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07-01-2008, 05:43 AM
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group relating to the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here (

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07-01-2008, 06:52 AM
Diet Coaches – Happy Canada Day to our many friends up north. Congratulations for pulling off your independence without a bloody revolution. I remember well visiting the royal goat during a trip to Canada in the sixties. I assume that the goat's gone now.

Took my walk after dinner; just luxuriating in the long day. All the sidewalk tables are occupied. Everyone's out in t-shirts and shorts. Remembering as kids the magic of those days when we'd play outside after dinner.

Read on the Internet that the other Great Apes teach their kids to peel bananas from bottom because that eliminates the annoying strings. So, I tried it for six days. No difference. CREDIT moi for publicly admitting that I spent six days trying to imitate the other Great Apes to solve a problem that hasn't bothered me for sixty years until I read the solution on the Internet. Oh Well.

More usefully, I spent some time thinking about Program day 14: Plan for Tomorrow. It tends to drift out of my mind that I have a plan and that's what I'm following. Good to be reminded, since following my plan is arguably the most important Beck strategy that I'm doing. Thanks Erika (eusebius).

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Interesting trying to visualize a 3FC Yeti Matador half on and half off the wagon, LOL. Neat pegging the sabotaging thought "that there's no use to lose weight if you'll just gain it back with pregnancy." Kudos for hanging in there. Sending supportive thoughts to find a way to throw the other leg back on the wagon.

onebyone – Really like the idea of "moose muses" - will they help with writer's block? Kudos for getting so much work done in the ceramics lab in such a short time. Hope you got your "book book," LOL.

Erika (eusebius) – LOL at "the depth of debauchery of last week's free day." Sorry, I should be sending sympathy but I rather like the idea that a busy mom has a little debauchery in her life. Yep, my shenpa that day was clearly the Cookie Monster. It's amazing that he's a universally recognized person.

spryng - Ouch for getting to starving. Kudos for being clear that you'll stick to your meal plan anyway.

JennyG - Kudos for sitting down for all your meals and Kudos for passing up on all those treats. And BIG Kudos for giving yourself credit. By-the-by, what are "ketchup chips?

angelmomma210 - Kudos for already being on Program day 2: Pick Two Reasonable Diets. So many good choices. What are you thinking of doing?

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were at a party and felt like treating yourself. …" Beck, pg 21.

07-01-2008, 10:04 AM
Good morning all,

Yesterday was Day 15: Monitor Your Eating which again is also an integral part of Body-for-Life. The BFL website even provides excel spreadsheets with which to track eating and exercise, already tailored for the 84 days of the challenge (12 weeks). So this part of the plan is working well for me.

One of the more difficult parts of BFL for me is the patience. The fact that you can eat a fair bit and you're building muscle through lifting means that you're making a profound transformation in body composition, but this doesn't really translate into scale weight loss for some time. So I need to stay in the moment, accept my feelings of impatience and frustration, and keep redirecting from the constant thoughts of "have I lost weight yet??" Boy, if this were easy everyone would be doing it ;)

Happy Canada Day to onebyone, jenny, and any other Canucks here!! (Ann? Are you still around?) The DD is off to grandma's for a playdate, and then we'll figure out what to do with her for the rest of the day ...

onebyone - I just love your moose muses. Whereabouts are you by the way? I'm in Hamilton. Good for you for recognizing that you need a reasonable diet (as Dr Beck stipulates). It's true ... the thing we are doing is not too sexy or sensational ... but hopefully the results will be ;)

kuhljeanie - your current observations are fascinating! sounds to me like you have got all the ingredients you need to be successful with your goals. Really, what you've done is devise the perfect maintenance plan! So all you have to do is tweak it a bit and you're on your way!!

Jenny - Major kudos for passing up the fun food and sitting down at all meals!! Definitely your credit is well deserved! You are doing great.

Spryng - great job on recognizing your hunger and that it will pass!! That's a major accomplishment.

Welcome angelmomma210!! You will love it here. Looking forward to learning more about you!

Bill - LOL! I do believe the goat is gone. One cool thing we do have on Parliament Hill, though, is a sanctuary for cats. There is a genial fellow who feeds and waters them each day, and they hang around to be petted by Ottawa tourists. These days I think if the cats were running the country we might have a leg up ... Whoops! Is my liberalism showing??? *hand over mouth*
ROFL on the bananas. That's weird wild stuff, I did not know that (aging SNL fan here)
It's true that the plan is everything for us! We really need it so we can say things like NO CHOICE and OH WELL ... otherwise how the heck would we know?? ;) This matador stuff is a game of skill and strategy, isn't it. Maybe we should all be playing chess???

OK, cardio for me today and staying on plan for Day 16. Have a great day yeti matadors!

07-01-2008, 10:12 AM
Good morning coaches.

Today I start at Day 1 with my foodplan, my book book and my cat, KittyX.

KittyX has been gnawing away at her front legs and has taken sizeable patches of fur off. Not completely gone but very thinned out. A trip to the cat doctor is warranted but we cannot afford it! Alas! She is very overweight and cannot reach around and groom the way cats need to and we think this is part of the over grooming the areas she can reach. So she's now on a strict diet. We have agreed to measure her food daily and take her bowl away, thereby interrupting the "all day buffet" that's been the mainstay in the house. I want her "dancing around" my feet when she comes to the foodbowl, hungry and ready to eat. not the casual saunter I'm-really-looking-for-kitty-cookies-not-this-stuff walk that she normally gives us. And so we needed to weigh her and for this I weighed myself then picked her up. We are 279.8 together. 19 of that is cat. The rest is me. The cat food bag says to give it 8 weeks and then weigh kitty again, following the measured amount of food per day for kitty. I thought "if Kitty X can be on a foodplan for 8 weeks, I can too." We will BOTH get re-weighed in 8 weeks. I am putting the scale away until then my friends and following some kind of foodplan, still undecided, but for now aiming for smaller meals, written down, calories counted, and journalled in my new "book book". BillBlueEyes I smell a multi-million dollar deal here if this works!
"The Pet Lovers Diet!"
"Lose weight with Fido"
"Lose the Lap" (for your lap dog or cat)"
July 1st is as good a day as any to start.

07-01-2008, 10:33 AM
Hi all..thanks for the welcome. I have picked the Insulin Resistnce Diet by Dr. Cheryl Hart and WW. Looks like I have some reading to do here online to catch up on this board. That is good because I will probably get some good hints on it.

07-01-2008, 11:32 AM
Hi I'm'Kierie I'm on Program day 2: Pick Two Reasonable Diets. I've had the book since May and Pretty much Half arsed it. . .I'm not even calling this recommiting since my commitment was sketchy at best initially. I'm committing to the whole program even the stuff I thought was silly before.
My 2 diets are WW Points and South Beach Diet. RIght now I'm doing a combo of the 2 but if the points fail I'll do pure SBD I've got mya rc ready to read when the snack monster hits in 1/2 hour and I'm working it!

07-01-2008, 03:53 PM
Afternoon all! :)
Ok so last night I did NOT over eat even thought I was ravenous, lol.. stuck to one plate and it did the trick, I'm so suprised by how much my stomach has shrunk since starting this plan :)
OK so technically I'm on day 5 of Beck.. but I want to back up and run through them with you all since I haven't had the chance..
day 1, made my advantaged reponse cards and my top 5 reasons are:
1.I'll be less critical
2.I'll increase my self-esteem
3. I'll look better
4. I'll be able to wear a smaller size
5. I'll feel more in control.
I have 20 in all, but those are my top 5 :)
day 2-pick 2 diets. well The NO S is my #1 and ww is my fallback just because I have all the stuff here from ordering off of ebay a couple years ago and I lost tons of weight on it in the past. So I know it works. But I'm hoping No S will work as well and so far so good :)
day 3-eat sitting down. ok this was a no brainer for me because i have NEVER in my life ate while upright, lol.. never at a party, grocery store, or at home, lol.. it doesn't feel like eating to me if I'm not sitting and enjoying it, lol.. so that one was easy for me :)
day 4-give yourself credit. I really like this one. Last night I gave myself credit for being able to stop at one plate when normally if I let myself get that hungry I will binge. (and remember I'm using child plates, not regular, lol) so that was a great accomplishment for me. pat on the back, lol.
now today is day 5-eat slowly and mindfully. Again this goes hand in hand with eating sitting down because I've always been a slow eater unless I'm binging. but normally I eat slow and steady and allow my body to feel the food etc. But I'm gonna try to make it last at least 20 min so one plate of food hits bottom and I don't feel like I need seconds :)
SO that catches me up! :)
Last night I got out my sticky tabs and highlighter and went to town on my book, lol.. I'm devouring it like there will be a pop quiz tomorrow. But I'm really enjoying it and learning so much about myself. no wonder I always failed on diet before!!
Welcome KO!!! yeah I'm doing everything in the book too even if it's seems like it's a no brainer or whatever, lol.. I want to succeed for good this time :)
Welcome Angelmomma! :) I look forward to getting to know you better! :)
Hello Onebyone! :) great pic of your cat!
Erika, it's hard for me to not want to see results on the scale right away too! I've been staying away from my scale this week as well, promising to weigh in once a week from now on, lol..
billblueyes, what plan are you on? a walk sounds wonderful. wish it wasn't so hot here to walk in the evenings.. I'm definitely needing to make more time for working out, that is for sure..
well, I was just taking a break so I better get back to work! :)

07-02-2008, 06:21 AM
:welcome: Kierie (KO) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case these hadn't been invented yet when you joined 8 years ago !!!, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum on 3FC?

07-02-2008, 07:20 AM
Diet Coaches – On my walk I had one of those Sabotaging Thoughts "you can turn back now, that's enough." I hit it with the old No Choice and went merrily on my way. CREDIT moi. Just reread Program day 15: Monitor Your Eating. There's good stuff in there to reread; it's easy to lose sight of the strategies. Thanks to all you good guys who are rereading and reminding me to do so.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Waving toward the thousand fires in California. Hope you are surviving.

onebyone – I love it, I love it. The yeti matadors will all be millionaires with the new diet plan, "Lose weight with Fido." Buy a new dress, boss, ya gonna be on Oprah!!

Ouch that KittyX is over grooming; I hope the diet gets her back on track. Kudos to you both for the new 8 week food plan. Sending you supportive thoughts as you get underway.

Erika (eusebius) – LOL that "Parliament ... is a sanctuary for [fat] cats ... There [are] genial [taxpayers] who feed and water them each day, and they hang around to be petted by Ottawa tourists ... Whoops! Is my [cynicism] showing???" [Edited by your subconscious yeti matador]

spryng - Kudos that you didn't eat even though "ravenous." Neat that your small plate is working for you. Thanks for posting your Advantages Card. Your first, "1.I'll be less critical" is a new one for me; it's interesting - gotta go ponder that. Yep, I know that feeling that "it doesn't feel like eating to me if I'm not sitting." I was aghast to discover the number of times I popped food in my mouth that I just didn't count as eating.

My own diet plan is homegrown - pretty similar to your No S plan. DW plans a healthy dinner every night, so I only had to add No Seconds to that and plan for my other two meals and three snacks.

angelmomma210 - Kudos for picking your diets - both sound like good choices.

Kierie (KO) - You've picked a great time to join this group; there are a couple of other people starting and a few old timers starting the program from day one again. Kudos for having your Response Cards "ready to read when the snack monster hits."

Readers – " … To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need to solve these kinds of practical problems. You’ll also need to solve some psychological problems, such as:

• Feeling overwhelmed by the requirements of your diet. …" Beck, pg 21.

07-02-2008, 10:56 AM
morning matadors! enjoyed wonderful success with my first official tasting last night, (official because it's not a friend or even a friend of a friend, rather someone i randomly met in a checkout line) and i now have a wedding cake order for august 24 with a very cool bride. she really seemed to dig my cake and fillings, and there's some great potential for word-of-mouth buzz. i officially have a side business as a cake designer! huzzah for the law of attraction and the ease with which this went from being an exciting idea to an exciting reality! woot woot! this is the good news. the bad news is that i've got a refrigerator full of white and milk chocolate whipped ganache, fresh mango sauce, raspberry filling, and buttercream. oh yeah, there's also white almond cake, spice cake, and two different kinds of chocolate. most of the cakes are encased in plastic in the deep freezer and are therefore not at liberty to meander through my mind as a possibility. the ganache, fillings, sauce and buttercream, on the other hand, sit prominently at the front of the fridge, right where i can see them. (i take that back. the milk chocolate ganache is no more.) therein lies the danger in not having a prior strategy to apply. the more business i get, the more tastings, etc., the more leftover cake scraps and fillings and icing i'll be surrounded by ALL THE TIME. i'm getting into this business because i love the stuff, but i have to figure out how to handle it responsibly, or i'll end up like an alcoholic bartender. arrange my environment!!! i was at least smart enough to give the couple all their leftovers to take home, but that didn't get rid of all of it. maybe i should buy little to go tubs with lids, and make sure customers who are tasting take ALL the leftovers. will need to think about this for those items that necessitate a lot of leftovers, like the raspberry filling. i've got about 3 cups left. it would be impossible to make a tiny batch. hmm.

have to run for a meeting - i'll try to get back on again this afternoon, before we leave for vacation. cheers all!

07-02-2008, 12:49 PM
Olé matadors! I just finished a lower body workout. I did not want to do it! But i sat with my fatigue and headache and complaints and did it anyway. CREDIT moi!

Yesterday was Day 16 - Prevent Unplanned Eating. No choice!! The planning and monitoring of each day's food make this much easier. BFL language also refers to this as "eating clean" and it's crucial to the success of the program, as it really is for *any* program.

onebyone - LOL!! "Lose weight with Fido!" Yeti and Pet-i Matadors unite! (Though ... my cat is a Siamese and weighs eight pounds ... if she lost any weight she'd be a skeleton. So I use her as inspiration instead ...) I hope your kitty can be a poster cat for Beck success!! As for a plan for you ... the simple one you have sounds like it will work just fine to me! You go!!

angelmomma210 - kudos for picking 2 diets! What are the main points of the Insulin Resistance diet? It sounds interesting. BTW I love your avatar pic ... what a loving couple!

Kierie - Welcome!! Congrats to you also for picking 2 diets and for making your response cards. You will conquer the snack monster!

Spryng - Kudos for sticking to your one plate!! Loving your advantages - thanks for sharing them. Being critical is such a sore point isn't it ... we can really beat ourselves up good when we want to. Also kudos for taking each program day seriously and really working it!!

Bill - Just occurred to me: I just looked at your avatar (as if for the first time!) and wondered about the connection between you and ol'Vincent there. Is it an ear thing? ;) Because you seem to "hear" everyone here so well!! Kudos for completing your walk! I love how you are rereading along with the rest of us. We always benefit from your insights!

kuhljeanie - CONGRATS on starting your new business! Absolutely fantastic news! ITA on the tupperware containers for leftovers. I wonder if you could turn them into little brownie-size cakes and sell 'em that way?? Anyway what a great time for it to happen, too ... right before vacation ... you'll be on cloud 9 and you deserve it!

OK matadors I am off to dry my hair (How exciting??) and then we are going to buy new furniture for our back deck (Actually exciting!!) Enjoy your day everyone!


07-02-2008, 05:33 PM
afternoon all!
ok so today is day 6, choose a diet coach.Well obviously I've been using this forum as a coach but I also have a friend who keeps me in check as well, and I her :) I'm getting lots of support from my dh too so I feel the morale :)
Erika, awesome for doing your workout even though you didn't feel like it!! I could take notes from you! exercise is probably the hardest part for me with any diet plan because I despise working out, lol..but none the less I know it's a must so I'll be getting my rear in gear soon as well :)
jeanie, that is so exciting!! wow, you stating what was in your fridge made my mouth water, lol.. yum!! how do you stay away from it??
Bill, yes being self critical is probably my biggest problem. I am never happy or satisfied with my body so I'd like to check that one off the list first, lol.. yeah I find the type of diet you and I are on works so easily with beck because on parts of the book teaching us to turn down foods we can't have on our plans etc isn't too hard when nothing is off limits, but we are just downsizing portions :) less guilt to deal with later I think because I'm bad about beating myself up if I slip on a diet.

well, I'm gonna get some stuff done and then go get the kiddos, talk to ya later!

07-02-2008, 09:59 PM
Evening coaches.

I started my diet art journal yesterday, and added to it today and will add some more to it again before bed. The cat only ate 3/4 of her 1 1/4 amt of food yesterday but today she wants much more. Wonder if there is a correlation between how my carnivore cat eats and how I eat? I gave her 10 kitty cookies today (temptations treats) usually give her more. I should give her none if she's on a diet with a specific food. Why did I break her diet already? I feel like she needs a treat... talk about your projection here eh coaches?

I wasn't that great with my food-about 68% good. I am writing it down. It's DH's 40th birthday tomorrow an he's taking a trip to Toronto to his mom's who's having a b-day party for him and I can't go. The ceramic room is in upheaval still and I can't work there on the weekends so I am trying to get things back into working order but I am stuck with adapting to the schdule of the people laying the floors. Half of the main studio was finished when i got in this morning so we emptied out the kiln room and now we wait and see if the rest of the studio is done overnight and the kiln room too. We have to move in all the stuff that was moved out AND tomorrow I have to take down my astronaut paintings and put up my ceramic moose. That was delayed until tomorrow as Cathy, who manages the gallery spaces and needs to be with me to set up, had a death in the family over the weekend and wasn't here today to do the set up. She's had a real rough few months.

Things are in a big >squeeze< right now.:dunno: No way for me to take off for a day and a half.

spryng Your description of your plan to just downsize portions with nothing off limits is kind of what I am aiming for. I'd like to up my intake of veggies though. This time of year is good for doing that!

eusebius NO CHOICE is a really helpful strategy. I remind myself it's just for today when the day seems to be tough. It works. BTW I am in Ottawa and have visited the cats on parliament hill many times. The guy who looks after them tried to "retire" from his volunteer position (he's about 76 and goes there two or three times a day I think) and hand-picked a replacement but got upset with the new person and took his job back. I'll take a walk up there soon and post a pic of the place.

kuhljeanie Your leftover cake issue reminds me of when I made biscotti for the market a few years ago. Boy, was that tough. I made biscotti cause I love it and I made what I loved and that was deadly. On the plus side, if you really get into the cake biz the glamour and allure will fade as it becomes work and what you do. Like a woman who makes truffles day in and day out, she's no longer tempted. I seem to remember that the people at the Hershey factory used to be allowed to eat all the chocolate they wanted. Eventually, it wasn't what they wanted.

BillBlueEyes Your sabotaging thought "you can turn back now, that's enough" reminds me of mine "don't go any further cause you won't be able to make it back." I have an inherent distrust of my body sometimes; my body which is perfectly fine and good and strong but sometimes I get these ideas that it can't do what I want it to do or it will just suddenly fall apart... Comes from years of not working it hard enough I think. Kudos for continuing to monitor your food...and that's why you are at 14 months my friend.:cp:

KO Welcome to the board! I finished the book in March and am re-starting. There is always something to learn in that book ... kudos for giving it a real go this time.

angelmomma210 Welcome to you too! Jump right in and feel free to post and get support for us here. We're a positive bunch who know how hard this is and how good it feels to "get it".

:wave: hi to everyone reading this...

07-02-2008, 10:36 PM
Bill lol, they are chips that taste like a tangy ketchup, a true Canadian favorite, I can't believe that you have never ever tried or heard of them!! You are definitly missing out!!

I have been busy for the last few days with canada day celebrations, haven't got time to check in. I am on day 8, I love this book, and so far I'm on day 5 of weight watchers, well going on day 6 and I have not went over my daily points limit!! I hope Saturday's weigh in is a good one!!

Thanks to everyone else for your support!! :carrot:

Tomorrow, I am going to a restaurant for supper- lets hope I pass the test!! I think I will. Actually I know I will!!!

Today it was sooo hot here! I just couldn't even think about going into that gym with the humidity outside, I figured I would nearly die in there, SO on the contrare I went to the beach for a lovely walk!! Thats good, right? As far as I see it, it is better than no exercise, Plus it resulted in an awsome tan!!

Hope everyone is having a great week, and Bill we'll have to get you a taste of these Ketchup chips!! (They are made by hostess, if u know that brand) (

07-03-2008, 06:58 AM
Diet Coaches – Bought another two quarts of strawberries at the Farmers' Market. The season is so short and I so savor overdoing them. Watched a fierce thunderstorm moving the old Norway Maple in front of our house. Freighting, because the lower trunk was moving and lifting the sidewalk!!! This is not good. Made emergency calls to the city arborist.

Re: Program day 16: Prevent Unplanned Eating: Observed that the portions that I pack for my work lunches are creeping up in size; reduced them a bit for the last two days of this week. For Beck to work for me, I need to respond to the small diversions before they become large pounds.

My big news is that I spent two hours sorting thru my stacks of papers. Another huge stack to discard, the rest in folders or files. When my stuff is out of control, it affects my attitude about being able to control my food and exercise. So, this is a big deal for me. CREDIT moi.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on the new wedding cake order. Kudos for facing the need to deal with a refrigerator full of sweet stuff. Perhaps you could take a table at a farmer's market giving out wedding cake samples along with your flyer. Or sell wedding cake mini-muffins to make a small amount as well as distribute flyers. But I agree with you - that stuff has just gotta go before you consume it bite by bite.

onebyone – Kudos for staring your diet journal journal. Ugh for your big squeeze and missing DH's birthday party. Kudos for seeing yourself in feeding your cat. CATS DO NOT NEED TREATS. Cats are known to have a sophisticated ability to produce guilt in humans for whatever sinister purpose suits their needs. NEVER, EVER, trust the motivation of a cat, fat or otherwise, LOL. [ /font=dog lover]

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for the workout even with "fatigue and headache and complaints." Yep, you might have looked at my avatar for the first time since I just added it yesterday, LOL. Thanks for the kind words about hearing.

spryng - Glad you're using this group for your Diet Coach. Would appreciate if you'd diet coach me as well. Thanks for the comments about being self critical. My thinking was stuck :o on how neat it would be if losing weight reduced my being critical of others - I could use a dose of that.

JennyG - OK, I get it now. WARNING, food porn follows:from
The story begins as follows: Once upon a time, Hostess used to make potato chips in Canada. And Canadians loved their potato chips and grew an increasingly diverse and adventurous pallette. Flavours like sour cream and bacon, dill pickle, pizza, and ketchup chips abounded. Eventually, Frito-Lay bought out the chip-making division and started distributing Hostess chips as their own, and some of these esoteric flavours made their way to the U.S. Today, many of the best flavours are no longer sold in Canada or the U.S., but ketchup chips persisted.

Why ketchup? First of all, North Americans love ketchup and universally apply to it to their foods. Secondly, many North Americans love the flavour of vinegar with potato-derived products, and Lays Ketchup chips certainly have ample vinegary overtones. It isn't really zesty, but it cuts into the sweetness, and merges beautifully with the saltiness. Imagine, if you will, a barbecue flavour, without the smokiness but all the tang. Still delicious and brain was stuck on chips as in the "fish and chips" of Vancouver. [Note to self: Remember there are two Canadas]

Readers – " … To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need to solve these kinds of practical problems. You’ll also need to solve some psychological problems, such as:

• Feeling deprived. …" Beck, pg 21.

07-03-2008, 08:52 AM
Woke up to a rainy Thursday out there. Not the best day to be traipsing across town, artwork in hand, setting up a show. My poor friend Sharon! While I need only snip a wire here and there to take my 8 spaceman paintings down from that outdoor spot, she has to set up a very complicated 30 paintings plus sculpture. That site is all outdoors. She's a wreck already and this will make it worse. I hope the rain stops by the time we are out there doing all this... about 3hrs from now.

I slowly woke up this morning, my DH's 40th bday morning, thinking that I may change the way I think about my meals and become "vegetable focused". In that when I think about "a meal", the focus will be on the veg and what can I do with it. I will have to search out vegetable recipes and the thought of spending as much time on cooking up a veggie dish as opposed to a meat main course just seems to be a smart way to "diet". Half my plate veggie dish, 1/4 carb 1/4 protein. Ultimate would be to eat small 5-6x a day, 2-3 hrs between small meals, but this isn't always possible for me so backup is 3 meals, veggie maincourse, and two snacks--snacks=fruit and/or handful of unsalted nuts. Try to eliminate the sugars. No seconds. Deviations allowed while at farmers' market on S days. But only one deviation per market day. That's becoming an issue at the Ottawa Market on Sunday.

I think these are my two homegrown foodplans coaches.
Just need to implement them and be consistent.

Need to get the weight bench set up. Need to get exercise in... can probably start the Walk Away the Pounds videos again as my ankle is fully healed... maybe start the yoga again. I'm resisting cause it's so trendy now. I started yoga at age 10 and did it until 18, then stopped. At age 22, going to a gym for the first time and weighing 224, I was tested in all areas for an exercsie program and was found to have "olympic athlete flexibilty". You should have seen the face of the gym trainer. He made me do the stretch three times and each time I went further! Great memory that. Far from there today as I write this but I remember that fondly and know my body is capable of many wonderful things. I'm going to add that to my advantage card "To aid in becoming flexible and athletic"

JennyG I hope you had a fantastic Canada Day and your beachwalk sounds much more relaxing and summery than the gym. Where in PEI are you?
I am thinking of moving to Nova Scotia after school for me is done here... looking for cheaper rent than Ottawa and tourists to buy my goods! Should I be also thinking PEI?? I LOVE the look of that red earth :) Good going sticking to your WW plan!

BillBlueEyes Why you sound as if you've never had orange chips or grape chips? I fondly remember them in the stores when I was about 10. They were around for that summer only I think. They were HORRID! AT the theatres here they will give you free flavour toppings for your popcorn if you ask and one of them is ketchup. It's a close approximation of the chip ketchup flavour. Probably the same chemical mix. 9/10 Salt + 1/10 fake ketchup flavoured red dyed stuff. Nary a tomato in sight! And thank you for identifying your dog bias. My cat has been romping to the bowl since we limited her food. Her eagerness to race for her food starts immediately! I love to see her move quickly.

Note to self: Week 1 Day 3 in progress of KittyX Diet

/\ /\
(O o)
=: ^ :=

07-03-2008, 10:29 AM
Wow you guys are active early. . . or I''m just behind! (prolly both!) I'm redoing day 3 sitting while eating and eating mindfully (and Enjoying!) b/c I had an altercation with an organic bakery yesterday I was sitting! (in my scooter style wheelchair) but that doesn't count
to answer billie's Q briefly since I'm a bit behind at work
Nessa who i believe still posts here was speaking/writing about it and how it's more of a way to change your mental processes and how good it was. She is on my south beach thread and has done quite well so I figured I'd give brain training a shot ;) If it takes longer than the alloted time That's ok I'm in no hurry! It took me a long time to learn the unsuccessful responses to life it should take a while to learn the successful ones! Hope to be back at lunch time!!
:D and thanks for the welcome!!!

07-03-2008, 03:10 PM
Hello All,

Hope the computer equipment for our internet provider is finally fixed. Each time they worked on it, none of our internet accounts could read our info-i.e. password- so we had to repost all the member id and passwords over and over again-just stop posting for awhile.

Air still remains somewhat smokey as there are over 40 fires which are only 40 % containted after 10 days. Now they are much more isolated (in our county) with less chance of populated areas burning. It still is a shame to lose all those beautiful trees and wildlife homes.

Both my body and mind are at sort of a set point. After weeks of reducing my total cals- I lost nothing and then got discouraged. Now I am treading water-not gain nor losing-just staying in place- the worst is fighting the old "what the Heck attitude -why go back to trying so hard (i.e. doing all the Beck exercises) the draw to do Beck diligently again in that I eventually do lose.

right now I am meditating, journaling and reading about how to learn let go of my sabatoging thoughts. I may always have such thought but need to learn to stop acting on them-can do this for awhile but after time I have such a strong pull to give in to them again. Hey this does sound so wierd but just hate this on and off healthy eating pattern-want to make a permanet change to a consistant heathly eating pattern. It is the big of fight of that old attitude-stop trying you will not be successful-relax and just eating what, when and as much as you want regardless of the health effects. Or you are so capable to make healthy change permanetely-plus you must make such changes in order to be healthy.

Looking forward to being a full time Becker again

Much success to you all


07-03-2008, 07:32 PM
Sorry all...did not get to post last night because of the weather. We had thunderstorm after thunderstorm. It is now the afternoon and the thunderstorms are finally gone. We had them all last night and during the morning today.
Question...I am on day your diet coach. Could I use you all for a diet coach. I really don't have a person close to me that I can use. I talked to my daughter who lives in MI and she said she will help me..she is losing weight (she said that she is not sure if she is doing it the right way, but she is doing it). She will be a support for me....but you all know what we are doing and why.
Last night we went to an all you can eat place and I did really fried shrimp and only had about 5 small and put the rest on the side. I ate salad first and did not have any dessert..that is so good for me.
Did not exercise yet...kinda tired and back is so I will not do it today, but will pick up tomorrow.
Thanks for letting me join the group...I need this so bad. I leave on vacation on the 20th and dh comes on the 24th. We will be going to milwaukee, WI , bedford, IN, and coldwater MI. I will be checking in as much as possible. Right now I am trying to just keep myself positive and on the program.
The insulin resistance is a diet that you limit your carbs to 2 servings every 2 hours. You link your carbs with protein and most veggies are okay to eat. They call this linking and balancing. It is great for me and for me dh who is diabetic. It works for us.

07-04-2008, 07:52 AM
Diet Coaches – It worked for me to pack my white bean and tomato salad in a smaller container - thanks for that tip, spryng. CREDIT moi. Indeed, my portions were creeping larger. I might have to resort to using a measuring cup, but that, of course, would require me to decide the portion size in advance. Don't really want to go there since I've not measured my food for the first 33 months of my journey. Do others here measure their portions?

Sue (CoastalSue) - Welcome back to the land of Internet connected. Hope you get some rain to counter all those wild fires - they're just awful. Kudos for identifying your Sabotaging Thought "why go back to trying so hard." And bigger Kudos for planning your Beck strategies to attack it. Rooting for you to make twoderland, you've got it in you.

onebyone – "olympic athlete flexibilty" - now that's a great memory. You can get there again; your body remembers. Great choice of two diets; becoming veggiecentric could help with caloric intake.

angelmomma210 - Yep, you can use the good guys on this forum as your Diet Coach. And, will you diet coach me? There is a benefit to online diet coaches: the Beck program encourages us to discuss and give ourselves credit for small and tedious actions, which would be likely to drive a close relative bonkers, LOL. Kudos for your stellar performance at the all-you-can-eat restaurant. That's not a comfortable place for me yet - I have to actively work at remembering that I have some other goal in life than getting as much food as I can.

Kierie (KO) - What an encouraging attitude, "It took me a long time to learn the unsuccessful responses to life it should take a while to learn the successful ones!" OK, so you're in this for the long run - Kudos, Kudos Kudos.

Readers – " … To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need to solve these kinds of practical problems. You’ll also need to solve some psychological problems, such as:

• Feeling discouraged when you don’t lose weight consistently or lose as much weight as you had hoped. …" Beck, pg 21.

07-04-2008, 09:42 AM
Happy 4th of July to my American friends here!

For this canuck, it's off to work today. The ceramic room will be in order by the time I leave there this afternoon... or close to it. I can't get into the school over the weekend due to my other two jobs at the farmers' markets.
Monday the kid's summer camp classes start and the first one spends two days in the ceramic room so it has to be up and functioning by then. It will be.

I stepped on the scale. 260 and holding steady. I think my body has now decided on this weight to stay still at, up from 250 at the beginning of the year. I am still not trying very hard to lose any weight. I'm getting to it and this morning lying in bed I wondered if I really wanted to. I mean really want to. I really want it to be easy. That's just the truth. I need more journalling and more focus on this goal. What's even easier is putting it out of my mind. But it never goes away. I guess that's the definition of a problem in your life eh? When no matter what you do, it's still there bothering you. You haven't solved it yet. I know when I do try, as in stick to a foodplan and exercise, those nagging thoughts go away no matter my results. I *know* I am trying. Right now, I *know* I am not trying hard enough. But (credit moi) I continue to try new things and ways to approach this. Eventually one will "catch". I (credit moi) may be discouraged but I believe I will get this and sooner rather than later AND it will be something I can live with for the rest of my life. No quick fixes for me. (And that's a credit to me in itself cause I SOOOO WANT the quick fix.)

I got my SPECIMENS ceramic moose display up yesterday. It took 4hrs but it looks good. They are in the "Minto Vitrines". Vitrine=fancy french word for window I believe. So I had the all moose lined up on a ledge waiting to be put into the windows, all 25 of them and a man from Minto (it's a large construction company here who owns the building the vitrines are in: a hotel/shopping/office complex) stopped and looked at my work and asked me if I knew all the characters I had made. Not all of them I said and he asked me how I made them and I told him what the challenge was for me (to get a distinct personality using the same parts and only using colour and collar to give it to them) and then he asked me how much for one and then he asked me how long to make 40. He said they're having a company retreat in Septemeber and may commission me to make character moose for the participants (!). This would be a decent amount of $ for a struggling artist. And i'd like to do it too. Nice. Hope it happens. think good thoughts for me on this. the good thing is he'll see the moose for the next month casue he must work in the building. Exciting.

Oh rats. 8:30am. Gotta go. Enjoy your day whatever you're up to!

07-05-2008, 07:44 AM
Diet Coaches – On my long walk at a busy square, I encountered three young women singing rounds of Dona Nobis Pacem a cappella - absolutely beautiful and unexpected. Was drawn to toss dollars into their basket until I noticed that they were collecting for a political candidate that I don't support (not to be named, per the rules of 3FC). Alas, I chose instead to lead a resounding round of applause (waking up some apathetic tourists to join in). Odd unexpected choices. Oh Well.

Got in my gym workout early. CREDIT moi. Thank you Bally's for being open, despite being almost empty. Ate on plan despite being the 4th of July. CREDIT moi. Continued reporting to my Diet Coaches with a straight face despite noticing three usages of the same preposition in one paragraph. CREDIT moi.

onebyone – Kudos for doggedly trying new approaches to get the onebyone. My take is that "not really wanting this" is a Sabotaging Thought to be vanquished by exposure to the light - which you've just done. Perhaps you need to suffer a little more by doing planning the day before and making your commitment the day before. My take on Beck is that we substitute the pain of planning for tomorrow - which really can be done, for the pain of battling food Desires with willpower - which is an iffy challenge. Sending you supportive thoughts for getting a plan for your markets this weekend. As well as best wishes for strong sales.

Selling 40 moose ceramics at once will be quite a score. Keeping fingers crossed.

Readers – " … To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need to solve these kinds of practical problems. You’ll also need to solve some psychological problems, such as:

• Feeling stressed by other life problems. …" Beck, pg 21.

07-05-2008, 12:22 PM
Hi Everyone!! SO I had my first official weigh in this morning, down 3.2 pounds!!!!! Wahoooo!! Hope you all are having a great weekend so far, its beautiful here on PEI, I am thinking on beaching it since I have the day off! I also went to a restaurant Thursday nite, and passed on the bread, credit moi! As well stayed below my daily points limit! (

07-05-2008, 12:25 PM
Onebyone What are you taking in school?? PEI is beautiful, but the winters aren't so nice and there isn't much to do. NS is amazing, I love Halifax, plus honestly there is probably more work there and lots more to do, and if I were you I would move to NS and come visit PEI when you can, it is definitly a beautiful place to be and to see!! Come visit me anytime!! I am actually moving to New Brunswick in the fall, for school, and then hopefully out to the states (Georgia) to further my education. Anyways keep me posted on your plans!! (

07-05-2008, 09:43 PM
Hello coaches

Today I was scheduled to do a demo of my plastic crafts at the market. I had DH taking my place in my booth while I was outside doing my thing. I decided I'd try and see if I liked doing that kind of thing. I don't. In particular I wasn't keen on the small demanding children. Give me teens, oldsters and adults. I can handle all of them, but demanding tots really throw me. Don't think I'll be doing that again soon.

Foodwise I overate yesterday. Today I did better. No sugar so far. No treats at the market. I'm making a plan for tomorrow tonight.

I'm so relieved this past week is over. We moved the ceramic room and all its contents this past week, and moved the contents of the kiln room after that. In between I set up my show and took another show down and my DH had his 40th. Big week. I agreed to show up at the school Monday evening to get the rest of the stuff back into the kiln room, and after that is done things go back to normal. Normal and busy.

We had to cancel our vacation this year. I'm mopey about that. We're trying to be adults and responsible and not get any further into debt. It's no fun. I was really looking forward to our trip. Oh Well. No Choice.

BillBlueEyes I never thought that "not really wanting this" could qualify as a sabotaging thought, but really, that thought is not helpful at all, and as such, all it does is undermine me = sabotaging thought. Thank you for this insight. Wonder what else I am thinking that's undoing me? And if I follow you, we trade the pain of planning, (which is an action we can definitely take) vs. not planning and therefore relying on battling food urges(desire) in the moment which we have proven to ourselves over and over that this is a sticky wicket indeed. Interesting. Less that a 50% chance we'll consistently succeed doing things this way isn't it? Thanks for all the food for thought.

JennyG Thanks for the tips about PEI and NS. I am finishing up my third year of an art school here in Ottawa and want to move out of here cause it's way too expensive. I think of going to NS and Halifax because I sell at farmers' markets now and know Halifax has a great thriving market that's year round that I can start at when I get there. So I have a way to start bringing in $ immediately. Also, I can keep on going to school at NASCAD if I decide to do that, to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts, or to just take interesting courses. And then there's just how pretty it is. And the ocean. That's what I am thinking about. What are studying in NB? And what do you hope to study in Georgia?? Exciting!

Have a good evening coaches. Hello to all who read this!

07-05-2008, 10:48 PM
Just checking in,I will be seeing the doctor on Thur and will be following an ada exchange diet 1500-1600 cal per day.I have fallen off the wagon in the mud somewhere and I am trying to get back up.Work has been real nasty and I am preparing for a reassessment appeal on the house for Monday.Alot of stress.Hi everyone!

07-05-2008, 10:55 PM
Hey all my dear coaches.

Did not all that great yesterday. Furbaby was going crazy what with all the people around doing fireworks. Did okay in the day but we took furbaby to the outdoor theater last night. Had popcorn and soda. All they had was diet coke...which I cannot heart goes into a-fib and I cannot have soda with caffine. I even have to be careful with chocolate. We also had a pizza..I had three pieces and then dh had his and we gave the rest away. So I did have something good that I did. We also took the dog for a walk at the airbase before we went to the theater. That was fun.
Only 2 weeks before I leave for vacation..need to get my bottom in gear.

07-06-2008, 03:22 AM
Hi there friends, remember me? I have been reading sporadically and not posting but have no good explanation for it other than I haven't been Becking my best Beck lately. :( I know that the rule is that we can leave/come back with no explanation...this is a GREAT place and Beck is a great way to overcome my eating is still not easy for me. I know it isn't easy for any of us.

Things are okay here...I am rereading the book again. I am on day three today and have been very good about reviewing my reasons for losing. My biggest one sort of captures all of it for me: I want enough energy to do what I want to in life: mommying, doggying, teaching, landladying, learning and socializing. I have been "back in the game" for the first two days and then today ate some of dd's grilled cheese sand. and then ate some unplanned ice cream. For the LOVE... I did absolutely fine at the big party yesterday with tons of food around me...part of it may be PMS today.

Anyway, I have decided that, since I am a teacher and on summer break, that I need a little bit of structure, a little something to keep me focused on where I am going, etc... I am making my first 10 min and last 10 min of the day be time for journaling and reflecting. I LOVE the summertime and all the flexibility but also am challenged with falling into that blasted "auto pilot" type stuff...not really planning/deciding what I want to do but drifting and doing whatever strikes me.. Hope that makes sense. I feel much clearer and intentional when I take some time like that...

I really want to use my Beck tools again. I was OFF the wagon about 75% for the last couple of weeks. I finally faced the music and got on the scale. I was expecting the worst. I did gain 8 lbs in the last whatever amount of time...I am celebrating my maintenance of the other 45 lbs that I have lost and kept off. Seriously, that is a large amount. It is so scary, having been up and down so much, to fall a bit and get over the black and white thinking that "here we go back on the weight GAIN part of the cycle..". I have to remember that life is not like that and that I am overcoming habits and behaviors that have been like old friends for many years. I have TWO new dogs and they are so much fun. They are such good therapy after having lost my sweet Old English Sheepdog Henry in May. First new dog (another OES, Edgar) is my "rebound dog" and the mini schnauzer, Hogan is my backup dog. They are quite a pair and I am getting a lot of good exercise getting them out and moving. Some of you may remember my description of the workout I give the big dog (and myself)-kick the soccer ball across my huge backyard, let the dog chase it, then I run over to kick it across the other way...I have moved up to using 2 soccer balls so he will come back to chase the second-a bit less of a workout for me but still all good. Neighbors have still not turned me in to the nuthouse so all is good.

Good to communicate with my diet coaches again.

BBE: Thanks for doing the banana experiment-I would have tried it myself had you not already figured out that it is a bogus solution to that stringy problem. HILARIOUS! I am not a fan of those stringy things.

07-06-2008, 06:51 AM
Diet Coaches – Such a tiny thing, but SO stupid. The supermarket was giving out FREE 4 ounce samples of their cola. I drank one. I burped. It tasted like cola. But I don't drink cola. I never drink cola. I wasn't thirsty. I wasn't hungry. I have no need for the HFCS, the caffeine, or the 55 empty calories. Obviously I need to continue working on my response to FREE food. Oh Well.

After dinner I realized that it had been a stellar on plan eating day with a good long walk. CREDIT moi. Also realized that it had been a vegetarian day, but of greater interest to me, I was no longer celebrating the rarity of that; they happen more and more often as healthy eating takes hold. Main dish for lunch was peanut butter, banana and walnut sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread ends; main dish for dinner was Dahl (lentils). Meat becomes less the central point of each meal. Thats real progress. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Welcome Hogan. A backup dog, like a backup diet plan is sooooo Beck, LOL. I really like how much you combine into your first Advantage: "I want enough energy to do what I want to in life: mommying, doggying, teaching, landladying, learning and socializing." It's so Heidi to succinctly get it all in one statement. Stick around; I do appreciate your clarity as one of my Diet Coaches. And I toast your "some of dd's grilled cheese sand." with my FREE 4 ounce supermarket brand cola.

Interesting thoughts about the challenges as you shift from super busy structured teaching to more open summer. Kudos for focusing on your need to respond to that. And Kudos for maintaining those 45 pounds, with BIG Kudos for giving yourself credit.

wendy (wendylan) - Ouch for the stresses of work and reassessment. Kudos for getting back on track. Keeping fingers crossed for a favorable result of the appeal.

onebyone – You continue to inspire me wrestling with the thinking about staying on plan. Sending supportive thoughts as you get your head spun straight. Kudos for all the productive work getting the ceramics lab restored. Ouch for the missed vacation; BIG BIG BIG Kudos for making a responsible financial decision. That kind of decision certainly strengthens the responsible muscle, which supports the staying on plan muscle. You're winning.

JennyG - Congrats on the 3.2 pounds lost. Kudos for passing the bread in a restaurant. And Double Kudos for giving yourself credit for it.

angelmomma210 - Kudos for taking the walk with your dog. And Kudos for giving away the excess pizza. Ouch for furbaby's pain hearing the fireworks - I well remember my loved Aussie hiding in a bedroom on the 4th of July.

Readers – " … Cognitive Therapy helps you solve both practical and psychological problems and learn new thinking and behavioral skills – skills you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. You’ll not only overcome your current problems, but also learn how to use you new skills to overcome future problems. Beck, pg 21.

07-06-2008, 07:26 AM
Good early morning coaches.

It's another glorious summer day out there. Promises to hold steady throughout the day. I am off to market this morning. I have to leave by 6:30 now instead of 7 as the market is getting so full of vendors that if I leave at 7 I arrive to Linda, market manager saying "Oh you go the last spot. One day there'll be no spots so I gotta go earlier!

I've had some caraway cheese bread for breakfast and will give away my free loaf of muesli bread to my booth partner Tim this morning. A baker at my Sat. market often gives me a loaf of her leftover bread and I am not fond of her breads (they always taste sweet) but can't tell her that! It just dawned on me I can give it to Tim, who has two hungry boys to feed as well as himself. I am sure they'll gobble it up... or he will.

Better go. I am having one meal and one snack at the market today.

Have a good Sunday. Gotta run.

07-06-2008, 09:48 AM
Greetings all, on a beautiful morning.

