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03-22-2002, 06:31 AM
Good Morning all,

I had a loss this week even though a small one. Have spent the week trying to get menatlly back in the right place. Thinking postivily. Thinking about my next milestone(200#). Being able to post my second smile celebrating my next 25# weight loss. Saying no to off plan food w/o difficulty or anger , frustration because "i can't have it" WAHWAH. Looking at food as fuel not as a reward . Setting my next exercise goals.

What a process.

Sue whaere are you at? Mentally, spiritually? I know that you have been struggling. What's going on?

Melody. WHen you exercise have you beeen strtching first? I wasn't until I got hurt and went to teh libray and got a book on stretching. I do 5 mins after a 5 min warmup on the treadmil. I also say you have been doing awsome! I get alot ouut of your posts

Pam my girl. How are you? You posoitive energy is a godsend. I have so much respect for you that you remain that way thru all the physical trials.

Dana dana where are you?


Have a great wekend

03-22-2002, 09:30 AM
Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

I feel so yucky!!! I hate TOM. It sucks! I am mad!:mad: I do what I am suppose to do, and what does Mr. Scale reward me with??? A gain!!!!???!!! I am completely p%ss#d off!!! Life sucks today!

I did not reward myself with cake last night. Trini got no cake on her actual first birthday! Ds had to go to karate last night, and by the time we got home. She was ready for bed, and I was too....maybe tonight.

I am slipping today. That D%MN pound! It just killed my motivation, even though I know it is just water! i am mad at myself! I will get back on track tomorrow.

Much to do this weekend! Got to clean house and work on geting stuff moved in, and where it belongs!! One more week until Spring break! I can't wait!

You ladies, have a great week end!

Congrats on your loss Fralick!! I am glad you got that scale unstuck!!

Sue?? PAM??? DANA????

03-22-2002, 06:15 PM
Boy Pat no kidding. Today I am back to the weight loss at the end of week one. Just another challenge to meet. I am honestly OP but it could be the change in plans,meds,who knows. It doesn' matter I am just rolling along and in time it will all work out to my benefit. That's what counts! I am feeling fine , except for a minor headache but that will pass and we are beginning to hustle around here which lifts my spirits to no end! creativity is about to take hold in this house and creating beauty out of very little is my speciality!!!! I love it ! My weight I am unconcerned as to what the scales say I am just concerned with following through. Each day is an accompishment for my health and happiness....the scale will follow suit eventially. In a big way . In the meantime......Darlins I am off and running!!!!!! In my mind anyway!
Gosh Pat, thank you. I am deeply touched. I hope I deserve such praise. We all have huge challenges in life. I have indeed had my share but then who hasn't. You can overcome anything if you know it is just a challenge and learn from it. So it has been for me anyway. Oh, I know what it feels like to feel persecuted by life but I knew That I had to change that view point to make life better and see the challenges for what they are. A new chance to learn something important about myself and life. I lose my balance from time to time but I always am aware of the lack of ballance mentally and spiritually. I don't stay off balance for long.
Perhaps that is the key to my surviving intact as a human being, whole and functional come what may. Each day is an adventure in learning and I always remember that in the long run. Here I go rambling on again. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. Make it great!!!!!!

03-23-2002, 09:48 PM
Hi all friday was a a busy day and so is my saturdays.

Off plan both days!!! UGH! I had an absoultly wonderful Dr. Visit but still struguling for my motivation. I need to go back to my goal setting classes. that is a huge problem I am having to refocus to my goals. I do fint till the evening when the kids are home. well i did better when i had cabage to nibble on. so i guess I will get some so I will be OP. I was trying to have one off plan day with Dd for lunch well i was doing fine till that on Friday aand well down hill from there.

Exercise is fine and well i am doing wonderful!!! No complaints about that.

Melody i have a suggestion for your ankle. I used to have problems like that and still do when i over exert my self like this last week (running) adn well my ankles were really hurting and well I also almost did not make it down the stairs (almost fell). so i did what i originally did when i was really heavy and had to walk anywhere. I took ibuprofen before i exercised or walked. it decreases theinflammation and it will help if you take it before you go to bed. you will have to do that for about a week or 2 then it will be better. (I am just starting my self. I forgot about it till I went down the stairs thursday!!!)

Pat I agree the motivation and distractions are difficult to do. we need to find out focus again.

