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07-17-2008, 10:46 AM
Good morning gals. Still have a bit of soreness from the stiff neck and shoulders, but at least I can turn my head and such. Jack is fine. Because he walked on steel decks when he was ship bound, it did a number on his ankles, knees, hips and back. He now has arthritis and is in some kind of minor pain all the time, which he just blocks out. The other day though he was in bad shape with his back hurting and his bursitis in his hips hurting him something awful. Of course, weather plays its part in all of this too. The muscle relaxer helped with the back issue and one of his Aleve helped with the other and now he is fine.

Susan: How did you put in a sunroom when you own a condo? We have very strict rules about what we can and cannot do here and that would have been a definite no no unless we just remodeled another room and made it smaller to accomodate what we wanted. They are very strict here about remodeling at all. I like to listen to books all the time to. When you are walking is a great time. I also listen when I am in a car traveling. They take up the time better than music I think.

Jean: Hope you get your car back. We are looking forward to buying a new one end of year or in the spring. We are looking at midsize suv for us. Not too big or small and gets decent gas mileage. It will handle our trip taking junk too. The next time we go to Vegas we have decided to drive it and so we can take as much clothing etc as we want that way besides getting to see a bit of the country. Of course, with Jack being in the Navy all those years we have see most of it, but once we get past northwestern New Mexico, we will be in new territory. We have to go over Hoover dam and Jack is not too keen on that. The man hates bridges. I usually try and drive over the Mississippi here and then in Cairo, IL when we go to Indiana. Just gives him the heeby jeebies as my mom used to say. We got that fancy toy yesterday and he has it all set up. Couple of glitches though. Microsoft has come out with Vista their newest version and the darn thing isn't compatible with all programs. Jack couldn't load a game he has nor a cd/dvd burning program we have. It is automatically installed and so we are stuck with Vista. I told him he will just have to play the game downstairs and buy a new burning program for his laptop. I have one for our dvd burner on the pc that works just fine.

Well, I slept in a bit because I was so sore last night I slept in the chair downstairs. Went up at 5 and crawled into bed for a couple hours. Time to get a move on!

07-17-2008, 12:26 PM
Good morning, ladies - a bite warmer today but really nice.

Faye, Glad you are feeling some better. When we contracted for our townhouse it was a piece of ground. They had 2 models built and that was it. We were able to get the sunroom added without hassle - partly due to the fact our townhome has nothing but wetlands behind it so not an "eyesore". The only way people can walk behind our house is to slog through the mire - LOL
That's also why we got changes to the kitchen easily. The association is very fussy that things are maintained, yards kept nice. We have to keep the 6 paned windows and white shades or blinds in the windows. Can't change the color of the shutters or trim. All sheds must be painted with this special color banana split that you can only get at one place in town. In our covenants it actually says we can't keep cows, pigs, chickens or other farm animals, we can't drill for oil or mine for ores - and other far fetched stuff. I quit going to homeowner meetings. Tell Jack the Microsoft Website. They have a lot of free downloads for problems. We had a game that didn't work either but they had a patch and now everything is good. Lots of good FAQs there.

Jean, did you get your loaner car? Can't get them around here anymore because of insurance issues. When I bought my car, the gave me coverage for roadside assistance and a rental car if it has to be in overnight. We have a Catholic Church here (right around the corner from where I live but I don't go there - people are not friendly) that has a thrift store to provide funds for their food pantry. I used to take a lot of stuff there but now they are into upscale clothes (and way to pricey for a thirft shop) and they have a person who looks over your stuff and tells you what they'll take. So now I put it out for the DAV who comes through our development on the 3rd Monday of every month. I like Beck alot - Day 3 was to add "eat only when sitting down" to our list. Today is "Give Yourself Credit". She has really good suggestions. I bought the workbook because it was $11.53 on Amazon and the book was $5 more. People on the Beck thread said the workbook actually had a bit more in it than the book and you didn't need both. They actually have it on CD as well for $16.47. You can get the book used starting at $5.49 and $3.99 shipping. I think it is going to help me.

I had a good time at my quilting bee last night. It's always fun to get together with friends. Jean, do you still have Bunko?

Well need to get to work!

