LA Weight Loss - Plan 5 vs. Red 1 (without Lites)

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07-03-2008, 05:07 AM
Well, I bit the bullet today and finally went back to LAWL after 4 difficult months, most of which were medical leave. My COD is still open but everyone that I knew is gone, all staff is new. WOW

Here's my question to the forum: I was given Plan 5 (no Lites/allergy to soy) and before I left I was on Red1. The Counselor said it was totally my choice as to which plan to follow, but she could not offer me any materials on the color coded plans (I have all the information thanks to this message board), but am starting new tomorrow, so I wondered what you'all thought.

She said the numbered plan has more starches, less proteins which has me leaning towards the color plan, but since I have been totally off for 4 months, maybe I should try the numbered plan since that is what they are following now and I could get more information at the COD about that plan.

I am open to suggestions. Anyone?