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07-03-2008, 12:29 PM
Yep.. Another ariticle from Yahoo... The "HG" in the article referes to "Hungry Girl" and the cookbook she's selling...

Worst Chain Breakfast Diet-Busters & Satisfying Swaps
Posted Wed, Jun 25, 2008, 12:23 pm PDT
Hungry Girl is here with the 411 on some flab-inducing breakfasts, and recipe swaps that slash calories and fat FAST!

Attack of the 1,210-Calorie Veggie Omelette!

At IHOP, you might think ordering the spinach and mushroom omelette is a good idea -- but this egg disaster has a shocking 1,210 calories (eeeks!). Instead, try HG's Ginormous Oven-Baked Omelette -- you can have a giant piece of our protein-packed omelette for just 140 calories and 3g fat! An added bonus? You can make it the night before and then simply heat 'n' eat in the AM!

79-Grams-of-Fat French Toast!

Even if you're DYING for French toast, avoid Denny's Fabulous French Toast Platter at all costs. This freaky breakfast plate will cost you 1,261 calories and 79g fat! Instead of feasting on this diet dud, try HG's Cinnamonlicious French Toast. It has just 170 calories and 1g fat. And if you crave the sausage links and bacon slices this platter comes with, go for Morningstar Farms' Sausage Links (2 links = 80 calories and 3g fat) and Jennie-O's Extra Lean Turkey Bacon (2 slices = 40 calories and 1g fat). Then finish it off with sugar-free pancake syrup!

Morning Muffin Mayhem!

McDonald's regular Egg McMuffin has 300 calories and 12g fat. For a tiny little muffin? And if you slip up and order the one with sausage, you'll be gobbling up 450 calories and 27g fat. YIKES!! Try HG's Egga Muffin instead, for only 165 calories and 1.5g fat.

600-Calorie B-Fast Sandwich Alert!

Subway may be known for its low-fat sub menu, but think twice before grabbing the sandwich chain's 6-inch Chipotle Steak and Cheese Breakfast Omelet Sandwich. That meaty monstrosity has 600 calories and 32 grams of fat! If you wanna go Southwestern, you'd be way better off with HG's Bueno Breakfast Burrito, with only 170 calories and 5g fat.

Slam Don't! (Denny's 1,040-Calorie Dud!)

So you're starving ... and you order up Denny's Lumberjack Slam with hash browns. (The thing already includes pancakes, ham, bacon, sausage, AND eggs!) How can we say this politely -- BAD IDEA!!! This massive morning mistake is loaded with 1,040 calories and 53g fat! If you crave a little bit of everything, why not whip up our Super Duper Veggie Scramble (only 150 calories and 5g fat), HG's Very Blueberry Pancakes (201 calories and 2g fat), and our Butternut Hash Browns (85 calories and 1g fat)? ALL of that would cost you only 436 calories and 8g fat -- that's less than HALF the calories and EIGHTY FIVE percent less fat than Denny's Lumberjack disaster!

07-03-2008, 02:00 PM
Speaking of McDonald' whole journey started when I was eating a Big Mac and read the nutritional info at the same time...

Calories per Big Mac: 576 (292 calories from fat!!!)
Total Fat: 32.5 g
Cholesterol: 103 mg
Sodium: 742 mg
Carbs: 38.7 g

I didn't even get to the french fries lol. I guess you could say it changed my life!


07-03-2008, 02:18 PM
That omelet looks good (I LOVE eggs). I may have to look that recipe up!

07-03-2008, 02:21 PM
Now if only that HG would open a restaurant!

I have had the egg Mc Muffin a few times, and I didn't think the 360 calories was all that bad really. 2 starches for breakfast is not my normal thing though.

07-03-2008, 04:07 PM
Thanks Dan... I had the IHOP omelet last weekend! I still had a 1.6lb drop over the weekend though so I guess I did ok! Maybe it was because I ordered w/o the hollandaise sauce, light on the cheese and couldn't even eat the whole darn thing - not to mention that it came with a side stack of pancakes that I couldn't even think of eating! If I would have known about the pancackes I could have saved an extra 5 bucks on a kids plate!

So I guess my point is, make it yours - you can still order these things, but make the moderations you need to get the right portions and don't feel like you have to clean your plate! One of the things I've been really concious about when dining out is my feeling of fullness, when I start to feel like I am "getting" full, I stop. If it doesn't look like I have gotten a whole portion size in, I eat slowly to that point. I keep thinking that I've worked so hard to shrink my stomach, I don't want to stretch it back out by overeating a few times and then having that lingering hungry feeling all of the time.

07-07-2008, 01:23 PM
Absolutely right Julie..

The thing to keep in mind when you read these articles is that the foods they talk about are "as is" as they are on the menu.. They don't take into consideration the modifications we make... On the old LAWL plan, an egg mcmuffin was allowed, but without cheese.. When you get rid of that yellow plastic thing they call cheese, you drop the fat and calorie count quite a bit..

Regarding the IHOP omlet, you did the right thing.. Plus, you don't eat those very often (do you?), so now that your body is in weight loss mode, it's better able to digest and get rid of the bad stuff, while retaining the good proteins you get with the eggs.

One thing you're doing well, which I am not, is stopping when you're full.. I have a real problem with leaving food on a plate.. I just hate to waste food, which is why buffets are NEVER economical for me.. I never eat a lot at these places, so it's a total waste of money... Good work!!