07-17-2008, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I went out for lunch with a couple of other teachers today. I don't know who they talk to but they seem to know the inside scoop on who is doing what, where, and with whom. One has a son who was married the week after Jason and Amanda, and he has filed for divorce. There are two children, 7 and 5, involved. It sounds like it is nasty; I feel sorry for the grandparents and children.

I should get busy, but now I feel lazy. The sky has clouded over so maybe we will get some much needed rain. Rain is ok, but the wind and hail is not. A nap sounds inviting.

"Gma" -- The parts were ordered for the car the last time it was in the shop. For whatever reason, no one bothered to tell us nor anyone else in the shop! :( Now the direction window in the rearview mirror shows half a letter so that has to be replaced also. I'm more convinced than ever that things are not made like they used to be! I've had several people tell me they don't like the Vista program. I don't know enough about computers so don't understand all of the whys and wherefores. ;)

Susan -- I'm assuming the color of banana split is the banana w/o the peel. Right? :lol: There are such interesting color names these days. I like to look at the OPI nail polish just to read the names. You have lost me on Bunko, and I have no clue what it is. So, would you recommend the Beck book, the workbook, or both? I remember buying workbooks that were just a review of the book itself.

Well, I do need to get busy. Have a great rest of the day and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-18-2008, 12:49 AM

We are back from KS and will be moving there the 30th of next month. Don't gasp but here is a brief description of the house we will be living in. It has 6 bedrooms ~ all good sized. It is built on two levels so the downstairs has a huge rec room which is below the living room upstairs. Also the downstairs bedrooms mirror the upstairs. The rooms are all carpeted except the diningroom and bathrooms and kitchen. All nice and clean and empty. Except for a washer and dryer, stove and refrigerator, air conditioning and ceiling fans in each room. OK, now we will not be furninshing all those rooms. I will have a room for crafts and not shared with anything else. The front and back yards are large with fencing in the back. There are several 4 foot by 2 foot planter boxes outside the fenced back yard for veggie gardens which we will plant next year. Ragg Mopp will have that fenced in back yard to romp in if he chooses.

Now here is where I need some HELP. The stove has one of those glass tops and I don't have a clue how to care for it or clean it. There wasn't a book to be found in the cupboards that was for it so I am having to wing it. Possibly I can get a book from the maker. Any of you have such a stove?

All the charms had arrived for my bracelet while we were gone and I now have them silver soldered on it today. It really looks cool! Now to get to the business of earning the charms that they stand for each 10 pound loss. I did order one more today :p It is a coyote howling my YIPEKIO. Don't you just know I had to have that one. Surprisingly so it only weighs 3 1/2 ounces with all the charms on it.

DONNA So sorry to hear you are all stiff. That is not a pleasant way to be for sure but it will work itself out. It will be an adventure to drive from there to Vegas. Pick the senic route.

SUSAN Your place sounds neat with the sun room and all. I know how restrictive those condos can be about "special" things and you were fortunate to get in on the ground floor of the building so to speak.

JEAN What I got from what you said is that those other ladies are more into gosip than you.:o Or is it "inside information?" I hope you are enjoying your time off this session. KS isn't that far from Iowa now is it? We went through part of NB but not the part near you. WY is beautiful this time of year ~ all green. We are all brown out here.

Have a good one folks ~ type at you later

07-18-2008, 01:45 PM

Is that an echo I hear? Where is everyone? ~ I usually don't post back to back. ;) I got out my non skid stuff and that is as far as I have gotten. I think I'll empty the dish cupboard when it cools down this evening. No hurry, I just like to get everything done and all my ducks in a row. It won't take too much to get this rig ready to go since we have to have everything in it's place to be able to live in it. However, that non skid stuff is wonderful to keep things in their place as we are moving. Just getting it set to roll on down the highway is the thing. We are going to take off the awning ~ needs to be replaced, so we will just junk it here. Also the overhead bed, which is above the front seats, is going to be removed. That will lighten the rig up some since both items are heavy ones. Lighten up means less fuel. Makes sense to me. ;)I will lose some storage up there of shoe box plastic boxes used as drawers but I can put them in a cupboard for a temporay time. I like using those plastic shoe boxes for things ~ keeps the dust off. This place is so dusty. When we get in that house I will have plenty of places to put my "stuff." AH, and so much carpet to vacuum. It will be a change for sure. Our biggest house that we owned had 4 bedrooms and it took a bit of time to keep it clean. I think the rooms that we don't use will just be kept shut up.

