South Beach Diet - It seems that I'm clothing-size illiterate... So confused in Walmart last night...

Fat Melanie
07-07-2008, 05:16 PM
Well I went in Walmart yesterday to buy some stuff to hang in the closet until I've lost weight, (they've got those $5 and $3 sales going on), and I found myself incredibly confused.

I haven't bought anything new in awhile, when I did, I deliberately got XL's (although they were a bit too big) to make sure the shirts went over my hips. They were fashionable, but went over my hips. I'm not sure which section I bought these shirts from.

Well there was sales everywhere and the female clothing department is all in one place pretty much, it's not that divided, so you can walk from one 'section' to the other without even noticing that you have. Anyhow, I found the most adorable sky blue "shorty" shorts and a gorgeous shirt in the "juniors" department. My friend told me that juniors meant teens. Well, the junior clothing was more suited to my style (most of us in our early 20's dress like girls in high school, for the most part, where I live.) I decided to get juniors medium (they listed this as 7-9) and save the tops for when I've lost weight. At 18 I was able to fit into junior mediums but then some of the juniors large stuff too (and I wasn't fat.) So I figured that when I lose the weight I need to lose I would probably be the size I was then? But then after leaving I thought, wait, I've grown like two inches since then... grrr.. I have no idea.

Then we found ourselves in the "ladies" department where I found two hoodies on sale for like $3, both were really stylish actually, you guys know what I'm talking about right, those current hoodies that hit off at the waist and have crazy designs on them? One was a ladies medium (8-10) and the other was a small (4-6)... I probably will never be "small" at 5'9, but that hoodie was pretty big for a "small". My friend said it was because "ladies" means older women and they make them larger because it means for larger women, without being plus sized?? So the ladies medium was a bit big (and will be even more so when I lose weight) and the small seemed to fit, albeit tight in the arms, but will fit probably welll later on. Although, I'm NOT going to be a size small, I don't think.

I kinda think she might have been confused.

Also found a black tank top, looked at the medium AND large, both looked really small so I got the large.

But I'm confused, can anyone explain the differences in sizes?? From juniors to ladies, etc? Should I return the shorty shorts and shirt I bought in the juniors section and purchase a large for when I've lost the weight, since I'm 22 and not a junior? And why is it that the Ladies Small hoodie seemed to fit, somewhat??

Fat Melanie
07-07-2008, 05:19 PM
I just wanted to add that I meant no offense to any older women, nothing like that at all, nor do I think that older means bigger, I was just explaining what my friend claimed "ladies" clothing meant. Being that she's overweight as well and busts out of her clothes, wearing things that are too small, I'm not sure she really understands clothing sizes.

07-07-2008, 05:34 PM
SO much of clothing fit is how the item is cut.

I have size EXTRA SMALL shirts. I AM at goal, but I'm a size 8...not extra small by any standards. But these shirts happen to be of a style that is smaller at the neckline and sort of billowing over the stomach these, the best fit I can acheive is in an extra-small. In some other shirts, though, the cut is tighter across the stomach...depending on the section in which I'm buying the shirt (juniors or misses), I'll get a medium or a large.

On the difference between adult and junior sizing - it isn't so simple as "junior clothes are cut smaller"...they are cut DIFFERENTLY. A Junior cut item of clothing is likely to have less room in the hips and chest, because teenage female bodies aren't fully developed, and therefore don't need as much room in those areas. The waist sizes of a junior item are cut the same as an adult item of the same size, but the bust and hips are cut slimmer. You can look at Walmart's inch/size chart ( more information.

This is one of the big problems I have with buying goal clothing. While it is fine as a motivator, I wouldn't invest much money in it, because you don't know what your body will look like at your goal weight, and therefore what cut to purchase. I would never, ever, ever in a million years have thought that Juniors cut tops would fit me best, but yes, in fact, that's what I buy most of the time because I have an athletic hips, very little chest, small butt.

07-07-2008, 05:39 PM
No offense taken, Melanie. I am an older lady who sometimes buys Junior stuff. Junior sizes are sometimes cut smaller, although not always. It really depends on the manufacturer as far as the sizing goes. Obviously the styling is different though. The junior stuff I buy has a much lower waistline and the legs on the pants are more flared than the ladies stuff I buy. The tops are usually the same, but occasionally smaller, definitely styled differently though. Overall, sizes do seem to be changing. The clothes I buy now are sized with smaller numbers than something old I pull out of my closet that fits the same.

