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07-11-2008, 10:06 AM
Good Morning and Happy Friday to all of those that work.

Can't believe no one has started the thread yet, I figured someone would have already been on for sure. Then again if all you dang lushes were drinking last night you probably won't be on here all day. Some people, hee,hee. I asked my hubby last night if he thought one of the ladies in my small group would be offended if I ordered a Strawberry Margarita today at our lunch at the Mex. place. He said I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking it. HUH?

I got a good run in last night, I went out to the CC course and ran that seemed to help my legs a little bit, not quite the pounding they would take on the road. I went ahead and did my lunges and squats and stuff while I was out there, all alone, no kids. It was like a glimpse of heaven.

poppy, do you seriously want pics? I can take some and post them if you're serious. I would much rather brag about my flowers than the house stuff. I'm sort of an outdoorsy girl.

kerry, I'm thinking about you

Alicia, I like to buy stuff for my yard, flowers, dirt, mulch. Yeah, my standards have gotten pretty low.

I have small group lunch today, and I know I'm gonna eat bad, so my plan is to cut out my late afternoon snack and ride my bike instead. Then tonight after little man's baseball game I'll probably ride it again and give myself the day off from running. We're going to grill out turkey burgers,turkey brats and corn tonight, so dinner shouldn't be too much of a disaster.

Gotta Go, try to check in later, but....



07-11-2008, 10:08 AM
Don't know if someone is doing this too but here goes...

07-11-2008, 10:09 AM
I started one at the same time....how can I remove that?

07-11-2008, 10:14 AM
Thanks Erin ~ I needed that! I need all of the willpower that I can get...

Mama ~ I can *so* relate to what you wrote about yesterday. I do so well with my exercise and feel "off" all day if I don't get it in. However, my eating isn't good. I lost 11 lbs. in 3 weeks with WW so I know that I can do this. I just have to do the work ~ all of the work and quit trying to look for the easy way out.

I love this saying: motivations gets you started but habits keep you going.

Hope that everyone has a great day! I have a bunch of stuff to do around here before we leave to go out of town tomorrow.

07-11-2008, 10:19 AM
Mornin' Trish. I love my flowers too:). So funny how the nursery (or Home Depot) is one of the first places that I go when I have a little spare cash. Sure didn't see that day comin'! We've had lots of rain and the flowers and plants are going nuts. BTW ~ order a margarita. I think your DH is right. Your friend won't be offended. Now, if you order 3 or 4, maybe LOL.

07-11-2008, 10:25 AM
Sounds like all of you had an excellent dessert last night. I like those Smirnoff twist things...especially the raspberry...yum. I am gearing up for a yard sale in a few weeks...Once we finish all of our travel and are finally here. As soon as Allicen is done with something, I am ready to sell it. Knowing that there won't be another baby makes me just want to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible.

Kerry- I was sorry to hear of all the issues with your husband. I will be thinking of you. I hope these things can be resolved. I am sure all that emotion and stress can't be good for the eating either...at least I know I would be eating alot under those conditions.

Lauren- I hope things are going well with you and you find sucess with your new meds.

Alicia- How did the day of beauty go? Kids were well behaved I am sure and I will bet your hair looks fabulous!

Mama- We didn't get rid of Nate's binky (pacifer) until he was 2 1/2 just in January. I told him it broke and got him a really nasty, big plastic one that he refused to use! Hope you are feeling better soon...who couldn't resist peanut butter cups?

Gracesmom- Totally understand about the house...with an almost 3 and 4 month, I can't keep up with anything let alone a serious cleaning...we are just lucky if it looks picked up!

Irish- Congrats on the WW...I do that too and when I follow it, it works...I got the Next Move DVD from them and it is awesome! Weights and movements and I better be looking good by Christmas!

Poppy- Sounds like you are holding out until September, are you actively looking for a better position for that time or plan on looking closer to the time?

Trish- Good morning. Hope your lunch goes well...margarita sounds great...I usually don't drink around those from my church b/c I never know how they are going to react. I don't see a problem with a drink here and there but I never want to offend anyone.