Well, Magnolias, I am going to get to doing something useful. Not that this isn't because I sure do like keeping in touch with ya'll. It won't be long after we move when Hughes will get me hooked back up and I can be back on line. We are going to give them a call today and set up the appointment to direct our satelite dish. I will have to change my morning weigh in day from Thursday to a Monday evening. That will be a change for me. I am thinking I will not change my high low days though. Monday is an 18 point day and that will be good since I will have to weigh after all meals are eaten that day.

Hope everyone is doing well this day. Type at you later.

07-18-2008, 06:00 PM
Good morning, ladies! Hot here today!

Maggie, glad you found a house - Now that you have so many bedrooms we'll have to have a Steel Magnolias reunion :rofl: You'll get lost in all that room! You can find information on most appliances, including there instruction manuals on the internet. Just goggle whatever brand you have. I'm sure Rag Mop will love the fenced yard.

I wonder where everyone is? I worry about Faye and Jack because she is always the first one here. Jean posts at night so she still has time. Haven't heard from Nannax3 and Gloria lately, Gail has been around.

I went to the doctor this morning and my asthma has improved on Symbicort. But the GERD is worse so she is sending me to a Gastroentrologist who will do an endoscope to see what is going on in my stomach and esophagus.

This is Day 5 of Beck - eating without distractions - no tv, reading, etc. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Pause occasionally to see if you are still hungry.

Have a good evening!

07-19-2008, 12:30 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a strange weather day for sure. We got up to clouds and clammy cool then the sun came out after lunch to warm things up. We did get rain last night so that should help the yards green up. I spent most of the day spinning my wheels waiting for other people. :( Bob was gone all day on his tractor ride so my day was kind of dull actually.

Maggie -- Moving to KS will be exciting for you. The house sounds huge! It's nice that you won't have to worry about Ragg Mop when he is out and about. You could take in renters and never see them. :lol: Is Will going to pastor church there? We are 2 1/2 hours from the Omaha/Council Bluffs area, but I don't know about KS. What part of the state will you be living in? You can buy ceramic stove top cleaner at the grocery store or WM. I'm still using the sample I got with my stove 3 years ago. I think the secret is to wipe up spills asap.

Susan -- I'm glad to hear that the asthma is better. Does that med affect GERD? I'm not very savvy on that type of thing. The endoscope doesn't sound like fun. :no: Are you quilting with your friends this weekend?

We are going to the lake tomorrow to see Jason and family. Beth has to work and MIL is "locked up," so we will go alone.

Have a super Saturday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-19-2008, 09:33 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Jean, the asthma medication doesn't affect the GERD just having asthma. The procedure is OP surgery - takes about 15 minutes and they just number your throat so they can put the scope down. You have a sore throat for about a day.
Not quilting with friends this weekend - getting ready for our weekend in PA next week. Have fun at the lake!

I wonder where Faye is....

Today I'm moving the stove and refrigerator so I can mop the floor under and the wall behind them. But for right now

I'm off to the Farmer's Market. Have a good day.

07-20-2008, 12:49 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am heading to bed shortly but wanted to check in here first. It was so foggy this morning when we got up, the sun came out around noon, and then it got dark and poured rain around 4. We left the grandkids sleeping soundly and drove home in rain. It's been raining off and on all evening.

Susan -- I think I am hearing an echo here! ;) I wonder where everyone is; I hope all is ok. I should clean under my stove and refrigerator too. I can't get them out by myself so do the old yardstick/cloth trick. I usually find pieces of cat food that Ernie has played with and batted around. :lol: Are you taking quilts to PA or is it a show?

I am heading off to bed. Have a super Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from :rain: Iowa!

07-20-2008, 02:10 AM

It is still warm here ~ 83 at 10 pm. I have been busy getting things ready to head out on the 30th. Called Hughes today so maybe we can get hooked up with internet as soon as we get moved. You have to talk to someone in India so maybe or maybe or not they understand what is needed.

JEAN Will did take the position of preacher in Hays KS and the house and all the utilities come with the position. Thanks for the 411 about the stove cleaner. Whoever was in that house last did let stuff burn rings on the top so I hope I can get it clean. I do love having a clean stove. I also heard you have to have certain kind of pans to use but don't know. I sure hope I can use my cast iron skillets. My pots are made by Calphalon.

