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07-02-2008, 09:43 PM
G'day everyone,

I am just about all packed to go on our adventure up North.

I'll be gone for 6 weeks, return to Adelaide and then home 3 days before going to Melbourne for 10 days to visit our daughter and family.

Everything should be back to normal early September.

I enjoyed reading your last long post Ann, it is funny about that 1 lb that you loose over and over again ;), if only it stayed away for good!!!
You would enjoy playing the piano don't you? My sister just broke her wrist and she is getting very frustrated how long it takes to heal.

I have never heard of Swiss Chard and must look it up when I have more time.

Stay happy and well everyone, if I get a chance to post somewhere in an internet cafe I will, there is not a great deal out bush.


07-03-2008, 07:26 AM
Morning to all
Ann I know all about losing that 1 lb and getting it back again I think we are going to go set up our veggie stand at the township office but I know no one will show up or very few On Saturday there is an old car show on the main street of town so we are going to set up there as well even if it just gets our name out so people know we are out there with our veggies

Maria I know you may not get to read this for a while but have safe and wonderful trip and post when you can

My DH has been away for a week and was very surprizedat how much everything in the garden had grown It amazing what some heat will do it has been a cool and wet spring and early summer they say the first few weeks of July will be same a bit cool and wet

Well thats it for now Hope everyone else is well Suz :carrot:

07-03-2008, 04:04 PM
Wow, it has been a week since I posted and it looks like everyone has come back. Thanks for the advice regarding retirement. You all are undoubtedly right about it. I have two friends who are retired and they do nothing outside the home. They have grandkids, but they love staying home. Can't say that sounds good to me at all. I will have to be able to go.

Maria, you are gone so I won't talk to you. Ha! I know she will have a grand time.

Suz, your veggies. How I wish I had them. They sounds wonderful!

Gloria, so glad physical things are going well for you. This BP medicine has always been an issue with me. It makes me dizzy, this one less than some of the others. And being able to lose weight, 7.5 pounds is just great!

Ann, you still sound like that little Energizer Bunny. Just glad you are so busy and you have such a busy lifestyle in the park.

I hope Slavika, Trudy, and Miss Karen are having a great summer.

I have to tell you something. I was walking at noon over to meet a friend for lunch. I fell off my shoes! So embarrassing! These aren't even high ones, but I went sprawling and then looked around to see how many people saw me. I just knew people were at all the windows! How stupid is that? And then I looked even worse stumbling away with a bruised hand and ego. Maybe, Ann, I will look for that SAS shoes.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th, plenty of family and friends and fireworks.

07-03-2008, 07:51 PM
Hello Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been around lately. I will try to do better.

Maria - I guess I missed you, but if you read this have a great vacation. We look forward to hearing from you when you can pop in.

Ann - I noticed you live in FL. We moved to SC from Ft. Lauderdale area. We lived in Coconut Creek when Wilma hit. I decided then that if that was a 4 that I never want to be in a Cat 5. I understand about the rain as we could sure use some here. I notice today there is a tropical storm out in the Atlantic, but they don't expect it to hit land. I sure it would come up close enough for us to get rain, but don't want anything bad. DH son in IN has a lot of damage, but with the help of his insurance and FEMA hopefully they can eventually get things fixed. Boy do I know about the 1lb that doesn't want to go away. I just hope if I KOKO that it will finally be a thing of the past.

Suz - Sure wish we had your veggie stand here. I had hoped that when we moved to SC that I would see veggie stands, but I haven't seen one yet. We have a little place here that is set up like one, but the veggies are bought from the same place as what grocery stores and the prices are no better.

Glenda - So sorry about your fall. One day not too long after we moved her, my shoe caught on a place raised too high on the drive and fell when I had gone out to get the mail. When asked by DH if I was hurt, I told him that the only thing I felt was embarrassed and had looked to see if anyone was around. I too wondered if any one looking out the windows of their homes on the other street had seen me. We only had 2 sets of neighbors at the time and I knew they were not home. You be careful. As we get older we have to really be good to our bones.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday.


07-04-2008, 01:11 AM
Happy July 4th everyone. We had our Canada Day on July 1st. We didn't do much, it was very hot outside and so many people out at all the events, it gets tiring.
With Karen, Maria and Glenda away our little group will quite a bit smaller. Hope they all have a good holiday. We are getting the grand children on Saturday for a sleepover. That will be enough excitement for us this weekend.
Ann you asked me about surgery on the carpel tunnel. 3 surgeries are what caused it in the first place, so no, I won't be doing that. I have a lot of scar tissue on my wrist.

