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07-06-2008, 09:32 PM
We just got home so I am just going to post a quick hi and show you a pic of the baby. My avatar is my favorite Cubs' fan! lol We had a fun time, but it was way too short. I will post replies tomorrow! :hug:

07-07-2008, 01:12 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We've had thunderstorms rolling through for the last couple of hours. It rained over an inch and it is still raining. Even after all the rain we have had our yard was beginning to turn brown in places. It was a funny day for weather; it was cloudy when we got up, the sun came out, then it was really warm and humid, and later the dark clouds rolled in. I've had my nap in front of the TV and now am heading in the direction of bed.

Bob took MIL back up to the lake this morning. Our kids were planning to leave before noon in order to get some things done at their own houses, so they were packing up their stuff. The AZ cousin and his mother (who is the ex in the family) left to go eat dinner at the other grandmother's house and then they were going to the amusement park for awhile. Bob was so po'd, after they left, he could hardly hold his temper. The cousin knew that MIL was coming back on Sunday and has had the whole week to go to the amusement part. The more Bob thought about it the madder he got. He asked his mother what her plans were for the afternoon and she said she would probably take her nap. He told her she could do that in her own apt. and they were leaving. He couldn't believe how rude the relatives were! I opted to stay home and work on laundry and cleaning. Boy was I ever glad I did! :D

Gail -- I'm taking an OTC antihistamine that Bob took when he had the hives. He went through all the allergy testing and the allergist said that he was just a 60 year old man who had the hives, because he didn't test positive on anything, and to keep this low dose OTC med on hand to use as needed. I also have a prescription salve to use. No, I don't work during the summer other than try to do some deep cleaning that doesn't get done during the school year. Somehow, knitting mittens in July just doesn't sound right. :lol:

Maggie -- It always feels good to have a hair cut. I always seem to be fine one day and the next day look pretty ragged around the edges. Your charms sound interesting and good choices for each level of weight lost. :cp:

Susan -- I have never heard of a fire burning underground. Your description sounds like it is from a scary movie. :eek: I am so hungry for corn on the cob :T but we will have a very limited local supply this year. Sometimes we can buy it early from the back of pickups that come up from Nebraska and Missouri before our's is ready. One of Bob's clients bought some and it was $7 for a dozen ears. He said it was "good" only not as good as in other years.

"Gma" -- Welcome home! I'm glad you are safely home! Thank you for starting the new thread. The pictures of Jackson are so cute! :D He isn't a baby any more for sure.

I am :yawn: and am heading to bed. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow and remember to smile!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-07-2008, 01:55 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A balmy 81 degrees today after the weekend rains.

Jean, one of the most well known underground fires is in Pennsylvania. It has been burning since 1962 - see
it's pretty interesting. Our fire is not from coal but from peat - the kind they use for fuel in Ireland and Scotland where wood is scarce. It has built up for hundreds of years and eventually would turn into coal.

Faye, Jackson is so cute! I know you cried when you had to leave him! Hope the trip was uneventful this time.

Going out to dinner tonight so I'm eating really light today.

It's a typical Monday - hectic and not very productive.

Have a good day.

07-07-2008, 06:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We've had thunderstorms and pouring rain off and on today; now the sun is shining and it is terribly humid. Guess I will leave the house shut up and the air set high. I've been so tired and lazy today. Ernie and I took a nap this afternoon; he doesn't usually sleep on my lap as he's a long cat, gets heavy too. Now it's too late to start any big projects. :o Tomorrow is a dentist appt. and will run a couple errands.

Susan -- Thank you for the web site; I will check it out as soon as I am done posting. Enjoy your evening out. :)

"Hi" to everyone else wherever you are! :dancer:

I need to think about something for supper. Bob has a meeting tonight and we will be eating early, I think. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-08-2008, 01:02 AM
Good evening Magnolias ~ just a quickie for I have to get packed. We are leaving in the morning and won't be back till around the 18th. Take care everyone and I'll type at you when I get back.

07-08-2008, 05:24 AM
Good morning everyone. Well, I am trying again with the other shop at home place. My floormate is supposed to be delivered today from HSN. We shall see if it comes with a handle. I am not going to take anything out of the box until I see if it is all there first! :D I don't want to have to try and stuff it all back in if something is missing.