SUSAN Sounds like you are tackling spring cleaing. I love buying my produce at the farmers stands out here. Get the stuff vine ripened. It is funny to see the truck loads of tomatoes leaving that are green to ripen on the route to far away markets. I like mine vine ripened. Also the corn on the cob is so good here. I think that is what I'll miss mostly about leaving CA is the fresh fruits and veggies. We can actually buy local grapes and not the ones shipped in from Chile.:o And the local grown watermellons and not the ones shipped in from Mexico. We can have a nice sized garden when we move. There are already some gardening planters in place.

Everyone have a wonderful Sunday. Type at you later.

07-20-2008, 11:41 AM
Good morning!

I just got in from Mass. It looks like we in for the trail end of the tropical storm today - just rain which we need. It sure is hot and humid already and there were a few rain drops already.

Today I'm going to do some mending and start getting my things together for PA. By the way, Jean, I'm not taking quilts, it is a quilt show we are going to.

Beck Day 7 is to get rid of trigger foods and stock the pantry with healthy stuff. I've already done that - its a lot easier when you live alone - no excuse for junk being in the house - darn!

Maggie, we have local grapes at the farmer's market in the fall and we also have a winery in Williamsburg that makes some really good wine. I love a vine-ripened tomato. In the winter, I'll get the tomatoes that are still on the vine - they have a good taste at least. Usually they are very expensive but one grocery or the other usually has them on sale. I have cast iron skillets I use that were my grandmother's. They are nearly 100 years old and cook better than a nonstick pan. Do you clean yours with salt?
When I was looking at the glass topped stoves the salesman said any flat bottom pan work - of course you can't always trust a salesman!

Jean, I was hoping you might know where Faye is. I worry when she disappears for days without warning. Glad you had a good day with the grandchildren. I couldn't move my old refrigerator, either but the one I got last year moves very easily - which makes me happy. Cupid loves to bat things under there.

Enjoy your Sunday!

07-20-2008, 08:45 PM
Hey, ladies - had an email from Faye and she asked me to pass this along....she's having trouble with her ISP.

Evening gals! We are both fine. I did an oops and didn't realize I didn't post at all on Friday as I was running errands all day and forgot all about it. Saturday morning I got up and Jack was supposed to shampoo the hallway and I said, "Hey, you want to go to Nashville until tomorrow?" so that is what we did! We packed a couple little bags and took off yesterday morning. It is about 3 hours drive so not too bad. I had someone just peek at Fortchy. He is paper trained so we did just fine except he missed us. I couldn't see paying $45 for one day. I did a bit of shopping at Opry mills and bought my dd an adorable leather handbag from Wilson's leather which is going out of business. I got an $80 for $25. Of course, I spied something for myself so bought another not needed beautiful new bag too! lol We went swimming and just had a nice layabout. We came home around noon today. I apologize for scaring you half to death!

Maggie: I have a ceramic cooktop and like Jean said, find ceramic stovetop cleaner in your cleaning aisle. I have two kinds, a spray (Easy off brand) and a white liquid (Weiman is hte brand) that is a little abrasive. Also, here are a couple hints. You can clean off build up burnt stuff with a razor blade just be careful. I keep mine spotless so it can't build up, which is the best thing to do. I am enclosing a picture of the types I use. (can't get it to upload for some reason so I will continue to try later) I use a spray every time I use the cooktop with paper towel. I use one of those plastic net type sponges on deep clean day, which I do once a week. I use the white stuff, squirt it all over the top, scrub the top until you feel only smooth, then wipe and polish with paper towel. I always kind of lean sideways to look at the top to make sure it all gets wiped off with no residue. One thing is you do have to know your cookware. We just bought an outer base of ceramic cookware and the stuff can adhere to a ceramic cook surface and actually meld to it so you can't ever let something boil off and be dry. It will do that with a couple other types like porcelain too.

Well gals, I am not going to do replies tonight. I am pooped and have things to put away from our "date" weekend. See you in the morning!

07-21-2008, 12:37 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It was another hot and humid day in my corner of the world. We didn't hit 90, but with the humidity it was hot enough. I've putzed most of the day and done some laundry. I slept in until 8 and it's been a very long time since I've done that. There have been several nights where I don't sleep very soundly so maybe it was time to catch up.

