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07-07-2008, 03:44 PM
okay, have been excersicing since november and lost 77 pounds so far! But am constantly getting hurt! I work out with my friend who is a personal trainer at the gym I go to ( and the reason i started going) twice a week and she is awesome- the workouts switch up each time and are always fun and I LOVE being challenged and am thinking seriously on competitive body building next yr. if I can get down in time.
My schedule:
Mon.- workout with jess
Body flow
Tues.- wieghtlifting
core pilates
Wed.- workout with jess
intermediate yoga
Fri.- bodyflow
Sat.- cardio for an hour
Sun.- either circuit training w/ jess or another hour of cardio and light weight.

body flow is like a pilates yoga mix and wieghtlifting class i try and push myself each time- the class is a bunch of tracks that go thru each muscle group ( chest, squats, back and hamstrings, triceps, lunges, biceps then ab work- about 5 min. straight each set)
I do about 30 min. of cardio each day and on the weekend focus on it.

My problem is that when i first started I got a knot in my right quad that took a few weeks to undo... whatever right?... well then I hurt my lower back and actually went to the doctor (which is big for me) and got some nice meds and took it easy for 2 weeks, i know that was from overdoing it in wieghtlifting class... but my knee has been hurting for a couple months now not terribly but noticable and def. after i work out am hopping some but next day i walk fine- is this okay? Also, my left shoulder is extremely painful to the touch, not so much to move unless right after doing chest presses but the top outside ( like a 45 degree angle from midline) where the bony knob is ( that i can now feel on me yay!) hurts like a bad bruise... its worse when i lay down whether or not on that side but its just odd, no real pain in movement cant feel anything wrong and its not a muscle pain so am confused...and have been going through periods every few weeks where I HAVE to sleep, like it governs my day and I pass out when i get home and have had to pull over on the way home a couple times...any ideas? and why do i keep getting hurt? I want to push myself and love getting the "good" pain so dont really want to back down on wieghts or intensity but am i lacking a vitamin or something? i do have hypothyroid and a polyp on my pituitary that sometimes causes issues but is something else going on?

07-07-2008, 03:59 PM
Sorry you're having such a hard time :(

Too me that's why sometimes it's bad to follow a class because you want to push yourself-to prove that you can do something-and then you push too far and then you're injured. I've been there done that many times. 3 weeks ago I did a dvd workout that had alot of lunges, squats, and jumping and ever since then my right knee has been out of commision. So, that one workout has cost me three weeks of exercise :( When something hurts, you should stop. Don't push it. I know how it feels to want to push it, but I'm hoping I've learned my lesson this time.

Take it easier if you can. Exercise should be fun, not painful.

07-07-2008, 04:05 PM
A few thoughts.

If you're getting that tired, then you're not getting enough sleep at night to sustain the amount of work you're doing. If you read about people who train professionally, they will tell you that getting enough sleep is key to being able to sustain a vigorous workout routine, especially one that involves a lot of weightlifting and body resistance. Are you getting 8-ish hours of good, uninterrupted sleep a night?

Next, you haven't said anything about your diet, but if you're working out that hard, you should be consuming quite a bit of protein and probably eating overall at a fairly high calorie level. Can you give an example of what your diet is?

Finally, you said that you're doing this .. um .. Bodyflow thing and it works all of your muscle groups really hard? And then you're following that up with serious weight lifting on alternate days or working out with your trainer? You MUST rest your muscles between workouts. You cannot work the same group of muscles day in and day out and not risk injury. The thing that builds strength and muscle is NOT the actual work part - it's the healing and recovery time between work sessions. When you don't give your muscles time to recover and heal between sessions, you risk building damage upon damage (which is kind of what I think you're doing) and actually breaking them down to the point of injury.

Just my thoughts from reading what you've written.


winning the war
07-07-2008, 04:08 PM
Are you eating enough and getting enough variety of foods? What about multivitamins? It could be that you're depleting your muscles and joints and not replenishing. You should definitely see a doctor that specializes in sports medicine, IMO. good luck!!

07-07-2008, 04:26 PM
There could be a few things that you do that may trigger pain. For example if you lock your knees when exercising (when doing leg extensions or what have you) it adds stress to them and can lead to pain, as well as wearing the wrong shoes. You should be taking one day off a week. Your body needs one day a week off to prevent over training in addition to full 8 hours sleep a night.
You should check with your doctor about your shoulder... it could just be inflammation to the joint. I take prescription ibuprofen to help with inflammation when I get shin splints, but you can also try eating more anti-inflammatory foods like berries, pineapple, fish, and green, yellow and orange vegetables until you see your doc.

07-07-2008, 05:21 PM
I agree with PhotoChick. You have to rest your muscles to let them recover and grow and this routine you have you are working every single body part almost every single day. Even professional body builders take at last 1 to 3 days off a body part. (My husband bought Arnold schwartzengers encyclopedia of weigth lifting - actually a good read-and that is what he does/did.) Plus I do body for life and we alternate weightlifting. Sun cardio, Mon upper body weight lifting, tues cardio, wed lower body, thurs cardio, fri upper body, sat free day, sun cardio, mon lower body. You get the picture.

In order for your body to burn those lbs off it needs to rest and rebuild itself!!!! Good luck and congratulations on your 77 lbs. Take a break for a day or so.

07-08-2008, 12:16 AM
Bodyflow is basically stretching/flexibility/meditative but with about 10 minutes of abwork and standing strength (lunges, and warrior poses) in the middle of it, I take it because it calms me down and i like being flexible : )
My diet is basically 70g protien 50g carbs 4 times a day ( in a nutshell 4 chicken breasts with 1/3 cup of brown rice and add a fruit to two of the meals)... mostly what my friend/trainer wants me to be doing... she says i should eat more but am having a hard time mentally doing it if you catch my drift... am working on it...
my sleep is another story, i have a very hard time getting to sleep and ithink it builds up an then I HAVE to... thats why i like working out so much is i try to exhaust myself so ill go to sleep when i get home...

07-08-2008, 12:29 AM
Hm. I still think you're overworking your body .. you need some rest time between working muscle groups.

Also ... you're not getting ANY veggies? I'm not surprised you're prone to injury and exhaustion. You're not getting any of the vitamins and minerals that you need to get from veggies. You need to add some dark green leafy things (dark lettuces, spinach, cabbage, etc.) and some yellow things (squash, carrots) ... and ... well ... VEGGIES. I'm sure your body is screaming out for those nutrients.


07-09-2008, 12:16 PM
You might try some type of water exercise while it is summer. You can get a whole body work out, burn some serious calories, and it is so much easier on your joints. It would be a great way to keep working out and taking it easy on yourself at the same time.

07-09-2008, 02:30 PM
Sorry, didnt realize I forgot to put that in there... two meals are fruit two are veggies and i also take a multi vitamin, calcium,and fat burn 3 from Apex and synthroid everyday... yeah, i have been in the pool a lot more lately now that its nice out and stopped raining mostly to relax but I guess i could cut a workout and swim instead... good idea!