Pam that is the spirit use your health not the scale!!! that is the way to look at it. I have to run for the kids but when i come back I will let you guys know all the fantastic things my doc said!!! bloods were fantastic!!!! she had absolutly NO complaints!!! and even asked what diet i was using!!!

03-25-2002, 02:49 AM
Wow Pat... When a Doctor is impressed you have to know you are doing something RIGHT! Ususally it is never enough so dance around and pat yourself soundly on the back!

You have come so far and are so close that it must be really easy to let things slip by, let your focus slip but Sugar you deserve to reach your goal and nothing you could ever put in your mouth could possibly come close to the superb gift of reaching goal! The accomplishments you have made are an inspiration to us all. Don't settle for less now. Make that goal what could be more satisifying or more fulfilling. Go Darlin' go!!!!!!!

03-25-2002, 11:40 AM
Good Morning my fellow weight loss warriors!

I am mad at BF...he just went out and spent $300 on a pistol!!!!! I would like to ring his neck!!!!

I am switching diets for a few days...I am doing a "Cleansing diet". It's one of those where you eat really strict, only stuff like oatmeal, fruits, and low carb veggies, and drink, and drink, and drink, loads of water. I feel like I need to jumpstart myself, I am in a rut. I think I could do better, work harder, lose more! I have spent the weekend reviewing my program and my goals, and found my program lacking incredibly. Actually my program is good, it is me who is SLACKING. I need stay Op more and work out more, and not let life get in the way of what I so desperately want!!! I deserve to be thin!!! I deserve to feel good. IF only I can get over my food addiction, life would be good...I nees will power!!!!

I also need too get to the doctor. My ankles were still stiff, and ached alot off and on this weekend...this is the thing....they have been doing this long before i ever started to work out!!! They ache when i don't work out, they are stiff every morning regardless of what I did or didn't do the previous day....I think I sleep with my toes pointed which I think may be causing the stiffness, as well as horrendous calf cramps!!!

Well ladies, off to another day! I am looking forward to next week!!! Spring Break!!!! No work!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

You guys have a great day??? Where's DANA????

03-26-2002, 01:49 AM
Well it appears my kidney function is fine. My lower back muscles were clamped and spasming the poor kidney so bad that it was causing problems. I didn't realize they could clamp down like that on a long term consistant basis. It did cause a build up of toxins in my system. I am not sure that it makes sense to me at all. The water appears to have been my saving grace. Sue Bee does this sound right to you? That much pressure? Can muscles do things like that to inner organs? Is this all bunk? it sounds odd to me.

Any way I am moving and got a lot of excercise for me any way, with little results. I just laughed and said well it is one of those days when you expend a lot of energy and achieve little. Stuff happens! Ah well, tomorrow I shall kick rear and take names. i am feeling better than I have in a good long while so it is all good.
I am going back on protein in the morning and all will get going then I know. I do well on the whole with protein and water but I am at that Major plateau area and it sure doesn't want to let go but It will. I just have to stick it out and my dears that is just what I am going to be doing! Take Care.

03-26-2002, 06:38 AM
Hey girls just wanted to check in. Still OP(strictly) Had some cravings yesterday but overcame them!. Worked out yesterday. I am trying to challenge myself by walking on the treadmeil w/o holding on. My I was amazed at how out of breath I was. Whew. Will keep doing that all week. Did OK over the week end too. Wate wasn't so good on Saturday though.

Pam thanks so much for the encouragement. I am struggling daily to get on track. I wish the weather woulod break. It has been a downer.

Sue How are you girl. I know you too are struggling as well. Come on girl come with me we can and have done it. As Pam says nothing tastes as good as the joy of looking at a good scale reading!

Dana where are you? I am worried. You too seem to be out there. We need our leader/ bus driver!

Melody, How are your ankles? Sorry about DBF. Sounds like you have been doing some soal searching too!

Come on girsl we need to rally aroyund, get focused and start driving thihs bus!


03-26-2002, 10:42 PM
I sent an e-mail to dana and have not heard back from her. I am worried!!!

I am here just a few nibbles but getting back OP!!! finding my new resolve and getting back in control!!!

Pam you are right noting tastes better than reaching your goal. I will remember that. I have my stand by nibbler a head of cabage cut and waiting for nibbles!!! it works just hope I do not get any gas!!! :o

My numbers from the doc:

total cholesterol 176
triglycerides 98 below 150 is great
LDL 89 that also belwo 150 is great
HDL 68 should be above 30

but the real numbers is the triglyceride to HDL ratio shold be less than 3 and well mine is just above 1 and that is absolutly supper!!! she was amazed and well my workouts were an inspiration to her BP 100/68. my only problem is my raynauds and well she gave me some medication for that but i do not want to take it unless i have to cuz it can cause a lowered BP> and well mine does not have to be lowered any more!!!

I have had a huge busy few days!!! I have more to tell but i will have to tell you tomorow. I am to tired and must get to bed!!! but i had to check in and say HI!!!

Stay stron girls and taking a quote from pam Nothing tastes as good as succcess

03-27-2002, 06:36 AM
Well it's Hump Day!

I am so sick of winter I could scream. Had an awful weather day here yesterday. Snoe sleet and ice. UGH!

Sue I nver think to e-mail. Great idea. Great report from the doctors too.

I am looking at day 3 in a row for a workout. Had popcorn as a snack yesterday. So I am carrying a little fluid. but I still saw a .5 # loss on the scale. I'll have to push the water today. Other than teh popcorn have been OP.

Well you all have a great day

Hey Melody how are you? Pam?

03-27-2002, 10:17 PM
Holding my own so far. I did great today with the exercise. I ran for 3 miles!!!

not much else but spending much time doing work. avon is starting to show some sighns of working but just a bit not too much. thinking of working part time with hospice. will grab an app tomorrow

girls hang in there. busy all this week with stuff!!! bs monday tonight and tomorow. eggs on friday and all the other stuff. working with dd for school

03-28-2002, 01:40 AM
Hey gang guess what??????????????
I am up and on the move!!!!!! This is the fourth day I have been almost normal. My Hubby is shocked and amazed. No more than I am!!!! I prayed and prayed for so long. Finally I decided to try another way. I just gave thanks for my renewd health , viality and vigor. A week later here I am!!!!!

I have done all the medical routes, physical, mental and even emotional you can imagine. The issues I have are very real medical issues and some even life threatening but When man fails to know all you need him to know their is one who knows everything and in whom all is possible. Come what may I am walking and doing in a nearly normal way which is the first time in 12 years. I am thankful and praise God daily. I just wanted to share my joy with all of you. I hope you know I am not "preaching" just sharing my delight. I spent years teaching new age and found the truth lies between. The errors in both are man made. I just always trusted the source, The Father long before I understood the Son.

I have been outside today!!!! walked all around the house inspecting the brick and we need tuck pointing done. So I explained to Hubby what had to be done and how to do it. I scooted a dog out of our back yard that had dug a hole in. Filled in the hole, looked over the pool area to see what needs to be done, fixed a great beef roast with natural gravy and sides for the family. I did have five tater tots so I slipped a bit. It was a dumb move and won't happen again. I have to have groceries as the protein foods are a bit on the low side. The longer you are strict with protein the easier it is to stay there. That is why the slips are so important. One slip feeds the desire for carbs to the max and that is not a good thing. If any of my neighbors saw me out today they probably wondered who in the heck that is!!!!!
I have lived here close to five years and a hand full of people have seen me, usually those who come here to the house!

There is life and I am going to grab it with a death grip! In normal life that most people have their are days that one doesn't feel as well as others but trust me that will be a snap for me to breeze through. My pain level has dropped considerably and God , I am so thrilled. I really took it easy today. I have been so busy hand sanding furniture and so on that I thought I needed a bit of a rest. I will find losing weight so much easier since I can move again!!!!! I am so happy and I guess my body and I have made friends again. Now perhaps we can once work as one unit instead of the mind and body being at such odds. I am kind of weak from all the years of bondage to illness but I will get stronger and stronger. I have done it before I can do it again. Not to this degree certainly but I can get my strength back in time. I love you all. Oh and the "water" is at its proper level 128 oz.

03-28-2002, 07:11 AM
Good morning all,

The sun shone all day yesterday. What a treat and mood booster. Still cold though. UGH.

Sue, 3 Miles !! WHOO HOO! You go girl.

Pam , What a wonderful expereince. I hope they become the "norm" for you!

