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07-23-2008, 10:04 AM
Good morning ladies. Looks like time to start a new one! I got tickled at Suzanne's post saying they would close threads when they got to 500 posts! We rarely get to twenty before we switch over, which is fine with me. I hate hunting page after page to see where stuff left off.

Maggie: It is truly awful here with the humidity. I just let the dog out and it was my first time out and it feels so sticky and hot already today. It may be a good go to the pool after Jack gets off work day. Is this a permanent move to Ks, I mean or is it housesitting or something? I don't remember if you said either way. Hope you enjoy it. Your bracelet must be gorgeous by now.

Susan: Could the Gerd worsending be from following the different plan even though you haven't changed foods, maybe it is changing them up in the way you have? Hope the dr can get you straightened out. One thing I know about dieting is if you take your time, you fill up properly and not overfill. When we gulp food, we overeat then eventually feel overful to the point of being uncomfortable. Our sister state is again the fattest in the nation and you can bet our corner of Tenn is right up there with being fattest. Too much processed food, too many gadgets to make stuff fast, etc is my opinion. You no longer have to get out of the car to get food, you can warm food up or even cook in seconds and minutes with a microwave, no scratch cooking just open a box. All these things sure take their toll. You combine that with the kinds of food eaten here, bbq, greens but swimming in fat, fried stuff everywhere, biscuits and sausage gravy and it is no wonder. I actually don't get in trouble as much except I avoid the fried chicken etc except once in awhile and if I make it at home, I don't deep dry it anyway. I hate biscuits and gravy and greens and spinich cooked in fat, but I do like bbq. I don't have it a lot because Jack is not keen on it except occasionally. We have a very good place not more than half block from the house, but I bet we don't get bbq but maybe every couple months or so.

Jean: The HHR we had was white and reminded me of a miniature of the old 1930's ambulances. I told Jack it was like riding in a mini herse! :lol: Glad your dr stuff came out a-ok. I am going to have to get with it and get a dr appt, but am going to wait until we get back from Houston. Hopefully the Cubs won't put the rest of the season in the dumper now that we have tickets to go see them in Houston in Sept. They have lost a couple games and need to start winning on the road. I bought Jack and Jay those outrageously expensive jerseys, (Jay's for his birthday and Jack to wear in Houston) but I couldn't see buying one for myself at those prices and not wearing it except rarely. So, I went to a tshirt place online and ordered a man's baseball style shirt and here it is. I have a pair of red capris I am going to wear with it. I can't get women's sizes of Cubs apparel to fit me and except for the jersey to wear as a jacket sort of, I haven't found stuff I like so I made something myself! I kill two birds with one stone. I can show off my adorable grandson and root for the Cubs at the same time!

Time is getting away from me this morning so I better get busy. Have a good hump day!

07-23-2008, 02:31 PM

It is a tad after 10 am and already 84 outside and warm in here so on went the air conditioner. Not much going on in this neck of the woods except the getting ready to hit the road. Hughes will hook me up after we get to KS and we give them a call. Depending where there is an installer guy will be when we can get him scheduled. Since there is a dish for TV on the roof maybe we can put this little dish up there and point it the same direction and make it work. Worth a try I would think.

DONNA Thank you so much for starting us a new thread. NOPE we don't want to go to 500. That gave me a chuckle also when Suzanne posted that.:o Will accepted and was accepted when he tired out in KS for a preaching position there at the church. The house comes with the job. So in a sense we will be "house setting" as long as he remains as the preacher there. Can you imagine ~ a 6 bedroom place. Still amazes me. I like your new shirt and you surely have a grand time at the game in September. Be careful in Houston for it is a dangerous place. It has the second highest crime rate in the nation only exceeded by New Orleans. We don't go to New Orleans. But I do love Texas.

HOWDY To all you other Magnolias this day. Hope all goes well with you and you find things to smile about. Type at ya'all later.