I almost forgot my dd's and sil's anniversary, which is Saturday. I hurried and ordered them a gift card to the melting pot, so I hope it is here in time to put it in a card and mail it or at least run it over to their house. They are hard to buy for so I didn't know what to get them. She enjoys that place so I thought maybe they would enjoy it together. It is a fondue place.

Picked up Fortune yesterday and he seemed all happy to see me. He got a good report card so he behaved himself. The place is nutty expensive, but if he is there and doesn't come home with a urinary tract infection from stress, it is worth it. I don't stress out over him being there shut up in a little tiny cage. He is in a nice sized room with a little bed and tv and then I pay for individual play time everyday so he seems content. The groomer did get him shaved too close this time, but other than that he was great.

Jean: Boy, I bet Bob was seeing red when he got down to the cabin and found no one there to stay with mil. I would be pretty upset too. I imagine mil wasn't too happy having to leave. We are miserable here. It is in the upper 90's and really humid. It was in the upper 70's in Indiana and no humidity so it was nice. As we drove home on Sunday and got out of the car for whatever reason, we found it got more miserable the farther south we got.

Susan: Yes, no blown tires or any other calamity this trip. We had a great time with the boys and Jackson is such a little cutey. He talks all the time in baby babble and is so happy. He is a chunk though. When we got to the house and I picked him up and kind of did the "umph" thing. I don't know how they can stand to carry him places. They don't take strollers though they have more than one, they just carry him. She has a sling to put him in, which Kelly bought her and Kelly carried him all over the Farmer's Market on Saturday, but you still are carryinging 30 lbs all over the place. They are young so I guess they have the energy to do it. I love the farmer's market up there. I used to go every Saturday when I was a kid and wasn't as thrilled following my mom or later my grandparents around, but I loved it on Saturday. I bought some gorgeous Ranier cherries, beautiful big red tomatoes, splurged on a chocolate croissant at one of the bakeries and bought Jack some cookies. We have one here, but it isn't very big.

Maggie: Hope you have fun on your travels. See you when you get back.

I am going to get in the recliner and go back to sleep for awhile. I had coughing issues all night last night and didn't sleep all that well. Gave up at 3 am and came downstairs and let Fortune out.

Have a good Tuesday. Have a dr appt today with my surgeon. Hopefully, he won't want to see me again unless I have a problem.

07-08-2008, 01:11 PM
Good morning, ladies! A pleasant 83 degrees at noon today!

I had a great time catching up with my friends last night. Tonight I'm having dinner with a different group and then we will go the quilt guild meeting. Such a social butterfly I've become.

Faye, I have my fingers crossed that everything is good with this floormate. It is so disheartening when parts are missing. I hope your cough has cleared up and you get discharged by the surgeon.

Jean, good luck with the dentist. I still don't like to go and I have a very nice dentist who is very gentle. Hate the smell for one thing.

Everyone have a good day!

07-08-2008, 05:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the humidity is much lower than yesterday. I left the air on 'high' just because it is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend. I made a WM and grocery store run after going to the dentist this morning. When I got home I was missing 4 items from WM. GRRRRRR! :tantrum: So I called and told her what time I was there, what I bought that I didn't get, what register I checked out on, etc. She checked and evidently they were put in a smaller sack and overlooked by the clerk. The rep told me twice to be sure and bring my receipt in with me and I could pick my sack up at the Customer Service Counter. I hadn't planned to go back but I did and the gal never even looked in the sack nor did she ask for my receipt. Talk about the left and right hand knowing what the other is doing. Nuts! The dentist wants me to go to a specialist and have a tooth checked. The gum looks suspicious even though it doesn't hurt; she mentioned it 6 months ago and I blew it off. This time she mentioned that if it ever gives me trouble I could end up losing it. That got my attention big time. :eek: So I called and can't get in until Aug. 13th. I go back to school on the 14th so will probably end up taking a sick day if he decides to redo the root canal. Bob went to the same specialist and it was $800 walking in the door, payment due now. I suppose it will at least be $1000 now. :(

Maggie -- Travel safe and enjoy yourself wherever you are. :yes:

"Gma" -- I hope the floormate is all there this time. :) I'm sure Fortune was glad to see you. I've seen some of the doggie hotels on TV and they're pretty nice. I hope your cough is gone by now and your appt. with the surgeon goes well.

