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07-25-2008, 04:54 PM
HI & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Home of the BIG A$$ Walking Challenge!

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this summer.

:tread: :woops: :cheer3: :running: :tread:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee2: :cofdate:

07-25-2008, 05:06 PM
doing my daily pop in.....

I bit the bullet and called the pediatricians office. I explained to the one nurse that we know very well, what had happened, and what we have been doing for his burns and blisters. She said that we have been doing every thing right. Just to make sure that we wrap it while he is playing, but we can let the air get to it at night. To keep putting the silver stuff on it that our neighbor is letting us use. And under no circumstances to pop the blisters that he has....we are to leave them to pop on their own OR they will reabsorb the fluid in them, and then they will shrink and fall off on their own.

My gashes are doing well. The one on my leg is pretty much closed, but I am still putting neosporin on it and covering it with a band aid. the one on my arm, well the top of it has closed, but not the bottom half. so neosporin on those and covering those ones as well.

As of right now, we are not going anywhere this coming we will be staying home or at least in this area. That means, spending time at the pool, walking them over to the park so that they can play, and who knows where else we will end up at or who will end up over here.

thanks for the nice comments on my avatar. I was looking at them last night when I uploaded them, and I thought I saw a difference, but then again, it was late too and I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I do have to say that the evil ice cream got to me last night. BUT in my defense it tasted really gross! Tommy said "that is because you haven't had sugar in a while, so your body thinks it is an intruder." Fine by me! I won't be eating any more from now on!

We were discussing my birthday party on the way home from the park. He said "all I am providing are the hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, pop, plates and cups. every thing else, some body else can bring." I said "what? I don't get a cake?" He said "well, you don't usually eat cake, and I am not spending 15 dollars on a cake. or maybe I will just make you one."

other then that, nothing really new......besides Logan climbing out of his bedroom window again last night! I swear I don't know what I am going to do with this kid!

07-25-2008, 06:24 PM
Just popping by to say hi real quick..bbl

07-25-2008, 08:55 PM
Mindee- When is your bday? I love carbs, that is my ice cream.....tell me to lay off bagels and I would go bonkers. lol

Cristina - Thanks for changing the thread for us! I just read from the other thread and now I am having a brain fart trying to remember. lol Umm, finishing Juno tonight, gaby was flipping around too much to let me watch it.
I know,,,,people are rude these days!! Ain't nice like we - omg, I was at Starbucks this morning and these 2 ladies lean against the stand that has the milk & sugar, they were waiting for their drinks. All I get is the coffee and I just want to get to the sugar & half and half....they don't even move, I have to say EXCUSE ME!!! .....duh. I think they are all half

Francie - :wave:

I have to get Gabster packed , her father will be here in an hour. We didn't do much, went to value village and I picked gaby up some shorts and 2 shirts...and Rach got some things. McD , I guess called....I will call him later. I really don't want to do anything this weekend.....I have to watch my waistline, ya know..... blame him for me not being in my 140's....jk, not that anal. lol

k- good eating day, good water day......lousy exercise week.....


07-25-2008, 10:56 PM
Omg...check this out..

He should really be the next Bachelor. But then him & whoever he choses would just break up...

07-26-2008, 12:34 AM
just popping back in here....

nothing really new....Marissa was refusing to go to bed, so we had to go for a walk.

SuzieQ~ My birthday is August 17th! can keep your bagels! LOL

07-26-2008, 01:02 AM
Mindee - Cute. Marissa is probably this future exercise queen that can't relax until she gets her walk in for the day. *'s ok, we can turn this around......there is still hope for her. lol

I bet she is a cutie, I want another baby! :yikes:

mmm, I had a roll w/ mutard and some steak for dinner.

Gaby went w/ her father tonight, who btw paid me child support and I was thinking.....if I squint my eyes really hard and drink a bottle of wine , he ain't looking half bad. I didn't tell him that! I am not that dumb......I just like to amuse myself with stupidity.

Francie- can't open the link but I see Jason's name. PLEASE!! I will not watch any show w/ this man. He skips and wiggles his butt in excitment, major gross. ....and he really deserves to be single.

Case closed........

omg - I was called for jury duty.....can you imagine?? I don't want to do it, I don't want to do anything. I just want to work on my sun tan and eat carbs all day........ewww, and lose lots of weight and have lots of money...and I want kids,,,,but I don't want them around

k- off to take my sleeping pill and put myself down for the night. ....:dizzy:

07-26-2008, 01:03 AM
Well hate to be the one to bring back my little "black cloud" again, but its back and I have nothing to do with it coming back this time. :no: My DH got fired. :cry: I will not go into details here because its a public forum, but if you want more details, you know how to get a hold of me.

The eating is going well, infact I only eat enough to take my medications, otherwise I probably wouldn't be eating. Mt. Dew, is not so easy. I have cut down.

Well thats all. I am off to bed. My sleep schedule is all messed up now with the "news" my DH woke me up on Thursday to tell me and we had to do some talking and stuff.

We will be fine, I for once am not worried. I told DH "We have been through worse." He keeps feeling like he has "Failed" me cuz well I guess that is that "male gene" thing where they still have feel like they are "providing" for their family. But I reassured him that no, he did not fail me.

Well I'm really off now! lol.


07-26-2008, 12:34 PM
Hiya ladies...

SASSY...hugs to you and your hubby! :hug: That sux that he got fired, but then maybe it is a blessing in know what they say, when one door/window closes, another one opens. I know you guys haven't been happy with this company. Hoping you got some sleep! crack me up! :lol: Thank you for your sense of humor. If I didn't laugh every day I would be crazy because laughter is what gets me thru a lot of days. I try to always stay positive even when I am worried about things. That is one thing that DH taught me...there is not point in worrying over things we have no control over so I laugh about everything. That is what got me thru losing a hubby and baby. And I hear ya about wanting a baby...I've wanted one for a long time but it ain't gonna happen now, I am way too old. But...I can live thru Josh & Charlotte, lol. I told her the other day that when she has a baby it is mine. I was having too much fun in Toys R Us yesterday looking at the baby stuff/clothes.

MINDEE...yes, I can see a difference in you in the avatar and the shirt you are wearing is a nice color on you. Wonder why Logan keeps going out the window? Maybe you guys should buy one of those window locks and tighten it really good. I would be afraid he would sneak out while I was sleeping. Glad the burn and gashes are healing well. Funny about the cake, lol. I can't remember the last time I had one. V always feels funny about not getting me one but I don't want one because I don't want to have all this cake around. I LOVE cake and I will go overboard so...I think though next year I will get one and we will have a celebration with the kids & grandkids. It will be our 10th anniversary as well so...was supposed to be planning for an Alaskan cruise on our 10th but doesn't look like that is going to happen. I do want to do something special though. Money is tight now days for sure.

HIYA FRANCIE...:wave: Not really a fan of the bachelor so didn't go and see the site. But I enjoy listening to you ladies talk about it.

HELLO KATY, TAMMY, JULES, SUE, ASIA, CLARA and anyone reading this...hoping all is well with you all.

No special plans for the weekend. I am going to catch up on my reading for sure. Was wanting to do something but I don't even want to get out in this heat. Supposed to be 101 today, ick!

Did get my exercise done and recorded that, and yesterday's. I am happy to say I am down on the scales. Not back down to 181 but close enough. I am at 182 but that is better than the 183/184 last WI. I do plan on being down 3 pounds next WI...tired of pussy footing around! I should have already been to the 160 sort of goal by now and it really pi$$es me off that I am being so stupid. I say sort of goal because I never had a set Ultimate Goal in mind. Over the years my body has changed and what I was comfortable at years ago is different. I don't see myself being smaller than 150 lbs and so maybe that is what I will aim for. But I went with 160 because I've not seen that in years and figured it may be the goal or not. I just have to wait and see. But NO MORE! I don't know what happened that I was doing so well and then sort of quit. I didn't actually quit but I sure haven't been doing well at all. It's just ridiculous that I lose 2 pounds and then gain one. And then lose one and gain two. I have been going from 181-184 for the last few months and no more...tired of it. If that's where I wanted to be that would be fine, but it's not so...getting things together to get motivated again and get down to business.

I'll check back later...have a good one ladies!

07-26-2008, 01:18 PM
Sassy~I'm so sorry about your dh. :( That sucks so bad!!! :hug: But maybe it is like Cristina said..its a blessing in disguise. nothing much to report on this end. We bought the cat carriers yesterday. And the cats were having a grand ol' time playing in them, LOL. Then April decided to take a nap in all 3 of them, lol. Lucky just wanted to playing in them, lol. And Sassy sat in her carrier for a little bit, marked it..then got out the heck out of it. It was soooooo funny. Sassy did not wanna go in it at all at first!! She knew exactly what it was. LoL!! We had to shove her in there. Then Fonzo took her outside to see what she would do. And as soon as he got to the stairs, she started w/the weird meow. It was sooooooooooooooooo funny!! We were cracking up. Poor cat has issues, lol.

OKay well..we have some stuff to do today. So I better go..ttyl!!

07-26-2008, 02:09 PM
Sassy- :hug: to you and your DH. I know how much you dis-like that company, so maybe this is the kick in the pants to get the "he double toothpick" out of there. Thinking of you...and you have to eat, take care of yourself.

Francie- Hi girlie. Your cats sound too funny. I hope they get used to the carriers for your upcoming trek.

Susan- LOL about the jury duty. I hate filling in those questionaires they send...or maybe they don't even do that in this computer age. Hey...they do pay for jury duty. See...your new job! Have a good week-end!

Cristina- I agree with you re: the laughter. I try to look on the bright side and see the humor in situations...or create the humor if need be. My first DH was a jokester, present one, not so much. Our sense of humor is so different. He is serious minded. That is why I enjoy being with my DDs so much, they are more like me. We also know what the other is thinking and "get" the same funny situations. I must say we have lightened up DH over the years. :)

Mindee- I too like the new avatar. Oh my...climbing out the window..what a feat. I once lived in an apt. where a little girl pushed the screen off the UPPER level window and was hanging out. Scared me to death. We just tried talking to her calmly while someone went and told her parents what was happening. They got her before she fell, or jumped. Scary!! I agree, lock those windows somehow.

Jules- Are you having a busy Sat. with that precious baby? Hope things are good for you.

I am feeling quite good today, for a change. It is hot and humid, so no outdoor time yet. Hopefully I can ride by evening. I swear just 2 or 3 miles a day is getting me going. It also keeps me from snacking if I ride at night. The scales are moving down..little by little. I officially weigh in on Mon.
I know exactly what Cristina is talking about...I think when I joined 3fc I was maybe 175 pounds or so. Then I got stuck at 170 for a loooong time. Each winter I gained and then fell back to 170, and no lower. Last summer I finally wittled it down to 164 and was doing great. Mom got sick and I parked the bike, gained back to 170 quickly, of course. Then the winter...yikes, up to 180- 181. So..that was my starting point THIS TIME. Like I said I know I am losing, and will get the real number Mon. Slow and steady this time.
I don't know why I quit wearing the pedometer and recording my steps. All I have recorded have been the walking around the block...and I know I do more than that daily. So, back to wearing it and recording. I am encouraged by what I have read about the Step diet. May have to get that book. But I can do what I have read...aim for 10,000 steps and cut out 25% of what I have been eating. For me that has meant this week that I fill my plate with the correct portions and DO NOT eat anything more. No seconds. If I am still hungry I eat fruit. You do not have to eat anything wacky or all carbs, all grains, or anything...just what you normally eat. Less of it and move more. Worth a try because it is doable for the long haul.

Okay...sorry this is so lengthy. I just have been thinking about all this...and Cristina saying she is pi$$ed off at herself made me take a good look. Let's do this Cristina.

Although...I might add, with Cristina working out 110 minutes a day I think she kicks all our butts.....Go C. .

07-26-2008, 02:43 PM
doing my daily pop in...

