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07-07-2008, 09:49 AM
Hey chicks! Just a quickie, Dogs got me up a couple of hours ago, been trying to catch up stuff in the house while everyones still asleep. Way too much going on this week, I don't know how I get myself into these situations. I thought I was gonna have a nice 2 weeks with DH and then I looked at my planner and thought OK maybe not.

Drank way too much wine on Friday and have paid the price ever since, I don't drink too often so it does a number on me when I do. Had a good weekend and after reading everyones posts it sounds like you all did too. So glad everyone made it through safe and sound.

Check back in later, have a terrific Monday......right.


07-07-2008, 10:35 AM
Mornin' All!

Had a horrific ride in to work this AM. I live 3 miles from home!! There was a big accident down the road from the office and they diverted traffic. Of course everyone else went the same way I did! :tantrum: Took me an hour to get here!! 3 Miles!!

Trish, Ugh, I hate it when Eli gets me up/keeps me up! Grr...

Kim, :welcome: to our corner of the board! :D Sorry to hear about the divorce and weight gain. You mom sounds just like my Gran used to..."are you sure that's on your diet?" :lol: Well meaning, but annoying. Maybe it's soo annoying because we know it's true? :hmm:

I'm thinking about rejoining WW. Actually thinking about ordering the At Home stuff. Anyone have it? I have all my stuff from the old 1,2,3 days.

Have a great day all!

07-07-2008, 11:15 AM
Morning everyone,
Well today is the day I go to the family doctor and hopefully walk out of there with some answers about my nosebleeds and headaches. I haven't had a nosebleed in over a week. But the headaches have taken up permanent residence inside me. Nothing seems to faze them. Other than that not much going on here. The one day I could sleep in and the phone rings at 8:30,it is my stepson wanting us to come pick him and his brother up from their friend's house. Thank godness my mil lives down the street from their friend's house. My dh just told them to go there and after we were up and moving around we would go get them. Needless to say I am still at home in my jammies and he went to get them. I am trying to psych myself up to do a workout this morning. I know that I have to do one but just don't have the energy yet. Then I guess after my doctor's appointment I have to mow my half of the yard. Oh well!
Welcome Kim! Glad you joined us. We are a great group of people to chat with and hang out with. I know what you are going through with your weight. My grandpa was mean to me the last few years he was alive. He would make nasty comments about me in front of our other family members who weren't very close to us. I had a lot of hurt and resentment for a long time. Now I am doing it for me and no one else. Hope you find the needed support from us. Once again Welcome!
Hanna, sounds like you had a super busy weekend! I hope you didn't over do it. Hope you were able to relax and rest some last night.
Christina, glad you got to go see fireworks both nights. We saw a little bit over at our friends house. But that was it. I really wanted to go to the river and see their's. Maybe next year I will just go by myself or nab a few of my friends from work. Hope you have a nice start to your work week!
GG, hope work goes better for you today! I hope that it isn't so slow. Did you enjoy your walk with the mutt up the mountain yesterday?
Trish, hope your week isn't too hetic for you that you don't find some me time in there. Hope you recover nicely from your wine drinking! Don't stress yourself out too much with all that you have in your planner.
Hi to everyone else! I am off to put on my workout clothes. Then maybe put a dvd in the tv and actually do it. I am sure that I will. Chat with you all later. Have a wonderful day!
Take care,

07-07-2008, 11:16 AM
Lauren I hope your drive home is a better one! Plus I hope that your day gets better too!

07-07-2008, 11:18 AM
Good Monday to all. I came so close to calling in sick today. I am so dragging.

:wel3fc: to Sunshine and Kim.

Kim right now I am feeling your pain. I have a good support system at home. My daughters and husband. Sorry to hear about the divorce and other things going on. You have joined the right spot. Everyone is extremely supportive here. I enjoy logging on daily.

Ok today I have started out fresh and thinking positive. For breakfast I had my slimfast. I just had my mid morning snack. String cheese. I will eat lunch at 1130. I packed my lunch. Then for dinner I will probably have another slim fast. When I get home I will do my 45 min core ball workout. Then when the husband gets home I might see if he wants to go ride bikes.

One other thing. If someone gets a chance look up drnatura.com. It is a body cleanser. I have wanted to do one for a long time. Just wanted to get some opinions about the colonix product.

Everyone have a good one and talk to yall soon. Thanks for the support on my melt down.


07-07-2008, 11:21 AM
:wel3fc: to Sunshine and Kim.

Thanks for the welcome! :)

07-07-2008, 11:23 AM
Just dropped my daughter off at summer school, ate breakfast and logged on here for a quick second.

On my way out the door for a gig this morning. Sometimes I kick myself for accepting an early Monday morning assignment. Fortunately, I love what I do. :)

Anyway, Happy Monday to everyone! Make it a great day!

07-07-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi all! Sounds like everyone is getting out of their holiday slump and trying to get back into the swing of things...me too. Luckily, I caught a lovely cold and don't feel much like eating...what an insane blessing. I saw a couple of you talking about WW and I just love it. I don't have the at home kit but saw it and it looks pretty complete and thorough. Lauren- I think you would have success with that...
Kim- Welcome! I am a special ed teacher and I have worked with some of the higher functioning autism...is she diagnosed Aspergers or just HFA? I am always amazed at these kids vast wealth of knowledge. A lot of the children I worked with were twice exceptional, receiving my services and in a gifted/talented program.

Happy Monday and I will post more later...I have the kiddos today and they are both grouchy from a world of travel...and we leave to go camping next weekend! I actually look forward now to the schedule of school! -Erin

07-07-2008, 12:12 PM

Really dragging here today. Did my 10 min trainer cardio dvd, OMG...tony kicked my butt today!!! I want to start adding in more 10 min workouts...think i will aim to get another one in today. They really are amazing.

Eating is back on track today. Have not gained any more weight (which is unbelievable!!), but the not working out for three + weeks is definitely showing!!!

Dropped the kids of at vacation bible shcool...have to leave soon to pick them up. They will be there all week *chorus of "HALLELUJAH" opens above Pam's head*, so I am taking full advantage of the down-time ;)

Kim, and Sunshine, Welcome to you!!! We are all great friends here.

Kerry, good luck at the doc's. Hopefully he can figure things out, and hope it's nothing serious!!

Lauren..sorry about the trip to work...I hate traffic, probably more than anything on this earth.

Trish, Mc, Fergi, Poppy, gg, Hanna, Christina, Joanie, Karen, Lisa, Alicia, and all my other girls...HEY!!!!

Hope everyone has a super day. Gotta go get the kiddos soon, not much planned today after lunch, probably just reading, etc. The dreary weather is getting depressing, hope it ends soon...

Later chickies!!

07-07-2008, 12:18 PM
Morning all. Got up and out early today. I've been to Target and got some laundry in already. I spend way too much money at that store!

We are going to the doctor this afternoon to get a pedi orthopedic recommendation for the girlie. It's been almost 2 weeks and she is still limping. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to this, she is going to scream her head off even if they don't hurt her!

I'm glad to see that everyone is had a good weekend. We just hung out yesterday. It was nice and relaxing.

Have a great Monday!

07-07-2008, 12:55 PM
Hi everyone,
Fergi, glad that you are back on a positive thinking mode. Sounds like you have a great plan worked out for tackling your lifestyle change. Keep up the good work! You had a lot of stress the last few weeks, so I hope life starts to calm down for you now. :)
Erin, sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you start to feeling better soon! Hope the kids are too grouchy for you.
Karen, good luck at the doctor's this afternoon. I will be thinking about you and little girlie. Hope things turn out on a positive note!
Pam sounds like you enjoyed your down time this morning. So what are you reading right now? I am just finishing up the A Night To Remember by Walter Lord. Then I think I might start Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich.
Hi to everyone else. Hope your Monday's are going good for you. I did get my 3 mile Lesile Sansone dvd in this morning with the weighted balls. Boy was that a workout! Now I have a few phone calls to make then think about getting my shower and getting ready for the day.
Chat with you all later.

07-07-2008, 03:21 PM
Kerry- I have the whole Stephanie Plum series by Janet...I love those books!

07-07-2008, 03:35 PM
Good Afternoon Chicks!

I read through the weekend chat and it sounds like we all had a pretty good weekend. We had a great but busy time, we had people over on the fourth and then we spent the weekend helping friends put an addition on to their house. I didn't make it to the gym and I ate a ton but I am sore in that really good way. Especially my arms and as I would love some muscle tone up there that has to be a good thing.

I am just getting my house straightened out and planning my menu for the week before going out to the grocery store. I find that if I have decided on a meal plan it makes it easier to avoid snacking. Just going to surf the recipe pages.

I went to weigh myself but my scales say exactly the same weight, which to me seems odd as they go to one decimal place, I am suspecting that they aren't very acurate. Does anyone have any reccommendations for scales?

07-07-2008, 04:04 PM
I have a Tanita scale, it's the Jenny Craig version. I don't and never have done JC, but I like the scale. It is to .1 (I think, maybe .2), and it keeps your history, plus your goal and shows the percentage. Can have up to 4 users.

07-07-2008, 04:46 PM
Hi all,
Well I just got back from the doctor's. He said that my headaches are mirgrainies. So he gave some sample mirgraine medicince and told me to come back in a week for a check up. So I just took the one pill and will see how it does. I might be out for a little bit with it. So I will chat with you all later.

07-07-2008, 07:03 PM
Well the pill didn't know me out yet. I did get rid of my headache though. I eat dinner, did the dishes and then finished my half of the yard. It only took me an hour. So now I am sweating up a storm. Trying to cool off a little bit before I go take my second shower for the day. But oh well, I atleast feel a lot better. Plus maybe this will help lower the scales in my favor tomorrow nite.:)
Erin, my sister told me to read her books. It is good so far. One of my goals is to read her number series sometime. So how are you feeling tonight? I hope that your kids where some what good for you today?
Sunshine what kind of gig did you have today? Hope it went well for you.
Gracesmommy sounds like you had a busy weekend yourself. Hope you got your house in order and your grocery shopping done. My dh and I try to make a list of the foods we are going to purchase at the grocery store or if not look out we have a lot of junk in the cart. Hope you can rest up those arm muscles! I have a Curves scale. It is digital. I can't complain about it.
Lauren, I hope that your drive home was a better one than your morning drive. Hope you have a relaxing evening!
Hi to everyone else! Hope you all had a wonderful start to your weeks.
I am going to go jump in the shower and cool off some more. Chat with you all later.
Take care,

07-07-2008, 07:07 PM
Okay I did the 45 min workout for the exercise ball. Let me tell you that works me more then when I go to the gym. It makes you sweat and I will be sore tomorrow. If I am not sore I don't feel like I had a good workout.

Tonight we are having baked chicken, peas, and fettuccini. I will skip the noodles. I have done really well today with my eating. Maybe I will make an extra veggie to have.

GG if you get on today I have a question. I have a female basset hound she weighs about 42 pounds and everyone says she is so skinny. But the vet we use says she is ideal. She said that if she stays at this weight then she won't have the joint problems that most bassetts have. Let me know what you think.

Just wanted to drop in and log what I have done. Keeps me accountable for what I have done today.

Kerry did they say what caused you to have migrains? I know that my ex MIL gets them from hormones. I get headaches really bad when it is fixing to be that TOM. They are the kind that when you move your head it feels like your brain is hitting your skull. Hope the meds work.


07-07-2008, 07:15 PM
hi everyone :wave: and :welcome3: to Sunshine and Kim!

