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07-26-2008, 07:45 AM
Good Saturday morning! :coffee:

It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day for my niece's graduation/birthday party. I'm looking forward to a nice afternoon spent at someone else's house for a change instead of hosting the party here. It seems like all the family events end up being at my house. :dizzy:

Jake is going to turn off the water to the house for a while this morning so he can fix a leak in the laundry room. I hope it doesn't take all morning, so I can get some things done before we go to the party. That reminds me, I'd better go out and water the flowers now!

07-26-2008, 07:48 AM
Lovely coral and aqua sunrise this morning which means we'll see the sun for a while anyhow. :shrug: Yesterday was a good day for the Fair with no rain but we sure need more days like that. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

My huge pot of beef stew is ready to go to the Office shortly. The chili yesterday was a big hit. I just hope somebody cleaned out the crockpot so I can just dump in the stew to heat. It looks (and tastes) pretty good. It looked a bit "seldom" on meat so I soaked and added dried mushrooms to poop it up.

After that the day is mine! :carrot: I may get a chance to play with my new pressure washer after all. Hershey's pool sure needs it and I still have one part of the deck that's a bit grubby. I might even get some more weeding done in the veggie garden so I'll be able to see the tomatoes when they start to ripen.

Cousin Ian, aka Moocher, is up at the Island and will probably show for a "tea" around 11:45 or 5:30. I' getting rather fed up with his showing up at mealtimes. Last time he did the 5:30 thing, I poured him tea until about 7:30 when he finally decided he's better go up the Lake before it got dark! :devil:

Time for Fiber One, raspberries and yogurt and then a start to the day.

What's going on in your life this last July weekend? :cofdate:

07-26-2008, 07:51 AM
:wave: at Cottage! We sure are on the same schedule. :lol: Good thing we can merge.

Belle Mer
07-26-2008, 08:06 AM
Good Morning!

Well, it's already hot and humid here. Today will be one of those "steam room" days we get so often in the south during summer. I don't have any plans for today, so I'm hoping to do a lot of research for my book, some misc. things around the house.

07-26-2008, 08:19 AM
Good morning :coffee2:

It's foggy now but looks like another nice day coming. :hat: It was so nice going outside yesterday!

Cottage - Enjoy the party not at your house!

Ruth - Have fun with that power washer. Sounds like you should have a snack at 4:30 so you aren't hungry at 5:30 ;)

I've attached a pic of the mutant squash I think is from the zucchini plant for your amusement. When I pick some from the possible UFO plant I'll add that too so you can see the difference. It was very yummy though - firm flesh, crispy. Will be good raw and grilled well (could only fit half on the grill!)

Belle - Stay cool!

Same old here - last night I tossed some small plums in the dehydrator for a friend. Not sure how they will work but I love to experiment. I'm doing leathers today with my blueberry purchase. We might also pick raspberries this morning. Then nothing too time consuming. The garden is too wet to do much there yet. I hope that will mean some time in the hammock and a bike ride!

Have a good day all

07-26-2008, 08:29 AM
Now that's a scary squash! It looks like a cross between Patty-Pan and a Warted Green Hubbard! Looks like you are going to have a fruitful morning. I would kill for a flat of blueberries right now.

07-26-2008, 08:43 AM
Hi chicks, I'm home! I'm sipping some tea and contemplating a couple weeks of Phase I. We had a nice week at the beach and I indulged a bit, but the scale (who apparently missed me and wants to be my friend this morning) says no harm done. But I feel like I need a good round of Ph1 to kick any cravings (there was definitely sugar involved), and get back in the groove. I'll post some pix later. I got home yesterday and made a shopping list and menus for the week, so when I'm done with my tea I'll hit the store and farmer's market and get stocked up. I need to get the lawn mowed and all the sand vacuumed out of the car, then maybe we'll go to the pool and catch the movie on the green tonight.

Good morning Cyndi, Ruth, Belle Mer, and cottage, have a lovely day!

07-26-2008, 08:45 AM
Now that's a scary squash! It looks like a cross between Patty-Pan and a Warted Green Hubbard!

The squash on the second plant are yellower and smaller. I'm saving seeds to try next year, just for fun :) It is a really yummy squash and will make great raw veggie chips - just enough crunch.

07-26-2008, 10:37 AM
Ahhhhh the weekend!!!!!

Cottage - Hope it's a quick fix in the laundry room. Have fun at the party!

Ruthie - I've never heard of "pooping up" a stew.......... well anyway, I'm sure it'll be delicious! :lol3: That just cracks me up. I typically am not too weak in the stomach area but that one made me pause and scratch my head.

Belle - Enjoy your day!

Cyndi - HOT DIGGITY DAFFODIL! That's a humongous squash!!!!

Schmoodle - Welcome home! I'm glad the scale was your friend today! I'm avoiding mine.... went to my favorite Mexican restaurant that I haven't been to in over a year (it's just SO good but SO BAD) and I fear that my scale is going to yell at me bigtime. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate today. Make sure to take time out to put your feet up!

As for me, I FINALLY am getting my hair cut, roots done, and "woogies" taken care of. (Woogies are the parts of my eyebrows that get waxed.) Appointment at 10, otherwise not much on the agenda for today.

I think the boys may go to the pool but I'm not going anywhere in a bikini with this rash all over me. I'm just plain covered, and by my calculations, it should be gone by the time it cools off in the fall (they said 1-3 months last week.) It still isn't HORRIBLY itchy (I figured it'd be unbearable like a mosquito bite or poison ivy or something) but I occasionally catch myself lightly scratching it and then realize what I'm doing. I just wish it weren't so ugly. It's starting to go down my left arm, so it's going to be visible to the public no matter what I do, I guess. I was hoping it'd stay between shoulders and hips like it has been. :(

Well, the rare Spotted Weezle needs to get a little cleaned up before getting her hair done. Hope everyone has a great day!


07-26-2008, 10:43 AM
Cottage - have fun at the party. It's amazing how often you need to use the water when you don't have any...:)

Ruth - You're so funny! Don't we all have people like that in our lives?

Belle- I hear you on the hot and humid. Ack! I went out to set the sprinklers for the garden and water the flowers...already it was unbearably humid.

Cyndi - Wow. Nice Zuke. mmmmmmmmm blueberry leather. I miss the days of having a dehydrator....maybe I can swipe it from my dad. Have a good day in the hammock!

Schmoo - Nice to have you back! It sounds like you had a good time :)


We watched movies last night until much too late - DH was making a snack in the kitchen, dropped a bowl and cut his foot. I thought we might have to take a late night run to Emergency...but I guess it is ok. Try getting a man to admit otherwise though!

DS didn't have the best of nights last night...for whatever reason, he has been wanting to sleep next to his door and drags all his pillows and blankets next to the door to sleep (?). When he finally wakes up...he doesn't know where he is and cries...oy.

I was woken up by a really loud thud this morning....but I can't figure out what it was...? I hope I wasn't dreaming it.

Today is a day of cleaning and organization. DH wants to go see Batman tonight, but with this being the last weekend before we leave..I'm not sure.
I have uber amounts of laundry to fold and put away, dishes from last night that I didn't get to and some carpet cleaning to do - DS spilled juice and sat on his popsicle last night during the movie.

Have a fun, relaxing day ladies!

Weezle - simulposting! If you have fabulous hair, nobody will notice your spots!

07-26-2008, 11:49 AM
I just finished making the crustless strawberry pie. I'm trying it in an 8 x 8 Pyrex this time to see if it makes a nicer presentation for a buffett like this. I'll cut it ahead of time and serve it with Cool Whip next to it if they want to add it. I've got lots of grapes. I'll put some of those for the kids to snack on before it's time to eat. I still need to make the brownies but the laundry is in the washer.

I REALLY need to remove the hackberry tree in the backyard. It looses so many leaves. I emptied the pump basket around 11PM, again around 4:00AM (don't ask me why I woke up but I did and it was half full). At 8:30AM the basket was totally full and the impeller was starting to get leaves in it. I have two guys offering to loan me chain saws. I wonder how hard it would be to do. The tree is about 30 feet tall and right next to the fence and overhangs the pool. I'm thinking I may need an adult to help me to do it safely.

07-26-2008, 12:12 PM
Morning all! I am hot and sweaty after working in the yard putting down newspaper and mulch to squish the weeds. It must be a zillion degrees out there already.

Not much happening here. My guys are all still asleep and I've been up for 5 hours working. Grilling fish this afternoon is about all I have on my plans for the day other than "house stuff"...

07-26-2008, 12:26 PM
Good Morning Ladies!!! Happy Saturday!!!

Cottage - Enjoy the party.....we all know you're the hostess with the mostest, but I know you'll enjoy someone else taking the reigns. Just be sure to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible.

Ruth - Glad to hear that the fair was good yesterday. I'm with Weezle: "Pooping up" your stew made me laugh hard! I'm assuming you meant plumping up.....but pooping up gives it a whole new meaning!

Belle - Hope the book continues to come along smoothly!

Cyndi - That squash is amazing! Glad to hear that it taste good too! Have a lovely day getting things done. Hopefully it will dry out a little for you so that you can work in your garden tomorrow.

Schmoodle - Welcome back!!! How nice for you that the scale is your friend today. Here's to knocking out the cravings on p1 and seeing a drop!!! Enjoy grocery shopping today!

Weezle - Enjoy your day of pampering. And like Zeff said, if your hair looks great, then no one will notice the spots.

Zeff - Your poor ds.....silly boy, I hope you all can figure out what he's trying to do. Keep working on that laundry. And if you get to the movies, I've only heard AMAZING things, so enjoy!

Barb - Please be sure that you have someone help you with the removal of the tree. It sounds like a big job and I'm sure you don't want to hurt yourself.

Cat - Don't you just hate it when your family sleeps in and you're up at the crack of dawn. I let dh sleep, but sometimes I just want to go in and yell.....WAKE UP and HELP ME!!! Enjoy your fish!

Me - So last night was the fair. We had a wonderful time, and I managed to pretty much stay OP! I could have made even better choices, but what I did eat was fine. I ended up having a baked sweet potato with margarine & walnuts and a dark choc. dipped strawberry for dessert. I could have had a chicken kabob w/ tabouleh....but that was $13.75!!! Just wasn't going there for FAIR FOOD!!!
I've got a baby shower to get to in a couple hours then I'm going grocery shopping for the week. Tonight we're headed to our friends for more Bachelorette and taco salads. Should be a great day!
Enjoy your Saturday ladies!!!!
Have a good one!

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 02:09 PM
Hope everyone is doing well today. I am in for one **** of a boring day... BF is working on weekends with a friend who has a side business (putting up roofs, drafting gutters or whatever it's called, and etc, etc) to help pay the bills. He hasn't done it in a couple of weeks because of the custody stuff that's been going on, but he's back to work with his buddy this weekend, and I'm alone and bored. Nothing to do but some laundry, some dishes, and maybe I could get started on soon-to-be-semi-stepdaughter's room. We've got to move a lot of stuff out of it, so I do need a man's help, but hopefully on Sunday dear BF will be available? Sigh, and he seriously needs to cut the grass. Seriously. I have an irrational fear of those riding mowers, especially this old one he has that sputters (I have a fear that it will blow up for some reason) and I don't do push mowers. I just don't.

The two orphaned kittens are doing well... they have thus far survived, have become definitely adorable, if still quite small, and also playful. And they seemed to have imprinted on me, for when they are hungry, they run towards me mewing. :) I'm keeping the one who is solid black... who, incidentally, is a girl... and she shall be Babygirl Jr. (My deceased cat's name was Baby Girl.)

DS started on squash today... gerber pureed butternut squash... yum yum.

And that's about all.

07-26-2008, 03:04 PM
I'm with you on the housework sounds like that is what most of us are doing. It has been far too long since I cleaned out my stash of "bumming" I'm in the process of picking through them and trashing what I don't wear or is just too ratty for even being at home in.

We're having some friends over for dinner tonight, so I need to get the ribs going soon if we plan to eat at any time tonight. Unfortunately I forgot to take them out of the freezer last they are still a little frozen. :(

I just put the last load of laundry in - and I folded all the already clean stuff. It feels good to check that little mountain of a chore off my list. I'm taking a little break right now and afterwards, I have to clean the showers...ick!!

Good to hear your kitties are doing well :)

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 03:41 PM
MMm, ribs. Sigh. I want ribs. I should probably clean my showers as well.. especially since I've only cleaned them like twice, since we moved in. They don't look dingy at all but I can imagine the germs. Eh. I will just splash some bleach around and let it sit. I have been utilizing that Flylady site you gave me the link to, and I have been very obsessive about making sure my sink looks shiny... though I'm gonna pour that boric acid roach prufe in it at night, cause now that Baby Girl is gone, the other cats don't really get on the counter...

I need to go through bf's MOUNTAIN of clothes and throw crap away or put in bags to give to the salvation army... but last time I did that, I came up with like 6 bags of stuff (literally), and he still had probably 100 shirts and pants... (I have never known a man to have SO MANY CLOTHES, he will not get rid of stuff he's had for years, particularly if it's a "hot" brand name, or so he thinks)... and he became angry and ripped open the bags to go through everything and was like, "oh **** no, **** no! This stuff's going back!" And then, the bags dwindled from 6 to like, 1... it's not necessary to have THIS MUCH STUFF because on his side of the bed, there's another huge mountain of dirty clothes he just throws there and refuses to let me wash them because he doesn't like the way I will wash pants and shirts together (sooo whaaaaaaaat!).... but then, doesn't wash them himself. So I got tired of it and threw a big load of his crap, pants and shirts and all, in the washing machine. Since he's not here, I could get rid of some stuff, but he seems to know every piece of clothing he has down to the thread...

"where's my izod shirt? Where's my izod shirt?? I need it!"

I'm like, "umm, it's ugly, it's old, and it's GOING!"

"No, it's an IZOD...!"

"No, it's UGLY!"

"I don't care, it's an IZOD!"

It's just weird and creepy to have such an emotional attachment to one's clothes. Hmm. Just another issue upon a big hill of issues, I suppose.

My BF thinks I'm being lame for joining a diet website and actually conversing with people he refers to as "internet people"... like none of you guys actually exist... He thinks it's geeky. And I used to agree a coupla years ago, but now EVERYBODY DOES IT!! Everybody is online and connected, jeez. I think it's fun. There is probably not a person in the world who doesn't get online and talks with people they don't know. I'm rambling, because I'm bored and have nothing to doooo! :p

07-26-2008, 03:59 PM
Don't feel bad Melanie - most of the people I know worry about the fact that I think all of you are real ;)

So I am procrastinating already. I picked 8 pints of raspberries (way more work than blueberries!), made 3 trays of blueberry yogurt leather and two trays of peach slices, and put the first tray pf raspberries in the freezer to start freezing. Now I'm about to vacuum seal the zucchini chips I made earlier this week. All I really want to do is get my hammock up and pretend to read :faint:

Schmoodle - Sounds like a wonderful beach trip :) Can't wait to see pictures

Weezle - I had to go back and reread some of your old posts - you have the same rash Julie has! I never heard of it before and now two people in one week.

Zeffryn - Sounds like everyone needs a nap today! Hope tonight is quieter.

Heather - :carrot: great choices :) Sounds like a fun weekend ahead

Melanie - How is it we all end up spending half our weekends cleaning?! Hmmmm

:wave: Barb, Cat

Okay, I really have to get back to the list cuz it's not getting any shorter.

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 04:07 PM
Don't feel bad Melanie - most of the people I know worry about the fact that I think all of you are real.


Well I don't think you are real, CyndiM.. you're merely an advanced net bot, whose capabilities extend to deciphering the information I plug in, and then spitting back a response based on logics. Or so BF would think. :D

I technically should be spending half of my weekend cleaning.. . although I have not yet budged from this chair. I also have a list to complete. Sigh! I just wanna have fuh-unnn.

07-26-2008, 04:10 PM
Cyndi - Do you have your own raspberry plants? Or do you buy them? I wish I could find a place to pick raspberries around here....I looooove them and hardly ever buy them at the supermarket because they are not good for how much they cost.

Mel - DH is the same way...he keeps everything...he has been getting better though, slowly but surely he is picking through clothes that he hasn't worn in years and getting rid of it. Thankfully he doesn't mind me washing his clothes though. DS has the biggest laundry piles of all of us....such little clothes but so many of them!

Glad to hear that Flylady is helping took me a long time to get all the routines down (close to a year)...but when you get them down, it becomes second nature. I've found that my life is so much smoother when my sink and kitchen is clean in the morning. It doesn't seem like such a big thing, but it really makes a difference.

07-26-2008, 04:31 PM
Hi chicks, I'm pooped. Shopped, washed and vacuumed the cars, and cut the grass. I'm taking a little break, then going to windex the car interior - visibility was becoming an issue. Then I'll get the kids to take me to the pool for a swim. I'm so hot I can't wait to jump in. The farmer's market was a disappointment this morning - I went to a different one than usual, won't make that mistake again. Long lines and more expensive. Altho Cat, the pattypans were $1.59/lb. Wish I could send you some. BTW, got my mosquito barrier, but I need to get a sprayer. Any application tips?

I was obsessive about flylady before I became obsessive about 3fc. Some of it stuck. My sink is not always shiny, but I kept some of the routines, and still de-clutter 15 minutes a day and keep my hot spots cleared. I have been working my way through my office 15 mins/day, and it's a vast improvement. I still get those 5 million e-mails a day from her.

I can vouch that Nessa is real because I've seen her. Not sure about the rest of you though.

I had some nice raspberry canes in the yard that had grown over from the neighbor's patch. He had somebody cut them down a couple of years ago (including the ones in MY yard), and they never have grown back. They were sooo good. I really miss them.

07-26-2008, 04:43 PM
Zeff - the raspberries are pick your own. It's the same orchard I get peaches and apples from, but not blueberries because they don't offer a flat price and we go through a lot.

Melanie - Could you tweak my program cuz I could use a little more energy today ;)

Schmoodle - Will we get a review once you've used the barrier for awhile? I'm tempted...

Sounds like I should check out flylady. I looked at it a few years back but never got anywhere with it. Right now I'm reorganizing my food storage closet so my vacuum sealed jars are in the cupboard least likely to get opened (better to store them in a dark space).

I know hardly anyone else will be impressed but I just sealed zucchini chips in an old salsa jar. I was excited. :rolleyes: I think I need to get out of the house :crazy:

07-26-2008, 05:47 PM
I'm not real (but my spots are....)

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 06:43 PM
Zeffryn, I have come to the conclusion it must be a man thing! All those dirty clothes. I decided I will sneakily do all of his laundry this weekend, without his knowledge... since he is home now, cutting the grass. When said laundry is clean, I will throw the entire (non-damaged) heap on the bed and present it to him to be folded or hung up. When he sees that his laundry is fine, despite having been washed pants-and-shirts together, he will probably not complain if I do his laundry. I don't really want to have to wash his laundry, but I want a bedroom floor that I can actually SEE... and possibly VACCUUM... I haven't gotten the Flylady routines down pat by any means, but slowly but surely... and learning to take 15 mins here and there to pick stuff up, plus pick stuff up as I go along before it can build up into a hideous pile (something BF has not yet learned and I doubt ever will at 27... maybe 'cause he's a male and a slob, heh heh.) I've been trying to wash the dishes as they become dirty, rather than allow them to accumulate to a big heaping pile. That reminds me, I need to do a few dishes. It's so much nicer to do them when there's not that much in the sink and the sink doesn't stink... it's been helpful. The only thing I don't do but wish I did do, per advice of the flylady site, is get showered and dressed with shoes & makeup up first thing. I would feel much better answering the door when I looked nice with my makeup on and dressed decently with my shoes on, but sometimes mornings are hectic with baby boy and all. Pathetically, I am still in my pajamas as we speak. Must take shower and get dressed.... sometime.