07-23-2008, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! My day started off with sunshine, but the clouds have rolled in and it has cooled down. I hope that doesn't mean a storm is on the way. I got my perm this morning . . . she never does it the way I like/describe which is pretty much the same each time. She just does it her own way and then I redo it the way I wanted it in the first place. :yes: Now I'm sneaking up on a grocery run, my least favorite thing to do.

"Gma" -- Thank you for starting the new thread! I will have to go back and check the previous one. I like the baseball shirt with Jackson's picture on it -- good idea! Our humidity has disappeared. We have had the strangest summer for weather. We really could use some hot humid weather to help the corn along. I had to laugh at you describing the white HHR as an ambulance. :lol:

Maggie -- It sounds like you are in for another hot day today. I know that parts (northest corner) of Kansas has been pretty hot lately, but we don't usually get any of the weather reports from there. When we moved to Cleveland in 1972 the murder rate was 1 1/2 per day. Needless to say my parents were just a bit upset. We moved there shortly after the riots happened and lived nowhere near that location. We were as far away from Cleveland itself as one could get -- close to the turnpike for a fast get away. :lol:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. I think the rest of my week is geared towards more sorting and pitching. I can't believe the paper stuff I have saved over the years.

Have a good "rest of the day" and a terrific Thursday tomorrow! The days are flying by too fast!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-24-2008, 01:16 AM

Not much going on at this time. Just got back form mid week Bible study and decided to check in here.

JEAN Good you didn't get hurt while in that place! Incidently where we are moving to was voted the 2nd best place to live in this USA. I don't know where was voted first but they will get inundated with new folks moving in for sure. Remember when Soux Falls SD got voted first and what happend to them. People moved there and brought their crime and trash right along with them and you can imagine what happened to that place.

Tomorrow is weigh day for me and isn't going to be a pretty sight. I have not followed program this week ~ moving, I guess causes me stress. Got to have some excuse and a thing to blame it on.:p Isn't that the American way? Blame it on something else but not your own behavior. I didn't write in my food tracker at all and that is not like me at all. This next week I will get back to that. Got to Write What I Bite to make a succes of my program.

Type at you later my friendly flowers.

07-24-2008, 09:03 AM
Good morning to you all! Well, I just logged on and paid off our car this morning! :carrot::carrot: It will be nice not to have a car payment for awhile, but it won't last long as we plan on buying a second car around the end of the year or maybe in the spring depending on sales and such. My brother works for Ford so we can get 15% off any Ford, Mercury, or Lincoln product. We are looking to test drive the Mercury Mariner, Mountaineer, Lincoln MKX and the Ford equivalent. the Edge. The Mariner and Mountaineer are SUV's and the MKX and Edge are crossovers. As the level headed one in the family, I am leaning towards either the Mariner or the Edge. I really like the look of the Edge. We saw a beautiful red one when we were coming back from Nashville. We aren't doing a trade in so it will be nice to have two cars even though I don't work.

Maggie: I wondered if your hubby took a church. Hope you enjoy it and the people of your congregation. I am sure you guys will enjoy your time there. At least the church provided for preachers with big families! lol We have dear friends who were our preacher and his family and they had to live away from the church as the parsonage was this inky dinky 1 bedroom house. We ended up redoing that house and keeping it for visiting missionaries and such who would come to preach. They lived in another part of town completely. Hey, we live in Memphis so we have learned to duck!:lol: Have you ever noticed that the A and E program the "First 48" centers around murders in Memphis a great deal? Besides, we have been to Houston before. We are staying downtown and it is only a little ways from Minute Maid park. I scouted out restaurants and such in the downtown area and we are only 2 miles from their huge galleria mall. So, we will be staying mostly in the better part of town. What are you studying in Bible Studay? I always loved the book of Ruth. Has to be my favorite book. Not only symbolizes our redemption by Christ, but it a truly beautiful love story.

