Weight Loss Support - How will you get through the 4th Holiday?

07-02-2008, 10:34 AM
I am dreading it....going out of town with family - going to multiple dinners at restaurants and going to Sea World - I am not looking forward to having to eat different in front of the in-laws. I don't want them to look at me when I order my grilled chicken or salad and KNOW I am trying to lose weight (seems silly, but I just don't want to be the fat girl on a diet around them...they are all super skinny...)

How is everyone planning to put their good willpower to use over this holiday weekend?

07-02-2008, 11:10 AM
Oh don't be ashamed of tring to be healthy! I would be more worried about being fat and people watching me continue to eat unhealthy....I guess thats why I don't like to eat in front of people....LOL

Anywho....to heck with them...just decide that your stickin with it...and just think....how great would it be to come back to the forum on Monday or whenever you come back and post that you didn't gain...or even better that you lost....

Here is what I'm doing for the 4th:

1st and foremost: Don't plan activities around food......plan for FUN!!! Look forward to spending time with friends/family and the things we will be doing....the food will just be there to fuel your body for all the activities you will be doing!!

2nd: If you are going out to eat, have grilled chicken dishes with veggies and diet coke...or any kind of fish that is not breaded and not deep fried with veggies.....I don't typically shoot for the salad option cause by the time I put dressing and croutons and have crackers with it I should have just eaten a cheeseburger and some greasy fries...LOL....If you are grilling out.....try to help in planning the menu....we can grill out burgers and dogs any ole' time....this year my family is grilling out lean pork chops, and chicken kabobs (grilled chicken, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms) and we will also grill fresh corn on the cob...so I'm not worried about food derailing me that day! :D If the menu is definately decided on and it is definately cheeseburgers and dogs or fatty pork BBQ......go to a grocery store and by some chicken breasts to throw on the grill or bring them already grilled (just tell the cook you didn't feel comfortable coming empty handed!) or get some lean hamburger meat and weigh it out into 4 oz patties and have on a wheat bun with fat free cheese...you can stay under 300 calories with this....watch out for potato salads, baked beans, potato chips, slaws, pork BBQ, full fat hamburgers, regular hotdogs......etc.

3rd: Get up and move ......bring a frisbee or a football....get the family involved in a game of tag football or just throwing a frisbee around.....take a walk or just play with whose ever kids are around...LOL....Sounds like you will be doing lots of walking this weekend piperboo....and maybe even swimming....ohhhh...a long walk on the beach in the evening watching the sunset sounds lovely!!!


07-02-2008, 11:19 AM
Most excellent advice from Melissa!

Sara, choose your food for health. If anyone thinks anything, I bet they'll think "Man, that looks good. Why didn't I order that?" You'll do lots of walking at Sea World, so that is wonderful! Have fun!

I think we will see Wall-E in the morning. I will run at some point (EZ's 3FC 5K!!) and we will swim and have fireworks at the house. Foodwise, I am going to grill steak and chicken and roast veggies for fajitas. :drool: Saturday I am going for a bike ride.

I love holidays!

07-02-2008, 11:21 AM
Dressing on the side is an option with salads, and one I always take...

This 4th of July, the big event is going to be going to our town festival. There will be food vendors. I plan to have a hot dog or maybe even two! :o And that's about it--some diet cola to go with. Other than that, it's just another day for me, and my food choices will reflect that. I'm more interested in seeing the fireworks than in eating.

Plan, plan, plan! That's the key! Have some strategies in mind! There are always better choices available, but you have to have some in mind--like the grilled chicken!


07-02-2008, 11:22 AM
I was feeling bad about having to stay in the lab all day until I realized I won't be around sinful amounts of fatty food. There's always a plus side if you look for it!

07-02-2008, 11:23 AM
I'm more worried about the beer on the 4th! My plan is to be the designated driver, so I won't be able to drink more than one or two over the course of the afternoon.

07-02-2008, 11:37 AM
my 4th of July weekend is gonna be stressful. My sister is getting married.

07-02-2008, 11:46 AM
I plan to avoid any kind of mixed salads that have dressing or mayo (e.g. potato salad, cole slaw, etc.). Those are salads that really pack on the pounds. I also plan to avoid any and all breads. I'll try to eat chicken and maybe beef.

I've been to Seaworld and it's very tempting to get something there as a "treat." If I were you, I'd bring some water w/ me (since it's SO expensive there) and a protein bar and maybe an apple to snack on (not to mention sunscreen). Imagine how good you'll feel when you come home and see how well you've done!

Also, I just recently went to a concert (George Micahel) and there were so many temptations. I looked around me and saw so many very heavy people, eating all of them and drinking alcohol. I SO badly wanted something, but I avoided and I'm SO glad I did.

Oh! Don't forget the gum. I love to chew gum because then, I feel busy and I don't feel like I gotta keep eating w/ everyone else. Studies show that people eat 40% more when they eat with other people because we are such social creatures...we don't even notice it. Forget what anyone thinks about you dieting. IF they judgue you, then THEY should be ashamed.

07-02-2008, 12:22 PM
I think you don't have to be ashame when you choose to eat healthy and to try to look better. Especially if they're skinny people, then I think they'll look at you and respect you for your choice of getting healthier, instead of the way you might thought they think. So don't be shy, and stick with your diet. ^^

4th July is just another day for me as well. (well, almost every holiday actually). I usually just reward myself a small piece of cake, and that's all ^^

(btw, for the chewing gum, does anyone have this problem too or just me ? When i chew gums, after a while i'll get even more hungry. Maybe it's because i burn calories while chewing it or something? That's why i don't chew gums often now though i love them).

07-02-2008, 12:59 PM
oooooh good advice everyone! I wasn't even thinking about all the walking we would be doing. Gum IS a good idea....I will make sure to take it with me, in the car also for the long car ride.
You girls rock!