I found this really cute new layout for my myspace.....if you have me on your list, go and check it out if you want. I also got my pictures moved around so I don't have as many folders of pictures. a friend of mine always teases me because I have two pages of pictures.

SuzieQ~ I swear she is going to my motivation factor for me to keep up with all this! now, if they will turn the lights on outside of the buildings so I am not walking in the dark. But it is still fun either way. the funny part of it all......all three of my kids love going for walks/riding their bikes...if it is exercise, they enjoy it! the total opposite of how I was when I was younger...which is a good thing!

Sassy~ My goodness! I will have to send you a message here in a second.

Cristina~ Thank you so much for those nice comments. Wanna hear a secret? That shirt that I am a maternity shirt! I only have a few that are still in there, but they will be gone when we get word if we can have a garage sale in here or not. The only time he jumps out the window is when the window has been left open. He doesn't know how to open it himself, which is good. I am a sucker for a funfetti cake with the funfetti icing....that is my biggest downfall! Next year is our 10th anniversary since we started dating. we won't hit our 10th wedding anniversary until 2012. Yay on hitting 182!

Francie~ Your cats crack me up! Was April trying to see which one was the comfiest for sleeping?

Sue~ we used to live in an upper unit. we wanted a lower unit for that exact reason! we know that he is our no fear kid, so we could already see that he might be the one to do it. The step diet? I have never heard of it..I will have to take a gander at it.

07-26-2008, 05:36 PM
Good Afternoon,

Cristina - You might not want to do the one door/ window closes another opens w/ Logan around. haha. That is all kids need is a little encouragment.
I hear you about the up/down on the scale,we all should be at GOAL weight by now :drill:......what the **** is wrong with us!!! lol Actually, I think you are doing good and in the exercise dept you are truly the queen.
One lady on my old, old Yahoo group named Melissa had like 10 pounds to lose and she was on this board for years, never lost anything but her determination was inspiring, she never gave up and I think we all have victory in that dept....we don't give up and we are still here! :cheer3::cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3::cheer2: .....omg- I think I hear Rocky music or some dang thing swelling in my head. hehe

Sassy :hug:, job closes ((we don't use doors or windows.....kind of like food porn - lol )) and another better position will open for your husband. And truly I think jobs are overated....look at me, I have been unemployed since jk, ok ...I will be serious! mmmmm, :hug: to you and it'll be ok :)

Mindee- I saw the lay out! Very cute and creative, I don't know how to do any of that. You should mention liability to your manager regarding the lightening in the parking lot. I little trip or not a good thing. You might have to sue and take em for a house of your own. lol.........omg- I thought pms was over?!?!? My kids think I am mean....*eyes roll* whatever......

Francie - Cute kitties!!

Sue - I didn't get past the Aug 18th date on the letter. I passed last January's jury summons , so I probably can't put it off any longer. I guess I do get paid...:dizzy:

Hi to everyone! Katy, Jules, Asia, Tammy, and Clara!!

Took Rach to get a bible this morning, she is going to church tomorrow. I probably should go with her, goodness knows I need it. lol We need a kinder, gentler Susan .....or do we?? :devil: Thinking of Momma Mia, McD doesn't really want to see it so he if he goes with me and is bored I will be annoyed. I want to enjoy it. I would like to go get my hair cut like Rachael Ray.....I think it is a cute style. After that a lot of sleeping - lol....oh, I do want to go get 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, saw it at the Christian book store.

k- that is all my stuff!! Chat later :wave:

07-26-2008, 06:45 PM
I'm back...

SUSAN...I forgot that you mentioned jury duty. Do you think you can get out of it? They wanted me to do it when I lived in CA and I said NO! Lol, like that would do it. I came up with an excuse though. The kids were little and I had no one to watch them so...but I think I would do it now. You are too kind :hug: Thank you for the nice comments and you are right...we definitely are not quitters! And I think you have done an awesom job missy with your weight loss! :bravo: You've come a long way baby! And not just once, so you keep on truckin'! I was just looking at your pictures today, now that is inspiration! :hug:

SUE...thank you as well for the kind words. And ladies, you guys need to quit calling me the exercise queen, lol. I truly am not...just doing what feels good. I never thought I would say I LOVE to exercise but I do! And yes, we can and will do this! Funny...because hubby #1 was a jokester too, and V is totally opposite. He has a sense of humor and we have gotten him to open up a lot but I think sometimes he looks at us like we are weirdo's :lol:

FRANCIE...your cats sound too cute! Hoping they do well with the trip. So...have you guys got the trip mapped out or are you just taking off and what ever you see you see? How did the apartment calling go? know, I saw some tops in the maternity section that were cute and was tempted to try one, lol. They are basically the same style of shirts that I like that make me look preggers anyway so why not, lol. I didn't though. I checked out your page earlier and am thinking you are talking about the mom of 2 handsome boys and daughter...that is cute! And I finally remembered to check out the pics! I have LOTS of albums/pictures! I thought I took a lot but I think you beat me there.

I better get going...have loads of reading I want to do. Oh, Susan, let me know about Moma Mia if you see it...if I lived close I would go with you. But I understand...I hate to see certain movies with V because I feel like he won't enjoy them like I know me and DD would. That is one reason DD and I go so much.

Enjoy your weekend ladies!

07-26-2008, 07:41 PM
Oh Cristina...I totally know what you mean about V looking at you like you are weirdos. My DH always looks that way when my kids are around because we all "act up." LOL
We learned early on not to pull practical jokes on him. He gets mad and we are rolling on the floor. :) to see if it is cool enough to ride the bike.

07-26-2008, 08:53 PM
Hi girls!!! Man this week has been insane. Andrew should be comming home tomarrow. I thought it would be today but ohwell. Yesterday was our one year anniversary. It was really just another day since he wasnt even here. Thats ok. I probably wont get my dress because I have a week and 1/2 to loose 8 lbs. I am looking so great though. I am still really pumped. I am sorry this is so short but his week has been insane. Not in a good way either. I have however stuck with it all and am down to 169.5. That makes mee feel pretty good. I will try to do indys soon. I am so so tired though and there is a lot to do before Andrew gets here. YAY!!!

07-26-2008, 11:24 PM
Got my 2 miles biking again. Boy, was it hot and humid. More of the same weather for the week...ugh. Oh well, sweat it off if nothing else.

Asia- Yay on Andrew coming home. You are doing great with the loss.

Hi to all.

07-27-2008, 03:10 AM
doing my nightly pop in.....

we got a lot of cleaning done yesterday, now we just need to clean up our bedroom closet and the basement, and then our list is done. we have a couple of things listed on craigslist so we are hoping that those go well.

SuzieQ~ I found that layout while looking for a new one, I didn't make it. I was looking for a new layout and the pregnancy/parenting section caught my eye, and so I figured that I would look and see what they had to offer. they have the lights off because of the fish flies....which should be gone soon. then they will turn the lights back on. I actually just borrowed that book from my mom! I have read some of it, but to me, it didn't keep me drawn into it like I was hoping it would have.

Cristina~ I have one wrap top that I love.....BUT I have to mold the shape into something it is not just to make it look good. Again, another maternity I am hoping that I can get some shirts that are NOT maternity shirts, and that I can be very comfortable in wearing. I love taking pictures, what can I say!

Sue~ You are doing great with all your walking and riding!

Asia~ YAY on Andrew coming home! I agree, are doing great on your loss!

07-27-2008, 08:37 AM
It's 4:36am..and I'm awake. :mad: Me & Fonzo both are awake right now, so go figure, lol.

Asia~YAY for Andrew coming home..and Happy 1 year Anniversary!!

07-27-2008, 10:13 AM
I'm back!

It was a great class...and everyone survived me being gone for a week. It's good to be home...hope to catchup some over the next few days.

07-27-2008, 03:47 PM
Good Morning -

Jules - come chat!! Missing you. :)

Mindee- you're still creative! I don't like my page. :)

Katy - Yay. you're back! I am glad you had a great time, look forward to hearing about it :)

Asia - :bravo: on the 169.5!

Cristina - Thanks, you are always being supportive, appreciate it a lot :) I think you can pass on jury duty for a year. I a not sure what I am going to do, probably a good thing just to get it over with. McD and I saw Mamma Mia, and we both liked it. I was kind of not wanting to go w/ him for that reason but I was surprised. lol I love Meryl Streep, I would go back and watch a second time just for her. And Pierce Bronson is dreamy, though he his singing was a tad brutal to listen to. lol....he is a handsome guy,who cares.

Hi to everyone else!

Ate 2 pancakes and 1/2 a veggie omelet for dinner last night. I was hungry for breakfast food so we went to this place called Bannings. Pancakes were so good, I should have just had those...I left one on the plate, so I had some control. lol Just had blueberry yogurt and a banana for breakfast, going to try and lay off carbs this week and see if that helps.

anyway - better get!

07-27-2008, 05:47 PM
doing my daily pop in......

we were supposed to have gone to our nephews birthday party today......but with money being tight and such, we just decided to stay home. Marissa and Logan are laying down, Tommy is sleeping on the couch, and Brandon is picking out what he wants me to make as far as goodies wise.

I am doing good I am up to 229.0 this morning, but you gotta love the baggage that AF brings with her! I am just happy that it isn't any more then that! I have been logging my food since Friday, and I have really changed my eating A LOT! Friday, I was within all the ranges, just above in carbs and low in protein. Yesterday, I was again within all the ranges, just below by one point in the protein area! And that was great for eating pizza last night....oh and a little bit of ice cream too.

Francie~ I hope you guys were able to go back to sleep!

Katy~ It is good to hear from you!

SuzieQ~ I love my page now.......I don't think I am ever going to change the layout.....I might add some other things here and there, but that will be it. Good luck with laying off the carbs.....they seem to be my downfall.....but I am getting better about them!

07-27-2008, 11:16 PM
Hi All.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support. :hug:

Yes we will be fine. At first DH was worried, but I reassured him, (that is a first, its usually the other way around!!! lol!) that everything would be just fine.

So now he feels relieved that its over with now, as you all know it has not been easy working here. But I am truly thankful that I am still here. Cuz that is the only source of income right now.

Everybody at work was asking how he is doing. (I just got here) I told everyone "Just fine". They of course want to know more but all I tell them is "If you wanna know more, call DH, I need my job too much to even think about talking about it."

So DH took the "Weekend" off to relax and not think about it and then starting tomorrow he is going to start job searching again. He has put out many many calls and resumes and what not already, but he is gonna follow up on some and apply to more jobs.

In the AM when I get home from work, I have to call our corporate HR about switching our insurance over to me, so that we are insured. I tried doing it Friday morning, but they didn't have him as gone yet in their systems, so they said to try on Monday morning then they can switch everything over and said it will be like nothing ever happened, we won't lose any coverage, which is good. I told DH even if he gets a job with benefits, I'm keeping them here too, just so if something like this happens again, we are prepared. I learned my lesson on that one. :yes:

Also I think once he gets another job and we are "ok" and all, I want to start putting money in the savings, nice to have a little "nest egg" for emergencies. Man I am getting old. Talking about "nest eggs" :p lol.

Anywho, we shall be just fine and I have NOT turned towards food for comfort! :carrot: We did go out for breakfast yesterday with my FIL, he really wanted too, so I did "splurge" then and we also ordered Pizza for lunch cuz it was DH & my day together, so we watched movies and ate pizza. Today so far I've had a chicken salad sandwich. We'll see about lunch (my lunch lol)......

I still haven't gave up my Mt. Dew yet. :( That is a toughie. Esp now. I know that is no excuse to continue drinking it, but wow it is tough!

Big :hug:

07-28-2008, 12:37 AM
I am heading to get my baby((Gaby)) to bed, wanted to say night first!

Sassy- If you drink the Mt Dew in cans , maybe just wean yourself off one can a week or something?? You don't have to do it all at once.

Mindee- TOM is miserable, munchies and everything, hang in there!

