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07-12-2008, 10:15 AM
Ok girls I need some honest opions. I don't know if I'm just really sloppy or if it's just the clothes. Being a size 18 most of my clothes come from Lane Bryant which I love. I find the cutest tops there and love to shop at the store. However, after I have only wore a shirt a couple times it becomes stained. It doesn't take much at all. For example I droped a banna slice on one of them and it left a small mark. Even with stain remover it doesn't come out. This about drives me crazy because I can't keep buying clothes and I don't like anyone elses as much as theirs. Has anyone else had this problem or am I just sloppy.

07-12-2008, 10:31 AM
Food stains happen. Especially on clothes you really like. :D For washable clothes, "Shout" works better for me than other general purpose stain removers. If that doesn't work, I soak the item overnight in an Oxyclean solution. That usually takes out the remaining stain.

07-12-2008, 12:26 PM
The trick is to treat the stain before it goes in the dryer since the heat of the drier often sets the stain permanently.

It has just become a fact with me that food often falls on my "food shelf" - I did notice that as my breasts got bigger more food attached itself to my shirts.

As soon as something falls, try to wash it off with cool water and put a dab of water and some good laundry detergent like Tide on the stain. I use an old toothbrush to work in the detergent. I then use the stain treat setting on the washing machine.

As for avoiding the stain in the first place, you can use a napkin tucked into your neckline (looks dorky but works) or make sure you lean your face over your chest more. I now prefer sitting at a table over a booth at a restaurant simply because of the angle you seem to sit at.

Oh and those little Shout wipes that look like wet naps are very good for wiping clean fresh stains when you're on the go. I did not like the Tide Pen - didn't think it worked anywhere near as good as the Shout wipes and the Tide pen has a nasty smell to it.

07-12-2008, 01:44 PM
My mother swears by Dawn dish soap. She will put it on the stain, rub it in and let it set. Sometimes she will rinse it out in cold water, I think mainly to see if it is working and needs treated again. She does this on my eight year old's clothes, and it seems to work. My clothes, on the other hand, are so old and worn, I don't bother treating the stains anymore. lol.

As for me being a slob, it's only if I have a nice top on. Mainly it's my 'dressy' stuff that seems to attract stains. I could wear a new t-shirt every day of the week and nothing. Put on a dress top and things just fly to my shirt. lol. Okay, not quite that bad, but that is the way it feels some days.

07-12-2008, 10:44 PM
Thanks for the advice guys!

I just got really annoyed this morning when all my cute stuff had stains on them.

Then my hubby was really sweet and said "don't worry about you are going
to have to get new clothes soon anyway".

07-13-2008, 09:26 PM
The dawn dish liquid is awesome but try something like lemon joy. It's easier on the material and doesn't fade the colors as bad.