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07-15-2008, 08:23 AM
Yikes! The summer is half over and I haven't done anything summerish! :eek:

I woke up feeling sluggish, like I'm getting sick. Cardio was a slog, but done. After my adventures in scale-land, I don't dare skip it :p

Fran, slow loss is still loss! I'm doing (almost) everything right and slowly gaining :( Your gym hotel experience sounds fantastic!

Sorry for the drive-by posts, but work is crazy! Why do we have a zillion special projects in the summer?

Legs at lunch if I'm still awake :dizzy:


07-15-2008, 03:41 PM
Hey Mel!

Hope you feel better soon. I ate something bad yesterday & was sick all night. So today it's bland food for me. Lots of busy stuff at work but after today should calm down.

I am so smitten with my cruiser bike, it's kind of sad. But hey, it gets me around town with the added bonus of cardio! Now, if it weren't so hot outside......

07-15-2008, 04:26 PM

I was lamenting it being mid summer because I was hoping to start rock climbing this summer but I didn't hit my goal rock climbing weight, so I didn't do it. Next summer, I will be rock climbing. I may even look into it into the fall.

Bad news - I have realized my weight has been bouncing around for 8 months. I wanted to start rock climbing in May/June and that never happened. I wanted to be well under 200 by now and that didn't happen. My clothes got tight, I felt bloated and crappy and my knee started hurting again.

Good news - (Although I've said it before) I'm done with bouncing and I am getting back on track. I've been exercising every day, no matter what. Food has been good and I have a plan. I also think I'm out of my funk.

07-16-2008, 08:29 AM
Nelie- recognition is step one. Change all the "I want" to "I will". I can see you climbling! It's a great sport, indoor or out. You've got the maintenance part down, now take the plunge and go for the next phase ;)

Denver- Hope you are feeling better!

My cold has settled in despite attempts to ward it off. Cardio wasn't exactly intense today. I'm lifting shoulders and abs at lunch, so that should at least go well.

I've settled into a maintenance weight that is 5 pounds higher than I'd like. So nelie's pep talk applies to me, too. I'm an angel during the week, but weekends have been self-sabotage. And stress eating. You'd think that sometime in the last half century of my life, I'd have figured out that food solves no problems other than hunger, and 9 times out of ten, I'm NOT hungry when I eat off plan! I'm just :crazy:

Off to one of my stressors...work time! :lol:


07-16-2008, 10:48 AM
Oh I definitely am not hungry when I eat off plan. The past couple months have been a teeter totter of me overeating to overeat then stopping, then overeating, then stopping. It was that inner child saying "oooo a bagel" or "a couple pb sandwiches sounds good" or "I want chocolate" or whatever else and no one to stop the inner child.

I will definitely be rock climbing next spring at the latest. I plan to do outdoor rock climbing but if I reach my goal rock climbing weight in the fall/winter, I may look at indoor places.

07-17-2008, 08:24 AM
:wave: Is this vacation week?

07-17-2008, 08:41 AM
Vacation? Heck no, everyone's at the gym. Today was bike, elliptical, and core. There's nothing like watching the big red sun rise over the ellipticals to start the day off right! :D

07-17-2008, 09:43 AM
No vacation this week either. I'm just busy reading. Books more than online posts but not to worry. I'll post about them later. :devil: Off to the gym this morning. I haven't done any lifting all week it's been mostly just cardio. It's a guess what I'll do today when I walk in there. :dizzy: I've just been really tired and perhaps needed a recovery week. :dunno:

:yoga: tonight which I am looking forward to doing. Catch up with everyone later.

07-17-2008, 10:13 AM
No vaca here either. I need one >sigh<. I'm just working. A lot. Money is a good thing, though, since it is necessary for protein shakes, running shoes, and personal trainers. :lol:

I'm in a weird place mentally. I'm trying to be very calm and collected with the scale and convince myself I am content with this weight. My body fat percentage was nice and low the last time I had it measured and maybe I am just not really meant to hit the 140s. Muscle has some weight to it. But no matter how much I *know* the scale is not the be all end all of this process, sometimes my inner toddler sulks and pouts and whines.

I do NOT want to lose muscle mass to satisfy my desire to see the 140s on the scale.

I should write that sentance 100 times. :lol:

So I'm running and lifting and eating yummy healthy foods in appropriate portions with a goal of 125 grams of protein a day. It's really not very exciting to write about. This is the nuts and bolts of maintenance, I suppose.

I am planning ahead to the school year, when I will have more barriers with my exercise plan. I will need to get up earlier to get my runs in, and it will be cold and dark. I will need to be super organized for my kids, for dinner, homework, their practices, house cleaning, packing lunches, etc., so that I can still have my gym time. Planning will be super important---cause if I don't have clean protein and veggies in the house for dinner, it will be too easy to make grilled cheese or something.

My baby starts kindergarten this year, so bear with me when I am a bawling mess. He's ready. I'm not ready. I like having a preschooler at home. :( I will miss him during the day. It is a new phase in my life.

Well, I'm off to help teenagers not get pregnant. :) Have a great day!

07-17-2008, 02:59 PM
Afternoon, everyone. I know I've been MIA, but at least I've been thinking about posting. Surely that counts for something!

My summer so far has been a lot of work-related traveling, work, and more work. Oh, and gardening, which sometimes feels like work but sometimes doesn't.

Aside from work, my major goals for the summer were to (a) teach The Boy how to swim, and (b) lose the 8-ish pounds that seem to have crept back on this spring. (Waah!!). Let's just say that I'm making more progress with the swim lessons.

I do fine during the day, I'm very active even if I'm not going to the gym quite as often, but something happens late at night and I turn into an eating machine. I'm sure it's a matter of the combination of stress (did I mention that I'm behind on my work?) and an improper balance of nutrients and timing (e.g., eating too little during the day).

So, here's what I'm going to do about it: as of today, I'm going to start counting calories again. It's a drag, and I don't like the fact that I can't maintain without counting calories (let alone lose), but so it goes. Y'all have to hold me to this, OK?

Better news (caution, bragging ahead!): I had my annual physical this week and, because I recently switched insurance plans, it included basic blood work to assess my risk for heart problems etc. Even though the receptionist didn't tell me I was supposed to fast before my blood test, my numbers were, in the doctor's word, stunning. My "bad" cholesterol is extremely low, and my "good" cholesterol very high. I don't remember the exact figures for each, but my ratio of total cholesterol:bad cholesterol is 2:1 (2.0). The doctor said he's never seen such beautiful blood. Hey, my abs may be disappearing under a layer of fat, but at least my blood is beautiful. :)

Ah, vanity.

I hope everyone is doing well. I've missed LWL!

Be strong,

07-17-2008, 04:13 PM
Hey all. I tried to post yesterday, but kept getting the "IE cannot display the page" error, and after trying about six times, just ran out of time for fiddling with it. Can't remember what I said, but I'm sure it was brilliant. ;)

Had a good lifting session on Tuesday. Deadlifts are getting much better. Had planned to try rack pulls in the power cage, but the safety bars don't go low enough for my short legs. Might be able to pull it off with a step set up in there, but just went for regular deadlifts that day, since I was short on time.

Yesterday's schedule was all messed up, so I didn't get my yoga in, but did manage to get a haircut, get the mowing and housework done at home, and make it to skating practice.

Undecided yet if I will make it to the Y, or just get my lifting in at home. After yesterday's crazy day, I'm inclined to stick close to home and try to catch up on a few things around the house. I'll probably go anyway, since I need to stop by the Wal-marche' to pick up a few things. Better get to it.. talk to you all later!

07-17-2008, 11:02 PM
Oh my aching bottom. Now I know what happens when I follow up leg day with a yoga class. :doh: DOMS setting in and class ended just 45 minutes ago. Great class though. I'm learning a lot and trying to practice it immediately when I come home but I'm justt so sore. The best I can do is find the positions and bookmark them on youtube for reference.

Cheryl: seems like you did enough for one day if you were able to catch up around the house in addition to the skating practice.

Kim: Blood vanity. That's great. My garden has returned into it's natural state of becoming a "wish garden." Somewhere there are tomatoes and peas, I just have to get the weeds out to find them. ~sigh~

Midwife: I'm right where you are with the scale thing. I just don't really know how low to really go without running the risk of sacrificing any muscle I may have preserved or built in the last three years. Diet too has me a little :crazy: I keep thinking in my head just five or seven more pounds and I'm there but what am I losing or gaining by doing that? Anyway, I'm not stressing over it. I'm just going to continue to eat the clean things I enjoy and keep on moving because I enjoy that too. I will strive to dip a little lower just out of curiosity but I really think that my real goal is to preserve muscle. I am going to need all the metabolic tissue I can have going into the next decade and beyond.

:wave: to everyone else. I'm tired and all mellowed out from my ujjayi (victorious breath) yoga breathing. Have a great evening everyone.

07-18-2008, 12:41 AM
Interesting tidbit......I'm on a goal to keep protein at 80 g or less daily for this kidney-stone avoidance diet. Final offer on that vat of Designer Whey :rolleyes:

Lydia, glad you explained that yoga move. For awhile I thought you were headed to Oprah's vajaejae territory! :o

07-18-2008, 01:42 AM
Didn't do the Y trip today. Decided shopping could wait, and did the Crossfit WOD today, just for "fun". Fun...right...pant-pant...die...lol. 15 push-ups, 12 dips, 9 push press, as many rounds in 20 mins as possible. I made it through six, barely. Gawd, I hate push-ups! It felt good to make it out alive, though, and gave my legs a break, for once.

NSV: my XL shirts are getting too big, I just realized today! So, even if the scale isn't moving, something good is happening! Also, I almost have shoulder muscles...woohoo! My dream is to have shoulder muscles you can see.

07-18-2008, 08:48 AM
I'm still sick and in giant sloth mode.

Fran- what was the offer on the vat of designer whey?

Wow- sure brought everyone out of the woodwork yesterday! Nice to see everyone :)


07-18-2008, 11:42 AM
I'm sick, so I don't plan on any exercise today. I can barely stand straight.

07-18-2008, 05:15 PM
I'm here too!

Nelie & Mel - feel better soon...:hug:

Lydia - you know I love to hear all the yoga talk. I had a yoga revelation this week. We do so many chatarungas (spelling?) which is really the slow lowering down portion of a tricep pushup and this week, I just changed my position and I was able to do so many more. Usually, I have to drop my knees down after a few. I was quite sore the next day too so yay for yoga!

