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07-23-2008, 07:12 AM
Happy Hump Day!

We had some strong storms move through here last night, knocking out power and creating havoc. But it seems to have cooled things down a little.

This morning the girls have a playdate with some friends they haven't seen since school let out, and this afternoon we're finally going to go see "Wall-E". I had a run-in with with my old nemisis, peanutbutter, yesterday, so I plan to be diligent about eating clean today!

What does everyone have planned for the day? :cofdate:

07-23-2008, 07:20 AM
Cottage, sorry about those storms. ouch. My sister called me from North Carolina yesterday on her cell phone because her power was out from storms and she needed me to look up the weather online for her. Luckily the power came on several hours later. We got a good rain/wind last night, but needed the rain. Have fun at the movies!!! husband is getting the day off of work today since his Mom is here. He never takes off and has tons of days. So he went in to start up the computers and take care of any problems that occured overnight and will leave at 8. Then we are taking MIL out for breakfast at a great Bavarian restaurant and head to Baton Rouge to find something fun to do. I think I'd better eat before we go to breakfast. That particular restaurant is the ONE place I can never find anything on the menu to eat. Everything is made with gravies and potatoes. We took her out to eat yesterday afternoon since I couldn't find my red beans yesterday morning. I had the best piece of grilled tuna I had ever had. Glad I lost those beans!!

I'm gearing up for my Jillian butt whompin with a cup of coffee. Nothing better than caffeine and a butt whompin to start the day off, right?

Everyone have a wonderful day.

07-23-2008, 08:33 AM
Good morning chicks!!

Cottage - My 3 year old loved Wall-E! Hope you do too!

Cat - I'm getting my caffeine fix too! Hope you enjoy time with your MIL more than I do ;)

Me - Off to send realtor papers to the new realtor. Our house has been on the market...TWO years!!!! And, it's been empty for 15 months now, since we moved from NC to PA. (and it's SUCH a beautiful house!!). Sigh. It'd be nice to get that off our shoulders, I try not to think about it. Otherwise - it's my short day at work, then off to the Y and then shopping for the camping trip.

Have a great one!

Belle Mer
07-23-2008, 08:36 AM

Femme Creole, I second that about caffeine. I cannot function without it. The butt whompin part of your day might kick in for me soon, I hope!

Cottage, I hope you have a fun day and enjoy your movie. I can take or leave peanut butter, but don't put almond butter in front of me.....

As for me, I have to dash over to an auto repair place and retrieve my car tag. A friend borrowed my car last week and was involved in an accident, which "totaled" the car. No one was hurt. Fortunately, it was an older "backup" car we'd purchased at a very cheap price.

After that, I'll hunt down some fresh organic veggies, clean out closets, and work on my book. My puppy has informed me that she is bored with her doggie treats, so I may give in this once and find her something else.

It will be another hot humid day here, what else is new?

07-23-2008, 08:42 AM
morning gals.

Cottage your storm must be headed this way it's overcast this morning.

TWyne where in NC is your house... we may be moving there and i need to buy a house....

Cat and Belle have a great day

me: swam last night, dealing with a depressed husband and a PMSing teen terror.... looks like this month i'll report a gain on the scale. how sad.
work work work.. nothing changes for me.

07-23-2008, 08:59 AM
Good Morning to all you gorgeous Beachers!

Cottage, I want to see Wall-e too, but alas, i have no one to go with me. I hope you the girls enjoy it. We just had another band of storms go thru, hope they miss you.

Cat, Your day sounds fun!

Twynn, Here i am in Pa, hoping to move to NC! Where are you camping this weekend? We certainly do have our share of beautiful parks here. Looks as if the weather will cooperate too! Enjoy!

Belle, Sounds like you have a full day planned! I love your beach umbrella.

As for me, it's another day at work. We are suppose to have a staff meeting. I advocate for them as i think they are a great way to keep communications open but always feel let down after them. Guess no one else values them, sees them as a waste of time. This evening my best GF has invited me over to her house to watch the 2 elk that have taken up residence in her front yard. Looking forward to that! Gotta run, have to stop and get gas and pick up a co-worker on my way to the office.