DD is sleeping and DS went to see Wall-e with FIL this afternoon. I went by a little early to drop DS off so I could go for a run, I like getting my exercise done early, makes me feel better for the whole rest of the day. :carrot: I have done really well with my eating for the past two days, have gotten 2 stickers per day (one for exercise and one for food) on my calendar! :D

Kerry, did the dr have any idea what was causing the migranes? esp. since you have had so many lately. Must feel good to have a diagnosis, hope your medicine works. :hug:

Gracesmommy, I love getting sore without doing a workout, seems like the best kind of workout to me! :D

Erin, sad too hear you're sick, hope you feel better soon and the kidlets cooperate. My DS is getting old enough that if I tell him I don't feel good he is sometimes a little quieter...sometimes. :lol:

Karen, good luck at the ortho. Hope it goes well.

Pam, I cannot wait until my kids are old enough to do camps and such, enjoy your free-time!

Trish, hope you can squeeze some relaxing into that full planner of yours and that you enjoy most of the stuff you have planned. :D

have a good evening everyone...

07-07-2008, 07:46 PM
Kim, and Sunshine, Welcome to you!!! We are all great friends here.

Thanks for the welcome! :D

07-07-2008, 07:55 PM
Sunshine what kind of gig did you have today? Hope it went well for you.

I am a freelance sign language interpreter. Many of us "terps" usually call our assignments gigs. Especially when you freelance.

It worked out perfectly as it ended earlier than expected. :) Like 2 hours earlier but I still get paid for the full time.

07-07-2008, 07:57 PM
hi everyone :wave: and :welcome3: to Sunshine and Kim!

Such wonderful welcomes! :)

Thanks!! ;)

07-07-2008, 08:12 PM
Hello all. My day sucked. I've mentioned before that I hate my job right? Well, it's bad enough to be overqualified for your job because it's boring as heck but when you have a boss that is a complete jerk it is so damn frustrating. He gives me a hard time every day just because he can and nobody ever reprimands him. Today it was 3:15 and I leave at 3:30 to get my daughter at the camp bus stop. He comes over and sees I'm printing checks and asks me if I was printing his. I didn't know what he was talking about so I said "What do you mean?" He says, "I entered a batch of checks and I want to know if you're printing them." I told him that the batch didn't exist when I started printing my checks. He insisted it did and yelled at me... "Do you actually look at what you're printing or do you just print everything and not pay attention?!?!" I was so mad that he would talk to me like that... he also insisted that I print his checks before I leave. I told him no... that it would make me late to get my daughter. He says "Well you could just print them and leave your computer on until their finished and I'll shut it down for you..." I said Fine and asked him to stop giving me work at 3:15 that takes more than 15 minutes to complete. He says... "Don't worry, you wouldn't have to stay late." That really made me mad... so I said "Don't worry? You couldn't MAKE me stay late. Printing checks for you is not more important to me than leaving my daugher stranded at a bus stop. You don't have the power to make me stay late."

He was mad but he finally walked away. I think he knew that if he said another word, I would quit and HE would end up having to print the stupid checks. I hate my job... :stress:

Kerry... I had migraines too and after about 5 years of suffering found out that it was a food allergy. I'm allergic to Aspartame. I had eaten it for years and years and then developed an allergy. I saw a special on Oprah about food allergies coming on all of a sudden and peole getting migraines, etc. Then, purely coincidence, my brother called me and said that there was an article in the paper about a woman who all of a sudden developed an allergy to aspartame and suffered from horrible migraines. She stopped eating it and the headaches disappeared. So I tried it too... and the headaches stopped entirely. Now the only headaches I get are from not drinking enough water.

Sorry for venting at you guys but I just have to yell to someone... :(:(:mad:

07-07-2008, 10:32 PM
Evening all. Work was busy but not insane. At least the day went fairly quickly.

Kar -sorry about your migranes. I know everyone has advice about headaches...here's what i'll tell you about what has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my migranes. First i have a bad habit of grinding my teeth at night....so my dentist got me a night gaurd that has helped...but the thing that has been an absolute life saver is a visit to the chiropracter. I went to a good one that does xrays and test (and there's a particular xray that normal dr don't do..where you stand in front the the machine with your chin down and your mouth wide open...it allows you to get a view of C2). Found out thr this x-ray that my C2 was shifted to the right. After a few adjustments...i have been migrane free. I highly believe in chiropractic medicine now. Also, if these migranes persist...please please please convince your dr to allow for an MRI. I had a friend's mom who suffered for years with migranes..the dr just kept telling her it was nothing...she ended up going to sleep one morning and never waking up...she had an aneurism that went undetected. Now that's probably not you...but too many people just use the excuse that its just a migrane. There is almost always a cause behind migranes. I actually work with another dr who is allergic to red meat and that causes her migranes. I second giving up artificial sweetners since some people really can have issues with them. Alright off my soap box...but definately look into things other than just drugs. USually migranes are secondary to other things.

welcome sunshine...you'll find lots of support here.

fergi- to answer your question...listen to your vet...too many people don't know what correct body wt should be. I tell lots of my clients with dogs that are prone to joint issues...keep them slightly thin..not emaciated..but thin. I say ingore others and listen to your vet. Keeping them thin will help, but not prevent issues. Bassets that are very obese really have joint issues. They have jacked up bones as it is ...sort of genetic freaks the way their bones grow...keeping them thin helps. and also a note on your dieting...you may not be eating enough if you are working out hard. You would be amazed. Hang in there

alright all..i'm off

07-08-2008, 03:13 AM
HI everyone!

Kerry I agree 101% with Patricia, you do need to get an MRI done if your migraines don't go away. :hug:

Puppy sorry about your job, what do you do? can you find another job? are you looking?

Sunshine I would love to learn sign language, I think it is wonderful to be able to communicate in different ways.

Toni I heard the movie is really cute, we are going to go see it next day DH is off!

Fergi being soar from exercise is a great feeling, feels like you are actually doing something doesn't it? I hope you don't hurt to bad!

Trish I don't drink either, and last week I had 2 glasses of wine, the next day I felt miserable all day...

Lauren did you have a better drive home?

Karen how was the ortho appointment? what happened to her?

Pam did you have a good day w/out the kids? did you do anything relaxing or fun?

Gracesmom I don't think snacking is a bad thing, just don't snack on potato chips, or fried food, LOL...

I had a busy day today, I did try to take it easy but it was kind of impossible. I went to the Dr. this morning, DH's work changes medical insurance very often, this is the 2nd change in less than 10 months. I hope this new insurance last a little while, any way I went back to my old Dr. which I really really like, but couldn't go see him cause he was not on the same plan, on and on. Any way, it was so good to talk to him, he is not sure I have fibromyalgia, whichi is good someone else is trying to figure out exactly what the sorce of all my pain is, he thinks a lot of my issues including not being able to sleep are related to my hormone patch, I have been on hormone replacement therapy for a year now, I can't believe it is a year from my hysterectomy! and he thinks that the dose I am on it to low, so he suggested raising the dose from .05 mgs to 1 mg. w/a jell he highly recommends, he did give me a good supply of samples, I am not sure it is covered by insurance, but if it works and I don't have to be on all other meds (Cymbalta and sleeping aids) it is worth buying it, I really hope it is all I need, I won't know for a while. But on the other hand he thinks the Cymbalta could help me dealing w/all the issues at home with Sean. I need to give it some time to see what is going to work.
Later I had to take Sean to the psychiatrist, we are trying to twitch the meds again as he is getting manic again :yikes: :yikes: I feel so bad for him, I am sure he doesn't like it either and he is stuttering a lot that may be a side effect from one of the medicines.
The day ended great, my friend Connie invited us over for dinner, she is a great cook it was absolutely delicious and Sean had nice time playing w/a lot of children, it was great to see him so happy!

I am going to bed! tomorrow is not a good day, I have a dentist appointment in the morning at 9. I can't believe I have to be out of the house that early.
See you guys tomorrow!