Maggie -- I will have to look on the map and see where Hays, KS, is located. I didn't buy special cookware when I got the stove. I have two favorites that I've had for 40+ years and they are Club Aluminum brand. I don't think they are even made any more. The bottom of the pans have rings similar to the old style burners. They seem to work fine. I also have a couple of newer pans with flat bottoms and I can't tell any difference. :dunno:

Susan -- I'm glad you got the email from Faye. :yes: I need to make a grocery run tomorrow and replenish my healthy veggies and fruit. I know when I am home during the summer, we eat at home more, and I run the dishwasher more often. :lol: Cupid is a cute name for a cat!

"Gma" -- A spur-of-the-moment date was a good idea! :cb: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and found a bargain to boot!

I am heading for bed. Tomorrow I need to get some stuff together for another Good Will box and Bob wants stuff from the flooded bedroom closet floor off of his workbench. I'm thinking it will be too hot to work in the garage tomorrow. We'll see. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-21-2008, 08:55 AM
Good morning gals. I finally got the ISP working well so I can post again.

Maggie: Here are the pics of the 2 products I used on my ceramic cooktop. They both work really well for me.

Jean: It is just unbearably hot and humid here. It got up to 105 in Nashville yesterday and the humidity is just awful. We had a fun time doing not much of anything. We went to our favorite bbq chain because they don't have one here, did a bit of shopping, but not much and got to go swimming, which I loved. We met a couple from Chicago in the pool who live in Augusta Georgia now and they were nice. Do you feel like you had your kids too early??? I see more older couples with young kids. They had a girl around 8 or so, but I swear these people were at least mid 40's. You never know whether they are parents or grandparents. We saw a ton like that at Opry Mills. I liked having my kids young and now have only the grandkiddies to have fun with and Jack and I are free to do as we like.

Susan: Thanks for posting for me! I too love Farmer's Market produce. I just like the whole atmosphere. I grew up that way and it was a way of life in my childhood to go to Farmer's Market on Saturdays. We don't have a particularly great one here and to tell the truth, Jack and I haven't been.

I guess I better get my day started. I have clothes to fold from yesterday and chores to do.

Have a great start to your week!

07-21-2008, 03:19 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

Jean, I have Club Aluminum, too - I bought it about 34 years ago and it's still great. 80's and humidity is fine weather here!

Faye, glad to see you were about to post this morning. Do you think one of the reasons why there are so many young children with older parents is because of second - or third - marriages? I sure wouldn't have wanted to have you children when I was in my 40's and 50's - the energy is gone.

I lost 4 pounds last week so Beck is working so far. I am pleased. On to Week 2. I'm doing WW Flex with Beck this week since the last 3 days will be spent in PA. I'm still eating Core foods until Friday and then I'll give myself a little leeway.

07-21-2008, 05:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Our sunshine has disappeared and it looks like it could rain. The house across the street is getting a new roof. They took off all of the old so I hope if it rains, they can cover it fast. Our guy did a section at a time rather than take everything off. I guess he did do one roof at a time since we have 4 different roof levels. I've been finishing up on the laundry and doing some much needed ironing this morning.

"Gma" -- I had Jason when I was 27 and Beth when I was 32. If I had it to do over again and our circumstances were different, I probably would have had them when I was younger, I don't know. We were married 6 years before Jason came along. Bob left for Vietnam 8 months after we were married, and I was still in college at the time. My parents ok'd us getting married as long as I promised to finish college. When he got back he had 2 years of college left and I was teaching. Back then if you were pregnant, you couldn't teach after a certain month. After Bob graduated we moved to Mpls. and we knew it would just be for a year so didn't want to have a baby on the way not knowing where we would go after the year was up. We moved to Ohio and Jason was born out there. He was a very active little boy and I wanted to space the kids so that he was independent when #2 came along. We were only supposed to be in Ohio a year to 18 months and it ended up being almost 4 years. When we moved back to Iowa and settled in here, Beth came along. :) Bob's brother and wife were in college when they got pregnant, married, and had their first child. The sorority sisters and fraternity brothers babysat whenever the parents were in class. They are now divorced. They moved to AZ so can't really say how the kids turned out except the one who was just here mooching at the lake. I sure wouldn't want to have kids any later than we did, that's for sure.