Here's to a wonderful day on the beach!


07-23-2008, 09:12 AM
Nessa- our home is in Bailey, about a 1/2 hour drive east of Raleigh. We miss the house, but not NC! (hot, hot, hot! and we LIKE the snow!!)

Pat - We're going to Reed's Gap, a primitive campground near Milton. We looked at others, but most good sites (we have a HUGE tent) were booked because we waited so long. It's a beautiful little spot though, and has a good playground, and a swimming pool! The kids oughta have a blast!!

07-23-2008, 09:14 AM
Morning all

Lopsided day today - I have an evening meeting but do have a morning visit so it will start a little later be will be long. Dinner meetings are always a challenge for me. I'm never tempted by the food served but generally am not hungry at 5 (before the meeting) but am starving by 7:30 when the meeting ends and all I want to do is get home.

It's about to storm buckets here so don't know if my visit this morning is even on. It includes development folks and is supposed to be outdoors. Doesn't sound promising.

Have a good day all!

07-23-2008, 09:53 AM
Not much on my plate today but the usual end of the month junk at work. Got my yoga in this morning and it is supposed to be a beautiful day so hoping to get in a nice long walk tonight.

Still dealing with the in-law nightmare from over the weekend and probably will for sometime to come. All I really care about is the baby, they are so drama filled if I can just provide some stability for her that is all the matters.

Hope everyone has a great day!

07-23-2008, 10:01 AM

It's raining hard this morning! It must be the start of the hurricane. We needed the rain so much...I can almost hear my vegetables and flowers cheering. I was able to throw some compost into the soil last night in anticipation of the rain.

I'm doing laundry for our vacation today. We don't leave for another week...but for my sanity, I need to start early with the cleaning and organizing.

We're having dinner with an old friend of our tonight - I'm sure you've probably heard of his annoying hit single "the cupid shuffle". We have no idea where we're going yet...hopefully he figures out what time he's going to get in town soon.

Other than that...not much going on....looking forward to a nice, relaxing day.

Have a nice one, ladies.

07-23-2008, 10:25 AM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy Hump Day!

Cottage - The storms sound intimidating. Glad to hear they cleared up. Hope the movie is enjoyable for both you and the girls. Have fun!

Cat - Enjoy your time in Baton Rouge. I know you'll find something wonderful to do!

Twynnb - Sorry to hear that your house hasn't sold. I tell ya, when it comes to the housing market today it's neither a buyers market OR a sellers market. It's a No Sale market. Sucks to be on either side!

Belle Mer - So nice of you to loan out your car, but how sad that it was totaled. Was it your friends fault? Enjoy your organic veggies!

Nessa - Hey! Get out of this slump! Things can get better, you just have to work on it. Hang in there!

Pat - Have fun at your meeting today. I'm with you about staff meetings, even though they can be tedious I know I can get something out of it if I make an effort to.

Cyndi - Try to stay dry today. And drive safely in that rain.

Stephanie - Sorry to hear that things are still crazy with the whole family situation. Hopefully you all can come to a reasonable solution that's best for the baby.

Zeff - I'm hoping things have calmed down for you this week. I'm sure the vacation will be a welcome respite. Enjoy tackling Mt. Washmore!

Me - It'll be a super quiet day at work. There's A LOT of classes going on fieldtrips and my supervisor will be at a meeting most of the day to find out what we will need to do for our state review that's coming up this year. I'm hoping tonight that the baskets I ordered for the baby shower will be in today so I can start putting that whole gift together. And then I've got my "So You Think You Can Dance" to watch tonight. Shouldn't be too bad.
Have a fantastic Wednesday, Ladies!

07-23-2008, 10:33 AM
hmac - things have calmed down and we're all getting back to our schedules. I never used to be like this, but since having a baby I thrive on schedules.
Mt. Washmore :lol: it definitely is a mountain!