Food I am OP strict. Can't seem to get my butt moving. Can't wait till all this is jiving again.:dizzy:
Water good too.

Dana Dana where are you?

Melody?, Lee?

03-28-2002, 05:15 PM
I am here today. just bearly hanging in there for diet but for exercise WOW!!!

Spirit i am doing fine though. I just need i guess to have my time off from the woe for a few weeks then go gung ho. (time off means what i have been doing, just bearly hangin in there) I will be getting back full force soon probably after Easter and going full blow for mothersday!!!

so how about it girls a pact__ full blow from easter to motherday??? I am game. I am tired of doing it halfway but bearly having the motivation to go full now. I will be reading my book to get back my motivation and still my exerciseno changes with that i hae no complaints!!!

Pat? Pam? Melody? how about it??


03-28-2002, 05:37 PM
just trying some thing

03-28-2002, 09:19 PM
Bad hair day it was sticking out all over the place. it is hard when it is so humid for the whole season i hardly ever have any good hair days.

03-29-2002, 06:57 AM

You look awesome. Do you have naturally curly hair? I have got to join you in this picture thing. Have you heard from Dana? I am so worried that something bad has happened. This is a long time for her to not check in.

I am doing so - so. I have injured my knee. I don't see the ortho guy until 4/10. I am worried that I will need surgery, Terrified actually. Food hasn't been a problem though. I have even avoided easter candy. No cravings or anythhing. Tomoorow going to my nephews first birthday. We will see how that goes.

Well we will see

I hope everybody has a great Easter

03-29-2002, 03:57 PM
Yes it is natural curly. and will be naturally frizzy till the humid weather is gone. (never here in upstate NY) :lol:

What happened to your knee???

I will be praying for you during that time so hopefully with our help it will not be so bad. maybe just some arthroscopic stuff. HOPE HOPE HOPE!!!

take it easy for now and great on the easter candy avoidance!!!

03-30-2002, 01:56 AM
Guess what they decided to redo my kidney function test due to another test or other that came back and seemed to conflict with the first one! There is a problem but it isn't serious just an infection. So All is well. A few meds and all will be well. It seems all that water flushed out those puppies inspite of it all. I had to laugh. I thought all that muscle stuff sounded funny. I never even thought to tell them that I drink a gallon of water a day>>>LOL~~~~
I lost a pound this week I wish it had been a little more but since I just switched back to Atkins a few days back it will do!
All this bouncing around is not good for the scale to show me great numbers but it is all sorted out now. Been busy today, painting and such and my dears I walked out across the front acre alone and on my own legs inspecting my flowers. The Wisteria is dripping out of the trees , over the fences and just everywhere. My azalias are in full bloom and whatever the white large flowers are, that bush to is running over with large white blooms. We have planted tomatoes, peppers, pearl onions, cucumbers, strawberries, canalopes, watermelons, cabbage, corn,
and there is still so much to plant.
Today it was 86 with a light breeze that was delicately scented with Wisteria. The rose of Sharon is in fully bloom too , can you believe Spring is here so beautifully. I just love it.
Oh Sue Bee how nice to see your sweet face looking out at me from your post. How delightful, I must confess however that I envy your naturally curly hair!
Pat you done so well Gosh I am pround of you and girls count me in on the OP run. A truly great idea. I would be so much happier with a good result on the scale rather than food in my mouth!
The wrong food of course! Let's be OP Queens!!!!!
Don't forget the water. Today I went to see my flowers for the first time in four years and even picked a branch of Wisteria for Mom to sit and smell. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, life is sooooo good.
Love you .

03-30-2002, 06:56 AM
Now Sue I know you've heard this all your life, But I wish I had your hair. My is fine and straight as a string. I have been addicted to perms since high school. I don't know or remember hwat I did to my knee. Nothing sticksout. All Iknow is I can't kneel on it at all. Or the pain is unbeleivable. There is no swelling or bruising. But seems to get worse instaed of better. Thanks for your prayers. How are the job/business ventures?

Pam. 86 deg? Flowers in bloom? I am so jelous. We have at least a month and 1/2 if not more before we see that sort of stuff. UGH. In fact there is snow in teh forcast AGAIN! Great job on the weight loss!

Nothing new to report. Didn't do well on teh water yesterday and I can feel it. Off to a birthady party today. Will get to see lots of family.

Happy Easter