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07-03-2008, 09:36 AM

Just a quickie, how come I'm the one starting all the threads lately??? Mybe I'm on the computer too much...lol

Fergi, so sorry about your truck...hope you get everything back in order without any hassle!!

Okay, gotta run some errands, then my gf is coming over to decorate for my party tomorrow. Got lots of cleaning/ baking to do.

HOpe everyone has a super day. Will try to check in tonight, but I can't promise anything. If not, will hop on early tomorrow for sure!!


07-03-2008, 10:16 AM
Good morning all! It's a glorious Thursday here as I prepare myself for a day at the **** hole... grrrr... we have early dismissal today at 2pm. I voted for 10:30am but they said NO! Can you imagine? I told them to take a vote and ask the office if they wanted to be let out at 10:30 or 2... they wouldn't take a vote. S I'm stuck there til 2... :(

Fergi... that stinks about your truck. My husband had his briefcase stolen a few years ago from his truck... in our driveway!!! Talk about a brazen robber!!! It was a major hassle but luckily he didnt have any personal info in there but he is an IT Manager and had a lot of computer items taken too.

Hope everyone has a good day!! :):):)

07-03-2008, 10:19 AM
Good morning everyone

Well today is my Friday since tomorrow is a holiday. Thank god. Going to the beach to relax and do some surf fishing.

We pretty much have everything done. We got all the accounts closed and switched over. Had the credit flagged so if they try to get credit in our name they won't be able to. You name it we did it. I don't think they will get anything out of it. The old checking account was flagged so if they try to write checks it will show. There is not any money in it because it was transferred. So I think we are good. DH is worried about them coming to the house. All the bills were in there so they have our address. I feel for them if they try. I am not to worried about that. I really don't think that will happen. I just worry about us being there when it happens. If I am not there take what you want I have insurance. Material things can be replaced. But all in all I feel good about it. Not to worried.

I hope everyone has a good day. Hope everyone is feeling well and has a good holiday weekend. Enjoy the day and be safe.


07-03-2008, 10:31 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee2:

Fergi, that really sucks. You must feel soo violated. :( I would be worried too, but I'm glad you got everything covered. Did the cops say if it's common practice or whatever for the robbers to come to your house for more, if they have that info?

Poppy, We're hoping to get out at 1 or 2 today also. We go by the stock market and they close at 1 today, so I hear, so I'm keeping my fingers :crossed:

No big plans for the weekend here, just the usual cleaning. :rolleyes: I would love to tear my bathroom out and redo it, but I think that only works on TV shows (in a couple days!) :lol3:

have a great day all!

Christina S
07-03-2008, 11:08 AM
good morning..just a quick one for me today...gotta get ready for work...

when does your guys city do fireworks?...ours is today...its a huge day evening event...its a lot of fun but i dont understand why today...so im gonna get off work early run home change get little mario and take off...big mario and his mom will meet us whenever they get there...tomorrow is the big one for marios moms city so we will do that too...should be a ton of fun...sad though because the program wont let dominic go tonight or tomorrow...holidays they keep the kids...for obvious reasons but i still want him to come!

have a great one, i will try to check in from work!

07-03-2008, 11:17 AM
Morning All,
I am headache free this morning. So I am a happy camper for a change. That hasn't happened in a week and a day. So that is a good thing. Now watch it will come back in full force.
I did my workout this morning. After getting cleaned up for the day, I think dh and I are going grocery shopping for the weekend. We have his kids and it is suppose to rain. So that should be a fun visit. Since when they are cooped up in the house, they fight non stop.Oh well, I guess we just have to roll with life's punches. This evening we are to go to our friend's house for a cookout. Should be interesting on two counts, we are to get thunderstorms this evening and my dh and one of his friends are not speaking. So I guess I am going to have to open my big mouth and have a little chat with our friend. That should be fun!
Fergi, glad that you have such a postive outlook today. Sounds like you were very busy yesterday getting everything taken care of. Hope you enjoy your day at the beach!
Lauren, enjoy your day at work. Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend of cleaning. I know that I have to do that sometime too. Don't you just love that. I could have slapped my dh last night when he told one of our friends that he helps out around the house. Guess who has been cleaning it for the last year or so? Me! But he told her that it is fifty/fifty. Don't work too hard!
Poppyseeds, enjoy your day at the **** hole. Atleast you are getting out a little early today. Sorry they wouldn't take a vote or go along with your time.
Pam, enjoy yourself today. Sounds like you are going to be a very busy lady today. Hope the kids cooperate with you.
Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all having a great Thursday.
I didn't take my pain meds. last night and got on the scales this morning and was down. So I really think that might have caused my slight weight gain. Oh well, new week new attitude!
Have a great day! I'll check back in with everyone later.
Take care,