07-07-2008, 06:14 PM
I am 6 feet tall and about 190 right now. I wear about a size 12 in ladies, and a size 19 (yikes) in juniors. I think juniors is just cut smaller. Don't feel bad. Just try on different sizes till something fits.

07-07-2008, 06:16 PM
It's a royal pain, isn't it? I sift through ALL the sections and try on whatever I like. If I shop in Juniors I almost always have to get an XL because they are usually much skinnier and shorter styles. I wish they made those youthful clothes in more adult sizes, though. I love so much of it, but it just won't fit me, and I don't think it WILL fit even when I've reached my goal. :(

07-07-2008, 07:22 PM
I think mandalinn82 explained it well regarding the difference between Junior and Misses sizes, which is what I think you meant to say. It does have more to do with the type of body you have, as she said, rather than an age. I have known women in their 70s who routinely bought Junior-sized clothing and, no, they weren't trying to act young either!

I have found that Petite-sized(again, sized meaning how the garment is cut for a particular body type) to work well for me even though I am on the borderline of being considered tall. I have a very short waist and Petite-sized clothing fits me proportionally the best. However, since I have longer than average legs and arms, I have to buy tops and/or long pants in the Tall sizes. My inseam is 36" which is as long as my ex-husband who was 6"4" tall. Now, getting to that hoodie you were talking about. What I have a problem with is that the hoodie fits great for my waist length but the arms are too short!! So, if I find one I like I have to push the sleeves up all the time so it doesn't look like it shrunk in the wash.

Also, you will notice that certain Brand Names will fit you differently. I have found that Liz Claiborne fits me to a T! It seems like whomever both designs and then cuts her line of clothing knows and understands my body.

Again, when you have the time, it will be good for you to do some shopping and try on different brand names and at different stores. You will be surprised, as someone else mentioned, that sizes mean different things at different stores and within the different categories like Juniors, Teens, Misses, Talls, Petites and Plus-sizes. If you have a lot of weight to lose, I would be leery of getting too many clothes for later even though the price is right now. You may or may not fit in them as well as you think you might for a lot of different reasons as explained by others here.

I realize that it is not easy to find clothes you like, can afford and wear all at the same time. It takes patience, persistence and a keen eye but it can be done. Go for what you like, what makes you feel and look great and forget the size on the label. After all you can always cut it out if it bugs you.

P.S. I have what is considered an ideal dancer's body. No waist, legs and arms that go on forever. I took dance lessons all during my childhood and teen years. It was great when I was thin but with no waist for the weight to go I look like an apple with stems for legs.

07-07-2008, 07:41 PM
I have NEVER been able to just go to a store and buy something. Manufacturers all differ in cuts and sizing. I have the same problem with shoes-I have anything from an 8 1/2 to a size 10 shoe. CLothes vary in sizes just as bad. I bought some shirts at Walmart in XL and they fall off me. I've bought some that I can't pull down over me!

07-07-2008, 10:45 PM
I've always thought women's clothing sizes were a plot to keep us crazed about our bodies ;) Seriously, I get twitchy when I can fit into three different sizes depending on the brand and even the style. I just gave away a bunch of size 10 pants, however I have a pair of shorts, also size 10, that are just beginning to fit me. I give up!

Fat Melanie
07-08-2008, 01:25 AM
Mandalinn82, thanks for the link to Walmart's inch size chart, I'm gonna check that out. I'm still really confused about the stuff. I'm starting to think perhaps I should go back to get the junior shirt in large, but I remember when I was at a goal weight, I didn't have much chest. Wasn't tiny, but didn't have much. So that shirt might fit me, but then again, I'm always going to have hips, so the shirt might be tight in the hips when I lose the weight. Then again, I don't know how I will look or what my size would be.

I understand your point about not buying goal clothing, normally I wouldn't waste money I don't have on it, but it was just a few items on sale so I figured, eh, why not. Something pretty to hang in my closet that didn't cost much and will be motivation. If it doesn't end up fitting I'll give it to my smaller, shorter sister for a Xmas present, bwhaha.

murphmitch, I love the junior size stuff, it's all so much more my style then the stuff I found in the ladies section. Plus I will wear flared pants for life. I just hope I can end up fitting into that stuff sometime down the road.