GG- HOpe you find the motivation you need soon...I find it very hard to exercise in the am...I love my bed too much. I try to do it in the evening no matter what...doesn't always happen though so I understand where you are coming from.

Sunshine, Christina, KarenK, Fergi, Pam and all the others- Hello! Hope you are anticipating a wonderful weekend!

07-11-2008, 11:01 AM
Hi All! :wave:

I merged us all together! :) Day one on Adderall 5 mg. :crossed: Have a great day all!

07-11-2008, 11:26 AM
Morning Everyone,
I am in a much better mood today. I think alot of my problems with my dh here lately have been issues of money, (since we don't have the extra income in the summer from my afterschool job),stress about finances, how he let's his ex-wife run our lives sometimes, he tends to forgot that I haven't felt up to par with my headaches and thinks I can do everything like normal, and he did admit to me that his dad died on the 7th 12 years ago and that brings up memories of his dad (good and bad ones) of his childhood. His dad abused his mom and his siblings and him, so he has to fight through those feelings at times. I have been good about ignoring them at times, but when it is close to TOM or I don't feel good, I tend to want to fight back and give him the cold shoulder then. He did go get counseling for the issues with his dad. But at times he lets those issues out of the bag so to speak and dwells on them. Plus we don't normally spend a lot of time together during the school year, since I am gone during the day, and then he is gone some during the evenings. So we spend way to much time together during the summer and get on each other's nerves at times. Does any of these make sense to you all?
Trish hope you enjoy your lunch today! Go ahead and order one marigrita. I don't think that is going to hurt you. Sounds like you have a good plan for your excerise today.
Alicia, I am with you on buying the cleaning supplies. It is just breaking down to use them that kills me at times. LOL So how did the haircut go? Enjoy your day of appointments. I know that all my appointments here lately have been in the early mornings too.
Erin, is it this weekend that you are going camp? Enjoy your trip. Where are you going? Sounds like you enjoy your new dvd. I am sure that you will look great by Christmas time. Very lean and well toned! Sometimes when I am stressed I want to eat, but not here lately. So I guess that is a good thing.
Joan congrats on the 11 pounds lost so far. Keep up the good work! Hope you get everything done before you leave to go out of town.
Karen sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. Hope today is a little bit slower for you. Is Cassie walking on her foot yet?
Lauren so how are you today? Did you start your new Rx yet? My sds started taking it in May and has lost 14 pounds as a side bonus. He is starting to slim down and grow taller now. He seems to be doing fine on it. He says that he is as hunger as he use to be.
Toni, sounds like you enjoyed your time at the park yesterday with the kids. Especially meeting another mommy. I bet that made your day. Sounds like you are really doing well on your excerising. Just like it probably took you a couple weeks to get into a routine with that, it will be the same way with your eating. Don't beat yourself up over the Reese's. Just a little bump in the road. Today is a new day!
GG, sorry work was so insane for you yesterday. Hope today goes better for you. Do you have any time off this weekend?
Hi to everyone else! I need to go and get ready to work out. I hope that helps with my cramps this morning a little bit. Guess who decided to appear in my life this morning? You guessed it, AF. Atleast I don't feel like eating junk food this time around. Atleast not yet.
I will check back in with everyone later. Have a wonderful Friday!
Take care,

07-11-2008, 01:43 PM
good morning ladies, thanks for all the support :D Today I WILL stay OP!!!!!!

Lauren, good luck with the new meds, let us know how they work out.

Kerry, glad things are going better today, it is definitely an adjustment for our whole family when school gets out, and our kids aren't even in school! Just different work schedules and what not. DH goes from being SAHD to working full time and I go the other direction. Expectations can create a lot of stress in our relationship. Sorry about your DH's dad, that must be a difficult thing to have to work through.

Erin, I hear you on the whole not having another baby thing, once Aylin outgrows something...out of the house it goes. We have a friend who has a 6 mo. little girl, so she get inundated with boxes from me. :D That is a great idea about the huge plastic pacifier! I can just imagine the look on Zadock's face if I presented him with it. :lol:

Joan, thanks for the understanding. Maybe we can help keep each other accountable. It helps to know someone else has BTDT.