I worked from home this morning (a rare treat) and had the afternoon off. I wanted to go for a run but it was about 40C with the humidity and I didn't think it was worth it so I tackled my weed jungle. I must have spent a couple of hours out there and I got a lot accomplished but it's not done yet! I hope to finish this weekend.

I also got a ton of raspberries, which is great, but I think I might have to dig them out next year. They really are ugly prickly plants and they multiply like weeds. They will take over your property if you're not really careful.

Midwife/Lydia - I think lots of us struggle with losing those last pounds while trying not to lose the muscle. It is a struggle every day. I dropped a few pounds earlier this year, gained back a couple and am now hovering around 129 but can't seem to get to the 125 goal. I know that it's not a huge deal and that it's often my fault. I think it was Mel that mentioned how the weekends ruin the rest of a good week and that is certainly true for me! Maybe it's worth it if I maintain and get to enjoy some good food with friends and family but I'm not sure.

Gotta run but I hope to check back in this weekend...enjoy everyone!


07-18-2008, 05:37 PM
Mel and Nelie, I hope you're back to normal, soon! :hug:

Fran, I sent you a PM last night, re the whey. I'd make use of it, if you don't have a long-time pal who wants it.

Isabella, I have a similar problem with the Himalayan blackberry, where I live. Great berries, but they can take over the world if you don't keep after them constantly. I spend about a third of my summer cutting blackberry vines and hacking at their roots, which just seems to piss them off and make them multiply, lol.

No lifting for me today. Skating tonight, though. Okay, more work, less chatting (for me)!

07-20-2008, 12:27 PM
Hellooooo all!

Mel, I hope you are feeling better!

I just finished a horrible week of PMS. Not fun at all, and control? Well, I managed to average a maintenance week. Between a rock and hard place at work, but I'm dragging others into it to help. Friday had to rush the pet to the vet, so we've been monitoring all weekend. Not good for workouts, food shopping, really anything except reading!! Today I am reviewing the BFL book again. I have two weeks left in this challenge (two weeks?!? where does the time go? I'm glad I have all those workouts behind me!!) and I want to make the most of them. I know that I'm starting another one right afterward, but I like to have my stats and photos every 12 weeks.

Workouts have been slacking, too. Maybe it's the heat, the stress, whatever - at least I recognize it and I'm back on track today. Wednesday I worked legs pretty hard and was sore until Saturday. It's too hot to do the lawns today, but I'll go to the gym and watch the pro bowlers.

Stay cool, groovy cats, and have a fantastic OP week!

07-20-2008, 01:27 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get myself on a good lifting schedule, but since I have work trips every other week to a place that doesn't have a gym, it's been tough.

I'm following the stronglifts 5 x 5 program. Basically, it follows an ABA one week, BAB the next.

A workouts:
Squat 5 x 5
Barbell row 5 x 5
Bench press 5 x 5
Dips 3 x F

B workouts
Squats 5 x5
Overhead press 5 x 5
Deadlifts 1 x 5
Pull up, chin up 3 x F

Increasing the weight slightly every workout.

So far it's been going good. My only problem is the overhead press. I'm still on the empty bar because my technique goes to crap by my 4th set.

Oh and pull ups. I have to go assisted. Just hanging there hurts my hands, but if I want to go unassisted I have to do it. Dips are going far better than I thought (although this is an exercise that I can do in a hotel room). I'm trying to progress with a stability ball, but I can only get out about 5 before landing on my butt. But one leg I can go for about 15 before my arms start shaking a lot.

I'm also trying to do the push up challenge on off days and planks. All of my core work the last couple of months has really helped me.

Last night I did work out A. My chest and shoulders are soooore! The squalf an hour, not going all the way down, then clean jerks, and good mornings, without letting me work through. I was on the Smith machine, but my butt and legs don't feel sore. They feel used, not "I just squated 100 pounds" sore.

Ugh. Whatever. I'm going to start lifting early, before the college crowd goes in.

Have a great week everyone!

07-20-2008, 04:03 PM
That's a great program Archy. You'll make some great gains!

I like Mehdi's stuff a lot plus he really writes some great stuff on form, corrective exercise, mobility, SMR, and the like. Great stuff. I read his blog religiously.

By the way, I'm sure he'd like to see you get off that Smith Machine though ;)


07-20-2008, 04:41 PM
Ooh, I just re-read what I posted and the part where I'm complaining about the guy who was hogging the squat rack was gone.

He's the one that hogged the rack for an hour doing squats "not going all the way down, then clean jerks, and good mornings, without letting me work through."

That's why I went to the Smith machine, I figured Smith squats were better than no squats. But I'm not sore or anything. Tomorrow I'm going in at 7am so that I don't have to deal with the college boys.

07-20-2008, 04:59 PM
That makes total sense!

Well, at least he wasn't curling. Although he probably could have cleaned from the floor for clean and jerks or at least let you work in. No accounting for commond decency though.

07-20-2008, 06:05 PM
Archy, another thing you can do, if that happens again, is try a different type of squat, just for a change-up. Overhead squats are challenging for me, and I'm not even using weight yet...too scared of dropping it on my head, lol, but really still working on my form, and I still feel it, for sure. You can also do squats with DBs or front squats, or a push press combined with a squat. Sounds like a great program you've got there, though!

Rest day for me today, then back to the gym tomorrow. :)

07-20-2008, 10:10 PM
Archy- that looks like a great program. One of the things that really helped my military press was doing one arm at a time dumbbell presses, then switching back to the bar for a few weeks, then back to dumbbells.

Fran- Ummm....I asked you about the whey...did you get my PM?

I've had a no gym couple of days. My cold progressed to a sinus infection that felt like the front of my head was going to explode off my body :p I think I'm ready to start again. I've got a date with the elliptical at 5:20 tomorrow morning and we'll see how that goes ;)


07-20-2008, 10:27 PM
Hi guys, had to check with the dh on the protein powder bc apparently he used up the Designer Whey while I was in NYC. What I still have is the brand, Body Fortress, which to me tastes the same as DW, it's also chocolate and 23g p per scoop - it's the ultra formulation. It's sealed. I also have a 1/2 full Body Fortress chocolate that is 20g per scoop - regular formula, obviously opened.

They are both sold at Target so if you want to buy a small size there first to try it if you don't want to go by my recommendation that it's the more affordable Designer Whey, that's cool too. Here's the link:

I figure it will be about $5 to ship to you via UPS (cheapest to Mel since she is close and in the same zone as me), and since it sells for about $13 in the store, I'd like to help you out if it's worth a few bucks to you for my efforts.
http://www.target.com/Body-Fortress-Whey-Protein-Powder/dp/B0011UWY6Q/sr=1-1/qid=1216603614/ref=sr_1_1/602-0651838-5630248?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Abody%20fortress&page=1 (http://www.target.com/Body-Fortress-Whey-Protein-Powder/dp/B0011UWY6Q/sr=1-1/qid=1216603614/ref=sr_1_1/602-0651838-5630248?ie=UTF8&index=target&rh=k%3Abody%20fortress&page=1)


07-21-2008, 08:21 AM
OK, Cheryl, it's all yours! I have lots of chocolate!

First day back on cardio- ugh, that was hard! Chest and back at the gym at lunchtime if I can find a ride...I'm car-less because my ds is home for 2 days.

nelie- Hope you feel better!

07-21-2008, 09:34 AM
This is all the lifting I've been doing since last week.


Isn't she gorgeous? DD is doing very well too and my SIL is a wonderful daddy/husband.

But I'm home now and I'm back to the gym tonight

07-21-2008, 12:56 PM
Awwwww......congrats, Susan!!! So adorable! What's her name? How was the birth? Look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks!

07-21-2008, 12:59 PM
Morning, everyone. Leg day accomplished. Breakfast accomplished, and I'm hurtling toward lunch. Work NOT accomplished, but so it goes. Lifting and eating are bigger priorities, after all. :)

I spent most of the weekend attacking a 30' x 10' strip of aegopodium (aka, Bishop's weed, aka Pig Weed, aka, Creeping Fangtooth Kim's Bane). It has to go before put in a fence along our back property line. This weed spreads through every evil device known to plant-kind, but especially through tubular roots. The roots form a dense mat, and to truly get rid of the stuff, each and every inch of root has to be picked out. I regularly curse the person who went to the nursery one day and decided, "oh, that will make a nice ground cover." (Yes, nurseries *sell* this stuff. There ought to be a law!)

Oh, and I did some "stump grinding," too, of two maple tree stumps along the fence line. Manually. With a grubhoe. After the aegopodium, that seemed positively relaxing.

Did I mention that my back and hammies were sore today? :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Susan: what a cutie pie! Love that hair (even if it will fall out soon enough).

Be strong

07-21-2008, 01:35 PM
This is all the lifting I've been doing since last week.

Wow, what a cute lil' chubbster! I am sure you got a good workout (lots of reps). Congrats!

I did another 1/2 core class yesterday and then I went to do some iron pumping, about 45 minutes. 4.5 miles on treadmill this morning. It seems to me that except for the exercise, the only thing I did on the weekend was I put the dishes into the dishwasher and pressed the Start button. Saturday was extremely hot and humid and it rained yesterday all day (yay!).

Kim - I have several stumps that need to be care of - should I save them for you? :D

07-21-2008, 02:38 PM
Hi everyone,

Wow, I am sore. B workout today. Squats went well, this time I was sharing the rack with a really nice guy who weighs half as much as I do. He was sweet and let me work through. This program is kinda odd in that every workout you are working your personal best, by the time I had gotted 8 sets of squats done (3 x 5 bar and going incrementally up to my working weight) I was pooped!

I warmed up on the overhead press using dumbbells (thanks Mel) and then went for the bar. I think I may be a ninny, I'm sure I can add 10 pounds and do it. Next time!

Deadlifts. I de-loaded today. I tried doing my first set at my supposed working weight and I could barely crack out two with good form. I went 20 pounds under my working weight and did the rest, next workout I'll go back and try.

Pull ups. I'll let you know when I can crank out one unassisted...

Tonight I'll do some rowing HIIT. My legs and hamstrings are not up for running or the elliptical, but I need to get something in. I wanted to ride my bike, but it was raining :(

Sportmom, Mel - they also sell that whey near me. I can help if possible.

Susan - Congrats! Adorable!

Have a great day everyone!

07-21-2008, 03:31 PM
Oh where is my butter so I can eat all those rolls on that little squishy! That's exactly how both of mine looked and I can just smell her from here! How much did she weigh in at? I love little over-inflated (that means HEALTHY!) babies! We don't have to worry about this one dropping too much weight after she goes home! Congrats to you Susan!!