Pamatga, I am confused about ladies and misses, when I went into the store I found out I didn't know the first thing about the different sizes. I normally would go around and find what I liked in the past, and try it on. The section where I found the hoodies, said "ladies" on the tags and stuff. So ladies and misses are the same thing you said? I will remember that because it might vary from store to store, some may say ladies, some may say misses. In fact Walmart might of had stuff that said misses in the ladies section but I didn't notice it because I was only looking at the sales. It's all so confusing, all this different stuff. BTW, that's a good idea to roll up the sleeves on the hoodie, it will look like you meant to do that, in a stylish fashion, rather than it's shrunk. I've done that before with shirts that had short sleeves, or I would pretend they were those stylish 3/4 sleeves. Got away with it, too! Even around my mother's watchful fashion-**** eye. She's always been quick to point out when something I'm wearing doesn't fit right, looks stupid, or just plain "******ed" (her favorite word). She never mentioned the sleeve thing, though... I fooled her. :D

I've seen so much stuff, like talls, petites, juniors, etc etc etc and it's all confusing. Bought a pair of pants last year that said 'tall', but they were long and I'm almost 5'9. After losing pregnancy weight and then some, the pants are shorter and zip up around my hips. I just don't get it! lol. I wish you wouldn't call yourself an apple with stems for legs! That's creative and you've got a sense of humor, but that sort of talk can get ya down. You're beautiful, don't forget it. Ever since I got very serious about losing the weight I need to lose, BF has been telling me I'm beautiful and sexy everyday and his friend has been as well. And he's always become p*ssed off when I talk bad about myself. Whenever I get down, I think of that. So lately I've tried to stop making self deprecating jokes about myself, and have been feeling better because of it. Don't get me wrong though, I've come up with some very creative things to say about myself as well.

Thanks everybody else for responding as well, the big conclusion I draw overall is that different people will fit different things, even people of the same height and weight... and people of the same height and weight may fit some of the same stuff, but it would look different, and also sometimes people of differing weights and heights may or may not fit in the same size stuff.... and then a lot of people fit into different sizes and brands depending on different factors... other words, I may as well knock off the shopping, (unless I go to buy something that fits me as I am now, in this body and weight) until I've hit my goal weight, because I won't know for sure what different sizes from different sections I can fit into. I sort of understand better now. It will be a bit like a test drive when I do reach goal. :)

Fat Melanie
07-08-2008, 01:30 AM
CyndiM, that's a good theory, because I certainly am crazed right now. :lol:

07-08-2008, 10:19 AM
Ugh. I hate sizes. The best advice I can give you is buy by FIT and not by SIZE. Too many people stay married to a size, and end up wearing clothes that are far too small or far too big....neither of which are flattering.

Juniors is usually cut quite small - while ladies is usually a bit more forgiving.

It is all relative though.

I bought some MAVI maternity trouser jeans last night - freakin' cute....but odd sizes. I tried a 16, way way wya way way way way too big....made me feel good...but I know that sizes don't really matter.

Really over size.

07-08-2008, 11:00 AM
Saying that I am an apple with stems for legs is not a put down at all! That is my body shape when I am at my heaviest. Apples are the ones that respond best to SBD because we have the belly fat. Pears are those of you ladies who have all of your weight in your thighs. I have very slender thighs, calves and feet so I have worn shorts or short skirts even when I was at my heaviest because my legs were "normal".

As Zeff says, think Fit not Size and you will find something that looks good and makes you feel good in your clothes.

PS Now that I have lost some belly fat, I look curvy in my new royal blue one piece bathing suit I bought for the summer. I actually have a waist again.

Here's to shopping and clothes that fit! :woohoo:

07-08-2008, 11:36 AM
Mel - if you have big hips, try boot cut instead of will even you out a bit. Flared jeans tend to cut in at the knee and then flare out dramatically, where boot cut tend to be pretty straight to the knee (think trouser jeans) and then just keep going down.

07-08-2008, 01:16 PM
Plus I will wear flared pants for life.

Had to laugh at this! We wore flares when I was younger, then they went out of style. You wouldn't have been caught dead in them when they went out. Now they're back again. BTW, I love boot cut jeans. Very flattering. Even on us older ladies. My kids used to laugh at my tapered, high waisted jeans I used to wear. My girls call them "suck down" pants. :eek:

07-08-2008, 01:21 PM
Had to laugh at this! We wore flares when I was younger, then they went out of style. You wouldn't have been caught dead in them when they went out. Now they're back again. BTW, I love boot cut jeans. Very flattering. Even on us older ladies. My kids used to laugh at my tapered, high waisted jeans I used to wear. My girls call them "suck down" pants. :eek:

Oy. The mom jean.

Boot cuts and wide leg look the best on people with a larger bottom half.

They definitely even out my pregnant belly and booty.