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07-13-2008, 09:23 PM
Hi everyone,

Are you like me and need to be accountable in some way to some one or the munchies take over and your diet is sabotaged? So here is the daily check-in thread so we're accountable to other chickies. Our hen house is a little empty as there are only a few active posters and we would like you to join us. So how about it? Join us and let's keep each other on track!


BTW, we all try to post daily but life sometimes make it impossible so don't let the thread name keep you from joining us. We'd really like you to join us!

07-13-2008, 09:30 PM
Today I'm a little off track today. Not horribly but not straight on. But today is not over and I will be good and stay within my limits. Did I log my food??? No, I didn't so I'm going to now so that I stay on track even though I'm swinging dangerously on the side rails of the train.

Judy, I'm glad you posted on your conference. Where in Iowa are you?M sister lives near Ames.

Penny, my thoughts are with you as you prepare for the surgery. Tell your hubby that he's required to post here as to your progress. Show him how and tell him your chickie friends will be worried.

Carol, I'm proud of you for jumping on the evil square box. Even though it wasn't friendly, it wasn't as bad as it can be. Me, I'm not that brave. I made a deal with myself that I will have to weigh on my birthday (quick way to ruin it) if I stray off track between now and August 3rd (BD). Since I don't want to dust off the scale, I will make sure I stay on track. :)


auntie g
07-13-2008, 10:38 PM
I'm in. I haven't even managed to check out this whole site yet, and I usually just look at the new posts, so I haven't really settled in anywhere. So, hello all!

I'm on WW Flex, and I made it through the weekend without going overboard, so "yay!"

Looking forward to getting to know you all...

07-14-2008, 07:49 AM
Welcome Auntie g and hello Marie. Thanks so much for listing the site so well and I easily found it by just clicking and not losing time.
Today, I am starting my logging carefully daily, increasing my exercise and going to get rid of the extra lbs. that need to go!!! I will work on 1500 cal. diet with lots of veggies and fresh fruit, grilled foods mostly as theres no pots and pans to clean hah hah!
I strayed away from my scale for awhile guess I proved thats not so smart. So now I am on track and friday a.m. is scale day not to go crazy with an everyday peek. I know the logging also makes a difference so I will pack my little book within my purse for easy logging opportunities. Hope we get some more ladies or gents to join.
Just a little intro. I am a 53 yr. old young gram of 5 lovely gc and have 3 adult children and a hubby. I enjoy being active with kayaking, camping, gardening, knitting in the cold times, cooking and baking, etc. I work with adults with MR and help coordinate their needs, desires and ensure health safety and well being. I have a lot of responsibities at work setting up services and ensuring their running properly, reports, meetings etc. sometimes the stress of it all gets the best of me and I my dietary needs then go over the edge with me. So I am trying to get a grip here and be healthier too!
Look forward to meeting new folks and continuing with everyone else. OFF to work I go!

auntie g
07-14-2008, 09:16 AM
I'm off work today, and the weather's kind of icky, so I think I'm going to throw a bunch of good stuff in the crockpot and make the old standard whole wheat pasta today. I measure it all out into single servings in Tupperware and put them in the freezer for an easy dinner week. I love not having to think about "what's for dinner" every day!

07-14-2008, 11:58 AM
Marie - Thanks for the link to the new thread :). It sounds like you're back on track - just hang on to the hand rails! :lol: Nice idea about my DH logging on here - but that's not going to happen! In any case, he doesn't know how much I weigh and that would let the cat out of the bag :lol:. I'll definitely post as soon as I am able on my laptop, which I'll keep close by.

Welcome Auntie G! :welcome2: I agree that it's a good idea to freeze meals as it's always nice to have something on standby rather than going to the closest fast food place. I know a lot of people who have had success on WW, so keep up the good work!

Carol - 1500 cals sounds do-able, especially as you are having all those extra veggies and fruits which are very filling. I'm starting to log my foods again too as it seems I have more success that way.

Judy - I hope that your conference went well and that your week is off to a good start. That's crazy having your yogurt seized at the airport! Who thinks up these ridiculous rules? It would be nice if they used a little common sense.

I'm on track and I think I'm down a pound but I'll weigh in "officially" again on Wednesday before I change my tracker. I'm getting caught up with everything before my surgery on Thursday. I have a bunch of baking to do for a fund raiser, but I think I'll cut back on the amount I had planned on making. I'm going to prepare some food ahead of time, so my DH doesn't have to get takeout all the time.

07-15-2008, 08:03 AM
Good morning all! I actually was feeling fat last night maybe it was all the water I drink my overall day wasn't bad one slip up that could of been better. My portions need to get better the food choices not bad. So I went for a walk with little bear my dog around the property which is an acre. We went a few times around and in the evening unless weather isn't permitting we will try that. I did take the stairs instead of the elevator yesterday. See I am thinking a bit more where I could burn a few cals. This afternoon will be hot so swimming sounds inviting with some pool exercises. I boiled up some eggs the other day plopped one on a mini bagel of 120 cals and a little sausage patty leftover from sunday on the lean side. I figure around 325 breakfast within my cals. I down sized my bagel no butter or cc. It was tasty and a good start to my day. Grilled ck br. last night and made extra for my salad and chopped it up with veggies, almonds 10, fresh basil, tomatoe, romaine and one boiled egg cut in. Got to add some fruit for my snack today. I am trying to add a 10:00 a.m. and a 2:00 p.m. into my new way of living not a diet!!! Auntie g sounds like a plan to me! Having a back up meal is a smart move. When I preplan things are much better. Tonight I am making a tomatoe, lettuce and 2 slices of bacon sandwich made on whole grain toast with flax seed and lite mayo a little. We had fresh corn last night oh so good I only had one everyone else more I just drooled. I will also grill some veggies for a side dish for me tonight and have a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Snack will be a frozen pop low in fat. If I keep this up the ugly scale will have to be nice eventually. My water was up there yesterday which is another plus. I think I will put a pitcher of sun tea together before work to go on the deck. I like it with just lemon nice drink treat. Take care and Penny I wouldn' t like my hubby on here either as he doesn't know my numbers either and I truly like it that way in fact just the doc and I know thats bad enough!!! Have super tues. and well and do something good for yourself today!!!

auntie g
07-15-2008, 08:23 AM
Good morning! Well, my veggie pasta last night was delicious, and I'll be having that again tonight. I actually had a nice surprise, too. My 8 year old nephew came over for dinner and I didn't think he'd be too keen on my pasta, what with all the veggies in it. Well, he cleaned his plate quite nicely and then he said that it wasn't like the kind his mom makes. I try to be polite about these things, so I just asked him if he thought it was ok, and he said mine was *much better*! Hee hee! I won't tell my sis, but it did make me feel good!

Have a good day everyone!

07-15-2008, 02:47 PM
Ohhh, a lovely new thread--thanks, Marie. And we've already lured a new visitor, too! Welcome, Auntie, I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

I'm desperately behind in every possible thing at the office, so this will be quick. The conference (in Dubuque) went well. I got a grip on my eating, and trudged through the airport with no more than a sad glance toward the caramel corn :(. My weight's 213 this morning, which is better than I thought it would be under the circumstances. So far, on program and working out.

I will be back at least once before taking off on Thursday morning! Too bad stress doesn't burn calories...


07-15-2008, 05:58 PM
Hi everyone, sorry I was awol yesterday. Busy, busy time with DGS visiting. sometimes I forget how tiring a 2 1/2 year old is. After he and my DS went home, I took a nap with my doggies. My beloved Blizzard Bear and I snuggled and slept for 1.5 hours. Then Kai Bear and I went to doggie school. She did really great and is so goofy. Afterwards I conned DH into swimming 1/2 mile with me - it was right before bed. I was surprised but he did it. BTW, he had his first flying lesson yesterday - he LOVED it. :) I guess I got myself a pilot (in training).

Auntie G - you're doing so awesome on your WW plan. Look how much you've lost. And very cool that your nephew loved your vege pasta. Kids are so great. I take it your "auntie g" to him. :)

Penny, do you really think DH doesn't have a clue of your weight (you too, Carol)? I bet they're smarter than you think. :) My DH knows as I gloated when I moved below him on the scale. Me->:devil: I hope the surgery goes wonderfully and I love my new box of soaps. Thanks again!!!!!

Carol, I bet your puppy loves the walks around the yard. I have 2.5 acres but most of it's rocks and sage brush so walks are not fun - hence the many times traveled dirt roads. I tried to get up at 5 this morning to walk them but I didn't. Bad me. I will swim tonight and try again tomorrow. I don't have any travel planned for 2.5 weeks so I want to get back into my walking routine. My knee is pretty much heeled and so is Kody's paw. the three doggies would really like me to get back into it. sort of silly I walked every morning with a headlamp thorugh the snow and rain of winter, but in the summer when I could actually see at 5:00, I haven't. :)

Judy, I'm glad you're back and the yogurt story was retold to several people who just shook their head. I guess those live yogurt cultures are on the danger list. :)

Again, welcome auntie g - i'm so glad you joined us!!!

auntie g
07-15-2008, 08:47 PM
Good evening! I haven't had a chance to look for your old thread to try to familiarize myself with you all, so I guess I'll just try to pick things up along the way, but thanks for the welcomes!

So far my great powers of deduction are leading me to believe that cckayac is Carol?

Penny, I wouldn't let my husband know my weight either! I currently weigh less than him, but that has not always been the case - groan...

Marie, I am aunt to 9 nieces and nephews, no kids of my own. :( I took my fake name from a Monkees song - Auntie Grizelda. I thought I was being clever trying to remain anonymous, should my sister find her way onto this site, but since she knows that the Monkees are my all time favorite, I guess my cover would be blown anyway. So, my real name is Sherri. Shhhh, don't tell anyone (lol)!

07-15-2008, 09:34 PM
Auntie, you're correct in the carol nickname. We've been together a while but really want new people to our thread so we're very glad you joined us. I'm terribly curious about the reason to keep sister in the dark, but I understand keeping one's anonymity. Carol already gave a quick synopsis of her life so here's mine.

I live in southern Oregon where it's currently very smoky from the CA fires (one about 70 miles away). I'm asthmatic and the smoke is making life more difficult. I love to ski, swim and hike. I also bike and rollerblade, but not much this summer so far. (I started the summer with bronchitis, then asthma attacks needing prednisone, injured my knee, then living with smoke so no extra curricular sports). I have a pool so I swim every every evening or mostly every evening. I have three beautiful huskies. Blizzard is 7.5 yo, Kodiak is 6 yo, and Kai is my new baby at 4 months old. I have two adult children and 1 grandson. I work for a school district and am their database manager and webmaster. Not to mention all the other million tasks dumped on me like the network admin's backup. :) I now work year round (I used to have summers off until too many things were dumped on me and there wasn't a way to get them all done. I miss my summers off). Hmmm, I log my calories in my mobile phone (and sync with the computer) and stay between 1500-1700 cals. I'm obsessive about exercising as I'm bipolar and have successfully gotten off my meds with the use of light therapy in the winter and exercising every day. That exercising is good for my body is a side benefit as it does wonders for my mind.

As I didn't exercise this morning, it's time to go do so now. The smoke is so hevy I'm going to stay inside and not swim. So WATP (Walk away the pounds), here I come. Oh, and food wise, I'm doing really great today. YEAH!!!!

auntie g
07-15-2008, 11:23 PM
Thanks for the bio, Marie. I sure hope the smoke problem goes away soon! I can't imagine having to deal with that. I remember only once having a smoke situation here, and that was from some big fire in Canada!

I guess I don't have a good reason to leave my sister out of this, I've just always been "compartmentalized" - I am generally uncomfortable when 2 worlds collide, so to speak. I am very wrapped up with her kids (and I love it!), but I think I just like to have some little thing of my own. Does that make sense?

So, here's my synopsis: I'm in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I hate the city and practically need to be tranquilized on the few occasions I have to go there - the crazy driving makes me sooooo nervous. I've been married for almost 16 years now, and we have a wonderful canine daughter who will be 12 in August. I have a downhill dead-end job, and am trying desperately to figure out what to do next since that Publisher's Clearing House check refuses to show up (so far!)

My world pretty much revolves around my "puppy" girl, and sis' kids. There are 4 of them, the other 5 (on hubby's side) are all teenagers and live a little farther away.

Oh, how I wish I had my own pool! I go to the public pool, but a lot of times it's too crowded to really swim, so I try to at least get some exercise while I'm there. Mostly I walk around the neighborhoods, but it gets a little monotonous. And I'm really having trouble sticking to a daily routine while it's so hot. Hopefully I'll get on it better in the fall.

A few years ago I lost over 100 lbs on WW, but unfortunately I gained most of it back. So at least I know I can do it, and this time I think I'll be able to keep it off because I've learned some valuable lessons.

Well, I guess this is long enough for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

07-16-2008, 08:01 AM
Aintie g love the idea about the name. Cute! I love monkeys. Anyways sounds like your recipe is a hit want to share it? I am trying to eat healthy seems like even with my logging a little naughty gets in everyday I circle it make a sad face on my sheet and move on. Today I am trying for a whole day with out sad faces. Out for lunch with a client but will try to pick somewhere there is a salad and order dressing on the side. Thanks for sharing your info. and I agree certainly wouldn't want my skinny tooth pick sister I refer to as Barbie as in Barbie doll yeah blond and skinny. She loves to just eat puffed rice for snacks etc. maybe I should eat like her?? Oh well life goes on!
Marie sorry to hear the smoke is over your way. I wasn't thinking about that yuk sorry for all of you and your health issues. I too swam last night and exercised in the pool till I got a cell phone call it was the little guys last Tee ball game. So he really wanted us there. Out of the pool quick 2 min. shower dressed in the car to the game. It was nice he hit 3 times with out the tee. Yeah. But at 6 they are so funny the skuff their feet in the sand on the way to the bases play with the sand while waiting to run pay no attention to who or when the ball is hit its a stitch! Good laughter I tell yah.
Judy wow have you been busy hope things are going better at your job? Its not easy with all the traveling I know think the summer munchies got me. Now I am stamping my feet and saying dang scale. Should be dang choices I made how silly of me thinking I could get away with such things. Good for you walking through without cc the second time around. Be strong I tell myself!
Penny I hope your doing well and enjoying some good weather in the gardens. Wow have I got to thin things out wow!
Off to work which has been pretty busy still waiting to hire Judy my work has been revamping too many higher ups have been jumping ship or being shoved off I am not sure. All I know is it is a bit scary but we are a big company and will survive just got a 3% raise this year that is a good sign as many companies can't even do that. Reorganizing a company isn't easy I guess hopefully they all know whats best I am voting on that one. Lucky to have a job at this point many folks have it tougher than I. But hiring someone for our dept. seems to be harder than we ever had in the past not sure why? That in itself is kind of weird with the times like they are? Oh well gotta fly and try to be good today at least the stairs, not the elevator is working out and exercise is increasing.

07-16-2008, 01:39 PM
Halfway done with the week. :)

Auntie, I definitely understand keeping areas of my life separate. My home life is not to be mixed with work (unless I have no choice but to work from home but I do that as little as possible). I won't even give my boss my personal cell phone. It's bad enough that they have my home phone, but no leash for me - the cell phone would become a permanent tie.

Carol, I love the sad face concept. It's a good idea. I think really qualified people tend to have jobs and that's why you're having a hard time. The qualified people know that quitting their job for "greener" pastures is not wise in this economy. Seniority has it's perks even if it's not the best job (I'm guessing that's why auntie is still in her downhill job). There's something to be said about safety these days.

I doggie walked this morning. The huskies loved the 1.5 mile hike. My knee let me know it was still not all the way better, but the knee brace kept it in place and all was good. Food so far is good - 310 cals and logged. I did 3 miles WATP yesterday after blogging and I was HOT. The weather people say it's clear and sunny. I know it's sunny but the sky is a gray/blue. The sunsets are amazing though. Looking for some good in the ugliness of the fires.

Well back to work. Penny and Judy, I hope you're both doing great.

07-16-2008, 05:55 PM
Hi, chickies--

This might be my last post for a while, so read it slowly and savor it :p. I was up very late last night, sorta packing (making huge piles, whittling them down, and then adding to them again) and watching the All-Star Game. So while I have a tremendous amount to do today, I'm sleepy as all get-out, and I know that I'll be up late again tonight, followed by a very early shuttle ride to the farthest airport (Baltimore) to fly to Vermont.

Sherri, I understand wanting to have "safe space." I've said things here about my job, for example, that aren't so terrible, but I wouldn't want my co-workers to see. I live outside Washington, DC, and work for a small national nonprofit group. I'm single (and not looking, although beginning to feel a little wistful), no pets or other roommates. I've been doing variations of lower-carbs for a few years, and slowly, slowly slowly taking the weight off, with the help of workouts and this thread. Thanks to you, I've been humming "Daydream Believer" and "Last Train to Clarksville" all afternoon!

Carol, things on the job are hectic, but all I can do is push through and not waste a lot of energy on negativity. I have several weeks of vacation time that I'm thinking about using in December and January. So when I look at my calendar and panic, I think about long stretches of time away. Anyway, I hope you earn several smiley faces this week.

Marie, you sound like you're doing well, despite the crunchy air. Your part of the world is so beautiful, I envy your access to the mountains.

Penny, good luck with your surgery. I'll be thinking of you.

I'll drop in again as soon as I can, but it might not be for a week or so.

Hang in there, ladies!


07-16-2008, 06:07 PM
Just a quick check in for me. I've been rushing around getting last minutes things done before my surgery tomorrow.

Good news is I'm officially down another pound :carrot:. So I can now change my ticker from 192 to 191. I'm getting closer to the elusive 185 lbs. that I weighed last September.

I'll check back in as soon as I can - probably early next week.

auntie g
07-16-2008, 10:32 PM
Hi everyone!

Penny, I'm not hip to your story, but congrats on the 1 lb, and good luck with your surgery!

Judy, you hit the nail on the head in regards to the anonymity. I just want to be able to say what I want to say, without worrying who may read it. Even with not saying anything too bad, you just never know how someone will take something... (And Last Train to Clarksville was my very first favorite Monkees song!)

Marie, I had to laugh about work having the cell phone number... A former co-worker of mine put my # in the rolodex, and then the boss kept calling my cell, even after I had moved on to another job (which turned out to be temporary). When I went back to the old company 2 months later, I removed my cell # from the rolodex right away! The way I see it is that they can call me at home if they must, but I'm not paying for the calls!!!

Carol, my pasta sauce recipe isn't very formal. I just fill the crockpot with whatever appropriate veggies I have on hand- this time it was onions, mushrooms, and shredded carrots), then throw in a couple cans of crushed tomatoes and some tomato paste, some Italian seasoning and either real garlic or garlic powder. I let it cook all day, so it's nice and soft. I guess that's why my nephew didn't object. Mmmmm, it was good!

We're supposed to have brutal heat and humidity tomorrow, so it may just be a nice cool salad day! Hope everyone has a good one!

07-17-2008, 08:14 AM
Well hurrah we hired someone and she works in the other company right next door. Thats why it was tough for the word to come out. She is in her 30's so I am pleased with that. Nothing against the younger population but when they come it that is a given this is just a stepping stone for them. One girl we hired has her masters and let me tell yah she has a bit of an edge and us seniors in the dept don't know nothing is the feeling I get. So the boss and I took a little stroll yesterday and I told her this gives the office a nice balance. Then said she seems very nice and then she told me yes and the long stay is what is wanted by her. So maybe we can keep some folks for awhile. I know that givingup the 3 extras I have been helping with will be a pleasure.
On the exercise part did lots of walking stairs and hallways yesterday just really tired last night and my knee was swollen a bit could of been the heat?
At any rate I wish I had Maries exercise program into my body. Keep up the good work MARIE. Food wise yesterday had no sad faces now that is an accomplishment. I even grilled some squash which was a bit charcoaled think I rushed it next time slower cooking time will help. I am having my 10 and 2 snack daily. Yesterday I did have red licorce but it could of been worse oh one itty bitty piece of dk choc. that satisfied my need and want. The little bagels in the a.m. are fast and easy. Today I started off with a boiled egg sliced on a raisin cinn. ended in 190 cals. I will munch on some fresh blueberries for my drive in. Work picnic this afternoon and I will try my best to make healthy choices.

07-17-2008, 08:50 PM
Not so bad of a day really with a picnic from the company. I managed to stay with in my limits its was a little hard to count cals though. But instead of a roll that was big I had a small dinner roll with a little pulled pork and a piece of chicken,2 salt potatoes,. salad little dressing didn't eat the pasta salad did have fresh fruit and a 1 '' piece of cake I have to say though this evening I had a muskerter dk choc. mint bar mini size. Not so bad I figured just a little treat at the grocery store. Bought lots of veggies fresh fruit and goodies for sundays picnic. Had only a little turkey, ham and one half of flat bread for dinner. Will follow up with a little popsicle for a snack. My mood when I got home was swinging around so I think for the state it was in I have done good controling the munchies. I am taking a half of day of for a me day on friday I really need it. Just going to go do my own thing I think. What ever I feel like doing sometimes we deserve that. This week I feel its right on target. I am working on some jewelry projects. A designed by me necklace for my daughter and its really going to be pretty cool. Some of the stones I got in HI so it will be special.
Judy we will miss you and I love Vermont its only about 3 hrs. away from me.
Auntie G thanks for the quick idea for dinner some night.
Penny I will send all my prayers your way.
Take care everyone and for you whom have lost wt. this week HURRAY!!! I will use the scale in the morning hope I see movement in the right direction.

auntie g
07-17-2008, 10:42 PM

Carol, it sounds like you did pretty well for going to a picnic! I am fed up with going to cookouts every weekend for at least the past month. I weigh in on Saturdays and then I allow a little bit of a splurge that day, so I have all week to "get over" it. I'm tired of using my splurge days on potato salad :tantrum:- I want pizza, dang it! We finally have a break this weekend from the cookout circuit, so maybe my pizza dreams will come true...:hun:

:dancer:Happy Friday!:dancer:

07-17-2008, 11:56 PM
Hi all, nasty day at work and it's continuing. So far up to a 12.5 hour day and no end in sight. So this is just a quick note to say hi and that I've logged my cals through the day and am on track. I did 3 miles WATP this morning. I doubt tomorrow morning as I don't think I'll ever get to leave here. :(

07-18-2008, 07:38 AM
Girls I think I have lost my mind instead of wt. I have decided to buy myself a new scale. Crazy huh? This a.m. I did the ugly scale not too happy with the results but thats life suck it up and move on. Well so I decide after using the potty to use it again it had me with .5 lbs higher than a half an hr. ago. Now that is wild I had only a quarter of a cup of blk coffee. So one of my birthday gifts is a new scale how fun!!! Thought you'd like that one. Now I did have some processed lunch meat for dinner which tends to be salty so some of my issue could be that. This week I have been better and was hoping to see some changes. Guess I have to work harder huh? more exercise , less goodies really sticking to it.
Auntie G do you make pizza? Sometimes I do and actually want to make a grilled pizza. Making my own allows me to have a healthier pizza and what I want on it. Hope you get yours soon. They even have whole wheat pizza dough at our store which is better than white. Maybe tonight that will be a game plan. Also I have taken whole wheat pita put it in the oven on 400 for a bit maybe 5 min. then added the sauce etc. put it back in till the cheese melts. Not a bad thing and it hits my craving. Good luck! Just thought I would share some ideas.
Marie oh you poor thing. Work can be stressful and sounds like yours won the award this week. Hope you have a vac. coming soon. I am off after 11:00 today till tues. a.m. and looking forward to that. Its been a bit crazy lately but now with our new hire I am hoping it will get only better for awhile. I don't think I am going to the office today just doing site visits. The end of the month comes quickly and certain things have deadlines. Off to eat healthy for the day and get some exercise in. I am going to do the scale again on sunday morning. Hoping to see some change for the good. One can only hope the box likes what it sees. I am going to get something other than white this time maybe a digital? Anyone have a scale to recommend that they like better than another? Scale talk thats a new one!

auntie g
07-18-2008, 08:17 AM
Good Friday Morning! Yay!

Carol, yes, I do make healthier pizza sometimes, but I'm wanting a little bit of "real" pizzeria pizza. Mmmmm... I think it might have to wait until next weekend, but I'll survive.

I have a Health-O-Meter digital scale that I really like. I got it at Walmart a few years ago, and it couldn't have been too expensive. I can get on it several times in a row, and it will always say the same thing. That was my test for it since my last scale always changed its mind! It's still holding up well, and I haven't even had to replace the battery, so I think it was a good buy.

Marie, I hope you get a break from work! I only work 6 hour days, but it feels like 12 - lol. I should be getting ready to leave for work now, but find myself sucked into computer land...

Have a great day!

07-18-2008, 09:38 PM
Hello chickies - just a quick note to let you know I'm doing ok after my surgery yesterday. It took about 2-1/2 hrs. and the doc said it went well. I'll know if that's true when the dressings are off. I'm on some pain pills and they are helping a lot. My DH is taking good care of me and it's nice to be a "lady of leisure" and waited on hand a foot! I get my dressings off next Tuesday, which will be great as I can't take a shower till then :yikes:.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and I'll catch up with personals asap.

07-18-2008, 09:58 PM
Penny good to hear it went well. Think positive I am sure its going to be good news when the dressings are removed. Rest and enjoy being the queen its nice once in awhile to have such attention even under stressful times.
Auntie g I went to get one today. I decided not to get one with all the bells and whistles just too much for me to think about. So now hopefully at least 10 min later I wouldn't show a 1/2 lb. inc. with no food as of yet. Gee sounds like your past one had the same mind set as mine.
I did have a healthy breakfast, went to work for awhile then went to lunch and played for a bit. Home for homemade pizza which came out pretty good. I do also like a good italian pizza lately our pizza places haven't been the best always hit or miss so mostly I make ours. Then I went to swim and exercise in the pool next door for 45 min. oh it felt great. On saturday I will be going to the Adirondacks bear country to kayak in the wild. Oh its so pretty with the mountains all around you and the streams and river beds and lakes. So I will get some good exercise for sure. I aim to eat healthy as well so hopefully I can earn a smily face for the day. Take care leaving around 7 so I won't ck in just roll out of bed and pack up my paddles and the boat and off for an hour and half ride to the woods. Just beautiful country side I am going with my friend and her hubby. Its a bit to much for my hubby and his back is not so great. He can do it better in just the small lakes he is more comfortable and safer. Take care and have a super day.

07-18-2008, 10:38 PM
Hi all,
Yes, it's Friday but I'm going to work this weekend - even at the office not from home. My co-worker and I knew this summer would b h*ll and it's living up to it. But I got so mad at him the 4:30 I walked out the door. I'll go back tomorrow but he was wasting my time.

Anyway, the pizza talk did it. I'm making pizza for dinner. Yummy!!! I make mine lo-cal like Auntie does. I know exactly how many cals mine have.

Carol, I had a wild reading scale - but it was because I'd had it on carpet. Moved it to the hard floor and it stopped that nonsense. I think mine is also a health-o-meter that I bought a little over two years ago. My almost DIL wanted my older one. But I liked it better as it weighed 3 pounds lighter. :)

Penny, I'm so glad the surgery went good. Hopefully the "girls" will e perfect and back in alignment. :) Enjoy the leisure as you kow it won't last.

Auntie, I wouldn't want my extra (flex) calories on potato salad either. Pizza sounds way better.

So yesterday when I got home, it was bed time and I still got up to exercise this morning. How amazing is that??? Food isn't as good today but within my limits as the cals were way low yesterday. My "flex" calories, right Auntie???? I went out to lunch and chose healthy but I'm sure there was hidden fat that I wouldn't have cooked with.

Judy, hope Vermont is great.

Well you all made me feelt better and I'm off to make pizza. DH will like that. :)

auntie g
07-19-2008, 08:57 AM
Happy weekend!

Official weigh-day, down 2.5 lbs today. Hurray!:broc: Still thinking about pizza, but now it's an official plan for next Saturday, so I'll just have to keep drooling for another week.:drool:

Today should be fairly on track. I have a birthday party for my nephew (turning 6) at McDonald's, but I do love their grilled chicken salads, so that should be fine. Next week this little nephew and my 4 year old niece will be coming to my house for a big event - we'll be watching the Hannah Montana 3-D concert movie (and getting pizza!):woohoo:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!:)

07-20-2008, 09:08 AM
Auntie g I took the gds to see that movie at a pop of 15 a piece. The 3 d glasses were cool do you get the same effect at home with using them? I have never done it. Sounds like a good time for all. It is quite good I even liked it.
Well as far as the scale and I go there needs to be some lower numbers before I am a happy camper. They are both in the same ball park. The thing is I really don't feel like my wt. has gone up to what these two are saying. And if it has wow and I guess this is it really getting on board with making some due changes. B day or not. Yesterday I went kayaking for over 4 hrs. about 1 and a half to two hrs. was paddling. But I had breakfast kind of on the higher side of things, lunch just a 140 cal. bar health and a vit. water. Dinner my friend and I shared half of each others so it wasn't so bad and I left the pasta one half of it behind. Nothing in the evening except for a piece of fruit. So all in all not over the limit? I have to say I am frustrated for sure. Today is a party for my daughter and I . I am going to have to watch myself for sure. Maybe the scale will scare me into really paying attenition to what goes in my mouth. But as I said there is no way lately I have really been over doing it. I am wondering if my thyroid is messed up at least that would be an easier fix. Gotta be thinking. I have a blood workup on the 29th but I am not sure I want to keep it or move it to down the road one more week. I hate to go in there and have her say my tri. chol. are up and I need a med as I was trying not to get that going before. So maybe I should give myself a break from going til the middle of August and really get strict with myself first. What do you all think. Could my paddling be building muscle that is making me heavier? I am pretty solid in my arms and shoulders in my face where I normally would show wt. gain nothing has changed. Oh I guess you can tell its making me mad!!!
Marie glad you having your pizza too. I was going to make some on the grill and never got to it. Next week I will make a healthy one on there with just veggies to try it out. I will get some whole wheat pizza dough.
Gotta go deal with my frustation!! And have a real healthy bowl of cereal.

auntie g
07-20-2008, 10:53 AM
Carol, it sounds like you're getting some serious exercise! Personally, I hate the idea of being on a long term drug, so I would (now) do whatever I had to do to stay off it. Actually, I was on a cholesterol drug before I lost weight the last time around, then I took myself off of it. Of course, when I gained back the weight, I never went back for bloodwork because I didn't want to go back on the meds. So I finally realized that I have to get this under control again!

I know it's not always being overweight that makes a person have high cholesterol, so you probably should get checked, but waiting another week or so probably won't make too much difference. Good luck!

I don't know how the 3-D glasses thing will be at home, but the kids are very excited that I got them. They were worried that we wouldn't have them. I think we will be doing a lot of dancing that night, so at least I'll get some exercise with my pizza - lol!

It is so hot and humid today, all I really want to do is go back to bed, but alas, the chores need to be done. I'm going to try to get to the pool later and get a little bit of water exercise going. I don't think I even care about food in this weather anymore - ugh!

Have a good day, everyone!

07-20-2008, 07:10 PM
The end of the weekend is near... :(

Hi all, things are fine here. Work has intruded on the weekend but I knew that this summer would be icky. Next better not have any major projects.

So my big news is I splurged and bought myself and ipod touch. It was WAY expensive and was the reason I kept flip-flopping on it. But DS2 got an iphone and I really liked it. But I love my Windows mobile phone with the Pocket Quicken and my diet software that I sync with DH's computer. So I decided the only feature the touch didn't have that the iphone did was the phone which I didn't need. Voila, the decision was made. So DS2 and I drove over the mountain to Costco and bought it. I just bought cases for the new touch. An otter box for waterproof listening (aka at my pool and working around my pool as I've been know to be klumsy and could fall in) and a pretty pink acrylic one. I'm going to sell my 80 Gig ipod classic on ebay since it's in pristine shape. That should take the edge off the ridiculous cost of the new ipod. :)

Food, wow, I flew off the wagon and landed with a resounding thud. I have the munchies and must stop them. DH and I have decided tonight we're making ice cream for dinner (instead of dinner and ice cream). So that gets me crawling back.

Auntie G you're doing so great. Congrats on the loss. You must be so pleased. Enjoy the pizza on Saturday. You amaze me that you can wait so long. I must work my cravings into my calorie count or I'll blow it (like I did yesterday).

Carol, I get way more water weight in the summer due to the heat. If you're eating right and exercising, the pounds will go.

Talk with you all later. I'm going to go swimming. :)

07-21-2008, 08:21 AM
Marie I hope your right on the water wt. I did notice in the mirror this a.m. that my under arm fab is much tighter so my paddling is working for me. My stomach muscles are also something you use to. The other day when we paddled I got a serious cramp in my stomach area. I think its using muscles that causes it. At any rate today is my Bday so I will fit some exercise in but also breakfast out and lunch out today. It only comes once a year might as well enjoy getting older. This is my funky year 1954 and turning 54 kind of neat when yah think about it. I had my family party for my daughter whom is 29 today yesterday. Even though I got gifts to it in my mind is her day. Takes the edge of getting older off of me. I am going to shop with some of my B money today. I have the day off. I tried to becareful of my intake yesterday I think it was okay for a party celebration. My BIL gave me a real nice compliment saying how well I organized everything right down to the last detail and had everything going on time. The kids got to swim, play and everyone seemed to have a good time. My sister as always drank to much I never even had anything til my best friend came over last night a glass of wine. I worry about my sis but she just isn't going to chg. so guess thats that. Over all everything was good.
My friend gave me a nice photo of me kayaking and in a bed of flowers in the lake with my kayak relaxing. She had printed on there life is good. I loved it. That was from last yr. when we took a sick day went paddling as I was making a decision on my job. Do I leave or stay big day of making a choice. I have to say I don't regret my decision. Even though the company is doing a lot of changes hopefully for the better thats what we here.
Well thats it for today. Oh Auntie g I think they will beable to see the 3D as long as they have those funky glasses their going to be cool get the camera ready.
Oh we saw an eagle when we were kayaking it was so cool.

auntie g
07-21-2008, 08:30 AM

(Calories don't count on your birthday! ;))

I'm hoping to keep things lite this week, in preparation for my upcoming Saturday pizza. Gotta go get the car's oil changed any minute now, and going to the pool this afternoon. It's still blazing hot, so I'm thinking tuna salad sandwiches for dinner.

Have a great day!

07-21-2008, 01:07 PM
Happy Birthday Carol! :bday2: I hope you have a wonderful day. The photo of you in the kayak sounds perfect - you in your element! Birthday greetings to your daughter too!

Marie - You're a real gadget person! I hope you have lots of fun with your new toy. Your "otter box" sounds handy for the pool. An ice cream dinner sounds great - no harm once in a while. A little of what you like does you good!

Auntie G - Congratulations on the 2.5 lb. loss! :carrot: I hope you have fun with your niece and nephew - I bet they're excited about the 3-D glasses. I've enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you.

You had asked about my surgery. I'm a breast cancer survivor (7 years now) and had some problems with my implant (too big after losing weight and it shifted out of position a bit). So, since it needs replacing every 7-10 years I decided to bite the bullet and get it done. I had reconstructive surgery and a new implant put in. I also had a "nip and tuck" on the other breast which had been previously reduced. I can't wait to see the results when the bandages come off tomorrow!

Here is my quick bio: I'm 58 and a Brit living here in the States for almost 30 years. My DH is Swiss and my DS, who is 24, now lives in Boise, ID working for an architectural engineering company. I work at home for my husband, who is a consulting engineer in the plastics industry. I lost about 40 lbs. a few years ago and kept most of it off, except I gained back 10 lbs. when I went to England last year. I've now lost 5 of those stubborn pounds and feel like I'm back on track.

Judy - I hope your trip is going well.

I'm feeling a lot better today and I'm tapering off the pain meds. I weighed myself today and it looks like I haven't gained. I made quite a few meals ahead and that really helped not eating too much take out. I figure my bandages, tubes, etc. weigh at least a pound so maybe I'll be down a pound when they come off!! :lol:

Have a good week everyone!

auntie g
07-21-2008, 10:21 PM
Good evening, all!

Penny, thanks for the background info, and I'm glad you're feeling better! I imagine that having survived the big C, you're tough enough to do anything you put your mind to doing! Hope all is great when the bandages come off!

Carol, a friend and I were just talking about the "pictures as gifts" topic. She thought that maybe people think she's being cheap when she does that, but I think it's the best gift! I'm sure your kayaking photos are much more meaningful than some other dust collector would be - very cool.

Marie, all that ipod talk made my head spin - lol! I'm 43, but when it comes to technology, I feel like I'm 100. I even resisted cell phones and computers for way longer than anyone else I know. In fact, my most recent electronic purchase was a RECORD PLAYER! I saved my albums for all these years, with nothing to play them on, and finally got me one. It was so funny when I showed it to the little guys, and they were like, "that's what CDs used to look like?" LOL, I'm such a dinosaur.

Well, keep cool everyone, and have a great Tuesday!

07-22-2008, 01:03 AM
Hi just a quick message as Blizzard (doggie) is nearly plopped in my lap and it's difficult to type. :) I love snuggling with her and she rarely totally snuggles, so she wins. :)

:bday2you: Carol!!!! Your party sounded fun and wonderful. Don't give up on sis - my dad is a recovering alcoholic and didn't stop until he was in his 70's. Been dry since seeing the light. So you never know.

Penny, I'm so glad to hear your doing better. Perhaps the girls will be balanced now. :) What happens when (note when not if) you lose more weight?

Auntie g, I can't imagine life without my toys. But as my job requires some of them, it's good I'm in love with them. I do love my new ipod, but I definitely haven't explored it yet. Work is too hectic with the building move this week. At least it will finally be over. My computer was moved out of my office today and set up in the district's board room. :( Too accessible if you ask me. I like being remote and away from the PTB. But the building is being lifted and moved about 100 feet so we must vacate and the move is what has caused the ridiculous amount of work.

Judy, hope Vermont is great.

Well I have a kink in my shoulder from typing so awkwardly so I'll say bye for now. Oh, no exercise except my jaws which went into overdrive with food. :(

07-22-2008, 05:43 PM
Auntie G - That's funny about your grandkids and the record player. I bet they were surprised at the "giant" CD's we used to play! :lol: My DH and DS, like Marie, are really into gadgets but I don't even have an iPod. If somebody put all the music on for me I might use it, except I hate having anything in my ear so I'd have to use it with headphones.

Marie - I can just see Blizzie snuggling in your lap. Teddy, one of our cats, loves to do that when I'm trying to use my laptop and chews on it till I put it down and pay attention to him. I'm hoping that my "girls" are more balanced after the bandages come off, although that wasn't the only reason for having the surgery. I also had some discomfort issues that needed to be addressed and the plastic surgeon did quite a bit of reconstruction and put in a 'smoother' type of implant which will I hope will be more comfortable. Hopefully, the new implant will last another 7-10 years. I think I can safely lose another 20-30 lbs. without seeing too much difference in size as the old implant was apparently too big to begin with!

Judy & Carol - I hope everything is going great for you.

My DH got us some Greek takout for lunch. We had chicken & shrimp kabobs with salad and rice pilaf. We shared one order and it was just right - I figured out the cals at 375. It seems most take out servings are plenty for two these days. I'm hoping to be down another pound by Friday. I'm getting nearer to being in the 180's again and this time I'm even more determined not to gain any back as it's just too darned hard to get it off again!

07-22-2008, 10:10 PM
Thanks for all the B day wishes. One more party on thurs. lunchoen at work for me and the new director. I like working for guys no punt girls but they wine less and don't get into the office junk as much. So I like that. He is a guy I have known for the 10 years and I had several people in his program he ran. Now he will be the director of my dept and several others. He will be spread quite thin needless to say but his main office will be with us. No issue for me I don't mind and grateful they moved some up instead of hiring from outside. He knows that I know my job and in the past was very pleased when I stayed on and had told me so and reminded me of it and said now more than ever he is so pleased to have me and the crew. Nice to not have to start over completly with someone new etc. He and I shared a case together too. So he knows my work he refers to me as the vet cause I have been around the longest. Should be interesting to say the least.
Food wise I am doing better exercise yesterday was the yard work yes on my bday. Today too busy but did do the stairs at work and ate good. Well thats about it Marie I liked hearing about the dog. Bear is standing here waiting for my attention also. Have a good evening girls.

auntie g
07-22-2008, 11:42 PM
Oh man, what a day! :fr: We had a little bit of criminal excitement on the block today, and I sure hope nothing else comes of it, but it gave me some unintended exercise. My DH decided to follow/chase the bad guy, and then I got nervous when they got out of my sight, so I decided to run after them.:running: Two problems with that - I don't think I've RUN since I was forced to in 6th grade (ugh!), and I had no shoes on and it was 200 degrees out (well, it felt like it, anyway!:flame:) Well, now the bottoms of my feet are burnt and in some pretty decent pain. Guess my running career will be on hold for a while longer - LOL!

Marie, I love doggie snuggling too. I really miss my girl sleeping with us, but she hasn't gone up the stairs for almost 3 years now, ever since she had knee surgery. (And she refuses to be carried, not that I could really do that because she's about 65 lbs of resistance!) Now I get on the floor with her on her blankie when I'm watching TV at night. Have to take what I can get!

Penny, I hope you're healing up nicely! And I don't have an iPod either. I barely even know what one is- though I do know it has to do with music. This is how behind the times I am- my car stereo says it plays mp3's, but I don't know what an mp3 is. So sad...

Carol, good luck with your new director. I agree that it can be much easier to work with guys most of the time. Of course I'd be happy to work with anyone at this point, because I spend most of my work day in solitary confinement, or so it seems.

:tired:I've had enough of today, I'm off to bed, have a great Wednesday everyone!

07-23-2008, 07:55 AM
Oh Auntie G becareful sometimes especially lately with the crime rate etc. you never know if they have a gun etc. Seems as they will go after anyone in there way without any remorse. Becareful did the police end up with him or her?
Things are going to get even worse if our economy doesn't change. Someone stole out of the mail box one of my clients S.S. cks and even cashed it with signing his own name now I tell yah someone at the little local store is also in big trouble what a stupid move that was and a federal law broken taking it and cashing it etc. Oh I wouldn't want to be him.
I am all dressed and ready to start my day. I will end my day taking someone to the food pantry at a big local church. The lady is 80 and I knew she wouldn't go if I just gave her the info. So for the first time I will attend with her. She isn't on my caseload but her son is. One rolls right into the other if you know what I mean. So another 9 hr. day today. But on a happy note things are getting done and I will get out a bit early on friday.
Today I am starting off with some cereal as I am having lunch with my 76 year old auntie. She has asked me to redo some of her necklaces with new toggles so she can continue to use them they are hard for her to get on now. My daughters necklace for her birthday was the prettist I have ever made very orginal and some beads from my trip to HI. so it makes it even more special. Now I want to reproduce something similar for myself. I have to say it was really nice. I have a few people interested in buying some things so I have to get designing. Great christmas gifts and if the person has a color they like it makes it even more personalized.
On thurs. we ha ve the lunchoen for birthdays at work. So this week it is making good choices and watching portions. We have been invited out to dinner friday night there is another watch day. Saturday a pig roast and sunday I am suppose to go out with the girls. Wow! BUT today I am going to either go for a walk inbetween things as it is a long day or stop at the gym for a little while depends on the weather. Trying my hardest to get on track.
When I am busy making jewels or sewing, gardening my hands aren't putting foods in the hole in my face hah hah! I need to move on in the right direction.
Have a super day!

auntie g
07-23-2008, 11:52 PM
Ugh! We've been having big thunderstorms all night, and I just snuck onto the computer for a quick check-in before I have to unplug again. At least our heatwave is supposed to be ending with these storms - hurray!

Carol, yeah, I do not think it is ever a good idea to chase down any type of criminal. I've been trying to get that through DH's head for a long time now, but the testosterone always seems to win. I felt like I had to join the chase just to make sure my hubby was ok. He did eventually give it up and come back, and then the police finally caught up with the scumbag when he circled back to his car. They detained him for a couple hours, but then let him go. I guess they didn't have anything to charge him with since they didn't bother talking to any of us. What the guy was doing was lurking and hiding in people's yards, and he was clearly up to something, but I guess he hadn't accomplished his crime yet. Well, we'll all be on the lookout for him, but hopefully never see him again!

It looks like you're having a challenging food week! So many social situations... Like you said, just control your portions, and have a good time! Uh oh, here comes the lightning again. Gotta unplug. Happy Thursday everyone!

07-24-2008, 08:00 AM
Scary non the less Auntie G wow! I work in the city where there are shootings I read about all the time. When I read where I think oh I travel that rd. etc. I live in the country and that is kind of quiet but even with that yah get some rif raf stuff thats not nice. Just not as much or as close to me. At any rate stay safe and I know the guy thing its hard even I would most likely do the same sometimes.
Last night I have to confess I worked a 10.5 hr day can anyone say vacation on monday well I always manage to pay for it. But my day ended in not making such a good choice for food. I ordered a calzone on the way home. Wow it was great but I had done so well all day long. I guess my tummy said hey lady yah usually feed me about 4 hrs. ago whats up. I think it would of been worse if I had eaten bad all day so I guess I will count my blessings there. I took a 81 year old lady to the food pantry for her first time. It took awhile but well worth it. Her eyes lite up with how generous the amount of food she recieved was. Tears in her eyes as she thanked me as several times said oh honey you have put in a long day. I told her it was fine
etc... It was a busy day but a nice one too. Today is my lunchoen at work so its a simple healthy breakfast and my dinner I promised myself will be healthy and lunch I WILL try to limit my portions. Exercise not yesterday other than the stairs at work. I will get out early on friday and think it will be a gym day.
I forgot to tell you all about my trip. I fell going out of the house yesterday morning to start off my day. The stairs were slippery due to rain I of course carrying my daily junk purse, coffee, bag with papers etc. Top step went down so quick hurt my bum the most and my left wrist a little my butt was so wet. I had to come back in find a skirt iron it and off I went again. Crazy huh! The hubby heard me yell he came out picked everything up for me and put it in the car. My cup polish pottery a favorite thank goodness did not break. Today I am a bit sore but not too bad could of been much worse. Glad yesterday is over and today will be a fresh start.
Hope every one else is doing well diet wise and life wise! Have a great day!!!

07-24-2008, 09:36 PM
Well I did pretty good considering a lunchoen and all. I skipped the roll had a slice of meat and some spinach salad which was very good,cabbage salad, dip a and a few baked chips, a little cool whip dessert. It was a nice time and we all got to hang out for awhile. Our new director joined us as well and that was nice. He said to me why is your computer so old. I said it hasn't been replaced he asked if I like it I said heck no its so slow. Then said it will be something we will look at replacing in the near future you deserve a new one. I was happy I think things are going to be very good in our dept. I look forward to some improvements overall with the office its so old and we are going to move eventually.
Tonight I made some broiled fish for dinner, baked potatoe and a fresh salad with my first cukes from the garden. I put together a salad for fridays lunch as well and then we have some stuff leftover from today.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Friday I hope to make some healthy choices when we go for dinner as well. I am working on it.
Thank goodness its almost the weekend short weeks really are more pressure on all of us work wise. Money mtg. class today quite interesting and they gave out a new calculator and a file folder, etc. Little things that keep us happy and organized hopefully save us money down the road.
Have a great weekend rain here tonight.

auntie g
07-24-2008, 10:39 PM
Well, Carol, it sounds like you made good food choices today! I hope you're recovering from your "trip"! You have cukes! I planted some for the first time this year, but they don't seem to be getting anywhere. There's lots of flowers, but they don't turn into anything. I don't know what the problem is, as I've read that they are easy to grow. Any ideas? I can't wait for my tomatoes to ripen up. There are a lot, and some are getting huge, but they haven't started to change color at all. Mmmmm, tomato sandwiches...

I'm doing ok with food this week, saving up for that Hannah Montana pizza party on Saturday, so I expect this week's weigh in will be ok, but next week's maybe not. Oh well, that's life, right? Sometimes you just have to have the "good stuff".

Our heat wave is finally gone, so I guess I should start going walking again. Walking seems to be the only exercise I can ever stick with, but I've really let it slide since it's been so hot. Of course I do walk my dog multiple times a day, but it's not very long or very fast, but it's better than nothing. Well, fall will be here before we know it!

Hope everyone's doing well!

07-25-2008, 07:41 AM
Not much of a move on the scale but I will take it the old scale and the new are off by a lb. But the new one reads that I lost 3lbs. so I will take it. Now will use only the new one even though its up a lb. most likely more acurate than the old one. I am still up in wt. and not really happy about it. But thats life and I am working on it. I did notice my underarm flabby area is tighter so guess the kayaking is helping that area. I am going to the gym this afternoon and now am seriously starting back there. Too many excuses for me in the past now its get there!
Auntie G have a great time with the party sounds like fun. Oh you are going to love the 3d scenes I did! Its crazy how one little pair of glasses can make it all happen or not. Enjoy you pizza and sometimes its best to just have it enjoy it then move on. I just had my breakfast some fresh blueberries on bran cereal. Talked myself out of a mini bagel. Thats what I need to continue to do think before it goes in I guess?
Gardening if you have cuke flowers you'll have cukes eventually the different kinds take longer or less time. I have the mini ones for pickling for my salads or just to munch on. Then planted longer ones as well. Had my first little tomatoe too. I have lots of peppers and tomatoes coming and can't wait for fresh green beans. The squash that came back from last season is one I didn't like go figure so I am pulling it out with hopes it doesn 't return. It is a white yes white flat squash yuk. I like almost any veggie but this is not one of them. I did plant zuc. and waiting for that to be ready. Have a super friday!
Have a good day

07-25-2008, 04:21 PM
Belated birthday greetings Carol.

I'm a total mess.:( I can't just seem to get back on track.:devil:
I've been back from summer vacation for 3 weeks now, but still eating like somebody on vacation, and haven't been exercising either.:mad:
I will get back to posting again as soon as I get myself together~ it better happen soon, or I'm in big trouble.:o

Auntie G~ nice to meet you.

Marie, Penny, and Judy~ hope all is good with you.

07-25-2008, 09:36 PM
Carol - I'm glad to hear you have a nice new director at work - it makes so much difference when your boss doesn't play "politics". I'm glad your scale is cooperating. It sounds like you're eating healthy and are back on track. Keep up the good work! :carrot:

Auntie G - Walking is such good exercise. It really helps if you have a dog as they will always give you a guilt trip if you don't walk them! :lol:

Elyn - It's great to hear from you again :). Sorry to hear about your gain - just dust yourself off and jump back on the wagon. We all fall off now and then - it's just important to jump back on no matter how often we fall off.

Marie & Judy - I hope everything is going well with you both.

Well, it's been a week since my surgery. I had my bandages off yesterday and everything looks good - a bit bruised but I seem to be healing well. I had to go in for some more blood work today as I had a couple of minor symptoms (weird rash on my palms and dark lines on my nails) which could be a sign of a heart valve problem. They took six very large blood samples, so that was quite an experience! I will also be having an echocardiogram done soon to rule out any heart problems. I'm gradually getting back to normal activities and even pruned my roses yesterday.

07-25-2008, 10:05 PM
Wow Penny, you're having a banner medical year. The back, the girls and now weird symptoms. I hope you continue on the road to recovery. At least when they stole so much blood you lost some "weight" OK, probably not worth it.

Elyn, good to see you again. Both Carol and I have been struggling a bit as of late. Come back from vacation and post whether you're perfect or not. We'd have so few posts if we only posted successes.

Auntie g - pizza is only a day away. You are doing so awesome. You must very excited about your progress. Walking is my exercise staple. I use Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds series for when I don't walk outdoors. For about a year, I only walked outdoors - rain, snow or moonlight (as I walk before work). But then I noticed that I wasn't getting the same workout as the WATP. Then I did that but couldn't handle the hills on regular walks. (I live in the mountains) so I'm trying hard to alternate that. And then in the evenings I usually swim (in the summer) and last year I did yoga in the winter, but a few toe surgeries and now some knee problems have slowed that idea. But come, fall I'll probably do that again. Anyway, you might want to look at the WATP series for the too hot days.

Carol, no more "trips". I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad. How cool is it that you have a new director that you like and who values your work. I bet you're very glad (for the most part) that you didn't take the other job.

Judy, I bet your week was as bad and hectic as mine. I kept trying to post and could only find a few minutes to read the posts. But now it's FRIDAY and my laptop is a work and I refused to bring it home. I also plan to go NOWHERE this weekend. I'm not leaving my house, yard or neighborhood (as the doggies want their walks).

Work as mentioned was nasty this week. Our building officially moved yesterday. I have a picture on my cell phone of it up on beams and wheels while a big truck used a mammoth winch to manuveur it. It was awesome to watch. So they turned it 180 degrees (as I chatted "spin baby spin") and moved it about 100 feet back onto the school district's property as the property that the district sold was smack down the middle of my office.

Food has been ok the last two days. I'm trying to make good choices and smaller portions. I have this evil monster that sees a helping and tries to figure out how to make it bigger. I hate that evil monster. Yesterday I walked the doggies around the rural block and Wed and today I did 3 miles WATP. Both Wed and Thur I also swam 1/4 mile. Tonight I just want to be a bum so I'm not going to swim. I had a nec and headache all day but miraculously I'm all better once I got home. :) either way, I just want to be a bum. The summer from h@ll is coming to a close at work. There is now an end in sight so perhaps I can enjoy August.

07-26-2008, 09:22 AM
Elyn your not alone somehow it seems that all of a sudden we realize the little extras we have been induldging in end up on our bodies and show on the scale. Life isn't fair sometimes I have a girl at work that can eat anything never put a lb. on and yes she is over 40. I used to be like that when I was about 15 or 16 then life changed. So now that I have said that your not alone at all we are with you and together we have our ups and downs but all want to lose some wt. I am trying to make better choices and portions be less and eat more seafood the fish kind not you see food and eat it. Just a little humor. So hang in there every little change adds up.
Penny good to hear the girls are getting better. I bet your glad that is behind you now.
Marie your right I am pretty pleased with the choice the company made to move him up to this position. I think he's going to do a good job. One of my coworkers doesn't seem to be as pleased but oh well she will have to deal with that. He also had been asked to be a director months ago at the same company as I had almost left for. Then decided it wasn't feeling right for him and he stayed as well. So we both have a little history there. I like working for a guy as their not so moody and there comments are usually well thought out before they make them. That is a quality I like. Our office history he knows of and that he addressed in our first visit. He said I know things here in the past weren't easy but I have heard they are much better now. I spoke up and said yes we all get along support each other and there is no back jabbing its a nice team. Hopefully that will continue.
I recieved some nice new pictures of my HI grandson yesterday. Oh he is beyond cute and looks just like his daddy its funny how much they look alike. My son is a handsome guy so I guess the little guy with the beautiful blue sparkling eyes will be a knock out as well. The proud mom and grandma speaks!!!
Marie oh how right you are we have had some up and downs.That evil guy visits me to maybe together we can kick him out of our turf? Lets just keep on trying we can beat him. I will try to think of him when taking servings today like having this little red guy on my hand thats picking up the spoon. I went for dinner last night and had ck. parm my favorite. It wasn't the best choice but I left most of the pasta behind. I did have an unneede roll of course that wasn't so smart. Today is the pig roast never been to one. So I am being good for breakfast and for dinner will if anything plan a salad only.
Sunday is behave myself day and try to fit in healthy stuff only.
Monday its welcome a new director and coworker so breakfast is on. I am bringing yogurt, fresh fruit and there will be some other healthy choices. My boss said wheres the bacon and sausage she shook her head and said you health people. I love it there are 4 of us now that are on that rd. most of the time so it helps.
Well have a good day the sun is shining I am off to print of the CD of pictures to show off at my family event today.

auntie g
07-26-2008, 10:16 AM
Happy Saturday, everyone!

Well, I lost another 1.5 lbs,which brings me to a total of 30 lbs down now - hurray!:carrot: I am afraid of how this week will go, since I'm starting out with my long awaited pizza tonight, but it's ok. The pizza, too, shall pass - LOL. It should be a fun night. Hannah Montana, here we come!:dancer:

Carol, I think I finally see a hint of a baby cucumber starting! Woo hoo! Congrats on the good vibes you have going at work. It makes it so much better when people are getting along, and when you have others around you trying to eat right, too!

Elyn, what a cute doggie you've got there! Don't let being off program stop you from posting! Keeping in touch may help you get back in the groove...

Penny, glad your "surgical parts" are doing well, and I hope your other symptoms clear up and turn out to be no problem. And as for the dog walking, yeah, we can't even get to guilt. We have a fixed schedule - she gets 5-6 walks a day at specific times, no ifs ands or buts. DH and I generally take turns, depending on work schedules. Even though it's not a lot of exercise at a time, it is good because it keeps me from getting too comfortable on the couch!

Marie, how cool to see your building being moved! It's mind boggling that they can do stuff like that. You're right about the WATP workouts. I did that a few years ago with a friend, but I never bought any of my own. I guess I should look into that. Hope you had a relaxing "bum" night. That's kind of what we did here, too. Just sat outside talking with the neighbors all night. At least I was drinking water, while everyone else was drinking beer.

Have a great weekend!:D

07-27-2008, 07:52 AM
Marie I kept that little devil under control for the most part. I feel that my intake at the pig roast was not so bad. My niece and her hubby are healthy types of folks. So the foods weren't so bad appt. were hummus spread with veggies and pita on the side no nasty chips really. I did have some wheat crackers I have to find them for home. They were tasty and I lad am sure less cals than most. Fresh fruit, I did have a little itsy bitsy brownie just to try it out she made 3 kinds only had one, a half of piece of walnut loaf now that was to die for wow! But I stopped at 1/2 proud of that. Then a little a bit of pasta salad, reg. hamb. roll and a small portion of roasted pork. Water that was it. Not any where as bad as one could of been let me tell yah. I am trying then when I got home just a glass of blush wine with a friend. Today my girl friends all four of us are up and off to the Fingerlake area. We are going to breakfast then to the casino there is a special thing going on today. Hopefully we are all lucky and if not lots of laughs when we are all together. I will becareful at breakfast. I already had a half of english muffing of 50 cals toasted up. Didn't want to ride over an hr. on an empty belly. Also figured that way I won't be straving.
Hey Auntie g your so right about keeping in touch if your on with your cals or off it does help to get on and vent, also encourages us to jump start ourselves again. Great thought to share. Hope your pizza was worth every bit. Personally I am ready to make some on the grill this friday if we have a no rain night. Hope your cukes hurry along. Mine are so fresh and tasty. I just grab one skin and all and munch on it. Also dip slices into hummus instead of crackers or use them in place of crackers for dips, cheese etc. Ohh so good!
Marie I hope to get a new office building in the next year lets hope its in a better section of town and clean and bright. I am sure your new building will better serveour needs and make things better in the long run for you. The building I currently work in is in a bad section of town you shouldn't go out walking thats for sure. Too many shootings etc. right in the heat of it all. Sometimes I coast through the stop signs on certain sts. afraid to really stop to long. I figure I look ensure its safe and then I am off if I get a ticket then I will deal with it. Crazy huh now you see why I am a country lifer here on my little ranch. Talking of that the dang squirrels are eating my peaches. Little brats I say. Gotta get bear after them more. At least things are leaving my garden alone that I am grateful for.
Hope everyone is having a fun weekend. My hubby and I are going to work together this evening on our antique fainting chair I got the materials and he has the staple gun we are ready to go. It won't take long and my friend was throwing it out its fruitwood and not real big 3.5 feet long and only around 18
'' wide. Just a nice thing to put in the entry way for people to sit and take off their shoes etc. I just love it someone elses junk my treasure. Her mom paid a lot of money years ago for it. I can't wait to do it over and show it to her. Its funny how some folks can't see the beauty of something and someone else can take it and run with it! I am grateful for the creative ways and line of thinking I have at times.
Have a fun day and hopefully we are all working hard on portions and choices I am giving it a whirl today!

07-27-2008, 03:31 PM
Hi everyone,

Well it's been a productive weekend. DS and DH both had guard weekend so I've been home by myself. (and not going anywhere until I have to go to work tomorrow). So yesterday, I vacuumed the floors then washed all of them (my whole house is wood floors). There were so many spots because of doggie footprints, slobber, etc that I couldn't just spot treat. Then I washed the walls, dusted and cleaned the leather sectional. Oh and washed all my lines. I was pooped yesterday. Today I did the ycky - I weed wacked. I had to where a mask because the smoke and pollens would make my asthma even more miserable. Wow, it looks great out there. I have to re-vacuum as Kody is a shedding monster. But it sure looks nice. I'm doing regular laundry too. I'm just little susie homemaker this weekend.

And, I did the my Braun epil epilator again on my legs. So I bought this epilator 2 weeks ago. I was fightened of it for the first week and did it last sunday. Holy, moley it wasn't fun. But my legs felt clean shaven all week. I decided to do it again today and do it weekly until the hairs grow back really slow and fine. today wasn't nearly so bad. But you'd all get a kick out of my plan for moving up the inner thighs. I figure a few inches higher every week. How people do the bikini area is beyond me. But maybe I'll work up to that in a year. :) Anyway the Braun epil is actually pretty cool. I has 40 tweezers that rotate to pull the hairs out. I definitely can handle it way better than waxing. So now my legs are ready for another week. Ad it didn't take as long or hurt much this time.

This afternoon I'm going to float on my pool. I want to give my legs a couple hours to recover before applying sunscreen. Yesterday I did the 1.5 mile doggie walk and this morning I did the 4 mile Walk Slim. It definitely a harder one of Leslie's workout. It's about 50 minutes and has interval training in it. I really like it but I rarely have 50 minutes.

Carol, congrats on the small portions at the pig roast. Sometimes that's nearly impossible to do with loads or wonderful food. BTW, we didn't get a new one, they moved our old one about 50 feet and rotated it 180 degrees. Apparently we'll be able to move our stuff back in on Friday. But me, I'll be in Reno on Friday picking my sister from Iowa up at the airport. I then will hae the following Monday and Tuesday off. I guess I won't be moving stuff. :D

Auntie g - how was that pizza??? I hope it was wonderful. Congrats on the the 30 pound mark. You are doing AWESOME. I really like the WATP / Walk Slim (her new name for the newer DVDs). I started doing them 2.5 years ago and haven't looked back. They are doable and I have about 10 of them so I can have variety. I plan on starting back to the one that's called Fat Burner as it does squats and lunges so that my legs can get back into skiing shape.

Well, I'm going to get the vacuuming done and get another load of clothes started. Man, oh Man - I love guard weekend. It's so peaceful.

One other thing, DS2 got a promotion at work and will be moving out. Wow!!! And he and I have had some very good open, honest talks the last two weeks. It's been very good. We even talked about that. So the relationship looks like it will be salvaged and probably will flourish. How cool is that????

07-28-2008, 07:56 AM
Auntie G wow 30lbs. you rock girl! I am trying got the swim exercise in with some girl friends last night it was a good workout and fun. I hope to fit that in again this week a couple of time. I am off to the gym after work today. Gotta get into the swing of that routine is important and I need that steady thought of okay thats what I do today.
Marie wow you are like Hazel the cleaning lady want to come over? I need a bit of it myself this weekend but you did an awesome job. Bet it feels great to see such a nice clean house. I on the other hand still have my jewelry makings out on the back table, an antique chair the hubby and I are working on together waiting to be put back together. Oh now that project is gonna be fun and in the end we will have a cool piece of furniture for years to come. The fabric I really took my time on picking out it took me 4 shopping trips 3 times to the same place then I found it. Oh it is perfect for my room. Gotta be so careful as it is a great room kitchen, dining livingroom and a half wall at the entry way and thats where its going. Currently I am scheduled for friday off still not sure if I will take it or save it. Depends on the weather. I think I scheduled my self for an appt. downtown with a client today for s.s. not fun but they think she was overpaid and I have to prove she wasn't. Oh fun!! My food intake yesterday was on the good side. Nothing too bad and at breakfast left behing some potatoes, and a half of slice of bread. That is something I am working on smaller portions. This a.m. we are having a welcome the new director and coworker breakfast I am taking yogurt, fresh fruit. So hopefully I won't be so tempted with other stuff maybe a half of bagel and some juice. For lunch I packed a half of piece of ck br. grilled from yesterdays dinner, a cuke just sliced and a couple of tbl. of walnuts and a fresh pear. Dinner tonight will be fish on the grill and some veggies. I am trying hopefully it shows up soon some signs of my efforts. Its nice as my best friend is really getting into it to. I think I slide backwards when she did and this time I know its gotta keep going for me not for someone else. Well thats it for today Marie enjoy the time off while they are moving good 'plan I think!! I should try Leslies DVD's or are they CD'S


auntie g
07-28-2008, 09:21 AM
Ahhh, Monday again...
I had a very crazy weekend with the nephew and niece being here for their sleepover. We all had a great time watching the Hannah Montana movie, but I think the 3-D part probably was better in theaters than it was on TV. I was so excited to get that pizza, and it was good, but not as good as I hoped it would be. I guess I'll try some from a different place in about a month, or so.

After I got the kids back home yesterday, we got hit with the nastiest thunderstorm I've ever seen. We had scary, twirly winds, and hail. My tomato plants are all leaning over, and I'm hoping that they're not broken. I have to go to the dentist this morning, so I'll have to check out the plants when I get back. Oh I hope they're ok - I can't wait to get REAL tomatoes!

Carol, I'd never heard of a fainting chair before, so I had to look it up, and it sounds pretty interesting. Have fun with that project! It sounds like you're doing well with your food choices. You're right regarding your friend and backsliding... You've got to be in it for yourself!

Marie, wow, you got a lot done over the weekend! I was just happy to have gotten to the laundry. Good planning, to be off work during the moving stuff phase! I've had to move stuff around at work so many times over the years, as we've downsized the building over and over, and it is never pleasant. Congrats on the scheduling!

Ugh - off to the dentist. Hoope everyone has a good day!

07-28-2008, 09:39 AM
Morning, ladies (& any gentlemen present) !

Starting out the week with another pound lost -- great start !! Will be extremely busy as this the last week of the month & things @ work go into KRAZY mode in T minus ................

Hope to bump up the exercise times 15-30 mins per day this week -- wish me luck ! I've found that putting into print the stuff I put into my MOUTH has been a HUGE help -- amazing how things can change from day-to-day !

Here's hoping everyone has a successful (be it a loss or NO GAIN) this week & remember only YOU can put down that fork & walk away ! WE CAN DO THIS !!! :wave::cp::goodvibes

07-28-2008, 03:40 PM
Hi Mollikins, welcome to our group. You're right we can do this. Exercise is the best part of dieting. I hate restricting food. :) And I'm a weird one, I love to exercise.

auntie g, I'm sorry the pizza wasn't as good as you'd dreamt of. That's a big bummer. I love fresh tomatoes. Stake those babies up and perhaps they'll survive the mean storm.

Carol, good for you on the swimming. It's a fun exercise. For me, I haven't swam since Thursday. Between the leg/foot cramps, now my neck is bothering me from tilting to breath. So now I have a specialized swimming snorkel on the way. I think I'm falling apart these days.

I'm back at work and I don't like it. I really loved my weekend of staying at home. I did get up early this morning and did 3 miles WATP. I needed to buy Kai a new collar as Saturday's walk was miserable with her pulling like a mad woman. As Huskies are supposed to pull, she knows that she's not supposed to on walks. So I bought a new collar this morning. Tomorrow will be a trial as Saturday was so irritating that I swore I wasn't going to walk them again. :) Just kidding.

Food is ok, but not great. I need to improve that. At this point with my sister coming and my b-day on sunday, I'm going to just be ok and then on Tuesday after I bring my sister to the airport, I'm going to be GREAT.

07-28-2008, 06:20 PM
Hi, chickies! The retreat was great--people, food, scenery, content--but challenging. The buildings were on the side of a hill (a real hill, among the mountains), so I was quite nervous about my knees holding up under all the climbing up and down. A little sore, but no blow-ups, hooray. We did a lot of silent meditation, which I loved. I even grew to think of my little yurt as "home." The trip to San Francisco was good, once I got there (3 hours waiting on the tarmac at Dulles before takeoff:(). Lots of old friends were at the conference, with a few of them going on and on about how great I look--I must of looked horrid the last time they saw me :p. I'm slowly working my way through laundry, email, regular mail, etc., and will be back in the office on Tuesday.

This morning's weight was 213. I tramped around a lot and did a little yoga while I was away, but very little in the way of aerobics or weights. We ate all organic, local food (including homemade ice cream :D) in Vermont, cooked by a fabulous chef. She even went out of her way to make delicious wheat-free meals for me when everybody else was enjoying pasta or fresh bread. My San Francisco meals were more helter-skelter. I would like to get back to my posted weight by the end of the week. I think I can do it! I can tell from my rings that I'm retaining water. I've just returned from the grocery store with a week's worth of fresh produce.

I'm still reading all the posts I missed....but it's good to be back on the thread.


07-28-2008, 06:53 PM
Welcome Mollikins! :welcome2: You're off to a good start this week with a pound lost. Keep us posted on your progress and up the good work! :carrot:

Auntie G - Sounds like you had a blast with the niece and nephew. Probably just as well the pizza wasn't fantastic or it would be too much of a temptation :devil:! I hope your tomatoes recover from the storm.

Carol - Your craft ideas with the jewelry and furniture sound like fun. It sounds like you are making some good food choices.

Marie - Sorry to hear about your cramps - hopefully the special snorkel will help. It's funny how Kai instincively wants to pull - no so funny when you're trying to walk her though! I hope you have a fun time with your sister.

Judy - Welcome back - we missed you! I'm glad you had such a nice time at the retreat. It was nice that the chef made you some foods with your dietary needs in mind. I hope the scale will be nice to you by the end of the week.

I'm feeling lots better. Still not up to driving, but have been grocery shopping with my DH today. I pruned the roses yesterday and it was nice to get outside in my garden. I just have to be careful about reaching, lifting and pulling. The heavy doses of antibiotics after my surgery did a number on my digestive system, so I'm taking lots of probiotics and eating yogurt. I still haven't been able to set up an appointment with the cardiologist for my test. Good thing it's apparently not an emergency! I've left two messages and finally got to speak to someone but they first need to call my primary care doctor. At least I've had the blood test done and should get the results in about a week. I will then need an echocardiogram to see if there is any sign of a heart valve infection (which I seriously doubt).

Have a good week everyone.

07-29-2008, 06:42 PM
Ai-yi-yi, this is why I never take time off--too much work piles up. Today was really difficult, but I've survived. I got up too late to work out this morning. I had a protein shake and chicken sausages for b'fast. Lunch was a salad w/salmon. Afternoon snack was slices of celery and yellow bell pepper with hummus and crackers. Dinner will probably be a beef patty with two sides of veggies. Dessert--one of my homemade smoothie pops. I will try to sneak out of work a little early, so I can work out when I get home.

Still haven't read all the missed posts! Penny, I hope you are holding up under all this medical back and forth.

Elyn, it's good to hear from you! There's no shame in falling off the just don't want to wallow around in the ditch for too long :coach:.

Hi, Mollikins! Please spread some of your momentum around to the rest of us! You and Auntie G are setting a good example for me, at least. Go, go, go!

Auntie G, hope the dentist visit wasn't too horrible. It's good that you enjoyed the Hannah Montana movie. I had to watch a lot of the Disney Channel with my nieces last winter--thought I was gonna die!

Carol, I'm working on smaller portions, too. After eating out for nearly two weeks, having my normal meals again at home is a bit of a shock to my stomach, which is grumbling for more.

Marie, are you sure that it's the swimming that's causing the pain in your neck ;) and not someone on the job?


07-29-2008, 09:46 PM
Welcome Molliki sounds like you have something good going on so feel free to share some ideas with us on how your doing it. Sometimes we all need to add things in our dail schedules or routines.
Auntie g glad you got your pizza sorry it wasn't super tasty. I am going to attempt grilled pizza friday night. Someone gave me the recipe for it.
Judy welcome back and its never wonderful to return to work. This week only 2 days in and I feel I have pulled 40 hrs. already work wise not on the clock wishful thinking. I have had several out of the regular issues to work on these last two days and one not so easy or nice one. I am taking my friday off just to have a me day.
Marie I wish I would be into the exercising as much as you. Today though I got up early and out the door to start off to the gym. Got over by the lake and thought it is way to nice to exercise indoors. So I went to the lake it was 6:30 I walked and even jogged a bit to hurry along so I would be ready to go to work on time. Well I managed to accomplish it in record breaking time. I felt great hair didn't look super but okay. I decided to setup a schedule of tues. thurs. saturday for exercise days to start with. If it rains I go to the gym if its nice to the beach. Because it is so early no charge to get in so thats nice and lots of other walkers and joggers so I am not alone had to be 20 cars there. It was beiautiful and way to start my day
Penny hope your back to your regular routine soon. Take care.
I made some good choices today exercised, food choices with in my cals. Even stayed away from office leftover snacks etc. Little half of cup serving of blueberry dessert tonight. Take care and enjoy !

auntie g
07-29-2008, 11:54 PM
Hi everyone! Rough day today with some family issues:(, but I realized that for the first time in my life, I'm not eating to solve my problems, so I guess that's a plus! I even have some of my daily points left over. So weird... And on another good note, I think my tomato plants are going to be ok, hallelujah! :cp:

Mollikins, hi, and nice to "meet" you! My parents have a kitty named Molly who resembles your avatar, only not quite as smiley! Good luck with the exercise! I'm hoping to really get on that soon, but it's just been too hot to think much about it. (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it, for now- :dizzy:)

Marie, can you bottle that love of exercise? You would be a gazillionaire! My dog used to be a terrible puller, too. We had to switch to a harness to keep her from choking herself. I know we should have tried harder to train her, but she was doing such a good job of training us.:joker: Now that she's older, there's not much pulling anymore, unless she sees someone she knows, or a squirrel, or a rabbit. Ah, but it's nice to see her excited about these things.

Judy, glad you had a nice trip, and it sounds like you got your exercise "mountain climbing". It probably is just water weight you're seeing, and you'll be back on track in no time! And btw, I've grown pretty attached to the Disney Channel, embarrassing as that may be. I know most of the cool shows, so I can talk to the kids about who they think is "hot"!:yes:

Penny, glad you're feeling better, just don't over-do it! It's awful how complicated the system is for getting medical things done. I hope your other tests go well!:crossed:

Carol, I think I'd like to try that grilled pizza some time! I'd also like to live near the beach! I know I would go walking way more if it were along the water. We don't have any appropriate lakes nearby, and we're a couple hours from the Jersey shore, so it's not very convenient, but I sure love it when we do get to go there. Good luck with your new exercise schedule!:running:

07-30-2008, 12:06 AM
Welcome back Judy. I loved the joke. Yes I have pains in the neck at work but this one is due to swimming. I did bet my snorkel and on the package it said some people need nose plugs to use it. I'm think, o, not me, I've snorkeled/scuba dived so I'll be fine. Not. I thought I'd choke on the first length. Of course I tried again and choked again. the water just flowed up the nasal passages. Then it dawned on my I always use a mask that covered my nose when snorkeling. Tomorrow I'll be buying a nose plug. :) So I propelled my way to 1/4 mile looking like a crappy swimmer. Between my neck, knee and wrists, I was pathetic. The only stroke that I didn't improvise was the back stroke. The rest were pathetic, but at least I don't give up. Sometimes I think that would be wise, but alas, I'm a dingy blonde.

I also doggie walked this morning and the huskies were angels. The new collar reminded Kai of her training and all was good. We had a great walk. The smoke was unreal but then it was even worse on my way home. Food was ok.

Carol, the walk around the lake sounded perfect. I'm a big believer in morning exercise. I just feel so much better when I do. And being outside just makes it even better. I've been worried about the depression side of the bipolar rearing it's ugly head but I'm now starting to think it was because I was letting the morning exercise slide and was exercising in the evening occasionally. That's just not good for me as I've been forcing myself to get up for a week and I feel tons better.

Penny, I hope you get a hold of a cardiologist soon. I understand it's not an emergency but worrying about it while recovering from surgery isn't healthy. Call often and be a pest. Maybe that will work because clearly patience isn't.

Well, I'm going to watch a Tivo'ed Closer. I LOVE that show.

07-30-2008, 07:57 AM
Marie I agree the a.m. workout was nice no excuses cause its the end of the day and I ran out of steam. I didn't do the pool last night as I was in the middle of cooking when my friend called. But at least I had my a.m. walk and jog in. I really enjoyed being able to jog even if it was in little spirts. Which I heard is good for us to walk, inc., walk etc. So guess it all went well and I had a sweat so that was good and it wasn't due to the heat of the day as it was so early and peaceful at the lake. I was trying to picture you in the pool I must admit I laughed sounded kind of funny but I truly understand. As when I was in HI not last time but the time before I went snorkeling and loved it of course but learning just the little I did water up the nose isn't fun. You are a dye hard and that is a great quality don't your ever lose it cause when you do it won't be good!
Auntie g the lake is nice and so peaceful getting there before the cashier is there waiting for 7 dollars is even better. I wish I had an ocean to walk near as I love hearing the waves but I will take my lake as its second best I guess. Wish they would let us kayak on it but they don't no outside boats they rent row boats during the day its populated etc not my cup of tea. I like it quiet. I am attempting to go in the morning thurs. it will depend on the weather. I am looking forward to friday off and then the 22nd of August too. We are camping two weekends in a row. Taking the grandsons and my youngest daughter and her hubby, then going with friends the following weekend. Time is rushing away and I hate that when summer is here.
Penny call back that drs. and request a call if they have a canelation and maybe you can get in sooner explain that at this time it is weighing heavy on you and your trying to recover from some surgery so you'd appreciate any appt. that comes up if its possible for you to go in? Good luck see as a service coordinator I keep pushing till I get what I need when its needed. What do they say sweaky wheel gets greased first. Oh something like that. Keep me in touch and good luck.
Grilled pizza for anyone whom would like to try it. I am told to strech the dough then use some olive oil rub a bit on each side. Place it on your grill MED. Heat then wait til it turns golden brown flip it. Put your sauce, toppings on it cover it with closing the grill ck often when it looks brown again on the bottom and top looks great take it off. I think it sounds wonderful. I am going to make individual ones so each person can have what they like. Friday nights meal with a lovely salad.
Tonight is leftovers for everyone but me I am going to do fish on the grill. A salad and baked potatoe with light sc.
I am pleased with my accomplishments this week staying on a healthier choice side of things and exercising. Client wise this has been a very stressful week and that normally would mean binge and I didn't do that. When I do have something special I am using my little 1/2 cup dish it helps me keep control.
Have super day everyone.

07-30-2008, 12:39 PM
Hi everyone - Just a quick note to let you know I have an appointment tomorrow for my TEE exam. It takes about and hour and then 2 hrs. to wake up. I'm busy getting some things done in case I need to be admitted to the hospital. Luckily, the hospital is only a few minutes from home. I had a bit of a run-around because the cardiologist my GP recommended turned out not to be on my preferred provider list so luckily we were able to find another one on the list who could see me at short notice. I'm hoping my penicillin therapy can be done at home, but I read that sometimes patients have to be in the hospital for 2-6 weeks on an IV for this kind of infection.

On top of that, my brother emailed me yesterday that my Dad was admitted to the hospital with a pain in his side and is undergoing tests. It never rains but it pours!

As I keep telling myself - this too shall pass. :^: Keep sending good vibes my way - your well-wishes are much appreciated :).

One good thing to report - I'm down another pound to 190 :carrot:.

07-30-2008, 06:41 PM
Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Today's afternoon is dragging by. I could definitely use a siesta. Usually the morning exercise keeps me energetic, but not today. I think it's because I really don't want to be here. :D

Penny, you're in my thoughts and prayers. It's definitely raining on you lately. :(I hope your father is ok too.

auntie g, I hope your family issues are resolved. It's amazing how our lives can flip on a dime. And way congrats on not eating your way through it. My eldest doggie (7.5 years) finally doesn't pull anymore. None are at the moment, but every once in a while Kodiak will:devil:. But Blizzard is so perfect, no pulling at all.

Carol, that's odd that a lake charges $7 for parking/access and no kayaks. They must think people are rich. It's great you can beat the system on the parking at least.:o

DH has flying lessons after work so I should be free to play for a bit. I have to go to the store but I'm hoping to be fast. I'd like to vacuum my pool then swim if I can find nose plugs at the store. DH and DS2 setup the guest bed in my craft room (as DS2 hasn't quite moved out but will be during this next week). So we're almost set for my sister to visit. And no work on Friday, Monday or Tuesday -yeah!!!!:carrot:

auntie g
07-30-2008, 10:59 PM
Another day, another headache! Nothing new on the problem front, but nothing has been resolved, so I'm stressed.:stress: Ugh! I need to think happy thoughts!:flow2:

So, I stayed under my points again today, and went to the pool for some exercise:swim: yay! Some friends gave us a gift card for a steakhouse, and DH is sooo excited because I don't buy meat that often. We're going to go on Saturday, so I guess that'll be my splurge for this week. Anybody know what are better/worse choices in steaks? I'm not too much of a meat eater, so I don't know anything about steak!:dunno:

Marie, happy swimming! I need to get some earplugs, myself. I only swim under water, keeping my head straight, otherwise I have terrible problems with my ears. Hope that smoke clears up soon!

Carol, what kind of pizza dough do you use on the grill? Any old kind? Anything pizza related is definitely intriguing to me. Congrats on eating well this week!

Penny, good luck with your TEE. I'd never heard of that, but I looked it up. Sounds like quite a useful test. I hope everything goes well, and with your dad, too. And I have to agree with "this too shall pass"- I have to keep reminding myself of that. Congrats on reaching 190!

07-31-2008, 07:17 PM
Penny, you have way too much going on! I hope things went well today, and that your dad isn't suffering from anything serious. Congrats on losing another pound :cheer2:

Carol, I think it's so cool that you get so much enjoyment out of camping and kayaking with friends and family. I hope that you were able to get out on the water today.

Marie, I was so happy to read about your son! The two of you have had some struggles, I hope this is the dawn of an adult relationship. Good luck with your sister's visit.

Auntie G, you've done well to keep the stress eating under control! :high:.

Elyn and Mollikins, hope you're having a great day.

Today is my third afternoon with a headache. This time it's mostly from the chemical smell in the office, coming from outside or somewhere else in the building. I did a good 45-minute cardio workout this morning. I'm still struggling with "hunger," and eating a few extra hundred calories a day (:eek:). I've been carrying my log around but not really using it. I'll spend some time over the next few days talking to myself about this....part of it is getting back into my usual groove, and TOM started earlier this week, so it's also hormones. At least I'm not feeling as bloated. I'm not totally off track, but I'm not being as focused as I need to be, either.

See you tomorrow--judy

07-31-2008, 08:05 PM
Hi Chickies,

We just got back from the hospital and I'm pleased to say I don't have any heart valve damage from my blood infection! :carrot:

It's such a relief - thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.

They are doing some more blood cultures to decide what kind of antibiotic therapy I will need.

I am now going to eat a horse as I wasn't allowed to eat anything since 6:30pm yesterday :hungry:.

auntie g
07-31-2008, 11:41 PM
for no heart valve damage! And how was that horse, Penny?

08-01-2008, 01:14 PM
Penny my thoughts are with yah. Glad things are better at least your home. Is this to do with your last surgery?
Marie yah our state parks here in lovely New York charge that everyday. Memorial day through Labor day. All the rest of the year it is free. If you get there before 7:30 am there is no charge you beat the workers to the gate. Crazy huh? There are other lakes which are free but not to walk around like this one. I walk at Green Lake it is under New York State Parks if you care to take a peek on the net. There are two lakes the other one we call Round there right together but that is another 20 min in the a.m. no time for both so I just do the one. Little Bear and I will go on saturday nice and early so it will be free.
Auntie g I use white pizza dough most of the time. I like to buy it from the bakery or pizza parlor they sell it for under 2.00 dollars. Its much cheaper to make than buy actually. I am making a few different ones tonight so everyone has what they want company is coming over. That and mozz. ball salad with tomatoes, fresh basil and cukes my own dressing. No dessert planned for this evening but I do have Italian ices at only 80 cals if someone wants one.
Really trying to tow the mark. Judy sounds like your working your way back from that vacation I know its not so easy. I am right there with you!
Stressful week the boss and I actually didn't agree on the way I handled a case and I think we ended our chat as both being a bit peed off. Then she went home early and I am off today. So guess nothing got resolved not the way I wanted to start a day off but oh well. I still see it as doing my job. I am not there to be everyones friend but to ensure safety and well being of my clients and I still feel just as strongly about that today. So life goes on but yah know I reamained strong and didn't overeat because of any of it. Now that is a good thing I say. Well hope I didn't forget anyone. Oh forgot to mention I stocked up on lots of healthy choices, seafoods, veggies, light cheeses, whole wheat crackers, hummus etc. so my variety is available in my home along with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
Gotta fly

08-02-2008, 07:53 AM
Well my grilled pizza rocks! The first one came out a little too brown and had a bit of blk on it. But non the less I con't to make 2 more oh yeah we had company of course and do have some leftovers. I didn't make my dough into smaller pizzas just one big one out of each dough. It was fun. Next time though I would have all the toppings precut and on a platter and ch. ready cause it didn't take long maybe 5 min. or so before the bottom was done browned, flipped it over and added the toppings put the cover down and watched til it was melted. On one of them of course still experimenting the bottom was done so I shut the burners off on that side and put the cover down and it all melted fine and was so good. My friends were amazed at how great it tasted. Needless to say I will be doing this again next time I will make mine with wholewheat dough.
I continue to be doing good. I did manage to buy some donuts for the hubby and gk I had a half of one but better than a whole one.
Today I am off to go to a farmers market and out for breakfast. I didn't get my walk in but maybe later sure I will do some walking today. I did some gardening yesterday and planted a new white carpet rose bush. It was a deal at Loews from 14.97 down to 3.97 so I had to have it. Now want one more.
Have a good day and hope everyone is doing well. I feel better about my thing with my boss. I decided she might not like the way I handled something and maybe I could in the future do it a bit differently but I still feel strongly that what I did was correct. So in the long run I am okay with it just not the way she spoke with me. Now that is a mtg. issue and there is a line of command and it wasn't used at all. I heard she took off yesterday as well. Guess maybe she needed time to think too? I help support and train people and have info. from yrs. of experience some of what I do is extra and not in my job description if you know whaT I mean? Monday is a new day! My dietary hasn't suffered from the stress only my mind......

auntie g
08-02-2008, 10:13 AM
Hi all! Happy Saturday! Well, I'm surprisingly down another 3-1/2 lbs today! I guess something went right this week! Actually, my "family problem" has improved too, for now...

Tonight we're going out to the steak house, so that will surely be more calories than I'd like, but I can't even remember the last time I had red meat, so maybe it'll do me good to eat something different. I tend to eat pretty much the same things every day- always the same breakfast, lunch, and snacks- then rotate several dinner options over and over. I sure keep thinking about that grilled pizza, though! One of these days...

Judy, hope you're getting your groove back! I think keeping the food log is the best tool of all. That's what I missed when I stopped going to WW meetings, so I had to create my own "official" log. Just writing on a blank notebook page didn't do it for me. I'm kinda weird that way - it has to be official. Good luck!

Carol, good job on stopping after half a donut! You got me thinking about going to Lowe's to see what plants they have left. My neighbor was just telling me that she always goes and buys the sad looking perennials when they're cheap. I usually end up buying more and more annuals every year instead of investing in perennials, but I think it's time to change that!

Hope everyone has a good day!

08-02-2008, 11:09 AM
Auntie G - Yay for losing 3-1/2 lbs.! :dancer: I'm glad your family problems have started to sort themselves out. I know so many people with family probs and it's such a pity - life is too short for hard feelings. I hope you enjoy your steak dinner. I've been craving red meat a lot lately and have had a couple of burgers - very unusual for me. I figure my body needs it since I've been feeling a bit run down.

Carol - Wow, grilled pizza sounds yummy! Your carpet rose sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to being able to work in my garden again. I'm going to look out for some perennials on sale in the fall. You asked if this was to do with my surgery a couple of weeks ago. No, it's a coincidence they found it. The type of bacteria (streptoccous viridans) only lives in the mouth - in fact just about everyone has it, but it can get into the blood stream through dental work or sinus infections. That's why dentists usually put you on antibiotics for root canals, etc. I'm a bit suspicious of my sinuses being the culprit as I've had sinus problems for years.

Judy - I hope that logging your food is working for you. It's good to keep track as it's so easy to go over by a few hundred cals. I hope the chemical smell at your workplace goes away - that must be awful.

Marie - I'm so glad things are going smoother for you and your son. I hope you are having a fun time with your sister. If I don't get a chance to post tomorrow I'm wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I'm waiting on the results of my tests to see if I'll be going into the hospital next week. If so, they'll implant a port in my chest so I can get the antibiotics through an IV. I'll be in for a few days to a week and then go home and have a nurse come twice a day to do my IV - sounds like fun. I'm just hoping the test comes back negative but I need to be prepared to go through this treatment if necessary.

My Dad is still in the hospital very ill. He had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung). He's on pain killers and feels a little better. I'm going to call my brother today to see how he's doing.

08-02-2008, 05:52 PM
This will be quick, 'cuz soon as I logged on, I heard thunder in the distance. I'm doing better with with food, although still a bit too much. Good workouts yesterday and today, plus a long walk to buy groceries this afternoon.

Penny, it must be hard to hear about your dad's illness, with you so far away. I hope you don't need to go to the hospital next week. it all soudns very unpleasant!

Auntie G, good luck at the steak house! If you remember how hard you've worked to lose so much weight, you can make good choices. I see that you're another gardener. Well, you'll fit right in with Penny and Carol.

Carol, I hope that you and your boss start off the new week on the right foot. Maybe your boss is unhappy with the way she responded, and wants to start over, too.

Ohhh, big crack of lightening, gotta go!


auntie g
08-03-2008, 09:37 AM

Well, the steakhouse dinner was nice, but I feel like I gained 5 lbs! We stupidly didn't call ahead to get on the seating list, so after a very long wait, I was famished!:hun: I couldn't resist the rolls and butter that I hadn't planned on having.:stress: Then DH really wanted to get that deep fried battered onion, since we hardly ever go to places like that, so, well, that was a bunch of unnecessary calories. Ugh! I estimate that it was a 40 point dinner.:yikes:I think I just have to hope for not having a gain this week!

Penny, hope your test comes back negative!:crossed: And I hope your dad is recovering. Things have got to get better, right?!

Judy, good for you, getting in your workouts!:tread: I really have got to start doing that one of these days!

08-04-2008, 08:02 AM
Auntie G congrats wow that is a super whoosh! I think you deserve some steak!
Penny wow you sure have a lot going on. Hope your dad is doing better soon. Never a dull moment. My sil has something like that she gets for living on a daily antibotic medication. She has had to in the past before living with us have the IV drip at home. Good luck. Oh by the way I have weed that looks like a morning glory even with a white flower. Someone told me that if you pull it out it just comes in thicker oh yeah I see that already. They said that on the garden show it said to kill the root with pouring bleach on it. Well this is in my veggie and berry patch is that a good idea? Do any of you have any insight on my wild morning glory that likes to grow onto my plants and chokes them out? Oh how mad I get when I see it growning like wild fire. The garden overall is doing well picking tomatoes, cukes and fresh green beans, basil like trees this year, peppers and a few squash too.
Marie happey B day hope you have a lovely day and off for your b day? Any great plans?
Judy I guess sometimes we all have a different opinion. I guess being in this field for so long I have my way of handling things and the opinion that if I step on someones toes oh well there is a reason behind it. I am not there to make friends in the houses as much as to ensure the safety and well being of my folks. So hopefully the boss has also thought it over and realizes we might not always agree on how things are but in the long run we both can get along. I am not looking to make waves but I won't be talked down to either and the other day it sure felt like that was the case and my wound will take a bit to heal if you know what I mean. A matter of trust will need to be rebuilt and it might take a bit of time. I guess her words hurt and were out of context for the situation thats what bothered me the most. I am a hard worker and have lots of respect throughout my company at times people might not like me and thats okay but the job I have gets done and its not always an easy one.
Judy glad your more on track its not so easy.
I kayaked yesterday and my daughter went with us she had a good time. Now its time to ask my other daughter to go as well. Sharing my time.
I also did some pool exercises last night and plan it again tonight. Some of my food choices this weekend weren't the greatest but could of been worse at least I added in exercise. I will do the scale on wed. this week.
Have a great day I have to go put my face on and head to the city!

08-04-2008, 03:29 PM
Penny, I hope you're doing well today. We're all looking forward to your update :angel:

Auntie G, don't give those steakhouse extra calories anything to stick to this week and they won't matter! One meal won't throw you off, based on how well you've done these past several weeks. Go, go, go!!!:cheer:

I've got this ravenous hunger in a headlock. I'm disappointed that the scale hasn't moved down at all, but now that I'm not eating an extra meal or two a day, and TOM is over, maybe I can follow Auntie G into a whoosh!


08-05-2008, 08:07 AM
Judy sounds like you will follow her and I would like to go there with yah!
This a.m. I got up a bit to late to go exercise so I will have to fit that in later on maybe with some swimming and pool exercise. One way or another some exercise today. I didn't sleep well sunday as I decided to make a stupid move and take my medications at night well one is my thyroid and I think it kept me awake for hrs. So last night I read in bed at 7 and shut the lights out at 8:30 crazy huh? But today I feel good. Work has been a bit over bearing lately but today should slow down a bit I hope. I am thinking friday might have to be a sick day. Time will tell. Sometimes we just need that break and in the end can jump back in better. My food hasn't been to bad a little no no here and there but not overly crazy. Got away from my intake journal this a.m. I will start it back that is so important I think.
Hope everyone else is doing well Judy lets push forward this week and pray for a loss. I do have a lunchoen out on wed. I will try my best to balance my cals. Maybe have my dinner cals for lunch etc. That might help even a little extra exercise. Preplanning saturday is a picnic at my sisters I am bringing ck taco salad with black beans and lime dressing it is on the light side of cals. I am not going to sit by the counter and snack but find myself a location away from that area. Preplanning is my game lets hope I can be strong.

auntie g
08-05-2008, 08:29 AM
Good morning! Well, I've been behaving since my steak dinner fiasco, but on un-official weighing, I'm up a little. Grrrr... Hopefully the scale will behave by Saturday. Been trying to get some pool exercise in here and there, but this may be a tough week. There's too much going on. Ugh!

Carol, I'm thinking I might take Friday off, too! Can't call in sick, cause there's no one to call, so I have to plan ahead for it, but it seems like a good idea! I think writing down your food is absolutely essential to staying on track. It's too easy to forget what or how much you had if it's not written down. Good luck with your luncheon tomorrow!

Judy, thanks for the encouragement! Glad you're back on track, and don't worry, if you stick with it, the scale will cooperate!

Hope everyone's doing well!

08-05-2008, 07:48 PM
Well I made it to swim this evening after work before dinner. I also switched dinner cals for lunch 't cals today. Due to the fact I ordered lunch with a friend and had a sub but on ww roll so it wasn 't that bad. No snacks today I will have some fruit in a little while to end my day. For dinner I had a small salad with some cheese, ck, romaine let., tomatoe with a little spicy sauce and a few lime chips in it. Tasty and not so bad. Did a 40 min. exercise in the pool and some stairs and walking today. I was pleased it didn't rain yet so the swim fit in.
Auntie g sometimes we have to just get something a little special like steak it will be okay. They also say sometimes having extra cals one day and less the next kicks our system to different cal burning levels who knows. Sounds good huh?
Well thats about it keep moving!

08-05-2008, 08:54 PM
Hi chickies,

I just spoke with my doctor and the test came back negative! :carrot:

It seems I must have either fought off the blood infection or the antibiotics I was on after my surgery did the trick. I like to think it was all the good vibes from you and all my other friends who were pulling for me. We're still waiting on one of the tests, which measures general inflammation in the body.

The doctor is still very puzzled about my case and is going to speak with some of his colleagues as to whether I should have some more tests to be on the safe side. The main thing is I don't need to go into the hospital for the heavy duty antibiotic treatment.

Now I can exhale!

Thanks again for all your good wishes.

08-05-2008, 10:30 PM
Hi all, thanks for the wonderful b-day wishes. I'm so exhausted from my sister's visit I'm thinking of doing Carol's sick day tomorrow. I'd like to just sit for the whole day. But, alas, I can't do that. At 5 on Friday morning I drove to Reno (4.5 hour drive), had my hair cut (looks fabulous) then picked up my sister. We had lunch with DGS, almost DIL and my son. Then we drove back here. Halfway back we came upon a head on accident that probably happened 2 minutes or so before we got there. Very desolate type of road and we were lucky to get 911. Took about and hour before Emergency responders got there. Luckily all the people seemed to make it. I was with the worst injured for the whole time and I'm not a medical person. I knew enough to cover her with a blanket and keep her talking. I was terrified when they had me holding her head (to keep her neck straight) as they put on the collar and moved her onto a back board. An ER physician took over when he realized I was scared but allo the paramedics said I did great. I'm thankful I'm not a dr. as I don't think I could handle that on a daily basis. Anyway, the woman was airlifted to Reno and her five children to Susanvill by ambulance. Can you imagine the terror the lady felt know she wasn't with her children??? Eeks, I can't stop thinking about her. She was seriously injured but should make it.

So then my sister and I drove SLOWLY the rest of the way and got back way after dark. We swam in the pool to unwind. The next day we did decide to keep with the original plans and drove up to waterfalls that Oregon is famous for (DH did the driving, thank you...). We hiked, picnic'ed and then went to Crater Lake (my avatar...). Then on Sunday, we celebrated my birthday by kayaking down the Rogue River. So Carol, we kayaked on the same day. :) It was awesome. I capsized in some nasty rapids but maintained my cool (only after lecturing myself to stay calm as I held the flipped kayak and paddle) through the rest of that set of rapids). BTW, mountain rivers are COLD. :D

Yesterday we were bums in the morning. Played in the pool then drove back to Reno. We had a nice SMALL dinner (YEAH) then visited with DS, almost DIL and DGS. It was really nice. My sister's flight back to Iowa arrived at about the time I got home from Reno. All in all it was a wonderful, great visit. It just started out lousy. I pray for that woman and her family. BTW, the other vehicle I don't know much about other than the two passengers had to be extricaded by the jaws of life and were both alive and holding their own.

OK, food wise I did pretty good. Actually I'm surprised that I did so good. This afternoon (letdown day) I munched on a few oreos but know that if I added the cals, I'd be on target because I'd been good except that. I might swim here in a bit but I'm so exhausted I'm not sure I feel like it. Exercise, not much structured other than a doggie walk before anyone got up on Sunday. The hiking and kayaking were definitely exhausting. So all in all pretty much on track to get back on the wagon in the morning as was my plan last week. I'm not going to weigh until after TOM (which will be here in a few days - as I've learned from Penny about water weigh gain from traveling). So the evil box will get used again. And DH started swing shifts again for a few months and I'm always a much better dieter when I don't have to make a "dinner". So here I go, I'm going to lose weight. I do have a goal. To loss weight for the next year and for my b-day next year, I'm going to choose a plastic surgery procedure to make something a bit tighter. As most of the body will always be flabby from a life overweight, I'm going to choose the one the bugs me the most. So there you have it. I have a goal.

Carol, how did your return to work go with the boss and your argument. You wrote about it but I didn't see a follow up. Please tell as inquiring minds need to know.

Penny, yeah on the good medical news and boo on your father being so ill. I hope you both recover quickly. A friend at work has an infection and is on daily shots that her DH has to give her. Eeks, I'd be bad at that!!!!

auntie g - you are doing so excellent. I too usually don't veer from my daily food as it's easier to not get creative. So I really relate. And the steak house - don't beat yourself up on it. Just hold on the the feeling that it felt icky and it's be a positive rather than a blip on the diet screen.

Judy, I hope the chemical smell is gone. Headaches always make me munchy so I hope they make you hate food. :D at least there would be a benefit then.

Well, I'm going to stop typing now as this is WAY too long. Again thanks for the b-day wishes. It really was a wonderful b-day.

08-05-2008, 10:48 PM
Yaay, Penny!:yay: That's wonderful news. What a relief!

Carol, it sounds like you're being especially thoughtful about how to tweak your routines to get results. I bet you enjoyed your swim--it's hot out there!

Auntie G, I knew you could jump right back on the wagon :)

I'm going to try a few new things. I will do an "evening" check-in most days, to mark when I've done eating for the day. Today I had a protein shake for b'fast; half an apple and a string cheese late in the AM; cup of lentil-butternut squash soup and a big salad w/turkey breast for lunch; yellow pper slices and tofu for mid-afternoon snack, and five chocolate-covered blueberries later :devil:; grilled burger w/cabbage, broccoli for dinner, smoothie pop for dessert. I am done eating today! No workout this morning, but I'll do a full yoga routine before bed.

By the way, I've improved my frozen smoothie pop recipe, by squirting a little whipped cream (a brand without too much chemical junk) into the mix before blending. It makes them a little less dense, and has nice "mouth feel," as we say on the Food Network.

I'm much too stressed at work...besides feeling too munchy, I'm not sleeping well. The fall, particularly October, my life will be on overdrive. So I'm committing to doing at one intentional stress reliever every day, no matter what (or where): feeling journal, yoga or meditation, every day, between now and the end of September. It's gotta help.



08-06-2008, 07:56 AM
Penny that is super news now you can relax on that huh? Glad for you! Marie wow you did well with that accident and that lady must of been so grateful to have someone with her. Its not easy I have been in similar things before and sometimes it takes us a bit to forget what we have seen. So relax and take sometime for you. Glad your hair cut came out nice. I have had the same style for a bit but it works for me so no new ideas yet.
As far as work goes I decided to request when we have meeting with quality assurance this week to have her review for me and the newbies what our role in medical is. Maybe I am over reacting and advocating to strongly its possible. I get pretty involved with folks and want the best for them. Maybe I am working too hard? If so I am going to take a lighter approach now pick my battles and document and send an email in a simple form to state the issue and cc it to my supervisor. That way if anything comes up I have covered my bases. I will be less stressed etc. She was a bit cool to me on monday but then it was a monday and much on her plate those days and she is normally like that on that day. Tues she was off. I tried on monday to mind my business and was also talking with her when I needed to. I am not going to play the game of being a piss ant! She did move up my date of supervision from the end of the month to the middle who knows. Life goes on! I guess sometimes I can come on strong when I believe in something and maybe I need to as I said just email the issue and wait to hear back etc. But with email yah have to be careful too not to sound rough or whatever as someone can read into it wrong so then again rereading it before it goes off. I am using email a bit more to contact folks about appointments etc.?
Well I think tonight is a fish night for dinner I am going to broil some fish have some tomatoes and cukes, zuc, peppers for dinner maybe a brown rice.
Taking a salad for lunch today and some fruit. My snack last night ended up being an 80 cal. icy watermelon flavor not so bad. My friend stopped over and had one to instead of our glass of wine.
We are both working on being better in the exercise and food dept. I read last night that people whom use the scale daily do better anyone ever hear that one?? I always thought to much made you upset and then every ounce seemed like a lb. Who knows??? Just hope we have an auntie g woosh soon.
Judy your smoothie sounds devine!!

auntie g
08-06-2008, 08:34 AM
Happy Hump Day!

My brain is finally getting over the steak night - YAY! I'm going to try some healthy pizza tonight, maybe on the grill if the weather holds up. I don't foresee any food problems during the week, but alas, another cookout event awaits me on Saturday. If I can just stay away from the potato salad...:nono:

Carol, sounds like you're doing well with food and exercise - you go, girl! I think that daily weighing thing is interesting. Every article says something different, doesn't it? Personally, I do weigh every day- "un-officially". I usually know why on the days that it's not good, and I try not to let it get me down, except I did have a hard time this week! In the long run, I do think it's better to keep a grip on it. When I lost my weight the last time, I stopped daily weighing, and then I was shocked how much it had gone up when I did weigh. I think that having the chance to do something about it before it gets too far out of control may be a good idea.

Penny, that's great news! :broc::broc::broc::broc::broc:

Marie, glad you had a good time with your sis! And even though that accident had to be upsetting, it's great that you were able to help.
I agree about the dinner thing while your hubby's on swing shifts. My DH is a truck driver, and he has different start times every day, which is very hard on him. But it's so much easier on me when he is already in bed at dinner time!

Judy, I like that idea of checking in in the evening to mark the end of eating for the day. It sounds like you're doing well with food! And a daily stress reliever sounds like a great plan, too. I think I need to look into that, myself.

Have a great day everyone!

08-06-2008, 07:56 PM
auntie g, too funny about hubby being in bed at dinner time. It is so much easier when no one depends on us to cook. DS2 was home for "dinner" last night and I flat out said I don't cook when dad's on swingshift. as he's in the process of moving out, I think it's not a big deal. He mentioned he remembered that I won't cook.

Carol, never take your work light just because of an idiot. You do important work and you're passionate about it. Don't change that because that's what makes you valuable.

Judy, sounds like you're continuing the stress work road. I'm sorry about that. I do hope eventually it eases.

Penny, I'm so glad you're test came back negative. Maybe soon you'll recover completely and be healthy. Let's hope the same for your father.

Today was the first day of being on track. I'm at 823 cals and that included a small slice of choc b-day cake my co-workers bought for me. I'm leaving the cake here as I don't want it in my house. Of course I said I'm leaving it to share. Nice of me, huh? Really I'm just self-preserving.

We had a bid storm last night (keep in mind i'ts lightening and thundered just a handful of times since I moved her 8 years ago). And it poured in the desert. Now that the sun's out it's humid - another novelty in the desert. I'm going to swim after work and then do my legs (the epilator thingie I think I described a couple weeks ago). Other than the much interrupted sleep with DH on swings, I think I just might like this. :)

BTW, I'm acutally back in my office. It's weird to be in the same building/same office and have a different view (they rotated the building 180 degrees). It's nice to have some semblance of normalcy. At least for now...

08-06-2008, 10:09 PM
Marie - Wow, you were an angel sent to help that poor woman in the car wreck :angel:. It must have been very traumatic. I'm glad the rest of your birthday weekend went well. That must feel strange, being in the same office with a different view! :dizzy: I agree about it being easier to stay on track when we eat our usual meals. It's always the "treats" that make it so hard to be good.

Carol - I hope the difficulties at work get better for you soon. You have a hard enough job without those kinds of hassles! I also heard that people who lose weight consistently weigh every day. I must admit I'm a slave to my scale, but as soon as I don't weigh I gain for sure. It helps to keep me focused.

Judy - I hope you're finding some ways to relax. You reminded me about yoga. It would probably help me to do some gentle stretches. I haven't exercised at all for over two weeks. I'm not supposed to do any real workouts till the end of the month. I have absolutely no energy, so I'll have to push myself to at least walk 10-15 minutes on the treadmill. Maybe I'll try a few yoga stretches too.

Auntie G - We bought a thin crust pizza from Trader Joe's. It is actually called a Tart Alsace or something. It's ultra thin pastry (not like real pizza dough) and has some bits of really good smoked ham and gruyere cheese. It is only 150 calories per slice. I put some very thinly sliced tomatoes on top before I baked it and it was so yummy. Two good sized pieces and a side salad for about 400 calories - not bad!

I'm gradually doing more - I pruned the roses and watered the container plants today. I'm still very tired, but that may have something to do with having anesthesia twice in a two week time span. I'm going to do everything I can to get my energy back (which was not too good to begin with). I may go to my naturopath and ask him if he has any ideas for supplements.

My Dad is still in the hospital and they have him on blood thinners. Hopefully, he'll be able to go home in a week or so. He's still got his twisted sense of humor. The nurse walked in and asked him "diabetic?" and he replied "no, Church of England"!

08-06-2008, 11:10 PM
Marie, welcome back! We must have been working on our posts at the same time last night. Between the scary car accident and the rapids, you certainly had a thrilling b-day weekend. You sound very resolute with your new goal--I'm looking forward to celebrating your success :encore:

Carol, don't let your boss get into your head. It will sap your energy and make you nuts. At least, that's what happens with me. I get lost in a continuous loop of previous comments and anticipating what may or may not get said or done in the immediate future, instead of staying in the moment. I'll be thinking of you. Re the daily weigh-in, I think it works as long as you can keep the long view (and the almost hourly fluctuations in anyone's weight) in mind. If you let it determine your mood for the whole day, then it's not a good idea. I find that when I avoid weighing in, it's because I don't want to admit that I'm headed in the wrong direction.

Yum, potato salad :hungry:. Auntie G, I have BBQs and other food-oriented social events coming up in the next few weeks, with lot of tasty food I rarely eat otherwise--like potato salad. I have to really talk to myself before hand--and have something to eat before I arrive--if there's any hope of not throwing my healthy plans out the window.

Penny, you are doing really well to be moving around as much as you are! I hope that you'll continue to pace yourself, and don't push too hard. Your dad sounds like a pistol! Where would we be if we couldn't laugh about things?

I had to get an earlier start than usual today, so just time for 30 minutes of cardio before running out the door. Protein shake for b'fast, half an apple and a string cheese for AM snack; big salad w/egg, and a cup of lentil soup for lunch; celery sticks, salmon and a few potato chips (at least they were "natural") for PM snack, with almonds on the bus ride home; veggie meatballs in marinara sauce, over sauteed spinach for dinner, and berries w/kefir for dessert.

Having a hard time winding down. I'm listening to jazz, will read the paper for 20 minutes or so, then take a hot bath. I hope that will help me get a good night's sleep, instead of waking up at 4AM with my mind racing around in circles. It's hard to belive that just a few weeks ago, I was oozing serenity, sleeping in a yurt on a hillside!


08-07-2008, 07:49 AM
Girls I did the scale and guess wt. wise I wasn't doing so well. Now I really don't totally get it. I have been pretty darn careful of my intakes. So now that it hasn't moved well guess i better relook at my intakes. But they have been around 1500 cals a day. That seems a good number to me? And no real junk food now I did have some lime baked tortilla chips with salsa. But last night had a healthy dinner with broiled fish, small scallops and whole wheat rice roni. Maybe there was more salt content in the spice mix I used and I guess rice a roni even the ww has quite a bit of sodium in it. Well guess with all my increase in exercise and the way I look in the mirror which I think has improved doesn't count. Man!!! Like I am a bit upset!!
I was hoping for a good change as I felt it was warranted. But the box doesn't agree with me. Today I have a lunchoen at the Olive Garden for the director whom is eventually leaving our dept. Oh did I tell yah the nice director guy whom just started had a personal family issue and stepped down wow it was a shock 3 days. So we are back to hiring a new one again. I am real sorry about that one. Work has been so so. Big meeting today on regulations and medicaid fraud etc.. The demands of us on a daily basis to be accurate with our work ethics etc. Big stuff! Then I requested her to go over medical as far as what we should be responsible for. Every email now that I send to this one mtg. I send also to my supervisor that way if anything comes down I can say oh well you knew too. Guess the emails come in handy sometimes and better than a phone call I always reread the info. before sending them out to ensure I have been matter of fact and not a brat. Hah hah! One of the higher ups has been calling me this week with questions regarding a case we work on together and she has thanked me for all my input and would like me to attend one of their meetings to talk about working with my population and how to enter into their homes a bit differently and make it more inviting and not so intrucive. I find this interesting and said I would be willing to meet with the board in the future if they would feel it was something helpful. Gotta keep some good connections.
So I just had my measured raisin bran cereal with a splash of milk. And will have my lunch out and switch my dinner cals for lunch. If I have to will do just a salad tonight. I will stay away from the bread sticks at the restaurant even though I love them they are white and bad for me... Whole wheat is the way I have been going like hey its really made a difference.
Judy keep up the good work.
Penny it takes a while after surgery of any kind to feel up to normal. Boy do I remember that but it comes back pretty quick depending on how much junk they put into your system. We all seem to do differently with how our bodies react. Good luck. Just getting outside must of felt good. A little bit more daily and before you no it you will be back to yourself again.
Marie your office is at least updated you'd die if you worked in my place. Can't wait for them to move us around.
I will continue to work on healthy choices and exercise in hopes that eventually I will see a change in that dang box!!!

08-07-2008, 07:40 PM
Hi all,

Just thought I'd share this link to some good recipes (some low cal, some not so much).

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday. I'm feeling a little more energetic today. I'm taking a supplement called Ashwagandha so maybe that's helping. It's also supposed to help with memory - I need all the help I can get in that department!

08-07-2008, 09:15 PM
Hi all,

Carol, sorry to hear about the ex ex-director. That's bummer. I hope his issues are resolved smoothly. And what the heck to you mean "the way I look in the mirror which I think has improved doesn't count." Carol, thats the only thing that counts. you've built muscle - that's going to keep your bones strong, your metabolism up and your clothes looking sexy. Cheer up chickie, you're doing great.

Penny, I'm glad you're feeling better day by day. You've gone through a lot so don't overdo. We all know you want to. And be careful with the yoga moves if you should even do them at all. I'm guessing the drs. said the end of the month for a reason (hint, hint). I think you should get the dr. ok first as you don't want to go through this again.

Judy, I was reading your post and immediately had an urge to find some vegetable meatballs. That sounds SO good. Do they make them soy free (deathly allergic). good for you getting up to exercise. I fell back out of that routine with the b-day weekend. I tried yesterday but as I was up most of the night, I just slept in. Same again last night. Tomorrow morning I'm not going to bother. Monday will get me on track. For now, I'm exercising in the evening.

auntie g, I hope your day is going great. I will think of you this evening as I have my 150 cal scramble egg with cheese for dinner. Can't beat 150 for dinner. :) There s a part of DH on swing-shift I do like.

I'm going to do a WATP video in about 15 minutes or so. I've been excellently on track yesterday and today. YEAH!!!!! There's a billboard on my way home for the new liposuction/everything else vanity center in our town. I look at the chickie's flat tummy and for now that billboard is my incentive. My next b-day reward. :)

Work is ok, irritating a bit as school staff are returning and they're driving me insane. One secretary emailed me 25 times today. Yes, I went in my trash and COUNTED them. I thought I'd strngle someone through the network. :) But alas, I did change the schools to a new SIS (Student Info System) over the summer and the changes are hard for them as I restricted lots of security that they used to have. Mean me. :devil: C'est la vie.

auntie g
08-07-2008, 11:54 PM

I thought I finally got caught up on responding here, and then my computer went wacko and signed me out, so of course I lost the whole thing I just typed! Grrrr...

So, here's the shortened version. It's been a busy week and it's going to be a busy weekend too, so I took off work tomorrow to clean and to cook my puppy girl's food for the month. I wish I could cook up a batch of something for us to eat for a month!

Marie, we had ANOTHER thunderstorm tonight- I have about had my fill for the summer. I'm thinking I need to move to your neck of the woods it it's a rarity there! And 150 cal egg and cheese sounds delightful! I got a salad from McDonald's tonight while DH was sleeping, but an egg is sounding good!

Penny, wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby. People rave about that place, but it's too far out of my comfort zone to go to the nearest one. Glad you're feeling up to doing stuff, but don't over-do it! Let your body recover! Hope your dad gets to go home soon.

Judy, I agree that eating before going to a food event is the way to do it. If I'm not hungry when I get there, it's much easier to "forget" to eat the bad stuff!

Carol, try not to worry about the scale! If you feel good and look good, the scale will catch up. I can't imagine doing Olive Garden and behaving. More power to you!

Have a good Friday everyone!

08-08-2008, 08:03 AM
Girls yesterday was a binge day if I ever saw one. It didn't start out that way but its over now. I am back on track with in the 24 hr. mark not so bad it could of been worse. But I am over it now had to get it out of my system the scale thing pushed me I think. Oh well! Maybe it was a good reality ck. At any rate oatmeal and a baby ww bagel for b. a salad made for lunch and seafood grilled or broiled depending on the weather for d. Isn't there some diet somewhere that says going up one day and then down kicks in your metabolism? Wendys diet I think. oh maybe I dreamed it up?? Oh well all is over now forward I go. Marie thanks for the kind thoughts and i do think so of that is so true. Guess my boxy shoulders and my muscle count a bit higher than I would like. You keep up the good work and the begining of school is always crazy brings back memories of when I did that type of work unpacking redoing the room having everything look nice and exciting for the school year.
Oh my meeting and training went well. In the notes for the staff meeting I had a compliment about the 'audit on my book. Also the head lady whom came in tapped in on medical and a friend had my back and asked another question that further the fact that I handled everything properly. My boss was out of line talking to me in the manner that she did. We have a meeting together next week and I will if she doesn't point out the fact that in our world its my responsiblity to ensure safety and well being and that medical appts are followed up on and that when I responded the person took it personally and not professionally. We all have a job to do and I was doing what I have been taught to do. Maybe a bit strongly but on the other hand they will think twice before crossing that path again with me I hope. We all have consequences and nothing is going to end up on my end of not being taken care of. So I felt much better about that matter. People need to remember their roles in the job and not let friendships or working for the same company get in the way.
Auntie g the lunch wasn't to bad it was my naughty rest of the day. Guess tension and the scale thing just threw me over the fence. But I got my pants caught on a nail of one of the boards and now have climbed back over!! It happens and at least I saved my butt.
Penny yes that site has some great recipes I ck them out stick some on my favorites.
I couldn't get myself to call in as I have a client whom has a PT appt. and I am going to work on getting her approved for a new wheel chair before her time is up for one. It will not be an easy task and they need me to advocate so maybe next week one day. My friend is visiting from Florida and we should take a little break for shopping and lunch out.
Well off to the city again!!!

auntie g
08-08-2008, 08:58 AM
But I got my pants caught on a nail of one of the boards and now have climbed back over!!

I've never heard that expression before, but I LIKE it!!! I'm going to keep that in mind...

08-08-2008, 01:30 PM
Morning everyone and TGIF!!!! I know I only had a 3 day work week, but it's amazing how my work magically does not get done when I take a long weekend. :)

Food was at 1300 cals yesterday and I did the 4 mile WATP which kicked my butt as my upper back started hurting. It never does in the morning but if I exercise (walking/aerobic wise) it does in the evening. So I made myself get up this morning and walk at the right time of the day. Way better. :) I think the tension of the day/work builds in my upper back and aerobics acerbates it. Whereas swimming helps. Food today is going on plan as I haven't altered anything from yesterday. Sound familiar auntie g?

Auntie, for a while when I'd lose my posts, I'd write them in WORD then copy and paste them back. Alas, I've gotten lazier and am back to writing here. But a reminder like yours will get me back into WORD. and you cook your doggie's food??? Tell more!!!!

Carol, I think it's good to stand up for yourself. Perhaps your boss had been in a bad place last week, but it still doesn't excuse bad behavior. Just alwys tread lightly.

Judy and Carol, hope all is great with you.

auntie g
08-08-2008, 09:55 PM
Marie, good idea about typing in word! And the dog food thing... well, I started cooking for her when that whole canned food poisoning thing happened. I just boil up a bunch of chicken breasts and throw them in the food processor with green beans and carrots, and then mix in some rice. That's the easy part. Then I measure out her meal amounts into ziplock baggies and freeze them. That takes forever, but she's my baby... She does eat normal dry dog food, too, but she used to get some canned on top of the dry, and when all that nasty stuff happened, I got scared. So now I cook for her more than I cook for us! And I always get nervous when the power goes out in a thunderstorm, but so far, so good!

08-09-2008, 12:21 PM
Ladies, just a quick hello. I've been good, but my lower back has been aching so I didn't work out yesterday or today. My brother is in town, so I've been running around with him for the past few days. Luckily he is a health nut, so I can only get into so much trouble. I might not be able to check in regularly--but I haven't fallen off the wagon!


08-09-2008, 03:01 PM
Hi everyone, I hope everyone has a great weekend. I LOVE not going to work.

Auntie g, it's cool that you make your pup's soft food. My dogs also have a little soft food one their dry (I make a gravy out of it). I'm not sure I could afford three dogs having real chicken breasts. Plus I'm too lazy. :) I remember researching the dog food sites daily to make sure the brand I buy wasn't on it.

Judy, enjoy the time with your brother. I hope your back starts to feel better.

The evil scale and I met this morning after about 8 months of a standoff. I guess it won. I've gained 20 pounds. Eeks. But it was actually less than I thought it would be and I'm on track again so I will be fine. For a while (till the 20 pounds are gone) I'm going to stay around 1400 calories. And lots of exercise.

This morning I did 4 miles WATP and then DH and I took the doggies out for a mile walk. I'll probably swim in the afternoon but the high is only to be 74 degrees so I'm not sure I'll be warm enough to want to. :) Yesterday I had walked in the morning and swam 1/2 mile in the evening. Food wise, right on track.

08-09-2008, 05:31 PM
Marie - It doesn't seem fair you've gained 20 lbs., especially with all the exercise you do. It sounds like you're back on track so those pesky pounds should melt off.

Judy - I hope your back soon feels better. It's nice you have your brother visiting - I really miss my brothers. Good for you staying on the wagon.

Carol - I hope you're unwinding from your stressful week with your friend from Florida. Looks like we all need to jump back on the wagon again.

Auntie G - You are a good mom to your puppy cooking all that food for her. We were worried for our cats too when they had the problems with the pet food.

I went to the doctors today as I have a sore tonsil. She thinks it's probably a virus but will culture it just in case. I think I may have picked up a bug in one of the many doctor's offices I've been in lately. The doc said there's a pretty bad "summer cold" going around. I did some gardening today but had to quit when I got a bit dizzy. The mind is willing but the body is still a bit weak.

My Dad is home from the hospital. I spoke with him and he sounds more like his old self. He's lost a lot of weight and said Mum is spoiling him cooking lots of "delicacies". I bet he'll play it for all it's worth! :lol: They also found he has a very enlarged prostate and have catheterized him. He said it's not uncomfortable at all and a big relief being able to go to the bathroom easier. Growing old ain't no fun!

auntie g
08-10-2008, 12:21 AM
Hi all! Today's weigh-in left me the same as last week. I guess that's ok, better than a gain. I suspect this will not be an easy week either, as I went slightly insane with the potato salad at today's event. It was a family reunion, so it was a bigger deal than the normal cookouts of late, and the potato salad was sooooo good. Now I'll have to pay the price. Tomorrow I'll be cooking for the week to make it easier, but I need to get a grip on these Saturday extravaganzas!

Judy, hope you're having fun with your brother!

Marie, glad you're back on track with only 20 up. It took me til 94 up to get back on the wagon. There are no words for how stupid that made me feel!

Penny, hope you're feeling better! Those dang tonsils are such germ collectors. And glad you're dad's doing better.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

08-10-2008, 03:46 PM
I agree Marie and don't feel alone I was up too. I guess the scale reminds us to not be too naughty. I am not a friend of its but when its nice to me. I found myself ready to tackle the gym today and had a really good workout. It felt really good to be back. Then on the way home I thought you crazy lady just think if you hadn't stopped when your friend did where you would be. Exactly and maybe really close to my goal I had planned but instead now I am sucking it up and pushing myself a bit harder to exercise. The party yesterday wasn't too bad. It could of been much worse. Todays intake isn't too bad and now I have worked out. Though I was super hungry afterwards. I have to be careful with that and need to bring a piece of fruit or a fiber one bar to curve off my hunger. Sounds like we all needed to have this pep talk.
Judy becareful that the back pain isn't a bladder infection or kidney infection?
Yah know Marie your totally right about treading lightly at work. Gotta watch yourself. Well now the sun is back out its been raining most of the day.
Take care eat wisely and move it girls!!
Auntie g sometimes a little no gain no loss isn't such a bad thing.
Penny hope your feeling better now?

08-10-2008, 09:42 PM
Hi everyone. I'm so sad to see the weekend end. I've had a great weekend - didn't go anywhere and relaxed quite a bit. Yesterday I made 10 quarts of spaghetti sauce (low cal as I don't add any fat except 1/4 c. olive oil for all 10 quarts). It's the best marinara I've made so far so dinner was fabulous last night. I finished yesterday at 1406 cals. Today I'm at 786 cals so far and dinner is in the next hour or so - so I'm doing good on track with that.

DH and I took the doggies to Hamaker Mountain to let the dogs run free. It was the first time that Kai was let loose in the forest. She just sort of stared at us, then when Kodiak took off running full speed, she did too. She had the best time and is so totally exhausted (part of my devious plan). The pups had a great time and the hike was excellent. If felt like fall at 7 in the morning. Then I cleaned the pool and deck. DH and I have been (and currently are) cutting out stained glass while watching the Olympics. We did take a break to swim in the clean, beautiful pool So I swam 3/8 mile as well. I'll probably play with the glass most of the evening.

Penny, I have the worst metabolism in the world. I know that but I let the scale get dusty. So that year long experiment didn't work. Because only about 2 or 3 times did I eat like a piggie through the entire year. I think my body would be happiest if I never ate. But since I LOVE food that won't happen. So I will keep logging and weighing. I think I'll weigh daily and just not let the fluctuations bug me.

Auntie g, I definitely know that stupidity. I'm pretty sure I'll live with that particular trait my entire life. I do believe if I weigh every day, I'll never be that stupid again, but I always find excuse to let the scale get dusty. My goal should be to weigh every day as that would keep the goal of losing/not gaining in check.

Carol, like you said about if you'd stayed at the gym, that's the way I feel about the scale. But at the time I stopped weighing, I was obsessing over it. i guess I had reason. So good for you getting back at the dusty gym. :)

Judy, I hope you're having fun with your brother.

08-11-2008, 09:48 AM
Another quick check-in from your normally word buddy! My bro and I are having a lovely visit. We are close friends with a tension-free relationship:). We've watched a lot of Olympics (go, Team USA!), seen three movies--I've overdosed on popcorn--and hung out with a good friend of mine. Today is Museum Day, lunch with another friend, and probably more Olympics. My brother is very health-conscious, so overall I'm working out and not straying too far from the program (except for the aforementioned popcorn). My back is better, thanks. I don't know what the problem was on Friday.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


auntie g
08-11-2008, 11:38 AM
Monday again... I'm hoping for a better week this week, but it is good old PMS time, so only time will tell. At least I don't have to think about what to eat until the weekend- that is a relief! It's going to be tuna for a couple days, then whole wheat pasta for the rest of the week.

We had thunderstorms on and off all day yesterday, with more to come any time now. It's really getting old. I'm not looking forward to heating oil season, but I've sure had it with these summer storms!

Carol, congrats on getting back to the gym! I wish I would get my butt in gear and at least go out for real walks (not just puppy walks).

Marie, mountain hiking with the puppers sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of exercise, sweeeeet! And maybe you could weigh in weekly, instead of daily or yearly (lol). It might not trigger the obsession.

Judy, glad you're having a good visit! I can only dream of tension-free relationship with my brother!

Have a great day everyone!

08-11-2008, 01:40 PM
Hi all, things are good even though it's Monday and I'm back at work. Auntie g, I thought about the weekly weighins but when I do that, then I play dumb games in my head (nothing salty, no fibery foods the day before, etc). So daily it will be. As mr. scale isn't moving yet, I think I'm ok as it didn't bother me. My way of not obsessing about it is to give it the middle finger salute. :) Always makes me laugh so that's good. Tuna for the week??? OK, you're more stuck on the same foods day in and out than I. for that I'm glad. :)

Judy, I'm glad you're having fun with your brother. I loved the 400 meter men's swimming relay last night. It was awesome. How that Jason pulled it out I'm not sure.

Work is ok, irritating as more people are returning to work. But I guess I should expect many calls as I did the Student Info System change and removed loads of access over the summer. Here I thought they'd take the change quietly...

I did 3 miles WATP this morning and am thinking of taking a break to go to the grocery store for some yogurt for a snack. That or 60 ca. SF pudding.

08-11-2008, 02:36 PM
Marie - And I thought I had the worst metabolism in the world! I guess most of us here have a similar problem. It seems we try to eat pretty healthy most of the time but it's so hard to make the scale budge downwards. I'm sure, like me, you know tons of people who eat twice as much but don't have a weight problem. I used to get mad about it being so unfair but now I've just accepted the fact and know it will be a life long battle to lose the weight (or at least not gain any more). Maybe one day they'll come up with a safe genetic engineering thing that will solve our problem. I hope your daily weigh in will help you to get back on track. I know it can get to be a bit obsessive, but I also think it helps in the long run. It sounds like you've got your hands full at work with the new computer program. Hopefully things will calm down a bit when people get the hang of it.

Auntie G - Send us some of your thunderstorms. I love storms but we rarely get them here in the Northwest, unless you live near the mountains or down south like Marie.

Judy - I'm glad to hear your back is better. It sounds like you're having a well-deserved break and having lots of fun. Which museum did you go to? You must have lots of good ones nearby in DC. It's good that your brother is a positive influence in the food department. It's easy to go overboard with eating when we have company.

Carol - I hope things are going well for you.

I'm still a bit under the weather from my tonsillitis/bug. I just got back from my check up with the plastic surgeon and he's very happy with the results. The scars have already faded a lot. I now have the boobs of a 20 year old! :lol: I guess this is the only good thing to come out of having the big "C". Too bad the rest of me doesn't match - I should have had him remove some of my butt while he was at it :lol:.

auntie g
08-11-2008, 07:12 PM
:rofl:Marie, I play games with my weekly weigh-in, too. Never thought of avoiding fiber, though, hmmmmm.... I guess I couldn't really do that since I eat cereal for breakfast and lunch nearly every day. Oh well. But what I do is try to eat the same dinner every Friday, if possible, and of course I always wear the same thing Saturday morning. Eh, could be worse.

And I'm only eating tuna for 3 days :shrug:, then pasta for 3 days. I just love not having to think about it!:cp::cp:

08-11-2008, 08:18 PM
Girls wow I am almost at the end of my day and my intakes have been good. I was over hungry once at the end of my work day. Bought a small little bag of pretzels and read the cals 110. Ate them it was better
than being over hungry when I walked in. Ate a little half cup of baked beans not the best choice and a yogurt with berries and granola I am done! Oh a little piece of meatloaf I am making ahead for tues. dinner.
Well companies coming I got to fly

08-12-2008, 07:32 AM
Just added my cal intake for yesterday 1450 so i am in the ball park!! Hurray!
But tonight we are going to dinner with our friends from out of town. They picked the hamburger place its really good. The smell of fries will kill me but I will be strong. I am not sure yet what I will have but it will be on the healthier side no fries. They have a variety of items might even have a healthy area but maybe not. I will becareful with my breakfast and lunch cals and snack times figuring the dinner will be more. I need to preplan then everything will be better. Not sure if I will get to the gym today but wed. for sure. The ab exercises must of been working as I can feel some soreness in my upper gut area. No that is a welcomed pain at least I feel there is a difference.
Has anyone heard of the cider vinegar diet? My friend whom is visiting said she is going to try it when she gets home. Something about vinegar before meals does kick in your metabolism. Her friend has lost weight on it and I guess especially in the tummy area? Just wondered I will do a search on it. Guess the best way is the natural way and eat what we are suppose to most of the time watch those portions etc..
Off to work again.

auntie g
08-12-2008, 08:16 AM
Carol, I had heard something about the cider vinegar diet, but never bothered to look it up before. So now I did, and this is what I found:

For thousands of years, vinegar has been used for weight loss. White vinegar (and perhaps other types) might help people feel full. A 2005 study of 12 people found that those who ate a piece of bread along with small amounts of white vinegar felt fuller and more satisfied than those who just ate the bread.

Doesn't sound too inspiring to me, and it was only a study of 12 people. Like you said, I think it's better to stick with the "natural" way- healthy foods most of the time, and portion control.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

08-12-2008, 12:37 PM
Flying through quickly..things are going well, but it's my last day off :(. I'll be back to the routines, for good or bad, tomorrow, including more screen time.


08-12-2008, 01:00 PM
Hi everyone. The vinegar discussion was interesting. I HATE vinegar. Icky. I think I'd rather be fat. :) so thanks Judy for looking it up. a study of 12 people is not comprehensive enough for me to even consider it.

Carol, take you burger off the bun, then eat it with a for, (dipped in ketchup of course). You won't have that many calories then.

auntie g, when you weigh on Saturdays, is it at WW or somewhere else? I used to play the lightweight clothes game when I originally lost the bulk of my weight 20 years ago. I was going to a weight loss clinic and it was in Minnesota. I was so relieved when winter was over and I could wear light clothes. :) The mind games are endless with me.

Penny, I'm glad there was some upside to the upside of the big C. And perky girls are the envy you know. :) If there were a weigh to give myself some metabolism, I would but then I wouldn't trade my life for most of the skinny, eat whatever they want people. I know I'm intelligent and I'd rather that then a sexy body. Earlier in my life I didn't get that, but I do now. So I'd rather have sexy brains and keep on the battle to be healthy. :)

Work is ok and only one annoying call so far this morning. 1.5 hours and only one call is reason to celebrate. The doggies and I had a great hike this morning and I'm at 177 cals so far for the day. But it's 9:00 and my stomach is starting to make noise. Maybe some vinegar would make it shut up. :) As it would make my puke, it could be my salvation. Sorry, I'm being silly. Last night DH and I swam. I did a SLOW 1/4 mile as I was just enjoying myself. Mr. Scale was nicer this morning so that's good.

auntie g
08-12-2008, 07:54 PM
Penny, somehow I missed your last post, but I sure would like to send you some of our storms! It gets awfully tiresome unplugging the computer every time. We had a hit a couple years ago that zapped some of the computer through the telephone line, and of course all the phones, so now I'm paranoid about it. And "boobs of a 20 year old" cracked me up! I don't think I had that even when I was 20!

Judy, back to work is a drag, but routines make the proper eating easier (usually!) Ease in slowly...

Marie, I weigh at home, in a medium weight nightgown, so when the weather turns I can still wear something comparable. I plotted that out from the start cause I didn't want to have to switch to winter weight and GAIN! I've come to appreciate the mind games as part of the "fun". DH is not as amused about the eating the same thing all the time, but hey, he doesn't have to do the cooking, so he can take one for the team!

08-12-2008, 09:47 PM
Auntie G - It's funny the games we play with our scales! If I weigh myself in my undies, I always "allow" half a pound for that. I also make sure not to drink too much water right before I weigh (and make sure I go to the bathroom) and usually hop on and off a couple of times and give it a kick just in case it's stuck and showing too high a weight! :lol:

Marie - I tried the vinegar thing for about a day and couldn't stomach it either. Nowadays I figure if I'm not likely to stick to something for the rest of my life, it isn't worth bothering about. I'm with you in rather having a sexy brain and healthy bod. I'm glad Mr. Scale was nice to you. Were you the one who mentioned the Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum) books a while back? If so, you're to blame for my addiction! I'm already on my third book in the series but I started kind of mixed up, reading books 12, 10 and now 4. I just got whatever they had in at the library. I just love her character - such a feisty Jersey gal. I also love pistol packin' Lula and it's so funny how they eat all that junk food - I can almost taste it!

Judy - I hope you're enjoying the rest of your time off.

Carol - I hope you had a fun time with your company and managed to find something yummy on the menu without too many calories. I usually leave 3/4 of the bun when I have a hamburger. It's the carbs that tend to make me gain anyway, not so much the meat. It's hard to turn down fries, so I usually just snag a few from my hubby's plate! :lol:

I'm feeling better today now that my sore throat is better. We went to the Social Security office today to get my DH signed up for Medicare as he'll turn 65 in October. It kind of came as a shock to us that we're already in that age group as we're just a couple of kids at heart. I still have 6 years to go before I go on it. Next year will be our 40th anniversary - it doesn't seem possible how the time has flown by!

08-12-2008, 10:20 PM
Well I decided on a grilled steak ck comb. and tortilla shells with veggies. Saved half for lunch at least the veggies and little bit of meat. Y'eah the vinegar thing is interesting who knows what works or doesn't the only real magic is portions, changes and exercise I think. Oh well was worth the search and a topic to ck into.
I enjoyed my company but last night my 11 to bed and I am feeling it tonight normally I am an early bird to bed and up early. Talk to you all soon and hang in there!

08-13-2008, 07:42 AM
Penny congrats on those B,s something going on right huh? Bear wants to play this a.m. and is demanding somr attention. I WOULD LIKE HIM TO GO BUT HE REFUSES. Just like akid.
I am ready to have a good day. Later on I will take a walk or swim if it ever warms up. Whats with the 70,s? Nice to sleep but come on now its summer.
I am meeting the grandkids for school shopping right after work. I got a lovely 30% off coupon for Kohls dept store. Now that is off sale and clearance wow we are going to have some fun. Gram is of course helping out with school closes my gram always helped me. Guess we learn to do the same if we can for our kids. Anyways I am looking forward to it. Then maybe treating them to ice cream if they leave the store at the same time as me. If not oh a rain ck on that and I am not having any. I am feeling a bit more in the control seat even if its hard to do. Half of what I would of eaten etc. at the restaurant. Now before I would of finished most of my food if not all. So I am working on it. We have a wedding on saturday can't say I will be good at that but good until then would be great and then jump into the gym on sunday again.
Well gotta fly have a great day!

auntie g
08-13-2008, 08:16 AM

Penny, hee hee hee, drink water before a weigh-in? Never!!! I like the idea of giving the scale a kick, too! Glad your throat's feeling better. I woke up this morning with a tinge of funny feeling in my throat, but hopefully it doesn't turn into anything. It is almost time for my "back to school" cold that happens every year, even though I haven't been in school for a pretty long time now!

Carol, yeah, what's up with this weather? I sure complained a lot about the heat, but now it's too cool to get any pool time in! I'd like to get back there before the end of the season. And yeeeeeehah! I got the 30% off Kohl's coupon too! The 30% always gets a little dance when it arrives. :carrot: I'm going to try to go today if I can.

Have a good day!

08-13-2008, 06:22 PM
hi all, I'm at a conference and I usually screw up my diet at them. So far I'm doing good - 775 cals and only dinner left. There's even chocolate less than 2 feet from me. We left town at 4:30 this morning so no exercise. And mr. scale was really sweet this morning. BTW, typing on my cell phone is painful. I already lost one post. :(auntie g, why weigh with any clothes? And never drink something before? NEVER!carol, I totally agree with what's with these 70 degree temps. It's August.Penny, I love Stephanie Plum. And Ranger and Morelli. Lulu's a kick. I think they're great friends. You're welcome for addiction!Marie

08-13-2008, 06:24 PM
Eeks, it looks like my cell phone ATE the paragraphs. Sorry. Marie

auntie g
08-13-2008, 07:43 PM
Marie, I have to weigh with some clothes because the scale's in the kitchen and my pupperoni wants to go out first thing in the morning. I don't want to scare the neighbors! LOL!

08-13-2008, 09:52 PM
Carol - Sounds like you had a fun time with your company. Good idea to take the leftovers home. I love leftovers - no cooking and tastes yummy, plus not so many calories as eating the whole thing at once.

Auntie G - What a cute puppy - thanks for sharing!

Marie - It's supposed to be 100 deg. here by Friday. We'll see. The weather forecasts have been way off lately. I'm glad Mr. Scale was in a good mood for you today. Ranger and Morelli are also two of my favorite characters (I wonder why????) :T :love: :o

Judy - I hope your day went well.

08-14-2008, 08:04 AM
I'm with you on the no clothes for the scale Marie but I live in the country and the house sits back off the road some 200 feet. When it snows its long but for nude times its great hah hah! Got what yah mean though if my neighbors were close no way. I have only one and its my best friend we have an acre of woods between us. The cars go by so fast no one would notice. Marie good luck with food at the conference oh that isn't so easy pick and choose and have a little less than you want but eat all the different things in moderation. Like I should talk of course going with the kids for school stuff met up with all four local gk and their moms what a crazy time that was but fun too. They really had a good time but when they were bored waiting for one another they would sneak a pinch or tease it was a bit crazy. But I saved 30.00 with my coupon then gave it to my daughter to use as well. I love it when its 30%off the store was quite picked over though. It is located in an area where the people who have money can just not worry about prices or coupons go in and grab what they want etc. But us folks from the country did okay just the same. I wouldn't want that lifestyle ! I of course grabbed a handful of hubbies chips he had out that were a snack before dinner. Otherwise I had a pretty good day did have a little piece of cake for a going away party then followed it up with fresh fruit. We had two celebrations one good bye and one hello for another new hire. But I only had a little no no and followed with fruit. Plus we all walked from the office down doing the stairs so it was a wash out almost I figure like my figuring??? Well gotta go!

auntie g
08-14-2008, 11:26 PM
Just a quickie... Had to go to the vet this evening and got all off my schedule.

So far, so good as far as food goes this week (thanks to the pre-cooking!) My neighbors got cheese fries a couple a days ago and now I can't stop thinking about them. I think that's what I'm going to have to have this Saturday. Groan...

Hope everyone's doing well!

08-15-2008, 03:20 PM
Hi everyone, life is so crazy after being gone just one day from work. Everyone in a panic and I just shake my head at them. It's not like not getting their graphs in a quick fashion will bring the world to an end. Sometimes people and their self importance drive me nuts. Being a reformed workaholic, I realize my job isn't life shattering. Anyway, enough of my little whine.

I did great at the conference. I was actually low on calories and again yesterday. I do swear that the days are shorter in the summer. I never have any time to get everything done and in the winter, I'm bored by 7 in the evening. I know swimming and my pool play a role in that I wouldn't guess that big of a role.

Mr. Scale is evil again. As it would have been impossible to regain the week's progress eating 1200 cals each day, I still gave the evil box the middle finger. I didn't at first, then by the time I was in my exercise clothes and ready to leave the bathroom, I did and then grinned. I swear that make me feel so much better. BTW, I rarely ever swear/curse so that's what makes it funny. :)

I walked the pups yesterday and today. Last night I swam a 1/2 mile. So exercise is great (and fun - who is this person that loves exercise???) Food is really on target (the scale was mean because I am sadly not in menopause - TOM is a creep).

Auntie, is your puppy ok since you had to go the vet? And cheese fries??? Icky!!! Tell yourself they're icky.

Penny, the heat wave is wonderful. I'm enjoying every drip of sweat (OK I rarely sweat as I'm always cold so the heat wave is comfy to me). Andy I don't wonder why they're my favorite - the smilies you added were great.

Carol, my Kohl's coupon was for 15%. Made it easy to throw away. Much better for my pocketbook.

Judy, hope all is ok on the return to work.

Well, I should work. I figured tonight would be busy as DS1 is visiting form Reno and so I should check in while at work. Bad me...

auntie g
08-16-2008, 10:28 AM
Hi all! I'm in a bit of a PMS funk, so I'm kind of miserable:cry:, but at least the scale went down another 1-1/2 lbs today, so that's something.

Marie, my girl's ok, she just needed to have her anal glands expressed :eek:. Not the most fun thing to do, but we have to go for that every now and then. It really does bring me a chuckle envisioning you giving the scale the finger! Do you find that once old TOM does his thing, the scale cooperates?

Carol, I'm heading back to Kohl's with that coupon again today. I didn't do enough damage the other day! I finally discovered the beauty of nicer underwear at Kohl's :yes:, after buying the cheap multi packs all my life, so I'm going to get me some more!

Have a great weekend everyone!

08-16-2008, 12:08 PM
Sorry to be AWOL! It was a very dispiriting return to the office. I'm very behind from being away so much the past six weeks. And it's hard being a good trooper about my boss, who is just incompetent :(. I've been working out, but taking in too many calories. So while I'm still firming up (especially the bottom half :carrot:), the mindless eating at night is keeping me above 210. I've signed up for a free service that sends me a text message every day, so at 9:15 every evening I get a text with a weight-loss tip. Maybe that will help!

Auntie G. congrats on continuing to lose :bravo:

Marie, thanks to you, I'm learning more about dogs than I really want to know:D. And congrats on holding the line while at the conference.

Carol, I love shopping with coupons...I probably am not coming out ahead, but it makes me feel virtuous about spending money.

Penny, I hope you're feeling like your old (young at heart) self again.

I'm going for a free facial at Origins, a much-needed pedicure, and BBQ at a friend's house. It will be a fun day.


08-17-2008, 12:28 AM
Hi everyone, this weekend has been so-so. DS1 and family arrived but DS1 got a flat tire, had a flat spare and no jack. DH had to drive 60 miles to get him. DS1 had walked 4.5 miles in 100+ heat and has since been grumpy and no fun. Not the best for a nice weekend. He's recovering from dehydration but is still a little grumpy (holds his bad moods for too long usually). But hey, I just saw him smile.

Hey Judy incompetent bosses are the worst (and it wasn't me who had the vet visit - that was auntie g but dog ownership make the weak at heart stronger - that's just the way it is). Bosses - been there. I HATE when I'm way smarter than my boss. Irritates the you know what at me.

Auntie g - no finger for the scale this morning. So from when I weighed last Saturday till today, I lost .8 pound. But as the evil TOM is visiting and it's way hot out (water retention - my sandals were getting uncomfy yesterday) I'm pleased.

So auntie, at the conference there were were doggie cartoons in the bathroom. Very funny, but the one that sticks with my is a doggie saying - "Man the superior race??? Who cleans up who's poop?" So now when I make my 2X round of the yard with the scooper, I think of that and decided they're definitely superior. :)

Carol and Penny, hope all is great with you both.

Food today is right one even though I was bored from the grumpiness around me so I baked a carrot cake. I left room in my cals for a small piece in a little bit. Exercise, we took the doggies hiking this morning before the house guests woke up since the doggies are noisy in the morning. It was so peaceful and beautiful out in the mountains. Kai and Kody ran like crazy and Blizzie explored at a slower pace. Than this evening DH and I swam laps, I did 3/8th mile and he 1/2. He's faster and I'm still trying not to gag on the snorkel. I like swimming normal better but my neck is slightly better.

Well, I should stop ignoring my company/family.

auntie g
08-17-2008, 09:04 AM
Today's my girl's 12th birthday, so I had to continue the dog theme...

Sorry, Judy, for the doggie TMI! Some yucky things are just a part of every day life, and I don't even think about it being yucky anymore. And I've worked for my share of idiots, too. Not fun. Makes you wonder how they always get to be in charge. Oh, and whenever you feel the mindless eating coming on, I'd be happy to talk about dog poo to kill your appetite - LOL!

Marie, I've seen that cartoon about who's superior- it's a good one! And yeah, I think that all the time as I'm picking up poopies. They've got us trained so well... Hope your DS is feeling better. I'd be grumpy after that experience too! Congrats on Mr Scale's better behavior!

Have a great day!

08-17-2008, 07:13 PM
It's my birthday on Monday, so we've been celebrating all weekend with too much good eating! Yesterday we went to see a matinee showing of Mama Mia - it was hilarious and the Greek scenery was gorgeous. It was amazing how they built the story line around various Abba songs. I challenge anyone to come out from seeing it in a bad mood! My DH really enjoyed it and he usually hates "chick flicks". I think I even saw him wiping away a tear during one of the emotional bits.

Afterwards we had lunch at Pasta Pastini and as you can gather from the name it wasn't low-cal. Especially since we shared a big piece of tiramisu - I'll count that as my birthday cake. Today we're eating healthier and went to a nice nursery nearby in the country to get a plant for me. We ended up getting a huge dark blue delphinium with white centers - just gorgeous.

Tomorrow we're going out for sushi for lunch, so that won't be too bad calorie-wise. I can start exercising the end of next week and I sure need it!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

08-18-2008, 08:41 AM
Hello everyone well its been a real busy weekend. Now back to work covering to do some training that was left up in the air. Not the new persons fault so I will step up to the plate. At any rate it will be an interesting day. Then off to the gym after work. I have to get there. This weekend too many cals on saturday the food at the wedding was so great couldn't help myself say no to those crab cakes that came around a few times and then all the other lovely appt. that all add up. I did skip the roll at the meat station at least that was something and drink red wine instead of blush. Something to think about. Then yesterday went blueberry picking with 3 of the gk's and their mom. It was fun I picked with some help a 5 gallon bucket 23.00 dollars worth but compared to the freshness and store price not so bad. Froze most of them for future use made a pie of course hubbies favorite kind. Now today is be a good girl day then tues. is our anniversary and yah know what we are going out for dinner I think it will be anything I decide on most likely seafood. Haven't figured out what to get him yet better get thinking huh? Maybe a hamock for the yard one that is on its own stand. Now thats a thought. Relaxing one at that. We have a big yard and plenty of room for it. That way if he is outside and wants to rest he can. So food was off this weekend I did pack a healthy lunch and have to go get breakfast starting work a bit later this a.m. as I am going to help with a meeting got to get some satisfaction out of helping. Well talk to you all soon. Marie the tire thing yuk.... Judy hang in there, Penny happy b day.... Auntie g coupon is good through the 19th I am returning to get those little Eric Carle books for my gs in HI. Future reader for his little library he is a good author.

auntie g
08-18-2008, 09:02 AM

Carol, all weekend I've been wishing for a hammock. That sounds like a perfect anniversary present!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

08-18-2008, 12:16 PM
:bday2you: PENNY!!!

I didn't realize we had so many Leos in the group. It's the same at work, there are quite a number of us. And Panny, today is my mom's b-day as well so I bet I never forget yours again. :) Enjoy the sushi (ick) and take it easy until your dr. says you can workout again.

Carol, good luck getting back on track. the hammock does sound nice.

Auntie g, isn't it amazing what we do for our doggies??? It's so small in return for the unconditional love that I'd poopie scoop even more just to have my babies and their pure love. And you are getting SO creative with your graphics. :)

Judy, hope all is good with you.

The weekend stank, there's no sugar coating it. DS1 was more pleasant by Sunday afternoon but his girlfriend was irritating and rude. She kept leaving because she was "bored". Of course, she made no effort to do anything. Go hiking with us - eeks no that's exercise. We have a gorgeous swimming pool - no she didn't bring her suit or one for our grandson. Who by the way was yelling "swimmy" as she packed up to go back to her mother's house. So my DGS didn't get to go swimming. Can you all tell I am very mad??? I'm guessing that trips to Reno will be limited because I'm starting to see that she likes my visiting because I spend money on her. The true colors were out this weekend. I also get the idea she'll use DGS as bait and I'm not going to play the game. My son just let her do it. so it was sad. I did ask my DH hubby if I was over-reacting and he said no way, that the whole weekend was irritating. OK - thanks for letting me vent.

But through it all, I stayed on track calorie wise and exercise wise. I swam 1/2 mile yesterday (as DGS yelled to join me which I would have loved - girlfriend left while I was in the pool - no pretend goodbye there...). This morning the doggies and I did the 1.5 mile walk. DS2 is almost moved out so tonight I have the house to myself with my puppies. I'm so looking forward to that!

08-18-2008, 05:32 PM
Penny, I hope you're having a lovely birthday! Your b-day delphinium sounds gorgeous! I don't know much about them, except for the one AA Milne poem I memorized when I was a wee tot. Maybe I will check out Mama Mia, based on your recommendation. It's normally something I'd run screaming from, but I will need a few hours of mindless cheer now and again over the next few weeks.

Marie, I'm sorry your weekend was such a horror. The young woman in questions sounds like a real charmer! At least your hubby agrees with your assessment, so you can support each other, particularly around finding less painful (or expensive) ways to be with the grandson.

Carol, you're the third person I know who went to a wedding this weekend. I love the idea of a hammock for your's always fun to give a gift that you can share :devil:.

Thanks for the offer, Auntie G, but I'd rather not think about palpating a dog's anal glands, no matter how good the cause! That's why my only "pets" are houseplants.

The BBQ was fun. The food wasn't great, so I didn't overindulge, although I did have some peach ice cream. Yesterday I did chores, and wrote for a while...continuing to organize myself into a big weight-loss push, despite the upcoming challenges of travel, moving and work issues. I gave away most of my coats, which were entirely too big. I have a lovely London Fog trench coat that I bouhg nearly ten years ago, when I was just a hair smaller than I am now. I could almost wear it then. So I've hung it up in my dining room (you can do this when you live alone) with a tag that says "199." My plan is to put it on a chair to block the kitchen door when I'm officially done eating for the day.

I've been eating on program, and will get back to checking in, including my intake, in the evenings. This evening I'm going to dinner with a friend. It's an Asian fusion place along the river that I've been to before, so I have in mind what I'm going to order

take care--judy

08-19-2008, 07:55 PM
Thanks for all your birthday greetings! I had a really nice "birthday weekend". My DH got me some of my favorite mucho expensive Dr. Hauschka lotions.

Today I went to the ear, nose & throat specialist about my sinuses and he said I have a severely deviated septum and need a surgery if I want to get rid of the sinus problems. I already had this kind of surgery about 20 years ago in California, so I guess it didn't work the first time. I'm going to think about it for a while as I've had enough medical traumas lately! It would be nice to be able to breathe properly and not wake up stuffy and headachy every morning.

Carol - I'm jealous of you picking all those blueberries - I just love them. They freeze well too. I hope you had a nice anniversary :congrat:.

Auntie G - Thanks for the great big birthday greeting!! I hope you're having a good week.

Marie - What a coincidence that your Mom's birthday is the same as mine! I don't know any other Leo's - none of my other friends or relatives have a birthday anywhere near mine. Too bad about your almost DIL's attitude, it's very unfair of her to use your DGS as a bribe. Sometimes people get wiser as they get older - let's hope so in her case. I'm sure you'll find a way to outsmart her in the meantime!

Judy - Blocking the kitchen door with a chair is a new one! Unfortunately, ours doesn't have a door as it's open to the family room so I can kind of drift in there any time, which is not good. I probably need to put an electric cattle fence or something around the fridge to keep me out :lol:.

auntie g
08-19-2008, 08:57 PM
Hi all! So far, so good this week. Went to a birthday cookout tonight, and didn't eat anything bad. Lucky for me, we had to leave before they even got to the cake! That's another handy part of hubby's odd sleep schedule!

Did you get a hammock!

Marie, sorry you had a stinky weekend. You know the old saying, "the more people I meet, the more I love my dog!"

Judy, I like that idea about blocking the kitchen with your inspirational coat! I couldn't get away with that here, but I like it nonetheless. Good luck!

Penny, another surgery on the agenda? Ugh! Of course breathing is rather important ;), but I think I'd wait a bit, too.

08-19-2008, 10:17 PM
Hi everyone, another work day done. I'm at home (ALONE) and it's so peaceful. My goal is to go through Quicken stuff, then be a bum. DH uncovered the pool, but it's only 72 degrees and I'm not wanting to swim. So I already covered it. I won't tell him as I very much appreciate him uncovering it for me.

DS2 did come over last night so I wasn't alone last night. But we had a nice visit and he packed up more of his room. I'm starting to see a guest room in my future but at the moment I don't want any guests. BTW, DS2 asked if almost DIL was at that "special time of the month" and I laughed and said yes. As I don't have major mood swings (if any, due to TOM) I have a hard time excusing the behavior, but perhaps I should. Time will tell.

I ended yesterday with 1350 cals. Last night I swam 1/2 mile and I really put effort into it. I'm getting way better with my snorkel (it makes me gag most of the time so that's been hard to get used to). And the snorkel seems to be helping my neck issue so I'll keep using it. This morning I did 3 miles WATP and 1 mile Jog ATP. I usually due 3 miles (when not doggie walking in the morning) but had a little extra time so I added the extra mile. I did have to drink my breakfast shake in the Jeep on the way to work, but it was worth it. I also had my 6 month dental cleaning today and that was good. Other than work is IRRITATING (see Judy you're not totally alone), the day was good. I'm trying to figure out what to have for dinner - easy or hard. As I can't decide I bet I'll waffle on it for an hour or so, then go with easy as I'd run out of time. :D

Penny, to be honest I have never met anyone that had a successful deviated septum fixed. Nary a one and I've met a few. So I think taking time to ponder is wise. And Carol, I believe, is a Leo as her birthday was recently too. I've always flocked to Leos. I don't believe in the stuff but it is sort of weird. All my best friends in life were born at the end of July or in August (except DH who was born in March). After a while I couldn't ignore the coincidence.:shrug:

Auntie g, I went to 2 weddings in one day last summer and successfully missed the wedding cake at both. It sure does make sticking to plan without having to explain yourself very simple. It also helps when the food is mediocre as Judy had.

Judy, your message reminded me of hearing that some dieters lock their fridge/freezer shut. I've heard of closed signs. Whatever works is a great idea. And 199, you are so close I bet you'll be wearing that coat this winter!

Carol, I'm jealous of the blueberries as well. My strawberries are no prolific this year as in July we had to thin them out (as spring flew by and it didn't happen when it should have). I'm jealous of any homegrown, fresh fruit. I could live on fruit alone if it wasn't so blasted expensive.

Well, I just fed my hummers (it's their dinner time). I knew that 3 of the 4 feeders were nearing empty so I set my timer so they wouldn't run out. Not only do my dogs have me trained, the hummingbirds do too. ;)

08-19-2008, 11:36 PM
Well, it's bedtime but I want to check in. Today has been okay. I did a short (30-minute) cardio workout this morning, and slogged through lots of paperwork today. I've been eating on program. I don't have a kitchen door, just a doorway, so I hope that blocking the entrance with my coat on this lovely chair will force me to acknowledge that I'm making an active choice (I'm not sleepwalking) when I start rambling around the kitchen after 9 PM.

Gee, Penny, I'd think you'd be loath to sign up for elective surgery right now!

Marie, I read that August is the biggest month for birthdays, so the law of averages is at work here, too.

Auntie, I think that leaving a party early is a good strategy. A friend and her hubby like to invite me over for dinner, but I have been suggesting a movie or a meal out instead, because otherwise I end up getting stuffed with not so healthy dinner and dessert, and lingering over bottles of wine. I will have to accept her offer soon, tho, or i will hurt her feelings.

Time for bed! I'm still feeling a bit deprived in the mornings, after restless nights.


08-20-2008, 08:15 AM
Happy Birthday Penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to dinner for our anniversary and the hammock I am getting this next week. We are getting some work done around the house before the s flys in NY. The 2 loads of grave at the cost of 400.00 and then having a roof put over our deck is our is some of our costs at this time. So the hammock will be next weeks funds. They actually aren't too bad around 64.00 for the one I saw that can fold up. Nice for camping too. Gotta ck them out more. But it will be a nice gift for the house as well.
Work has been crazy glad to have a schedulded day off friday and 2 more next week one to take the gs's to the state fair another to go to camp. Ooops not sure I put in for that friday off no biggy we can leave when I get home. Not in any big hurry its just state land camping roughing it.....
Marie I never made it back to Kolhs so I didn't do too bad. Auntie g your cheese fries sound interesting.
Judy good job firming up.
I think the scale and I aren't so happy either Marie I like the finger motion idea.
Of course eating out last night and lunch out today no wonder I am not liking the scale.
I will have just a salad for dinner tonight as the girls wanted to go to lunch.
I have been at the gym on monday and plan a walk or the gym today. This weekend will get some exercise with camping, swimming and hiking....Taking good snacks and some healthy choices.....

08-20-2008, 02:52 PM
Hi everyone, halfway through the work week. As I won't have any visitors this weekend, it should be great. DH has guard weekend, but even that doesn't put a damper on it.

Mr. Scale was kind this morning. Actually I haven't finger saluted it in a few days. :D Now that TOM is pretty much gone, it's being less tempermental.

I took the doggies out for their 1.5 mile walk this morning. Food is on track. I bought Hunt's Sugar-free pudding snack packs at 45 cals each and that's a good mid-morning snack. Just finished it and my stomach monster is calmed for a few minutes.

Carol, have fun camping this weekend.

Judy, good for you on the eating and exercising. Block the doorway and use all tools to succeed.

Penny and Auntie, hang tough with the eating/exercise program and have FUN today.

auntie g
08-20-2008, 11:20 PM
Good evening, ladies! Food's still on track, but now that the weather is getting nicer (cooler!), I feel like I won't be able to avoid exercise much longer - LOL! I'm not sure how much more progress I can make without kicking it up a notch anyway. So soon I must get on some serious walking before winter becomes my excuse!

Marie, egad! You reminded me that I forgot to fill my birdfeeder AGAIN! It's just a regular one (no hummingbirds), but I've been meaning to fill it for a few days now, and I keep getting distracted. My little bird friends are probably really mad at me by now! Glad to hear Mr Scale is cooperating!

Judy, yeah, socializing with friends is definitely tougher on the diet than staying home! I'd try to arrange that dinner with friends for when there aren't any other big eating occasions during the same week. I'm sticking with the theory that one meal a week can be a little splurge-y. We still have to live, right?!

Carol, I never got my cheese fries over the weekend. They'll have to wait. We went to Red Robin (don't know if that's a national chain or not) for the first time and I had the most delicious hamburger I've ever had in my life- so that was my big Saturday splurge. Mmmmmm, it was good! Hope you have fun camping! Oh how I miss camping... Haven't gone in 8 years, but some day...

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

08-21-2008, 01:03 PM
This morning I thought it was Friday and have been depressed ever since I realized it was only Thursday. :( sounds funny but true, I'm seriously bummed out.

I did 4 miles WATP this morning. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to exercise today. Yesterday after swimming (a brisk 1/2 mile) I was coming in the house, then slipped and fell. Not a bad fall but I smacked the top of my foot on the tracks for the sliding glass door and screen door. It's all black and blue and swollen. But my tennis shoes have a padded tongue and it helped so work out I did. It's pretty sore sitting at my desk but it's tied so loose I wouldn't think it would. Barefoot would probably feel best but might not be appropriate at work. I did contemplate bringing my slippers. :D

Mr. Scale was mean this morning but I expected that. Whenever I swim the night before, it's mean. DH asked yesterday if I was a sponge. I guess so but it's not coincidence as I've noticed it for years. I had 1300 cals yesterday and that's probably not enough to gain a pound.:o

Auntie g, just do it. Go walking. I admit I like that exercising helps me lose weight (or not gain it as fast) but I honestly hate how I feel without it. I get depressed and irritable. So do as Nike says and just do it!!!! The benefits are wonderful. Plus your doggie would like more exercise too.

Hope everyone else is doing good. I'm on track so far today but as it's only 9 in the morning, there's many hours left to be good. ;)

08-21-2008, 03:07 PM
Auntie G - I'll have to try a Red Robin hamburger next time I get the urge. There are worse things to splurge on! At least a hamburger has plenty of protein :D.

Carol - I hope you have a great time camping this weekend. Where abouts do you usually go camping?

Judy - I hope you'll soon catch up with a good night's sleep. I have the same problem of never getting a really good deep sleep. That's why I'm considering getting the nose surgery to open up my airway. I sometimes also can't sleep because of racing thoughts. I have a feeling certain foods contribute to that (or maybe too much coffee.)

Marie - Sorry to hear about your foot. You've had more than your fair share of accidents. I hope it heals quickly for you. The weekend will be here before you know it so don't be too bummed out. I don't think you could have gained on 1300 cals. Maybe your hubby is right - perhaps you "absorb" water doing all that swimming! More likely your body is rebelling about losing weight and it will give in once it knows you mean business! :lol:

I went for coffee yesterday with a group of friends, one of whom has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer and she has also suddenly lost vision in one eye, is losing vision in the other eye and after many tests nobody knows why. She's being very brave and it brought it home to me how much of a crap shoot life is and how people manage to find strength they didn't know they had when faced with such a dire situation.

My scale is also being mean and showed my weight being up 3 lbs. this morning! I kicked it, flipped it over a few times and weighed again and it still showed the same weight :mad:. Not surprising since I haven't exercised at all for over a month. I'm starting back at Curves on Friday, and not a moment too soon!

08-21-2008, 09:38 PM
Penny, I love "I kicked it, flipped it over a few times". That's really worse than giving it the middle finger salute.:D BTW, I cleaned mine (the dust from nearly a year of not weighing was gross) and I think I shouldn't have done it. That or I should have thrown it in pool so it could be a sponge just like me. :devil:

I'm very sorry about your friend. Take good care of her and it sure does point out how tunnel vision we all can be about our lives. Being Thursday shouldn't have bummed me out. Your friend's situation saddens me.

Food is right on still today. I didn't feel like swimming but am thinking about doing a video if I can find where I packed them. I don't have many non-WATP videos on DVD. I still can't get at my treadmill (guest bed blocking it) so I'm not sure what I'll do. Since I did exercise this morning, I might go with just that. We'll see what I can find.


auntie g
08-21-2008, 10:33 PM I am behaving so well, even drinking lots of water, but I feel so bloated today. I know it will pass, but I was really hoping for a good weigh-in this week, and I might have to wait. Oh well...

Marie, that's so strange about sponging up the pool water- kinda cool though, in some odd way. At least you know what to expect. I am definitely going to take the "just do it" advice, but I probably won't get started on that until after the pool closes on Labor Day. But don't worry that my pupperoni isn't getting enough exercise. We take her on about 6 walks a day, but just around the block. She is 12, so she doesn't have the stamina she used to have. Also, her main goals are to sniff every little thing and greet everybody she sees, so for me to get a "real" walk, I need to go alone!

Penny, so sorry to hear about your friend's health. It is amazing how things like that can bring out qualities we never know we have. And it reminds you what your priorities are, too. Makes you realize how dumb it is to get upset over stupid little things. And oh, you must have a great scale (even if it's mean!) if it held firm after being flipped and kicked! When that bugger gets back on track, I would definitely recommend that Red Robin burger. I can't stop thinking about it, and I don't even normally care about meat at all. Now I can't wait til we go back again, maybe next month. Good thing it's about a half hour away, and not just around the corner!

08-22-2008, 09:12 AM
Well girls I am packing for camping what a job. Yah know as much as I love it surely it is work and next friday we go again for 2 days only. The gs's are excited so am I in some ways. Then I am back to work on monday off on tues. to take the boys to the fair. Then in Sept. I am going to take the girls to camp on a friday nite til sunday. We will wait for a good weather weekend and camp closer to home. Today we are going to a New York State Park it is called Fair Haven if you want to google just for the fun of it. There is a cookie factory near by that all generations of our family have visted 5 min. from camp. They have the best choc. cookies they call them PMS cookies I will have to save some cals for one. The little bakery house has craved post of elfs and fairies and just a cool place to visit and lots of fond memories they serve coffee, tea or milk etc. it is across from the water just a lovely view. The bakery is filled with gallon sized mayo jars each filled with a certain type of cookie a little village of houses go around the room. It will be saturdays adventure at some pt.
My youngest daughter and her hubby are meeting us there I have today off with the boys. He has never camped oh we'll have some fun with him. They are using a tent not me!!
My mom's testing came back great no cancer I was pretty worried as at her age we would most likely not beable to treat it at all.
Penny so sorry for your friends news I will pray for her.
Marie the pool thing how funny you are. 1300 cals isn't bad but maybe your body doesn't think thats enough and then goes into a different mode. Isn't it crazy how our bodies work. I recently found that since my hot flashes have stopped I feel that my wt. has seemed to increased. It must be a metabolism thing and is really making me upset. This weekend I will increase my exercise I am sure then going to becareful. If it doesn't seem to make a difference in a week maybe my thyroid is off again. But its not nice in any manner..... I know I let stuff in my system that sometimes is a bad choice but never had this effect so quickly. It might just be a dang age thing......
But what ever I am going to kick it.....
Hope all is well with everyone else and Auntie G we have one of those rest. but I haven't eaten there yet sounds yummy and if you add it in thats not so bad.
Talk to you all soon have a great day!!!

08-22-2008, 09:42 AM
Happy Friday :carrot: Marie, today really is the big day :cool:

This has been a stressful week. I'm trying not to get into a negative spiral of annoyance at the office, but that will take a heckuva a lot of energy....I haven't been sleeping well, and Wednesday night was especially bad, so I took a mental health day yesterday. It helped, and I slept better last night. Besides giong into the office today, I'll be having lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a while, and stopping by one one the farmers markets. My organization is having a BBQ on Saturday, and promised to bring fruit trays.

Carol, that's good news about your mom! Have a great time camping! It's good to have so many outdoorsy things planned before the weather starts to turn.

Penny, it's hard to get back into working out after a layoff, but it sure feels good once you get into a routine. Your friend certainly has big challenges ahead. It reminds me not to take my poor body, flawed as it is, for granted.

Auntie, I agree that you have to have something decadent to look forward to! My problem is that the treats I like most are addictive (e.g., chocolate), so I have a hard time keeping splurges in their proper place. I hve been eating too much sugar these past few weeks--which makes me want to have more, more, more :devil:.

Marie, enjoy your quiet, guest-free weekend. And dig up those DVDs, 'cuz swim season will only last so long, alas.

Blocking the kitchen with the chair is mostly working. There's only been one evening where I pushed it aside for more pistachios and mini-chocolate bars. My scale could use a good dunking in Marie's pool, but I can feel my arms, quads and outer thigh muscles toning up nicely, and I bought another pair of size 18 pants :D.


auntie g
08-23-2008, 09:36 AM Down another 2 lbs! This weekend will be challenging though. Tonight I have a graduation/birthday party to attend, which actually shouldn't be too bad if I can stay away from the chips and dip:nono:. Tomorrow I'm going to a baby shower where I know there will be all kinds of awesome food:hungry:, so I think I'll hold my Saturday splurge til Sunday this week.

Today DH is working, then taking one of the nephews to the Phillies game, so I'm on my own and I'm thinking of trying to install a new bathroom faucet on the sly. I've never done it before, but I'm hoping I can manage:crossed:.

Carol, hope you're having fun camping!

Judy, mmmmm, chocolate is a weakness for me too, but good for you, taking fruit to the BBQ. I think I've had REAL chocolate only once since I re-started this journey on May 4th. It's too hard to resist if it's in the house, so it just has to stay OUT! I'll probably be fine until I'm forced to buy Halloween candy.

08-23-2008, 02:07 PM
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!! Yeah, a quiet day. DH is putting up an oak gate on my craft room and we moved all the guest furniture out and into DS2's old bedroom. Now if he'll only finish moving his stuff out, I could paint and decorate it. For now the furniture is stacked in the middle. But I got my craft room back. :carrot:

Judy, I found Richard Simmon's Sweatin' 2 video tape and it took tries to find a VCR that worked in my house, but I did that on Thursday evening. I had so much fun I did it this morning. I'm thinking of visiting Amazon to find a couple dancing exercise DVDs for when the :swim: season is over. :( And good for you taking the mental health day. I'm hoping a quiet weekend will work for me as we're down to h*ll week, my name for it next week. The teachers return to work and they drive me nuts the first few weeks, but worst the first week, the reason h*ll week was named. Anyway, I can't take a health day for at least another 2-3 weeks. :(

Carol, you wrote exactly what I was thinking about this morning. Maybe 1300 cals is too low for the amount I exercise. I'm going to bump it up to 1500 and see if that helps. I've only lost 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks. :mad: Have fun camping!!!!

Auntie g, I think it's wise to be flexible in your splurge day. Have fun at the baby shower. I love dark chocolate and have it daily. I have a canister of dark choc. M&Ms and I measure my 70-80 cal serving. I bring it to work and have it after lunch. I don't know why they're not tempting other than my designated serving but alas, it works and how I love those little buggars.

So food is on track but perhaps a little low. I'll try 1500 cals the next 2 weeks and see if the scale is nicer. I really should learn not to clean it (mucky dust from a bathroom) as it hasn't been nice since. :rolleyes: I swam 3/8 mile last night and had done the 1.5 mile walk with doggies. Today I'm going to hand vacuum the pool, float and listen to my new downloaded book (now that I have my new otterbox (waterproof) for my new ipod) then swim 1/2 mile. DH has guard weekend so he'll be leaving shortly but after our BBQ turkey is done. White turkey meat is lo-cal so I'm so looking forward to lunch/dinner since they'll be lots of left overs. The turkey was my impulsive purchase at the grocery store yesterday. And yes, I did walk pas the chips and grabbed a turkey instead. :D

08-24-2008, 01:24 PM
I'm feeling good this morning! I slept well for the first time in over a week. This morning I enjoyed a 60-minute workout on the cardio machines. The BBQ was fun but not terribly productive, oh well. My fruit trays were beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Auntie G, you are cruisin' on the scale! I hope you're enjoying your social weekend. I've finally figured out how to deal with trick-or-treaters: I buy candy I don't like, like licorice :D.

Marie, I love left-over turkey, that's the best thing about Thanksgiving :turkey: Richard Simmons makes me cringe, but I'm glad he works for you. I bought a new DVD, Prevention Mag's Butt, Belly and Thighs workout. It was breezy and fast moving, and I can do most of routines, so I'll mix in in a few times every week.

Let's declare this National Whoosh Week, and go all out between now and Labor Day! We can't let Auntie G be the only one who gets along with her scale....


auntie g
08-24-2008, 01:58 PM
National Whoosh Week! I like it! I'm not counting on it, but I like it!!!

Well, last night's party was fine. I had a few chips, but no dip, so I consider that a victory. Today's event shall definitely be a little tastier...

I chickened out of installing the new faucet when I found that I couldn't loosen up the old one. Oh well, some day...

Marie, mmmmmmm, turkey... I never ever make one except at Thanksgiving. Odd, I guess. I never make hard boiled eggs except for at Easter, either. Maybe I should shake things up once in a while! I think you're right about 1300 cals being too low with all the exercise you do. It's kinda cool to think you could eat more to lose more. Good luck! And congrats on the return of your craft room. I've got one too, and though I don't do the amount of crafts I used to do, it's still nice to have a room that's mine, all mine!

Judy, I like the idea of buying Halloween candy that I don't like. If only I would buy all gummy stuff and no chocolate, that would be great. But DH seems to think that I should get something he likes, so I end up getting chocolate that's not my favorite, but then I end up still eating some. Ugh! I guess I just have to decide that I mean it this time! And congrats on enjoying your workout. I'm not to the point where I think I would enjoy working out...

Good luck this week everybody!

08-24-2008, 08:56 PM
National Whoosh Week, I'm in. Mr Scale was VERY nice to me this morning. I ate 1500 cals yesterday and lost a pound. ;) I'm thinking it's just all the fluctuations in the bod. I'm on the right track but I do think that 1300 cals was probably too low. We will see with a 2 week test.

I just went shopping and never left my couch. :D Kohl's is now sending my year supply of Vera Wang tights (the best ever made) and a black denim skirt accidently ended up in the shopping cart. :devil: Yep, that's me, devil woman. Then I meandered down the online shopping mall to Victoria's Secrets. There I found my favorit sweatshirts. My most-est favorite-est sweatshirt of all time was lost in the accident I'd helped at 3 weeks ago (it was used for a pillow on the bleeding head - I lost my Jeffy Gordon blanket as well). So there at VS was my pink sweatshirt as well as a purple, light blue and yellow one. All 4 ended up in that cart. I'm so BAD!!!!

DH, the doggies and I went for a hike this morning. The doggies are now exhausted and are camped up on the floor (very quiet and pleasant). DH is at work and I have the stereo blasting. I did go swimming and was not having success. The sunscreen on my face kept making the nose plugs slip off. I finally got them to stay on and my hand came down on a bee. So I have a sting on my palm. When my hand came down on another bee a lap later I gave and said bad words. It wasn't fun. So I floated for about an hour, listening to an audiobook. It was fun, but I'd have preferred finishing my laps. :(

OK Judy, are you sitting down??? I found Richard's Sweatin' videos are now out on DVD!!!! I looked about 2 years ago and they were still only on VHS. So yesterday I bought the entire 20th anniversary collection. I knew that would make you happy. :D I also bought 2 different salsa workouts (Kathy Smith which I own in VHS but wanted in DVD and then a Prevention Mag 10 minute workout Latin style). As I'm not patient, they'll be here on Tuesday. :devil: Yes, Marie devil paid for the 1 day shipping (although on the clothes I did regular slow shipping). Pretty cool I'd rather the exercise videos.

And Judy, I'm glad you got a good night sleep and are having a good weekend.

Auntie G, I hope you're enjoying the baby shower and your splurge day. Good job on the lack of dip for the chips. And I love the WHOOSH smiley.

Penny and Carol, I hope your weekend was perfect.


08-25-2008, 07:57 AM
Girls I will ck the other page late just a quick hello. Marie congrats. No scale yet for me but I feel better. I think my body was adjusting to the new no hot flash mode maybe the end of that junk. Sent my metabolism into a spin or something like that. I will do the scale on but not til friday. I am going to the fair with the gs on tues. Dinner for a friends bd tonight. I will becareful in my ordering though. I have had a good b this a.m. and a nice salad packed with some protien. Trying to ensure I get that protein in. This weekend was lovely and I know everyone had a super time kayaking, fishing, swimming and playing some board games doesn't get much better good company and fun family times to look back on once there gone. Well gotta fly I will ck in later after my dinner out.

auntie g
08-25-2008, 09:34 AM
Hi all! Well, I kind of went over the edge yesterday. I was doing fine at the shower up until the cake. I shouldn't have eaten the whole piece- it was huge! Ugh... But then when I got home, I felt all sugared up, and thought I needed some fiber, so I made my 2 ozs of whole wheat pasta. That wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't already been stuffed. I should have just drank a bunch of water and called it a day, but nooooo.... Oh well, it's a new day, and time to move on.

Marie, glad to hear Mr Scale had a good day! And wow, that's a lot of shopping - how exciting! I'm holding off on clothes until I have a really good excuse. I can shop in the bins in my attic for a while, ya know, all the stuff I grew out of, that I'm working my way back into. :dizzy:
What a swim you had! I'd never even think about getting a bee sting in the pool. Hope you're recovered!

Carol, sounds like it was a great weekend! :cool: Have a nice dinner out!

For everyone who has abused their scale in any way, I came across this cartoon, and couldn't resist posting it...

08-25-2008, 02:49 PM
Judy - I'm glad to hear you caught up with your sleep a bit. Your fruit platter sounds delicious - I'm sure it was well received at the BBQ. I'm all for a Whoosh Week! Let's make it happen!! :carrot:

Auntie G - Love the cartoon! I've tried threatening my scale but it just doesn't care! :lol: Sounds like you had many temptations on the weekend, I hope your week got off to a good start.

Marie - I'm glad your scale is finally being nice. Your new sweats sound nice, what a good idea to get them in various colors. I'll have to check them out at Victoria's - I didn't know they sell sweats. It must have been traumatic losing your sweatshirt like that, but I'm sure the accident victim appreciated your kindness. Your black denim skirt sounds nice too - black goes with everything. I hope your bee sting isn't too bad - who would have thought you'd get stung in the pool!

Carol - I'm glad you had a nice time camping. I enjoyed your description of the bakery with the carved elves and fairies - I bet the grandkids loved it! Sounds like a really nice spot to take the family.

I'm doing ok foodwise but still up 3 lbs. (I thought it was water weight but no such luck!) I'm starting back at Curves today, so hopefully that will help me to get my metabolism (such as it is) rolling again. We got a lot of yard work done on the weekend and everything looks good. We had lots of rain last night and the grass is already greening up. I bought a plant for my new garden bed - Mexican Giant Hyssop. It smells nice and has tons of mauve flowers on long stems and looks kind of like a salvia. I like getting unusual plants and there are some good end of season sales right now.

Have a great week everyone!

08-25-2008, 03:21 PM
Hi everyone. H*ll week has begun. Now I know summer is leaving since the teachers that don't know how to read a complete email or have a brain have returned. It's going to be a LONG week!!!! I have to present at a new teacher inservice in about an hour. Oh Joy!!!! Chocolate is getting tempting. And they scheduled me over lunch! How dare they.:devil:

Carol, I'm glad your trip was good. sounds like you had fun.

Auntie, I've seen that cartoon and love it. Thanks for sharing it. Mr. Scale was not nice again today (I did swim yesterday and the sponge effect took place). Although it fluctuates up and down daily, the downward trend is there so no worries. No salutes today to Mr. Scale even.

Penny, go easy at curves and enjoy working the muscles. Just don't overdo. Metabolisms are fabled myths. That's my view on it. Eat = gain weight. don't eat = maintain. Losing is a fluke. :D

I did 3 miles WATP this morning and 10 minutes toning video. Arms, crunches and legs. Not a lot, but it's better than what I was doing. I've done them 3 times now. Food is on track but now I have to have an early lunch. Poo. I bet I'll be ravenous by the time I get home.

PS I thought of Auntie g when I read this article on hamburger calories. I linked the one with Red Robin in it. sorry auntie...

auntie g
08-25-2008, 10:21 PM
LOL- Marie, I saw that hamburger report, too. I think I got it through Hungry Girl. Do you get emails from there? The thing I liked about that burger, besides that it was DELICIOUS, was the fact that I could get the stats to log it properly. I was beside myself when we went to that steakhouse and I had to estimate my points. As long as I know what I'm eating, I feel much better about it. Even chocolate (hee hee), but I am able to stick with WW fudge bars, and HG fake fudge on that count.

Penny, weekdays are so much easier to stay OP, so it's all good now. I looked up your new plant since I've never heard of it, and it seems like a goodie! Looks beautiful, smells nice, attracts hummingbirds, and you can even eat the young leaves- what more could you ask for in a plant?! I hope Curves kicks your metabolism into gear for Whoosh Week!

08-25-2008, 11:02 PM
Well I did good until dinner out then I blew it oh no!!! And tues is the fair so it won't be a REAL good cal. day but then I will have the rest of the week. This weekend we are camping again but I will take healthy choices but the fair there is only tasty unhealthy foods for the most part!!!!!
Loved the comic I feel like her somedays!!!

08-26-2008, 03:39 PM
Whoosh week continues. Mr. Scale was very nice this morning but since I didn't swim last night, I'm not surprised.:D

auntie g, I get Hungry Girl emails. I like them a lot. I used to love them, but now there's a lot of self promotion (book, t-shirts, etc) that I don't like so it's moved form love to like. I agree about knowing what to log. It's amazing how they can stuff so many calories into innocent foods once you see the stats. Making my own food is so much easier.

Carol, sorry you're having trouble. Perhaps you're not ready to go full tilt. Just keep fighting everyday and when the wagon takes you in firm hold, you won't have as far to go.

Judy, I wanted to let you know about my newest stress reducer at work. A digital photo frame. I asked for one for my b-day and it took a while to go through 8 years of digital photos, but once I loaded the memory card, I have 8 years of happy, memorable photos flashing at me throughout the day. Even when the most annoying staff calls with an even more annoying request, I glance at the photo, remember the day the photo was taken and it makes me smile. I would have NEVER guessed the effect that would have. So I highly recommend one to you, dealing with the you-no-what that you do.

Penny, how did Curves go???

This morning I exercised - 3 miles WATP. I know that's not a earth shattering news, but the circumstances were interesting. I did not want to get up, so I turned off the alarm and re-set the 2nd one for an hour later. I got up with that one. Moved around so fast, I realized that I had an extra 20 minutes so I thought I'd do a quick, abbreviated WATP so my day would be right. Instead, I kept going (eating my fruit bowl while exercising) and did a whole workout. How cool is that??? I do admit it helped my mood tremendouly. Food is on track and I finished yesterday at 1495 - really right on my 1500 cal target.


08-26-2008, 10:14 PM
Just saying hello and good week is okay, just way hectic. I'm looking forward to seeing a Lbor Day loss! I will do a real check-in and personals in the AM.


auntie g
08-26-2008, 11:22 PM
My tomatoes finally started coming in in the past week, so yesterday and today I've been eating tomato sandwiches. Nice low cals/points, but I have to salt them to get the full experience. I know it's no big deal for the long run, but it's not helping Whoosh Week! :o

Carol, hope you didn't do too bad with the fair food, but it, too, shall pass! Summer should be easier, what with all the fresh stuff available, but there are too many food events! :devil:

Marie, it sounds like you're whooshing right along! :carrot: Keep up the good work! I never heard of Hungry Girl until I got the book, so the promos haven't really bothered me, but I definitely see your point. There's a lot of good info there, though!

Have a great Wednesday everybody!

08-27-2008, 04:46 PM
Okay, here's what's up with me lately. Mostly I've been putting out little fires at work, and dashing from one unfinished project or new task to the other. Monday evening, walking down the hallway towards the fitness room to work out, I totally tripped over nothing and fell, heavily, on my arms and knees. An inauspicious start to National Whoosh Week! Although I did a good weight-lifting workout Tuesday morning, I've been feeling scrapped up and creaky. Today my chest--my sternum or something--and my shoulders complain if I yawn, laugh, or raise my right arm. I didn't work out this morning, but I will try riding the bike this evening. Feeling distracted and physically uncomfortable, along with TOM, makes me want to eat carbs. I ate so much last night--fruit, nuts, a protein pop and more fruit--that my stomach hurt (my one body part that was fine before :dizzy:).

Oh, and I think I have another mouse problem, this time in the closet that serves as my home office, so I haven't been that keen on checking in in the evenings. But my new BlackBerry can handle this site bette than my old one could, so I don't have any excuse not to at least leave a quick check-in here.

So I'm trying to get focused--there's still several days befor Labor Day. I've eaten on program today, except for a scoop of raspberry sorbet at a co-worker's birthday lunch. This evening I'll sit in a tub of epsom salts of something. It's hard to nosh in the bathtub. One good thing: On Friday I'll sign the lease for my new apartment, so I can get started on the logistics of moving a month from now. A second good thing: tonday I'm wearing a lightweight 3/5 length sleeve sweater--sized Extra Large, which is a huge step for me (I was still buying 2X tops last year :carrot:).

Auntie G, thanks so much for that cartoon. Shooting my scale might be more satisfying than drowning it.

Carol, I hope that the fair was fun! It's funny, but now that I think about it, most of the food they sell to eat on the spot is terrible for you, but the food they showcase, and sell to take home, is usually pretty good.

Marie, I have several stress-reducing things to look at scattered throughout my office, such as images an empty Adirondack chair at the end of a pier, beautiful flowers and woods, etc. Near my keyboard I have a weird litltle rubbery six-armed goblin-looking purple monster finger puppet (gee, it's awfully hard to describe!), to which I've taped a fortune from a fortune cookie: "You are never bitter, deceptive or petty." Unfortunately all my things are overwhelmed by the folders and papers that are consuming my time.

Penny, I hope you're feeling good today.

Okay, back to the grind.

auntie g
08-27-2008, 11:23 PM
Hope you're healing up, Judy! And don't worry about the fruits and nuts- at least it wasn't donuts, or something nasty like that! Congrats on the XL top! It's so great to see the sizes go down. I'm having a problem this time with my top size not changing. All my pants are falling off, but I still can't get into smaller tops yet. Oh well, at least I'm not looking for bigger tops!

Good night, all, and have a great Thursday!

08-28-2008, 07:59 AM
The fair was a hit and my gs and I enjoyed the day together did what ever he wanted my only need was to see the womans building to see the recently made hand goods and quilts. Not to impressed this year. But he was funny couple hrs. into the fair he looks at me and says gram how about we go do the quilts and get that over with. How cute! He will be 12 in Oct. big year for him starting school etc. Time goes by so quickly seems like just yesterday he was starting school. My SIL has gone to the city for the week so we have a little break here at the house just nice little change. We are off to camp and on friday. I am preplanning my menu. Didn't do awful at the fair had a gyro for lunch with lamb but could of been much worse, a blooming onion which is delish but full of naughy cals so 4 of us shared that and other than a soda that was pretty much it. I bought a fried dough the gs gave me a piece about the size of a walnut that was it that was his and he was going to eat it. Good thing I figured. So cals haven't been to off the wall and I feel a whole lot better than a couple of weeks ago when I felt bloated to the gill and just out of control had to be my hormones? No more hot flashes either since then sleeping so much better since about 2 years ago. Hurray I think I made it through that time of my life. Work is good but super busy yesterday paying for my day off and helping out a new girl a bit.
Today I am stopping at the farmers market for some veg. and fruit for camp. Marie try munching on an apple on the way home you will get in some fiber and it will help with not being so hungry when you hit the door. I eat lunch around 11:30 so I get hungry too. It seems to make a difference or have a 2:00 snack according to the nutritionist which I take a client to that is good for us so we aren't so dang hungry at dinner, it is a buffer.
Judy I must of missed you rented another apt. must be your just not finding the right house or have put it on hold for right now?
Auntie g I will have to ck out that Hungry Girl never did before sounds interesting maybe a work I will find a min. today or friday. Got most of my work done now few reports to write.
Penny take care of yourself don't over do take it slow and then increase hate to see you hurting. After not being there for a bit it will be an adjustment but feel so good. THis weekend I will be kayaking and hiking so lots of exercise. Two camping weekends in a row. I never even lifted the kayaks off the popup this time we just kept everything in and just will pack food and clothes now that is nice. The weather last week was so beautiful not sure what this week will be but I am sure not as lovely as last. Bear is camping with us this time he will be pretty excited to say the least.
Well take care and I will try to ck in later or in the a.m.
Todays intake so far one english muffin ww with raisins, blueberry hm jam, one boiled egg on the side blk coffee. Lunch ww pita with ck br. and veggies and an apple. Dinner plans scallops broiled with side of veggies and a salad.

08-28-2008, 12:17 PM
Marie - I'm glad your whoosh week is going well - I seem to be in "reverse whoosh" mode :(. I'm hoping it's just water weight as I've been eating pretty much on plan. I hope the back-to-school mayhem calms down for you soon.

Judy - I hope you are doing ok after your fall. I didn't know you were moving. I hope everything goes smoothly. You must be excited about your new apartment. I'm sure you'll be glad to leave those mousies behind! I like stress reducing images too. I have a calendar of the world's most beautiful beaches above my desk.

Auntie G - You reminded me of how we used to have tomato sandwiches when I was a kid - with lovely thick white (non healthy) bread and lots of butter. I haven't had them for years. You're lucky to have your own tomatoes, especially with all the food scares lately.

Carol - That was cute what your GS said - how he wanted to get the quilts over with! :lol: Kids always say what's in their hearts. It sounds like you're in a social whirlwind lately! All those temptations. You're very active too - so that helps burn off the occasional treat.

I didn't go to Curves yesterday as I haven't been sleeping well with my sinus problem. I may go to Curves today as I really want to get going with my exercise again. I'm feeling bloated and the scale keeps creeping up and up. It's very disheartening when I was on the downward side for a while there. I'm still up about 8-10 lbs. over this time last year. Still, as my motto says - "quitting is not an option".

08-28-2008, 09:42 PM
Well I worked over on monday evening so today got out early to go get some food for camp. I think overall I made some good food choices. Started at the farmers market with veggies and fresh fruit. Then bought some turkey bacon, turkey for lunch, then some ww pita pockets and some corn. I did make potatoe salad to take what a pain in the butt no wonder I don't make it often the hubby likes it but it took a lot of work. Sometimes those whom don 't cook like the hubby have no idea how much effort things take thats it with that for awhile. I will share it with the group so it will not go unappreciated I am sure. I also precooked some ck breast to barbque there at camp on saturday. We are being naughty and taking wings and pizza for dinner to everyone thats gone up today. They will look forward to that. I do need to give Bear a bath in the a.m. before work in the morning. As he will be sleeping with us no doggie itching hah hah.... Well I just finished a nice dish of blackberries with some cool whip on them my evening treat. I will chat with you all upon my return. Hang in there Penny it will get better you just had some surgery don't be so hard on yourself.

08-28-2008, 11:54 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick note to say I'm still breathing through h*ll week. But it's nearly at an end so tomorrow I will read the posts I missed, then post more. But quickly, food is right on target and so is exercise.

08-29-2008, 07:47 AM
Rain rain go away I hate camping in the rain. Oh just thought I'd ck in quickly ate my b and was good with cals for now. Going to take a healthy lunch w/ ww pita, turkey and veggies, peach. Later on I can't promise to be great but I will be ordering one pizza with lots of veggies no greasy meat. I will have a few ck wings but I think I am going to stop to get grilled ones for me at least that is a bit better than fried I am trying. Oh yesterday the store had a real nice apple pie it made its way in the cart for camp then I ck'd the cals at 350 a piece and put it out of the cart so some good choices. I still need to get it tog. totally but its coming along better than in the past month. I just need to keep tweeking!! In the long run it will make a difference. I am not overally concerned with tonights dinner as I know kayaking and hiking are in store inbetween rain drops sunday is to be the best day we can stay there most of the day will just pack up early so that is done. Have a super day and a relaxing weekend sounds like us girls here need a little love thee self day!

auntie g
08-29-2008, 09:41 AM
:cool:Yay! I got to take today off! I just wish the weather would cooperate so I could go to the pool. It's almost over - waaaaah! Well, at least I can look forward to some more tomato sandwiches- I don't eat them at work since they're so messy. Today will be a cleaning and grocery shopping day- getting ready for the weekend.

I think my cookouts have been reduced by one :carrot:, so now down to just Sunday and Monday. Sunday should be ok, the traditional family cookout where I normally just take my own veggie burger along and try to stay away from the other stuff. I usually end up having a little something bad, but not too much. Monday we're cooking out here at home, with our neighbors, and I expect to have a "real" burger then, but we're having some sensible side dishes with NO POTATO SALAD!!! I will, however, also be having cake, but it's a WW recipe, so it's ok ;). I haven't made this cake all summer, and it is soooo fruity and summery, it just has to happen once!

Carol, what a busy week you're having! Good job on the ditching of the apple pie! Have fun camping, and maybe the rain won't get ya - it's all hit or miss.

Penny, yeah, I used to have my tomato sandwiches on the unhealthy white bread, too, but they're just as good on healthy bread! Never had one with butter, always mayo. They're still good with fat free mayo now. Mmmmm, I can't wait til lunch time! Hope you get some sleep and feel better soon!

Marie, TGIF! H*ll week comes to an end at last! Hope you're still whooshing right along!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!:cool:

08-29-2008, 06:59 PM
Wow, it feels like late October around here--cool, overcast and dampish, which makes me want comfort food! Help! Everything is ganging up on me lately. Okay, I'll admit that it's raining on a few million other people in the area, too :D. But it's not making all of them hungry!

Carol, I decided to hold off on buying a place. Condos still cost way too much here, and who knows what's going to happen with my job over the next few months. So I'm moving to a less expensive rental to save a little money and wait for the housing prices to come down for another year or two. Hope your camping trip isn't too muddy!

Penny, you're right, quitting isn't an option! You have had a lot of physical challenges, and I think you've done great to hang in there and not pile the pounds back on. Two steps forward, one step back is still a step further along.

Marie, Hades Week is over! Congratulations. :dancer:

Auntie G, it sounds like you're doing a great job of thinking about how to make good choices this holiday weekend.

I am feeling better. The achy-ness is almost gone. I have a huge painful scab still on my elbo, I'll stop at the store and find something to put on it. I did 60 minutes on the cardio machines this morning (the first time the fitness room since my ignominious fall), and that felt good. Alas, I'm not eating as if it were Whoosh Week, so I'm going to have to celebrate Super Whoosh Weekend :cool:. I let the Carb Monster out of the box on Wednesday and now he won't get back in.

No big plans for the weekend. Looking at bedroom furniture, going through stuff I don't want to take with me when I move...maybe treating myself to a movie.

Have fun, everybody--judy

auntie g
08-29-2008, 07:35 PM
Here he is... the carb monster...
Judy, he is very dangerous when he's on the loose. He often visits me around PMS time, the evil little beast. I hope you can beat him into submission!

Can you tell it's raining here, too, and I'm spending too much time on the computer? LOL! Have a good one!

08-29-2008, 09:16 PM
Carol - I hope the weather clears up for your camping trip and that you have a great time. Good for you saying "NO" to that apple pie. I often see a nice looking recipe in a magazine and then see the mind boggling calories and take a pass.

Auntie G - Wow your Carb Monster is a scary guy - he's a bit 'balanced' with the cheese on his head though! :lol: I hope you have fun at your cook outs over the weekend.

Judy - I think fall has arrived early here too! I've been having the carb cravings like crazy. Maybe I should just keep looking at Auntie G's carb monster - he'd put anybody off their grub! I hope you are healing up ok after your fall. I think that's a wise decision not to buy right now. It's also hard to say if the market has bottomed out. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Marie - Good to hear you are on target. I'm sure you're looking forward to your weekend off - TGIF!

We're taking it easy and just doing some yard work this weekend. We may go for a drive to the coast if the weather is nice. I think I have a tooth problem developing. I haven't had any tooth problems for years so I guess I'm due! I hope it's not going to be a $1K root canal job! I have a dentists appointment on Tuesday so I hope it holds out till then.

Have a great weekend everyone!

auntie g
08-30-2008, 09:55 AM

3 more lbs gone this week - bringing me to a nice round 40, so far! Yay!!! Now if only I can be sensible over this weekend...

Penny, I did notice the cheese on the head of the carb monster, but what carb isn't made tastier by adding some cheese?! LOL! Mmmmmm, cheese... I hope your tooth holds up over the weekend. I know what that's like for sure. Ugh! Try to have a good one!

Well, I'm off to try to convince my brother to go to the ER. He seems to have gotten some sort of internal injury from a fall a few days ago, but refuses to get checked out because he doesn't have insurance. He is very pig-headed, so wish me luck!

08-30-2008, 09:53 PM
Well I guess my subject title says it all. I like Judy's more appropriate name for the week. I was still working at about 8:30 last night. But I'm done. I'm not naive, I know that the start of the year has problems, but I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel so I'm quite happy. Nearly delirious. :spin:

I have been exactly on target food wise and if my mobile windows would ever finish synchonizing, I'd see how I did from last week. I know I'm making downward progress even though there are blips upwards (always the morning after swimming). No biggie on that anymore. I rarely even point at it with my middle finger. Ooooo the scale's and my relationship is maturing.

Exercise, I'm too obsessed with it. You all know about my morning exercise fix, but lately I've added another workout in the evening to rejuvenate after work. Even on :devil: day (Thursday) I found time to swim 1/2 mile after work. I know, really being honest here on this one, that I'm not going overboard because of trying to lose weight. I feel so much better, that I'm not feeling the bipolar knocking on my brain as much as it did a month ago. So I'll keep going. Now if only my heel would heal miraculous as I don't give it any rest except on the evening workout when I swim. I figure pain is better than bipolar drugs. Can you all tell I HATE those drugs????

Auntie G, you are the whoosh chickie!!!! Congrats on the big loss. I remember noticing your loss when you joined us 6 weeks ago and you are flying. The top side will give in eventually. For now, enjoy the skinnier pants.

Judy, I too missed the new apartment choice. Good for you making a reduction in rent payment since your job is tenuous with the new director. Very wise. I hope you're healing and not ripping the scab from your elbow. Me, I'm a scab picker and it's a bad habit.

Carol, I hope your camping trip is wonderful and the kayaking peaceful on the lake. Were the quilts you and your DGS looked at beautiful. I love homemade quilts. I have the material to make a new one for my bedroom but I'm not getting anywhere on it. Maybe I'll get started some day. :D

Penny, up 8-9 pounds in a year full of medical woes is absolutely a success. I'm up more than that I've not had any major medical problem. So be proud of yourself. You'll be losing in no time.

So the weight loss for this week is about 2.2 pounds. I've lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks. So I think that the increase of cals to 1500 cals was good advice from my best chickie friends here. Not only did I lose more, but I got to eat more... :carrot:


08-31-2008, 08:13 PM

I'm trying to have a productive weekend, although I really want to space out on the couch. I've been shredding old fiancial papers, tossing magazine articles I'd clipped several (ahem!) years ago, and otherwise getting rid of junk. I also went looking for bedroom furniture. I've never actually bought a "bedroom set" before. They are a lot more expensive than I thought!

Auntie G, no wonder you're whooshing...what an active imagination you have:yikes:. I hope things are okay with your bro.

Carol, I hope you're enjoying your camping trip.

Penny, the weather here has perked up, and it feels more like summer, although the leaves are already falling and an acorn hit me on the head yesterday.

Marie, you are doing great with food and exercise:carrot:. No, I'm not a de-scabber. I get a dark scar if you look at me too hard, so now that I'm supposedly a grown-up, I'm trying to let things heal without help.

I won't get on the scale until Tuesday. I think I can at least get back to 210, which has evaded me for weeks. Now that I've looked directly into the eyes of the Carb Monster (thanks, Auntie), I've shoved him out of sight. I think I will be a "vegetable-tarian" this week, with extra fruit, to keep the sweet tooth pacified. I bought an enormous honeydew melon the other days, and some lovely peaches from the farmers market.

Back to worrying about friends and colleagues in the path of the latest hurricane. Let's hope it won't be as bad as it looks! :goodluck:

09-01-2008, 12:08 PM
Happy Labor Day to all my friends!!!!

How wonderful to have an extra day off in the midst of work chaos. DH and I have been busy this weekend. Squirreling away goodies in the freezer for winter. On Saturday we went over the mountain and shopped at Costco and Cash&Carry. Yesterday we made 16 quarts of Marinara and canned (it was COLD outside and the perfect day for it). We'd bought 25 pound bag of Walla Walla Onions (the secret ingredient of my Marinara) and I chopped (via my new food processor also acquired on Saturday). Wholy-moley, that's a lot of onions. DH Seal-A-Mealed them in 2 onion pack. Now they're frozen for when the 16 quarts run out. Since I make my marinara very low cal (45 cals per 1/2 cup), I use it on EVERYTHING. Today I must seal-a meal the slab of beef in 4 oz. steaks for a low cal treat and the 30 pound of chicken breasts. Also I must slice and seal all the sweet peppers. Then I think we're set for a while. :) I love buying in bulk at Costco as I know all the food is top quality.

Judy, I don't know anyone down in Gustav's path so I will be thinking and keeping positive thoughts for your friends. Good luck with the 210 mark. You have done so great this past year. You must (and should be) so proud. to me, you have the toughest journey because you travel all the time. I'm rarely successful when traveling so you are an inspiration.

I didn't exercise this morning and may only exercise once today. The weather is supposed to be a tad warmer than yesterday's high of 62 degrees (and yes, I still swam in my 85 degree pool- I just froze getting out). I think swimming would be great again today. Food has been perfectly on target averaging 1500 cals per day since last week's increase. Mr Scale was kind again this morning as it was evil yesterday (in other words, I weighed in at Friday's weight.


auntie g
09-01-2008, 12:39 PM
Happy Labor Day! It sure has been nice having a longer weekend, and I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but plan to make the most of today. Yesterday's cookout gave me a little more trouble than I'd hoped because a friend who loves to cook made the dreaded potato salad and I couldn't resist. Mmmmm, it was good! Still on track with my Flex points for the week, even counting what I plan to eat today, so hopefully I can at least hold even at next weigh in...

Marie, you're doing great! Eat more, lose more- what a concept! And wow, all that food prep! That's awesome! I thought I made a lot of sauce at a time, but I got nothin' on you! Today will be my last swimming day until next summer since the pool's closing, but it will be a perfect day for it here! 90 degrees, low humidity, just perfect. Unfortunately we're heading into a little heatwave the rest of the week- it always happens after the pool closes - sigh... Happy swimming to you!

Judy, I think getting rid of old junk is a great part of moving. It really gives you a reason to get on it. I've never bought a bedroom set either. Alas, mismatched hand-me-downs are so much easier on the budget... Did you have any luck? My brother insists he's recovering and absolutely refuses to see a doctor. Too much trouble. Ugh! I hope he really is ok- this is giving my mom soooo much more stress, and she sure doesn't need that! I'm glad you got that carb monster under control! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the hurricane area, too.

Have a good day everybody!

09-01-2008, 08:35 PM
Well Judy's cleaning/tossing out bug hit me today. I cleaned my side of the closet, on top of the fridge (EEKS!!!), cabinets and general weeding out stuff. I even posted 3 items on ebay for selling. Other than I sort of wasted my day off, it looks SO much better and better arranged. I do have the munchies but have been very on track. The pool is warm so I think I'm going to uncover it and take a dive in.

Auntie g, sorry about the potato salad but if you're within the points, no harm and a nice treat for you. Why does the pool close on Labor day. The last day of summer (about Sept 20th) makes sense to me unless kids go back to school and that's where their money is. Our local public pool is open year round, even while it's snowing as it's geo-thermal heated and is always 84 degrees. As I hate getting out of a warm pool and into frigid air, I'll pass on that in the dead of winter. Besides that's skiing season and nothing interferes with that. :)

I guess I'm done ebaying and should mosey outside.

auntie g
09-01-2008, 11:08 PM
Just a quickie-

Marie, I never imagined any public pools would be heated and open year round! I'm so jealous! I always assumed that ours all close on Labor Day because the lifeguards are school kids. It probably is a money thing, though. PA winters are all about salting the roads. Oregon's sounding better and better to me!

Bedtime! Hope everyone's weekend was fun!

09-02-2008, 12:25 PM
Marie - Wow, you sure put up lots of food for the winter. You must have a huge freezer. We just have a silly side-by-side fridge, half of which is filled with frozen raspberries from our bumper crop this year. It must make cooking a lot easier when you have so much of the prep already done.

Judy - I'm eating more fruit too. I just discovered the tiny round watermelons - they are so sweet. One of those is just right for the two of us and lasts a few days. Melon is very filling a not too many calories. We're also eating more oranges and grapes. I've started making more spinach salads instead of cooking the spinach as they say raw foods are so good for you.

Auntie G - I hope your brother is doing ok - it must be very worrying for everyone. Guys seem to only go to the doctor's as a last resort. Potato salad season will soon be over - so enjoy it (in moderation)!

Carol - I hope you had a fun time camping.

We went to a birthday party yesterday and I was on fairly good behavior around the buffet table. Luckily, I can't stand sheet cake with that fake icing and couldn't believe people who wanted extra icing - that stuff is so gross! I concentrated on the veggie items and stuffed mushrooms. Like Marie and Auntie G, I got the 'cleaning bug' and did some housework, which was long overdue as I haven't done any thorough cleaning for several weeks. It's nice to have the bathrooms shiny and clean and no more crunchy things underfoot in the kitchen and family room! I may even do the kitchen and dining windows today. I'm going to have to really watch the carbs as they have been calling my name lately!

09-02-2008, 09:29 PM
Hi All, as I'm eating red grapes I thought my font should match...:D I think the grapes make a good after work snack - better than my M&Ms or Cheez-its. Strangely enough, I wanted the grapes not the other. Eeks, what's wrong with this picture.

Mr. Scale was nice this morning. Slowly it's moving in a downward trend and that's what matters, not the daily weigh in. The daily weigh ins have eradicated the games I used to play before weigh in day.

I walked this morning before work and I really didn't want to. To be honest, as I was in the bathroom, about to get ready for walking, I almost convinced myself to go back to bed. Shameful thoughts but conscience won out. DH uncovered the pool so I'm going swimming after my post. I must swim as much as possible as the days are getting shorter, the nights colder and the average daily temp is starting to go down.

Food is perfectly on target. It's amazing, I can diet perfectly or I can be bad with gusto - I don't have a happy medium. It's always been my problem and I don't know how to stop it. Perhaps if I ever hit goal weight, I
will continue to log all my food on my mobile phone. It's when I don't log, I gain.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine today. She is beautiful and slender (sort of model like) and about 8 years older than me. She was in my office and we were talking about my new fridge DH and I got for my office. It has a freezer for Skinny Cows. :D Upon mentioning Skinny Cows, she said she loved them, then we started talking about ice cream. She'd almost driven to the store last night to buy 1 gal of Rocky Road. I gasped, knowing she was single. She said it would have lasted 2 nights. I gasped again. She said she has no self control. I thought that was interesting and theorized to her that she has no self control (and she said that I have incredible self control) because she's always been skinny and I've always ben fat. I've always had to deny myself and only as she's getting older is she noticing that she can't eat 1/2 gal of ice cram at a time without a little gain. It did make me think - I do have great self control - I have M&Ms, ice cream, and can have brownies, cookies, cake, etc without tempting me when I'm being good. What do you all think??? (Other than it isn't fair she has a metabolism and we don't....)

Penny, we don't have big freezer - we actually so the biggie. We have a 7 cubic foot one that we got at home depot for 220. It's small but packed now (more energy efficient when they're packed). I can't squirrel away any more food for freezing as nothing will fit. :D And Penny, I LOVE decorator frosting. I think you're the nut case... ;)

Off to the pool... No sun on it and hopefully no bees.

auntie g
09-02-2008, 11:35 PM

Well, I finally lost my mind and ate out of control today. I hung in there through the weekend, but the big bowl of pasta salad that was left over from yesterday kept calling and calling, and I couldn't divide it up and put it in the freezer like I do with everything else, so it finally beat me. Then I remembered that there was REAL cheese in the fridge, too, so I ate a few slices of that before I wrestled it into the freezer. Oh, I feel awful now.

Ok, so this is the first time I've done this since I got on the wagon 4 months ago, and I finally know that as long as I don't continue to do it, it will be fine. Just a bump in the road, right? Back to business as usual tomorrow. Moving on...

Penny, yay for the end of potato salad season! I haven't heard any new updates on my brother, so I'm going with "no news is good news". He's so stubborn, he's only been to the doctor once in his adult life, and he's 41:o. I'm with you on the nasty icing :p, I always liked the kind labelled "not too sweet". And unfortunately it wasn't me with the cleaning bug this weekend, but hopefully I'll catch that any day now! It's time to get on the de-cluttering kick before the holiday season arrives... Beware of that carb monster!!!

Marie, you're on a roll! Eating fruit and continuing to exercise - bravo!:carrot: I agree about the self control issue. I'm the same way. Of course today is a bad example, but I'm chalking it up to temporary insanity. Normally, when I'm good, I'm good!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

09-03-2008, 09:59 AM
Hi! My name is Holly. I am an almost 32 year old mother of 3. Weight has been a struggle all of my life. I battled at least 2 eating disorders for over 10 years, and am still trying to overcome the binge eating. I have a HORRIBLE sweet/carb tooth. My heaviest weight as an adult was 181 when 9 months pregnant, and lowest was 131.5, basically not eating much (which is so unhealthy). Now I am back up again to 147. I don't like to step on the scales, but, find that I have to once a day so that I stay accountable for what I am eating and how I am exercising. I was 141 before coming to Florida at the end of July, and managed to put on 8.5 pounds through eating out and too many desserts :o. I am trying to do as much cardio as possible, but, have a bad hip, so have to monitor how that feels before deciding whether or not to exercise on a particular day.

I hope everyone is having a good morning so far!


09-03-2008, 12:51 PM
hi, Holly--nice to meet you! I'm a life-long chubbette who's weighed over 200 pounds since my early 20s, and ten years ago nearly 270 lbs. The past four years I've been really focusing on healthy eating and more exercise, but it's slow going...

The hammer might be coming down on my boss any second now. We're supposed to be going on a fundraising trip next week, but everything is typically half-thought-out or very late. I think the board of directors is trying to make a big decision today, but in the meantime everyone on staff is acting as if nothing is happening. Thank God I've already scheduled to leave early this afternoon to get my hair done.

Auntie G--no matter you're doing so well! You've stayed on track for months without losing it. What's your secret? Have you been writing from a jail cell :joker:

Penny, I've learned to love spinach salad, too--especially with bacon :devil:. Actually, I've read that it's easier to process iron and other minerals from cooked rather than raw spinach, so I guess it's good to mix it up.

Marie, I'll have to ponder your question. I jut think that people are weird, and everybody has different triggers, and we all use food for different reasons.

09-03-2008, 09:09 PM
Well hello everyone and welcome Holly.Camping started off pretty wet then cleared up and was beautiful. I enjoyed fishing catch and release of course nothing big but lots of catches. Then kayaking was loads of fun but a bit windy so I had to work harder. I have been managing to not be too bad with the food thing have made some good choices. But I did make some brownies yesterday for a picnic and some found their way inside my mouth. What was with that!! But overall for a holiday weekend and a night out with the girls last night I didn't do to bad. I went to the big store with lots of choices for lunch with some coworkers today. Didn't get a sub but a veggies piece of pizza and went back to make a salad to go with and used the spray dressing. Tonight I made homemade eggplant oh so yummy. I that for dinner and a half of banana for dessert I am done for the night just some ice water now. I worked in the garden a little today and will again on thurs. I am taking a half of day off my mom has an appt. I am attending with her. Then I plan on doing somethings around the house. Maybe take Bear to the lake in the evening for a walk good exercise and no longer have to pay to get in. Reason to go enjoy the beauty of the lake. No real plans this weekend coming up. I would like to get my gardens in shape they sure could use some love in
!!!! Marie your right exercise is good for you and better than meds it seems to work for you and your lucky there much better than pills. Auntie G hey we all fall of its not so bad its when yah don't get back into it that is the real problem how well we all know how that goes. Its all a learning experience. My kids took my computer and fixed it all up with lots of new things on here I can't wait to really play with it. I am lucky to have such great kids.....
Judy I read your #'s and just look how great your doing. Yah know its not easy for any of us but we are all in here together and the support system is great.. Judy boy how well I know when it gets crazy in the office its always best to be on the way out the door somewhere. Hope it all works out best for you and everyone else. Every company seems to be cutting back and nothing is easy with funding right now. I will keep you in my thoughts... Penny hey have you ever tried the spinach in eggs like an omelet with a little lite swiss cheese oh so good. My son in law just set me up with some great recipe sites I can't wait to ck them out. I was looking up corn chowder recipes and am thinking of making some only thing is none of them look very light in cals. I just got my first healthy mag. with new recipes from my mommie she is so sweet. There is a pumpkin pancake recipe I would like to try and low on fat and cals. Sounds like a weekend plan for breakfast.
Well take care and I hope I didn't leave anyone out here. Its nice to have some new people and sharing is always fun....

09-03-2008, 10:06 PM
The weekend is coming, the weekend is coming. I thought I should chant as auntie g had the binge Sally binge. Boy, I did laugh. Auntie, I'm very sorry that the pasta salad won that round. Someone on 3FC wrote something last spring that stuck with my (except who wrote it so I apologize for that) - Is is really wasting food to throw food away or is is really wasting money to eat the food when it ends up on the hips and the medical complications that can follow? Anyway, I'm no longer a member of the clean my plate club and I will throw food away. For some reason, that stuck with me and I don't have any trouble tossing stuff out anymore. Not that's why you had the pasta salad, I bet it just tasted delicious, but it does make be back away from the table.

Carol, I'm glad the weather improved for you and that you had fun. Kayaking is fun but I've only done it in the river where the current let's one rest and relax between bursts of chasing the rapids.

Holly, WELCOME!!!! I hope you stay and enjoy these fine ladies and my company. Binge eating isn't too uncommon here (note auntie's cartoon). I hate that food can bring me to my knees (no not literally as purging sounds horrendous). I just have a weakness for food and I wish I could cold turkey it (like alcoholics do liquor). If I never had to eat, I think I'd be able to persevere. But alas, food is necessary and an evil.

Judy, I think it's pretty nice the board has given so many chances. Aren't bad hires the pits. For a whole year now, we've had a great technology staff. But as you all know from the past few years, that's not been the case. I hope your job improves with any changes that may occur.

Penny, I hope that you're continuing to recover.

I have been on plan food wise. Exercise was WATP 3 miles this morning and I MAY do a little of a latin video I bought last week. There are 5 10 minute segments. But as I'm pretty content with my quiet evening, I just may be a bum. Hades Week re-visited is going OK. My student info system has crashed several times in the past two days and of course I'm to fix it ASAP. As I can't rewrite the vendors code, I just have to try to figure out (with the vendor's help) what specifically is causing the crash. Eeks. One would think that it was life or death that they can't access the data for 10 minutes....

auntie g
09-03-2008, 11:29 PM
Back to normal today - yay! I thought I better lighten up on dinner to help make up for yesterday, so I had 2 tomato sandwiches with light bread- it was practically nothing, but it was sooooo good. I'm going to be so sad when the tomatoes are done for the season.

Holly, hi, another lifer here, but we can all get to where we want to be eventually! Good luck on your journey!

Judy, I'm posting my first picture of myself just for you...


Actually, I may be a little nutty:dizzy:, but what really helps me (most of the time!) to stay on track is just logging my food. All of my failed attempts involved a spiral notebook with nothing "official" about them, so this time, since I'm not going to WW, I made my own log on the computer. I print one out each week and put it in a 3-ring binder, and it becomes extra important to keep it filled in properly. I know I'm weird. I hope your work situation straightens out!

Carol, glad you had a good camping trip! You could probably use a quiet weekend one of these days. So busy, busy, busy... Mmmmm, a spinach and swiss cheese omelet sounds like a good idea! I've never made that combo, but I think I'm going to! And corn chowder is one of my all time favorites! I won't even think about making it until the weather is wintery, but I'm pretty sure that it's not too bad if you substitute evaporated skim milk for the cream. Mmmmm...

Marie, good thought about wasting food vs wasting LIFE (basically sums it up, I think?) I did end up giving away the rest of the pasta salad to my skinny neighbors, cause I knew if it was still there today, I'd have eaten it. Now it's gone, gone, gone! :carrot: I hope you get your work computer problem fixed up! It IS terrible to wait 10 minutes for info nowadays - LOL!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

09-04-2008, 08:08 AM
Marie how right you are about food. Yah know I love cooking and baking and food. But the hubby is so so he always says is long as it fills my belly. I wish maybe I was a little more like that instead us ladies have to do portion control. It just seems unfair huh? I just had a bagel for breakfast but did us smart balance and limited on it. Thats it. A piece of fruit around 11. Then I will most likely take my mom out for lunch as she never gets out much anymore. I might take her to the big grocery store where we can get lunch and she can pick out some of her own items its hard always having someone go for you. Maybe I will convince her to take her walker today. Guess not I just called her she said no what do I need that for? 86 gotta love her!! Oh well so a half of day for me today. Gotta fly off now but I will be in touch what ever my son in law did for the computer seemed to make it much faster?
I think they are preparing me for their move next year with all these updates and picture sites etc. Thank G its only 5 hrs. away New Hampshire its a beautiful place but I would rather have them here.
I am aiming for the mini goal of 1400 cals today and some gardening exercise and maybe a walk around the lake with Bear.

09-04-2008, 05:45 PM
Welcome Holly! :welcome2: Sometimes it's just as daunting whether you have 20 or 200 lbs. to lose. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Judy - It's funny how they say some veggies are better for you cooked. I knew this was true about carrots but didn't know it was also true of spinach. I like both raw and cooked veggies, so hopefully I'm getting all those good nutrients. I hope everything is going ok at work with your boss' situation. At least you got to relax for a while getting your hair done.

Marie - I hope "hades week" hasn't been too bad - at least the weekend is in sight! Hopefully you'll get some warm weather so you can swim before the cooler weather hits.

Auntie G - I also have more success losing weight when I log my food, but I have been on-again-off-again with that lately. It sometimes seems like such a chore to write everything down but maybe I should start doing it again as the scale is creeping up again.

Carol - I'm glad the weather cleared up for your camping trip - it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I hope you had a nice lunch with your mom. Thanks for the tip about the spinach and cheese omelet - I'll give it a try for breakfast tomorrow.

The weather here is warming up again - after we had our heater on a couple of times in the past week or so. We may go for a trip to the coast and do some walking - it will be nice to breathe the sea air. The garden has perked up after all our rain.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

09-04-2008, 07:13 PM
Well, ladies, I'm stressed to the max but my hair looks great :encore:. It takes several hours and lots of money, so it should. As I suspected, my boss was let go today. It's been tense and awkward but she's handling it well. I think she's in a state of shock. I couldn't sleep last night, thinking about what may or may not happen, and what has to get done. But I am relieved that a decision has been made. More on all this as it comes clearer.

Carol, a good spinach omelet, with a bit of tomato, onion and feta, is the way to eat eggs. Hope your afternoon with Mom went well.

Auntie, thanks for the picture. You get such artistic drama and resolution with you use black-and-white film :lol3:

Marie, I can't quit the Clean Plate Club. But I started using smaller paltes at home, and that seems to help....

Penny, I've been very interested in the raw foods deal, but I have read a lot about the nutrients that are hard to get from raw everything. Moderation in all things, I guess!

Holly, hope you're doing well today.

Gotta go. A friend wants to take me out for a drink--something I rarely do these days, but I think I deserve it! Two wine spritzers, then I'm going home.


09-04-2008, 11:47 PM
It's almost weekend!!! YEAH. Today my co-worker and I built a new server and moved the student info system to it. It crashed again last night at 10:13 (an hour after I last checked it) and I restarted it this morning at 5:20. I do not want to babysit it so we decided to start over. It took all day but 10 minutes before quitting time we finished getting all the components done. I'm monitoring it in my craft room and so far so good. I'll leave the computer on over night so I can check in the morning. If it does crash, I'm quitting. :D OK, I can't afford that rash move.

Judy, I'm sorry and relieved the boss was let go. I know it will make more work for you again, but you've been way too stressed about the lack of a good job she was doing. Maybe you could try putting your work load on a smaller plate too. ;) That way you feel don with work sooner. I suppose that's wishful thinking at this point.

Penny, I'd love to go to the coast. It's a 4 hour drive from here. And you got RAIN??? I haven't seen that in a month (and that was for about 10 drops). That's why I call this area the desert rain forest. Because come mid-October, it'll be dreary a lot of the days. Anyway, enjoy the walk on the beach. The salt air is so relaxing.

Carol, aren't parents fun??? Need I ask more??? I guess I don't blame your mom for not wanting to use the walker. That's like admitting the age bug has bitten. :)

Auntie, great job on giving the pasta salad away. If it's too tempting and your weakness, that was a great thing to do. Tomato sandwich just sounds icky to me. I know you like them and a few others here mentioned the do too, but lettuce and bacon needs to be on it as well...:D

On sunday, I for got to move the solar panel lever on my pool plumbing system to divert the water to the panels. Hence, on the coldest days of the summer, my solar heater wasn't on. I looked at the temp after work and went BRRRRRR as it was 80 degrees. When DH called he told me I'd forgotten to put it back on. I was so happy about that as I thought the panels weren't keeping up with the cold nights. So my pool will warm back up. That's why I was happy. DH just didn't understand. So anyway, I did 2 of the 10 minute latin workouts on my new DVD. Maybe I'm too old to salsa, but thank the heavens no one was home to see me sway my hips. This morning I did take the doggies out for the 1.5 mile walk after fixing the server. I thought "screw it" I'll just be late for work since I had to work at 5 in the morning. That time of day is dedicated to the pups. BTW, they sure were pleased I made that choice.

Food is right on target so I'm hoping mr. scale will be nice tomorrow.

OK< I know this is long but I have to share this mornings weigh in. Kai Bear (Auntie g, Kai is my puppy if you didn't know) followed me in the bathroom. So I weigh myself, then I picked her up and re-weighed. She weighs 43 pounds. And I thought, wholey moley, she's getting HEAVY. Then I thought about how much I'd lost (at one point in my life I did weigh what the scale said with both me and Kai on it). That was really an eye opener. Now I'd really like to lose another "Kai" weight. It was motivating. So my advice, find something that weighs what you've lost, and weigh yourself holding it. Then re-weigh after and see the cool difference. I promise it will make you so proud.

auntie g
09-05-2008, 12:23 AM
Ah, the weekend is coming... And maybe the hurricane leftovers, too. I hope that sucker veers off the coast before it gets up here. We have a huge event in town this Saturday if the weather holds up, and thankfully it's not an eating event! :carrot:

Carol, you're mom sounds like a feisty one - good for her! Hope you hit your target for today.

Penny, try not to think of logging food as a chore if it also works for you! I try to think of it as a game, or maybe a puzzle. I love filling in a chart! Actually, in the past, stopping logging was a definite part of my falling off the wagon. I thought that I couldn't do it forever, but now I see that maybe I just have to! Have a great trip to the coast!

Judy, I've always had a special place in my heart for black and white film! ;) Sorry your work is so messy, but this, too, shall pass. Enjoy the new hair!

Marie, hope the computer's holding up! We haven't had much rain in a while either and the grass is all crispy and brown. Now I don't want it this weekend, but it looks like we're gonna get a bunch. And I am not opposed to a BLT, for sure, but there's nothing like a nice juicy, drippy, home grown tomato sandwich! Mmmmmm... I like that idea about weighing with something (or someone!) that weighs what you've lost. My pupperoni would never allow it, but she's over 60 lbs and I'm not there yet, anyway. Maybe I'll try a niece or nephew!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

09-06-2008, 02:04 AM
It's Friday but it seems my work week will go through the weekend. I am working from home (an hour past my bedtime already) and will work this weekend. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. The stupid server hasn't crashed since yesterday's rebuild. That' s good as another project needs to be finished at 7 on monday morning. So that's why I'm working. I am waiting for two maintenance utilities to finish so that I can start the last two. That way that part can go over night.

Auntie g. I hope your weekend doesn't get rained out. Hurricane remnants can dump a lot of rain (I used to live on the East Coast). Enjoy your tomatoes. I love them plain or in a my easy chicken salad.

I walked this morning with the dogs. Big mistake. Since 5:30 this morning, I've had the pleasure of skunk smell. Blizzard decided to stick her nose up Flower's rear. Her poor little white face was yellow and it was in her eyes, nose and ear. I got her cleaned (7 baths and a swim in the pool) but the smell up her nose won't go away for a while. Every time she exhales... Eeks, no more letting any of the dogs run free in the dark. Really miserable day but on track cal wise. I did have a nice time with my DS2. He came out for dinner, to wash his clothes and help me bathe Blizzard again (DH helped this morning).

Well, I'll chat more tomorrow hopefully.

09-06-2008, 10:19 AM
Thank you all very much for the welcome :)! Last week was the end of my TOM, and my first eating well week. I cut out most sugar other than from fruit and the only carbs I had were in the form of whole wheat or whole grain. I did 4 days of cardio, rested yesterday. I was afraid to step on the scales this morning, fearing I had gained from not exercising yesterday and eating a bit more, but....I was down to 143.5!! That's 6 pounds since Monday! Now comes the weekend challenge. My three kids are home and they LOVE to eat. So, my challenge is to stay on track and not eat along with them, lol!

Hi Judy!,

Weight loss can be very slow going. I have been trying to keep on top of my weight before it gets away from me, but, slipped up a little this time. I suffered with bulimia for 10 years from the age of 13 to 23, so it is a huge challenge for me to eat healthy and be sensible about things. I am trying though. Keep up the good work :)!


Hi! My husband LOVES kayaking. He bought a kayak at the beginning of the summer and has been MIA most of the weekends because he has been out fishing, lol!!


Hi! I read something online the other day that talked about secrets of naturally thin people, and one was that they didn't run for the fridge when they had hunger pains :?:! It said that they normally wait it out for a few hours before eating. That just doesn't sound healthy to me.


Hi! While I don't log my food, I log my workouts as well as the "treats" I have for the day, and what I have at my 8 or 8:30 pm snack. That used to be my brownie or cookie snack time :o! Now, I have switched to All Bran, sf jello, or yogurt.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!

09-06-2008, 03:52 PM
This is a very peculiar day! I'm flying to San Francisco this evening, but we've gotten tremendous heavy rain all day and I just don't believe that my will go out on time, if at all. I was planning to run some errands this afternoon, but instead I've been puttering around doing little bits of not much.

I finally weighed myself, which I've been avoiding doing for a few weeks...217:(. I changes my 3FC profile--that's 7 pounds more than I was admitting to. I 'm just feeling, and acting stuck, not so much with working out, but with saying no to implusive eating. I've been fiercely resisting keeping my journal, even though I know for experience how well that works. I think I'm just overwhelmed by other things to give the journey the focused attention it deserves. I read through some of the Success Stories I've saved, and I'll look at the success thread when I finish this message. Now that I've acknowledged this, I already feel a little better...

The lights have been flickering, so should finish packing and pretend that traveling in a few hours will go according to plan. Besides my water bottle, I'm packing snacks for the flight and for the hotel room. And I'm taking my laptop. Expect personals tomorrow!


auntie g
09-06-2008, 05:05 PM
Oh what a fabulous day- old Hannah's made her move and it's a total washout. I can't seem to get motivated to do anything, so I'm just going to call it a recovery day and relax on the couch. Sadly, today's weigh-in didn't do much for my mood, but at least I held steady and didn't gain. :dizzy:

Marie, good luck with your work. What a way to spend the weekend! And skunked too - ugh! We've never had that problem personally, but my brother's dog got it once, when he had her out to a park, and his truck was stinky for quite some time. I hope you have better luck!

Holly, 6 lbs in your first week?! :woohoo: Hope you have a successful weekend! Just get those kids eating healthy stuff (I'm sure that's easier said than done), or at least something that isn't too tempting for you! Have you tried the brownie mix with a can of pumpkin trick? That's my daily chocolate fix, and while it's not quite a "real" brownie, it's a decent substitute, and I've grown very attached to them.

Judy, have a safe trip! This weather is such a mess, I'm sure you're right that your flight may be affected. Hang in there with the eating. Feeling overwhelmed by life surely puts proper eating on the back burner sometimes, but we never really have perfect conditions, so we just have to do the best we can each day. Some days our best will be pretty bad, but we just gotta shake it off and try again! Good luck!!!

09-07-2008, 03:00 PM
I know I said that I was excited for weekend last week but what a yucky one. But for the remainder of today, it's looking up. I worked from 6:30 yesterday until about 8:30, although I did take a quick clean the house, swim 1/2 mile and meal breaks. It was awful. This morning I started at 5:30 and have an end in sight. Mostly now it's just running utilities and exporting data, then uploading all of it for the library info system conversion. Probably an hour total more work although it's a lot of monitoring the computers. But alas, that's not too bad. Yesterday was the worst. So here I am, pleased that I'm not analyzing/fixing data. YEAH!!!! I know I could work on it more, but it's pretty darn good considering when I saw the data for the first time on Friday I was appauled. I couldn't imagine sending it to anyone as it was a mess. I wish my work ethic would take a nose dive...

No exercise yet today but I'm going to go pedal my bike. DH and I bought a fluid trainer (latest tech for bike stands with resistance) and he mounted my bike on it (he also had to by a treadless tire so it would be quieter). I'd given my exercycle to my DS1 because it was a recumbant and hurt my back and knee. My real bike doesn't hurt either. So I'm going to pedal today and swim another 1/2 mile. food is on track although the munchies are dogging me like crazy today. Probably work frustration (you know the old thoughts - I'll do the work if I get a treat...) I probably should move my computers from the bar stool counters and into another room... According to the evil scale, I gained 1.2 pounds from Friday to Saturday morning. Of course I saluted it (twice) with the middle finger. I could even guess why, but lo and behold TOM showed up 4 days early (after last month being 11 days late and my thoughts/prayers of menopause). I had NO idea. So it explained the weight gain. Now it may go away... BTW my dreams of menopause were dashed once again...

Holly, great job on the loss. Keep up the good work. Let the kids eat and know that you're saying no for a good cause. Auntie is right, push fruits and the such at them. One trick if they're junk food-a-holics like my kids, is when they are munching on cookies, grab a 100 cal cookie pack. I've discovered the Keebler 100 right size Grasshoppers and man, oh man, they are a treat.

Auntie, sorry that Hanna washed out your plans. Lazy days are nice thought! and I always feel that staying the same is akin to losing - it's progress as Mr Scale would truly like to have me see I gain every day.

Judy, I'm sorry about the gain. Good luck on your trip. I don't know how a plane could take off in torrential rains.

Penny and Carol, where are you???

09-07-2008, 08:46 PM
Hi All,

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Marie - what a drag having to spend your weekend solving the computer nightmare! I hope it all works out. Poor Blizzie getting skunked too :(.

Auntie G - Glad the scale at least stayed put for you. I hope the weather has cleared up.

Judy - Sorry to hear your scale is being mean. I like reading Success Stories too when I get disillusioned about losing weight. I sometimes log on to Quick and Simple Slimdown Success Stories;1
I hope you have a nice time in SF without too much work stress.

Carol - I hope you had a nice day with your Mom. She must really appreciate you taking her to lunch and shopping, etc. My Mom, who is the same age as yours, doesn't get out too much anymore as she's getting very frail. Luckily my brothers and sister visit her and Dad every couple of days and get groceries, etc. for them.

Holly - Congrats on the loss.

We decided to go to the Oregon Garden instead of the beach as it's not too far. They happened to be having a vintage car show there, so that was interesting seeing all the beautiful old cars in amongst the flowers and trees!
I've been eating less for dinner in an attempt to get the scale moving in the right direction. Tonight I'm making Birchermuesli, a typical Swiss dish from my DH's homeland. It's basically cooked oatmeal, raisins, yogurt, chopped walnuts, honey and grated apple. It's very refreshing and filling. In Switzerland they eat it together with crusty bread and butter, but I'm omitting that part!

Have a great week everyone!

09-07-2008, 08:56 PM
Well I just finished my baked apple. I made up a little recipe and it had to be less cals than a piece of apple pie. My SIL just came in to say how great her baked apple was. Funny it was so easy. Just scooped out the core added a little marg. brown sugar apple pie spice and some walnuts but it in the mico. for 3 min. wow dessert is on with a dab of cool whip. I figured with all my exercise gardening the cals would balance out. The gk's came over for a couple of hrs. we picked pears oh what will I do with them all. I have 2 bushes and more in the tree. Right now they are quite hard but it won't take long for them to ripen up I don't think. This is the first year my tree has done so well. I figure on making some low cal but tasty pear sauce just like apple sauce. Then canning some pears in a light sauce and now I am not sure about the rest we still have unpicked ones at least another bushel. Can yah say Pears!!! Wish my apple trees would of done something but oh well take what yah get.
It has been a cloudy weekend but today was not so bad at least a day to get some yard work in. I have been home all day and it felt good. Got some outside work done mulched most of the yard did 13 bags of mulch still need about 6 more bags. This acre seems like 10 sometimes. For the most part not to bad on the eating no real bad stuff like chips. Maybe my portions have been a bit bigger than they should but mostly healthy foods. Should of used sub. sugar instead of reg in that baked apple. Tonight I grilled steak and had broc. and salad did have some italian bread though. That was my weakness today. But lunch was some pretzel crackers with lite swiss cheese and mustard a yogurt and pear.
I spoke to the kids in HI today oh how I miss them. They are doing well and the baby is growing like a weed.

09-07-2008, 08:59 PM
Well gotta go get to my reading just finishe a book Here on Earth its one Oprah has been talking about. Very good.
Marie sounds like you have been super girl.
Holly congrats on the wt. loss.
Auntie G Hanna has changed our weather to cloudy but thats all for now....
Judy hope your doing well when are you moving?
Penny gee yah got any good pear recipes? I surely will need to start to make some soaps soon. I was asked to do a mens small soap basket up any good ideas I would love to hear them.
Oh I went christmas shopping on saturday morning. I also have been asked for money towards a family game for the tv the wil not sure thats right. Oh well I was pleased then I will still get each child some clothes and be done with that group. I like knowing what they want its so much easier. I am hoping to get to the gym on monday. Talk to you all soon sorry for MIA.

auntie g
09-07-2008, 10:35 PM
Today's weather sure made up for yesterday's - it was sunny and warm enough for a tank top, but cool enough to leave the fans off - perfect! And with the start of football season, our Eagles kicked some major butt, so it was a good day. So far, so good with eating. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make spaghetti sauce from my tomatoes - never did that before, so I'm just going to look up some recipes online and see what happens!

Marie, glad you finally got a break from work. That's no way to spend the weekend! You're doing great, and I'm sure your 1.2 lbs is just water weight. It'll be gone in a flash! (But not a HOT flash! - LOL)

Penny, I checked out a few of those success stories - it's always good to see that it CAN be done! That muesli sounds delicious! Do you just cook the oatmeal and then mix it all up? Is there a recipe, or do you just wing it?

Carol, sounds like you're going to be busy with all those pears! And now you've got me thinking about Christmas shopping - oh nooooooo! I used to always start really early, but I noticed that the earlier I start, the more I end up buying, so now I pretty much wait until Black Friday. That's a HUGE event for me, my sister, and a couple friends. I'm not quite ready for Christmas, but I do look forward to Black Friday! That's great you can chip in on a Wii- it is great when you know what they want!

Have a great Monday everyone!

09-08-2008, 03:30 PM
Well, ladies, the skies cleared in plenty of time for a smooth take-off Saturday night. The flight was actually a pleasant one (Virgin America rocks!) and my hotel room is great. I did a lot of walking yesterday, and hung out with old friends. I've been working this morning. I'm about to head to the hotel gym (which is only so-so), then have lunch and meetings this afternoon.

Marie, I hope your Monday is an easy one, to make up for your busy weekend,

Carol, I'm moving at the end of the month. Pear sauce sounds lovely....I love harvest fruits and veggies.

Penny, thanks for the success stories link. I've been feeling fat and lumpy the past few weeks (after weeks of feeling inordinately 'skinny' :dizzy:), so I need to do some mental work to back on the fast track. I've been odd ever since I fell a few weeks ago...maybe I hit my head and didn't realize it:?:. It's been hard to get my mojo back.

Auntie G, you're like me! If I start Xmas shopping too early, I go overboard and over budget. But if I wait 'til the end of November, I feel frantic...there's gotta be a middle ground.

My eating isn't too bad, except for some yummy sweet potato fries with friends yesterday. I'm not drinking enough water, though, and I'm a bit low on the veggies.

Time to sweat!


09-08-2008, 11:59 PM
Hi all, today at work was much better than the past few weeks. The student info server crashed again so that is bad, but I sent all the errors to the company that wrote the software and they can figure it out. But overall, it was better. The stuff I worked on over the weekend is all process and that company was pleased with the data. They should have seen what I originally extracted on Friday...:D Eeks!!!

Food is on track today. I had an extra 1/2 slice of my 196 slice pizza and now I don't get my homemade ice cream. So I'll have a small serving of M&Ms and stay within my 1500 cal limits.

Exercise was funny. I got up this morning (Monday and all the crummies that go with that) and weighed in. TOM is still making nasty out of Mr. Scale so I gave it the middle finger salute and went back to bed. :D I did swim after work with DH and went 1/2 mile faster than usual. I love to swim!!!!

Carol, I'd try the baked apple without any sugar as sugar subs that are baked are icky in my opinion. I bet it was tasty and a t. of sugar is only about 16 cals so I bet it was still lo cal and great.

Auntie g, EAGLES?!?!?!? Eeks, our teams are competitors. I'm a Packer fan, big time. I'm watching the Monday night game at the moment. They're playing my hubby's team (and DS1's team) the Vikings. At the moment, the Pack are beating the Vikes 17 to 6. But there another quarter to go. I'm glad your Eagles did good and I agree about buying Christmas presents early actually costs more in the long run.

Judy, I'm glad that you had a nice flight. I've never flown Virgin America. Do they nickel and dime like all the other airlines do now?

Penny, DH is jealous of your weekend. He has a 1948 Diamond T truck and loves old vehicles. Next year if there's a show at the Oregon Garden, let me know as DH would love the vehicles and I'd love the gardens.

OK, time to watch the 4th quarter.

auntie g
09-09-2008, 08:22 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Yesterday I made my tomato sauce, and it was delicious! But it also was way too much work, and I think I'll stick to canned tomatoes next time. I don't even have any leftovers for a 2nd meal, so that's just not gonna work for me!

Judy, glad things cleared up for your flight. Sounds like it's a productive trip! And mmmmmm, sweet potato fries... I think I'll make some this week. A neighbor of mine was given a bunch of gigantic bags of frozen sp fries, and her family will not eat them, so I inherited some. Sweet deal!

Marie, :swim: oh how I miss the pool already. You're so lucky to have your own! I didn't watch any football last night, but I'd root for Green Bay when they're not playing the Eagles. I used to love the TV show "Step By Step", and Cody in his cheese head hat :lol:.

09-10-2008, 08:02 AM
Auntie G can't yeah just bet thats one of my favorite days to shop and save also. I am cuting back this year a bit. A little less shopping as the kids want a wil game for the tv so I am giving some family funds towards that. And some clothes to go along with it for each gchild. I got some great deals the other day and so I got started with 10 off a 25 dollar purchase and sales to go along with it all. I figure if it comes a little at a time it won't hurt as much.
Yes I will be busy with those pears bear has decided he likes them and ate into a few so I had to move them crazy doggie!
Judy have a good time its sounding like you have your mind in the right direction knowing what we need or don't need is a big step in the right direction. I felt fat last night think it was due to a sub for lunch. Today I have tuna in a baggie with a little mayo and celery, onion, carrot sticks and pepper wedges and will have it on a bed of greens. A new dressing my male coworker offered me with roasted red peppers and currry. I will measure my amt. as its not lite. An apple to add to it and there is lunch.
Our weather is changing this week tonight to be in the low 40's. Good night to read I finished a book and now I am reading The Memory Boxs Keeper. Oh its good. I need to have it finished by the 13th or renew it. Gotta push myself.
Penny boy it sure is time to make some soap. I need to work on some jewelry as well. Need to pick up a few supplies today.
Auntie g homemade sauce is so good and wish we got enough tomatoes to can but not this year too much rain made some rot quickly before they ripened. I did make chili last night with my own tomatoes except for one little can.
Work is crazy this week the State has been to one site monday and ck'd my books yesterday. I passed that one without any issues. Now they are at another house I found out at 3 yesterday and picked another one of my folks so I need to get ready again this a.m. and ensure everything is in the right place etc... Wow and its only wed. I am taking some workout clothes and plann to take off an hr. this afternoon and go work out. I THINK its a super idea soon my membership will run out and I am not sure my ins. is giving us money towards it this year.. Might have to build a gym at home.

09-10-2008, 12:33 PM
Carol - I don't have any pear recipes, but I love pears. We don't have a very big crop this year and the critters get most of them anyway. I'm going to be making some soaps soon for our fall bazaar. You asked about soaps for men, well I make some different kinds such as peppermint or eucalyptus with pumice (I buy fine ground pumice online). Guys seem to like the scent as it's not too "girly". I also sometimes make clear soap with coffee grounds as it is a good odor remover. Another popular one is when I put a 1" slice of loofah into a soap - they are good for use in the kitchen or as a "gardener's soap".

Auntie G - I just make the Birchermeusli with cooked oats (I use steel cut kind). The original recipe calls for uncooked oats that is soaked in water overnight but I prefer it cooked. I use about 2 cups cooked oats, handful of raisins, 6 oz. container of yogurt, 2 tbsp. honey, 1 lg. Gala apple grated on large holes of grater and a handfull of chopped nuts. It keeps in the fridge for a couple of days. As I mentioned, it's incredibly filling and very tasty. If you don't care for yogurt, you could try using a few tbsp. sour cream or whole milk.

Judy - I'm glad your trip to SF is going well. I'm glad you reminded me about the Success Stories as I need some inspiration too right now. I'm also feeling very frumpy lately, so let's hope we both get our mojo back soon!

Marie - I really enjoyed our trip to the Oregon Garden and even though I'm not a real "car buff" I enjoyed looking at all the beautifully restored cars and trucks - they don't make them like that any more! They had over 100 cars and trucks on display. It was kind of unusual seeing the cars posed next to lilly ponds and flower beds! Here is the Oregon Garden website Here is info on the Car Show They have an events calendar on it so you can check if they have another car show next year.

I had a very long and stressful meeting yesterday - our first one after the summer hiatus. I can't believe we're already organizing our Christmas bazaar. I wasn't feeling well and after filling my plate at the buffet lunch I couldn't eat a bite - very unusual for me. I'm still having sinus problems, so maybe that had something to do with it. I seem to have my appetite back a bit today. It would be handy to be able to turn my appetite on and off at will like that!

09-10-2008, 10:30 PM
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Work - a little better but not great. But truly I see an end in sight of the insanity.

Carol, good luck with the starting of Christmas shopping.

Penny, don't forget the unscented aloe soap you made my hubby. He has dry, sensitive skin and the soap has been wonderful. He really likes it and he doesn't stink so it must be working. :D

Auntie g, I too think that making marinara with real tomatoes is too much work. I always make my own, but with canned tomatoes. I do know that homegrown tomatoes make the marinara really awesome, but the work is too much for me.

Judy, hope the trip is good.

I'm on track food wise, staying in my 1500 cals. Today is less clear as my boss took our dept out for lunch. They chose a restaurant (Mexican) that had no one healthy item on the menu. And in a group of 7, making a big deal out of special ordering wasn't wise. I had a chicken quesadilla. I figured the tortilla was in the 250 cal range, didn't have much chicken, maybe 1-2 oz so that would be about 70 cals and then some cheese (it wasn't too cheesy). So I guestimated (with cal database help) about 550 cals and I had a tablespoon of sour cream. So adding that in with breakfast, I don't have a lot of dinner room. I decided a protein drink would be healthy so that will keep me in the 1500 range (at best guess). The awesome part of lunch was the chips and salsa. I did NOT eat even one. At one point I sat on my hands, but I didn't have any. YEAH!!!!!!:carrot: I did 3 miles WATP this am and then 10 minutes toning/crunches. I'm thinking of no exercise this evening as I'm enjoying being home. It's relaxing and I'm not really working (just monitoring the server then I'll do a file transfer later as I haven't had time to automate the process). So I'm being a bum, playing with Kai, Kody and Blizzard (aka skunk breath). I just love 'em so much. They take all stress and irritation away from my day. Although today was a good day at work, at least relatively speaking to the last few weeks.

One other things - do you all remember my trip to the great cyber mall a couple weeks ago? Well I had a little Christmas yesterday. The Black jeans skirt that jumped in my basket arrived and I LOVE it (wearing it now). It's not snug (I bought my current size). I liked it so much when I tried it on yesterday that I decided to order another in 2 sizes smaller. It will be my incentive to continue being angelic with food. I won't lose new clothes that I like. BTW, I didn't mention that purchase to DH. He wouldn't get it. :)

auntie g
09-10-2008, 11:14 PM
Today was a nice light day. :carrot: I made stuffed peppers for the first time in my life, and only because I planted peppers this year. It was actually the first time I ever even ate a pepper! Much easier than making tomato sauce, I must say!

Carol, now you've got me thinking about starting Christmas shopping, but I'm going to try to resist a little longer! Keep up the good eating, and good luck with work!

Penny, I am definitely going to try that muesli soon - thanks for the info! Hope your sinuses are improving!

Marie, unscheduled eating out is the worst! But it sounds like you did a fine job, and congrats on staying away from the chips! Hope it's a great night with the dogs, they really do erase a lot of life's miseries... And a woo hoo on the skirt- it's so nice when it works out and you don't have to send it back.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

09-12-2008, 12:02 AM
Friday is coming... I will not be working this weekend and I'm so looking forward to it. I'm tired an cranky and the evil scale was nearly drop kicked into the wall. TOM screwed up my weight and I'd have thought by today it would be nicer. If it's mean tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'm going to drop kick it into the pool. :) Wow that felt good. Nothing like a good rant. Oh, I did try to make my toes give it a middle toe salute with the finger salute but they wouldn't bend right. :D

Auntie, I've never had stuffed peppers. I like red peppers in my cajun pasta, but I'm not much into peppers. I'm proud of you for trying. It must be cool to be eating your homegrown stuff. I never live in a place where gardening is very successful.

Food is on target today at 1460. I didn't exercise this morning as my dogs were having vocal lessons by the neighbors dogs (they got out of their kennel and came to visit my dogs at our fence) from 12 to 2 this morning. I slept in. ;) I swam 1/2 mile this evening and put some good effort into it.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the podiatrist about my heel. The shots didn't work but I haven't wanted to deal with it. But it's affecting my exercise, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment.

Time to have my ice cream (the reward for angelic eating all day) and watch a show before bed.

09-12-2008, 05:00 PM
Help, I've fallen and I can't get up:eek: Okay, I guess I can get up, I just feel too depressed and would rather lay here and wallow for a while....I got back home early Thursday morning, after flying a red-eye, then fighting through roadblocks and traffic jams caused by the opening of the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon, which is just a mile from where I live. I got a few hours of sleep before coming to the office for half a day. I'm still tired today, so again, no exercise and a few too many calories. The thin veneer of cordiality around my boss's firing is about worn off. I'm in a tough position, trying to get her and the board to come to agreement. I expect fireworks any day now. All this is bad for my sleep and my stress levels. I hope it's like a painful procedure at the dentist's office--excruciating pain, seemingly for an eternity, a little discomfort, then it's over.

I worked out some while I was away. The hotel's fitness room was the only disappointment I had. The few cardio machines seemed to be purchased from a yard sale! I didn't walk around nearly as much as I usually do on a trip to San Francisco, and overall I ate poorly. Overall, I feel like a fat, listless slug. Must snap out of this...

auntie G, I love stuffed peppers, although I haven't made them in ages. It sounds like your garden is introducing you to some new recipes--cool!

Marie, good luck with the foot doctor. I hope you have a fun weekend, with no work.

Carol, I hope the rest of our visit with the state went okay. Is the book you're reading Memory Keeper's Daughter? If so, I read that last year, it was good.

Penny, I hope you're feeling better today. Sinus problems can really sap your energy.

Okay, back to work. Have a great weekend!


auntie g
09-12-2008, 09:41 PM
Yay! It's the weekend!:carrot:
Even though I'm PMSing, I'm hoping the scale behaves tomorrow, at least a little bit.:crossed: I had a great NSV last night- I was finally able to take off one of my rings that had been so tight that it would not even turn! That really got me excited, so I bought new sneakers today in hopes of starting a new walking routine. I, too, have been having some serious heel pain for a while now. I think I did some damage that day I ran barefoot after that creepy lurking guy. The pain's worse in bare feet than in cushioned shoes, so hopefully I'll get down on it!

Marie, glad you have the weekend off. Don't let Mr Scale get you down, he'll come around... It was probably from sponging up the pool water anyway! How'd you make out at the podiatrist?

Judy, sounds like you need a nice restful weekend! Job stress and travel sure can have an effect, so take a break if you can- at least for the weekend. Give yourself time to recover, and you'll get back on track. :yes: This mess, too, shall pass...

09-12-2008, 11:52 PM
TGIF. OK, I admit that I have some work to do this weekend but it's very little. Right before I was to leave, the superintendent drops a project on me that needs to be done by Monday (sound familiar???). So I just stayed and did it. The other stuff is just running a couple utilities. Basically I'm free and since I've been a tad on the crabby side, I shall enjoy the relaxation.

The podiatrist - he agreed that my orthotic itself might be causing the problm. He tried to do a new mold, but as the cast was so different than my orthotic he wants to do another tomorrow - after I've taken a Valium to relax. I sort of failed the relaxing part. :D DH will have to drive me into town as I don't take any drugs (except asthma stuff) so I bet it will hit me. My plan afterwards is to take a nap in the middle of a Saturday afternoon with my beautiful doggies. (yes, even skunk breath - I'm sort of getting used to her poor little nose).

auntie I hope your TOM scale is WAY nicer than mine. Mine was a tad kinder this morning but not back to pre-Tom weight. How irritating is that??? I hope the new shoes help the walking idea. I can rarely walk without shoes as the plantar fascia is too much with the heel spurs. So I wear my orthotics and the left foot is great. The right one a mess. It's actually swollen. Scary - I've had the orthotics for 4 years. But a new right one will be on the way.

I got in my pool this evening. After staying late at work I dind't feel like laps. so I dug out my Aqua Jogger stuff and did that for about 16 or so minutes. I got out my old ipod, put it in it's waterproof case and aqua jogged to music. It's the first time I actually submerged an ipod (I have waterproof cases but didn't quite trust them). It was really quite fun and relaxing. My arms were tired from the dumbbells (foam ones that get quite a bit of resistance in the water). I took the doggies for a morning walk so I'm done with exercising for the day. Tomorrow morning I'm going to use my bike for a bit since I don't want to use my right foot as much as possible. I need the swelling to go down.

Judy, eeks your job sounds delightful. So the boss isn't gone??? Just notified of her pending exodus??? That's awkward in every way. The board needs to cut bait and pay the price of a bad hire. They sure do seem to abuse you quite often. I hope that you get back on board. You've been a great inspiration the last few months. Perhaps you could scroll back about 3 months and read how excited you were about your progress. My guess is your emotionally drained from work, and like all of us, you find comfort in food. Good luck.

Penny and Carol, I hope you're doing great.

auntie g
09-13-2008, 10:20 AM
:carrot:Woo hoo! 2 more lbs down today! I really want to start walking, but today it's so icky and humid again, like the middle of summer has returned. Ugh, I'm always full of excuses for the exercise! Well, the day is young, and I'll keep the hope alive...

Marie, I guess that Valium will force you to relax, huh? Good luck!

Off to start the laundry - ah, the excitement! :dizzy:

09-13-2008, 10:48 AM
It's Saturday morning and I have no work until Monday morning (I already did the little I needed to do). First thing is I looked at Mr Scale and asked how it was going to p*ss me off today. Great attitude first thing, huh? Well, just to be ornery, Mr Scale was nice today. Basically I seem to be using Friday or Saturday as my weekly weigh in so I lost .5 pounds during TOM. I guess that's better than a stick in the eye with a dull stick. (I'm hearing my mom's sayings today) I actually thought about it and if I lost .5 pounds per week, that's 26 pounds in a year. So then I'd be close to where I want to be.

Auntie g :carrot::carrot::carrot: on the 2 pounds. You are doing something so right!!!! Find some exercise to do, even for 10 minutes. It gives the best boost mentally. And I'm not looking forward to the valium. I don't like anything that alters my energy and awareness. Probably from many years on bipolar drugs. Natural is my way. But I will take it and then invite my wonderful doggies for a nap. :D

09-13-2008, 09:08 PM
Auntie G, you rock :bravo: But I'm happy with the warm weather, and I bet it's a little hotter where I am. It felt great to bask in the sun. I will will try to remember exactly how today felt in a few months, when I'm shivering one evening at the bus stop :goodvibes

Marie, I hope you had a nice nap on the way home from the doc's office. And you're right, losing 26 lbs is a lot better than a sharp stick in the eye, as my mom would say. My boss will be gone in less than two weeks. She has stuff to close out or hand over, and she still wants to leave in a responsible manner. She has the option of speeding things up and getting out earlier, and I hope that for all our sakes she does that.

Today is the first day I felt "normal" in a few weeks. I finally got a good night's sleep, and did a 60 minute workout this morning. I went to the grocery store, and will check out the farmers market in the morning. I also got a free facial at the mall, and they threw in a makeover, too! Very self-indulgent and relaxing (and cheap, since I managed not to buy anything). I looked very glamorous, I'm sure, browsing in the produce section.

I signed up for another online Stickk commitment, this time to do something centering at least once a day for the next six weeks. I've asked my friend Susie (who I met on another 3FC thread a couple of years ago) to be my referee. If anyone here wants to be a supporter--which means checking now and again and giving me a pep talk--PM me your email address, and you can sign up. The stress thing is key to staying on the path, and I have a tough couple of months ahead. Today felt like a day off altogether. Tomorrow I'll have to do more things on my moving list, and I brought work home, as well.

Penny, Carol and all you lurkers, hope you're enjoying this weekend. Take a moment and think about those folks dealing with Ike down there in Texas.


09-14-2008, 11:40 AM
Oh how crazy life has been lately. And yes I sure have been lurking. I will be better starting today I promise myself and everyone else. I guess sometimes things get in our way of doing what is best for ourselves and we put exercise and eating properly on the side lines. I have just made up a little journal which will start today. It has all my info. needed to make my jouney a sucess. I know taking the time to jot down my intakes is important and I have been a slacker.... So time to get on with being a good girl and making it an important part of everyday.
Auntie g wow your doing well and inspired me today to get it going.....
Marie too bad about the footsie thing my best friend has had issues on going for over a year yuk for both of you she has tried the insert which was formed for her but no changes there. Guess sometimes its not so easy to get things fixed up. Hope the med takes the edge off of it for you good luck.
Judy wow I know how frustrating work can be been there. I am thinking about you I let my feeling from work frustrate me to no end before and now am trying to be better with controling it. But at times still have ill thougths of some of it still. Much better than the past but stress levels can surely make us eat differently and exercise less etc... Got to jot down my exercise into my weekly schedule as an appt. and ensure I get there. Soon my membership will be up..... Then a decision will be needed....
Well take care the kids are coming and my mom for dinner not til 5 or so gives us all time to do things for the day. I am making a homemade pie but will make a little one with less sugar etc. and still have a treat for me but healthy way of baking.
Take care it is to be around 80's today gee who's idea was it to make spaghetti and meatballs at least there in the crock pot.

auntie g
09-14-2008, 12:07 PM
Mornin' all! I had my splurge at Red Robin yesterday, and it was delicious! When we got home I felt it was finally time to strap on my new sneaks and get out for a walk. I thought a neighbor was going with me, but she didn't, so I only got in 20 minutes because it got too dark, and I didn't want to be out there alone. But at least I got started, and even though it's flaming hot today, I plan to keep the ball rolling. No Eagles game today (we got a Monday night one this week:p), so I have no excuse to lie around on the couch!

Marie, any loss during old TOM is a bonus! So yay!!! :carrot: Hope you had a nice nap with the pupperonis!

Judy, yay for the relaxing day! I've never heard of the Stickk thing. What's that all about?

Carol, yes! journal, journal, journal! It really helps! :) I'm cooking in the heat today, too- ugh! This just had to be the weekend that I have to make my puppy girl's food, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Have a nice dinner!

Have a great day everyone!

09-14-2008, 01:04 PM
Auntie G - Congrats on the 2lbs. loss! :carrot:

Marie - I hope your foot soon feels better. Good thing you have your pool to exercise in (at least while the weather lasts).

Judy - I hope your new stress reduction plan helps. Stress is definitely a major cause of weight problems. I think all of us here are searching for coping mechanisms to help us deal with it. Good luck.

Carol - Good idea to start your journal again - I hope it works for you.

I have bursitis in my right shoulder, which makes typing very painful, so please excuse me if I lurk sometimes. I've had it before and sometimes it lasts for several weeks. My scale is still stuck so I've changed my tracker.

09-14-2008, 01:06 PM
Hi everyone, now if we could just Penny to post again, we'll all be back. Carol, I have spaghetti all the time - it's what DH and I canned 2 weeks ago (although that batch had too much tomato paste and is all marked pizza sauce so we're going to can again in a couple weeks). We also make fresh pasta and I never care whether it's hot or nog - Spaghetti is my second favorite meal. So enjoy your dinner and company.

auntie, you have agood point, any loss with the dreadful TOM visiting is celebration. Plus it was at a new "decade". I love when I see another second number. It wasn't by much, of course, but it was a new decade. Mr Scale stayed the same today. I did sponge up the pool yesterday and then salted my fries as well. DH weighed my 130 cal portion and then said the amount was pathetic. :) I didn't care. I made a 300 cal burger and 130 cal fries. It was wonderful off the BBQ.

This morning I got DH to think my portion was pathetic again. I wanted pannachens and they're about 400 cals without the syrup. So I asked if I made one, could I have 1/4 of his. (I'd had a mocha and grapes so 130 cals (syrup too) was all my budget would allow. It was delicious but he was right, it was a pathetic amount. But hey, he had reduced cals and he has his annual military weigh in on Saturday and he's a little borderline. See I'm helpful.;)

Judy, I'm glad you're feeling like yourself today. From the movies, I hear the produce section is where to pick up single guys and looking fabulous after the makeover and facial gives you a plus. :D

I started working on my quilt (bought the fabric 18 months ago). Yesterday, while majorly drugged on Valium) I had to buy a new rotary cutter and pad. My pad was too small and I rolled off it. The rotary cutter I had was a cheap one and I couldn't find a new blade (I didn't try hard as I wanted the deluxe Olfa). So I've been cutting out strips and during today's football (Vikes as the Packers aren't on here but DH's team is) and Nascar (snore), I'm going to finish cutting out my howling wolves stained glass. I only have one color (the midnight sky blue) to go. Then I'll start the next step (grinding the glass - messy, messy, messy). So I'm getting back into crafts.

The dr. appointment went good. One valium and I was drunk as a skunk. I slept for a few hours afterwards and the pups were wonderful company. So the dr. has a new mold of my right heel and says he can see why my old orthotic is causing pain. So I have hopes. Surgery is out of the question as I'd rather pain (I bet I change my tune if forced to).

Well, on to other things. Have a great rest of the weekend.

09-14-2008, 07:34 PM
Penny, I'm sorry to hear about the bursitis. Soon we'll all have voice recognition software on our computers, and all this ergonomic stuff will be history. I sympathize with being reluctant to change the ol' tracker! I was so happy to see 210 lbs that I stopped updating my tracker when the weight crept up and wouldn't budge. I was able to knock a pound off it today. I want to be back where I was at the beginning of July, before the wheels fell off....I want to hurry up and post each little loss, but I promise not to go more than a week without recording my true weight.

Carol, no wonder you're not maximizing your gym membership. You're too busy cooking up feasts for family and friends. Perhaps you can figure out a "kitchen workout" and write a best-selling book.

Marie, I love spaghetti, too, but I've figured out that mostly I love the combo or tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices. I can't eat regular pasta, and the gluten-free stuff frustrates my taste buds (the way veggie burgers used to do), so when the craving hits, I use spaghetti squash, or even brown rice or quinoa, and it seems to work.

Auntie G, is a fun website that helps you keep commitments. You can ask folks to be your support system, and you can even pledge to make a gift (or pay a fine) based on your success. People use it for everything from finally finishing a project to kicking the cigarette habit. It got a lot of attention in the media earlier this year, and I used it last spring to focus on my weight loss goals. Doesn't sound like you need something like that, you're cruising right along! I hope to be right behind you momentarily.

The weekend wasn't as productive as I'd hoped, but I didn't skimp on the relaxing part, which was crucial. I'm loving the summer weather! I did yoga today for the first time in many weeks. I'll spend the evening preparing for the new work week and not allowing myself to fall into a Sunday-night funk.

Happy Monday, everyone!


auntie g
09-15-2008, 10:42 AM
Monday again... I'm cooking for the week in the crockpot today- sauce with canned tomatoes. ;) Delicious, with not nearly as much work!

Penny, I hope your shoulder recovers fast! Maybe it's good to spend less time on the computer anyway (just trying to find the bright side!) I think I've developed some "clicker finger", myself. I should take my own advice!

Marie, woo hoo for the new "decade"! :carrot: I can't wait for mine! I'm trying to be extra good now, since I may have the PMS hold up at next weigh-in. I did go walking again yesterday, and plan on getting out there again today. You reminded me about the quilt I started so long ago... The top is done, except for one side strip. I worked so long and hard to get to that point and then just stopped. :?: Glad your doc figured out your foot problem!

Judy, good for you, getting in a relaxing weekend! That Stickk thing does sound interesting. I may have to look into it some day, but not today. I currently do have enough gumption to keep up the weight loss project, but unfortunately I've got another dirty little problem to take care of, too... It's never worked to work on both issues at the same time, though, but one day...

Have a great day everyone!

09-15-2008, 03:51 PM
Morning everyone. Yes auntie, it's Monday again... :( But my work life is calming. Hopefully Judy's will as well.

Judy, we'll keep our fingers crossed the director cleans out your desk in less than two weeks. That's a long lame duck time. I'm surprised the board allowed that. At least you had an enjoyable weekend.

Penny, we posted at the same time yesterday. I'm glad to see your post but sad to hear more medical problems. Judy's right, voice dictating will be in the near future. I did try dragon naturally speaking once and it was pretty good. I don't know why I didn't keep training it but it would be cool to dictate our messages. Did you over do it at curves?

Auntie, you definitely are motivated with the losing. I'm like that. Very motivated and then when I fall off the wagon, I fall completely off and the wagon drives over me, then backs up, driving over me again - and on and on until I'm angelic again. I would HATE to give up 2 vices. Especially knowing that giving up smoking usually causes weigh gains. Good luck with giving that one a try when you're ready.

Carol, I hope all is going good.

I didn't get up and exercise this morning. My heel is so sore that exercising sounded painful. I knew it would be warm this afternoon so I'll swim. I hope a new right orthotic will fix it as I'm tired of always having pain and limping. food is right on and it's almost lunch time. :carrot::carrot::D:D:carrot:

09-16-2008, 08:05 AM
Well here it is tues after the storm. Yesterday morning no power but yes today we have it. A tree fell over my deck gracing my back wall and my two doors one to SIL and one to the Adirondack room. Oh how lucky we were. It was also only about 24 inches round in the middle but about 38 ft. long and bushy all over. It isn't even good fire wood for the daughters house. Dang!! But we are all okay only a couple of hrs. sleep and went to work. The boss said she was proud of me still coming in I said I won't make it the whole day and took an hr. off. I was beat last night but the tree is already chopped up thank goodness for good friends and family..... I am starting to see some hard times for my daughter as her husbands pay got shortened but the company stayed in business. Its tough with three kids. So I have been helping out lucky I had it to do. I just had to do what I could. But I see so many young couples headed for harder times than I have had to have I think. The cost of everything going up and shrinking the sizes of products etc.. My heart goes out to all of them. So less big folks will get gifts this year I am purchasing extra for the kids but things they need along with fun things as well. For now just ensuring they have what they need for school. I just ran to the music store for two tuba books our gd in 4th is trying this out. Fun and why not she should beable too. Thank goodness I had grandparents whom taught me to help as they helped us when mom couldn't. Oh so sorry for rambling guess its better than over eating!!!
Judy we just hired a new director I met her yesterday seems nice. She worked from home for 5 years also thought we should have laptops I'd go for just not sharing a computer at this pt. and a new office location. We'll see how it goes at least first sight was nice..... good luck with yours.
Everyone else I will catch up later gotta go the school bus just went by that means I need to go to..My warning of time.....

09-16-2008, 06:47 PM
This will have to be quick, I need to run home and straighten up a bit before the guys shows up to give me an estimate to do my move.

I've been eating on plan and working out. I also found time to meditate before coming to work Monday morning (very helpful!).

Carol, a falling tree is very scary, I'm glad that no one was hurt. Yes, more and more parents are helping out their grown kids, but this can't go on much longer! You're good to be so generous.

Marie, my boss seems be on an even keel now, and because of her other commitments, she was only going to be in a few days next week anyway. I could really use her help in sorting out and forwarding files, emails and other information, so while there are immediate benefits to her disappearing, it's much better this way. As long as she can maintain her equilibrium...

Auntie G, I used to share your nasty little habit. I don't miss it at all, but if I could take a few puffs whenever I feel "munchy," geez, I'd have hit my goal two years ago :devil:.

Gotta go, I'd be mortified if the mover saw my place as it looks right now!


09-16-2008, 07:36 PM
Marie - I also make tiny portions of things I love to eat - that way at least I don't feel totally deprived. I make these little almond tarts in mini pans instead of muffin pans and enjoy one with a cup of tea. I don't think the bursitis is from working out - more overuse from my laptop! I took a left over pain pill so I'm able to type this but those pills make me feel weird! :dizzy:

Carol - What a scary experience with the tree falling in the storm. Thank goodness nobody was hurt. You are a trooper going in to work after all that.

Judy - I hope you get a reasonable estimate for your move. I'll have to give meditation (and maybe some aromatherapy) a try again. Whatever works eh?
I gave some of my favorite Weleda lavender massage oil to my friend who is very ill with bladder cancer and going blind. She said it has really helped her to relax.

Auntie G - Voice recognition would be marvelous! I wonder how we'd do the smilies? :) I also get carpal tunnel when I use the mouse too long. I can't imagine how people use their Blackberries all day long! You mentioned crockpot cooking. I've just bought a new crockpot with a removable inside part (sooo much easier!) I've made several yummy meals in it and I even "roasted" a 1/2 chicken yesterday. I just put a couple of tbsp. of bbq sauce on it and 1/2 cup of water and put it in the pot. It turned out delicious and so moist.

Well, I bit the bullet and made an appointment on October 15th to get my nose/sinuses fixed (at least try). I'm only breathing through one nostril most of the time and I think this is why I'm so tired all the time as I "suffocate" at night. By straightening out my septum it may solve the problem, also my recurrent sinus infection on that side. My doc is one of the top ENT specialists in the country, so I hope he is more successful than the last time I had it done. It's a really awful surgery - almost worse than my mastectomy! If it works it will be worth it though.

09-17-2008, 12:24 AM
Well Judy, I ventured over the mountain with my shepard's hook and the such. :D (auntie, Judy once mentioned when I said I'd go over the mountain the mountain woman image). Today I had a 2 hour meeting on the other side and it was informative. Best of all, my district paid for my gas to go to Costco. :D My co-worker and I also went to Olive Garden for lunch. I had marinara with spaghetti pasta and only ONE breadstick. I looked up the cals and know I am at about 1450 for the day. I did 15 minutes on my bike this am (my mountain bike on the fluid trainer stand is WAY harder than on ground or my former exercycle - it's surely working my quads). They I did 15 minute toning/aerobics. I think that will be my exercise tomorrow morning but the doggies my con me otherwise. Kodiak isn't feeling good so I should not take them out, but in the morning he'll be bouncy and do his sad doggie eyes and con me.

Carol, that would be terrifying to have a tree fall on your house. I'm glad no one was injured and progress has been made in removing it. It's also sad to lose one of the trees around your house. Mother Nature has been particularly tempermental lately.

Penny, I hope the sinus surgery goes smoothly. No infections this time, ok? As usual, there's a chance that mid October is when I'll be in Portland again. DH's two next plane parts should be ready for pick up then. We don't hae the best timing, do we?

Judy, I'm glad boss is even keel at the moment. If it helps the transition and makes your life easier, I'm all for it.

That's about it for now. I'll chat with you all later.

09-17-2008, 07:49 AM
Girls the week is flying by so quickly. Work loads been managable but crazy stuff to deal with. I think my handful of chips was stress related and before dinner so I was hungry too. Gotta plan better today I am going to take an apple to munch on for the drive home. I had a healthy breakfast of mothers oats, and an oatmeal english muffin so on target this a.m. a little pear for the 10:00 snack and salad with feta ch. for lunch with an apple. Gotta preplan!! Sunday I swam and did garden work for exercise other than stairs and walking in at work nothing since gotta kick my but and add that to my schedule. Today I am planning on going to the gym right after work.
Judy sounds like the boss needs to make some good choices at work. Good for you mediating before work...
Marie over the mountain sounds like it was a positive thing for you and the coworker. The groomer a new one never again one told the hubby my doggie is aggressive. I guess he didn't like them doing his nails. My doggie?? Anyways have you seen that nail filing thing advertised for dogs nails? If so what do you think as your the queen of 3?
Penny good luck with the surgery and sounds like you got the best guy for the job.
Auntie G your a trooper!! Keep up all your efforts their paying off rub some on me girl....
Next week some friends and I are crossing the boarder to Canada only 2 hrs. away just a day trip. Some shopping and celebrating my 10 years at the same job...... I have reached my 5 weeks vacation hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My good friend started a couple of days after me and we share an office. So off we go to have some fun to celebrate good times, crazy times and hopefully a good future.
Judy your right more parents are helping their kids something does have to change I agree. But when they don't normally ask for help and then do you know its not good. Hopefully they can get things going better but with pay cuts its so hard to adjust and with 3 kids with needs not just wants. Thank goodness we are able to help a bit cause if I couldn't somehow it would just eat me up. Gotta be greatful for somethings I guess. Taking the gd camping this saturday now there is some exercise we are going to hike a bit. I will pack some healthy foods as well for me.
Gotta go put my stuff in the journal.

auntie g
09-17-2008, 08:35 AM
Happy Hump Day! Yesterday I couldn't win over the PMS and had 3 WW fudgesicles. Not too bad in the long run, but I felt terrible last night. Still kind of bloated and irritable today:p. Ah, but today is a new day, so I'm hoping for better...

Marie, I definitely can relate to what you said about getting run over by the wagon when you fall off! That gave me a good laugh. Historically, same with me. We've just got to get up faster when we fall! ;) I'd say that ONE breadstick at Olive Garden is definitely a victory! Here's my image of your over the mountain trip...

Carol, yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt when the tree fell! I am always afraid of that happening whenever it's windy. Your daughter is very lucky you are able to help out. Times are so tough now. I think I'm going with the same theory about less adults getting Christmas presents this year. (Gotta take care of the kids, though!) My sister's husband just had shoulder surgery yesterday, and will be out of work for a while, so they're going to need help. We manage to get by, but don't have much extra, since my hours have been reduced at work, but I'll do what I can. :dizzy:

Judy, hope things are remaining calm for you at work. How long's it been since you quit smoking, and did you go cold turkey? That's what I intend to do, but not today! ;)

Penny, oh yeah, gotta love the removable insert for the crockpot! Sooo much easier to wash! I usually just make sauces, soups, or stews, but now I want to try a chicken in there, too. Good luck with the sinus surgery! A friend of mine had that done, and while it was quite miserable, it was totally worth it! She's had such an improvement in her breathing and has considerably less sinus infections.

Have a great day, all!

09-18-2008, 12:06 AM
Hi everyone, I just had quite an evening. I signed up to bring my 3 doggies for portraits. Holy smokes, my wrists are killing me from trying to make three huskies behave. I told them upfront that I really didn't expect it to work and for the longest time, it didn't. They got one really decent shot of the 3 of them together so my Christmas cards are ordered. :) I'm also getting a 5x7 for my office and an 11 x 14 canvas portrait. Then they did individual shots and my gosh, I have gorgeous doggies. So I'm getting an 8 x 10 of each of them. I'll scan them and post them when I get the package in 3 weeks. Because there were leashes involved, they'll photoshop them out. The little print out I have are wonderful. They chose a blue background because of their blue eyes. Really wonderful but my hands hurt. I'm thinking I won't do that again for another 5 years. Wasn't cheap either, but I'm glad I did it.

I'm on track for about 1400 cals today - took longer at the photo shoot. :D So I don't want to eat a good portion of calories right before bed. I took the doggies for their 1.5 mile walk this am. So all is good on that front. Mr. Scale was evil, but I expected it after riding in a car as long as I did. Now, if I'd climbed the mountain as per auntie's image, I'd have lost weight. :D

auntie, 3 WW fudgicles is pretty darn good for going off plan. I'd say you get a pat on the back. I had a WW cookies and cream bar at work today. Man, it's tasty!!!

Carol, congrats on the 10 years with the company. 5 weeks vacation is awesome. I'm at 3 weeks (plus 5 extra days). I don't 5 weeks come until 25 years and I'm sure not staying there that long!!!! I'm planning on retiring long before that.

Penny and Judy, I hope all is well.

auntie g
09-18-2008, 08:42 PM
TGI(almost)F! This week has been really rough, hormonally. After the great fudgesicle incident, I haven't been off track, but have been salting like crazy. Today I did better than yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow I'll behave, but it's still up in the air.:dizzy: Work has been a drag, too. Tomorrow I have the honor of cleaning the place :devil: because there's going to be a big hoo-ha over the weekend. Grrrrrr...

Marie, oh, that's so awesome you got your doggies' portraits done! I've always wanted to do that, but somehow haven't gotten around to it. They usually set something up around the holidays at a local pet store, but I hesitate to take my girl around strange dogs since she's been attacked before. Can't wait to see your pix!

09-19-2008, 02:31 PM
Yeah, it's Friday. Life has been majorly hectic lately. Between work and just my life, I'm tired. I'm so looking forward to weekend. It's Guard weekend again so I will have a lot of me time. Except tomorrow which is DS2's birthday. He and DH work opposite shifts on guard weekend, so I'm making DS2 his favorite dinner and b-day cake. Then he's taking it with him. I think that should work out for my diet. ;)

Beautiful Kai Bear is at the vet today to be spayed. I went back and forth on the decision to breed her but decided not to as I think she's small for a husky and that's not good for breeding. So as I type, she's at the vet and I feel so bad for her as she's just such a little mommy's girl. She howls and screams in strange places. Luckily they have drugs... They're going to call me as soon as she can leave so that she won't have to wait. I'll bring her to my office and put her on my couch. My little princess.

Auntie, I'm sorry your work week has been icky. I bet the tiny binge and the salt kick is more work related than hormonal. Work can push me over easily. BTW, what is your job?

I didn't exercise this am as keeping Kai from food and water takes 100% attention. She's majorly stomach driven. So maybe this evening if she's ok with that. If she needs constant companionship, I will have my first no exercise day in a long time. Food is on target calorie wise but Mr. Scale just doesn't want to budge. It will eventually. Either it will budge in giving me nicer numbers or it will budge out the window. :devil:

Hope everyone else is doing all right.

09-19-2008, 06:18 PM
Sorry about being AWOL! It's been an unusual week at work, to say the least, and I'm in the hub of every possible conversation and email loop. I haven't been eating too badly, considering how much I could use some deep dish pizza and a cold beer...I've been fighting sinus/allergy stuff for several days, including annoying soreness and popping in my ears. I didn't work out at all Wed and Thurs, but I did 50 minutes of cardio this morning, and felt better for it. I'll change my profile, I can take another couple of ill-gotten pounds off my weight. I'd celebrate, but I'm too annoyed that I regained them in the first place :mad:

Penny, I hope your sinus surgery does the trick. It sounds horrible, though. How long will you be recovering from that? I may be joining you in trekking back and forth to the doc's. My foot is acting up again, but the last time I went to the podiatrist, she casually mentioned something about a bone saw, so I won't want to go back. I think my little toe is twisting around or something.

Auntie G, I quit smoking for good about five years ago. It was purely a nervous/bored/angry reflex for me, more than a deep craving. Once I got rid of my ex (a pack-a-day smoker), most of the nervous and angry stuff went away :D. Counting cigs helped me stop; soon I decided that I wasn't buying any more, and that was that. It also helped that I don't spend the time in bars that I used to, where it still seems like a natural thing to do. Plus working out felt so much better when I could inhale deeply!

Marie, I hope Kai is doing well and has forgiven you for torturing her this way! Dogs probably look at their humans and wonder what the heck we're up to, and why we do these things to them....

Tomorrow I take my certified check to my new landlords and pick up the keys. Most of my boxes have arrived, so no excuse, gotta get started packing.


auntie g
09-19-2008, 09:23 PM
:dancer::flow1::dancer: It's the weekend, hurray! Eating has been completely on track today, but I'm not holding out much hope for tomorrow's weigh-in. All right, I am HOPING, but not counting on anything.

Marie, how's that puppy doing? I hope she's home and happy. I remember when my girl got spayed all those years ago, she had to stay overnight, and they said she'd be slowed down for a few days afterwards, but they were wrong! As soon as she got back home, she was as wild as ever. We weren't exactly as bonded back then as we later became. When I had to drop her off for knee surgery when she was 8, it was horrible to leave her. I sat in the cage with her and cried my eyes out. I don't know how either of us got through that!

Work wasn't as painful as I thought it would be today. I did have to clean, but things weren't as dirty as I expected, so that was a bonus! I'm not sure I can explain my job, really, but basically I work for a company that makes collectible dolls. I do pretty much everything from taking orders to shipping, and everything in between. We also have a gift shop that I tend to much of the time that I'm there. So, it's sort of a mixed up messy day most of the time. Some days are great, and some days make me want to run screaming- like any job, I imagine.

Judy, mmmmmm, deep dish pizza sounds good. Wait, JUST SAY NO! (That was to myself! :o) I've been having a little touch of sinus pressure, too, and the ears, oh the ears... It's just that time of year, with the change of seasons. Hope you improve fast! I'm sure that quitting smoking would help all that for me, but I just can't attempt it quite yet. I hear ya on the smoking in bars thing, luckily I'm past that stage. And actually, they just passed a law here in PA banning smoking in public places, even bars if they serve food. I don't know how that's going to work out.
Have fun packing for your move! I know it's a lot of work, but it really can be fun! It's a good excuse to declutter, and sometimes you find a treasure that you forgot all about.

Have a good night all!

09-19-2008, 09:53 PM
Marie - I bet the photos of your pups are adorable. We had a family portrait done before our son went off to college, so I know how spendy it is. I'm so glad we got it done though. I hope Kai recovers quickly from her surgery - I'm sure you'll thoroughly pamper her. I hope your foot is feeling better.

Judy - I hope your move goes well and that you settle in quickly. I hope your foot problem clears up soon too. It's the last thing you need with your move. Bone saw doesn't sound good :yikes:. You asked about how long it takes to recover from my sinus/septum surgery - it's 3 days of bed rest then 7-10 days till I'm back to "normal" (whatever that is!) :dizzy:

Auntie G - Congrats on staying on track today! :broc:
Your job sounds interesting - surrounded by pretty dolls. I hope your weigh in goes well.

Carol - Congrats on reaching your 5 weeks vacation and 10 year anniversary! :carrot: I hope you have fun with your friends in Canada. We're having some company from Denmark next week and I know they'll want to go shopping. Everyone who comes over from Europe goes crazy shopping as they say everything is so cheap here.

I'm trying hard to stay on track but it's hard. Being sleepy all the time from lack of sleep due to my shoulder and sinuses makes me so hungry for carbs! The weather is already very "fall like" so I guess I'm already going into cavewoman mode stocking up for winter! At least I worked out today although I couldn't do some machines because of my arm.

Have a great weekend everyone!

09-19-2008, 11:07 PM
Hi all, just a quick update. Kai is doing great. She's happy to be home and I was snuggling with her on the floor and I swear she was asking why with her eyes. I told her now she'd never have to have sex. :) She was napping for a while so I did a 50 minute workout. I'm tired now. I also took a 1/2 mile walk at work so I did plenty of exercise today. The walk and aerobics killed my heel, but not doing it is worse. So I'll limp for a while and pray my new orthotic arrives soon.

Judy, enjoy your new apartment. Fill the boxes and just get it over. Like a shot, just do it. I loved your ill gotten pounds comment. I'd be thrilled with the pounds I've lost but I'm still mad I re-gained them. So I just keeping thinking in the 14 to go, then when I lose I can really celebrate.

Penny, I hope you start feeling better soon. You're certainly having a tough time medically lately. Be very proud of yourself for staying basically on track.

Auntie, what a cool thing to do. My mom did the collectible dolls - porcelain ones I believe. She an artist with a sewing machine and so people started paying her to make their dolls clothes. Her outfits even won ribbons at her state fair. Once she made a wedding dress that was so intricate, I realized it was fancier than any of her daughters' dresses. :)

Well, time to log the calories. Too busy at work to do it so I need to see where I am.

09-20-2008, 09:15 AM
Hello everyone. Yeah its the weekend. Well cooking at my house will be a bit different for awhile. My SIL whom takes most meals with us has too much potassium in her system not good. The doctor told her that she has kidney disease so nice her regular doctor never told her just said due to her higher levels in blood work they were sending her to see him. Wow what a blow.... I will be speaking to her about it on my next visit we have the same doctor. At any rate no potatoe, tomatoe, bananas or oranges at this time new blood work thurs. Then another appt. for ultra sounds and another visit the 30th of next month. They think the damage came from some medications in the past. Be careful taking pain meds. one was an over the counter for any length of time.
I have been trying to get into the swing of better eating. Its coming along slow but sure. Today we are packing up and camping only about 15 min. away from home with the gkids. It should be fun nice sandy beach to cold to swim as our nights are low but will be around high 70's today. They can hike, play in the sand, have a campfire and make smores. I am bringing my computer for quiet time later they can watch a movie at bedtime when they turn in. Hopefully they will have a good time and some memories to look back on. My 9 year old gd is so excited to be playing the tuba I helped with the cost. She was up an hr. early yesterday got up on her own and all of a sudden the tuba sound was throughout the house!! Hah worth every cent I helped with.
Marie your doggie pictures sound great. I think for christmas I am going to steal my daughters kids away for a day with nice outfits and have my photo daughter take their pictures as a gift for their parents for christmas with a nice frame from the kids. They haven't had a family photo done in a longtime.
Work is good new director starts monday. Our boss handed out little award notices yesterday thanking each one of us for all our help training new folks etc. and new folks thanking for all their hard efforts to do a good job. We are hiring another worker expanding in our dept. I guess I must have a little job security now adays thats something. We will see when those medicaid cuts come in how crazy its all going to get.
Penny I agree its cheaper here for stuff but they have some things we don't and its different. Only around 2 hrs. trip from my house to Canada.
Auntie g oh at least they were ww. YOUR so good even when you mess up its not so bad good for you.
Judy seems like everyone is have allergy or sinus issues.
Have a good one.

auntie g
09-20-2008, 01:21 PM
Well, today's weigh in got me a half pound down. With the way this week went, I'll take it! No cheat meal planned for today. We're just cooking up the last of some nasty frozen turkey burgers, so I think I'll throw in some extra sweet potato fries call that my splurge. I could use a better week this week anyway.

Penny, "cavewoman mode" cracked me up! That's a perfectly legitimate way of looking at it. And cool weather and carbs just go hand in hand. But maybe a big old pot of veggie soup could help. Hmmmm, I think I might have to get on that myself! It's funny to think that Europeans think it's cheap here. Either we are spoiled, or disillusioned, or something, cause it doesn't feel like anything's cheap to me! Happy shopping!

Marie, glad your baby's on the road to recovery! I cracked up again at the thought of you telling her she never has to have sex! :rofl: Sounds like your mom is quite a seamstress, indeed! Our dolls are not porcelain, they're wood- many have a country look. Anyone ever heard of Lizzie High? We used to sell them all over the country, but in this downsizing age, now it's just from our store. I hope your orthotic is on it's way. I really should check into that, too, but I hear that it's not covered by insurance, and so it never makes it to the top of the list.

Carol, sorry to hear about your SIL. That's really scary that that kind of damage can come from OTCs. What a perfect weather weekend for camping! I always loved it when it was cold enough at night to want to be by the fire. We haven't gone camping in 8 years, and I really miss it, but tonight a neighbor with a fire pit is going to have a fire, so that will be my "pretend" camping! And doing pix of the kids for Christmas is a fabulous idea! If my sister didn't always have it done herself, I would definitely snap that up. As it is, I have to fight to get copies of the pix she gets done. Too expensive for her to buy copies for everyone, but I never know when they're going, so that I could just go along and order whatever I want. I'll have to try harder this year!

Have a great weekend everyone!

09-20-2008, 02:03 PM
Morning everyone!!! Mr. Evil Scale did budge and not out the window. I lost another pound since last week. Because it was evil yesterday, according to it, I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday. :dizzy: In the middle of the night I had a horrible right leg cramp. So not I'm limping because of my heel and my calf. But I persevered and did the 50 minute aerobics - I figured I was already in pain with the heel, what's a little more... My goal this week is to do it every day and see if it give a little push in the right direction for the scale. So I'm going to get up 15 minutes earlier so I can do it in the morning.

Carol, I'm sorry about your SIL's med problem. Just be very careful you don't cut potassium out of yours and your hubby's diet. Keep the foods in your diet. One Christmas about a decade ago, I suggested to my 2 sisters and brother to get a portrait taken and send me an 8 x 10. I then had the 4 (I had the portrait done as well) framed professionally and it was my parent's Christmas present from the four of us. Even though we were all married and had kids, I thought it would be cool for my parents to have their children's portrait as adults. It's still hung prominently in their house and they love it. So... what you're thinking of as a present will be received with great thanks.

Auntie, nasty turkey burgers and that's your SPLURGE. Heavens you are nuts!!!!! Splurge is supposed to be tasty. :D Great job on the one pound loss!!!:carrot:

Today is my DS2's b-day and he and I are making dinner. Since he moved out, he's been interested in cooking and having fun with it (the reason I bought him a kitchen aid stand mixer for his b-day). So DH asks if I'm going to teach him to make his favorite meal. So I texted him and asked if he wanted me to teach him to make it. He texted "That would be awesome". So we're having a cooking lesson today. He wanted my b-day cake for his b-day and I made the cake this am and will frost it this afternoon. I asked DH if he wanted a slice or should I send the whole thing home with DS2. Sheepishly he says, "One slice would be nice." So I'll save one slice and send the rest home as I LOVE that cake and it will not be in my house. With it around I'd still stay in my calorie range but that would necessitate deleting the healthy foods from the diet. Just doesn't seem wise.

I guess it is time to shower and dress for the day...

09-22-2008, 12:25 PM
OK, where are all my friends??? Just a quick note... Mr Scale is evil - no news there. I painted my guest bathroom yesterday and then worked on my quilt. It was a great weekend. I stayed in my 1500 cal range for DS2's b-day on Saturday except yesterday was harder (munchies) because of the b-day cake. But I made it through with a little less than 1500 cals. I'v done the 50 minute aerobic tape every day like promised.

And now I'm back at work... :(

auntie g
09-22-2008, 12:36 PM
Hmmmm, yeah, seems to be a high rate of MIA! I had to go to the dentist this morning, so I'm starving because I'm still numb and shouldn't really eat yet. The weekend was very relaxed and on track. Even though the dried up old turkey burger was the splurge meal, I did have an extra helping of sweet potato fries (which I love!), so it still felt like a tiny splurge. I need to have a good week, so I don't mind missing one week's big splurge.

Marie, sorry about Mr Scale! He'll come around... It's awesome that you could give your son a cooking lesson- that's good bonding time and a lasting gift! And I wouldn't worry about a slice of b-day cake either. That's part of real life. I always have cake for family member's b-days, and sometimes I don't even count it! I just try to draw the line at other cakes, like at work or casual gatherings, or NON-family b-days.

Hope everyone's having a nice Monday!

09-22-2008, 07:21 PM
Okay, I'm back. I focused on moving-related chores on Saturday, inspected my new place, and went to a surprise party, where the birthday boy was positively slack-mouthed (or gobsmacked, as Penny might say) with shock. I did a bit of packing on Sunday, but not nearly enough. I stayed away from the Internet all weekend, knowing it would distract me. Sorry!

Carol, I agree with Marie that you shouldn't change what's working for you and your hubby, but that's easy for me to say, I'm not the one who would be cooking two sets of meals. But you're a creative cook, and you like experimenting with new recipes, so maybe you can make do until the potassium thing stabilizes. It would be hard for me to function without tomatoes. A crate of Paul Newman's spaghetti sauce would be one of my desert island foods. I'd love to see your GD with a tuba, that must be quite a sight!

Penny, if your gifts like to shop so much, maybe they can buy some things for struggling Americans like me, in a gesture of global solidarity? I also accept gift cards :D. Good for you for keeping your goals in mind despite one physical thing after the other. It would be so easy for you to throw in the towel at this point, you're doing really great :flow1:

Auntie G, I like turkey burgers...but not dried-up and old. Your job sounds very interesting. I hope you liked playing with dolls when you were a kid. I do the cavewoman thing in the fall, too. My body thinks we have to lard on an extra layer of fat for a brief hibernation period :lol:. I get around that now by cooking up big batches of healthy comfort food and keeping it in the freezer--soups, chili, etc.,--when the urge for 'harvest time' food strikes. I roasted some beets yesterday, yum, yum. I always hated beets because I only had them from a can, but these were quite a treat.

Marie, teaching your son to cook sounds like fun. I always felt sorry for young guys who couldn't find their way around in a kitchen. They spent too much money on take-out and sports bars and gain weight. Thanks for the Just Do It advice re packing, I've been procrastinating :drill:

Food has been okay, but I had a chocolate fit at the birthday party on Saturday, which carried over into the next day. Today I had chicken b'fast sausage and an apple; at a meeting I had a tall skim chai tea and some trail mix (too many carbs); a big salad w/hard-boiled egg and the aforementioned roasted beets for lunch; grapes; and a cup of chili for late afternoon snack. I worked out Saturday and Sunday but not this morning.

Back to work--I'm absolutely swamped, help!


09-22-2008, 11:41 PM
My bursitis is still bad so will keep this short. Here's some willpower for us all :dust: We're all due for a whoosh! Will catch up later.

09-23-2008, 08:05 AM
I'm here I'm here!!! Lets get serious now girls and loss this dang wt and feel better than ever. Yesterday I was almost done with my posting and my computer shut me down some type of protected mode. Then lots of automatic protection stuff was entered on I noticed this a.m. My dear SIL said that he was going to have to ck out my computer as it was acting weird and might have a virus. Oh no!!! Not that! Well think it fixed it self thank goodness. So I am on and ready to move.
Camping was awesome with the kids. Busy not to much time for relaxing with 3 energetic kids 8, 9 and soon to be 12. But it was fun and they were great helpers. The 8 year old wrote a note on my white board on the ref. after we returned Grandma I love to cuck with you its fun. She helped make pancakes and oh yeah thats cook I told her like book. So quick learning tip in the mix of it. They were able to swim I just walked in the water. So extra exercise this weekend with walking. That was nice. Next year they asked to go for a week and I said sure why not. I will book us somewhere on the beach which is an actual lake but looks like an ocean. They surely enjoyed playing in the sand. One of the younger gals at work said I am signing my kids up for you to be their grandma. But truly I do love it all. My 12 year old gs is turning into quite a gentleman helping carry things and so polite its nice to see now a days...
I did write in my last post about the doggie pictures how cool. Nice idea and you will forget how much it cost when you get to enjoy them so. Bear stayed home this weekend. We only went one day. He was bumbed out.
Marie sounds like that scale is being used got to get in gear with mine. I have been better with my intakes. I did have a bad donut yesterday to welcome the new director. But a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. So all in all I think it was a good day. Busy only shook the new directors hand as it was 2 when she arrived in the office after her meetings. Said I am Carol and its nice to have you aboard and I am off and running to appointments this afternoon. I worked late last night and have a client in the hospital so I have to go there this a.m. to do an assesment to say how much support she needs while there. Busy day again.
Penny sorry to hear about the foot. My SIL had swollen ankles when we were at the drs. and he said most likely from the bloodpressure meds. He also stated she was on a baby dose and maybe he would chg. that next time around. I told my friend who has swollen ankles and foot issues maybe its her med. their on the same dang thing. Crazy huh? We take meds to fix one issue they cause more issues yeah wonder if its worth it . SIL has kidney diseas caused from meds. Man its not good.
Auntie g see you are even making wise choices when your being naughty... So you think naughty to me is a banana split which I should have for a dinner some night before the little ice cream stand is closed. Now that is naughty!! My kids in HI got a webcam so soon when we all figure out how to use them we will beable to communicate better. I am going to send them pictures from this weekend.
Judy hope your work slows down a bit. YOUR always so busy too. You are most likely moving this weekend if so good luck with that. Haven't done that in 13 years but its a great way to have a fresh start and get rid of stuff. Hope your new home has room for you to exercise. I am gearing up to do something down stairs if my gym membership doesn't work out . Peace and quiet and no intruptions down there. My SIL said he has a DVD/VHS player for 70.00 through his work. So that would be nice to have an abs machine etc. At least in the winter it would be just me and that and the fireplace how cozy!! Gotta fly. Running late now.

auntie g
09-23-2008, 08:29 AM
Good morning all! Another day on target, but I did have something I didn't have for a long time, and probably never will again. I used to buy those WW candies all the time, but it's probably been a year now, so I bought a bag. Well, they were not as good as I used to think they were, and I had a stomach ache most of the day after having a couple pieces. I'm thinking it must be the artificial sweetener or something else chemical. Nasty! So, today I'm going to stick with natural foods...

Judy, I've only ever had canned beets, and yes, they left a bit to be desired. I've never tried roasting "real" ones, but it sounds like it might be a good idea! I sure can relate to your chocolate fit - that's what led me to the nasty candy. Now I'm thinking that it would be better to just have a small amount of something good. Just can't bring it in the house, it has to be once and done, not sitting there calling out to me...

Penny, hope that bursitis calms down soon! And yeah, it's time for a whoosh!

Carol, sounds like camping was great fun! It's so cool, your grandkids will always remember that stuff! Good luck with the computer- it's so great you'll be able to see more of your family when they get the webcam going. Sometimes I resent technology, but sometimes it's so awesome, and that will definitely be awesome!

Have a good day everybody!

09-23-2008, 01:33 PM
It's great everyone is back!!! I was worried there yesterday. ;)

Mr Scale is going to get it's butt kicked. There is no way eating 1500 cals a day, and exercising about an hour a day should be little to pathetic weigh loss. I also shouldn't have gained so much over the year since I certainly never evened splurged. So I started the long process of making a dr. appointment and I'm going to ask for every test known for no metabolism. I say long process as my Dr. left the clinic and I chose a new dr. and now she's leaving. I don't want to start with someone that is known to be leaving so I called the clinic to transfer to someone else. That's the long process part as they don't switch drs. A co-worker left that clinic because of a parting of tinking with his dr. and they wouldn't switch him to someone else. So we shall see. I'm supposed to get a call back later today. Oh, the person that officially handles requests like mine is out for 2 weeks so they're making due. :?: I wonder why I hate doctors... But I did make the first step. And Evil Scale was slightly nicer this morning. I also did the 50 minute aerobics again this morning. My heel is killing me and chocolate is calling my name. Bad combo...

Auntie and Judy, it's funny that you both dislike canned beets. I HATE fresh beets. Hate, hate, hate. But I LOVE, love, love diced canned beets. How funny is that. I was reading both of your posts and laughing.

Judy, good job on packing and leave the work this evening and pack some more. I'm sure the work will not disappear if you don't do it immediately (unless it truly is time sensitive and that I understand).

Carol, sounds like you had a great little camping trip. It's great that you're able to do that.

Penny, I hope you start feeling better. I hear Portland has been rainy (sunny down here so I'm not sure). Does that aggravate the bursitis?

auntie, it's taken me a long time (about 47 years as that's my age) to learn that a small portion of perfect food is way more satisfying that a big quantity of yucky. Toss the WW candy out find a little piece of wonderful chocolate. BTW, you get Hungry Girl - do you use almond breeze? I just love that stuff. My mochas are so lo-cal. Yesterday I blended it with about a 1/2 c. of frozen strawberries and a couple equals - voila and incredible shake.

Back to work and the irritating phone...

09-23-2008, 07:00 PM
Wow, it's later than I thought and I have to run meet a friend for dinner and a play, so I'll just say that I did some stress eating--no, stress chowing down--last night. Today I've been okay, but only had time for a 20 minute workout this morning. I will have a hard two weeks ahead! The movers come Sept. 30, and then things will still be in a bit of an uproar for several days as I unpack and deal with minor hassles. My brain feels like the screen on Headline News, too many things going on at once.

I need to find time to read the success thread. I saw that momof4girls went from 230 to 150, and it would be great if I can see photos on her diet log.

Gotta remember to breathe--judy

auntie g
09-23-2008, 08:26 PM
Good evening... Average day, on track but no real exercise. I'm bumming tonight because one of our TVs bit the dust, and I have serious TV issues! Went out to try to pick up a new one and found out that they no longer have any of the old-school big, heavy, cheap ones:o, so we came home without one. Now I have to do some research. Oh, it's so sad! It's not like I have no TV, but on Thursday night I have to tape 3 different shows at the same time, and only have 2 functioning TVs with VCRs. I really should get a life, I suppose...

But in the meantime, I found this lovely picture of Marie, about to beat the scale into submission...

Marie, sorry about that, but I couldn't resist! You're right, though, 1500 cals and so much exercise should absolutely be good enough! I hope you get your doc stuff sorted out fast. So, what do you do with those canned beets? Just eat 'em as they are, or put something on them? I can't say as I've tried to eat them in recent years, I just remember being less than thrilled about them when I was a kid. I do, however love canned peas and mushrooms, and am not at all fond of fresh. I guess there's no accounting for taste... And speaking of taste, the WW candy is outta here! I'll hold out for something better next time. I've never bought Almond Breeze, but maybe I should. When I was in shake mode, I used 8th Continent Light Chocolate soy milk, mixed with Breyer's Free vanilla ice cream - mmmmmmmmm, good stuff! Now it's getting cool enough that I'm not thinking about that for the time being. But just in case, how do you make your mochas?

Congrats on getting in 20 minutes in the midst of upheavel! Remember, this too, shall pass...

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

09-23-2008, 10:13 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: Wow auntie, that is too funny. She's my new hero!!!! I chatted with an old co-worker for about an hour this afternoon about weight gain and no metabolism. He's going to a new dr. who didn't just blow him off. As I'm doctorless at the moment, I called his dr. They're taking new patients by application and I filled out the app and faxed it back. They said about a week. As I have double health insurance I'm thinking I have a good shot at having a new dr. So at least I'm trying. It would b one thing if I kept slipping up, but I haven't gone over 1500 cals since August 5th and I've not missed one day of exercise. 5.5 pounds sounds really odd. At least my friend's dr. ran a battery of tests to try and find out the reason he was nearly having the same problem and the dr. figured it out. I just want a dr. who would be thorough.

Auntie, my mocha recipe...
8 oz unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (40 cals)
1 t. fat free coffee-mate hazelnut (8 cals)
4 oz decaf expresso (I suppose that could swap for the naughty stuff) (2 cals)
1/2 t. diet powdered creamer (5 cals)
1 T. Unsweetened Cocoa (11 cals)
Equal (I like 8 packets at 4 cals each total 32 cals) Splenda - YUCK - could be used I suppose but I hate the stuff
1 T. powered egg white (for protein, doesn't add taste but must be blended - I use a Magic Bullet) (21 cals)

I heat the almond breeze and dash of coffeemate in the nukker wave for 2 minutes. I add everything but the expresso and whip in the Magic Bullet. Unsweetened cocoa can be a pain to mix in (as the egg whites) so the Bullet takes the problem away. Add the freshly brewed expresso and voila. In the summer I do iced. Total cals = 119 and 11.5 grams of protein (as I don't like meat much and pretty much don't like eggs, am deathly allergic to peanut butter I am always trying to find protein). It's the best protein "shake" on earth. :coffee:

Judy, I agree - BREATH!!!!! Sorray about the chow down. You'll find your way back. I have faith in you.

09-23-2008, 10:39 PM
OK Auntie, I printed out the picture on card stock and it's hanging above the scale. I just wanted it to know that I have ideas...:devil:

auntie g
09-23-2008, 11:20 PM
LOL! Sweeeeeet! And thanks for the recipe! I'll have to give that a try one of these days.

09-24-2008, 08:09 AM
Just a quick note I am on the run this a.m. Yesterdays work day was crazy but I didn't over eat so that was the good part. Actually didn't eat enough breakfast stopped at the store for salad greens, went to grab a little bag of baked chips in the isle put them back grabbed peanuts and only had half the serving saving the others for another crazy day. Had fish for dinner, rice a bit higher in cals small portion of leftover mashed pot. and then went of to a jewelry party. Had just 2 crackers and some dip oh I did indulge in a tasty little bitty piece of fudge just had to try it way too sweet..... That was it so all and all could of been a stressful munch day but I kept it under control. Did some extra walking as I parked on the 3rd floor of the hospital to see a client. Oh that was my stress people need to realize some folks in this world are a bit different with the level of their needs. I can't even think of what happens when no one has support. Well by the time 2hrs was up and I left the hospital she was on her way for getting her meds. and extra staff from my company and a student nurse for the night. Hopefully she is only there til thurs. life will be easier and they find a reason for what happened to her very low b. pressure. Now seems fine. Dehydration could be the issue....
So the new director seems to be a bit layed back so far and eager to assist us with hopefully new computers etc. and she does worry about burn out so that might be good.
I will have to jot down the recipe sounds lovely. Marie good idea with switching docs I would be interested in knowing how you make out if you feel like sharing down the road.
Auntie g you are something else with your pictures cracked me up. I have to print it out and I am going to hang mine on the closet door where my scale lives....
Judy your a busy lady hang in there we will get through this week my week ends on thurs I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Penny hows the foot doing? Making any soaps yet I have gift requests for presents for christmas and i am all out for myself maybe will make some next week.