Heidi, I think you are really onto something with the morning AND evening journaling/ reflecting. Not only is it a great Beck strategy, it is a great living strategy..a way to suck more awareness out of each and every day. It is so hard to "hang on" to a day, make it last, make it count. Especially in summertime. How has the 4th come and gone already?

I am grateful for my hyper-awareness of daybreak and waking up early in summer. I don't have any trouble staying moving all day long, either, but it is not really cardio or strength training, it is just moving. My gardening efforts are pretty much as the spirit moves me and where ever the sun moves me (I follow the shade!)

I love, love, love the morning light on my shade gardens. I love the way the morning light is so different from the evening light, though both are so much more flattering than mid-day bright sun.

The color is really bursting forth right now. The Oenothera are spectacular, and they are getting some good back up from a supporting cast of Flax and Gallardia and annuals.

BillBE, kudos on the move toward vegetarian days. Good for you, good for the planet. I am so not there; I am just such a carnivore. I read the post on this forum a while back about focusing on a vegetable as the main part of the meal and what goes with it. Huh? That is just un-American. And of course, why so many other cultures outlive us!

Happy thoughts to all. Have a great (Beck) day.

07-06-2008, 10:24 AM
Good morning my coaches. I did alot better yesterday and I feel really good about it. Today is sunday and in 2 weeks I fly out. I am excited about seeing my brother as we have not seen each other in a year,,,that is when we go on vacation.
Hope that all is going good for all of you. Today I start day 7...organize your home. I will be doing this for a few days as I need to really go through and remove and restack some food and everything. Later.

07-06-2008, 10:47 AM
What is the minimum post so that you can get a weight tracker?

07-06-2008, 12:40 PM
Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that as of last Monday --official weigh-in day, I've passed the 50 pound mark (-2 pounds for the week brought me to 51 in total) and reached onederland!!!!! Almost all the loss is since I started Beck on February 18.

I continue to do well through day to day life, special occasions, stresses, etc. I'm still eating according to South Beach guidelines, with some flexibility, and a bit of a nod towards blood pressure lowering and HDL increasing recommendations. I've started swimming as one of my exercise options -- so it's either Curves, bike ride, swimming, or a walk most days...I'd say I average 6 days a week.

Bill, you asked a while ago about whether anyone weighs and measures their food. I do, most of the time, for everything other than vegetables. Not at restaurants, not for company meals, and I estimate for things like stews and stir fries. I'm finding I'm getting better at estimating portions -- for instance, the other day I put a piece of fish on the scale which I estimated at 4 ounces -- and it was. I find it's helpful in taking the guesswork out and in avoiding portion creep. I do still try to pay attention to mild fullness, since that's an important awareness in general and especially in situations where my food isnt' measured, but most of the time I clean my plate when I'm having a measured meal or snack.

07-06-2008, 02:32 PM
Good Morning all,
Mary: I would love to see some pics of your gardens. It is so special to have something like that that brings you joy just by looking at it (as well as tending to it, etc...). Really, I keep trying to pay attention to the things that bring me the most joy to be able to identify a "hobby". I think I am just into trying to do what I have well right now-but dd and I do a LITTLE bit of gardening. I should even just designate a little patch for myself to have that experience-too much to commit to the full meal deal of putting gardens in everywhere in my yard. you have any?

BillBlueEyes: Cheers! I don't measure my food either but I have in the past. It does help with things like cereal for me to be able to visually see in the bowl where a cup of cereal levels out. Barpos described it perfectly...

Barpos: WOW-you are in the zone! Big kudos to you!

Today I have done my journaling and am now being summoned to "school"-dd brought out my schoolbook and "ticket" (?) to bring to class with me. She is yelling, "ding, ding, ding! Schooltime! Time to come to school!". Wonder what I will learn back there-gotta treasure these times, I am learning that the stages get past us FAST!.

Here's to a beckful day for everyone-I do solemnly swear to sit when I eat and keep my advantages in my head throughout the day. Off to "mommying".....

07-06-2008, 05:10 PM
angelmomma210 - From the authority, posted on the Fourth of July.from Suzanne 3FC,

Signature option - 20 days and 20 posts

New members cannot use the signature option until they have posted at least 20 times and at least 20 days have passed. This was necessary due to problems with spammers.


07-06-2008, 11:18 PM
I had some Highs and Lows this weekend but it's all par for the course right?
Got out early on Thursday and headed to PT it was my sit down to eat day Now mind you I have a scooter style wheelchair so I totally could have cheated on this one! I didn't have a snack so PRe-PT I bought a golden delicious apple Pulled over and ate and appreciated it!
For the better part of the weekend I thought about what I was eating through parties and everything. Tonight I went over the deepend stress at returning back to work had me in a box of TJ's honey nut cheerios UGH
So while I'm not pleased with this Overall for the weekend I did well. I'm picking you all as my coach :D
I cleaned my house out of Junk (some very personally cough) and I've automated my breakfast and lunches for the week. I think I'm going to crawl into bed and read the next day for Beck!
Tomorrow is a new day!
PS I will try to respond to ppl!

07-06-2008, 11:29 PM
Thank you...I am shooting for 20 posts. I have already done a weight tracker and hopefully it will come on.

07-06-2008, 11:57 PM
Needed to tell you that I am on day 7 and have started reorganizing my home. It is coming along and dh is helping. It seems to be a little easier that I thought.

07-06-2008, 11:58 PM
Okay...could someont explain the weight tracker...I have one but don't know how to apply it. Thanks.

07-07-2008, 05:49 AM
Diet Coaches – Quiet relaxing weekend. Stayed on track. Put out for recycling some 30 pounds of paper from organizing my stacks of stuff this week - kinda proud of that. CREDIT moi.

MaryBlu - Yeah for morning people. Love your description of the difference in morning and evening light.

mommying Heidi (hbuchwald) - LOL at having a "ticket" to go to school. Perhaps your DD has the solution for truancy; if kids had to pay for each day, they may be more reluctant to skip and lose their money. Kudos for staying with your journaling.

Barbara (barbpos) – Congrats on 51 pounds, and CONGRATS on onderland. Kudos that you're in the zone with your food and exercise plans. Thanks for the comments on measuring. I measured my bean salad for my lunches this week - one cup - seems small. May have to try even smaller containers until it looks more appropriate.

onebyone – Hope sales were high with the good weather this weekend. Great idea to pass along your loaf of muesli bread.

angelmomma210 - Kudos for marching forward with arranging your home. Re the weight tracker in the signature: as I've seen Suzanne 3FC explain it, you have to have 20 posts and 20 days. Since your profile page shows that you signed up on June 30th, looks like your signature will kick in on July 20th.

Kierie (KO) - Will happily be one of your coaches, hope you will also coach me. Kudos for the neat appreciation of your Golden Delicious Apple. And Kudos for keeping your perspective after a mixed weekend.

Readers – "Whether you’re depressed or content, a stay-at-home or working parent, a binge eater or social eater, a dieting novice or dieting pro, the Beck Diet Solution can help you. " Beck, pg 23.

07-07-2008, 09:39 AM
Okay....thank you about the signature.

Did good yesterday..had cereal and milk for breakfast....a burrito for lunch and a snack and then a peach. For dinner dh made steak and chicken on the grill. The chicken was marinated in light zesty italian dressing. We also had augratin potatoes...I had one serving..wanted more but told myself that I wanted salad instead and I did. Did have green beans and salad and a piece of chicken and a small piece of steak so that I could taste it. Then I cut up the meat and put them away for lunches for dh...that is really a good thing for me to do.
I am on day 7 now and reorginizing my home. We moved alot of canned stuff and I went through my was a good feeling. Have a great day.

07-07-2008, 09:56 AM
morning all!!
sorry I have been MIA, we left thursday evening for oklahoma for my brothers wedding and I did not take the laptop, well it wouldn't have mattered because I was way too busy all weekend to post anyhoo.. BUt it was a great weekend! On the No S diet you can splurge on special days and weekends and even though I had the ok to I really didn't go crazy. I did have wedding cake and I did have some drinks but all in all I think I toned it down quite a bit which I am giving myself full credit for :) :)
Tonight I will update you on days 7-11 for me on Beck. I'm working right now but I wanted to check in so you didn't think I left for good :) :)

07-07-2008, 10:15 AM
Good Morning Beck Babes (Assuming you're all women but a man can be a babe!)
Billie: I will happily coach any and everyone I can! You're doing great organizing and recycling.
AngelMom: you're doing great!
Spryng: you handled the wedding weekend really well!!

Coaches: So I had to give myself some credit last night after posting I found myself staring in the fridge (I keep my cereal and flax prepacked for easy AM Grabbage) Pondering having a my night stinks bowl of cereal. I closed the fridge door turned off the light in the kitchen and didn't walk back in!!! CREDIT!
I'm home today with a bad headache
The plan for today is a turkey and swiss wrap for breakfast tea with agave and 1% Cereal with milk or lentil stew for lunch and experimental veggie packed hamburgers for dinner.
Its day 8 and I'm working on my schedule and what is really important!

07-07-2008, 11:44 AM
morning everyone,

back from a crazy couple of days roadtripping with the regular and extended family. lots and lots of driving, which was tough on el nino and consequently tough on myself and DH. too much time in the car. i managed to talk DH into talking me into running another half marathon, this one at the end of september. training starts immediately and i look forward to faster and more enjoyable runs, since i get to keep the fitness improvements i made while training for the last one. :running:

lots to reflect on in everyone's posts. onebyone, i've had EXACTLY the same sabotaging thought - "i don't need to lose any more weight! i'm fine the way i am." well, we're both wonderful exactly the way we are - but why stop there when we could be happier and healthier? i'm so much more consistent with exercise, i think, gee, why worry about what i eat? why do i need to lose weight? BECAUSE I'M OBESE, that's why! clothes don't fit the way i want them too! i can't run as fast as i'd like! i hate looking at myself in pictures! why do i think these things will somehow magically go away? heidi and wendy, so wonderful to hear from you! mary, your observations are particularly helpful - i like "hang onto a day." they go so fast, and i don't know if awareness makes things slow down - but it does help you remember them later. the strongest memory i have of the blur of my wedding day was our first dance, because it was the most focus i had the whole day. barb, amazing job. really fabulous! go ON, girl! bill, your continued awareness of yourself and behavior is inspiring. i toast you with my (bought and paid for) coke zero! ko, bill isn't female, but i also believe (correct me if i'm wrong, bill) that "babe" can be applied to anyone. :) hope your headache improves! spryng, if you're allowed to splurge, i DEFINITELY believe wedding cake is the way to go. :chef:

i also have been less than disciplined in my approach, and it shows. daily planning is the first thing to go, because somehow in my head it's the thing that really means that i'm on a diet and i can't eat the foods i want/like/deserve/etc. i'm going to try an experiment: i'm going to plan a week's worth of off-plan food. when i write my meal plan, it's historically been all super-healthy, low calorie, diet-perfect, and not at all what i actually want to eat. since i've been successful at maintaining with no plan, i'm going to plan to eat the food i really want - in the amounts i've been eating them, as a way to try and get over my visceral reaction to returning to a meal plan. hopefully i can get comfortable with that, get my brain wrapped around the fact that following a plan doesn't mean eating food i don't like. i got religion about exercise and tracking what i eat, so i'm going to ease my way in by journaling what i'm really going to eat before i eat it, instead of afterwards. if i can get used to doing it this way, then after a few weeks i'll make one improvement in my diet each week (or maybe even every other week.) i'm still too black/white in my thinking about how this "should" work, what i "should" eat, how quickly the weight "should" come off. kaplods posted on another board about how she was instructed to do a sort of "reverse" atkins - instead of taking carbs down to almost nothing and then adding them back to figure out what a good individual amount is, she started exactly where she was and then gradually removed. i think i'm going to try that with beck - plan to eat exactly the way i do now, and then gradually improve. it's not that my eating is terrible now. not at all! i'm generally pretty healthy. i just have this rock-solid resistance to meal planning that i need to soften and get my head around.

what do you think, coaches?

07-07-2008, 06:55 PM
Hello again! :) I'm back :)
ok, so let me pick up where I left off:

day 7: arrange your enviroment. I've had this down for years! thankfully,lol.. I only buy things that don't tempt me. I tell you gaining weight has not been from what I bring into my house, it's eating out that gets me. fast food and great restaurants are my downfall. Maybe it's that old mentality that you want to feel like you get your money's worth or something. But anyhoo, my enviroment really is a "no fail" zone. I make sure I buy sweets for the kids, like sugar free popsicles and such because I don't like them anyway. But I don't bring in chocolate icecream, lol.. I know my limits in my house. like no pizza rolls or taquitos because I'll eat them all in one sitting, lol.. so Arranging your enviroment was easy for me.
day 8: create time and energy. Now this will be something I have to work on. It was very enlightening. I liked how it tells us dieting goes beyong eating differently. That is soo true!
Day 9- select an exercise plan. This is what I am excited about today. I've chosen to start small. I have several 10 min workout dvd's. I will do one 10 min segment per day and work up to 20 min and alternate my treadmill with the dvd's as well. But like she says, even if its 5 min of exercise a day, that is better than zero, so I'm starting small because exercise is actually something I really despise, lol.. oh and I'm getting an ab lounger tomorrow! my friend is selling me hers so I'm excited to work on my abs as well :)
day 10: set a realistic goal. Well since I don't have a ton of weight to lose, 5 lbs increments work as a goal for me :)
and now we are up to today:
day 11 differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings. I really tried to be intune with my body today and only ate breakfast and lunch when I was truly hungry, stomach rumbling etc.. and to test between the meals I drank plenty of water to make sure it wasn't thirst masquerading as hunger, so that worked great. Of course since I started this No S plan my stomach has really shrank and I'm not hungry between meals anymore which is new for me because every diet plan I've been on I've needed snacks to get me by. But obviously it's must be psychological because now I don't :) but that catches me up to today :)

jeanie, I give you major props for a roadtrip with lots of family! LOL!! that's stressful to me (well if you knew my family, hehe) your plan on eating what you are eating now and just improving on it as you go is a great idea! that way too it has time to become a lifestyle change which usually means long term success :)

Ko, congrats on resisting tempation!! I know it's not easy but you are on the right track! :)

I did forget to mention I weighed last week and I didn't lost any weight, BUT I must have lost an inch or so because I've gone down a size in my jeans so I was majorly impressed with that, lol..

well, kids are wanting dinner so I'll yak with ya later! :)

07-07-2008, 09:37 PM
Good Evening Coaches!!!!

How are you all? So, I faced the ultimate challange this evening. I took extra on my plate, and actually it wasn't even my plan, but I always take my allowed serving and usually eat all of it, then this evening at supper, I was, who would'a known, and I left some on my plate, and then I contemplated eating it because I had already written it down and soo...the calories were counted for, but I decided I was full, and not over full, just I completed my daily task and through the rest out, even after it stared me right in the face for about 10 minutes! CREDIT MOI!!! This giving credit thing is really starting to help me, I realize its sooo much funner and better than always beating myself up over everything. Also here's the thing, I am following Weight Watchers, I don't know if anyone else here is, but the last like 2 days I have only eaten about 19-20 out of my 28 daily points...I wonder if this is okay? Because I am getting fruits, oils, veggies, protien, milk, and carbs through out my day....and I mean I'm not hungry, but sometimes eating less means "gaining weight" ? Any suggestions here?
Here's to another great "beck" week!!!!
Cheers!! (

07-08-2008, 12:05 AM
hi everyone - just wanted to let you know i'm still alive. all of a sudden things got a little busier and i started to be incredibly exhausted ... TOM combined with hot weather and heavy exercise makes for one tired girl. But i've been sticking to the plan and losing bodyfat % - now down to 27.3 from 31.2 in 3 weeks ... not too bad. also sticking faithfully to Beck and about to start day 23 tomorrow. i hope to return soon with more energy for personals, etc. but i just want to let you all know how much your support continues to mean to me. keep battling the yeti my friends!!


07-08-2008, 02:20 AM
Hi there team,
Kuhljeanie-I can't wait to hear how your planning what you want to eat goes-I could have written what you wrote about the planning things letter perfect and then feeling a bit resentful about it. I have still been cooking up my healthy stuff and it does help to have healthy/delicious food to put into that planner. It is another thing to plan but that really helps me since I do feel like I am planning what I WANT and not just rabbit food.
Billblueeyes: YES on that "buy a ticket to go to school"...seriously-I am picturing my students (and their parents) and maybe they would take it a little more seriously.. we all heard it here-my daughter came up with it.. maybe I will get to be in the luxury suite of the old folks home afterall! :)

Off to journal and go to bed-I also love that verbage of Mary's "hang on to the day".. they go by so quickly and it is so easy to fall into autopilot mode... goodnight all..

07-08-2008, 05:21 AM
Diet Coaches – My one cup serving of white bean salad was just fine for lunch even though it seemed small when I measured it. Clearly there's room here for me to work on serving sizes. As much as I hate the thought of measuring my food, the whole Beck planning thing seems to me to be about removing the emotional part of food selection, yet I've kept a huge part of that in selecting serving sizes. Perhaps it would work to use Heid's idea of measuring periodically to get the visual rather than measuring every time. OK, that's now my new plan. CREDIT moi. One serious reason I've avoided measuring is that I don't have a definitive notion of what volume to serve myself of each of the dozens of foods that I serve. Gotta go work that.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for continuing to cook up your healthy stuff and keeping up with your journaling. There must be some way to incorporate your DD's idea of tickets for school so that kids and parents would take it more seriously. On our birding walks that are free, we find people rather cavalier about signing up but then not showing up, grrrrrrr.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Methinks you're on a good path shifting your planning toward food you really want. Kudos for actively working your plan to get it to be yours. You remind me that a serious part of of my own plan was to chose stuff that I wanted to eat - no hunger, no deprivation. It was easier for me because I was so ignorant about food that I was able to focus my reading on nutrition and healthy foods rather than on dieting. Now I subscribe to several gourmet type food magazines thinking that it helps me to become more aware of food so that I am less drawn to the heaps of mediocre stuff on which I gained my weight.

Erika (eusebius) – Congrats on the loss in percent body fat. Good luck on Program day 23: Counter the Unfairness Syndrome. What role does unfairness play in your Sabotaging Thoughts?

spryng - Congrats for being down a size in your jeans. Thanks for the update on Program days 7-11. Kudos that you've got the notion of splurge on days beginning with S but that "I really didn't go crazy." Just thinking about a wedding I attended that wasn't on the weekend, according to what I ate, it must have been on Sfriday, LOL.

JennyG - Big Kudos for leaving food on the plate. That's a Beck strategy that remains very difficult for me. I think I've posted here with great fan fare every time I've done it, LOL.

angelmomma210 - When you wrote "...I had one serving..wanted more..." you were describing what Beck calls Desire rather than Hunger - but that's ahead of where you are in the book - you're inventing Beck on your own, LOL. Kudos for organizing the house stuff.

Davy Crockett Kierie (KO) - Kudos for staring down the fridge. And Kudos for giving yourself credit for it. LOL at babes. Yep, we men can be called babes. In fact our Red Sox had a player called Babe a few years back. He could hit good enough but his off diamond decorum was a bit untoward for the Boston taste, so we sent him south to the New York Yankees where it would be less noticed, LOL.

Readers – "The Beck Diet Solution is based on the same plan I use with my patients who want to lose weight. ..." Beck, pg 23.

07-08-2008, 08:32 AM
Good Morning!
I rolled into work at 6:30 insanity? well yeah but I have a doc appt and need to make sure i make up my time.
Billie I love whitebeans could you post the recipe?
I'm going to take a few days to do day 8 I have to see what my actual schedule is and pay attention to it. (when running around like headless poultry has worked os well!)
Since I'm having foot surgery on Monday My exercise plan is going to mainly focus on my arm bike and stuff to do sitting down for a few weeks at least I just have to fenagle to when and how much.
not alot of time!
JennyG you are my hero b/c unless I spill salt or a dirty paper napkin on food I can't leave it alone!
Spryng Yay on the jeans
Hope to bbl!

07-08-2008, 08:34 AM
PS Billie
I've heard of him but I'm a Jay's Fan :)

07-08-2008, 10:13 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I am totally enjoying every single hot summer day we have had. I feel so hyper-aware of how short our seasons are. The cold ones feel a lot longer though :p Never mind never mind. It's summer! I'm filling up on the hot weather to get me thorugh the cold stuff later on. Banking it so to speak.

I am working in my diet journal. I did a full page dedicated to the number 140. I'd like to be 140. It was the first time I had actually firmly visualized it and it gave me trouble. As I wrote it out it talked back to me. Here was a great example of sabotaging thoughts that need to be defused.
1)you'll be sick if you lose so much
2) You'll be weak at 140
3) You won't be yourself at 140
4) You won't look good at 140

And here's what I wrote to counter these thoughts

1) I am sicker now at this weight and carrying it will make me worse. The more I lose, the more I move toward health, and the healthier I will be.
2) I am strong now and will continue to be strong throughout my weightloss. Extra fat is not extra muscle and musles=strength.
3)Yes I am still me and even if I do change I am always changing no matter what I weigh. In fact, I am one who seeks change so there's no problem here.
4)I don't know how I will look but I will do the best I can with what I have. Feeling good helps you look good. (Everyone looks great when they smile I think!) As I get thinner I have more choice in clothing and hairstyle and this will add to me looking good as I go toward 140.

I have to say that of the things I have done lately, drawing and colouring in that 140 has totally stuck wiht me. I can really see it and it pops up when I am making food choices and I think "is this getting me closer to 140 or further away?" Things become clearer. Actions have real consequences. And I am so time aware right now that I can feel the extra time a deviation will add to my journey. I think that that bag of chips or that thing of cookies is no longer as important to me as the delay of getting this weight off that that action will make. It's funny, I don't connect with the health aspect of this, I should be more motivated by that but I'm not. I guess cause I am still healthy. Oh. But I do take bp pills so... time to change before I need to take something else! I want to get rid of my pills! I am feeling like the longer I carry this weight, the more time/opportunity some disease process has to "get me". Middle age. I think it does this to you. I want another 40 years of active art making. I need to do this to have that. It's that simple.

Anyway I am off to work up another page in my journal. I hope to do my first really elaborate one as I have the day to myself, with the exception of our regular weekly trip to the movies. Oh we saw Wall-E last week. I loved it so so much. I couldn't even speak when it was over. I'd just tear up. it really moved me. It does combine two things I love: space and robots. AND it was beautiful. And the story was told mostly without words. Awesome. I recommend it if you're thinking about going to see something. It's not a totally new story but it's a really good story.

Off to have breakfast and such. Enjoy your summer day Becksters!

07-08-2008, 10:28 AM
Morning all...I will be doing day 8 for a couple of day to be able to get it down. We will see what happens.

07-08-2008, 12:10 PM
(late) morning, everyone!

procrastinating because i need to finish two sets of documentation and i just don't want to. i've never enjoyed doing it, and i got through the first draft of the first one, and now they want all this other stuff and i just don't want anything else to do with it. ugh. just need to give myself a No Choice and knock it out.

i was planning on writing a plan last night, but got sidelined early with a migraine. i haven't had one in years...pretty nasty. tonight, i need to start making sugar flowers for a birthday cake due in 2 1/2 weeks. but you know what? that's not a reason not to do it. i'll make my plan for tomorrow FIRST, then start on the sunflowers.

onebyone, i love what you're doing. just seems like your understanding of yourself and how you work (visually, etc.) has given you a straight line of communication directly to how losing weight scares you. major kudos and how fantastic! my goal weight just tells me the same thing everytime - "you'll never reach me. you can't do it. it's impossible." have to chew on ways to feel more powerful when confronted with that. bill, how delightful that one cup is really enough! maybe that's a natural outgrowth of putting food in its rightful place as body fuel, instead of friend, lover, entertainer, cave to hide in, etc. heidi, girlfriend, i think we're living parallel dieting lives. are you doing any meal planning these days? what kind of stuff are you eating that you don't feel good about, and why? i'm tending towards sweets - i overeat on sweets when i'm not feeling taken care of, or i'm overtired, or have PMS. this week it's PMS and tired. what about you? maybe tonight, after the kid is down, i'll do my meal plan for tomorrow, prep some veggies and have dinner, do laundry, and just go to bed. wednesday can be cafeteria lunch and snacks and i'll start the flowers wednesday night. yeah, i'll do that. erika, battle on! sodium+water+summer heat+TOM=big ick and swollen ankles. jenny, amazing job with leaving extra food on your plate! that one seems to be getting easier and easier for me the more i practice, but it's also environment-dependent. i can do it at home and at restaurants, but if i'm at my desk, it all goes eventually. maybe a good argument for not eating at my desk. hmm. KO, good luck with the surgery! can i suggest yoga floor work as a way to continue exercising without putting weight on your foot? i've been practicing yoga for strength training for a couple of weeks now, and i love love love it. spryng, a drop in pants size is TREMENDOUS. big kudos on your non scale victory, and for recognizing that the scale doesn't measure all the good things that result from eating right! good luck with making friends with exercise. it was a rocky road to get there, but i'm a believer.

cheers everyone...

07-08-2008, 03:45 PM
Hi all,

Stress, busyness, fatigue have all resulted in falling back to old unhealthy habits and ways of "rewarding" myself by overeating. time to stop this-have only gained a bit back but the potential is great to put on more. Saw my Doc yesterday and she felt that low carb may be a good one for me as I am pre-diabetic. so today is the first day of the south Beach diet-BBE really understand that resistance to measure/weigh everything. Hoping the SBD use of limited foods but with unlimited portions of some food will help me get past that and back to losing again.

So understand those struggling with our primal self indulgent emotional brain which must be satiated NOW and our logical self which which seems to get drowned out only to return after the damage is done and tell me what a dumb dope I have been. I think those foods with an high glycemic index are my food demons-too few and I feel deprived or is that depraved but too many create such a strong craving that often sensible eating is over ridden. Since bawling me out doen't work, it is time to work on giving me credit for each baby Beck step I take again. today 1. follow phrase 1 of SBD 2. Read advantage card. 3. Shop for some of the unlimited foods on SBD.

Really been missing consistanly swimming-still have many days of too much smoke-fires are only 48% contained in our county-The firefighters-many are volunteers have be amazing.

Love reading all the postings about those beings successful and those (like me) struggling to follow a food plan. A big Hi to every one-


07-08-2008, 06:33 PM
Okay coaches. Nobody knows I did this except you, my support system. Seeking/asking for weightloss help always makes me feel "less than" like a loser like I "can't do it on my own" "can never do it".
All self-sabotaging thinking.
I'm ignoring it.
Today I emailed a local company that runs a gym downtown, which is convenient to me as I am downtown for work and later 5x a week for school. The gym is literally in my path as I go to and from school. They are supposed to specialize in one on one personal training. They have a health assessment that sounds very thorough for $120. The ad I saw on the bus says you pay $67 a month. I can afford $67 a month it that really is what it costs. So I wrote a truthful, detailed, email and I am waiting to hear what they say back. How soon they reply will tell me a lot about their customer service. I asked them if they had worked with clients wanting to lose 100lbs. I told them about my weight history and where I am at now. I told them I don't want a quick fix but lasting change. I'll let you know what they say back. I am hoping for the best of course!

07-08-2008, 11:56 PM
Oh, Sue, so glad to hear from you. I have been wondering how the fires were affecting you.

South Beach sounds like just the thing to get you back on track. The quick little weight loss boost can't hurt.

To all, I am finally back on track with the volume control; it has been a rough time. For me it is so simple: Just quit before full! But for whatever reason, I seemed to need to be full for awhile. I will never know why. My life is very full and rich. Oh, well...I am loving the feeling of not feeling so full and bloated and FAT!

Good for you, onebyone! I hope the gym meets your expectations and you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Enjoy summer, all my Beck friends, cuz it goes way too fast.

It was a glorious gardening with enough wind to keep the skeeters away. At about 9:00 the wind just died, and unfortunately the skeeters were irrationally exhuberant, so I headed for indoors and admired my borders from inside.

Glad tidings to all.

07-09-2008, 03:01 AM
Hi there friends,
Wow-I completely binged out today-It was all SWEETS...I am attributing it to my first sort of "panicky" feeling I had this week that summer is truly creeping away from me. I am trying to just remember to ENJOY every bit of it, prioritize my list of what I want to get done this summer and get as much done as I can. my biggest priority is to spend time with dd and keep building all those great memories while I am still "cool enough to hang out with" (anticipating the teen years... ). The journaling each morning and night does help and I am writing about how horrible I feel physically and mentally after my shenanigans today.

onebyone: I LOVE the idea of playing with that number-the goal weight number. You said that you wanted it to be about health but that the number motivates you more.. when I was reading what you wrote, I was thinking about how the number is sort of a symbol that could represent all of our reasons for losing weight and taking good care of ourselves. If I think of my goal weight number, I think of a healthy, active, vibrant mom/teacher/friend/learner, etc.. it is easier to think about a simple number and get a visual and a feeling than it is to think of all of my advantages all the time. I want to keep reviewing (or get back to it is more like it) my advantages during journal time but the number can be with me during the day. I hope I didn't "overtweak" your idea-it is FABULOUS-love your artistic version of it-do you have an actual picture in your mind of that number and what it means? That could be a pretty special piece of artwork.

kuhljeanie-my sweettooth is getting me-I surrendered to it bigtime today. I have been planning my food sporadically lately. I do solemnly swear that I will right after this post though. I made some homemade pizza tonight-as in, I made the crust and everything-whole grain crust with homemade sauce, some mozzerella and then grilled portobello and button mushrooms. YUM! It turned out so delicious! We have a lot leftover too. That will go into my plan for tomorrow for sure-maybe even for breakfast! dd also ASKED me to make more salads! We were talking about when she is an adult and has kids what she will feed them-she tells me that she will do all that I do but more salad. EASY enough my darling! I have a bag of salad and lots of veggies and she loves this vinagrette that my dad makes-she is the perfect child for me (I adopted her from Guatemala so I really do think it is amazing at what a match we are...).

Sue: may those fires be under control asap... and may you be able to get back into that pool asap. Am I too much of asap? hahha? It is late...I wish that we could bottle up whatever Bill has that keeps him so consistent and ON. I do not want to minimize Bill's efforts-it is not easy for anyone-I really do watch him and he is the "maintainer to watch" I would say.

1. plan tomorrow's food
2. Plan tomorrow's activity
3. Journal -include all about the number 170
4. read advantages to losing weight (related to number 3)
5. prioritize my list of things that I really want to get done this summer and include playing, reading and biking on that list-I have a leg of a triathlon to train for!

Goodnight my coaches and friends!

07-09-2008, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches – Had lunch at an upscale restaurant as appreciation for some volunteer work. Did well, asked for a salad instead of “special dusted French fry’s.” Waiter says, “You don’t want to do that, they’re the best French Fry’s ever!” I did and I did. Then the best part. When it came time for dessert, I invoked a critical early afternoon meeting and, with great apologies, left early. Loved it. A little gray lie (only the exact time of the meeting) and I avoided a die-for dessert menu. Now that’s using Cognitive Behavior Therapy well. CREDIT moi. DOUBLE CREDIT moi for such finesse. I just bathed in my Beck glory. What a feeling.

Until I returned from the tiring afternoon meetings to find on my desk a takeout box containing three of the restaurant’s signature milk chocolate pecan turtles with a gracious note from the hostess thanking me for my contributions and hoping that I would enjoy them. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Retracting the CREDIT moi. Doubly retracting the DOUBLE CREDIT moi for finesse. Humbling down my bathing in my glory. Brought them home. DW dibbed the first. I asked, WWJBD? Yea! The perfect question. I know exactly What Judith Beck Would Do because she writes in her book that she has a candy bar every evening. Well, well, well.

So, it’s a hat trick day: Bathed in self-righteous glory; delighted DW with a treat; savored every bite of a beloved milk chocolate pecan turtle. Oh CREDIT moi Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for choosing to take a new direction in your eating plan. And Kudos for going right out and buying the South Beach foods. Ouch that the fires continue to keep you from swimming. Sending dampest thoughts toward the California fires, LOL.

MaryBlu - Kudos for getting back on track with volume control. Giving up that desire to feel full is one big step. Love hearing about your gardening.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Ouch for the SWEETS attack. (Apologies for my food porn above.) Kudos for sticking with your journaling. Your pizza sounds yummy.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for the migraine. Ouch for documenting software. Ouch for procrastinating. Yep, food as "a cave to hide in" - done that. Good luck with your planning.

onebyone – Neat, the pages from your journal help me to see how a visual person sees numbers. Thanks for your Sabotaging Thoughts and Helpful Responses. I particularly respond to "3) You won't be yourself at 140." And such a good response: yep, "I am always changing no matter what I weigh." BIG Kudos for going after the gym and trainer; keeping my fingers crossed.

angelmomma210 - Neat that you're working extra time on Program day 8: Create Time and Energy. Good luck.

Kierie (KO) - Also extra time on day 8 - you guys are doing synchronized Beck here, LOL. Sending supportive thoughts for your foot surgery. Congrats that your Toronto Blue Jays beat Baltimore last night.

Readers – "… It works regardless of your unique psychological makeup, lifestyle, or family circumstances. … " Beck, pg 23.

07-09-2008, 10:19 AM
Good morning beck matadors!!

day 23 - countering the unfairness syndrome - this is a mindset i struggled with for many years in many aspects of my life. the classical music world (like all others, but perhaps in slightly more extreme form) is not entirely dependent on hard work and desire ... there's an 'it' factor at play in success. i remember when i was 20 and played a difficult, nearly atonal sonata that took me a year to memorize. then i competed against a percussionist who played a really flashy rhythmically groovy piece, and he beat me. afterwards he boasted that it had taken him a week to learn the piece. it's NOT FAIR!! so unfairness in dieting seems pretty small-scale to me. if anything, i feel lucky that in eating the way i did, i didn't gain a lot more weight than i actually have.

i must say i'm getting pretty tired these days ... must be heavy exercise in the heat and humidity (and this is inside with the a/c!) but i won't let it deter me.

bill - nice idea of a measuring plan ... should work great.

kierie - good job on continuing exercise even with your foot ... hope your busy time subsides soon. p.s. go jays!!!!! i can't believe cito is back!

onebyone - i love how you share your visualizations and drawings with us. it is like seeing inside your brain!! thank you! good job getting in touch with the gym! i hope it is just the right thing for you!

kuhljeanie - i feel your pain on writing drafts. i have some writing to do myself so let's barrel through! thanks for your supportive words!!

sue - definitely hearing you on your struggles with stress and fatigue ... many have had great success on SBD so hoping it works for you! credit to you for having a plan!

maryblu - great job getting back on track - glad it feels good!!

heidi - totally hearing you on the time with dd -- every time she rolls her eyes at me (already at 5!) i see visions of the days to come. "oh mom!" anyway - so you had some sweets -- oh well! you are back on track now right? ;) great job making a plan!!

bill (again) - LOL!!! "oh CREDIT MOI well." That just about sums it up doesn't it?? the best of all possible worlds. well done.

ok i have to do my upper body work before i talk myself out of it but oh boy i feel like going back to bed. sigh ... oh well. have a great day all.


07-09-2008, 02:41 PM
hey long crazy day today! won't have time to post until tonight but I wanted to Pop in and give myself a credit. I was in the grocery store super angry and super stressed. Instead of indulging in some big bad (not that food is good or bad) thing (like I'd normally do) I recited my ARC the first one bein gI like being thin and I bought a box of Nips which is a hard candy filled with choc 1 is 30 calories. I'm going to go have my sandwhich and be done!

07-09-2008, 03:41 PM
Morning all,

Hurrah after many, many days of overeating-( and generally at night) I had a full day on program. Yes-the down side of SBD is no fruit, no grains, no wine for 2 weeks-but the up side is no measuring and weighing of most "approved" foods and I love that break. Right now I seem to be able to say NO Choice to certain foods but feel some freedom that I don't have be so strict about the amounts of others. Guess that is why Beck wanted us to have 2 food plans for such times.

Still can't swim today again- the news said that the tiny particules in the smoky air irritate healthy lungs like a "sunburn" One or two times would not be so bad, but this is going on for weeks-not good. Now all of northern cal is very hot-again the coast is the coolest and has somewhat better air. But the orange glow in the air is so weird-even the sun sets look like a science fiction scene.

BBE-sooo much credit-you are phenomenal to avoid those multiple temptations,-Such social pressures added to the treats-WOW! you are the Beck guru!! Thanks for your continual support, organization and postings at this site. You are mastering that buddhist concept to use adversity as chance to practice all the techniques that one has learned to remain focus and calm.

Erika-Great posting on the Countering the Unfairness Syndrome-I then re-read the day and now am writing 2 response cards on this issue-one for the need to limit my food and one for our need for financial frugality. Both plans take alot of work but are very doable.

Heidi- So much credit for your enjoying and treasuring those moments with your daughter. Love the phrasing of "while you still are cool" We really missed our kids' enthusiasm for family outings during the later teen years-
I so understand the draw for sweets as the food of choice used to celebrate, calm, medicate a hugh variety of emotional needs. No words of wisdom but hugh respect and understanding the amount of work/energy to conquor this sweet "addiction". Along with the big self annoyance when the "addiction" seems in control. your list of 5 activites sound great-plus include have some fun/laughts.

Maryblu-thanks for the concern about the fires. Oh those MN skeeters-quite the bugs as I remember them!! Volume control is so important and so D*** hard-do you think you are also fighting some kind of set point on your weight along with the primal fun feeling of being stuffed. when my healthy brain is on I don't like feeling that heavy stuffed full feeling, when suzie emotional is in charged then being stuffed is wanted.

OnebyONe- big step in emailing the gym and asking for clear support of what you need from them and if they can deliver. There is not a one plan fit all on how to get the right exercise. Sounded like a very wise approach and give yourself alot of credit!! Glad you looked at and ignored the sabatoging idea that one have to do this alone-just be strong and self sufficient-I think alot of us feel that way and push ourselves too much and often and then turn to food to give us support versus other folks.

07-09-2008, 04:02 PM
Hi again-

my computer was getting odd and wanted to post prior to losing it, Want to say hi to all -KulhJeanie-sound like so many projects you are working at -Hope you can still have time for training for the marthron-you do seems to love that so much-

Ko, Jenny, Angelmomma 210 and Spryng- enjoy all your postings and hearing about your successes.


07-09-2008, 05:06 PM
hi all, just a quick check in for me. Having a rough couple of days. Personal things going on and I'm just preoccupied. But I'm not far. Will post when I'm feeling better :(

07-09-2008, 06:41 PM
Hey all...been really busy..yesterday I did not even get a chance to say boo. Today is a little better...gonna read day 8 again...and hope to work on it. Have taekwondo tonight so when we get home it will be bed shortly.

07-09-2008, 07:20 PM
Hey old friends... and hello to all the new faces
here since I've been around.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying your summers.

I'm going to throw something out here and I hope I don't
offend anyone. If I do, I apologize in advance.

I love Beck and I have also enjoyed this 3FC forum, but it
became overwhelming to me to keep up with all the posts.
I'm in the process of relocating to another state and
changing my career, and on and on. And I am STUCK!
I lost weight initially on Beck... it certainly works.. but
I need a coach....someone I can work with one-on-one
each of us coaching the other.

Is there anyone else out there who would like to partner
up with me to take on this weight loss challenge and
coach one another??? I'm really familiar with the Beck
Program, but find I falter when it comes to accountability.

I also have a tendency to focus on others more than on myself
and that's the problem for me with the forum coaching idea...
I would rather focus on everyone else's issues and avoid my own.


If you're out there, future coach of mine, please contact me
in a private message if that's more comfortable.

Thanks for letting me throw this out in the crowd... in the
hopes that somebody lurking might feel more comfortable
one to one.

Best to all of you always,


07-09-2008, 10:14 PM
Hi coaches

I got an email back from the gym and they want to call me on the phone tomorrow morning. Now I don't want to talk to them. I am afraid I'll agree to something that I can't afford. I don't even know if I can afford this.
But I can't know this until I do talk to them so I guess I have to.
Can you feel my ambiguity?

I often feel that as a morbidly obese person that I can get "taken" by any sort of weightloss "scheme". That deep down I am desperate to lose this weight and will be gullible due to my desire... A crafty unscrupilous salesman will sense this and exploit it. I don't think this is that scenario, but... I hope I can recognize it if it is. I guess if they pressure me to "sign up now! The offer only last until the end of the day!" my last experience with seeking out a personal trainer (I said no thanks to this... high pressure must-buy-this-right-now really turns me off. NOTHING is an emergency in a situation like this.) I can trust myself to walk away.

Anyway, guess I'll email them back and deal with it tomorrow.

My food today was an improvement over yesterday and so each day is better and better. I have made it a goal to get a green veggie into me every day and so far so good. I made a salad for lunch and had a modest dinner. I am trying to eliminate sugar free products but find it really tough to replace the drinks. I don't want the fake sugar but don't want the sugary version either. And don't want to drink juice and that leaves water. Or coffee. Or tea. So for now I am cutting down hoping to get to zero eventually. More vegetables, less fake sugar. I did eat a couple of handfuls of cheese while at the sink and not sitting down. Cheese leftover from what I put into my salad. Completely compulsive. But it stopped there and I recognized it for what it was, and so I give myself a credit moi for these actions.

SeaChild Good for you for asking for what you need. I am sure you will find a one on one buddy. Good luck on all your major changes!! Nice to hear from you.

angelmomma210 Hello to you and I love hearing you do a martial art! What's taekwondo like?

spryng Sorry to hear times are tough right now but they will pass! All the best...

coastalsue SBD always struck me as very do-able. Clear, concise and just when you're fed up it changes. I did it for a while and found it really stopped my sugar cravings. If for only this reason it is a worthwhile plan to pull out and follow. So sorry to hear your air quality is still not good. I can't think of anything that bugs me more than that. We only get a few smog days here but that we get ANY bugs me to no end. If I could ask, do you think you could get a picture of the weird SF sunset? I'd love to see it.

KO Kudos on dealing with your cravings and your desire in the grocery store. That's great. We get a little stronger every time we say no to these urges. It'll make it that much easier next time round.

eusebius Unfairness is rampant in the visual art world too. Why does one person "make it" and get lifted up out of the mire and be toasted and praised while the other who worked as hard, is as good or better, but maybe not the most social is left behind? how does this happen? It's always unfair that we are not judged solely on the basis of our work. There are other factors involved always. BUT for every "overnight success" there is at least 10 years of work getting them to that position. It's the same for permanently losing weight. Lots of time and effort behind being successful in anything. Oh well as Beck says... Hope you get caught up on your rest!

BillBlueEyes You could not have planned that triple play better BBE! A hero to yourself and others. And you know enough that one bite/one caramel thingy is not the start of a downhill slide. you never even mentioned that... yay! It's really working for you! BIG Kudos!

hbuchwald I know that panicky feeling very well that summer is passing and where is it going?? I am really savouring every day. I think it's cause I have so much to do every day. In between I am just still if I can manage it. All my weekends are spoken for. All the time between now and the start of school is lined up. I don't even get a holiday. Just enjoy the moments. Stop and remind yourself to feel the sun. Just stop and breathe. Journalling is a great thing. It'll put you in the moment for sure. All the best!

maryblu I have the toughest time with portions too. Some weeks I have to plan around an insatiable need to high volume meals. If I am on plan I just make soups and know I can eat a few huge bowls to get that feeling. Thankfully I am not in this state right now. And I just wanted to mention that I am enjoying a fantastic garden evening tonight. Right now a light breeze is cooling my living room. I was given a pink hibiscus today by a thankful instructor at the school. I fired some extra-curricular clay for her and she gave me this fantastic plant as a thank you! I've never had a hibiscus before (called pink candy of all things... better a plant that the real thing I say!). It's full of buds and promise...

Have a good evening folks.

07-10-2008, 12:40 AM
Oh, yeah, am so loving all of you.

BillBE, as I count it, there is still one chocolate pecan turtle unaccounted for....DW had one, you copped to chomping one.....the other??? hmmm?? You think we don't hang on your every word? I was just marveling at how disciplined, and yes...a little a good the "celebration of you" luncheon. There is no way...NO that circumstance that I could have maintained even the semblance of Beck behavior...there are times........a celebration of YOU???? I would have PIGGED out, and had wine if possible..but that's just me. You are obviously enjoying health and well-being above the momentary pleasures of food. Would that we all will get there.

Coastalsue, for the umteenth time, you have said it so much better than I.

BBE-sooo much credit-you are phenomenal to avoid those multiple temptations,-Such social pressures added to the treats-WOW! you are the Beck guru!! Thanks for your continual support, organization and postings at this site. You are mastering that buddhist concept to use adversity as chance to practice all the techniques that one has learned to remain focus and calm.

