and the lesson they covered today. :) We'll be better tomorrow.

We sooo need another computer. We have two laptops and a desktop. My DS keeps 1 of the laptops with him most of the time. The desktop needs to be salvaged as it works whenever it decides to be nice to us. It only likes my 6 year old son right now. :shrug: So that just leaves the laptop I'm on now. Other than that, I use my Sidekick 3 when I need to as it has internet access. Maybe I'll add a laptop to my birthday list. :idea: Hmmmm???

07-28-2008, 08:27 PM
Hi All,

I have not heard from my aunt yet. Talked to her at 6:00 and mom was still in surgery. We're guessing they didn't start until at least 4, even though they took her in a little after 3. But now I'm wondering if they didn't start until much later, because the doctor told us 2 hours tops for both knees and after that the nurse told us 1.5 - 2 hrs. :confused:

Instead of general anestesia, they did a spinal and sedation. They also did a femural block, which is a shot in or near the nerve at the top of the femur, that helps defer the pain for longer. She should be pretty pain free until possibly tomorrow sometime.

Pam, I think it is helping supress my appetite a little, but not completely. :D I haven't eaten any crap today. Coffee, banana and eggs for breakfast, thai peanut wrap from Au Bon Pain for lunch (at the hospital). I haven't had dinner yet. Supposed to eat with Aunt B.

I haven't gotten Peter's class/teacher assignment yet. I wish they would hurry and send it. I also tried to access the school's website, but they won't give me access until closer to the start of school. Annoys me, because I'd like to be able to see what's planned in the classrooms. :tantrum: They're going to hate me within the first month I think. :lol3:

Have a nice evening all!

lois lane
07-28-2008, 08:48 PM
Joan, take it from me, if you can stay home, do it! The day really goes by fast when the kids are in school. Somedays I would look at the clock and think man is it time already? LOL at the miserable aides. I can picture the faces.

Poppy, I will have to check out the sparkle website tonight.

Pearfreak, hope your feeling better. Someone told me dehydration could cause it, just hearsay.

Kofarg, my FIL saids when he gets on the scale it says to him "one person at a time" LOL.

I'm with GG, not a great night of sleep last night. Made the mistake of letting DD's friend come over. I could still hear them at 3 am....and I had to get up for work today. I think tonight I'm taking something PM.

Okay guys, my weight is just out of controll. The thing is when I get home from work I am SO irritable and cranky. Plus I've been having anxieties. Anyways, food is very comforting and it makes me feel better, DUH. I'm not sure what else to do during these times. Suggestions?

My 4 hours I was supposed to work today turned into 6, Blech! Anyways, afterwards I went and got a pedicure. It was really nice. Then I went to this grocery store called The Fresh Market, its only by my work, not my house. Is was so nice! Reminded me of Trader Joes. All the meats are deli style nothing pre packaged. TONS of wine. Desserts, oh I better not even think how yummy they looked. It was pretty pricey though. They had rotisserie chicken salad at 8.99 a lb!

Hope everyone has a great evening.

lois lane
07-28-2008, 08:49 PM
Lauren, I forgot, hope all turns out wonderfully for your mom!

07-28-2008, 09:02 PM
Alicia ~ LOL at the "one person at a time please" comment. I love that old clip that shows two little girls standing to the side of a scale and looking at it fearfully. The one turns to the other and says "stay away from that, it makes people cry."

Ok, now I'm really curious about sparkpeople... I'm trying to write down everything I eat and count calories. I might have to look into this... Annie asked me to make tacos for dinner tonight and I made a big salad for myself with very little meat and one taco shell crushed on top. Not great but I could have been a whole lot worse. Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with one of my old neighbors and her little girl. It's supposed to be 98 tomorrow (!). We're supposed to go to the old pool afterwards and I'm feeling pooped just thinking about that long day outside. I love going to the zoo in the spring or fall but going there in the summer sounds like torture. The kids can't wait to go though so I need to stop complaining. Later all ~ Joan

07-28-2008, 09:04 PM
Evening all...thanks for all your wishes...i did make it thr work today...thanks to a butt load of caffine. Luckily it wasn't insane. But it was a day of dealing with issues from unhappy clients. God I hate those days. I have one more day of work and then one day off. I'm just hanging in there for wed. We are having a staff meeting tomorrow. Need to get some issues resolved before my vacation on the 9th. Need to make it smoother for the other dr when she's gone. We have some major issues that i think are causing a lot of our "hang ups" Hopefully we can work on them over the next week.

