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07-17-2008, 05:29 PM
I don't know what my problem is the past few days!! I just want to shovel food in as fast as I can!! I have been housesitting for my sil so my exercise is not being done as it is when I am at home. There is really nowhere to walk around here and she has no exercise equipment. Then the day before yesterday I got in a fight with my mom and it's really been stressing me. I never considered myself an emotional eater but the past few days has me rethinking it. I have ate on plan and just have to get busy when I want to eat everything in sight. Today is not going so well.....I stopped and got pizza for an easy dinner and have had a few more piece than I should have. Now I have no points left for dinner....I am so mad at myself but also don't care at the same time if that makes sense!! I have come so far and refuse to go backwards!! What is my problem???:?:

07-17-2008, 06:05 PM
...I am so mad at myself but also don't care at the same time if that makes sense!! I have come so far and refuse to go backwards!! What is my problem???:?:

Nope it doesn't make sense...but boy can I relate! That is exactly the thinking that has kept me fat for so long.

The fact that you recognize that you are thinking wrong is great. Now take the next step and go against the flawed thought process and have confidence in what you have learned. That food will not make it all better. Resisting unneccessary cravings feels good!

You messed up...but the days that you did good count too. So get back on plan as of this moment...not tomorrow. Deal with the damage and move onn

You can do this!


07-17-2008, 06:34 PM
Your problem: It's called life! We all experience these times. Good thing you are recognizing it opposed to ignoring what's going on. Soon as you return to your home, all will fall into place again.

07-17-2008, 07:47 PM
I can relate to your post! Whenever I'm in a new enviornment, I seem to not know what to do! I want to eat and eat because I feel out of control. I don't have all my usual foods, equipment, gum!!! or whatever it is that I typically rely on to stay on track. The worst is when I go to my parent's house because there's something about my childhood that takes over. I guess I used to eat a lot as a way to rebel...do what I want when nobody was looking. I guess some kids did drugs, and I did food! ;)

Anyway, now that you know that stress and being away from your usual environment messes w/ your efforts...now you can do something about it. First, forget about messing up. It's in the past. YOu're doing amazing on your diet so you obviously can do this! Second, next time...be prepared. Bring a workout dvd or do resistence exercises. Or, crank up some music and dance like a crazy chick! ;) Bring gum w/ you, bring premade snacks and meals. Take a good book...maybe one on weight loss?

If you're having a fight w/ your mom or anything is bothering you, maybe write in a journal? Punch some pillows...do anything but eat too much! :) Anyway, this is all advice I have to listen to myself, but I hope it helps you a little. :)

07-18-2008, 06:21 PM
Thanks guys! I am back home now so all is well. I still feel alittle moody but now I can get back to my routine. Next time something like this comes up, I will be better prepared!! I have came this far and can't stop now. ;)