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07-17-2008, 11:43 AM
HI & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Home of the BIG A$$ Walking Challenge!

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this summer. :running::tread:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter :gossip: about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee2: :cofdate:

07-17-2008, 11:50 AM
How do you get the ticker to show up under your post?

07-17-2008, 11:52 AM
It is put in the signature line...go to USERCP at the top left corner, then go to edit signature.

07-17-2008, 11:53 AM
Hello ladies...

Was going to get caught up and post but spent too much time starting the new thread. I have to go finish watching Sweeney Todd...started watching it last night with DD but could not stay awake. So I have to go finish it because DS is sending it back today...he has Netflix.

Have good one...I'll be back!

07-17-2008, 01:38 PM
Good Morning -

Welcome to BIK and 3fC defygravity531 :wave: Congrats on the 55 pound weight loss!

Cristina - I felt bad teasing you about the 128/228 last night. It struck me as funny :dizzy: and I wasn't even tipsy or full of coffee. hehe. Let me know how you like Sweeney Todd, I saw that with McD and the blood kind of bothered me after a while. Thanks for starting the new thread for us! :)

Francie - I am glad the neck is feeling better! Is Tacoma the biggest city close to you? I have only seen it from the freeway, looks vast (?!?!)...and isn't it weird they have better looking clothes on the websites?? And once you get in the store you can't find anything that you have seen.

Asia- I was teasing, no problem and you don't need to say you are sorry!! Hope you have a super Thursday!

Mindee- Cute avatar!
After the Kasier ended in Jan. we were over income due to my unemployment (can you imagine??lol) to get CareOregon. Gaby had to be 6 months without coverage, plus the income limit would go up $300 a month. So, I was in the office signing her up asap and they worked pretty quick, like the next day. I hate to say it but she will get better care w/ Doernbecher and Willamette Dental. And I can even get coverage if I was pregnant, so I am weighing the pro/cons on that.

jk! lol

Jules- That is kind of sad about Ry, he does seem far from home. :hug: On the bright side maybe you can make yearly visits :) and we can see you more.

Sassy- :hug: I am glad getting together w/ your family seemed to go well :)

I better go. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and I weighed in at 152, argh. Am I ever going to get it down???? So, annoying to me. Have to go shop for a 2 year old birthday present, any idea's?? It is for a girl...and I need 2 because they are twins :)

chat later.

07-17-2008, 02:44 PM
doing my daily pop in......

Tommy called me on his lunch break and said "what are you making for lunch?" I said "what are you talking about what am I making for lunch?" he then said "what are you making us for lunch?" needless to say, him and the lady that he was running a press with were sent home early because they ran out of work. He took her home and should be on his way home now.

I told the boys that they had to take naps or they weren't going swimming. Brandon is watching a movie, and Logan, well he is being Logan. I am not sure what I am going to make for lunch....Tommy wants me to make some peanut butter cookies, but I am thinking about waiting until tonight when it is cooler.

I will have to come back later to finish up.

psssstt Asia......that was me at 228.8

07-17-2008, 03:24 PM
Cristina~I really liked Sweeny Todd. But then I like mostly anything that has Johnny Depp in it. He could make a movie with him just watching paint dry and it would be genius, lol.

Susan~Well..Seattle & Tacoma are the biggest cities close to me. They're both like an hour or so away. But the Tacoma mall has Torrid, so thats why we went. What a waste of time that was, lol.

Mindee~I wish Fonzo could come home for running out of work to do. But noooo..some of the stupid people he works with dont even know what they're doing so Fonzo has to fix their effin messes. Oh well..only a couple more weeks and he'll be done with the ship!! Yay!!

Sassy~Too funny about the big eraser!! LoL!!! Dont you just hate it when family tells you how cute you were when you were little, or feels the need to remind you of some embarrassing thing you once did, lol.

AF is still around. She's been here for 7 flippin days now!!! I'm losing my mind!!!!! Why wont it go away!!!!!!!!!

Okay..I'm hungry, in need of a shower and really sleepy. I dont know which one is gonna win in the end, lol. But I'm leaning towards going back to bed and showering later. I'm gonna try to wait a little bit longer until Fonzo gets home, so we can nap together...

07-17-2008, 03:35 PM
Francie - What is AF?

Mindee - :wave:

Cristina - I found a Cristina doll!! I was going to say she looks like you but you are blonde. :dizzy:

Nope, I have never been blonde, bet you are all wondering that! haha.

My lunch is a salad but I have to get some shopping in first otherwise I will be having Gab in tow later on. It is her Friday, thank goodness, she could use a few days off.


07-17-2008, 03:36 PM
AF= Aunt flow

07-17-2008, 04:18 PM
Speaking of af. I have been waiting for like a week and a half. I have all of my symtons. You know.....crying for no boobs are so tender I can barely do my taebo. I have even had occasional cramping. And bloating like nobody's business. Where is flo. She has to come. There isnt any reason why she wouldnt. Maybe because right after the last one I started exercising a hour a day which was a hour more than previously. Maybe its throwing it off. I just hate this waiting with all of the pms. AAAHHHH. Thanks for letting me vent about that. I mean even all of my friends and my mother that normally start with me are started and almost over. We normally start withing a day of each other. k moving on.....

Susan- Argh!! I wish I could weigh 152!! I will eventually. And you will eventually get out of the 152 plateau.

Cristina- Did you finish Sweeny Todd? I went with a friend and I liked it but it is so gory. I def. liked the story line though. The ended was so crooked.

I did the biggest work out ever today. Because of all of the couscous I ate I made it back up to 134. Part I am sure was muscle because my muscles havnt gotten this big a work out in for ever. Anyways today after my strength training I weighed and I was back down to 172. So I am back on track. I did taebo strength and then Idid 36 push-ups, squats, calf raises, flys, lateral dumbell raise, lower and upper abs. I did everything. I am so proud of my push ups though. I have the worst upper body strength unless I am picking something up. Anyways I still have to do girly pushups but they are so hard core looking. I can actually go all the way down to the ground and keep my posture. I cant wait till I can do real ones.

07-17-2008, 05:39 PM
Okay, I am back, finally! Had things to do and I am done for the day, well, except for cooking dinner later and that chili and cornbread are sounding soooo freakin good right or not! Might have to make some tomorrow, anyway... don't have to feel bad missy. I knew you were kidding and I didn't take it wrong or anything. I did finally get some sleep thank goodness but I don't think enough. Funny about McD and the 6 yr olds having a melt down...I know Cambrie has them and she is only four, but then I have them too, lol. Can't wait to see a pic and I LOVE the cutie with my name...too bad she's not blonde darn it.

FRANCIE...that's weird the guy cutting your hair with an electric razor, never heard of that. I've had a razor cut before but not with an electric razor...maybe it was the fastest way to cut thru all your hair, lol. I like the tattoo...are you going with just the black or adding color to it? Isn't that usually the way it have money to spend and can't find anything? Then when you don't have money you find all kinds of stuff. Seems to always work that way with me anyway, lol. Make sure and send me your address when you guys move, that is if you want to. :)

SASSY...I don't mind hearing the cutesy stories but it's the embarassing ones that kill me. But then I do remember I was young and silly. Sounds like you had a nice time visiting with everyone.

MINDEE...wouldn't that have been great to be at 128.8 though? Didn't even see that typo, lol.

ASIA...I LOVE your tattoo too! I love crosses and that one is nice for sure, big, but nice. I am a chicken about getting one so big. Glad you caught the mistake before you kept eating more. I've misread labels before and paid for it, lol. Hey, if you don't make your goal that's are doing a great job so try to just stay focused on the now.

JULES...sounds like Teri has a good head on her shoulders! And yeah, unfortunately Dave will have to be a part of her life because of little Dominic...who knows, maybe in time he will change. It's terrible when the kids move away for sure. I know I had a hard time with Josh being so far away. Lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug:

HIYA KATY & SUE...& CLARA wherever you are, hoping you find your way back here, and hoping all is well with you all.

Okay, so I did like Sweeney Todd. Kind of had a hard time understanding a lot of what was said...seems like they mumbled a lot...but I actually liked it. I figured he was going to die and I knew who the bum was right from the start, lol. But never dreamed it would end like it did.

Back on track with the eating and exercise. Definitely need to work on my eating. I did a bad thing yesterday. When I went to the store I bought a bag of those mini choc donuts and I ate everyone of them :yikes: Yes, I did! That is horrible...I don't know what is wrong with me. I have the symptoms of TOM/AF but I believe I am totally thru with them so...but I had this craving for choc and not just any choc and ate the whole damn bag of them, lol. I'm not beating myself up over it because I know what I did and know that I won't do it again...I've never done that before either by the way. I was a little embarassed that I did it but whatever, lol...I did it and they were good! :T Wanna hear the grand total of cals for just those yesterday? A whopping 1620 cals that's if I ate and there was actually a full 6 servings in the bag. Let's just say I won't be buying them for a long was an impulse buy and I was hungry at the time too.

Today's exercise I did the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt, WATP Slim & Thin and I mowed the backyard and have 10 minutes of weights to do. I'm taking it easy on the weights because my right arm is a little sore from Tuesday. I helped V move some gravel and scooped three wheel barrows full for him and took two of those to the back so...still feeling it. But the BL workout kind of made it feel better.

I did get some sleep but still feel a little tired, well, sleepy actually. Got up early to get to wally world and buy groceries, well, finish buying groceries. Glad I didn't have much to get.

Have a good day everyone :hug:

07-17-2008, 06:08 PM
SUSAN...almost forgot...did you figure out what to get the 2 year old twins? I am never good at the gift buying/giving...never know what to get anyone, especially 2 year olds!

There was something else I was going to say and now I have forgotten. Oh well, guess it will come to me later.

Have a good day ladies!

07-17-2008, 06:41 PM
Cristina - No, I was thinking something to push or pull for the 2 year olds. lol I don't know, or a soft doll with zippers and buttons they can play with. :dizzy: We have a cute toy store in the village, I might go there...........but without Gaby because she will want something.
I liked your chocolate story! Cracked me up.........I mean it isn't funny but the way you wrote it , I could see myself doing the same exact thing.

anyway - bbl.........I have to rush and get Gabster!!

07-17-2008, 08:25 PM
we just got back from the pool maybe a half hour ago.....I was over there with the boys since 3:30, we came home maybe an hour later to get Tommy and myself in our suits. then back to the pool we went. we got home about 6:30 or we are eating dinner and then bedtime for the little ones. I took some pictures of them at the pool earlier, so I will have to upload those to my myspace.

all three kids got some sun.....even Marissa and she wasn't even in the pool that long. Tommy had me put some sun screen on the top of his was the kids sun screen but it still worked.

Francie~ I hope AF goes away soon! I hate those times when she stays too long. I am sure that you guys are counting down the days until he gets off that ship!

Cristina~ Don't worry about the typo......I like that weight MUCH better then what the scale tells me! LOL

hello to every one else......I am going to scoot here quickly since my dinner is done and Tommy is going to the store with Brandon......let will leave me to put Logan to bed.

07-17-2008, 10:18 PM
Back for the blink of an eye.......

Cristina - Be careful with wheel barrows and gravel!! Dangerous combo, take it easy. I can't believe I worked in the yard weeding for 3 days and had a hurt back for 2 days afterwards. Get some sleep :)

Mindee- Glad you guys enjoyed the pool today! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Asia- Good for you on the 172 and all the exercising! I hope TOM/FL happens soon. I just have the pre back ache this week and *itchiness. lol It has taken me since January to go from 171 to 152....what, 21 pounds?? lol.....and 13 1/2 months to lose 54 pounds, just seems slow and the up and down drives me bonkers. ..I do feel a lot better, I guess that is the most important thing.

Hello to everyone else!!! Going to the zoo tomorrow w/ the 6 year olds, Miss Alaska goes back Saturday. I guess we can't even go to the zoo til noon because she isn't use to getting up early.......poor little thing,she has been down here away from her mother for 6 weeks spending time w/ relatives....who don't know how to get her on a f-ing schedule. Oops, TOM speaking again...haha.....

night all :wave:

07-17-2008, 10:42 PM
Just a quik HI :wave: Was on my way to the laundry room and the 'puter was calling my name, lol. Will chat more tomorrow...SUSAN...enjoy the zoo and I am glad I can amuse you :lol: I was laughing at myself when I was typing it, lol.

Nighty, night ladies!

07-18-2008, 02:34 AM
doing my nightly pop in while I am uploading pics to my myspace......

I stepped on the scale last night, and I was 228.6!!!! Tommy talked to a lady from his work that said to try the Special K diet. I told him that I would look into online and go from there. for now, I am going to continue with SBD.

And, a YAY for me....he bought ice cream and I am leaving it alone! he told me that he was going to buy some, and I told him to get a really gross sounding ice cream and I will leave it alone! (he ended up getting moose tracks, which I have never had before and I am not about to start!)

07-18-2008, 01:33 PM
Good afternoon..Hope you are all well today and planning a wonderful week-end.

I took Mom to her Physical Therapy earlier. She goes twice a week and it effectively kills the morning. Just two more weeks and *fingers crossed* it will be over. It has helped with the achilles tendonitis and she is walking better. Now if we can get the swelling down. Heartwise they have her meds. under control and she is feeling some better. Back to the heart Dr. next week...along with therapy. It is worth it as we are seeing improvements.