I thought ((or think)) I did good in my eating today, I had a tuna salad for lunch and fish & veggies for dinner. I really , really am going to try and get out of these 150's by Friday. Cross fingers.

Going to enjoy Gab this week with the zoo and a trip to the coast, next week she will do a day camp part time so I can look for work. tomorrow!

07-28-2008, 01:40 AM
Hey Suzy Q -- I drink 20 oz. bottles, I usually only drink 1 of those all night at work, and I work 12.5 hrs. I don't think that is too awful. But still wanna quit.

07-28-2008, 01:53 AM
doing my nightly pop in....

we took the kids for our nightly walk after dinner tonight.....they enjoyed it, and of course there were more boats out in the water tonight then the other night. the swan family was back again tonight, so the kids liked seeing them again.

we talked more about my birthday party. we brought up the idea of having everybody meet us at our place, and then we will walk over to the park and have my party there. Tommy also mentioned about getting me an Oreo pie from a local pie place, if we have the money. I really don't want I am going to push more for the strawberry shortcake idea. (made with fresh strawberries and Angel Food Cake)

07-28-2008, 02:38 AM
Hey ladies!!!! I just got back from spending time with Andrew. I didnt realize how much I missed him. We had fun. He is taking me hiking Tuesday and we get to have camp fire food. We are going to the camp that he worked at the first part of summer. I get to meet ranger Will. He runs the camp. He has never met me so I am excited. Its a special kind of occasion so he is making us steaks. I am so excited. The first camp is only like 45 min away. We will leave early Tuesday morning and come back that night. I cant wait!!!! I am gonna start with weekly weigh ins I think. I might do them on Mondays. Maybe I will only weigh twice a week. I could do like Mondays and Thursdays. I think that could work. I really want to start documenting that stuff. Anyways on to indys.....

Sue- good job on the 2 mile bike ride. That would be so hard for me.

Mindee- good deal on the cleaning!!!! I need to get some done bad. This week is Vacation Bible school at our church and I am doing the music. That means work during the day and I have to be at the church at night. Cleaning def not happening this week. WTG on the eating too. I hate AF especially after this last time. I LOVE THE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE IDEA!!! That is so neat. I think I might do that for my birthday. YUM!!

Well good night ladies. This week will be busier than last week but I think it will be less stressful and not as crazy. We shall see!!!

Sassy- I hope Dh job search goes well. Its never fun to search for jobs. Also wtg on keeping up the good work!!!! I cant give up sodas either. I like diet pepsi way too much. I really need to work on that.
Francie- Thanks for the one year anniversary congrats. We are gonna celebrate it Sunday. I am really excited. We are gonna go eat and to the movies. We might make smores. And maybe a late night swim. I am so excited. I got him the best present.

Susan- Some control is better than no control. Today was my cheat day and I am already feeling it. Yuck. It was so good but I dont know why I did that to my self. ARG!!! WTG on your eating yesterday too!!!

07-28-2008, 03:21 AM
Asia~ you are doing great with your weight loss! you are almost at your goal already! I got that idea from another group I am was what her daughter wanted for her birthday. I like it since, I am not really a cake or pie person. besides..if there is anything left over, I don't want to feel guilty for eating it when I know that it will be very healthy!

07-28-2008, 11:33 AM
Looks like I didn't post my 2 miles ride last night. Only a 1.5 walk though....I need to up that tremendously. I just prefer a bike ride anymore. Mindee and Cristina already left me in the dust, so I am just ambling along here. :)

Weigh-in...Yes, I was finally down . After going all the way back up to 180-181 I am at 174 this week. I am ashamed to say I went so far UP....but it is slowly going the other way. Heck, never thought I would be happy to say I want to see 170. I was stuck there for-ever!! Shooting for 164 now. :)

Hi everyone...I am busy on the house today...check back later.

07-28-2008, 01:14 PM
Afternoon Chicks!! :cool:

Well Here I am home..........Guess who stopped down this morning to see me, at work? My NEW supervisor! :cp: He is VERY nice! He actually asked me if there was anything I wanted to discuss! :faint: A BIG change from the "Tiny Dictator" we used to have!!! He also said that we don't have to worry about finding our own coverage when we want off, that is HIS job!!! :faint:

He did bring up my schedule, I won't go into all the details, because that will just confuse :dizzy: you. lol. Basically it would be more productive to have me come in earlier and leave earlier than to come in later and stay later..........So he said he'd look into it!!!! :D

But I just felt like WOW someone who actually cares!!! I just hope and pray that he stays. Usually the GOOD ones either are smart and move up or out of the co. So I hope he stays!!! I think he realizes what we came from -- PURE ****! lol. So I am very hopeful. :) Can we all do a "Keep my supervisor dance???" :dancer: lol.

DH is out running errands and job searching today. I sent him a bunch of jobs and he applied to those this morning.

Asia -- Thanks. I just hope he gets something soon so he feels better. I know he feels fine, but I know he wants to work. UGH Soda is the :devil: I swear! I need to get that "Demon" off my back! lol. Anybody know any anti-soda Demon spells? :rofl:

Sue, Asia, Mindee, Cristina, Suzy Q -- All of you are doing so wonderful!!! :bravo: :high: :cp:

Well I guess I should go to bed now. :( I don't wanna. :cry: I feel like a little kid who doesn't want to go to bed. lol. I don't wanna. lol..............Ah well only two more nights this week and I'm off again!!! :carrot:

Have An Awesome Monday!!!


07-28-2008, 03:08 PM
Hello ladies...

I am feeling sleepy up too early after sleeping in later yesterday. it definitely doesn't pay for me to sleep in. Had to get up early to get my walk in and at 5:45 this morning it was already 79 degrees. Doesn't sound so bad but once you get to walking it gets to be a little icky after the first 15 minutes or so. Had some errands to run and getting some laundry done and computer time in. I did get my exercise done except for a 15 minute walk on the treadmill...will finish that in a few minutes. Just trying to rest my weary bones, lol. Going to Charlotte's later to weed eat her yard. I am doing good with the food so far :crossed: Had cereal for breakfast but didn't have any bananas :( I do now :) Having a chicken salad for lunch in about 30 minutes, then will have a granola bar for a snack about 3'ish. I'm thinking dinner is going to be a subway sandwich since we will be gone for a will be too late to cook when we get home, darn I wish she lived closer. Anyway...

SUSAN...glad you guys liked the movie. I will keep my fingers crossed for you to be in the 140's Friday :crossed: You are doing great and I just know you will!

SUE...V is like that too! Lol WTG on the miles! :carrot: I thought of you this morning. The sun wasn't even up yet and this couple went zooming by me on their bikes. WTG also on the 170! :woohoo:

ASIA...HAPPY belated ANNIVERSARY! Glad Andrew is back and you guys are enjoying each others company. You are doing great with your weight loss too! :carrot:

KATY...glad to you ya back, and glad you had a nice time. Like Susan, I can't wait to hear about it too! woman, you are adding up those miles! Doing great for sure!:carrot: they have diet mountain dew? I know it's not the best either but at least it would be less calories, a lot less. Wishing your DH lots of luck in finding a job.

HIYA JULES & TAMMY...hoping all is well with you ladies.

Well, ladies, guess I am going to go do that 15 mns on the treadmill and get some lunch. I'll be back to post my total for the day after the walk.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

07-28-2008, 03:53 PM
Lost the post! And it was really inspiring too.....*snicker*

Off to take Gabster swimming. Wishing you all a good day. bbl

07-28-2008, 04:17 PM
doing my daily pop in....

and early night for all of us body took naps today! we will find out here shortly if we can have a garage sale or not. three other people in here want to have one so I am hoping that we can do it!

the boys are sitting on their bikes watching Little Einsteins and Marissa is sitting here next to me in the high chair eating some mashed potatoes from last night.

I got my walk in with Leslie this I am hoping to keep it up from here on out. I am going to get into the habit of walking with her in the morning and then taking the walks after dinner with the family.

07-28-2008, 04:59 PM

And FRANCIE...I knew I forgot someone in my last post and realized it once I signed off. Hoping all is well with you missy and you and Fonzo got some sleep!

SUSAN...sorry you lost your post. I hate when that happens.

Back again for just a few minutes to record my miles. Have a wonderful day everyone! :hug:

07-28-2008, 05:53 PM
WE GOT THE APARTMENT IN MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!! :carrot::carrot::carrot: We wont be homeless when we get there, lol!!! I'm so excited.

07-28-2008, 06:54 PM
that is great news Francie!!!!!! do you have a link online that we can see what it looks like?

07-28-2008, 06:57 PM
Yes, I do...heres the link:

07-28-2008, 09:22 PM
I am starving, I have to go eat something before I compose a post. :dizzy:

Beautiful apartment complex Francie! I notice the brick, it was the same in Arkansas, just a lot of brick back east?? lol Ok, that sounds dumb but there is hardley any brick out here in Oregon. We have lumber. :carrot: neener, neener......

Ignore me, I just spent 3 hours out in the sun watching Gab swim, think I have heat stroke! lol

bbl after I get my children dinner. :)

07-28-2008, 11:54 PM
Back for another second, having Gaby all day sure keeps me hopping!

Mindee- I like the idea of strawberry shortcake, especially durig the summer months and it is much more *calorie friendly*. Who is Leslie?? Did I read too fast, can't see a mention of that name before, sorry.....

Francie - Very happy that the housing (????) is solved for you guys, I bet that is a huge relief! :)

Asia - mmm, s'mores sound good. Your Tuesday outing sounds like a lot of fun.

Sue - :hug: I hope you aren't too serious about feeling ashamed about the weight. I kind of crept up to 206 without saying anything til I could get it back down to 196. It is just kind of scary when it goes back up and you wonder why the weight thing is so hard. Like ....can we ever not have a weight problem?? :) Anyway, :bravo: on the weight loss!

Cristina - I had a dream about you last night! I was traveling in my trailor ((only in the dream, I really don't have one - lol)) and I parked in your yard and hooked up for water and electricity, planning to stay for awhile, I guess. You had these huge dogs running around and you spent the whole dream looking at the food I had in the, finally your husband unhooked my trailor and moved me across the yard....and now there was a lot of trailors in your yard...and my chicken started to defrost because I had no eletricity...and I was thinking about cooking up the whole bag so it wouldn't go to waste. That is when I woke up, thank goodness. lol
anyway - sweet that you are helping Char w/ her weeding! Hope you get some rest tonight.

I guess I better get to bed early, tired this evening. Gab and I both are a little red from being outside for 3 hours.
I did good on eating. I had (2) 100 calorie yogurts during the day, 1 med banana, a tuna salad and I think the calories for that was like 300, and a chicken salad.....and we will say 500 for that, what....1300 for the day?? Close, and a lot of it was, I won't worry about that. Plus I did so-so on water w/ 60 oz's....bleh....

k- that is all. :wave: to everyone!

07-29-2008, 01:09 AM
Sue- good luck on your 164. I have a mini goal of 165. I really want to make it to 165.

Sassy- Funny story to tell you. So today I was picking up my lunch after work today at the store. I want a soda but I didnt want diet pepsi. SO I had a a diet mountain dew. It was so so good. I can see why you are having a hard time giving them up. I just thought of you when I drank it and it made me chuckle.

Cristina- I coulnt imagine it being 79 degrees that early in the morning. We have really hot days but pretty cool nights. I would hate to walk in that.

Mindee- I like your walk idea. I think its good.

Francie- WTG on your apt!!! I looks good.

K so I am off to bed. I woke up this morning and I was an even 169. I am pleased with that. I am really excited about my hike tomaroow. I am gonna wake up super early to do my tae bo and then I will meet Anfrew and we will drive to the camp. We have to unload some stuff then we will go on the hike. I will have soup for lunch and then STEAK for supper. I love steaks. I am realyl excited. Wish me luck. I just want to make it back and still be able to move. We shall see.