Jean: Wish we had the temps but not the humidity. It is ghastly here. I can't help it. That car looked like a miniature of the old ambulances I would see in the old movies except without the horns on the front and the lights on the top. As I said to Maggie, Memphis is on the "First 48" all the time. So much so, that the police director said Memphis wouldn't be allowing filming for the new season. He doesn't like the fact it doesn't look good that the crime in this city is so high, but it is what it is. Gangs and drugs are everywhere here. I watched one last night which was 3 blocks from where I used to work. :eek:

Well, again time is on the run and I hope to get things done this morning before it gets so hot. Have a wonderful Thursday flowers, and remember to "water" yourselves!

"Of all the blossoms in life's garden, friendship is the most fragrant." Anonymous

07-24-2008, 03:45 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

I've been really, really busy at work and put in overtime.

Faye, Congrats on no car payments for awhile. It should be a good time for buying an SUV - there are slow moving now because no one wants them. The dealers here will not even take in a SUV in trade and you can't sell one yourself because no one wants it. My boss's daughter got a car and he is still tying to get rid of the SUV 5 months later and he keeps lowering the price. Beck is just cognitive thinking program, not a diet, it works with any food plan so I am still doing WW. My GERD comes from the spincter not closing properly anymore. They can do surgery to tighten it but it is last resort stuff. I've cut way back on coffee and tomatoes, never have chocolate, and limit other caffinated beverages. I have dairy but one serving is yogurt. It's been going on for years but just is getting worse the last few months.

Maggie - hang in there with WW. Maybe you should just aim to maintain until you get moved. It sure can be stressful.

Jean, I've got papers I need to sort through, too. It sure is no fun!

Well, I'm off to get ready for my trip. I won't be back until late Sunday so type at you again on Monday!

07-24-2008, 04:06 PM
Hi everyone! I know y'all thought I just up and disappeared...and I guess in a way I did. I didn't mean to be gone this long. Really. It seems since Wayne has been home (he goes back to work August 11) I have been in "vacation mode". I seem not to have any kind of schedule anymore. Also, we're starting to go to bed later and later...and wake up later and later. We have gotten some projects done around the house...or probably I should say Wayne has gotten some projects done--I supervise. My weight loss has been stalled for about a week now. I am sticking to the program as best as I can; however, exercise has gone out the window!

Maggie, I'm glad I got in here before you left us for awhile until you get hooked up in Kansas! Kansas! Wow. How exciting.

Faye, I've been a bit obsessed with knitting lately. It goes everywhere with me...except for church.

I thought of you the other day, Jean, my neighbor has a countdown until school begins--she teaches fourth grade.

Susan, I'm so far behind...I guess you're going on a trip. Travel safely.

Later...and I hope not as long as this last time!

07-24-2008, 05:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got up to thunder, lightning, and rain this morning. It finally quit by mid morning, but it is still cloudy. I have the windows open and the fresh air is wonderful! I've been putzing some more and don't think I will ever get done before school starts. :(

Maggie -- Jason hasn't said anything about the crime rate being high in Sioux Falls. :no: The reserve police have been asking him to join since he was in the sheriff's reserve in Sioux City. That is a big time commitment, so with Amanda working nights and taking classes for her RN, I don't think that he is going to. The big plus for SF is that it is supposedly 96% white! (I wonder if they count the prison population in that figure?) I'm convinced that journaling is the secret for WW success; at least I seem to do better when I write everything down. Some days it is not pretty, but I try to do it anyway. :twirly:

"Gma" -- We just had a mini "riot" here -- 20+ were arrested over last weekend. :( It seems the fight involved men and women, broken beer bottles, baseball bats, and a knife. The packing plant has started recruiting blacks from the Chicago area and they seem to fight amongst themselves. We have a lot of gang wannabes at school, but I'm not sure just how 'in the gang' they really are. I know there are parts of town that I won't travel in after dark; actually the only place I go alone, after dark, is to bell choir practice. Otherwise Bob is with me. :) You will enjoy having a second car, I know.