I am trying to get back on track...with this heat I am not doing too well outdoors, so today is a WATP day. I hope to stay on top of the eating situation also. It has been a long time since I lost a pound...several weeks actually. And that is just the weight I gained last winter...the recycled stuff. I want to see the 164 I was at last summer.....before winter.

Okay, enough whining. I need to get up and do some housework before I WATP. Not doing indies until later...

07-18-2008, 03:40 PM
Morning Greetings from Oregon! :carrot:

Katy - when do you go to Maryhill??

Sue - :hug: to you and your mom. We can get back on track together! I seem to be up/down need to buckle down and get serious again.

Mindee - yay, to 228.6, probably down even more this morning. I always 1 to 2 pounds heavier at night. Rach was doing the subway diet til she realized the calories were for a 6 in and not a footlong, so she gave that up. lol

Cristina - I will TRY and enjoy the zoo, argh. Just in a mood (again).

I dreamed of toys all night for the 2 year olds. Their father said they like playing w/ their mothers purse so I was looking for purses or something girlie.

Have an hour and I need to run to the store and get some snack foods for Gaby , she likes those ranch rice cakes. blah - blah,,,,your post was very funny and so true in how we think at times. :hug: to you too!

Took Beck to see The Dark Night last night, there was a line already for the midnight showing at 10pm, so we didn't get there too early, she wanted to go at 8pm. I want to see Mama Mia, love ABBA music! :)

Gaby has 1 more week of school and they are going to the zoo on Thursday, so she will get a lot of zoo, course she loves animals.

anyway - coffee calls and the store, so better get going.

:wave: to everyone.

07-18-2008, 03:40 PM
Happy Friday!

Awfully quiet around here...

SUE...keeping my fingers crossed that your mom only has two more weeks of PT :crossed: I'm having the same problem...the heat, ick! But today I couldn't walk this morning because of the rain. Hope you have a good rest of the day.

MINDEE...I think the special K diet is just replacing two meals with two bowls of the cereal. A lot, or a few cereals are doing this now. I too would stick with the SBD since it is working for ya. And yay to 228.6! :yay: And you tell Tommy NO ICE CREAM in the house! :nono: You guys are having fun going to the pool. I've only been about three times this summer but thinking I would like to go a few more times. Might wait until next month when school starts.

SUSAN...I like that...Miss Alaska, lol. Sounds like she is a little spoiled. Hope you guys enjoy the zoo today. And you are doing GREAT with your weight loss...I think you are losing at a good pace. Now take a look at me, :lol: talk about slow. I am going to get a turtle tattoo on my foot tor represent my slow weight loss journey, lol. But you have come a long way baby!


Nothing much going on with me today. I woke up at 6 to go walking and it was raining so just went back to sleep. Sleep until almost 10, yikes! Oh well...finally got my arse up and moving and did the WATP Shape & Firm=2 miles & 30 minutes. Getting ready to jump on the treadmill for a 3 mile walk and then may do the Slim & Thin later this evening...depends on how long it takes me to do the 3 miles. Try to get at least 100 minutes of exercise a day when I'm not being lazy.

Ran to drop off the recycling also then ran to Target. I found some exercise clothes, a top for $6 and then pants, not on sale but whatever. Seems to be what I wear most of the time, about 90% of my time anyway. And I needed some 5 pound weights. I have 2 & 3 but the three doesn't seem to be challenging enough now. I am used to them so thought I would move up. Anyway, that's about it for my day...doing a couple of loads of laundry and walking.

Hoping everyone is having an awesome day! I'll try to get back later to see if anyone else has posted. :wave:

07-18-2008, 03:48 PM
Cristina -
Miss Alaska is half sister to McD's children ((he has a 21 daughter/and a 19 yr old son)), so I think Miss A has been on a 21 year old schedule. We chatted last night at 10pm and the girls were still out, I am not impressed.
But the zoo is for Miss.A so I don't care if the animals are awake in the afternoon.
Pretty sure the animals will all be asleep w/ their a$$es towards us snoring away. *sigh,,,,,,not that I care. lol

k- now I better get!! Chat later :)

07-18-2008, 03:48 PM
There ya are Ms SuzyQ! :wave:

OMG! Speaking of a$$es, lol...the last time we went to the zoo that is exactly how the animals were...asleep with their a$$es pointing at us/the windows :lol:

You know, I always forget about the time difference. Just look at the clock and think we all are in the same zone.

Funny about the 2 year olds liking to play with their moms purse...Cambrie loves the purses too! Of course she is 4 now but still. I think when DD was that age she liked the purses too...never even thought about it though until you mentioned it.

I don't want to see The Dark Knight...I think just for the fact that I know about the dead guy. But Mama Mia looks cute and I love Meryl Streep. Everytime I see the commercial the song gets stuck in my head all day, lol. I like Abba too!

Well, little Miss Gaby is going to get her fill of the zoo isn't she? Hope you guys enjoy it today! Try not to be in a mood :D I know that is easier said than done because I am in a mood too! I think for me it's the weather, maybe not...menopause maybe. Anywho...have a good day missy!

07-18-2008, 04:27 PM
doing my daily pop in in between chasing Brandon or Logan after they run out the front door.

I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am getting closer and closer to my goal! I was 227.8 this morning!!! I am down 5.8 pounds since I started SBD about a week and a half ago!

Sue~ You are doing amazing on your bike riding!! I hope things continue to go well with your mom between physical therapy and all her doctors.

OMG.....I just turned on the kidz only! station on our music stations and they are playing the Macarena! Scratch that...Brandon must not have liked it because he just grabbed the remote and changed it to a different station!

Cristina~ That is exactly what the Special K diet is. And it doesn't say anything about weight loss, you just lose inches. I haven't even looked into it at all......As for Tommy and the ice cream, he jumped ship after our argument on Tuesday. So, I am doing the SBD by myself. And I am holding my own. I just started to incorporate 1 Coke Zero into what I drink and I am holding my own like I mentioned. If I had my way, we would be at the pool ALL the time.....but alas, life gets in the way.......

gotta run, they are in my room and I hear one of them taking something apart!

07-18-2008, 06:07 PM
Hey hey hey!!! LoL!!

Today is a totally boring kick back day here. It's kinda cold too!! Which sucks, cuz I just got my new dress today and I can't wear it. This is my dress:

Anyhoo..we took Lucky on a car ride today. She had to go in the cat carrier. :( She kept meowing, but it wasnt anything horrible. For the most part she was a very good kitty. She just doesn't like it when Fonzo breaks hard and she doesn't like speed bumps, lol. Fonzo totally almost made me cry too. He was trying to say what Lucky was thinking. He was all like, "why am I in here?" "I thought you loved me?" "What did I do wrong". I swear, I had tears in my eyes and I wanted to pick her up and hold her. My little baby kitty is so sweet, and Fonzo is so mean sometimes, lol. But Lucky is okay. She even took her time getting out of the carrier, lol. We're going to buy the cats these super nice carriers from Petsmart. So hopefully it will be more comfy than the hard ones.

Oh..tomorrow, we're going to see the new Batman movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!! I bought the tickets online a few days ago!!!!!!!!!

OKay..time for my nap, lol.

07-18-2008, 06:54 PM

...back again for a few minutes. Earlier I went ahead and added 5.5 miles for my exercise and wanted to update because I actually did 6.56 so need to add 1.06 to my ticker...trying to keep this stuff straight but I bet my addition is off a little. No worry...I write down everything on my printed calendars.

FRANCIE...that is a cute dress! I take it you got the pink one? I love it! May have to get me one if they have some. Think it would be perfect to wear around the house. Sorry, but I had to laugh at Fonzo and the kitty. He was just teasing anyway...but really...wish I could get into my dogs head sometimes. I really wonder what they think about us. Enjoy the Batman movie tomorrow.

MINDEE...good for you for sticking with SBD! :bravo: And CONGRAT'S on making it to 227.8! :carrot: Yeah, I agree about the pool...I told V we need to put one in the back...wouldn't it be nice to just walk out your door into the pool. Ahhh, I can dream can't I? We had an above ground one when we lived in OK and enjoyed it but they are a lot of work, and if you don't know anything about them it gets confusing with the chemicals...ya gotta add the right amount of this and that...such the pain.

HI to everyone else :wave: Better go add the extra mile before I forget.

07-18-2008, 08:33 PM
doing my early night time pop in.....

the boys are watching a movie, which is now going over, so Logan will be heading to bed.....then cuddle time for Brandon. Marissa is already in bed.....Tommy just pulled in from doing laundry. but we have to go down stairs in the basement to get the boys' costumes for tomorrow!

Cristina~ Thanks for the nice words! I thought that I wouldn't be able to continue on my own if he were to jump ship....but I have grown and know that I will be able to do it without any problems. I know what you mean about having a pool in the back yard.......we used to have one when I lived at home. My parents have one in their back yard now, which is nice when we visit.

Francie~ That dress is beautiful!!!! I am going to have to look around that site!

gotta run and put Logan to bed

07-18-2008, 09:29 PM
Cristina~Ya, I got the pink one!! It's pretty and really comfy!! Plus..for some odd reason, it makes me feel thin, lol. And it makes my boobs look bigger!! LOL!! I know Fonzo was just teasing, but it was mean, lol. I sometimes wonder what my cats think of us, lol. They probably think we're total weirdos. They give us looks like we are, lol.

Mindee~You should look around the site. They have tons of nice stuff!!!

07-18-2008, 10:51 PM
Hey everyone!

Francie - oh the looks you get from your cats are nothing compared to the ones you will get from your children for silly little things like, oh, feeding them, or, giving them hugs in public. That dress is very cute...and I'm sure there is still enough warm weather left for you to get some wear out of it.

Mindee - sounds like you had a fun time at the pool - it's great that your boys like the water - great exercise and they sleep better. Congrats on you WL...keep up the good work! And wtg on staying away from the ice cream:carrot::carrot:

Susan- I go to Maryhill on Sunday. Thinker Toys (village toy shop) has great toys for toddlers..they have a rack of wooden push toys that my kids still like after all this time. It's hard living so close...can just walk right on over and empty out the check book (after a trip across the street to Northwest Wools, of course) We were just at TT to buy birthday party gifts...stuck with good ol' legos. We bought the younger brother of the birthday boy an bug kit. He can catch them them put them in a little see through cage to examine them. There are also tweezers " for torture, of course" I said to DH.:dizzy: Why else would there be tweezers?!

Cristina - from the pix I've seen of your back yard, a pool would be perfect! Of course, you would need a hot tub, too. And a guest house, so I can come stay for weeks at a time, lol! I want to see Mamma Mia, too it looks like alot of fun and we all love ABBA music.

Hi Asia and Sue...hope you both are having a nice evening...Asia loved the pic of your's beautiful. Sue - glad your mom is seeing some improvement...don't worry you will get back on track. It's hard to focus on yourself when you are busy taking care of another family member, but it will happen.

Well, my latest chance at fame and fortune just slipped through my fingers ...AGAIN (snort). As some of you know, I am a participant in a Kaiser Permanente weight loss research study. Kaiser just published some findings associated with an earlier study saying that weight loss doubles for people who keep food diaries. BTW, our study appears to be confirming that research, but we are not done yet, and our study also looks at the Atkins diet. Since there was so much publicity, Good Morning America wanted to talk to some study participants about how they use food diaries. I was asked to participate, but I will be at Maryhill when they have the interview - darn! That could have been fun...but it was flattering to be asked I have to say.

To day was a fun day. We went to Salem for a visit with my grandmother. While there we checked out the Salem Art Fair and Festival ( It is the largest juried art festival in Oregon and free! They have a great kid's area with lots of art projects, so we had a good time. My uncle told us to check out the Zimbabwe Art Project (, as he and his wife brought the art to Salem from Zimbabwe. I was moved by the stories of the women who created the art to sell so that they can support their families.

Hopefully I'll get back to post before I leave..have a great weekend everyone!

07-18-2008, 11:15 PM
Back to say good night.......

Katy - I saw the wooden toy sticks, very cute. I think they were like $32 dollars though and I have to get 2 and the purse idea I really I passed. I love the store though and the owners are very nice, use to coach Rach in basketball.
Sounds like you and the family had a fun day! Be safe driving on Sunday, and enjoy your week!

Mindee - :bravo: on the 5.8 pounds!

Francie - Cute dress, it was kind of cool this morning but suppose to get back in the 90's. Anyway- don't forget a pic w/ the dress on and with your new hair do you will look adorable! :) Tell Fonzo he is mean!! lol.....I talk for my cats too, my kids can't stand it. My momo has a cut on his front leg, he was licking it, hope it doesn't get infected.

Cristina - The zoo was fine and I took your words to heart and *gasp * enjoyed myself. When I first arrived though some lady yelled at me for taking a parking spot......I can't help it if her van is slow and I did put my time in going around and around the parking lot.
So, she honked and said I was rude beyond words. Poor Gaby goes "I am scared, I don't want to get out of the car"...and Little Miss Alaska said "oh, come on...nothing to be scared about"

anyway- McD and his daughter arrived seperate and they were waiting for us
at the entrance and we spent 5 hours walking around. I enjoyed the walking but told McD we would have to go back early in the morning sometime when the animals were more active and we agreed to go back to hear a concert some evening.