07-03-2008, 12:10 PM
Mornin Chicks,

fergi, I can imagine how that must feel, I'm so glad you got everything taken care of, I read somewhere that kind of stuff and car theft is pretty high risk in Texas. No fun, no fun at all. Have a smooth day and go home and relax.

kerry, glad to hear there is no headache this morning, I thought about you last night. We too are supposed to have thunderstorms today and tomorrow, kinda puts a damper on my weekend plans. My Dh used to tell people things like that, that he helped around the house when I was still working 14hr days, anytime I heard that come out of his mouth I would clarify it by saying "only if you count the dust he blows off the furniture with his cyclonic snoring as housework". He finally stopped telling those lies.

Lauren, I think my DH thinks we should be able to tear a room out and have it done in a day, somewhere along the way he has completely lost touch with reality. I'm having my small group over next Fri. and he has this list of house renovations he would like to have done by then, these women don't give a hoot about that stuff. Even if they did, i don't , so I refuse to get myself in a snit over it.

Well, my morning has started out bad, and I mean really bad, from an eating perspective that is. Got up early to take middle DS to get money and breakfast then get him to the church to catch the van, they're going on a mission trip this weekend. Everyone but us was running really late, that never happens to me, I'm always the late one. So we had to sit there and sit there, I didn't get to have my coffee before I left, OMG! When he finally got unloaded and I could leave I had to go shopping we were out of everything, food, cleaners, paper products, you name it. That was one expensive trip to the store, by the time I left I was starving and freaking out due to lack of caffeine. The kids called me wanting me to bring home donuts, so stupid me went and bought them some and don't you know I ate two of them. I hope to regroup for the rest of the day, but UUGGH I hate when I do stupid stuff! On a high note I am going to get my hair colored this afternoon, that will make me feel a lot better. I'm so gray, its disgusting. I've been going gray since I was 19, its just not right, its not right, its not right. Ok, pity party over, positive thinking produces positive results. Plan to have homemade healthy lasagna and salad this evening, so thats definitely something to look forward to as well. Have a great day gals!!


lois lane
07-03-2008, 12:47 PM
Hey everyone!

I've missed you guys! Tried reading up on this weeks post, you girls have been busy and I can't possibly remember it all lol.

Lauren, I read about your ADD. I can relate to the "shes such a smart girl...." Do you think that could be why neither of us have cabinet doors up in our kitchens? I have 4 rooms halfway done. Thank goodness I finished the living room...

Joan, how did Liams appt go? Is he going to be on new meds?

Trish, I hear you on the going grey. It runs in my family. Skipped my mom right over to me, ugh.

Kerry, glad you're headache free. Did you find out what was causing them?

Hey Christina, 2 night of fireworks should be fun. Will Dominic be out of the program soon?

Pam, are you having a big party?

Poppyseeds and fergi, hey ladies!

I'm doing the same as trish today, coloring my hair. I'm doing mine at home though. Work is getting more bearable. I wont bore you with any details though. I am going to look for something else. The one positive about the job is that I don't have to drive there everyday which saves on gas.

Hope all else are well!

Talk later, Alicia

07-03-2008, 02:11 PM
hi everyone!

Trish sorry about your bad start of the day w/food!

Alicia good to see you! not having to drive for work is great, prices of gas are horrid!

Lauren I would love to find a way to do the bathrooms in one day too!
we have to pull out he toilets in each bathroom and figure out what is going on w/them. We haven't done it cause we are afraid of what we may find out.

Kerry I am glad you don't have a headache today! that is always a plus!

poppyseeds what kind of people do you work with, are they crazy??? not wanting to get off earlier!!!

Pam I hope you have a good day today! I am sure you have a lot to do, I hope you get everything done!