Susan -- Does stress have any effect on GERD? :dunno: I'd say you've had more than your share of that in the last few months. I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! :yes:

Gail -- I would probably :cry: if I counted the number of days until I go back to school. I'm just hoping our summer weather doesn't show up in August. It has been pretty "cool" for Iowa in July. We wore jackets last night when we went to visit MIL. :rolleyes: I'm trying to make myself get up earlier and walk so that I will be ready when I have to get up earlier for school. It was so nice to hear the thunder and see the lightning this morning. :lol:

I have a few things to put away to clear off the kitchen counter so best keep moving. Have a relaxing evening and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-24-2008, 07:46 PM

I certainly had a good surprise at weigh in today. The Iron Monster showed me down a whopping 3.4. Guess not tracking for the week didn't do as much damage as I thought. I do need to track though for it does show me a more realistic picture than I can carry in my head obviously. I received my yipekio coyote in the mail today and have him soldered on my bracelet so now it is full. Yep full. My weight loss story.

DONNA Yeppers that red Edge is a looker. We really liked what we saw and learned about the folks in KS at the church. A wonderful bunch of folks. And guess what, in the mens meeting they told Wll that they sure did like his wife. I think we will get along just fine there. ;)

SUSAN I do hope you have a great time in PA. Be safe and tell us about your trip when you return. I hope your system gets better and you don't have to opt for surgery ~ you have already had your share.

GAIL So good to see you once again. I do understand your not being here since Wayne is home and your routine is changed. Time flys and gets away from us doesn't it. Coast awhile and when Wayne goes back to work it will give you the chance to get back in the groove.

JEAN Crime is in SF and ever climbing. Having been a peace officer I keep my ear to such things about the country. Where you live has sure changed in the last few years. It used to be such a neat place and now crime is the name of the game for the day. How sad to see such happen to that area. Folks like you have grown up with it and are powerless to fix the problem. Be safe. Crime is climblimbing in just about every place in this country.

Everyone have a lovely rest of this day. Type at you later. We won't be unpluging until the 30th.

07-25-2008, 09:29 AM
Good morning to you all! It is another sticky wicket here in Elvis land. Speaking of that, only 3 weeks until the deluge of nuts come to cry over his grave. Sheesh, give it up already he has been dead 30 years!

Susan: I imagine I will have problems with digestion and such now the rest of my life and will have to deal with it appropriately as it comes. I noticed I have acid reflux more and continue to have small incidents with bowels and such, but I know I am just going to have to adjust to the changes. Have great fun on your trip!

Maggie: I know you have to be getting excited to move into a new community. I know you will love your new church and it will love you back.

Jean: I think the rain moved south as we got a real down pour around 7 pm last night. It got dark in the house and I ask Jack if it was supposed to rain, but he didn't have a clue. Later, Fortune wanted out and Jack opened the back door and it was pouring. Fortune insisted and ran out and right back in! :D Crime is basically from kids and young adults who for generations have been told the government owes you, your parents owe you, your school owes you and any job owes you. No compunction whatever about walking up to someone and robbing them just because you want what they have then shooting them dead when they give it to you because you feel it is your right to take it. I believe with the drug problem in this country that the best way to nip it in the bud is to attack the money source. Shut down the money from the drugs and they won't be worth killing someone for. I have said all along if the government would concentrate on stopping the flow of money they could control the gun and drug problem more. They are spitting into the wind trying to control the drug trafficking, but I truly believe if they would cut off the money they could control more of what comes in and out.

Gail: Nice to see you peek in. I haven't been knitting at all. I just have to wait until the mood overtakes me then I just go back to it all the time. It is kind of weird. I have projects I really need to get done, but am just not interested in doing them right now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. It is commissary weekend so we shall be doing it probably tomorrow.

Have a good one!

07-25-2008, 10:28 AM
Good morning Magnolias. The sun is shining and the humidity is down. It has been very thundery, if that is a word, lately and yesterday it really came down in buckets. They even had a 'tornado' in NH. We start dog sitting today for a week as DD#2 is off, with her family to Martha's Vineyard for a week. Moshup is not really a problem but she does shed and so we confine her to the kitchen when she is in the house. We have a fairly large yard that is enclosed so she does have the run of the outdoors most of the day. She is a chocolate lab and is about 8 or 9 yrs old and a really great dog.
I have been on the low carb and low fat diet for about 2 months now and I am feeling better....lost about 10 #'s so far...need to lose another 10 to please the dr. I won't know how the Diabetes is doing until October as he said your total blood changes every 90 days and that is when he will be doing another blood test for the Diabetes. I am hoping the weight lose will favorably affect the Diabetes as well as the high blood pressure. It would be nice to get off those pills. I am motitoring my blood twice a day, once before and once 2 hrs after a meal...but only one meal a day. I will se the dr on Tuesday to find out what t he readings that I have been recording mean. It would be nice to know what is a normal reading.

Faye: I have also read all of Fern Michaels "Sisterhood" and the spin off series. She is good. I also am a great fan of Nora Roberts and her alter ego J.D. Robb and have read most of her books...and she has written a lot. As I have said I keep a list of books that I have read on the computer and about every other month I print it out to take with me to the library or the book store so I won't pick up something I have already read.

Jean: Your house clearing has got me to realize it wouldn't be a bad thing to start here....there is always something I can throw out.

Susan: Hope your health problems straightened out. Have a nice trip to PA.

Gail: Yes when hubby is around all the time the best laid plans of the woman usually suffer. I usually get things done when DH is puttering around the yard and when he goes out to do errands and I opt to stay home. Then there are the times when he says 'Why not go for a ride...anywhere." and I usually will just hop in the car and say let's heck with the housework.

The dryer is buzzing and I need to get to work.


07-25-2008, 05:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun has come out and the temperature/humidity is on the rise. I made yet another "mess" this morning so have more to sort and pitch. You'd think I'd learn to finish one project before I start another one. :hyper: I just brought a pile of clean laundry upstairs so thought I would sit here and rest while while I chat with you. ;) I can't imagine life without all of the modern conveniences; I do remember the old wringer washers when I was a kid, and my mom and grandma hanging the clothes outside!

Maggie -- CONGRATULATIONS on the great loss of 3.4#s that are gone forever! :cheer: I know that you listed all of your charms, but how many do you have on your bracelet? Bob started one for me when we were dating and I haven't looked at it in years. I should get it out and wear it. :yes: I know you are anxious to get moving on down the road to your new location.

"Gma" -- I hope the rain did some good for your yard. :) Not only are the illegal drugs a problem, but so are the over-prescribed legal drugs such as MIL is dealing with right now. She would never admit it because she is way too proper, but she is a drug addict. :o The doctor came through the other night when we were there and told us they have cut way back on her meds. She is hoping to come home today, but we haven't heard anything. She's only been there a week and we were told 14 days or longer.

Gloria -- You are a nice "grandma" to dogsit Moshup. :D She has an interesting name for sure. CONGRATULATIONS on losing 10#s! :cheer: Do you like the low carb/fat diet better than WW? I've never tried it, but a couple of the teachers swear by South Beach. Someday I hope to have my WHOLE house clean and organized at one time! That probably won't happen as long as I am still working. :no:

Well, the mail is here so guess I will go see if there are any bills today. Have a fantastic weekend!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

07-25-2008, 06:53 PM

Just got back from town to buy a few necessary things. It is very hot this day ~ 103 outside and 90 in side. I am wilted to say the least. I don't do wilt too well either.:p Other than that things are going well in my neck of the woods. Our plans on pulling out on the 30th still stand and we are making inroads in the preparation of this rig.

DONNA That is so good that you are learning to deal with what ever is your malady. Can't fight it so ride with the tide and go with the flow. I got a chuckle about the Elvis thing. I once knew a gal that visited town and stood at his gate waiting for him to come through and he slipped her $500 as he rode past in his car with the window down. She was thrilled to the bone to say the least. First and last time she was at that gate. I also talked with Elvis once when he was in my town making a movie. Well out in the middle of a bean field in the country ~ anyway I did talk to him and I am no better for it today. I have met lots of movie stars and they are just folks. You are right we are getting excited more now that the departure day is getting closer.

GLORIA :celebrate: 10 big ones gone and 10 to go. You are halfway there and that is something to celebrate.:carrot: I am like you ~ I'll drop everything when Will wants to go somewhere.

JEAN You will be surprised how things won't change once you retire. The habits you have formed now will still be there. In the great scheme of things what does it really matter anyway. ;)You know they still make those wringer washers ~ there is a whole catalogue of appliances that are non electric for there is a group of folks that don't use electricity in this country. I have a total of 31 charms on my bracelet. Some are doubled up on the links and all stand for some form of praise or weight loss in my program. It's fun.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias.

07-26-2008, 08:13 AM
Good morning to you all! I am going to tackle the downstairs this morning and give it its weekly cleaning. We had dinner out at Chilis last night, which was nice, but it is so incredibly hot and humid here you don't want to budge from the house most of the time. It is miserable going from ac out to the heat then back into a building with ac and out, etc. That's besides the places where it is hot like Walmart. That store is always hot.

Gloria: It was good to see you in here. That is kind of what we did last weekend just decided to go to Nashville and got ready and went. I like the JD Robb books also and I read Nora Roberts other books sometimes, but haven't really followed her series. I read Nicholas Sparks and always boohoo at his books. I have to chuckle when I think of a man that writes the way he does. He sure has a woman's perspective about things I think. He is a true women's author. Congrats on the terrific losses! :carrot:

Maggie: I have always felt that celebrities be it sports figures, tv or movies stars or even politicos put their pants on the same as I do so who cares? I think the only person I would have ever truly wanted to meet was Lucille Ball. I find her one of the most talented people I have ever seen and would have loved to meet her when she was alive. I had to suffice with giving her figure a hug at the Tussaud's museum in Las Vegas! :) Does the house have air conditioning I hope? Bless your heart I imagine you were wilting yesterday.

Jean: My mother always hung at least part of her laundry outdoors. There is nothing better than sheets that have been hung out in the sun. They smell so wonderful. I told Jack the other day, though I like having the cell phone in emergencies on the road, sometimes I wish it had never been invented. The things people do while driving. The other day I saw this idiot woman driving on the interstate going at least 70, talking on the phone and smoking at the same time! :eek: Those people I surely keep well clear of. Here they are bad about being in the left lane and talking on the phone and discovering, "Oops there's my exit" and swooping across three lanes of traffic and taking the exit barely missing the exit sign. Happens all the time here. I have always found it odd about people being addicted to prescription drugs. I have had to take Percocet, morphine, and a variety of other stuff with my two surgeries and never felt it become an urge to continue to do so. I end up throwing out medications like that because they expire. Sheesh the money I could make as a drug dealer...:o:devil:

Well gals, I am going to close it for today. Hope you have a nice weekend!

07-26-2008, 11:41 AM
Happy Saturday morning! :)

Yesterday morning, Wayne and I drove to a walking park that our county has built. It's only about 8-10 miles away from home. It is so nice! The total mileage of the walking path is 2.6 miles. It's wonderful. They made it on and through different types of terrain (for lack of a better word). Some of the path is on flat ground gently curving here and there, and then there will be gentle inclines and declines, and then sometimes the path runs through wooded areas with signs giving health tips, places for owners' dogs to do their business (out of the way of walkers and runners). In the middle there is a beautiful play park for children. Benches throughout for rest. Really nice. Anyway, yesterday morning, Wayne and I walked the path. This morning we did it again. The place was really crowded this morning at 7:30am.

Faye, I go through long stretches of time where I don't knit. Right now I'm knitting. I'm obsessed with mittens, wrist warmers, wristlets...anything to do with the hands. Other times I go through long stretches of time where all I want to do is read.

Jean, ohmygosh...a riot?! The mall in my area have started banning teenagers from the mall from 5:30pm to closing on Friday and Saturday nights due to food fights, general rowdiness, and harrassing senior citizens. In order for someone under 18 to shop at the mall they must be escorted (and are made to wear a wristband) by someone 21 years and older. A lot of kids are very upset. What is terrible that the bad kids are punishing the good kids.

Gloria, I love reading anything by Nora Roberts/JD Robb. She actually came to my local Borders bookstore and signed books about two years ago which I went. She is a tiny woman!! Very gracious. Good for you losing 10 pounds!! Yaaay! I have stopped going to WW for awhile now but still following the plan. I'm tracking my food. I'm losing very slowly and I was thinking today when I go for my yearly check up in October it would be nice to weigh less than what I did last year. Which I already do by about 7 pounds. I hope your weightloss helps your diabetes.

Maggie, I've got to agree with you about celebrities--they are just plain ol' people when it all comes down to it. I've met some gracious celebrities and one (a country singer) that was a particular "witch". I like meeting authors. I am the same way with Wayne--when he starts to say, "Would you like to go...", I am movin'!!! I start looking for my purse and sunglasses; I'm ready! :) Maggie, if for some reason y'all get on the road before the 30th, travel safely and we'll catch up with you on the other end!

Today, my oldest daughter and her little boy are coming over. We're going to Walmart. Right now they have a wonderful sale on back-to-school supplies. She's a member of a group called Virtuous Women. They are putting together 75 school bags for inner city children. Then, this afternoon, my youngest daughter and husband are moving their kung fu school out one building into a nicer building. This is a major step-up for them. Wayne is lending his truck and his help.

Well...I need to go get some chores done before the little guy gets here. :)

07-26-2008, 12:58 PM

It's gonna be a hot one :flame: today. I got up a bit earliar than usual to put the color in my hair. I didn't want to be sitting for the prescribed time with it in my hair and sweating also. Yucky stuff to begin with.:( But I'm hooked on the color. :D After it stews and I take my shower we are going out to breakfast.

GAIL What a marvelous group your daughter belongs to. Putting those school bags together is such a neat thing to do. Your walking trail sounds like a place I would like to be. Those types of walking trails are popping up in different areas around this land. In the place where my mom lives several years ago they made a trail where the old railroad was and it goes from the valley through the mountains down to the ocean and winds about 15 miles. It is paved on one half and there is a dividing rail fence down the middle and there are wood chips on the other side. One side for walkers and bikers and the other for horses. There are benches along the way and you can go the distance or get off when ever you wish. This trail was written up in several magazines. ;) My dad was still riding it in his late 70's & 80's ~ he would ride his bicycle on it for a few miles. He rode his bicycle and my mom is a swimmer. In fact she is in her 90's now and still swims.

DONNA Did ya know that the temperature in Wallmart is regulated by the main store in Arkansas? We have complained about the temp to managers in several states and have been told the same thing so it must be true.:p OOO Chilis for lunch. I love that place and it is good there isn't one around here. My program would be in trouble. That awsome blossom calls my name and it is a whopper amount of points.

MAGNOLIAS, It is already 81 at just nearly 9 am and no sea breezes. Have a great day ya'all.

07-26-2008, 04:03 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm waiting for the washer to finish so I can put in another load. I spent 2 1/2 hours :o on the phone this morning. An out-of-town friend called and we just caught up on family and life in general. She is also from Bob's hometown and her mom and MIL were down the alley neighbors years ago. Soooo I haven't accomplished a whole lot today. It is humid outside, but there is a breeze. My air is still on and will stay on for the next few days it looks like according to the weatherman.