In the morning I was going to go to Toys R Us and look for purses or lol The birthday party is at 3pm and Gab will go w/ her father at 6pm and I go w/ McD to another party in the evening, it'll be a busy day.

I did want to see Mamma Mia.....don't know when I can squeeze that in....

oh, and Becky LOVED the Dark Knight!

k - off to get some sleep....

:wave: to Jules, Sassy, Sue, Tammy, and Asia!

07-19-2008, 12:31 AM
Just checking in before bedtime. Too late to do indies..and I promised. So sorry.
I also said I was doing WATP and kept getting side tracked. (An upsetting phone call and then a lengthy phone chat with "baby boy.") So I went for a 3 mile bike ride. I know, I know, I should have done both!
I did eat pretty well today...just cereal for a brunch time meal. Then DH grilled pork tenderloin chops, so I had one with sauteed veggies: zucchini, yellow squash, onions, garlic and green peppers. I passed on the shrimp cocktail, grilled shrimp and potato pancakes. I ate some sweet cherries, fresh ones. Later I had some of the rice cakes Susan mentioned..ranch ones. They were not too bad and satisfied my NEED for potato chips. I will try harder to exercise more tomorrow and already know I am going to eat one smoked sausage dog at some point tomorrow. I will fill in the rest of the day with fruit, veggies and cereal. Going to the farmer's market in the a.m. for healthy stuff. :)

night all....

07-19-2008, 12:47 AM
doing my late night pop in.....

we are about to play a game, probably monopoly, and just enjoying some time together. we went down to the basement to get out the boys costumes for trick or treating.......I even pulled out an extra one just in case.

thanks for the nice comments on the weight loss and staying away from the ice cream. it just doesn't sound good to me first I was thinking of ice cream as being bad for me, and then I was reminded that I can't think of things as bad for me and good for me....I have to use my judgement and the right portion size for myself.

07-19-2008, 02:07 AM
Well hello ladies!!! I am sitting here painting my nails and listening to my favorite songs. I am trying to wind down from this crazy night. ARGH!! I did work out today. It was good. I am down a half a lbs. In another half I will of lost 10 pounds. I am so exctied. I am gonna workout extra hard tomarrow. Who knows. Anyways moving on....

Cristina- I love the biggest looser workouts. They are so much fun!!! I wouldnt worry about the donuts. We are allowed a splurge every once and a while. I actually despise donuts. I hate them. If it were salty pringles.....I would be done. I have eating whole cans of pringles before. I cant believe you exersice 100 min a day. I think its hard just doing an hour! Wtg girl!!! Keep it up!!!

Susan- AF is officially here. The weird thing is it isnt a hasel. I think its because I exersiced but this is a really really easy one. I actually dont mind it too much. Normally it would get in the way of me working out but I dont think it will because this time it is so light. Have fun at the zoo. Wish you could go sooner!!

Mindee- Way to go on the 5.8 lbs!! That is awesome. And good job on the refusal of ice cream. When i turned 20 or so I developed an alergy to dairy. Its not lactose intolerance. Its something else. However if I eat organic icecream it doesnt bother me. Never the less I dont eat icecream much any more. I love it but I dont like to spend the next day in the bathroom.

Sue- its good to here that your mother is doing better! You can def get back down to your summer weight!!!

Francie- My bf is just like this with my little dog Scooter. Except he says things like I wonder if I kick will he flip vertically or horizontally? He is just kidding but he is awful. So i feel your pain.

Rosiekate- It would of been cool if you were interviewed. I would of been so nervous. I really should keep a food diary. I have one. Its even opened to an empty page. I just am bad at that stuff. I think I might try tomorrow.

07-19-2008, 08:49 AM
Hi all...quick one to ler you know I am here...the boy is keeping me hopping this weekend....

07-19-2008, 02:12 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Saturday to all!

ASIA...yeah, I wasn't beating myself up too much over the donuts. I've bought them before and usually take a serving size, which is 4 but they were sitting next to me and I think I was just bored. Yeppers, I aim for no less than 100 minutes a day. Tried to cut back but I feel weird if I do. I have had some 90 minute days and was satisfied with that but still felt like I was cheating myself, lol. And THANK YOU! I enjoy the Biggest Loser workouts also and I LOVE the show! Can't wait for it to start. are right...that is how I lost weight. Nothing is off limits for me and sometimes I think that is part of the problem. But at the same time, I know me...the minute I tell myself I can't have something is the minute I want it and over indulge...okay, donuts aside, lol. For some reason I was thinking you couldn't have it durint he first phase of SB. What do I know?I only skimmed thru the book when I had it. Did you guys play a game?

JULES...HI...BYE :D The little one does keep you going doesn't he? I know Cambrie did me when she was here and Dominic is younger and definitely needs more of you. You enjoy him while you can because they grow up way too fast! :(

SUSAN...glad you enjoyed the Zoo. Geez, woman, 5 hours? Of course your Zoo is most likely A LOT bigger than our teeny tiny one here. Sorry about the lady scaring Gaby, poor little thing. Did ya find a purse or something? Hey, what about a book? They have a lot of learning/play books where you push things or feel things. Have a fun time with McD later!

KATY...I checked out the site. I swear we need to move somewhere closer to stuff like that. DD would absolutely love that. I like the art museums but not near as much as she does. Glad you guys had a nice time. Sorry you will miss out on the interview but have a safe, fun trip/weekend!

SUE...hugs to you! :hug: :hug: Sorry about the phone calls. And you will get back on track. Like Katy said, it's hard when you are taking care of someone else but I think you are doing pretty good's all about the boobs! Lol That really is a cute dress though and I like it. And I am serious about getting one, lol...such the copycat I am. Hope you and Fonzo enjoy the movie today.

I am burning up! It is so hot and humid out, plus I had just finished a workout so...taking me a while to cool down. I woke up early and sat out on the deck this morning. It was so nice and cool and there was a breeze. DD joined me and I think we sat there for about a hour. Then we had to get to work, lol...she, cleaning the house and me with my exercise. Nothing special going on today. V is working and the same old for me...reading, computer time, laundry and time, eh? I am going to go make a new myspace page...I want to blog things but don't want to mix the exercise with the troops, I know sounds weird but that's me. That will keep me busy for a while for sure. I'll send a link to everyone once I am done.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend! Love ya

07-19-2008, 03:02 PM
GOOD MORNING BALTIMORE!!!! (LoL..sorry, I'm listening to the Hairspray soundtrack right now)

Mindee~WTG on not eating the ice cream. You could always try frozen yogurt though. I try not to eat so much ice cream..but when it gets hot, my body craves something ice cold. It's totally weird. I usually have sherbert or frozen yogurt in the freezer. Mmm..I like orange sherbert the best, lol. Which is weird cuz I dont like anything orange, lol.

Asia~OMG!!! That is soooooo mean!!! Fonzo used to say the same thing about one of his sister's dogs. It was a tiny dog. And his dogs were always chows. What breed is your dog??

Cristina~You should totally get the dress. Then we can meet and be twins, lol. It must've been nice sitting out on your deck. I wish I could do that. But its kinda boring just sitting out on my balcony. All I have to look at is trees, lol. I wish I had a nice ocean view..but oh well. Maybe someday, lol.

OKay so last night, I had a total brainfart, lol. I totally forgot how old I was. I dunno why I was even thinking of it to begin with. But I was like.."am I 22 or 23?" LOL!!! I had to think of how old Fonzo is, and remember that I'm a year younger than he is, lol. I'm such a loser. In my mind, I stopped aging after I turned 21, lol. I dont wanna turn 24 next year. It just reminds me that I still haven't had a baby (as if I didnt know right? LoL!!)

Anyways..we're going to see the new Batman movie tonight!!!!!!!! I'm so freakin excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love me some hot Christian Bale!!! LoL!!! Yum!!! LoL!! He's like the HOTTEST Batman ever!!!

07-19-2008, 03:02 PM
Well...I got a late start on the day and missed the farmer's market. :( So I will just go to a local fruit market later.

I did have a whole grain English muffin and a fresh peach for mid morning. I am not an early breakfast person...have to be up a good while before I eat. I am still longing for the sausage will have ONE of those later. (I know if I don't allow it I will pig out and eat all sorts of bad things, trying to satisfy that craving.)

Nothing planned for the day. I already cleaned the bathrooms, steam mopped all of the tile floors and swiftered the wood. Ran the vacuum yesterday on the carpets. I am deep into a book and hope to get some reading time. Also have the movie Waitress to watch.

Mindee- You first girlie, you are doing awesome and I like the attitude of being able to do it even tho Tommy bailed on you. :) You GO girl! You are right that you can decide what to eat and just watch the portions. This country in general has really taught us all to eat super portions. A real dis-service to us and our children. I usually cook way too much food for a meal and we do leftovers, but it does encourage over eating. I am doing better at putting the correct portions on my plate and never re-filling. It is all about discipline and I have been slacking. You are doing great with the pool time too.

Asia- Great kudos to you also. I think 10 pounds is fantastic! Keep up the good work. Me, I actually had gained almost 10 pounds and am trying hard to lose that so I can get BACK to where I started. That's awful, and I pray I don't let it happen again. You will lose that half pound before you know it!

Susan- You do make me smile...sometimes laugh right out loud. Your putting your time in going around the parking lot...and the animal a$$es! Too funny. Hope you are having a good w.e. Thanks for the :hug: for Mom..she is doing quite well today.

Cristina- I hear ya about the pool...would be nice. But I also know they are lots of work. We had an above ground when the kids were growing up and it kept DH busy. Now DD has an olympic size in ground and has enjoyed it for years with her growing kids. This year with one teen at home, and working all summer, they didn't even open the pool. DD and her DH are busy working on a farm they are re-habbing, along with both working full time, so no time for the pool. You are still doing a terrific job on the exercise. I keep wanting to do WATP again...get side-tracked. (or am lazy) I did ride 3 miles on the bike last night, so a step in the right direction.

Katy- Have a good time on your week away. Thank you for the kind words. It has been a stressful year and I have to learn to not turn to food when I am stressed. It is hard!

Jules- Hi to you. Have fun with your grandbaby. Do you all have a nickname for him yet?

Francie- Neat dress. Did you get a chance to wear it? I also meant to tell you...I LOVE your hair-cut. Looks great!

Okay...if I have missed anyone I am sorry...I got side-tracked with a visit from my niece and her baby during this typing. So my mind wandered. :)

07-19-2008, 03:05 PM
Francie- OMG...he is something else! Even makes an old gal take notice! :)

07-19-2008, 04:07 PM
Good Morning -

Sue - Aren't those rice cakes good? I get the Quaker ones, I think it is like 70 calories a serving. I also like snap peas, I ate a handful of those last night, kind of soothes me to hear the crunching sound :dizzy: I am glad your mother is doing well, with all your cleaning I hope you get some down time this weekend! :hug:

Jules - :wave:

Asia - :hug: sorry about the AF/ TOM...... mine is still waiting to make a grand entrance....can't do anything half a$$ , you the time it comes no one is talking to me because I have been so *itchy. lol

Cristina - Yes!! I found some Hello Kitty purses at T-R-Us, they are made out of cloth , I bought a blue and pink one for $12.99 ea. Gab tagged along and she bought a toy for $20...argh
At the zoo we missed the rainforest and the primates...oops and tigers too. It is a nice zoo but I think the elephants need a bigger space, way too small, kind of depressing to see them caged. Course I am pmsing so everything makes me teary or *itchy. lol

:wave: to everyone else!!

on the run at the moment....had oatmeal for breakfast, along w/ a banana, going to finish up my laundry, get Gab's bag packed for later and maybe get tipsy before the party. Ugh.....the 2 year old won't know...they will just think I am a fun loopy adult. It is at my ex husbands son's house...all the ex step-children and grandkids....need I say more??

Like I need permission to get tipsy at 3pm. haha.

k- adios......

07-20-2008, 11:45 AM
oooh CB is such a hottie..We loved Batman Returns and are hoping to get out for a date night to see Dark Knight. We want to see that and Mamma Mia, but get out to movies rarely so will have to choose, I guess.

Another night of crappy sleep :?::?::?: I think I'm really close to TOM, so I just want to tell Mother Nature "bring it" because all the PMS is driving me crazy.

Yesterday I took the kids to a friend's 5 yo birthday party and they had the Reptile Man ( there. Way to see a black water snake eat a mouse start to finish. He had a cobra and a rattler which were highly entertaining. The kids got to hold various pythons and boas...much fun had by all. Well, maybe not some of the parents, but I thought was very cool.

I'm off to Maryhill ( for the week, so stay out of trouble kiddoes ;)

07-20-2008, 01:25 PM
quickie again....spending the day with Teri and Dominic. Jerry wants to drop a tree too. It's dead and in the front yard and he's afraid the wind will knock it over.

07-20-2008, 03:06 PM
Hello all...

FRANCIE...I completely forgot about the dress but am headed to Torrid online as soon as I post! That dress just looks so comfortable. For years I wore dresses all the time and for some reason I quit. Well, I don't have anything to look at on/from the deck...if I am in the swing it faces the side of the neighbors house. If I am in the chair it faces a dirt hill behind our fence. They are building houses back there but the reserve dirt is piled up behind our house...not too close but definitely ruined the view. So how was the movie? I've heard it is good! And I love(d) Hairspray...too funny.

SUSAN...yay to the purses! I think sometimes I need a couple of drinks before 3, lol. I'm not a drinker though and the only thing I have around that would give me a buzz is my energy drinks, lol. Hope you had a decent time at the party and a GREAT time with McD!

Hiya everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on with me today...laundry and reading. Pretty lazy Sunday for me. The book I was reading bored me a little so I started another. Was reading The Saving Graces...not thrilled with the way it is written. I will finish it but had to start something else. Started Cross by James Patterson...always like his books. Anyway...have a great Sunday everyone :hug:

07-20-2008, 03:07 PM
Hola everyone!!

We went to see Dark Knight last night..and OMG!!!!!!! That movie was freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Heath Ledger as the Joker was scary!!! I got really scared in some parts, lol. He was soooooooooooo good!!!!!!! And Christian Bale looked hella yummy of course. I love him. Thank God we bought our tickets online, cuz it was sold out!!! Then there was a line just to get in the theatre!! It was crazy!! But it was totally worth it!! I'm glad we got to see it last night.

Anyhoo..I'm gonna go and have some breakfast, then start cleaning. BBL.

07-20-2008, 03:33 PM
FRANCIE...glad you loved the movie!

And forgot to careful and have fun! careful with the tree...they always scare me, cutting the down that is.

Have a good dday!

07-20-2008, 04:22 PM
Good Morning,

Cristina - You do so good on your reading, it has been awhile here that I have come across a book I have wanted to read. The parties were nice and the little 2 year olds are growing up way too fast. A tad annoyed they had a wading pool out all the kids were getting wet in....and of course Gaby can't resist and not long before she is all wet in her sundress.
Being lazy saved the day because I had her bag from last weekend w/ her father still in my trunk w/ extra clothes!:carrot:
And the time w/ Mc was fine, of course I didn't want to go. I just wanted to go to sleep, lol but I went and it was fun. The hostess made burritos and a big pan of enchiladas, plus homemade pies. Did I say this was a birthday party for their older children?? It was and it was very nice.

I ate too much but can't do anything about it now, so trying to get back on track today and not punish myself by fasting or some lame thing like that.

:wave:Hi to everyone else. Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Have 3 hours til my Gabster comes home so need to get some groceries in the house before she comes home.

Chat later.

07-20-2008, 04:29 PM
just popping in to let you all know that I am still alive!

we all had a blast yesterday up at the campgrounds! they had a blast going trick or treating.....even though it rained! we walked around for about 7 hours......we only sat down to eat dinner or to talk to some friends and that was it.

when I got the mail yesterday when we got home, I got some mail from the kids insurance that I have to pick an insurance plan for them by August 1st. So, I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning to get them into a plan! And then Brandon will be getting into the ENT hopefully next month!

now that I have quiet around here......every body is taking naps, including Tommy! we were watching a show called "Flip This House" and it was the episode where Armando goes on a diet and starts yelling and screaming at everybody. I told Tommy that that is how he is on a diet.

Asia~ That sounds like me! If I eat ice cream, I will end up in the bathroom shortly after that. But then again, it can happen if I eat too much dairy in one day as well. Good job on the half a pound! before you know it, you will be down 10 pounds!!!

Cristina~ That is my biggest problem.....I don't put stuff as being off limits. Sometimes I wonder if my body still thinks that I have to eat for two since I have been doing it since July of 2003! I love my kids and all, but I wish that we had more of a chance to get my body back into the eating for one purpose, and then getting back into the eating for two. Yeah, actually Friday night we played cards. Last night we were going to play the trivia games on the cable box, but I fell asleep on the couch waiting for him to get off the computer.

Francie~ I have moments like those all the time! But for me I have to think of how old Tommy is, and then count 5 1/2 years below that! I so don't want to turn 26 next month!

Sue~ I know exactly what you mean! If I tell myself "no you can't have that" that makes me want it all the more, and then I will pig out on it. we have goodies in the house here from the kids trick or I am trying my hardest to keep my blinders on with all of it! I just had some left over chili dip from Friday night. I agree with you on this country doing a HUGE dis-service to all of us!

Saturday morning, Brandon got up at 2am, which in return woke Marissa up. Tommy changed Brandon and he climbed up on our bed, while I changed Marissa and gave her a milk bottle. we all laid down and went to bed. I got up at 3:22am because I just felt like I was going to throw up, so I flung the blankets back and as soon as I did that, I saw a head pop up in the crib next to me and heard a "mama" come from the crib. I ran to the bathroom, and did what I needed to do, then went back to bed. then when we got to the half way point on our trip to the campground I had Tommy stop so I could go to the bathroom. he said "you just went pee before we left. are you sure that you are not pregnant?" I said "it is kind of hard for me to get pregnant with my tubes tied, goof ball." When I did manage to fall back to sleep after I had to run to the bathroom, I had a dream about Tommy's godmother that passed away last year.

07-20-2008, 04:31 PM
SuzieQ~ How are you doing?

07-20-2008, 04:45 PM
Cristina~Did you get the dress?? The one I saw at the store was actually shorter than I one I bought online, lol. So I'm happy I bought it online. I can sorta see the road if I look between the trees, lol. And I can see into other people's backyards. But I dont think they'd want me snooping, lol. Although, the people downstairs have dead dead grass. Light a match, and the whole thing will go up in flames.

Mindee~One of my friends asked me how old I was..and I told her 21, lol. And I was wait, I'm 23!! Lmao!! I'm such an airhead sometimes. I dont wanna be 23. I dont wanna be 24. Thats almost close to 30!!!!! I'm too young to be almost 30!! LoL!! I remember when I was 16 and I kept thinking I would never be 21. And now I wish I could be 16 again.

Okay..I was really stupid and bought a cd from Walmart. How could I be so dumb. I dont believing censoring music. And they bleeped out the dumbest thing too. It wasnt even a curse word. I feel like going back and putting a really explicated cd on the shelf, lol.

Anyways..I'm gonna find something to do..

07-20-2008, 11:59 PM
G'night all....... :wave:

I will be glad when Monday gets here when I will be back on a schedule. Too much free time for eating :yikes:

Mindee- I am fine, thanks for asking. It is good to hear that you had fun at the campground....also that your medical coverage is in place for the kids , I bet that is a huge relief.

I need to go get my Gaby to bed, her last week of school is ahead. Ate too much today but figure it is the *Lost Weekend* and might as well enjoy it. I bought a small pack of nutter butters, craving peanut butter....also had a steak w/ A-1 sauce, yum to that too.

Hope to feel better tomorrow. I ate refried beans last night and REGRET that, just all out of sorts -ugh. Too much info???? hehe

Everyone have a good night.

07-21-2008, 01:07 AM
doing my nightly pop in......

we ended up going for a walk after dinner. we took the kids to the park across the street, and they played then we walked the pier, and then we sat and watched the boats and jet skis. then we came back home and walked around the complex. we walked passed the office manager's daughter's apartment and her son came running out (the daughter's son) so we stopped and then walked with the grandson and the office manager (his grandma). then the boys got their bikes out and they all played for a little bit.

we won't be able to go swimming any time soon. some dumb people went into the pool after it was closed, and now the pool is GREEN. the health department comes out on Tuesday, and they will for surely close the pool down now!

Francie~ I have plenty of moments like that! LMAO! I hate when they do that on some literally bugs me until I can get online to read the lyrics to see if they were right to censor the lyrics or not.

SuzieQ~ I agree with you! I wish I could have the week all the time......the weekends are the worst for me! I always seem to have to retrain myself come Monday morning. the kids insurance won't go back into affect until the 1st of August, but that is just next I am VERY happy about that!

07-21-2008, 01:11 AM
Finally made it to the fruit market. We bought honeydew, bananas, peaches, plums, apricots and tomatoes. I am having fruit salad for breakfast tomorrow. Looking forward to that. I also still have sweet cherries in the fridge.

Got in a 2 mile bike ride, and ate pretty decent. Do you suppose I could see a change on the scales tomorrow? Nah...doubt that.

Goodnight good and have a good Monday.

07-21-2008, 01:13 AM
sue~ you snuck in on me! that sounds like a yummy breakfast! I will be able to slide in some fruit again starting Tuesday!

07-21-2008, 03:36 AM
Mindee~I dont think it's right to censor lyrics at all. I hate having people tell me what I can or cannot listen to. That should be my choice, not theirs. I dunno, I think I get this attitude from my mom. A lot of the music she listened to growing up was censored, and she was very against it. She bought me Eminem cds with pride, lmao.

Sue~Mmmm..I want some peaches now. Enjoy your fruit salad for breakfast!!! You're not gonna put the tomatoes in it, are you? LoL!!

07-21-2008, 01:51 PM
Mindee- That is just one of the reasons I didn't succeed at SBD. I love my fruit. When I am watching my food I use lots of fruits. (should all the time)

Francie- I didn't mix up a fruit salad after all. I had an English muffin (110 cal.) with lite margerine (50) and a huge peach. That will keep me going for awhile. I have an apricot cut up in case I get the it's all good.

Well, I did weigh in and I think I might be down a tad. I don't have a digital scale, just an old dial type...and looks like it was close to a pound down. We will not get too excited until next week and see if it moves more...LOL

Nothing planned for today. Laundry and changing bedsheets day...yippee.
Also plan to iron...double yippee.

See how exciting my life is?

07-21-2008, 02:15 PM
Good Morning -

Mindee- Ugh, what would you do if the pool closes down? A lot of hot weather still coming up, do you have wading pools in any of the parks? Something about being out of a routine that stresses me, I eat out of boredom and/or lack of anything else to do. I am very glad it is Monday :)

Sue - Fruit sounds good, I have a hard time eating enough though. I don't mind my banana w/ the oatmeal but everything else is kind of a chore.
Now, veggies, no problem. Anyway, there was a neat article in the Sunday paper about all the U-pick farms in the area (called the fruit loop out in Hood River) so I was wanting to tale the girls out there this Friday.
I like the dial scales, cross fingers you are even further down next week on WI :)

Francie - :wave:

bbl, I have some job things to do. I am up a tad but will wait til Friday to see about a changing the ticker. Have hopes it will go down. Was able to get up at 6am and take a 3 miles walk before Gaby had to get up for school! Yay for that.

If I do everything I plan today I am going to reward myself and go see Mamma Mia tonight. Otherwise I guess that is it.

Hope you all have a good Monday.

07-21-2008, 03:12 PM
I guess I thought it was funny. I know,weirdness. I was going to use it as an avatar but it is a gif. so no luck.

07-21-2008, 03:39 PM
Susan how did you get that? I need one. I will share why later. I have to take a shower. i am drenched in sweat.

07-21-2008, 03:49 PM
Asia - It was in photobucket and I searched under weight loss. There are a lot of pages, I just randomly look til I find something I like. Good luck! :)

Lunch time here!! I fix my tenderloin chicken w/ soy sauce, it taste so good, along w/ steamed veggies. I haven't even started on water so better get off my butt and do that.

Adios :wave:

07-21-2008, 04:02 PM
Hey everyone :wave: :wave:

Nothing much going on with me. I had a really bad night, so I'm still a little tired. I couldn't get comfy at all..then it was just too damn hot in the room. My whole body was covered in sweat. My hair was the sweatiest most of all. It was gross, and it wouldnt dry. Finally, I just opened the window really wide and fell asleep.

I think I forgot to mention that we have a moving date!! We'll be leaving here Aug. 21st. However..Fonzo is gonna disconnect the internet, cable, etc around the 15th. So we dont have to pay for for Aug. We'll just pay for July. So ya. My head hurts from thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done. I've been having headaches every single night, its not cool.

Susan~I love that avator, lol. It's really cute. I used to have one like that. Except she was a sailor girl. I think you go to Meez to get one of your own.

07-21-2008, 04:54 PM
Hiya girlies...

SUSAN...glad you enjoyed your time with McD. I would have thought that if the people were having a kiddie pool they would have let others know, geez, lol. Bet the kids enjoyed it though. Love the avatar...going to have to check out photo bucket. With this stupid computer, the majority of stuff I can use is GIF. Sometimes :crossed: others might work but usually only gif avatars. Bet the Gabster is going to be happy when this week is over! I think I had a lost weekend also. But I am back on track as well. WTG on the 3 mile walk!

FRANCIE...I did buy the dress, yay! Now we can be twinkies, right :lol: It would have been perfect for today, it is HOT! Supposed to get to 99 possibly 100 and it is humid, yuck! I too hate censored music! Yay, to the moving will be here before you guys know it!

HI ASIA, bye Asia :D

SUE...your fruit sounds delicious! Never can find good stuff aorund here so I usually stick with just bananas and apples...sometimes oranges. The last watermelon I bought was horrible! Hoping the scales move for ya! WTG on the biking!

MINDEE...wonder why someone has to go and ruin the fun for everyone? The dummy...whoever did that to the water. I need to get to our pool before it closes. They usually close it up Labor Day weekend which seems stupid and a little too early to me...but what do I know. Glad to hear about the insurance!

KATY...hoping you are enjoying your little get-away.