Well gals, enjoy your 4th celebrations... :hug:

07-04-2008, 10:27 PM
Hi Trudy, I have only known of a few people who had that surgery and it didn't work for them. I do have some problems with my hands from time to time, but I decided a long time ago to just leave it be as I can live with it. And then I heard someone say it is different now and it works. I don't have the answer, but I don't think it is anything I want to mess with.


07-05-2008, 03:12 PM
Good afternoon everyone:

I have been scurrying around doing cleaning and straightening up the house in preparation for our trip next week. Decided that I needed a little down time.

We had a very nice 4th. I played Bingo with a friend at the clubhouse. I only play on holidays, and all I did as usual was contribute the the winnings of others. Then we had a sort of picnic supper at the clubhouse, fried chicken, and then we each brought what we wanted for our table. I elected to bring dessert. A sugar free apple pie, and a sugar free peach gelatin pie. The last was an experiment, and it turned out better than I thought. Then we had a movie, 'Noah Dearborn' starring Sidney Poittier. Never could spell his name. It was a very good film. Then home to watch The Capital Fourth from Washington D.C. and their fireworks, then the Boston Pops and fireworks, and then on to bed.

So on Tuesday we will be joining the other vacationing gals until the 16th. I am looking so forward to it, as I will see my youngest daughter and her daughter, as well as assorted boyfriends. But I know it will be a nice time.

We do have to accept the life=style of the granddaughter, and their 'significant others'. Not what we were brought up to believe. For us it was court, get married and then live together. Now it is court, live together and then get married. I don't really like it but what can I do about it- nothing, so it is better to 'go with the flo' than to make waves and make for an unpleasant weekend.

I have started my project to copy a pattern of an applique quilt that my Grandmother made. I made one square of scrap material, to see if I could do it, and I think I can. I didn't want to invest in a lot of material if I couldn't manage it. So that will be my winter project.

Another warm day so I know I have to go to the pool later, if we don't have any thunder.

Trish- We were here in Fl. for Charlie, Frances, and Jeanne, all the same year. It was raather unpleasant, but we were blessed and had minimal damage. We did go to a shelter for two of them We were dumb enough to stay in the house for the first one, which was the worst one. The bad thing for us was that our insurance co. canceled, and now haaving found another company, we have a huge deductable, but at least we do have some sort of insurance.

Glenda: Sorry that you had a fall, and I know what you mean, wondering who saw you. And that the only thing that was badly hurt was your pride. I'm glad you weren't like a gal in our park who tripped over a curb and broke her arm. By all means look for the SAS shoes while you are in San Antonio. It stands for San Antonis Shoes. They are wonderful and some stylish ones as well as the casual. Just not very high heels. which is fine with me.

Suz: I hope things go will with your veggie stand. I wish I could grow Swiss chard down here. I have never tried it, but I may,since we have a spot near the house in our back yard where the grass just doesn't grow. So I am thinking of filling it in with so good soil, put a raised edge around it and plant some stuff there. I have to do it in the fall, since the summer is so hot.

Hi Beach Bum- Is the weather nice out on Cape Cod?

Trudy: Do you wear magnetic bracelets on your bad wrists? I have a problem with one thumb, and as long as I wear the bracelet, it is better. I don't understand why but as long as it works. :D: Have you ever tried bio-freeze gel on your wrists. That is a great pain reliever. We get it at the place where DH does exercises.

I'll probably make one more post before we go on Tuesday. So have a great rest of the weekend. And Hi to anyone I seem to haave missed.

07-06-2008, 02:29 PM
Ann - I know a lot of people lost their insurance after Wilma. We didn't because we didn't have enough damage to make a claim on our insurance. However, when DH called to cancel our insurance because we were moving to SC, he was told that if we canceled we couldn't get insurance with them again. We moved to SC and we got a new insurance policy with the same company so we realized they meant we couldn't get them again in FL. His daughter lives in Boca and had a claim on her insurance and they dropped her.

Hope you have a good trip.


07-07-2008, 04:48 PM
Okay, guys, I am back. Seems like our group has sort of shrunk, what with all the traveling. Trudy, so sorry your wrists are hurting. I have two friends who had the surgery and it helped immensely. I know one lady who just does the brace for her wrist.

