100 lb. Club - Accountability/menu/planning, etc. - week of July 14 - 20

07-14-2008, 08:45 AM
This thread is a place to post your daily plan. Need some accountability, extra support or whatever. Join us.

07-14-2008, 08:47 AM
Hi chicks...I stayed in my range yesterday. I am grateful.

the usual...

log food

breakfast - kashi waffle, pnb, 1/2 banana
lunch - cottage cheese and 1/2 banana, crackers, green beans
snack - yogurt, watermelon
dinner - 12 grain pancake, sf syrup, boca bacon
snack - oatmeal, raisin, milk

Math - glad to hear your kitty is better! Well...the muffin is over. Everyday is new beginning, friend.

Have a great day!

07-14-2008, 09:46 AM
I have not been here for a week, I think. Things have been hectic. I went to Baby Tyler James funeral last Tuesday, was the saddest thing I have ever seen, then the next day went to the funeral of one of my customers, a sweet little old lady who only spoke French, we loved her! I was supposed to go to another funeral Saturday, but Celest who works for my decided to trim the end of her finer instead of the bushes, so I had to work. The "funeral" saturday was actually a memorial Mass because the young man was lost at sea, so sad for his mother and family, he leaves behind 3 children under the age of 6. Anywas trying to get back on my plan. Here is my menu for today:

9am and 2pm:
raisins or banana

left over chinese(only what will fit on a salad size plate)

07-14-2008, 10:14 AM
Good Morning! Boy did that weekend go fast!!!!

Beverlyjoy--Keep up the good work!

CatholicCajun--Wow, I cannot even imagine how much sadness you have had to deal with lately.

I am doing well. Back to the gym today! Lucky for me the weather is cooperating--it's a bit cooler, so that will help!

Hope everyone else is doing well. Have a great on plan day!

07-14-2008, 11:02 AM
Hi, all. I haven't been around much for a week now because of houseguests. I've gained back a pound and a half from all the cooking and meals out, but now that everyone is gone I hope to get back on track.

07-14-2008, 11:25 AM
Good Monday morning chicas!
Okay, in the interest of accountability, I have to admit to falling off the wagon in a big way last night. I guess I was bummed out that I didn't show a loss on Saturday, when I felt like I was really due for one, since I was very on-plan all last week and for most of June, without much to show for it. And the pre-TOM week hit with a vengeance. One thing new I started doing was tracking my food, so when I had to write down everything I ate last night, it was embarassing that the list was so long!
So I am resolved to having a completely clean week with lots of exercise, and I am back on scale strike for a while, since I obviously can't handle it emotionally.

Here is the plan for today:
B: 2-egg onion, green pepper, and Parmesan omelet, coffee with milk
L: Baja fish tacos leftover, V8
S: refried beans with salsa, latte
D: lasagne stuffed zucchinni
S: strawberry smoothie

Great job mj and Beverly! Wish I could say the same!
Hi CC, that's a lot of funerals in a week, how depressing. Hope you and I are back on plan today.

07-14-2008, 01:37 PM
Hi all!

As Iím sure is obvious from my lack of posting over the past two weeks, I once again lost focus on my health plan. Although I remained conscious of what I was eating and tried to make reasonable choices, I didnít journal my foods, I ate a lot more snacky, processed foods than I should have and I didnít make the time for exercise. I did my regular Sunday weigh-in yesterday, and Iím up to 284 . . . I canít say I donít deserve the gain, and Iím just grateful it isnít worse. Iím back on plan as of yesterday. I did my 5-mile walk and journaled my food . . . calorie deficit only -562, but Iím going to make my goal of -1,000 today!

I really need to get a handle on controlling my eating and making time for exercise when Iím traveling, since Iím leaving on Wednesday for two-plus weeks in Vegas. Iíll be playing bridge part of the time and spending some time with my brother who lives there, helping him look into residential options for my father. My friend and I will be staying at a condo rental for most of the time, with a few days at my brotherís place at the beginning and end. Hereís my plan for dealing with this trip.

** Iím going to exercise 5 mornings per week, BEFORE anything else I have planned for the day. I expect itíll be too hot to walk unless I get started really early, but the condo rental has an exercise room, so Iíll just have to get back on the elliptical.

** Iím going to journal my food as best I can, even if I donít know the exact values for most restaurant food. Iím going to try to choose plainer & lighter options to make this easier.

** Iím not going to eat any pre-dinner bread in restaurants and Iím going to limit beer or wine with dinner to a single glass.

** Iím going to keep up with reading and posting, at least every other day . . . for me, there is no better way to stay motivated.

Schmoodle -- At least your fall only lasted one day, and your plan for today sounds great.

Darkblue -- I have the same problem when my regular routine is disrupted -- here's to both of us getting back on track this week.

Bev and mj -- glad to hear you're on plan and doing well!

CatholicCajun -- sorry to hear about your tough week.

OK, thatís it for now . . . Iím off to the park to get my walk in. Have a great on-plan day, everyone.

07-15-2008, 06:55 AM
Hi chickies....yesterday went well until after supper and I then ate too much. But, I will not give up!! Today I am going to refocus - write down calories, fats, proteins and carbs. I need to see it ...and be accountable to myself. Maybe this will get me back to more consistant sanity with food. This a few days of healthy eating and then a few days of overeating doesn't feel good to me.


log food and nutritional values

breakfast - egg white scramble with ketchup, pnb toast, pear
lunch - ff cottage cheese, sweet potato, green beans
snack - yogurt, watermelon
dinner - applebee's with friends
snack - oatmeal, raisins, skim milk

Merksie - good to see you. You have a good plan! I think it's essential to have a plan when we've got events coming up - good for you.

Schmoodle - darn that scale!! Isn't it something how we can feel so good about our eating but - if the scale doesn't show it - we get all bummed. I have done the exact same thing. Everyday is a new beginning. Carry on, friend.

DarkBlue - Hi! It's nice when company goes and you can get back to your routine.

MJ - hope you had a good workout at the gym. Good for you!

Catholic Cajun - I am sorry you've had such sadness lately.

Have a great day folks!

07-15-2008, 10:21 AM
Good Morning! I am SO ready to for my vacation....just two more weeks of work. Don't know what we are doing yet, probably not much, but that is ok w/ me!!!! I just need a break!

Merksie--Welcome back!

Beverlyjoy--Good for you! Being accountable to ourselves is what really matters.

Math Puppy--How are you doing?

So far, so good today--already ate some breakfast and have started drinking water! I will go to the gym today too. During my break I am going to head to the Farmers Market to see what yummy things I can find there!

Have a great op day!

07-15-2008, 10:45 AM
Good morning, Friends!

Last week was my first on-plan week in quite a while. I even stayed on-plan through my extended weekend which included a restaurant excursion. Yesterday, the scales rewarded me with a 4.6 pound weight loss! I'm feeling 100% committed and read to finally lose the rest of this weight. Today, I plan on re-starting my modified C25K and the 100 pushups challenge. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can do by the end of this year. On October 1, I first reached 233. Since then, I've been bouncing around with the same 6-7 pounds. It's time to get serious and lose some more.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

07-15-2008, 10:50 AM
Today's Plan:
B: oatmeal with blueberries and milk, coffee with milk,
S: beans with salsa and cheese
L: fish with salad and steamed green beans
S: hard boiled egg, V8
D: lasagne-stuffed zucchinni, salad
S: milk with 1/2 cup blueberries

I did much better yesterday, only ate too many NSA fudgesicles. That pre-TOM chocolate craving is so intense. I've got to do some research and see if there isn't anything I can eat or a supplement maybe that will help combat it.

Merksie, attagirl getting right back on plan!
BeverlyJoy, I feel better today. I wish I had a better way to measure my success than the scale, but my clothing sizes change so slowly. It took me 8 months and 30 lbs to go from a size 16 jean to a 14. Anyway it will not get me down for long.
mj, I hear you! I am on vacation next week and can't wait!
Hooray Rhonda! You sound so positive and motivated. I feel sure things will start happening for you now.
Let's all have a great day chicks!

07-15-2008, 10:17 PM
Okay chicks, I have to confess I have a problem. I have terrible chocolate cravings the week before TOM. I mean, if my arms were made of chocolate, I would seriously gnaw them right off.
I haven't really addressed this in my plan, but it hit me today (duh) that I am going to have to do some things different that one week every month if I am going to stay on plan. I do perfectly well for two weeks then that week rolls around and I blow it. Than I spend the following week doing Ph 1 (again!) and getting rid of residual cravings. It is very frustrating!

Here is my plan for **** week:
Eat extra complex carbs ( I usually limit myself to one or two servings of grains/day, ~150 calories worth. I am going to up this to 3 servings)
Extra water
Extra exercise (yoga to calm myself?)
Extra protein
Calcium supplement
I will split my food up into 6 mini-meals so I can psychologically feel like I am snacking all day and keep my blood sugar levels very stable.

I will try this starting tomorrow. Just wondered if any of you chicks had this issue and had words of wisdom...
If you google "premenstrual cravings diet" there are some interesting articles on the topic.

07-16-2008, 06:47 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday I stayed on my plan well - yay! :D I am grateful!

Today is a busy day - four programs and a dentist appt. My voice is tired - so, I won't speak the rest of the day after my programs - as much as possible.

Plans for today -

log food and nutritional values
lots of water

breakfast - kashi waffle, pnb, boca bacon, 1/2 banana
lunch - grilled salmon, sweet potato, squash
snack - yogurt, blueberries
dinner - veggie burger with lite cheese on lite bun, green beans
snack - oatmeal, raisins, skim milk

Schmoodle - so sorry you are struggling with TOM chocolate cravings. :hug: I think your plan addresses that very well. Does planning for some chocolate help or just make you want more. Hang in there, friend!

Rhonda - YAY on the weight loss. :cheer::congrat::cheer: I can hear the determination in your voice. You CAN do this.

MJ - did you get lots of good stuff at the Farmer's Market. I LOVE them, too. :D

Shout out to Merksie, Catholic Cajun and Math Puppy. :)

Have a great day.

07-16-2008, 09:48 AM
Good Morning! I must confess, I did not go to the gym yesterday. My knee was really sore and I chose not to push it. I WILL go today!

Schmoodle--Sounds like you have a good plan to address the cravings. I had the same ? as Beverlyjoy, does planning for some chocolate help or make things worse?

Beverlyjoy--Wow! Busy day today!

So far, so good today. I have eaten breakfast (trying to make that a good habit again!) and have started drinking water.

Hope everyone has an op day today!

07-16-2008, 11:15 AM
Happy Hump Day chicks,
BJ and mj (hee), planning for some chocolate works the rest of the time. I treat myself to an oz of dark chocolate every weekend. but the week prior to TOM, if there is any around I will gorge on it. I think it's better to just stay away for the week.

Today's plan:
double my water
vitamin supplement
B1: hard boiled egg, coffee with milk
B2: oatmeal with blueberries, walnuts, milk, agave nectar
S: raw cucumber dressed in vinegar, piece of cheese
L: salad with steamed green beans and turkey bacon bits, Goddess dressing, V8, triscuits with LCLC
S: latte
D: lasagne stuffed zucchini, brown rice
S: glass of milk

Have a great day chicks!

math puppy
07-17-2008, 12:32 AM
Hello accountabil-a-buddies
I had a really good day, and as the evening approaches im getting more and more worried im going to jump the op ship! Ekkk! So far Ive written evey thing I ate and I have enough for a small, no wait, make that “sensible” dinner. I should try to distract myself with my new favorite anime or go to sleep early if I start to get those little snack urges.

The scale is sorta messing with me these past couple days, flux-ing from 252 – 254. im just going to leave my ticker at 252 because it makes me feel better :lol:

Well im going to head off to the gym now. Ill see you all tomorrow :D

Bev- my cat thanx you for your concern :D so glad to here you stayed op, I know the feeling of getting knocked off the wagon repeatedly oy!!

Cajun- wow that’s a lot of funerals!! hope you are feeling better

Mj-vacations are awesome! Im doing well, thanx for asking :D its awesome you are going the farmers market so much, I loooove farmers markets in the summer ! did you make it to the gyme today??

Darkblue- I hope that you are doing well :D

Schmoodle-how is scale strike going? Wow those are intense chocolate cravings!! Be strong!!! Let us know how it turns out.

Merksie-its geat that the condo has a gym!!! How is it working out?

Rhonda- you have a 100 push up challenge!!!???? That is so freak’n awesome! I just might have to jump on board that train :lol: how many can you do so far? I don’t even know how many I can do, I guess Ill find out tonight.

07-17-2008, 06:48 AM
Hi chickies - I had a good on plan day yesterday :) - I am grateful. I have been counting more than calories the past few days. I am counting calories, fats, protein and carbs. It's helping me to stay more focused. Yes, it is a bit time consuming but - it's keeping it all real and right there for me, if you know what I mean.

Today is busy with storytelling out of town and busy work in my office later.


lots of water
log food and values

breakfast - egg white scramble, pnb toast, 1/2 banana
lunch - open face tuna sandwich with mayo, squash
snack - wrap with lite cheese, watermelon
dinner - blueberry 12 gain pancake, sf syrup, boca bacon
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

Mathpuppy - sometimes I"ll go to bed early too when the urge to overeat starts to creep in - I totally understand. Hope you had a good day. :)

Schmoodle - great yummy plan yesterday! :D It should scare away the TOM chocolate monster.

Mj5 - hope your knee feels better - take care of it. :hug: Good job on eating breakfast! :carrot:

Have a great day, friends.

07-17-2008, 11:16 AM
Good Morning! I am in a great mood today! Not sure why, but I'll take it! Probably partly b/c I am off tomorrow--have to help dh w/ some stuff for the wedding his is in on Sat, then I am treating myself to a mani/pedi....I cannot wait!!!

math puppy--Sounds like you are doing well! Yes, I did make it to the gym! I LOVE farmers markets! Nothing better than really fresh produce! I didn't get a lot today, but slowly they are starting to get more stuff.

Beverlyjoy--Good for you!

Schmoodle--Gotcha! Sounds like it is best to keep chocolate far, far away during TOM then.

My knee is sore again today, but I am still going to try to make it to the gym. It might be time to make an appt w/ the ortho for another injection. This one lasted longer than the last one, so that's a good thing!

So far, op again today. I just finished breakfast (yogurt w/ a little granola) and I have a healthy lunch packed.

Have a great day!

07-18-2008, 06:57 AM
Hi Chickies - I had a good on plan day yesterday - with renewed vigor - I am so grateful. That's three days - yay. It is helping that I am writing down calories, fats, protein and carbs. It's really making me think about what I am putting in my mouth and what healthy daily totals should range.

Not many folks here at the planning/menu thread. But, it helps me to put it down. So I will continue.


meditation (done!)
log food - calories, carbs, fats, and protein
lots of water

breakfast - kashi waffle with pnb, 1/2 banana
lunch - cottage cheese, crackers, zuccini
snack - yogurt, fruit
dinner - DH got fresh sweet corn yesterday - so something with that (egg white and fresh banana pepper sandwich or veggie burger with lite cheese) green beans.
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

MJ - yep...might be time for a knee shot. Sorry it's sore. Hope you had a good day.

Shout out to Schmoodle, Dark Blue, Cajun Catholic, Merksie, Rhonda, Math Puppy and everyone else that stops by. Have a GREAT day.

07-18-2008, 10:07 AM
Hi chicks!
Happy Friday.
For me, T-minus 4 hours until I leave for a week at the beach with the kids. Trying to get through my last minute to-do list before we are off.
I'll confess in advance, there are two special treats planned, things I've decided I will eat once a year, and this is the week! Otherwise, I will stay on plan and hopefully get lots of exercise from swimming and playing with the kids. There are lots of farm stands on the way so I'll load up on the fruits and veggies. We have a condo so I'll be able to cook. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a great week.
My (incomplete) plan:
B: oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries, tea with nonfat milk
S: ??
L: egg salad on 1 slice whole grain bread, sliced cucumber
S: Diet soda, piece of cheese
D: We will eat out, probably a chicken Ceasar or something like that.

07-18-2008, 11:06 AM
Good morning, Friends! TGIF!

I realized this morning that I forgot to post yesterday. Yesterday was a rough day as I woke up with a headache and had it for the majority of the day. I have now been on-plan for 11 straight days, however, the number on the scales has stalled. It moved a tiny bit yesterday, but it's back up today. That is so frustrating! The good news is that my jeans feel a tad bit looser. Wednesday night, I did day 1 of week 1 of my modified C25K program (1 hour of 30 second wogs and 4:30 walks) My plan was to do it again last night, but I forgot. It may take a while before this becomes habit.

Schmoodle - I hope you have a great trip!

Have a great on-plan day.

07-19-2008, 08:41 AM
Hi Chicks...I had a good day on plan yesterday - I am grateful.

I am so glad that it's the weekend and I can rest my pieces and parts!!

For today:

relax a bit
some thank you notes
last of the confirmations

lots of water
stretches and movement
log food and values

Breakfast - kashi waffle with pnb, blueberries
lunch - wrap with turkey and lite cheese, carrots and brocolli
snack - yogurt and watermelon
dinner - pork chop, corn, salad
snack - oatmeal, banana, milk

Schmoodle - Have a wonderful vacation at the beach!! Sounds like you are going in with such a good attitude.

Rhonda - I hope your headache is gone. Darn that scale! But, YOU know that you've done well. Sometimes I think it takes the scale time to catch up. Looser jeans rock!

Have a great day everyone........Beverlyjoy

07-19-2008, 12:04 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around. Today is the fancy wedding dh is in and we've been busy w/ the rehearsal and other wedding-type stuff. I haven't had time to exercise, but good news is I have maintained, so far. I am hoping for a loss come Monday, but will be happy w/ maintaining.

I'll post tomorrow and get caught up.

07-20-2008, 09:20 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday was good...I ate a bit extra. My worped brain thought that eating extra would help a tummy ache. :dizzy: I had a few extra hundred - I can live with that once in a while.

Today's plan

bit of a tummy ache

breakfast - kashi waffle with pnb, 1/2 banana
lunch - chicken noodle soup, applesauce
snack - yogurt, crackers
dinner - mom's coming over - grilling out, corn (if my tum's better), veggie
snack - oatmeal, banana, milk

MJ - hope you had fun at the wedding! :)

Have a good day everyone.

07-20-2008, 06:38 PM
I posted earlier, but I don't know where it went....

Oh well, the wedding was really, really nice. It was hot, but other than that, it was fantastic. I did over-eat a bit, but overall not bad.

07-20-2008, 08:55 PM
Ok...it's been a while. today was my weekly weigh-in day, but I didn't dare. I had house-guests for a week, then basically fell off the wagon because of a super-busy week afterwards. I feel fat. Tonight I ate what I wanted, and tomorrow it's back on the weight-loss plan.


Someone yell at me and make me feel guilty if I don't post in this thread, ok? I hae a doctor's appt next month and I want to be in the 2-teens.

07-20-2008, 10:41 PM
Hi everyone. I love the whole accountable thing, if it's okay with you, I'd love to join in. I'll start keeping track tomorrow. Nice to meet you all.


07-20-2008, 10:50 PM
Hi Noranoranora!! Welcome...please post with us.

For some folks, this thread is so helpful. We are glad you're here. Just start posting away!