I had a busy morning and it felt good to get my arse up and out the door this morning to do my walk. I think I only did one walk last week around the neighborhood. My whole exercise/eating/sleep schedule was so off it was ridiculous! I am back on track today and feeling better about it. I weighed in on Sat morning and I am not sure what I am two different readings (183 & 184)and don't know which to go with so I just won't change the ticker until next WI. Like I said it was a bad eating week for some reason and I knew I was going to see a gain. I'm not beating myself up about it's done and over and nothing I can do about it but move on. And that is what I am doing.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-21-2008, 05:40 PM
doing my daily pop in......

I changed my goal on the walking challenge from 1000, down to 500. I realized that the 1000 just wasn't realistic enough, so I changed it to 500, and then if I go over, I will just play it by ear.

The office manager is having one of the maintenance guys shock the pool to see if that will help with it. He will still have to vacuum the bottom of the pool to get the stuff off the floor of the pool. I just hope that they can get it all cleaned up and cleared up so that the Health Department won't close the pool.

As far as what we can do if they do close the pool, there is a beach in town that we can take the kids to. But like Tommy pointed out last, the pool worked out better because we could just walk home and clean them up. Whereas, if we take them to the beach, we have to clean them up and dry them off there, then change them to bring them home.

Susie~ That cracks me up! I will have to go through photobucket and see what I can find! I knew there was a reason why I felt an instant connection to you......are you sure that we are not related? I am the same exact way! If I get out of my routine, it totally throws me threw a hoop.

Francie~ I agree with you 100% on the censoring of things. Although, now with peat and repeat we do have to worry about them possibly hearing something. (even though, Brandon has picked up flipping people off already)

Sue~ I am surprised, and very proud, of myself for making it this far! I used to quit stuff as soon as I didn't see any results. Granted, right now, I am almost at 6 pounds gone, but that is six pounds that were on my body two weeks ago! I am so excited about getting to my goal of 200 pounds because then I can get my reward that Tommy has planned for me. He won't tell me what it is, just told me that I would like it.

Asia~ Did you make it to that 10 pounds gone mark? Is that why you need the lady celebrating on the scale?

Cristina~ They have people that are stupid some times and will do stupid things like that in here. One girl that used to live in here went skinny dipping last year, and then went around the complex bragging about it. See what I am talking about?

I took the kids for a walk this morning......a normal half hour walk took us 45 minutes this morning! Logan kept stopping and dilly dallying every now and then. the boys were riding their bikes, and I was pushing Marissa in the double stroller.

07-21-2008, 09:38 PM
Sitting here trying to drink this f-ing water. TOM is in full swing and let the good times roll.

It is a cute avatar, huh? I don't know how you ladies are going to find it again. lol I think it was like page 60 something.....maybe if you want to use it you can click on and save as.....maybe that would work?

Cristina - It was a horrible eating weekend here! I think if we just eat clean til Friday it will go right back down.
I really don't think a pool party was planned because the little twins were in there w/ their clothes on. lol
Jus alittle much for me and I didn't even get to the story of the dog throwing up a hot dog and one of the twins with the *runs* going down her leg.
Course that got everyone out of the pool asap. haha....

Mindee- I hope the pool gets to stay open! Ya, routine and staying on a schedule helps me a lot , mentally :dizzy:....little things throw me off way too easily. I didn't like all the running around and different parties going on this last weekend. I would have done better just being by myself and staying calm. lmao..... sound like a f-ing loon......but it is true. :)

Francie- Hope you can sleep better tonight! It is nice that you guys at least have a moving date :hug: - hope you don't stress too much w/ the move.

Hi to everyone else!

I feel horrid......exhausted and wondering if my rbc are all messed up again....or maybe it is just TOM??? Whatever it is I am out of my mind tired.

Ate a small piece of steak for dinner w/ veggies, full on that and just drinking up my water for the day.

So, that is that..........night :)

07-21-2008, 11:46 PM
It would have been pretty simple if I just said night and went to bed.....but I am back!

I drank 70 oz's of water today, I feel so uncomfortable. After dinner I had a roll w/ mustard on top, I love that, I love carbs, I love mustard.

I love wine too, I had a glass of merlot. lol

I still think I am around 1,200 calories for the day so I feel ok.

Sue - how was your day? You are not boring at all!

Asia - You still in the shower??? lol Come back and tell us what is up.

Sassy - How are you doing?? :hug:

Tammy - You enjoying the beach??

Jules- I miss you, hope you are enjoying the grandbaby.

Katy -ok, I know you are jealous of the beautiful place you are visiting this week! Have fun.

:wave: hi to Cristina, Mindee and Francie again :0

k- better get my Gaby to bed. We are both sooo glad she has her last day of school this Thursday. There is a bluegrass band playing up at the zoo Wednesday night, I would like to take the girls to that...and w/ the zoo membership it is free,,,,,I think the name is Blue Highway.

*sigh....k- I think I will go crawl in bed and try to get some sleep.

night again.... :wave:

07-22-2008, 01:43 AM
doing my nightly pop in.....

well, we have a little Houdini on our hands!

Tommy opened the window in the boys room a crack because Logan decided to "play" he was airing the room out. Well, Logan was misbehaving, so he went into the bedroom for a time out. (mind you, I didn't know the bedroom window was open)

I was sitting at the table eating my dinner, which lines up with our doorwall. I thought I saw something on the porch and I just thought it was the grill cover because it was windy. So, I went back to eating my dinner. A couple minutes later, I saw a light blue blob on a red, yellow and blue bike. I jumped up out of the chair, and ran outside. I opened the front door, and saw Logan's pillow on the cement, then him on his bike not too far from it!

I caught up to him and turned around to bring him back inside and heard the window close in the boys room. I got inside with Logan, and Tommy says "I didn't think he would have jumped." I then said "he has no fear, why would a little jump from a window on the first floor scare him?"

Susie~ It is not looking like the pool is going to stay open. It is now completely green, and has some kind of film on the bottom of it.

I get to add carbs in now, but I stepped on the scale and I didn't like the number that I saw! So, I need more water and less carbs!

07-22-2008, 02:00 AM
Why hello ladies!!!!! I saw the batman movie. INCREDIBLE!!!! I am in love with Christian Bale!!!! AAAHHHH!

Francie- I have a Chiweenie. Has Chihuahua and half Dachshund. I adopted him from the humane society.

Sue- I bet you will loose that 10 pounds in no time. I will def keep you on my mind. I am almost back to the weight I was when I first did this diet a year ago. When i get to 165 I will have surpased it. That is my goal right now. Just 165. Anyways.....good luck!

Susan- I hope af is gone by now. Mine is getting there. If really hasnt been half bad. She just took FOREVER!!! Bahaa

Rosie- I know this is probably a stupid question but what does TOM stand for?

Mindee- Crazy nights of sleep are no good. I hope you are feeling better! That green pool thing sounds kinda yucky. What is it? And yes i did reach my 10 pound mark. It feels good.

Cristina- WTG with getting back on track. i hope things are going well.

Well now for my news. I passed the 10 pound mark this morning. I have lost 10.5 pounds. I am ecstatic. I will write more about that later. My mom wants on the computer. I shall write back tomorrow afternoon. With details.

07-22-2008, 01:36 PM
Got in a 2 mile ride last night. I had cereal with fruit for brunch. Now if I don't eat anything until dinner I will be ok. I have had 2 big glasses of water so far. I am making myself drink a glass of water BEFORE I can have iced tea. (every time) So, see how that goes for the water consumption and saving on the tea purchases. :)

Took Mom to therapy and now need to run some books to a gal pal. Will stop and buy some sweet corn as DH is grilling tonight. I will have corn and a lean burger. (no more of the nasty hot dogs...)

Be back later....

07-22-2008, 01:40 PM
Sitting here eating my roll w/ mustard, not a healthy breakfast but it makes me happy....and w/ coffee, awwwwww, bliss.

Also happy the scale is back down almost to where it should be before the Long Lost Weekend. :carrot:

Set the clock for 6am but slept right through that for my walk, I am tired but I do feel better. I think Mexican food doesn't agree with me , should stick to fish and veggies.

Asia :bravo: on the 10 pound mark! Your dog sounds adorable. I know I am not Katie but I think TOM stands for "time of the month"..... See, in the news about Christian Bale assualting his mother & sister?

Mindee- :yikes: I am glad Logan is ok, your response to Tommy was cute. Kids just don't have the fear of possible harm yet. Now what the heck was put in your pool?? I hope they find the ding bats.

Going to finish my coffee and head out for some errands and 2 job things. I am even having a good hair day so life is looking up :)

Chat at you later.....

EDIITED for Sue... :wave: you snuck in,,,,have a good day!

07-22-2008, 03:18 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...the dog throwing up the hot dog got me, ick, :lol: Yay for Gaby's last day of school Thursday! At least she will get a little bit of a break before school starts. We have the concerts at the zoo here as day I would like to catch one. Maybe this week, I don't is awfully hot here and no sign of cooling off soon. I think we got spoiled with all the cool weather and rain we've had. Now Mother Nature decides we need summer.

MINDEE...OMG! Glad you saw him when you did, no telling what could have happened, that is scary. You are doing great with both your walking and weight loss...keep up the good work! Hope they get the pool cleaned, such a pain in the arse for sure.

ASIA...your doggie sounds so cute! I love the weinee dogs, too cute. My neighbor has two. I've been wanting a dog for a while now but not sure I am ready to train another. I have a 1/2 miniature schnauzer 1/2 chihuahua...too cute! WTG on passing the 10 pound mark! :yay:

SUE...WTG on the bike ride! Sweet corn sounds good. I see stands all over town but have never bought any from them. Enjoy the corn and burger.


Just finished my lunch and feeling like a little pig. Had tuna w/crackers, a boiled egg, and a banana...really filled me up. Got my exercise done, went to the post office and doing a load of laundry now. That's about all I have...

Hoping everyone is having a great day, and staying cool! Tata for now :wave:

07-22-2008, 03:38 PM
pssst Cristina, I have to get off this computer but wanted to say hello first to you!
I think you ate just fine , I like hard boiled eggs but they have to be warm.:dizzy:
I looked in the website at Blue Highway (the band playing at the zoo this Wed.) and it looked like a decent one to go hear. I mean , considering it is free and it is a nice place to spend the early evening. Course past Gaby's bedtime ((starts at 7pm)) but the next day is her last day for school, so she can drag butt. lol I am so mean.
I bought some lite yogurt at the store this morning, might be a nice change of pace, and it has lots of protein and zero fat at 100 calories.
Trying to increase the water today, think that helps a lot in losing weight and I have been horrible getting all mine in for the day. Just seems a bother or something you want to do when you are just staying home all day. When you have to be out doing errands it can be painful. :( lol

k- I better get, here I sit like I have nothing to do!! :D

07-22-2008, 03:43 PM
Hiya Susan :wave:

I'm working on the water too! I just really hate water but I am trying. Bought some crystal light, can't remember which flavor but I haven't tried it yet. And I like my boiled eggs warm too but I cooked them yesterday. I took one out about an hour before I was going to eat but it was still a little cold, ick.

I was getting ready to sign off too and thought I would check back here to see if anyone checked in. Hoping you have a GREAT day! :D

07-22-2008, 04:27 PM
doing my daily pop in..

today has been one productive day if I do say so myself! I got a call first thing this morning from the school district. they were calling to get Brandon's height and weight for a car seat this coming school year. I know he is roughly 39 pounds, but she needed the height. So, I measured him (39 inches) and called her back to let her know. Then I talked to another lady from the school district because they are doing their school placements. Brandon will now be in a school that is 5 minutes away from us! I already showed him what the school looks like and he is really excited about it!

then I got a call while I was trying to clean the cat liter. so, I stopped what I was doing and answered the phone. Good thing I did! It is a possible job for Tommy. So, I called him and left him a message about it! So, please cross your fingers that this one will be worth it!!!

Onto the pool......I just went and looked at looks clearer, but the Danger Pool Closed sign is still up. I didn't get a chance to ask the office manager about it I am not sure what is going on with it completely.

Asia~ I am not sure what is in the pool. They have a couple of leads as to who it might be, but nothing definite. Great job on getting to the 10 pound mark!!!! You are doing great!!!

Sue~ I never thought that I would be sick of hot dogs, but every time we go see my parents, they always make hot dogs. The kids were burnt out on hot dogs after we spent a couple of days up there!

Susie~ Logan is our Mr. Fearless. He absolutely fears nothing! the higher the degree of harm, the more he is into it!

Gotta cut this short.....Logan wants some pop corn

07-22-2008, 09:56 PM
Popping in to say good night........

Sue - I hope you had a good day eating wise, the corn sounds good, and I love 7% hamburger. How was the water?? I think I only managed a 32oz bottle, will try for more tomorrow.

Cristina - I dont know why water is so hard to do. I like to get it done early in the day. Today though I feel bloated as it is with TOM, so I bailed. lol It was like way too miserable.

Mindee- I am really interested in your pool, I hope you find out all the details!! Exciting news about Brandon! Today I received the school supply list and Gaby's teacher's name in the mail. We looked in the yearbook together and Mrs.B looks nice, so I was happy w/ that.

:wave: to all you MIA ladies, we miss you. I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday, fast week! Chat later. :wave:

07-22-2008, 11:15 PM
OKay so I have nothing interesting to say. Today is a duty day and I'm sooooooo beyond bored. I have one more hour to go before I can watch Step Up 2. If I watch it too soon, then I'll have nothing to do for the rest of the night. I've already sent my friend about 50 billion emails, lol. I changed my song on myspace, and got all caught up with my list on goodreads. So ya..I'm totally bored right now. Story of my life I guess.

20 days until Fonzo is off the ship
29 days until we move

07-22-2008, 11:41 PM
I got a week extention from Andrew on my goal. He was so excited for me when I told him that i lost 9.5 lbs. He flipped out. Anyways I was at target when I was talking to him on the phone. I found my dress and I started to tell him about it but then he started yelling at me about how it had to be a surprise. He was like NNOOOOO HUSH!! I WANT IT TO BE SUPRISE!!!!" That felt kinda nice that he actually cares. I mean he is super excited for me. Yay!!!! Anyways I am gonna see if I can find it online. We shall see!!! I did my taebo amped! I did it hard core. My muscles are already sore and i havnt even gone to sleep. I am so gonna get my DRESS!!!! :cb:

Sue- I really like the water and tea idea. That is very smart.

Susan- I was so happy to hear from you until you told me that awful news!!!! I just went and looked it up! That is so not good!! No more man crush for me. :(
Just was still nice hearing from you.

Francie- 20 days will be here before you know it!!!

07-23-2008, 12:18 AM
There is this dress which they dont have in my size at the one I went to. They might have it at the other one.

Then there is this one. I have the cutest shoes to match this one.

There of course are many more options out there but I just really liked these dresses.

07-23-2008, 12:21 AM
doing my nightly pop in.....

I got some GOOD news since I wrote last......the pool will be OPEN starting tomorrow morning!!!! they don't know what was put into it, but the shock in the pool worked on it. The maintenance man, that is also the pool guy, said that he was going to punish every body one more day because of the people going into the pool like that.

other then that, nothing really new on this end. we have come to the conclusion that we definitely need to start walking after dinner. Brandon didn't go to bed until about 10:30pm! So, we are going to be taking walks at night after dinner.....since that seems to be the only way to get him to go to sleep without problems. well, that and without him taking naps that helps!

Susie~ I was a little bit apprehensive about switching schools with him. But like Tommy pointed out, he does well in new situations. So, I am now just waiting for more details about when he will go (i.e. morning or afternoon) and then who his teacher will be. The school is only 2.98 miles away, which calculates to 5 minutes away by car. We actually had to pass this school, in order to go to the school that did his speech testing before he went to school!

Francie~ I am so with you about being bored! I have been so bored lately.......I have a list of things that I want to do/get done, but I have only done a couple of things. Tommy has been bugging me to make some muffins, so maybe I will make them now.

Asia~ That is so exciting! My hubby told me that when I make it to my goal of 200 pounds, that he has a surprise for me. So, that is ALL the motivation that I am needing! Now, I just have to get my booty up earlier in the morning to get my walking workouts done!

07-23-2008, 12:26 AM
Asia~I really like the dresses, but I like the 2nd one better. That's cute that he wants it to be a surpise, lol.

Mindee~I have a list of things to do too..But I just dont feel like doing anything, lol. I want muffins now!! LoL!! Blueberry muffins. Maybe I will make some after payday.

I'm craving brownies really bad right now. And why doesnt flippin myspace ever work for me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

07-23-2008, 12:31 AM
Adding 2 more miles of biking. Hey, it is slow, but I am doing something every day. I just need to do MORE, like walking.
Dinner was wonderful. The sweet corn here is really good right now and DH grilled it to perfection. Yum. Other than dinner I have been eating fruit all day. The water trick is working...I am even getting to like water. Very cold only.

Hi to all of you...I will chat with ya tomorrow. :)

07-23-2008, 01:49 AM
Francie~ Tommy wanted chocolate chip ones. Myspace has been slow for me too.

Sue~ slow and steady wins the race, remember that. I have been getting into drinking more water as well.

07-23-2008, 03:14 AM
Mindee~Chocolate chip ones sound so good!!!

07-23-2008, 01:38 PM
Good Morning -

Francie - Nice to see you posting and a pretty avatar to boot! Sorry you are bored, little Gaby gets out of school tomorrow, I can send her your way by train??? hehe. I like the idea of making a list of things to do... I don't know, regardless you look lovely in your pink dress :)

Asia - The internet is so brutal. I was reading Christina Bale yesterday and people write about his circus performer mother and actress wanna be, ouch. Still can't figure out what exactly he was doing, maybe just sprayed water on his mother ((??))and I guess in the UK verbal abuse is considered assualt((??)).....anyway, this is another day to read the gossip. :dizzy: Have to look at your dresses on another computer, this old MAC won't open :)

Mindee- Is Brandon going to be in pre school or K?? I really would like to switch Gaby actually out of her school to Katy's . It just has a different feel, my R's went to K's when they were in grade school and I liked it a lot. The one w/ Gab just has a snobby feel to it....and if I am going to switch her I would do it now. Blah - blah....I will have to think about it more, the office won't open til 8/11 so can't do anything now about it.
Yay to the pool opening!! :)

Sue - It sounds like you had a good Tuesday, I am glad!

*sigh.....better get, I always feel like I am rushing. Ate oatmeal and some blueberry yogurt for breakfast. I have my water bottle filled and ready to try and double that 32oz's from yesterday. I didn't walk this morning but I heard the alarm go off.....progress. lol

bbl and a HUGE hello to everyone else!!

07-23-2008, 02:30 PM
Hello ladies...

ASIA...I like the second dress the best out of the two too! It's really cute and I like the style better. And that was sweet of Andrew! :love:

FRANCIE...ha! I love your new avatar w/the pink dress, too cute! Mine was shipped today and I can't wait to get it! It has been so hot lately and I can tell it is comfortable. Sorry you are bored, and myspace always seems slow for me.

SUSAN...I wish I could get all my water in early and be done with it...too much too soon for me though. I think the reason I can drink as much as I do (which isn't a lot) is because I spread it out thru the day. I used to make sure and get 4 bottles and if I get it then I do, if not whatever. I don't fret over it anymore. If I get 3 I am good. But I always have one in the morning and especially one while I am cooking so...just have always hated water for some reason.

SUE...good job on the miles! And glad the corn & burgers were perfect!

MINDEE...glad the pool will be open for business as usual.

HIYA JULES, KATY, SASSY, TAMMY & CLARA...hoping all is well with you ladies. :wave:

Well, I had to be at the docs at 8:15 this morning so I have been up since about 4:30'ish. Didn't want to wake up at 4:30 but I could not sleep...too freakin hot here! But I was getting up at 5:15 anyway to get out and walk at 5:30 so it didn't matter. I got up and got dressed to be out of V's way and then layed back down until the alarm went off. So got my 3 miles in early and I am starting to feel sleepy. Not sure why I accepted such an early appt, ugh! Decided to go ahead and buy groceries and then got gas and now I am home with nothing to do. I need to read but feeling sleepy...ummm, not going to work. It will make me more sleepy. I also did my 2 mile Slim & thin and I have a walk on the treadmill to get done to make it an even 110 mns of exercise. Anywho...need to update my booklist and go to shutterfly to add some pics and that's about it for the day, take a nap later for sure too! Okay, going to go add my 5 miles and will add the treadmill walk either later or tomorrow...starting to doze zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Hope everyone is having a great day! Hugs :hug:

07-23-2008, 03:10 PM
lol.........Cristina - Your post made me laugh, you kind of cover all these topic's really fast. lol ...........or maybe I am just full of coffee?? :eek:
Regardless you sound way busy!! :)
If I can get the water in by 3pm, I would be happy. I don't want to be drinking it after 6pm.
It is FREEZING here, must not even be reaching 70, I had to go dig out a hoodie to wear and sent Gab in a long sleeve shirt.

Asia - Saw the dress links. I like the first one, probably because I can't wear short sleeves, just feel uncomfortable w/ that....I do like the wait on the second one though. :dizzy:

anyway - I think I did drink too much coffee...need to go do something. I have to grocery shop for some more chicken and fish.

k- going to brave the winter like conditions!! bbl :brr:

07-23-2008, 04:10 PM
doing my daily pop in...

they evicted the people next to me, so all their stuff is sitting on the parking lot right now. (although I am thinking that they are going to move it onto the grass though) Brandon is having a blast with one of the maintenance guys.....his name is George and since Brandon can say it now, that is all he is saying when he sees him.

I have become so addicted to this Mobsters game on Myspace! And the Heros counterpart as maybe that addiction will help me with the food issues!

I have joined some more groups that deal solely with South Beach and such. So, I am hoping that that will help to keep me on track.

Francie~ I picked the smallest one that I could find and ate it this morning. They didn't turn out that well......but that hasn't stopped the boys from eating four each this morning!

Susan~ Brandon will be in the same program that he was in last year, which is like a preschool program. I will know more once I get all the information from the school. Like I said, I was really reluctant about changing him since he loved his teacher and speech therapist last year. I just hope that the ones at this school will be the same way.

Cristina~ I too, am glad that the pool is open. But of course today it is colder then it has been! I just hope that it warms up here soon so that they can use the pool some more! I love swimming, I always have, and the kids get that from me. Tommy says that the boys will be able to swim, because they are like me, they have webbed toes. Marissa has Tommy's I might have to teach her to swim.

07-23-2008, 05:53 PM
LOL, Susan...I went back and reread and it does sound like it was a quickie post trying to cover everything really fast :lol: Not sure why. I don't do mornings, especially very early mornings such as today, ugh! And you just be quiet about rubbing it in about the 70's missy! :nono: :lol: :D It is supposed to be 100 here, ick, ick, and double ick! I HATE sweating as much as I hate early mornings! It wouldn't be so bad I don't think if the humidity wasn't 100%. I don't know if it is but the humidity is high, just sounded about right. :lol: Definitely need to move to Oregon or Washington.

MINDEE...I had added the mob game but then deleted all that stuff on the other page...may add it to the new page eventually, still working on it. You know, I never did learn how to swim and I hate that I don't know how. And I did take swimming lessons...just didn't get too far. I got to level 5 and mostly sat on the sidelines watching my brothers and sisters diving off the diving board :( A few years ago, quite a few...I met this lady when I was living in AR and she told me she didn't know how to swim until a couple of years before I met her. She went and took swimming lessons. I thought about it but feel too old. Unless of course I could find some adult swimming lessons....hmmm, maybe I should check it out. And you too...with the cool weather, ugh! I hate the midwest!!!

MISS FRANCIE...did you find something to do? I have gone to a couple of places online and still haven't gotten around to updating my booklist, lol. I'm headed there next. It's the list on my computer not good reads. I have some books I never added and then I put a * by the ones I have read just to keep track for when I go to get a new book. And speaking of books...

,,,just bought some on amazon. Okay, when I bought groceries they had Fearless 14 for 40% off so I couldn't resist that. I had to get a gift card at amazon for someone so of course I can't not look for myself, lol. I found #13 for $8 and was surprised. Can't read 14 if I haven't read 13 ya know, lol. V is going to kill me :lol: Also got Size 14 is Not Fat Either and Big Boned. I read Size 12 is not Fat and liked it more spending :nono:

Had to go to the doc, well, I didn't have to. I found a lump on my head. It started out at the size of a pencil eraser. I was scratching my head one day and felt it. So over the last 1 1/2- 2 months...can't remember how long it has been but it has grown. It's about a little smaller than the size of a quarter but mostly under the skin so it kind of concerned me. I thought I better go get it checked. Sebecious (sp? too lazy to look it up, lol) cyst. She said they tend to run in the family so if someone in the family had one/some then you can get them as well. Thanks I am going to have a lumpy head, lol. I had one removed from my forehead, at the hairline and she said today that if you have one you will usually have more. Again, thanks dad, lol. Couldn't be somewhere else on my body, it had to be my head. It's not bothering me so not going to remove it unless it gets so freaking big it's sticking out of my hair...too funny, sort of.

Anyway, I am sort of awake. Went and finished my walk and that is the reason I am back, wanted to add it so I don't get things all mixed up with my totals. So...

Hoping everyone is having a good, cool day! Love ya's!

07-23-2008, 06:13 PM
Susan~Sure, send her my way. We can go to the Zoo for the day. Or we could watch kids movies, that would be fun, lol. I have an ever growing list of things to do on the fridge. Nothing is crossed off it yet. Although..I guess I can cross off the AAA one, since they sent us our new cards.

Cristina~So you'll get your dress by friday maybe?? It's very comfy!!! I love it!! I just dont like it when Fonzo flips it up He's a perv, lol. Did you get the pink one??

Mindee~You should make the tiny ones. You get more, and they're smaller. But then, they probably would get eaten really fast too. Fonzo eats like 10 at a time, lol.

Thanks for the avatar comments. That was a result of my bored day yesterday, lol. It was too cold to be wearing the dress..and what you dont see, is the sweatpants under it, lmao!! Oh..its cold right now. It's a little warm in this room though. I think cuz the tv, and both computers are on. LoL!! But everywhere else is freezing cold!!! Stupid weird WA weather!!

Anyways..I'm gonna go read and watch Fonzo sleep, lol.

07-23-2008, 06:31 PM
Cristina~Well..last night, I ended up watching Step Up 2. The storyline was a little lame, but the dancing was pretty awesome!! And I took my new pic last night too, lol. But Fonzo is home right now, and he's all passed out. I'm up to #47 on my booklist. ( ) Oh..I LOVED Fearless Fourteen. But I love those books in general, lol. Is the Size 12 book really that good?? It's been on my wishlist on Amazon forever, but I dunno. I did really enjoy the Princess Diaries books, lol. I haven't read them in forever though. I stopped after reading book 4. Book 5 took forever to come out, and I lost interest. So the cyst isnt harmful or anything?? I hope it doesnt grow. At least its hidden by your hair.

07-24-2008, 02:48 AM
I am doing my nightly pop in.....

well, I have been wondering if being accident prone is genetic? in peeking at what the neighbor had in her place, I gashed my arm up on broken glass from a picture. Tommy got me all covered and onto the healing road. Then when he was making dinner, Brandon went in to help him. He reached onto the stove and touched the burner, that Tommy had just turned off. So, he burned his hand. Thankfully, our neighbor behind us came over to see what has been going on and said that he had some burn cream at his place. He brought it over and is letting us borrow it. So right now, his hand has cream on it, and it is wrapped up in some gauze.

BUT WAIT, there is more! In going through the bag that I started to go through earlier before getting my gash on my arm......I got yat ANOTHER gash, but this one is on my right leg, just next to my Pooh tattoo. So, back into the bathroom we went and Tommy got me all cleaned up YET AGAIN!

So, now we are left to sit back and keep an eye on Brandon's hand. We are worried about it, but we are somewhat apprehensive about taking him to the hospital because we know that they will try and turn it around on us. And since Brandon doesn't talk as much as he should for his age..we are worried that they might think that we did it and then take the kids away. So, I am keeping my eye on it very carefully. In a way, it is a good thing, because he can't suck his thumb now because of the medicine on it.

Cristina~ I am the same way! I really need to get my spending under control....although it is a lot better now then it used to be!

Francie~ I made this batch mostly small ones, and I think that is why Logan and Brandon both ate 3 or 4 for breakfast yesterday!

07-24-2008, 02:58 AM
mmm, just wanted to say good night and say that I am 152.6 tonight! yay. I was 155 Monday after the pig out weekend, so I hope after I drain my bladder((just being honest - lol )) tonight it will be even lower in the morning.

I went to the second hand store today, my mothers favorite, clear across town from me but they have really cute shoes, like 7's and 8's. I wear a 9 so I don't know why I was getting excited... but they had Bandlino's....?? , k- not spelling it right, it is like, and they were these so cute 8 1/2 shoes...I tried to squeeze my big fat Mexiacan feet in them but it was a no go.
So, I went to the jeans and picked out some Old Navy size 6's because I can wear a size 6 Gap. ....duh. You would think a 6 is a 6 but it isn't....when I got home the jeans came up to my knees. I figure I will have to lose at LEAST another 10 pounds......and I have no desire for that. So, whatever....$7 dollars down the drain.

Cristina- Ouch to your lump! It is kind of funny but not really . I hope you are ok.

Mindee- I am glad you will get some support on your SBD, you are doing so well and I know an inspiration to us all :)

Francie - Gab is into Transformer dvd's......I will pack those in her backpack when I send her.

anyway - chat more indepth tomorrow......I really wanted to say good night :wave:

07-24-2008, 03:23 AM
Mindee~Omg, you sound like me. I am forever getting hurt. I bump into everything. Luckily though, I dont bruise that easy. The other day, I went to get a razor, and I barely noticed in time, that the cap or whatever was off. Thank God!!! Cuz one time, I put my hand into my bag without looking, and cut my thumb on the razor. It wouldn't stop bleeding!!! I had to put 4 band aids on it!! It didnt even leave a scar either. So thats good.

Susan~LMAO..I have this weird thing where I weigh myself before & after going to the bathroom, lol. It's pretty weird how pant sizes are all different at certain stores. Actually's pretty annoying!! Transformer dvds?? Well..I have the Transformers movie, lol. I used to watch Transformers when I was little, lol.

Me & Fonzo had mini tacos, burritos and some Smirnoff Ice for dinner. Then we had rocky road ice cream for dessert. Now we're both sick to our stomachs. It was the effin mini tacos. I feel like throwing it up right now. Ughhhh..why oh why did I eat it?!?! It just smelled so good. Note to self: Just because it smells good, doesnt mean it is good. The rocky road ice cream was my chocolate fix. I put chocolate syrup on it, and chocolate sprinkles. Mmm, lol. It was soooooooo good.

Anyways..Fonzo is making a yakking sound (you know..from Yaks? lol) I better entertain him. He's laughing as I'm typing this..lmao!!! He's weird. He're all gonna wonder whats wrong with him..lmao!! Okay..I gotta go!!

07-24-2008, 01:59 PM
Happy Thursday :carrot:

Mindee- How is Brandon this morning?? I hate burns, so painful, I hope he is ok. :hug:

Francie - mini taco's?? Did you make them yourself or were they like pre-packaged? hmmm, did they have beans in them?? I think I got sick on the weekend refried beans (as opposed to every day beans :dizzy:) anyhow , hope you and Fonzo are feeling better!
Gab has seen the TransFormer movie, I guess what she is getting on dvd is 4 20 minute shows, who knew it was a tv show?? lol

Morning to everyone else!!!

I weighed in at 152.4! Not much bladder action but that is ok, I was eating a roll w/ mustard last night and had a glass of ice water late last night, couldn't resist. Almost back on track, yee haw :dance:

Last day of school for Gaby, I am so proud of her. I took my bowl of oatmeal & yogurt in the car to make sure she got to school on time, and she did.

Had to go through McDonalds parking lot to get to the Starbucks this morning. It is a different Starbucks from where I normally go and there is a ton of traffic so safer to meander through parking

An elderly man was pulling out so I waited, he looked so cute but he couldn't get out in traffic because of the pile up at the stop light so we had to wait.
Of course we were right in front of the drive thru exit and I stopped just in time to leave a space for the car exiting to get through but I was going to put my car in reverse and make the opening bigger.
*sigh........before I could do that though the lady tries to drive her car through and I sat there thinking "are you serious??? If you hit me I am going to be ticked"...and I hear her cussing at me! WhatEVER...
So, I rolled the window down and said in my best pms voice "F-You lady"....and she stops and says "oh, don't say that to me!!"
Duh, just did.....
.....and I was thinking she was going to pull a machine gun out and shoot me there......and of course I am stuck behind some elderly man that escaped from the senior home and has no business driving.
...I notice the lady had messy hair and still in her least I eat healthy and don't eat at McDonalds for breakfast.......and at least I am dressed in public!

So, she drives off and I am in no mood for coffee because I still think she has a gun and is going to come back and kill me......I mean , this is the way I have to live! lol *wah, *wah.....

k- now I have to go look for employment. *eyes roll*..

07-24-2008, 02:00 PM
Hi All, Sassy Here!!! Be prepared y'all its a long one! lol.

Well I just got back from my Dr. Why? I think I have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) :p So they took a urine sample and are gonna send it off to check for cultures to be sure they are giving me the correct anti-biotic. But he did mention that I have Protein in my Urine. Now I looked online and that can be caused from me being a Diabetic. He didn't say how much, but did lecture me about getting my A1C done (blood tests for Diabetes) because he said that protein in the urine can mean kidney damage!!! Ok so he tells me this like he is telling me that my shoe is untied and all the while pushing me out the door (not literally but you know what I mean) My dr has never been this way before and I know he was very busy before I came in, but still??? U don't just tell somebody that and then say "Goodbye have a good day" So for right now at this moment, I am not gonna worry about it until there is cause to worry, so I am not asking for any info. (not right now at least) Thanks so much, but I don't wanna worry myself anymore than I have too. Cuz I'm a worrier!!! lol.

So I dunno. I've been seeing this dr for about 4 or 5 yrs now, but I may change. Like my mil has always said, "Drs are like plumbers, you hire them and you can fire them if your not satisfied." My mil is a retired ICU nurse.

Here I thought I was doing pretty good here lately and my dr has to totally "rain on my parade" lol. I haven't been eating fast food in a long time and infact do not even want it anymore like I used too crave it. Now the thought of it makes me sick, if you can believe that coming out of my mouth!!! lol.

Now for the hardest part of up my Mt.Dew. That is a toughie that I have been struggling with for many, many, many years. I quit for a while then go right back to it. But I know I HAVE to give it up. I don't like Diet Pop so I just wanna give it all up period. So I came home and figure no time like the present and got me some water. I am hot and sweaty anyways from waiting forever in the stupid drs office waiting room forever to get seen for only 5 MINUTES!!! GRRRR!!!

On my lunch I went to the grocery store that I have been going too to grab some lunch and here lately I just have not been hungry at all. (I know shocker there as well) So I have been eating very small meals, just more frequently. I have also been getting off my duff at work and moving around, infact my co worker tonight made a comment about me "getting up AGAIN" lol. I told him, "It doesn't hurt me none to get up and move around" Also I walk around the Grocery Store too, that is another benefit of going there. I even walked down the candy aisle looked at chocolate and WALKED AWAY!!!! :carrot:

So I think I have been doing good, can I do better? YES!! I can, but its a good start and I feel that its different this time. I know I've been down this road many, many, many, many, many times, but I honestly feel different. I wanna order a book I was looking through at the store, its called, "Clean Eating (" By Tosco Reno. Anybody ever read it?

I also want to buy me an organizer. I need one cuz my life is a mess! lol. Something to keep track of EVERYTHING!!! Food, Blood Sugars, Meds, exercise, EVERYTHING is getting written down!!!! Its gonna be titled, "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!!!" lol. And I am gonna take it with me EVERYWHERE I go!!!!

I also am going to purchase a scale to keep track of my weight. We already have a food scale, but we want a better one. DH has been cooking for me every night that he was off, bless his sweet heart!!! Even though I didn't each much at all...........

Oh and speaking of DH, he starts his new shift (mine) on Sunday night!!! So we will now be on the SAME shift!!! :cheer3:

OH and also my Dept. has a new supervisor, so I am no longer under the "Weasel" anymore!!! :congrat: AND our new supervisor? Is a LONG time friend of DH's, he was down talking to my dept. today (after I had already left) and told DH he wants to talk to me on either Monday or Tuesday morning (when I am working) He wants to know EVERYTHING about what has been going on, I told DH, "how much time does the man have?" lol. I plan on making a list. ;)

OMG you all, I just feel that big black dark cloud lifting off of me, FINALLY! It feels SO good!!! I see life so differently now! What has been wrong with me???!!! I am so dense, complaining and not doing nothing about it! Not getting out and enjoying life!!! Well no more! My new goal is to work my way up to walking as much as possible so when we go on vacation the end of September, we can go out and enjoy ourselves, maybe even go on a HIKE! I haven't been on one in a LONG time and I used to SO love taking a good hike!!! I love nature, so I plan on going out and enjoying it! I don't care how many stares, looks, I get, I don't care!!!! I am doing this for me, not anybody else!! They can look and stare all they want. Infact if they want an autographed picture, they can ask me for one!!! :lol3:

Well I guess that is enough for now. I need to take a shower and get to bed........:yawn:


07-24-2008, 03:12 PM
doing my daily pop in.....

I am thinking of doing one more week of phase 1...since the scale kind of did the opposite effect when I added the carbs in. so, I am either going to do that, or just stick to one carb a day and leave it at that.

My gashes are great......they are closing themselves up and are no longer bleeding. Brandon's hand is looking good. he is doing great with letting me put the medicine on it. I told him that I have to wrap it up at night so the medicine doesn't get all over his bedding. He got up once last night, but I think it was because he fell out of bed.

Susan~ Are you still around? Or did that lady in her robe come after you?

Sassy~ My goodness you have been busy! That is so exciting about every thing going on at work! I hate doctors that are like that! I especially hate them when they are pediatricians.....or even the doctors at the prompt care when we take the kids in.

Francie~ Tell Fonzo we won't think anything different of him. We all have those kind of moments.....heck, I think I have days like that!

nothing really new other then AF came into town this wonder why I was wanting any thing with chocolate in it yesterday!

07-24-2008, 04:49 PM
Okay, let's try this again...stupid computer is acting up. Was fine and I even restarted so not sure if lots of people are on or what. Anyway...

Howdy, Chickies :chicken: (we need a cute little chick smilie)

OMG, sound like me when I am driving. I turn into a monster though. I CANNOT tolerate stupid drivers. If they want to kill themselves driving stupidly, go right ahead, but leave me out of it. V is always telling me to calm down and I try to. Lord knows if I was one who carried a gun I would probably be in prison right now. It infuriates me that just about everyone on the road thinks that their time is more important than mine and could careless about cutting someone off, pulling in front of someone or just totally being stupid by texting or talking on the phone while driving, ugh! Okay, taking a breathe, lol. You be careful missy...I too have wondered once in a while if someone had a gun and of course they have the right to carry here now so...kind of scary knowing that someone can carry a gun around anytime, anywhere. Anyway, woohoo...Gaby's last day of summer school! :woohoo: The bump doesn't hurt at all...just happened to notice it when it started and it's grown a little. I was a little worried about it, wondering what it was. Knowing what it is I am fine with it, of course I thought that was probably what it was. WTG on the 152, woohoo! I was going to weigh this morning and thought, nope, I'll wait. I don't want to see until Sat...too scared. And wtg on the shoes, they sound nice but sorry the jeans didn't work for ya. They will soon enough though. I can only dream of wearing a 6 :cloud9: Of course I was never that small and I know I will never be. Right now I am aiming for a 14, that will make me happy, or maybe a 12 because I am already getting in some 14's.