07-29-2008, 02:07 AM
I ended up taking the boys for a bike ride while Tommy changed the door handles. Logan has figured out how to take apart the plastic knob cover and then proceeded to open the door after he was put in bed.

now I am finishing up on the cookies, and then I will be done!

Francie~ That place looks beautiful!

SuzieQ~ Nope, you didn't read too quickly....I forgot to put her last name. I did my 3 mile walking dvd with Leslie Sansone!

Asia~ Have a safe time on the hike!! I love fact that is where me and my hubby met was at a campground.....almost nine years ago! Great job on getting to 169!

07-29-2008, 10:08 AM
Good morning!

My class was a lot of fun. Of course, my idea of fun is to hang around a museum for a week and make a bunch of art projects, so there you go :) For the most part, I had a nice time staying with my mom. We got into a spat on Friday morning and she said some hurtful things to me; said I was annoying - imagine (snort). Hey, the apple doesn't all far from the tree! She would have gone on but I stopped the conversation..and was pissed for the rest my time. I left Saturday morning, so it wasn't too bad and I'm doing a pretty good job of not letting it shadow what was otherwise a really fun week. I hope to post some pics on my blog ( today.

Asia - have fun on your hike...I wish I was hiking, I could go for a day in the woods

Susan- gl with the job hunt. Leigh was in summer camp last week at the CC and had a great time, so I'm sure Gab will, too.

Mindee - have fun keeping up with son was like that as a toddler. We had to keep our kitchen chairs folded and put away when we weren't using them. Also had to put a chain on the door because he could figure out any lock. Sheesh- he was alot of work!

Francie - Hooray for the new apartment - love the brick! This will make moving less stressful, that's for sure.

Cristina - Love the new myspace's such a great idea for keeping your exercise mojo going. I enjoyed looking at you picture slide show; you are looking great!

Sassy- yay for the new supervisor! Hope your DH has gl on his job search...

Sue - thought of you yesterday because....I rode a bike! I can remember the last time I rode a bike. It was the first time I ever wore a helmet, so that ought to tell you something. It was as fun as I remember. I need to get a tire fixed, then I hope to ride some more. I think wl ups and downs are pretty're doing great...just don't let the ups get you down, haha

I kept my pedometer on while I was away and logged about 3 miles a day - they had us running around the museum, I tell you! My mom has zero junk food around, so I lost a pound as well..hooray! Today is pilates and a swimming playdate. Might take the kids to a skate park. My son is really into his inline skates, but I just don't think they are safe for our street..he really wants to go fast, but he can't stop very well :yikes:

Have a great day!

07-29-2008, 02:19 PM
Good morning -

Quickie.....I still have gaby in her nightgown munching on scrambled eggs. I had the usual yogurt and banana.

Katy - wow, to the pound!! That is great , especially while away from home.I am impressed, good for you!:carrot: I will have to check out yor blog later on when I have more time. Sorry about the momfactor, my mom thinks I am annoying too, actually the whole family WhatEVER,, I had to not speak to my mom for a year back in 99 so I could stay positive from her verbal yak yak and lose weight. Sheesh....

Mindee- awww, THAT Leslie!! Thanks, I was looking through past post and I didn't see Leslie's full name :dizzy:

Asia - Have fun today!

k- that is my ramble.....better get busy.

Hi to everyone :wave:

07-29-2008, 02:54 PM
Oh wow...Did I blow it with donuts.....I had one yesterday, not bad enough to feel the remorse I guess because I just had one today also. Geesh! I will eat fruit the rest of the day and a chicken breast and salad for dinner, but I will remember those donuts. (alas,fondly, I am afraid) :)

I did ride 3 miles last evening and added that plus a 2 mile walk. So hoofing right along here.

Katy- Glad you are back and that you had a nice time. I don't know what to say about your mom p.oing you. Just let it roll off... I must say my mom has never done that, she is so easy to get along with. Now, at 80, she is saying a few things that are un-like her, so I have to think it is the start of dementia, or her heavy med dosage talking. Yay on the pound and thank you for the kind words.

Mindee- That Logan is going to be the next Houdini. Good job on the walks. You will reach your goal!!

Francie- Nice apt. Did you get a one or two bedroom? The grounds look very nice and also the pool. :) Now, will your furniture and everything be moved for you? I know there are lots of details, but you can handle it and enjoy the drive East.

Cristina- It has been hot and humid here lately also. I rode the bike when it was 81 the last two nights. Luckily by evening our whole neighborhood is shady and there is a slight breeze. Still humid though. I won't complain, since I hate Winter. :)

Sassy- Thinking of you and DH's job search. Hope it goes well. Hooray for the new supervisor being a good guy. I have no advice for giving up the Dew....I am just not much of a soda drinker anymore. Years ago I lived on it, but have never cared much for the de-caf stuff, so that broke me of my habit. (when the doc took away my caffeine)

Susan- Have a good day with Gaby. I wish I like is kind of disgusting to me for some reason. LOL

Jules- Hello...hope you are ok.

Asia- I bet you are having a good time on your hike and day with Andrew. Yum on the steak. I will have to get DH to take me out for steak made me hungry for it. :) I never have been able to cook a good steak.

Oh...Katy- Forgot to add, way to go on the bike. If I, at 59, can ride one anyone can. LOL

Had to go to the DMV this a.m. and get the new title and switch plates for the new car. Yikes, they are busy for our little town.
I did all the laundry and heavy cleaning yesterday so I think I will go Swiffer and then relax with a book. Or might continue my search for a Vegas condo online. Either way I am not going to be working much!

Talk later gals.....

07-29-2008, 03:12 PM
Just real quick for now...check this out. What she did w/her ring is sooo funny, lol. Especially since she said that Matt would come over to look at it too. LMAO!!

PLUS...I had this dream, that Jesse & DeAnna broke up. LoL!! Sometimes my dreams come true..;)

07-29-2008, 03:30 PM
back again...
still haven't uploaded my pics to the blog...but will get to it soon, I hope

Francie- if that were my ring, I'd be hocking it, lol!. It's bad manners to ask for rings back, so at least Matt has that going for him. It's too bad, but they need to start looking for bachelors somewhere else... And, yes, I still watch! Why is that?

Susan ( and Sue) - thanks for the kind words. I have to take my mom in smaller doses, 'cause this is just how she is. A week is a little too long, I think. We are going back in August, but the kids will be with me and I won't have to make convo by myself. Hey, if you are impressed that I got on a bike, well guess what? Today I got on a skateboard! At a skate park, no less! It was fun and we'll be going back.

07-29-2008, 05:53 PM
Hiya girlies...

KATY...yikes, a skateboard?! You be careful on those things. It's been years since I was on one and don't think I want to try again...too afraid I will fall but kudos to you! You know, when I was riding my bike with my helmet everyone asked me if I felt silly wearing it. Ummm,'s the law here and I've heard too many cases of people falling and hitting their head so...I don't feel silly at all. It's a little different from riding years ago without one for sure. Sorry about your momma. :hug: Glad you had a nice time and WTG on the pound! :carrot:

SUSAN...too funny, the dream that is. Like Sue I am not a yogurt eater, something about it is icky to me except for the whipped stuff...I can stomach that once in a while. Would be a great thing to eat though, and cheap too! You know, there is a lot of brick in the east/midwest/south...I know growing up in AR we always had the brick house and there's a lot here to.

FRANCIE...glad to see you guys got the apratment and won't be homeless! :yay: Did you guys get the 2 bedroom you wanted?

ASIA...I thought you went hiking yesterday, lol. My mind is gone, what can I say, lol? Too much going on around here sometimes. Have fun!

HIYA SUE, SASSY, TAMMY, MINDEE, JULES and everyone else :wave:

Sorry this is kind of short, late getting on the computer...had a busy day and it's not over yet. Took DS for lunch for his BD, did a little bit of shopping, exercise, and cooked the chicken for enchiladas for dinner tonight. Charlotte mentioned she wanted some, hint, hint, lol. So they are coming over for dinner...hoping it's not a late evening because I am pooped! Needless to say, the eating hasn't been the greatest today so...anyway, have to go start a load of clothes and get ready for them.

Have a great day ladies, what's left of it anyway.

07-29-2008, 05:53 PM
Sue - yay on the 3 mile bike ride and 2 mile walk!! I am lousy on my exercising.
I don't even wanna talk about the donuts! lol
I haven't always like yogurt either but I buy it in small containers, so it doesn't seem runny and stays firm. I don't like runny things , ick. Also it has almost double the protein, and half the carbs/calories of oatmeal. :carrot:

Katy - You're a nut!! Skateboards scare
Ya, after a year I was ready to accept my mom just the way she was, becasuse I wanted her back in my life and since that time we have gotten closer. We still have our moments but it isn't as bad as it use to be.

Franice- Shayne is cute. ABC purchases the rings don't they?? Pretty sure they do because they made a big fuss about Firestone buying his own ring...and I think Aaron too.

Better get. Have to mop my floors and run to the store for lysol first.....

07-29-2008, 05:55 PM
Cristina - You snuck in!! I like mixed berry and blueberry, I can eat those...anyway,..time is running out on this library computer. Chat later! :)

07-29-2008, 10:03 PM
I am back, and having my second yogurt for the day. It is also good in calcium.
Very nice you are having the family over for dinner Cristina! My ex took the girls out for the day to visit his first wife and go to thepark. She just had knee replacement and there is a park called Oxbow that he wanted to take the girls too.....and it freed up my afternoon to do some job stuff. Anyway, so my point is I bought take and bake pizza for them for dinner....that is as far as I am cooking.
I was craving some carbs so bought a hot loaf of french bread, just the smell made me swoon. It is like a f-ing lover.....*eyes roll*....mmm, can't resist. I won't have pizza though.

I noticed the 100lb groups poll on how often they weigh in and 70 some % say daily and that is true w/ me too. It just is a habit now......wake up, use the loo , strip and weigh and shower, it is clock work now. The only sad thing is Gaby likes to weigh herself too......which makes me sad. I just tell her "oh wow're right on target, perfect. And that makes her happy.

anyway, yogurt better get the pizza cooked.

07-29-2008, 11:03 PM
Well I may have spoke too soon about the new supervisor. The reason I say this is because I have a meeting with him in the am, about a work issue, or so he "says" but I see absolutely no evidence of it. It was supposed to be this morning (Tuesday Morning) but I went home sick. So I called him this morning and tried to discuss it, but he just said, "we'll discuss it tomorrow morning" Its not something huge, so I do not understand why we have to meet about it. Also its something I've done for 2 1/2 yrs (since I've been here) and there were absolutely no complaints about it before and there are others who are worse than me! And I do not think I have a problem.

So I guess its my "non-trusting" nature but I have a feeling it is NOT about what he says its about. If not fired, I am not sure. Maybe I won't be canned (fired) but if not, then I just think its about something else...........Oh well. If I am, I am.......:shrug:

Guess I'll find out in the AM. Meanwhile I have 11.5 hrs left of pure **** thinking about it.


07-30-2008, 12:06 AM
Sending good vibes your way Sassy. It probably is what he says. Don't worry all night.

Just a quick trip in here to change my tickers. Rode 3 miles again tonight. YaY!

07-30-2008, 03:12 AM
popping in to see how every one is doing while I upload more pics to my myspace page.....

Sassy~ I am sending you some good vibes. I hope things go well with the meeting.

07-30-2008, 03:47 AM
Hey all..sorry that I've been MIA. I've just been busy with this whole moving stuff. The apartment that we have is the one bedroom. Theres a 3 or 4 month waiting list for the 2 & 3 bedroom. But if we had a baby, then they'd move us asap. So ya, lol. We're screwed for awhile, lol. We're probably gonna have to get a storage unit out there to put most of our stuff in, lol.

We already scheduled the movers to come and pack up our stuff around Aug 18th..then we'll be leaving here on Aug. 21st. Right now, we're just cleaning everything. Or trying to clean, lol. We're being hella lazy about it since we hate cleaning with a passion, lol.

