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07-14-2008, 11:00 AM
Hello! I am restarting after many, many months off. The good news is that i did not gain but the bad news is that i did not lose. I feel so much better eating on plan, and I have more energy. I don't have a COD, so I'm doing gold subbing Luna for lites this week because I am comfortable with it. Long term, I plan to do no lites which from my understanding, that is blue:

The Gold plan:
2P, 2S, 3V, 3F, 1D, 1Fat, 2 Lites

Bumping up to the Blue:
2.5P, 3S, 3V, 3F, 1D, 1Fat, (without the 2 Lites)

I am doing fast forward (aka unlimited take off) today and tomorrow with Knudsen's morning blend juice. I have a lunch meeting tomorrow but I got to choose the menu. We're having baked chicken breast with green salad. i'll skip the carbs and dessert. It is only a 4 or 5 hour meeting with lunch in the middle, so I can snack before and after, have lunch in the middle, and take some juice in a cup.

I'm amazed at the progress people are still making. Dan, what an inspiration!

07-14-2008, 12:28 PM
welcome back holly!

07-14-2008, 05:26 PM
Hi Holly,

I think if you decide to go no lites that they normally put you back up to the Purple, which is pretty much like the Gold, only the protein portions are larger. Perhaps Blue might be better, as it is more calories, and 2 bars is a pretty big cut in calories. They put me on Blue when I started working out a lot. I lost better on Blue than either Purple or Gold, but then again, I was eating the bars, and trying to do at least 5 hours of exercise a week.

Mama Nicole
07-23-2008, 11:27 AM are you doing?