Susan -- I'm glad you are enjoying your evenings out and about! That's most definitely what friends, fellowship, and good food are for. :D

Since I was out and about all morning and went back to WM after lunch, I need to get busy and accomplish something! Have a nice "rest of the day" and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-09-2008, 10:16 AM
Good morning to everyone! It is going to be another real hot one here this morning. It was over 100 degrees yesterday and it is 81 already this morning.

Jack's dr appt came out fine. They gave him an ekg and scheduled an echocardiogram in August just to be sure, but it has at least allayed my kids concerns that their dumb aunt put in their heads. The dr ask Jack why she would tell them he was in heart failure when he is perfectly fine. He said he thought she wanted to show off how much more she knew than anyone else. Terrible way to do it, scare the kids into thinking their dad might be dying.

My appt went fine too, but I have one tiny little incision spot not completely healed so I have to go back next month. {{{sigh}}} thought I was done, but not yet.

We then went to Penney's and bought a couple sets of new sheets, a set of Rachel Ray's cookware and I bought a few pair of new earrings. I lost my gold hoops, bought an inexpensive pair in Indiana and went to wear them yesterday and the end had broken off already. So I bought a new silver, new gold and a couple pair of colored ones and a big disc silver necklace. Jack has been wanting to buy new cookware for ages and they had it on sale along with sheets so we did the whole shebang. Saved a bundle, which was nice.

Today Fortune goes and gets a couple booster shots, I have a bit of shopping to do and get my nails and feet done if I have time. I have to return the rental car today at 3 pm.

Susan: Sounds like you are having a grand time with friends. You deserve it. It was such a hard time for you when Stan got sick and for so long.

Jean: Hope the dental issue gets resolved without raping your pocket. I do so hate WM. I go there just for prices, certainly not for service. I think they take only idiots as service personnel there. If you aren't rude, obnoxious, uncaring or stupid you need not apply. Ours is downright filthy most of the time, though I have to say they have improved on cleaning the bathrooms more than they used to.

Looks like Kelly's gift card will get here on Thursday and their anniversary is Saturday so I can get a card mailed out with the gift card in time. I am thinking about going ahead and ordering my son's bd present now instead of waiting until October. It is more than I spend on the kids for birthdays (usually try and stay around $100) but I know he will love having a Cubs jersey with his favorite player's name on the back. I just think it is outrageous to have to pay $175 for it!!! He is going to have to be very good to his mama for awhile! :D

My floormate came in a different box so I had to take everything out, but thank goodness it was all there. I actually prefer the one I got because it is smaller and I will be able to get in the small bath downstairs, which I figured would have to be done with the steam mop.

I gotta go and get the day started. Lots to do today.

07-09-2008, 04:39 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! After spending time on the phone and waiting for the dermatologist's nurse to call me back, MIL calling me twice to tell me she has a mild case of diarrhea and hurts all over, and sewing buttons on Bob's fishing pants, I'm ready for some ME time! MIL finally got her narcotics arranged for every 4 hours and she sounds like she is drunk over the phone. :dizzy: She said she missed the doorway this morning and hit her wrist on the wall which threw her off balance and she fell. I'm wondering of she was "loopy" from the drugs. (and she thinks she can drive?) She goes into detox next week; I'm not sure if that will be better or worse for us. :dunno: If she can't get Bob at the office then she starts calling here. Thank heavens for caller ID! :cheer:

"Gma" -- I'm sure Jay will love his birthday shirt. :yes: I love it when the receipt shows how much you saved by shopping the sales! The Penneys stores in St. Cloud, MN, and Sioux Falls, SD, are absolutely beautiful stores and both are so big. The Sioux City store moved into the old Target store at the mall and down-sized in doing so. Everyone thinks they made a big mistake but they always seem to be busy. I never can find much there however. Glad to hear the doctor appts. went ok. Better for you to have to go back than to have a problem. :) Don't work too hard on your cleaning projects. ;)

I'm off to sort through a pile of clothes. Bob is missing a pair of slacks that he wants to wear this weekend. Wonder which pile they are in . . . . . :o