I do have some fun news!! On friday night, I'm going to the release party for the book I've been waiting forever for, lol. I cannot wait!! I'm so excited. I have my shirt and all my other stuff ready, lol. I'm such a total nerd, but I dont care. The book will be released at midnight!! Woohoo!!! Oh..and on sunday, we're going to the Renaissance Fair!!! I'm so excited for that too!! I haven't been to one since I was 16!! Oh and today..we went to Walmart, and I bought 2 pairs of Jelly shoes for $2!! LoL!! Totally retro, but they're cute and one pair has glitter in it, lol.

Anyhoo..thats my life for right now. OH..I dyed my hair a amberish color. It looks really pretty. I'm thinking of maybe getting some highlights now. Like a dark brown. That would be kinda cool.

07-30-2008, 02:28 PM
Good Morning :carrot:

Doing tons of laundry, spending Gabsters college fund in the process....washing a king size comforter ((3.50)), 2 ((1.75 ea.))other loads.

:dance: made 150 on the scale this morning!! Yee Haw.....I haven't been that weight in 3 years. Now I get to go change my ticker!! So, excited. I know. I need to get out more. :p

back in a bit for indy's!! Hope you all are having a good day.

07-30-2008, 02:47 PM
my ladies are having all the fun!

I have a quiet house with three sleeping kids! that is the highlight of my far! (I haven't gotten the mail it just might get a little better)

Francie~ That is great to hear about the movers! they are coming over to pack you up the day after my birthday.

SuzieQ~ That is great about getting to 150! you are doing a great job at your weight loss!

07-30-2008, 03:44 PM
Francie - * are having too much fun!!
Great about the movers and all, I bet that will be a big help. My sister has to be out on the 5th and has known a year she was moving but I don't think 1 box has been packed. So, guess what I am doing the next few days?? lol

Mindee- Thanks! I sooo want to see 149 on the scale, I just want to get this over with actually. lol

Sue - :bravo: on the bike riding!

Sassy - Stressed just reading your post, waiting is a killer. Hope all goes well and he just wants to chat about things. :hug:

Hi to everyone else!! :wave:

Laundry is almost done. Stayed up til 3am and read a James Patterson book (Honeymoon) it was ok,readable and kept me interested. Now I think I will go pick up another one.

Going to steam some carrots today, sounded good to me. I also need to get started on the water, yesterday I did good....was in the bathroom every 15 minutes,....haha.

k- adios - bbl.

07-30-2008, 03:50 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

SASSY...sending good vibes that all goes well. :goodvibes:

MINDEE...I will have to go check out your pics, headed to myspace after here. Bet you were enjoying your quiet time.

FRANCIE...woohoo on the jelly shoes! I bought Cambrie a pair for $1 at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago...I loved them when DD wore them, too cute! That sucks that you guys didn't get one of the bigger apts but you won't be homeless so that is good! Have fun at the book thingy.

SUSAN...they have a place here where you call and order a pizza, or you can go in and order and then you take it home and bake it. Saves money for sure and I have yet to try it. :yay: to 150!! :yay: I tried the weighing in everyday and it bugs me, it flucuates too much for me and drives me mad :dizzy: I was tempted to get on the scales this morning and decided not to...I will be patient and wait and then scream! :tantrum: I forgot to say can park your trailer in my yard, lol. Not sure the neighbors would like it, or the HOA but you can.

KATY...forgot to say thank you for the kind words about my pictures. :thanks: Did you get yours up? I will check and see in a few minutes. bet the fam is glad you are back.

SUE...geez, woman...another 3 mile bike ride! You are tiring me out thinking about it. You are doing great with it! :carrot: I want to ride mine but with all the exercise I do I don't know if I have any energy left over for a bike ride. But I definitely need to fit it in sometime.

HIYA JULES...hoping you are having a good week and all is well with the fam.

HI TAMMY & ASIA :wave:

Well, I managed to get my walk in for the day. Was wondering because I woke at 5:30 and it was raining so I went back to bed. But got up at 6 and thought I would brave had stopped thank goodness. Had my fill of rain last night although, it was kind of fun and I can't remember the last time I went walking in the rain. Charlotte wanted to go look at the houses they are building sort of behind us. And it decided to start raining before we left but it wasn't bad so off we went. By the time we made it to the last one we were wet and she had her phone so I told her to call V to come get us, lol.

Anyway, had a couple of errands to run and then I came back to mow. The front was still wet but it mowed okay. Now the back will have to dry out because it gets a lot worse. I don't do both the same day anymore anyway so...that;s about all I have...nothing really going on.

Have a good day ladies! :hug:

07-30-2008, 03:56 PM
HIYA SUZYQ...I love James Patterson but Honeymoon wasn't a favorite. If you want a good one...not his usually murder/fbi stuff...Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and Sams Letters to Jennifer are really good! I'm addicted to the Alex Cross series...just didn't realize when I was reading them they were a series, lol. But you don't have to read them all or in order, probably helps. Anyway...steamed carrots sound good right now, just about anything sounds good to me right now...thinking I need a snack.

Hope you are having a good day!

07-30-2008, 07:58 PM
Hi Cristina :wave:
I must say you have a very colorful, pretty post :)
I looked for those 2 Patterson books that you mentioned ((the diary & letter ones))but the library didn't have them in , so I picked up A long came a spider, see if that is any good tonight.
Funny about you and Char calling V to come get you in the rain. lol I weigh every day but it doesn't really bother me much if it goes up....probably because I am use to that now. lol I just don't want to be surprised and when I was gaining I never weighed. blah blah
Thanks for the offer of the trailer!! Now I just need to get one - haha. Do you have Papa Murphy's out east?? That is where I bought the pizza's last night.

I had carrots (steamed) and 2 tenderloins w/ low fat cottage cheese for lunch, think I will have a salad for dinner , w/ tuna on it. Drinking tons of water and what a pain.

anyway , going to relax and enjoy my evening. Hope you all are doing well :)

07-30-2008, 08:54 PM
Francie - Saw this and thought of your link yesterday. Good for Matt!

Yesterday, Shayne announced that she's keeping the 2.85 carat engagement ring "forever!" and that it was okay with Matt, but today, in a statement to People, he disputes that announcement.
"We never discussed this," he tells the magazine. "I never said it was cool to just keep it. If she said we spoke about it, she just made it up. Sometimes she thinks she can say anything and I'll go along with it."
Matt adds, "It's not a television or a handbag. It's a symbol of a marriage that didn't happen."

07-31-2008, 01:31 AM
just popping in......

I love James Patterson books! I don't have that many of them, but if I see one that catches my eye and we have the extra money, I pick it up.

I am happy to report that I found something new yesterday......okay, well they are not new, but they are new to me! I found my abs! a friend of mine on another board told me what she does for her ab workout, so I figured what the heck is it going to hurts.......but it hurts because I know it is doing something!

07-31-2008, 06:45 AM
Morning All. :coffee:

Well once again, you all were right. It was just what my boss said it was about.......Me and my overly dramatic thoughts. :rolleyes: lol. So no big deal and yes I'm still employed!!! :carrot: lol. Who'd a thought that'd be good news to me after all the complaining I've done about that job? Well that job that I've been complaining about is literally putting food on the table! And the big thorn that was once in my side is no more, at least for me. Getting rid of the Weasel was the best thing for our team I do believe! And guess what? Our new supervisor already has approved my time off for the end of September!!! :faint: That would have never happened with the "Weasel"!!! So now we can begin planning and yup we are still going somewhere, I don't care if we go somewhere and camp out, we are going!!! lol.

We are now maybe thinking about Gettysburg and possibly Washington, D.C. But I suppose Savannah, GA is still an option too.

I kinda fell off the wagon a bit but I'm ok, I know I will be just fine. :) DH had a job interview and a job offering. Only thing is its very low pay and further away than we'd like, esp with gas prices the way they are. So he's not gonna take it. He did file for unemployment so we'll see if that goes through. I'm still not worried. :no: I believe in us. :yes: So we'll be just fine.

We are thinking about "downsizing" to a cheaper apt. though. Our rent isn't the problem here, its the stupid ulities that are killing us! Our town has its "own" ulitilities so they are a lot more expensive! Put it this way, we have a 800 sq. feet apt and we pay MORE than my in-laws do for their 1500 sq. feet HOUSE! :yikes:

The only advantage we have here is we have no lease and we have been here a while and the owners do like us. So kind of a toss up. The in-laws have let it be known to us that we are always welcome there, if we need it. That is very sweet, but I'd rather not until we absolutely have too. Plus I believe in my husband and I know he'll find something very soon. If not he said he'd just go and work at Wal-Mart or something for the interim. ;)

Anywho, that is the latest news from "Sassy's Corner" :lol:


07-31-2008, 11:08 AM
more news ( from our favorite couple ;) Susan- you were right he didn't pay for the ring. I do like his solution of donating proceeds to charity.

Sassy- so glad work is going better for you; I know your DH will find something soon....

Susan- congrats on 150...all your hard work paid off:carrot::carrot::carrot: Thanks for the comment on my blog :hug:

Mindee - I checked out your music in the park pics on ms and they are so sweet. The kids are very cute and look like they are having a great time. I remember when I felt and ab..thought I had a tumor :dizzy: jk It's ok if they hurt, abs can take it. Mine are a bit sore, too from a pilates class I took on Tuesday.

Cristina - Thanks for the comments on my blog :hug: I like that self portrait, for some strange reason. I put it up in my little sewing kind of cheers me up. Maybe it's the bright colors.

Francie - have fun at the release party ( and the Ren fair) It will be nice to get a break from all the moving work... Your new hair color sounds pretty , are you going to post pics?

I feel like such a slug:( but I will get over it. Today I am going to finish hanging curtains in the bedroom, and take the kids to the dentist. Maybe I'll take a look at the school supplies lists and form a game plan. I bailed on pilates today, but will get a walk in later. Not a very exciting day. Hope everyone has a good day..bbl

07-31-2008, 02:18 PM
Yowza, $65,000 for a ring! Shanye so does not deserve that, they only were together for a short time.

Good Morning - sidetracked.....

Katy - I liked the self portrait a lot, you are very talented. And you are not a slug!! lol

Asia - So, how was Tuesday's outing?

Mindee- Yay, on the abs!! I switched to Beach Road last night and read 200 pages before I had to go to bed. He is pretty good, have heard about his books for so long.

anyway - on the run.

Hi to everyone else!!

Trying to get to the beach this Sunday so need to go look up cheapie hotels. Stepped on the scale and it was a solid 150 after the 5th step on it went to 149.8 and after the 6th 149.6 and after the 7th ((I wasn't awake)) 149.2 and after the 8th 150.2,,,,,,that is when I got off and cursed the scale. lol

So, agenda is to get some exercise in and drink lots of water. Managed to get some zoo photo's up at myspace too.

k - bbl.

07-31-2008, 03:36 PM
HIYA Ladies...

Sorry for the quickie...had a busy morning and was just taking a break after mowing. Thought I could finish it while it was still cloudy and cool and that darn sun came it is hot, ick! Anyway, getting ready to pick-up Cambrie so she can spend the night. She had a fit the other night when they were over and I told her she could today and I would pick her up. So off I go in a few minutes. Not sure how long I will be over there, Charlotte may want us to just get her and go, lol. She works until 2 and comes home pooped so, may not want to visit. Anywho...I'll be back.

Take care, and I hope everyone is enjoying the day!

07-31-2008, 06:20 PM
doing my daily pop in.....

I took the kids to the pool at lunch time...we didn't stay long! I told them that we would come back after dinner with daddy.

me and my abs are doing well. they still hurt, but hey, no pain no gain, right?

we are going to take the kids to the pool later on....right now Tommy is making dinner.

Sassy~ That is great news about your work!!!