Great to see you again, SeaChild. I swear, we get the coolest, smartest people on this thread! And I am only saying that because it is true. I read many other threads, but only post on two..I am devoted to all Beckies, and of course, have to put my 2 cents in on gardening, but overall, Beckies are the coolest. I hope you get a PM buddy..whatever it takes.

To all, I have a short memory; I can't do the personals that many of you do. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate and learn from all of you.

I love our Beckies!

My hope is that as we all suck in the joys of summer that we can spend a little extra energy on physical activity and Beck exercises as well.

07-10-2008, 02:36 AM
HI there coaches:
Today, I stayed on plan!!! I planned my food, read my ARC, sat while eating and gave some credit to myself for stuff. Yahoo me! I feel like I need a few days that like that get fully "back into the zone". Thinking about my goal weight number to represent my reasons was a good thing today...

I enjoyed my summer day, didn't stress about not getting large projects done but got parts of small projects done, went to storytime in teh park with dd and friends and then to a cool cafe in Seattle to meet up with some other friends. DD and I were snuggling this morning and she said, "are you thinking what I am thinking?". I wasn't but said that I was...she brought in 19 books and we read every one of them together-bank that in the "positive memory bank to stave off negative female teen energy toward parental units"! Kudos to me for balancing it all today and enjoying it.
BillBlueEyes: You are a pillar-and I LOVE the WWJBD term! I actually made a simple bracelet saying WWBD (referring to Bob at work…he is a role model in taking the best of what is offered, applying it to his classroom and then letting the rest go versus feeling guilty about not being able to do everything perfectly).. WWJBD is going on my next bracelet!

Eusiebus: excellent that you are not letting the heat/humidity get in the way of your exercise!

KO-Great way to address your emotional need for something sweet with something tasty (I forgot about NIPS and love them!) yet lower calorie..

CoastalSue: Wow-big congrats on the full day ON program. I did it today as well-yahoo for us! That S. Beach diet sounds great for what you are needing right now-defined “no choice” items and then enough freedom that you don’t have to measure. Excellent description of suzie emotional wanting that full feeling…

Spryng: Hang in there-we are here when you are ready….

Angelmomma: taekwondo-so cool that you are doing that!

Seachild: welcome back! Kudos to you for identifying a way to make the online coaching thing work for you. I am tempted to take you up on this but am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with one on one AND the forum and I love the forum.

Onebyone: Did you say that you were thinking of paying like 60 dollars per month? That sounds high from what I have seen of gyms around here… but I am in a suburb of Seattle and we have several large franchise type gyms that offer on average 20 buck per month memberships. I know that when it comes down to it, they WANT you to join. Maybe you identify the MAX of what you could afford and go in and listen to what they offer and you state that you can afford x dollars per month. Maybe the gym you are thinking about is more upscale than what we have around here (quite possible) but even so, you have nothing to lose…as long as you hold to your plan. You could even tell them that you can afford 10 dollars less than what you really can so that you have some wiggle room for negotiations??? Excellent self control on the cheese at the sink situation!

Maryblu: I agree that the coolest and smartest are on this forum! You really make me smile when I read your posts-thanks for calling Bill out on that chocolate-I did notice but was going the “quiet and polite” route. :) Yes, some extra time doing our Beck exercises....

Goodnight friends!

07-10-2008, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches – [ Blush, Blush, Blush]. Thank you all for the kind words. This whole upbeat bunch of yeti matadors so much helps keep me on the path.

Savored my white bean salad at lunch all the more because I had now anticipated it for two days. I have a busy week ahead at work, maybe some very early morning stuff. Appreciate all your good thoughts to help me to remember that food doesn't solve stress.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Neat that South Beach is giving you a different attack. Ouch that the air still keeps you out of the outdoor pool.

MaryBlu - That's just the best thought ever, "as we all suck in the joys of summer that we can spend a little extra energy on physical activity and Beck exercises as well." Why, yes, now that you mention it, three pecan turtles minus two pecan turtles does leave one, LOL. How could I think that you wouldn't notice. In fact, it sits in my fridge calling my name. Current plan is, sometime this weekend, to split it with DW since there is no realistic option to eat it without her and remain married.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for getting "back into the zone." Love the story of reading 19 books with DD; you're so good at keeping your priorities straight.

onebyone – Great that the gym approach is going forward. Yep, they all use that old hard sell style. Smart to be aware that all offers that end today will also end tomorrow and next week. Good luck in making a wise decision for yourself here.

Ellen (SeaChild) - Great to hear that you know how to make Beck work for you. Good luck with such BIG changes in your life. Hope you find the one-on-one Diet Coach you're seeking.

Erika (eusebius) – So interesting that day 23 - countering the unfairness syndrome brings up the unfairness in the professional arts. That's such a big one. Kudos for staying the course with your exercise.

spryng - Ouch for the stuff going on. Keep the faith, "This too shall pass."

angelmomma210 - Such a fun notion - to get tired enough that you get home ready for bed.

Kierie (KO) - Kudos for being aware in the grocery store so that you made better choices.

Readers – "… Whether you’re depressed or content, a stay at home or working parent, a binge eater or social eater, a dieting novice or dieting pro, this program can help you." Beck, pg 23.

07-10-2008, 11:43 AM
hello all,

i started to post yesterday, but the dogs of conference calls/meetings/etc. dragged me down before i got it out. today, i'll do what i can before i need to leave for my yoga class. so wonderful, i find myself looking forward to that hour or two of exercise every day now. it's like taking a shower for the inside of my body. particularly helpful since pms is making me salt-crazed. :T the more sweat, the better.

i did an okay job staying with my plan yesterday, ate the foods i wrote down, just an extra piece of veggie pizza. not bad! we had a couple of potential renters come by after dinner though, so instead of writing my plan for today, dh and i were frantically hiding piles of clutter underneath the bed, etc. got sucked into a tivo'd episode of the twilight zone (dh watches them just before bed, but he goes to bed later than i) so i felt like the evening just slipped away from me. didn't get enough precious sleep either. i need to include sleep as part of "making time to diet" right along with planning. seems odd to me that exercise is now the easiest of all three to fit into my schedule. just goes to show that what gets measured, gets done! i'm still wearing my monitor 23/7 and i like to see those little messages when i hit targets for steps, activity, and calories burned. would be helpful to come up with a system that gives me the same sort of mini-thrill when i keep to my food plan. hmm...and did you know that there was a twilight zone episode with jack klugman and ross martin playing astronauts? how crazy is that?

just want to add in a HUGE VOICE OF AGREEMENT with mary that this is the coolest, wisest, and funniest group on 3fc! how do we keep doing it with such charm and humility? :chin:

07-10-2008, 05:00 PM
Howdy Beck Buddies

Yes, this is a very lively supportive group-such fun to share the struggle for weight control with such good people-

Credit to me for day 2 on the SBD-lost lots of water weight and it has helped with the high carbo cravings.

Have really been pondering Erika-posting of feeling unfair about modfying eating. Read the chapter months ago but it really hit home yesterday. I think I often use sugary treats to fight or really reward myself when feeling things/ people/events are unfair-I hate to admit I have a "poor me" attitude and I deseve this treat.-This illogical approach is futher supported by the natural chemistry of a sugar rush for a temporary relief. unsure of what to do but know this is a biggie for me to gain more control over implusive eating. I get locked in fighting off cravings when really I think the "poor me" attitude is the culprit. thanks for the posting and helping me get more aware of all those sabotaging thoughts that so easily get under the radar for me.

BBE-Best wishes for getting all done in your hectic week- there will be 1/2 of a turtle treat when done.

KulhJeanie-so much credit for your continual exercising. Yoga and all your movement is soo good for you. yeah for the step of writing down your foods.
I kind of consider such time for me as treading water-not going forward in losing but not giving up and doing mindless eating. Much credit for hanging in and doing many important Beck ideas and knowing with other aspect of life calm down you will have even more energy to do more steps.

Heidi-Yahoo for us is right!! I find it hard to fight that I'll over indulge one more day and then I'll get back on a food plan-then 6 week later I finally get on a plan. I have stopped whinning and today actually enjoy feeling more control again. I think the career of teaching can make one interspective about how to do it better-the goal is for children to understand more each day-wonder if we bring the goal of alway doing the best for the classroom to our personal life of always needing to do our best and have a hard time just relaxing let things be? Anyway so glad to hear your relaxing.

Maryblu-thanks for positng. I picture you by your garden and overlooking a lake-sounds so tranquil. enjoy enjoy this summer-(i do rememer the winters alot)

onebyone-So understand the sense of gulliblity and not wanting to be conned-on top of idea that I think I am smart rational person but yet why am I so overweight. Then new reports keep changing about how to lose weight-low fat, no- do low carbs, no do cal counting. My brother called the other day excited that obesity was caused by a virus-oh if that was true and we can have a vacine-The better we can know ourselves the better we can figure out what is right for us and not be so gulible. e-mailing is a good idea. Our small local nonchain gym has been very flexible with me as I got bursitis-one of staff is trained in working with the older folks-see what are the creditional if anyone has in formal training to work with the obese. you are right too often they are trained in sales and contract making not modify activities for the non athletic. Will try to get a pic of all those SF factors line up again with the sun.

angelmomma210 and spryng-life sounds busy-success to all. SeaChild it can take some time to post but feel free to join us any way you want to-the personal take time but are not necessary-Just let us know what you are working on and that is enought.


07-11-2008, 12:50 AM
Hi all-another day on plan for me-credit to moi! Today was one of my "mommy time" days-some friends and I went in on a babysitter for Tues/ Thurs of July and we alternate where the kids go-there are three of them and they are all buddies. Anyway, I took big dog on a trail around a local lake-so beautiful and I walked fast and LOVED it. Small dog just got neutered so he stayed home for the walk but I took him to a coffee shop after the walk and I read/journaled and hung out with him. Very nice relaxing day and I didn't spend money or overeat like I sometimes do when I don't know what to do with the time. Credit moi again!

During my walk I had this visualization...let's see if I can describe it. I keep thinking about that goal weight number and what that number FEELS like and looks like. I was thinking about how some of us awhile ago were talking about how the extra weight is like the clutter in our homes that may hold us back in some ways. I sometimes also think that there is something inside me that thinks that by losing weight that I am losing some part of myself... I began challenging that thought with, I am constantly trying to "grow myself from the inside", and that my big inside self is in there now but sort of floating around amidst unnecessary cells (fat)..when I lose the excess, there is a more clear ME-not clouded or cluttered by excess anything. I am not losing myself but losing what is holding me back... I was trying to think of an analogy and the best I could think of was that my body is like a big sponge right now with some water in it (representing my spirit). When at my goal weight, the sponge is smaller but saturated with water...there is so much of ME spilling over to share myself with others and the world. It is a bit cheesy I know but I am trying to think differently and thinking about a more efficient body that can carry my big inside self around is a great visual for me-if it counteracts my fear of losing some part of myself when losing weight, it is worth it!

Sue: I agree that it is probably impossible to separate out the teacher in us...

kuhljeanie: the monitor: did your doc loan it to you or did you buy it? How big is it? It goes on your upper arm, yes? That kind of stuff can be so motivating-sort of like periodically measuring your food-you have a clear sense of what a 10,000 step day is (or whatever measure)...

Til tomorrow..

07-11-2008, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches – Continuing in stress mode, but not even thinking about the vending machines at work that I used to frequent to handle office stress. CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Great news that your South Beach Diet is working on sugar cravings. Appreciate your insights on unfairness.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Big Kudos for "mommy time" without overeating or spending money. I like your notion of visualizing yourself as your thin person.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - OK, we're on the way to becoming zillionairs inventing The Yeti Matador Meter based on your insight "what gets measured, gets done!" Perhaps a micro lazer thing that measures all food entering the mouth. AND, since it's conveniently located on the mouth already, also measures the number of nice things we say to our SO and kids. AND measures all our white lies, exaggerations and self deceptions. The more expensive model adds the feature to withhold the electric shock that's produced whenever we weren't telling the truth, LOL.

Readers – "In the past, you may have been able to make short term changes in your eating habits to help you lose weight. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-11-2008, 08:43 AM
Good morning fellow Beckers!!

I haven't posted in a while, I have been kind of busy, I've been checking it out the forum everyday though! Hmmm...a little recap of my week -(BTW today is my weigh in!!!) It went really good actually, I feel like I have more will power than I ever had before, I passed up Pizza last nite! Huge Credit MOI, because I love pizza and usually when its around I slip atleast a bite, I didn't even do that!! I exercised every day except Tuesday because I was working, which still includes walking back and forth all day, so technically I sort of exercised every day since last Saturday!! I didn't hit the gym though, I started jogging and fast pace walking at our local park, and yesterday I went for about 25 extra minutes than usual!!! Yay for me!
I also finished the Beck book, it is definitly not day 42 for me, but I have been "changing my ways of eating" since 2006 so half of the stuff I already know and the other half, I am glad to know and have it all written down on response cards, and when I get stuck, I shall just return to the pages and re-read a few!!
It is a beautiful day here on PEI, my relatives are home from Boston, so we are having a big family gathering tonite, meaning FOOD FOOD AND FOOD!!! So here is my thing - I know I will be tempted, because I already seen whats on the menu lol, so I go for one weigh in today, (with two of my friends, we put 5 bucks in the pot every Friday morning, and at the end of the summer whoever lost the most weight gets the money, a Biggest Loser thing must I say....but it seems to be keeping me motivated!) Also, tomorrow is my WW weigh in day, so I was going to do them both this morning while I was in town, but I think I will weight to do weight watchers weigh in tomorrow, therefore I am less likely to cheat this evening!! Good Idea, if I do say so myself!!
well, I should get going, hope everyone has a super sunny Friday!!!
I will fill you in with my results later! My fingers are crossed, I am hoping for a 2 pound lost, which will get me to my lowest yet! Wish me luck! (

07-11-2008, 09:36 AM
Hello coaches

Just a quick note to get my day off right. I am in to the school for work this morning and then back to pick up the rental car for this weekend's markets.
I've got chores that need to get done with the car today in order to complete stuff to sell this weekend. I hope things go well sales-wise. I'm aiming to be able to bank $300/month so we'll have enough to move away once school is done in the spring. I also need to keep paying credit cards down (200-300) and I'll have to pay tuition soon (1200)... supplies for school (unknown amount there!)... not sure what's a realistic expectation $-wise for me but I hope to top up reserves with 3 Arts in the Park coming up, all 2 weeks apart starting July 26th. I'm just putting it out there and hoping the universe hears my call.

Foodwise I am doing okay. I did have a onion rings last night at dinner out when I could have had salad. That wasn't the best choice. I also ate until I was way too full at lunch. I think writing about it the day before triggered me into wanting it the next day! I don't, and didn't, feel the pull to keep eating like that after I did it, an even while I did it I wasn't that into it. For these things I am grateful. No harm done. A 1.5 meal blip. I have been asking myself with every food choice: Is that helping me or hurting me to get to 140?
I sometimes know better, like the onion rings, but I also know I can keep going. Being 89% on track does not require me to go right off the rails!
Credit moi for knowing this today.

Gotta run. TGIF gang!

07-11-2008, 10:14 AM
happy friday all!

bill and onebyone, muchos kudos to you both on your tremendous achievements in not using a vending machine to manage stress, and not going off the rails after some unplanned eating. it's uplifting to hear about, after all my slips and slurps.

one (1) credit moi for doing a headstand in yoga for the first time. it was interestingly scary to be upside down like that on my own steam. when i finally got my legs up, i realized that i had been thinking it would take a lot of upper body strength to maintain that position. it did take a lot to GET in that position, but maintaining it seems to be 10% keeping your shoulders away from your ears, and 85% balance. the other 5% is to keep at it even though it feels insane to be upside down. so there's some good body wisdom in this, huh. the muscle-through part of the job is planning meals and saying no choice and not giving in to cravings, and the balance part is those little wavers and corrections once you've gotten yourself in position. i'm still working my way into this posture, and i'm fighting it. don't want to be upside down! the reality is that that's the position i need to be in to get all those advantages i keep forcing myself to acknowledge. so. enough cowpoopie with thinking that if i exercise enough, i can eat whatever i want. first, i need to get into position. i can work on finding my balance once i get there. bill, wish i could take credit for "what gets measured, gets done" - but it's a catchphrase that's been around my group for a couple of years, usually applied to management dashboards, incentive compensation, and KPI/SLA (key performance indicators and service level agreement management) design. that, and "data is king." both true and applicable to beck and weight loss! a yeti matador meter (LOVE IT! :)) - i think i've figured out how to get that mini-thrill thing for eating. how about a meal plan, where i can just check off that i've eaten the plan and nothing but the plan? wish i could take credit for that insight as well...;)

nice to hear from you, jenny! good luck with the family foodfest. you'll do great. heidi, i think i get what you're going after. it's a higher ratio of heidi to body, like a more intense concentration of youness? for me, i'm visualizing it as the actual me is inside a really well-fitting fatsuit. i've been wearing it almost my whole life, so it's understandable that i've mistaken it for me. but it's actually sitting on top of me, like coats of paint. not like an onion. if you keep peeling an onion, eventually, you get down to - nothing. this is more like jewelry that's gotten crusted up with a coat of rust that's been there so long, you could mistake it for a patina. but it's not. there's actually something much shinier underneath.

love to all on this beatiful summer day!

07-11-2008, 01:11 PM
Hi all,

We are leaving to do a 2 day show to sell those birdhouses-Really understand your hopefulness onebyone for your upcoming shows-so many expenses and limited dinero to pay for them-did a show last week-just made gas and show entrance-this one we are hopeful for more-I think all the smoke and fires are making folks in our area very subdued and stopped some tourists from coming to our coastal area.

This will be a tough time to follow the food plan-think I'll work on the the no S plan that someone memtioned. Get back to you all next Monday

good luck


07-11-2008, 02:32 PM
Hi guys:
Coaches: today I'm focusing on the sitting and eating mindfully I was in pain yesterday and all the old habits came out to play. Today is a new day and I'm being mindful
JennyG I have always always wanted to go to PEI!! (Yes I love Anne Shirley!) Relax about tonight you're changing your life for you!!
one by good luck with your sales
Kuhl! Credit Vous!! great job!
Sue just make the best choices available! That's why you plan for life
I had PT today and got some exercises to do sitting while I'm infirmed
also going to look up seated aerobics on amazon and send one to my Moms house
Starting Ph 1 today and knock on wood so far so good. I'm ready to head back into the sunshine! bbl

07-11-2008, 09:26 PM
Hi everyone-just flying by tonight-lots to do and it is HOT (for Seattle anyway...). We are LOVING it!!!

I did well again today eating on plan, getting some exercise and I even got a pedicure. Some friends took dd to a movie with their was so nice and relaxing-I read People magazine and enjoyed the massaging chair while getting my well used feet pampered!

Just plugging along-my little visualization thing continues to speak to me-love kuhljeanie's version too.

Til tomorrow..

07-11-2008, 09:55 PM
Greetings, yeti yogis and yoginis!!

Today is Day 26 and I believe I am supposed to be responding to my sabotaging thoughts. Fortunately, I haven't been having too many. The main one I have is specific to Body-for-Life, the program I'm following. I know that if I had gone back on Weight Watchers or Sonoma, I probably would have lost at least 8 pounds by now, if not more. Instead i've lost 2, though I know that reflects a 6-pound fat loss and a 4-pound muscle gain if the calipers are to be believed. This program is easy to follow and makes my body feel great, and I suspect it's actually healthier in the long run than some of the very-low-cal regimens, but it requires great patience. And so I just say to myself: Wait for week 12 before passing judgment; stay off the scale; and don't scratch the shenpa!

Kierie - wtg on your restraint in the grocery store! Kudos!

coastalsue - great job with your first full days on program! Love the insight about the way "poor me" feelings intersect with sugar rushes. It is so easy for me to get trapped in that cycle. Have a lovely and hopefully profitable weekend!

spryng - hope things are looking up for you today!

angelmomma - you seem really busy - hope you get a chance to relax.

SeaChild - *wave* Nice to meet you!

onebyone - kudos to you on the steady improvements to your diet! I had a feeling the visual arts weren''t that different from music in the unfairness factor, LOL. I would say 89% on track is pretty darn good, wouldn't you? :)

maryblu - Beckies are definitely the coolest. ITA!

heidi - well, your day yesterday really shows how this whole thing is about so much more than food. When we stop using food as an emotional panacea, it forces us to balance and review our entire lives!! And you have done this beautifully. What a terrific role model you are for your daughter!

Bill - Good thoughts to you for keeping on track despite the upcoming stress! All the kind words are true ... you really anchor this group in so many ways. LOL on the pecan turtles and the requirement to eat it with DW ... sometimes these rules just can't be broken! ;)
Re the Yeti Matador Meter - outstanding!! Can we incorporate the retina scan from the chocolate-dispensing machine? Good grief, we will have a whole line of products before next thursday!!

jeanie - great job staying on plan while under pressure! and yes, this is the best group on 3FC by far, which is why it's the only one I post on! and you're a big part of that! Woah - you did a HEADSTAND? Colour me impressed! I have never been able to get past my mental blocks to do that. Inspiring!

Jenny - Lol that we are "Beckers" ... that makes me think of convenience stores, which are my bad food arch-nemesis!! Great job on passing up pizza - definitely a positive choice!

All right matadors, DH is about to finish bathtime with DD and I'll be putting her to bed. Free day tomorrow (BBQ at a friends) but I'll be trying to stay mindful and not go hog wild on the treats. Thanks all for your wise, supportive words that have kept me on track for nearly 4 weeks!


07-12-2008, 12:22 AM
I switched to my second diet plan and feel more in control and it's only day 1.
I had PT today and My guy gave me some seat friendly exercises. I also just ordered a chair fitness DVD Chair Boxing POW! which should keep me engaged while my foot heals most of the instructors either looked like Dee Snyder or like the 80s exploded on the DVD
I made good mindful choices today even when I was out and about.
It was 4:46 and all of a sudden I was starving and in the drugstore with all the candy temptation. I ended up choosing an atkins bar with no sugar alcohols. I went to the park and had my snack
Tomorrow I'm goign to plan out my weeks food variable to if I'm goign to my Moms
she's on a healthy Woe so the only thing I'd have to put a lot of work towards is breakfast.
I'll be back in the AM Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

07-12-2008, 06:32 AM
Diet Coaches – Continuing with stress and continuing without eating my way through it. CREDIT moi. Am psyched about the progress organizing my papers. When DW asked me to find something from our spreadsheets for our 2001 income taxes my first feeling wasn't panic, but OK, I can do that. That's a big step forward for me. CREDIT moi.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Hope the tourists are drawn to your area to escape the air in theirs. Good luck with your weekend sales.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - LOL that the way to relax the head is to have your "well used feet pampered." Methinks you're on to something.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - WOW, (Kuhljeanie), you did a headstand, just MOM (əɪuɐəſɿɥɳʞ). Neat analogy to staying on plan. Presumably, we'll get so good at this that we won't feel upside down as often.

onebyone – Kudos for keeping the perspective that a blip is just a blip. And Kudos for 89% on plan; I agree with Erika (eusebius), that's pretty darn good. Hope sales are robust this weekend.

Erika (eusebius) – Congrats on both the loss and the muscle gain. Big Kudos for responding to the sabotaging thoughts about your Body for Life plan. Yep, slow and permanent is the way to go. Neat that you thought to combine the parts of our machines - you can be Vice President of Marketing to coordinate all our product, LOL.

JennyG - What a cool idea to delay your weigh in until after your family gathering with the "FOOD FOOD AND FOOD." Kudos for using strategies to help support healthy eating rather than just willpower - that's so Beck.

Kierie (KO) - Kudos for setting up your chair exercises before your foot surgery on Monday. You'll come out of this with a great upper body. And Kudos for making a preferred choice at the drugstore.

Readers – "… But when the going gets tough you abandoned these changes because you didn’t know how to talk back to such sabotaging thoughts as:

• Dieting is too hard. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-12-2008, 10:55 AM
Hey Everyone!
Last nite went well, I ate my own healthy meal while the family pigged out!! haha. I lost 3.8 pounds this week!!! WOOOH for me!! I am at my all time lowest weight and only 8 more pounds til I am under 200!!!! I am so excited...what a motivator to keep going! Happy Weekend everyone!! (

07-12-2008, 02:12 PM
Checking in on the early side-we are having a lazy morning, staying in our jammies, sipping coffee (me) and vanilla milk (dd)... enjoying the sounds of the birdies outside and the sunlight coming in through the windows. Steelcut oats are bubbling away on the stove and doggies are crunching their kibble. I love summer! We have no plans today so will "take it as it comes"-I anticipate swimming to be on the agenda at some point!

I planned my food for today and am all set.

Erika: great work on staying with your program and looking at the big picture. It is so hard for most of us not to get all hung up on the numbers-your post really sent out the message that your body feels good!

KO: I "struggle" with making myself get on the treadmill-you are an exercise inspiration my friend-using an "arm bike"-WOW!!! You take those obstacles and laugh in their faces-mwaaahahahahhaaaa.

BBE: I love that feeling of being able to retrieve stuff. It really does give a person a good sense of having things in order when you can find such a specific item.

Jeanie: I cannot imagine doing a headstand..I tried to do a cartwheel a few years ago and "things are not what they used to be".

JennyG: YOu go! You are so close to "onederland"-keep on truckin'!!!

07-12-2008, 11:30 PM
Hi Coaches :)

So today. Not too bad. The market was busy; sales so/so. I'm ready for more and better at tomorrow's market. I am so excited to learn that a fruit farmer from southern ontario (niagara falls area) has been given special permission and an open arms invitation to bring his fresh picked fruit to our fine Sunday farmer's market! Southern Ontario (we're eastern ontario) fruit: cherries, apricots, plums, grapes... yum! They join the market when they have fruit to harvest. Apparently they'll drive overnight to get to market Sunday morning, picking their fruit on Saturday. Farming is very hard.

As for the gym thing that had me knotted up, well she never called me! All that angst for nothing. Phooey. I have a YMCA membership that I just have never used. I even got a locker thinking that'd get me there. No. Crazy. Not sure what to do with that. I think I'm better off setting up the weight bench we have in the basement so it's convenient for me to use. But I'm still far from that I think.

what else? Not much. just checking in. It's super humid here and all I want to do is drink water so guess I'll go do that. Time to hit the hay I think..early start tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed there'll be no rain...

Will check in again tomorrow... All the best to those reading this:hug: oh and a special hello to coastal sue hope your show had a good Saturday and is ramping up for a better Sunday and that all those "I'll be back" folks do come back!

07-13-2008, 05:31 AM
Diet Coaches – Rode my bike to the farmers' market as per my usual Saturday joy. Fresh picked cucumbers are so crisp. Blueberries from Massachusetts are even here now. DW picked Romaine Lettuce last night after dinner for my lunches this week. Summer abundance fills our fridge beyond being under control. DW just cleared out a huge bunch of broccoli and a head of bok choi that, apparently, I bought weeks ago and abandoned - lost behind all the other stuff we both keep buying. A whole watermelon has served our evening fruit needs this week. Appealing food choices greatly support staying on plan. For doing my footwork keeping us stocked, CREDIT moi.

MaryBlu - It's over. The last turtle nobly served its calling and my marriage remains in tact.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Fitting ode to lazy days of summer. What memories you are slipping into that kids brain for her to savor all her life.

onebyone – Great news that a local fruit farmer will be selling at your farmers' market on Sundays. Drooling here thinking of fresh Bing Cherries.

JennyG - Congrats on the 3.8 pounds lost. Super Big Kudos for thinking in advance about your family meal, for making an eating plan, and for following through with your plan. It doesn't get better than that. Yep, Onderland calls.

Readers – "… But when the going gets tough you abandoned these changes because you didn’t know how to talk back to such sabotaging thoughts as:

• I have to eat this, I have no self control. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-13-2008, 09:51 AM
Good morning to all you matadors out there.

Day 27 (Master the Seven Question Technique) is going to take me a while. When running after a five-year-old you don't always have a lot of time to sit down and go through a bunch of questions ... stuff like NO CHOICE and GET BACK ON TRACK works better for me on the whole. Additionally, uppercase threats (LOL) seem to curb my tendency to overanalyze everything. But I can see the 7 questions coming in handy on certain occasions.

Well, another debauched free day. I really thought I was going to keep things under control, but we ended up going to a very depressing bbq (WHO invites their dunderheaded ex-boyfriend to a bbq? I mean really???) and then to the movies where popcorn abounded. (Kung Fu Panda - pretty funny actually.) I think that I don't have an OFF switch if I'm not using all the Beck principles every day. So my new plan is to actually plan my free days in advance and use NO CHOICE even on those days. Maybe one glass of wine and a small bag of chips, or something like that, and otherwise stick to the BFL principles which work so well. Sigh, back to square one, but i know the internal changes in my body are sticking.

Kierie - DVD Chair Boxing, way cool! Actually I am very glad you brought that up, because my mom broke her foot and is very frustrated about not being able to work out at Curves like she usually does. So something like that would definitely help her. Great job on your healthy planning!!

Bill - WTG on your decluttering efforts! What a great feeling to be able to locate records from years past with minimal work. Nice upside down font flipping, LOL, how many calories does that burn per hour? ;) Great job on filling your fridge with seasonal yummies. gives me an idea for what to do with the fam today!

Jenny - Fantastic work, congrats on your weight loss!!

Heidi - I love lazy mornings! You guys are awesome. I think I want to set up a playdate with us and our DDs. Up for it?

onebyone - Glad to hear the market went OK ... here's hoping for even better results today. Niagara fruit is awesome ... I am so lucky to live where i can get it in the grocery store. Though I tend to prefer the fermented variety, LOL. Those gym people ... what are they thinking? Don't they want new customers?

coastalsue - Hope your trip is going well for you!

OK beckies, it's tabula rasa for me today ... back to clean eating and cardio. Should feel great! Have a great one all!


07-13-2008, 11:22 AM
I am sorry that I have not been here for you all. Dh and I have been so busy the last few days because I leave for vacation next sunday on the 20th. We had alot to do this friday and saturday that I felt like my head was spinning. This week I have to clean the house cuz we will be having a pet/house sitter and besides this way I know that the house will be clean when I get back.
I have to pack and just make sure that I have everything. I do plan on taking the books with me. Don't know if I will get beyond day 8 this week...I am trying hard to work on day 8 but it has really been hard as I do not really have a routine at this time. I might wait until I get over at my brother and just read the book and then continue when I get home. I will be gone for 3 weeks and will be going to WI, In and MI. I fly on the 20th and visit my brother, then dh flies in and we go to IN to visit his family and then to MI to visit our dd...then we got back by my brothers and then fly back here to WA. What do you think about my just reading the you think that that will be a good step.

07-13-2008, 08:31 PM
Hello all!
soooo sorry I've been MIA.. soo much on my plate right now I feel like I can hardly breathe sometimes. But I'm hanging in there :) Still applying what I've read in Beck so far, I actually had some quiet time tonight and finished reading the whole book, such good information! So I haven't gone on to any more days but just trying to keep up with what I've covered so far. My eating hasn't been wonderful. I am a classic stress eater but I'm working on it :)
anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hey. I promise once things settle down I'll be back here regularly :)

07-14-2008, 01:11 AM
Hi all-
Another sunny day around here-lots of playdates and swimming and fun going on. I went on a cleaning craze yesterday in my house-I love it when I get like that. It all helps me with the frame of mind that keeps me "on" with Beck. I am about to journal again but I ate some unplanned food again tonight. I think that I am feeling a sense of "maybe I cannot do the whole thing"-like can I really lose as much weight as I already have plus MORE? I do better when I don't focus on the number but on my behaviors.... when I was first in the zone with Beck, I read the book while I ate breakfast-I am putting my book there now so I can get into that habit again. Fighting that blasted autopilot mode I tend to get into...
BillBlueEyes: Love the sound of all that fresh produce you and dw are partaking in-must get to a farmer's market asap...
Erika: I don't know the body for life program but it sounds like you have a good solution to the free day issue-very Becklike! A playdate is definitely in order!! I am in my car now-meet ya in Minneapolis on Wednesday...seriously though if only... :)
Angelmomma: I would say to do whatever feels right and realistic for you to do. Beck does say that the first 14 days are the most important so maybe keeping that in mind while reading and then see if you can implement one or two things on your trip??? The eating plan officially begins after that 14 days of "boot camp". have a wonderful trip!

07-14-2008, 03:52 AM
I think I found this group at the right time. I am starting Body for Life tomorrow and my biggest issue is in my head. Is there only one book on this theory? Need to go to the book store tomorrow!

07-14-2008, 04:51 AM
:welcome: grneyegrl :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, since you didn't seem to get this when you joined 3 months ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum on 3FC?

07-14-2008, 05:37 AM
Diet Coaches – A bit of angst and stress just thinking about the coming week at work. Great news is that I didn't use food as I have in the past. I took a walk at one point to reduce the stress. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Neat that you've identified the Sabotaging Thought "maybe I cannot do the whole thing", as well as your response to focus on behavior as well. (By-the-by, Congrats on the 47 pounds lost to date. That is worthy of note.) Do keep telling us about your summer - sounds so refreshing.

Erika (eusebius) – Great image there of a movie "where popcorn abounded." That's what the theater feels like to me when I'm surrounded by buckets and buckets and buckets. I agree that the Seven Question Technique is a killer tool, but, alas, I've only used it once to create a Response Card for my draw to FREE food. It did help there, so you'd think I'd have used it again. That one might be helped with a one-on-one coach. Or it might be helped with Just Do It, LOL.

Standing on ones head probably does burn a bunch of calories; standing letters on their heads - less so, LOL.

spryng - I'm a big time stress eater - used to buy two candy bars from the vending machine just to save time when under the gun to get a presentation ready, LOL. Neat to read the whole book first to get perspective. I did that to identify the potholes that would keep me from doing the program. Getting a diet coach and planning meals in advance were my big two. I solved the diet coach by using the good guys in this forum, and I solved the planning by just doing it.

angelmomma210 - Ouch for a spinning head. You've got a good point, Program day 8: Create Time and Energy, needs to be done in your home environment. You'll be getting a good shot at it by creating time to read the book during your vacation, or by taking time for short walks. Sounds like a busy week coming up getting ready for your vacation.

grneyegrl - Yep, the book is The Beck Diet Solution by Dr. Judith Beck. It should be in most book stores, or it's available on Amazon through the 3FC store by clicking here ( You've got a head start for doing Beck to be aware that the biggest issues are in the head.

Readers – "… But when the going gets tough you abandoned these changes because you didn’t know how to talk back to such sabotaging thoughts as:

• I don’t want to hurt her feelings, so I’ll eat what she made. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-14-2008, 12:01 PM
monday all,

it's been a rough one ALREADY. ds woke up happily enough, but the moment i got him out of his crib, he started screaming - and kept screaming for almost 45 minutes. wouldn't be held or comforted, didn't want to nurse, just walking around wailing and crying. we tried baby orajel, tylenol, nothing seemed to help. then, all of a sudden, it stopped, and he was back to his usual cheerful self. AAARGH! to all the veteran parents, WTF??? this is the third time in 4 months this has happened. does it get better when they can talk enough to tell you what's wrong?

had a weekend of more eating plan success than previously. amazing how much more successful i am when i've got a plan to follow. kidding, in fact. there's nothing amazing about it. right now i'm working on tuning out the sabotaging thought "i can't stay on plan every day for the rest of my life" and just think about staying on plan TODAY. i passed on some high calorie, non-nutritious junk at the baseball game saturday night, and am still feeling a little loss about not eating a whole soft pretzel, and then foregoing the cheese on a chicken cheesesteak as a healthier option than the pretzel. later, i didn't have any sweets when the idea came up. so today, still feeling this nagging "I WANT IT!" but not having it. instead, i'll go back to yoga, do my speed run in preparation for the next 1/2 marathon, and enjoy the fact that i've again dropped 3 of the 5 screwing-around-pounds i've been playing with for the last three months. who knows? maybe this is the last time i'll see those pounds. that would be nice. i'd be delighted to have a lower set of pounds to bounce around for a while. it'll take me a really long time to get to goal at this pace, but what the heck. it's not like i don't have the time. :)

heidi, i have to apologize for not answering your earlier questions about the monitor. someone else PMed me with questions and somewhere in my confused head i thought i'd answered you already! i might post something more general - i get a lot of questions about it. so, there are two companies that i know of that sell them: sensewear (also called body media) and bodybugg. it's exactly the same technology, but sensewear is the group that developed it. they've already released the 3rd version - bodybugg is releasing theirs in the fall. it's smaller and lighter - less noticeable under clothes. this was important to me when i first started wearing it, but i don't really care anymore. if people notice it and ask what it's for, i just tell them it's a calorie monitor, and usually they want to know where to get one too. :) they only notice it though when i'm wearing short sleeves and you can actually see it. otherwise, it's hard to tell i've got it on.

it's wonderful, fabulous, really does what heartrate monitors or pedometers try to do, but not as well. i'm 100% accountable when it comes to movement and exercise, and it shows in how i've changed my thinking. i don't even think NO CHOICE about working out (most of the time, anyway.) it's gotten a lot more like teeth brushing. it's like letting the air out of the tires in terms of internal dialogue - it's just part of my day. it's also made me a lot more aware of how much sleep i am or am not getting, and i'm a lot more conscientious about getting to bed earlier. still have to work on being overscheduled to make that more automatic, but it's step #2 in the process.

the website has also been a really good tool for meal planning and logging. if i do my meal planning carefully and realistically, when it's time to log my meal, i just click a single button ("I ate my meal plan") and i'm done. so now i'm working on making it possible to just click that button more often.

the monitor was expensive, but it's the first thing to really make a difference (over the course of months) in getting me accountable. it's also made it easier to figure out how much i should realistically be eating. before, i tried a couple of diets that made me miserable, simply because most calculators grossly underestimate my metabolic rate. i wouldn't have known that without my monitor. when i was on the 6 week body makeover, i was ravenously hungry almost 24-7. the support person i IM'd told me it was because i had stretched out my stomach through overeating, wasn't drinking enough water, hadn't given it enough time, yada yada yada. i gave up on that (and three or four other perfectly good plans) because i wasn't getting enough food and it was too hard to be hungry all the time. i'm still trying to figure out what the right amount is to eat and still lose weight, but it's 100 times easier now i know more about my body.

off to yoga - sorry everyone i didn't have time to respond personally to because i ended up writing this novella! :)

07-14-2008, 02:15 PM
Hi, I am a newbie to both 3FC and Beck. I am on day 7, and have not yet found a diet coach (day 5). My starting weight (last week) was 215 and I am now at 209. Goal is about 145, long term, but 194 for short term.

Any of you experieced folks with speciric suggestions for how to use 3FC to help with Beck plan?:dizzy: I am still wandering around the 3FC site.

07-14-2008, 02:46 PM
I'm also new to Beck, today is my first day. I hope you will let me join you. I've read all the posts from the beginning of the month and have learned a lot. I have been stuck going back and forth between 155 and 160 for a long time - mainly because my heart hasn't been in it. My husband was very ill for several years and all my energies went to working part time and caring for him. He passed away May 4 and now I need to get back on track so that I stay healthy and energetic. I'm 66 years old but feel like 40. I work out at Curves 3-4 times a week. Just need to get the eating part back under control. I need to lose 19 pounds to get to my (and my doctor's) goal.

Shrinkin, if you want to join me, we can be each other's coach. Just send a PM if you haven't found someone.

07-14-2008, 03:40 PM
Hi QuilterinVA,
Great! We can help each other.:yes:

3FC wont let me send PM until I have 10 posts. That should not take long!

Other choice would be for us to start a new thread of beginning Beckies.:grouphug:

07-14-2008, 03:52 PM
I like this thread because we can get a lot of help and encouragement from those who have done this already. If you want to start a new thread, that is fine, too. I just want a buddy.

07-14-2008, 04:12 PM
Thanks, QuilterinVA,
I agree with having the more experienced around us. I will keep posting here and eventually will have PM approval!

07-14-2008, 05:07 PM
Hello! Welcome newbies, nice to see some new "faces" around here! Its a great thread!
Well, my weekend went overly well...I exercised, planned and unplanned, I had decided to give myself Saturday a day off from exercising because I went everyday last week....and at about 8pm I ended up going for a real nice jog! Credit Moi! So we get to is humid, rainy, and all around gross out. I was going to go for a walk this afternoon, but I figured since I was scheduled to play golf I would wait to walk then, plus its way better exercise, so here it is pouring raining now, no golf, no walk, but I figure hey its okay to take ONE day off...too much exercise really can just ware your body out. BUT about the rain, all I want to do is EAT!! and not good food either, I went to the grocery store and bought a "balanced healthy" pizza... but it just didn't cut what I'm craving...I think I want Peanut Butter...and lots of it lol and maybe some chocolate! lol BUT NO CHOICE!!!! So now I am spending the remainder of my rainy gross day trying to do other things than think about food! I'll be okay!! lol
Also, today I needed to capris, none of my usual stores had no nice ones that I was looking for, so I went to "smart set" a store whose clothes fit but their pants are too tight!! But benifit of the doubt I tried them on today....THEY FIT!!! They are a little snug but nothing 3-5 more pounds of losing won't help,and they were on sale and THEY FIT!!! So I bought them!!
Happy Monday Everyone, here is to another excellent week!!
Cheers! (

07-14-2008, 07:57 PM
okay so I felt guilty.....and I went for a 35 minute brisk walk, believe me I had to push myself to finish but I did it! Credit Moi, I know I deserve it today! Plus due to my exercising I am no longer craving everything and anything! (

07-14-2008, 09:27 PM
Alright, Im back!

Let's just say I fell off the wagon, rolled around in the mud, lost the trail and have been wondering around for quite a few weeks!!

I started back on my diet today.
Tomorrow I get my Beck back out, and get to work.
Tomorrow I start back to reading my cards.

I know what I need to do, and how to do it.

So how do you tell yourself, that you really cant have any more sugar, white flour, or high starch veggies. Pretty much for the rest of my life in order to keep myself under control.

Ive been fighting this for 11 years. I have been successful often, but maintaining was extremely difficult......because I always went back to the "good stuff".

I really cant have that stuff!

07-15-2008, 01:47 AM
Hi there everyone,
Welcome to the newcomers-we got a gaggle of you this week! Feel free to pair up but most of us just use the whole group as our collective diet coach. We all just want people to do what is best for them. Let us know what you need from the group!

Kuhljeanie: thanks for the lowdown on the monitor. It sounds like magic. I will be asking my doctor if they have one that I could borrow. I did a quick looksee on the site and it sounds like that is one way that people use them. To KNOW your own metabolic And to know for sure how much sleep you are getting-double wow. You have the whole REAL picture-no fudging there!!! Wish it weren't so spendy... so glad that it helps you so much.

About the child and your "WTF" question -yes it gets so much easier when they can communicate!!! I had to laugh when I read your scenerio!!!

Sabotaging thought for the day: I ate unplanned food yesterday and I don't feel THAT bad...what is one more day?
REsponse: Even if I have a gazillion days of unplanned eating, it is worth getting back to what I want to do for myself asap-not even the next day-right now!

Sabotaging thought #2: I cannot decide what I should do right now (a chore, take a walk, paint my kitchen, check my email...) I will just eat-it makes me feel like I am doing something (isn't that something else? I really think that I feel that somehow I am DOING something....and that is better than doing nothing).
Response: Doing nothing is better...whatever I decide to do-get over any guilt about what I am not doing and enjoy what I can from this very moment-even if I am scrubbing the toilet!

Can you tell that I am needing some structure? The journaling in the morning and night really helps with that and I do have a lot of stuff planned but still-I crave the downtime and often don't know what to do with myself when I get it!

Happy Monday to all...

07-15-2008, 04:41 AM
:welcome: shrinkin :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum on 3FC?

07-15-2008, 04:46 AM
:welcome: Susan (QuilterInVA) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case this wasn't invented when you joined 8 years ago!!! :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum on 3FC?

07-15-2008, 05:58 AM
Diet Coaches – My focus remains on getting the work done for an approaching deadline without resorting to my former technique of grazing on any food in sight. When the vending machines approach empty, there's some fairly gross stuff left, LOL, but I'd buy it anyway to feed my feeding frenzy. However, so far, I'm on track. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - I so identify with the thought of eating as an option when I can't figure out what to do. So well said, "I crave the downtime and often don't know what to do with myself when I get it!" Your thoughtful responses always help me.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Re WTF: hmmmm... a passing tropical storm? - appears that climate change hit el nino, LOL. I don't recall a scene as abrupt as that one that wasn't solved by one of the bag of tricks that you tried. Yep, that part gets easier when they can communicate.

Neat to identify the Sabotaging Thought "i can't stay on plan every day for the rest of my life" and the focused Helpful Response "staying on plan TODAY." You so remind me how important it is for me to have an eating plan that I really like. DW just asked me if I wanted my standard Boston Cream Pie for my upcoming birthday - my favorite - she's served me one for some thirty years. I really wrestled with that. I didn't want a slice of Boston Cream Pie, I wanted a whole Boston Cream Pie! Realized the BCP was just another part of my sugar lust and that I didn't really want one this year. So, I'll have a Birthday Watermelon, complete with candles, LOL. The kids and their SO's will find it a bit queer, but, rolling their eyes at the parental units is part of their life.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, it's hard to get back on the wagon. Kudos for jumping right back on with a plan. As I recall from our last conversation, you were making chicken soup for the nourishment of making it as well as drinking it. You might want to work on that notion of "good stuff." Those "sugar, white flour, or high starch veggies" are just killers of the soul as well as the body. For me, it's been a major part of my journey to do a lot of reading about healthy foods and killer foods to brainwash myself about that which I used stuff myself with. Sending you my best supportive thoughts for moving on.

JennyG - Ouch that your golf was washed out. Kudos for doing the 35 minute brisk walk. And Big Kudos for giving yourself credit.

shrinkin - Great that you're starting Beck. Re how to use 3FC to help with Beck: For me, it's been seriously helpful to post some aspect of what I'm currently becking about to help me to see it, as well as to get some feedback. Giving myself credit is difficult for me, so I do so here every day to get the feel of it. I think that trying to share the minutia of my daily food plan would drive DW bonkers, so posting it here allows me to experience it. Wandering about 3FC is smart; there's lots of good forums that are likely to address some of the other zillion parts of you.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - My sympathy for the so very recent loss of your husband. Kudos to you for jumping right into Beck to get yourself on a new track. Yes, you're welcome to join us - and bring your big time 3FC experience to help us with the ups and downs of staying on plan.

Readers – "… But when the going gets tough you abandoned these changes because you didn’t know how to talk back to such sabotaging thoughts as:

• I can’t diet when I’m stressed. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-15-2008, 09:38 AM
Thanks for the welcome. I plan to be on the board every day. I have soo many challenges that probably every topic is relevant to me. I did pretty well yesterday, stayed on track in calories and had planned a day off from exercise. Big challenge for the day was finding myself in the kitchen last night about 10 pm, trolling for food. I realized I was not hungry (credit for that because in the past I would not have even asked whether I was hungry) but could not make myself say no to eating. I had some unplanned watermelon. So partial least it was a good food choice. Not sure whether to call the experience craving, or just desiring food.

I am on Beck Day 8: creating time and energy. My work schedule and life schedule is so varied, not sure how well I can get an exact plan like the one in the book. How have others done this? Is it very helpful? Is my reluctance a sabotage? Hmm...more thought on that today.

Someone asked how I found Beck and 3FC. Years ago I lost 50 pounds in a program that included psychological counselling. I kept the wt off about 2 years, but then slipped out of good habits. No success in dieting since then, so I recognized that my thought process was a big part of the problem. Thanks to Google and Amazon, I found Beck. I looked for a local professional diet coach and could not find one. Googgled "diet support" and went through all the listings....until I found 3FC.

BillBlueEyes-Big credit for dodging those vending machines. Hard to do with the stress of work deadlines....but you can do it! Keep up the good work at work...without the grazing!

hbuchwald-Thanks for sharing your response to the sabotage. I am still learning to get back on track after said it well:
"Even if I have a gazillion days of unplanned eating, it is worth getting back to what I want to do for myself asap-not even the next day-right now!"

RobinW-Great job getting back on track!

JennyG-Kudos for the unplanned and planned exercise and congrats on those pants. We will hear soon that they are no longer snug!

QuilterinVA-hope you had a great day yesterday! Fine with me if we use the whole group as coaches!

07-15-2008, 11:48 AM
Good Morning Coaches

:welcome3: new members! Always happy to have more people in our group!
Beck will help you no matter what foodplan your choose. It's really our faulty thinking and strategizing and reacting to food issues and events that gets us off track and doing the opposite of what we want. There's lots of wisdom here and it's a good place to come even when you can't get anything else to go right. Just don't give up.

I made the decision to give myself two days off in a row this week. And if that works out, I'll do the same every week until I can't, which will be when school starts up again. It feels like bliss: two days in a row. Of course it's not two days without work ie. resting but two days where I don't have to go somewhere for something.

I talked to the gym representative this morning. She seems really reasonable. The gym is in the mall that I walk through to get to school so it is definitely convenient. It is right there in my path 3-5 days a week. I have a Y membership but it's not in my path, but an extra bus trip and do I get there? No. So I am scheduled for a free 90 minute fitness assessment next Wednesday at 1pm. I am really looking forward to it. I always hope that "this is the thing" that helps me turn the corner and get on track forever.


I doubt that there is anything that permanent when our lives are made up of change, but I will be happy to make a committment of six months. I can do that there. 6 months, one workout at a time? That seems very possible. Anyway, as usual, I am way ahead of myself. I have to go there and see the place first. But my first gut feelings about it are good.

Foodwise still doing okay. Not perfect but okay. I haven't worked in my weight journal the past two days so time to update that. It's movie day today so it's popcorn day. I may bring my own. Not sure. And I've just realized that I was de-railed this weekend by the markets again. Hmmm. It's all lack of planning and not having an overall plan for myself. I don't see what I am doing each day as part of a big picture. It's really just "this day only" thinking, which is what you want sometimes, like when you are struggling and need to hang in there, but I seem to have lost long term focus. I am someone who needs long term goals and needs to be able to mark achievements along the way. I don't really care how long things take, I just want to feel I am moving down the road toward that goal. I don't feel any of those things. I need to work on that. I am hopeful that committing to a workout plan through a gym may help with creating and achieving health goals. I see my Dr. on Friday for a refill of BP pills and I think I'll ask him what goals he would like to see me reach. I feel very lost with this. I've been so round and round the last year, trying this plan and that plan and then focusing not on that but something else. Nothing sticks. I don't give up, but nothing sticks; no wait. Something does stick. This 250lb-260lb phase has struck with me for a year. Time to make a change.

Have a good day yous guys!

07-15-2008, 12:42 PM
Good morning, y'all!

Yesterday was my first day and I take credit for reading the book, reading my reasons for losing weight 3 times, planning my meal for today and sticking to my planned meals yesterday. I also exercised for 30 minutes. Right before I went to bed I read Day 2.

I know the diet is supposed to begin on Day 15 but I've started watching what I eat and getting back on track now.

OneByOne - I started going to Curves 19 months ago. They had 30 days free at the time I joined and I doubted I'd go for half that without quitting. Oh my, I just loved it. I'm 66 so its great for me. I pass right by it going and coming from work or I can walk there in 10 minutes. It's the best thing I've done for myself after losing weight. I hope you like the gym you are trying out as well.
Setting goals other than weight can also be useful - to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, plan meals ahead, etc. For me, learning to eat healthy in proper quantities had a more lasting effect on my weight than just watching the scale.

Shrinkin kudos for your successes yesterday. I know this sounds weird but you might post a big sign in a predominate place "Kitchen Closed!" to remind you not to go trolling for food.

I'll type more later but I've got to get to work now!

07-16-2008, 01:29 AM
Hi there Beckies - just a quick fly by to show I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. I've had 3 good days on plan now and Day 30, the one about eating out, has come and gone. I found that most of the Day 30 stuff was second nature ... I've dieted so many times that manipulating menus and cajoling servers feels like home. I think the last couple of weeks of Beck are useful but not nearly as revolutionary as the first two, for me ...

Still going through periods of exhaustion. Fell asleep on the couch ... sitting down, not lying .... this afternoon with the laptop in front of me ... so it's just plain dumb that I'm still awake now. Better do something about that.

But ... welcome shrinkin and quilterinVA! And any other new people I missed .. it is great to see this team thrive!!


07-16-2008, 06:57 AM
Diet Coaches – Completed a big chunk of work so the stress eases a bit. CREDIT moi. Dinner was early (5:30 gulp!), so after dinner I decided that we absolutely needed some 2% milk that we use for coffee creamer, so walked to a favorite store to get some. It's easier for me to avoid the evening draw to nibbling when we eat late, or when I leave the house after dinner. Everything is green. Folks are bustling about in shorts and t-shirts. The sidewalk tables at the restaurant are full. Summer being summer.

onebyone – hmmm ... "two days off in a row" sounds much like a weekend to me, LOL. Most of us who don't sell at weekend farmers' markets take one of those. Kudos for continuing to pursue this gym. And Big Kudos for buckling down to seriously work on your plans. Hope you hit it off with the trainer.

Erika (eusebius) – LOL at "manipulating menus and cajoling servers feels like home." It's kind of reassuring that the last chapters in Beck have much in common with other diet programs. Like, OK, that's the way to eat out, to go to buffets, to do vacations, to get back on the wagon.

shrinkin - Kudos for catching yourself "trolling for food." Yep, that sure sounds like what Beck calls Desire; she uses Craving for when you want a specific food, like fried clams.

Re schedules: my own situation doesn't lend itself to rigid schedules either. What worked for me was make plans like "gym three times per week after work on MWF, or makeups." At the beginning of the week I might shift to TTS, or occasionally, do a morning gym when after work time was taken. My take is that you are not having sabotaging thoughts, but are right on if you wrestle with this until you find a schedule statement that you can honor. Methinks that's an example of how Beck shows us to do our hard work in advance so that we have strategies in place when facing the situations with temptations toward abandoning our plans. Good luck at grinding through this until you find your schedule statement.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Kudos for marching right into Program day 1: Record the Advantages of Losing Weight. You're on your way! Do you mind sharing with us some of your advantages?

Readers – "The set of psychological strategies in this book will help in many ways. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-16-2008, 08:46 AM
Good Morning coaches

Just a quick hello before I dash off to work. I am going to eat my fibre-y cereal with a handful of blueberries and 1% milk and coffee with 5% creamer and then it's onto the bus for me. I have to put in 4 hours at the school today so I may as well get there when it opens. Means I get to leave around 1 this afternoon. Plenty of time to get at my own work waiting for me here at home.

I didn't get to my journal last night. Will update it this afternoon. I'm getting a bit nervous over the Dr's appt, wishing the scale would have magically dropped 20lbs. After talking to Nadine, the gym trainer yesterday and scheduling my fitness assessment for next Wednesday afternoon (90 minutes long!) I am now going to ask the good Dr. what goals he'd like to see me work toward. Specific things. Being specific helps me. If I say "lose 20lbs" it's better than "lose some weight" and if it's "lose 20 lbs in 6 months" then I know that's about 3-4 lbs over a month or an average of .75 to 1.0 lbs a week. Always better to know and to be specific with me. Like I know I have 10 empty canvases laying around that need something painted onto them by a week from this Saturday for my art in the park. And I need to design and paint the sandwich board that's advertising the show for the same Saturday. Specific goals. It helps. But it works even better when I take the goals seriously and actually do them:o

Better go.

Have a good Wednesday y'all.

07-16-2008, 09:10 AM
Yesterday was a good day for me. OP with calories (1179), water and exercise (30 min of water walking). Read my advantages card twice. No late night food trolloing! Biggest challenge was dragging myself to the pool. I REALLY did not want to, but just told myself I had to do it. So, I am giving myself a big credit for that one. I am 53 and had an accident about 6 years ago that ultimately left me with a chronic ankle and knee. Before all of that, walking was my preferred exdercise. Now, water exercise is about the only real exercise that can really challenge me. Not sure I really reached cardio levels last night, but HR checks were in the 100-130 range. Number two on my advantages card is to lose wt to have less joint pain. Maybe when I drop some weight, walking might work again...we'll see!

I am on Day 9 (Selecting an exercise plan). As you can see above, my mode of planned exercise is pretty set, but the unplanned I will have to work on. Anyone want to share their exercise plans/thoughts that work for them?

I am still thinking about the making time/schedule (Beck day 8). Agree with your comment, BillBlueEyes about needing to think thru how to schedule the time. For me, making a real committment is the issue, the exact times may just have to vary a bit. On a "normal" day, I think logging in early during coffee and putting my meal plan up on fitday is going to work well for me.

BillBlueEyes-Big credit on getting that work out of the way! Big credit for dealing with a life issue that impacts good health! In my past, work stressors have led to some bad eating and no exercise. With your walking after work and controlling those vending machine issues, you are setting a great example for the rest of us. Big credits to you!

eusebius (erika)- thanks for the welcome! Great to have some Beckies further along the journey. My lifestyle includes big runs of eating out (travelling or professional entertaining) and it is still a struggle for me. Will look forward to hearing how it became second nature to you to deal with those challenges.

QuilterInVA-Kudos on the great Beck Day 1 performance! Thanks for the info about Curves. I have wondered about adding some weight lifting/strenghtening to my program. Sounds like this has really worked well for you. I like your "Kitchen Closed" idea. DH is travelling, when he returns, we will discuss this. Normally, I would just do it, but to keep his full support, best if we chat about it first.

onebyone-Thanks for your welcome! It is wonderful that you are thinking serioiusly about your goals and your plans. Give yourself big credit for that. Kudos for making a 6 month committment! Hope the gym works out for you. Keep up the mental work until you find what works for you!

Lets all stay on plan today!!!

07-16-2008, 10:18 AM
morning everyone,

i've pulled something in my shoulder and it's really hurting this morning. aargh! not from yoga, and probably not from my treadmill time yesterday. i probably did it while i was sleeping and had my arm up under my pillow. geesh. my legs also feel like lead. i had planned cross-training for today - if the bod is feeling better by this evening, i may do one of those fun dance DVDs just so i can cross it off the list. if not, i'll switch today with my friday rest day and do that then.

shrinkin, are your planned calories usually that low? i ain't knocking it if it works for you, but that seems like an awfully small amount of food to get all your nutrients in and have energy for exercise. onebyone, will be thinking about you and your doc appt. i'm right there with you on the goal setting. have been trying to shift the focus from outcomes to behavior, and keep that short term. it's been a relief! my current goals are to 1) have a meal plan for every day that i wrote the day before, 2) each week, 5 cardio and 2 strength sessions of at least 45 minutes, and 3) stick to the meal plan 80 - 90% of the time. not sure yet what my body will do with the exercise and eating as currently planned. i'll give it a couple of weeks, and if nothing moves (neither scale nor tape measure) i'll tweak the eating - a little. maybe lower the cals a touch, maybe change the macro ratios. will be interesting to hear what the doc says. even though the scale isn't moving, your body may still be changing. can't wait to hear how the fitness assessment goes! bill, your evenings during this beautiful season sound lovely! i can't wait until el nino is old enough to go for an after-dinner walk with myself and dh. we used to do that, but obviously can't leave him alone (even sleeping) while we go strolling. the house in dayton backs up to a huge cemetary. when we were dating, we used to walk through it almost every night. dh would tell me stories about the people buried there that he had a connection to. i miss that! having a very young kid is such a mix of trade-offs. yesterday when i picked him up from daycare, he hugged my head and kept kissing me. so wonderful to be a mom sometimes! quilterinva, how fabu to watch your eating during the first two weeks. i used that time to eat my head off, convinced that once i was "on plan" i wouldn't be eating the things i really love. big kudos to you! erika, thanks for the flyby! sorry to hear about the tired. staying on plan when i'm tired is my toughest challenge. sounds like you're doing it! go you! :) heidi, do you have an HSA? the IRS guidelines say that you can use HSA funds to pay for weight loss plans, etc. if you suffer from weight-related disease, such as obesity, high bp, etc. for what it's worth! and robin, welcome back! was thinking about your question - this just came up for me again. i'm finding that telling myself that i can't or shouldn't have something for the rest of my life doesn't work for me, because it throws me into a full panic of UNFAIR! and all that. i just plan one day at a time and my goal is to stay on plan today. it may well be that i won't eat whatever it is in the immediate future, and maybe i won't eat it ever again, but i'm not going to have that conversation with myself right now. i don't know how i'll handle food in the future. i may be able to make peace with my trigger foods when i stop using them to fix non-food issues. in that case, they won't be off bounds, and i may be able to occasionally enjoy them without going beserk. does that help? jennyg, WOW! way to go!

on an unrelated side note, extreme makeover - home edition is doing their thing on a street just across from the subdivision from our daycare. traffic is a MESS - they don't show the cops and the streets getting blocked and all that on the tv, do they? - but my daycare lady reported an actual sighting of ty pennington two days ago in his truck at a four-way intersection, and apparently, he really is that good-looking in person. and he let her go first. he's a nice driver! thanks for being real, ty. :cp:

07-16-2008, 11:10 AM
Good morning, y'all!

BillBlueEyes asked for some of the reasons why I want to lose weight - more energy, lower blood pressure, more stamina, feel physically better, be a role model to others, help with my asthma.

Day 2 went well. I take credit for reading my reasons for losing weight 3 times, eating my planned food, making my menu for today and exercising. I read Day 3 before I went to bed and again this morning. It's always easy at the beginning - it's keep the motivation going that gets hard but with all you to help me, I know I'll reach my goal this time.

Shrinkin, there are some wonder chair aerobic videos out there. My husband was an amputee and in a wheelchair and I got several of them from out local library and we'd do them together. It really does a great workout without using knees and ankles.

One spontaneous exercise I like is marching in place or walking around the room when a commercial comes on tv. I know that sounds weird but you'd be amazed how many steps you get in just 1 hour. I do live alone so I don't have anyone to see me... At work, I walk up and down the steps for a break. I'm a firm believer that every little bit helps. For my Curves workout, I schedule it just like any other appointment.

Off to work - have a great day OP.

07-16-2008, 12:37 PM
Question please. I am so confused about dieting in general and especially the Beck approach.

Has anyone used the Beck Diet solutions workbook and if so how is it different from the book itself?

What do the response cards at the back of the book say? I almost fell off my seat in the subway trying to hear two gals talking about these.

Are there more therapy sessions with Dr. Beck in the workbook than in the book?

My congrats to all of you who are doing the work and getting thin. It seems like a lot of planning and self talk is necessary . I have to do something and this might be the thing . I am just not sure I can do all of it.

Any info on the workbook would be appreciated. Thanks and Good luck to all.


07-17-2008, 01:21 AM
Hi everyone,

Day 31-Decide About Drinking is in the bag. I decided that I will allow myself 2 glasses of wine on my free day each week. Week 7 will be spent with the inlaws, so there may be a couple of extra glasses consumed then. Alcohol is not a so-called "authorized food" on BFL, and my experience with previous diets has shown that it does cut down my inhibitions considerably when it comes to portion size. (Usually not too much else thank goodness!) Fortunately, I will be preplanning my free days from here on in, so NO CHOICE there.

Bill - Good job avoiding the post-dinner temptation! Shaking up the routine can work wonders. Excellent thoughts on scheduling. We have to make whatever program we're following work with our lives, whether that entails changing the program or our lives ... because this thing has to work for life!

onebyone - Yep, specific goals work best for me too. Especially specific goals that I can then divide into the teeny-weeniest goals possible, so I can focus on the exact one thing that i have to do *right now* and not get caught up in catastrophizing about the future, which saps my energy like crazy.

shrinkin - awesome job staying on plan and getting yourself into the pool despite sabotaging thoughts!! Interesting that you are a professional entertainer - that must really bring its challenges.

I will tell you one thing that has made my life easier with regard to eating out. My DH is allergic to eggs! it is so serious that he carries an Epi-Pen around with him. Mayonnaise, egg bread, fresh pasta ... off the list. He had a near-death episode involving a glass of white wine that had been clarified through egg whites. So ... we always eat at restaurants where he knows he can get something that will not kill him! Chains are big ... and chains have their nutritional info posted on their website ... so I can pick my meal in advance. It's definitely more boring than just walking into anyplace and ordering what sounds good ... but it works! OK, enough rambling ...

jeanie - ugh! i hate that feeling of pulling a muscle. This too shall pass! thanks so much for your supportive words!! It is so great having your positive spirit here each day on the thread.

Susan - you are doing great!! Kudos to you! I think that your combination of strong discipline (scheduling workouts) and creative thinking (marching during commercials) is going to bring you great success with Beck.

Welcome Sheridan! I took a look at the workbook when I was originally purchasing the Beck book. It does look good, but I am a big computer nerd when it comes to tracking stuff like diet plans and so I just stuck with the book itself and wrote out all my response cards in gmail. Now i just read everything labelled "beck" in my gmail account whenever i remember.
The workbook does have some material in it that the book doesn't cover but I don't really know if you could do this with just the workbook. Perhaps some more experienced people would know for sure?? All the best with your efforts!

Hugs to heidi, coastalsue, wendy, jenny, spryng and anyone else I've missed!

OK - it is so funny how i can come up with hundreds of typed words after midnight, and then if you met me on the street i'd be all "yep" and "nope". So .. g'night all. Yep. ;)

07-17-2008, 03:51 AM
Hi there,
I am doing "so so"...actually ate some cookies tonight and feel so sick to my stomach. YUCK. Nothing like a natural consequence for eating cookies.

I painted my kitchen today-YES!!! And I ran the dogs for a few miles-good for all of us and went to the beach for some r and r with friends. Off to write in the journal and get some shut eye. We have stuff going all day tomorrow and then are going camping for the weekend. I will be back on Monday but don't think that I fell of the face of the earth (or completely off the wagon)when you don't hear from me this weekend!

Keep up your diligent work beckies!

07-17-2008, 05:48 AM
:welcome: Sheridan :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case this wasn't invented when you joined 8 years and 3 months ago!!! :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution?

07-17-2008, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches – Skipped gym because I had an appointment from after work until dinner. Oh Well. Of course I had a good reason; everyone who skips their exercise has a good reason. But that's not a problem as long as I still get in two more gym sessions this week. Worked two hours on my paper clutter, generating about 20 pounds of trash paper. Feel that my progress with this is serious. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for painting your kitchen, that's getting serious about Arranging Your Environment. And Kudos for running your dogs. Can the little one go "a few miles?"

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for your injury while sleeping. Usually one must consider giving up an activity that causes injury, but that doesn't seem a good idea here, LOL. Your walks with DH in the cemetery sound delightful.

onebyone – That would be 100% blueberries, I presume, LOL. Very specific goals are right for me also. I need to see what I'm trying to do. Good luck with those 10 blank canvases. Does a painter ever get writer's block? If so, how do you go past it?

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for being clear about Program day 31 - Decide About Drinking. This is such a clear statement, it's worth repeating:"We have to make whatever program we're following work with our lives, whether that entails changing the program or our lives ... because this thing has to work for life!" Yep, gotta make changes to one or the other if it's for life.

shrinkin - Kudos for the on plan eating. BIG Kudos for the "No late night food trolling!" And even BIGGER KUDOS for getting yourself to the pool when you didn't want to go. That's a key issue that I'm still working on to get to the gym even though I have a list of reasons not to go.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Thanks for sharing your Response Card. That "more stamina" is high up on mine also. Kudos for marching forward with Program day 2: Pick Two Reasonable Diets.

Sheridan - Yep, you got it in that one terse summary, "a lot of planning and self talk is necessary." The Beck Diet Solution uses cognitive Behavior Therapy. It requires us to do our planning work today to be prepared for tomorrow, rather than just trying to use willpower when faced with food. It really works. I hope you'll give it a try. Even if you don't, reading the book is likely to be helpful regardless of which path you choose.

Re the workbook: I like the book because it has four extra chapters at the beginning that aren't in the workbook. Like Erika (eusebius), I keep my stuff on my computer so the forms in the workbook aren't important for me. onebyone used the workbook and discussed recently how she made her own journal after she had filled the workbook. I think it was Heidi (hbuchwald) who used both, perhaps she'll comment when she next comes round.

Readers – "… You’ll learn to resist the urge to overeat when you’re confronted with cravings, hunger, stress, social pressures, and myriad other problems. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-17-2008, 08:59 AM
Thanks for all the support yesterday! Another OP day to report. Calories OP, water OP, not a planned exercise day. My exercise plan is to get in water walking at least 5 days a week (Tue and Thurs most likely off days, but flexible). Got in some forced unplanned exercise last night. DH and I did our run to Sams Club last night after work forgetting that we had just had driveway reasphalted (for those that dont do this, you cant drive on it for 48 hrs). We live on 3 acres, so, fairly long driveway to haul the groceries. Can't really take credit for that forced hike with load as it was truly "no choice".

Today is a water workout day. I'm on Beck day 10, goal setting. Wonder how many of you have/had scale goals vs nonscale? My most meaningful goal is just to stay on plan, no matter what. My ultimate scale goal is 140 pounds, but I had already set a minigoal of 10% or 21 pounds. Wonder if I need to do 5 pound increments?

A related topic to day 10... kuhljeanie asked about my calorie goal being a bit low. It is a challenge to know what will work the best. I dont want to be so low that my body thinks it is starving. My internist put my goal at 1000-1200 cal a day. Both she and I would like me to lose about 1.5 pounds per week at least initially (hoping that if we offload my joints, my ability to walk distances will improve). My maintenance calories run about 1800 per day. (I have been an intermittent user of fitday recording food and cals, so looking over several months of recording, that is pretty close. Guess at 53 and with sedentary work that is not too atypical.) To lose 1.5 pounds per week, you need to deficit 750 cals a day. On non-exercise days, that would put it at about 1050 and on exercise days about 1230. (My water exercise gives me about 180 cals in 30 min). I don't like exact targets as my life is variable, I have to build in some flexibility. For now, I use 1000-1400 as being on target, with an average target of 1200. When I am able to do more exercise, I will need more cals, but for now, I am hoping this is about right. I'm open to comments on this, particularly as time goes forward and I have more results to report.

kuhljeanie, sorry to hear about the body misery, but congrats for already having a good plan to deal with it. Yup, having children is an overall blessing IMO. There are those trying days (as you've described earlier), but then there are those wonderful moments, days and after a while years of great memories. Glad you had some of those great moments yesterday with hugs and kisses!

QuilterInVA-Thanks for sharing your Advantages. I can relate to wanting to be physically better. Two of my ARC reasons are to have less joint pain and to be able to do more things with DH and the kids. Being left behind on activities gets very old. We have to and will persist to our goals together!

Sheridan- As a newbie using only the book, I can't address your questions. I hope you decide Beck is for you and join us!

eusebius-Congrats on getting your alcohol plan together and already thinking in advance about the in-law visit! I agree with you about changing us or changing the plan...just have to find how to make the two work together to be healthy. Alcohol is a bigger challenge for me. My internist is a big believer in one glass of wine a day for the heart (yes, I have family cardio risks too). I must admint I enjoy a good glass a wine, so this is not burdensome. However, we frequently have friends over on weekends, and that is a big danger zone for eating and drinking (seems I have a lot of these). We own a very modest (800 sf), house on a lovely lake. We are hosting some friends there for the entire weekend, so the temptation to drink more than my glass a day will be very strong. Staying OP over the weekend is going to be tough. Got to gear up mentally for this.

Thanks for your comments on eating out. I have occasionally used on line menus to get some idea what is available ahead of time to gear up my brain to make better choices. By the way, I may have phrased an earlier note badly. I am not a professional entertainer, but just am expected to entertain (usually dinners) as part of my work....usually at expensive restaurants selected by someone else. Those chefs generally have the skill to modify something to a reasonable choice if requested. I just need the desire and courage to ask!

Heidi- Kitchen painting can be a big job. Congrats on that! Camping sounds wonderful...have a great time! Wonder if it is tent/trailer or backpacking? Look forward to hearing from you next week.

BillBlueEyes-Glad you have an exercise plan that anticipates needing flexibility. You will get those two sessions in this week! Decluttering is a great cathartic...kudos for that!

Off to breakfast with DH. Meals planned for today...just got to stick to it.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

07-17-2008, 09:56 AM
Self-love is the only weight-loss aid that really works in the long run.
- Jenny Craig, diet guru

I was bowled over by the quote from Jenny Craig. I must say, I know nothing of the woman, only her foodplan, and vaguely at that, and from that I judge her harshly. Perhaps she's a good person and means well and her diet products are her business and not her? Why am I even talking about this? Nevermind. The quote is a good one! It's true no matter what type of foodplan you are following because it's NOT ABOUT THE FOOD. Hello? How many times do I need to be reminded of this? More it seems. More.

And today's one line excerpt from the BDS book, graciously given to us here by BillBlueEyes, just makes me say "I want that!"
"… You’ll learn to resist the urge to overeat when you’re confronted with cravings, hunger, stress, social pressures, and myriad other problems. …" Beck, pg 23.
I want to learn to resist my urges. Dr. Beck doesn't say we'll happily resist our urges, or calmly resist our urges or easily resist our urges, only that we will be able to (learn) to resist our urges. I think I want it, still, to be easy and natural and a no-brainer. Um. It ain't gonna happen sister!

So I see the good doctor tomorrow morning. Not happy to go and face the consequences of not losing any weight and I think going up from the last time I saw him. *sigh* I am worried that (1) weight gain has rendered the BP meds I now take ineffective and therefore will be (2) prescribed something new and this new stuff will (3)wreck havoc with my system and I'll (4)experience awful side effects and...and...and... yadayadayada.
4 separate worries there in one sentence and none of them are true as I write this right now!
These kinds of catastrophic thoughts and feelings are what make me nervous and push my BP up higher than it normally is. It ain't gonna help me with white coat syndrome either. I just have to say something funny or hopefully he'll say something funny and that'll calm me down. Or picture the desert, or Sedona, or my garden or the ocean or swimming or my cat's face when I skritch her to calm down... go to my happy place as they say

I'm having some passive-aggressive "butting of heads" issues with one of the summer ceramic teachers at the school. She wants to organize me and schedule me and my work. Ugh. What really happens is she asks me this this and this and then tells me this won't work or are you sure? or don't do it this way etc., and I second guess myself! ughx3 on that! Luckily for me she won't be in the ceramics room after tomorrow! Hurray! :carrot:

shrinkin What a great example you are to me of the power of planning.
I hope to be set on a course next week by getting my fitness assessed, and starting my free week of trying out that gym. They have a nutritionist to consult with and I may do that whther I stay with the gym or not. Just have to rustle up the $ for this stuff. Better than spending it on lots of other things not as long lasting if you get my drift! You're doing great:high:

BillBlueEyes I have no doubt you will get that workout in. Are you still taking that bike everywhere? And yes, I was experiencing painter's block last night in fact. Best remedy is doing something I have done before, taken from one of my own jpg files and re-painting it in different colours, shifting the image around, sometimes just strictly re-doing it. Seems the act of "taking action" on the problem generates the necessary juice to grease the creativity wheels.
It's plainly evident that nothing happens if we do nothing.;) Oh and keep on truckin'! You're getting through the stressful workweek with flying colors....kudos.

hbuchwald You're doing great. Enjoy the camping and your weekend and the summer! woohoo!:dancer:

eusebius Day 31 and drinking was pretty easy for me too. I don't drink except on the rare occasion and so it's pretty much a non-issue. But it's good to have a plan even for the non-issues.. kudos!

SheridanHello Sheridan and welcome. I don't have the Beck book, only the workbook. I didn't feel as though I missed anything, or couldn't do anything, because I didn't get the book. Everything is in the workbook for sure. I followed the workbook faithfully, filling in every exercise as it came up, gave myself over completely to the 42 day program. SOme days I worked the topic for that day longer than a day. Other days I just moved forward if I felt I was getting 'stuck'. I have had food issues for decades and 42 days is a good start. These are solid principles that will help you forever. I don't think it matters which book you have. What matters is that you start, a day at a time, and give yourself a real chance to succeed at this losing weight business. We want a permanent change not a quick fix that doesn't last... and this isn't a quick process. Beck helps us hang in there for the long haul. Good luck to you and all the best!

QuilterInVA Wow, you're doing good work! Kudos to you! I have very similar reasons to lose weight. Thank you for the reminder and the good example of someone applying themselves to the Beck program. I need to buckle down too... Enjoy your day :D

kuhljeanieSorry to hear your shoulder is sore. Ouchies! I hate it when my body does stuff like that. Thanks for writing out what your goals are. It's helpful and amkes me realize I am willfully NOT planning. I don't want to make a plan and see myself not follow it ie. fail :eek: Yikes! This is not good to realize! obvious faulty thinking here. It's not that that plan is wrong and a failure or I am a failure for not being able to follow it, it's that the plan is not right for me right now. Hello? Wow. AND I can change my plan to make it work for me.
Such a clear example of the black and white thinking that I can fall into so easily and not see my way out of were it not for the likes of you:hug: and this Beck list:hug: Thanks. I'll re-visit this today in my journal.

All the best to all who read this!

07-17-2008, 11:24 AM
Hello everyone!! Its been a while, I picked up about 4 extra shifts this week, which is good because I really need the money, but its tiring me out big time! I have been having a really good "diet" week, stayed away from the booze, handled myself well during family gatherings, followed weight watchers to a tee and exercised as much as I could....but hmmm, my scales aren't showing a loss!! how frustrating, tomorrow is my weight it better be good!! Because ughk I get so down on myself and frustrated but I guess I will have to flip back through my book and re-read my response cards. Last nite I went out for supper to a really fancy place on the water, and can u believe LOW FAT anything, not even dressing for my greens salad, totally just ruined my nite, so I sprinkled lemon over top my salad and took all the batter off of my fish and ate the inside (the actual) fish, that should be good right? I didn't eat the batter, and although it was cooked in oil, I pretty much removed all the oily stuff, and counted 2 points for oil anyways. so tell me I'm good??? haha. Thanks everyone. Weekend is almost here!! Although I have to work all weekend but thats okay, I don't mind that. (

07-17-2008, 02:20 PM
Onebyone, my plan is to post once a day, but I missed you in my earlier round of thoughts this am and just saw your post from today. You made some GREAT comments in that post! :cp: :cp: Self love is something we all need. It is my number one reason for losing weight on my ARC...weight is getting in the way of my self love. Your post today suggests you are right there with me on that one. Now admit it, down deep, you know you are worth some self hugs...and this group is great for some :grouphug:!

I feel for you on the doctor visit. It is tough facing realities of weight, BP and health....but give yourself some BIG credits for going when you dont want to, facing the facts and getting on with a plan. More credits for all those strategies for dealing with the stress of the visit and outcome. You havent been and you wont be perfect...but you are sure going to keep getting day at a time! Keep the faith!

JennyG-That good behavior is going to pay off! It simply has to! I am working on identifying some nonscale goals...wonder if you have any? Hope weigh in tomorrow does not disappoint you, but glad to hear you have some strategies of dealing with the number, no matter what it is!

Kudos for a really strong OP recovery of an off target dinner....way to be creative! I dont know the WW point system, but you are right about most of the damage being in that fried batter. Great attitude about working the weekend...and the longer hours!

07-17-2008, 10:20 PM
Hello to all,

whee-this place is hopping-Want to greet the new folks but I"m days and pages late in doing that. But Welcome to all-normally i'm fairly regular but have been slacking off a bit as going in and out of town doing craft fairs- along with a rather crazed and sporadic internet server. Hey BBE-remember when somedays it was only us about a year ago-you have never missed a posting thanks

Joke for onebyone-there were 2 craft folks and one of them won the lottery and the other one asked what are you going to do with the money and the other said I'll keep doing craft fairs until the money runs out. Between fees, percentages, gas and food expenses we just broke even on the last adventure. Always hope for the next one-

food wise I did the 3 S diet and that really helped when on the road and was able to avoid the homemade ice cream sundays on sale-even ate my hard boiled eggs and thai cabbage salad. Bring food from home really helped ( It was only a bit boring) Slowly learning not to use being away from home a carte blanch to overindulge-that old I'll never "get" to have that food again sabataging thought- like calories don't matter because I an not at home.

Our air is improving and some of fires are out and most all are getting contained-they expect all to be out with in the month- Yeah- it is back to the pool-hopeful 4 x a week-DH is planning to exercise the same time-We are following a strict low salt diet for him-he is a skinny guy but they hope to control high blood pressure with out more meds-so now my low cal miso soup is a big no no for him. Honestly we are reading the labels more than the newpaper now.

Glad to be back-need to add more structure to my plan-I am not writing down my menu nor recording/measuring what I am eating-kind of that sloppy approach of doing it in my head for that best guestimation not truly accurate. Check in a dietician who felt 1600 cals was ok unless if I don't lose then drop it to 1500-think once I had 4-5 hrs of swimming again I'll be ok.

Much success and yes it is so important that we all love and respect ourselves-much credit for the process of making life long changes.


07-18-2008, 05:51 AM
Diet Coaches – Big productive day at the office. CREDIT moi. Oddly enough, when the stress gets high enough a calm settles in and I get more efficient. One more day of this and life returns. Managed to do my gym after work. CREDIT moi. Plans for recovery this weekend includes the third gym session and some good walks. And dinner with both kids and their SO's all at the same time - that's a big treat since busy busy young folk have trouble aligning their schedules for a joint dinner.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for sticking to the No S plan when traveling. I have that ability to find a reason for not staying on plan. Great that you beat that on this trip. Ouch for the weak sales. Yea that there is hope that the fires are getting under control and swimming can happen again. Yep, it's hoping around here. You're a teacher; can you can invent a way to burn calories by reading? Then the more posters we had the more exercise we'd get, LOL.

onebyone – Sending supportive thoughts for your doctor's visit today. May all the numbers reflect your good work to date. Thanks for the remarkable quote, "Self-love is the only weight-loss aid that really works in the long run." - Jenny Craig, diet guru, Like you, I have to reset my Jenny Craig image, based on nothing but advertisements, from a food hustler to a wise woman.

JennyG - Kudos for extracting the fish from the fried coating. Yep, ya done good. Been there done that with fried stuff when other options didn't exist. And Kudos for staying on your food and exercise plans.

shrinkin - Ouch for the long hike carrying groceries, but Kudos for the exercise. Yep, value that Program day 10: Set a Realistic Goal. My non scale goal was to get my percent body fat below 20% as measured by my Omron hand held meter. My first weight goal was to lose 15 pounds in sixteen weeks. When I saw the weight dropping two pounds per week at a steady clip, I didn't replace my goal, but just waited to see what my body wanted to do.

Readers – "… You’ll learn how to follow your diet and exercise programs no matter what happens. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-18-2008, 08:36 AM
Good Morning. Thanks everyone for the input. Yesterday, was one of those days......ughk weight loss is so difficult, but hey keep going right. I still stayed within my daily points so I'm good I guess, Today is my weigh in, I'm hoping for a loss but according to my scales its not good, which is frustrating!!! Seeing as how I did good all week, actually great, but what can you do. I'll let ya know the results when I get them.

**fingers crossed** (

07-18-2008, 09:02 AM
Good morning, all! A victory dance this am for staing OP this all week!:dancer:
Went to the Y last pm (credit), but even more credit for staying with my routine when it got crowded and I had "splashers" on both sides of me. I had this little fleeting thought of "well, you're not enjoying this, you could just stop now". Whoa, I think that is a thought "who said this was about enjoying? Maybe I usually enjoy it, but I have other things to do for enjoyment."

Weekends are a challenge for me. Work during the week keeps me in a structure that facilitates being OP. We are going to our Lake property and a couple will be joining us for the weekend. Our lake house is very small (2 BR, 1 bath). Right now, the weather is not looking like cooperation with thundershowers in the forecast both days. Could be interesting. The. temptation to be off plan will be great. I still have to complete the menu planning. Desert will be the tricky one. Think I will buy something small that I can take to work if no one eats it

Beck Day 11 today: Hunger, craving, desire. This should be a great chapter for me. I may have an occasional craving, but I think desire is my bigger hurdle. I just enjoy the taste of food, and maybe the socializing that I associate with it. I have been wondering if anyone learns to identify and use hunger well enough that they are able to trust their hunger as their only eating guide.

I have some long term goals (day 10), but I am still looking for some short term goals. Because my weight can vary up to 4 pounds (sad but true) using a 5 pound goal is not very effective (I seem to never know for sure that it is a real 5 pounds). I would like some short term nonscale goals. Anyone have some to share?

coastalsue-nice to meet you. Credit for getting back to us after travelling. Happy to hear about the fires and that you are getting back to swimming. Great that you and DH can/will exercise together!

BillBlueeyes-credit for that work, you are humming along! Big credits for getting that gym work in and making a plan to finish the week off strong with your third trip. Congrats on having the kids over..that's a real treat!

I will be only able to post via treo this weekend, so likely to be shorter and sweeter....but I will be reading and I will just keep remembering the Beck quote below..."no matter matter what".

Thanks to you all for your encouragement!

07-18-2008, 02:16 PM
Hello Coaches

Okay. I am back from work at school and back from my Doctor's appt. This is how I feel :dancer:
The Good Doctor was thrilled to inform me that my blood pressure reads normal for the second time in a row. I am 135/88. Not super great but I started at 160/100. So, for now, the meds are good, glad to have them(:thanks: thank you science), and it's a good place to begin again. Going to the doctor always feels like a renewal to me. I get to start again. I have to get some blood tests done, including cholesterol which was creeping up but not bad yet on my last test. Apparently aging is factor in that...what doesn't aging affect I wonder?

"… You’ll learn how to follow your diet and exercise programs no matter what happens. …" Beck, pg 23

That page 23 is a real gold mine it seems! Hopefully this weekend I'll find my book:dizzy: And I want to follow my diet and exercise program, once I, officially, re-commit to one, no matter what happens. Beck is ever hopeful we can get it isn't it? Love that.

So next physical hurdle is the fitness assessment on Wednesday afternoon. 90 minutes. They assess strength and flexibility and not sure what else. Cardio I would expect. Set goals based on the findings. Something to check against to see what's improving what isn't.

Anyway I feel good. For all of my going back and forth and all that, I feel hopeful. At least I am NOT getting worse.

And I have a full physical scheduled for the 26th of August and have DH scheduled right after me. He wasn't happy when I told him. "Why?" was all he said. "Cause it's been over a year."
It doesn't matter. As I said to him, last time he didn't follow through with the blood tests. He knew it, knew I had him. Couldn't argue that point. Haha! He will this time cause we'll both be going to get them at the same time. And this is how I have to treat DH when it comes to doctors! Like a no nonsense mom. Sheesh!

Better go. Time to get the rental car and get crackin' on getting things together for the weekend. I am off Sunday this week. My booth partner at the Sunday market is away this weekend and I don't go if he doesn't go. So I get a day off to work at home (and go see The Dark Knight at the IMAX! Woohoo:bat:). I'll check in again later. Bye!

07-18-2008, 04:55 PM
It was so nice to receive a welcome. Hello to all.

I learned about The Beck Diet on the NYC subway by listening to some gals discussing the workbook. They actually were disagreeing on the book vs the workbook and the workbook gal one out.(Gotta love NYC).

I tried not to be obvious about listening but almost fell off my seat trying to hear them. They were so intent in their conversation that I did not ask any questions.

I found a no diet concept fascinating. I am amazed that I had never heard of this book as I unfortunately read about dieting and fail to actually diet.

I am currently trying to get both from a discount book dealer on line which turned into a nightmare.I ordered both and apparently he only had one ,charged be for both,then e mailed the entire order was cancelled,then
sent an e mail saying the workbook shipped. Go figure this mess.
As soon as I know for sure what he is doing I am going to Amazon which has always been great. That silly $10.00 saving has cost me about $50.00 in time money equivalent. It is ridiculous. Oh well live and learn. This is my first interenet bad deal. I want the books but not more than one copy of each.

I hope I can be a good addition to the group because though I am smart, in dieting, I deserve no better than D on a good day. eople say it is harder to maintain than lose but I can't even seem to lose.

Now does everybody just post once a month or anytime they want. I see everybody is on a different page . I am at the thinking stage and really working hard on why I want to lose. I am also trying to decide on the two diets.
I am very confued about alll those response cards. The time has come though that I have to do whatever it takes. It sound very difficult but makes a lot of sense from the little I know about the Beck approach.

I have decided my rewards will be jewelry. I saw that it is necessary to give yourself credit so when I figure that out I will tally credits and each one will be $1.00 toward a nice piece . It will take a while to build up but I think it will work for me. I hope I will be able to give up cheesecake for gold or for gasoline if these prices do not stop rising.

I want to do the book one day at a time if I ever get the books.


07-18-2008, 06:28 PM
Sheridan, you'll have some really nice pieces - we get lots of credits every day. And to answer your question, most of us post every day. We are each others diet coaches. Beck does require you to follow a diet beginning on Day 15.

OnebyOne, kudos to you for getting that blood pressure down!

Shrinkin, WW Core plan teaches us to be guided by our hunger when we eat. We are to eat to satisfaction, not to full. Many have been very successful. It takes practice.

CoastalSue, I'm going on a weekend trip next week and I've been debating if I should stick with my diet or give myself a little room. Your good example has made me decide to stick with it.

BillBlueEyes, I just returned from my third workout this week and I'll go again tomorrow. "Just Do It" is my motto now. Don't you feel great when you get done? Keep up the good work.

Today is Day 5 - Slow down and be mindful. That's a bit harder for me. Since my husband passed away, I read while I eat. I did get through breakfast and lunch without reading however so I'll take credit for that. I'm already a slow eater - it's embarassing sometimes how slow I eat when I am out with friends. They are all done and I'm just getting a good start.

I've checked everything off in the workbook for 5 days, and I've just about got my reasons to lose weight memorized. Credit for the workbook. I've planned all my meals for the rest of this week and next week. This really helps me a lot. I do it in MasterCook and then it prints me a grocery list for the menus so I can see what I need and what I have. Credit for the meal planning.

Have a good evening.

07-18-2008, 09:41 PM
Well, results are in.... Down .6 of a pound...Its frustrating, but I guess we can't lose big every week, and its better than gaining, but still sucks! Anyways Have a great weekend everyone!! (

07-19-2008, 07:50 AM
Good Saturday Morning coaches!

I am about to go out the door for my Saturday market--wish me well! I need big sales today as I am not at market tomorrow! I am hoping to stay away from sweet things today, a big problem with the fantastic baked goods you can find at a farmer's market. OH WELL. I have lots of work to keep me busy and if I have lots of sales than my mouth will be busy with words and not food!

Gotta go.
Will check in later.

07-19-2008, 07:55 AM

Welcome to the weekend, for those who get to enjoy a little bit
of R and R come Fridays. I have a few minutes here and I can't
think of a better bunch to spend them with!

First I'd like to thank all of you for your comments and encouragement
about my time crunch and my hopes of finding a one-on-one coach. As
always the words I find here, I value.

I did find a coach and she has a lot going for her, especially as far as
what I was looking for...let's hope I don't drive her crazy in dealing with
ME! <smile>

What I want to share with you all is what I've learned over the past several
days about myself, the Beck Program, and being STUCK.

I had such success when I first joined this group and worked through the
plan, day by day, step by step, but then of course, Life in all its messiness
stepped in and I didn't come around here as much, and I was working the
Beck plan pretty much on my own, and ... the weight loss just stopped.

Well today I'm on Day 6, working through the book again, day by day, lesson
by lesson, and big surprise!! I'm learning again. What a difference it means
to be accountable to someone other than that easygoing, lackadaisical, too
forgiving inner "watchdog" of my own.

Though I thought I was using all the 14 most important Beck "tools", I was
starting to have those mini binges, and the occasional "lost weekend", and my
weight loss dragged to a halt.

Trying to get through "Slow and Mindful Eating" yesterday literally had me
back in the 80's all day, humming strains of "Hungry Like the Wolf"! WOW! Do
I EVER eat "slowly and mindfully"?! HA! Practice, practice, practice is what I
need, and I do believe, I am back on the right track.

So now.... the truth be told, to my ever excuse-making mind, I have not been
really working the Beck program because I sit when I eat, and mostly plan my
food. There's so much more to it than that. The ARC are SO much more
important than I would have ever dreamed. (And reminder here Ellen, planning
your meals is great, but only if you actually follow the plan! <smile>)

Well folks, I'm here in spirit most days. When my life settles down a little I
hope to be here and share more like I used to.

I agree with MaryB, you are the coolest people.....savvy, smart, and funny
and I feel lucky to have met you all!

I'll write soon.


07-19-2008, 08:01 AM
Diet Coaches – The week is over. I survived. The work got done. I ate on plan without using the vending machines, and, so far, have done two out of three of my gym sessions. CREDIT moi. I did drug myself up with an extra cup of morning coffee; that does get me spinning, LOL. Thanks to you all for your support while I was feeling under the gun. My goal today is to buy too many cukes from the farmers' market, and too many blueberries from the store - the New Jersey blueberries have arrived. They are soooo good, and comparatively cheap. I do like this mode of paying attention to my food since I've started my journey. It indeed is easier to avoid stuffing myself with junk if I'm thinking about the good food that I've planned.

onebyone – Congrats on the blood pressure numbers. BIG Kudos for sticking to your diet and exercise plans to achieve those. LOL at being a "no nonsense mom" to get your DH to the doctor. (Ol page 23 does it again today, LOL.)

JennyG - Kudos for staying within your daily points. Keep the faith on the weight loss part; bodies have a short term independent streak, but with a bit of time, they come 'round.

shrinkin - Weight varying by 4 pounds is right on track. A friend who's been watching her weight for some 40 years tells me she stays within plus or minus 5 pounds. By contrast, this morning I noticed that I recorded the same weight measurement for the sixth day in a row, and immediately wondered if I had to change the battery since 6 identical weights looks out of place in the zigzag plot of my weight.

Kudos for consciously spotting that Sabotaging Thought to quit swimming due to "splashers." And Bid Kudos for giving yourself credit. Good luck with your weekend. Neat idea about the small dessert with its ultimate disposal preplanned so it doesn't end up on your plate. Kudos for good planning.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Kudos for having your meals already planned for next week, and Big Kudos for giving yourself credit. Neat that you're a slow eater; many people report that they're aghast to first observe how fast they woof down their meals. Neat that "Just Do It" is getting you to the gym; I need that reminder, thanks. Yep, I feel physically great after a gym session, and feel a bit at peace that I'm living like I want to live.

Sheridan - Ouch for your book imbroglio. Kudos for your persistence. Beck is easy to grasp once you have the book; I can imagine the bits and pieces seem confusing out of context. Love that you heard of Beck in the subway - yep, "Gotta love NYC." As Susan (QuilterInVA) mentioned, posting every day is a great way to get the program. There's a larger group who post several times a week, and an even larger group who read but don't post (can't tell you much about them, obviously). About the only guideline that's evolved around here is that people are welcome to post after being gone without having to justify why they were away - very low barrier to making that difficult first post back.

Readers – "… You’ll learn how to think like a thin person. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-19-2008, 09:59 AM
An OP week (many credits). Came up with a nonscale goal...found a long jacket in my closet that is about an inch too small in every measurement...will be wearing that with it fitting in 3 weeks. today is day 12. practicing hunger tolerance. This is a very interesting topic. If one is on a diet plan and reaches the end of planned eating, beck teaches to tolerate it. Hmmm..that is a bit counter to targeting your eating to your hunger. I will be reading this more than once and thinking about it. Not sure what day this week will be a practice day for me. it may take me several days to complete the work of days 11 and 12....but I will do it..BBB-Credits for staying on plan and resisting those vending "goodies" all week. Enjoy the well deserved R and R and the cuke and berry 'splurge' for picking a healthy reward.onebyone-Wonderful news on the Dr visit. Good luck at the market!JennyG-Hang in there! You know every 0.6 pounds counts and the rate of wt loss is never smooth. Plateaus are really hard for me too...but I am going to watch you make it thru this one..and you will remind me later when I hit one. Persist, persist, matter what!Susan- envious of your slow eating. I have gotten pretty good at mindful eating, but my brain is still goes fast enough that slow eating is a struggle.sheridan-kudos for your pursuit of the book. it will be much easier when you have it. Your eagerness is inspiring!seachild-congrats on finding a one to one coach. Please stay in touch and share some of your experiences with us. Thanks for the reminder on the slow, minful eating. I am still working on that daily.Guests arriving in 2 to get some last minute house and kitchen work done. Happy Saturday to you all!ps..posted on treo so forgive typos and cryptic, please.

07-19-2008, 12:12 PM

Susan- I thought the credit was same as a reward for say losing pounds,etc. From grazing the posts ,I see it is for smaller things so I will have to decrease my motivators to a quarter or even lower if I become really good at getting credits. I do already have my eye on a great Nolan MIller piece of jewelry.

I need to refocus on what is important. I am struggling to make sense o this approach .It seems so time intensive. Did buy my indeck cards,post its and notebook so that is at least something. I don't think that qualifies for a credit though because it is not really much at all. I love to shop so that part was easy.

Have a great weekend everybody


07-19-2008, 11:52 PM
Lots of new people I see,I better reintroduce myself.I have been through the Beck plan twice now and still struggle daily.I have seen the diet doctor specialist and am beginning Phentermine along with my Beck.I have had success with it in the past and are retrying.I have gained my weight back since I have been online and am starting over.I am going to reread chapters1-14 but I am starting day 15 for Sun.I will begin my plan given by the doctor and tweak it as I go along.It is very restrictive I think and uses a 100 cal protein[15g] shake for breakfast with fruit and juice,lunch is soup,salad or sandich and diner is lean meat,rice,vegetables,snacks are fruit,rice cakes,protein bars of shakes. Exercise per the doctor is 30 min per day at least 5x a weekThe medication will help but I do believe Beck has the answers for emotional eating.He did ok the med and I do have high b/p[controlled] and I have no thyroid and take Synthroid.Everyone seems to be doing well here,keep up the good work

07-20-2008, 12:55 AM
Way to sleep in, BillBE. Credit you! Though it did give me quite a start to see two posts ahead of yours. I am kinda used to starting the day off with those golden pearls of wisdom!

Glad to see you, SeaChild!

Welcome back, Wendylan; of course we remember you.

Sheridan, I think part of the wisdom of Beck is the time-consuming, all-encompassing approach. To control the wt. once and for all is a major, major, life-changing deal. It has to be an all-consuming focus. Stick with us, read what BillBE has to say, and I still say, if you read the Maintainers' thread, they are all still REALLY focused, and consumed with the effort. It is truly a lifelong struggle, but one that can be won with Beck strategies. At least she gives us the tools.

shrinkin, I did not do well with hunger tolerance today. Will not even admit to this, my trust group, what I gave into because I was hungry. After one bite, though, I realized it was awful, so had a cuppla more to ease the hunger and threw the rest away. ...and yes, BillBE, I had paid for it! lol

What a great day. Not as planned, my 9:00 riding date got postponed until same time tomorrow due to rain, but it was a great day anyway. The rain stalled my date with my horse, but wasn't enough to derail some major gardening. Good news and bad news there. Bad news, the pea crop is a bust. I picked enought today for some fresh eating, not even enough to bother to cook. Due to the record late spring, I couldn't plant the first two rows until May 7th, and the second planting was delayed for 10 days after that. In Mn, the rule of thumb is that for each week you delay planting after May 1st, you cut the yield in half. This was more than a was barely there. Shoot! Peas are alot of work, when you consider the trellising and the absolute need for perfectly positioned rabbit-proof fencing. Oh well.

The good news is that raspberry yield is extaordinary. We grow one of the ever-bearing varieties, so the big yield is in Sept., but this July crop is the biggest I have seen. That is really good news because Karen the wonder dawg is a raspberry eatin' fool. She just mows throgh those prickly rows, snarfin' all the low hangin' fruit. I was actually hoping they would make her sick so she would stop doing that, but since she has managed to make herself (at least) half-time in-house dawg, I guess it is well she did not. I hope she realizes we are counting on her to keep the coons outta the Sweet Corn....we do, for the most part, keep her outside at night..she needs to keep her nocturnal watch sharp; I know of no other fool proof method for keeping coons out of Sweet Corn, especially Candy Corn..has anyone had that variety? It is unbelievable.

Good tidings to all Beckie friends; I hope you are as joyfull about summer as I am!

07-20-2008, 07:17 AM
Diet Coaches – (Warning TMI for all you youngsters.) So I turned 65, a mixed bag. Good News: got a discount at the hardware store when I bought a bag of charcoal. Bad News: Young clerk waved me to lean close to the register and said loudly and slowly, "S E E, Y O U - G O T - N I N E T Y - C E N T S - O F F - O F - 8.99. T H A T - I S - T E N - P E R C E N T." So, I'm now deaf and stupid, LOL.

But I did my third gym session for the week. CREDIT moi. Increased the weights a little bit on two of my exercises just to convince myself that I wasn't frozen stagnant. CREDIT moi. And, big deal, had a Birthday Watermelon with candles. First time in forever that I didn't have a Boston Cream Pie for my birthday. It was really fun. Kids thought it hilarious, after, of course, rolling their eyes in the universal fashion of children whose parents are deemed odd. CREDIT moi.

MaryBlu - Ya, I got snookered by sleeping late and typing slow. Ouch for the peas. Congrats on having the world's only raspberry snarfing Coon Dawg, LOL. Drooling at the thought of your productive gardens. Had my first of the season local sweet corn - the farmer (the only one with corn this week) told me that he put fiber mats on the field which increase the soil temperature by some 20 degrees. I slightly undercooked them in the microwave then gave them one minute on the grill as we were sitting down to eat. SOOOOOOOO good. No need for butter or salt. And, there's leftovers to eat cold in my lunches this week.

wendy (wendylan) - Yep, "... but I do believe Beck has the answers for emotional eating," I agree with you there. Kudos for getting back on the plan with your new diet. You were having success before, sending you my best supportive thoughts for you to do it again.

onebyone – Oops... missed your post on Saturday morning while I was typing. Hope you made a ton of sales yesterday and have a relaxing day off today.

Ellen (SeaChild) - Oops... also missed your post on Saturday morning while I was typing. Kudos for getting a flesh-and-blood Diet Coach. That's pretty neat. Great that you're back into the swing of things with Beck. Perhaps you will tell us, from time to time, what inputs a RL coach makes that helps you. We operate here without guidelines on how to be diet coaches, just wing it as best we can imagine.

shrinkin - Kudos for an OP week, and Kudos for such a neat non-scale goal with your jacket. Good luck with Program day 12: Practice Hunger Tolerance. That exercise just boggled my mind; changed my attitude toward hunger, and made me appreciate the Response Card: Hunger is not an emergency.

Sheridan - Now that's a novel idea, awarding yourself dollars toward a highly desired piece of jewelry. Once you have the book, the confusion will go away.

Readers – "… These strategies take practice, but in time they’ll become automatic." Beck, pg 23.

07-20-2008, 11:07 AM
Good morning coaches.

I really feel like I have a day off today. I feel like a happy slug, lounging here on the couch, laptop on my lap, writing to all of you. I was sitting on my back step in my tiny yard enjoying the foliage around me. My fence on one side is completely covered by lush green vines. I planted heritage tomatoes and peppers but they are really crowded out by the vines and the other things that share the small space. I hope I get a few tomatoes or peppers, but really, it doesn't get enough light. Early morning, gone by 11, shaded by a tree... a challenge, but I like to try and just see the plants grow no matter the end result.

We are going to see The Dark Knight at IMAX at noon today. Cannot wait! We have the rental car to get there instead of the bus too. Nice. UPDATE: got to the theatre and thenline up went all in front of the theatre and around the corner and across the street! We will wait a week or two until the hubub cools down... I really wanted to see it but not yet. Sigh.

And yesterday at the market I sold a big painting and I sketched in charcoal on 6 canvases and they were all new compositions! Finally. Phew. I was a little worried I wouldn't come up with anything new for the art in the park next weekend. It seems I am now doing a series of people, with animals on their head. The people in paintings have no idea they have an animal on their head. It's very intriguing. One has an alligator, another a hamster, there's a rabbit and then I have a couple of women talking, one with a cat and the other with a bird looking eye to eye at each other. It's very funny and I have no idea why. I guess it's just ridiculous, but I don't really need to know why something is funny... I just enjoy it and feel lucky to have come up with something again.

Maryblu I was reading about your gardening rule of thumb re: May 1st plantings. I checked to see what latitude you are compared to where I am and discovered that minneapolis is at 44N and ottawa is 45N. Very similar, unless you are in northern MN? Anyway, short growing season, summer is very much meant to be savoured! I am with you on that. raspberries are coming in now as is corn. My favorite. Candy corn I've bought at the market but never grown it. And you really have a lucky dawg don't you!

BillBlueEyes 65? Really? You work really hard for one that, judging by age alone, is on the verge of retirement. Are you? Retiring I mean? Do people do that anymore? And a big :nono: to that young pup at the store! Geez. It's not only that you can't hear, but apparently you can no longer do math when old. yikes! I remember when I first got called ma'am AND I remember this past year when someone stood up to give me their seat on the bus! OMG! THAT made me feel old! Did I look like I would drop if I didn't get a seat? I suppose I should be pleased we still have polite people on the bus, but I just couldn't believe that I was the oldster who needed the seat! I remember my grandmother when she was in her late 80's staring at herself in the bathroom mirror and telling me she always expected to see her 25 year old self looking back. Happy belated birthday:hug:

wendylan Hi! Nice to see you again. I see you've done everything you said you would re: doctors, meds, checkups, plans. That's great! Being here helps it all work over the long haul, day by day... glad you're back. All the best!

Sheridan Hello! I agree with Billblueeyes and the whole program will make total sense when you finally get your book. It sounds like the Beck plan is really time intensive but it's not. You are focused on changing habits and thoughts. It depends on what your personal challenges are how much work you need to do to "get it". And getting it means you will finally be on your own side as you follow your foodplan of choice. Beck is not a diet but a diet support. Use it and you will no longer sabotage your weight loss efforts. That's worth the work it takes to "get it" in my view.

shrinkin Kudos to you and your successful week. Hunger tolerance is really important. Being hungry is not an emergency is really important to understand. This skill will help you NOT reach for food X just becasue you are *gasp* hungry! You can wait... imagine! Beck is good stuff.

SeaChild Hello there! Happy to read such great progress on getting back to beck and finding someone to be accountable to. That's good! Much success to you :)

JennyG 0.6 of a lb down is still down. I know it seems like nothing but it's not. We have no control over our body and how it metabolizes the food we eat and all the other things our body does for us at the same time. Our job is to follow the plan, our body does what it does. We have to hang in there and the results will happen--what we want will not move that scale up or down. Following Beck will help deal with disappointment and move on, put it behind you so that you can get to next week and see that great number... or whenever you get that. Keep going!

QuilterInVA I really know you are going to succeed with all that pre-planning. It's such a key to success. And that you already eat slowly. Wow. Two real key habits we all need to practice to be successful getting and keeping the weight off. You deserve all the credit you can get! Kudos!

coastalsue Ah! Thanks for the artisan joke the other day. Yep. It's somehow comforting to know "it's the same all over" re: show fees, travel cost, poor sales, and all other hidden costs... what always gets me is whenever any show/event/charity wants to boost their image they always ask the artist to donate something for free. How many times have you been to a show where thay are having a draw composed of something that you are asked to donate? After a few years of donating (and the sunday market asks us to donate every week) you get a bit tired of doing it. Do you do shows every year and throughout the year? Hope you got some swimming in in between all the work!

Hi to all who read this but don't post -- hope things are going well for you too... and if not, hang it there, things change;)

07-20-2008, 07:19 PM
Doing well today,stayed on program and have quite a bit of energy.I had some leaf lettuce,green pepper,jalapenios and green onions from the garden,only a few things ripe but I have a salad ready for lunch Wed also. We had strawberries, rasberries and black rasberries but they are finished now.Discovered 2 big yellow squash under a tomato vine,I did not even know they were there. I cooked one of them in some olive oil and garlic,poured in some stewed tomatoes and topped with a little mozarella cheese.I am on a countdown until vacation 8/2/08,a week at the beach.

07-21-2008, 02:36 AM
Hi there everyone,
I am hanging onto the wagon by my fingernails.... I get so motivated after reading what everyone has written though-especially about all the fresh produce-I will be looking for the candy corn!

Camping was so fun-dd had a ball with her buddy and buddy's little sis. And I brought one of my dogs and he had a great experience too. So fun to get to know the new dog's personality as it unfolds before me as he gets more comfortable. We went on LOTS of long hikes and got some relaxation time in and I actually read part of my book! It was a great balance in that way. Eating...well... I am chugging water right now with hopes that I can flush my body and treat it the way it deserves to be treated from this moment forward.

onebyone: Your artwork and the process in making it is wonderful to read about. Hope the movie was as great as your day off was!

BBE: Happy Birthday to you! I love the candles in the watermelon concept. I can envision my dd rolling her eyes at me when she is older. When "solving the world's problems" around the campfire this weekend, we talked about how great it is to be in our 40's. It is true for myself and the two friends I was with this weekend that we shed focusing on trivial issues and see what is most important. I look forward to the 50's and 60's to see what I can learn and shed then as well. Your typing makes you look not a day over 49! If I were in my 20's, I would have thought of some really great comebacks for that clerk in the store...but now I am a mature 42 year old and am beyond thinking of some smart alec response. :)

Maryblu: I am sorry that the weather didn't coincide with your date with your horse. And what a huge bummer that your peas didn't produce. Love that Karen dawg-she knows a good deal when she sees it!

So many other great things happening on the list-weight loss, lowered blood pressure, more exercise.

Off to plan my food for tomorrow and READ MY ARCs!!! Thanks Mary for the reminder that people on the maintenance list put lots of energy into maintaining their weight loss. Bill is our example here everyday but I still like hearing that this is a trend and that we can plan on this being a lifelong focus. We have the tools!!!

07-21-2008, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches – Was surprised by violent thunderstorms. Just not used to those around here. Since none of my trees were downed, it was kinda neat to watch.

Walked past a yard sale where a grad student was ditching her old CD's. Got 13 for $1. Spent the thunderstorm time sorting thru oldies; I still nearly tear up from The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. Fun listening to Patty Smyth, Aerosmith, Jon Bon Jovi. Didn't care for Chantal Kreviazuk's version of Leaving on a Jet Plane. My head only wants to hear Peter, Paul, and Mary singing:Every place I go, I think of you
Every song I sing, I sing for you
When I come back I'll wear your wedding ring

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go Fun stuff; a good reward for being out walking.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Sending supportive strength to your fingernails, LOL. Your camping trip sounds so much fun - all the hiking and getting to know the dog. An interesting thought, "we shed focusing on trivial issues and see what is most important." Seems that we have something big to learn at each phase of our lives. I'm currently in awe that people in their 80's are so accepting of the death of their friends. It makes sense, but hard to believe that I'll ever get there.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for staying on plan. Just love it that you "discovered" 2 Yellow Squash - that happens so often with squash and cucumbers. They just appear!

onebyone – What a hoot!!!! Paintings of people with animals on their heads. Sounds so fun; intriguing indeed that the people don't know that the animals are there. Kudos for breaking through painters block and getting started on your Art in the Park show. Congrats for selling a large painting.

Readers – "My Story

I personally can understand the challenges that dieters face, and I also can attest to the success of using Cognitive Therapy to overcome them. I started dieting as a teenager and went on and off diets for many years. I, too, had lots of sabotaging thoughts, such as:

• I should eat as little as possible. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-21-2008, 08:36 AM
Hello all,
I discovered the Beck book a little under 2 weeks ago after seeing an article in the paper about a woman who lost 100 pounds following it. I had never heard about this book. How did I miss it?! Maybe I just needed to be 'ready' to find it.

Anyway, after searching and for chatboards on Beck fairly unsuccessfully, I ran across this one. You guys appear to have the most active bb on this topic (that I've seen anyway). If anyone knows of more, let me know! I get so much inspiration from these things!

I have two questions. I can't believe it, but I am finding it hard to come up with a reward for losing my first 5 pounds. Anyone have any creative ideas?

Next question, I weighed myself today and the scale was UP 1 1/2 pounds! After having lost 2 1/2 pounds, I was quite surprised. When I 'do the math' on my calorie intake and the exercise I've been doing, this doesn't seem justified. I sense sabotaging thoughts coming in. I know logically this happens, but what does Beck say about dealing with all of the weigh in thoughts, especially when it goes up? (I have not yet finished the book so I may find this in there.)

Thank you all for being here!

07-21-2008, 10:17 AM
Hello coaches:

Seems we are back to the humidity again. Oh Well! It's SUMMER. Still filling the bodybank with hot weather to draw on during the long cold months ahead. Need more heat!

I have much to accomplish this week. Most of my paintings are just started so I have to systematically tackle them and finish them. this doesn't sound like the romantic vision of an artist does it? Nope. This has more to do with production and hopefully some Art sneaks in. Just have to get things done. Even if you do the thing you love, there is always the work of it. Myself, I like that. I like to work.

The building people are painting the exterior of our front door and our kitchen window. They both face the same side of the parking lot. I had to get stuff cleared off our counter so they'd have full access were they to need to come in and work for whatever reason that I can't imagine. My place is a wreck. Clutter city. It causes me deep shame. I need to face it and I have written about there here before. maybe I can get to it now. That small counter top is now empty, perhaps I can keep it that way? Problem is where do I put the stuff that I put over somewhere else? I always get bogged down in the details. Basically I need to throw things away! Of course, today, when I need to focus on getting the stuff for the show done is when I actually feel like cleaning! HA! Procrastination I see thine ugly head in there... no I cannot stop to clean I have to paint. NO CHOICE. Today's the day.

freer:welcome3: Thanks for joining us and de-lurking! :hug:You wrote

I have two questions. I can't believe it, but I am finding it hard to come up with a reward for losing my first 5 pounds. Anyone have any creative ideas?

Next question, I weighed myself today and the scale was UP 1 1/2 pounds! After having lost 2 1/2 pounds, I was quite surprised. When I 'do the math' on my calorie intake and the exercise I've been doing, this doesn't seem justified. I sense sabotaging thoughts coming in. I know logically this happens, but what does Beck say about dealing with all of the weigh in thoughts, especially when it goes up? (I have not yet finished the book so I may find this in there.)

Good questions. First rewards: books, bracelets, movies, clothes, trips, basically something you have had your eye on but wouldn't let yourself have. I thought of a charm bracelet that I could add a charm to everytime I reached a 5lb marker. Still like that idea. Right now I might consider a cleaning lady! haha! manicure? pedicure?

And here's a url to my favorite article about the scale and the number on it. Don't panic! There are lots of reasons behind that measurement... take the time and read the article.
http://www.***************.net/articles/scale_lies.htm (why the scale lies) What Dr. Beck says is in the chapter "how to deal with disappointment". Basically you acknowledge your feelings and you move on. OH WELL is the response you want. OH WELL I am not happy with the number but I am doing my best and I will see a good result next time. OH WELL you stupid scale you're not going to sabotage me and my progress! I'll show you!*said while waving fists in the air* That kind of thing. Don't get hooked on a number. Get hooked on living a healthy life day to day.;)

BillBlueEyes We have had a plethora of fantastic thunder and lightning storms this year. Awesome. I love them. And I agree that unexpected treasure of dvd's are a great reward for walking. A soundtrack for your steps. I also wanted to mention that your de-cluttering/paper-shredding adventures of late are sticking with me. I know I too will get into it soon. If we are moving somewhere we will have to get rid of half of what we own I think. And I'm not talking furniture! Most of what I own furniture wise I will glady leave behind :P

hbuchwald My wagon is in park. I think I'm changing the tires on it as we speak! I'm not following anything written down and am waiting for Wednesday and the fitness assessment I am having and then I'll shift that wagon into drive. I am getting mentally prepared. it's good our wagons are always with us isn't it? thanks for the water reminder. Think I'll go fill a big container and drink it today. Have a good day today, and may you have more dog-bonding time today!

wendylan Funny how a bright yellow squash can grow under our noses and still be hidden! I love that. This really is a great time of year for veggies... you make me want to make something light and yummy for dinner. Kudos to you for staying on your plan yesterday! :cp: I wish for you more of that today!

All the best to all who read this...

07-21-2008, 11:43 AM
monday all!

back to work after an exhausting weekend. delivered an anniversary cake on saturday morning, and as soon as my MIL emails me the pictures i'll post one. i'm very proud of this little cake - it's pretty. :) have another one next saturday, and i'm starting to try and understand the time management issues involved. i want to do as many as i can (definitely need the practice to build my skills) but while i'm still towards the front of the learning curve, i work slowly. my actual "real" job just takes so much time...they don't really need me around all week, do they? ;)

we're also moving into the weeds with packing and getting the dayton house cleaned and organized. our tentative move-in week is aug 17. not sure how i'm going to get everything done in time. everyone, sing along if you know the words. (sigh.) and of course now i'm deep in training for the sept 28 1/2 marathon, although it's easier this time. went for a 7 mile long run/walk saturday morning. it felt like running in a sauna, and we had a smog alert all weekend so i never felt good - but also remembered how BAD i felt after my 7 miler training run for the may marathon. worlds of difference. my feet are too calused to blister now, so at least there i'm pain-free. i also wasn't sore afterwards (though my arms were sore from rolling fondant.) go figure.

had mixed success with beck this weekend. we went to an airshow party on saturday, and even though i was insanely hungry, i held off asking dh to take me through a drive-through on the way there. once we got there, i held to a grilled chicken sandwich and cukes, instead of the skyline dip and chips and cookies and all the other assorted junky food people bring to those types of parties. credit moi. later, i plowed through a gourmet cookie and cupcake from the market as a "reward" for showing such restraint earlier. oh well! yesterday, no plan, and it showed. we were up at the dayton house without healthy food easily available, so i made my lunch out of tortilla chips and cheese i found. not the best choice. need to get better at planning for weekends when i'm away from home and not in control of my schedule.

onebyone, SO GLAD to hear that your BP is good! your description of your current series is wonderful. it reminded me of "to a louse" by robert burns:

O Jeany, dinna toss your head,
An set your beauties a' abread!
Ye little ken what cursed speed
The blastie's makin!
Thae winks an finger-ends, I dread,
Are notice takin!

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us
An foolish notion:
What airs in dress an gait wad lea'es us,
An ev'n devotion!

bill, your cd find sounds like fun! chantal kreviezuk's "all around me" always makes me cry, but i'm with you that "leaving on a jet plane" should only be done by peter, paul and mary. i'm taking a page from your book; we're swimming in csa veggies these days. it's all i can do to keep up with them. tonight i'm baking zucchini and carrot bread because i think it'll freeze okay, and then slicing peppers and onions to eat with italian chicken sausage. the more veggies i can work in a dish, the better!

freer, onebyone did such a nice job answering your questions - have just a little addendum. one of the cool ideas that onebyone mentioned (and which i previously adopted) was to buy an empty charm bracelet, and add a charm for every 5 lbs lost. i decided to also add one for completing a half marathon. not sure if i'll do it for the next 1/2 - i want them to really mean something! but it's a great way to reward yourself, and fairly inexpensive.

welcome back wendy! nice to hear from you!

hi heidi - your vacation sounds marvelous! wish we were able to do something like that. we're going to colorado in september, and it'll be a great time ( but it's just not that relaxing. really, nothing is relaxing with a toddler. he won't be a toddler for long, though, right?

hi ellen! from your lips to my ears. "there's more to beck..." i need to get back to reading my book every day. i just collapse into bed at night and toss and turn...maybe instead of doing that, i could take a few minutes and read my beck and remember all the good information beyond meal planning and sitting when i eat! thank you for the reminder and congratulations on finding a coach! i tried using dh for that, but he's happy to go along with my excuses for myself, so that didn't really work.

mary! you are so right about beck's idea being all-encompassing. i think it's one of the reasons people (and when i say people, i mean me) fall off the wagon. it's a lot of sheer work to change your fundamental approach to feeding yourself. it's engrained in almost everything, and it's constant effort. there aren't any shortcuts, either. oh well! :) send some of those raspberries this way! i'll make jelly for the winter.

07-21-2008, 01:44 PM
Coaches: Sorry for the no report yesterday. About 6 am Sunday, I started writing my post on treo via Verizon (it takes a bit longer) and surprisingly, our guests at the Lake house got up early! So my hostess role took over. The house is so small that we eat all three meals on the patio on top of the boat house over looking the lake. So, in addition, to the cooking there is a lot of "toting". Our guests this weekend were in their 70's and not in great all the back and forths to the kitchen were mine! But, that got in some more exercise!

Good and bad news for the weekend: Bad news first: Had a couple of slips on Saturday and ended up about 200 calories over my plan. Slips were desert with guests on Saturday night (1 inch square of brownie and one scoop of low cal ice cream) and one extra glass of wine. No slips on Sunday! Credits for: skipping potato chips at lunch Saturday, limiting wine to one glass at cocktails and one glass over dinner on Sat (others were sure having more than that), small size desert compared to desire and others eating, staying on plan for exercise, planning ahead for snacks on plan (lots of fresh fruits and veggies), skipping french fries when we ate out on Sunday, getting back on plan after slips and "doing exercise penitence" for Saturday slips with an extra 30 min of water walking on Sunday! :carrot:

Not sure what the scales will say this week, but the extra exercise probably wiped out my extra Saturday eating calories.

Work is a challenge this week...must get on track to make progress on a long term goal due in October. I am a better sprinter than a marathoner....whether we are talking about work or diet. I can do pretty good on those short term goals (actually outstanding on the short term) is the long termers that are the harder part. So, in work, just as in dieting, I just have to reduce those long term goals to short term goals. Some times, I just have to say, what is the "next step". Otherwise, get overwhelmed. So, I am not thinking about doing this for the rest of my life...just for today and tomorrow and maybe this week. Todays challenges are enough for today.

Special greetings to those of you that I have not "met" yet!

Sheridan-Sorry I didn't post to you yesterday. Yes, Beck can be time consuming...but then dealing with wt issues is always time consuming, especially once the weight has clearly attached health issues. So, I view it as better to consume the time on the positive/preventive end than on the negative end. If I am not working on my diet/wt issues, I am feeling bad that I am not. I am dealing with clothes that dont fit and trying to find clothes for special occasions, feeling more pain from my joints, feeling bad that my weight is stopping me from doing activities with family and friends and worrying over whether my health is going to decline more from my wt. So, I am choosing positive time consumption!

wendylan-Helooo! Welcome back. I am one of the newbies. It must be great to have a garden and get the really fresh food every day! I love stopping at road side stands when we are travelling though the Wisconsin country side in the summertime. However, this year has been a bit sad. Many of the farmers lost everything in the recent flooding (you guys may have seen that house in Lake Delton that went into the Wisconsin River on CNN back in June. That is about 25 miles from us). Some of our favorite produce stands are either not open, or the farmers come but with very limited choices. Mostly raspberries (which are outstanding), a few tomatoes and a few strawberries and cukes, but not really any Wisconsin corn available yet (one of our local farmers usually does 7 different is a real treat. Sadly, he was wiped out by the floods).

maryblu- Greetings to you in MN! Sorry to hear about your peas...what a disappointment. Just like you, WI had a very late spring and disastrous weather. I have not had Candy Corn, but the name sure sounds enticing. Will watch for it!

BillBlueEyes-A belated Happy Birthday! :bday2you:HUGE credit for forgoing that Boston Cream Pie and for the truly remarkable watermelon with candles. I, too, have kids who are great eyerollers (less so now than when younger). I broke the girls of that habit when they were teenagers by learning to do it back to them. They told me I looked silly...told them I was just being their mirror. Enjoy your "new CD"!

onebyone-Go girl, GO! You've got those paintings on the move....and you are going for can see that finish line! Congrats on selling the big one last week. You had a great week last week and this one is going to be even better. Getting that fitness eval done is going to be wonderful...and then the wagon will really be in gear!

hbuchwald-Wonderful to hear about the camping trip. Between the dogs and the hikes, sounds like a great way to balance life! Keep on hanging on!Thanks for mentioning the ARC...I have been weak on reading that lately and as you can see from my post above, food desire sometimes beats desire for advantages....particularly if I am not reading my ARC!

freer-Looks like you already have some great feedback on your questions. I rely most on nonscale goals and just take credits for staying on plan and/or getting back on track right away on "a slip". I only really record my weight once a week, but I deal with the scale by weighing every day and watching it bounce all over the place. I know it plays tricks on me, mostly from water weight varying up to 4 pounds. The way I deal with those daily wts is that I celebrate when I see a lower number that I have not seen before, even while I say to myself, "well, tomorrow it will probably be higher, but I WILL see this number AGAIN....probably within the next week". When I see a higher number (typically the next day), I just say..."yup, I knew it would go back up, but I will see that lower number again...just have to keep at it". My scale only weighs to the half pound. Not sure I could deal with 0.1 pound issues. I also can convince myself part of the issue is that the scale "rounds off" and their is a "rounding error". In any case, just remember...the scale does not rule your do! Use it as a tool, control it, dont let it control you.

kuhljeanie-Sounds like you have a very busy life going! CREDIT for controlling your food choices at the airshow and for committing to getting better on planning. Planning when the schedule is variable is really hard for me too. CREDIT for that 7-miler! Look forward to seeing that cake picture. Hang in there with the move!

Wishing you all a great Monday!

07-21-2008, 04:14 PM
You guys are GREAT for my mind!

Such great thoughts for the scale. I actually just read how we're supposed to weigh ourselves everyday and record it once a week. I suppose that's to get us used to seeing the scale go up and down. I also thought of another thing - I'm expecting my time of the month later this week so that could have something to do with it.

All of you gave me such great suggestions. onebyone, I like the OH WELL idea. So empowering.

With your help I've decided on the reward of a pedicure! It's been way too long and that sounds like a great idea.

Thanks again!:)

07-21-2008, 05:03 PM
It was a crazy week last week, and I took a 3 day weekend to recharge my batteries.

I did read up on what everyone was doing, but Im back logged again.

Bill~ I have to say, your comment about poison for the body and soul turned into one of those light bulb moments for me. Because its just too true! Thank you for that.

Yes I had been making soup the last time I posted, I had done well, then things got busy, and I seemed to gotten the sugar into my system. Getting it out is always a chore. Im working on it now (again)

I hope everyone is doing well!! Im going to try to get here more often. Posting here helps me so much!!

Have a great afternoon everyone.

07-21-2008, 07:46 PM
This is my third day on plan and I even got a 30 min walk in at work,I will weigh in on Sat.So far so good.There was a party at work today,covered dish and birthday.They invited us over in the afternoon.I had already eaten so I just took some fruit that I still needed to get in on my plan.I got a few questions,"What is that all you are going to eat? Don't you want dip with your fruit?Did you try the potato salad? It's great and it has bacon in it." I just replied that I had already eaten my lunch and I was full.

freer-Pedicure sounds like a great reward! All of us see our weight fluctuate especially before TOM,I usually see 2-4 pounds with that and even more if I don't watch the salt.

shrinkin-Sounds like you are doing perfect.You did not let a small slip of 200 calories send you into a tailspin and give up.Sounds like you resisted temptations this weekend quite a bit.

RobinW-Great job taking care of yourself with the 3 day weekend.I need to post more also you are right it helpd alot.

maryblu-Your garden sounds wonderful!Mine is not that big because the yard is small but I tried the square foot gardening this year.I have quite a bit in my small space.I tried to grow sugarsnap peas and only one plant came up,is that the kind of peas you have? Not everything I tried worked out and grew for me.

kuhljeanie-Sounds like you are very busy.7 mile run/walk is great,training for a marathygon admirable!

onebyone-Sounds like you are busy too with all your projects going on but still you are sticking with it.Summer seems to have so many jobs attached to it.

BillBlueEyes-Sounds like you got some great music on your walk.You remain a great inspiration!

hbuchwald-Sounds like a wonderful camping trip,I love my camping too but eating sometimes gets off track and we tend to have extra treats we don't usually have at home.

07-21-2008, 09:40 PM
Hello, everyone. Just been overworked (and underpaid) today so I'm not going to post much today. I've done all the first week exercises and I'm seeing success. Today was weigh in day and I'm very happy to report the scale is down 4 pounds.

07-21-2008, 10:14 PM
Hold everything, Beckies. Now that I have you all excited about the sweet corn variety, I need to correct the name; it is Kandy Kane. And you will notice the cobs are quite small. The sweetness is REALLY BIG.

Wanted to post these two pics cuz the Oenothera is spectacular, and pictures of raspberries really aren't so interesting. I am about two weeks away from peak color, so stay tuned for more. Also needed show you how innocent a dawg can look. "Raspberries? Who? Me?"

07-21-2008, 10:48 PM
This is off topic but have any of you seen the lion clip that was on the view? It made me cry as it was so loving and I am a BIG animal love( I actually got off jury duty because the case involved animals and I had to admit that I thought the death penalty would not be too much if the person were guilty of hurting an animal. Of course there is no death penalty for such a crime but I did reveal my bias on the subject and heard-- This juror is dismissed.)) I digress but it is worth going to and searching Lion if you love animals.

Still writing reasons for weight loss and trying to decide on the 2 diets. One day I like this one and the next day I like that one and on and on. Decision time is soon.


07-22-2008, 05:44 AM
:welcome: freer :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post on, :wel3fc:

Neat that you found out about The Beck Diet Solution from a newspaper success story, and that you found our discussion group here by searching.

07-22-2008, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches – Did my gym session with the slightly heavier weights that worked well on Saturday, But I dropped them when lifting them over my head!!! Started again and dropped them again. hummmm... maybe it's too much weight. But, on third try, I got it, as well as fourth try for the second set. CREDIT moi for keeping at it when the Sabotaging Thought was too hard, use less.

MaryBlu - LOL at "Raspberries? Who? Me?" Thanks for the correction to Kandy Kane. I did think that Candy Corn was that awful stuff that I used to eat by the bagful around Halloween.

wendy (wendylan) - What a great idea to bring your own fruit. It's just amazing that people would comment about what you're eating. Kudos for sticking to your plan. And thank you for the kind words.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - So busy, busy, busy, but keeping your head above water. Great choice of "cukes" over "chips," Kudos for that. Looking forward to the cake pictures.

onebyone – Alas, my romantic image of a starving painter is destroyed forever, LOL. Kudos for clearing a counter. Yep, I know about feeling shame around clutter. When you're ready to add reading about clutter to your stack, the very new book by Julie Morgenstern, When Organizing Isn't Enough: SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life helped me because organizing isn't my first problem. I first have Shed enough to be organizable. She reached me on choosing what I wanted. On Amazon:

Robin (RobinW) - Yeah for 3 day weekends when the batteries need it. You have an insight here that's important for me, "I seemed to gotten the sugar into my system. Getting it out is always a chore." I need to be reminded that it's easier to dip into sugar than to withdraw. Also, we need you to set an example about climbing back on to the wagon; there's a lot of that going on around here right now.

shrinkin - Kudos for your superb performance at the lake this weekend (200 calories is on plan by my way of counting.) Really neat to have a small dessert when others are eating large. And Big Kudos for keeping to your exercise plan while entertaining. Wish I had heard of your technique for "training" kids to stop rolling their eyes, although, I admit, at this age it's more endearing than annoying.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Ouch for "overworked." Kudos for keeping up with your exercises. Congrats on the four pounds down. Glad that you dropped by even though busy.

Sheridan - Kudos for working on your Advantages Response Card. Would you be willing to share some of your most important ones?

freer - I think the answer about weight fluctuations by onebyone covers it well. Mine bounces around plus and minus five pounds. In fact, a string of five identical readings is so strange that I recently posted that I thought maybe the batteries on my scale must be old. As for a reward for the first five pound loss, I recommend a new, black, Porsche 911, (unless money is an object, LOL.)

Readers – "… I, too, had lots of sabotaging thoughts, such as:

• If others don’t see me eating, it doesn’t really count. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-22-2008, 07:39 AM
Good morning coaches!

I was on target for calories and water yesterday and it was a planned day off for scheduled exercise. Got in some unplanned exercise yesterday with some very short walks. One of them was down to get the mail. DH normally does this but he agreed I could do it for exercise. CREDIT for that....and one credit also to DH because as he says he "likes to go get the mail".

Although my calories were on target yesterday, I am feeling a bit down because after dinner I was still hungry and decided to have some baked chicken. I got about 4 oz out of the fridge, ate till I was full and then took the remainder off my plate (the remaining 2 oz) and put it back back in frig. Not sure why I feel bad about that episode...guess it is because chicken was not in my planned food or maybe because I have been reading Beck about tolerating hunger. Alos, I sometimes fear little deviations are the slippery slope off of the whole effort...or is that my perfectionism creeping in to defeat me? Not sure if I need to think about this more or just move on.

Tonight is an exercise night which will take fortitude with all of the other things that are screaming to be 5 loads of laundry from the weekend. I will have to shut out the voice that says "you have too much to do to go exercise". I know that it is sabotage.

I am up early to reread Beck chapters on craving and hunger yet again. I have not done the exercise yet and I don't want to skip these over too lightly as I know this is a major weakness for me.

BBE-Im sending you another CREDIT for sticking with the weight challenge!

Sheridan-Good luck with the diet selection. Wonder which ones you are seriously considering?

Maryblu-Like BBE, I initially thought you were speaking of the Halloween candy...until I read the full post to discover it was really true corn.