I bet you had fun with the little ones on the sleepover. We had our little girl alone for only about 5 hours and we were tired. Actually Joel, Shanna, and Makenzie, Brooke, Greg, and Colton came Saturday about noon and left Sunday evening. We had a great time. Brooke is our granddaughter and Colton is her 6 month old son, our gr-grandson. We went to a big fireworks display and had a quilt and some chairs, but not enough, to take out to the clearing and I looked up and my son had his third-row seat from his car carrying it down the sidewalk. This was a true Redneck Moment. Later the grown men set of fireworks in our back area (we are way out of the city limits) and they had as much fun as little kids. All in all, it was a wonderful holiday. We had yesterday alone and Leon just slept all afternoon on the couch and I read. Sure was nice to be quiet again.

Ann, I know you will have a great time, visiting your kids. And you are so right about that "living together" thing. I have more than once had to kind of hold back a thought or two with my own very happily married sons. They both lived with their wives before marriage out of convenience. Hmm....One DIL's parents suggested it as a way to save money. Times change, I know, but I still have trouble with that. I doubt very much if my son will be so happy if his daugter does this.

Well, it is hot here. Seems that the rain has stopped. Having a friend over tomorrow for supper. I hope to eat on the patio so I hope it is cooled off somewhat by 7 PM.

Guys, I think I have gained about 9 pounds. How do I do that? Just sort of quit focusing on weight and WHAM! Here it comes again! Got to do something right after vacation which is in two weeks. It really takes so little to gain anymore and so much effort to lose.

07-08-2008, 01:09 AM
Hi everyone..:D
I am wondering whether I mentioned on the board, that we had 5 very mysterious 12" x 8" circles on our front lawn. We called them our "crop circles". They were appearing, one at a time and we would notice them in the mornings. It was so strange, all about the same size. The grass would be scraped to one end and then there would be a small, deep hole at the end where the grass lay. We had no idea what it could be. Well, on Saturday morning my DH came into the house and said there was another one, this time on the back lawn, about 3 feet off the patio and maybe 1 foot in from the stone walk. We were so perplexed! My DH moved some of the grass that lay at the end and then we saw a clump of gray hair, he moved it and saw about 3 or 4 baby bunnies all huddled together. They were so tiny. Looks like the bunny, who has been eating everything growing in my yard was making a nest for her babies. My DH must have been driving her nuts every time he would fill in the bald spots and lay grass seed down. They are still in the hole. Neither of us can dispose of them. DH called the Humane Society and they said if we tried to move them, they would have a heart attack, so there they are, living in a hole in my backyard. I have given up on my flowers this year, there is always next year I guess.
Our grandchildren had their sleep-over on Sat. We had so much fun with them, we kept them busy and they loved it. My grandson is 2 1/2 and he would come into the kitchen with me while I made the meals... so funny. We actually had conversations. The three of us baked cookies on Sunday. It was hilarious. My granddaughter brought her story books, and she would sit with my DH and read to him, while I was in the kitchen with her brother. It was great having that one on one time with them.
We were at a funeral today. A old and dear friend died. She had a stroke 5 years ago and lost her battle on Friday. That was sad.
Glenda you have returned and now Ann is leaving us. Have a great holiday Ann, you are returning on my Anniversary.
GLenda I don't understand how we fight for every single ounce and just drop our guard for an instance and gain back 10 lbs in a blink of an eye. I had lost 10 lbs and have regained 4... just like that!!
Ann and Trish I won't have any more surgeries on my wrist. If it was the other one, I might go for it, but because it is on the one I injured when I was 8 years old I don't think it would be any benefit for me. I haven't tried any magnet bracelets, but have been tempted to give them a try. My Mom had a couple of disks she would tape onto her knees and she thought they helped her.
Well my little grandson swallowed a penny today. Of course my DD is concerned, but I am sure if she waits a couple of days, it will come out. Made me think of myself when I was a child, I would chew on the top button of my sweater (for some strange reason), and ended up swallowing a couple before I learned.
My DH's sister and husband are in the city, so tomorrow we will be seeing them.
Talk to you later.. :hug:

07-09-2008, 06:39 PM
Trudy, just tell your daughter that it will all come out in the end, always does. I have a niece who had to go to the ER to get money out of her nose. We asked her why she put it there and she replied, "My hands were full." Kids, you gotta love 'em!