I rarely get insominia but when i do..its usually about something with work....can't shut my brain off. That's what happened last night. I hope tonight won't be the same thing. I resolved most of the issues...but we'll see. may be i should drink a ton to go to bed LMAO

lauren-hope your mom is better. How's eli?

hope everyone else is doing well. off to get dinner ready

07-28-2008, 09:37 PM
Hi there. I am reading thru all your posts and trying to learn who everyone is. I haven't been good about sticking w/a support board but I would like to try--it's nice to hear how others are doing on this weight loss thing. I feel pretty frustrated right now. I feel like I am making good changes but I must be overestimating because the scale isn't moving a bit. I really need to journal my food/count calories but I hate logging everything in!!! Feeling grumpy about it all...Need to get back on the exercise, too--got off the habit and now I would just like to sleep in. Okay, sorry about the whining... Rikki

07-28-2008, 09:48 PM
Rikki- Do you find it easier to log on and do it on sparkpeople.com where they add it all up for you? I found that when I left WW last week and stopped obsessing over it...I felt a ton better...I will let you know on Wed. what the scale says...it is easy to overestimate and totally better to really count everything...you know " you bite it, you write it"

alicia- I am sorry to hear you are having some difficulties...are there other things that relax you and you enjoy that you can replace eating with...I know nothing is better for soothing than comforting foods but could you make a drink (vodka on the rocks, coffee, tea) and go read for a while or do a hobby or log in and vent on a blog or chat room? That might help...although I don't know the ages of your kids or how feasible that is for you...

hope all is well...take care!

07-28-2008, 10:10 PM
MC..."you bite it, you write it"...I LOVE that!! excellent.

Alicia...I have no idea what to tell you. I do know that when I'm on the computer, I don't eat. Maybe you could take up crocheting, knitting, somwthing to keep you hands busy instead of eating. Maybe chew gum...sometimes a piece of Orbit will help my craving pass. I feel for you, honey. Wish there was more I could do...

Rikki, try Sparkpeople...everyone on here seems to be joining. I'm using it for tracking calories & exercise, etc. I'm staying put with my girls here for the support, though!!! I love you all too much to leave!!!

Okay, I just watched "REvenge of the Nerds"..forgot what a funny flick that is. Off to make Frank's lunch, then beddie-bye for me.

Hasta luego~


07-28-2008, 10:11 PM
shoot, Lauren sorry forgot to comment...hope you have good news for us about your mom tomorrow. Joan's right, she has been through a lot lately, huh?? Take care, sweetie. ((HUGS))

07-28-2008, 10:25 PM
Thank you guys for the support--it means sooo much!!

I am on sparkpeople (RK2008) but I have to admit I rarely log my food there. I need to, I know!! Maybe if I start small by getting into the habit of journaling it then I can move up to the online method. I probably will be surprised how many calories I am actually eating.

Erin--I hope the scale shows a loss with your new method. Feeling better is a huge step so good job!

07-28-2008, 10:50 PM
Rikki - It's so funny to me that you don't like to log your food... I LOVE IT!!! I love to see where I end for the day. On sparkpeople I also added fiber to my daily count because I always seemed to come up short. I also am taking Benefiber once a day as a supplement.

Erin, I'm dying to hear how you make out wednesday. I will cross my fingers AND my toes just to be sure I don't miss anything!!! LOL

Alicia, EXERCISE!! Even if you just do one of the 10 minute cardio exercises on sparkpeople... exercise! It creates endorphins that make you feel good!

EDIT: I wouldn't leave here either... you guys are my peeps!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

07-28-2008, 11:14 PM
Evening All,
Lauren, glad that your meds seem to be working. Hope your mom's surgery goes well! She sure has been through a lot lately. Sending positive thoughts and hugs for you both of you, your way! :)
Pam, I enjoy logging into Sparkpeople just to keep track of my calories and fitness. I was amazed at what I thought was a small amount of food, but the calories is what was getting me. So I am sticking here for the chatting and support. LOL Hope you have a nice night's sleep.
Joan had to laugh at your comment about the aides. I know that last year, we had some really mean aides at my school. I am wondering while they were working there if they didn't enjoy it. I would check with your school district to see what requirements they have for their aides. At my school, you need to have a 2 year paraprofessional degree. Enjoy your time at the zoo tomorrow!
Rikki, sorry to hear that you are having a tough time right now with making your lifestyle changes. Just start out small and work your way up. I would change one thing in my eating habits every week. For example, drink more water, eat more veggies and fruits, cut out all the junk food and sweets, cut out pop. Intergrate one new habit a week until you are eating healthier. For excerise just start out by maybe walking for 10 mintues three or four times a week. Then just add 5 or 10 mintues on after you have gotten that habit done for a couple weeks. Before long you will be excerising 30 to 60 mintues a couple times a week. Hope this helps you!
Erin, glad to hear that you are doing better this week on your lifestyle change. I hope that you have a good weigh in on Wednesday. So are you still going to go to your WW's meetings or just weighing in at home? When do you start school? I start at the end of August. But we have our first day with our kids on Sept. 2nd. I am looking forward to going back to school. I really miss my kids. Plus I will not be bored at home either. LOL Watch after the first month of school, I will be counting down the days to Christmas vacation. LOL
GG, glad you had a good day at work. Hope you get some much needed rest this evening. Hope after your staff meeting tomorrow, you get a lot of things straightened out.
Alicia, sorry to hear that you had a rough day at work. Sounds like you enjoyed your pedicure and trip to the grocery store. That sounds like a nice store but a little too pricey!:) As for you turning to comfort food during your time of anixities, could you think of something else to do besides eating. Like read a couple pages in a book, surf the net, take a walk, or start a new hobby. I wil be thinking about you. I know that you will get it straightened out soon!
Sunshine, sounds like you needed the sleep this morning. Hope you don't sleep in tomorrow. That was nice of your dd's instructor to give her her assignments that she missed. How long much does she have of summer school? Enjoy your evening!
Valerie, glad to hear that your day at work was a nice one! I hope that your evening was nice.
Hi Yana, hope you were able to relax some this evening. When does your family get back from Alaska?
Hi Toni, hope you are having a great day! When do you start back to school? I start back at the end of August. Looking forward to this year, I have $1000 grant to spend on healty foods to teach my MH students how to cook. So that should be fun. I hope that you got your letter of recommenadation done.
Hi to Lisa, Hanna, Christina and Trish. Hope you had a wondeful weekend! Hope your week is off to a good start.
I never did clean any of my house today. Was just too tired. So I did get my 2.5 mile Walk/Jog dvd in, helped make lunch, took at long nap, did the lunch dishes, typed some things for my mil on the computer, did some laundry, ate dinner and read a few pages in Just Beyond The Clouds by Karen Kingsbury. It is a really good book. Maybe I will go and read a few more pages in it. Or maybe I just might finish it tonight. :) Chat with you all later. Have a nice evening.
Take care,

07-29-2008, 01:17 AM
Hi Lauren: :hug: to you re: your Mom. Believe me I know how hard it is to have a parent who's not what we're used to. :)

07-29-2008, 01:27 AM
Sunshine, sounds like you needed the sleep this morning. Hope you don't sleep in tomorrow. That was nice of your dd's instructor to give her her assignments that she missed. How long much does she have of summer school? Enjoy your evening!

Sleep is a rare thing at my house. My DH and I are night people. Last night he didn't get off until like 12am. We stayed up for a while and only God knows when we went back to sleep. ;)

Somewhere along the way I forgot to set my alarm. He said he woke up about 5:30am but assumed I set my alarm. I usually wake up around 6am. Sometimes sooner.

Anyway, we needed the rest. :) My daughter too. She did "summer cleaning" in her bedroom all day yesterday and she was beat.

She only has a few more weeks of summer school left. Her last day is August 12th. I am counting down as I type. ;)