I am not doing to well. On Tuesday night I had to take a pill for allergies I had very bad allergies in my eyes, I took the normal thing I take every time I need something for allergies. Well! let me tell you, I was out cold, I didn't wake up till 5 PM yes 5 PM yesterday, when I opened my eyes and saw the clock I thought oh my! this most be way wrong, but no it was right. The good thing is DH was home all day, the bad thing was he wanted to spend the day together I was dead to the world, I lost an entire day and even today I still feel groggy. I don't think it was all to do w/the medicine, but more like my body finally gave in to all the stress w/Sean + the stress w/the dog almost not making it.

GG how was your anniversary?

I have a busy day today, I have a lot of things to do, we have 7 families coming over tomorrow for the 4th. I have to get the food at Smart and Final and run a couple or errands. Sean gets home early so I need to get a lot of it done before he gets home. I am going to bake later in the day when it is not so hot!

I will see you guys later~


07-03-2008, 02:34 PM
Do you think that could be why neither of us have cabinet doors up in our kitchens?

:rofl: Probably!!

I'm outta here girls...going SHOPPING!! :D :D :D See ya' later!

07-03-2008, 03:51 PM
Good morning all! It's a glorious Thursday here as I prepare myself for a day at the **** hole... grrrr... we have early dismissal today at 2pm. I voted for 10:30am but they said NO! Can you imagine? I told them to take a vote and ask the office if they wanted to be let out at 10:30 or 2... they wouldn't take a vote. S I'm stuck there til 2... :(

This was sarcasm at it's best. :D:D:D:D

I think I explained my story wrong... I tried get my boss to let us vote for when we wanted to get out today. I told him, that we should get out at 10:30 and I think that I would win the vote!! LOL He wouldn't let us vote... :( So he sends an email to everyone that we were getting out at 2. I reply back to him "I'm still voting for 10:30"... He didn't say anything... LOL

Sorry for the confusion!!! LOL

07-03-2008, 05:07 PM
Just dropping in to say hi.

I will be thinking of you guys during the holiday weekend. We are having people over tomorrow so I am currently in a cleaning frenzy!

Have fun!

07-03-2008, 05:46 PM
just saying "hi", my cousin's 18th B-day is tomorrow, trying to make a wall-hanging thing for her. We'll see how that goes.

Fergi, glad to hear you seem to have gotten the theft thing handled pretty quickly, that must have been horrible!

Hanna, your body was probably telling you it needed a break with all that sleep. Hope your allergies are better today.

Trish, sorry about your rough start to the morning. :hug: I have definitely been there the past few weeks.

DS just pooped, gotta go be a "butt-wiper" (his words...) :lol:

07-03-2008, 06:51 PM
back for more, just went for a bike ride with kids, not too far this time, just around the neighborhood for about 30 min. felt good.

Lauren, have fun shopping!! I have shopping as my 195 lb. goal, unfortunately no progress in a few weeks. :( I have done better with my exercise though, I suppose I am halfway there...just have to get my eating in check! I have done okay today, if I just have my salad for dinner I will get my food sticker for the day. :D

Gracesmommy, hope your cleaning goes well, sometimes I really enjoy it. I never thought I'd say that, but without the kids underfoot, if I can spend a couple hours at it I feel really good about having it clean...at least for the first 30 min. after kids get back! :lol:

Alicia and Trish, have fun with your hair coloring!

Everyone else, happy thursday!

07-03-2008, 07:26 PM
Hi everyone ~ Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth!! We're having company come here in about 30 minutes and I'm actually ahead of schedule (gasp!). I made homemade lasagna, salad and DH is making some breadsticks right now in the kitchen. Plus, he made homemade ice cream for dessert...... you do *NOT* want to know all of the calories that are involved:). We're off to my brother's tomorrow for his annual party. It's one of my favorite parties of the year. Lots of fun stuff for the kids and adults. Now it's time to open up a bottle of red and let it air for approximately 5 minutes before I pour myself a glass LOL. Enjoy your parties Chickies!

07-03-2008, 11:17 PM
Hey there everybody!!

Got my 30 min. run in, some weights and pilates so I'm feeling better about how my day went even though i didn't eat the best. We had homemade lasagna with wheat noodles, ground turkey, and low fat ricotta and moz. cheeses. I thought it was pretty tasty and I saved a lot of fat and calories. It took me forever to make, reminded me of why I don't like to make it from scratch.
My plan is to get up in the morning, get my Bible time in,then my run and pilates, then the rest of the day I'm just gonna go with the flow.

Got my hair done, don't feel like I resemble my mother so much now, whew!

Anyway, off to snuggle with DH, have a safe 4th chicks!