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07-01-2008, 01:11 AM
Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're satisfied.

07-01-2008, 01:12 AM
I didn't time limit this one. I think they generally close threads after 500 posts so until then this is the place to be!

07-01-2008, 09:40 AM
Hi Shay, Thanks for the new thread. Since I haven't seen you in awhile I was wondering what to do. I thought I'd just let it go and someone would figure it out. Now you did it. Thanks again. Glad you're still here.

07-01-2008, 01:07 PM
Happy July all. I've been doing a lot of writing the past few days, trying to find some insight into myself. I'm trying to find out why, when someone hurts me, why I hurt myself over it, by eating too much. It is so paradoxical, I wish I could understand the reasoning behind it. Do any of you respond to hurt (or fear) that way? Or is it just me? One of those mysteries of the universe I'd like to solve for myself.

Carol - you and I had the same idea - new avatars for July. Hope everyone has a good holiday, if I don't get back here before then.

07-01-2008, 02:39 PM
I came back just in time Carol :)!

I have been wanting to change my avatar. I love butterflies but I am limited here on 3FC. Any ideas of where else to get avatars?

Soiley--I know exactly what you mean. I am a compulsive overeater/binge eater. I fight myself daily about not eating past full. Especially when things are not going right. IE has helped me. I journal and blog too. I also let my mom and BF in on the secret. That has helped. Otherwise I am in a constant vicious cycle. Upset and eating and then upset bc I'm eating, then eating more, etc

07-01-2008, 08:51 PM
Just Google "free avatars". Nothing to it. ha! And I'm a complete ditz when it comes to computers.

07-01-2008, 09:31 PM
Thanks for the tip for free avatars.

07-02-2008, 10:54 AM
This just in from Michelle May, M.D.

June was a big travel month for me. I made lots of notes about handling challenging situations when it comes to eating, physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every day in July my posts will chronicle my trips and provide practical applications you can use to manage your weight EVEN (or more accurately, ESPECIALLY) if you love food.

The first leg of our trip was Kansas City; strange stop for a trip down under, I know. I was there to participate in a meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Commission on the Health of the Public. The rest of my family had never been to Kansas City so we added it to the beginning of our trip.

We arrived in Kansas City in late afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we went to the lounge at Skies, a revolving restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency Crown Center. (You might remember that hotel from the atrium walkways that collapsed in 1981 killing 114 people.)

We had a beautiful, panoramic, 360 degree view of Kansas City. Because it was two hours ahead of Phoenix, we weren’t hungry enough to eat dinner yet so we ordered a quesadilla to share. This simple appetizer was beautifully presented, resembling the skyscape below. We each had just a few bites and with the views of the city slowly parading by, we all felt satisfied.

Travel Tip: Keep in mind that food should be enjoyable but doesn’t always have to be the main event. Focus on the ambience, the occasion, and your company while you indulge yourself in a few moments of relaxation.

07-02-2008, 11:09 AM
Just another interesting blog from a friend of Michelle May, M.D.

Save it for the kudos file

When someone gives you the literary high-five, save it. Whether it comes by e-mail, a thank-you card, or letterhead, create that kudos file today and save all those good vibes that come your way.


There will be days when you feel like nothing is going right, like no one appreciates you, as if the world is crashing down on your head. That's when you'll need this file. You'll refer to it for the metaphorical pat on the back we all need from time to time. It'll be the reminder you need to pull you back into reality...Someone does love you. Someone does appreciate you. Someone does know your value. And that someone is not just you.

Why this post today? I just picked up a copy of a book that was given to me by a colleague. I was taking her keynote workshop class, and we cliqued. So she gave me a copy of her book, Outsmart Your Brain! And inside the cover, she wrote, "Jackie, choose to laugh and's your gift." What a great testament from a woman I'd only gotten to know that weekend! It's the few words like those that remind us all of our value. On the days when we've forgotten that--and those days will come, even for the most confident--our kudos file will be something we can turn to for the uplift when we need it.

So dig out all the testaments you've received, hold onto the past thank-yous and any forthcoming ones, save whatever kinds words in print you recieve. Put them all in one file and label it your "Kudos File." From here on out, this will be your reminder of who you are when you're at your very best.

Isn't that something to appreciate?


07-02-2008, 07:38 PM
"Kudos File". I like that. I'm a scrapbooker and I was planning to make a scrapbook with motivational quotes and stories and pictures. I still plan to do that but I think a "Kudos Scrapbook" may work better when I need a pick me up. Thanks Carol. Oh yeah, I am off to goggle "free avatars"!

07-02-2008, 07:55 PM
Thanks Carol, that was easy. Now I have a new avatar!

07-03-2008, 11:46 AM
Glad you found the avatars. There are almost too many. ha! I have been trying to cut back on refined carbs lately but it's not working. The first 2 weeks it worked really good and I didn't even do that much and felt great but lately I've just been craving sweets and don't know why. Sometimes I think I let myself get too hungry. I just don't feel like eating and then, baam! I over do it. Anyone else had this problem. Oh, the first 2 weeks I was drinking a lot of oolong tea but after awhile it affects my bladder so I quit that and I think that was giving me more energy.

07-03-2008, 04:37 PM
Today I've hardly been hungry at all. Isn't that wierd? I wondered if had anything to do with activity but I can't really put my finger on it. Any suggestions? And the craving for sweets went away, too. One thing for sure is that when I worry my appetite is about nil, and lately I've been worrying way to much. But yesterday was about the same as today and I was so craving sweets. I'm long past menopause so that can't be it either.

07-04-2008, 10:34 AM
Carol--I think I mentioned this before. Sometimes I am just not hungry either but when its time to eat I can't decide what to eat. Then by the time I do eat I am starving. Something I am working on. I think some days we just want to eat more than others. Just like some days we want this vs that. I just try to go with the flow.

07-04-2008, 08:25 PM
Though not about IE I thought this was an interesting blog.

July 3, 2008
July 4th Choices
For many of us the July 4th holiday is going to start by mid-day. Some of us are off to the beach, others to the cooler environs of the mountains and for others it will be barbecues and picnics, fireworks, parades and swimming closer to home. This weekend is the official start of summer for most people. Summer is a time for play and rejuvenation. It offers the possibility of early morning and long evenings. How many of you will try not to use them for working? And instead use this time to have fun with friends, family and yourself. Are you willing to picture yourself in the park and/or your backyared lying on a blanket or lawn chair with a glass of ice cold tea just lolling the afternoon away without a care in the world? Those of you who choose to do this will reap rewards by coming up with new ideas, energy and solutions for your businesses and careers.

Another wonderful thing about July 4th is that we celebrate the birthday of the US. It's a time to truly stop and be grateful for all that we have and most of all our freedom to get up each day and know we will have an endless variety of choices as to where we work, shop and play. Yes, times are tougher for most of us. However, we have choices and it is up to us to remember that we still have so much more than the majority of people walking this earth. CELEBRATE and make a commitment that starting right now, you will complain a little less about the cost of gas, the state of the economy and the war in Iraq. Instad create an intention to be more conscious, grateful and celebratory of all your small victories and pick one thing you can do to make the world a better place.

Happy July 4th everyone

Arlene Rosenberg

07-05-2008, 10:52 AM
Hi Aleka, Aimee, Amy, Jerie, LaDean, Becky, Kay and anyone else I missed. Hope you can find us here. We miss you.

07-05-2008, 09:12 PM
Carol--You are always posting wonderful things so I thought I would give it a shot. This from my Nourishing Connections Newsletter.

Body Hatred is Learned

Nourishing Nuggets
"To be nobody but yourself—in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else—means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." ~E.E. Cummings

Reflections for Staying Attuned
Body hatred is a learned behavior.

Have you ever met a baby who hated her body? Somewhere along the way, we learn to dislike, and even hate, our bodies. How did we learn this?

To answer that question, let's consider:

• who teaches us to scrutinize our bodies?
• who teaches us to be critical of ourselves?
• who teaches us not to like our bodies?
• who teaches us not to like ourselves?

Start by taking a concerted look at the advertising world. It will become startlingly clear that advertisers want women to feel dissatisfied with themselves; the message is right there in the ad. But—lucky us—the advertisers’ products have the answer to the very dissatisfaction they are promoting.

Now consider prejudice. A woman who hates her body and is constantly concerned about food and weight will rarely break the glass ceiling. There is a great deal of theory about downtrodden groups, like women, and how the oppression they suffer becomes internalized. "Internalized oppression" occurs when people are targeted or oppressed over a period of time. They eventually internalize the myths and misinformation that society communicates to them about their group. For example, women frequently internalize the stereotype that they are not attractive (or smart, productive, happy) unless they are thin. This learned belief causes many women to regularly engage in what is a universally feared experience, living with hunger.

While learning body hatred from many different sources, we absorb and adapt to the rules of what is acceptable. When we begin to break free of body hatred, we are breaking the rules. Consider if a woman said, "Yeah, I'm pretty okay with my body." Many would eye her suspiciously. Why? Because she dares to break some very powerful rules!

Since body hatred is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned. Not easy to do, but worth the effort. Dare to break the rules. Decide to re-learn to like yourself inside and out. Reconnect with the body acceptance with which you were born.

Stay Attuned Tip
One woman, who typically made disparaging comments whenever she saw her reflection, made a commitment to herself to never pass by a reflection without saying, "Hello there, you Gorgeous Goddess." Sometimes she would pass by and try to ignore the reflection, but because of her commitment to herself she would turn around, take a peek, and say, "Hello there, you Gorgeous Goddess." This simple exercise was enough to change her perception of herself. She even began to carry herself differently. The change was dramatic (but not surprising, since neuroscience studies support this result of shifting from negative self-talk to positive self-talk).

So, just for today, whenever you see your reflection, say something powerfully positive to yourself. Take a minute right now to decide what that will be. Some examples are:

• “Wow, what a wonderfully powerful woman!”
• “Hey, bright and beautiful you!”
• “Those women at Nourishing Connections must be crazy, but I’ll give it a try—’Hello there sweet and wonderful person!’ ”

Stay Attuned Affirmation
"I am the exquisite woman in the window. "

07-05-2008, 10:51 PM
I'm really good at talking down to myself. If I flub up, drop something, just do something wrong I say to myself, "You idiot." I don't know when that started but it should stop. Just recently I started finding things I like about my reflection so I asked my Dh if he thought I was pretty and of course he said, " I think you're beautiful." I told him he should tell me more often without being prompted. ha!

07-07-2008, 10:53 AM
Yesterday I wore a skirt and blouse that I haven't worn in a long time because it was too small. Shay, your post reminded me of my negative thinking. My first thought was that I must be sick again and that's why I'm losing weight. Not a good thought. I know that in summer I usually weigh less than winter, too. But the thought that I may be eating less and IE is working only just crossed my mind.

07-07-2008, 07:19 PM
Hi everyone. Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I didn't go anywhere, just pretended I did. :lol: I did hear from a cousin in Alaska, and when he was telling me the weather there, it made me feel cooler, at least. Actually, it made me wish I was there.

You guys have been posting good articles, so here's one I read in Prevention, and thought it was good, and on point with IE.

I've been wanting to binge a lot the past week, but so far have managed to avoid it. I know it's from having so many mechanical and expensive problems last week. Also haven't restocked my fridge and freezer since the melt-down, so I don't have what I really want to eat around. I get paid this week, so I'll get that problem solved at least.

Everyone keep on keeping on, ok?

07-08-2008, 11:07 AM
Thanks for that Jerie. I printed it and will read it when I get off here. Yes, keeping on......that's what we're doing. I've tried a few diets and can never stick to them. There is a Dr. Hancock posting over in the Lord's Table thread that counsels people about IE and has a book and a website. The book is kind of expensive but maybe we could get some ideas from the website.

runnin' momma
07-08-2008, 11:48 PM
Hey Ladies,
Been busy with my sis visiting from Georgia for the 4th. I did a really good job with IE while she was here. Let me tell you, that is a tough thing with a mom like mine who must think jello salad is a food group. She makes what seems like fifty different kinds.. plus all the other stuff. I am heading to a conference tomorrow and the stress of getting everything done and leaving my kids behind did put me into binge mode. I ate way too many m&m's at bowling last night, but bowled my highest game ever! (155)(I'm no pro) I ate well today. We went to subway for lunch, and I ordered a foot long even though the "new Kay" know she doesn't need a footlong anymore. I ate half. THen my 12 year old was still hungry so he ate half of the other half. I ate the rest. I was glad that I exercised self control. It was pretty stressful today because my five year old fell in Wal-mart and cut his head on a shelf. It was bad enough that I had to take him to the doctor to get stitches. We were at the Doctor's office for over 2 hours. (Which made our subway trip 2 hours past our normal lunch time.) My older son and I had to go back to wal-mart later in the day because we were there to get clothes for a trip he is taking. We went back to the "scene" of the accident. Our cart with once cold dairy products was still sitting there, and they didn't even clean the blood and skin tissue off the end of the shelf! I couldn't believe it!
I'm feeling a little frumpy from a lack of exercise this last week, but I am going to take some workout clothes to my conference and try to get some time in. I'll check in when I get back!

07-09-2008, 11:16 AM
Kay, mom MIL was just like that about jello and my DH loves jello salads. I hardly ever make them because my mom didn't make them much and because I could never see that there was much food value in them. I could be wrong about that, though. I ususally use fresh fruit for salads like cut up watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, etc. It is much faster and easier. I just put a plate of them on the table or have tossed salad sometimes. We just finished freezing about 100 lb of strawberries from our garden. We gave a lot away, too, because our freezer was getting too full. The sure are good fresh with peanut butter on toast.

07-09-2008, 01:23 PM
Jerie asked how we are doing with IE. I'm doing okay. I could be doing better. I am not eating past full but I am eating just because I can. Not because I am hungry. I am at 106 days binge free so I am happy about that but I know I can be making better choices.

Carol--The doctor has started a thread on here also. I will take a look at that and her website.

07-10-2008, 10:29 AM
Some interesting thoughts from the Beyond Chocolate newsletter.

Remind me what this principle is about

The shape of things to come
Summer's here and it's time to luxuriate in the feel of the sun on your skin, while away weekends in the garden or park, eat alfresco with friends, enjoy a little ease. But perhaps you've been anticipating the holiday season with more dread than delight... Maybe jetting off is synonymous with stripping off - and putting you off going! If only you'd stuck to that new, celebrity-endorsed crash diet... If only you'd gone to the gym every day like you'd promised yourself... But didn't you say that last year, and the one before that? Sure, you lost a few pounds, but was it worth it, when you found you'd put all the weight back on when you got back from that week away?

You could... sign up to your local slimming club (again) and vow to lose a stone by August - starting tomorrow
Or you could... find out why diets don't work and what you can do that does - starting today

You could... buy new clothes in the size you're determined to be before your holiday
Or you could... learn how to like the body you're in right now, on the way to the body you want

You could... longingly watch others eat ice cream while you make do with low-fat frozen yoghurt
Or you could... enjoy the foods you love without guilt - and stop living a low-fat, low-carb, low-interest life

You could... force yourself to go to the gym every day, even though you hate it
Or you could... be open to new ways of moving that will fill you with joy

You could... put off that week in the sun till you have the perfect beach body
Or you could... have your best summer yet, beginning with one life-changing day

07-10-2008, 02:43 PM
Great article Carol. What is Beyond Chocolate? Is it a book, or what? I loved all the things you "could".

Been doing good with eating last 2 days. Really been paying attention to listening for those "not hungry anymore" signals. I have a real bad habit of eating everything on the plate (remnants of a father who wouldn't let us leave the table until we ate everything??) before checking to see if I'm satisfied. So to help me with that, I've been putting really small servings on my plate. It's been just fine, but I find I get hungry faster. In one of the IE books I've read (maybe geneen roth) it says you should celebrate being hungry, because it's another chance nurture yourself by feeding yourself exacly what you want. That's a mindset that it's hard to get my arms around, but it is true. When you feed your loved ones, it's one of the ways you nurture them, isn't it? And if you're like me, you go out of your way to give them what they love. So I'm trying to look at it that way.

Everyone have a great day.

07-10-2008, 02:58 PM
It is a book and a website but the authors are located in England. I've been waiting for the book to go down in price on Amazon but no used copies yet. My folks were clean your plate people, too, Jerie. Lately my problem is that nothing tastes very good. And then I go searching.....ha!

07-12-2008, 12:01 PM
I like to read IE succes stories and here is one from "Traci".

I started IE officially on 1/1/2007. I had the book for years, but
only had used it as an excuse to binge and then went on a "real diet"
to lose the weight. Of course it never worked for long.

So, 1/1/07 I decided that I was actually going to work through the
process, a step at a time, and was committed to healing my
relationship with food.

What has happened since that time is beyond my wildest dreams. I
tried on BATHING SUITS today, and was not unhappy with the experience!

I'd had 40 years of a messed up relationship with food. Because of
this, it took a LONG time to heal. I started with honoring my hunger
and legalizing all foods. I hate to say that I did indeed gain a lot
of weight, but I knew that I was working through some deep stuff, and
I kept at it. It was scary and upsetting, for sure. It takes courage
to let go of control and trust your body. It takes courage to take
steps backward and know that you will eventually move forward.

Then, nine months after I'd started the process, I knew that I was
ready to start portion control. So, I logged my food and kept track.
Not so that I could beat myself up if I "ate too much" but so that I
could know what 2000 calories feels like. I was so out of touch, I
had no idea what a "normal" eater ate like.

I also started exercising. I learned that I hate gyms not exercise
It's OKAY not to like the gym. That doesn't
make me a fattie mchattie.

In October, I stopped drinking alcohol. Now, I wasn't an alcoholic,
but I was using wine to make myself feel better. When I removed that,
boy! did I have a lot to deal with. What followed was a major period
of self examination, and a lot of changes that had nothing to do with

I learned that I don't like most of the things I was eating before. I
truly have become a connoiseur of food now. If it's crap and doesn't
taste good or make me feel good, I don't eat it. It took a lot of
testing out of things, but now I am so adventurous when it comes to

Fast forward to now, 18 months out. I am down 35 pounds (still am
carrying an extra 35) and feel fantastic. I eat what I want, when I
want, and love every single thing that goes into my mouth.

So, if you are new here and want to know if IE "works" let me just
tell you this. If I knew 18 months ago that I would have this
relationship with food, that my life would look like this, I would
have saved myself a lot of anxiety.

If you're worried, don't be. DO THIS. Take the risk. It's scary to
let go of control and to trust that you really do know what is best
for you. You don't have to listen to what someone else tells you to
eat or do. Take the leap of faith. You may take a few steps backward
before you make progress. But, if you keep at it, YOU CANNOT FAIL.
There is no failure in IE. The only thing you have to lose is your
messed up relationship with food.

Come, take our hands--the ones of us who have been here awhile. We
can help you. It's the best journey you'll ever take.

07-14-2008, 02:29 PM
Hi Everyone - Things have been quiet on the board, I see. We're in the midst of thunderstorm season here - we get a lot of ground strikes - so the electric is iffy. I had one computer trashed a few years ago from power surges (even tho it was plugged into a surge protector), so since then I power off pc's when storms are in the forecast. That's why I haven't been here in so long.

I'm doing fairly well. I have been doing a ton of writing when I've been wanting to eat. I'm not sure if I'm learning anything about myself, but it does keep my hands busy. :)

I liked Traci's story. It's true about how IE thinking makes everything in your life better if you take the time to really do it. I hope I can eventually get to the place that she obviously is.

Everyone take care.

07-14-2008, 02:33 PM
Carol--Loved the "could" list too. I just did the clothes one this weekend. I'm one of those that has a closet full of clothes I can no longer wear. Size 8skirts and size 10 jeans. Now I was practically living in sweats and it was quite a feat to figure out what to wear each day. I went shopping this weekend and am currently wearing what fits now and I feel so much better!

07-14-2008, 02:36 PM
Jerie--My cable went out last night which also includes my internet access because of storming. When I got up this morning it was still out. Hopefully it will be a different story when I get home this evening.

07-14-2008, 05:51 PM
Good morning, everyone...Carol, thanks for your reply on my other thread.

Much as I believe that IE is the best way to go, I feel that right now my body is physically messed up too much to be able to lose anything with this technique.

The truth is, there is no healthy food I ever want. I'm so messed up and so exhausted all the time that sitting here eating junky carbs for "quick energy" is all I seem to do. I NEVER crave a vegetable or fruit. I only want chips and Cheetos and Pop Tarts and Little Debbies and ice cream with sprinkles...You get the picture.

So I'm going back to counting calories for awhile. I hate doing it, but I feel desperate. I'm not going to deny myself any certain foods, but I am going to try to force myself to eat healthier.

I'm going to track my foods in Spark People for awhile. I don't know if it will work, or if it will fail too, like all the other things I've done.

But I'm desperate, and don't dare to "trust myself" to desire healthy foods, because I just don't.

I may still pop in here every once in awhile though, to see how everyone else is doing.

Have a great day!

07-15-2008, 11:54 AM
Hi Becky. You might like Volumetrics. They have a pretty active thread here in general diet plans. Then you wouldn't have to count every calorie and would learn to eat more healthfully. I find that when I'm really intuned with myself that I don't like more than a handful of chips and other foods people call junk.

07-15-2008, 01:28 PM
Well, that didn't last long! I carefully tracked every mouthful of food I ate yesterday-and I hated it! If there's a sure way to become obsessed with food, tracking it is the way it'll happen.

I've done this for SO many years, and it hasn't helped, so why don't I stop trying to do it?

Carol, I really enjoyed the success story you posted. Are there any more of those, or is there a website where we can go read them?

I think what I need to do is work harder at figuring out why I eat in response to various things--like right now. I'm missing my daughter and my grandchildren A LOT, and I was just on the phone/webcam with them, and it stirred up all over again how much I miss them and how sad I am that they live so far away now, and, boy, I wish I had a bag of chips. Isn't that a silly response to missing your family?

So I guess, though I am desperate to lose some of this weight, I really don't care to drive myself nuts trying to record every bite I take. Life is too short. There are better things to do with my time, right?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!

07-15-2008, 06:57 PM
I just realized that today I am 5lbs down from the new highest ever that I hit last week.

It's probably all just bloat, so nothing to get excited about, but still good anyway, right?

07-15-2008, 07:37 PM
Becky--No matter how long it takes me I'm not counting anything ever again. I get way too obsessive too!

07-15-2008, 09:34 PM
I had a wierd IE day today. It is so hot that by supper time all I wanted to eat was watermelon. My DD and DH had spaghetti and garlic bread and now I'm really glad I didn't eat it because the nausea I was feeling has gone away.

07-16-2008, 08:14 AM
I'm up earlier this morning to beat the sun while picking beans. The next picking should be big. The bugs were loving me. ha! Not hungry yet but I suppose it will come on soon. How is everyone?

07-16-2008, 12:43 PM
Well, that didn't last long! I carefully tracked every mouthful of food I ate yesterday-and I hated it! If there's a sure way to become obsessed with food, tracking it is the way it'll happen.

I've done this for SO many years, and it hasn't helped, so why don't I stop trying to do it?


I'm with you. I'm all over the place because I HATE counting carbs and calories! I seem to get obsessed with numbers and end up eating foods I don't even like because they fit into the numbers. Then I get rebellious and binge on garbage food because I hate counting whatever it is I'm counting!

Funny thing is, last summer I lost about 20 pounds by only eating when I'm hungry and stopping before I'm full. I don't know why I didn't stick to it. I was doing really well and my rheumatoid arthritis felt so much better.

I started eating that way again this morning. I'll eat what I'm truly hungry for, which is usually healthy when I actually listen to my body, and stop before I feel full. I know this is the best for me health AND weight-wise. Why oh why and where oh where did we stop listening to our bodies and start following some book on how to eat?!? We were given natural instincts and yet we bull ride right thru them.... *sigh*.....


07-16-2008, 03:40 PM
Hi, how is everyone? Boy, do I ever hear you guys about how crazy you go when counting calories. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is surely me. I make a vow to myself every day, that no matter what happens with my weight, I will never diet again. It just causes me too much anguish.

My dr. started me on a new injection for diabetes (byetta) and she says most people report a decrease in appetite. I've been on it a couple of weeks, and I forget to eat. Never in my life did I think I would ever say that. My kids used to do it, but never me. Plus, it's really helping my blood sugars. According to the literature, it works by delaying the emptying of the stomach and that keeps your blood sugar more level. Only drawback is nausea, but that's beginning to go away. I couldn't be happier. It sure fits in with my IE lifestyle, because I've had a tendency to eat by the clock instead of hunger.

Carol - how big a garden do you have? And do you take care of it all by yourself? It must be big, hearing how much stuff you can, freeze, and give away. I usually have a small garden (fall and spring are the garden times of year here - even winter for some things). I call it my "salad garden". Usually have lettuces, onions (which I use green), tomatoes, carrots, radishes (for the grandkids - they grow so fast) and sugar snaps. My neighbor and I "built" my garden with cement blocks & he filled it up with dirt. It stands about 4 1/2 feet off the ground, because my physical limitations prevent me from getting on my knees. I just love it, it's so easy to take care of. It's only about 5' X 5' tho.

Everyone have a great day (and a happy one too).

07-16-2008, 09:09 PM
:welcome3: Ann! Jerie, I'm trying to reduce my garden but still not doing the best at it. My husband brings home cheap plants and it gets bigger. I'm just going to have to put my foot down. I used to do 36 tomato plants but now I only have 16.

07-17-2008, 11:04 AM
This morning I was very hungry and wanted to make creamed tuna but knew that it would take awhile. So I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and a little jam and then the tuna was ready. It all tasted so good and I have been having a problem with not finding anything that satisfies. My problem is that I eat the same thing for days in a row. I was eating toast with pb and fresh strawberries but the strawberries were getting old and the patch is done now so I had to think of something different. I remembered how mom used to make me creamed tuna on bread when I was young so I tried that and it was great! And the pb toast appetizer really hit the spot, too. Plus a great peach topped everything off. Does this sound silly?

07-17-2008, 03:23 PM
Carol - Your meal doesn't sound silly to me. It sounds like you ate what you were hungry for. I too get in ruts of eating the same thing every day - just because it's easy. I'm trying to get in the habit of freezing stuff instead of eating it every day until it's gone. I try to cut my recipes down to about 2 servings, but some things just seem to grow as I'm cooking them. Soup, chili, & stuff like that grows and multiplies on me as it's cooking. :lol: I just keep finding stuff that I think would make it better if I put it in. I think it's great you ate something you used to eat as a kid and still enjoyed it. My mom used to make creamed chipped beef, and we ate it on toast. She got to wanting it one day, so I made some for her and both of us hated it. It was sooo salty. Neither of us could believe we loved it so. My brother says he still likes it and fixes it every once in awhile.

Tell your husband that he has to take care of every new plant he buys. Maybe that would slow him down.

Hope everyone has a good day today, and does one thing just for fun. :)

07-17-2008, 06:01 PM
I'm with you. I'm all over the place because I HATE counting carbs and calories! I seem to get obsessed with numbers and end up eating foods I don't even like because they fit into the numbers. Then I get rebellious and binge on garbage food because I hate counting whatever it is I'm counting!

That's exactly what happens to me. I try one thing, then worry that it's not the "right" way to lose, then I jump to something else. In the meantime, I'm usually gaining because I can't decide what to do, and can't stick to what I end up deciding.

Boy, do I ever hear you guys about how crazy you go when counting calories. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is surely me. I make a vow to myself every day, that no matter what happens with my weight, I will never diet again. It just causes me too much anguish.

My neighbor and I "built" my garden with cement blocks & he filled it up with dirt. It stands about 4 1/2 feet off the ground, because my physical limitations prevent me from getting on my knees. I just love it, it's so easy to take care of. It's only about 5' X 5' tho.

I agree about that definition of insanity, and that's why I'm questioning myself about why on earth I keep running back to "eating plans" that prescribe what to eat, or what to avoid, or how much, etc. I've done this for 30 years now, without ever getting back to a normal weight for very long, if ever, so I really need to figure out something else.

I'm trying to talk my husband into doing raised beds too. It would be a lot easier on our backs/knees, and it would reduce the weeds quite a bit. He planted our garden the regular way this year, but he told me he'd like to do raised beds next year.

Carol, with the way things are going, I think you're going to be very glad that you have a huge garden! I couldn't believe the price of simple green peppers here this week--$2.79 a pound! Amazing. I have two tiny peppers on my plants right now. I told my dh those things are gold.

07-17-2008, 06:16 PM
I don't know if I'm onto something here or not...The last couple of days I've tried to eat very low carb. I did have a single scoop of regular ice cream for dessert last night though, but the scale still went down a little.

Today I'm 6.8 pounds down from my highest. I usually have only one week during the month where I can lose, then I either stay the same or gain the other three. (A lot of the gain is because once I see that I *am* gaining, I throw in the towel and start eating any ol' thing. I also have bad carb cravings then, even though I'm past menopause, which is weird.)

So in general I'm trying to eat quite a bit lower carb, but not low enough for it to be Atkins or Protein Power, etc. I'm going to allow myself a dessert every day if I want it, but try not to go off the deep end with constant junk eating.

Maybe if I can keep that up and not throw in the towel for awhile, I'll inch bit by bit down the scale.

Does this sound like it could work?

07-17-2008, 06:49 PM
Becky, Good for you only losing the 6.8 lb. I tried the same thing a few weeks ago but I just can't stick to it......the lower carb thing. So now I just eat a little something and not worry about the carbs. The main thing I think makes me feel bad is too many sweets. One day by evening I hadn't eaten any sweets and I could hardly believe it. But ususally I have one or 2 oreos or some small amount of a sweet.

07-17-2008, 09:32 PM
Man, Carol, if you can stop after just one or two Oreos, that is great! Once I got started on those, I'd eat a whole row at a time.

07-18-2008, 10:47 AM
Well, if you are almost full from other food, 2 oreos just does the trick. ha!

07-20-2008, 04:08 PM
Yesterday I was feeling kind of tired and achey and had a lot to do at home. I was hungry but having a hard time figuring out what to eat so I finally decided on a hambuger and watermelon. It must have been the right thing because I canned 8qt of beans, washed the floor, vacuumed and went to my DD's house for her birthday that night. As bad as I was feeling the food made me feel better.

07-20-2008, 06:41 PM
IE is going pretty good right now. I'm actually stopping when satisfied. Some days I eat more, some days I eat less. I try not to worry about it too much. TBL challenge ends in a few weeks and I will be happy about that bc I don't have to get on the scale for a bit then. I think the next challenge starts in September--perfect.

07-21-2008, 10:42 AM
I know how you feel, Shay. I was in a challenge on another forum and I was so relieved not to have to weigh every week when it was over. I actually lost about 6lb the 2 weeks after that. Go figure.

07-22-2008, 01:47 PM
Probably the best book I have ever read on IE is Naturally Thin by Eating More by Jean Antonello. It is really good reading plus she has great information. The only draw back is that she is pushes heavily for eliminating what she calls pleasure foods, ie. sweets, etc. and she suggests having them only once or twice a month. She also suggests not eating borderline foods (fast food, fried food, other sweet or fatty foods) only once or twice a week. Peronsally, I would rather eat a small sweet every day than say a whole serving less often. Otherwise the book is very for moral support and I highly recommend it.

runnin' momma
07-22-2008, 11:46 PM
Hi Ladies,
I've been trying to encorporate some of the principals of "Let's Do Lunch" lately. You eat fruit for breakfast. Eat protein and veggies for lunch. Then you have veggies and fruits for dinner. That is really oversimplified, but I am just trying to include a few more heathlier food choices. I have found myself doing some mindless eating lately and am trying to get back in touch.
Biggest rule--- Don't eat in front of the TV or while driving!!! (The second can be a safety hazard especially if you drive a standard like me :) )
I have found that grapes are a very satisfying snack. They are much better for me than cheetos! Now if I really feel the need for cheetos, I'll have some, but I am trying to make other choices first.

07-23-2008, 10:24 AM
Hi Kay, Is that a book you are talking about? I've never heard of that program. Since I've started IE, somehow the power of Cheetos has gone away. Seems like your body really does want healthy food if you just listen to it. Here is another article I found on sparkpeople no author listed.

10 Principals to IE:

1. Reject the Diet Mentality Throw out the diet books and magazine articles that offer you false hope of losing weight quickly, easily, and permanently. Get angry at the lies that have led you to feel as if you were a failure every time a new diet stopped working and you gained back all of the weight. If you allow even one small hope to linger that a new and better diet might be lurking around the corner, it will prevent you from being free to rediscover Intuitive Eating.
2. Honor Your Hunger Keep your body biologically fed with adequate energy and carbohydrates. Otherwise you can trigger a primal drive to overeat. Once you reach the moment of excessive hunger, all intentions of moderate, conscious eating are fleeting and irrelevant. Learning to honor this first biological signal sets the stage for re-building trust with yourself and food.

3. Make Peace with Food Call a truce, stop the food fight! Give yourself unconditional permission to eat. If you tell yourself that you can't or shouldn't have a particular food, it can lead to intense feelings of deprivation that build into uncontrollable cravings and, often, bingeing When you finally “give-in” to your forbidden food, eating will be experienced with such intensity, it usually results in Last Supper overeating, and overwhelming guilt.
4. Challenge the Food Police .Scream a loud "NO" to thoughts in your head that declare you're "good" for eating under 1000 calories or "bad" because you ate a piece of chocolate cake. The Food Police monitor the unreasonable rules that dieting has created . The police station is housed deep in your psyche, and its loud speaker shouts negative barbs, hopeless phrases, and guilt-provoking indictments. Chasing the Food Police away is a critical step in returning to Intuitive Eating.
5. Respect Your Fullness Listen for the body signals that tell you that you are no longer hungry. Observe the signs that show that you're comfortably full. Pause in the middle of a meal or food and ask yourself how the food tastes, and what is your current fullness level?
6. Discover the Satisfaction Factor The Japanese have the wisdom to promote pleasure as one of their goals of healthy living In our fury to be thin and healthy, we often overlook one of the most basic gifts of existence--the pleasure and satisfaction that can be found in the eating experience. When you eat what you really want, in an environment that is inviting and conducive, the pleasure you derive will be a powerful force in helping you feel satisfied and content. By providing this experience for yourself, you will find that it takes much less food to decide you've had "enough".
7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food Find ways to comfort , nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food. Anxiety, loneliness, boredom, anger are emotions we all experience throughout life. Each has its own trigger, and each has its own appeasement. Food won't fix any of these feelings. It may comfort for the short term, distract from the pain, or even numb you into a food hangover. But food won't solve the problem. If anything, eating for an emotional hunger will only make you feel worse in the long run. You'll ultimately have to deal with the source of the emotion, as well as the discomfort of overeating.
8. Respect Your Body Accept your genetic blueprint. Just as a person with a shoe size of eight would not expect to realistically squeeze into a size six, it is equally as futile (and uncomfortable) to have the same expectation with body size. But mostly, respect your body, so you can feel better about who you are. It's hard to reject the diet mentality if you are unrealistic and overly critical about your body shape.
9. Exercise--Feel the Difference Forget militant exercise. Just get active and feel the difference. Shift your focus to how it feels to move your body, rather than the calorie burning effect of exercise. If you focus on how you feel from working out, such as energized, it can make the difference between rolling out of bed for a brisk morning walk or hitting the snooze alarm. If when you wake up, your only goal is to lose weight, it's usually not a motivating factor in that moment of time.
10 Honor Your Health--Gentle Nutrition Make food choices that honor your health and tastebuds while making you feel well. Remember that you don't have to eat a perfect diet to be healthy. You will not suddenly get a nutrient deficiency or gain weight from one snack, one meal, or one day of eating. It's what you eat consistently over time that matters, progress not perfection is what counts.

runnin' momma
07-23-2008, 08:28 PM
Yes, It is a book. There is a forum at its website. I can't do the program 100% because I am a picky eater and I wouldn't have many foods to choose from. When I did try it, I ended up light headed and without energy when I was trying to do a lot of training. Again, I think it is because I am such a picky eater and couldn't get enough calories or energy foods for running lots of miles at a time. I do like some of the recipes and the replacing of regular sugar with fruit sugar.

07-23-2008, 11:52 PM
How exactly do you use that program, Kay? When you say fruit sugar do you mean you buy fructose in granular form? What would be a sample day for you? Thanks

07-24-2008, 02:22 PM
Hi all - Looks like it's been very quiet here. Maybe a lot of people are just busy from summer activities. I've been avoiding coming here because I've been struggling a lot. This morning, I realized I'm getting it wrong - that's when I need to come here the most. My life has just been getting me down lately, and I've responded by eating. Soon as I get off here, I'm going to get one of my IE books and re-read some of the chapters. Thanks Carol for reposting the 10 principles of IE. It is exactly what I needed to see today. Now all I have to do is get off my own back. :) That's the hardest part of all. Talk to y'all later.

07-24-2008, 04:04 PM
Come every day, Jerie, I could use the support, too.

07-25-2008, 02:26 PM
Here I am Carol. Taking it 1 day at a time (or hour, or minute sometimes). 2 of my grands are coming to stay all night tonight, so I'm not as down in the dumps as I have been all week. Actually I called and asked them to come. One of my habits is to tough everything out by myself, instead of asking for help. I'm trying to learn to ask for what I need, instead of waiting for someone to "guess" that I need something (which never happens). I'm beginning to find out that the food thing is not near as important to work on as the emotional things. That's what drives me to food over and over again. Baby steps. Just like my sig below, I'm trying to keep walking.

How are you today? Still working in the garden and canning? My ex & I farmed in Mo. so I know what canning all day is like. My mil & I would can all summer. It's hard work, but nice to have all that stuff in the winter.

Have a great day.

07-25-2008, 07:26 PM
I've been having back trouble lately so I got my son's fiancee to pick the beans today. Then we snapped them and I canned them. They are getting married here at the farm on Aug. 22nd. She is from Canada. There's lots to do before then but I try to just take one day at a time like you said.

07-25-2008, 07:30 PM
My DD who has gone to her sister's to live and look for a job was kind of the drawing card for my grandkids to come here. Now I probably won't see them much anymore. They live a few hr. away.

runnin' momma
07-28-2008, 07:15 AM
You eat all the fruit you want in the morning. You have protein, veggies, soups, and salads at lunch. Then for dinner you go back to the fruit and veggies. You eat as much of it all as you want until you are full. Basically get rid of processed foods as much as possible. Kind of common sense :) I just can't get boxed in by too many rules. It has been hard enough breaking down all of the food rules that have gotten me into my weight mess in the first place. I haven't been feeling well this week and haven't felt like eating. Of course I try to force myself to eat because it is meal time which is ridiculous.

I don't know if it is the summer heat, but the blues seem to be upon us all. I hope we can join together and draw strength from one another. God has been on speed dial for me as of late. If you all don't mind I'll include you in my chats with him. :)

07-28-2008, 10:07 AM
Sorry your not feeling well, Kay. I've been having a few days like that myself. My back and hip have been hurting but I hope they are getting better. I got really down one day because the pain was so bad and I don't like to take pain killers because I have weakened kidneys. But sometimes I just have to take one ibuprofen. I think the heat and humidity are real good appetite suppressants. ha! Yes, keep me in your prayers. Thanks.

07-29-2008, 07:55 PM
Sorry to be absent for a few days. I go weeks and weeks without seeing anyone, then everyone I know showed up over the last 4 days. It's either feast or famine.

Carol & Kay - I hope you are both feeling better. Isn't it a pain to be in pain all the time?

Eating-wise, I've been doing better. Having the grandkids got me back into cooking real meals (been just eating snack stuff lately). In August I get to see my 2 grands that live out of town a few times (football season starting), so my outlook is getting a little better. I'm also re-reading IE books, which always gets me more in tune with my body.

07-30-2008, 02:04 PM
Jerie--Definitely busy here. I work in recreation so it is my busiest time of year. When I get home I want to do nothing or right now I am preoccupied with my new ipod so I never make it over to 3FC. Being preoccupied with something else besides food is great for me.

Regarding IE. It is getting better and better. The past few days I have eaten only 3 meals a day and no snacks and have been satisfied. I am used to eating snacks so I am surprised this has worked. Of course it was not done purposefully. I was eating intuitively.

07-31-2008, 03:18 PM
Oh, Shay, I like your new avatar. IE is getting better and better. I have a problem, however. I made a blouse for my son's wedding and it is a little tight requiring a diet or make a whole new blouse, I let it out as much as I could but still tight. I have a good 4 day diet that really works but the other alternative is to make another blouse and I did buy more material. I'm really discouraged because when I cut the skirt out ( I loved the material) I missed one of the panels and it was too tight, also but that wasn't the patterns fault. So I'm back to square one sewing. I'll let you know how it comes out. The wedding is Aug. 22nd but my DH's nephew gets married the Fri. before so it will be a busy month.

08-01-2008, 02:06 PM
Carol--Thanks to your advice I know how to find free avatars and I put one specific to butterflies in my favorites so I will be switching every time I get bored. The fact that you can even make clothes at all is amazing to me. My mom used to sew when she was younger. She sold her sewing machine a few years back though because she wasn't really using it. I want to work on my crocheting skills. My mom taught me when I was young and I used to crochet blankets for my baby dolls. I want to advance my skills so I can make gifts and keep my hands busy.

08-03-2008, 01:26 PM
Hi, ladies...I disappear from here periodically every time I get that "urge to diet", then I find myself returning when the dieting is driving me nuts and frustrating me.

It is plain to me that it's not helpful for me to try to track foods eaten, calories, carbs, etc. It just keeps me in the diet-then-dive-off-the-wagon mentality. I'm better off just to go back to eating naturally, without "rules", the way I ate when I was naturally thin growing up.

My ears really perked up in church this morning when our pastor was speaking on covetousness. He said that sometimes covetousness can be when we wish for the younger, more shapely bodies that we used to have instead of being content with the bodies that we have right now. I'd never thought of my "weight obsession" in this way, and it is an interesting perspective.

It looks like several of us are missing children and grandchildren these days. :(
I'm thankful for my webcam which allows me to "see" them even though they are so far away now.

Carol, thanks for posting that last article about IE. It was a great reminder for me, and certainly needed today. It sounds like you have an EXTREMELY busy August coming up. Even though they are a lot of work and preparation, I love weddings. I hope the weather cooperates for the ones you have this month.

I hope you all have a restful, pleasant Sunday...

08-03-2008, 04:20 PM
Another interesting article.

Dieting Doesn't Work
UCLA researchers find that people who lose weight usually gain it all back — plus some.

Will you lose weight and keep it off if you diet? No, probably not, UCLA researchers report in the April issue of American Psychologist, the journal of the American Psychological Association.

"You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back," said Traci Mann, UCLA associate professor of psychology and lead author of the study. "We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. Sustained weight loss was found only in a small minority of participants, while complete weight regain was found in the majority. Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people."

Up to two-thirds regain more weight

Mann and her co-authors conducted the most comprehensive and rigorous analysis of diet studies, analyzing 31 long-term studies.

"What happens to people on diets in the long run?" Mann asked. "Would they have been better off to not go on a diet at all? We decided to dig up and analyze every study that followed people on diets for two to five years. We concluded most of them would have been better off not going on the diet at all. Their weight would be pretty much the same, and their bodies would not suffer the wear and tear from losing weight and gaining it all back."

People on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their starting weight in the first six months, the researchers found. However, at least one-third to two-thirds of people on diets regain more weight than they lost within four or five years, and the true number may well be significantly higher, they said.

Diets even less effective than they seem

"Although the findings reported give a bleak picture of the effectiveness of diets, there are reasons why the actual effectiveness of diets is even worse," Mann said.

Mann said that certain factors biased the diet studies to make them appear more effective than they really were. For one, many participants self-reported their weight by phone or mail rather than having their weight measured on a scale by an impartial source. Also, the studies have very low follow-up rates — eight of the studies had follow-up rates lower than 50 percent, and those who responded may not have been representative of the entire group, since people who gain back large amounts of weight are generally unlikely to show up for follow-up tests, Mann said.

Dieting may predict future weight gain

"Several studies indicate that dieting is actually a consistent predictor of future weight gain," said Janet Tomiyama, a UCLA graduate student of psychology and co-author of the study. One study found that both men and women who participated in formal weight-loss programs gained significantly more weight over a two-year period than those who had not participated in a weight-loss program, she said.

Another study, which examined a variety of lifestyle factors and their relationship to changes in weight in more than 19,000 healthy older men over a four-year period, found that "one of the best predictors of weight gain over the four years was having lost weight on a diet at some point during the years before the study started," Tomiyama said. In several studies, people in control groups who did not diet were not that much worse off — and in many cases were better off — than those who did diet, she said.

If dieting doesn't work, what does?

"Eating in moderation is a good idea for everybody, and so is regular exercise," Mann said. "That is not what we looked at in this study. Exercise may well be the key factor leading to sustained weight loss. Studies consistently find that people who reported the most exercise also had the most weight loss."

Diet studies of less than two years are too short to show whether dieters have regained the weight they lost, Mann said.

"Even when you follow dieters four years, they're still regaining weight," she said.

One study of dieting obese patients followed them for varying lengths of time. Among those who were followed for fewer than two years, 23 percent gained back more weight than they had lost, while of those who were followed for at least two years, 83 percent gained back more weight than they had lost, Mann said. One study found that 50 percent of dieters weighed more than 11 pounds over their starting weight five years after the diet, she said.

Evidence suggests that repeatedly losing and gaining weight is linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and altered immune function. Mann and Tomiyama recommend that more research be conducted on the health effects of losing and gaining weight, noting that scientists do not fully understand how such weight cycling leads to adverse health effects.

Mann notes that her mother has tried different diets, and has not succeeded in keeping the weight off. "My mother has been on diets and says what we are saying is obvious," she said.

While the researchers analyzed 31 dieting studies, they have not evaluated specific diets.

Obesity an illness

Medicare raised the issue of whether obesity is an illness, deleting the words "Obesity is not considered an illness" from its coverage regulations in 2004. The move may open the door for Medicare to consider funding treatments for obesity, Mann noted.

"Diets are not effective in treating obesity," said Mann. "We are recommending that Medicare should not fund weight-loss programs as a treatment for obesity. The benefits of dieting are too small and the potential harm is too large for dieting to be recommended as a safe, effective treatment for obesity."

From 1980 to 2000, the percentage of Americans who were obese more than doubled, from 15 percent to 31 percent of the population, Mann noted.

A social psychologist, Mann, taught a UCLA graduate seminar on the psychology of eating four years ago. She and her students continued the research when the course ended. Mann's co-authors are Erika Westling, Ann-Marie Lew, Barbra Samuels and Jason Chatman.

"We asked what evidence is there that dieting works in the long term, and found that the evidence shows the opposite" Tomiyama said.

The research was partially supported by the National Institute of Mental Health.

In future research, Mann is interested in studying whether a combination of diet and exercise is more effective than exercise alone.

08-03-2008, 04:21 PM
That was from UCLA magazine online.

08-03-2008, 07:16 PM
Thanks for posting that article, Carol.

I truly believe that if I had never started that first diet, I wouldn't be anywhere near as big as I am today. I've been on/off/on/off various diets for a good thirty years now. Have lost and regained hundreds of pounds.

Should have just left myself alone and I probably would have drifted back down to my natural weight after my daughter was born. The thing that got me started on the diet roller coaster in the first place was an (ex) husband that hated "fat women". Never mind that I was only about 20lbs over my normal weight at that time, and wasn't even close to being "obese". Grrrr. :mad:

Optical Goddess
08-04-2008, 04:10 PM
Hello all,

I am really glad I found this thread. I am reading my first book on IE, and feel a sense of relief. I am turning 30 in a few days, and decided that I didn't want to waste my life obsessing about food and body image. This past weekend I was at the Taste of my town, and I ate a lot. It was tasty, but I doubt I would have eaten so much if I didn't have an attitude of good foods vrs bad foods....

I also have a friend who is shorter and rounder than me, but she is the most confident person ever. she doesn't let her body stop her from dating, swimming, whatever, where as I won't wear shorts at all, nor will I sit with out putting somethign over my mid section.

I admit to being kind of scared. Im a pro dieter, and have been for over 10 years now. It's hard to let that go....

08-04-2008, 08:11 PM
Welcome Optical Goddess. How did you lose the weight? Now that I have done IE for a few years it is really difficult to follow a certain diet. Maybe that's a good thing.

Optical Goddess
08-04-2008, 09:17 PM
I lost my weight w/ weight watchers. I didn't really go to meetings or anyting, just did it on my own. I find that trying to get anything below 150 is damn near impossible, and I just feel worse about myself as I keep trying. It's just not sticking, especially when I notice that certain days I am crazy hungry and certain days I'm not hungry much at all. In the scheme of things, it all works out, but when trying to follow a certain plan, these translate into days Im freakin' hungry as all get out, or stuffing myself so I don't eat too few points.

runnin' momma
08-06-2008, 06:45 AM
Hi all! I noticed that even though I am eating IE, I am having trouble ordering IE at restaurants and wasting a lot of food. Yesterday we ate at a Mexican restaurant. I knew that I wanted a tamale and some rice. Instead of ordering a la cart, I ordered the dinner. It came with 3 tamales and a double order of rice since I don't eat beans. I at half the rice and 1 tamale and was satisfied. I wasted all that food and money. My mind still thinks I am going to gorge myself and that I am super hungry, but my body is sending me full signals faster. It is like I am afraid to order smaller portions because when I am done I might still be hungry... Common sense says that if I am hungry I could always order something else. Of course the "bargain" is always better if you order a dinner. I guess it isn't a bargain if half the food gets thrown away (I'm not much for taking home leftovers).

I just thought it was interesting how my mind is still battling the old thinking, but my body is starting to give me better signals about being satifsied. I have been at training this week and they have all kinds of snacks sitting out. My mind is saying, "Free snacks, get 'em while you can" My body is saying, "No, I'm not hungry" The first day I ate a snack and disregarded what my body said. I got a royal stomachache. Yesterday I listened to my body, didn't eat the junkfood, and I didn't feel deprived at all. I did actually take one of the granola bars though and stared at it. When I read the nutritional ingredients, I decided it wasn't worth eating. Later I had one of my Fiberone bars which I love.

runnin' momma
08-06-2008, 06:48 AM
I don't know your bone size, but 150lbs for a 5'7" frame sounds pretty good to me. If your body doesn't want to go below that, maybe you are at your perfect weight? (Just a thought.)

runnin' momma
08-06-2008, 06:53 AM
I too have always been amazed at one of my friends who is actually heavier than me, but who is so confident and happy. You see her personality and you don't really care about her size.
I actually went to a nutritionist for a while a couple of years ago to help me get a better body image and she helped me get started on IE. I ended up tossing my old clothes and taking a girlfriend with me to shop. She would bring me clothes and I wouldn't look at the sizes, I would just look at how nice I looked. I realized that you look better and slimmer in clothes that fit you properly instead of tight clothes that you are always tugging at. Now those clothes are too big for me. :)

08-06-2008, 11:07 AM
It's kind of amazing how you can't eat as much when you have been doing IE for awhile, especially in the summer. The heat and humidty just make you NOT want to eat.

Optical Goddess
08-06-2008, 12:27 PM
today's my second day w/ IE . It's wierd. I mean that in a good way, but it's liberating to let go of the diet mentallity. Last night I tried to explain to my husband that Im not going to be dieting anymore.

He didn't say much. I think part of him is anxious, thinking that I'm going hork down everything in sight. He's diabetic, so he's on a diet of his own, so to speak. But he's not trying to lose weight. I truly believe that the weight loss mental state, combined w/ the pressure to fit into a social ideal is felt more so by women than men. My husband is taller than me but always weighs less than I do...

I don't have the best self esteem ever, but I think the IE approach will really help me.

08-07-2008, 10:44 AM
This morning I was reading in an IE book that you could eat whatever you want so I ate cake and ice cream for breakfast. Now I have a stomach ache. Maybe that's a clue. ha! It was only a small piece. I read in the same book that one woman ate from 0 to 3 ( on a scale of 10) and lost 15 lb in 2 weeks. Wow!

08-07-2008, 10:47 AM
Oh, by the way, the book I am reading is a really old book copyright 1985 I think, so this IE has been around quite awhile.

08-07-2008, 11:20 AM
From the Beyond Chocolate newsletter.

PRINCIPLE NO. 1: Tune in
Remind me what this principle is about
You gotta have faith

Tuning in means really focussing on whether you'd like a Twix or a Mars Bar, doesn't it? Or whether a Bacon & Egg McMuffin or a Filet-o-Fish would hit the spot, right? Sorry to disappoint, but no, that's not quite's about rather more than fantasising about all those formerly forbidden foods! Sure, good-quality chocolate and the odd fast-food fix has its place in a varied diet, but, at Beyond Chocolate, we encourage women to tune in to all of their body's needs.

Tuning in is the greatest favour you can do for your body.

It means feeding it a plump mango when it craves super-sweet, juicy fruit or a hot, crispy-skinned baked potato oozing butter when your belly wants something warm and comforting. It means heading out for a brisk walk around the block when your limbs are crying out to be stretched, and snatching forty winks when you can no longer keep your tired eyes open. And sometimes it even means having that double cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake when nothing else on your mental tick list will do.

It's about naming your needs and then meeting them.
And no one can do that better than you.

Beyond Chocolater Sophie, who has recently completed the E-course, has really grasped the nitty-gritty of this principle.

"Before I joined Beyond Chocolate, I was following this diet and that diet, weighing myself every day, and restricting what and when I could and couldn't eat. But who was really in control of my eating? It certainly wasn't me! No, I was being controlled by the diet industry, by society's expectations that I conform to a female ideal, by the media's idea of what makes a woman a 'success'.

Since I discovered the joys of intuitive eating, I have taken control of my eating, and am slowly taking back control of every other aspect of my life, too. It's my life and my body, so why should I allow anyone else to tell me that I don't know what's best for me?

In the words of George Michael, I've learnt "you gotta have faith"! And by that, I mean faith in yourself. I'm starting to trust my body to tell me what it needs and when. And, for the first time in a very long time, I feel relaxed - and occasionally even ambivalent - in the company of food.

I am technically a stone over my ideal weight, based on my BMI, but I don't care any more! I believe that, if I listen to my body and trust what it tells me, it will sort itself out in the long run. This includes listening when my legs say, "I need to be used" or when my stomach says, "I need broccoli"! I can't pick and choose what I hear and what I ignore, or I won't achieve the balance I'm working towards. Of course, it's impossible to act on every request - I can't get up and go for a long walk when I'm in a meeting, for instance! - so it's definitely not about assuming a diet-like all-or-nothing approach. I just do whatever I can whenever I can."

08-09-2008, 02:03 PM
Hi everyone,
My internet was down for a few days. I'm just starting to get caught up now.

runnin' momma--I really think you shouldn't think of leaving food on your plate as wasting food. The restaurant is wasting food. How is three tamales a normal portion size? It is way too much!

optical goddess--Now that the focus isn't so much about food maybe you will make it to goal. But I agree with Carol you might be at your natural body weight. Many people can diet themselves to obesity.

Carol--Thank you for all of the articles you post. They are extremely helpful. Here is a podcast I have been listening to that I find helpful. If you don't have an mp3 player or ipod you can just listen to it on your computer.

08-09-2008, 04:38 PM
Great to see you again, Shay. I've been reading the original Thin Within book written in 1985. I didn't even no IE was around then. I think the first time I ever heard of it was when I read Gwen Shamblin's book in 1997. The Thin Within book has some good points that I have never thought about like "riding your 0" which means enjoying being hungry for awhile. She advocates a lot of writing down what you eat which I don't think is necessary but there are other good things about the book.

08-09-2008, 04:41 PM
I forgot that the first IE book, well not quite IE but almost, that I read was Naturally Thin by Eating More by Jean Antonello. I think the copyright is 1989. She advocates eating between hunger and fullness but discourages what she calls pleasure and borderline foods. The minute you put a good or bad label on a food something happens. I know!!!!

08-11-2008, 07:35 PM
Counting absolutely nothing works for me. I know the calories for most things although the last diet I did was WW. Although I wasn't writing anything down I was mentally calculating in my head. The past two weeks I have refused to look at calories or mentally add up things and that has really worked. I'm on a scale vacay now that the TBL challenge ends today and the next one doesn't start until Sept. I'm really interested in seeing how this one turns out.

08-12-2008, 08:51 AM
Yep, that scale can sabatoge you. I try not to weigh too often, only when I notice my clothes getting looser. I tried on a skirt yesterday that I hadn't worn for 3 yr. and it fit. I even surprised myself!

08-12-2008, 03:25 PM
Hello everyone! Remember me? I've been bouncing all over the place lately. I am trying to find a plan that works for me. I tried to do IE for awhile but I think I ended up gaining like 10 pounds. Too scary for me.

So now, after some thought, I'm trying to settle on my own little plan that combines the best of some things that have worked in the past and will work with my life now. So I created this little daily checklist with 5 areas to focus on.

I am so proud of this checklist (more like a smiley list, I put a smiley if I meet each goal). IE plays a role in this plan, because I just can't stand to count calories, points, or anything else. I just needed some accountability to get me over the feeling that it's okay to keep eating even if I'm full. Putting my smiley face there at the end of each day is all the accountability I need to avoid eating too much and so much less intimidating that having to count every bite I take.

I am allowing myself a small snack and a glass of wine each night. Things have been really stressful lately (unplanned change of jobs) and I was having more than a nightly glass of wine. I knew it wasn't the best thing to do but I felt like I needed to do it. Paring back to one glass of wine works for me. Again, working for that little smiley face at the end of the day just adds that extra bit of mindfulness. Allowing the snack and wine takes away the feeling that I just can't have what I want because I'm on a diet. And I know that exercise is what's worked for me in the past, and I reward myself for exercising every day.

Basically, this is common sense/ intuitive eating but it incorporates a very quick accountability/journaling component. The best thing is that I am planning to reward myself. If I earn 30 out of 35 smileys in a week, I get a big weekly smiley. Once I get four of those, I get to treat myself to something frivolous. I just got myself a charm necklace, so I'm thinking I'll buy a new charm sometimes, or new clothes, stuff like that (I sure do love to shop).

Anyway, just wanted to share and check in with all of you. Maybe this time I won't be an IE dropout!

08-12-2008, 08:26 PM
Carol--That's great about the skirt!

Amy--Happy to hear from you again. You have to do whatever works for you.

08-13-2008, 03:27 PM
Thank you! I go out for lunch on Wednesdays and I'd fallen into the pattern of eating the whole thing (there's a turkey and taters special every week). I decided to stop myself halfway through me, I'd had plenty. I used to take leftovers home all the time, so I don't know why I get so out of control. I still feel a little fuller than I should, and I can't believe how much is left for another meal. But mostly, I can't believe I've been eating ALL of it for lunch every week. On the plus side, I usually backed off like crazy at dinner because I was still so full.

Yay for intuitive eating!

08-13-2008, 07:34 PM
Amy, those are very helpful tips. I have almost a fear of losing weigh sometimes because I connect it with being sick. I haven't been very hungry lately and I hope it is just the normal pattern and nothing else.

08-14-2008, 11:04 AM
More from the Beyond Chocolate newsletter.

PRINCIPLE NO. 2: Eat when you're hungry
Remind me what this principle is about

Take five!

Hannah Bielby, from East Yorkshire, is a Beyond Chocolate success story. Since she did a workshop six months ago, she's lost a whopping five stone! But that's not all - her life has changed in all sorts of other positive ways, too. Here's Hannah's story...

1. If this was a 'before' and 'after' picture story, what would the photos of 'now' and 'then' capture of your life before and after Beyond Chocolate?

THEN: I was obsessed with food, either eating it in huge, seemingly uncontrollable quantities or trying, unsuccessfully, to diet and live on as little as I could each day. This binge-starve-binge eating pattern, my avoidance of all exercise and the feelings of failure and guilt about the diets I hadn't stuck to meant that I was unhappy with both my body and my relationship with food. I felt doomed to either limiting what I ate for the rest of my life or getting bigger year on year. It was overshadowing all aspects of my life.

NOW: Best of all is the feeling of freedom Beyond Chocolate has given me! Food no longer dominates everything and, as a result, I feel like I'm really living life to the full! I'm meeting new people now I've stopped worrying about how I look; I'm trying new tastes now I'm not worrying about calories, points or syns, or that I won't be able to stop eating once I've started; and I'm moving my body now I don't feel like I have to exhaust myself to make it 'worthwhile'. A sense of balance around my body, food and being active is the best way to describe it!

2. You've lost five stone since learning how to eat intuitively. While that's a huge achievement, you've told us there have been other, equally if not more important gains. What would you identify as your top three?

Firstly, I love food now in a way I never did before - a sticky, chocolatey éclair is delicious eaten without guilt, and a crisp, juicy apple is tasty when it's not seen as diet food! Although I'll occasionally eat something just because I fancy it, I can't believe how much more amazing it tastes when you're really hungry for it!

Secondly, I view my body quite differently - and not just because I've lost weight. Before Beyond Chocolate, I felt it was failing me by being unable to stick to a diet. I judged its success or failure by the 'numbers': the figure on the scales or the size on the dress label. Now, though, I'm fascinated by it - by how, if I tune in and listen carefully enough, it asks for a balance in the foods I eat and tells me how good it feels when I exercise!

Lastly, I don't obsess anymore. If I eat a packet of biscuits without thinking one day, it doesn't need to spiral into days, weeks or months of binging. It doesn't make me a bad or failed person - it means I ate a packet of biscuits! Nothing more, nothing less. This is how I feel life should be, and it's this reassuring sense of permanence that I love. When I was dieting, I always knew I couldn't keep it up forever but, with Beyond Chocolate, I have no doubt that, whatever wobbles I may have, this is completely right for me and the principles are there to return to day after day after day.

3. You enjoyed your first Beyond Chocolate Experience so much that you've signed up to go on another workshop! What do you hope to discover this time around?

My first workshop was a real turning point in my life. It was the first time I'd ever heard of intuitive eating and I came away feeling that things would never be the same again. Before Beyond Chocolate, I didn't trust my own judgment about food, eating and exercise - I had handed over control to the diet 'experts' and celebrity dieters! I gradually began to learn how to trust my own decisions about my body and have discovered so much about myself in the past six months that I can't wait to see how differently I'll respond in the exercises and discussions. And, besides, it's just a wonderful day - jam-packed with interesting people, ideas and inspiration, and punctuated by delicious food!

4. You joined Beyond Chocolate with a friend. How helpful has it been having a BC buddy?

It's been fantastic to share the journey with someone else. We were 'diet partners' before and the support we can give each other now is absolutely wonderful! It's also great to know that neither of us will ever need to go back to dieting again. As one of my closest friends, if we hadn't been to the workshop together, I would have begged her to sign up herself by now - I want to convert every fed-up dieter to Beyond Chocolate so they can see how life-changing it is too! And, as if having one BC buddy isn't enough, the Beyond Chocolate Forum has been an unending source of online support to us both - the fellow members on there always say exactly what you need to hear when things are going well, but, more importantly, they're still there for you when times are hard! It's the most amazing community of women - I can't emphasise enough how much I value it.

5. If you could share one piece of wisdom about weight loss with other women, what would it be?

Losing weight will not make you happy! I took the Beyond Chocolate advice to choose happiness and to care for my body irrespective of my weight. That means buying clothes that fit me whatever size I am, understanding the way I feel and act around food and learning to like - or at least accept - my body. I believe that I only lost weight because I decided to live the life I wanted there and then, rather than when I had shrunk myself to some magic size in the future! At last - I've gained the peace with myself I'd been seeking for so long.

08-14-2008, 03:19 PM
Hi, everybody! :)

Carol, what a fun thing to fit into a skirt you haven't worn in so long!
I have a few outfits that I loved wearing when I was a lot smaller, and every time I go through my closet to thin it out, I debate about bringing those outfits to the thrift shop. I'm just not ready to do that yet though. It seems that tossing those outfits would take away ALL hope that I'll be able to wear them again someday.

Something struck me today...I know some people hate them, but I LOVE casseroles. As I was out in the kitchen looking around for something for lunch, I realized that if I had casserole-type dishes here in the house, I'd be SO much more satisfied, and wouldn't always be "cruising" the kitchen, looking for the taste/texture that IS going to satisfy me.

If I had stuff around and ready all the time, like goulash, macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, even leftover stir fry dishes, I'd just take a serving (or two) and be done with it. For some reason, separate foods on the plate just don't do it for me.

This is probably very weird, but really fits for me right now. I guess I'll start making some of these dishes and put them into the freezer for later use. Fall will be here soon, and it will be time for that sort of thing anyway.

08-14-2008, 06:22 PM
Becky, That's a interesting discovery. I like casseroles, too. Lately things I like have been varying. That's probably good as I have eaten so many salads I thought I should eat I'm glad I can let them be for the time being. I still eat one probably once a week but there is so much fruit to eat right now including fresh tomatoes, my favorite, that salads seem boring.

Optical Goddess
08-14-2008, 06:39 PM
i must say, this IE thing is great! I'm bipolar and having body image / weight issues doesn't help at all... it's very theraputic for me to get rid of them. It's like 'where have you been all my life?'... last night I was quite high on the hunger scale, yet still took a smaller portion of spaghetti, figureing I can get more if I want to. I didn't want to. I was quite happy with what I ate. It's definately a learning thing, though.

Who'd think that I'd _want_ to exerise? I was watching the olympics and in awe of the bodies of the athletes. Not because they're fit as heck, but just what they could do with thier bodies, the strength and agility, nothign about the look of them...

The other night I had beef stroganoff. It's been years! Part of me is excited about all the foods I can let into my life again, yet I can also let a dessert sit in the fridge for weeks because I'm just not in the mood.

I'm very pleased about all this.

08-14-2008, 08:02 PM
More from the Beyond Chocolate newsletter.

Lastly, I don't obsess anymore. If I eat a packet of biscuits without thinking one day, it doesn't need to spiral into days, weeks or months of binging. It doesn't make me a bad or failed person - it means I ate a packet of biscuits! Nothing more, nothing less. This is how I feel life should be, and it's this reassuring sense of permanence that I love. When I was dieting, I always knew I couldn't keep it up forever but, with Beyond Chocolate, I have no doubt that, whatever wobbles I may have, this is completely right for me and the principles are there to return to day after day after day.

Losing weight will not make you happy! I took the Beyond Chocolate advice to choose happiness and to care for my body irrespective of my weight. That means buying clothes that fit me whatever size I am, understanding the way I feel and act around food and learning to like - or at least accept - my body. I believe that I only lost weight because I decided to live the life I wanted there and then, rather than when I had shrunk myself to some magic size in the future! At last - I've gained the peace with myself I'd been seeking for so long.

These are the two paragraphs that I really identify with right now. I feel like it is me talking! Except the take out Beyond Chocolate and insert IE book.

Optical Goddess--Isn't it great? I think it is so liberating.

08-15-2008, 10:44 AM
Off to a wedding today so might not be back till Monday. Have a good weekend.

Optical Goddess
08-15-2008, 12:10 PM
Hello all,

I was wondering how the people around you have reacted to IE? I haven't had anyone be outright negative about it, but plenty of people don't believe that you can be happy and even lose weight with out having to restrict.

One person told me that eating in moderation works well for maintainance, but not for actually trying to get to a healthy size.

I'm still really liking the whole idea. I'm getting better about portions, just realizing that the amount of food I think I need to be satisfied isn't the same as what I put on my plate initally.

Crazy to think that I'm even wanting a salad! That hasn't happenned for YEARS with out me thinking I have a duty to have the salad.

I'm also thinking of gettinga pair of inline skates from the resale shop.... just need to learn how to stop.

It still mystifies/shocks me to see how much the diet mentality influenced other parts of my life, that I thought were far from diet related.

08-15-2008, 02:39 PM
Optical Goddess--I have talked to others about it and they have been positive about IE. Regardless of if they are or not...I don't care. I know a lot about losing weight because I've done it a million times its the keeping it off that's an issue for me. I know I can keep it off this way so forget the rest.

08-16-2008, 07:04 PM
Back from a minivacation that included a wedding but mostly to go to see my Dh's parents. His mom has dementia but stiill remembers us. So sad. Eating went really well and I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn for 3 yr., praise the Lord.

08-17-2008, 05:56 PM
Shay, I'm impressed--you've gone from a 26 to an 18. Did you do that all with intuitive eating?

I wear a rather tight 26 right now, and have for a few years now. If I could even get back into roomy 24s, I'd be very happy, but I'm thinking that would probably require a 30lb weight loss, which is a LOT.

I know it's not going to happen through "dieting" for me though. It certainly hasn't yet.

08-17-2008, 08:11 PM
Keep at it Becky, it does happen. My Dh is finally starting to notice. A new perk of I'E is that he saw me eating a piece of cake and didn't say anything.

08-18-2008, 02:06 PM
Today I fixed 2 ears of corn and one smokie sausage for my lunch and could only eat half. I saved room for a little cake and was plenty satisfied. It is kind of interesting how some days are so different and you can't eat much. I heard the news about Michael Phelps eating 12,000 calories a day and wonder how he does it. Now that is IE at its max.

Optical Goddess
08-18-2008, 02:43 PM
Today I've been really hungry, ravenous... this has been a test for me to avoid diet thinking.

I slept for a long time last night but am still damn tired,I think I'm trying to use food to wake me up.

I can't be too horrible on myself, normally I don't eat that much food... perhaps it's just a balance?

Unfortunately I was made aware of the Food Police voice.... but hey, it's a learning experience.

08-18-2008, 07:53 PM
Becky--Not fully through IE. I would say I got from a size 20 to 18 through IE. I've been doing IE for less than 6 months. Prior to that it was a combination of many diets and a lot of exercise basically. I'm a reluctant exerciser but I do need variety and the ones I can tolerate really take off the inches and pounds. Jogging, kickboxing, pilates, and strength training. Exercise has always been a huge factor in my weight loss.

08-19-2008, 07:29 PM
Hi, i been doing good gained this week but company and not off plan just to much watermellon. i love it and i gain eating it. so starting this week for a loss and good one. loss 7 lbs last week so happy. so i am lower now then in 20 some years. got my 34 off and 11 more lbs added to that. so i am happy. so happy for you to carol and everyone. we are doing it. lets hang in there and working together oh what fun. i have not gotten the book yet but is there a site on line for our program??? just wondering.. have a good week to all. LaDean

Optical Goddess
08-20-2008, 09:31 AM
I am confused, how can you be on or off plan with IE? Isn't it nearly the abscenc of a plan in terms of dictating what food is eaten?

I guess when I hear the term 'plan' in the diet sense, I think of a plan with rules and stuff you have to do or must not do..

I'm curious if anyone has initially GAINED weight with I.E.? I am very close to just tossing the scales out. I think it's feeding into the diet mentality.
I've been doing IE since 8/8/8, and initially I did eat a lot of 'crap', food I haven't had in a really long time. Some days I can't get enough food other days I barely eat...

I realize that i shouldn't even be thinking of terms of weight but i can't help it, I dieted and got myself in to this predicament in my quest for losing weight. I cannot accept that 160 lbs is where my body wants to be.

Some days IE is easy for me, listening to my body and what it wants. Other days it's harder to hear. while I'm happy to be released from the restrictive clutches of a diet, i also don't want to gain weight, either...

One could say that I'm down today. And why? Because I stepped on that damn scale.

08-20-2008, 11:30 AM
I guess the plan is to eat between hunger and fullness. Some people do initially gain weight but I don't think it always happens that way. It does seem to take longer to get to goal with IE but after you've tried so many things you kind of don't care.

08-20-2008, 11:34 AM
Becky--Not fully through IE. I would say I got from a size 20 to 18 through IE. I've been doing IE for less than 6 months. Prior to that it was a combination of many diets and a lot of exercise basically. I'm a reluctant exerciser but I do need variety and the ones I can tolerate really take off the inches and pounds. Jogging, kickboxing, pilates, and strength training. Exercise has always been a huge factor in my weight loss.

Dropping from 20 to 18 in less than 6 months is a wonderful accomplishment!
I know I need a lot more exercise than I've been getting. My body is just so stiff and seized up that it's hard to get it moving. I love to walk, but have been battling plantar fasciitis for over a year now. It's finally starting to ease, so maybe by this fall, I can increase the walking I do.

I am confused, how can you be on or off plan with IE? Isn't it nearly the abscenc of a plan in terms of dictating what food is eaten?

I guess when I hear the term 'plan' in the diet sense, I think of a plan with rules and stuff you have to do or must not do..

I'm curious if anyone has initially GAINED weight with I.E.? I am very close to just tossing the scales out. I think it's feeding into the diet mentality.
I've been doing IE since 8/8/8, and initially I did eat a lot of 'crap', food I haven't had in a really long time. Some days I can't get enough food other days I barely eat...

I realize that i shouldn't even be thinking of terms of weight but i can't help it, I dieted and got myself in to this predicament in my quest for losing weight. I cannot accept that 160 lbs is where my body wants to be.

Some days IE is easy for me, listening to my body and what it wants. Other days it's harder to hear. while I'm happy to be released from the restrictive clutches of a diet, i also don't want to gain weight, either...

One could say that I'm down today. And why? Because I stepped on that damn scale.

I'm with you on the scale feeding into the diet mentality! Every so often I shove my scale under the bed and swear I will leave it there, but I get so afraid that I'll unknowingly have a huge gain, that I take it back out and start weighing every day again.

I've noticed, not so much on this board, but on others I visit, that quite a few people treat IE like a specific "plan" instead of just a natural way of eating. I wonder if those are the people that tend to gain on IE, because they still have what they consider "slip ups" and "eating off plan" and stuff like that going on?

I think sometimes even just the focus on "am I hungry" can throw one off and add to the obsession. For me, it's best to focus on what I'm eating, when I'm eating, and how much I'm eating as little as possible. I do better when I just ignore all the "focus" points, and either eat something, or don't eat something, but don't yell at myself if I do--if that makes sense.

Diets made me obsessed and brought me to this size, so the less I even *think* about it, the better off I think I'll be. I may be wrong, but I think it's helping so far.

I hope you have a better day, and if you feel comfortable with tossing your scale, I'd do it!

Optical Goddess
08-20-2008, 05:47 PM
Thank you for the kind words. I'm just down today is all. Not really loving myself, if that makes any sense.

I guess I'm surprised at how much of that diet mentality I still have. It's hard to get rid of. It's kind of scary to not diet anymore, it's kind of a feeling of a loss of control.

Tomorrow's another day.

08-20-2008, 09:11 PM
Optical Goddess--I would consider "off plan" as eating when not hungry and eating beyond full. But we shouldn't do that regardless if we are doing IE or anything else. I did initially gain with IE. I'm a binger and I just went crazy because I was just so used to restriction. Many of those that subscribe to the IE way of life do not use scales. In the IE book I read it talked about the scale being a false idol. I so agree. The scale is a huge sabotager for me. I do best when I'm no where near it.

08-20-2008, 09:12 PM

08-21-2008, 11:24 AM
Hi. Today is my birthday, and, for once, I'm not worried, and really excited about it. I've been three and a half months off lithium and prozac, and generally feel very good. I'd been on antidepressants for fifteen years, and my family said I was just a zomby. Bessides, the lithium caused a lot of problems with my weight and blood sugar.
I'm exercising because I really want to. I love my trainer, he's so upbeat and funny, we've been working out together for four and a half years. IE ensures that I can eat in any situation without being hyper vigilant. I did worry enitially about my health, with broadening my food selection, full fat dairy and meat,I was trying to be vegan, and found it boring and difficult to stick to. But, in the long run, I think my health will be better, because I'm not so rigid and restrictive. I think IE helps you to live a more full life, and tune in to what's really going on with you, instead of clouding painful issues wih diet obsession. Anyway, nice to meet you all, and to share IE with others on my 36th birthday.

Optical Goddess
08-21-2008, 03:52 PM
Now that I don't diet, I'm noticing how much dieting is in our faces, every magazine has an article about the next great hope, banners on web sites, msn front page- and unless I specifically search for it, none of those articles address an IE approach, it's all restriction, it's all extremes...

I notice at work how much people talk about diet. A girl I work with is going to do a liquid diet. She'll probably lose weight, but what happens when she's faced with real food?

Man, I wouldn't go back to that dieting way of life for anything. No thank you!

I asked my husband if he's noticed anything different about me. His reply?
"You seem happier."

And even though I do have slip ups and fall back into the diet frame of mind, I am so, so much more happy. My life is mine again.

08-21-2008, 04:03 PM
Optical goddess, you hitthe nail on the head. I know whatcha mean about diets. My employee is on a low carb cycling regime, I mean one day you eat a certain group of foods, and the next some other group to trick your metabolism? It's rediculous, IMO, I mean whatever force you personally subscribe to that put us here didn't mess up! We use food for all the wrong reasons, and there are so many foods that don't exist in nature.
Well, I am hungry now. I had a muffin and matee, but only ate half, cause it tasted gummy and gross. I intend to bake pumpkin bread later today. Had a great workout, now going to lunch with mom and daughter.