FRANCIE...I did get the pink one, it's my favorite color. I'm wishing now that I got the black one too. The lump isn't anything to worry about. I can have it removed if I want to but it doesn't hurt and it's not so big that I look like a freak so not going to worry about it until or unless it gets a lot bigger. I love Janet Evanovich! I did like Size 12 is Not Fat and I guess it was good enough to me that I wanted to read the others, lol. The mini tacos sounded so good, sorry they made you guys sick. Hope you are feeling better today! I will go check out your link in just a few. I can't remember what book # I am on, think it is 46...and that is why I keep lists, lol.

MINDEE...glad the gashes are getting better but you be careful lady. And Brandon too, OUCH! Hope he is okay. Don't you hate those darn cravings? I hate when I actually give into them, hence the choc donuts last week. And I don't even have a TOM anymore, just the darn symptoms.

SASSY...WTG missy! Glad to hear all the good news but sorry to hear about the doc. And your grandma is right. I put up with a doc I didn't like until she quit. She wasn't rude and she was actually good, just intimidated the heck out of me for some reason. I started seeing women docs years ago because I just think they are more sympathetic to us women, or the ones I have seen have been anyway. Except for my OB/GYN the other men doctors always made me feel small. Anyway, happy for you! :carrot:


Another hot one today, ugh! Sick of this heat for sure. Nothing going on today. I am enjoying my early mornings swinging on the deck. It is cool and so quiet. A nice way to start the day, and to wake up.

Did my exercise, speaking of which, I need to go add my miles. Other than that I've not really done much of anything. Had a couple of errands to run and that was it. I've done a little bit of reading...trying to finish The Saving Graces then moving onto Double Cross by James his books, the Alex Cross series. I haven't read all of them and don't plan on going backwards. But will probably keep up with those as they come out. Those and the Janet Evanovich ones...hope she never quits. Oh, and Catherine Coulter, she has some FBI ones. Anywho...rambling again.

Take care, ladies, and have a wonderful Thursday!

07-24-2008, 04:56 PM
Almost forgot...check out this CD. It's called skinnysongsdotcom I am thinking about getting it. I printed out the words to the songs and one in particular caught my eye, The Incredible Shrinking Woman...thought it might motivate me. It's pathetic how slow I am losing. I actually think I am just maintaining and that's definitely not what I want to do. Anyway, check it out if you like.

07-24-2008, 05:58 PM many exciting things are happening for you. I'm glad your dark cloud has been lifting!! Thats great that you've been walking around too!! WTG!!! I hate doctors like that. My old doc was like that. She always seemed so bored to be talking to me too. I'm glad she's deployed, lol.

Mindee~Ah yes..AF comes to town, and we all crave chocolate, lol. I wonder what my excuse is? I want chocolate ALL the time, lol.

Cristina~I wanted to get the black one too. I'm still considering getting it though. I dunno..

Well...I have some news. We got our advancement paycheck on the 18th and we didnt even realize it, lol. Thats what I get for not checking our account. So today, Fonzo's been calling up apartments in Maryland. Thats all I'm gonna say about it for right now. I dont wanna jinx anything. But I'll let everyone know if and when something happens.

07-24-2008, 06:42 PM
Woohoo Francie! Hoping you guys find the apartment you love! :crossed:

07-24-2008, 06:56 PM
Thanks!!!! :hug:

07-24-2008, 10:21 PM
For Bachelor fans..this shouldn't come as a surprise. They looked totally fake when they did that update show.,,20214906,00.html

07-24-2008, 11:11 PM
Francie - Ugh. I loved Shayne, I thought she was so cute on the show but afterward she seemed so different, kind of fake. It is too bad about the break up, lets hope Deanna & Jesse make it to the altar!! :) Crossing fingers that you get the place you want back east.

Sassy - :hug: sounds like you are doing great! I am glad.

Mindee - I am glad both you and Brandon are ok!

Cristina - You're so funny! Take care of tha lump, that is all I am going to say.

Hi to Tammy, Katy, Sue, Carla, Asia, and Grandma Jules!! Miss you ladies.

I had a hamburger patty for dinner, and a glass of wine *eyes roll* probably will make the scale go right back up. I jammed my thumb somehow,.... somewhere....think maybe when Gaby yanks on me???
It was her last day and again I will say how proud I am of her. She is just a doll and tries so hard, I love her so much!
I got Juno at Blockbuster so think I will go watch that and get myself to bed early.

Hope you all are having a nice evening! :hug: :wave:

07-25-2008, 12:01 AM
We will probably be reading soon that Jesse and DeAnna broke up. I think Trista and Ryan are the strange ones who did find love that way. I really don't believe it happens.....but I love to watch anyway. :)

Francie- Yay for checking on apartments. Good luck and I hope the move goes ultra smoothly. And just think you already have Jules and Tammy to pal around with when you get there.

Sassy- There you are! Ugh is all I can say about that Dr. I have really had my fill of Drs. lately with Mom's illnesses. Great news on the work situation though. Things are looking up, huh?

Susan and Cristina- Remind me to steer clear of you gals on the highway. LOL. Cristina, I'm with you...never will get back to a size 6 and I will be happy with a comfortable 12. Susan- You will get in the 6 soon I are doing super. You BOTH are doing great and Cristina is our exercise Queen. :)

Mindee- Hope Brandon is okay. And you with your accidents. You guys be careful. Is the pool open?

I was going to get groceries and go to the DMV today. Got up and Mom was sick so I didn't leave her. By dinner she was feeling better and ate a little. I don't know if it is a flu bug or some of her meds. now. We had just been to her heart Dr. yesterday and he was pleased with her condition. I hope she isn't up all night. Anyway, I stayed home and did her laundry for her. Fixed meatloaf for dinner.

I rode 2 miles again tonight and ate 1390 calories today. I am journaling my food and calories again. *fingers crossed*

Have a wonderful Friday and a good slide into the week-end. :)

07-25-2008, 01:09 AM
doing my nightly pop in........

we ended up going for a walk after dinner......we took the camera with I am in the process of uploading them to my myspace. while we were there, we took 56 pictures! I love living near the water.

I gave in to a minor craving and had a small bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I ate it, and it was good....BUT it tasted gross! Tommy said "it's because you haven't had sugar in a while." heck, if it will help me lose some weight, I will knock out all sugar that I can!

Brandon wanted me to make him some more muffins, but he pulled out two different flavors. Then I hear Tommy say "Brandon, how about mommy makes some sugar cookies? what do you think about these ones?" Then I heard Brandon say "yeah" so I knew I was hit and had to make them!

we are suppose to go to our nephews birthday party this coming Sunday, but money is tight and so we are just going to stay here at home. Tommy said "looks like we will be doing a lot of walking this weekend!" plus, we still want to go through our stuff cause he wants to have a garage sale to get rid of some things and to make some extra money. It won't hurt, so what do we have to lose?

07-25-2008, 02:22 AM
Okay, I feel like barfing right now. LoL!! We had a pretty big dinner, and I feel so overly full. I think I drank too much water.

I've been thinking that DeAnna & Jesse were gonna be breaking up the whole time. I think Trista & Ryan just really knew what they wanted, and were really ready for it. And that chick Shayne or whatever her name is..she was annoying. After everything she said, she said "ya" lol. Like blah blah blah I mean I have no room to talk, cuz I'm totally valley myself. But I dont say "ya" after everything. Ya!! LOL!!!

07-25-2008, 03:23 AM
Francie~ any plans for the weekend?

07-25-2008, 04:56 AM
Oh yes!! Calling up housing, calling up the apartments in MD again..and cleaning cleaning and cleaning. Fonzo is on leave starting friday!! Woohoo!! LoL!!!

07-25-2008, 03:37 PM
Good Morning -

1st day of summer for Gaby! So, we slept in ((ok, I slept in, she played)) and now we have some errands to run.

Mindee- LOVE your avatar, I am going to make a point to go look at your pix on Myspace, I can even see in this little one you have lost weight! yay, good for you. Stay away from the ice cream though!! lol

Sue- I have never been a 6! lol My bones must be shrinking or Gap is freaky in their sizes. I have always been happy in an 8 and was that size at 145 for several years, when I was 130 I could get into a 4 , course that was just for a week .......because I like to eat too much. haha. I am over pms so you can drive safe on the roads with me again!! :) :hug: to you and your mother.

Francie - Ick. I am thinking you need to eat slow, that way you don't feel ill??? lol Maybe drink the water an hour ahead of eating that way everything is settled?? Call me Dr Sue. :cool:

Sassy - Good luck on the Mt Dew drinking! I use to drink diet squirt a liter a day. I don't even drink soda any more and don't miss it. Just have to get it out of your system and get addicted to water. lol Something like that....I should write a book. :p:D

I BELIEVE in DeAnnna and Jesse!!!:D:carrot::D I always thought Trista was always odd in her baby talk, I don't know how Ryan stands it. I liked Tessa and Andy, she was a class act, he turned into a jerk. The Firestone guy was sweet and I think he really did try to make it work with Jen, like Matt w/ Shayne.

anyway - off to second hand stores to buy clothes that are too small! lol Actually the one I went and bought the jeans at doesn't allow returns or try on' forget that. I can't afford the clothes not to fit!!:devil: I have store rage too Sue....haha.....

k- whatever.....Rach wants to go do something, so better before she has her tantrum.


07-25-2008, 04:05 PM
Cristina - Hey!!! Hope you are having a good afternoon. I am thinking I am just burned out on city life, living on the coast was so much calmer. These ladies in their robes and SUV's, cell talking, make up applying women are annoying the heck out of me. And it isn't the men is women.

anyway - Wanted to say hi to you before I go and do whatever I was going to do :dizzy: lol

07-25-2008, 04:15 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Friday too!

SUSAN...I have road rage ALL the time, lol! I try to tell myself to calm down, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I always wanted to live someplace like New York where everyone walks or does the subway. I really get to where I despise driving, okay, not driving, just the stupid drivers in the world. Did I ever tell ya I have issues? :lol: How long does Gaby have for summer before school starts? I think the schools start here Aug 14, or 15th. Seems it is earlier every year. So what are you guys doing today, or what is it Rac wants to do? Good for you for not drinking sodas! :bravo: I wish I could quit. I have cut back quite a bit but I love my diet coke too much. Did you watch Juno? I loved that movie, too funny.

MINDEE...I meant to mention the pictures of you guys at the pool...I did check them out, too cute! Can't believe how the kids are growing like weeds. And I too like you new avatar and can see a difference as well! How is Brandon's burn and your gashes?

FRANCIE...water does that to me too, makes me feel bloated...that is why I drink a bottle before dinner. It is our biggest meal and it helps me not eat so much. Usually have a banana or granola bar with a glass of water every evening before cooking. I did get my dress today and I love it...can't wait to wear it! Even DD loved it.

SUE...lots of hugs to you and your momma. :hug: Hope she's feeling better. WTG on the are doing good.

Man, I am happy to be home. It is too hot out there and I had too much running around to do. DS's BD is Monday but with his schedule he won't be home so had to go get his cake today...I just do the dairy queen ice cream cakes for him. I don't want a big cake with leftovers or ice cream. I don't really care for this so it's not that big a deal with not eating too much of it. Had to pick a couple of things up from the grocery store as well. Went to Toys R Us to see what they have for booster seats. Thought I would get one and leave it in the car so Charlotte doesn't have to take hers out or we forget like I did once. Was looking for something girly and all I've seen at Wal-Mart, Target and now Toys R Us are black ones. But this one was a little better so I just got it. Then I had to get her this little pink lawn mower that shoots out bubbles, lol. Yes I had was too cute to pass up and I know she will love it. I didn't really go too many places but it seemed like I was gone forever! Of course I overslept and didn't get up early enough. I was going to take a free day today and went on the deck to wake up. Thought, what the heck...went and got my shoes and sucked it up. So did my walk around the neighborhood. Definitely going to have to go early from now on, lazy or not. Anyway...talking too much.

Hoping everyone is having a fantastic Friday!

07-25-2008, 04:24 PM
HIYA SUSAN! Sometimes I think I am sick of the city too and then others times I don't know. The times have definitely changed and I have noticed, and always tell V that today's world is a "ME" world. No one thinks about anyone but their one matters but them. It's like they are the only ones on the road, or in the store. DD & I were just talking this morning while in Toys R Us about how kids are even different but that it stems mostly from the parents. I just want to go crawl under a rock sometimes and hide, lol. Not really :lol: Just wish people were more considerate of others, and I am not just speaking of myself. I just see people do mean stuff and be rude to others. And you are is the women! They are trying to pass some law about teenagers driving with cell phones because of talking and texting but like some of the teens's mostly the adults doing it! Okay, off my little rant.

Hope you too are having a good afternoon! You guys doing anything special over the weekend? Whatever you do I hope you have a GREAT one! Love ya :hug:

07-25-2008, 04:48 PM
Okay, just noticed we are at 107 posts and you know what that means...

DO NOT POST HERE, please & Thank you!

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