Hope all is well with all of you! Have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-26-2008, 04:44 PM
My oldest daughter and her little guy just left. Hubby is still out with helping to move "stuff" (no furniture)--helping our other daughter and her husband. I had talked with my youngest daughter around noon and she sounded so overwhelmed and a little frustrated. I offered to come get the grandaughters but she said she needed them there because they were going to a party later. Actually, I think my son-in-law wanted them out of the way--just the guys were moving everything. She sounded frustrated because she wanted to help and my son-in-law wanted her to go with the kids to a friend's birthday party to relax--she has a very stressful job (works long hours). He has a LOT of swords and spears to move and it just is not "kid-friendly" when he's packing those things up. Soooo...I ended up going to Walmart with the oldest daughter and grandson. She ended up grocery shopping and we must have spent almost three hours in the store.

Maggie, that park sounds delightful--sounds a lot like the park we have...except for the horse trails. There is a path called the "freedom trail" that veers off the walking path and goes into a smalled wooded area. Not sure I would like to go off the walking path though--just would not feel comfortable out there on my own. But there are a lot of security personnel in the park and it is across from the state troopers headquarters.

Jean, its a nice day here in Delaware. A little humid but there is a breeze. Speaking of laundry I am so behind! It's amazing the amount of laundry two people can pile up in a few days.

07-26-2008, 05:43 PM

Just got back from doing some last minute type stuff in town. I got my hair trimmed but my regular gal wasn't there. She is the manager and is off the week before opening a new place in a nearby town. The gal that did it today cut it shorter and made it straight. When I wash it my curls will come back. :p I'll locate myself a new gal after we move. Will picked up a couple of burritos at the market, which we are going to miss. It sells it products lower than Wallmart does and we buy a lot of our stuff there. It isn't a chain, only two of them so far so none where we are going. But there is a Super Wallmart. Where would we be without Wallmart. Ole Sam sure knew what he was doing.

GAIL I mailed you something today. Not saying what it is:p but I am sure it will put a smile on your face. ;) That was a marithon shopping you did with your daughter. Ihope ya'll found all you were after. Yeppers, stay off of that "freedom trail" unless you are with someone. Even with those troupers there things can happen so fast. Don't put yourself in harms way if possible.;)

JEAN WOW you were marithon talking while Gail was marithon shopping. What fun to catch up with old friends. Do you get to see each other much? Did I mention that the washer and dryer are downstairs and Will is going to continue to do the laundry & there are clothslines out back. We love things dried on the line. I fold and put away, he doesn't get to do it all.:o I think I will use the stairs for part of my exercise program.

Enjoy the weekend folks.

07-26-2008, 10:49 PM

It was getting so hot we decided to make another trip to town. When we got back the electricity had been off for about 3 hours and it was HOT in here. 103 to be exact. Just as we were starting up the generator the electricity came back on so we got back in the Jeep and rode around a bit longer until the place cooled down. It is now 89 and bareable. There is a fire a couple mountain ranges over and it interfered with the electricity. We saw the truck out working lines while we were out driving. Also saw earth movers and tankers and jell trucks and water trucks heading up the mountain. It is burning what is called Mt. Boulion where there is a prison. The inmates are trained as fire fighters so guess who is fighting the fire. These guys are ones that have not committed violent crimes against persons. More the white collar type criminal that does forgery, check kiting and the like. One of our friends is coming by in a bit that lives in that area where the fire is roaring. She was allowed in to get her animals out and whatever she could load in her car and so she took all that over to another friends place and then will come here for a visit. She is one of the dispachers for the Sheriff's department and quite a gal. We haven't eaten yet this evening and if she hasn't either I will fix sandwiches for all. I have the stuff and surely do not want to cook.

Have a lovely evening Magnolias.