07-02-2008, 02:28 PM
I am going to a cookout at my cousin's house on Friday, and there will probably not be the healthiest food there. They are grilling burgers, hotdogs, and chicken, and I'm sure there will be plenty of other treats. I plan on making some brownie cookies from one of my low-fat cookbooks to share. I'm sure I will eat a few of the goodies, but I am probably going to have a piece of chicken as my main food. I plan on getting a great exercise session in on Friday morning to help curb the effects of what I may eat that evening. On holidays I try to enjoy a few tastes of the goodies that are always around, but try not to over do it. The rest of the weekend will be just like every day - on plan and healthy.

07-02-2008, 02:39 PM
Thursday night we're going to the fairgrounds for our town's fireworks show. We'll be picnicking for dinner that night. I'm planning healthy, homemade sandwiches, finger veggies, juice and sparkling water to drink, and homemade sugar-free cookies. Maybe a side salad of hearts of palm and veggies, not sure yet, and/or a fruit salad. So, the holiday will be pretty easily healthy for me, because I'm in control of the food. Friday night maybe we'll make healthy homemade pizza.

07-02-2008, 02:42 PM
I have to go to a BBQ at my BF's field site in the mountains (he's a grad student in ecology). I asked if we were supposed to bring anything, but he said that his advisor is providing all the food. I may bring a little something anyway - a green salad, perhaps - in case there aren't that many healthy options.

I plan to have a hot dog, if they're available, because hey, it's the 4th, and I eat them maybe once a year. Other than that, I'm hoping there will be fruit salad and green salad. I won't be having alcohol. I also plan to eat very clean earlier in the day.

Sara, I can totally relate to not wanting other people to know that I'm trying to lose weight. It makes me feel like a failure, even though I know this is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and that it shouldn't matter what other people think. Maybe it has something to do with not wanting to admit that I got myself into this situation and that it really is up to me to get out of it. I have started telling people, though - very nonchalantly, "Oh, I'm just watching what I eat." Nobody even bats an eyelash. It seems health is "in" these days. :)

Good luck everyone!

07-02-2008, 03:42 PM
Hey all...

HOTDOGS!!!!! You can still eat them!!!

I can't remember the exact name I think they are Good Start or Healthy Choice or something....maybe Healthy Start...I can't remember...but they are like made of turkey or something....THEY ARE GOOD! I can't tell the difference...they are only 70 calories....get some Healthy Life wheat hotdog buns that are 80 calories a serving and you can have grilled hotdogs anytime you want for only 150 calories per hotdog (plus whatever topping you put on them) I fix them alot for lunch....

hotdogs, corndogs, etc...if there is something you really like there is a way to have it I have found...LOL


07-02-2008, 03:45 PM
Soy hot dogs are pretty low cal too, comparatively speaking. I like the Morningstar dogs that you find in the freezer section next to the grillers. As for my 4th celebration, I'm going to a picnic/cookout, but I'll be grilling lean meat and trying to stick with my plan as closely as possible. There will probably be a couple beers, but I'll limit the carbs otherwise.

Thankfully my sister, BIL, and I all work out together, so they already know I'm dieting! They are too, which makes it easier to 'be good'. There will definitely be working out, so I'm not that worried about it.

Try not to stress so much about the weekend. Just go and enjoy your family; chances are none of them will even pay attention to what you're eating.

07-02-2008, 04:05 PM
To be honest I am dreading this weekend. DH's birthday is on the 6th, so basically it'll be a 3 day party weekend for us. I'm also planning on eating a hot dog. I don't know what it is about the celebration of America's independence that makes me want processed meat in a sausage shape? Today I went and bought myself some Hebrew National 97& fat free dogs. DH said he wanted kabobs on the grill for his b-day dinner. I was elated when he told me. Throwing multiple skewers of vegetables on the grill is really going to save me this weekend. My biggest concern is going to be drinking alcohol. I think I've only had one drink in the last 4 months, so I'm afraid I'll use that to justify drinking way too many empty calories. I'm going to try and only open one bottle of wine during those 3 days. We'll see how it goes.

07-02-2008, 04:10 PM
I don't seem to have much trouble with holidays. I usually lose weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think its because 1. I know its coming and I can prepare myself and 2. I don't like to eat in front of people other than my mother and my husband. I will be at my in-laws. My husbands family is supportive of weight loss and completely undertanding if I'm picky about what I eat. I know we'll have vegetables because that is what I'm taking. Other than that, I'll maybe have some macaroni & cheese if it is there and a small piece of dessert. I'll also be outside in the heat which seriously curbs my appetite for some reason.

07-02-2008, 04:34 PM
There is such great advice here so far so I will just add in that we are going to a pool party all day Friday and then to see the fireworks. I have already told the host that I will be bringing my own hotdogs and buns! *lol* I am doing ww and I found the Hebrew national Beef hot dogs that are 97% fat free and they are only 1 point. Then the whitewheat buns are only 1 point too. Pringles also has a fat free can of chips that only cost me 1 point for 15 so I can have 2 hot dogs and chips with a diet soda for next to nothing. That will be more than plenty for me. We are signed up for dessert and I will be taking cupcakes but I will not be eating those. I will bring a pack of the 100 calorie packs snacks for a sweet.

Don't be embarrassed about trying to lose weight and look better. I was that way when I first started and I had to quickly get over it because our family has so many get togethers. They will be looking for the weight loss which will bring compliments and you also will stay on plan better because people are watching. It's all good...just plan what you will be eating...stick to it and think of how great you will look and feel for July 4th next year! ;):hug:

07-08-2008, 11:12 AM
I made it through AND lost 3 lbs! GO me!