Had my friend over yesterday evening and the weather could not have been better. We ate on the patio and it was just barely sprinkling and kind of cool. We talked and just had such a nice time. I got up this morning to let Ginger out, and lo and behold! it must have got serious after we went to bed. I guess it rained and rained and the wind blew. Perfect timing for us. We slept through the whole thing. Not many years in Oklahoma have we had a good rain in July.

Well, where is everybody? I know some are on vacation, etc. But Slavika, Karen, and Peggy, where are you guys?

I am working the 4/10 days this week. So, I will be off on Friday. My bestest friend in the whole world is coming Friday morning. Leon is going to go to one of our son's house so it will be just us girls for two days. Yippee! We are going to eat and laugh and talk! It is really nice to have an antique friend who knows you, warts and all.

Love to you all.

07-11-2008, 11:46 PM
G'day everyone,

We are in Mt.Isa (you will have to get the atlas out to check where we are and where we have been!!!)
A mining town which is pretty average. we are leaving again tomorrow morning.
We set out from Adelaide and met up with our friends in Broken Hill, from there we travelled to Tibaboora, a very small town with little to say in its favour. We camped out in the scrub, the sky was amazing but it was very cold overnight in a canvas camper trailer. We set off to Innaminka where we camped along the Coopers Creek and met up with other friends that had crossed the Simpson Dessert. We had a great night and heard some 'amazing' stories of their crossing. Set off to Birdsville in the morning but only made it half way where we camped again out in the scrub, we had a great campfire but again it was very cold overnight.
Reached Birdsville early in the afternoon, had a powered campsite (which meant HEAT!) did our washing and got organised to set out to Mt Isa where we arrived yesterday. We have had some horrendous roads to contend with and we have had a few minor (to Alan major!) problems along the way.

Tomorrow it is off to Lawn National Park where we will stay for a few days, the scenery is supposed to be quite spectacular.
Any thoughts of diet have gone out the window but I don't think I have put on any weight.

I have 3 minutes left on my internet connection so stay happy and well all and 'see' you next time!


07-17-2008, 08:29 AM
Morning Ladies
Maria sounds like you are having a wonderful trip Hope you are taking lots pictures that you will post when you return

Well we have had 2 weeks of the farmers market it started with 2 others vendors and my DH and I there is 2 other Ladies one who may come and the other is going to come next Friday the township let us use there parking lot but it is outside the town a few people stopped in but we found a vacant lot insde the town but still on the mainroad coming into town we got permission from the owner a friend of my DH We are going to go there for this friday so I am hoping that more people will show up I will let you all know how it goes

Take care Suz:carrot:

07-18-2008, 10:50 PM
Hi everyone:
We are back from our lovely trip. We had a great time, and enjoyed it all. but of course it is always good to get home to our own bed.:D:

We met all the respective boyfriends/fiances of the gradndaughters. Also met my youngest daughters new friend. A very nice man, and he is very considerate of my daughter. That is very good for her, since her ex. was anything but kind and considerate. As you can guess, that is why he is an Ex.

We had a great picnic and lots of fun during the weekend. Holly and MIke have a Wii and we bowled and played golf and had a great time with it. She still doesn't have the Wii fit, but that is on her list for later.

So proud of granddaughter Kate, the Physical Therapist. She is doing well with her interning, and the fall semester is the last class work she will have to do. Then another internship and then graduation to be a full fledged Dr. of Physical Therapy.

Had an interesting experience at the Orlando Airport. There was some sort of security alert, and people ran from all over into specific stations. Basically the airport was closed until the all clear. I was concerned about missing my flight, as I had gone back from the gate to retrieve DH belt he forgot at security. But I was told not to worry, since no planes leave the airport until the all-clear. Needless to sayI did make the flight all right. Never did hear what was the problem, but I know there were police as well as the security officers all over the place, and this lasted more than 20 minutes. I asked one of the officers if this was a drill or for real, and was told it was for real.

My daughter treated me to a pedicure, and my son in law treated Phil to a flight over the area in a small place. He loved it, since he is an airplane lover of the first order.

Maria, you sound as if you are having an interesting trip. Cold nights make for good snuggleing.

Glenda: I hope you and your 'ancient' friend had a lovely time together.

Suz: I hope your market days have gone better and that you have had lots of customers now. Wish you could ship some down here.

I'll have to get back and read some other posts again. But just wanted you to know we are back. Hope you all have a great weekend.