07-23-2008, 10:34 AM
Hello, everyone... My scale didn't like me for this week's weigh-in. :( I made the chick peas and my DS11 liked them, too. Now I'll have to make MORE because he's a snack hound.

Have to get back to exercising soon.

07-23-2008, 10:46 AM
I have been trying for the longest to get on the site but once I got here it wouldn't let me go into any threads.

Cottage enjoy the movie

Cat I hope yall have a great day!

Twynn :crossed:that something happens with selling your house

Nessa :hug:

fluffy :club: wheres that scale

dreary day out suppose to have rain on & off all day

07-23-2008, 11:02 AM
Morning my beach buddies~
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday.....Another hot day today!
Started day 8 of phase one today...which means weigh in...and I lost 8lbs!(yeah me!) I stayed off the scale since i start the beach (trying to weigh in once a week) So this was a great surprise for me... :D
Cottage: Wall-e is so cute! We really enjoyed the movie.
Cat: Say hello to Jillian for me...My DVD should be here any day now.
Zeffryn: Send me some rain..we really need it!
To everyone else skinny vibes!!
Have a great Day..I'll check in through out the day....

Sara :sunny:

:carrot: :dust: :broc:

07-23-2008, 11:03 AM
:wave: The Pypers are still here and I am cooking, cooking, cooking! We're having fun although the weather is crappy. They may take off and go to Montreal tomorrow. The forecast doesn't look good for the Fair, I'm afraid.

07-23-2008, 11:08 AM
good morning everyone,

Cottage-my boys saw Wall e and they liked it. The oldest one said it would be a buyer for a family movie.

Femme-enjoy your day trip with you family.


Belle-closets to clean out. It seems like I just the kids' and I went into their rooms and looked and they could be done again. This is going to be on the weekend chore list.

Nessa-Enjoy the rain if you get it.:rain: coming from the desert area we go out and sit in it if there is no lighting and it is renewing. People go by us when we do it probably thinking we are nuts:dizzy: but hey the kids talk about it for weeks..:yes:

Zeffryn-thanks for the advice you gave someone else. i was on a plateau for months and your advice was to EAT less if the person had lost a good amount of weight. Well no kidding why could I not think of that!!! I went through phase one and now not eating as much as before and low and behold the scale moved:carrot:down 1 spot but it MOVED.

Hmac-Year round schooling? Enjoy your quiet day.

As for me, still swimming the summer away. 2 weeks left before I need to go back to school and 3 weeks for the kids. I guess it is time to start getting the supplies and uniforms ready. Got my walk in already and getting ready for the pool so I better go.

Everyone have a great day and a safe one too!!!!

07-23-2008, 11:16 AM
I am hearing that we are not going to get any of the rain from the hurricane here in North Texas. Just 70% humidity tomorrow to go with our 100 temperatures. I am concerned for the people who live where the levees are expected to break. I'm praying it isn't as bad as it looks.

My manager sent me a Mrs Fields box with cookies and brownies for the way I handled a customer issue. I do appreciate it (especially since stuff like that and raises make it less likely I will get laid off next time layoffs hit our team) but I didn't need the calories. Luckily Brian is helping me eat them.

Brian got signed off on his Basketry merit badge last night. Now we just need to get by the leather store so he can pick up stuff to work on his leatherword merit badge. He really wants to do it so I'm going to do what I can to help him. And I love to see him stay busy in the summer.

07-23-2008, 11:42 AM
Morning all! Just a quickie! Little Guy had his first day of school today. We got tons of pictures and he's going to be fine, but it was a little rough on us, especially Tommy.

Have follow-up appointment with MY doctor at 1:15 today to hopefully get my blood pressure figured out. Wish me luck!

Gotta get to work all. Have a good day!


Belle Mer
07-23-2008, 11:54 AM
Good morning ladies!!! Happy Hump Day!

Belle Mer - So nice of you to loan out your car, but how sad that it was totaled. Was it your friends fault? Enjoy your organic veggies!

No, it wasn't her fault. Someone lost control of their car and did a big spin, hitting my car. Glad no one was hurt. Kinda made me sad to see my car get towed to the salvage yard, but oh well. It's just a car.