08-01-2008, 09:25 AM
Another quickie from me, sorry. I meant to get on last night, of course that didn't happen. I will be back on later today to catch up for sure. Cambrie will be going home about 1:30'ish and I am hoping we have the computer back. It's been acting stupid lately and I think we have a virus, among other things. V is taking it in today to get it fixed and it is supposed to only take 1 1/2-2 hours...we'll see.

Only did half my walk this morning outdoors...6:00 in the morning and the humidity was just too bad...I cannot stand to be sticky...don't mind sweating, comes with exercising but the stickiness, ugh! So will finish up some walking on the treadmill and do a dvd and then come back and change the ticker. Almost forgot that today is a new month! So...get your walking shoes on ladies...Sept 1 will be here before ya know it!

Better get started with the day...Cambrie is still sleeping so I can get some walking in, V is home in case she wakes. Then I have errands to run. Will chat later.

Have a fantastic Friday!

08-01-2008, 10:58 AM
Hello ladies...Just a short drop in. I went on the hike and it was good. I am glad that I had been exersicing before that because if I hadnt of I would of been embarrased. I kept up with Andrew pretty good though. I have a victory picture that I took just for yall. Me and Andrew took a picture together and we are just covered in sweat. Its so gross but it was really awesome. I was really proud of my self. I will post picstures later.

08-01-2008, 02:59 PM
Happy Friday:carrot:

Mindee- Is it no pain no gain?? Ugh. I guess. lol
How was the pool?? Gabster and I were at the pool 3 hours yesterday but it was the inside one so no one got a suntan like last time.
Read Beach Road and started Along came a Spider last night....shocking BR ending! I was kind of sad about that but it was entertaining.

Asia- Can't wait to see the picture!

Cristina - Miss hearing from you. The humidity back east would take some getting use to for me. Today it is kind of misty, suppose to be mid 90's by next week. Anyway, hope your computer is ok, what would we do without you???:?::cry::stress:

Hi to everyone else! What are your plans for the weekend????

I weighed and it was 149.8 :dance: ((about a 2.4 weight loss for the week, thrilled w/ that!!)) so I changed it. Mainly because I was tired of seeing the 150's for so long and thinking it will motivate me over the weekend to stay on course. I always falter with cheese bread and wine. I know. What a weak person I am. lol
I drank 80oz's of water yesterday and that was before 3pm, so I was happy about that.
Take Gabster to the dentist today and have to run my rent over across town. Otherwise it is just cleaning and reading here. Oh, tired of carrots so I need a new veggie to steam. haha...thinking acorn squash sounds good.

08-01-2008, 04:28 PM
Ya..I saw that on I always thought that if the wedding didn't happen, then you have to give your ring back. If you get married, then divorced, then you can keep your ring. I dunno..I think it sounds really shallow of her to put it in a glass box. Why would you want a reminder of something that didnt happen? Her daddy (its hard to believe that man was in Grease, lol) could probably buy her a more expensive piece of jewelry.

Anyways..sorry if I sounded a little bitter just now, lol. I didnt mean to be. I'm just so beyond stessed out. We're moving in 19 days and my lazy a** husband doesnt wanna do anything. We had his whole leave to clean and do stuff..but it never happened. I tried doing it on my own..but I hurt my hand & wrist from tearing up boxes (I have a major addiction to Amazon, lol). I'm so far past being angry, I just wanna sit and cry for days and days. But that wont solve anything. I've been a total beeyatch too, which also doesnt solve anything. I tried so hard to stay positive, but I'm falling apart. And he just doesnt even care. He rather read books and play video games than to do anything important. I'm seriously sick of his procrastination. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Why does he have to be so difficult?? If I say..lets go to the mall, he's all up for it. But if I say...lets go clean...He'll be all.."in a min, let me finish reading this chapter" Then before you know it..its too late to clean. I swear to God..I feel like his mother sometimes. I swear..if I pop a gray hair, I'm gonna blame it all on him!!! LoL!!

OKay..vent over. I just needed to get that all out. I better go now. My hands & wrists are starting to hurt. Thank God my friend is planning a spa day for just the girls after I move. I'm totally gonna need it!!!

08-01-2008, 05:02 PM
nothing new here.....

I had to go and run an errand today, so my MIL came over and went with me. I got a pamphlet about the local head start I am going to call and get some information about it for Logan. They have to be 3 years old either on or before December 1st of the current school year, and since he will be 3 years old on October 28th of this year, I figured what the heck! I am going to show it to Tommy when he gets home from work tonight, and then call on Monday.

I tried on a pair of jeans yesterday to see how they would fit me..........they fit and I didn't even have to lay on the bed to zip them up like that last time. they are a size 22!!!!!!!

Cristina~ Were you able to get your walk and errands done?

Asia~ That is great! I can't wait to see the pictures!

SuzieQ~ You are doing great!!!!! I am not exactly sure what our plans are for this weekend. I know Tommy has to work tomorrow, and my SIL and her daughter are going to come over. Other then that, we will probably just stay around here and maybe clean out the stuff for the garage sale. we didn't go to the pool last night.....the boys were acting up, so it was off to bed for them all. I got Brandon to sleep, and then had to take Logan and Marissa for a walk because they were still awake!

Francie~ How are things with you guys? I have moments like those as well......yes even with Tommy.

08-01-2008, 09:58 PM
I came back for my Cristina Post! Where are you missy?????? I hope it isn't computer problems.

Francie - If it is any comfort my sister moves Tuesday and nothing has been packed. lol And she has a 3 bedroom house to move. My advice is just do what you can. Fonzo knows what is going on, he will probably get the fire under his butt on the 18th day and start moving. No sweat, men are like that. :hug: to you.

Mindee- Thanks :) It is nice to get support here. Not many would understand counting weight loss . Gaby went to Headstart and loved it, hope you get some good news for Logan.

I went to the store for acorn squash and quickly realized that was a Fall kind of veggie. lol Duh. So, I picked up some fresh green beans and that was good for lunch. I did lousy on water today but eating is good. Eating pretzels and mustard right now, I love mustard. I know. What a freak of nature. lol - jk.

Took Gabster to the dentist and was amazed,,,,,no cavities! And she is so cool, not scared at all. Kept giving me the thumbs up. lol
She'll go w/ her father in the morning and I am planning on going to the beach after I get her back on Sunday. Picked up 3 more Patterson books, so that'll keep me out of trouble. :)
Oh, and I have an interview Tuesday for a job at a retirement place!!

k- that is all from here. G'night :)

08-01-2008, 11:12 PM
Hello all...Got a 2 mile ride tonight and 4 miles last night. Boy, is it humid.
Mom and I went to lunch with DD and DGD today, then off to buy shoes and groceries. Mom found shoes...I didn't. :(

Not much else to tell.....nothing planned for the week-end.

08-02-2008, 12:51 AM my little bit of excitement from earlier was a little bit least in the size..they are actually 24's, and not 22's like I had thought! but to get them on without having to lay on the bed is the greatest feeling!

I even tried them on in front of Tommy......of course he was more interested in seeing what my butt looks like in them.

SuzieQ~ I am hoping that they will still have spots opens so I can get him into one of them!

Sue~ It is good to hear from you! great job on the biking!!

08-02-2008, 11:34 AM
Mindee - hope Logan gets a spot...two kids off to school! What will you do with all that spare time? (jk - I hear this all the time since my DD started kindergarten) wtg on the'll be in 22 in no time

Francie - what Susan said...what is it with men and procrastination? Hang in there - moving is such a pain, but you have that great new apartment to look forward to!

Susan..mmm green beans. I am waiting patiently for my garden to produce some. The vines look really good, but no beans yet. My kids just went to the dentist ,too...we need have a little "no cavity"party :hat: However, the dentist thinks they are both going to need ortho at some point - yuck.

Sue - too bad about the shoes..hope the weather cools off for you soon.

Cristina - Hope you didn't have computer problems.... Yikes - August already! I keep updating my ticker, but it's going to be a close one for me. You are kicking way more a$$ than me, lol!

HI to everyone else!

I went to a Zumba ( class last night...lots of fun! This morning, I'm of to hi/lo aerobics, then knitting group this afternoon. Our neighbor is throwing potlluck party this evening but we are on the fence about going. The kids were up late last night watching the Princess Bride at the Art Center, and they are going swimming today...I think they are going to be wiped out. Have a great day everyone!

08-02-2008, 02:39 PM
Saturday, the dreaded weekend is here.

Yee Haw, scale jumped down to 148.4 :dance:, so I changed the ticker and ready to get my a$$ to maintenance this month. I finally see the light.:sunny: Out of banana's this morning so I had a bowl of oatmeal. Passing on a McD evening because I don't want to mess up with his cooking, seriously. lol

Mindee- Yay, to the pants! Men. :lucky: wait til you start trying on tops, he will never leave. haha.

Katy - My girls catched the Shrek3 last night in the park. I don't know why they scheduled both movies the same night?? I loved Princess Bride. Yay to all the kids and no cavities! I think Gab will need ortho to eventually, I did and her father should have had braces....also her bite is kind of off, but it feels good to have dental again.

Sue - :wave: what kind fo shoes are you looking for?? I noticed I always buy the same kind, black If I had $$ though I could seriously be a shoeaholic, there are some really cute shoes out there. Good luck the next time you go out!

Just wanted to say hi. I tried on this cute blouse and it almost fits comfy. I wore it back in 11/04 when I went to Hawaii ((I think I was like 142)) and haven't worn it since, so that was exciting...motivated to get into it before summer is over.

Need to go wash my car and get some groceries in the house, start on the water and do something w/ this hair. Ugh. It is like this Poof. making my way through Along came a Spider.....hope to finish it today.

Hi to Cristina , Jules, Sassy, Asia, Francie, and Tammy. :wave:

k- chat tomorrow.

08-02-2008, 03:13 PM
doing my daily pop in......

I, I mean we, are in serious need of a vacation AWAY from the kids. I put Logan down for a nap, and forgot to put pajamas on him, so I had to go borrow the simple green and clean the room.

Kate~ I really hope that they still have openings in the program for him! I would love to get a break from both boys during the day. It would be a lot easier to get some things done, like laundry with just Marissa being home. So, here is to hoping that they still have openings!

SuzieQ~ LOL......I told him that and he started laughing! I have noticed a difference already in how my shirts are fitting. I was wearing a shirt yesterday, that is a nice polo shirt (with some set in stains from the kids), but it was looser on me, and I have lost my belly that it used to get hung up on!

08-02-2008, 03:16 PM
Hello ladies....I went shopping yesterday becasue my pants were too big and jc penny was haveing a really good sale. I got a pair of jeans for 3 bucks. 2.97!!! They were the brand I already had and love. I was suprised shen I made it to the check out line. The bigger suprise was that they were a 13!!!! I used to be a really tight 15 comfortable 17. I squealled in the dressing room. I love them. I got 2 pairs of jeans a shirt and a whole set of jewlry (necklace, bracelet, earings) for 20 bucks. I was very happy. Then I got on the scale and I was 167. That is a 2 pound loss for the week. I am very pleased.

Moving on to indys-

Susan- wtg on leaving the 150's. That is awesome!!!! I am not a big acorn squash fan but I love yellow squash.

Francie- Ihope all of the cleaning stuff is going good. Your guy sounds just like mine. He loves video games. Haha.

Mindee- You go girl!!!!!! That is really awesome about your pants!!

Katy- What is a zumba class? If yall go to the pot luck have fun!!!!

And for my hiking pictures.....

We were so sweaty but it was so much fun!

08-02-2008, 03:20 PM
Asia~ You are doing great!!!! Great job on the deals!!!! Why is it that now I have no money and all the deals are going on? those are great pics!

08-02-2008, 06:16 PM
Okay, so I finally finished reading all the posts. I have to run and get a walk in on the treadmill that I've put off all day so I will be right back, promise...15-20 minutes for sure.

08-02-2008, 07:28 PM
Hello ladies...