07-21-2008, 08:35 AM
Well we set up the market at our new location on friday and based on sales from the first 2 fridays I only took a small amount of stuff and sold out within the first hour and took a few orders to fill the next day We should have beans and maybe some cukes and some more beets as well so I am hoping to do very well this week We have had many people ask us when differnt veggies will be ready, so things are looking up

Suz :carrot:

07-21-2008, 02:26 PM
Time seems to fly by. Seems like I was just here and it has been about a month. My resolution is come by more often. It has been hot and later today it is supposed to storm. Hopefully it will be a gentle rain. Nothing really exciting has been happening. We celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary on the 11th.
We watched my nieces dog last week while she was at the beach. I sort of miss her now. She kept Max company.
I guess Maria is still on her adventure. It sounds interesting. It is hard to keep up with her.
Welcome home Ann. That sounds like an experience at the airport. Wonder what that was all about but I guess you will never know.
Glenda I read about you falling off your shoes. It is funny but a good thing you weren't hurt. I do dumb things like that. We would make a good pair.
Suz hope you sell everything at your market. I have been hitting the local one for corn. Really good.
Hi everyone hope your summer is good and you are staying cool.

07-24-2008, 01:21 AM
G'day all,

Our holiday is becoming the holiday from ****! We are currently at Cape York, nothing much here other then the fact it is the most northern tip of Australia.
The road to here was the worst we have ever travelled and the tailshaft of our car can totally break any time (at the moment it is making a very bad noise) We cannot risk going back on these roads unless it is fixed. The part has to be flown in from Cairns and because it is very heavy passengers and the mail takes priority:mad:
Our windscreen has cracked, our solar panels have given up the ghost, our two way radio attenna has snapped, all in all not good.
Where we are is right on the beach but you cannot swim because of stingers and crocs. Lots of flies, mozzies, sandflies, geckos and frogs! Very hot and humid and last night it rained all night and we were forced to sleep in a closed up camper, a bit like sleeping in a sauna.
Home at Brighton looks pretty good and we have decided when the part does finally get flown in and the car is fixed we will head home the quickest way (still about 5000 kms:()

As you can imagine counting points etc. is the last thing on my mind:dizzy:.

Don't know when I get another chance to log on the internet....

In the meantime it was nice to read everyones posts.


07-27-2008, 02:57 PM
Oh My Goodness- Maria- So sorry that you have had all this trouble. I do hope that you get your part soon. What a disapointment for you both. How about your friends you are traveling with? Did they too experience such catastrophes. I do hope that you get home safe and sound.

Peggy- nice to catch up with your summer. I think that we are all a bit lazy with the posts over the summer. So many things to do, and vacations, etc. We have had our share of thunder storms, and they mostly come now in the afternoon, just about when I am ready to go to the pool.
I am trying to stick with my points, but :rolleyes: Don't always make it. I didn't gain on our vacation, just stayed the same so that us positive.

Suz: I bet your garden stand is increasing in business every week. Once people know you are there, they will come for sure. We do have a Farmers Market here once a week, but the veggies are not nice home grown ones like yours.

Trudy: I hope your wrist is doing better. Do try the magnetic bracelet, if you haven't already. I know I get relief from mine. I even wear one on my left ankle, which gives me trouble from time to time. I bet you are the only one who has Bunny circles, instead of crop circles.:lol: How cute baby bunnies are.

Glenda: I hope your had a wonderful time with your 'bestest' friend. It is so nice to be able to do something like that, just girls. I thought about you and the bad weather in South Texas. I don't remember when you said you were going to San Antonio. Did you find the SAS shoes. I know you won't be able to fall off of any of their shoes.

Trish: In what part of So. Carolina do you live? Anywhere near Charleston or Myrtle Beach? We used to winter in M.B for a couple of years, until we came to Fl. That whole area has changed so much, and grown so much. Sometimes I'm not sure I am all that happy with what some folks call 'progress'.

Sally- Hope your summer is going well. I'm sure you go to camp a lot, and I bet Patches has a great time.

We went out to eat this noon, and went to Red Lobster. I was a bit proud of myself, as I came away with 12 points. Shrimp skewers and broccoli make a great meal, and with a small salad I was good. My biggest points came from the biscuits. Cant resist them.:D: Can't make them at home.

Time for the pool soon. Hope everyone is doing well. Ann

07-29-2008, 04:18 PM
Afternoon everyone
I have been so busy with doing market promotion we had a radio station give us a plug last week and are going to do it again this We are putting a flyer in our local paper I hope if i can get a hold of them there voice mail is full so I emailed them Some how my phone number got into the paper as a contact for the Market so I am getting about new vendors wanting to come in May have a couple of new ones this week and the event vechile from thr radio station may drop by on her way back to the station All in all it has been busy but because we have had cool and wet weather this year everything is a couple of weeks behind but people seem to think if its in the stores we should have it to!!!

the phone is ringing so I better go Take care Suz :carrot:

07-31-2008, 02:47 PM
:wave: Hi Everybody,

Can't believe it has been almost a month since I was here. For so long we've been homebodies and now all of a sudden we are busy, busy. DH fell and hurt his back and now we go to the chiropractic center 3 days a week for treatments. After going to a class with him, I am going to start going on August. By going on Family Day as Tony's guest, I get 2 xrays free. I tried going to Core, but couldn't do it so I'm back on Flex. Staying with my pts and being more active.

Maria - I am so sorry you have had such a bad experience on your trip. How sad to be on a beach with all those critters so that you can't enjoy it. I hope you get your car fixed quickly and you get home safely.

Suz - You are busy, busy. Sure wish we had a good veggie stand here. Sounds like you are really successful.

Ann - I live just south of Charlotte, NC. We go do our shopping at Costco and Sam's in NC about once a month. We used to go more often until gas prices went up. I love traveling in this part of the country as it is so beautiful with the mountains etc. Didn't get to travel this year because DH's surgery and fall. Hopefully we will get to do some of that the end of the year or next year.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in again when I can.

:hug: Trish

07-31-2008, 04:55 PM
Well, I just read this thread and I am sure I remember very little. Suz, you better watch out or you will have a fulltime job, just scheduling vendors. We have a Farmers' Market here and it is pretty outstanding. It is at our local park. Trish, hope your DH recovers quickly. What is that about 2 free x-rays? Sounds like a deal for those of us of a "certain" age. No young person would be overly excited about two x-rays, huh? So, what about Core was impossible. I have heard it is not a doable program for very long.

Maria, I am so sorry that one of your dream vacations turned into a vacation from ****. Cold. Hard to imagine what that is like. But the car parts and being in a remote location. What a pain! Just keep your sense of humor, I guess. Are some of your supplies your favorite Merlot. That can help with the sense of humor.

We did have a wonderful vacation. Still sort of on a high. We did not run into bad weather, but it was threatening. Our granddaughter, her husband, and baby boy were supposed to go down to Corpus Christy but they just stayed in San Antonio and had a lot of rain. We actually had great weather. We were in New Braunfels (sp), went to the Schlitterbaum Water Park, the next day to Sea World (since we were there five years ago they have added a water park too) and then on to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. What a deal that is! It is a water park inside and outside. This is some kind of fantastic place. It is a money-maker, for sure. There were 7 of us there and our DIL had the foresight of not letting anybody else have the "activated" wrist strap. If the kids had had one, they could have charged anything anywhere. Talked to a lady whose young girls had gone in for a chocolate pedicure and she owed an extra $120. Anyway, we had so much fun. We did go shopping at the San Marcos outlet mall and that was another great day. Believe me, I think I have had my fill of water parks and sun for awhile. Just glad we can keep up with them all. But, I was with a size 6'er and a size 4 young lady. I felt like the Blimp of the Universe. Came back and I am so determined to do better. At first it was easy, after eating a path through Texas. Now it is hard. Duh!

Peggy, Karen, and Canadians, hope you are enjoying the nice drop in gas prices. Can you believe we are excited about gas going down $20/gallon when it has climbed about a $1/gallon this year?

See you lovely ladies later.

07-31-2008, 06:00 PM
I can hardly believe that August is almost here. Where does the time fly to?

Suz; I hope your sales venture will keep growing. You are certainly trying all the avenues to make it a success.

:cp: It is raining once again. We are in the summer rainy season, and we need the rain so much. It is going to take a lot to get our water table back where it should be. I did actually get in 1/2 hour in the pool this p.m. before the rains came.

I think the hardest part about the Core program is being able to be sure when you are 'satisfied' . It is too easy to over eat, to be satisfied.

I did a 'nono' today and bought some bridge mix. If I have a weakness, that is it. I listened to the old 'tempter' this afternoon.

We had to go to Plant city to the Dr. Tues, and so Karen and Frank and Phil and I had a nice lunch together. It is nice to be able to actually meet and spend time with a cyber friend.

I have to shut down as we are having thunder, and i don't want to fry the computer. More another time.

Hi to everyone. Ann

08-03-2008, 03:56 AM
G'day all,

The trip from **** has only become worse and we are now about 5 days away from home.
We finally received the part for the car and got out of Bamaga. The first day we decided to try and increase the speed and perhaps try and 'skim' over the bad corrugations, potholes and the bulldust.
We arrived exhausted at Bramwell Crossing which is a homestead with a camping ground. We had a good sleep and in the morning I decided to give Alan a break and I drove. The roads are incredibly bad with many huge dips and I was very cautious however not all the dips have a warning and as I came to one of the dips without a warning, I put the breaks on and lost control of the lot. I should never have braked but alas always easy in hindsight. The campertrailer flipped but luckily the Landrover thought about it but decided to go back on its 4 wheels!!!
We were very lucky not to be injured but here we were in the middle of nowhere and what now.:(
Three pighunters came along and helped us and right the camper and thought we could probably drag it to the Morton Telegraph Station (10 km away) where we could decide what to do next. We slowly made our way to the station where we then also discovered we had a flat tyre on the car.
We decided to try and nurse the camper to Weipa, the closest town 170 km away. It is very expensive to get a truck out to pick it up (around $2000) and we were not insured for that eventuality.
We set out about 9 in the morning and very slowly made our way to Weipa, stopping frequently to cool the breaks with water from the rivers we had to cross on the camper.
Once we got to Weipa 8 hours later, we reported the accident to the police and then set out to find accommodation. We were fortunate to get a beach villa right on the beach, the next day we had to try and figure out what to do.
I had taken many photos and we emailed some of them to our insurance company.
By the end of the day we had the all clear that we could leave. The following day our next challenge was to try and fit everything out of the camper in and on top of the car.
We left Weipa at 5.30 am to try and get to Cooktown in one day, which we managed to do. Once we were at Cooktown we also had phone coverage again and were able to ring everyone.
Our travelling companions were very worried about us and couldn't work out why we had not contacted them.
We met up with them in Cairns yesterday and had a mini reunion, they had also had mishaps but none quite as serious as ours.
It looks like the camper is beyond repair, I must say I am not upset about that.:carrot::carrot: We are insured for the market value so should get a reasonable payout.

I have quite enjoyed the campertrailer but I am OVER it!!! Hotels and motels from now on.
I am happy to say that Alan agrees with me however he had wanted to do one more trip with it.

Australia is such a large country and we could not have been further away from home when we had this mishap.

Hopefully we will be home by the end of the week, what a relief that will be when we finally drive into our own driveway!

I have attached one of the photos of our adventure to give you some idea.

Once I am home i will put p a little website with all the photos of our trip, the bad AND the good!

'Speak' to you all soon from the comfort of my own home,


08-03-2008, 07:54 AM
Morning everyone
Maria thank goodness you and Alan or OK the good Lord mist have been with you that day the road in the picture reminds me of the road we were on last year when we went to our Daughters wedding We were rerouted because of a forest fire and had to travel logging roads very dusty and very narrow

The market went well we had 2 new vendors also one that did not show up and another new one next week So this week we had 5 vendors and next week 6 for sure but one of the new vendors was going to hand out flyers to some people she knows that are interested in doing more markets so who knows how many will show up If only are weather was not so wet it seems to rain every few days we need sun and warmth

Hope everyone else is doing well Suz :carrot:

08-06-2008, 06:11 PM
Omigosh! Maria, I am so glad you all are okay and you made it! You know us old unadventurous sort just sit here and marvel at you two. I told Leon about your trip from **** and he just shook his head. Just so glad you are okay and I am very excited about seeing the Australia you saw but through your camera lens. You should be home now.


08-08-2008, 10:25 AM
I hope Maria made it home in one piece. That was some accident and they were very lucky to out of it only losing the camper. Maria, I don't think I would have the courage to attempt that 'Outback' trek. Welcome Home! Rest, and catch your breath! You and Alan will need a vacation from your vacation.

Suz: Hope your Farmer's Market is still going strong. Once the word of mouth gets about you will be really busy.

Glenda: I agree and Jack said the same thing that trip was not for him.

Ann: Bridge mix...chocolate and nuts...my downfall. Hope you are able to hide it and only go to it in dire need times! LOL
I have been trying to keep to my diet and have been OK so far but it is difficult. I have diagnosed as pre diabetic and the Dr. sent me to a nutritionist who suggested that I watch my carbs and eat about 45 g per meal with a 20 g carb snack between meals. He also prescribed a blood monitor so I could get used to what the carbs do to my blood before and 2 hrs after the meal. Well the numbers were all over the place and then I asked what the norm should be. He suggested below 115 fasting in the AM and below 165 after meals. Then I saw the nurse at the Wellness Center and she said that the 45 G was the max and that I should try for less. Bottom line is when I tried that the numbers came way down. I have been eating a better carb balanced day and my numbers have stabilized for about a week.
I also feel better....don't feel sleepy after meals any more. I will go to the DR. in October for another blood sugar blood test which will tell me if the Diabetes is under control. He said that your blood makes a complete change in your body every 90 days which is why the test is in October.
Since May I have lost 11# and he wants me to lose another 15 and feels that if I do it may clear us some of these diabetes problems as well as the high blood pressure that I have just developed.
It doesn't pay to get old or fat! LOL
Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoy the balance of your Summer.

08-08-2008, 01:57 PM
Gloria, I am so impressed with your #11 gone. For me to lose that, I would have to starve, I do believe. You will feel so much better all around when eat properly. I know on vacation I ate heavier and just felt sluggish. I have blood pressure problems and wish I could get off that medicine. It is not an easy medicine for me to take, but then none is.

Maria, again, just so happy to have you back fit.

Where is everybody else? I hope you are all doing well and staying cool wherever you are.

08-13-2008, 12:04 AM
G'day all,

Finally back to some normality, both grandgirls are asleep and I thought I would take the opportunity to post.

Gloria that is fantastic your loss of 11 lbs, keep it up!

I am not back to my routine of the Wii Fit just yet, I did however buy some new sneakers (the old ones are lost with the camper) and they are fantastic and I have been walking with relative ease.

As some of you know, I have put up a website with photos of our 'holiday'!
They can be seen here www.adam.com.au/alanscholz


08-13-2008, 09:29 PM
Maria - WELCOME home. I know you were glad to get home. Enjoyed the pics. Sorry about the accident and the break down. Glad it is behind you.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


08-15-2008, 07:44 PM
Hi all:
I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted. Gloria; congrats on the 11#. And glad that you are feeling better. That makes the change of diet worth it.

I just found out that the Dr. is not pleased with my cholesterol level, so he put me on a generic statin drug, 20mg. to see if it would help and hopefully that I wouldn't have any side affects. I'll go back in october to see what is happening. If it is not one thing it is another. so I am watching my diet much more closely, so hope that will also help the situation.

This is just a quick hello and I'll be back later. Now I am off to line dancing class. We do have a good time and we are all 'golden oldies'


08-17-2008, 06:15 PM
Hi Everybody: I can't believe it's been so long since I have been here. I guess with the emails I "sort of" keep up with what is going on. I have my GD here for a couple of hours. She is not feeling all that great I guess some kind of flu bug. Yesterday she had fever but today she has a headache and just feels blah.
I had little Patches groomed a couple of days ago and the groomer cut her much shorter as she had so many matts in her fur. I "thought" she was getting fat but when I picked her up she was looked so tiny again. :) I wish getting my hair cut would make me look tiny. LOL LOL GLORIA congrats on the 11# weight loss. That sure is going to help you so that you do not have to take meds or insulin. Well done!!
Summer is going so quickly. I can't believe that we are half way through August already. I have been looking into flights for my winter holiday. I think if all goes well I will go to S.P.I Texas for the month of Feb. again and then to Cancun for my brother's son's wedding. They are getting married the first Saturday in March. Talk to you all soon. :)

08-17-2008, 06:56 PM
Hi Everybody,

I think we all must be busy as none of us are writing here much.

Slavika - I hopd your GD gets to feeling better soon. I agree, I would love to be able look thinner just by getting a hair cut. :D

Ann - Sorry you are having to take meds for your cholesterol. Hope you have no problems with the medicine and that it works for you. My medicare goes into affect in Sept and then I'll be able to go to the doctor. I am going to start chiropractic treatments first and hope I don't have any serious problems. I too am sticking OP and plan to do 30 min exercises 5 or 6 days a week along with it.

Gloria - Congratulations on your 11# loss.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the end of summer.


08-17-2008, 08:54 PM
Onto the next thread everyone....