07-21-2008, 05:06 PM
She has the best cheeks, yes?

Joelle was 9lbs 15 1/2 oz. My DD was some surprised at that, let me tell ya.
Where's Midwife? Gel twice, AROM, a drip, 12 hours later she was still 4 cms ... c-section. But everyone is wonderful now!

07-21-2008, 07:49 PM
Susan:hug: She does have the sweetest cheeks. And all that hair! Lucky girl. Enjoy all that cuddle time. :goodvibes:

:wave: to everyone else. Really busy and I will try to catch up later.

Mel, Nelie: I hope you are both beginning to feel better. Summer colds are the worst.

Elisa: Those movements can wear you out. Usually by the end of class I begin to cringe when she starts to tell us to do yet another vinyasa which includes the pushup to an upward dog you described. Thankfully it's almost over by that point in the evening.

My workouts have been switched to 5:30 am for the next two weeks. I'm going in before DH leaves for work. The boys have swim lessons in the morning and I would have to forfeit my gym time if I don't start when they open. :dizzy: I kind of liked all this extra time I had in the morning when I came home. :coffee:

07-21-2008, 09:28 PM
Susan, what a cutie! I'm sure she by-passed all the newborn sizes. Welcome home.

First day back at workouts. Cardio was not fun, but I was surprised that I felt stronger lifting chest and back. Hmmmm....guess I do need to rest once in a while. Unfortunately that usually goes along with horrible eating :(

The gym is suddenly swamped with college kids. Most look pretty athletic and are armed with the packets that college coaches send in JUNE. They know what they are doing, but there sure are a LOT of them. In clumps, and they drop weights. I think they all looked at their calendars and thought "OMG, soccer/lacrosse/track/hockey practice starts in less than a month! Guess I should start getting in shape!" Luckily I haven't seen too many that look like football players- they are probably already back at school. The place just wouldn't be big enough! I feel old. Very old. :p


07-21-2008, 10:51 PM
Wow Susan, mine were only 9'2-ish and I had c'sections as well so I feel your dd's pain. I think it's the head circumference more than weight - I'm guessing a 14 incher like mine!

07-22-2008, 06:38 AM
The gym is suddenly swamped with college kids. Most look pretty athletic and are armed with the packets that college coaches send in JUNE. They know what they are doing, but there sure are a LOT of them. In clumps, and they drop weights. I think they all looked at their calendars and thought "OMG, soccer/lacrosse/track/hockey practice starts in less than a month! Guess I should start getting in shape!" Luckily I haven't seen too many that look like football players- they are probably already back at school. The place just wouldn't be big enough! I feel old. Very old. :p


Mel: This has been the environment that I've been working out in all summer. For the most part the rush appeared in late May though most of June and began to taper off a little this month. But just a little. I'm impressed with them and for the most part they are very respectful of the others working out around them. However the time of day I'm going may have something to do with who is going. I've only done the post 4:00pm workout a couple of times and it is even more crowded then. :dizzy:

I hear you with the feeling so very old part. ~sigh~ This has been my problem this year too. The camera has been very disturbing this year. :lol: I just look so tired. :tired: Feel fine :dunno: Okay. On the positive side, I took the "Real Age" test the other day and found that according to them, I'm only 29.7. :D Yeah, I'll go with that! So off to that early morning workout before everyone else wakes up.

Have a great day everyone. :coffee:

07-22-2008, 07:12 AM
Thanks everybody :D

There's kids at our gym too. Wandering, trying, hogging ...

Our gym just got an assisted pull-up machine! What fun! I did a few at 35 lbs. Could almost do 30 lbs. I smell a goal to work toward. Up until now, I could either do one -or- not.
Of course there was a kid who could crank out dozens, unassisted.

I was a bit lackluster last night after having been sorta sedentary for a week. Cardio was sluggish.

07-22-2008, 08:26 AM
:eek: Lydia, if YOU feel old, I feel like a dinosaur. Nope, a protozoa! You're tired because you have 2 young kids!

Legs today- it's hot and the sweatiness factor will govern my workout :lol3:

I need some new ideas for home cardio- I'm getting really sick of my absolutely wonderful elliptical, but I MUST do cardio almost every day. Treadmill more than once a week hurts my knees and hips. Running outside is treacherous. See- I am old! Ideas?


07-22-2008, 09:03 AM
Mel, I would suggest a walk away the pounds video. people scoff at it thinking it couldn't be a good workout, but it is. However, for someone as in shape as you, I'm really not sure.

Roller blading?

07-22-2008, 09:32 AM
:eek: Lydia, if YOU feel old, I feel like a dinosaur. Nope, a protozoa! You're tired because you have 2 young kids!

Mel: You are NOT old! But wow, I understand the feeling of perceiving oneself as that way. :hug: Protozoa. That's too funny. :lol3: Listen, we are the ages that we are. But you know there are a lot of women younger than us who are living lives not yet as full or rich as the ones we are living. I know this must be true because I used to be one of them. I think what I wish is that I had the opportunity and resources to be all that I am today fifteen or twenty years ago. ;) But that's not how it was and thank goodness I still found my way. :cool:

Oh, and I have a cardio suggestion. You said you have a nice road bike right? Get a stand or support for it so you can do stationary riding. Just a thought. :^:

Speaking of feeling old, this morning during my early bird workout. (The friendly staff member at the desk made an elaborate display to checking his watch when I came in. :devil:) I was feeling pretty darn good about my upper body workout and finishing up when I noticed this girl, yes girl, slap on twenty five pound plates and crank out three sets of bench presses. Yes I counted, it looked like about seven or eight reps without a spotter. The last few were not great but she did it without a spotter. I really should be able to do that as well. I'm up to twenty without a spotter and twenty five with one but wow. I'm going back to my cave to grouse about this one for a while. What are these kids eating these days to be able to develop that kind of strength? :^: Must. :wl: Work. :wl: Harder. :wl:

07-22-2008, 10:50 AM
The assisted pull-up machine - when I read the first sentence, I thought it must the same Gravitron my gym has (here is a clicky (http://www.usedgymequipment.com/images/SM_gravitron.jpg)) but then when you mentioned the weight, yours is obviously different because on the Gravitron, you actually use a lot of weight (because the more weight => the easier the exercise). I started with 140 and now I am down to 120 (the weight assistance, that is) but it's tough.

Don't even mention the kids. Actually, since my gym is quite far from the two universities we have here, the youngsters don't frequent it as much as the gyms in closer proximity to the campus. But anyway, the last time I was there and doing my shoulder exercises with 10 lb dumbbells (and even that is killing me at 10 reps) this young chick came, grabbed two 25 lb dumbbells and did a quick series of what I would call "chicken wings" (think of the chicken wing dance) - sorry, but you know how I suck at the names of the individual exercises. My eyes almost popped out.
Well, it does not discourage me. Maybe I will make it there one day. :-)

07-22-2008, 11:09 AM
Mel - Kettlebells!!

I also bought a bosu and some bosu dvds. They are fun.

07-22-2008, 05:29 PM
I went to have a look at Gravitrons and now I'm just plain confused with less is more, counter balance and which way is progress ....

What's the difference between a Gravitron and an assisted pull up machine?

07-22-2008, 05:52 PM
I went to have a look at Gravitrons and now I'm just plain confused with less is more, counter balance and which way is progress ....

What's the difference between a Gravitron and an assisted pull up machine?

That makes two of us! Hopefully somebody knowledgeable will be able to explain this to us.
Add it to our list of things to discuss. ;)

07-22-2008, 10:04 PM
What's the difference between a Gravitron and an assisted pull up machine?

They look the same to me. So, when I started I had the machine at 120 pounds. That meant that my guns were lifting 45 pounds of me and the machine the other 120. I'm now at 80, so I'm lifting 85 pounds of me (for one rep) and the machine takes care of the rest.

07-23-2008, 03:52 AM
The only kind of assisted pullup machines that I've ever seen work the way Archy described. :) It's the only machine in the gym where the more weight you have on the machine, the easier it is. The machine will reduce the body weight that you have to pull up by whatever number of pounds you put the pin in.

If you weigh 200 pounds and put it on 120 pounds of assistance, you're pulling up 80 pounds. If you weigh 200 pounds and put it on 50, you're pulling up 150 pounds. if you weigh 200 pounds and put it on 160, you're pulling up 40 pounds. Your body weight minus pounds of assistance = what you're actually pulling up.

Progress means using a lower number of pounds of assistance from the machine because you're pulling up more of your own weight. The key to doing an unassisted pullup is to use less and less assistance until you're down to 40, 30, and 20 pounds on the machine. By the time I could do a set of 10 at 40# of assistance, I could do one unassisted. It's certainly possible that SusanB could do a few with 35# of assistance at her weight so I think the Tomato's and Susan's pullup machines work the same way. :D

Does this make sense or are there other kinds of pullup machines out there?

07-23-2008, 08:22 AM
That's the only kind I've ever seen, too. Lots of different brand names, but they all work the same way.

Cardio done, food packed. I did legs lite yesterday, but my legs don't seem to think it was light!

Shoulders today at the gym, then I'm going to add a second, less intense cardio session tonight on the treadmill while I watch the (recorded) Tour de France ascent of Alp d'Huez. If those guys can cycle uphill for 30 miles, I can jog for 3 miles!


07-23-2008, 08:32 AM
Meg, isn't it the same what I said, too? LOL

I am actually looking at the percentage of body weight that I am currently pulling - because the machine has a chart right in front of me when I am on it, so I study it everytime I am on it to entertain myself.
I started on it when I weighed approx 200 lbs and I was putting 140 on (actually that's what the trainer that showed me how to use put there). Then I decreased to 130, and recently to 120. I now weigh 180 and I think as per the chart, I am lifting 33% of my body weight with this weight/setup. When I go to 110, I would be lifting 39% of my body weight.

Mel, enjoy the Tour de France. I am sure the cyclists going uphill will get you through your 3 miles in no time! (Should we call it an "assisted jog" ? LOL)

Edited to add:
Sorry Meg, I somehow overlooked the last paragraph of your post. I get it now, it would make sense if Susan did only 1 rep. Like I said, I am now putting 120 lbs on it and I am doing 10 dips, 10 "military" pull ups, 10 dips and then 10 "wide" pull-ups. That's all I can handle right now. Btw, the difference in the pull-ups is where I place my hands on the handles - that's why there are three kinds, military, wide and I don't recall the last one.

I just looked at the clock - gotta quickly get my behind off the chair, make a salad and run to work. Later, alligators!

07-23-2008, 11:35 AM
Hey groovy cats -

Mel, the best cardio workout in the world (to me) is to put some boogie music on and shake your groove thing! It's a lot of fun, super cheap, and yeah, really good cardio!

Just ask Napoleon Dynamite! :dizzy:

Tomato - words cannot express how jealous I am that your gym has a Gravitron. I am far from 1nderland and my gym only has an assisted pullup machine. I can eke out TWO with the maximum weight assist. I think it's 144 pounds. Still, I'm six feet tall, and even when I hit goal (175) it is going to be really difficult for me to do an unassisted pullup. All you gals who think it would be great to be tall - it's harder to do certain exercises..... but the Gravitron really helps a great deal. My gym in California had one, and I have missed it ever since I moved to Colorado. Now I am going to have nightmares about high school gym class and the dreaded flexed arm hang.

Lydia, you crack me up. 95 pound BP, eh? Hmm. I'm the only woman I've ever seen use the BP at my gym, and I am up to 65lbs with no spotter, 3 sets of 12. I don't know how much I can do with fewer reps and a spotter. I'll have to find a gym buddy who isn't scared to lift.

It's been a crazy week, and the heat makes cardio really, really uninspired and difficult to do. Still, somehow it gets done. Dedication, inspiration, willpower......

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! It's leg day for me - my favorite! :carrot:

07-23-2008, 01:24 PM
Tomato - words cannot express how jealous I am that your gym has a Gravitron.

I hear ya - I love that darn thing! You know, a while ago, I saw one advertised on Craig's list, somebody was selling it (used) for $950 (that's price in Canadian moola). Seriously, if I had where to put it, I would have scrounged up the money for it somewhere. But it's too tall to be located in my basement and it would be a bit too weird to have a Gravitron in the living room. I just had to tell myself to forget it.:drool:

07-23-2008, 01:43 PM
Hey everyone,

Well while were in the subject of pull ups here- i have always wanted to do a pullup unassissted. I have a pull up bar in the doorway of my room so i can practice when i am away from the gym. I have to say 6 months ago i could crank a single pullup- now i can do about 3 in a row.

I have never looked into the pullup machine in the gym- i have seen it but never really made the effort to go and try it. I prefer to do unassisted pullups anyways, they make me feel stronger.

Well i have 2 w/o and 2 special w/o left of NRL4W in stage 1. However i am encountering a major problem. When i go to deadlift or even do stepups or lunges with db- i deadlift with a barbell, im finding my grip give way.

I do wear gloves but my grip is still not that strong and i am getting blisters just above where the fingers on the gloves ends (in the middle of my finger). Therefore i have to put down the weights and i cannot get my heartrate up to the desired level. I can do more lunges at 60 punds but my hands wont hold up for the time i need to do those lunges.

Anyways my eating is on track at 1800, 2000 (non w/o and w/o days) My weight is steady maybe slightly increasing- thats what i want to happen, need to gain some muscle b4 i can banish some fat. All in all i am just trying to change my body composition not lose weght- if anything gain a few pounds.

07-23-2008, 04:51 PM
Sportsfreak, you should try the assisted pull up machine. It's great that you can do some unassisted, but with the machine, you could crank out a few sets, and it's better than pulldowns...at least, it feels like more of a workout to me. Might improve your unassisted ones, too..?

I am encountering the same problem with grip for LB exercises using DBs...need more weight, but can't grip anything bigger than a pair of 40 pounders without my hands crippling up on me.

I tested out some lifting straps at the sporting goods store. Seems like they would help, but the strap was really abrasive on my already sore hands, so I didn't buy any. I also wanted to ask here first, to see if lifting straps are "okay", if just used as needed..? (opinions? recommendations?)

The lifting gloves I tried were all padded and made gripping harder for me. I'm thinking of looking at some of those Mechanix brand gloves, which I think have good grip, but no padding in the palm, but I'll have to look at them again to see if my memory is correct. For now, I'm just putting athletic tape across the part of my hand that tends to get pinched and/or develop blisters. It seems to help. I might switch to a BB if it turns out the lifting straps are a bad idea.

Wow, I'm getting behind in the conversation here! I'm not even going to try and catch up on all of it, but know I'm reading all the posts, at least!

Susan, congrats on the new munchkin in the family...what a beauty!

Mel, I'm liking the rower, but that won't help you at home. What about Crossfit workouts? I occasionally do those at home for a change of pace, and any of the timed workouts seem like "cardio" (from ****) to me. I do the CF warm-up, too, which makes for a good workout when combined with the WOD. Other than that, skating, of course, cycling, and sometimes I combine SS cardio like jogging (I'm lazy, so just jog through the house and back) with step-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, etc...just like you'd do intervals, but instead of running fast, you do push-ups, BW squats, or whatever floats your boat, ten times each or for a certain amount of time, then back to jogging or elliptical for 2 minutes. It passes the time, it's a little different, gets my heart rate up. HTH!

07-23-2008, 06:49 PM
Cheryl, I used to use lifting straps, mostly for back exercises. I don't used dumbbells generally for lower body, but if I did, I'd sure use straps :o I know I've used the same words before, but my grip is functionally strong enough- I can open a peanut butter jar (pick your poison) just fine, thank you! Holding a 60 pounds dumbbell for single arm rows is a different story. My back is strong enough, but my grip would give out. I don't care if my grip doesn't get stronger- I can already pin those grip-o-meter thingies that they use in physiotherapy to assess grip strength.

But- and this will only apply to people who have been lifting a long time or are old as the hills- I no longer want to progress in the amount of weight that I use in most exercises, particularly my back. I'm short, and my back is plenty wide.

The straps work really well, though. I do still use them for heavy deadlifts.


07-23-2008, 10:02 PM
What's my update? Hmmm...same old, same old. My weekends ruin my weeks' efforts, at least as far as food goes. Maybe I should just try to maintain for now, with all the summer bbq's, camping etc. Or maybe I should just maintain forever and give up on the last few pounds. These are just ramblings really but every once in a while I have to decide to just maintain for piece of mind. I got down to 127-128 for a few weeks but now it's 130-131. Only a couple of pounds, yes, but I was so much happier down there. I know it's my fault. I know it's the foods that I eat on the weekends.

I need to be (and mostly am) happy with the weight I am. I workout and I feel pretty good most of the time. I just still put a lot of emphasis on the scale so it's hard.

Okay, enough about my stream of consciousness/ramblings.

All this talk about the Gravitron makes me think I need to get back to it. I haven't used it in a while and I do quite like it!

Here's a question for all you BP's out there - I feel safer doing them on the Smith Machine. I've heard not great things about the machine for squats but how is it for the BP? And am I really BPing the weight that I think I am or is it less in actual numbers. I know I could answer my own question by just switching back to the regular bench but I'm curious on your thoughts?

If I feel safer on the Smith machine, is there any reason not to use it for BP?

Have a good night everyone!


07-23-2008, 10:25 PM
evening, everyone!

Mel, what you need is a 6-year old telling you that you don't look a day over [your age + 1]. I've got one you can borrow.

Elisa: smith machines constrain the movement of the bar to a single plane. For most people, a natural bench press movement isn't on a single plane, it's more of a concave (or is it convex? I suppose it depends on whether you're looking from the head or tail, right or left!). Because of this, Smith machines can be hard on your shoulder joints. There's a reason bodybuilders and powerlifters avoid them ...

If it's an issue of worrying about the bar crushing your windpipe, try benching with a spotter (even if it's just gym staff) or using a power cage with adjustable safety bars. There's usually one setting that allows you a full range of motion, but still will keep the bar from crushing your neck if you need to bail. Or, use dumbells, which you can always just drop on the floor in an emergency.

News from my neck of the woods... a NEW PR on sumo deads. 225. (The guy on the platform next to mine said, "wow, that must be twice body weight." I responded that if it were twice my body weight, I'd be dead.)

gotta get The Boy to bed...
Be strong,

07-24-2008, 12:47 AM
Kaw - congrats on the PR - that always feels so great!!!

Cheryl - for the grip when I really start getting up their on the weight (primarily on my DL) I use chalk. I helps with the pinching & the tearing on your calluses. I also make a point of sliding my fingers around the bar as I'm grabbing so that the palm of my hand is "flat" on the bar - it seems to help with pinching (sorry if that makes no sense).

I wouldn't use the smith machine myself for bench. I feel it limits my movement in an unnatural way. It is one exercise that when I'm pushing a higher weight I really make sure to ask for a spotter.

07-24-2008, 12:58 AM
As kaw said, the actual movement on a bench press isn't going to be straight up and down, so it would be better to go with free weights.

Also, the Smith machine takes stabilization out.

Why do you feel the Smith machine is safer? The opposite is actually true. You can set the pins in a power rack just as easily as you can set the safety stops on a Smith machine. Set the pins at a height that won't interfere with full range of motion and you are set up with your back properly arched but when you lose your arch will allow the bar to rest on the pins. And for those who do not properly set stops/pins, you still have to be able to raise the bar to the next set point to rerack the bar on the smith machine just as you would need to raise the bar high enough to rerack on bench or power rack. The thing is that if, for some reason, you cannot rerack the bar and it comes down on you, on a bench you can at least try to tip it off to the side to take most or all of the weight off you, whereas the Smith machine, it is going to pin you. It is also much easier for someone coming to your aid to help you. They have two options depending on the load, they can tip the bar off one end and be raising a fraction of the loaded weight, or they can get behind you and deadlift the weight off you. With the smith machine, their is only one weight. I have seen many more people get in these situations on the "safer" smith machine than on a bench or power rack.

As far as if you are lifting the amount you think you are, it depends on whether you know if your smith has a counterbalance (almost all do) and how much that counterbalance is (they vary).

07-24-2008, 08:25 AM
At the risk of being repetitive, I'd avoid the smith machine for BP's for all the same reasons, including elbow issues. On the other hand, most people who do a lot of heavy bench pressing sooner or later end up with shoulder or elbow problems no matter how good their form. Why not use dumbbells? (as you may have noticed, I'm a huge fan of dumbbells!)

KAW- congratulations! I love sumo dl's.

I'm still sore from Monday's chest and back workout, but that is what is on tap for today. I think I may make it primarily a stability workout and use much lighter weights in really awkward positions on wobbly surfaces :rofl: Another day of being the entertainment at the gym! :dizzy:

LG- How are you doing? I forgot to "notice " you countdown siggie. How long?

Ellisa- Maintaining is great. If you can peel a few pounds off in the fall, work on maintaining through all the summer distractions, then go for it. I'm having the same problem.


07-24-2008, 08:39 AM
Thanks to everyone for all the great information on the Smith machine. If it's really so disliked by so many, why do the gyms even have them?

I don't know why I felt safer there, but I do. I do though have someone who can spot me most times so I'll go back to the regular bench or power rack and see what I can really press (just for curiousity). If I'm by myself, I'll go back to dumbells. I don't know why I don't use those for the bench press, I love them for so many other exercises.

Thanks! :D

07-24-2008, 09:56 AM
Thanks to everyone for all the great information on the Smith machine. If it's really so disliked by so many, why do the gyms even have them?

Because people like them, even if they do use them inappropriately.

They are fine for doing short range of motion lifts like overhead press or benchpress lockouts, where they allow you to safely handle big weights, and the bar path is not an issue. I would imagine that shrugs or rackpulls might be good uses for it as well. Squats are definitely out.

I did do reverse grip bench presses in one for a while, but i do follow a very straight, up and down bar path in that lift.

07-24-2008, 01:31 PM
Hi everyone,

I should have posted this yesterday, but it got hectic!

Did workout A, Squats, Bench Press, Rows, and dips. I also added in 30 leg lifts on the captains chair, and 10 Turkish get ups per side. Plus 30 minutes cardio.

My quads are soooore! Today I'm going for 20 min HIIT and 40 minutes of jogging or something. Haven't decided.

Tomorrow I have squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and pull ups.

Here's a question: Am I squatting wrong? I seem to be doing okay, I get all the way down past parallel, but it feels like my lower quads (closer to the knee) are doing more work than my butt and hamstrings.

On deadlifts, I know that it's my butt and hamstrings, but I thought squats were more for that part as well.

I may add some plie squats on non deadlifting days just to get my butt working. What do you think?

Now if I could also get my eating down, I'd be set!

07-24-2008, 02:03 PM
Archy - you may be feeling where you are the weakest. For me it's definitely the hamstrings. It's hard to say if you have form issues without seeing your squat. Can you ask a personal trainer to have a watch on you? Or film yourself & then watch it back & look at it yourself?

Mel - thanks for asking! I am at 25 weeks now. My gawd the time is moving slowly!! I canNOT wait to hit the gym hard again. On Monday I did a simple (with only 30lbs) barbell complex - I got a knot in my hamstring on the first movement & it has been cramping ever since - such a nuisance! I did find out however that my gym will take babies in their childcare right from birth - so as soon as I'm ready that will be an option. Generally their childcare is not at all busy so it may be an ok option - we'll see how I feel about when the time comes - lol.

07-25-2008, 07:13 AM
Our gym took the smith machine out to make space for the assisted pull up machine. Interesting.
I just couldn't do BP properly on the machine. I take a bar to an ordinary bench.

I did legs at home out of weariness on Wednesday but am happy to report that they feel just about right anyway.

07-25-2008, 07:38 AM
Morning, everyone!

Thinking about Elisa's question about the Smith machine, and in particular why gym owners have them (assuming that space is fixed, and the # of people who use them in the way that RobertW does is limited). A few hypotheses:
1) gym owners aren't necessarily lifters, or at least not enough so
2) competitive pressures to have the "latest" equipment
3) related to this, perception that you lose a good proportion of your potential cleints, esp. women, if you don't disproportionately stock your gym with "safe" machines
4) good marketing by "Smith" + kickbacks + it's all a government conspiracy, man. :)

OK, I need to get a life.

At any rate, my gym *doesn't* have a Smith machine. This doesn't mean the manager is particularly enlightened, though: she just put in $40,000 worth of new machines, but says that Swiss Balls and Bosu balls are "too expensive" and "outside the budget." Kettlebells are completely out of the question, because of "liability issues." (I suspect she'd never heard of them before I asked her about getting some).

Yesterday was a shortish chest workout. I was benching the same weight as the guy on the power cage next to me, something his buddies couldn't resist pointing out to him. This of course motivated him to add so much more weight on the bar that his spotters were doing most of the work. I heart college kids.

Be strong,

07-25-2008, 08:35 AM
This of course motivated him to add so much more weight on the bar that his spotters were doing most of the work. I heart college kids.

:rofl: Yep, I've had that happen too, both with kids and with grown-ups. You'd think the grown men would know better, but I think they are worse.

I did chest and back with a lot of odd stability wrinkles yesterday. Today, I'm going to swim :o:o at lunch time. My lunch time workout partner does triathalons. I haven't swam laps in 3 years. I made her promise not to look! It took me a while to find a pair of goggles with usable rubber eye pieces and a strap that didn't crumble.

My gym has 2 smith machines. I use them for odd exercises: kneeling mule kicks, plie squats (our dumbbells are too long- I have to straddle two benches to go heavy enough, feet together squats, rack pulls when I'm lazy, and I set the bar low and do lying pullups with a weight plate on my chest.

Hope I don't drown today :)


07-25-2008, 10:11 AM
I did nothing yesterday - I really needed a break. My garden is desperate for my attention, so I did spend about 2 hrs gardening (I could have spent 20 hours there and you would barely notice). I hit the treadmill this morning (4.6 miles) and I am hoping to hit the gym tonight.

07-25-2008, 03:21 PM
Good luck with the swimming, Mel! The last time I went to go I grabbed my goggles and they split apart between the eyepieces! :lol: I'd go more often if they had better hours. None of the gyms here have pools, so it's the HS or nothing, and they have to work around the swim teams and lessons. Swimming was my major cardio in college and grad school. I found it a great stress reliever as well, esp in grad school. I really should find a way to fit it in again.

07-25-2008, 05:49 PM
At any rate, my gym *doesn't* have a Smith machine. This doesn't mean the manager is particularly enlightened, though: she just put in $40,000 worth of new machines, but says that Swiss Balls and Bosu balls are "too expensive" and "outside the budget." Kettlebells are completely out of the question, because of "liability issues." (I suspect she'd never heard of them before I asked her about getting some).

Basically a lot of this comes down to "perception" of safety instead of reality of safety and fear of loss in a sue-happy society. As we have all probably seen, even among some people who workout and even some lesser personal trainers, there is a belief that Smith Machines are somehow safer. While this is not the case, a gym owner often thinks about worse case scenarios, If someone gets hurt in his facility on a Smith Machine (and people can get hurt on Smith Machines, this poor sap is proof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m6vcyQqx_Q) he can argue that he provided the "safest" equipment possible in his facility and a typical jury will buy into this perception.

I asked a gym owner about kettlebells once and received a similar response. He said, "If someone is doing swings or snatches and loses their grip, the kettlebell is going to go flying and someone could get seriously hurt." My response was "If someone is doing swings or snatches with a dumbell and loses their grip, does the dumbell magically vanish in mid-air?" Again, it comes down to perception, I think. People attach some advanced and/or dangerous mystique to kettlebells. It reminds of seeing a DVD of an Alwyn Cosgrove presentation when he mentioned being asked by someone if he was Kettlebell certified? Alwyn's response..."I'm pretty sure I'm not dumbell certified also."

07-25-2008, 06:13 PM
... (and people can get hurt on Smith Machines, this poor sap is proof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m6vcyQqx_Q)

Ouch. Then again ... what a maroon. Way too much weight, bad form, you name it.

I asked a gym owner about kettlebells once and received a similar response. He said, "If someone is doing swings or snatches and loses their grip, the kettlebell is going to go flying and someone could get seriously hurt."

I completely agree about perceptions of risk. In my experience, that's the response to lifting free weights in general, at least among the non-lifting set.

That being said, I was talking the other day to a sports med doctor about my elbow tendonitis. ("Tennis elbow," although it seems weird to call it that given I don't play tennis.) He said that he sees more elbow tendonitis among lifters now that kettlebells are more popular, but this is because of how people tend to use kettlebells. Specifically, any time you're lifting a weight with a motion that involves hand flexion, you're putting greater stress on the tendons in the elbow that cause tennis elbow. And, any motion that's explosive or swinging is more likely to involve hand flexion.

(Kettlebell fans -- I'd be the last person to advise against using them, so don't read my post that way! Just be careful, and pay extra-special attention to wrist articulation if your elbow starts to twinge!)

Be strong,


07-25-2008, 06:35 PM
"not dumbbell certified" - this made me laugh!

I use the smith machine. I drop the bar to the lowest setting to do push-ups (yes, I suck & cannot do full out push-ups yet). Then I raise it 2 pins & lie under it to do plank pull-ups. Hahaha.

I love swimming. Unfortunately my belly has outgrown my bathingsuit & I cannot seem to find a maternity suit down here. It looks like I will have to wait another month until I go home again before I can swim again. Poor planning...

07-25-2008, 09:24 PM
OMG, I almost die today :yikes: I also learned something that I should have known. Swimming takes a lot more stored energy than even my lifting sessions!

I did cardio on the bike this morning before breakfast and went to the gym at my usual time at noon. I'd eaten about 450 calories by then. I was nervous about swimming- it's been a long time, but after the first lap it all came together. Except the flip turns; one snoot full of water and I abandoned the flip turns. I'd warned my friend that when she saw me switch to breast stroke instead of crawl, I was winding down, but I felt fantastic! It was amazing :dizzy: I'm super slow , but I just kept swimming. By lap 43 I was getting kind of tired, but hey- seriously, who stops at 43?? I had to make it to 45. I switched strokes and felt pretty eh on lap 44. On the first few strokes of lap 45 I was seriously nauseous and I barely made it to the end of the pool. Strength and cardio endurance weren't a problem at all. I just plain ran out of gas! I was gray and shaking during my shower, during my half-hearted attempt to do my hair, and nearly passing out driving back to work. I really should have asked my friend to drive. My boss (who is a great friend, really :) ) took one look as I stumbled in and yelled " Great workout! You look like sh%^! You even have raccoon eyes!" She did bring me my lunch ;)

So I had such a great time, I'm going to do this every Friday :rofl: but I'll eat a little more, and stop at 40 laps :dizzy:

Cross training is great :lol3:

And how was your day?


07-25-2008, 09:53 PM
Wow Mel, your story has made me gain respect for my little swimming girls. And even more furious at the psycho sports parents who can't seem to remember that they are just little kids.......but I digress.

In the world of kettlebells -- what did my wondrous eyes spot out at the NYC hotel I was in (the awesome fitness center place) than a set of kettlebells on each end of the gym. So sorry gym owners, if a hotel chain is comfortable enough to have them, then no excuses about liability. Puhleeze! I realize the chain has more lawyers and financial resources, but also alot more traffic from irregulars and risk I would think.

07-26-2008, 12:26 AM
Archy - you may be feeling where you are the weakest. For me it's definitely the hamstrings. It's hard to say if you have form issues without seeing your squat. Can you ask a personal trainer to have a watch on you? Or film yourself & then watch it back & look at it yourself?

Thanks, I'm definitely doing this on Monday, my next lift day.

Today I squated 105 as my working sets. I widened my stance a bit more. By the time I got to Deads my hamstrings were howling, I barely made it through my warm up sets. I'll do my deads tomorrow, depending on how sore everything is.

I've also decided to do my cardio after I lift. I got up today at 6 and ran 3.5 miles, and then at 4pm I hit the gym to do my weights, and boy I ran out of energy faster than ever. I even had half of a pb and j before hand and that ran out after the squats!

Mel - 40 laps:faint: And you haven't swam in a while! Wow!

I too heart college boys. My (now ex) trainer and I are usually the only girls in the free weights section (she's 5'7, 16% body fat) and we've picked up on their T-nationisms/frat-isms. We're going to "really blast our glutes!" or have "guns of steel!" or "rock hard" our traps or whatever. And then we'll lovingly dedicate 2 minutes to worshiping our "guns" and talk about how "ripped" we are.

At least we rack our weights and don't pop our zits at the mirror between sets.

07-26-2008, 09:53 AM
:rofl: Those college boys! Seriously, it's not just the college boys! There's one 45'ish guy at my gym who routine lifts his t-shirt in the mirror to admire his non-existent abs!

Archy do you take some time to flex and admire your lat spread or the tattoos dancing on your triceps? :rofl:

Off to leg day. Amazingly, I'm not dead from swimming.


07-26-2008, 08:58 PM
Thanks, all, for the responses on the lifting straps. I am not lifting that heavy on DLs yet, but sure could use more weight on my step-ups. LG, I'd love to try the chalk, but will have to scout it out at the Y. I've never seen anybody there using chalk, at least, not in the weight room.

Mel, love the response from your boss, after your swimming workout! I really want to take some swimming lessons when I have the time. I can "swim", but never learned any of the cool strokes that would let me do lap swimming. I figured I was out of luck, too old, but found out they do have adult swim lessons at the Y I go to. :)

Well, my fab new workout schedule is not working out (get it? haha...er, nevermind). Apparently 1pm is the time that everybody wants me for something, and so many days I've gotten held up, waiting for clients to show, or on the phone, and by the time I'm done, I don't have time to get in and out of the Y before the traffic nightmare begins, so I have to work out at home. :(

07-27-2008, 12:04 AM
You should definitely do the swimming lessons. I used to teach adults all the time & although they pick it up slower than adults they are usually wildly successful.

07-27-2008, 12:26 PM
Thanks, all, for the responses on the lifting straps. I am not lifting that heavy on DLs yet, but sure could use more weight on my step-ups. LG, I'd love to try the chalk, but will have to scout it out at the Y. I've never seen anybody there using chalk, at least, not in the weight room.

If they don't allow chalk, you could try using a rosin bag. It dries your hands without making a mess.

07-27-2008, 08:26 PM
Mel: That was some kind of swim! Glad you enjoyed it.

Cheryl: Take the lessons! I took lessons two years ago from our Y. Great fun. I learned a lot and have been thinking about taking them again maybe at the end of next winter. Although, I hate having getting a snoot full of water like Mel described in her swim. But if in exchange I could become a strong, graceful swimmer, I'd try it again. Oh and good luck trying to get a new time scheduled for your workouts.

My workout schedules have become flexible within this last year as well. For the past two years I walked into that gym at 8:30am six days a week. You could set your watch by me. This year, ~sigh~ life got in the way. But, I still made the time to get there. What I have learned is that I really am my strongest during those morning hours. If my workout is after four in the afternoon I may as well treat it as a recovery day. The challenge this past week were my sons' swimming lessons. I found that if I get up at 4:30am I could get there in time to get my usual hour and half to two hours in and back home in time for DH to go to work. I doubted if I could really continue this all week but I surprised myself and made it there all six days. :woohoo: I actually liked getting there that early. Most of the people were on the cardio equipment and I had the free weight area mostly to myself. There was also little traffic that early in the morning which cut down on my commute time.

Speaking of which, I have another week of these early morning workouts. Time to get the boys ready for bed so I can get there too. :D Have a great evening everyone.

07-27-2008, 08:53 PM
Ah, Lydia, what time does getting up at 4:30 require you to go to bed?? :) I'm beginning to have too many evening meetings, or am too tired to get to the gym in the evening without a real effort. I'd like to start going early. I usually do wake up (what we call the "Indian alarm clock" - i.e. having to go to the bathrom) and if I could just make myself stay up and go to the gym, I could do it. The gym is 10 min drive, and I'd arrive already dressed for working out. So I'd be there before 6, home by 7:30, showered dressed and at work by 8? Hmmm, cutting it a little close, but I'll try it. If I showered and dressed at the gym it'd work fine, since I have to pass work to get home. But it'd mean not having breakfast with DH :) And it means really planning since I'd have to take breakfast plus lunch and snacks, never mind clothes....

I am on call for jury duty this month, and so far had made it without being called. The streak ended and I have to report at 9 tomorrow morning. It's only about 10 minute from my office, though, so I'll go in early and get some work done. I'm :crossed: that the case will settle and they won't need us. My GF who also was on this month's roster got called early in the month (they put you in groups, and she had a lower group than me) and she's been on a trial since! I can't take that much time away from work.

I should find out if they offer adult lessons here. I could probably use a refresher. What I notice is that because I did so many lifesaving lessons, I always swim using a frog kick, never a flutter kick, plus I swim with my head out of water - another lifesaving-learned technique. I've never been fast.

07-27-2008, 09:54 PM
So I'm back from camping and what does that mean? I was a little dirtier, a little itchier, a little more tired, and likely, a little fatter! ;) I never eat the best on camping trips but this was not the worst by far. I didn't have as much "junk" but the food was all over the place. Over two days I had steak, hamburgers, bacon and eggs...guess it was at least high protein! :D

Last week was so busy but I did get to see David Beckham (sigh) at the MLS all star game. It was a thrill for my DH who's been a fan for over a decade and a great for me too....he really is quite pretty!! Okay, and talented, it was a great night.

Now back to the real world!

Lydia/Pat - it really is so hard planning these workouts and still trying to fit things like family and work in too, isn't it! That's partly why I want my DH to join the gym with me (no luck so far). I know that I could and have gotten up at 5:00 to go the gym before work. But it's hard when we normally travel in together and it's nice to do that. And my gym is right beside my work and so convenient. And after work, I go to the gym once a week because I don't want to get home hours after he does. That's why I normally go at lunch, except for my runs, which I love to do on the weekends!

And hmmm..swimming lessons. That sounds great actually but I'm not sure where I could do that. I'm only a mediocre swimmer and I think I could probably use the lessons, forgetting the great cardio work.

I've said it before, I'll say it again..too much to try, not enough hours in the day. Maybe I'll go buy a lottery ticket, that would really help free up some time.

Tomorrow morning it's back to some clean eating for me. Monday to Friday is the best I can do these days so I better at least do that!

Have a great week.


07-27-2008, 10:39 PM
I over dosed on protein pancakes today. Had them for breakfast. A sensible lunch and snack, and then I got hit by stress and needed to eat. 220 pound me is still inside roaring.

Made up another single serving batch (.3 cup of oatmeal, one spoonful of 100% phyllium husks, .5 cup of cottage cheese, 4 egg whites, splenda and cinnamon). A bit of sugar free syrup and that was my dinner.

And now I feel like I've binged whereas the only thing I did was have a pretty decent dinner. I think it's because they make me feel soooooo full. I still have about 150 calories more that I have to eat today, but I'm too full to choke anything down. Veggies are out of the question, maybe a half scoop protein shake...

Anyway, for my rest day I ended up biking like 10 miles. It's weird, I can now bike around town and my heart rate may bump up to 131 on a hill but then I am fine. Now I really have to go all out if I want a decent work out on my bike.

Tomorrow my plan is (don't laugh at the weights, please)

Squat: 135 5x5
BP: 70 5x5
Bb rows: 60 5 x 5
chin ups: or hanging on as long as I can and then doing some lat pull downs so I feel like I've done something.

I'm also planning out what I am going to do when I go to Kansas. I may just look for a nearby gym and get a day pass or three. But in my hotel room I was thinking about:

pushups, 2 sets to 20 1 set to failure

planks: 1 set 60 seconds, two more to failure

bulgarian splits, weighted with maybe my suitcase.

Some stretches recommended for better squat form.

I may be able to pack my stability ball, that'll give me more to do. Any other suggestions? Advice?


07-28-2008, 08:33 AM
Welcome Eves! I must have missed you if you sneaked in before! :wel3fc: We never laugh at ANYONE'S weights, and those are great numbers :) A binge on protein pancakes?? :rofl: I think you can forget about that one! One hardly constitutes a binge and if they satisfy the craving and make you feel full, go for it! Even add some strawberries of blueberries :o

I had a slow weekend. Heavy leg workout on Saturday, lawn mowing, then I hit the wall. I think all of last week's heavy workouts and that swim did me in. Sunday was mostly laying around and eating off plan.

Lydia- Life is always the problem, isn't it? I'm very impressed and even more exhausted to hear that you are getting up at 4:30 to work out. I'm pretty sure that is beyond my commitment. At 5:15 I'm pushing it!

Off to work,

07-28-2008, 01:53 PM
Hey all,

Eves, welcome! When I travel, I take a playground ball with me. You can do wall squats, knee squeezes, plus wall calf raises - all with one (light) piece of equipment. I haven't used water weights, but I have heard that they are great for travel. I also like the Pilates Magic Circle for travel.

Mel, good job on the swimming!!!

All this talk of assisted lifting machines inspired me to try it again. I lifted 127 pounds three times from a dead hang. I usually hate this machine because I end up hanging there like a big fat dork. I wish we had a Gravitron. Nobody was in the gym yesterday, though, so it wasn't too embarrassing. I would love to be able to do an unassisted chin-up, but my goal weight is 175 pounds, and that is a lot of weight to lift. Plus I'm six feet tall, and it is a long way to go. I don't know if it'll ever happen, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try! GRR!

I think they do have some kind of stature chart to adjust for height on the strength tests, but I haven't been able to find it online. Anybody seen this thing?

My scale is not budging, but I was able to cut the time almost in half on my normal bike ride of 10 miles. That, plus the lifting progress above = progress. I'll get there. I need to get my eating under control. I'm a stress eater and I've been under too much stress lately. I have to remind myself that I have to use stress as a positive force for changing my body and my life for the better. Can't let it be a pudgy negative force!

07-28-2008, 02:26 PM
Eves, welcome! You can do bench dips on a chair or sturdy dresser, one-arm rows with the suitcase? The hotel stairs could provide a good cardio workout. Cleans or overhead squats would be another option.

Robert, thanks for the tip on the rosin bag. I'll check it out. I might see what I can do with chalk or the bag, and then pick up lifting straps if I still need something for the step-ups.

I'll definitely go for the swim lessons, just not sure when. As someone else mentioned, too much to do, too little time, so I don't know how I'd fit them in at this point.

Well, my eating was crap this weekend, with an unplanned skate session Saturday night, and my sister's BBQ Sunday night. I didn't overeat, but ate white carbs twice, and a burger, which are not a normal part of my eating plan, and I'm feeling it today. No wonder I felt like total crap when I was eating that garbage all the time. Back on plan today, though!

07-28-2008, 10:00 PM
Pat: Indian Alarm Clock. That is the first time I've ever heard that. I'm usually up in the middle of night as well. Obviously I'm getting more than enough water in the day. I look at it like this, it's less that will show up on the scale three hours later. What time did I get to bed for these workouts? Well, I really wasn't great about getting in early. Last night I was up till 10:30pm. I'd really like to get in bed by 9:30 but I need a little down time after the boys go to bed. Added to this I'm doing about a half hour of yoga when they go down too.

Pat the early morning workout sounds like it requires a lot of planning for you. Kind of like what planning for mid morning workouts look like for me. It's been wonderful to just roll out of bed, get dressed, and skate out of here with just my iPod and water bottle. I hate to get up in the morning so it really doesn't matter if I have to get up at 4:30 or 9:30. By the way, I hope jury duty doesn't last too much longer for you.

Elisa: I can not go camping without consuming all kinds of starchy foods. I'm glad it's only something we do once or twice a year so that I can use it as an excuse to indulge in the Smores. :devil: Actually, they can forget the grahams and chocolate, just give me the bag of marshmallows to toast. I'll sit there all night making myself sick. :rolleyes:

Hey Eves/Archy. I think the weights you are using look great! I'm not squatting 135 yet! Although today some good natured person tried to slap an extra ten pounds on my squat this morning when loading my plates. That would have been a rude wake up call this morning. :yikes: Not that it would have been undoable just that when you aren't expecting it, lift, lower, and then try to get back up. :dizzy: By the way, I made two batches of pancakes over the weekend. MMMMM. I surpressed the desire to eat them for lunch as well. They just sound like a treat but really, its just cottage cheese, oats, and egg whites. How bad is that? :hug: Considering the other options available I think you did great.

Denvertechchick: Great job with your NSVs: the 127 pound lift, and the increased efficiency during your bike ride. This is measurable progress too! :highfive:

Cheryl: Isn't interesting how a few refined carbs can make us feel inside and out. You know the funny thing is even if I don't actually eat the stuff that's not part of my planned meal for that day I feel guilty just thinking about it. It's almost as if my image of having those crackers/rolls or whatever has calories too. I sometimes think that I have eaten or strayed off track when in fact i didn't. I was only thinking about it but I still expect to see that water weight bump on the scale the next day just from my thoughts of eating it. Weird. I had to learn to keep this in check because for me it could lead me to an unnecessary overeating. The kind that you give in to because you have already blown it for the day so you may as well enjoy the rest. The reality is that it really wasn't ruined at all until I pulled out all the stops.

Today was another early morning workout. Nice. My knee is bothering me a little bit and for some reason so is my hip. Bah. Must be the weather. Anyway, its upper body tomorrow anyway so those areas will get a little rest. Have a great evening everyone.

07-28-2008, 10:32 PM
Eves/Archy? I didn't notice that under your user name! Welcome anyway :rofl:
Why have you morphed?

Good chest and back workout today, but I didn't get up early to do cardio. I was so exhausted that I really thought I needed sleep more.

Today's fun exercise was pushups with my feet on a stability ball and hands on two same sized medicine balls. I've been working on it for a while with predictable results, but today I managed 10 before I fell off :D


07-28-2008, 11:20 PM
Archy is Eves! That explains it!!

Sounds like everyone is doing great keeping up with workouts and eating. I indulge often in protein pancakes, but again, I just think about the ingredients. They are a great source of nutrition. :drool:

I got my body fat measured again. A couple of milestones:

1) On Saturday I hit my 50 pounds lost milestone.
2) I hit it finally because I upped my calories. I think I was running too much and not getting enough carbs, so I added 25 grams of carbs in the evening and --boom-- after about a month plateau, I dropped a pound. Go figure.

Anyway, I started lifting weights with my personal trainer at the end of February. I was at 26% body fat. Today----drumroll please---I was at 14.4%. I have lost a few pounds of muscle along the way (EDIT: I am up 2 pounds of lean body mass from my first measurements but I am down a few pounds from my highest lean body mass since I started---still a net gain though). I think it is due to my increase in mileage, but I am just going to focus on the body fat %. I don't know if the scale will go down anymore. I need to eat and lift to maintain my muscle mass and I do not want to go low enough with my body fat to become amenorrheic---I need to focus on bone density at this time in my life.

So....that's all the news for me!

07-29-2008, 08:23 AM
:bravo: midwife!

07-29-2008, 08:40 AM
I had a nice UBWO yesterday and ditched the Smith Machine for my BP! ;) I managed 65lbs. and I was happy with that. I hope to eventually work it up to 100lbs. but that's a ways off. I'm also working on my pushups so I can eventually get to 20 with perfect form.

I was with a co-worker in the gym and this instructor we know was there. She's amazing...teaches pilates and does some PT and we asked her to show us how to do a proper pullup. Wow! She was great and showed us some tips but I couldn't even move from the hang! I'm not sure how to progress from there. Maybe I should go back to the assisted machine but I wish I could just work on the pullups alone. I don't know how to progress though if I can't even begin to pull myself up!


Midwife - congrats! That's amazing!! What kind of test was done? I need to go back and have myself retested since I'm still upset that they told me last year that I was at 35% fat...it seemed unlikely at my size but who knows? Maybe I'll try again one day.

You know what else? With all this protein pancake talk, and nothing much planned for dinner tonight, that might be the answer!

Have a great day!


07-29-2008, 10:50 AM
Midwife - I am sitting here with jaw dropped - 14.4% body fat??? Get out of town!! That's bloody awesome! (my secret goal is to get to 20% - at the end of June I was at 28.8% :cry: but at least it is going down steadily (by tiny increments).

I debated yesterday evening whether I can squeeze a little workout in, in between cooking and mowing the lawn, and cleaning up after the dogs (they like to shred at least one plastic bag each day, into tiny bits, and scatter them around the house - I have to yet figure out where they are stealing the bags from) but I did go and put in about 50 minutes. Not too bad.

Although, I have to ask you ladies, I feel that it takes me a really long time to recover from a weight lifting session. I definitely don't feel ready to go back with just one day in between. (i.e. last night was Monday - so I don't think I can work out again on Wednesday, Thursday will be more likely). I try to eat protein as much as I can (and I drink the yucky protein supplement after a workout) - it is age? I am 49 - eh, correction - I am 48 until August 9th. :p

07-29-2008, 12:57 PM
Tomato: I think it is always best to really listen to your body when deciding how much to exert yourself as well as how often. If you truly do not feel ready for your next workout on Wednesday then Thursday is fine. Eventually you will build up to regaining your energy and strength again a little sooner. Something else to keep in mind, our bodies are constantly is a state of transition. There will be days you do not feel as strong due to changes in hormonal levels, sleep patterns, caloric intake or not intake, etc. It can also work the other way too. You will finds times when you feel like you can just go and go or your strength on a certain day is more than you anticipated. Go with it and explore that too. IMO getting in sync with how your body is responding is a very important part of becoming and maintaining fitness.

Elisa: Yoga tonight! Lucky you. We've been encouraged to take a drop in class but I'm a little intimidated to do this. I'll have to at some point but I just so like being coddled in this instructional class. :lol: Congratulations on your BP. I began mine with just the 45lb bar, within a couple of weeks increased to 65lbs and stayed there for almost a year. Within the last two months I got irked and added more weight promising myself that if I could only do just three that would be okay. (I made sure a staff member was within shouting distance too. :devil:) I surprised myself and made it to 85lbs. Then I saw the young slip of a girl lifting 95, bad form, not full range of motion down and her left arm dipping by the second rep but though ah heck no, if she can, so can I. (What is it they teach us about our ego in the yoga classes,:s:) Anyway, I dragged DH in and was able to do this for the first time this month. Today I snagged one of my favorite staff members (got him out of towel folding duty) to spot me. My goal was to do 5x5. The first set was great, 5 perfect form no problem. Second set I needed help getting the fifth racked, third set I got four, and the fourth set I got three. No fifth set. Just didn't have it in me. Oh well, I'll keep trying. Anyway, my point is that it will come. It will come...I'd like to do 100 too. Okay, I'll fess up, I'd like to do my bodyweight just so that I can say that (there's that ego again) but it may be that I will need to lose more weight so that it's not such an unrealistic goal. :lol3:

Midwife: :hug: OMG Your are amazing! Congratulations first on such a weightloss and also your bodyfat percentage. You are so impressive! I just can't get my head around 14%. Are you okay there? Does it feel sustainable? What are you eating. Questions, I have questions! I really don't know where I'm at. I think that I may be different depending upon which area was measured. On top I'm pretty lean but head south and it all sits in my glutes, thighs and calves. Pretty frustrating really. Maybe if I were able to dip to 19 to 16% this would change too. I mean it's gotta come from somewhere and there isn't much left on top except maybe my head. :rofl: Congratulations to you!

07-29-2008, 01:29 PM
Lydia just reminded me of another question I had for all you experts!

When I'm doing my UBWO, I can't decide if it's better to do a circuit or do all of the sets of each exercise and move on. I've been doing the circuit but I wonder which is "better" or what are the pros/cons of each.

Also, I hear lots of people talking lately about the 5X5 sets. Any reason for that as opposed to the more traditional 3 sets X 8-10 reps?

And Lydia - I too secretly want to BP my bodyweight but that's probably not in my immediate future! Even with the 65lbs., I didn't have full range of motion but I'll keep working on it.

TIA in advance to everyone here...I continue to learn a lot every time I visit.


07-29-2008, 01:36 PM
Thanks guys!

To answer some of the questions. My trainer measures 9 points with calipers. I expect that there is some room for error with that type of measurement, but she has been the same person measuring each time, so I think there is some reliability as far as the body fat trend goes. The calipers are close enough for me, I guess. :)

As far as eating, I strive to eat six minimeals a day, with a goal of 25 grams of protein with each meal. I have been keeping my complex carbs to 25-40 grams twice a day (breakfast & lunch) and was avoiding complex carbs for dinner, although now that I am running longer distances I have added about 25 grams of beans or whole grains at dinner too. That I think is what busted my plateau, but we'll see if it stays busted or not.

Today I have eaten protein pancakes. I brought cut fresh veggies and laughing cow to nosh on for my morning or afternoon snack as well as a protein shake for a snack. I have a turkey & cheese sandwich also for lunch. When I get home I'll eat cottage cheese with honey & walnuts (and blueberries I think!). Dinner will be fish, veggies, and 1/3 cup white beans.
I'll try to swing one more protein shake before dinner---like I said my goal is 125 gms of protein/day---I'm happy when I hit 100 gms consistently. I consider fruits and veggies unlimited. My biggest change has been controlling complex carbs at dinner. I don't know how much I buy into timing foods for consumption or if there is anything magical about limiting carbs at night--other than the fact that my big overeating problems were always carbs at night. So controlling that has been my challenge and also my success.

Exercise wise I am running 3-5 miles 5 times a week and I am lifting with my trainer 3 times a week and she is doing a marvelous job creating challenging workouts for me. My strength is not anywhere near some of ya'll's yet....I'm happy to bench press the bar sans added weights. But as far as other things, I have noticed my strength and ability increasing. I think it will for the benchpress too. :carrot:

07-29-2008, 01:43 PM
Midewife congrats big time for the 14% body fat.

You have to post up pic showing us all how good you look. I dont think any one of us can picture this in our heads.

Thanks where i wanna be- my goalish area.

P.S- do you have visible abs now:D

Well this week is my rest week. I took my rest week 1 week early- i still had stage 1 w/o B (last one) and then my two special w/o's. However, i am getting a skin graph done on my gums because the gums have been receeding down my two bottom front teeth. This normally happens when one has braces. So i will be in pain and on some pain killers for a few days.

I am the worst when it comes to pain- i can hand the hits and punches but nothing invloving a knife.

So i decided let me take of this full week and get right back in it monday.

07-29-2008, 11:02 PM
Woah midwife, that's awesome!!!

14%, wow!

I'm at 34% last I checked, but hopefully it's going down.

Yeah, I'm Archy. I had a small (big) problem on another forum with a stalker-ish guy and since I use that screen name a lot I figured I would change it before he messed up my fun over here.

Today was cardio day. I ran for 25 minutes in the morning and just got back from another run. I'm trying to up my cardio a bit since I seem to lose more when I do that.

I'm in sucky Kansas right now (no offense to anyone from Kansas). The closest gym to me has an $8 day pass. $8!!! I'm gonna stick with my cardio every day and do some inside exercises. Hopefully I don't ruin my strength in one week.

Elisa: I'm not a trainer so I can't tell you if the 5 x 5 program is better than a 3 x 10 program, what I can tell you is what I like about doing it 5 x 5.

Form: Form is so important so that you get the best exercise and you don't hurt yourself. On a 3 x 10 set, by rep 7 I'm tired and I really struggle with form. Doing a set of 5 perfect form is easier.

That said, doing sets of 5 you can go heavier than a set of 10 reps. I've notices my strength gains within two weeks. When I first started squatting the 45 pound bar was murder. Now I do my first warm up set on it and I barely feel the weight. Take it down for deads, no problem. I even warm up on it for overheads and rows.

Every workout I add a little bit of weight (5 pounds now), so it feels awesome that every work out is a personal best.

Mel: those pushups :faint:

07-30-2008, 08:24 AM
That's the goal of a 5X5 scheme in a nutshell: strength gains! Reps in the 8-12 range will produce strength and muscle mass, over 12 endurance. your lifting scheme should reflect what your current goals look like.

To fine tune it even more, when I was working on bench pressing for comps, I did 5X5, 5X5, 4X5, 3X5 1X5, with a 3 minute rest between sets. I had terrific strength gains until I hurt my elbows :( Resting 3 minutes is BORING, tho. The rest of my workouts were in the 8-12 rep range.

I did a 4 mile run this morning- and am wearing high heeled sandals to work. Hope I can walk by tonight! Shoulder lift at lunch time :)


07-30-2008, 09:28 AM
I did a 4 mile run this morning- and am wearing high heeled sandals to work. Hope I can walk by tonight! Mel

If that were me, I'd be taking some Advil right now just to be sure. I hate chasing pain.

Elisa: I do the 5x5 scheme just for the BP because I can mentally get my head around lifting that weight for only five reps (even though I can't even finish the third and fourth sets. :^:) But if I were considering eight to ten or twelve reps in the first set I would not be as easily convinced to add more weight. So yes, in a round about way, the goal is increased strength. I really don't think one scheme is better than another they each have benefits as Mel pointed out. With regard to circuit or finishing your sets with one muscle group/exercise again one is not necessarily better than the other. With the circuit you can keep your heart rate up and it is a little more efficient use of time. A circuit comprised of compound exercises would be the most efficient use of time. On the other hand if I choose to finish all three sets of an exercise before moving on to the next I found that I can really focus upon fatiguing the muscle group. Neither is better, just different. Aren't we lucky there are so many options. :^:

Midwife: Thanks for sharing the secrets to your success. It looks like your diet is squeaky clean. No kiddy carbs in there. That's more of my problem. I don't dive into the bag but I will have a few and I think that is what could be holding me back. It's a process. I go in cycles sometimes I great, sometimes I'm tired and let my guard down a little.

So. I got that bike ride in last night after all. It was a beautiful evening and I could smell all the outdoor green smells. :goodvibes: It was about an hour and half ride which for me is still quite a chore. Also consider it was my second cardio workout for the day. ;) I had a little difficulty sleeping last night. I don't think I was properly wound down from the bike ride and woke up at 2:30 by Pat's Indian Alarm Clock. ;) Tossed and turned until 4:30 and was grateful to get up and get into the gym this morning. Needless to say it was "Legs Light" but I got it in and it's an early bedtime for me tonight. :faint:

Have a great morning everyone :coffee:

07-30-2008, 09:50 AM
Lydia, wouldn't you know that a few hrs after posting my meal plan for the day I ate a brownie and two marshmallows? And then I was craving more marshmallows, and I somehow managed to get and eat my cottage cheese and then I was fine.

So I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination....

Sportsfreak, I can feel my abs (for the first time ever!) with my hands and I can see a little definition on the outer aspect of my abdomen, but the middle of my abdomen has a lot of loose skin from 4 pregnancies and a history of obesity. That loose skin may always hide my abs, or maybe not....maybe the skin will snap back a bit or maybe I'll win $100,000,000,000 and decide to pay for plastic surgery. :lol:

07-30-2008, 10:22 AM
Thats still cool midwife.:D

Anyways, i voulenteer at an old age home during the week and while i ride my bike there, there is no place to park it there because someone may trip and fall over it. So i park it besides the rec center which is right beside the reitrment home. I locked it up and went for 3 hours to voulenteer. When i came back, I unlocked my bike and notice I HAD NO SEAT. Someone went low enough to steal my seat- i guess my bike locked was too strong for them. So yesterday i had to go and buy a new seat for my bike since it is my only mode of transportation i have. It takes me to the gym and the retirment home. I cant live without it.

I still think it would be sooo cool if you could post b4 and after pics midwife

07-30-2008, 11:16 AM
Congrats, Midwife, on the 14.4!!! :carrot: :broccoli:

Sportsfreak, that is AWFUL that they would take your seat!!! Maybe they found a bike that didn't have a seat that also didn't have a lock, and they decided to just grab the nearest seat. Shame on them.

I wanted to go for a bike ride last night, but ended up weeding the garden. I stopped at a full yard bag! But there's still more to do. Sigh..... I never did get much fun out of gardening.:(

07-30-2008, 01:21 PM
Just a quick question for the guru crowd:

Do you train more one arm or leg which you think is behind? For example, I am right handed so my right arm naturally gets a lot bigger "workout" (when doing daily activities, not exercise) than the left arm. I can tell that my biceps are getting bigger but the left arm bicep is noticeably less pronounced than the right one. Should I add more free weight exercise reps for just the left arm?
I also notice that sometimes I can feel that my right arm is doing more work (and then ends more exhausted afterwards), for example when I am doing seated should press (using a machine).
Did you have the same problem?

07-31-2008, 10:37 AM
Tomato, If you can feel one side dominating the other during a bilateral movement, then you should definitely stop performing that exercise until the imbalance is resolved or you will only be reinforcing and widening the gap. Do dumbell shoulder presses instead and force the left side to do its fair share of the work.

Whether you perform more work for one side depends on just how severe the gap is. What you don't want to do is create a situation where you are now doing more work with the left and it now becomes stronger than the right and then you have just created a different imbalance. If the gap is severe, you can probably add a set or so extra for the weak side without "overshooting" your target. If the gap is less severe, just do unilateral movements to make each side work independent. Start with the weak side and only do as many reps/sets with the strong side as you were able to do with the weak side. This will ensure that both sides are working evenly and will eventually allow the weaker side to catch up.

Don't forget everyday activities as well. If you always carry your groceries, heavy handbags, etc with you right arm, you will continue to be stronger with the right even if you take normal steps in the weight room to resolve it. Make both sides work evenly in everyday activity as much as possible. Obviously, there are some things you are still going to do with your dominant side (such as writing and throwing) but you will become much more balanced.

07-31-2008, 02:11 PM
Thanks so much for your reply, Depalma, that makes so much sense - I never realized I am actually 'feeding' the imbalance. You know, I was actually thinking about it this morning as I carried garbage out to the curb (collection day today) - and I thought I should have carried it using my left arm - but I was in a rush so I didn't switch. I will be more mindful of it from now on.