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07-11-2008, 07:38 AM
:coffee: I'm running later than usual. DS stopped by to pick up some tools, and stayed for a coffee and some breakfast. He's been wanting to go to the shore, too, so we decided we're going on Sunday.

It's going to be another picture-perfect day, a carbon copy of yesterday. :) I'm going to clean the house this morning and run a few errands, and when Jake gets home we're going to The Green Dragon. Since Nessa mentioned it last week, I've been wanting to get up there again. :) We'll probably stop somewhere on the way home for supper. Monica and the girls may come out later to spend the night, I'm going to urge them to stay for the whole week and do day trips together.

07-11-2008, 07:52 AM
Hello Cottage and everyone else just waking up on that side of the globe!
Well it's a beautiful breezy day in rural India... I was just out raking my yard and getting ready to do some yoga... 2 more days of phase 1...I don't feel too bad. I went for a nice walk yesterday, (actually 2 one with dogs and one w/o)...I haven't been doing much exercise lately though I know I need to. I felt great when I did yoga regularly, So I think I'm going to make a commitment to unroll my matt each day this week and do min. 10 minutes yoga warm ups... and see if I can work back up to 1 hour routine.
Have a great day!

07-11-2008, 07:52 AM
Quick good morning. I need to wake and feed the three dogs who got along really well last night. Then I'm off for footcare, bloodwork and COFFEE! See y'all later.

07-11-2008, 08:33 AM
Good morning ladies!

It's a be-you-tee-full morning here today. Short day of work, then off to check out a local school for our 5 year old. We moved to an excellent school system, and all of a sudden, we're considering the local christian school for the first several years. Still can't decide....we obviously want what's best for him.

Day at work, interview the school, then probably work out with the hubby at the Y (or go on a hike!!).

Have a great day!!

07-11-2008, 09:00 AM
good morning all,

Cottage-a trip to the shore enjoy

Indigal-glad you had a good day. Hope to enjoy your evening

Ruth-Good morning you wake up busy!

TwynnB-Good luck with the school interview. Our children go to charter schools until high school.

Rain glorious rain came down last night and now everything is wet and puddled. Got up this morning and did one of three of my morning laps and the glasses were wet and so was the motivator. Funny my retreiver mix does not like getting wet. I guess I will get out the weights and wear them for awhile and call it my exercise today. DD2's bday is today she is so excited and has many plans. That is about it everyone have a great day and a safe one too.

07-11-2008, 09:05 AM
hello it's nessa the one legged wonder.

my ankle failed me again yesterday so it's boot and crutches today. :mad:

no workout yesterday
no workout today or probably for the whole freaking weekend.

at work.
not happy.

07-11-2008, 09:27 AM
Morning girlies!

Cottage, hope you have another picture-perfect day!

Hi Indi! Keep up the good work!

HI RUTHIE! BYE RUTHIE! Have a good day!

Twynn, good luck picking a school! We wanted to put Little Guy in a Christian school here because of the curriculum but just can't afford it yet. We should be able to afford it by 1st grade, but it's going to be public school for Kindergarten. At least the district we live in has one of the better public grade schools in town. Hope it all works out for you!

Sunflower, happy birthday to DD2! Hope you have a glorious day!

Nessa, so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you heal quickly and get back into a normal routine.

As for me, Tom had a brilliant idea last night. We went to bed at 9:21pm. Holy cow did that make a difference! We both woke up at 6:40, ready for the day. It's so nice to not have an alarm scare the crap out of my sleep cycle and leave me tired the rest of the day.

So, I'm sipping my green tea and enjoying the morning. Little Guy even decided to NOT get up the second he heard a mouse fart somewhere in the house, so we get to watch the news a little and talk before it's time for everyone to get moving, making breakfast, showering, and starting the day.

Looking forward to the weekend!!!! I need a day off. I hope all others are having a fabulous day!


07-11-2008, 09:38 AM
Good Morning Chicks! Shaping up to be a hot one here with heat indexes near 100!

Indi I know what you mean about yoga, I love it, it is the one form of exercise I seem to be able to stick to!

Nessa so sorry to hear you are down again, hope you have a speedy recovery!

I won some tickets on ebay yesterday for the Nascar race in Chicago tomorrow night. I was a little worried because the auction had no views and no bids and the seller wasn't rated but I took my chances anyway and won as the only bidder. Turns out it was the way she had it listed that wasn't getting any views. She emailed me and was a very nice lady who has family down here. I really lucked out there. We are so excited but it is supposed to rain tomorrow so I have booked a room in case they end up having to run it Sunday. I was really looking forward to a night race but doesn't look like that is going to be the case.

Oh and remember how I was crying monday that for the first time I had seen my redline? (115.6) Todays weight is 110.6, oh our crazy bodies, and it wasn't TOM weight because that was 2 weeks ago. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

Alright gotta start my day, boss was out sick yesterday and although I can hold the fort pretty well on my own there are somethings I need him to catch up on today! Have a good one ladies!

07-11-2008, 09:53 AM
Wow everyone is up early today! It is Friday finally, we have been too busy at work and I am tired and ready for the weekend.

Cottage- enjoy a trip to the shore

Ruth- hope the bloodwork turns out good

Indi- I need to start doing yoga as well for flexibility body feels so good afterwards

Twynn- my 5 year old starts Kindgergarten this year as well, we are lucky that we live in a great school district that has great teachers so she will going to public school, it is a hard decision to make deciding good luck

Phxsunflower and Weezle- Have a great day

Nessa- Sorry to hear about your leg- hope it feels better soon

Pacergal- Glad to hear the scale has moved down for you.

As for me work today and then tomorrow first thing take Mac to the vet for yearly check up and then we are having a combined birthday party for my two dd lots of kids but should be fun. Have a great day

07-11-2008, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Ladies!!! Happy Friday!!!

Cottage - So glad that you were able to talk everyone in going to the shore. Have a fantastic time.

Indigal - Good job committing to getting out the yoga mat. That commitment is the first step to exercising on a regular basis, which we all need.

Ruth - HI......BYE!!!! Hope all is well today!

Twynnb - It's got to be nice to have a supportive dh in this process. I would LOVE for my dh to be motivated to work out with me, but alas....not going to happen this week.

phxsunflower - Rain - Good, Wet Dog - not so good. That's too funny that your retriever mix doesn't like the water. Growing up we had a Labrador Retriever that we couldn't keep out of the water. Good idea, however, to put the weights on.

Nessa - You poor thing. You're body just seems to be a mess some times. Hang in's got to get better.

Weezle - Glad to hear that you have a little peace and quiet this morning. I hope it lasts as long as you'd like it to.

Stephanie - Have fun at the races this weekend. Sounds like a blast.

Pearlrose - Have a good day running all of your errands!

ME - So I'm headed out to Palm Springs this afternoon with a friend from work. It's going to be so hot, but there's the a/c and pools and such. Don't quite know what's planned, but it should be a really good time. Last night's dinner was a bust, the food was really meh, so we ended up stopping at one of our favorite restaurants on the way home and had a cheese plate for dessert. Not necessarily on program, but not full of sugar either.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....try to stay cool and dry!

07-11-2008, 10:26 AM
It's Friday and I only have to work a few hours and then I am outta here.

Cottage enjoy your day

Twynn good luck with the school situation

Nessa :hug:

lisa remember rest is good for you

Stephanie it's almost like winning the lottery - you won tickets and the scale was good to you - Congrats

Heather enjoy your weekend

07-11-2008, 10:27 AM
Good morning chicks, how happy are we that it's Friday!
We had a nice evening last night, the kids enjoyed their horseback riding lessons, then we went and had picnic dinner at the pool. Kids came home and watched a movie and by bedtime DS was running a fever and said he was nauseous. Don't know what's up with him, but he slept okay and hasn't gotten up yet so hopefully he slept it off. Just a normal work day around here, then to Grandma's for pizza and the kids will probably sleep over if DS is okay. Don't look forward to that so much anymore now that DH is gone, it used to mean alone time, now it just means I'm alone in the house. Haven't heard anymore news from DH but assuming he made it to Norway or I would have heard otherwise.

cottage, all this talk of the Green Dragon, I am going to have to look into it! Let me know if your day trips bring you out my way!
Pearl, a birthday party, how I've come to dread those! Hope the birthday girls have a great day!
Steph, those are the ebay bargains, the ones that don't get listed well. When I'm searching I always do a search for common mis-spellings, I've gotten some good stuff that way! If you can afford to take the chance on something, it can really pay off (or the other way around :(). Have fun at your race.
weezle, sound like being a mommy suits you! Hope the rest of your day is as nice.
Night-night, indigal, I heart yoga! I only do it sporadically but everytime I do I think that I must get into a regular routine.
Hi phx, happy birthday to DD!
Oh no Nessa, not the boot again! Poor baby.
Good luck finding a school you like Twynn. I am so lucky to have the best elementary school in the world two blocks away.
Ruth, you and the doggage have a great day!

LOL, hmac and gonna, this simulposting is becoming a habit! Hope you ladies have a great day!

07-11-2008, 11:23 AM
Melanie - You would think Robert would have grown up by now since he turned 52 this week but age doesn't equate with maturity. Brian will be 11 next week and would probably love the Wii if I can find one. I tried two more WalMarts, a Target, a Best Buy and a Circuit City and they are all out of the Wii and WiiFit. I did go ahead and get him the remote control DragonFly so he will have something in case I can't find one.

schmoodle - I hope your son feels better today.

nessa - Sorry about the ankle.

everyone else - Have a great Friday! :)

Me - Brian finished making his woven stool for his Basketry merit badge. Now he just needs to read up on some of the stuff and meet with his merit badge counselor. It was really cute how he sat on the steps of the pool with the reeds in the water to weave it.

I stayed up late but still have 3 pages to go on my flip chart. It takes so long to measure out lines and write the text neatly. I just got the last article so I need to finish the Gazette and get it to the course director to print for tomorrow and then I need to get some more work done.

07-11-2008, 11:25 AM
Talked to the doc and I'm not pregnant, not anemic, not diabetic, thyroid is fine ao the only other thing it could be is pre menopausal - I'm 31.

07-11-2008, 11:39 AM
Talked to the doc and I'm not pregnant, not anemic, not diabetic, thyroid is fine ao the only other thing it could be is pre menopausal - I'm 31.

ugh... sorry... 31 is young to start... i'm 48 and not done yet...

me: called the doc for pain pills... he will see me at 12:45. y.longer.


07-11-2008, 11:47 AM
What type of surgery do you need?

07-11-2008, 11:57 AM
i need to have the Osteochondritis dissecans in my ankle removed.

it's a piece of cartilidge that died after the original ankle surgery in 2001 and has lodged in my joint.... it causes severe pain, swelling, the joint locks up and gives way... did i mention the severe pain???

the doc will go in remove the bone cyst scrape the joint and fill it with cadaver bone....

after age 60 and when i get to goal weight, the joint will be replaced with an artificial joint.

07-11-2008, 11:58 AM
Hi everyone! I'm here, but not really! Busy, busy, busy in the office. I will check back in tomorrow when I have time to breath!!

07-11-2008, 02:00 PM
Nessa- Sounds like a big deal, hopefully everything works out. My mom is dealing with a bum ankle as well, she broke it as a teenager and it wasn't properly set. She still has the pins in it from when it was set - she's 58 now. She's thinking of having an artificial ankle "installed" because the pain is so intense sometimes...but it won't help her mobility as much as she once thought.


Last night DH ended up having to tutor a student, so we weren't able to go to dinner with SIL. We rescheduled for tonight - same pizza place. Thankfully I'm still not very hungry today as the heat is just unbearable. The only thing I can think of eating is frozen grapes...and they just don't freeze fast enough.

SIL is coming over afterwards to get some math help for her ACT that she is taking tomorrow. I think it is rather late notice...but whatever. Thankfully, my efforts earlier in the week haven't been completely foiled and I just need to pick up DS' room a little, vacuum and swish the bathroom toilets out.

07-11-2008, 02:21 PM
Nessa, that's a shame about your ankle. Hopefully the doctor will give you something good to alleviate the pain until your surgery. Good luck!

Schmoodle, I'm not quite sure where you live? But it would be fun to try to get together someplace mid-way between us. ;) PM me if you're interested, and perhaps we can arrange something. Nessa and anyone else is welcome, too. :)

I finally got my car all vacuumed out and shampooed the upholstery. It looks brand new again! I don't know how those kids can make such a mess in the backseat, but after this there will be no more eating in the car!!!!! I know I've said it before, but I really mean it this time. My new glasses came in today, too, so I ran down to the mall to pick them up and got lured into Macy's for their one-day-only sale. :devil: I was sorely tempted to splurge, but I only bought a really cute nightie that was reduced from $78 to $16.50! :) Now I'm waiting for Jake to get home so we can go to the Amish farm market.

07-11-2008, 02:28 PM
OMG I googled the Green Dragon and it looks so fun! Have you guys found great stuff there? I'm afraid I would spend so much money! It's 100 miles from me, so do-able for a day trip. I am definitely going to get out there this summer.

Hey Nessa, would you re-post that picture of us at the wine festival? You posted it before and I wanted to download it, but it got lost in the great 3fc crash of May I think. Or you could e-mail it to me, PM me if you'd rather do that.
Hope the doctor can get you in and fixed soon.

07-11-2008, 02:48 PM
TGIF!! :)

Getting in some computer time before I have to run and pick up my daughter from summer school. My cousin wants my youngest son to hang out with her and her little boy this weekend. He's all packed up and ready to go! :D

I have a few errands to run. After that, my daughter and I "plan" to get our hooves(toenails) and claws(fingernails) done. We've been trying to get a medi/pedi all week. If all else fails, we'll go early in the morning tomorrow or Sunday.

Hope you all are having a fantabulous Friday! May your weekend be a blast! ;)

07-11-2008, 04:08 PM
Rain glorious rain came down last night and now everything is wet and puddled. Got up this morning and did one of three of my morning laps and the glasses were wet and so was the motivator. Funny my retreiver mix does not like getting wet. I guess I will get out the weights and wear them for awhile and call it my exercise today. DD2's bday is today she is so excited and has many plans. That is about it everyone have a great day and a safe one too.

If you don't live in the desert you just can't understand how w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l a rainy day is. It started raining on the NW side of Tucson about 2:00 this morning and to my amazement it was still raining when we got up at 5:30. I had planned on going in and hit the treadmill but I elected to open the sliding glass door, fix myself a cup of coffee and just enjoy the pitter patter of rain in the puddles and smell the fresh, moist air. Fortunate for my boss it stopped raining by the time I had to get ready for work or I might still be sitting there. I would have ventured out onto the patio but the cushions were wet and I didn't want to waste time drying things off (afraid it would stop and I'd miss the opportunity of savoring the moment). I never imagined I could miss rainy days having grown up in NY State.

Now I'm going to have to kick myself into gear and make sure I workout after I get home this evening. Never a good idea for me to put that off, I'm such a morning person and so lazy when I get home at night.

07-11-2008, 06:42 PM
GONNA, oy. I don't know what much else to say but that. I'm sorry though. That's awfully young. Sometimes I feel like I'm either pre-menopausal or back to being a 13 year old girl, but it's nothing like what you're going through. Let us know what they'll do for you. :grouphug:

07-11-2008, 11:45 PM
It's a beautiful morning here in rural India! I did 30 minutes of yoga yesterday and dusted off my weights... Then this morning I did 30 minutes weight lifting! Woo-hoo! I feel great! I wouldn't let myself turn on computer till I did my workout. I also had pics taken today, front, side and back... my before set.(pre exercise routine and tommorrow I start phase 2) I have to run, get ready for work. Have a good evening everyone!

07-12-2008, 01:05 AM
I just downloaded my before pics on to the computer. I nearly cried...:( But then that's why I'm here... I think I'll take monthly pics to remind me and motivate me.:carrot: