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07-01-2008, 06:18 AM
Good early morning ladies! I came downstairs at 3 AM because my back was bothering me and decided after sitting in the recliner to balance my checkbook and check in here. Lots of talking I see.

Gail: Hope you find something beautiful to make with your yarn! A nice Christmas shawl for church would be beautiful. I think the shots, if your insurance covers, is the way to go. They really do prevent a lot and overall you will be much more comfortable once your body adjusts. Sounds like you had fun with Tyler. Jay called last night just to talk about the trip and Alicia was working. Jackson is fascinated by the recyclables and keeps getting in the box. He is hilarious as he doesn't really cry more a whine when he gets in trouble. Jay has his number though. He says he has been zooming around the house in his little airplane we got him. They were going out for a bike ride last night before his bedtime.

Maggie: Glad you could get some of your charms replaced. When you earn them you deserve them, whatever they cost. Yep, I installed the doorbells, not much to it, but some yoyo had to come up and press it not long after I installed the back one. I went out to see, but when I got out there no one was around so who knows. I put a little sign on the gate to ring the bell if the gate was locked so we shall see how that works. They were easy to install, even the base wasn't hard. I didn't put it where I originally wanted it because it was too high up and I don't do the top step on the ladder when I am alone so I ended up putting it around the corner as high up as I could in the dining room. Works there fine too!

Jean: You know, sooner or later you have to run out of closets to clean out. Then it will be time to start them over again! I saw that the homeless shelters have exploded so to speak because of foreclosures on homes. Loan companies making very risky loans on homes people couldn't afford and the like. Now people have no where to go and are going to homeless shelters. It isn't easy to rent anymore when you have been foreclosed on that's for sure. I read about a single lady with 5 kids and the rental home she lived in had been bought and she was getting evicted. She couldn't find anywhere to live that was less than $1000 a month and she couldn't afford it. She said she didn't know where she was going to go. People have to understand that part of the high rent is because previous renters tear up the property. I see it here with people who rent the condos. They could care less what it is like when they move out so to recoup losses the landlords pass it on to the next renters. We were lucky when we rented before we bought the condo because the older couple was happy to get someone that wasn't college kids to rent to. They took advantage of the Grays big time even talking them into putting in a phone and cable for them when they couldn't pass the credit check, then stiffing them for the bill.

Susan: The wireless bells work great. You just have to keep on top of the batteries that go in the base unit to make sure they aren't pooped out. Ours had a choice of one ding, a ding dong or the Westminster chime. Jack despises that one so I have a ding on front and the ding dong on back since the back is used much more. We only paid $30 for a two bell unit so they aren't terribly expensive and they work just fine.

Well ladies, I am going back to the chair and go back to sleep for a bit. Have a great Tuesday and try and keep cool. It is hot and sticky here in Elvisland.


07-01-2008, 11:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and there is just a slight breeze. The birds are quiet at the moment. I think we have some baby orioles because their tail feathers are so short and the males aren't as brightly colored as the adults. Now there are baby squirrels playing in the back yard to entertain Ernie. They come up on the deck to drink water out of the cat bowl, and they are fun to watch. Today is bloodmobile day after lunch and I will continue to work on a closet. Maybe someday my whole house will be organized, neat, and clean at the same time! (in my dreams probably :o )

Susan -- I'm sure we will be seeing smaller cars as the norm. The problem is the safety factor and the speed that people think they need to drive. There is not much chance for survival if a small car gets hit by a semi or even another car, van, SUV, or pickup. That's one reason we like our bigger car when we travel. I told Bob we should get a little convertible to putz around town in. So far it hasn't happened. Now he's talking about trading in his riding lawn mower for one with pedals rather than hand/arm controls. :rolleyes: Congrats on losing the pounds, inches, and body fat! :cheer: You are definitely working the program and it is working for you. :D

"Gma" -- Thank you so much for starting the new thread! :cp: I'm sure you will see big changes in Jackson. They grow and change so quickly the first couple of years. :yes: I look at Ian and just can't believe he will turn 6 and my dad will have been gone 6 years this fall. I need to adopt the rule that if I bring something into the house, I have to choose something to get rid of! My problem is that I save magazines and catalogs for school, paperback books to share with other teachers, old clothes to paint in "someday", and other things because I "might" need them some time. Bob is a saint to put up with my "stuff" since he is the king of "pitch it!" :lol:

I need to get busy! Have a great day . . . the choice is yours!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-01-2008, 12:26 PM
Good morning, ladies! The fires have jumped the containment line so the battle goes on. We need a long soaking rain to get these out - over 4,000 acres. Darn things jumped to the north so that is even closer to us. I'm not even looking at the warnings anymore.

Faye - guess I'll be installing a doorbell over the weekend. I hope your back is doing better.

Just got a new tape drive installed at work this morning to replace the one that failed. That is a load off my mind.

I have quilting bee tonight so that will be a fun time...quilt, gossip, and dessert!

Well, need to get busy and get some work done.

07-01-2008, 08:33 PM

It is another day here on the left coast. We went in early to town to do some more of the shopping we didn't get done yesterday. Got the ingredients for that low point Pumplin Pudding (1pt a serving) I make and the ingredients of a new one out of this months WW mag Orange Gelatin w/Fluffy Frosting. Couldn't find the peach sorbet it called for but I think the Papaya that I did find will be a good substitute. The picture caught my eye and when I read the ingredients it ingrigued me. I think I will cut the recipe in half though because it makes 8 servings. If it turns out good I can take it to our next pot-luck.;) I found a real neat silver charm that I didn't have before that had the word BELIEVE in cutouts surrounded by a frame. I just have to add that one to my bracelet. I totally do believe I am going to make it this go round and it just fit. On the way back from town I counted 20 fire vehicles coming in the opposite direction. Evidently they finished where they were fighting and were on to the next challange. Yesterday we saw 6 paramedic trucks from Santa Barbara parked side by each in the Sizzler parking lot. And to think our fire season doesn't oficially start till October.:o I have a roast cooking in the crock pot as I type and the smell is a killer. I haven't used my oven in quite awhile now. We have gotten creative using the grill and other appliances that don't heat up the place.

DONNA That is good that you are handy and got those bells installed. There is probably a thingie in your sending unit like the ones in smoke alarms that alert you when your batteries are getting low. The beep, beep sound.:D

SUSAN Fire getting close to you is a scary thing. I am sure they will let you know when to get out if it comes to that. But the getting out is so stressful. Have a great time at your QB meet tonight.

JEAN I just love to hear the birds twitter pating. It is so neat you have that Oreole family so near. We have a small drinking fountain set up for the birds around here that the cats can't get to. And your birds drink out of your cats water. Organized? Do you really think you ever will get organized? I think not. :dizzy: You have too much fun going through "stuff."

Have a wonderful afternon Magnolias. Type at you later.

07-02-2008, 09:30 AM
Good morning to you ladies! Today is errand day so I can get everything done before we leave tomorrow. Jay sent me a little video of the stinker at day care. He is standing and crawling all over the place and I figure he will walk pretty soon. He stood up on one of the plastic outdoor toys and you can clearly hear him say "Da da." I am sure that pleased Jay no end as he was taking the video. I am going to have to work on him to say "Nonny" now. :D

Maggie: The charm sounds lovely and your roast sounds yummy. I heard on the radio coming back from taking Jack to work that tons of Californians are going to their doctors complaining of itchy eyes, sore throats, etc that they are attributing to the fires and the wind blowing smoke into none fire areas.

Jean: It is impossible to have the house all cleaned at the same time. The moment you get it all finished, something gets mucked up, usually by the male that lives in the house! :lol: Good luck on your clean and pitch. I imagine it won't be long and I am going to have to do the same thing. I am sure the birds are cute. We used to have a beautiful woodpecker that would knock around on our fence, but he hasn't been back since last year. We have robins, bluejays and cardinals in profusion though. You will see seagulls at the plant sometimes, which is weird.

Susan: Hope you had a good time with your quilting friends. I am thinking about joining one of the knitting groups that meet around town. I just don't like being out at night alone is all. Not in this town at least.

I guess I better go. I have a bazillion things to accomplish today along with regular chores and packing. Have a good one and if I don't get back in here tomorrow, I will talk to you all on Monday.

07-02-2008, 11:25 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I just came up to check an address on the computer and couldn't resist checking in. Am I addicted or what? :dance: It's cloudy and humid this morning. It was lightning when I got up to go to the bathroom at 3, but I don't think we got any rain. There are severe thunderstorms predicted for later today . . . better today than tomorrow. I need to make a food list for tomorrow and head for the grocery store later this morning. The fridge is looking pretty bare so I need to take inventory.

Susan -- I hope you enjoyed your quilting get together last night. The gossip and dessert would be the best parts for me. ;) I hope the fires will get under control soon. Scary!

Maggie -- I thought I could smell your roast yesterday! :T I get goose bumps when I see emergency vehicles parked and ready to respond. It is good that they are prepared. I am super organized at school; maybe that is because I try to keep 3 other teachers in line. I can usually find whatever they can't. :lol: It would help if I wasn't such a saver.

"Gma" -- There are reports of flood victims complaining of respiratory problems. :headache: I suppose the mold and bacteria in the river water multiplies rapidly. The city of Cedar Rapids is demolishing several homes that couldn't be saved. A lot of the people had no insurance and some of the banks aren't givng any help on the mortgage payments due. I know you will have a wonderful trip to Indiana! Travel safe!

I have to get busy and accomplish something today! If there was a prize for procrastination I would win hands down. :(

Have a great day and smile!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

07-02-2008, 03:45 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

Faye, maybe Jackson IV will take his first steps while you are there! Wouldn't that be a treat. Have a safe trip - no flat tires! Perhaps if you joined a knitting group you would find someone you could car pool with at night. Or you might check knitting shops for a day group of see if they have sit and knit in the shop on certain days where everyone brings their projects and sits around a table and knits and gets help if they need it and chats. Our local knitting store does that.

Jean, a lot of those people in Cedar Rapids didn't have flood insurance unfortunately. Regular homeowners insurance does not cover damage by floods. I have flood insurance because we are in th 100 year flood plain and only 8 feet above sea-level with water abutting our property. Since is is from the government, is is relatively cheap. I pay $300 for 3 years coverage.

Maggie, what a great charm for your bracelet! I'm not in any danger from the fires destroying my house but the closer they come, the more smoke there is. For some reason, it seems to be worse at night and you can even smell it in the house. Have you ever made the crockpot roast with diet Coke and catsup. It is so good!

I had a great time last night and the dessert was great - homemade pound cake with strawberries and blueberries and Cool Whip - and points friendly. We also exchange books and I came home with a shopping bag full (I read 3-5 books a week) so I am one happy camper.

Have a great evening!

07-02-2008, 05:31 PM

Another hot one I must say ~ but it is summer. Today we saw a sign posted on the PO window ~ made me mad ~ it was posted by one of the firemen ~ $600 reward for the return of his suitcase with no questions asked ~ just wanted his stuff back. It contained his shaving kit and shower goods, changes of clothing and pictures of his loved ones. Some low life scumbag stole it off the fire truck. Thse firemen come from all around to help save the folks up here and what do they get ~ vandelized. I don't have a bad enough case of smoke inhalation to go to the doctor thank goodness. I just use natural tears drops in my itchy eyes and Chloreseptic spray for my scratchy throat. Works for me. We can see blue skies now.

DONNA What a neat video. What a treasure. He will learn to say Nonny in no time. Have a great time on your trip and stay safe.

JEAN Dry lighening (no rain) is what started the over 1000 fires out here. The government will bail those folks out that lost their houses even if they don't have insurance. The govt is bailing out folks here even as I type.

SUSAN What fun at your quilting party. You read abut like Will and I do. Every Thursday when we go into town ~ I attend WW and he goes to the used book store to trade in what we read and fill the bag with books for the upcoming week. I have always devoured books. When I was a kid I would make daily trips to the local library. My mom would catch me in the bathroom in the middle of the night reading. I shared a room then with my sis and didn't want a light to bother her. I took my pillow with me and leaned it up against the bath tub. No I have never made a roast that way. How much catsup and soda do you use? My old standby to make a roast is pour a quarter cup of water on it and sprinkle a bag of dry onion soup on top of it and then let the crock pot cook it. It shreds nicely for sandwiches, burritos etc. Or with the traditional dinner stuff.

GAIL Enjoying yourself these days? What day have you decided to go to WW?

Have a lovely evening folks.

07-03-2008, 10:59 AM
Good morning, ladies! Hot and smoky today on the east coast.

Maggie, for the crockpot beef, take 12 oz. diet cola, 1 cup ketchup, 1 teaspoon worchestshire sauce and mix it together. Put your beef (about 1-1/2 to 2 pounds) in the crockpot and pour over. Cook 6-8 hours on low. It comes out like BBQ and so tender. It is also good with chicken or pork. There's usually a lot of sauce left and I freeze it and pour it over the next meat I make. It's an old WW recipe my leader gave us. Yes, I have always been an avid reader. I was reading when I was 3 - simple children's books. By the time I was in first grade, I could read 4th grade books. I took a flashlight to bed and read under the covers. Great in the winter but hot in the summer.

Jean, hope you got you shopping done before the rain! Today I get off work early so I'll stop at the pharmacy for my prescriptions and pick up a few groceries.

I hope Faye in on her way and has a safe trip with no problems. I know the baby will be saying "Nonny" by the time she leaves!

Have a great day!

07-03-2008, 08:45 PM

I am one jazzed happy camper. The scale was kind to me and I lost 1.6 which brings me to the 70.6 loss range. One of the reasons I am so jazzed to see the 70's is that I haven't been here before. In the past when I would get back to losing I would get to the 60's, barely, and then blow it and gain some back. This go round I am in it for the long haul and thought if I could get past the 60's I would be in fresh territory and get on from there.

SUSANThank you so much for that recipe. I am going to try it next time I do a roast in the crock pot for sure ~ maybe add some chopped garlic to it ~ we do love our garlic.;) Are you sure we aren't some sort of twins? I too learned to read at a young age and haven't stopped yet. I didn't do the flashlight deal because I had my own bathroom and my rooms were at an opposite end of the house than my parents so I could comfortably sit in the bathroom.

GAIL, JEAN, DONNA, GLORIA & NANNA3A Howdy to you and hope your day is going well with ya'all.

07-04-2008, 12:16 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a long day and I am heading off to bed soon. Tomorrow will be early as we are picking MIL up at 8:30. I made buttermilk brownies, finger Jell-O for the kids, and another salad tonight. Bob is grilling turkey fillets, hamburgers, and hot dogs. My doctor's visit was short and sweet. She talked about a "new salve" that would work wonders. I told her she gave me a prescription for what she called a "wound cream" last year but I couldn't remember the name and the pharmacy label covered up most of the tube. She mentioned an OTC cream and that was all she had listed on my chart. I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home; our insurance changed from a $5 and $10 copay to $10 and $25. Of course mine was the $25 kind. When I got home I double checked and it is the same thing she gave me last year! Arghhhh! :hyper: The only difference is that last year I was to use it at bedtime and this year it is "as needed." Nuts! I did put a big gob on and used gauze and tape rather than band-aides tonight so we'll see how that works.

Susan -- I have a bag of books to go to school this fall. The teachers have a bookcase in the lounge so we can share with others. I'm glad you enjoyed your evening with your quilting friends. :) I hope the smoke isn't too bad for you over the weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Maggie -- That is too bad about the fireman's suitcase being stolen. There are some low lifes around for sure. Congratulations on your loss and being in the 70s territory! :cheer: I am going to try the roast using Susan's recipe; I haven't done one for awhile. :T

I am going to call it a night. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-04-2008, 09:19 AM

Just had to join in on the reading club!!! I, too, have been reading since I can remember. The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew and all the old ones. When I got married and started having kids I just didn't have the time for books or if I started reading I would just fall asleep. :D However, even then, I always had something to read even if it was just the box of cereal. Now I have been reading big time. I think I average at least 3 books a week. I prefer paper backs as they are not so heavy to read, especially in bed. My best time to read is first thing in the morning for about an hour before I get up and then I read for an hour or two after I get to bed in the evening. I prefer to get in bed and read than to watch TV so I will usually leave Jack to his programs and read.
I have read so many books that I have created a list of all the books I have read on the computer and am reaching #1618 on that list. I have been known to print it out and take it with me to the library or book store to check that I am not picking up one I have already read. I like BJ's for paper backs as they are about the cheapest around.

Maggie: Congratulations on your reaching a new 'low'. It is a great boost to achieve a goal that has alluded you for a while and I'll bet you can hardly wait to hit the '80' mark.

Jean: That sounds tough to have your thumbs sore and cracking all the time. Hope the cream does it's job this time. I had a skin problem many years ago and had ultra light treatments and I had to wear gloves all the times. Lots of fun when the kids were small.

Susan: Hope that smoke has dissapated some. It must be tough to keep the windows down just so you can breathe in your own home. I always thought I would like to quilt but at first I didn't have the time and now I don't have the eyes...always something.

Gail, Nanna3 hope you are well and enjoying the Holiday weekend.


07-04-2008, 02:44 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! We're in Air Quality Alert until Monday at least. Now it's amber but expected to go red by tomorrow and maybe purple on Sunday. Amber means to limit outdoor activity and strenuous indoor activity if you have lung condition or asthma - smoked can be smelled. Red means you can see a light smoke in the air so everyone should limit outdoor activity and healthy people should limit strenuous indoor activity and those with problems should avoid strenuous indoor activity. Purple means heavy smoke and everyone should stay inside and do little. Those with health problems should be prepared to get medical attention at the first sign of trouble. I've got my nebulizer set up and ready to go and plenty of rescue inhalers all over the house as well as my regular asthma medication. One of the good things about living in a small county is the parametics at the firehouse near my house have a key and know I'm alone and my problems so if I got into real problems I just have to hit the speed dial and they'll come. It's happened before when it hits when I'm asleep.

Gloria - good to hear from you! Too bad we don't all live close so we could exchange books. I loved the Bobbsey Twins!

Maggie :carrot::carrot::carrot: way to go! This sure is going to be your time! Another way you can make that roast is to leave the catsup out and put in a can of low fat mushroom soup. I do like to put onions and garlic with mine, too.

Jean - Hope you are having a great time at the lake! Your menu sounds great.

I hope baby Jackson takes his first steps today and says "Nonny" for Faye. Now that would be a great way to celebrate Independence Day.

I'm having a semi bad day - just tearful. Woke up that way. I don't know what set it off except missing Stan. I decided to get out among people and maybe I'd feel better so I went to Wal*Mart and got a toaster/convection oven and a wireless doorbell. This one plugs into an outlet and doesn't use batteries. It has seven different sounds and can be used for 2 doors if you buy an extra button for the second door. And it was only $14. Then I went to Super Kmart to get baby carrots - only $1.00 a bag (got 6, I really go through them), and grapes at $.99 a pound. Bananas are up to $.54 a pound. Then I took some CDs back to the library drop box and went to JoAnn Fabrics for the big sale - didn't find one thing I needed.

Well, I'm off the clean out the cabinets under my kitchen island.

Have a great day!

07-05-2008, 12:36 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm waiting for the fireworks (noise) to be over so I can go to bed! It was a beautiful day at the lake and my day started early!

Gloria -- Nice to see you today! Making a list of books that you've read is a good idea. I've been known to buy the same paperback twice only to discover I've already read it and they just changed the cover! :( I had forgotten about the ultra light treatments. My grandma had to do that. I remember she wore the cotton gloves so she wouldn't scratch.

Susan -- I know what you mean about missing Stan. :hug: My stepmom still mentions how much she misses my dad, and he's been gone almost 6 years. Her weekends get long and the holidays are hard. I remember that my dad hated the weekends after my mom died. My mother died on July 5th, 14 years ago. My dad and I watched the fireworks from their apartment; of course I have thought of that on every 4th of July since.

I'm going to bed! Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-05-2008, 04:40 PM
A happy belated 4th of July! I can't believe it's been so many days since I've visited in here. Since Wayne has been home (and he received a phone call a couple of days ago that the layoff has been extended until August 11 for skilled trades; line people go back to work on August 18) it seems I don't have very much "me" time. I've been helping him with projects and we have been having a bit of fun too. I've been able to remain on track with my eating. I've been journaling everything I eat--the good, the bad, and the ugly! I did peak at the scale this morning and the number is going down but tomorrow is my official weigh in day. I have yet to rejoin WW. I guess as long as I keep losing then I won't worry about the meetings. Perhaps I'll rejoin when Wayne returns to work and my days will be my own. I'm going to try and catch up with everyone...hope everyone has been doing well.

07-05-2008, 06:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's sunny and windy here today. I'm glad I'm not sitting at the lake or I would be inside the cabin. My morning in the gift shop was long. I didn't have one person come in and I didn't buy anything either. We have a new buyer and she has picked out things that would go together to decorate a whole room. There's nothing I like and certainly nothing someone would pick up as a spur-of-the-moment gift for a patient. :( Now I'm doing laundry. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally came downstairs for an hour and then went back to bed. I must have slept because the alarm woke me up. I am ready for a nap! :yawn:

Gail -- It's nice to see your post today. I know how husbands being home can interfer with the "me" time. ;) You are doing better than I since I haven't written anything down for awhile . . . too long to remember actually. I need to get myself motivated somehow.

The dryer is buzzing so I'm off! Have a relaxing evening and a super Sunday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-05-2008, 07:07 PM
Did I tell y'all that I'm a tad clumsy? I am. I dropped my laptop a few minutes ago. I tripped over something and off it went flying off the end table. I think it's okay. Everything seems to be working order.

Faye,'s the deal with the allergy thing: My hayfever hits me about mid-August and lasts until we get a good hard frost. I've taken Allegra (prescribed by my family doctor) and that works for me. About 3-4 times a year I get a bad sinus infection that last about two weeks. If I phone my family doctor in the beginning and get an antibiotic it won't last the two weeks. I think the reason it lasted longer last time is because my family doctor was out of town. When I finally got through to him, I went in to see him...or rather for him to see me and that's when he ordered the ct scan of my sinuses and sent me out with another prescription and also to see the ears, nose, and throat doctor. After the allergy testing, Dr. I (ent doc) told me my options: 1) allergy shots (insurance pays for the serum but not the shot--does that make sense?!); 2) allergy drops (not covered by insurance at all because it's not FDA approved but cheaper than the shot and he's seen excellent results in other patients); 3) surgery (he said that is a last resort--surgery on my sinuses--not even going to think about that one); and 4) do nothing (except when a sinus infection hits me, call him instead of my family doctor and he will prescribe something for me). ask myself...if I feel fine (and I do) except when those horrible sinus infections hit me...then why do anything?! Anyway, I go back to see the ent doc in about 5 weeks so I have time to think this through. The allergy drops would cost me $75 a month. What a bother.

Susan, Wayne and I were just talking about the fire down south this morning, wondering if it was still going. I've talked with both my Mom and Dad but they didn't mention them. Neither did my father-in-law when we've talked with him. I'm thinking they are thinking that smoke and fumes when it blows their way is normal. We are driving down to Va. Beach next week.

Maggie, on the news yesterday, they had a map of California with all the fires...a lot of fires in your state!!! Are you near the fires? Congratulations on your loss! Yaaaay!'re gonna do it this time--you've lost a lot.

Jean, I'm sorry to hear the eczema is giving you such a hard time. I could not take any OTC medicines for mine when it was particularly bad because I'm allergic to cortizone...even if it's the lowest dosage in a tube. Just makes it worse. I remember sometimes my hayfever medicine would help. Are you taking any kind of oral medication?

Gloria, that's a lot of reading! I read a lot also and I have never made a list. I should have because I have bought the same book twice especially something by Nora Roberts since she's re-releasing books. That annoys me so much when I do that! I get a lot of my hardcover books from my Mom but I usually buy paperbacks.

07-05-2008, 07:15 PM
Jean, are you working during your summer break? Part-time? Full-time? I've been thinking about looking for a part-time job. Either before I sit down to eat or right afterwards, I write down what I eat. If I don't then I'll forget. I eat everything that is coming to me--I eat all my points for the day and then by the end of the week I've eaten the extra 35 points. So far this week I've lost another .8 lbs. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be more and if not...I'm okay with that. This time around NO PRESSURE of any kind.

07-05-2008, 08:49 PM

Went into town this day to get ink for my printer ~ can't run out of that stuff ya know. While we were there Will saw my hair stylists car and asked if I wanted a trim ~ DID I?;) I sure did and went in and only had to wait for her to finish up with the gal she had in the chair. My hair grows so fast in the summer ~ I need to get it trimmed every two to three weeks. My gal is the "boss" so it was nice he spotter her car there. I was going to call and get in sometime this week for sure. Got a 5 point sandwich from Subway and am having left over tri tip from yesterday. Got some watermellon also left and that will make a grand dinner. I received my "BELIEVE" charm today and it is much better looking than it was in it's picture.

GLORIA What a reading list! Great idea that is. You are so correct for I am looking forward to that 80 pound loss now. And onward it goes.

SUSAN You need to stay away from that smoke for sure. You were a busy gal this day. What kind of a convection toaster oven did you get? I have done a roast with the mushroom soup and worcestershire sauce, garlic, onions, celery, etc and it turns out like beef strogonoff. Put some FF or low fat sour cream with it after it cooks and spoon it over noodles and it is yummy. :hug: Good thoughts of Stan will pop into your mind and put a smile on your face. I know you miss him.

JEAN No one has turned that firemans stuff in as of yet. Lots of things have been stolen off the emergency vehicles like, of all things that are of a "needed" nature ~ their 2 way radios. I hope they find these guys and lock them up for a long time where the sun don't shine. They need those radios to save lives and communicate important information. Hopefully since no one is buying ~ that buyer for the gift shop will have to rethink what she wants to try to sell.

GAIL Time does fly when you are having fun and you have been busy. Good for you showing losses. Rejoin WW when you feel you need to, no pressure.;) Laptops are built to take a beating. Look at all those school kids that have them in their pack and just drop them on the floor or sidewalk in front of the 7-ll store, No there aren't any fires at present near here. The ones that came close are now contained. There are about 500 or so still not contained around the state now ~ down from 1500. My nephew is putting in long hours.

Have a lovely evening Magnolias

07-06-2008, 04:16 PM
Good afternoon! I've been knitting this afternoon. I love my mittens. I'm going to start knitting some more--not for me; but for everyone else in the family! Their hands will be warm this winter. :)

Maggie, my hair needs trimming badly. I also need to have some more highlights put in too. This is something I put off until I'm in dire need. I love the "BELIEVE" charm. I think I'll start looking for one and put on my charm bracelet also. Right now I have an apple and a bicycle on my charm bracelet for the 10 pounds lost since I started back to WW right after Christmas. Glad to hear a lot of those fires are out in California. Tonight we're having grilled chicken and rice. Don't know what kind of veggie I'm cooking but I have plenty to choose from.

We haven't done a whole lot today. We did go to church this morning. Right now Wayne is at a hot rod run in town. I chose to stay home--I'm tired from not getting enough sleep. He's having a grand time looking at all the old classic cars. He just phoned me about a Chevelle he liked.

Everyone have a great on program day!

07-06-2008, 04:34 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Don't know what happened to the post I did last night - must be floating around in cyberspace.

Gail, go to for articles on the fires. The problem is they are burning underground. They burn up all the roots for a tree and the next little breeze the tree falls. This isn't a fire where you can see the flames and trees on fire. It is sneaky and underground because it's in a peat swamp.

We had smoke all weekend, even though it rained all night, I can still smell the smoke and see a haze from it.

I went to church this morning then came home to do laundry and begin on cleaning out the bookcases (I have 10 of them). Hopefully when I get done, I'll not only have weeded out books I'm no longer interested in, but also can get rid of a few bookcases.

I have a nice T-Bone steak for supper with 2 ears of corn on the cob and salad.

Have a good evening.

07-06-2008, 07:14 PM

Not much change in the weather here ~ still hot. The fires mostly on the costal side of the state. Spots here and there around also. Went to go to Applebees for lunch after church but it was packed to the rafters and there was at least a half hour wait. We went to Sonic instead. I spent too many points there but didn't blow the whole amount alloted for the day.

GAIL I found the "BELIEVE" charm on How neat you are starting a bracelet. Are you giving yourself a charm for every 5 pounds gone? I do 10 pounds or I wouldn't have room on my bracelet. ;) I found most of my collection of charms on They have lots and lots for decent prices. In fact a lot of them are on sale now. Here is a list of what is going on my bracelet. I have few gold ones I am putting on it and some charms are support type and not for pounds gone. There are 23 links in the bracelet (heafty) and one at the end to attach to the claw at the other end.

TEXAS ~ Where it all began ~ 10#s
FOCUS ~ (in gold) For keeping my focus.
JEEP ~ To get me whre I am going over the bumps in the road ~ 20#s
TIN MAN ~ I have heart to see this thing through ~ 30#s
LOCK & KEYS ~ My 10% loss reward
FOOD SCALE ~ Weigh & measure food and self 40#'s
NICKLE (cut out) ~ 50# loss
SNEAKEER ~ Exercise ~ 60#'s
GOLD STAR (in gold) Bravo, & BELIEVE ~ I can do this thing ~ 70#s
KNIFE, FORK, SPOON & DIET SODA~ Eat and drink sensibly ~ 80#s
3 GIRL CUTOUTS holding hands ~ My support group
CHEER LEADER ~ I am Thin Within and am cheered on
LOCKET ~ Holds before picture and after when I reach after
50 with % engraved on back ~ 1/2 way there at 90#s
DIME (cut out) 100# gone
PUZZLE & BELL ~ my piece fits and focus ~ 110#s
WHISTLE (gold) & STOP SIGN ~ Stop & pay attention ~ 120#s
BULLET & LIPS (gold) ~ Bite the bullet ~ 130#s
DIARY & PENCIL ~ Write what I bite ~ 140#s
TURTLE ~ Steady goes it ~ 150#'s
ON - OFF SWITCH ~ On w/good behavior OFF w/ bad ~ 160#s
CANOE & MOOSE~ 170#s Plan a hunting trip by canoe in the boundry waters
BUTTERFLY ~ REACHED goal and am out of the fat cacoon 175#

Since I am getting them all once again I will have fun soldering them on and wearing it. It will be such a reminder.

SUSAN WOW you have a lot of books. Well we used to but living in this small space we don't keep them like we used to. You would be surprised what you can get rid of when you downsize into a Motorhome.:o It tooks us a while to get rid of our things for sure. Keep out of that smoke the best you can girl.

HOWDY to everyone else.

07-07-2008, 10:26 AM
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