Did my walk on the treadmill and some weights. Totally off track yesterday with the little one and the hubby home. Did go for a walk around the neighborhood, only 1 1/2 is too humid here and I HATE being sticky. Planned on a 1 1/2 mile walk on the treadmill but that didn't happen, nor did I get a dvd done...was just too pooped and too hot! I excuse. I did get 1/2 mile done making it a whopping 2 miles for yesterday...too sad :( Of course not doing much better today either, okay, so maybe today is a better day...did a little over 4 miles. I will add it tomorrow because now I am confused as to what I added and didn't add. Doesn't pay to miss a day or two here. Can't remember if I added Thursday so when I total the whole month and then the year I will get the numbers right. Can't believe it is August! Okay, so going to try and do individuals. what books did you get from the library? I read the Beach Road and liked it. Wasn't too crazy about Judge & Jury, or Honeymoon. But overall I like James Patterson. What, no dinner with McD? WTG on reaching the 140's! :woohoo: :bravo: I knew you would do it!

MINDEE...hoping Logan gets in Head Start. :crossed: And wtg on the pants! I didn't get in as much exercise/walking as I would have liked to but something is better than nothing. the pics! You and Andrew make a nice/cute couple. :love: And you are doing great with the weight loss!

SUE...maybe you will find some shoes next time. How is your mom doing by the way? WTG on the are doing great! It's humid here and supposed to be up to 100 today, yuck!! But I have to laugh because Fonzo sounds like me. I sear everytime I had to move, or we were moving hubby would remind me every day how many days were left to get packing. Guess I am just one of those last minute kind of people, :lol: I always got it done though and I think Fonzo will too, or you will kill him, lol. Hope you enjoyed your fun weekend. I took a look at your pictures, too cute! I think I am going to cut my hair too!

KATY...sounds like you had a busy day planned. The zumba looks like fun! I think we have had a virus for a while but just kept putting getting it fixed off until another day. Now we are starting from scratch, ugh! Thus, the reason for putting it off and dealing with stupid pop-ups. Oh well, it's fixed so.

SASSY...glad it was what the boss said, whew!


Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and staying cool!

08-02-2008, 08:11 PM
I am tired.


Asia - Cute pictures! Saw your profile one too, you are beautiful! Nice to see what you look like, congrats on the smaller jeans & the weight loss this week :bravo:

Mindee - You just need to TAKE the time and get away!! I am soooo stressed w/ Rach I am running away til Monday and heading to the coast. I might not come back - haha. She woke me up at midnight and I never did get back to sleep til 7am ZZzzzZZZZzzzzzzz. SO, as soon as I finish this I am going to bed & read.

Cristina - as I live and breathe, Miss Cristina!! You are so funny in your writing, like the confusin of your miles. lol It is like you are thinking as you are writing - cute :) I picked up Cross, Judge & Jury and another one, something about a cheating husband. I am going to get in bed early and read the Spider one tonight. No, to McD. He was thinking a bbq but I am tired and it is the only night I get without Gaby....and I don't feel a real need to see him every weekend. I mean if we ((me & you)) lived across the street from each other would you want to see me for dinner every Saturday ?? :dizzy:.... lol....

Thanks to you all for the congrats on my weight loss!! Appreciate it.

So, I am escaping tomorrow for the coast til Monday, probably just Gab and myself. I want to wake up Monday morning and take a walk on the beach....that is all I want to do. Oh, and go to Pig n Pancake and have a plate of pancakes. Yum.

so, off to enjoy my book and relax this evening with no kids in the house....or at least til Rach gets home later on. :yikes:

08-02-2008, 11:17 PM
Well..Fonzo FINALLY took out the trash to the dumpster today..and he's gonna take out some more tomorrow. It's nice to see him off his butt and actually doing something. He went to his friend's house that gave us some time apart. Thank God, lol. He was getting on my nerves.

So heres some good news..we finally bought some of our travel stuff. We went to AAA yesterday, and got some car insurance. Then we picked up some travel books. And they had a sale going we bought a 4 piece luggage set for $59!!!! SCORE!! LoL!! Then last night..I went to the Breaking Dawn release party. And it was boring, lol. Nothing but a bunch of teenage girls ( is a teen book)..and some of them were smelly & skanky!! I have never spent so much time in a bookstore before, lol. Me & Fonzo looked at EVERYTHING!! Even the really boring stuff. But all that mattered was that I got my book at midnight. I was number I was out of there in 7 mins, lol. Well..2 hours and 7 mins, lol. I'm about halfway through the book, lol. I'm gonna save some reading for tonight. And for some bad news..The Renaissance Fair was cancelled cuz they couldnt get all the permits in time. That blows big time!!!!!!!!! :mad: We were really looking forward to going..but oh well. I guess we'll just clean some more tomorrow, lol.

Anyhoo..thats pretty much it for right now. OH..and ya..Fonzo does do everything at the last possible min. But I used to be the same way. I remember back in the 10th grade..we had a history class together..and we got paired up to do a report about France..and we waited until the day before to start working on it, LOL. It was so crappy. But we got a B on it, lol. Our teacher was really old, so I doubt she even read it. Fonzo even spilled food on our paper..lmao!! Ever since I went on these meds, I've been really into doing things right away, lol. OH..thats another thing. We're gonna leave the state before I can pick up my last presciption. I dunno what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna see if they can give it to me early. I do NOT wanna be having endless panic attacks while on the road. And I especially do not wanna fall back into my depression. UNLESS..I just set up my medical as soon as I get to Annapolis. But still..who knows how long it'll take to get an appointment? Ugh..and now I'm stressed out, lol. I'm such a loser. :lol:

ANYHOO..I should be going. Fonzo is bringing me some spanish rice for dinner. YAY!!

08-03-2008, 01:09 AM
Had a good day today. Nothing spectacular, just nice. I rode 3 miles tonight, so feeling good about that. Funny that all the "older" neighbors are riding bikes now. I started something.
I was looking for leather mules. I have had 2 pair of canvas ones, like tennis shoes with no back. I want leather ones that just slip on and will stay nicer looking than the canvas. All I could find were nurse type clogs..not! Found Keds and of course, not in my size. I think everyone wears 7 1/2 because they are always sold out.
Going for breakfast in the morning and then nothing planned...again. We never plan. :)

I hate to weigh this week...I ate spaghetti today...yikes!

Off to bed here. Indies tomorrow, I swear.

08-03-2008, 02:02 AM
Wedding Dress Alert: In the new US mag, there are 2 pics of DeAnna trying on wedding dresses. I personally like the first one she's in. I wanna get married

08-03-2008, 12:54 PM
:wave: Morning

Heading for the coast in a second. Wanted to bump our butts back up to the top before we end up on the second page :yikes:

Francie - I would never get married again. lol Glad to hear Fonzo is getting some fire under him. :)

Sue - Ya, 7.5 is a popular size, Beck wears that. Rach and I are 9.5, German feet :) Good luck on the weigh in!

Cristina - ok, I thought about it and I would come over every Saturday to eat dinner w/ you. :) lol

ok, I need to eat my breakfast too - yogurt and a banana. Dont look forward to eating out today and tomorrow but no choice , I am sure it will be ok. Just watching the carbs this week and I will aim for 146 and might even drop my goal weight to 140, maybe. We'll see.....

hi to everyone! Chat tomorrow.

08-03-2008, 01:42 PM
Susan~Well..I dont wanna marry anyone else, I just wanna have another wedding again, lol. I wanna wear the dress, and have the celebration. That day went by so fast!! Plus, I only had one freakin bite of my own wedding cake.

08-03-2008, 02:26 PM
I hear ya Francie , trying on wedding dresses would be fun. (No really) Back in the day, there weren't many wedding dresses that weren't big puffy nightmares..this was pre-Vera Wang. Dresses today are much prettier...not enough to want to go through the rest of the wedding stuff, mind you!

Susan- Have fun at the beach - yay for being in the 140s! I wear size 9..and I'm not a tall gal.

Sue -Sometimes Simple has nice leather mules..have you looked at It's a good place to check out shoes - they carry everything. I want to get some Dansko clogs, but need to save my pennies for those.

Ugh - another night of little sleep. We skipped church this morning because I was so tired. I'm going to go lay down and see if I can recharge and have some energy to get something accomplished today. Hope you are all having a great weekend....and getting enough sleep ;)

08-03-2008, 04:13 PM
just popping in today......

not sure what we are doing is 3:11 in the afternoon, and there is laundry in the laundry room, so we will probably be sticking around here today!

I have been keeping up with all my exercising and my water drinking, so that has been a plus! I am wearing a shirt today that the last time I wore it, it was skin tight, now I have some breathing room AND THEN SOME in it!

I would love to go wedding dress shopping! I never did get a chance to do so. I found a dress that I loved online, and my aunt (who is my godmother) made it for me. So, I didn't get the chance to go and try on dresses.

08-03-2008, 05:56 PM
I would love to try on wedding dresses again!!! I picked mine out right away, so I didnt have all that time to think about dresses, lol. OoO..and reading Bridal mags are so much fun too. I always like to peak at them, but Fonzo gives me weird looks, lol. Men dont understand, lol. Fonzo was on the other side of the world when I was planning our wedding. Plus..he picked out his tux in like 2 mins, so what does he know, lol.

08-03-2008, 06:13 PM
Happy Sunday, ladies...

SUSAN...I think I was thinking as I was typing, lol...seem to do that a lot. I would enjoy your company for dinner every saturday! :D Hope you enjoy your walk on the beach, stay a few extra minutes for me! I miss the beach so much.

KATY...Hope you get some rest today.

SUE...wtg on the biking and the neighbors biking as well!

FRANCIE...boy, I must say I am confused :dizzy: I thought the pictures were from the book thing...guess someone needs to really read posts more careful ;) My head has been swirling, can't seem to concentrate lately. Another one here that LOVES, and I do mean LOVES to look at the wedding magazines! Glad Fonzo is helping now.

MINDEE...WTG on the shirt being loose! And getting your water and exercise in.

Nothing special going on today. Slept in 'til about 8:30 and then went out on the deck to enjoy the morning before it got too hot. It is so nice sitting out back. Anywho...hoping everyone is enjoying the weekend!

08-03-2008, 08:39 PM
back for a quickie..I snoozed a little and worked out in the yard a little, so I am feeling a bit more human.

Asia - I meant to tell you that your pics are great! You and your bf look so healthy and happy :) I remember feeling like that after my DH and I climbed to the top of Black Butte ( a VERY long time ago)

Here's a link ( with a video of what zumba looks's lots of fun!

Hi to everyone else! I have to go help my dd clean up the playroom and she is quite insistent so I'll bbl ( hopefully)

08-03-2008, 08:52 PM,,20216352,00.html Check out Brad & Angelina's twins. They are soooooooooo cute!!!! I cant wait to have my own little babies!!

Oh and Cristina..the pics were from the book thing...

08-03-2008, 11:31 PM
Boy, this was a lazy day for us. We went to breakfast and later went out to DD's farm house project. Otherwise didn't do a thing. I read papers and drank coffee. I did walk and rode the bike 3 miles. Feeling good about that. DH and I sat out in the pergola most of the afternoon and enjoyed the breeze. It wasn't humid today, so the heat was bearable.

Francie- Awwww, the twins are adorable. I wanted twins when I had my first DD, but what did I know, I was so young. :) Hope you and Fonzo are agreeing on HOW to go about the cleaning and moving.

Katy- The Zappos site was interesting...I found several pairs of shoes I want. Who knew you could get washable leather mules? What is Simple? Hope you get back into a good sleep routine. I hate having sleepless nights.

Susan- Have a good time at the beach. I am so looking forward to our Oct. trip to San Diego for the beach. Now, I'll have you know my German feet are size 7.5.....haha. Mom wears 8.5 and I always thought my feet looked just like hers, but for some reason they never got as large. Hmmm, curious.

Cristina- Hi to you. Mom is doing quite a bit better, thanks for asking. She is gaining back her weight and feeling more like eating and walking. The physical therapy helped a lot. She hopes to go out of state with her brother over Labor Day. *fingers crossed* that she doesn't get sick before then.

Mindee- You are doing so well with the water and exercising. Hope the scales move down for you this week. Way to go on the shirt being looser. I always love when that happens.

Asia- I loved the look like you worked hard on that hike. You are both so cute. did find some good deals. I found a nice pair of slacks last week for $6.99 and was happy with that. :)

Sassy- Where are you? Hope you had a nice week-end and that DH is not too stressed out. :hug:

Okay...I know I am forgetting some of you, sorry...I will do better next time.

Going to lunch with DD tomorrow and to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things with DH. Nothing and no appointments this week...yay!

08-03-2008, 11:34 PM
I thought this was cute:
A tourist from New York was hiking through the mountains of North Georgia
when he came upon the tiniest cabin he had ever seen in his life.
Intrigued, he went up and knocked on the door.
'Anybody home?' he asked.
'Yep,' came a kid's voice through the door.
'Is your father there?' asked the tourist.
'Pa? Nope, he left afore Ma came in,' said the kid.
'Well, is your mother here? No, she left before I got here,' said the kid.
'But,' protested the city slicker, 'are you never together as a family?'
'Sure, but not here,' said the kid through the door. 'This is the outhouse!'

08-04-2008, 01:09 AM
Hi All.

I didn't do much at all on my nights off, except for Laundry.....Yippee. lol. DH scrubbed and cleaned out the fridge, it needed to be done oh so badly. lol. Now its back to work.....and its my "Long Week" (46 hrs) :p My coworker is driving me insane already..........:crazy: He is a nice guy, just one of those "Annoying" coworkers with "Annoying" habits. Hes a "leg bouncer", you know one of those who has to constantly be bouncing one of their legs? UGH drives me nuts cuz it vibrates the entire floor! Then he's a cronic "mouse clicker", clicks his mouse excessively!!! I will be very happy to move, (our dept is moving to another floor) hopefully its very soon! lol. Like I said, he is a nice guy, just annoying. lol. Of course I guess I could get someone worse...........

I feel like el' crappo. lol. Tummy doesn't feel good. :( I think its probably just because I haven't been eating the best lately. Not terribly, just really not have had much of an appetite lately. Been just kinda "Grazing" thorughout the day/night. I did buy some of those Quaker Mini Rice Cake things that are advertised on tv? Those kickbutt! I got the Kettlecorn and the Carmelcorn. Something sweet to munch on that isn't too awful I guess.

I'm having a difficult time eating protein. Just can't eat much of it. I think I just need a new body. Cuz this one is falling apart. lol!!!

DH still job hunting. I found him a bunch of things to apply too so he said he'd apply in the morning. I think he is liking staying home too much. He said he could fix me meals while I work, I was like that is fine, but I don't make enough money for the both of us. Unless we want to live in a small little cracker box apt and drive a piece of crap car. So hopefully he finds something soon cuz um I just don't make enough $$. If I did, I'd have no problems with it at all. Just we can't make it on my salary alone. DH made more money than I did and we did live off of his salary alone, for a while, but it wasn't easy, that is for sure.

Again I'm not worried, just stating facts I suppose. :shrug:

Well that is about it. Sorry nothing too "exciting" going on. lol. Don't mean to "Whine" just kinda "letting off steam" so I don't "Blow Up" :rofl:

Have a Good one.

08-04-2008, 01:41 AM
we took the kids to the park on Sunday afternoon with some neighbors that we are friends with. we played volley ball, horse shoes, and just hung out. the office manager, who is a friend of ours, watched the kids so that we could play volley ball.

when we got done playing volley ball, she asked me where Logan got the lump on the back of his head from. I said what lump? and she showed me. he has this HUGE lump on the back of his head. I put some rubbing alcohol on it in case he got stung by a bee or something. but I am going to keep an eye on it on Monday, and if it doesn't go down, then we will be off the Prompt care when Tommy gets home from work!

08-04-2008, 02:29 PM
HAPPY MONDAY, LADIES! :wave: :carrot:

Not sure why I say that because what is so happy about Monday's? :lol:

Had some errands to run and have most of my exercise done. This weather is the pits and really messing up my walking, lol. I've only been getting half of my outdoor walk because by then it is too icky, or I should say sticky. So finishing it up on the treadmill and I have 15 minutes left. Other than that nothing much going on. Staying inside out of the 100+ degree weather. So will do some laundry, finish up the exercise and do my laundry.

FRANCIE...gotcha! I was wondering if I was losing my mind or what, lol. Okay, so even though I am boycotting Bradgelina...whatever they call them, lol...I did look at the twins and they are adorable, so tiny. are doing great with your walking and biking! :carrot: Glad your momma is doing well. Enjoy your outing with DD. That was a cute joke, lol. that is the kind of exercise I should be doing, looks like a lot of fun.

JULES...hoping all is well with you and the fam.

SUSAN...hope you are enjoying the beach for me! :D

TAMMY...are we going to have to come drag you off the beach? I wouldn't want to leave either. Hoping all is well with you.

MINDEE...hoping nothing is wrong with Logan. Maybe he fell and just didn't tell you, or bumped his head on something. Speaking of bug bites...DD was picking weeds and was bit by some mosquitoes and man you would not believe how big it got. It swelled up fast. Her and DS#1 have always had allergic reactions to the bites.

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Well, I need to get over to shutterfly and finish up my walk so I can come back and add it.

Take care ladies, and have a great day!

08-05-2008, 01:04 AM
well, we had an adventure like usual!

we called and were able to get Logan into the pediatrician's office, but he would be seen by another doctor because their pediatrician is out of the country. which isn't a problem at all, but the appointment wasn't until 5:30!

so we take him in there, and he steps on the scale. a little short one standing tall, in his shirt and shorts.........weighing in at 28 pounds even.

so we go into the room...(Tommy sat in the waiting room with Marissa and Brandon) so Logan was getting into every thing! he ran out of the room three times.....on the last time I told Tommy that the only way to keep him in the room was for them to come in there.

The doctor comes in and asks us some questions. she asked how old Brandon was and about his speech. to which we said that he is already been seen about that and that he will be seeing the ENT sometime next month. then we get back to the holy terror, I mean Logan.

It took me holding him down on the table, just for her to listen to his heart and lungs....then to look in his ears and mouth. Come to find out, this kid has an ear infection! and the bump on his head, is just that, a bump from falling. but there was another little spot that she said looked like a bite.

so we take him back on September 3rd for a recheck on his ear. and hopefully by then, we can get the pediatrician to get the ball rolling with Brandon and the ENT. (since by the calendar on the school districts website, that is the same day that school starts!)

which brings me to my next thing........I am going to call about getting Logan into a local head start program. I told Tommy "knowing my luck, if I can get him into the program, one will go in the morning and the other one will go in the afternoon." he said "so, is that such a bad thing?" so, I will be calling on Tuesday to see about that! which us luck that he can get into the program!

08-05-2008, 01:55 PM
Good afternoon ladies... We had storms and lots of rain overnight. I sure didn't sleep much. Once it stopped this morning I decided to go ride, just in case it storms later. So I got in 2 miles last night and 3 this morn. I had a typo on my counting and went from 73 to 72 instead of 75. It is correct now with today's 3. :)

Nothing going on the rest of the day except computer things. Realtor sent us several listings from LV to look over. That plus planning the trip.
Then I am trying to re-group some photos I have on cd's. They go back to 2003, so quite a chore. When I first got my camera I wasn't aware of the labeling and making files...I just put them on cd. Yikes. So, that's gonna be my day. (probably take a lot more time than a day)

I am determined to eat right today..... I had a bowl of cereal and melon for breakfast. It is dinner time where I fall apart. Wish I could skip it and go right back in to breakfast. LOL

What are you all up to today?

08-05-2008, 03:43 PM
Good Morning!

The beach was beautiful and so peaceful, I love the sound of the ocean waves. It was just Gaby and myself and we might go back Thursday/Friday. It is so hot here ((in Portland)) today (mid 90') I should have never come back.

Bad news is I am back up a bit to 149.6. Argh, I tried but I couldn't refuse some bagels. So, I guess overall it wasn't too bad and I am back on track, ya. I am in denial, huh?? lol

Sue - Maybe it is the Hispanic side that gives me the 9.5 feet?? I always blamed the German in

anyway - I will have to catch up in a bit I have way too many errands this morning.

Just wanted to say hello! :wave:

08-05-2008, 04:14 PM
hello ladies.........

nothing really new on this end.....

Tommy was suppose to go to a job interview this afternoon, but has decided against it because he was told that he is coming up for a promotion at the job he is at now. PLUS, we will get insurance next month, so it really isn't all that bad!

A lady that just moved in over the weekend asked me if I wanted a table and chairs set for the kids. I went and looked at it, and she helped me bring it back home. It is just like a card table and chairs but kid sized. Then her son came over with some puzzles. Brandon has been having fun doing the state puzzle that was in the box.

I am going to say screw it and take the kids to the pool right now. I had the air on already, but the house is cool enough so I opened it up to see if it was still as sticky as it was earlier. so, I will have to come back later........

08-05-2008, 04:14 PM
Hi Susan...Good to have you back. I envy you the beach trip. I would love to take a walk in the sand.

Have fun at the pool Mindee.

08-05-2008, 05:25 PM
Just dropping by to say HI...nothing really going on and nothing really to say...same old stuff.

08-05-2008, 09:59 PM
I am w/ you Cristina, another day , same ole stuff *bahumbug*...however you spell that. :dizzy: I think the heat for me just makes me so miserable, I am not motivated at all....lets hope it cools down tomorrow!

I just ate some Hawaiian sweet bread, it is so good. I need to stop though or I will eat the whole thing.

Mindee- Poor little Logan and the lump! Ouch. I always had a little tykes picnic table for the girls, they loved eating at it. I bought one for Gay too.

Sue - I miss the beach , I miss the water , I hadn't been to that area in at least 2 years so it was nice to visit. I drove Gaby by the place I lived w/ her sisters and she got to see the sea lions on the docks in Astoria, plus the beach in Seaside at sunset was beautiful. I would love to move back.

Sassy - How you feeling today?

Francie - I wore a denim mini & t-shirt to my wedding w / the R's father, it was at the courthouse. I thought I would dress up. lol I picked up the People mag, amazing how such homely people like Angelina & Brad can have such awesome looking babies. haha......they are cuties. I wish A & B would get married now. How is the packing coming??

Hi to everyone.....Katy, Jules, Asia, and Tammy! I will try and catch up more tomorrow.

I feel full on the bread, need to go let it pass and not get upset for eating it. Argh........k - g'night :wave:

08-05-2008, 11:13 PM
Well...I rode another 2 miles tonight, for 5 today. That was after a steak dinner. I didn't do too poorly, ate as light as I No snacking today anyway. Tomorrow is another day. Would like to ride 5 miles without the steak dinner. Ha...

08-06-2008, 12:37 AM
we went to the pool, and then came home to get Tommy and went back to the pool. it was a lot of fun, just ask Marissa. she tried to get away from us and go out on her own.

we came home, ate dinner, then went to the park for their music in the park which wasn't happening for some reason. so we did our normal thing, and then came home. now I have a monster of a head ache so I will be going to bed here shortly.

08-06-2008, 10:41 AM
Good morning...

Again, same old, same old...exercise done, grocery shopping done and nothing to do the rest of the day except bit*h at V, lol.

Have a good day!

08-06-2008, 11:47 AM
Same old stuff here too Cristina. I have a bit of an upset stomach this a.m. so just ate toast to try to see what's going on. Planned to run errands after a bike ride, but nothing is going to happen until I feel more like myself.

Hope you are all having a Happy Hump Day!

08-06-2008, 03:55 PM
STOP, do NOT post!!

Ok, sounds like we all need a new thread!!! Lets hop over to BIK #53 and get some motivation behind our butt's!!:carrot::scooter::moped::scooter: