Weight Loss Support - Nothing changes if nothing changes!

03-22-2002, 11:06 AM
Hi all,
Im new to this site and I think its great, Its nice to read how much support you all have for eachother, I just wanted to share with you something somebody said to me "Nothing changes if nothing changes"that was on my first night at my slimming world class 9 weeks ago, since then I have lost just under 3 stones! , Now that I have realized that no one is going to do this for me Im off my butt doing it and I feel great!! I still have a long way to go but now I know my bum wont change unless I do !!! good luck all!

03-24-2002, 01:21 PM
welcome Avianne

I just love your little quote. Isn't that the truth.
Change.... we all want our weight to change... but few of us ever wanted to change our eatting habits. One won't change without the other.

Good luck on your journey.