Have a nice day and enjoy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-10-2008, 06:39 AM
Good morning gals! Looks like Jean and I are back to visiting with just one another! :lol:

Jean: Why are they letting your mil take narcotics? Does she need them for immense pain or something? I really like Penney's much more than Sears. I rarely if ever shop there. I do get stuff at Macy's online occasionally, but I get so many coupons from Penney's that I tend to buy stuff from them. My dil loved those towels I got super cheap btw. She was so excited about the fact they matched her bathroom. I didn't tell her they were the only three colors they had on clearance! :^: Hope you found Bob's pants so he didn't have to go out in his underear...:D Jack can drive me nuts sometimes, prissy one minute and a slob the next.

I am going to work on the house today, but it may be slow going. My knee has been bothering me a bit for a few days, achy mostly, but last night I got up to let the dog in and the whole thing just gave out. I almost toppled headfirst into the door. It righted itself, but whenever that happens it is sore and easily "wobbly" for a couple days so I don't know how much will get done today. Ahh well, no company coming so I guess I will survive a neat but needing a good cleaning house.

Everyone have a great Thursday.

07-10-2008, 12:25 PM
Good morning, ladies! A lovely 75 degrees. Maybe the rain is over for a few days as I see the sun is trying to come out.

Didn't post yesterday because I was having a bad day and not fit to be with.

Faye, I hope your knee improves rapidly. I have found that the house cleaning doesn't run away but stays right there until I get around to doing it - take it easy!

Jean, did you find Bob's pants? I love those receipts that show you the total savings, too. Kroger puts a year to date total, too so I can see how many weeks' free groceries I get. It tells you how much from manufacturers' coupons and how much from the Kroger Plus Card.

Had quilting bee last night and I did go which turned out to be good for me as I came home in a better frame of mind. Nothing going on tonight - thank goodness, I'm like Jean and just need some me time and tonight is one of the nights I like to watch tv - Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Hopkins. Tomorrow is day quilt guild and then lunch with some friends.

Have a good day!

07-10-2008, 02:06 PM
Hi everyone! We just got home from Virginia Beach about an hour ago. Just came on-line (to check accts, etc.) and wanted to say a quick hello! So....HELLO! :D

We had a very nice trip...everyone is doing well. We had a good visit with all parents and I saw my brother for a few minutes.

I'm still on program--can you believe that?! :)

I'll be back in a little later to catch up. :)

07-10-2008, 07:51 PM
Hey! :)

Like I said, Wayne and I had a very nice visit down home with the parents. We ate some good seafood...FRIED shrimp...yes, fried. And I still remained on program. I also got to visit my favorite yarn shop there and of course, bought some more yarn...some soft alpaca worsted weight a gray blue heather color. Enough to make a pair of mittens and a long scarf. This will be a Christmas present. I know Jean that it's crazy sounding to knit mittens in July but actually that's a great project to knit in the summer--it's portable, small, and not heavy. I can sit inside the gazebo and knit away! I really need to keep knitting these presents. While down in Va. Beach, my Mom made the comment that she would love a pair of white fingerless gloves and a matching scarf. That will be the next yarn I buy. And then Wayne chimed in saying he'd like a scarf also. I am not a fast knitter.

I discovered the greatest Dentyne Chocomint flavor! Yum. It's like I'm savoring the taste of a Peppermint Patty!

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done. I'm in much need of highlights and a cutting. I've been putting this off. I always do. I'd love to get a manicure and pedicure, also, Faye--nice to pamper yourself.

Susan, at least there was no smoke or fumes while we were in Va. Beach the past couple of days. It rained though. Glad you're feeling better about yourself! :) Some days I'm not fit to be around anyone either.

Oh Faye, love the picture of the little one! :D Sweet!

Not a whole lot to say really...but here I am!

07-10-2008, 11:37 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It has been an interesting day here. I worked on sorting, ironing, and washing clothes this morning. Bob came home for lunch and we headed to the lake to pick up my camera which I forgot on the 4th and he forgot on the 6th. He also wanted to see how clean the cabin was after the AZ crew left. As we drive in there is a car ahead of us with NE plates (a rental from the airport we find out later) and I said I wondered if it might be Sally -- a cousin of his that is a pain. He didn't think so, but the car went to the end of the road and parked right by our place. As we get closer we can see that it is ex-sister-in-law. We parked and I headed for the door which was unlocked and should have been locked. :( The ex is meeting Bob at the car and explaining that she is there because she offered to clean after her kid and grandkids left which was Monday. Meanwhile I head to the back bedroom and her stuff is scattered all over so she obviously had been staying there. She's telling Bob she couldn't leave because they couldn't find the key. (Bob had picked it up on the 4th) and she couldn't leave the place unlocked. Bob says she didn't need a key to lock up, just push the button and pull the door shut. She has a Master's Degree in special ed. so I don't think she is that stupid she couldn't figure that one out. She heads inside as I'm coming out and we leave without saying any more to her. I'll bet she had her bags packed and out of there in short order. It was actually kind of funny. It wasn't even that she was there so much as she didn't ask if it was ok. I'm all for charging rent next summer and we'll see how many AZ relatives show up then.

"Gma" -- MIL was in a rear end collision with a loaded dump truck many years ago. They were driving a station wagon with their golf clubs in the back and the truck pushed the back end up to the front seat. She's had back and leg pain from that ever since. She's had heart by-pass, two broken wrist surgeries, broken ankle surgery, broken collar bone, and her gall bladder out. On top of that she has a vertebra which is pushing on another bone and osteoporosis which is squishing her innards together as she shrinks. She is under 5' now and was 5'5" at one time. She is a walking medical challenge for sure. The problem is that for every part of the body, you go to a different doctor in Tucson and each has no clue what the other prescribes. She is addicted to mega doses of narcotics. :spin: That is why she is going to the detox place and see if they can help her. I didn't find Bob's pants but I'm not done looking either. He has plenty of other pants he can wear. Can you put an ACE bandage or a brace on your knee to help stabilize it?

Susan -- Do you know why it is called a quilting bee? I always think of a bee buzzing around. :lol: Have fun at the quilting guild tomorrow! I have more clothes to sort through tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder if Bob hung them in another closet and doesn't remember.

Gail -- Welcome home! I'm glad you had a good trip. Congrats for staying OP! :cp: If Dentyne Blast is a new flavor we will be lucky to get it by Christmas. It sounds yummy!

I have to unload my bed which is covered with piles of clothes. I could really use a couple of dressers with big drawers! Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-11-2008, 08:33 AM
Good morning to everyone. Jean got my curiosity up so this is what I found about "bees." Amish and farming communities used the bee in many ways, quilting bee, barn raising bee, husking bee, etc. It is now used for spelling and the Amish communities still participate in them. I grew up around Amish and Mennonites as there is a fairly large community of them only about 30 miles from South Bend.

Bees got their name by quite a roundabout route. The Middle English word for a prayer was a 'bene', from which we derive words like 'benefit'. This migrated to 'boon', with the meaning of 'a favour granted'. The English Dialect Dictionary, 1905, records the country term 'boon' as meaning "voluntary help, given to a farmer by his neighbours, in time of harvest, haymaking, etc".

Migrants from England to the USA would have taken the term 'boon', which was also spelled 'been' or 'bean', with them. Communal activities were an essential ingredient of survival in frontier America and the word would certainly have been called on there. The imagery of the social and industrious nature of bees was sufficient to change 'beens' into 'bees'.

Amazing the things you can find out on the internet!

Jean: Boy, she sure had guts to just wander up there. If Bob had the key, how did she get in? Did some of her family say they left it unlocked for her I wonder? Takes all kinds. I think renting it out to family for a nominal fee isn't such a bad idea. After all, who pays the water, electricity bill and such? It should be the responsibility of all involved not just one person. If I had the privilege of using some other familiy member's vacation property, I would want to at least chip in for utilities and such. Maybe Bob's pants went the way of the dinosaur, they have now become extinct and no longer can be seen! ;)

Susan: Sorry yesterday was a grump day. I actually hate the days when I feel like a b****. It isn't fair to others and you personally feel awful when it happens. Glad you had fun at the bee last night. I was an idiot and not only cleaned the house, but rearranged everything and cleaned out stuff and threw it away. I want to get the upstairs mostly done today, but my muscles are telling me what an idiot I am. My Floormate works great though. I really like the fact I can "vacuum up the water" and the floor becomes dry almost right away. It also makes your floors smell nice.

Gail: Sounds like you had fun with the grandkids and all on your trip. I sure miss mine. It was so much fun having them together if only for just a couple days. I love both kids and their families being able to be together and we had such a ball with Thomas's Wii video game. It was mostly the men playing sports games like golf, bowling and such but Thomas had his Wii rock band stuff and he, his uncle, his mom and his dad all did a karaoke type stint with the guitar and drums. His uncle sings fairly well and is actually in a rock band, but mom is a bit tone deaf and sings flat. She had fun though and that was all that matters. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving because they are coming down and we are going to combine it and have Christmas so I can get the house decorated early and have it all ready when they get here to celebrate Christmas too.

Hope everyone has a great end of week and weekend. Tomorrow is dreaded commissary day, but thank goodness not SS payday or military so maybe it won't be too bad.


07-11-2008, 05:24 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A bit warmer today but still nice. Getting a wiff of smoke every once in awhile. Hope the wind shifts soon. That's the best thing about the rain - keeps the smoke down.

I had quilt guild this morning, then when to lunch with 11 other women. We had a wonderful speaker who showed us many many quilts she has made and told us how she did them - many applique which is my forte.

Gail - you yarn sounds beautiful. Now is certainly the time to be working on Christmas gifts. Have you ever been to Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg? A wonderful shop and as a plus there is also a quilt shop around the corner. I'm keeping an eye out for that gum. I love chocolate mints.

Jean - your SIL sure has some nerve. I don't think you'd be out of line at all to ask those who want to use the place to pay something and to keep the place clean...and not let others in to use it without telling you!

Faye - thanks for the info on bees. I just always thought of "busy as a bee" in connection with the bees for humans. I hope the commissary trip wasn't too bad.

I bought "The Beck Diet Solution". It's a book on cognitive thinking and weight loss, not a diet. It has a 6 week program and different things to do each day to build you thin person thinking. I figure it can't hurt and may be what I need to get these last few pounds off. I'll let you know how it goes.

07-11-2008, 05:47 PM
What a day! But it was fun! :)

Today I finally got my hair done...meaning highlights and a cut. I also did a little shopping for myself. It seems since I've retired I don't shop like I used to do but I took advantage of some really good sales at Macy's. I bought a Ralph Lauren polo shirt in navy blue at 50% off!!! And I bought a cute little tee shirt (decorated with little black buttons around the neckline) in black. I love black and khaki together. Also, I went to Target and took advantage of some sale things there plus using coupons on some grocery items there was nice.

I sneaked a peak on the scale this morning and I know this is going to be another week with a loss. Tomorrow it will be official weigh-in day for me. :)

Susan, no I haven't been to that yarn shop...but I will make a visit there when I do get to Williamsburg. Then I'll have "Williamsburg yarn" in my stash. I love buying yarn in different shops in different cities. Then when I do make something with it they will bring good memories everytime I use the item. :) Know what I like about the gum? The flavor stays with you and I swear I think it will help curb my craving to eat a lot of the time! I didn't find it in Target so I'm going to have to go back to Walmart to buy more. I hope you find it!

Faye, that's interesting about the bees. I love the internet! My 77-year-young Mother loooooove her computer and internet--she's always finding fantastic bits of information. My mother is great with the computer. In fact, she knows more about the computer and the internet and how to use things than I do. I'm always learning something from her. I told her she missed her calling. I swear if she were younger she would be a great IT techie. I have always wanted my parents to come spend Christmas with us. They never have. Combining both holidays sounds like a great idea! Just think when Christmas does arrive you'll be able to sit back, relax, and really enjoy the true meaning of the season. Double the pleasure!!

Jean, hi! I need to get onto the first page and read and catch up with what you've been doing! I will! :)

07-11-2008, 05:50 PM
Jean, yes, I think Dentyne Blast is a new least the Chocomint is. You have got to find it and try it. Yum. I love going down to see my parents and FIL but it sure does feel good to be home! As I entered the house, I shouted out, "Hello House!". (The house did NOT answer me back.) ;)