Susan -- Congratulations on losing 4#s! :cheer: I don't know why but I am having a hungry day today and all I want to do is eat! :mad:

I see the mailman just drove by so will go and see what he brought today. When he delivers we get mail by 1:00 usually and when the sub (she) delivers it is 3:30 or later. I'm betting she is nice and will take packages up to the door where he just lays them on the mailboxes. He's a jerk.

Have a great rest of the day and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-22-2008, 09:00 AM
Good morning to you all. I can't tell whether it is going to be rainy or not today. It is so hot and humid here that it is hazy so it is hard to tell this time of morning. It got up to 105 yesterday and was steaming.

I took the rental car back yesterday afternoon and was kind of glad to be rid of it. Jack picked out a Chevy HHR and what a weird car that was. It is similar to the PT Cruiser and would sure take some getting used to. First off, it has running boards, but it sits so low to the ground they aren't needed and so you have to step over them kind of to get out of the car. The power window buttons are set in under the radio instead of on the door and the shift knob is right in front of it, so it is awkward to roll down a window. I imagine some people like it though. I can guarantee it won't be on our list of cars to look at when we buy! :lol:

Susan: I know it was hard for me having kids really young as I was 20 when Jay was born, but it is surely nice to have Jack all to myself and the freedom to do what we want now and still be young enough to enjoy traveling and such. I don't think having kids in your early 30's is so bad as you are in your 50's when they are in college, but waiting until you are in your 40's or even 50's sometimes, sure puts you at a disadvantage. I don't care if you have been a marathon runner you whole life and eat totally healthy, you just can't do at 50 what you can at 25-35. Then when they really get active and you are in your late 50's or early 60's I would imagine they would really keep you pooped. On top of that, I have a girlfriend who was born when her parents were in their late 40's. She is an only child and though her mom is in her 90's now and still living, she lives with them and Vicki is her soul caregiver. There is no sibling for mom to "Have a day with." I would say statistics were in your favor with the duplicate marriage thing. Maybe is couples were a bit more careful before they said "I do" and then actually worked on the rough spots of marriage instead of throwing it away like an unwanted toy. My husband works with several men who are either on a 3rd marriage or have been through a third divorce. If I divorced, and remarried, if it didnt work out the second time, I think I would give up! lol :carrot::bravo::cp: on your loss! That's great!

Jean: I imagine it won't be long and they will start redoing roofing here. the association president said that is the plan. Fortune is going to love that! Didn't you say your school was old and had no air conditioning? I hope your area cools off before school starts if it doesn't. Nothing worse than having difficult kids to begin with then having the rooms like furnaces for them to learn in. We had no ac in our school and used to go until near the middle of June. It was hot and sticky by then and we used to have classes outside if the teacher were so inclined.

It is to clean the upstairs again so I better get some breakfast and get to it. It won't do itself that is for sure.

Have a good one!

07-22-2008, 01:50 PM

It is now 9:15 in the am and 73 outside. Not bad a all if it would stay that way but next week it is said to be in the 100's once again:mad:. I got a good nights sleep last night. However, the night before was not so good. The yard had a bunch of coyotes playing around and had Ragg Mopp giving them what for. I would get to sleep and he would sound off. Enough. So last night he wore his bark collar, which by the way, has a dead battery in it so wouldn't work if he barked but he didn't know that. It hasn't worked for some time now but still has him fooled. The reason we didn't use it the night before was it was outlside in the Jeep and neither of us wanted to get up and get dressed to go fetch it. It is off of him and he is being quiet and not even barking at the cats today. We are getting some done eadh day for our trip on the 30th. I am looking forward to it not being so dusty all the time as here in this country side.

SUSAN :woohoo:4 big ones gone. Girlfriend you go. I surely would like to lose in chunks like that. I only gain in chunks like that.:p No, I don't use salt every time on my cast iron skillets or dutch ovens. Just do it mostly the old fashioned way of hot water then a whisk of crisco. If there are stuck on bits out comes the salt though. It is wonderful as a cleaing agent in the kitchen. My pans are mostly non stick now from the many years of use so they are very easy to clean. It is easier to clean them when they are still hot.