QuilterInVA-Great to hear from you. Congrats on the 4 pounds but even more kudos for being on target with your plan.!:cp:

wendylan-Big CREDIT for your performance at that covered dish luncheon. I will be working on that scenario in the future. I always dread those "pot lucks". I feel obligated to try things people bring and then feel bad if I do or if I don't. And then, there are almost always some "food pushers" present. I will be working on that scenario as I progress. Thanks for being such a great example and reporting the fruit idea. Also thanks for your encouraging words!

RobinW-Welcome back to posting! Glad your batteries are recharged and you are going to be back with us.

freer-A peduicure is a wonderful choice for a reward! I like to pick rewards that either make me feel better or help me improve myself or my appearance. Pedicure sure qualifies for that.

Have a great Tuesday! I hope to report tomorrow that I made it to the pool for water exercise.

07-22-2008, 08:09 AM
Good morning all!

BBE, thank you (and everyone) for the kind welcome.

As you know, the scale went up 1 1/2 pounds. Usually, this would cause me to just quit and sabotage my diet. You all gave me such great counsel and it really helped me. I particularly enjoyed the link that onebyone gave me.

Anyway, this morning I LOST 2 pounds! A rather dramatic way to lose a 1/2 pound don't ya think? Go figure. I guess I can see why Beck suggests weighing each day. So you can see how much it fluctuates day to day and practice getting used to dealing with that.

Now, I need to prepare for tomorrow's weigh in. I'm assuming, based on these sorts of fluctuations that I need to prepare for another OH WELL moment.

Finally, BBE, I'd really like the quotes you put on your posts. Great way to have a 'thought for the day.'

Have a great day everyone!

07-22-2008, 10:55 AM
Good morning, y'all!

Freer, weight will fluctuate from day to day - you could have had a lot of sodium and that caused it to go up. I've kept about 200 pounds off for 30 year's and a participant on the National Weight Loss Registry. Nearly everyone who has maintained a weight loss weighs every single day. When you do, you can see where a gain seems to be settling in and take steps to correct it before it gets out of hand. I count my gain or loss by what I weigh on every Sunday. In that way, daily fluctuations are noted but I don't freak out.

Shrinkin - How soon after dinner were you hungry again? Did you eat enough at dinner or was desire taking over and it wasn't really hunger? But CREDIT for having baked chicken and stopping when you had enough not when your plate was clean.

OnebyOne - I know about clutter - my sewing room is clutter city (rest of my house is neat and clutter free and clean). I've just got to get it organized. It is almost overwhelming though. I've decided to put it on my schedule for 1 hour on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (the day's I don't work). I'm going to set the timer for 1 hour and I can't stop until it goes off. It'll probably take 3 or four weeks but I'll get it done. I'm make Art Quilts and a few bed quilts and wallhangings, so I am sure I have nearly 1,000 yards of fabric. It needs to be organized by color. I have a couple of hundreds of spools of thread and all kinds of buttons, beads, and trims. I have a deadline on a quilt now and I got the design in my head and I know the fabrics are there but I can't find all that I want. Not to worry, 3 of my friends and I are going to Lancaster, PA to buy more fabric and then go on to the Hershey Quilt show this weekend. It is such a sense of accomplishment to get rid of the clutter.

I'm on Day 9 and I've already got that done in that I exercise regularly at Curves. I did find with Day 8 but am still getting my list of priorties together.
I stuck with my plan and exercised yesterday.

Have a great day.

07-22-2008, 11:08 AM
Good Morning

freer~ WTG on the 2lbs :cb: :cb:

shrinkin~ nice going on the unplanned excersice!!

Bill~ I hope you moved your head out of the way quick!! :eek: I love moving up in the weights!!! Even if I can't do full reps right away....means your makin' more internal fat burners!! How cool is that?!?!!

wendylan~ Great going on passing up all that other stuff, and not submitting to peer pressure!!

Things are a little bit more sane this week at the shop. I think my biggest problem is the pressure I put on myself. I know when things have to get done, and how they have to look....then I worry that the suppliers I am depending on ship late, or they didnt get my last email, etc. etc. I was told to quit trying to do "everything" Its very hard when that is the way it has always been.

Eating was 100% yesterday :cb: :cb: Got all my water in, and stayed wayyyyyyy away from sugar. Even chanted "sugar is poison" when I found myself thinking of marshmallows! :lol: It worked, I made it!

Have a great day everyone!

07-22-2008, 09:10 PM
Hello coaches.

I have a confession. I saw the Dr. on Friday, got the good news about bp being much improved, and I just sort of went "phew. made it." and since then I've not been binge eating but I have chosen every bad food I can think of. Mostly sugary things and fatty things and the quantities are from a proper portion to a huge on. AND I usually weigh myself daily and I haven't stepped on the scale since Friday. (The Dr. didn't weigh me in his office.) So 5 days of doing "whatever I want". And why? It's old behaviour. And you know why? cause tomorrow I go and get my fitness assessment. 90 minutes worth. A big part of me wants me to be in the worst shape I can get into so I can get the worst assessment. What's that about anyway? If I do well and I've been so "bad" then I really must be pretty strong or something? it's something twisted like that emotionally with me. The other part of me sees the assessment as the start of a new way of life. I can't commit to a fitness plan and a payment plan to support it and binge my way or eat my way poorly through it and esxpect to see heatthful results now can I? No. Why bother even going then? So it's that old "bingeing right before the diet" behaviour. Man. Where is my Beck book?! I have got to find it. BUT 5 days is not 5 weeks or 5 months. Assessment or no assessment I am starting to feel like crap so I'll be back on plan very soon. I don't like feeling like this. I deserve better.

RobinW When you work for yourself your work I never done I can really relate. And the irony of it all is the more successful you are, the more work there is to get done! Congrats on staying on plan and nice to see you back!

QuilterInVA You make art quilts? Nice! That really can be addictive and you can absolutely fill up a room with fabrics and embellisments of all kinds. Maybe you could post an image of one of your quilts here for us to see sometime? Congrats on your success following Beck and getting regular exercise. Awesome.

freer So glad you saw a welcome change in your weight so soon! often that's the way it is with me. I am so frustrated and if I hang in there, i am actually on the verge of a change in weight, and if I give in, i sabotage my momentum by a week. Well, a week if I eat off plan and stop... unfortunately sometimes I do not stop in a day, or with one treat. I will remember your frustration and your success the next time I feel like that too. Kudos and good luck to you tomorrow at weigh in.

shrinkin Don't make the little slips into a big deal. Put it behind you. Move on. Move forward. Become aware that you have these tendencies and watch out for it. If you are always craving food, perhaps you are eating too little? Sometimes I am so quick to label myself as "bad" in some way and really it's not a case of good or bad, just normal and something needs to be adjusted. If I don't panic over it, I don't add to the situation. Perfectionism will always tell us we are wrong or less than (perfect). It really sabotages me for sure. Big kudos to you for all the things you did right yesterday! yay:carrot: And thanks for the encouragement. I still have time to turn this week around;)

BillBlueEyesSticktoitiveness is something that you definitely have, well demonstrated by winning the battle with the weights. Kudos. Thanks for the tip on the book. I can use all the help I can get. I'm really glad you didn't recommend this book I really don't want to read it!:rolleyes:

Sheridan Hi! I can't figure out how I want to eat either... but I will. Hope your day today was good.

marybluSo that's what a raspberryluvin' dawg looks like. I would have never have thought Mr. Innocent would scarf down all those berries!

wendylan Good going on turning down food. that's good practice for dealing with social situations in the future. Big kudos for that and for sticking to your plan!

kuhljeanieThanks for the poem! Nice! And like you the failure to plan is really undermining me. I think I need to make a mechanincal Canadarm for my wagon, to scoop me up and place me in the driver's seat kicking and screaming and then go "Oh wait! I like wagon rides!" DUH. All the best chum!

07-23-2008, 02:22 AM
Hi there everyone,
Hanging in there over here. I am getting lots of unplanned exercise in with these doggone dogs! We play LOTS of soccer in the yard and I also take them on long walks each day that I can. Oftentimes, we will all go to a local school park so dd can do the monkeybars and the dogs can run and I can go between the two activities. It is GREAT.

I was doing GREAT yesterday and today foodwise. Then, I went to Trader Joe's while hungry. I got a pack of these mini ice cream sandwiches.. I ate a bunch of them and then, I STOPPED myself and became aware that they were not that good and that eating them was not preventing them from being wasted...throwing them away would be better than eating I threw the rest away. Kudos to me. I am ON my plan.

I love hearing about quilterinVA being on the weight loss registry. WOW. Thank you for that reminder of the importance of weighing each day. When I eat too much, I want to avoid the scale but must face the music and know what the reality is.

Made a doc appt to have a swollen lymphnode checked out (my dentist found it in my neck) and am going to ask about the sensewear option-she is affiliated with a hospital and I will see if they have any around that I could use. Thanks kuhljeanie for telling us all about it. I saw your thread about it and saw the reports, etc.. SO motivating!!! I don't have an HSA but do have a flexible spending account which would at least let me deduct that purchase from my taxes if it is covered.

Maryblu: Karen is a piece of work-great caption for her... she is a beaut!!!! And the gardens..I bow down to you, queen of gardening. DD and I did some vegetable starts and then sort of bailed on creating a raised bed when my dog got so sick and all... BUT we still have a few of them struggling to stay in the game in some containers in front of our house and the other day we found ONE lone sweet pea!!! We ate it and it was delicious... :)

Went to the vegetable stand today... I actually had a giftcard to it from my students. I got a few plants and LOTS of beautiful veggies. We probably cannot consume as much as I bought but we are going to give it our best shot!!!

Off to read ARCs and plan my food for tomorrow.

Goodnight friends.

07-23-2008, 06:36 AM
Diet Coaches – While on my walk I made an excuse to go through Whole Foods and gobble all the samples. That triggers my slippery slope fears, which are admittedly exaggerated, but it remains my goal to stick to my plan for FREE samples: yes for rare or expensive foods, no for common foods. That the olive was HUMONGOUS didn't make it rare, only made it look like a fig, LOL. Oh Well. Otherwise, on track. Small things: broiled tuna for dinner was soooo good; I stopped at half of my 5 ounce serving and put the rest into the fridge for my lunches. CREDIT moi.

CD#2 from 13 CD’s for $1: "Kathy, I'm lost," I said, though I knew she was sleeping
I'm empty and aching and I don't know why

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Congrats on "ONE lone sweet pea!!!" Farming is an unpredictable profession, LOL. Love hearing how your dogs are exercising you. You sound like you're doing well.

onebyone – Welcome to assessment day. Ouch for your struggles getting here. My take is that you're right on, this is your turn around point. Sending good vibes for the 90 minutes and supporting thoughts for a full fledged onebyone attitude coming out of it. LOL at the image of a "Canadarm for my wagon." Now that's a painting ready to happen.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL at "sugar is poison." Kudos for 100%. Grrrr to people who say "quit trying to do everything" when they mean, but of course you'll have it all done by Monday.

shrinkin - Kudos for calories on target. As for the "slippery slope off of the whole effort", you are talking to the king of exaggerated fear of that slippery slope. Yep, you ate some chicken. Yep, it was unplanned. Yep, it was a better choice than a Twinkie. Yep, ya just move on.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Double whammy Kudos for "200 pounds off for 30 years." Just fantastic. Do you have any tips for long term maintenance? How'd you do it?

Sending supportive thoughts for your de-cluttering plan for your sewing room. Yep, do know that feeling "know the fabrics are there but I can't find all that I want." Timed work sessions sounds wise; one can do almost anything if it's going to end in an hour. I'm currently doing two hours a week in one session, with supplementary time for tidying up the session and prepping for the next one. But I have at least a dozen areas to attack - Entry Points in the jargon of my SHED book.

freer - Yep, a little up, a little down. A little up, a little down. Kudos for staying on the path - that's your job. It's the path's job to be a bit wiggly, LOL.

Readers – "… I, too, had lots of sabotaging thoughts, such as:

• If I give in to temptation, it’s my fault for being weak. …" Beck, pg 23.

07-23-2008, 09:40 AM
Good morning coaches and thanks for being out there and responding!

Calories were in the OK range, but on the lower side. Came in from exercise last night with some fruit left in the planned food....and just had no appetite for it. By the time the appetite came back, I was too tired. Extended my water walking a bit last night and also added a couple of laps of crawl and a couple of water time up by 8 min. It was a great night in the water with very few folks at the Y. Also added a new unplanned exercise yesterday. I normally fill my water cup from a water fountain that is very close to my office (if I turn left). Decided to turn walk the length of the building and back again to get back to the water fountain. I make that walk at least 5 10 lengths of the building every day as an added walk. I know this is small...but that's OK, I am learning to take credit for small in the words of that great coach BBE..."CREDIT MOI".

Tomorrow is weekly weigh in for me...but I am not too worried. I have had some lower scale numbers this week a couple of times. So, if it should be up, I know it is only transiently. Still have to get the psyche ready though.

Had a real craving yesterday for chocolate. Does every every woman in the world love chocolate? Is it hard wired in? Double trouble for me because my office group keeps the "candy buffet" about 10 steps from my office (also another good reason for my new water path, I dodge walking by the chocolate assortment). I have been reading and rereading the Beck chapters on hunger and craving this week. Spent a couple of extra days on that....and it paid off! When that chocolate crave hit...did some deep breathing and reached for the ARC and told myself....just sit here until it passes because it will. I know it will! It did, of course. Big, big credit for this episode. After withstanding, I do feel stronger to meet the next one, but sure hope it is not today.

BBE-Kudos for the walking and for the sticking to the plan for acceptable taste testing. I think the olive must have been a very unique strain...and so it still fits in your plan. Big credit for forgoing the rest of that tuna!

Heidi-Congrats on the fun exercise with the dogs. BIG CREDIT for tossing those ice cream sandwiches and not wasting them on your body! WAY TO GO! :cp::cp::cp:I also read that thread by kuhljeane on sensewear. I am not sure whether it is right for me or will overload the system with too much to think about. If you get one, please share with us your thoughts. I thought the HSA was the same as a felxible spending account?

onebyone-You are going to sail thru your fitness assessment today and get the wagon in high gear! You know you want to do this for you will. Hope you find your book. We must remind ourselves..."There is always time for a turn matter how long it has, this minute, is the best time for a turnaround"!

RobinW-Big credits for being totally on plan and avoiding the sugar! Hope the work pressure, especially the self-induced, continues to back off a bit.

QuilterInVA-Kudos for working on your priorities and being on plan! I admire quilts! I recently visited a local shop and asked about lessons. I have decided that I can't take that on right now, but learning to quilt is on my list of "would like to do someday". I am sure yours are gorgeous and would love to see some pix posted!

I am a prior yo-yo dieter. I have lost 20 pounds so many times, only to gain those back and then add some more. For now, I am focusing on losing, but when I get close to maintenance, I sure hope you and BBE are still on this board. You are such a wealth of great ideas and experience! Re that baked chicken. I was still hungry after eating, knew I needed to wait some time to see if it would go away. Clocked 30 minutes and then when still hungry, asked myself what was something that I could use to wipe out the hunger but not go crazy with. So, I would call it "controlled unplanned eating". I am moving on, but filing the experience. It may be that my body is telling me that I am cutting cals too much....or I may just need to tolerate hunger some. Not sure which.

freer-Sounds like you are well on your way to putting the scale in its rightful place! Congrats on the 2 pounds down...and you are ready in case tomorrow's is up. Just keep sticking with your plan, the scale will have to follow.

Looking forward to a fabulous Wednesday! Best wishes to all coaches and readers!

07-23-2008, 09:51 AM
Hello All,

long time no see.. Not truly doing beck at this point but for those that are I heard from Judith:

Dear Beck Diet Solution Reader,

I am writing to you because you are one of the many people who attended one of my workshops or contacted me about the book or the workbook and I wanted to let you know about a couple of things.

First, I am almost finished a new book that will be published in January. More about that in another message this fall. Second, there are a number of journalists who are interested in interviewing dieters who have had success using The Beck Diet Solution. If you’ve been successful and want to share your success with others, please email me back with the following information:




Number of pounds lost

Have you reached maintenance? If so, when was that? (month/year)

If you’re still actively dieting, when did you start following the Beck Diet Solution? (month/year)

Do you have a before and after photo?
(Please do not send with this email. We will request from you at the appropriate time.)

Are you willing to be interviewed for print media? To be on television? Both?

Are you willing to give the journalist your full name? City? Both?


Judith Beck

the email address to reply is:

best of luck to all of you!

07-23-2008, 10:07 AM
Good morning

Quilter - I am so impressed with actually even meeting someone who has MAINTAINED a 200 pound weightloss. I noticed BillBlueEyes has also maintained. Wow. To me, the most difficult part of all this is the maintenance. I mean really, it's easy to meet folks who were able to lose weight. But maintain it? That's a rare bird. VERY inspirational. Were you doing Beck the whole time? Or was it a mixture of things?

onebyone I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle, but your honesty is so helpful for me to see. I would have done the exact same "phew made it" behavior - and I've done that many times. You should give yourself many credits in the midst of this struggle. First, you're honesty. You're turning to your coaches to share your struggle. And finally, your thoughts as to why you might be doing this are very insightful.

Beware of the sabotaging thought that exercising will erase all your calories and you can eat whatever you want. I am living proof that you can exercise and still gain weight quite easily. I have been doing Jazzercise (low-impact aerobics) for probably 25 years. A few years back I really got into it and hit my goal of 200 classes in a year. I did this for 2 years straight. That's basically 4 hours a week for two years. I didn't lose anything and actually gained. I've even discussed that with my doctor. She said I'm correct. Excercise is great, but an hour of exercise is really just a small blip in your total calories for the day. Since then I just think of my exercise as 'gravy.' (mmmmm....gravy) :o It does not substitute for sticking to your diet plan.

If you've never considered Jazzercise you might investigate it in your area. No long term committments and lots of well-planned routines with good music that's always changing. It's hard to get bored with it. I mean if they can get someone like ME to stick with it, that's saying something!

BBE - I love your thought:

Staying on the path - that's your job. It's the path's job to be a bit wiggly, LOL.

My weigh in went well to day and I'm proud to say I'm a 1/2 pound from a pedicure! :carrot:

Finally, before I forget, how do I get one of those nifty little graphics for my signature that shows my weight loss progress?

07-23-2008, 10:20 AM
Hi coaches:

When I was on the phone making the appointment for the fitness assessment last week, Nadine, my assessor, told me that more people cancel the fitness assessment than any other part of their pre-program. Like the nutrition counselling, or the personal trainer set up. I can believe it. I want to do that, just give her a call, say I can't go because... I'm not going to! I am going and facing the music and moving forward. I've never even seen this gym and I am too curious to know all this valuable stuff about *me* and it's free. She's considering it part of the "sign up package" that will most likely be postponed until September, when my financial house is more in order after my three big art shows this month. See how things shake out then. I do have to drop by the Y before I go to the school this morning, get my workout gear, my really good running shoes. Nadine said we could put something together that I could take to the Y until my membership there runs out. That's mid August I believe. I was going to turn this down but now I think, why not? So going to the Y will allow me to get my gear and find out when my membership expires.

I'll report in with the honest truth this afternoon. please think good thoughts for me today! Send me strength!

Thanks coaches for all you help.

07-23-2008, 10:24 AM
morning all,

had a rough one yesterday. all day, all i could think about was EATING, and eating crap. not really hungry, had a passing thought about a candy bar, but i wasn't committed to it - i could have gone with anything greasy, salty, sweet. classic case of desire. i also was in no mood to do my treadmill run, either. spent most of the day having this insane debate in my head.

me: i waaaaaannt it
me: sure you do. that doesn't mean you need it, or that you'll get it. you feel so gross when you eat that stuff, and you had way too much over the weekend.
me: you know i'll give in eventually, don't you?
me: you didn't yesterday. maybe today will be the same!
me: but i don't feel like working out, either. i just want to go home and lay on the couch and eat.
me: yeah, well, that's tough. too bad.
me: you know i'll skip that workout today. that's the way i am! it'll just sort of slide like it used to.
me: you know no matter how long we keep discussing it, you WILL end up in the gym today. that's the way you are! i'll keep bugging you until you give in.
me: oh, f*** it. i'll go just to SHUT YOU UP.

so i went, grudgingly. had a crappy run, but i did all the miles on my training plan. as i was heading into the shower, i thought - oh! (slapping forehead)THIS is what she meant! it's the same old argument, but my thin thinking will win more often. at some point, the balance will tip, and the fat thinking won't even try that hard, because it knows it won't win in the end. and maybe someday, that fat thinking will go away altogether. maybe, maybe not. it won't matter much one way or the other if it does, because the rest of it will be such a habit it'll be easier to keep doing what i'm doing.

shrinkin, about the sensewear - i do have one, have had it for months. i wrote a whole bunch about it in another thread:
the IRS website hopefully can provide info on the differences between an HSA and an FSA.

onebyone, i so hear you, sister. i'm STILL having some challenges around the "last meal of the convicted dieter" binge syndrome. tough brainsludge to dislodge, huh? :)

heidi, good luck with the veggies. i was up until very late monday night trying to figure out what to do with all the zucchini. it's hard to stay on top of it - i always feel so terrible when it goes bad. i'm starting to figure out some standard dishes that encorporate huge amounts of various types of vegetables. my two so far are asian slaw - can use squash, carrots, onions, broccoli, cucumber, etc. the other is spaghetti sauce (i use tinkyada brown rice pasta) and i throw in the same stuff, or different, but either way it takes care of a lot of vegetables in one fell swoop. we ended up having to dry a bunch of green onions. there's only so many green onions you can eat, you know? :)

thanks for the simon and garfunkel, bill! what a great song. i like hearing about your slips - makes it so clear what real life in maintenance looks like, and i appreciate hearing about your coping mechanisms so i'll have them in my back pocket when i finally get there myself. someday. :)

robin, mazel tov on avoiding sugar! poison! i like that. i'm going to use that when i start hearing the siren song of crap singing to me.

freer, absolutely wonderful to hear that you made it through the scale fluctuations without giving in. this seems to me to be one of the biggies - not letting that external thing dictate how we feel and what we do. one bump in water weight and i've walked away from too many healthy plans, only to fall into the more-punishing-the-better type diet. congratulations and a big credit to you!

busy days ahead (ha! ha! ha!) dh is going out of town for work again, so i'm on solo parent duty, with another cake due saturday morning. not quite sure how this is all going to work, but i'll have to make it. i was planning on working on the flowers and sun last night, but dh was in crisis and needed some serious conversatin' about stuff. made the decision to be a good friend and sort out the rest later. credit moi for making this an actual decision instead of a knee-jerk "someone NEEDS me! let's put on the cape and GO!".

have a great wednesday, everyone! new project runway coming up tonight! i can watch and make flowers at the same time, i think. we'll see how it goes.


07-23-2008, 11:02 AM
Good Morning

Im starting off with a fight on my hands this morning. I got on the scale this morning....thinking I had done really well. :( The 3lb loss I had yesterday morning, is back today. :( :( So that puts me right back where I started. It also starts all those sabotaging thoughts.....why bother, I can eat what I want and still weigh this weight?!?!?!

What did it? probably the salty stuff....and all the watermelon I ate last night.

What to do? drink in my gallon of water, and portion the rest of the watermelon!!

What else? quit thinking bad thoughts and just get on with it.

Bill~ but of course you'll have it all done by Monday that was about what it was like last week. But everybody wanted it by friday and to top it off they were coming in all week (including friday morning) to get stuff done by friday afternoon!! Just crazy stuff! :dizzy: Kudos for leaving 1/2 your fish for today. I could never do that....a good fish on my plate never gets shared or saved :lol:

onebyone~ I recognized those thoughts!!! Did you feel better tho after typing it all out and getting your feelings out in print infront of you?

quilter~ Nearly everyone who has maintained a weight loss weighs every single day. When you do, you can see where a gain seems to be settling in and take steps to correct it before it gets out of hand. I count my gain or loss by what I weigh on every Sunday. In that way, daily fluctuations are noted but I don't freak out.
I just wish I didnt freak out when Im just starting out and trying to get going. It can be so discouraging. I guess I need to get over that.

Well, its starting to get busy so I have to cut this short. Have a great day everyone!

07-23-2008, 07:37 PM
Day 5 of staying onplan on my official diet,good day.Someone brought taffy from the beach and a bag of snickers to work today and I did not have one single piece!!!!!!!!!!! I have been listening to my Beck cds in the car to and from work and reading my cards.I am fighting getting some exercise in today though,just feel like laying on the couch.Afraid I have to say NO CHOICE and get in my exercise shortly.

RobinW-I weighed myself this morning also and was up a pound without cause,When I reveiwed my food journal I figured the dill pickles at lunch and the lite popcorn before bed added up to too much salt.I try not to think much about it, salty weight will be gone by Sat my official weigh day.It can be so frustrating though.

kuhljeanie-Great insight into the Beck thinking,funny the things we say to ourself and the arguments in our head.Kudos for doing the right thing and getting to the gym despite your thoughts.

onebyone-Great job getting to the fitness assessment and for making the most of the rest of the Y membership.Afraid I have not used my Y membership all summer,just so busy and the kids have the pool in the yard.

freer-Great job on your weigh in and loss!

ladybugnessa-Nice to see you again!

shrinkin-Sounds like you are doing just great on so many Beck strategies.I like to swim laps and go to water fitness at the Y also.I have not been going since summer started and I miss it.I have been doing some water exercise in the pool in yard.I hope to get back after vacation.

BillBlueEyes-Kudos for stopping eating when you were full at dinner!

hbuchwald-Great job on with the exercise and with getting rid of the icecream sandwiches!

QuilterInVA-Wow on the weightloss and keeping it off!

07-23-2008, 08:06 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches

I didn't cancel the assessment and instead wore my brand new running shoes, my old tshirt, nice workout pants, pulled my hair back and faced the music. And the music was a jaunty melody, not a dischordant screech!
I actually feel better for going. I would NEVER have thought that ever.

The most surprising thing was this: I weigh 264 by their scale. She had me lie down on a towel on a mat and she did a "bioimpedance analysis". Electrode on foot, another on hand, electric current does full loop through the body and results are spewed out on the computer. My 264 lbs = 142.8lbs LEAN muscle and 121.2lbs fat. WOW. :hyper:
I have 142.8lbs of lean muscle! :lifter:
If you'd-a asked me I'd-a said I was 30 lbs lean muscle, the rest all fat. So, as I said to Nadine my personal trainer, "this means a goal weight of 130 is really dumb if I already have 142.8lbs of lean muscle isn't it?" Yep. She said a goal around 170 or so is more appropriate. Could I actually lose the fat and keep all that muscle? She says it will probably drop a bit, and she doesn't really expect me to grow more muscle... for me it's a matter of getting the fat off and possibly re-shaping the muscles(if I understood that right).

My BMI is 45.9 *sigh* BUT my basal metabolic rate is 2091 calories a day. I burn that much just being alive.:dancer: I am also dehydrated by about 10% which is true. When I stop paying attention to myself, I don't get my water in. After the electronic analysis we did some flexibilty tests, still good on that with some work needed laterally. Did some balance tests and some strength tests: pushups, situp/crunches, lunge and hold. All good. A strong core she said and I was happy to hear that. It all took about 2 hours with some good talking in between. Next step is a program she'll set up for me that I can use there if I join that gym, or take with me to the Y if I re-join there. I love that gym though. It feels so peaceful.:cloud9: Like an oasis. Sauna, saltwater pool and jacuzzi, workout room that overlooks the city, patio outside to relax on. Very nice. Very pleasant. The Y is 1/2 the $ this place is but I never get there. That, in the end, is not a bargain. I walk through the mall where this gym is located to get to the school 5x a week. 3x right now but 5x in the fall. It removes my biggest obstacle/excuse, that I "can't there, it'll take too long, have to take another bus" etc. It really would change things and if it gets the weight off and reveals a strong lean body for the 1st time in my life? What's that worth$-wise? Everything. I am talked into it, want to do it, just have to see when I can do this financially. Soon I hope. Very soon.
Oh! And at the next visit, this coming Monday, she's giving me a nutritional program to follow and I took home a foodlog to fill out. I told her that just by having me record my food it's going to change my food choices. She smiled and agreed. And so, on the way home, as soon as I left there pretty much, I REALLY REALLY wanted chocolate. Didn't get it cause I didn't want to write it down. Still haven't given in. Credit moi.

And that's how it went. It was good. It'll just get better.


07-24-2008, 01:21 AM
Hi there coaches:
onebyone: WOW! What an experience!!! I am so happy that it was so positive and motivating. Way to go for facing what ended up being the happy music...
I nominate BBE to talk to the media about Beck... are you considering it Bill? Good to hear from you Nessa-thanks for passing on that message. Wonder what the new book is all about?

Doing okay today-sort of on a roll tonight with pureeing a bunch of veggies for recipes from Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook. The chicken nuggets are SO good and way better for you than the kind in the frozen section of the store.. dd loves them.. am going to try a few other things too.

07-24-2008, 03:41 AM
Hello all,

I apologize in advance that there is no way I can catch up with all the postings as it has been close to a week since my last one. But I must wish a HUGH belated birthday to BBE!! ( you youngster!!)

Quilter much awe on your success of maintaining a 200 lb weight loss for many years-That is the amount of my ultimate total loss and I also plan to keep it off for good.

onebyone-sounds like the gym is a heck of a good thing-yeah-

Robin W-I haven't really figured out how to deal with that daily weighing and all those fluctuations which don't seem to often make any sense-I really get so disappointed when I have a slight gain and/or plateau for days on end-yet it is also motivating to remain on or to get back on program which I am doing now. Regretfully I didn't face the scales for years and got way too close to 400lbs in that mindless state.

Credit to you Wendylan for letting go of the scale frustration!

A wave to everyone else-thanks for posting-

DH and I have gone to a series of Doc visits and getting a ton of info on living better in our aging status. We were also given a short test on our mobility, balance, strenght and flexiblity-I need alot of improvment in many areas and Dh is increditabily inflexible so now Dh is attending 1 1/4 hr of yoga classes 3x a week while I swim. This is great because when one wants to flake the other one pushes to go. Like many men Dh is very strong and high energy but is so inflexible he has been alot a pain just sleeping a night-we also have dropped our caffine usage-we love that stuff-maryblu-come with being born in MN. Must lower sodium and those food high in it -bye bye standard soy sauce and other processed sauces, need to cut out splenda and now using stuvia-with fiber- bye bye diet sodas of any type, do weights, walking more each day and make sure DH meditates with me. all in all we have really been working hard on these changes- We report back in 14 weeks hopefully with lower Blood Pressure, increased flexibilty, weight loss, increase toning-The best is that we are doing this together at the same time-always to hard to make big food changes while one'e partner does have to.

Feel like all this time dealing with Beck's ideas and those constant sabataging thoughts is really helping with all the current changes add on the following a food plan.- along with that 14 week check in looming ahead.

Best to you all


07-24-2008, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches – Did my chest press with the heavier (for me) dumbbells. Worked the first try for the first set. Failed the next two tries, but without dropping them on the floor (bad gym etiquette). Then a guy offered to spot and I made it up. CREDIT moi for continuing to try to figure out if I'm on a learning curve or doing something stupid with weight heavy enough to hurt.

Yep, Jean (kuhljeanie) , CD#2 was America by Simon and Garfunkel.

CD#3 from 13 CD’s for $1: The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos to you and to your DH for confronting all your physical issues with your doctors. Ouch for the reality of aging - aren't we all. It continues to astound me that I want to deny that I will ever feel and act like the folks that I know who are only a few years older than me. Denial, denial, denial. Good luck with your plans for the next 14 weeks. Is the air clearing up enough for you to swim yet?

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Glad that you're doing OK. Neat that you continue with incorporating veggies into unexpected places. And, if I recall correctly, you tell DD what's up so that she knows that she like veggies - more like un-Deceptively Delicious.

wendy (wendylan) - Not a single piece of salt water taffy - that's BIG Kudos. And Kudos for continuing to listen to your Beck tapes in the car.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - LOL at your conversation between me and me. Kudos to me for winning and doing the run. Good luck with your upcoming cake. Kudos for making a conscious choice to talk with your DH. Your self awareness is so refreshing, "someone NEEDS me! let's put on the cape and GO!"

onebyone – Happy "jaunty melody!!" Such good news about your assessment. Kudos for remaining so flexible all these years - you must be doing something right for that. Congrats on all the other encouraging findings. Kudos Kudos Kudos for going through with that. That's such a good example for us all about grabbing an issue and following through with a plan. That is just so so neat.

Nessa (ladybugnessa) - Thanks for passing along that email from Judith Beck. It's always a pleasure to spot you around and about 3FC on one topic or another. Even though not Beck, I hope you are doing well on your plans.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for recognizing Sabotaging Thoughts and Kudos for such a succinct response: "just get on with it."

shrinkin - Neat phrase there, "controlled unplanned eating." Thanks for posting additional info about the chicken episode. Sounds like you're really aware of your thinking process as you follow your plans. Kudos for that. And Kudos for all that exercise in the pool.

freer - Congrats on being only 8 ounces away from your pedicure reward. Interesting story of your 2 years of Jazzercise without losing weight. I trust that your new food plan will move you regularly along the losing path. - however wiggly it is. 3FC posts that they must, regrettably, require both 20 days and 20 posts before you can have a signature with the fun graphics - a step to reduce spam. I'll try to find the link to that later.

Readers – "… I, too, had lots of sabotaging thoughts, such as:

• If I eat something I hadn’t planned to eat, I may as well abandon my diet for the whole day. " Beck, pg 23.

07-24-2008, 09:06 AM
Morning to you all. I am dragging tired today. Not sure why. Calories OK yesterday even with some sushi last night for dinner. Lost track of my water yesterday. Weekly weigh in OK (one pound down from last week with a number that is in the mid range of all the numbers of the week). Should be happy about that as that is a total of 7 pounds in two weeks. Yesterday not an exercise day...but tonight is pool night. Got to find the energy.

BillBlueEyes-Kudos for persisting on those weights. Not sure who that CD is...Linda Ronstat? I can hear the song in my head but not sure on the artist.

CoastalSue-Wow, congrats on for tackling so many habit/health issues. Hats off to you on addressing functional aging. Great you and DH are doing it together!

Heidi-Happy you are on a roll! Hope to hear more of your Deeelicious cooking. Not familiar with the cookbook...will try to find time to see it online.

onebyone-Take a big did it! Sounds like that assessment has led you to a great plan. Big credit on resisting that chocolate!

wendylan-Hope you are giving yourself lots of credits...for the no taffy, no chocolate, listing to those CDs and reading cards. You are really doing great!

RobinW-You got it right....just move on! That scale is just your is bouncing around as always. You will see that lower number again soon. If you stick with your plan,you know you will be successful. Hope the work calms a bit.

kuhljeanie-big credits for beating back the food desire and that choclate craving and for getting on with the exercise. Seems the challenges come in groups. You are stronger today having resisted! Will look at your other thread on the monitor and investigate more. I have a flex account I think. Do you have a recipe for asian slaw?

freer-keep it close to those pretty toes! You will make it!

ladybugnessa-thanks for staying in touch with the group and good luck with the book!

Hope I can get over the funk this morning. Must get more sleep tonight.

07-24-2008, 09:40 AM
Hello coaches

I filled in my foodlog for yesterday. Not too bad. DH came home with a certain type of gummy candy and I had two fistfuls and this hurled me twoard the fridge for a slice of cold meatloaf all right before heading up to bed:?: Sometimes I the weirdest things. But, I wrote it down. Otherwise my food was fairly normal and average for the day.

Can't believe it's Thursday. I have lots to do at the school but will shunt it aside to complete my work for my art show this Saturday. I have 6 more paintings to get at. They are 2/3 done plus I agreed to make the sandwich board sign for the show and I have to get on that so.... no long days at the school today I'm afraid! Just get in and out, do what needs to be done, then home.

And a quick shoutout to kuhljeanie (and those of us who love a good laugh)... You have got to see this blog! SO FUNNY! "

Gotta get going. Have the best Thursday you can!

07-24-2008, 11:40 AM
THANKS onebyone!!! still laughing! man, that is a funny blog. it's going into the favorites folder with truly awesome.

have to make this quick today because i've got to get out of work early to do my sugarpaste flowers and sun, but here's to strengthening that resistance muscle today (in addition to all those other muscles getting cut!)

07-24-2008, 04:46 PM
Hello all,

BBE Thanks for the info on the graphics. 20 days AND 20 posts? I'll really have to step up the yappin'!

Shrinkin 7 pounds in 2 weeks! That is awesome!

I've remained on plan and had a chance to strengthen my resistance muscle yesterday and I lived to tell about it! :) I am loving the Beck plan.

07-24-2008, 11:16 PM
Ahh, BillBE, one of my favorites.....Roberta Flack. She is awesome; one of those artists whose voice is truly an instrument.

I passed on the big rock and roll outdoor fest this year....getting too old for that much fun, and then found out Boz Scaggs was still smacking myself in the forhead. Saw him in 1976 and he is still going strong, apparently. *sigh MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!

CoastalSue, glad to hear from you. I can't help but think that things will be easier for you with DH on board with the healthy aging plan. If you haven't read Healthy Aging by Andrew Weil, I recommend it; something in me says it would be very appealing to a man.....because he uses a lot of well thought out research; he doesn't make big sweeping promises...maybe because he is so realistic about things.....or maybe because he is not pencil-thin...dunno, but I just have a feeling it might be helpful.

BillBE, keep those challenges coming!

07-25-2008, 04:06 AM
Hi everyone

feel like a "bad girl" hanging out here and not being in bed. Really been working on getting to bed early and then of course an early rise and shine to have a productive day of exercise, meditation, healthy foods and making bird houses for our up coming three fairs in August-But here I sit well after 11 pm writing and drinking a very yummy glass of white wine. Read in bed in this morining for a while with a very large cup of fully leaded coffee.-I love caffeine. All this healthy living is very trying.

The low scores of my physical fitness skills has been so sobering that I have been following my food plan well- I have been well under the 1600 limit for days so hence the wine-went out to dinner with some folks and only had tomatoe salad and roasted red peppers and crab soup-I did good!

Right now the mature adult who wants to lose weight in order to increase mobility and agility is winning over the implusive "must have this " overeater. I know I have the ability to eat any thing but only by seriously reducing my foods can my healthy improve.

Maryblu-thanks for the tip on Weil- I just got his cd on meditation for better healthy which Dh and I will use tomarrow. I love Boz- saw him in a small club in San Francisco in the late 60's about 10 people in the club and he was great- I was a social worker in SF when something callled "Hippies" started in there-that was a fun time. Then about 4 years ago he played in Fort Bragg Ca- a town north of us in Mendocino county- in small auditorium as his first show after his son's tragedy and saw him there again. On Sat we hear Ron Thompson and the Resistors in our little town-another SF guy who focuses on the blue.

BBE-that Roberta Flack song is a theme for Dh and myself-we had known each other for years and then that magical moment when we really saw each other's face changed it all. Ouch on the dropping of the weights! -looking for DVD on beginning weight lefting for me now. Yes been at the pool the last week and only a bit of orange in the air now from the fires.

onebyone-that site is a riot about the cakes-loved it. Admire your productivity and doing all the fairs. Can Dh not share the candy-mine keeps his in the garage but I swear at time I can smell it and beg him to share it.

shrinkin-yeah 7 lbs in 2 weeks. I miss using food to get extra energy when dragging-do not think it really worked but had a really pattern to overeat when tired. Much credit to you not to do that. Hope you had a good swim.

HI to Heidi-enjoy your summer-I found they went way too fast-looking for the cook book you mentioned at the libary

KulhJeannie-You are one busy lady-hope the cake decorations goes well. Much credit for the winning of the thin thinking!! I get so tired of pushing myself but must admit I often feel a sense of victory (after a bit of time) after not giving in to doing the unhealthy act.

much healthy to you all


07-25-2008, 06:08 AM
Diet Coaches – First long walk at lunch in a while. CREDIT moi. Made it to Trader Jo's for some pecan halves and walnut halves. I feel invigorated just walking through that store. Love that they sell bananas for 19 cents each. Bought four Gala Apples from Chile for 49 cents each. Nice to just wallow about in whole food.

Yep, MaryBlu, CD#3 was The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack

CD#4 from 13 CD’s for $1:Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
and when i knew i had to face another day
lord it made me feel so tired.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Savoring the thought of "tomato salad and roasted red peppers and crab soup." Yep, ya done good. Kudos.

MaryBlu - Now I know someone who actually saw Boz Scaggs in 1976. That's so cool.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Watching the blur go by. Good luck on your flowers. Forming an image of El Nino kneading fondant before he is walking, LOL.

onebyone – Naughty DH; Ouch for gummy candy as trigger food. Still reveling in the forward step you took with yesterday's evaluation at the gym. Good luck with the painting for your big show. None of the 13 CDs have anything by Meatloaf, LOL.

shrinkin - Ouch for the morning funk. Congrats for 7 pounds in two weeks. Drooling for your sushi. Kudos for Calories OK. No doubt that Linda Ronstadt also sang The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

freer - Kudos for strengthening your resistance muscle. Here's the link from Suzanne 3FC about signatures: Oops, it's 30 days and 30 posts.

Readers – "During the past 20 years, I’ve learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. During this time, I discovered a number of crucial factors. For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Choose a nutritious diet. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-25-2008, 07:07 AM
Up at 4 am for the third day in a row. Am not sleeping well and it is sure showing on me. Water intake low yesterday I think. Calories Ok, but did not make it to the pool. I know it is just a slip...but I see the slope downhill (as in that slippery slope). I battled with food desire for what seemed like the whole day. For the most part, won. I did have some pecans last night that were not on my plan. So, another slip. I am afraid of allowing myself slips if they appear to be healthy foods....easy rationalization of out of control eating? So, I am a bit unnerved today. Today is Day 16: Unplanned appropriate.

Work productivity also down from no sleep. Cant afford that to keep happening with deadlines approaching.

BillBlueEyes-Credit to you for the walk and all the healthy bargain hunting. I can hear the song in my head, but cant ID the artist. Sure identify with the uninspired and the tired.

CoastalSue-Kudos for getting your fitness eval and then taking action! Big credits for your healthy dinner and being OP on your food.

MaryBlu-Thanks for the Andrew Weil rec. I have seen several websites by him.

Freer-20 days and 20 posts will pass pretty quickly! Congrats on being OP and for sticking with reading Beck. I am on Day

Kuhljeanie-Hope the sugarpaste goes well. Keep flexing your R muscle. Wonder if working around all the sugar and flour increases temptation? Or do you get immune from being around it so much?

Onebyone-you have already put those gummies behind you. Really funny cake me smiling inspite of myself.

Coffee is done, so I am off for a cup while I read Beck. Good morning to you all! It is a "picking myself up by my bootstraps" kind of day for me.

07-25-2008, 08:43 AM
Good Morning coaches !:coffee:

I have to get right to it but wanted to stop by first.
I've been faithfully filling in the boxes of the foodlog. I don't consider myself an evening snacker and yet both evenings I've been recording I eat something between 8 and 9:30pm. It's just a little somethinsomethin--meatloaf and gummies one night, strawberries and 1oz of cheese last night. Maybe I always do this? How could I not know? What I do know is that going to bed totally hungry unnerves me--makes me feel anxious, some nights more than others. I am sure an evening snack is perfectly fine as long as it's planned and in line with the rest of day calorie-wise.

This morning I've got odds and ends to wrap up for the art show tomorrow and then I have to be at the school to unload the kiln around noon and then I meet with last year's painting teacher, at a bar, (his suggestion) to discuss working together this coming year. I had a brainstorm of an idea a few days ago and we'll see what he thinks of it. I can't stay long this afternoon because I will need to be back home, completing things. It is a very busy day for me... and all this prep and the show could be post-poned to Sunday if the forecast looks grim. We've had a lot of rain and if it looks like rain Saturday (as judged by the show organizers at 8 pm tonight according to the weather channel--we will get an email about it) then we will shift the show to the Sunday. Which, for me, means I wouldn't be at the Sunday Farmer's Market, thereby cutting my income-making possibilities for the weekend in half. I think we'll be on for tomorrow though. You have to be prepared for a little rain if you sell at outdoor shows! Come on people! Bring a tarp-or one of these --->:rain: Gotta run! I'm behind already! at 8 am! ugh!

07-25-2008, 09:23 AM
Good morning All,

My weigh-in this morning was for my weekly one and I gained a pound. But I had prepared myself for it because I'd eaten some pretty salty stuff yesterday. I'm amazed how unfazed I am by the gain. It also may be that I saw better numbers earlier in the week, so I feel today's number doesn't reflect where I'm really at.

Since it's Friday, I've planned an off-plan meal and it's making me a little nervous. I'm worried it will become a slippery slope. I have planned the meal for lunch but then for dinner tonight we're going with another couple to a restaurant. Can I eat a plan-conscious meal in a restaurant? I've never tried it so I guess I'll just have to see. Either way, that seems like it will be two scary challenges (lunch and dinner) for me today. I have prepared to read Beck on getting back on track after tonight. If there are any other Beck words of wisdom for this particular 'challenge' I'd love to hear them.

I have not been brave enough to try Beck's experiment with putting too much food and a food not on plan on my plate so that I can push it away. That just seems quite scary at this point. I suppose I should try this after I have been on firm on-plan footing for a few days. Starting from a mindset of on-plan strength. Anyone have any good stories to tell about trying this out?

BBE - Thanks for letting me know about the 30 posts in 30 days rule.

shrinkin - I often have stranger sleeping patterns now that I'm approaching menopause. What sometimes works for me is to just take 1 or 2 Benadryl when it's time to go to bed. Sometimes it just helps to 'break' a bad sleep pattern cycle. They're not addictive and they can really help you sleep. If I find myself waking up at say 1 a.m., depending on when I have to wake up, I sometimes take 1 at that point, instead of at bedtime. I realize Benadryl doesn't make everyone sleepy, but if it makes you that way, you may want to try it. Costco sells their house brand Benadryl for like $3 for a giant bottle.

07-25-2008, 11:31 AM
Normally don't post back this quick, but I had to come back to say that the big tug on my bootstraps and a little music (OK and some coffee) and thinking of you folks on 3FC did the trick. Seriously, after my post and thinking about BBE and his CDs, decided to turn on the CD player for some company. Hard to be down listening to James Taylor. Made breakfast and decided to "finish off" cooking the package of bacon....Yup, the last FIVE strips hit the plate. But I just stared at them for a while, listening to James and thinking about having to record and post a report of all that bacon. Must have just looked at it for 10-15 min, just sitting there at arms length. Finally, moved 3 strips over to one side of the plate, slowly ate the rest. After another 20 min of looking at it, put the 3 strips in the frig. Felt so IN CONTROL. Read my day's chapter of Beck. By then, it was 6:30 am...and with the momentum up...decided to hit the pool before work. "If you want the advantages, you just have to exercise. NO CHOICE." WOW! What a quick turn around. Beck talks about this, but I was never sure I would get it. I am feeling so many credits right now, don't think I can count them.

Thanks to all of you for your posts! I am beginning to feel that I can make it all the way to goal. I am sure the dead tired feeling from lack of sleep will come back latter today, but at least the day has already been salvaged.

Freer, thanks for your concern about the sleep. I am there with you on the fear issues. Like you, I was afraid of that loading the plate and pushing it back task. I think there will come a time when you are ready for it. It will be soon. Maybe, like me it will take you by surprise. Keep reading and thinking about and you'll be ready. Kudos for taking today's challenges head on! You are doing great!

07-25-2008, 11:45 AM
Checking in,afraid I had a little setback at a family party las night.Ate quite a bit and had cake and icecream I was not planning on. Part of the trouble was going there very hungry and not eating enough earlier in the day.Had some chips and dip that had too much salt and weight was up 2 pounds after down 1 pound yesterday.I know the gain was the salt and I am getting right back on track today but I have a dinner out tonight with friends from work at a new buffet in the casino.We have the Mohegan Sun Casino here in town and they just expanded and have a Timbers buffet.I am sure they will have alot of fruits and veggies that I will make the most of and one small dessert.Afraid the actual gambling may be more of a temptation but I will not do that either!Official weigh in for me Sat.

07-25-2008, 11:56 AM
happy friday all!

falling over tired, and i have many miles to go before i rest. the flowers are done, and i made it to bed before 1:00 am, so that's good, right? blech. really hungry today - it's a combination of not enough leptin production and not enough food yesterday. i was so engrossed with my sugarpaste etc. i inadvertently skipped some meals and found hunger more annoying than a call to action. (muy interesting for me, since i always thought "forgetting" to eat was a mythical beast invented by skinny people to make fun of us heavy folks.) i was also shocked to discover via the magical monitor that i burned 2800 calories yesterday. 2800??? how the heck did THAT happen? rolling fondant is physically demanding, sure, but whew. apparently and counter-intuitively, cake decorating appears to have some aspects that support weight loss. who knew. :) and to answer shrinkin's question, i'm closer to immune than when i started, but still far from it. there are basic cakes and icings that don't have nearly the appeal they did when i started. i already know what they taste like, and they always taste the same. good, but nothing special. when i try new things, though, i'm all over the place. sometimes i can walk on by (see: spice cake) and sometimes it's all i can do to keep from licking the bowls and the beaters clean (see: new chocolate cake recipes.) i really have to find my chocolate cake recipe, because trying out different ones stresses ye olde resistance muscle something fierce. check back with me in a year - hopefully, by then, even the idea of eating cake will make me yawn.

freer, i just wanted to ask if you noticed you used the word "scary" twice in your last post? curious because i'm thinking you're not really scared of eating in a restaurant, or deliberately putting too much food on your plate. is it really a fear of losing control and not being able to get it back? just wondering. and WONDERFUL! way of dealing with the scale fluctuations. i feel like i've finally gotten my head around that too! i haven't seen a change in those numbers in months, but my pants were fitting more strangely somehow - i realized the legs were pulling at the thigh in a weird way, but then figured it out. my hips are slightly smaller, so they're riding a little lower, and the crotch is now too low, hence the pulling. ah HA! scale not telling the whole story. mazel tov!

onebyone ! what a great piece of awareness about the evening snack. even better to simply take it and say, oh, i do this - need to work it into my plan. cool cool cool! good luck with all the work! i feel you on that, sister.

bill, you make me feel like a natural woman. seriously. :) el nino would definitely help if he could, but his "help" tends to be mimicking me in all the worst ways (trying to play with the burners on the grill, going after the knives, taking bottles out of the fridget and shaking them, etc.) at this point i'm relegated to working after he's in bed for the night, which makes for late nights. i'll give him another year or two before i put him to work. those little fingers will be great with small detail pieces. ;)

sue, best best wishes on your continued path to fabulousness! have you seen that picture of helen mirren in a bikini that's been all over the internet? it's crazy inspirational that a woman in her 60's can have such a bangin' bod. you keep plugging like you do and they'll be saying that stuff about you. more victorious thinking ahead! :)

cheers everyone...miles to go before i rest (tomorrow afternoon at a pool party. dh is taking el nino for the afternoon and i'm going solo. ahhhh!) happy weekend!

almost forgot - anniversary cake. didn't turn out as pristine as i would have liked, but it's pretty. terrible lighting for the picture - make it out as best you can.

07-25-2008, 12:25 PM
Morning all,

off to go swimming now-but had post to BBE now I'll have that tune by Aretha-Natural woman-in my head all day-fun challenges but then it is said long term memory is better for us oldsters.


07-25-2008, 01:41 PM
Hi coaches,
Swinging by right now. I am falling........ help.... so, I am here to reset my "ON PROGRAM" button officially right this second. For my own accountability, I would like to write out what my day will be like and what I am going to do to take good care of myself.
now-2 pm: clean kitchen, get dressed, go with dd to hike with the doggies-we will find out where that trail that we always go on for only a short spell and then turn around leads..we can do this today since we will be bringing or water bottles and fanny packs (dd MUST have a fanny pack for a long hike...). Food for me: packed turkey sandwich, lots of veggies, juicy nectarine and water
2-4 dd has soccer camp. I will make a few phone calls and then READ for an hour-watch dd for the other hour. Food: fruit smoothie
4-? drive up to Seattle and have dinner with my dad and my bro (who is here from Minneapolis)-always healthy options at my dad's at dinner time... no worries there. No dessert for me tonight-lots of water though and fun times with family.

kuhljeanie: that cake is just

Sue: you are inspiring me with your motivation and determination. It is really wonderful that you and dh are able to work toward your goals together.

07-25-2008, 02:18 PM
kuhljeanie - How perceptive! I AM afraid of losing control! I just had my off-plan "planned" lunch and I definitely overate. There was something in my mind that was telling me, take it all in! You won't see this food for at least another week!

However I am noticing some sort of change in my mind in that, typically, I would say, hmmm, well since today's the day I give myself one off-plan meal, why not make a day of it??!! So far, I don't have that feeling.

I'm nervous about what I will eat at the restaurant tonight. One problem is I'm not sure where we're going so I haven't been able to look at the menu online. I think I'll read Beck for a little reinforcement.

07-25-2008, 05:11 PM
just a quick note.....

Im playing hooky from the shop today and tomorrow. Dd and my stepgrandaughter spent time in the pool, I got most of august's newsletter done and ALL the laundry! :cb: :cb: Who would have thought getting laundry all done would be an exciting thing.

Hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight. (pray for me) I am going to do my best to not over-do it. We are going to a fancy schmancy place, and I have to find something to wear that fits......that isnt work attire, or business stuff. :rolleyes:

Have a great day everyone!

07-25-2008, 09:21 PM
RobinW-sometimes just checking off a job as done, even laundry, lifts the spirits. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you tonight. Kudos for getting the mind ready ahead of time.

freer-hang in there. You can do it, but if you have any little slip tonight...just get back on track!

hbuchwald-kudos for resetting your buttons to "OP"!

coastalsue and BBE-after someone said "Aretha" all I've been hearing in my head is R-E-S-P-E-C-T...sock it to me, sock it to me. :)

07-25-2008, 10:15 PM
Thanks shrinkin' your right!

I overate at dinner, but I made good choices. I had the chicken parm, with garlic green beans instead of the pasta.

Thing is the sauce was sooooooooo good, I could have eaten with a spoon like a soup.

I should have kept half of it for tomorrow, but I flubbed up on that one. It sure was good tho :D

07-26-2008, 04:00 AM
evening all,

Have ended this week with alot of nice changes-but I am tired-really working at pushing myself in a lot of little ways to get more exercise-more walking, standing and much less sitting time in general-Every time I think oh that is too hard I say it is hard because of all of the extra weight-right now it seems to undermind any sabataging thoughts and current really staying on plan. I think the horrible scores I got on those tests dealing with strength, speed and endurance have really let me know make changes now or I'll move like a a frail 85 yr old at 66. I always managed to do so much physical stuff-hiking, biking, sailing, camping until about 55 yrs inspite of the extra weight then got mono from a student and really lost a lot of strength and gained more weight-boy do I want to change things!! This is the good side of truly facing reality!! can do the work to make the changes and have stopped condeming myself for getting so fat.-In the past I would feel so horrible about myself and then deal with it by overeating more. Such a common pattern for me. Right now I am only focusing on the changes versus criticizing all my decades of overeating mistakes-that is a hugh thing for me.

Big challenge will be this weekend-company coming-meals to make, wines about the house, great blues concert to go to-listening to the blues just seems to require alcohol as part of the event-Going for one glass of wine there and 2 bottles of water from home.

BBE- Last night had dinner with a Bostonian- she joked about the west coast loving crab and the east coast only liking Lobster-personally love them both.

Robin W-glad you enjoyed your meal-sometimes when food is super good I start slowly tasting it to figure what they put in it.

shrinkin-What a great posting about the bacon-powerful resisting muscles you are developing there!! Hope sleep come quickly soon-It is one of my common battles also-

freer-great attitude about the scale surge ( I was up 2 lb from the meal of soup and salad from the resturante-DH was up 3lbs- the power of salt)
Maybe you could start the leaving food on your plate in small steps-like something you do not really like, a banana with peel still one, then build up to a favored item. I really had that attitude that one "mistake" was an entire days of unhealthy eating-much credit to move beyond-I never had a skinny friend who would binge after overeating for the rest of the day,but I sure tried it.

Heidi-much success on doing all those step on to be on program-I fully understand those days of not quite in control but knowing out of control isn't what I want either. I felt like I was treading water-going nowhere but no sinking back to old ways either-keep hanging in you are going to be successful!!

KulhJeannie-You are one busy and focused lady-may you have more rest this weekend. YOur cake looked great-the icing seemed to lace about the cake-beautiful. That Helen is amazing-tina Tuner is no sack of potatoes either-seen that woman sing/dance her heart on stage and in increditable heels also-the guys do the same but in flat shoes and about 25 yrs younger.

onebyone-may there sun this weekend for you.

success to all

07-26-2008, 08:05 AM
Diet Coaches – Did my gym. After twice failing to hoist the 50# dumbbells I dropped back to the 45#s. Oh Well. Feel disappointed, but I fear that I was about to hurt myself. 50#s dropped on my chest could be worse than an embarrassment. Dinner included fresh green beans from DW's garden. Thank you sunshine and mother earth. Do love the bounty of summer.

Yep, Jean (kuhljeanie) and Sue (CoastalSue), CD#4 was You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman) by Aretha Franklin.

CD#5 of the 13 CD’s for $1: So DW walks thru the room when this is playing and, without so much as pausing, says "Why are you playing <xxx>?" with that smirk reserved for people married forever because she knows that I know that she knows that I expected her to not remember this group and she did. I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is, gee whiz
I'm dreamin' my life away

Sue (CoastalSue) - Ouch that you're tired. Kudos for pushing yourself with exercise. You continue to inspire me by confronting the changes of aging. Good luck with your visitors this weekend.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - An exploration down a mysterious path. What fun. Sounds like you are in your Heidi struggles with summer place and working hard to structure yourself out of it. Kudos for showing us all how to confront that which is sending us off path.

wendy (wendylan) - Good luck with the buffet - those are hard for me also. Kudos for such clarity on your eating and for getting right back on track.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Just WOW at 'burned 2800 calories yesterday.." That's moving about. Thinking of the zillions we can make on The Fondant Diet, LOL. Cake looks terrific. Methinks you are a harsh judge of your work.

onebyone – Arrrgh... busy with uncertainty. Good luck at your markets this weekend. Sending thoughts to customers to raise high their umbrellas and shop in the rain.

Robin (RobinW) - Savoring the thought of those "garlic green beans." Good choices.

shrinkin - Wonderful story of zapping the bacon with NO CHOICE. Kudos to James Taylor for that, LOL. Trying to shake the ear worm R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

freer - As for leaving food on the plate: It took me several tries to complete that step. At home, it helps if I get up and remove the food to, say, a container to go in the fridge. It's still hard for me to push back from the table with the food still there. As for the restaurants: I do better when I plan plan plan before I go. I don't have to plan my specific order, just plans like: no bread and dips, sane entree, no desert except for a bite from DW's. If I arrive cold, I have this feeling that it's all different and I don't know what to do. Good luck.

Readers – "...For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Create time and energy for dieting. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-26-2008, 08:53 AM
Morning coaches!

Not much to report after my posts yesterday. Slept GREAT last night.,,,finally! Cals OK and exercise OP. I will be going to the Lake House alone today. DH got back after midnight last night and leaves again at 4 am tomorrow. So, he will miss the "fun". This is a cleaning trip and need to take sheets and towels out for company next weekend. But will enjoy the lake and will get my water walking in there (assuming good weather). May not post tomorrow depending on internet quirks.

BBE-Kudos for showing good judgement over those weights and for showing us how to take a disappointment. OH WELL. I need some mental work on that area. Green beans sound heavenly. I know CD #5 and the group...but won't spoil the fun for the others. Let's just say..."all I have to do is....". Heard that song way too many times from a guy I knew in college. Think I will keep Aretha in my head for today!

Coastalsue-Big thanks for your posts and big CREDITS to you. Facing reality is hard work. The tired must be a "good kind of tired". Keep going with your focus on the changes! I feel with you about that being critical part. One of my ARC reasons for losing is to be less critical of myself...just now realizing that being less critical is actually HOW you lose. You and onebyone have inspired me to add "getting a fitness eval done" to my plan...not sure when, but it has to happen.

Think I responded to everyone else in my multiple posts over the day yesterday, sorry if I missed anyone. :dizzy:

Wishing all a great weekend!

07-26-2008, 10:42 AM
Good morning All,

Well dinner last night at the restaurant proved to be easier than I thought due to the restaurant's help!

First off, I was still not THAT hungry after overeating at lunch. That helped. I'd read their menu online and had a few ideas of what I was going to get.

When we got there, I couldn't believe it when I decided to order soup and salad! Is this ME??? Anyway, the soup came and after eating about half of it, I decided I really didn't like it too much and instead of eating it all, I stopped! (thank you, Restaurant!)

Then, the dinner took more than 45 minutes to come! We'd planned on eating there before going to an 8 o'clock show. The service was just horrible. The 4 of us actually ended up giving up, and cancelling our order! I don't think I"ve ever done that, but this was ridiculous. So, ultimately, for dinner I just had maybe a cup of soup! (thank you, crappy Restaurant!)

So, ultimately, with the assistance of the restaurant, my first foray into the world of restaurant eating on Beck was a breeze!

The scale is up for the second day in a row but I am choosing not to stress as I've had a LOT of salt in my diet and I only went off plan for my planned- off-plan lunch yesterday. I have confidence it will start going down again soon.

BBE thanks for the tip on attempting to push food off of my plate. That sounds like a good way to ease into it.

Have a great day!

07-26-2008, 07:14 PM
Just checking in,I am so busy this weekend with work and getting ready for vac.Official weigh in day,down 4 pounds this week.Good day,got a 20 min walk in at work.I will post more on Monday.

07-26-2008, 10:58 PM
Coastalsue: Great job on not beating yourself up and with your resolve to stay on plan. It is such a struggle to overcome habits that we have spent a lot of our lives doing. You are in a great frame of mind!!!

BillBlueEyes: I am impressed with teh 45 lbs... What am I saying? I am impressed that you are so consistent with getting to the gym!!!

shrinkin: So glad you could sleep last night! Yes, it is inspiring to think of getting a fitness eval-scary but inspiring.

freer: The restaurant gods were in your favor last night-that was a great way to ease into it. Bummer that the service was not so good-hope the rest of the night was better.

Not much to say here-sort of a lazy day for dd and I. We both stayed in our jammies until 2 pm!!! I puttered and cleaned for a spell, then we read a lot of books together and then I took a nap. WOW! After that, we got dressed and went out into the big bad world of "community festival". It was mediocre but dd was happy as a clam to receive "free things" (BBE can relate...:) ). We got a lunchbox for kindergarten and poked around some shops together. It is fun to hang with her-always has been but I am enjoying how much more she can communicate as she gets older. It becomes more mutually beneficial I think-not as much of me doing stuff that I REALLY don't want to do (exception today is community festival). Oh well-who knows when or IF I would have gotten out of jammies if she weren't there.... now I am cleaning stuff out and cooking a bit of healthy stuff to keep in the fridge for the week. Not doing perfectly on my plan but trying to praise myself for the good stuff and cut slack on the TEMPORARY bad stuff.

You guys are really the best. All these songs sound familiar, some I could sing the whole thing but have no clue who sang them.. fun puzzle BBE-thanks!

07-26-2008, 11:05 PM
OMG, BillBE, this is seriously memory lane. Fortunately, SO is a real whiz at this. While he was wooing me, he was always quoting the oldies. Now he just does dumb stuff that makes me laugh. :-) Everyday, night and

CD # 5 is The Everly Bros. I did love that song!

CoastalSue, what a break through! It truly sounds as if you have had that moment. The one that breaks through and signals it is time for change. I have always felt for you that you were so hard on yourself..And just imagine, now you have the Beck tools, and all of us to keep supporting you. I just love hearing the change in your thinking! (And am seriously envious of your access to good blues.) Your post spoke to me on a personal level as next bd is 55...granted, almost a year away, but quite a round # and I certainly want to keep feeling as great as I do is just so cool to move and go up hills and drag hoses, and saddle a horse and not feel that it is all a burden..and that is certainly how it used to be.

I echo the sentiments of BillBE and the bounties of summer. Today was the first day I sensed the change in summer...different smell, different sound, different feel, certainly different light. Have some ripe Cherry Tomatoes, not far off from cukes and the "real" tomatoes. The ground actually gets harder this time of summer...seriously! It does. As much as I love summer, and this change signals the last third of it, I do love it..always have...remember noticing this as a kid...just that awareness of the change.

Keep up the good work, all; enjoy your summer.

07-27-2008, 05:49 AM
Diet Coaches – Mediocre performance at a 3-6pm birthday party where a full meal was served on appetizer plates. I didn't plan adequately, expecting, maybe, light appetizers. So, with much encouragement from the hostess, I made multiple passes by the serving table over the course of a terrific party. Restricted myself to good enough choices - shrimp, broccoli and other veggies dipped in guacamole, cut fruit especially water melon. Except for those little meat balls. Oh Well. But, did take a really small piece of carrot cake. CREDIT moi. At the farmers' market I bought field tomatoes, grape tomatoes, 1 huge heirloom tomato, Romaine Lettuce, cukes, and zucchini.

Yep, shrinkin and MaryBlu, CD#5 was All I Have to Do Is Dream by The Everly Brothers.

CD#6 of the 13 CD’s for $1 (OK, so no one will get this): I listen to my words but
They fall far below
I let my music take me where
My heart wants to go
I swam upon the devil's lake
But never, never never never
I'll never make the same mistake
No, never, never, never

MaryBlu - Neat observations about summer. I did read on the Internet that Minisotans have 47 words for dirt, LOL. Drooling over your garden - ship some cherry tomatoes east; DW's cherry tomatoes fizzled this year.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - I just love hearing the tales of DD and hearing how aware you are of their transient nature. Kudos for being aware of your eating and giving yourself credit rather than beating yourself up when it is "TEMPORARY" that the glass is half full.

wendy (wendylan) - Congrats on 4 pounds down. Kudos for your walk at work. Have a nice vacation.

shrinkin - Yea for "Slept GREAT." Have a nice water walk in the lake.

freer - Ouch for an awful restaurant experience. Kudos for seeing it as helpful for sticking to your eating plan.

Readers – "...For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Plan what and when you’re going to eat. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-27-2008, 08:54 AM
Good Morning coaches.

It's Sunday and I've just eaqtena poor breakfast. I'm in a rush an opted for take out breakfast as I rushed to the bank to get $ for the art in the park today, postponed from yesterday due to rain. It's sunny now and will stay, probably, mostly sunny for the day wiht some rain in the afternoon... probably. But the show's a go oday no matter what. I went to my Saturday market yesterday so I still get two days of selling, but my friend was counting on the Sat art show as he doesn't have a sat market like me and was looking for that extra cash bump-up. It just reminds me that the short short weeks of summer have to be pushed full steam. It's all over so fast!
And everyone is complainging about all the rain but to me, it's been sunny and hot! A good summer! I haven't even noticed the rain:?: But I like downpours and thunderstorms so I'm good:D

I hear DH in the car, Time to re-pack the car. We are trying to get an impossible amount of things into the car as usual. He's really good at that! Loves playing Tetris don't-ha-know! The Yin to my Yang in the packing realm!

Oh really gotta go... Have agood sunday. will check in tonight.

07-27-2008, 11:11 AM
Hello everyone!

I have been spending the past few days reading the posts for July, trying to get a grip on how you guys do things before I post. However, today is Day 6- Find a Diet Coach, and it said I could use the Internet, which I think will work best for me. It said to discuss the following, so here goes:

Change in weight this week: don't know yet, I weigh in on Tuesday.

Successes this week: Wrote my advantages card, and have been reading it religiously. Picked my two diet plans: Weight Watchers and Sparkpeople. Sat every time while eating: no problem, I actually go out of my way to sit while eating. Giving myself credit: I set up a great reminder system - I have a sticky note with credit statements on it that I keep in my food log journal. I stick it where I have to move it in order to write my food down. Works great for me!

Challenges this week: eating slowly and mindfully. Only on the second day of trying this, and have only done it with two meals. ( I guess I should give myself credit for doing that, though!) We went out to dinner last night, and while I ordered healthy (yay me) I was so busy talking to my husband and corralling my kids that before I knew it I looked down and my food was gone. It was my favorite (boiled shrimp) and I didn't even really enjoy it.

Sabotaging thoughts I've had: Silly to give myself praise. It seems weird, almost fake when I do it. I've had a few genuine moments, and repeating them the following day helps - as in : "Remember skipping that snack yesterday? You didn't starve to death, and made it to dinner just fine! Do it again today." Any other thoughts would be helpful, as the list of credits on my sticky note are starting to get old.

A little about me: I am a 38 year old female, married with two kids: 5 year old boy and an 8 month old daughter. I teach 5th grade Science and am on summer vacation.

Thanks for listening!
Lisa Marie

07-27-2008, 04:09 PM
Hey all.....its me angelmomma210...I am here in IN and boy has it been a week. Was with brother this last week from sunday until thursday and all that he and my neice did was eat and plan video games. I never have eaten so much...not as much as I could have. They had alot of sugar and that is one thing that I did not have alot of. We are now in IN and I am more in control. It is very hot here...for me and dh anyway. The humidity is high and I have been really glad for the a/c in the car. Will be going out for dinner with dh's family tonight and tomorrow night. Not sure where we are going but planing on doing alot better than last week. Will try to check in tomorrow. Thanks for listening. Did get some fruit and veggies to snack on in the hotel room.

07-27-2008, 05:05 PM
Hello all,

the blue's concert was so great-so much energy in the music-some super slide guitar work, and some plain old fun dancing- a surprise bonus of the extra physical push I have been doing was that able to dance some-it has been a decade- Dh and I felt so young and free amidst that passionate music.

Was able to remain on program during our dinner- made a very good low fat meat, multi veggies meal- no butter, no bread, no dessert- yet the guests were very gracious and positive-In the past I felt I "had" to include all those high carb things to be a good hostess-then I would be so tempted and would overindulge in them. Big step for me to go from "let them eat cake" to "let them eat veggies".

Welcome Science Queen-Many good people here and great support for folowing the Beck Diet. Yeah. that giving ourself credit as been an awkward tasks for many of us-I am an expert at critiqueing myself on how to do it better versus just appreciating my successes. Sometimes I now just pat myself on the back with my thought of Hey, another great an healthy change. Really believe each change/ Beck exercise/healthy action is foundation for new healthy habits.
I think being mindful on one's food with young children in resturante is not possible (unless the kids are sleeping).

BBE-sound like very good choices made at the gathering-love the line of "much encouragment by the hostess"-that is a tough combination-good foods and someone pleading with us to have more (which we really want to do any way plus we get a sense of appreciation from the hostess for "accommodate" her. I think you handles it with alot of moderation-

Maryblu-It is kind of amazing we know each other only by posting and yet you said something my close friends say to me -you are too hard on your self. It is nice to start being much more accepting and appreciative of myself. Truly rasied with that midwest idea of remaning unassuming. Keep up your good work to remain active for the next 30 yrs!
your writings of the joys of seasons and thier rich subtle changes are wonderful. We get some sense of that by watching the ocean-its color, waves, fog and the angle of the setting sun with the time of year.

onebyone-good luck on the sales!! It is so much work to load and unload all the stuff for market-may you burn off any extra calories from the "poor breakfast" dieting takes alot of work and prep in a busy day.

Heidi-great to hear you relaxing and sharing such rich time with DD. Very soon you will be rested enought to take on get back on that "Beck Wagon"-much credit in that you still keeping up with the "wagon" posting, be aware, cooking healthy meals ect.

Wendylan Inspiring 4 lb loss-plus the 20 minute walk-much credit

Shrikin-hurray for good night sleep-Spend my childhood in Northern Mn and loved going to cabins by the "lake" think that is here my love of swmiming was set. For the longest time I wouldn't even go into a swimming pool-small and stunk of chlorine-finally got used them. Thanks for the support and much credit back to you for your continued success on being on program.

Freer-What a great attitude toward the horrible resturante food and service-love the humor about it-much credit!! Right attitude about the scale dancing about-it just happens but eventually it always goes down when staying on program .

Hi anglemomma 210-good luck in IN -sound like you are with alot of family and you are seeing the difference on how they eat and how you would like to eat. Much credit for the fruit and veggie snacks!

success to all

07-27-2008, 10:00 PM
Hello Coaches

Wow. What a day. We left at 8am. Set up by 10 am. Sold until 7 pm. Chatted until 7:45pm. And then stopped for a snack and a beverage on the way home and now it's 8:38pm. Long day. I am tired. My food gets so screwed up during these selling/show weekends. I really work right up until I can't work any more. Go to bed. Try to sleep not think. Have not even had the thought of packing food for the coming day and then just "deal with it". As BBE once put it, when faced with the stress we regress.... or of he didn't say that he should have! (whoa. I am tired). Anyway...

So had take out breakfast from McD at 7am. Had lunch/dinner (ham and cheese sandwich, two black plums, limeade drink) at 4:30pm. Two coffees in between with cream. DH showed up with TacoBell tacos at 5:30. (10! Special deal of special price for 5 x 2). Had two even though I was full. Did not want to disappoint DH for his thoughtfulness. Shared the rest of the tacos with my neighbours and friends. Then packed up super fast under serious thunderstorm downpour threat. Luckily it passed on by but we really moving fast to get it all torn down and packed away before the storm hit. Phew! Tough after a long hot day. And I am totally red. The UV rays sure found me today. Wow. Even my eyes feel burned if that can be. Tim, my neighbour and best friend, said it was the wind. Oh yea. The wind. It whipped around our booth most of the day. Several paintings had their hanging wires on the backs of the paintings snapped due to so much twisting in the wind. Spent many minutes chasing paintings and hoping they don't conk onlookers on the noggin, or take out an eye! yikes!

Oh. wow. It's not 9 and it's getting dark. *sigh* the season is shifting... I saw my first golden rod yesterday. A long time ago someone told me that when the golden rod is out everywhere fall is around the corner. So, one does not Fall make. It's all right. Lots of summer left.

Better go. Tomorrow is a morning spent at the school loading the kiln, and my 2nd meeting with Nadine to go over my *gulp* honest foodlog. Geez. It couldn't be worse. She'll be making some recommendations to me and she is also going to go over the workout program she's created for me, all the moves and we'll figure out the settings. All uphill from here. It's really good my food is what it was. This really is me at my worst and most difficult. It'll be good to deal wiht this from a fresh perspective.

Have a good evening everyone.

07-28-2008, 04:04 AM
Hi coaches,
I love reading what you all are up to. I really enjoyed reading about Sue and her dh dancing-what FUN. And all of the fresh veggies Bill is finding at the farmers market...and the REALLY fresh ones that Mary is growing. The art showing and selling is a different world for me onebyone-I love having that window to see in-good luck tomorrow by the way-what a vulnerable feeling to show a foodlog to a fitness professional-I hope that the plan is realistic and as motivating to you as your first meeting was! sciencequeen: neat idea with the postit notes-sounds very "teacherish" (coming from a fellow teacher!). :) Welcome! Angelmomma: hang in there on your trip-kudos to you for giving yourself kudos for the good stuff!

Tomorrow I have a dr. visit and, while I am there, I am going to inquire about the sensewear option-if they have them there to lease to patients.

Continuing to struggle with focusing on weight loss....yes, Bill, you captured the whole thing-I am trying to create some sort of summer structure. Some friends teach summer school to do that-I think that next summer, I will take tennis lessons or something like that-not wanting to do summerschool yet. I am still wanting to be convinced that I can "do summer" in healthy and balanced ways that complement and not compete with my goals. I will write in my journal tonight about a possible sabotaging thought regarding summer being difficult... am I eating more with an excuse in mind? I must find my ZONE again!!!! Other possible reasons that I may be emotionally overeating are: time of month and upcoming family reunion-love them but they are anxiety producing at the same time-can anyone else relate? :) Also-the danskin triathlon is coming up and my training has been minimal. I am doing only the bike leg and am not terribly worried about not being able to finish and my goal is to finish not to win any awards. I am getting sort of freaked though. I am driving the course tomorrow so I can get the REALITY of what I need to do. Lots of exciting things but also can be stressful.

Off to bed. I don't need a sensewear armband to tell me that I am going to bed too late!!!

07-28-2008, 04:07 AM
Correction: I love the family reunions and NOT the time of the month... sorry BBE for the girlie talk....:)

07-28-2008, 05:52 AM
:welcome: Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post on, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck? And how did you find our discussion group here?

07-28-2008, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches – Dawdled because it might rain, might not. Finally went out for a walk with my raincoat in a backpack. Rain started before I reached the end of my street. Was great - walking in the summer rain is so nice I should have planned to do it rather than so much angst trying to avoid it. For a snack I had to choose between a peach and a croissant. Peach won. CREDIT moi.

OK, was a bit obscure. CD#6 was The Wind by Cat Stevens.

CD#7 of the 13 CD’s for $1: Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star
Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
Words like, when youre older, must appease him
And promises of someday make his dreams
And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Sue (CoastalSue) - Gotta love the new Sue Antoinette, "let them eat veggies!" Kudos for taking mastery of hostessing. Gleeful image of you and DH letting the blues go right into your souls and dancing under the sky. You are so moving forward.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Kudos for thinking about Sabotaging Thoughts instead of beating up on yourself. Sending positive thoughts for your triathlon training.

onebyone – Wow, what a day - "Burning the candle at both ends" as my grandmother used to say. Moved by your seasonal observation, "I saw my first golden rod yesterday." That motivates the CD choice today. Good luck with your session with your trainer tomorrow.

angelmomma210 - LOL at the thought of being more in control in Indiana. Kudos for eating "not as much as I could have." Great that you're planning ahead for eating out.

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – Kudos for bursting into Beck and getting so many of the first Program days working. Yep, I'm willing to be one of your diet coaches and ask you to diet coach me also. I also find the giving myself credit to be difficult. The first time that I tried, the only way I could do it was to coin the phrase "CREDIT moi" rather than "I deserve credit for ..." That helped. And then I kept practicing it, despite it feeling too much every time I wrote it in my journal. Now I routinely add it in my journal every day after I log my on-plan foods, after my walk entry, after my gym entry, and after completing an event on my ToDo list. The self consciousness has gone, and I do feel the benefit of giving myself credit. Glad you're with us.

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Seek support. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-28-2008, 08:13 AM
Good morning all,

hbuchwald, are you a teacher? I'm new to this board but your comments about an unstructured summer and friends who teach summer school made me think so.

This is my first summer in my second career as a teacher and it has been great being off for so long and having all of this time! As usual, it was always my plan to use this time to start a new diet. (That is a major pattern with me...starting a new diet beginning on some future date.)

What really happened is, I spent the first 6 weeks really eating out of control. There's no structure, there's no one to 'play' with, there's no one watching...woohoo! Eating party! All this time, I thought this period would be great due to low stress, but of course, I found it to be another opportunity to overeat.

Seeing how much weight you have lost tells me that you are great at losing weight! You should be very very proud. I'm ENVIOUS.

I don't really have any solutions obviously, but wanted to comment about the surprising difficulty I had when the stress factor (and structure) was removed from my life. Big surprise, as that's an easy thing to throw the blame on.

Fortunately, I found Beck halfway through the summer and it has been a godsend. In many ways it's like a loving adult in my life (really, in my head) who finally tells me NO. NO CHOICE. Eating is not an emergency. Giving me replacement thoughts for my sabotaging ones.

I'm using the last half of my summer vacation, getting back on track and it's such a mental relief. I'm hoping that in a few weeks, when 'stress' is reintroduced into my life in a big way, I'll at least have some tools and new habits to make it through.

07-28-2008, 09:33 AM
Good Morning coaches

After a long exhausting weekend I now face a long work week.
On today's agenda 1) unload the car with all the show display stuff and my paintings and other things 2) bring car back to rental place 3) get to school ASAP, load the big kiln and fire 4) hang around downtown (if really exhausted by then) or at the school until 1pm when I meet Nadine the Trainer at the gym 5) go over foodlog and set up workout program 6) hope to swim in their pool, or sit in the jacuzzi, or if not that then at least go and veg in the sauna before heading home. 7) get submission ready to mail off for local art show in the fall and other local art show, both with July 31st deadlines. STOP for the day.

Yikes. Anyway all I can think is "unload the car...unload the car...unload the car..." Somedays you just have to do it. DH is fast asleep so I will unload the car.

I've had my breakfast: peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread. Had another banana when I woke up. 2 :cb: bananas in me already.
Really want coffee. Will wait to get that on the way to drop off the car.

So I am hoping for an onplan day. Looking forward to looking over the foodlog with Nadine. Hoping she gives me a pile of empty foodlogs to fill out. They add a little pressure to me to stay on track. Even though I wasn't healthful eater, I was very much aware of all of my choices and what they were or weren't doing for me. This can only be good.

Will check in again later... everyone have a great summer day!

07-28-2008, 09:54 AM
Good Morning everyone.

Thanks for the welcome and the insightful thoughts on giving myself credit. It is getting easier, but slowly. Like last night, I realized (at like 10:00) that I hadn't had a Dr. Pepper. They are my nemesis/addiction and I have cut them down to one 8 oz can a day. I was super excited when I realized I had not had one all day. Makes me realize I CAN do it, and that the feeling I have when I want/crave one WILL go away.

How did I find Beck?
I started a one on one training session at Jazzercise. My instructor gave me a CD to listen to that was the introduction plus day 1 and 2. While listening to the introduction, many of the statements punched me in the gut. So, I went out and bought the book and haven't looked back.

How did I find the forum?
I was doing a Google search for the worksheets/checklists before I bought the book.

So, Day 7 - Arrange your Environment
Arranging my home went great - it was kind of fun! Didn't throw away much - already have lots of healthy foods for me and my family.
Trash: open bag of chopped pecans, half a bag of sweetened coconut, my son's Halloween candy.

Deep freeze:moved a Honey Carrot Cake to the deep freezer. We made it as a family the other night. My son loves Pooh, and in one story, they play outside in the snow, then go in and have hot cocoa and honey carrot cake that Rabbit made. He had been bugging me for a month to make it, so I did. He had a piece, and has forgotten about it. I'm going to ask my husband to take it to work tomorrow.

I also moved my smaller plates and bowls down to the lower shelf. an interesting concept I am eager to try out.

Arranging my work: When school starts up again, most of this will be easy. I don't keep snacks at work, and I take just enough to keep under my points and have a good dinner. My only problem at work is food in the teacher's lounge. I've gotten great at avoiding the lounge, especially if I know it's in there. I also don't go in there very often. However, when I do, if there's food out, it's usually very hard for me to resist. The book suggested asking people to keep it out of sight and put out a sign. ha, ha. If only the "civilian world" understood the heresy there. Food in the teacher's lounge is sacred. There's no way I could ask people to put it out of sight with a sign - I'll just have to avoid the lounge altogether. I usually just use it as a short cut, so I'll just go the long way - exercise is good for me!

07-28-2008, 10:09 AM
sciencequeen - We have a lot in common! I'm new to these boards, I'm also a teacher and a Jazzerciser! C'mon! We can do it! ;)

07-28-2008, 11:35 AM
monday all! the weekend wiped me out, but had some great stuff. the cake turned out great. it was hard to describe to the cust., but when she finally saw it she was really happy and pleased with it. good feeling! even better feeling to be finished with all that work. much akin to finishing a half marathon. every cake i do, i learn so much - next one is a batch of mini-cakes and i'm planning on using the pulled and poured sugar (isomalt) techniques i learned in my one and only official class. new skill to develop. there's so much to work on!

wish i had time to write everyone individually - so many neat things going on and getting worked on. having a little more success working my resistance muscle, but weekends are tough, tough, tough. took el nino to kings island yesterday to give dh some time to work on the house, and was unable to find anything remotely healthy to eat. if i'd had more time i would have cooked and packed - but with the cake making eating up so much free time, there's not been a lot of food prep for the week. we've got good cafeteria choices so i'm not too worried about it, but weekends are still hairy. hopefully my project management skills will get me through this and the upcoming move and everything else!

have a good one, y'all!

07-28-2008, 02:17 PM
Tough weekend for me. Unplanned eating both Saturday and Sunday resulting in about 300-400 extra calories each day. Saturday had a craving for salt. [Anyone got some reasonable salt/calorie recommendations?] Did not get out my list of mental tools to stop myself; resistance muscle is really flabby. Sabotage also in high gear: Heard myself saying things like "you know you will eventually give in" and "you can probably still not be too bad even if you have these". :devil: Had about one serving of potato chips, and managed to talk myself into stopping with almost all of the bag still intact. Small credit for at least thinking about it (not mindless) and for stopping before eating more.

Got back on plan right away and stayed there all day Sunday..until nighttime downfall of after dinner ice cream with an added insult of chocolate on top. :shrug: Not sure what happpened, but I think it was a combo of trolling and sabotage. Pretty clear that I have several weak spots...night time weekends alone (resisted well all day) and exaggerated weakness if I'm alone and don't post. Did keep my food log up and got in water exercise both Saturday and Sunday. Credits for those!

I am back on track today and will stay that way. NO CHOICE. I have reread my advantages card.[Missed that over the weekend]. Need to read Beck Day 19: Stop Fooling Yourself. Sounds like it may speak to my weekend thoughts.

kuhljeanie-Outstanding cake! Great sun and flowers! You are very talented. Sounds like a great time for you and el nino at Kings Island.

freer-Happy to hear that you are making great strides with Beck and reversing the sabotage habit. That is one of my challenges too.

sciencequeen:welcome2: Great job on arranging your environment! Many credits for ARC and for learning to give yourself credit. Many of us relative newbies are still practicing these good activities and waiting for them to become habits!

onebyone-congrats on the weekend show and kudos for your self honesty! Good luck with your session with Nadine and your food logs today. Credit for moving on with it!

BBE-Pat on the back for that rain walk and another one for selecting that peach. You got me on #7 ...must have been "before my time".:D

hbuchwald-Agree that structure is easier than no structure. Seems to provide built-in distraction. Credit to you for thinking about the challenges ahead of time, especially the family reunion and the triathalon. Hope to hear you find your! Kudos for planning that DR visit. Good luck with it! Will be interested in whether you get and like the Sensewear.

Coastalsue-Envy that blues concert and the dancing! Big credits for adapting your hostess activity to your world...instead of your world to the perceived needs of others. I will be facing that again next weekend. I am going to remember Sue Antoinette. Your post made me wonder why we are not comfortable with:"Healthy for me is also healthy for guests". Why do we feel the need to change for company?

angelmomma210-Credit for the fruit and veggies while on the road! Eating well while travelling is a special challenge. Credit to you for being more in control and planning to improve! The right thoughts have to preceed the right actions.

maryblu-Happy to hear how great you are feeling with all the activity! 55 is not far away for me, but my functional level is not what it used to be. That is another of my ARC items...being able to do more activities. Thanks for sharing your experience.
wendylan-Big credits for that 4 pound loss and getting your walking in.:yay: Hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Monday to all!

07-28-2008, 02:19 PM
Time for another drive's been a while.

BBE -- happy belated birthday...great to have reached the milestone strong and healthy!! And I love your CD's. I have many of them as old LP's in a box in the basement. Including #6, but I couldn't place it.

Jeanie -- love the cake!!! just beautiful!!!

I'm just back from a long weekend in the Berkshires. Did a great hike past waterfalls to a mountain top on Friday. Went to a folk festival Saturday where we did contra and square dancing, listened to music, and bought a sleeveless (YEAH) sundress...the first sleeveless anything I've owned besides a nightgown in about 5 years. Left the festival early on Sunday when the rain came in and went gallery hopping and outlet shopping....including 2 pairs of jeans -- one in my current size (regular, not plus, 16), and one the next size down...since they were having a buy one, get the second at 1/2 price sale.

I've been at this...Beck and South Beach Diet...for a little over 5 months now. Down 55 lbs from Feb 18 when I started....and 58 from my heighest weight ever. The great thing about it is seeing progress on my Advantage List, like this weekend's activities and purchases.

It's also great not eating compulsively...or being quite as obsessed with food. Not that I think I'll ever have the obsession totally conquered....but it's a relief even to be where I am.

Until next time.....

07-28-2008, 10:53 PM
Hello & good evening coaches

I went to my fitness appt this afternoon. I didn't cancel (credit moi). I stayed honest on my foodlog (credit moi) and it wasn't pretty but she said that people will show up with foodlogs filled to perfect healthful perfection and you can pretty much guess that much of it is a stretching of the facts so to speak.

So after some discussion she told me all she wants me to do for now is to even out my food, that I am spiking throughout the day bloodsugar wise, like three peaks, and it should be more like a gentle wave. Bloodsugar spikes lead to blood sugar drops lead to cravings... To prevent the extremes, I need to ensure I have protein at every meal. Not much, but some. If I have a fresh fruit snack, I need some seeds or nuts or low fat cheese to prevent the sugar spike. And this is it. It's all she wants me to focus on. I didn't do that for dinner but will try it tomorrow. Oh there is more to it like smaller plates, some raw veggies, limit my simple carbs but if I do nothing else she wants me to get the small amounts of lean/low fat protein at every meal and snacktime. I haven't ever done that so I will do it. I need to get back to planning my meals. Imagine. Meal planning. Back to basics. I can do that.

So coaches, my official foodplan is the trainer recommended diet that I record for every meal. My backup is weight watchers.

After the nutritional part, and much conversation, she had me try out the exercises. They break down into groups A B and C. We went over A and B. Let's just say they are challenging. Two are with weight machines the rest are with the big ball you sit on or roll on. I always poo-pooed the ball. No more. Wow. Is it tough! I am to sit on the ball, slowly walk my feet out in front as I lower myself onto the ball, wiht the head neck and shoulders supported by the ball, legs at a 90 degree angle, hoist my middle up, butt not sagging, and then I will do chest presses with weights as I support my torso with my legs on the ball. Yikes! What a workout. What a challenge. But I did it. So much ab/torso work today. Hoo boy. What did I get myself into? So we completed the moves for A and B. Wednesday we'll go through it again and do the C part too. It'll be a complete workout session where I will "sweat a bit" she said. And you know what? These three meetings are still free. FREE. I could not believe it. I am definitely joining the gym there. This weekend was lucrative enough for me to start that. At the end of the session today tears welled up in my eyes when I was wth Nadine. Part of it was because of being totally exhausted from the past week, weekend, and such, but I was also overwhelmed at seeing my body reflected in the mirrors around me at the gym. I tried not to go there but I felt such shame at how I looked. My flabby self. My really round no definition body. Nadine was saying I could take this program to the Y and use it while my membership ends there but you know, I can't. I tried to picture myself doing the ball moves with all that activity around me and I can't see it. I feel really really self-conscious like "people who look like me look so awful they shouldn't be in public" that sort of gut level primitive sabotaging thought. Being so tired I couldn't fight it off, instead my eyes teared up... BUT I can see myself doing it there. The gym is very quiet and I felt at peace there again. I think it may be the right place for me. I've moved on from feeling ashamed like I did but boy am I vulnerable. I SO want this to work. It's no wonder we can fall for any fly-by-night scam or fad diet. I am not unique in wanting something to work for once and for all.

And on that note thank you coaches for not being fly-by-night but for being people of solid character and wisdom. So glad I found you:hug: Newbies, you came to the right place!

07-28-2008, 11:37 PM
:wave: Im here! Hangin' in there too :D

07-29-2008, 12:47 AM
Hello coaches:
onebyone: WOW! I am so happy that you had a great experience with the exercise and the club vibe and the nutrition advice... I am sorry that you "went there" in your head and got teary.... you are a beautiful person you know... really-thanks for sharing.

barpos: what an inspiration you are! Big kudos for you staying the course for 5 months. You are taking good care of yourself and reaping the benefits on your ARCs!!!

shrinkin: no go on the sensewear so far. My doc was trying to think of "weight loss docs" to refer me to. I didn't go for a hard sell asking her to buy one for the hospital to lease-they don't have a vested interest in doing that and I don't have a metobolic condition or anything that a doc would probably usually prescribe it for. Great job giving self credit!!!

kuhljeanie: that cake is unreal-what a talent you have. It was NOT long ago that you were dreaming about what you are currently doing. People are paying you to make cakes! I am trying to think of an event that I could buy a cake and have you ship it..... right..trying to think of that contraption... anyway-I am really impressed.

sciencequeen and freer: Yes, I am a teacher-love the job and the summer..still trying to get a grip on myself though. :)

BillBlueEyes: love the walking in the rain-what a nice experience.

I am taking my weight tracker off my signature-I was weighed at the doc's office and yes, it was MUCH later in the day than I usually weigh, I was fully clothed (shoes even), it is the time of month and I had just eaten lunch and had a lot of water... but still-I had underestimated my weight gain. UGH. Trying not to freak out-I am still maintaining 35 lbs of weight loss which is a lot. If hunger isn't the problem then food is NOT the solution-thanks for that renminder barpos!!! I may join WW online since that is my backup diet. I am hesitant since I am going on vacation and will not have online access there. I could still do it and just record points in a book or journal or something. I will think about that.

07-29-2008, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches – Arrived at the gym later than usual after much angst about 45# vs. 50# dumbbells for chest press to find all the benches taken. So, instead, I did pull ups on the gravitron machine using 50#s of counter weights (I lift my body weight less 50#s). Was a bit disappointed that I couldn't do a pull up of my full body weight. Oh Well. That's now a new goal for me. If I can do a full pull up, that will be the next level of body image for me. Had a whole (1.1 pound) heirloom tomato salad with dinner. Heirloom tomatoes are just the best food ever.

So, OK, CD#7 was The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell.

CD#8 of the 13 CD’s for $1 (A whole foods song?): Woke up, it was a chelsea morning, and the first thing that I knew
There was milk and toast and honey and a bowl of oranges, too
And the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses
Oh, wont you stay
Well put on the day
And well talk in present tenses

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Congrats that you still maintain the 35 pounds. Ouch for the shock of the doctor's scale. Kudos for responding with a plan. When the time comes for your vacation without internet access, will still think of you and send supportive thoughts so that you still have us in your support group.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Great cake! Thanks for sharing. Kudos for increased resistance muscle.

Barbara (barbpos) – Just love thinking about the Folk Festival in the Berkshires - dancing under the stars. What a kick. Congrats on the 55 pounds. It's so encouraging to hear your steady progress.

onebyone – Just bowled over here by your response to your fitness appointment and new exercise plan and new eating plan. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos. Sending best supportive thoughts. Boy Voyage!

Robin (RobinW) - Yeah for hangin' in. Are you still working on the auto wrap project?

shrinkin - Kudos for keeping your head clear and honestly recording your weekend. It's such a big step to be aware of Sabotaging Thoughts so that you are able to fight them. Great for stopping before the bag of chips was empty - don't know that I could do that. Don't have any great salt recommendations; do you like pickles? My snack of choice is unsalted roasted soy nuts - but they are also sold salted.

freer - Neat that you're onto NO CHOICE against Sabotaging Thoughts. Second career, eh? Do you care to tell us the first?

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – LOL at "Food in the teacher's lounge is sacred." Yep, some things are the way they are. Kudos for the day without Dr. Pepper. Laughing at the thought of the Halloween candy in July.

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Deal with disappointment. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-29-2008, 08:56 AM
Good morning, coaches!

Monday was an OP day. Only mental dialog with myself yesterday was whether to try to "make up" for off target eating over the weekend by coming in lower than average on calories [my target is 1200]. Read Beck Day 19. Decided it was not a good idea. Probably just another way of fooling myself and might perpetuate the idea that I can just eat off target and then make up for it. Another way of rationalizing unplanned eating. Reminded myself that 300-400 calories over per day was not enough to gain wt. Back on plan is a better strategy. Have to get to grocery today though because almost out of fresh fruits and veggies. I have to stay with it today..."no ifs, ands or buts".

BBE-Sorry to hear abut the pull experience, but big kudos fo handling the disappointment with the "OH WELL" and making it a goal. Neat that you made the disappointment quote your Beck quote of the day. Not sure if I have had an heirloom tomato, but sounds delicious! I know the title of your next CD selection...mostly because of the giveaway line in it. Suspect I know the artist too....thought you could stump us again with her, didn't you? :D

hbuchwald-Sorry to hear about your sensewear disappointment so far. Interesting that your doctor was struggling to come up with a "weight loss doctor". My internist said that too. No real high quality weight loss physician based program in Milwaukee. Med establishment really has not figured out what to do about obesity and certainly not what to do about weight maintenance. Seems that anorexia and bulemia have a niche, but not obesity.
:cp::cp::cp: Proud of you for losing and maintaining that 35 pound loss! I am sure you will make a good decision about WW.

Robin W-Hellooo and credit to you for hanging in! Hope to hear more from you soon.

onebyone-Sounds like you have found your place!! Woohoo!! Nadine sounds like a great trainer and has put forward a sensible plan. Credits for moving forward...just keep it up. You can do this!

barbpos-Greetings! Congrats on the 55 pounds and on seeing the advantages coming true! Sounds like a lot of fun...hiking, dancing, shopping for smaller sizes.

Good morning to the rest of the Beckies out there!

07-29-2008, 09:30 AM
Good morning coaches

Woke up to a yukky tummy. Not sure about the hows or whys of it, just don't feel good. I'd like to stay home, sit still, but have to take the bus, unload the kiln and come home. Can I do it? Not sure. I've got a few more hours to see if I feel better. Hope so.

Thanks for the good wishes you guys. This whole training thing is new territory for me. That's good, just a bit scary. But I'll just take it a step at a time.

I think I have to go rest. Will check in later when I feel better.

Have a good Tuesday!

07-29-2008, 10:04 AM
Woohoo! I hit my first goal of 5 pounds (+1 more to make it 6)!! CREDIT: ME! I am off to get a pedicure today.:carrot:

hbuchwald Ouch on the doctor's scale. How much do we hate those things? For some reason my doctor weighs everyone for every visit. Even for a cold! Yuck. Have no fear, it will begin moving in the right direction again. I'm envious of your 35 pound loss! Can you remember when you were in my position? At just 6 pounds loss? You've come a long way!

bbe My first career was sales, so teaching is a big change for me. I have always loved change (at least career-wise) so it's been great. I'm looking forward to using what I learned last year to make it a more effective second year teaching.

Thank you to all of you diet coaches. You really are a great help to me. Reading about your struggles and triumphs is exactly what I need to get through.:hug:

07-29-2008, 10:07 AM
Day 8 - Create time and Energy
Pretty easy for me. I sit on the computer every morning and evening for 30 minutes reading email, news, and the like. I wrote out a schedule, anyways, as it suggested, and during this time will read the day's task, write on the forum, and I also started a blog on 3FC, so I can reflect on the day. As for planning meals, it's already a part of my routine.

So, I went ahead and did day 9, too.

Day 9 - Select and Exercise plan
Already done. I do Jazzercise 5 times a week. (7 times a week this month, with my personal training sessions.

freer - Thanks for the words of encouragement. I realized today I only have 3 weeks of summer left. Hard to struggle with the excitement of a new school year and the loss of summer at the same time.

kuhljeanie - what a cool cake! Do you do that for a living?

shrinkin - great job on the potato chips! I have to portion out stuff like that as soon as I get home or I eat the whole thing, too!

barpos - congratulations on the sleeveless! Wish I was there - my arm weight is the LAST to go. Many people don't understand what a big deal that is to some overweight people.

onebyone - I love the idea of protein at snacks to keep blood sugar spikes down. I'm going to try it! My blood sugar issues cause me to make bad choices more often than not. Hope you feel better...

BillBlueEyes I love the Oh Well. Been working on that with my husband for years - especially while he is driving!

Everyone have a great day!

07-29-2008, 10:08 AM
Onebyone- your trainer's recommendations are very consistent w/south beach diet ideas for evening out blood sugar swings and reducing cravings -- eating protein at every meal, having a fat or protein with fruit snacks, and eating whole grains instead of white carbs.

I hope it works for you.

07-29-2008, 11:28 AM
yesterday was up, down, up, down. mixed bag. i worked hard (and i mean HARD) to avoid the monday doughnuts in the office kitchen. another hard-won battle to give myself NO CHOICE. it worked! yay! then another, getting my butt to the gym for yoga and running. had a headache and was feeling generally blechy, but i decided when i started training that the only things that would keep me from the gym were injury and illness. feeling "blechy" doesn't meet that criteria, so off i went. had a crappy time in class and only ran 2.3 miles instead of my planned 3, but i went and did so credit moi. ate on plan all the way till dinner, then went off the rails. aaaargghhh! whaazzaaah???? i know, KNOW, i won't lose weight eating this way. three months of empirical evidence tells me so. trying this, trying that, but i know it's the food that's holding me back. back to beck - again. i'll work some of the later lessons, since i lost steam both previous times through. have a notebook for things like the 7-question method etc. i'm absolutely healthier and smaller than i've been in a long, long, time, and this is wonderful. i can fit into my smallest-sized pants. credit moi. it's just that my smallest-sized pants are 14s, a considerable distance from where i'd ideally be. i've got a few more months before we start TTC again, and i'd really like to be down 20 lbs by then. so. this is the focus for my advantages.

later night than i'd planned - was putting away laundry and watching a cake challenge on the tivo when i had an idea about using luster dust with isomalt to make edible jewels. so i was cleaning sugar off pots at 11:00 last night instead of sleeping. (sigh!) the good news is that my next cake (coming up in three weeks) will have some really cool bits and pieces. still not sure if and when and how i'd transition from obsessive, paid hobby to fulltime job (sciencequeen, it's just a part-time gig - i have a non-related fulltime job) but i don't have to make a decision about that anytime soon.

onebyone! go ON, you badass! i bet you're feeling it today in your abs and chest and all those muscles that woke up yesterday. hope you like that feeling! :) keep at it and eventually you'll have one day when you're looking in the mirror, and you see muscles flexing when you lift a weight. it's AWESOME. i wish i could work out with you! how wonderful that you found a good place to be. that's so important, and underrated. you've got to feel comfortable going or you won't go. big shout out to nadine. i also understand that horrible, visceral, i'm-so-fat-and-ugly-i-shouldn't-even-leave-the-house feeling. it can be completely debilitating. have to give that one the old "oh well" and think of it as a cold. it comes, it goes. oh well! i also like the idea of making one small diet improvement at a time. i have a hard time with this - i'm either "good" or "bad". ironically neither is good (have to agree with bill on this.) need healthy middle ground that allows me to lose weight. still haven't found it. maybe barb can help with insight on this - you seem to have nailed it!

heidi, i would love to send you a cake! :) not sure how one would ship it, but there are folks who do. that would certainly open up my potential customer base! maybe i can work on reduced fat and calorie versions. wouldn't THAT be something? pretty, decorated cakes that are healthier than the ones normal bakeries put out? i never use trans fats anyway - maybe there's a way to make the rest of it a little healthier. hmmm... if push comes to shove, 24 hour fitness is selling bodybuggs at reduced prices since the new versions are coming out in the fall. it might be more affordable.

MAZEL TOV freer! that's fantastic! enjoy your pedi! what color are you going for?

shrinkin, nice work on talking yourself out of "making up" for the extra calories and just getting back on plan immediately. that sounds like a thin person talking.

bill, nothing to be disappointed about! you just discovered an exciting new goal. when i was 10, we had to do this demoralizing "presidential fitness test" at school, and if you passed all the tests, you got a medal. i couldn't do most of it and the one that really flattened me was maintaining a chin-up position on a bar for some set amount of time. it was just my build - very unlikely that i would be able to support my mesomorphic body with my arms. the whole test put me off fitness and training for oh, maybe 25 years? i hope they don't put kids through that shame these days. if you can take that disappointment and channel it into working even harder, i salute you! and can't wait to hear that you've done a full chin up. i might try the gravitron out today myself just to see where i am...;) i did recognize the circle game yesterday, but had no idea who sang it originally (we used to sing it in sunday school, of all places.) have no idea on neither song nor artist today. again, i could cheat, but, naa. won't do it!

07-29-2008, 03:30 PM
Good afternoon y'all! I'm back from vacation - had a great time. Planned on allowing myself a little leeway on my eating and am happy to report I maintained last week. I'm back on my WW Core plan as of yesterday and for once didn't have trouble climbing back on the wagon.

I read all the posts since last Thursday - sorry but I can't respond to them all so I'll start individuals tomorrow. You all have had many wonderful credits!

I'm on Beck Day 16 today. I've also started reviewing the ones I've already done to be sure I am still doing them all.

Some of you were commenting on staying fit in later years. I went to a new doctor yesterday - GI specialist for GERD - and he was impressed with how strong and flexible I still am. When I told him I went to Curves 3-4 times a week he said he wished all his patients would do the same (too bad BBE no men allowed!). I'm have an endoscope Friday morning to determine the extent of the damage to my esphogus from the acid reflux. I am fast running out of medications to try to control it so surgery may be the choice of last resort. Meantime, I'm not to have anything with caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate), no tomatoes, no spicy foods, no fatty foods and I have to quit eating 3 hours before I go to bed. So that will eliminate my evening snack. At this point, I'd do anything to get relief.

07-29-2008, 03:43 PM
HI guys,

the computor lines are crazed again-operators said there is "noise" on them which makes everything very slow and even more frustrating it that the system will just disconnect the internet- we are on day 3 of this-lost 2 earlier posting. I would go to another provider but there is not one in our area.

Feel like I am mastering one of the hugh area of sabatoging behaviors-"needing" to serving rich foods to guest which I then overindugle in-such a new concept for me-it is ok to take care of myself which entertaining. BBE love the antionette tag!

May thur mid July was at that same type of place of you folks-onebyone, Kulhjeannie and Heidi-hang in there it will pass. I could not quite let go and do complete mindless eating as the past but could not really stay on a food plan for the entire day. I guess the doc visit and finding out how low my "senior" fitness scores were drove me to want to improve. Know that individual reason for hanging in with Beck will get stronger soon and then remaining on plan will be easier-Remember to credit yourslef for successes and forgive yourself of "opps" "The time they are a changing" Jeannie-love hearing about shrinking body shape, onebyone all the work at the gym and recording all the foods, Heidi-always the good cook-enjoy vacation(you'll move better 35lb less)-we'll misss your contribution here,.


07-29-2008, 04:04 PM
Hi guys continues

though the line might fritz again-but it is ok

QuilterinVa-you are increditable success story- such a weight loss, so much good health after the weight loss, no over induglgence on vacation-almost unheard of here in America.everyone moans about their vacation gain, Much credit to you

BBE-going for next Mr strong man of america? (Ok so it is the senior division-have very dynamic friends who did the senior olypmics) thanks for the 2 Joni Mitchell versus-always a favorite. Reading the lyrics has made me pay more attention to listening to some song-Leonard Cohen musical poems are my favorites. You got a heck of deal with those CDs.

Freer-HUrrah that 5 lb loss!! On to pretty feet!

Best wishes to all-sorry about missing noting to others-must run right now

07-29-2008, 04:39 PM
Hi Everybody,

Some health issues are going to keep me off the boards for now.Good luck.


07-29-2008, 09:40 PM
:wave: I played hooky from work again today(sorta) I sat at the dining room table with the computer while the girls were out in the pool having a blast. But as least I could see them from the it worked out great for everyone.

Im sorry, I havent had a chance to catch up with everyone....just a few quick reads. Thanks for the kudos for sticking to it everyone I really appreciate it.

Bill....yes, I am still going in september to learn to wrap. We made our room reservations last week, and Im starting to get nervous about it. My biggest issue (and its a personal one) is that I will be the only female in the course. Oh well :D

Ive started tracking my food again on fitday, and I started a new blog....but finding time to post in it is proving to be difficult. The blogs and facebook and myspace for the shop take up wayyyyyy too much of my free time. Good thing Im a fast typer :lol:

Have a great evening everyone.....Im on my last cup of water, then Im off to bed nice and early.

07-30-2008, 06:16 AM
Diet Coaches – Used my after work walk to go for blueberries. CREDIT moi. Too many blueberries is just right. The lady in line behind me in checkout told me that we can buy Maine low bush blueberries at a local high end produce place. Have to go check that out. The small low bush blueberries are so amazingly good - it's as if they have the same amount of sweet taste in half the volume.

Yep, shrinkin and Sue (CoastalSue), CD#8 was Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell.

CD#9 of the 13 CD’s for $1: There'll be no strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
And there's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start
I see no need to take me home
I'm old enough to face the dawn

Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away from me

Sue (CoastalSue) - Yay for identifying feeding high calorie food to guests as Sabatoging Behavior. Methinks it's one of Beck's key idea to give a handle to something to allow working on it.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for testing that humiliates kids. Maybe one of the teaches can tell us how kids can be tested without pushing bad stuff at them. I read with interest that when the schools tell kids that they are overweight the parents and the public goes crazy. Kudos for NO CHOICE to the doughnuts. Was it a Tony DiNero film where he said, "Since when do you have to be hungry to have a donut?

Barbara (barbpos) – Are you a South Beach person? Has that been a help to you?

onebyone – Ouch for "yukky tummy." Hope you recover quickly.

Robin (RobinW) - Yep, each of the new Internet interactions can eat up more time. At least you have the excuse that some of yours is required for your business. LOL at "Good thing Im a fast typer."

shrinkin - Neat thinking to avoid the trap of giving yourself permission to overeat because you can just work it off. That sounds like good Beck stuff to me.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Congrats for maintaining during your vacation. Ouch for the acid reflux; hope the changes you're making help.

Sheridan - Ouch for the health issues. Hope you can read and draw support from the other posters. Sending you supportive thoughts for dealing with this.

freer - Congrats on the first five pounds. Kudos for giving yourself credit and giving yourself a reward.

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – Such an organized approach to Day 8 - Create time and Energy. Kudos for that.

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• View overeating as a temporary problem that you can solve. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-30-2008, 09:23 AM
Good morning, coaches!

Was on plan yesterday for calories and exercise, but it was a struggle. No real cravings, but had several thoughts of "do I really want to do this?" Read my ARC several times. Also had the "it's not fair that it is this hard" thoughts. Just had to tell myself that it just is how it is. Took myself to the pool reluctantly and was about 10 min into moving through the water before I got into my real exercise mode. Last 20 min was very strong work out, finish was definitely aerobic. So, credits to me for hanging onto my plan. Did get to the produce shop yesterday, so I now have plenty of healthy things available.

BBE-Picked up some salted soy nuts last night. Have not tried them yet. They have about half the calories of almonds or walnuts. Pat on the back for that walk. Share your love of blueberries. We are still getting great Michigan blueberries. Know the song title, but can't ID the artist.

RobinW-Credit to you for trying something new! Share your pain on the time it takes to keep up with posting. Glad you are fast at it and can multitask. Kudos for tracking your food again. I use fitday too. Have been meaning to look around to see if any other sites are better, but just cant find the fime for looking.

Sheridan-Very sorry hear of your challenge. Wishing you a fast recovery!

Coastalsue-Feel your pain on the erratic internet. Same thing happens to me at Lake House. Gets frustrating. Big credit to you for sticking with it. You have inspired me for this weekend. I am planning the menu around my diet let them eat "low cal". Just have to keep telling myself it is OK. Thanks for your encouraging words.

QuilterInVA-Welcome back! Congrats for the controlled eating on vacation. You keep showing us what success looks like. :bravo: Hope the diet changes work for the acid refulx and that your esoophagus heals.

kuhljeanie-Wow... many credits for your day yesterday. The harder you work, the more credits you deserve! Kudos for getting back to beck and doing some rework. You have already had great success. Is 20 pounds your next goal...or do you have a smaller minigoal?

barbpos-:wave: Glad you dropped by and wish you well!

sciencequeen-Kudos for your high energy approach to Beck. Good idea about portioning chips. I usually kid myself that I am buying them for others. Problem is they don't get eaten...and eventually they seem to be calling my name. In past, I have bought them for "company". Not going to do that for this weekend's guests.

freer-Enjoy the pedi! Now every time you look at those great toes it will make you think of your success and spur you on!

onebyone-Hope your tummy recovered yesterday. Keep taking those small training steps!

Off for coffee. Planning for an OP day today...tomorrow is weekly weigh in.

07-30-2008, 09:28 AM
Day 10 - Set a realistic goal
I went ahead and set a goal of losing 5 pounds like the book suggested. I don't really have a "number" in my head anymore since my trainer suggested that I might be happy at a higher weight than my previous goal. We will see how I feel when I get there.

07-30-2008, 09:57 AM
Hello coaches

Not much to report as I stayed in bed all day yesterday. Thought I'd be "up and at 'em" this morning but no. Still feel kind of awful. I have some sticky bug in me:mad: Guess I'll be calling into the school telling Pat I won't be in to unload the kiln. It'll all have to wait one more day. I can't lean over without feeling very nauseous.

On the plus side, I saw the scale move below 262 finally. 259 this morning. Not the way to do it but I was glad to see it. Look on the sunny side as they say.

BillBlueEyes Small tasty blueberries. That's what I grew up with and went into the bush to pick. These honkers we get are still a genetic mutation in my eyes! But not long ago I saw a plum the size of an apple. I think the only fruit that hasn't been made larger is the grape. Hope you get some of the good berries...and may it be an extra long hike, uphill, to get there;)

RobinW Good to hear you are getting some time away from the shop. People always have this romantic notion about owning their own business that they can "set their own work times" except that the more successful you are, the more you work and you never leave it behind. Good for you for taking the time. And I think it'll be fun in a room full of boys learning wrapping. How come there's such a discrepancy in that? Is it cause it's about cars and cars=boys?

Sheridan Hope you feel better! We'll be here when you come back... all the best.

coastalsue Your on again off again internet service would drive me bonkers! But if that's what you have, that's what you have. Opportunities to cultivate patience. I am so very impressed at your renewed efforts to get your healthful self together! It is true, nothing like an assessment, a test, a visit with a health professional, to wake you up and make you move. I felt that way visiting the Dr. last week, and the gym this week. It's all moving forward from here, where I am right now. So glad you are moving ahead and hubby together! Great!

QuilterInVA Sorry to hear you suffer with GERD. I hope you can look forward to being rid of this condition soon.

kuhljeanie It seems to me that one week you were talking about making and selling cakes and the next week, you were doing it and now you are full force into it. You have a small business kiddo! Congratulations. I relate to doing really well with your food, working hard to not eat this or that and then doing something to undo all that work later on the same day. It'll come. Eventually you'll stop giving in... you'll get tired of it. Big credit to you for avoiding the doughnuts. That's hard and you did it! You saw yourself do it once, so you know you can do it again.

barbpos It was good to read that you continue to be successful with your food and your weight...and that being so, I am happy to hear my trainer's plan for me is similar to the one that is working for you. Makes me feel hopeful! Thanks for the input.

sciencequeenHello! You seem to be zooming through Beck. That's good! Her program just makes sense doesn't it? Have a great day today.

freer Good going! 6lbs down! What colour celebrates a 6lb loss?? So great...:)

07-30-2008, 12:22 PM
Good morning, y'all! Another hot and humid day.

CoastalSue - I find my guests enjoy healthy food. I don't know how many times I have dreaded going to dinner at someone's home because I knew their food would be high calorie. I appreciate lighter choices.

RobinW - Credit for starting tracking your food again. It sure helps me stay on track and every time I stop I start to stray into dangerous waters.

ScienceQueen - Taking it 5 pounds at a time is a good way to go. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed when we look at the total.

BBE - I love blueberries. We've been picking them locally and hopefully they will last another week or two. Got some huge locally grown blackberries in PA that we snacked on.

Shrinkin - Credit for putting those thoughts behind you and staying on your program. Soy nuts are not actually nuts but legumes that have been roasted. They don't have the good fat of almonds, walnuts and pecans. But they sure make a good snack!

OneByOne - I hope you are feeling better! Congratulations on leaving the 260s behind forever.

This morning I forgot to bring my yogurt to work for my morning snack. I was busy thinking of how I could rearrange my food to get that snack when I was suddenly hit by a bolt from the blue and realized I wouldn't starve to death if I waited until lunch to eat! I'm a little hungrier but I can wait. Credit for me because any other time I'd have jumped back in the car and went to 7-Eleven and bought something - and probably not the best choice.

I didn't exercise yesterday. I seem to have caught a cold and it always affects my asthma so I gave myself a day off and will make up for it later in the week.

07-30-2008, 02:42 PM
Afternoon :)

Seems like there are alot of bugs out there right now......sending out healing vibes :goodvibes to everyone who needs them!!

Bill~ I love those blueberries!! I miss living up north and being able to go picking. I have a couple bushes in the back yard, but they are the tree/bush type rather than the ground cover type from the north. There is just something about those little things that burst with so much more flavour than the big ones.

Freer~ WTG on the 5lbs gone!! :cb: :cb:

Shrinkin~ WTG on just getting it done! Kudos!

Well, today is a full day at the shop but Im on a self imposed break! (before I get too frustrated) here I am :D

Yup, female sign makers aren't that common. When it comes to cars, its usually the guys that get into that. So hopefully I wont be the only one there.

It has taken me a very long time, and learning the hardest way possible to know when to take time off. Because of this particular lesson, I vowed to NEVER work that hard for anyone else ever again. That is how I got into this...I just started helping hubby with it, and it has blossomed into a full time job that I love (most days).

I have even learned to get rid of the guilt that comes with taking the time off. I talked to another woman that runs her business out of her home, so she can stay home with her kids. She has grown so much and so fast in 4 yrs that she was able to hire an assistant, and managed to take 2 days off a week. From picking her brain Ive learned alot!! If I dont take care of "me" I will be useless to my customers. I'll come in early, stay late, do what I have to, to get the job done, but I am managing to still take the time off. Im very thankful for meeting her!

As for web time being business would be so cool if I was one of those computer wizards!!! It takes me flippin' hours to figure out how to get a facebook widget on my business blog! :dizzy: I still dont have one, because I still cant figure it out!! :faint: Hurts my brain some days. This is the stuff that is usually done in the evenings in front of the relaxing time (ya right) :lol3:

K, eating is great! Exercise is still non-existant but I'll do something about that this week. I had stopped my appointments with my pt. It just seemed such a waste when I wasnt eating properly. I'll start that back up probably in a couple weeks.

Have a great day everyone!!

07-31-2008, 01:28 AM
Hi there,
I am flying by tonight... just checking in...feeling about the same-like I am walking through quicksand. I

t is so easy for me to get into the mindset of "here I go again in the GAIN part of the weight loss/gain cycle" is that for a sabotaging thought? Response: I can choose not to take good care of myself, believe that this is a cycle like before and feel horrible or choose to remember that, before, when I first lost the 35 or so lbs I have lost, I was feeling pretty kicky and great. I can do small things to take good care of myself this very moment. Another response: throughout my life, I will probably not stay at the EXACT same weight all the time (I should ask a thin person about this) and it does not need to freak me out to gain a few lbs.

Off to put my ARCs under my pillow in hopes that osmosis will take effect. ARGH!!!

07-31-2008, 02:42 AM
Hello all,

quick check in -overall a good day and even the internet is working. We did our exercising-Dh is feeling less tense doing the Yoga-still very hard for him but working with a great group of folks-most over 50 and at least a 1/3 are men- The pool was super crowded-often happens in summer when there is better weather and many tourist in the place. Monday was cold and foggy and I was alone in the pool. Would love to bottle my current atititude and pull it out for an later date when things get so hard again-right now only want to be on program-just not interested in overeating-know with time, stress, family crisis, exhaustion ect-overeating will again becken me with false promises.

Heidi-so glad you are hanging in here- Good luck on the Beck osmosis-My weight loss has been so slow-certainly could never do 1 1/2-2 lb a week-I only average about 40 lb a year-but am almost 80 lb lighter-I have a number of long plateaus but then eventually get more focused and more weight comes off.

RobinW-Great you understand the importance of taking care of your self-that is real tough one-we are starting a small handcraft busness-just working on a schedule to avoid those 12 hr days-way too easy to do that -plus then I am to drained to cook and do other chores-

QuilterInVa-Credit to you for your ability to be hungry and not go to a 7-11 snack shack for a treat!!Hope your asthma will not be bad.

onebyone-get better soon. Don't you want that blah feeling which makes food unappealing would stay-If we could make pill in which that stomach bug would only mildly make us stop eating but we could still keep working-hmmmm

shrinkin-much credit for just plowing through the day and ending up successful and with a good work out also. Some days are just that way-my sabataging thought is that the next day I should be lbs down because it was so hard to remain on program. Again much credit to you!

ScienceQueen-Much credit for your focus one each of the Beck sections-plus the posting help remind me to keep focus.- I do have trouble with selecting a goal weight as I have so far to go and sometimes it can take 2 months just to go down 5 lbs-which can seem so slow to me.

BBE-Blueberries are the best-plus so good for us. The song is Angel of the Morning-bet the one you have was done by Juice Newton.

evening to all


07-31-2008, 06:22 AM
Diet Coaches – A whole bunch of blueberry lovers here. Seem like we're the Blueberry Beck group, LOL. Normal day - on plan eating, did gym, took a walk (albeit shortish). Not great that I got my dander up about a contractor promising to come "next Saturday". Again. But nice that I didn't think of eating to solve the problem. (Although there are no calories in thinking of dumping boiling oil from the roof of my house, it doesn't help blood pressure or spiritual centering.) CREDIT moi for a normal day.

Yep, shrinkin and Sue (CoastalSue), CD#9 was Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts.

CD#10 of the 13 CD’s for $1: Kiss me each morning for a million years
Hold me each evening by your side
Tell me you'll love me for a million years
Then if it don't work out
Then if it don't work out
Then you can tell me goodbye

Sue (CoastalSue) - It's great to see you so motivated and focused. LOL at your wish to bottle up your current attitude for when the hard times come. Kudos to you and your DH for continuing to follow through. (Juice Newton??? How does your brain hold stuff like that?)

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Ouch for "walking through quicksand." Kudos for keeping your perspective and hanging in. Zillions to be made with your "Osmosis Diet," LOL.

onebyone – Ouch for some sticky bug. Take care of yourself. [ e-mailing chicken soup ]

Robin (RobinW) - Thanks for the useful reminder, "If I dont take care of "me" I will be useless to my customers." It is so easy for me to get so involved that I forget that and usually suffer.

shrinkin - So good to get yourself into the pool and then get rewarded by getting into your workout. And I really like your Helpful Response, "Just had to tell myself that it just is how it is." Kudos for using those Beck strategies.

Susan (QuilterInVA) - Big Kudos for "I wouldn't starve to death if I waited until lunch to eat!" Methinks it's a bid deal to change one's mindset - to be able to think of thoughts like that.

Lisa Marie (sciencequeen) – Kudos for just marching along to Day 10 now. Yep, a small goal seems to make sense. Do you have a reward in mind like freer's pedicure?

Readers – "… For example, I’ve found that to lose excess weight and keep it off, it’s important to do the following:

• Cope with hunger and cravings. …" Beck, pg 24.

07-31-2008, 09:39 AM
Greetings, coaches!

Yesterday was uninspired but stayed on calories. Did not drink enough water. Not an exercise day and did not get any unplanned exercise. Credits for remaking my ARC so that it flips to a combo of "Its never OK to overeat" and "Methods to deal with craving/desire". It is actually printed on a small piece of paper such that the whole piece slides into my work ID holder. I have found it is a great place for me to pull it out during the day. Credit to me for remaking it with the new just have to use it.

Weigh in today: down 2.5 pounds this week. Some scale bobbing and number maybe lean as my water intake was down yesterday. Not the first time this week for the low number. Average loss for past 2 weeks = 1.75 lbs. Total Beck loss-9.5 pounds. You would think I would be ecstatic and motivated, but oddly, I'm not.:shrug: Mind has been thinking about how long the road ahead is. Too hard on myself today.

Going to physical therapy this am. Having pain in both elbows and need to be sure that deep water walking not aggravating it. Wouldn't think so, but who knows. Deep water walking is "load bearing" exercise for core muscles, and for biceps, triceps, quads and hammies because the water comes up to the shoulders and the feet don't touch the ground.

BillBlueEyes-LOL over vision of you on the roof top with the cauldron perched and ready! Ouch for the BP. Credit for getting it back down and for another OP day. I think Angel of the Morning must be another classic that was done by a lot of groups...great melody and intriquing lyrics. I can sing all the words to #10, but can't ID the artist. Oh well, will just enjoy the song in my head all day. "Sweeting my coffee with a morning kiss"...wish DH were here for that today. He is back tomorrow night!

CoastalSue-Great vibes coming thru from your hard work and attitude! WTG! I am impressed with DH's yoga. Pool in the cool fog actually sounds pretty neat. If you get that bottling job done, I would sure be a customer. Could use some now.

hbuchwald-Credit to you for recognizing that the small things make a big difference and for the "I can" attitude. Kudos for keeping that ARC close to you. Keep on talking to yourself. You can and will get back on a downward wt slope. You know how and you know you want to for all those ARC reasons.

RobinW-Credit to you for learning to get rid of guilt. Good luck on the blog widget. Credit for persisting at that. Glad your eating is on track!

QuilterInVA-Hope the cold is short-lived and you are already on the upside. Credit for just withstanding the hunger. Yup, soy nuts are not really nuts at all (like peanuts which are also legumes). I really love walnus and pecans, so I have to watch myself with the "but they have healthy fats". The soy nuts are no flavor match for the others, but I need to get in more protein, without upping my fat intake. So, not a bad choice.

onebyone-:sorry: Sorry to hear you are still sick. Hang in there.

sciencequeen-Kudos for setting a reasonable goal. Do you have any nonscale goals?

Have to stay OP today...including getting to the pool. Hope therapist does not decide I have to halt/slow that activity. Even though I am not thrilled going and often in dread mode, I do think I have some momentum and hate for it to be derailed.

It is another Beck day...Day 22 Say Oh Well to Disappointment. When do all these skills we are practicing become second nature (pg 178)?

07-31-2008, 11:30 AM
Good Morning :)

Bill~ Great job in not turning to food to feel better about that contractor. Dealing with others to get the job done is one of my major sources of stress (I have control issues) :dunno: Awesome job!!!! Just Awesome!!!!

shrinkin~ dont think about the road ahead (my road makes me a bit bonkers) just think about today and getting thru it on plan. Then deal with tomorrow when it gets here. I know its hard to do some days, but if you can remind yourself when you start feeling down about how far you still have to go......remember how well you have done so far, and you will do just as good for the rest of the day. Your scale keeps going down ........thats a good thing :)

coastalsue~ I have found that if I need to work 12-18 yr days to get my days off in, I'll do it. The only time I'll work on a saturday is when a customer cant get to the shop during the week, I'll do an installation then....but then Im outta here! Give it a try, make your time off and do your very best to stick to it. Its taken me just over a year, but Ive finally got the hang of it :lol:

hbuchwald~ I have pretty much the same thoughts.....wont it be cool, when we are the skinny people need to ask us questions!?

Things are good with me....eating is good, exercise is sorta back. Im walking back and forth to work. I'll climb up on the treadmill tomorrow (with the a/c cranked as high as I can get it) :D

Have a great day everyone!

07-31-2008, 12:14 PM
*** Coming Soon ***
The Complete Beck Diet For Life: The Five-Stage
Program for Permanent Weight Loss
by Judith S Beck, Ph.D. (January 2009)

Found this on Amazon today. You can preorder and they say it will ship December 23. Do you think she is actually giving a diet to follow in this one?

More later...

07-31-2008, 02:07 PM
thanks Susan!!

07-31-2008, 05:17 PM
hi all, just a flyby - still here, still working out, but i've been so hungry these last couple of days. very hard to wait until the next meal when i feel like i'm just not getting enough food - but i'm still logging every bite that goes into my mouth, and according to the log, i've been at (or slightly over) my allowance these last few days. crazy. i hope my body adjusts or resets or whatever it's supposed to do so i'm not thinking about food all the time! i probably just need to eat more protein or something.

happy thursday everyone - onebyone, hope you're feeling better soon!

07-31-2008, 07:25 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches.

I made it into the ceramic room at the school today. Unloaded both kilns, reloaded and fired the big one. I am on schedule again. The ride in on the bus was rough though. There are a lot more dips and dives when you have a sensitive tummy that's for sure. Anyway I stayed there for the least amount of time needed and hightailed it back home. Hopefully I'll be closer to 100% tomorrow. I am definitely better than yesterday. My food, of course, is all messed up. I've had nothing but liquids for two days, with some unsalted crackers and now some onion rings and this morning chicken burgers (no bun just burger). I think too much sodium and all that, but really I need to cut myself some slack. I haven't even had a chance to go over the paperwork nadine the trainer gave me on Monday. No time to plan out a food strategy. My workout session was postponed to Tuesday at 9am. Once I have that, that's it. Fast forward from there. Oh and I found out from my friend that another artist was suffering with a stomach flu when we were at the art show on sunday. I know she stopped by my booth and I went by hers. Guess I took something unexpected away from the show eh? :(

BTW scale read 256 this morning. :shrug: Sheesh. Nice to see it below 260 for another day.

kuhljeanie Yes, have protein! A boiled egg is good. or add a couple of oz of lean protein to whatever else you are having. Your muscles want food I bet!

QuilterInVA I kind of hope Dr. Beck doesn't give us a specific diet. I like her current approach that we can use her system with anything, that it's portable and adaptable. But, of course, I am looking forward to what the new book offers.

RobinW Great going on getting your exercise in! It's really hard to start again when you start... extra credit for doing just that.

shrinkin I relate to this:
Total Beck loss-9.5 pounds. You would think I would be ecstatic and motivated, but oddly, I'm not. Mind has been thinking about how long the road ahead is.
This is how I felt when I saw myself working out with the trainer in the gym. I just felt hopeless, even as I was doing the thing that would change my body. We are hard on ourselves... I think often on the brink of real change I will sabotage myself, and the closer I am to really changing, the more insistent those negative thoughts get. But OH WELL... what can we do? We jsut have to go forward and ignore the negative and keep going forward until we believe we really are going to get there this time. And we will.

BillBlueEyes Being annoyed by others coupled with no control over the situation does make for a fantastic opportinity to eat. KUDOS bigtime for not even thinking of doing this. Awesome. Me hopes that when you've got this thinking like a thin person down 100% you'll still be here coaching us all.
And thanks for the chicken soup...much easier to get it in email than stand over a stove cooking it from scratch.

coastalsue So thrilled to hear you are in the pool and wow, getting a hubby to try yoga is a biggie. Mine will not even consider it. Perhaps one day. Just keep it going girl!

hbuchwald And again I relate to this:
...easy for me to get into the mindset of "here I go again in the GAIN part of the weight loss/gain cycle" is that for a sabotaging thought?
I know you wrote some responses I thought "so what?" As in "So what, the cycle isn't written in stone. I may go up a bit and then down a lot. I may not go up at all. I DO NOT HAVE TO SABOTAGE MYSELF BY OVEREATING TO MAKE THIS BELIEF OF MINE COME TRUE. I CAN CHANGE THIS." We can you know, change things. I am sure you have changed many things in your life, and this, girlfriend, is just another thing to change. It'll happen. We're all here with ya!

08-01-2008, 02:06 AM
CoastalSue: It really helps me to hear you say that about your slow weight loss and the long plateaus…thank you. Your energy jumps right off my screen and inspires me.

BillBlueEyes: Great visual of you on the roof with boiling oil… yowch! LOL…

Shrinkin: Way to adapt the ARC cards to be more convenient to access!

RobinW: We can do this!!! Thanks for your kind words. I love how you have made your time off sacred-so important!

QuilterinVA: Wow-I just looked for the new book the other day when Nessa posted and nothing was on amazon yet… hmmm…I just cannot believe that she would endorse any one diet….How could she top the day by day steps she has in this book…I am so preordering! :)

Kuhljeanie: keep on truckin girl! I really hope that things balance out more too for you-it sucks to feel hungry and/or wanting food all the time. The protein focus sounds good....

Onebyone: thanks so much for another response to my sabotaging thinking. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better and are so excited about your new workout schedule!

Today, I was ON…kudos to me for relaxing a bit today, for riding my bike 10 miles, for eating as planned, for planning my food and for giving some credit during the day. I am doing the bike leg of the danskin triathlon and haven’t been heavily training but am starting to freak out a bit so am on that bike!!! DD asked if we could go together tomorrow with that piggyback bike-YES! It feels really good to have a day of good self care.Thanks coaches for coaching me…  I am planning my food for tomorrow now…

the next week and a half or so will be full of challenges. DD is the flowergirl in a wedding on Sunday so we have the rehearsal on Sat night and then Sunday we drop dogs off to their former owners for our trip and then deal with the wedding all day (it will be fun but there is a lot of work that has to happen getting a five year old in the right frame of mind, looking cute as a button, staying clean and not BORED by sitting around during pictures and getting ready, etc…). Then, on Monday morning at the crack of dawn we fly out to Boston and will drive to Naragansett Rhode Island for 5 days and then hang with my mom in Boston for 2 days and come home on the 11th. It will be pretty easy to CHOOSE to stay on plan since most people there eat pretty healthfully and like to be active. There is an ice cream place that we usually walk to every single night. I am going to “pull a Judith” and allot for a treat each night. One scoop of whatever I want on a wafer cone-given that I stay OP during the day. Exercise won’t be a problem either-we walk a ton, will be at the beach (I love to just tread water in the deeper water and chat with whoever or meditate or whatever)…. I am really hoping that there are bikes there but cannot count on it. Maybe I could rent one for a day or two…Anyway, lots of crazy changes in my already “low structure mode” when I am on shaky ground with my program anyway. I can do this…I will make some response cards for snacking and for eating slowly and eating normal portions…. I can do this… (mantra)….