Trish, is your small group a church group? I would also be inclined to order the drink, but it really depends on the people in the group and the type of group. I would also like to see some pictures...of anything...hair, flowers, whatever! :)

07-11-2008, 02:15 PM
TGIF everyone!!!!!!! :carrot:

I'm looking forward to a great weekend! :) We have nothing majored planned but there's always something to do. Of course there's always housework, yardwork, shopping, laundry, etc.

May you all have a fantabulous weekend!!! :cheer:

07-11-2008, 02:16 PM
Sunshine, Christina, KarenK, Fergi, Pam and all the others- Hello! Hope you are anticipating a wonderful weekend!

Thanks! I am and hope you do the same. :)

07-11-2008, 03:31 PM
Kerry ~ I can understand how you feel. I have great kids and I love being with them, however, I'm ready for school to start! People treat you how you let them so don't let DH get by with treating you lousy. 12 years is a long time to still be holding onto baggage.

Hi Sunshine ~ welcome!

Toni ~ LOL at your getting rid of stuff. I did the same thing after our third child. The only thing that I've kept is the crib. Even though I know that we're finished, I just can't get rid of it yet.

To all of the ones with little ones... reading your notes from yesterday and how hard it is to take them places made me realize how much easier my life has gotten! I take all three to the pool 2 or 3 times a week now because it's gotten so easy and relaxing. My oldest was 4 1/2 when I had #3 and looking back now, it all seems to have gone by so fast. I remember attempting the pool once by myself when all three when the baby was at the toddler stage ~ forget that. Next time I insisted that DH accompany me! Enjoy!!!! These are such precious days...

Got my exercise in but those peanut m & m's in the pantry keep calling my name! DH knows that I love them and he brought me home a bag last night. I've been giving them to the kids just so there will be less for me to eat LOL. Talk to everyone later ~ Joan

lois lane
07-11-2008, 03:32 PM
Afternoon ladies!

Joan, where is your trip to? Im not sure if you already said and I missed it.

Trish, do share pics of your garden, you're always working in it, I'm sure its a beauty.

Erin, you have more travelling coming up. Last summer I was like that, this year has been quieter though.

Kerry, spending to much time with anyone can start to ware on ones nerves. Funny, I always hear about mother daughter/relationships being rough. I think the same is true for father/sons.

Toni, you're kids have very cool names! It just registered with me :D

Hey to everyone else!

I did get a haircut yesterday, luckily I met dh and he took ds home with him! We went to the ortho today, we were only there for all of 10 mins. Then we went to get breakfast. I don't know what has been wrong with me but I've been psycho mom lately. The kids were fighting about where they were gonna sit at the restraunt and neither one would sit down. They are 9 and 13, not 2 and 3. Okay, so thanks for letting me vent! I think I just feel overwhelmed with feeling I have to get everything done on my 3 days.

I must go now get some chores done. Hope all are having a great day!

07-11-2008, 04:16 PM

I'm fairly new to this board. I've been back and forth to this board for a few years now. I yo-yo alot. I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys 15, 8, & 7. I've been dieting since I was 15, I am now 36. As an adult I have been as low as 125 and as high as 170. Right now I am about 161, my current goal is about 140. I had bulimia for a bit when I was about 30, gestational diabetes with all three of my pregnancies. I guess you can say I'm just a mess! LOL! It would be nice to find a stopping point and just stay there. I've been on Welbutrin for about a year now, lost about 15 pounds when I first started it, but had no problem putting it back on.

I've done pretty good the past few days, just logging what I've been eating, and I've done walk away the pounds both days. 2 miles yesterday and 3 miles today. My problem mostly is that I binge at night after my kids go to bed. If I could just control that, I think I would be okay. I would like some accountability so that's why I came here. Well anyways, sorry for rambling, but thanks for listening!

07-11-2008, 05:43 PM
Welcome Angela! Love the name. "Javamommy" describes quite a few of us on this board:). There are a few others on the board that battle bulimia. I hope that you find what you need here.

Alicia ~ we are off to Oklahoma until Tuesday. FIL lives there. They have a pool and horses so the kids are super excited. We just got back from the library. I needed to get some good poolside reads:).

07-11-2008, 06:09 PM
Afternoon everyone,
Welcome Angela! You have come to a great place for support and accountability. Look forward to getting to know you. Glad you came to our group! :) I love the Walk Away The Pounds videos. I have a lot of them. I switch them up and they seem to be helping me firm up and tone my body.
So Joan what books did you get for your trip? I am currently reading One Small Thing. It is about a lady who wants a baby and can't get pregrant. Then finds out her dh has a 10 year-old son. So far it is really good. Have a safe trip!
Alicia, sounds like you have a busy 3 days off. Hope you got your chores done! I know what you mean about the kids. My stepkids fight over the computer and the tv remote all the time. It is like come on grow up and take your turn. You are not 3 or 4 and have to throw temper tantrums. You are 10 and 12.
Toni, so how is your day of staying OP going? I hope well. I did tell my dh that he was going to have to take me to the DQ tonight for a small hot fudge sundae with peanuts. When it is that TOM, that is the only time I crave ice cream. So I guess that is a good thing. Plus after I have it once, I don't want it again until a few months later. So what did you do for excerise today?
Sunshine, enjoy your weekend too. We really don't have anything major plan ourselves. We are going to a benfit dinner tomorrow for our friends daughter's softball team. Plus maybe to the fairgrounds to watch the harness racing. Other than that just relaxing and getting my workouts in.
Fergi, how did your day go today? How has your eating been for the week? I have been thinking about you! Sending positive thoughts your way. :)
Hanna how have you been doing this week? Did you rest up after your busy weekend? How is Sean doing? Miss chatting with you.
GG hope work went well for you. How many weeks before you go to Italy? I bet that is going to be a wonderful vacation.
Trish how was your lunch with the ladies today? So did you have your margrita?
Hi to everyone else! Hope you have a good evening!
Take care,

07-11-2008, 06:16 PM
Hi Chicks,

I am really enjoying reading this thread every day.

I hope everyone has GREAT on plan weekend!

I decided to buy a new scale. I got one for $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond (I got a $10 coupon in the mail a few days ago and I had a $20 store credit from last year). It is a "Salter" and only gives weight, no body fat, water, memory things. Anyway I am 140.8 which I am definitely counting as a loss. It feels awesome to be moving in the right direction.

07-11-2008, 06:18 PM
Angela, :welcome2: and :hug: to you for coming on here and being so honest. I struggled with Anorexia and Bulimia in college (mostly bulimia) and still do every so often. I am a huge emotional eater and have a hard time controlling it sometimes. Have you checked out the "chicks in control" forum here on 3FC? Lost of good people there who might have advice for those night binges. I found that sometimes counting calories helps keep me from going over board...sometimes...:) I have also found that when I feel like binging I can come on here and "chat" with people who understand. I have started a sticker system for myself about 3 weeks ago b/c I was having a hard time exercising. I put a sticker on our family calendar (in a very well-trafficked area) every day I do at least 30 min of exercise. I have officially only missed 1 day in the last 3 weeks! I think part of me really likes seeing that nice little row of stickers and not wanting to miss a day...I'm kinda anal retentive that way I suppose. :lol: Anyway, I am a total convert to it now! :D Stickers for all!!! :carrot::carrot: (DH was asking me if he could put a special sticker on the calendar every time we had sex!:o) could just imagine some one walking by and asking "so what are those stickers for?" :lol: Anyway, just thought that maybe you could try to give yourself a sticker every binge-free day. :dunno: Everybody likes stickers...:D

Sorry for the novel. I got a little carried away...:o

07-11-2008, 06:30 PM
I think 4 of us posted at the same time!!! :lol:

Kerry, Thanks for asking. :) I have done well today. I made the kids waffles for breakfast and we put homemade ice cream and a little syrup on them...delicious :hun: I had a half a waffle with nothing on it and finished up the kids' leftovers (something I have a really hard time with, I hate wasting food, but don't really need to be eating it). I figure it is better to "waste" the food than "waist" the food, but sometimes it is hard anyway. I feel good about what I have eaten and that is the big thing for me. For my exercise today, I am going to do a new pilates video as soon as I get off here. DD is napping so I have about an hour or so to squeeze it in.

Alicia, thanks for the compliment on the names, I wanted original ones...have so many associations with the common ones from teaching. We found out after she was born that Aylin means "moon halo", thought that was pretty. We just liked the sound of it and I though it would be fun to have an "A" and a "Z" :)

Joan, have a great trip! Had to laugh at you feeding the M&M's to your kids, I have been known to make an apple pie for DH, then encourage him to eat all of it that day so it won't sit around tempting me. :D

Gonna go try that new video, have a great friday everyone! :carrot:

07-11-2008, 09:16 PM
Hey all...one last check in before bed...

Toni- the sex sticker is a hilarious concept...sometimes I don't think that my hubby gets I can't have one more person touching me at the end of the day...school kids, my own kids and then he wants to grab too...I just can't take it sometimes!

Sounds like others are doing well too...enjoy your trip Joan...I am sure you will have fun. We have this weekend at home and then we are on the go again. I saved up all my points for dinner tonight and had a thin crust veggie pizza...yummy...but so good I had to move into my flex points too...oh well, that is what they are there for! Take care all, Erin

07-11-2008, 11:36 PM
evening all...work was fairly busy. I was on the 7th straight day of working. I'm wiped out...but the good thing is..i have the whole weekend off...woohooo. Its been a while since i've had a full weekend off. Tomorrow, i'm going to get up and go ride the pony, then i'm going with DH to watch him race his car. Not exactly overly exciting..but i know he enjoys my company.

java-welcome...we are glad to have newbies. And many of us share you love for java...many of us can't unction without it LOL

Kar- glad to hear things are better. Finances are always a stresser..but i always find it better to talk things out..deosn't help if ou cant talk.
as for the trip to Tuscany...just over 4 wks...i cant' wait..but god i've got a ton to do before i go and so little time LOL.

hey to everyone else..i'm off to go to sleep. take care...check back n tomorrow.

07-12-2008, 12:16 AM
Hey all... Welcome Angela!! Trish, yeah I want pictures!!! Bring 'em on!

I had such a busy day today. I don't work on Fridays so I went out with my daughter and my mom for lunch (sushi) and then we went shopping. I got 3 new tops, my mom got 2 and my daughter got 2. We went to Marshall's Home Goods which is way too much fun. Their prices are amazing!! I had to buy one of the shirts in a 2X... bleah.

Then my son (age 15) wanted to go to the mall and hang out so I dropped him off there while hubby made dinner. Then after dinner, I did manage to get a nice long walk in with my doggy. She is loving my new lifestyle too!! LOL Then I spent time updating my fitday food and activity logs.

Now I'm off to bed... nitey nite all!! :)

lois lane
07-12-2008, 12:31 AM
Hey all!

Just wanted to say hi before I go back to work tomorrow. I would like to post individuals but I'm pooped tonight, sorry. Had a crazy day. The 4 wheeler was stolen...we found it, we actually think DH's "friend" took it. My daughters "appliance" is falling out of her mouth, I'll have to take her Tues morn when I get off work to have it fixed. Just a crazy, crazy afternoon. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Hello to all the newbies, this is a great place and everyone here is wonderful!

Talk later everyone!

07-14-2008, 10:53 PM
Hi Sunshine ~ welcome!

Thanks! ;)

07-14-2008, 10:55 PM
Sunshine, enjoy your weekend too. We really don't have anything major plan ourselves. We are going to a benfit dinner tomorrow for our friends daughter's softball team. Plus maybe to the fairgrounds to watch the harness racing. Other than that just relaxing and getting my workouts in.

Thanks! I did! ;)