I bought some broccoli and romaine (for me) and some carrots and sweet potato chips (for puppy)

07-23-2008, 12:58 PM
Whew! Having the Hyper Pypers here is sure busy! I've been cooking huge meals and am bit relieved that they are going to Montreal for the day tomorrow. The silence will be lovely! Rain is in the forecast big time so it hasn't been much of a boating holiday for them. :(

I'm working on Fair stuff between hostess duties and haven't been around much. Next week will be better.

Happy Hump Day!

07-23-2008, 01:16 PM
Hey everybody!

I know I've been MIA, My work is getting hectic... Ahhhh!
I'll probably only be able to post on the fly for awhile to check in.

I poured myself a glass of wine with dinner last night & couldn't drink it... too sweet for my new improved taste for things.

I'm off to bed, Have a beachy day everyone!

07-23-2008, 01:51 PM
good morning everyone,

Hmac-Year round schooling? Enjoy your quiet day.

Not exactly. We have summer school for the students to catch up on credits and study for the High School Exit Exam. But there's lots of fieldtrips to encourage the students to come. It's usually really laid back and can be a lot of the fun.

07-23-2008, 05:37 PM
Nessa-Enjoy the rain if you get it.:rain: coming from the desert area we go out and sit in it if there is no lighting and it is renewing. People go by us when we do it probably thinking we are nuts:dizzy: but hey the kids talk about it for weeks..:yes:

I understand perfectly what you are saying Phxsunflower. When we get rain I grab a cup of coffee and sit on the patio to enjoy it AND if I wake up and it's a rainy day (like today) then I almost feel like skipping work. Not unlike spring fever when you are back east.

Ruth -- having company can be so much fun but it sure is a lot of work. It makes you feel kinda guilty to look forward to them going back home.

TwynnB -- you sound like my daughter ... she moved from AZ to NY State (where I grew up) because she loves the snow. I miss the green but I don't miss the snow or should I clarify that and say miss DRIVING in the snow. I still get to wear gloves when I drive but it is to hold onto the steering wheel in the summer, kind of like pot holders.

Actually this summer has been really nice. Today we are suppose to only get a high of 88 !!!! I was anxious in the spring because it was hitting 100 so early but the "heat of the summer" really has not been bad and we've gotten a bit of rain so all and all so far a nice summer. Very unique.

07-23-2008, 06:47 PM
Here's a pic of our happy family on Little Guy's first day of school!!!!

Belle Mer
07-23-2008, 07:21 PM
Well, once again wheat sensitivity has reared its ugly head. Today I had a whole wheat tortilla with my lunch (first wheat item in 2 weeks) and after that, I started to get huge carb cravings. I ate too much today, and I believe it is due to the whole wheat. I have had problems with white flour causing indigestion. Although I am not gluten intolerant, I have to be careful with whole wheat, too.

When I did SBD the last time, I didn't realize that whole wheat might be a trigger food. Now that I've joined this forum, I've learned a lot. I appreciate this forurm, and I'm very glad that you discuss the craving/trigger issue here so that I may be reminded of it and understand why this has happened.

I think I'll just try very hard to limit my grain products to oatmeal, sprouted grain english muffins-which never bother me even though they have sprouted wheat, and brown rice until I reach P3.

Anyone else have this problem with wheat?

07-23-2008, 10:24 PM
So this is kinda funny....

Was making supper first time making taco bake...relaxing, cooking..singing along to my music. I'm measuring out the cumin and the mess won't come i tap the little bottle..still i shake it...still i SQUEEZE it. Apparently I'm unaware of my own strength at this point because the bottle exploded. And I do mean exploded. I was bent over and got the mess ALL over my face, hair, shoulders, shirt, floor, cabinets, you name's there!! I just about died laughing it was so funny. Maybe it's one of those "had to be there moments" but man, it's got me laughing tonight!!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

07-24-2008, 12:51 AM
Happy Hump Day everyone! :)