FAYE You had me laughing at that decription of your rental. What are some engineers thinking. I am glad to see that some of the manufactures are going retro. The new chevy coming out in 2010 looks like an older model almost like a mustang. I copied the picture you put up of that cleaner and will look for it in the Super Wallmart when we get moved. I always like to use what has worked for my friends. Thank you for posting that. I was so sad to see that someone had done to that stove top and do hope it isn't scratched.

JEAN I am so glad for you that you have air in your home. That humidity back there is a wilter for sure. I wilt. But it sure makes the corn grow good. Are you having to toss most of the stuff in your basement that got wet or is it salvageable? What a deal to have to work with in addition to regular house work. Especially in the summertine. Do you have ceiling fans in all your rooms? I love to keep that air moving ~ reminds me of gently sea breezes. Ahhhh. I really do miss the Pacific Ocean which is our coastline. I used to love it as a child of around 10 when our school was so crowded that we went there in shifts and my shift was 10 to 5. I would get my chores done early. The chores I had at that age were to make my bed and straighten my room up. I would then skip on down to the beach which was a short two blocks away. My father had given me a watch so I wouldn't lose track of time. I was never late for school. Never, and I loved school so much I got certificates year after year for perfect attendance. I guess I wasn't a sickley child nor did I have the inclination to ditch. Times have sure changed. I would never have let my daughter skip on down the beach by herself ~ yikes we were so young and the world was kinder and gentler.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. Type at you later.

07-23-2008, 02:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I fell asleep in front of the TV and did I ever sleep! Bob left to go to the office and I didn't even know it. Ernie woke me up when he hopped up on my lap or I would be there yet. Visiting MIL every evening sure makes the evening seem short for us. I had my lab work early this morning and then my physical an hour later. All of my #s are better than last year and I weigh 5 #s less. Not sure how that happened but I'll take it. :cb: Our doctor is retiring (he is younger than I am) and there will be a new one coming in after the first of the year. This year he was promoting a shot combining tentanus and whooping cough as well as taking Vitamin D. I did get the shot even though I've had whooping cough he said I could get it again, and that it is resurfacing in the schools. Bob was late coming home for lunch, and I ran some errands this afternoon. Tomorrow is a perm first thing in the morning. I really don't need one yet, but we are having church pictures taken Aug. 4th and the beautician is leaving on a 2 week vacation the 31st. She has a sign in her shop that says she is a "beautician, not a magician" :lol: which I think is cute.

"Gma" -- One of the teachers got a new HHR just before school got out. I thought it looked like a box with wheels. :o I'm all for second marriages if a person is single by death, on good terms with the ex, etc., but I would wonder if they cheated on their partner with me, would they cheat on me with someone else. Our high school was built in 1962 with several additions over the years. They have talked about putting individual air conditioners in the rooms, but the electrical stuff would have to be all redone and that would cost way too much to justify doing it for just a few days of use. Our new elementary building will be air conditioned and our middle school, so I suppose the powers-to-be will figure the older kids can handle the heat when the time comes. :( I'm not going to complain about the heat, but would love some cooler, open the windows, kind of weather.

Maggie -- Our neighbors' son visited with his little dog that has an electrical fence at home. They put the flags around the yard and the collar on the dog. It didn't take him long to figure out that it wasn't connected to anything and he was on our deck eating cat food and drinking cat water. :lol: They were upset with the dog, but we didn't mind since he was just visiting. Pretty soon Ragg Mop will have a whole new territory to scout out. The basement stuff is just some boxes we threw together in a hurry: some goes to Jason, some to Beth, some to Good Will, and some will stay here. I just need to get out in the garage and dig in. :( Since my eczema flare up I haven't wanted to work in the dust and dirt so have put it off. We do have fans in the bedrooms and two in the kitchen area. Our bedroom is upstairs and on the west side of the house so would be really hot without the fan circulating the air. We keep the furnace fan running constantly when the air is on also. I would love to be near the ocean, but want my own private space and be able to walk the beach without stepping over and around other bodies. I love Okoboji but it has become such a tourist spot that the only time the lake is peaceful is early in the morning before they are up and about.

I guess I will head off to bed. I'm getting in the bad habit of sleeping later and should be working on getting up earlier for when it's time to go back to school.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa!