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07-22-2008, 06:56 PM
They promise you all this "we will be here for you, we will weigh you three times a week, we will LISTEN to you and council you, we will bend over backwards to get you there, we will.... :hug:Then when you hand them over 700.00, they will try to make you feel like you got a deal, they will try to make you spend over 500.00 more dollars on their la lites and other tools as they call them, they will then push you through like cattle like you are wasting their time. My counselor told me when I was trying to ask her what I could be doing wrong " look honey, it's your weightloss babe." Follow or don't! OH!!! Now it's my weightloss! Now I'm on my own! She treats me like I am taking up her me time with her friends who stick there head in the door every second I am being counseled. I have been going there for 8 weeks now and I hate to even think about going back. It is a huge waste of your money and time. :mad:

S3 in LA
07-22-2008, 07:16 PM
I'd talk to a manager and explain your concerns.. see if they will assign you another counselor.. if not, ask for your money back.. if that won't work, call corporate. Yes, they are in a business to sell you more items.. but they are also obligated to fulfill a contract of service I am sure they had you sign with what you get for your money.

Least of all, when her friends come in to interrupt.. when both parties are there, ask them if you are here at a bad time and would they like you to reschedule. :D

just my 2 cents.. :) Sorry you are having to deal with such nonsense.

07-22-2008, 08:24 PM
I would complain too! Good luck!

07-22-2008, 08:52 PM
You are the client who has paid for the service. Demand what is your right. If she refuses to treat you with diginity and respect, then go over her head.

07-22-2008, 10:26 PM
when both parties are there, ask them if you are here at a bad time and would they like you to reschedule. :D

:lol: that's awesome!!

I agree, say something. You deserve to get what you paid for!

07-23-2008, 12:12 AM
I agree with the others...I'd complain. You are not getting what they promised.

07-23-2008, 06:59 AM
I agree with the others....your counselor is there to help you with your bumps in the road - with ideas or strategies. You can "do it or not" on your own...you have paid for her help.

07-23-2008, 11:15 AM
You need to complain, first to her and then to her manager. It's too much money to have such poor service.

07-23-2008, 06:18 PM
did you say SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS??????????????

wow, i wouldn't take lip from them for a second after shelling out that kinda cash!!!!

07-30-2008, 06:12 PM
Thanks you guys. Your right. I have 5 kids and I am a full time student. I did this on a student loan. My kids are so great, they came to me on mothers day and said "mom, we want you to go to LA Weight Loss for mothers day. You deserve to do something for yourself for a change." I would have never done something like that in a million years without their push. They want me to be happy and healthy and around for a long time. So do I. I will try it again.