Schmoodle, I have been getting those 5 million a day emails as well and I'm considering canceling the emails because it takes up a lot of space in my box and is rather annoying. I can always just go read the actual website of the yahoogroup page, which would be preferable. As for reality, I am not real, I am a computer bot like CyndiM! I am super advanced. :p Hehe. I need to lose 50 lbs of gigabytes.

CyndiM, I'm not sure how to tweak your bot program but I'll bet the BF can. He isn't a fan at all of bulletin boards and instant messaging and whatnot but does he ever love the inside workings of a computer and its programs. He's a contrasting mix; a computer geek who dresses like a 21 year old hip hop fan... NY cap and baggy jeans and all... so most people "in real life" (as he calls it) are generally surprised to discover what he is. He is a licensed computer and network tech. He does this on the side currently, his current main job is doing road construction, bluh. Which brings me to my next little posting....

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 06:45 PM
I'm excited you guys, because when BF got back from doing his 3rd job with his friend who owns the repair and roofing and whatever-ya-call-it business, he had some pretty incredible news that means some pretty good things for our little family. He & his 'bud' were doing some work for a bail bondsmen who serves two counties, who is a pretty rich guy, owns several houses and etc. Well, the man generally goes all the way to another city to have his computer worked on... a city which is about 3 hours away. There is a shop in this county and several in the next, but he preferred to go to what he thought was the best. Well, my bf is a very social talkative person, and he and the man got to talking about computers a few weeks ago, the last time they did a project for the man. The man had my BF do the work and of course paid him, and liked him a lot because he knows his stuff. So today while they were doing work on the man's house, the man had him look at some other stuff, which my BF fixed right there for him (stuff that the other shop screwed up on.) So the man, (who my BF actually knew before this, on an acquaintance level), asks him if he really likes doing that road construction crap, because someone with his tech license and skills shouldn't be doing such mediocre work... BF tells him no, he doesn't really like it but can't afford to literally open his own shop, hence why he does computer work on the side (and he does have a lot of customers!) Well... to make a long story short, cause I'm aware of how I ramble, the man told him that he wants to open a shop for my boyfriend, pay 6 months rent, telephone and DSL line, business cards and other things he will need... so he can get started up to have a real true business. All in exchange for getting free computer work for life, seriously, that's all. The man's bail bondsmen business was started off by someone when he didn't have the funds so he wants to help someone else.. I told BF he would be a damn fool to waste this opportunity, GO FOR IT. He's gonna do it... they are gonna talk business tomorrow. The man already knows a ton of people who need a person who astually knows what they're doing to work on their computers, and BF already has a lot of customers and repeat customers who would spread the word. This is pretty amazing news, at least for us anyway... it may not be some big corporation job or anything or being a lawyer or doctor, but it's definitely something.... I'm excited! Things are finally looking up at last!

07-26-2008, 06:50 PM
weezle, I am spotty too. I developed several different rashes while we were away this week, one on my side that is very itchy and red and one on my forearm that looks different. It may be bug bites of some sort, looks yucky.

cyndi, I will give you a review. I was just out in the backyard reading my book and a storm is coming up. Once the sun went behind the clouds the mosquitoes really came out. I looked up at one point and there was a black cloud of them flying around me and landing on me. Weird though, because they don't bite me. They would land, sit for a few seconds, then fly off. I rarely get bit, but DH and DD get eaten alive out there. I tell them they should try not to be so delicious. It's a little insulting really, I must taste disgusting. My dad's family is from Minnesota, so I guess there is some natural resistance in the genes?

07-26-2008, 07:21 PM
Congrats on the business opportunity, Mel!

Mel - DH will be 30 in Oct. and still hasn't learned.....they never do. ;)
I asked him to clean the lint trap the other day and he just looked at me blankly...and then when I finally showed him how to do it, he was amazed at the lint! He rubbed it on his face and remarked at how soft it was. Freak.

I cancelled the Flylady emails - although I only got one a day....every Monday, I check the website and write down my schedule for the week....although I still don't get dressed to shoes in the morning. ****, I still haven't showered today....but I've been cleaning, so that is an excuse! I guess there are just some parts of my routine that I don't change.

Schmoo - haha! Better to taste disgusting than to get bitten up...really. My family is from MN as well, yet I get eaten alive. I'm really allergic to the bites and they get huge. I try to get bit as little as possible to not look like I have leprosy.

07-26-2008, 08:27 PM
Good evening all,

Sounds like we all have been all of the same things, woke up this morning and cleaned the house and then went grocery shopping, preparing to have 9 teenage girls invade the house in about 30 minutes for DD b/d sleepover celebration. We are going to have them sleep in the RV outback instead of in the house so that should help some.

I started Phase 1 today really needed to do it, have to get rid of some cravings and get back on track- I am doing food logs again so that should help as well.

Have a good evening Ladies

07-26-2008, 09:10 PM
Pearl - you are a brave woman....

I just made an apple pie. I haven't made a from scratch pie in ages....but it smells so good! Unfortunately I've been having a bit of nausea all day today, so it may just be DH and DS that eat it :(

07-26-2008, 09:52 PM
Good evening everyone....Morning for me...I just decorated a 1 ft tall elephant statue... that was a fun project with my first cup of coffee...Today is my mothers birthday, and she want's to go to an elephant trainer school to become a "Mahoot" ( trainer) next time she goes to Thailand, so unbeknown to the other, my father and I both got her elephant statues! I really wanted to hire an elephant for the day, but no temple elephants, or circuses in the area.

I'm fixing dinner for her tonight, she wanted a small family dinner... My father invited 10 more people to show up for ice cream afterwards! "She didn't say anything about a small dessert!"

Today's my weigh day... ooh I hope I'm down. I'll report in later with my numbers!

Oh and Melanie, Sometimes I think I'm a figment of my own imagination, so
I'm probably a figment of yours too!

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 10:49 PM
I thought so!!! :P :lol:

You have elephants where you live? Are you just getting up for the day? (It's so cool to talk to people from other countries, it really is. I love it.) I see your location says rural India... awesome! It makes sense about the elephants now. I have read many amazing things about elephants such as how intelligent and sweet they can be, but then also ill tempered. Is this true?

Hope your weigh in goes good.

Fat Melanie
07-26-2008, 10:55 PM
Congrats on the business opportunity, Mel!

Mel - DH will be 30 in Oct. and still hasn't learned.....they never do. ;)
I asked him to clean the lint trap the other day and he just looked at me blankly...and then when I finally showed him how to do it, he was amazed at the lint! He rubbed it on his face and remarked at how soft it was. Freak.

I cancelled the Flylady emails - although I only got one a day....every Monday, I check the website and write down my schedule for the week....although I still don't get dressed to shoes in the morning. ****, I still haven't showered today....but I've been cleaning, so that is an excuse! I guess there are just some parts of my routine that I don't change.

I have a theory that men are used to not picking up after themselves because they are used to their moms doing everything for them. Well, this is true at least in my bf's case. He will no doubt turn 30 and still not have learned to clean. I know it.

Heh, your man is right though, lint is so soft... When I cleaned the lint trap earlier, I made it into the ball and threw it for the kittens to play with. One started to eat it though. I didn't shower til like 6 or so.

07-26-2008, 11:24 PM
Yippee!!! I'm down 3.2 lbs this week! It's been a month now(2 weeks phase 1 and 2 weeks phase 2) .I'm down 17.2 lbs!!!

Yes, elephants never forget, they are gentle, intelligent giants. If angry, can be quite dangerous!

07-27-2008, 02:21 AM
I know how you can form bonds over the internet. I joined a mailing list for moms expecting babies in July 1997 and we still have a core group that post now that our "babies" are turning 11. That's where I now rebel from. I've actually gone to some of the get togethers in Boston, Portland and San Francisco. It's just harder to get together now that the kids are in school and on different schedules.

My Junior Staff party went off really well. We had 22 people and everyone seemed to have a great time. I almost totally stayed on plan except for the margaritas we got out after everyone left except for 2 close friends and their kids. There isn't too much mess to clean up.

I'd better head for bed. It's late and one guy forgot his wallet so he's coming at 10 to get it.

07-27-2008, 07:37 AM
Good morning!

I may be permanently hallucinating but I think my "figments" are pretty real. I've met many people from the net - both from here and from my garden group and we sure as heck are real. I've even had "figments" come and stay with me. The great thing about meeting people from the Net is that the "front-end" stuff is already done and you sort of know them.

All I can say today is Fairs and Company are evil! My ticker is lying like Pinocchio today, probably from salt. I did succumb to ribs at the Fair yesterday and a drink in the beer tent. I just may go onto Phase I today and keep close watch on my blood sugar.

Church on the schedule today followed by some more power washing on the deck. Disney starts her next level of obedience at one which means leaving at noon. We'll be back by three and I have to serve at the Fair beef barbecue at four. I will be delighted to see 8 PM tonight and get my life back! Traditionally, the Fair Directors get onto the bumpy car ride and take out their frustrations but I plan to plead sore knee and skip that event.

Time for breakfast - egg, Canadian bacon and a sliced tomato. I'd better start a new Phase I thread.

07-27-2008, 08:16 AM
I just have enough time to say a quick good morning! I'll pop back in later today. :wave:

07-27-2008, 08:34 AM
Good morning Ruth & Cottage :cofdate:

Ruth - the blueberries and cream leather made with Greek yogurt and a little agave is a lot like legal candy. I highly recommend a batch when you can get blueberries. Actually, I bet other berries would be really good too. I stuck the trays in the freezer to get the leather off and decided to store it that way because freezing made it extra yummy :)

Today's plan is back to zucchini - chips I think along with standard house tasks. The rain is back so I'm not sure if I will get a bike ride in but should get a walk anyway (I'm really wimpy about riding in the rain).

I can't tell figments from reality - I met Julie on the internet ;) Clearly I'm confused!

Indigal - :bravo:

Pearl - did you survive?! Great idea using the RV, bet everyone liked that.

Okay, off to get breakfast. Have a good day Chicks

07-27-2008, 09:45 AM
Good morning,

All is quiet in the household and the RV hehe- so I sigh a breath of relief hehe

Indigal congraulations on your weightloss, that rocks!!!

Ruth glad that the fair is coming to end and you can start to relax? You always seem busy to me hehe

Cottage have a great day

Cyndi is the Cream leather recipe posted I would be interested in seeing it.

I found out last night that my washing machine is not spinning or agitating and looked it up on and I believe I am going to have to call the repairman but looking at the price for parts and the service call will be cheaper than buying a new machine so I am going to put in a call tomorrow.

Today we are going to church and then :shrug: no plans, I like that.

Have a great day Ladies

07-27-2008, 10:06 AM
Yesterday we put down tons of newspaper and 30 bags of mulch in our front rose garden to smother the horrid weeds. I put down 3 more bags this morning before running out of mulch. I also transplanted a ton on volunteer vincas and got eaten by ants. It's only 8 and I am already pouring sweat. Trying to psyche myslef up to go cut the grass in the front before it starts raining and gets hotter. It think I'll let this count as exercise for the day.

Schmoodle, on the mosquito spray, just follow the directions on the bottle and spray either very early in the morning or before sunset and hold your nose!! I need to order more myself as I'm almost out.

Ok, off to cut grass..ya'll have a great Sunday!

07-27-2008, 10:26 AM
I've gotten the leaves skimmed off the pool and the pool sweep set back up and going. I've emptied both coolers and gotten all the leftover drinks into the fridge in the garage and taken the recycle back back into the garage. I've even found all the pool toys. I did find a pair of goggles so I guess I have one more thing for the lost and found.

Brian is still sleeping which isn't surprising since he was up until midnight because of the party. I still need to shower and dress but it feels good to have the house back to normal. And all the off plan desserts are gone! Yeah! I still have some sugarfree strawberry pie but that isn't off plan for phase 2.

07-27-2008, 10:27 AM
Cyndi is the Cream leather recipe posted I would be interested in seeing it.

I haven't posted any of the dehydrator recipes because I assumed they were of very limited interest. Also, I rarely measure anything ;)

I just put 2 pints of berries in the blender, added about 1 cup of Greek yogurt and a tiny bit of agave to taste (remember things get sweeter when they dry) then spread it on the sheets. (the leftover half cup was a yummy smoothie too!) I did learn a trick from one of the yahoo group folks - I made individual leathers in plastic lids. I like the idea of a no guessing serving size. Oh, I also sprinkled unsweetened coconut on some of the leather. I know there are directions online for making leathers in the oven if you don't have a dehydrator.

I'm going to try black raspberry tomorrow :)

07-27-2008, 10:31 AM
Schmoodle, when we went to southern IL ("east Jesus nowhere") to visit Tom's family, we all sat outside talking at night. I came home with literally 27 bites (spider, sand flea, mosquito, random mystery bugs, etc) and everyone else was freaking FINE. I like to think that I'm sweet, but I just can't figure out why everyone else was good and I was eaten alive. Oh was I miserable.

Then as soon as those stopped itching, I developed my spots. I hope yours isn't the same thing as mine. The fact that I have 1-3 months of this is really discouraging. Are you putting hydrocortisone cream on the itchy spots? That should help, at least a little. :hug:

07-27-2008, 11:16 AM
Heidi-ho chicks.
I got up kinda late and am avoiding answering the phone because only my MIL calls on a Sunday morning, and I am just not in the mood. Very mean, n'est-ce pas? Maybe after my second cuppa...
I did all my around the house work yesterday, so today I will probably spend getting organized for back-to-work meetings tomorrow. I hope we can go to the pool, but there are thunderstorms predicted to move in later, so I need to check the weather.

weezle, mine looks a bit like a heat rash, and it's on my hip, spreading around to my stomach and up my back a little bit. I don't think it is heat rash though. At least I can hide it under clothes. I haven't put anything on it yet, need to pick something up. The bit on my forearm is not too big and I think it's just a patch of bug bites. This all popped up at the beach, so maybe it was something in the condo... or sand fleas? Although mosquitoes don't seem to like me, other bugs do, and I have sensitive skin so they can really swell up and turn red. You are obviously also delicious. Maybe eat more garlic? Is your rash a reaction to the bug bites? Sorry it is going to be around so long. That really stinks in the summer when you don't want to be covered up.
indigal, happy birthday to your mom!! I'm sure she will enjoy the elephant statues. Congrats on the amazing loss.
Cat, my mom said I could borrow her sprayer, but when she brought it over it was just a big spray bottle. My yard is not huge, but 1/2 acre is too much to spray by hand, so I'll have to see if I can rent a sprayer.
Cyndi, if you are a figment, and Julie is also a figment, then it all works out, right? I think the only problem would be if one of you is real and the other is not.
Nice to have company on Ph1 Ruth!
Have a great Sunday everyone!

07-27-2008, 11:18 AM
I have no idea what to make for breakfast.....I'm out of ideas....

Dh had a friend over last night to watch fights and play games....thankfully they weren't loud so I could get some sleep. :)

I'm sure MIL and FIL will want us to come over today but I'm really not in the mood. After last week's episode, I need a little (ok, big) break from them. I also have the rest of the laundry to fold, ironing and dishes to do.

Have a nice day ladies! Off to water the plants :)

07-27-2008, 11:50 AM
Went over to the Fair Office to retrieve my big crockpot and got sucked into counting the take from the beer tent last night. It was over $10K and the idiots didn't put it in the safe for the night. Shock and awe when they realized the amount.

Home now and may skip the power washing in favour of making a decent lunch before we take off for Kingston. I can't see changing my clothes three times before noon! Disney is really full of beans today so it may be a difficult first class as she gets to know the new pooches.

07-27-2008, 12:53 PM
that is a lot of beer, Ruth!

07-27-2008, 01:07 PM
Schmoodle, they call my rash "Pityriasis Rosea." Here's some info about it:

"The skin rash follows a very distinctive pattern. In 3/4 of the cases, a single, isolated oval scaly patch (the "herald patch") appears on the body, particularly on the trunk, upper arms, neck, or thighs. Often, the herald patch is mistaken for ringworm (tinea corporis) or eczema. Within a week or two more pink patches will occur on the body and on the arms and legs. These patches often form a pattern over the back resembling the outline of an evergreen tree with dropping branches. Patches may also appear on the neck and, rarely, on the face. These spots usually are smaller than the "herald" patch. The rash begins to heal after 2-4 weeks and is usually gone by 6-14."

At first I didn't notice the "herald" patch until it had already started spreading. I guess it's not really caused by anything and goes away on its own, and they only treat you if you want a steroid for the itching. Mine itches, but not badly enough for me to go on a steroid. Hydrocortisone cream is good enough for me.

My entire trunk is covered now, front and back, from armpits to pelvis, and it's started on the underside of my left arm now. When I first noticed it, I had one little dry, light pink spot on my stomach. Most people probably wouldn't even notice it, but I'm so fair-skinned that everything shows up on a white backdrop. :rolleyes:

I hope yours is just a heat rash or something that goes away relatively quickly. Maybe you should get it checked out? Hopefully it's not a poison <insert-plant-here> type thing. Good luck!

And don't scratch.....

07-27-2008, 01:14 PM
Almost noon already, the day is flying by! We rushed through breakfast so we could go pick up an over-the-range microwave at Home Depot that was on clearance, and they didn't have the one I wanted. I even had them check other stores in the area. Bummer. At least my old one still works, but since we're remodeling the kitchen, I want to give Caitlyn the countertop model for her dorm.

My niece's party was fun yesterday, but it was so hot, so some of the kids came here to swim. We didn't mind, but it did make for a very late night. It's kind of sad to see all the kids growing up and going off to college. I just hope they will continue to keep in touch and visit often.

How was your vacation, Schmoodle? What beach did you go to?

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 02:59 PM
Indigal, congratulations on the loss! 17.2 in a month is really awesome. I really envy you, that you live in a country with elephants... I mean, yeah, I've seen a few at the barnum and bailey circus that comes around, but I would love to open my back door and see like, an elephant back there. I really love animals. I read some book by this vet who wrote all of these true to life animal stories, based on his experiences, and there was supposedly one elephant who was documented talking? I find this really hard to believe.... have you heard anything about that? Also just read in a magazine about how some elephants like to paint. Some pictures were of abstract sort of stuff, and then there was one of an elephant who actually painted a tree and plants and stuff.. I was very amazed. Elephants are fascinating. I may sound geeky but they really are!

Barb, when you mentioned forming bonds on the net, I know exactly what you mean and what the rest of you guys mean when you talk about people you've met and people you are friends with from online. When I was 15, nearly 16, I joined my first forum, and met this woman who was about 20 who lives in Canada. At the time, I was embarrassed that I was actually talking to what I referred to as "net people"... (sort of like BF does now), as it wasn't the 'cool' thing to do at the time. But we became really close, she was like a big sister... we sent eachother stuff through the mail all the time. Now I've lost contact with her, all my fault, when I moved out of my grandparents home back to NC and didn't have net access for a long time, and lost my address book... She had emailed my grandparents worried, wondering what had happened to me and I attempted to contact her but never really had the means of doing so.. I seriously regret that! Actually, now I'm thinking that I need to search online for some canadian directories and seek her out.

Ruthxxx... I have always wondered if what we in the states call "canadian bacon" was what Canada actually called bacon... but then I saw you also said Canadian bacon... so do you have the other kind of bacon, that stuff that we just call plain bacon? Why is Canadian bacon called Canadian bacon? Always wondered about that.

CyndiM, that leather stuff sounds like a yummy naturally sweet snack. I may get a dehydrator one day and see what I can do with it.

Femmecreole... your age says 52, you on the other hand, if that's your pic, barely even look 30. You look amazing and I am super jealous.

Zeffryn, what happened with your FIL and etc after the incident that occurred last week? I don't blame you for not wanting to be around them.

Cottagebythesea, do you know why it is called Canadian bacon? (or possibly, a way to seek out Canadians? Had a friend I lost contact with... maybe you know what I should do. (You are from Canada, right? Sorry if I'm wrong, I coulda sworn your location says so.)


Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 03:13 PM
BF took his older friend (with the roofing/repair/etc whatever it is business) to Lowes and Walmart this morning, they came back 3 hours later so BF can help his friend activate his new tracphone. I am suspicious as to why it took so long... his friend is a pervert (he freely makes raunchy comments about me, and has the hots for me, and while it's somewhat of a compliment, he still takes it too far). .. so I wonder if he would make the same raunchy comments about girls he sees in Walmart (because believe me, young hootchie mamas flock to Walmart) and try to get my BF in on the action. BF claims he is not interested in looking at other girls and whatnot in a relationship, that it's disrespectful etc etc, and expects me to behave accordingly in regards to other men, but I've always been told that when men say such stuff, it's a lie... that to look is instinctual because they're always on the prowl, even if they are faithful. But I would really like to believe he is sincere and 100% committed and doesn't engage in such... behavior...

Yes, yes I'm insecure. I know some women laugh it off when their men do such things and take it as male nature, but I just can't!

Anyway, I can't prove anything so, *shrug*

So now they've went to go hook up that dude's lights... the rich bail bondsmen who wants to get my BF started up... and then they're gonna talk business. Hopefully BF will come back with some really good news.

I on the other hand, am here with baby Liam, all alone once again, bored, and just, blah. I have some clean laundry to fold and still a bit more to do, and I should probably attempt to tackle our bedroom since it's a bit messy (mainly due to BF's clothes everywhere!) I wanna get to bf's dd's room today, clear it out and actually make a path and get rid of some of that CLUTTER that BF just can't bear to part with, but I will need a man's help and I don't know when he is supposed to be home. I know he's due to fix someone elses computer today as well... SIGH. I feel like a damn Desperate Housewife! Only I'm not in my 40's and don't have their ridiculously hot bodies, or else I wouldn't be on this site.

07-27-2008, 03:16 PM
Melanie, Canadian bacon is cut from a pork loin, and regular bacon mostly comes from pork bellies. That's all I know about it, though. I'm not Canadian and not even from Canada. I live in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs.

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 03:26 PM
Lol... Oops! Sorry, Cottagebythesea. For some reason, I thought you were Canadian and I don't know why. I know Ruthxxx is Canadian, or at least lives there because her location thing says so, and I think there is someone else also from Canada and for some reason I confused them with you. Not sure why. I see now where it says Philly 'burbs... sorry about that! :) I guess I'm having a blonde moment.

07-27-2008, 03:53 PM
Weezle, my mom (retired RN) took a look at my rash earlier. She seemed to think chiggers. Or possibly shingles. I'm not so sure. I've had chigger bites before and they itch like crazy. These itch but not so badly. Also, the only time I sat in grass was at the park last Sunday, but I got the bites on my side, not on my legs. I was clothed and didn't lie down. Also they are spreading - do chiggers spread? As for shingles, it doesn't exactly follow the pattern and doesn't hurt, which I've heard shingles do. I'm going to take an oatmeal bath and see how it goes. I guess I may need to go the doctor tomorrow if it's not better. I don't think it's poison anything, I've never had poison ivy or oak although I've been exposed many times, so don't think I'm allergic. Skin stuff is so weird! Hope yours disappears quickly.

cottage, we were at the Maryland shore, Ocean City to be exact. We have a timeshare there, so we go for two weeks almost every summer. The kids had a great time, I didn't really shift into vacation mode until almost the end of the week. I wish I could shut off my brain sometimes. It was fun to see the differences from last year - for example, one day we went to the water park. Last year I watched them on the slides (didn't want to try to wedge myself into a tube), but this year I slid with them. One nice thing I noticed this year is that they are doing more low or no cost, family-oriented things, so we hit those pretty heavily. Bonfires and storytelling on the beach, movies on the beach, concerts in the park, etc. Thanks for asking!

07-27-2008, 04:17 PM
Mel - You've been to Wal-Mart, right? You've seen the lines at the checkouts? There is your answer on why it took them three hours. ;)

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 05:04 PM
Loooolll... I sound like such a paranoid insecure psycho, don't I? Hehehehe. I realized this when I saw things from another's perspective.

Because you are right. Oh, and plus I forgot to mention that since we live in this hick county, we have to drive to the next county to actually ACCESS a Walmart... and it takes 30-40 minutes there, 30-40 minutes back. So there's one hour or so in itself that is accounted for... plus they went to Lowes and Walmart and probably got breakfast.

........ ........ If only I would stop to think things out rationally sometimes.

07-27-2008, 05:07 PM
honey, we are women......rationality is optional ;)

btw, what is the link to your myspace? Let's add eachother! (I feel like a complete moron when I say that....but I never get new friends anymore!)

Married people with children are not well received on MyS.

07-27-2008, 06:12 PM
I just fixed something sooooo yummy that I had to share.

I got one of those machines that turns zuchinni into "spaghetti" and it was the first time I made spaghetti sauce to go on it. Wow. just great and filling and great for all phases.

I used the machine and made a pile of zuchinni spaghetti..I used about 5 zuchs. Then I sauted that in a little olive oil , onion and creole seasoning.

For the sauce, I sauteed cubed turkey cutlets, onions, bell pepper, celery and garlic in some olive oil, then added 2 cans of tomato paste, some wine, oregano, basil, salt, pepper and mushrooms and a pinch of splenda to cut the acid and cooked that down for a while.

Served in a bowl with parm. cheese on top. Everyone loved it.

07-27-2008, 06:26 PM
ooh...Cat, that looks delish.

07-27-2008, 07:36 PM
Cat, that does look scrumptious! I've grown up eating it that way, and it works well with green beans and spaghetti squash, too. It's also good baked. Just dump it all into a baking dish, beat an egg or two with a tiny amount of milk and pour it over the mixture, add a good sprinkle of cheese, and bake about 30 minutes or so. Yum!

Schmoodle, we used to go to OC, MD, every summer when I was a kid! I haven't been there for years, though. I hope your rash is just something simple and clears up quickly.

07-27-2008, 08:21 PM
schmoodle - I've never known chiggers to spread. Usually there are well defined bites and then I coat them with nail polish to smother the chigger. It does sound like it could be poison ivy (oak). You can react to it when you haven't before. I react worse every time I am exposed to it. I'm hoping it clears up for you soon.

Cat - That does look and sound good. Brian doesn't care much for zucchini but he might eat it that way.

I'm going to make the Baja Fish tacos tonight. It's 101 (or it might be higher by now) and I'd rather grill fish that head up the house. But I might just go take a dip in the pool first.

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 08:55 PM
honey, we are women......rationality is optional ;)

btw, what is the link to your myspace? Let's add eachother! (I feel like a complete moron when I say that....but I never get new friends anymore!)

Married people with children are not well received on MyS.

The only new friends I have got recently was some weirdo ex who tracked me down (I declined his invite or add or whatever it's called). Urgh, myspace is annoying me... Myspace has been giving me problems recently, like not letting me message, and then not letting me upload pics of the baby and us for my family, who lives in NY, to see. Only like half went through. I've been highly agitated with it recently. I never got a myspace until this year, when my younger bro persuaded me to. Since half of my friends & fam are on myspace, it was a really good idea. Okay, my mom (she found me on myspace a few weeks ago, unfortunately) is like harassing me on myspace.. because she wants BF to fix her stupid computer, again (maybe if my bro would stop looking up porn and getting viruses)... That's the bad part about myspace. She can track me down. I just now found out how to have my own individual link. Cool.

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 08:56 PM
Femmecreole, that does sound really good. I have heard of doing similar stuff with butternut squash.

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 08:59 PM
So... how is everyone doing at this hour? I'm so bored, so bored. So bored I'm chatting with my MOTHER on myspace, and that's sad. BF did come back, about 20 minutes ago... after being gone ALL DAY... only to have to go out again, to bring his friend his computer that he worked on a couple of days ago, and get his payment for it. Then he's got to go to ANOTHER guy's house and pick up his computer as well. It would be nice if he wasn't so busy all of the time lately.. but I know it's not his choosing. I feel like I'm always stuck in the house recently. He doesn't seem to understand that or look at things from my point of view.

Baby boy is crying for no discernable reason, I think I'm going to give him his bottle earlier and put him to bed.

07-27-2008, 09:08 PM
It must be the day, Mel. DS is cranky as **** today....for whatever reason. He keeps telling me he has to poo...and then laughing when I put him on the potty. Nice game. He also is addicted to the popsicles that I made him earlier - white grape juice with red grapes and peaches. He stands in front of the freezer with his tongue out and yells "PPWWWWWWWWWWWWEASE!!!"

DH and I haven't done a thing all is nice to have these days once in awhile, but I don't think I could do it all the time. It gets boring. We've been watching movies all day, and I've been posting and twittering all day. We tried going outside to play, but it is just toooooo hot. DS wanted to go inside after about 20 minutes.

It was a free for all for dinner tonight - leftovers from the night before. I'm going to watch Iron Chef at 8 and then Next FN Star afterwards.

Hopefully DS goes to sleep soon....

Fat Melanie
07-27-2008, 09:24 PM
I used to watch those shows when we had cable. I like the Fieri guy, he's fat and jolly and cute-ish. I never got to see the next door gourmet or whatever it was, program, that they made for Amy whatshername who won last year. Or the year before, whenever it was. And on Iron Chef, they came up with the most ... imaginative... recipes. DS sounds adorable; can't wait till mine is that age, I'll bet that's when the real fun begins, heh. BTW: thanks for complimenting his name. :D I was dissapointed when I found out that creepy creature Tori Spelling had named her son the same.

Urgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh so tired of the boredom!!!!

OMG YOU GUYS: earlier I saw the world's most HUMONGOUS spider crawling all over the kitchen floor... seriously... at first I thought it was a mouse, it was THAT BIG, and the cats were after it... I almost had a panic attack because I have crazy arachnophobia. I put on some sandals to squash it but I couldn't bring myself to do it.. I was like, frozen with fear (what a wimp!). And that huge gargantuan thing ran under the stove. Haven't seen it emerge since then and I'm terrifed at the thought of that THING crawling on my son, or on me, in the middle of the night. I looked up what sort of spider it was... there's a page on or something that has a list identifying different sorts of spiders... and it looked in color to be something called some sort of grass spider... but it said those spiders only get so big... that spider must be a mutant then because it looked like it could not only eat mice but chomp on their bones. I've been scared and anxiety ridden since I've seen it, that may seem dramatic, I know, but I am deathly afraid of spiders... especially one THAT FREAKIN' HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked BF to move the stove and kill it ... I mean, where else could that huge thing have went? It must still be there? But he had all that stuff to do and off he went again. I willnotsleeptonightohnooo.

07-27-2008, 09:29 PM
It is definitely fun when they can walk and humans.

Amy Finley is the woman who won last year....I've seen her show isn't that great. Something about her annoys me.

Spiders..ick. Before we moved into this house, we had the occasional roach. Scared the heck out of me. I closed off one entire section of the house when I saw one and DH wasn't home to kill it. :) Thankfully we don't really have many bugs in the house - aside from the occasional something to fly in.

Making more popsicles....DH wants jello made into popsicles....oy.

07-27-2008, 09:40 PM
Hey Barb, I missed your post earlier, thanks for the advice! I've heard about the nail polish treatment, might try that if I can find my clear nail polish (I don't use it often). Only problem is it will take alot! BTW I don't remember if I mentioned it before but I made those fish tacos a couple of weeks ago and they were really good. Speaking of fish tacos reminds me, have we seen Kim around lately?

07-27-2008, 11:54 PM
Just popping in to say hello to you all. I didn't have a lot of time to log on this weekend.

My weekend went well. I avoided all off-plan temptations. I just figured nothing was worth the risk of ruining my weight loss efforts. I'm in it for the long haul this time. :)

Anyway, may you all have a wonderful South Beach week!! :)