08-21-2008, 04:10 PM
Sorry phone rang. For once, I won't make low fat pumpkin bread. I love eating real food again, whole milk yogurt, rosemary chicken, etc. When I was dieting, I wouldn't bake with my daughter, or cook any of my favorite foods. It's sad, to me. Some of you have been doing IE for a while, how is it? Do you ever wanna go back to dieting? Are you eventually able to relax around food? Does the alternative ways of dealing with emotions become more natural rather than turning to food? I just wanna be part of the nondieting world. My Bf dropped weight just by getting more active, and stopping mindless eating. He'll be happier, since he doesn't have to worry about what to cook for me since I am not dieting.

08-21-2008, 06:52 PM
Mind if I join you guys. I started reading the book but I love this way of living. I had lost weight about 8 months ago living this way ( only eatting when hungry and stopped before full) but I gained the weight back when I was on vacation because I didn't follow these rules. I look forward to meet you all.


08-21-2008, 07:26 PM
Hi Amie--Nice to see you again!

Welcome Bev! No need to ask permission. All are welcome!

Amie & Optical Goddess--I will never go back to dieting. I feel free too. I never have to worry when I go out to eat what to eat. Matter of fact this week I've had greek and bolivian. I have eaten several meals from the servings they considered one meal. If I wanted to eat it all I would have but I was satisfied with what I ate. It feels good to not obsess.

08-21-2008, 07:57 PM

I've been doing I.E. (I like to call it normal eating or appetite awareness) for exactly two years now. In August 2006, I had just gone off Medifast after losing 30 lbs because it was making my body very sick. (I had spent 8 useless years on Medifast and had lost and regained all of my weight three times). I blame Medifast for getting me to my highest weight ever. Really, I blame dieting in general for making me food obsessed and FAT. I believe if I had never dieted for the past 30 years, I would be very close to a normal weight! Well, after swearing that I would never diet ever EVER again, I gained back the 30 lbs. I lost plus a few more (diet rebound), and then my weight stabilized. I'll admit that I spent the first six months fighting the temptation to go back on a diet. But I held firm. At eight months, I noticed a "click"...I stopped browsing the kitchen and pantry for food. At the one year mark, I noticed that I could walk down the candy aisle or chips aisle, and NOTHING called my name! I remember that day, walking down that aisle at the grocery store with tears streaming and a big, goofy smile on my face! From Sept. thru Dec. 2006--The HOLIDAYS--I lost six pounds doing absolutely nothing different. Since January of this year, I released another 14...just by (mostly) staying within the boundaries of hunger and fullness. By that I mean I wait until I am empty, at a zero, and eat about a fist-sized portion of a 5, not really full, but satisfied.

Food is just a THING. I enjoy it, but I don't love or worship it anymore. I won't love something that can't love me back.

My weight loss is slow, and I've had to be really patient in this process, but this is the way I intend to eat for the rest of my life. I'm hoping to release another 60 or so pounds....whatever my natural, biological weight turns out to be.


08-21-2008, 08:03 PM
Hi, Bev, welcome. Hello, Shay, nice to see you again. This thread seems small but devoted. Shay, aggreed, about not being obsessed. I went out for a sandwich, yesterday, and Chinese this afternoon, and took a lot home. My birthday was very nice. The cake was too sugary,and, I love sweets. I know why I'll only eat it once a year, honestly, I didn't want that much of it. Have a lovely evening, all. My biggest challenge will be staying off the scale.

08-22-2008, 11:41 AM
Wow! When I get busy this thread starts booming. Welcome to Joy and Bev. Yes I still think about dieting when something comes up like my son's wedding today! He's the 8th child of 10. But the feeling only lasts about a day and I realize I can't diet anymore.

08-22-2008, 01:47 PM
Carol, enjoy the wedding.

08-22-2008, 01:58 PM
:wel3fc: Joy! I so agree that dieting can lead to weight gain bc of deprivation. I still browse the pantry and kitchen but 99.9% of the time I determine I'm not hungry and don't really see anything I want at the moment.

Amie--With sweets, I am eating them less and less. Especially really processed stuff it is way too sweet.

Optical Goddess
08-22-2008, 04:03 PM
I've noticed that since I've stopped dieting, I have become more critical of my appearance. Maybe because I'm not weighing myself... my remedy is to get moving, biking, taking a walk, whatever...

Has anyone else experienced times when you're less than in love with your body? I was reading in an IE book that we should respect/love our bodies...
this is very tough for me.

Anyone find anything that works for them?

08-22-2008, 05:17 PM
I blame Medifast for getting me to my highest weight ever. Really, I blame dieting in general for making me food obsessed and FAT. I believe if I had never dieted for the past 30 years, I would be very close to a normal weight!

Hi, everyone--and WELCOME to the new ladies! Carol, congratulations to your son on this special day!

Joy, what you said is exactly what I think my problem was. If I had just left myself alone after having my daughter, I think I would have gone back to my usual size. I'd been naturally thin all my life up to that point. It was living with a pencil-thin (now ex) husband who hated fat women that caused me to hop on the diet merry go-round in the first place. Now, here I am, over 30 years, and about 130 extra pounds later. :mad:

On another note, I'm wondering if there's something that justs hits you once you hit about 50? I turned 52 last week, and I've noticed that my diet attempts the last year or two are so half-hearted. Though I've continued to make many attempts to lose weight, I find myself less and less and less able to stick to anybody else's plan or prescription for what I should eat and what I should weigh.

I'd like to be one of those size-acceptance/fat-acceptance people who don't even bother trying to lose weight, no matter how big they are, but I'm still kind of far away from that. Though the idea is good, I still want to be smaller, just to move through life easier and more comfortably. Less weight is mainly about better health for me, not because I can't wait to get to the mall to buy a new wardrobe, lol. :lol:

Dieting? I just can't be bothered any more. Keeping a daily food journal? I just can't be bothered any more. Spending hours on end reading diet discussion boards? I almost can't be bothered any more. Daily weighing? Hmm, that's the one thing that is still very much a strong habit.

I'm getting close to shoving the scale under the bed and leaving it there, but I'm afraid that somehow I'll either gain or lose a ton of weight without noticing. Silly really, because the scale is just a big mood disrupter for me.

08-22-2008, 09:45 PM
Hi. Becky, I seem to have made a career out of choosing menwho found fault with my appearance, even though I'm quite attractive. I also worry that without daily monitoring that I will not notice whether I've gained or lost significant amounts of weight. And, maybe that's okay for me, for right now. I'm doing so well in the other IE areas, perhaps my scale addiction will just drop away. I have been weighing not every day, and it always tells me the same thing, the five pounds I've dropped since the beginning of August has stayed off. I'd eventually like to lose 30 to 40 pounds, and I'd be interested in what six months or a year with this process will do. Shay, I'm glad to hear it about the sweets, gives me hope.
Did I mention I love this thread? Such a haven from this diet obsessed culture. It's interesting, I don't want doughnuts and ice cream all day long.

Optical Goddess
08-22-2008, 10:11 PM
I agree... I know I've said it before as did someone else, but it's amazing how diet obsessed our culture is.

I actually feel sorry for people who are doing extremely restrictive diets. Extremely low carb comes to mind. Probably because there's no way in heck I could do that.

One could say that they have more determination than I do. I have finally started to accept that I have more interest in living my life then they do.

I mean, Red Lobster with out the biscuits?

I don't mean to rip on those who diet, but i feel enlightenned or something .

I'm not living in the Matrix of dieting..

08-23-2008, 11:41 AM
Yes, optical goddess, well, they've proven that ninety five percent of people who go on diets eventually fail. I think the very definition of a diet is a short term change to blast weight off fast. It used to bedefined as just the foods one ate.
I overate yesterday, pretty bummed. But, everyone was gone all weekend, so, a friend was staying with me, and we listened to "The Notebook." He asked me about my relationship, which I've given a second chance, and, I got kinda emotional. I realized I needed to let go of judgments I had about the way my partner deals with certain things, and, I'm just happy he loves me enough to do the work necessary. Anyway, I guess overeating is kinda the usual way I dealt with this sort of thing.
Optical goddess, your screen name always makes me laugh. I have almost no vission, glaucoma, and am constantly pouring tons of drops for pain and pressure lowering into my eyes. I realized I squint constantly without sun glasses, it's some kind of special lens.

08-23-2008, 12:20 PM
Hi. Becky, I seem to have made a career out of choosing menwho found fault with my appearance, even though I'm quite attractive.

I was very thin when I married my first husband, but I gained 65lbs while pregnant with my daughter. After having her, I dropped down to 156lbs (funny how we always remember our weight numbers, huh?). Because of his sarcastic remarks, I went on Atkins, couldn't stick to it, and that started my 30-year search for the "diet that would work". None of them have yet. If I had left diets alone, I probably wouldn't be as big as I am today.

I'm not living in the Matrix of dieting..

I like this--"the Matrix of dieting". Isn't it the truth?

08-23-2008, 12:31 PM
Good morning, ladies...Carol, how did your son's wedding go?

For some reason, even after writing all that stuff about how I just can't diet any more yesterday, I ended up going over to my favorite low carb discussion boards to do some reading. It's as if the more I read, the more I can summon up enthusiasm to try low carbing again.

Once again it worked, and I got up this morning full of fresh resolve to "do Atkins" and get this weight off. I dutifully fried two eggs and ate them without the delicious homemade whole wheat toast that my dh was enjoying with his.

But now here it is, only 11:30 in the morning, and I'm already thinking about the Little Debbie Nutty Bars that we have in the freezer.

I want to be on Atkins about as much as I'd want to go have a root canal. :(

I guess I haven't escaped completely from that "Matrix of dieting" that Optical was talking about earlier... :shrug:

08-23-2008, 04:24 PM
The wedding was great and we still have about 15 for supper tonight so I need to get busy. I just wanted to say that I noticed how much my appetite decreases when I'm really busy. Just nearly loose it completely. But I'm really tired and my legs are so achey so I wouldn't want to do this all the time.

08-23-2008, 04:32 PM
Thanks for the welcome! I can see this is a good group and I feel "at home" already. I laughed out loud at Opticals' "Matrix of dieting".:D (I love the 1st Matrix movie).

I relate so much to your recent posts, Becky (Truffle--makes me think about my favorite kind of chocolate...truffles. YUM). I'm just 5 months younger than you and hanging on tight to 51. Still in shock and denial that I'm in my 50's. Like you, I was thin all my life, even though I thought I was fat in the Anorexic 70's. My ex-husband told me that if I didn't weigh 110, I was pig. (I weighed 125 to 145 in that marriage-****). I lost 140 lbs. all at once when I divorced his skinny little butt! Thank heaven I didn't have any children with him. When I married my sweetie at 32 and 123 lbs. on my wedding day (yeah, it's funny how we remember our past weights), I got pregnant two months after and gained 65 lbs...just like you! Luckily, my dh loves me no matter what size I am. I never did lose my pregnancy weight. I only gained 15 lbs. with my 2nd pregnancy, but I was 212 lbs. when I had her, and only lost down to the 190's (ironic how I thought that was such a horrible number and now I wish I weighed that! lol!) I've done Weight Watchers (what a WASTE. It's like going to "show and tell" for adults.), Slimfast, Cambridge (oh yuck....3 shakes a day for 330 calories for the whole day...what a nightmare), 8 years off and on Medifast (where I did get skinny-for-five-minutes THREE times, 5 shakes a day at 550 calories for the whole day) and just kept getting fatter and fatter. Tried low-carbing a few times but never made it past one day. I hate, hate, HATE dieting with a white-hot much so that I'd rather be fat than ever diet again. :mad: That's a dead-end road for me.

I.E. is not a quick-fix, as you well know. After two years, I'm finally figuring out how to lose weight. What a DUH moment for me to realize that you eat only when you're hungry (ok, still working on that one, but doing it 90% of the time now) and stopping when you're satisfied, not full. I'm glad I don't have to be perfect at this to make progress.

Glad to be here!:carrot:


08-23-2008, 06:39 PM
Amazing, isn't it, how our relationships affect our weight and self esteem? Joy, WW, oh yeah, I woke up this morning, and thought that would be my great white hope, yeah right. I think a cup of my favorite Thai food on there would be a third of my day's food intake. Had an epiffany, quick weight loss equals quick failure, for me, anyway. My trainer says only do something you can do and commit to for the rest of your life. Well, I can't stay on a diet for five minutes, the longest I've ever stuck to one was two and a half months, pathetic, I know. I.E. is it, it may not have my weight fixed right now, but I believe, if I stick with it, that it'll work for the long hall.
BTW, anybody familiar with Paul McKenna's, "I Can Make you Thin?" Does it jive with I.E? I'm interested in trying it, as emotional issues are a tough one for me around food.
Tomorrow, I make lasagna from scratch, Italian sausage, tomato sauce, fresh herbs. I really love cooking, and, now, I can make whatever I want. Except for a couple of isolated instances, I really haven't felt the urge to binge endlessly, like I'd want to, when I was convinced that a diet would be the solution, if I could only summon up enough willpower to stick to it. And, I actually look forward to exercising, when I get up in the morning.

08-23-2008, 08:52 PM
Amazing, isn't it, how our relationships affect our weight and self esteem? Joy, WW, oh yeah, I woke up this morning, and thought that would be my great white hope, yeah right. I think a cup of my favorite Thai food on there would be a third of my day's food intake. Had an epiffany, quick weight loss equals quick failure, for me, anyway. My trainer says only do something you can do and commit to for the rest of your life. Well, I can't stay on a diet for five minutes, the longest I've ever stuck to one was two and a half months, pathetic, I know. I.E. is it, it may not have my weight fixed right now, but I believe, if I stick with it, that it'll work for the long hall.
BTW, anybody familiar with Paul McKenna's, "I Can Make you Thin?" Does it jive with I.E? I'm interested in trying it, as emotional issues are a tough one for me around food.
Tomorrow, I make lasagna from scratch, Italian sausage, tomato sauce, fresh herbs. I really love cooking, and, now, I can make whatever I want. Except for a couple of isolated instances, I really haven't felt the urge to binge endlessly, like I'd want to, when I was convinced that a diet would be the solution, if I could only summon up enough willpower to stick to it. And, I actually look forward to exercising, when I get up in the morning.

Your lasagna sounds fantastic, Amie. Ain't REAL food great?! I love using real margarine will touch these lips again, lol. Small amounts of the real thing for me. I saw Paul McKenna last winter when he did a six-part series on the Discovery Health channel, I think. Yeah, I think it jives with I.E., at least in the beginning. He really is strict about eating only when hungry and stopping when full. He does a weird kind of tapping thing where he taps on different points on the face and chest and rolls the eyes in two directions. :dizzy: But hey, if it works for some I won't knock it (too much).:D He acts as if I.E. is his own invention and discovery, and was very annoying (for me) to watch. He reminded me of a used-car salesman. I'm sure the book would be ok. Just my opinion.:)

I love to exercise too and look forward to it almost every day. I've been walking 5+ times per week since February 2006. I don't do it to lose weight. I do it for the good of my body's health. I used to exercise excessively in years past. Ten years ago I ran six miles a day plus 3+ days strength-training per week. I was a runner (off and on) for 20 years. It got to be too much and I got burned out on it. Now I do it because I feel so much better when I do it and I enjoy the time alone and the beautiful scenery.


08-24-2008, 05:53 PM
Hi, ladies. Quiet on this thread today. Wow, Joy, that's a lot of exercise, I guess there's something to the runner's high. Thanks forthe McKenna info, I got some CD's, so, we'll see how it goes. I'm used to self help ghurus, so, I tend to take what their personalities come across like with a grain of sal, ater all, they must sell their message. But, then, I'm a big fan of Tony Robbins, and, a lot of people find him so irritating they can't hear what heis trying to say. I guess, whatever works.
My Bf should be back tonight. This weekend has been bad for bingeing, I don't do well with loneliness. I don't know if being conscious that I do this is enough, but, then, I'm just beginning I.E.
Got cold symptoms and a bad asthma attack, so, took some medicine and slept a long time. Read two books, and, now, finally up and dressed. Have a reat day, all.

Optical Goddess
08-24-2008, 08:07 PM
Hello, all.....

Joy, I admire and applaud your ability to run. I just can't do it! My husband got me a set of golf clubs, etc for my birthday. We went to the driving range today. Who knew how hard it can be to hit the golf ball ,and who knew how much of an arm work out it is! It's frustrating and fun at the same time. I went from not being able to hit the ball to at least getting it off the tee. For awhile there I thought I was playing croquet.

This morning I walked to the library to return a book. Turns out it's 5.4 miles round trip, so I'm a bit sore.

We went to Steak and Shake for lunch. I had a chicken tenders meal thing w/ fried chicken, cole slaw and fries. Healthy? Not really, but it's the one item on the menu that really stuck out for me and appealed to me. I had what i really wanted, not what I thought I should have had...

Golf is a game of great patience, and self improvement. Much like I.E...

08-24-2008, 09:01 PM
Hi everyone, well today I went out to a buffet( the worst place for me) and it was a different experience. I ate want I wanted and stop before I was full. I was so proud of myself.


08-25-2008, 11:03 AM
Hi. Optical, glad you had fun golfing, like the comparison to I.E. ev, congrats on the buffet. My goal fo the week, not step on the scale. Nothing major will happen in a short time, and, it's difficult for me to really commit to i.e. if I'm focused on my weight. Anyway, I have a diet obsessed employee who will surely comment if I'm losing weight, and, I can feel it. This morning I'm off to work out, and then a facial.

08-25-2008, 12:28 PM
I noticed that when I'm really busy, like with this wedding, I lose weight pretty good. So that's a perk of being really busy. But today I'm really tired. Got up at 8:45 but felt like I could have slept all day. We had about 30 stay overnight on Fri. People everywhere. Now I can sleep better....maybe too much better ha!

08-25-2008, 12:31 PM
Bev, I have noticed that, too, about buffets. In fact, now, when I'm full nothing looks good. And since there was so much food prep lately, food itself doesn't look particularly good. I still eat when I"m hungry, however.

08-25-2008, 02:46 PM
Carol, I hope you get some good rest.

Optical Goddess
08-25-2008, 03:00 PM
Hello all,

I gave my scales a push under the bed. I will readily admit that I'm having mad trouble staying out of the diet mindset. I keep worrying that I'm gaining weight at a breakneck speed.

it's almost as if this is too good to be true. When I am eating, I have trouble deciphering between actually being satisfied, or convincing myself that I'm satisfied so I don't eat too much, and therefore gain weight.

Today's the hardest day I've had since adopting an IE lifestyle. I feel over whelmed and almost defeated.

I accept that I may not lose weight, but this gaining business isn't cool...
I'm really trying to have a good attitude about it, and realize that each day is a new chance for me to really listen to my body and it's signals, but it's tough. For some reason today's really tough...

Has anyone here done IE for a longer amount of time? Has anyone found it kind of hard to get used to that way of eating and way of thinking?

08-25-2008, 03:43 PM
Oh yes! I've been doing IE for at least 2 years and have plenty of ups and downs even going on a few diets only to realize I can't do it any more. And now I'm down 30lb and can hardly believe it. Praise the Lord!

08-25-2008, 08:20 PM
Hello all,

I gave my scales a push under the bed. I will readily admit that I'm having mad trouble staying out of the diet mindset. I keep worrying that I'm gaining weight at a breakneck speed.

Has anyone here done IE for a longer amount of time? Has anyone found it kind of hard to get used to that way of eating and way of thinking?

This month has been my 2 year anniversary doing I.E. I was very tempted the first 6 months to go on a diet, but didn't. Some advice I wish I'd gotten when I started would be "Don't go crazy eating just because everything's been legalized"! I had just come off of a stringent diet, and it seemed as though my appetite was stuck in the "ON" position for many months. I had a hard time tuning into hunger and fullness and I gained a lot of weight. I've still got a few more pounds to lose to get to where I was when I stopped dieting. I wish I'd been more moderate because the lbs. are so fast/easy to gain and so slow/hard to lose.

Now that I'm releasing weight well this past month, I've decided to put my scale away. Getting on it right now seems to just trigger the ol' diet mentality for me and is making me focus too much on the numbers.


Optical Goddess
08-26-2008, 12:48 AM
I was reading another thread, someone mentioned 'making' cauliflower into other foods like brown rice, mac and cheese, potatoes...

someone else mentioned mixing cottage cheese w/ some apple type thing and calling it a danish...

why not just eat the real deal?

I don't want to be an anti-diet snob, and I know I used to probably be the person who imagined I was eating something besides what I was, but I just don't understand it now... Maybe I don't have that great of imagining capabilities, but if I want a danish or a cruller, only the real thing will do...

08-26-2008, 12:05 PM
I agree with eating the real thing. If you think you won't stop, try eating your favorite thing for all meals 3 days in a row. You'll quickly grow tired of it. I've noticed that when I'm busy and don't eat as much, the next day I'm really hungry. So it evens out. I must say, life is becoming more important than food.

08-27-2008, 12:43 PM
My goal for the week, not step on the scale. Nothing major will happen in a short time, and, it's difficult for me to really commit to i.e. if I'm focused on my weight.
I'm experimenting with this. I didn't weigh for two days, but did get on the scale today, just to check, and was down a pound. I can't seem to "cold turkey" away from the scale after being a daily weigher for so many years, but I can ease away from the habit.

Oh yes! I've been doing IE for at least 2 years and have plenty of ups and downs even going on a few diets only to realize I can't do it any more. And now I'm down 30lb and can hardly believe it. Praise the Lord!
Carol, this is wonderful--and gives me a lot of hope!

I was reading another thread, someone mentioned 'making' cauliflower into other foods like brown rice, mac and cheese, potatoes...

someone else mentioned mixing cottage cheese w/ some apple type thing and calling it a danish...

why not just eat the real deal?

I don't want to be an anti-diet snob, and I know I used to probably be the person who imagined I was eating something besides what I was, but I just don't understand it now... Maybe I don't have that great of imagining capabilities, but if I want a danish or a cruller, only the real thing will do...
This is one thing that always got me about Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc. You always had to make and eat "pretend" foods. Blech. I'm not doing that any more, no matter what happens with my weight. I will eat the real thing whenever possible.

08-28-2008, 09:18 AM
Well, this might be a first for me. I made a 8 by 8 buttermilk chocolate cake a week or so ago and I finally put it in the freezer. I just plain got tired of it.......too rich. Anyone else have something like that happen?

Optical Goddess
08-29-2008, 09:46 AM
Yesterday I had the hugest sweet tooth! I was set on getting a cruller afterwork. That's what I really, really wanted. Until I had to drive over there special to get it. I didn't want it as much then. Some raisin bran did the job and was probably a better choice anyway.

Since I've been using IE principles, it's honestly hard for me to read too many other threads, about pretend foods or bad foods.. if anything, it reaffirms the notion that I can't go back.

So many people have commented that I'm so much happier and more fun to be around than i used to be.

I'm still facing a challenge in terms of portions with cereal. I always eat a bowl in the morning, starting out w/a small amount and adding to it if needed. This is the most important meal of the day for me, so I do not feel heart broken about it.

tonight I'm planning on spaghetti and a salad. Because it's tasty and I want it. I'm getting sick, a cold, I can tell, so I'm curbing the activity. I know it's better for me to rest but it's hard now that I've been walking habitually and enjoying it.

Anyone have any big plans for the holiday weekend? I'm actually planning on doing darn near nothing, except cleaning the house and going to the driving range, depending on how I feel..

There are several big choices I've made in my life. Choices that took a lot of thought to actually commit to and truly decide. These were choices that other people weren't willing to accept, but man, do I feel more liberated for actually making those choices. I had to, for my health and sanity.

One would think I was turning my back on my church or faith for my 'conversion' to I.E. As a group, people are very passionate about weight loss and do tend to treat it as a religion. The parallels are freaky.

I wish all you a great weekend, no matter what you plan to do. This thread is the most 'at home' I've felt on 3FC, and that's saying a lot because this is a very welcoming board.

08-29-2008, 11:46 AM
No plans here either. I haven't been feeling the best......kind of nauseous and diahrea. Hope it goes away quickly. Sure shoots the appetite. ha! I ate some cantalope this morning and it didn't taste good. Just me, though, as it was a good one. Hope your cold doesn't turn into much, OG. It's going to be really warm here for the next few days so that will curb the eating also. Seems like laying low is a good idea when you don't feel good.

Optical Goddess
08-29-2008, 08:58 PM

I was putting on some pants today, and they felt a little too snug for my liking. This doesn't mean I'm going back to the 'diet matrix', but I do think I need to keep an eye on my portions. I'd probably do better with smaller amounts.

Does anyone here measure out thier food or do anything else in terms of portions? Obviously, eating what I think is a proper amount isn't working for me.

08-30-2008, 11:53 AM
It really varies for me. Some weeks I"m really hungry but others I'm really not hungry. I can't really figure it out but I don't measure portions. I do try to eat only enough to be satisfied and sometimes that's too much. But then I just make sure I'm really hungry the next time I eat. We went to ice cream an hamburger place...last night with friends and I just can't order there if it's just for ice cream as the portions are huge. Usually DH gives me a bite of his but last night I really didn't like what he picked so my DD gave me a bite or 2 of hers.

08-30-2008, 12:11 PM
Some inspiration from Michelle May.


By Michelle May, M.D.

Like many of you, during August I tuned in nightly to watch
Olympians compete on the world stage. As incredible as the
events were, the stories of athletes who made personal
sacrifices to train every day or who overcame daunting
challenge to represent their countries inspired me most.

It didn't motivate me to hurdle my dining room chairs or do
a handstand from my roof into my pool. (I don't usually
dwell on limitations but there are just some things this 45
year old body was never meant to do.) Instead, the
athletes' accomplishments represented the daily to-do's I
sometimes slog through as well as the larger goals that
I've set for my life.

I'd like to share a few great quotes from past Olympians
and some of the take-home lessons I can apply each day
(even without setting up a balance beam in my family room):

Change your Thoughts to Change your Results

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." -Scott
Hamilton, figure skater

Realize that what you believe and think causes you to feel
a certain way, which causes you to do certain things, which
ultimately leads to specific results. In other words, your
thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies. Of course, your
results usually reinforce your beliefs and thoughts,
resulting in either a positive feedback loop or a vicious
cycle. If you've taken an Am I Hungry? workshop, this will
look familiar: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results.

If you don't like your results, become aware of what you've
been thinking. With practice, you can change your thoughts
about eating, physical activity, and anything else, to get
the results you desire.

Mistakes are Just Lessons

"The worst thing is to be paralyzed by fear. It's better to
fall trying. Then you learn what to do so you don't fall
again." -Brian Boitano, figure skater

Every mistake brings you one step closer to being an expert
by discovering what's most effective for you. Just do the
best you can and learn from what didn't work.

Advance the Ball

"Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means
you're doing better than you've ever done before." -Bonnie
Blair, speed skater

Don't get trapped into thinking you have to do something
perfectly and nothing else will do. I like the football
analogy of "advancing the ball." Rarely is a football game
won on 80 yard passes. Instead, think in terms of advancing
down the field a few yards and first downs at a time. When
the window of opportunity to reach your goal opens up,
you'll have the momentum and be in position to score.

Consistency and Repetition Win

"To be an Olympian you only have to work out twice; when
you want to and when you don't." -Darn, I couldn't find the
name of the athlete that said this!

Practice, practice, practice. Consistency and repetition
are the keys to energizing new behaviors. Baby steps that
you're willing to practice consistently will help you
gradually rewire what feels good to you. Encourage yourself
to move forward toward your goals every day.

Eat Mindfully. Live Vibrantly!
Michelle May, M.D.

08-30-2008, 01:21 PM
Hey, all, sorry I've been MIA, mom's been here, and, I've been very busy, I miss you! I aggree with the sentiments expressed here about eating fake foods. I do happen to like mashed cauliflower, but, I'd never mistake it for mashed potatos. Bf took me out for prime rib last night, I'd never had it before, it had rosemary and garlic, and was really good. He's taking me somewhere for the weekend, it's a surprise.
Have just got the Paul McKenna stuff, and, it's really helping. I'm just not hungry, like I used to be. It works great with I.E. Talk to ya when I get back.

09-01-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi, everybody...Hope you all have an enjoyable Labor Day.

I had an odd thing happen this morning, that points up just how connected and interwoven food and emotions are for me.

I have an alcoholic brother. He's going through some messy personal issues in his life right now, and of course he turns to drink to dull the pain.

First thing this morning, he came to my door and dumped a whole truckload of emotional "stuff" on me. I am very, very sad for him and the way his life is, but I felt incredibly manipulated or something I can't quite name after he left.

It's as if he came to the door, tipped over a wheelbarrow full of manure, then just left it for me to clean up.

After he left, all I wanted to do was go stuff myself with the cupcakes that we had left over from this weekend. It's been two hours, and I STILL want to go eat a bunch of cupcakes.

This happens to me a lot, and I don't know how to fix that urge. It's as if the inside of me won't calm down until I soothe it with sugar or chips or something like that. Not good.

09-01-2008, 12:38 PM
Hi Becky. My heart goes out to you, I have had more alcoholics in my life than I can count. Posting here is a great first step in taking back your right to your own emotional freedom. Let yourself feel the sadness, and know that you don't have to make his problems go away. His telling you all that without your permission was an act of emotional violence to make himself feel better, regardless of how it hurt you, you don't need to compound it by taking it out on yourself with the cupcakes. I know it might feel better in the short term, but, you'll be perpetuating the same pattern, and reinforcing food as anesthetic. Take care of you.

09-01-2008, 06:49 PM
My dad had that same problem except that he didn't get really bad until I had left home. Really all they want is someone to listen and you can do that. Just know that you can't solve his problems and stick with hunger and fullness as your guide. Praying for you.

09-01-2008, 07:36 PM
Hi Becky. My heart goes out to you, I have had more alcoholics in my life than I can count. Posting here is a great first step in taking back your right to your own emotional freedom. Let yourself feel the sadness, and know that you don't have to make his problems go away. His telling you all that without your permission was an act of emotional violence to make himself feel better, regardless of how it hurt you, you don't need to compound it by taking it out on yourself with the cupcakes. I know it might feel better in the short term, but, you'll be perpetuating the same pattern, and reinforcing food as anesthetic. Take care of you.

My dad had that same problem except that he didn't get really bad until I had left home. Really all they want is someone to listen and you can do that. Just know that you can't solve his problems and stick with hunger and fullness as your guide. Praying for you.

Thank you, jazzmegirl and Carol. It was very sad. I know he doesn't do it on purpose. His life is just SUCH a mess. It's not easy to distance myself from it because he lives with me right now.

I did eat two cupcakes this morning, and two this afternoon, but I didn't go wild. I also called one of my sisters and talked to her about our brother, and that helped.

His "medication" is alcohol, and mine is carbs. Sheesh, where on earth do we learn this stuff anyway?

I do feel better tonight. I'm always sad that he can't seem to get his life on track, but I know that *I* can't do it for him. As you said, I can be there for him, but I have to take care of myself.

09-01-2008, 08:04 PM
Hey all. This is the first time in a while I really wanted to go back on a diet. First day I've felt really down what I'd call depressed too. I've been off my meds for four months now, and, it's the best thing I ever did for myself. But, I knew it wouldn't be easy. Coming down from a great weekend with Bf, also, we went to the lake, took walks, he read me a book, we talked. I guess I also have class jitters. I start druid school tomorrow night, and, am really wondering if I did the right thing. I don't know what's wrong with me, I've been looking forward to the class all summer. I never questioned my desire to become a priestess, but, now, I wonder if I'm really good enough.
sing, tonight, and, I'm sad about tat, it happens so rarely. I haven't sung in front of people for months, I used to do it once a week, and realize how much I missed it. I feel confidant about our choice of material. Thanks for being there, posting makes me feel better. Oh, and, did I mention I want the w weight off yesterday?

09-02-2008, 10:28 AM
Aime, My problem is a little different. When ever I lose weight I equate it with being sick. That's really the only time I lose weight. So whenever I start to lose I think I must be getting sick again.........long term illness that is. Not a good thought. I have this long term illness that is always in the back of my mind and I rarely go to the dr. because I have been uninsured for years. My dh is my dr. even though he is a veterinarian. ha!

09-02-2008, 04:19 PM
Hi, Carol. Well, I'd say that would be much more alarming than the old garden variety concerns we have. Feeling better about school, today. I researched this school, and really like my instructor, it just feels like a very serious undertaking. Even though the first year is only spent preparing the mind through meditation, it's a four year commitment.
Less depressed today, singing went well.

09-02-2008, 05:28 PM
Please explain to me what intuitive eating means? Is this like Weigh Down or Thin Within?
Thanks for your help

09-02-2008, 05:42 PM
Hi, Patricia. Yes, I.E. is like Thin Within minus the biblical perspective. As far as I know, I'm not Christian, so maybe somebody who knows more about those programs could help you out. I have run across them, however, and think they would be very good, were that my religous bent.
As I understand it, I.E. says you should listen to the needs of your body, which will naturally dictate hunger and fullness. We've corrupted those messages with diets.

09-04-2008, 01:30 PM
Nothing much new here. I had kind of a bad day yesterday, overeating on homemade donunts that I hadn't made for awhile. But now I've decided when I make them that I will eat a couple and freeze the rest. That should do the trick. If I had just not eaten for the rest of the day I'd probably been ok but the old diet mindset said I needed to eat something GOOD for me. ha!

09-04-2008, 02:44 PM
Carol, funny, I always worry that I'm not getting enough of this or that. Do you find after having done I.E. for so long that you choose a pretty broad range of foods?

09-04-2008, 04:47 PM
I started this method of eating 10 days ago. Weighed myself 8 days into it and was down 6 lbs. :carrot:

I will never go back to dieting again!!

09-04-2008, 05:56 PM
I think I eat a pretty broad range of foods but right now when tomatoes are in the garden I eat them several times a day. They'll be gone when it freezes which might not be that far away. Welcome Deedee. Let us know how things are going for you in days to come.

09-04-2008, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the welcome and I will stay tuned.

09-05-2008, 03:07 PM
Carol, those tomatos sound great. Welcome Dedee!
Tired lately, sleep disrupted with school, etc. I tend to overeat when I'm tired or not feeling well. Exercise consistantly happy about that, I want to get stronger.

09-06-2008, 12:07 PM
I had a wierd day yesterday. I ate at about 10am and wasn't hungry again but about 5 I thought I should eat because supper wasn't going to be until were coming for a birthday........and I think I over did it eating at 5 at a liittle at 9. But today is another day and I don't feel like I blew it or anything. I still can't get over that you can lose weight like this and keep it off.

09-08-2008, 11:23 AM
I had kind of a bad day yesterday. I had my blood tested and my calcium and creatinine were up so I have to go back on the prednisone. It always makes me so hungry so will see how it goes this time.

09-08-2008, 03:16 PM
Update: Today was my 2 week mark on this WOE and I'm down 10 lbs. 54 more to go to reach my goal (140).

09-08-2008, 10:56 PM
Way to go Deedee. It is getting kind of lonely around here. ha!

09-09-2008, 12:06 AM

I find that odd since it's the easiest eating plan and requires no dieting. I'd think more people would be drawn towards being able to eat whatever they want. Maybe some just don't trust themselves with doing this...

09-09-2008, 11:04 AM
I don't think people give it enough time sometimes and the diet mindset is so ingrained in all of us that we think off nothing but good and bad foods, exercise, etc. You wonder how people survived for thousands of years without all the info about food we have now.

09-09-2008, 12:17 PM
Hi, Carol and Dedee, I'm still here. Congrats, Dedee on your weight loss, Carol how's the prednizone going, so sorry you have to take it. I often want to go back to dieting, but, I just can't do it anymore. Unlike most of the people I read about who do this, my weight has stayed the same, maybe dropped a tiny bit. I just need to trust that it will eventually come off, and, if it doesn't, that's where I was meat to be. I stopped taking lithium and steroids for asthma, and I know that can change things. Also, emotional eating is a big on for me.
My mom is finally leaving town today, she's been here a month. Very stressful. My second meditation class tonight, looking forward to it.

Optical Goddess
09-09-2008, 02:24 PM
Hello all,

Even though I haven't been posting as much, I have been reading, and keeping up with everyone.

As far as weight loss goes, I gained about 6 lbs when I first started I.E> it was really tough not freakin' out about it. I was heavier, but I was also happier. that was a month ago. I have since lost that weight, and am back to where I was when I started this. That's pretty ok with me...

I think, too, people tend to pick goal weights that are crazy low, making it, at times, unattainable.

For me, there's no other way to go besides i.e. the thought of dieting tires and ages me.

09-09-2008, 03:12 PM
Thanks, optical, you really cheered me up. It was interesting, my Bf and I heard about this great ice cream, and I was psyched to try it. When I did, I didn't even like it, it was way too rich, just heavy cream with a touch ofvanilla. I find myself paying more attention to how food tastes. Optical, I think happiness is the most important thing, I feel more free knowing I can eat whatever I want. For me, it's truly the amount, so whether it's dits or i.e. you may eventually lose weight because both cause you to eat less, but diets do it by restriction, and i.e. gets you back in touch with your natural signals. BTW, it has come to my attention that some diet plans are now trying to use i.e. concepts, I think this is because they work, and folks are getting so fed up with dieting. Well, if you're gonna use the hunger scale along with a diet, then, why would you need the diet? Dedee, I hope more people will embrace I.E. Dieting has become intrenched in our culture. I'm off to go make a Mexican caserole.

09-09-2008, 07:46 PM
Hi, everyone! I'm still reading regularly too. I don't post a lot because I don't think I have much to contribute yet, but I do like it when this thread gets active.

I noticed when I was putting my bra on this weekend that both cups were a little bit "puckery" instead of being stretched tight, if that makes sense. I'm hoping that means maybe the ever-so-tiniest bit of fat coming off there, even though I haven't lost a full ten pounds yet. It might not mean that, but it still makes me feel hopeful, especially because I don't feel as bloated as I normally do.

I did two things differently today. First, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies, simply because it's cool and rainy and reminds me of fall today. Usually I put the whole batch into a container and my dh and I eat steadily until they're all gone, which is usually within a couple of days.

Today after baking the cookies, I left a few out, then put the rest by fours into small baggies and put them in the freezer. I figure this way, we can have two cookies each seven or eight times, and this will make them last a lot longer, and we'll probably enjoy them more.

I also made a homemade pizza for our supper. It's not unusual for us to finish the whole pizza in a night, but tonight we each took two slices, then I put the rest of it away for tomorrow.

I'm actually still slightly hungry, not bloated and overstuffed the way I usually feel after we have pizza.

I am absolutely NOT dieting. I'm just trying to get our portions back down to more of a "normal" size. Our portions on just about everything have been way too large for a long time now.

Along with (hopefully) losing weight, this should make our groceries last longer too. The way the prices keep zooming up on everything, this could come in very handy. :yes:

09-10-2008, 11:07 AM
Just wondering if anyone would like an avatar, that little picture that goes by your name. You can google "free avatars" and it will give you lots to chose from and show you how to do it.

09-10-2008, 04:35 PM
Hi all,

I'm still here, but my computers both freeze about half the time I try to get on here...I don't know if it's because the site is so large or what, but I've only had trouble with one other site ( making my computers freeze.

My weight is staying the same, so I know that I'm still eating too much. I just took my oldest to college last week (we are very close), and it has been so hard, missing her sweet smile every day. I've been doing some non-hunger eating, sad to say. I thought I had that licked (pun intended), but old habits die hard, I guess.

Still plugging along though. I just pushed my Restart button and am waiting for hunger. And waiting. And waiting. ;)


09-10-2008, 10:44 PM
Hi IE'rs, I wanted to introduce myself (Barb) and say hello. I Googled "intuitive eating forums" and found the 3FC site, which I've actually visited before.

A little about me and IE: I've been working on IE for a little over a year now, and I'm looking for support and inspiration to move into a new phase of the program. I've spent my time legalizing foods, killing the food police, rejecting the diet mentality (this has been hard), and accepting my self and my body for what they are. It's been so hard to NOT let myself diet again, but I've managed to go almost a full year without lapsing into the diet mentality. The reason I'm looking for support is that it's really time for me to focus on the other points of the plan, namely: honoring my heath, honoring my feelings without using food, and respecting my fullness. I'm also going to start working out again, I'd like to get training for a couple of sprint distance triathlons next summer (I've done one before, I love it!!). I don't have unrealistic goals of getting super thin, I just want to enjoy working out and eat healthy 90% of the time without being obsessive about it.

Well, I look forward to getting to know everyone here! I've tried to start IE threads on a couple of diet sites where I was a regular member, but there wasn't much traffic. I think sometimes it's hard to really keep up on posting about our IE journey, because it seems kind of "diety" for a lack of a better word. Does anyone here track/journal their food? I have a mild interest in doing this, but it also seems too diety. Anyway, hi, and I look forward to reading everyone's posts. OH, and I love dancing carrots!!!:carrot:

09-11-2008, 11:15 AM
Welcome Trigirl. No, I don't track my food. I can think of one IE book that suggests that but it's not for me. I think it takes quite awhile to get the hang of IE but what a blessing it is not to think of foods as good or bad and to really not think of food much at all except when you area eating. I said the other day that I can't imagine how people lived without all the knowledge of vitamins, etc. for years and years and seem to do fine.

09-11-2008, 11:19 AM
Hi, Joy, my youngest girl of the 10 kids moved out this summer, too, so it's an empty nest for sure. It will take some getting used to. Meals are much simpler now, that's for sure.

Optical Goddess
09-11-2008, 11:35 AM
I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but i find it greatly liberating not to have to track my food or worry about macronutrients... the idea of making sure I eat certain percentages of carbs, protien, produce or whatever is way to much math for me. I would have to calculate every single thing.

I have a very obsessive personality, so I would just get too caught up in it...
I.E. does take time. my life is much better because of it, but yesterday was a good example. I was just extremely hungry. It was hard for me to honor my hunger when the line between eating for fuel and eating for taste becomes blurry...

Still, I would never go back to dieting. I consider it, but just get tired out thinking about it. When I was dieting I never would eat a salad because I saw it as a diet food. The anti-thesis of tastiness... I would rebel, to **** with the salad!

Now I'll eat salad on occasion. It's food, it doesn't have the simbolism and power it used to.

09-11-2008, 12:06 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I've started to track food before, but I've found myself feeling obsessive too. I am interested in seeing an average of what I eat in calories, nutrients, etc., but it just awakens that diet "beast". Today my goal is to just wait till I'm pretty hungry to eat, then really keep track of my fullness level. Legalizing foods has been really great, I honestly don't feel bad about eating any food, in front of any person. But somewhere along the way between when I first read the book last summer, and today, I forgot to monitor my fullness, and often times over eat. That's probably why I haven't lost any weight. I do believe my weight has stabilized, it's stayed the same for 10 months now.

Carol, 10 kids? You must really be feeling the empty nest. DH & I only have one 10 year old (well, DH has a 23 YO daughter too) and we were just talking about how empty the house will feel when he goes off to college. I guess with 10 you have plenty of time to adjust though, right?

Well, I hope you have a great day. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this aniversary, 9/11.

09-11-2008, 07:29 PM
Hi. Welcome trigirl. This thread's busy again. I'm reading too. Very depressed lately, not sure why, talked to a councelor today, and, an old friend called, and promised to see me next week. Going to go out and get some sun. Anybody else on here battle depression?

09-12-2008, 10:46 AM
I do get depressed but I take prednisone which causes a lot of things. I don't need to take any more medicine as I take blood pressure meds and fosomax, also. I never did like taking pills. I have a really good book based on the Bible that really helps me when I get depressed.

09-12-2008, 12:03 PM
I saw a book like that, they have it on tape. Feeling better today, but, now that you mention it, I've been lax in reading my daly inspirational literature.

Optical Goddess
09-12-2008, 02:19 PM
I'm bipolar, with major depressive episodes. I take medicine for it. It's definitely been an obstacle with weight loss. I tend to have unrealistic thoughts about myself , usually belittling myself and my accomplishments, and that is when I have more of a tendancy to be super obsessive about food ( If I suck at everything else, i won't suck at this )...

Finding different ways to deal with it is hard, I've found that if I throw it all into my creative persuits, that kind of helps....

09-12-2008, 02:44 PM
I had hoped when I stopped the lithium nearly five months ago that I'd lose some weight, but this didn't happen. Oh, well.

09-12-2008, 05:48 PM
I have episodes with depression, as well. I've tried to take a few medications, but the side effects are too much for me to deal with. I know my state of mind is always better if I try to eat healthy....sometimes self medicate with food.

I've done pretty well the past couple of days as far as IE goes...I did eat Subway last night when I wasn't "officially" hungry, though. I'm really hoping to let myself get hungry before I eat this weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

09-13-2008, 11:19 AM
I have trouble with restaraunts and eating at others houses. I eat a lot less when we go out than I used to but I still feel that I'm over eating. I leave lots of food behind but I don't like that too full feeling. When you are at someone's house you sometimes eat dessert to please the hostess, things like that. It's just easier to eat at home and you can make and serve how much you'll really eat. But I'm better at forgiving myself now than I used to be. What do you all think?

Optical Goddess
09-14-2008, 07:12 PM
strange thing happenned this morning... I caught a glimpse of myself naked in the mirror. And I was not abhored by what I saw. I wouldn't say that I'm going to do a spread in the SI Swimsuit issue, but I was/ am okay with it. My stomach is flatter, I still have curves, I'm ok with it all...

more so, I tried on a pair of pants that rarely fit me. They fit. It was kind of a struggle to button them, but they went on... and my opinion of my body remained unchanged. I didn't beat myself up because the pants are tighter than they were when I was dieting. When I first started IE, they didn't fit at all.... the only thing I noted is that I need to pay better attention to my hunger levels/fullness levels and all that,

Today I've been really hungry. I'm just goin' with it, i figure in the days that come there will be one where I'm hardly hungry at all.

It's finally stopped raining, and so I can get back into working out. My walking areas were under water...
not to mention I have all sorts of stuff on my mind with both my husband and my dad unemployed, Christmas coming and all that it entails, work, health issues... the things I use as excuses not to work out, should really be my impetus to do so.....

Another strange thing: I know girls who were super skinny when they were younger, like thier teen years, and now they're struggling, Over all I haven't changed much since I was a teenager. Because I've never been super skinny. I'ma stocky, pear shaped German woman, I'm never going to be super skinny. there's not gonna be an inch between my thighs when I stand up.... that's the way it is. what you see is what you get...

What started out as a remedy for my dieting mindset has really influenced my life in other ways. Since I don't judge myself based on food, I act differently... with more confidence When I'm feeling less than confident, I'm doing better at coping and not listening to the negativity.

I have no idea if the medicine I take messes w/ my weight ( seroquel and wellbutrin), but dude, there's no way I could deal with life with out it, fat or thin...

09-15-2008, 12:15 PM
I know what you mean about those hungry days. Yesterday was the opposite for me so I tried a new thing, I didn't eat any supper. Usually I worry that I'll wake in the middle of the night hungry which has happened a lot but last night I was fine. A successful experiment, I think.

09-15-2008, 10:28 PM
Hello all,

I don't know whether you remember me or not, but I posted on this thread a bit this summer. Unfortunately I relapsed rather quickly and fell back into the diet mode. I flip flop back and forth so much, it's ridiculous. So here I am flipping or flopping again...not sure which! Hopefully you will let me 'back in'.:lol:

Barb-I 'think' I know you from another board (a ww based board). If you're who I think you might be, we've pm'd each other regarding IE. :hug:

09-15-2008, 10:55 PM
Welcome Deb. I'm mom to 10 though they are all grown and I'm just now experiencing the empty nest.

09-16-2008, 11:05 AM
Welcome Deb. Carol, I have trouble eating out or at other's houses, I either over or under eat. Prtty quiet day around here. My Dd got a guinea last night, bringing the total of quadropeds around here to seven, in addition, lab mix and five cats. I don't know how I got into this sometimes, LOL. Well they're all wonderful, and, it's never boring or lonely.

09-16-2008, 11:45 AM
At one time we had 4 mother golden retriever moms and one male plus 25 puppies. After that my Dh sold 2 of the moms for $2500 both pregnant. I had never heard of that but the first woman that called bought them and we must have received 15 other calls about them. Now we are down to one mom. It was just too much to try to sell that many puppies at once. We also have quite a few cats and about 8 horses and Dh raises angus beef. Of course we live on a farm. All the kids are grown and I keep telling him he needs a hired man like he did when the kids were little. He keeps doing it all himself....a workoholic for sure.

Blue Serenity
09-16-2008, 12:29 PM
Hello Intuitive Eaters :wave:

I'm "Blue" and I have lurked a little in this thread and was hoping you might be able to answer some questions for me.

First, a little about my weight-loss journey ... I've been seriously trying to lose weight for about 10 years (tho my dieting history goes back at least 25 years). But it was about 10 years ago I started packing on the pounds and started trying to take 'em back off. I have yo-yoed over those 10 years never really losing much but gaining quite nicely all the while. (I did have one short-lived success story but more about that in a minute.)

I've tried just about every kind of diet imagineable but nothing has stuck. The craziness of diets has completely warped my view of eating. You might say I'm a mess. I know diets don't work FOR ME (tho somehow the bulk of the population at 3FC seems to be having success at them). But in spite of knowing I cannot stick to a diet, I've found myself counting my calories once again in an attempt to lose this fat once and for all.

OK, so back to my short-lived success story. A year ago I followed a program similar to Intuitive Eating, some of you have probably heard of it, "The Lord's Table" (I followed the "belly growl" method). After my 60 days were up I had lost 17 pounds - THE most weight I have EVER lost at one attempt. Problem was I slipped back into old eating habits without any accountability and over a year later, here I am, having gained all the weight back and a few pounds more. *sigh*

I don't really know if it is answers I am seeking or a pep talk. I am trying to talk myself out of counting calories and getting back into this way of eating but I am scared to death I am going to blow all the hard work I have been doing since joining 3FC. (On a good day I'm down 6 pounds from my start weight.) I came to 3FC following a restrictive eating plan (cutting out certain types of food) and soon found that I was binging on similar foods when I would fall off of plan. So I switched to a looser version of my original plan by adding calorie counting thinking if I could eat some of my fav foods within a range of calories I'd be ok. Having had the freedom in the past to eat whatever I wanted and lose 17 pounds I cringed at the idea of counting my calories and reluctantly decided to do it.

Man, oh man, I know I sound like a whiney butt but I'm just really torn in two directions here. Do I stay on the path of counting every single piece of food I put in my face or go the route of freedom risking getting even fatter than I already am. I'm so scared to make a commitment to this. But I KNOW that it is the freedom I desperately desire. I don't like having to count and measure and weigh. It is not natural. (I wasn't born with a measuring cup in my hand!!!)

OK, I guess I do have questions ... Is anybody here having real success with this battle by following Intuitive Eating? I gather that this plan is in a book? I have Gwen Shamblin's "Weigh Down Diet" which, I guess, is basically the same thing? If this plan is in a book, do I need to buy it or is it basically the same as the programs I've followed, if anybody knows.

Well, I've probably written a book here but I really have been dwelling on this and am hoping that some of you good people can help me figure this thing out. (Or maybe I just needed a good vent.) :p Either way, sorry to ramble on so much!

I can't believe this but I've actually not recorded anything in my food journal today and have eaten breakfast based on my tummy's signals. It feels good not to track it but scary too. I just don't know if I can do this tho! Ugh. Help! :^:

09-16-2008, 02:26 PM
Blue Serenity, yes you can do this an it is similar to weigh down. I started at where you are and am now down to 165 after a couple years. I take prednisone so I think most people could lose at a better rate than I. I really think there is a feast or famine cycle going on in our lives if we've spent a lot of time dieting. I have 10 kids so have been fighting this weight thing for about 35 yr. The thing is there is a fine line between losing and our bodies thinking we're going into a famine. Using hunger and fullness as your guides is what IE is about. I don't think you necessarily have to eat half of what you used to eat as Gwen Shamblin says but you do need to pay attention and not eat for other reasons than hunger. You should be able to life a normal life and be at a normal weight. Oh, and we love long posts here.

Optical Goddess
09-16-2008, 03:33 PM
I'm not going to be delicate about it, I'm having a horrible day. A lot of it's in my head. Just a lot going on, and I'm on a food rampage, simply because I'm having a hard time dealing with's stuff I can't control and nothing _really_ all that bad, I just feel like crying, and am concentrating on my faults and percieved short comings

I feel like people are second guessing me and being super critical, I imagine my husband wanting another woman...
. I've been here for over a year and don't have any friends. I have the people I work with, but I mean people I can grab coffee with or something. My husband is up for a job that requires travel. (currently DH is unemployed), and I feel lonely in advance, even though it's a good job over all...


I feel like I'm holding on the edge of a cliff, dangling, scraping at the stone with my fingers, trying to pull myself up.

A few days ago, I posted about a pair of pants that fit on occasion...well, now I'm none to happy about it... I feel like I'm falling into that diet the Ring in Lord of the Rings.... diets mesmerise and tempt me.

I just feel awful and can't do a damn thing about it. I know that donuts and cookies aren't the answer, but it seems like nothing is. I'm sinking in a quicksand of apathy..

Yeah, it's a pity party, and it's probably just how I feel right now, but it _is_ how I feel and it is valid, and really, I don't know anyone else I can talk to about it, either...

Thanks for listening.

09-16-2008, 04:05 PM
Well, if your ticker is up to date, you have lost almost 70lb. That is pretty amazing. Hope you feel better by now. Tomorrow is a new day.

09-16-2008, 04:52 PM
Welcome, Blue Serenity...I had a couple of thoughts while reading your post.

I bought Weigh Down when it first came out, and tried it, but I just couldn't stand what I felt was artificial guilt being heaped upon me if I accidentally slipped up and ate an extra mouthful, or something like that. I have enough issues just from dieting and being overweight all these years--I didn't need any more bad feelings about eating. I promptly laid aside that book.

I've been at various stages of overweight, and off and on various diets, for a little over 30 years now myself, and lately I've really been rethinking my approach to the whole thing. Diets don't work for me either. They just make me obsessed, and give me extra issues.

Personally, I think that Intuitive Eating *can* sometimes--not for everyone--but for some of us--can end up being almost as bad as a "diet", simply because we get all focused on whether or not we're hungry, whether we're eating from true hunger or head hunger, whether we're stopping at the exact correct point in the meal, etc.

So even though IE is closest to being the way I ate when I was naturally thin, it still wasn't quite right. I had to go way back to when I was naturally thin and remember how I used to treat food and eating.

Back then, I didn't give eating much thought. If I was hungry, I ate. I didn't worry about counting Points, or calories, or fat, or carbs, or anything. I just ate. When I was full, I stopped eating. I didn't think about what my "hunger number" was, or anything like that. I simply stopped when I'd had enough.

There were no forbidden foods back then, and if I wanted to eat something "fun", I did, and never gained or had to deal with any issues because of it. I did not weigh or measure myself. I didn't record what I ate. I just never gave food much thought at all.

As you said, we weren't born "with a measuring cup in our hand". I think we've made entirely too big a deal out of diets, food rules, body size and shape, exercise, everything that goes along with it.

I'm working my way back towards the way I used to deal with food and eating and weight and exercise, and making all of it as much of a non-issue in my head as possible.

I figure, as long as I'm not being a glutton, I'm ok. Whatever happens with my weight, happens. Do I want to be smaller and in better physical condition than I am now? Yes! But I'm no longer willing to dwell on it, and drive myself crazy doing all these different things that only get me more focused on food, and on eating or not eating.

I'm trying to give food as little space in my mind as possible. If I want something, I eat it and then get on with life.

It's slow going, extremely slow going, but since I've decided to do this, I've been losing little tiny bits here and there, mere ounces a week probably. I am also working at breaking the scale habit. I'm actually skipping a day every so often where I don't weigh myself.

Sometimes I think we're afraid that if we're not paying close attention to what we're doing with food, that we'll gain a ton of weight, but I am finding, so far anyway, that that's not true. The less I think/worry/obsess over food and my weight, the better I do.

No, I won't lose a hundred pounds in a year. I might not lose it in two years. I might never lose a hundred pounds---but I'm going with the idea that ANY loss is an improvement, and it will just have to do.

I don't know if it's because I've turned 52 or not, but I'm just tired of the battle. I still enjoy reading about the success others have had with diets, but I'm not willing to go on another one myself. Life is too short to be so caught up in all of this stuff.

I don't know if any of this will help you or not, but I do believe that you can do IE and be fine. I think it's a great starting place for us to find our own way of doing things.

09-16-2008, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the warm 'rewelcome':p I appreciate it!

Optical Goddess-I'm sorry you are feeling so down. I know what it's like to not have friends in a new town. It's a very lonely feeling. I was a newlywed then so that was back in the day when ds still pd attention to me:lol: so that helped to take the edge off, but he worked a 2nd shift then so I did have A LOT of lonely times. I started taking a ceramics class and joined a gym. I hope that you are feeling better soon. :hug:

Blue Serenity- I did Weigh Down many, many years ago and I lost 30 lbs. That was back in the day when I didn't really realize that the weight could actually come back.:( It did and then some. I really like the IE book by Triboli (forgot the authors' names)...although I still have a long way to go to mastering it all. I'm determined to conquer IE and find my natural weight. I thoroughly believe that this is the way to do this. Good luck with it.:)

09-16-2008, 08:56 PM
Today was a good day with eating even though it was a fairly difficult day at school. I teach special education and today was kind of challenging....BUT I honored my hunger, evaluated my feeling of fullness (which is my biggest challenge) and I know that I didn't overeat....AND I didn't let my emotions take over. I know that could change at any given moment, however...btdt
I also need to continue working on breaking my diet mentality. First thing this morning, I hopped on the scale. That's going to be a difficult thing to break.

Truffle-Your post really caused me to reflect back to when I was naturally thin. It's been a while, but I was there once. I haven't really given much thought to it, but I really do believe that I can recapture that 'ability'. How great would that be!?!

09-16-2008, 09:02 PM
Becky, what a great post! I think I will print that one. Mommyto3, I got a degree in special ed way back in 1971 but after I had my first little girl in that same year (my Dh who is a veterinarian was still in school) I found out what I always wanted to a mom and we had 10 kids. I never taught and now that I am almost 60, I'm not looking for a job just now.

Optical Goddess
09-16-2008, 10:01 PM
I don't have much to say except thank you. Reading/re-reading all the posts, realising that we're all in the same boat, and that it's never as bad as it seems to be. Reading the support, the well wishes and concerns is a great, great thing, one that I'm happy to be a part of.

A few posts ago, someone said something about a guinea pig. I adore guinea pigs. I've had them since I was 9. I'm 30 now, and quite obsessed with those noisy little things!

Yeah, I ate too much, so be it. My world isn't crumbling, and I haven't gained 50,000 lbs. It just feels good to get it out.

I can't imagine having 1 kid, let alone 10!! Holy cow! W/ no kids at home, it must be a huge change!!

I agree with whoever said that when we were younger, we didn't think at all about dieting. Ah, simpler times, I agree as well with get obsessed with how IE we are ..." Am I hungry? No, yes? How hungry? Do I need a flow chart for this?

Reading the posts in this thread and on this board-- many of them could be put together as a 'chicken soup for the soul' book.... 3 chick soup for the soul...


Blue Serenity
09-17-2008, 01:30 AM
Hello again! :wave:

carolr3639, thanks. I am really leaning towards this path (IE). It's been a while since I last read Weigh Down so I don't remember all of her quirks. But now that you mention the eating half portions, yeah, I do remember that. That actually worked very well for me in the past at restaurants, since they serve such huge portions! And I've even gotten 3 decent-sized meals out of chinese take out in the past! ha! But yeah, making the half thing a "rule" to follow definitely isn't my cup of tea. It could easily turn into yet another "diet" having rules to follow. Thanks for the encouragement.

Optical, sorry you had a bad day, but glad you were able to find a silver lining. :) 3FC is great!

Truffle, ah, guilt! I understand that feeling completely. And I understand what you are saying about wanting to get back to normal eating without all the obsessing. I would hate to see how many minutes (er hours?) a day I waste thinking about what I ate, how much I ate, what I should have eaten, why I ate it, why I didn't eat it ... :blah: It's just crazy! I don't think this way of eating will be a problem for me in that it turns into a diet (at least I hope it doesn't). If anything I see it as a step in the right direction. But hey, this is coming from a person who, up until this morning, has been counting, measuring, weighing and avoiding food, so um ... I totally lost where I was going with this! lol Well, I'm hoping for the best anyhow. I can't stay on one plan very long. Call me a "diet hopper!" (Could probably burn some serious calories if it wasn't a mental exercise! ha!) Well anyway, thank you for sharing. I do want the freedom you described in your post. I'm so tired of the madness.

mommyto3, thanks! I found a web site on IE, which you've probably all seen already. From what I can gather, it seems like the plans I've been on in the past are similar enough that I can follow this way of eating without buying the book. Tho I tend to be a bookworm sometimes and wouldn't be surprised if I end up buying it. (Add it to my collection of weight-loss books! lol) Best of luck to you, too!

I had a pretty good day with the intuitive eating. I didn't log anything I ate and I didn't weigh anything or count anything, tho I did have smaller portions than what I would normally eat while counting calories. Just let my tummy do the talkin.' Even ate something that would have been such a no-no food for me on some plans ... had a nice juicy (greasy) 5 Guys hamburger and fries and enjoyed every bite of it! mmm mmm mmm. Yeah, I remember now why I like eating this way. I think I can do this! You guys mind if I hang out with you? I feel like I've been jumpin' all over the 3FC web site joining different groups and such trying to find the right plan or winning combination or whatever. lol I'm tired of all the diet hopping. Just want to settle down into NORMAL! :D

Well, it's late here, so you'll most likely be reading this in the mornin' so ...

Have a great day! :sunny:

09-17-2008, 11:25 AM
My DH says I've read every diet book written. It's not that bad but almost. I even had the thought one day that since I've learned all this, I should be able to lose weight, no problem. Didn't happen. I once did IE about 30 yr. ago and lost 10lb in 3 months. But that diet mindset is really hard to conquer. Blue Serenity, I love hamburgers and fries but don't get them often cause I'm a country dweller.......about 30 mi. from any town that would have that. I don't mind. My DH is really getting on me about driving with the cost of gas and all. He says that if I can't save at least $8 when I go go Walmart over our little country store that it isn't worth it.

Blue Serenity
09-18-2008, 01:42 PM
Hi everyone! :wave:

I'm so glad y'all helped me decide to get back to eating this way. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders! I haven't written down anything I've eaten in 2 days and don't care to. Only thing I am logging is my exercise for The Biggest Loser challenge I'm participating in (and my weight). It has felt so good not to be overly concerned with the food. I feel good.

carolr3639, Wow! I don't know what I'd do out in the country. (But I guess having 10 kids you were pretty busy! That is just amazing!) I'm close to everything where I'm at and am spoiled that way.

Have a great day everyone! :sunny:

09-18-2008, 04:46 PM
From the Beyond Chocolate newsletter.

Snap happy

How many times have you seen a photo of yourself and cringed, perhaps even destroyed it, because you hated the way you looked? Perhaps you avoid the anguish altogether, opting to be on the other side of the lens. Or maybe, if you allow yourself to be pictured, you hide in the background, so you can't be seen. However, if you never feature in the snaps of your holiday or that special occasion, what is lost is much more than an image of you in a potentially unflattering pose - it's that split second of joy, captured forever on film.

Two Beyond Chocolaters have given this some thought:
"Photos are flat and two-dimensional and static. You, however, are an all-singing, all-dancing, interacting human being whose eyes glisten and who smiles and makes people laugh. You send out warmth and concern and interest and others are drawn to that. A photo is just part of that whole story. It just shows who or what you were stood next to in that moment in time. It doesn't show what you did next..." Teresa, Chocolate Fairy-in-Training, London

"When friends look at my photographs, even those that I hate, they see the me that they always see, sometimes looking better, sometimes looking worse, just like everyone else. They see the person that they care for and want to share memories with. Nothing more, nothing less." Deb, E-course graduate, Ascot

Photos reflect more than just how our body looks. They are snapshots of the unforgettable moments that make up the movie that is our lives. And why would you choose to be an understudy rather than the star in your own story?

09-18-2008, 06:37 PM
Hi. I'm really strugling. I can't commit, although, I'm more committed to this plan than any other. I'll make halfhearted dieting attempts for a day or two, then fall flat on my face, and feel like a failure. I heard it said insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Why can't I give up the idea once and for all?
I'll tell you, dieting is a great diverssion, I don't have to worry about money, or my parenting decissions, or wishing I could see my Bf more often. Just writing it down makes me feel better. I also want to attain perfect health, they say that's an actual disorder, don't know about that, but I've done veganism and raw foods, and, through it all, was it Truffle who just mentioned wanting to be normal? I think if I affirm why I don't want to go back to dieting on a regular basis, it might help. Any suggestions for getting rid of entrenched diet mentality would be helpful.
Welcome, Blue. I love hamburgers and fries, too. Carol, I always wanted to live in the country, have more animals than the seven we all ready have, oh, good grief, fresh air, quiet. But, I'm blind, so, it's really not fesible, I need to be able to walk to everything. Thanks, in advance, I.E. friends, feeling really discouraged about my ability to give myself wholeheartedly to this process. I tend to be a person of extremes, it's either all the way, or nothing, need to work on that.

09-18-2008, 07:52 PM
Amie, I don't think you mentioned before that you are blind. My mom had macular degeneration for about 10 yr. before she died and she was normally a really upbeat person but that really brought her down. I think it is inherited, too.

09-18-2008, 11:18 PM
Hey, Carol, I've heard that one can be really rough. I'm glad I was born with my sight fixed at three quarters fried, got glaucoma about ten years ago, and that's no fun, pain and headaches sometimes. I can see movement, whether something is light or dark, and silouhette, no color. Doc tested my vission Monday, same as last year. I grately fear losing the rest of it, really working on accepting that one. My boyfriend was given a book on how to cope with going blind, and it got me really mad, but, then, I realized that fear of the unknown, I know his friend probably meant well. BTW, my daughter wants to learn braille.
That would be so nice, I was so short with her today. She burned my favorite pan beyond recognition, trying to cook rice. My kitchen is the only thing in this house I'm really passionate about. I love cooking, I could just stay there for hours, cooking, singing along with Benny Carter on the CD player, and constantly moving Princey, the P.O.'d Partial Persian away from the stove, so his tail doesn't burn off.
I guess now I can understand why mom was so worried about my cooking when I was a kid. I can't believe there's so much to mess up, even when you can see. Ah, well, I know she'll get it. Feeling much better about the nondieting thing. Night.

09-19-2008, 11:15 AM
You'll laugh at this one Jazzme. My son once cooked Kraft macaroni in the microwave with no water. He set the timer for 10min. and went in the basement to play a computer game. Not only did he ruin the bowl, he started the microwave on fire and ruined it, too. I'm kind of used to this kind of thing with 10 kids. Just glad the house didn't burn down. ha!

09-19-2008, 11:43 AM
Oh, dear, tears rolling down my face. I guess you, yours and the house are still standing after ten kids. Blessings.
BTW, did anybody happen to see the 20-20 story on orthorexia. I follow an I.E. blog (eat when you're hungry.) It brought the story to my attention, it's basically obsession with healthy eating. It struck home, as a former vegan and raw foodist, the ghurus really do promise spiritual enlightenment through dietary purity. This is a scary thought. Our culture is diet obsessed. I can say that focusing on diets took me away from family and friends, and conveniently allowed me to avoid deeper issues. My spiritual teacher loves chocolate cake, I love her because she's so accepting. Fortunately, my boyfriend is taking the class with me, so, he can help me study, and I can have someone to talk to about it.
I woke this morning stress free. Just not worrying about what diet to follow, or, whether I was good or bad as a result. You know, I think I'll go get that cookie jar I've wanted for months now, I've always loved baking.

09-20-2008, 12:54 PM
Has anyone experienced this? I go along and for some reason I try to see how much I can eat for a few days and not gain weight. It isn't really a conscious effort. But then I realize that I'm eating too much and the next day I try to go back to smaller portions and it's hard, even though I know I'm satisfied. I just want another portion of whatever. So I stop myself and remember that if I'm hungry later I can have it. I know there is a fine line between eating to satisfaction and overeating.

09-20-2008, 09:36 PM
I am not doing well at all ladies. I just can't seem to figure out when to stop eating. I don't think that I will ever get the hang of this.:(

Optical Goddess
09-20-2008, 10:36 PM
It sounds like we're all strugglng to a degree. Unfortunately I can't give that many words of solace, but to say I can relate.... I've been under great amounts of stress and personal issues lately, and have been on a food bender for almost a week.. I just eat and eat, it feels empty, it's crap food... I'm having a hard time not going back to true dieting, at times, it seems like my only salvation because it's something I know, but I also know that that way of life sucks... but yet I worry that I have thrown myself from one hot skillet to another, worrying about how hungry I am, if I'm truely hungry, how full am I, what should I eat, am I doing this right?
I'm close to just not caring because it seems like the same old problem, but I don't think that's truly the reality of it..

So, I don't know what to do or what to say. I hope that with so many people we can figure something out... maybe on of the IE veterans can give us some insight....

Blue Serenity
09-21-2008, 12:37 AM
I'm right there with you all. Today was a particularly bad day (as far as eating goes) and now I'm feeling bloated and blue, which of course is making me want to eat more. This is what I was afraid of. What a change from what? three days?

Carolr3639, I know what you mean about wanting to keep eating that extra portion. I guess there's a stomach satisfaction and a head satisfaction. (And they often don't agree!) Here's something I used to do last year when I was losing so well eating this way that would help my meal feel "complete" and satisfying ... I would keep one of my favorite drinks on hand (Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappuccino to be exact) and when I would eat what felt to my stomach like enough I would top off my meal with a glass of my drink. My stomach would feel even fuller than when I had finished my meal and I enjoyed the flavour of the cappuccino so much that my head was totally satisfied so there was a clear signal to stop. Also, I've done that with Hershey Kisses ... maybe set 3 kisses by my plate and eat small but satisfying portions of dinner or whatever and when my stomach was full I would top off the meal with the chocolate. That seemed to do the trick too. I think I'll start buying my Bolthouse again. That trick really worked for me as long as I kept my portions in check.

Optical and mommyto3, hang in there! The freedom of eating this way is exactly what scares me. (I know what I did to myself having this freedom in the past - gaining all my weight back and more - and I am afraid of getting even bigger if I don't get it under control this time around.) We just gotta find what works and do it! (I don't necessarily mean find a diet that works, but a way to incorporate this way of eating that works.)

Maybe we can discuss the things that do work for us when we are finding success. (Such as the example I gave above.) I can't believe it is so hard to go back to eating the way we did when we were kids and diets weren't even a part of our vocabulary! When I look back at my eating habits when I was in my early 20s (a time when I was thin) I can remember I hardly ever ate breakfast and wasn't even hungry until around lunch time. Some days I would eat a pack of cheese/peanutbutter crackers (6 count) and a diet soda. That was my lunch. Then dinner time I would eat a pretty decent sized meal and maybe a snack later. I'm sure I didn't always eat that light, but I do remember that mornings I just wasn't hungry so I never would eat. It was so easy. I wasn't sitting around waiting for the clock to tick wondering when I would be hungry enough to eat or whatever. I ate when I was hungry. Period.

mommyto3, also, are you waiting for a true hunger signal to eat? A belly growl? I find that when I wait for that sensation of true hunger that I can tell the difference between eating for hunger and eating for pleasure a lot easier. Because usually when my body has had enough there is a definite "full" sensation in my stomach. Not an "ugh, I ate too much" sensation, but a comfortable full feeling. I have also noticed that if I eat when I am not truly hungry it is sooooo much easier for me to overeat because that sensation of empty/full is blurred. I can keep cramming food in until I feel like I'm gonna pop because I'm just used to it the sensation that is already in my stomach.

jazzmegirl, get that cookie jar and enjoy! I want to experience and remain stress-free when it comes to eating too. I'm just going to keep telling myself "I can't go back. Not now!" And I'm going to keep hanging out in this forum with you all because you all understand the craziness of dieting. I really believe intuitive eating is the way to go. Lord willing, I don't want to be an old lady some day worrying about how many calories I'm eating! lol!

09-21-2008, 09:10 AM
Optical-I am constantly fighting the desire to start counting points again or looking for another quick diet. Grocery shopping is even stressful now because I'm still in ''low points mode". I just don't want to go back to that though. I haven't been stress eating, just incessant mindless eating. I hope things look up for you soon.

Blue Serenity-I don't wait for a growl. I know that weigh down really stressed that concept. My IE book doesn't so much. They say that 'normal' eaters realize that they may not be particularly hungry at mealtime, but they may not have an opportunity to eat later. They know to eat a light meal. I don't know. Maybe I should wait for a growl more. You know when I was a thin teen, I remember my stomach would growl in church almost every Sunday morning. My sister and/or friends would sit and giggle about it. It's been a long, long time since I've heard it growl.

One thing I know that I need to do is stop weighing myself so much. That's what really messed me up this week. It started out going down...several lbs. Then I get on and it's up a couple and it really messed with my mind and I just quit focusing on hunger, etc.

Today is a new day, and I'm going for it!! Thanks for listening. :)

09-21-2008, 02:27 PM
I haven't been here in a long time. I've been reading here today and y'all sound just the way I feel. I did IE for a while, but got scared I was eating too much and I wasn't losing very well. I have since gone to a Chiropractic doctor who has tested me and I am hypoglycemic and have an underactive thyroid and I don't digest my food well which he said is the reason that I wasn't able to lose weight. He put me on natural suppliments to correct this and the he said "Stop dieting. Dieting doesn't work." I woke up this morning and thought, I'm 65 yrs old now and I've been dieting for 45 yrs. I was thin until I reached my 20's. I am so tired of dieting and thinking diet. I already know that I will lose, but it is probably going to be slow. As I read what you guys are saying I wonder if you are reading my mind as you are saying things that are exactly how I feel. I am at the place where I am so tired of counting points, carbs and I hate counting calories. I don't even want to think about food much less diet.

Blue - You were talking about how you ate when you were thin. I was the same way. I only ate when I was hungry or because it was time to eat. I very seldom ate breakfast and actualy I only ate breakfast when we traveled. Now everyone says "you must eat breakfast it's the most important meal". I never gained weight until I started eating the 3 meals a day everyone said I had to eat. That is when I started feeling sluggish and tired all the time. Up until then I ate twice a day and snacks were rare. Coke dates were exactly that for me as I was never tempted to eat just because everyone else was. Makes me wonder how I ever got here. Years later after 1st hubby died I ate only 1 meal a day then I married and I had to go back to 3 meals a day and the weight gains... on and off dieting again.

Well, I woke up this morning deciding that if I'm hungry I'll eat and eat what I want and If I'm not hungry I'm not going to eat. I'll eat till satisfied. I'm just don't want to be on this diet roller coaster any more. I finally have a doctor who says "Stop dieting." I asked him "Do I have to eat breakfast?" Surprise, he said "I don't eat breakfast". He does drink a protein drink that he doesn't even like. I'm not going to do that. I've tried this IE before and end up trying a new diet when I hear of it. But I'm really going to try do forget the diets and try to do what I call "learn to eat normal" again. I just think that dieting makes me think about food too much. At least I do. You know diets don't work because all we are thinking about is food... food you can have and food you cannot have.

Sorry, I guess I'm rambling. I am glad this thread is so active now. Maybe we can help each other. Have a good day.

09-22-2008, 12:57 AM
Sundays are usually busy for me as we have company for dinner a lot and I fix a big meal. The funny thing is lately it hasn't tasted as good to me and the rest of the day I'm usually not hungry. We usually eat about 1:30 pm. I just can't eat the portions I used to eat. One thing I think I finally got through my head is that there are no good foods or bad. When you think like that all you crave are the bad things. One of my absolute favorite foods is a fresh tomato from the garden.

Optical Goddess
09-22-2008, 10:49 AM
I think I'm going to pack it in.Throw in the towel...

This morning I decided it was going to be a new beginning...I was going to re-start my plan of 30 minutes of activity ( or more ) every day..

I was doing okay w/ weight lifting until I got hit on the head w/ a ten lb. weight... I've knocked over coffee on my white carpet, stepped on a brad, ate too much cereal, ate for the wrong reasons...

I'm stuck. I have no idea what to do.I'm trying really hard to have a good attitude about it, but it's been a constant struggle lately... it's beginning to feel a lot like dieting, I'm gaining weight and beating myself up over what I did or didn't do/eat...

I am upset about this, floating around in a diet limbo... someone mentioned that when they were younger they didn't ever think in diet terms, they ate when they were hungry, stopped when full..

I cannot remember a time when I wasn't dieting. maybe when I was 8 or 9... so I don't know what I'm going to do. I realise that it may not sound that bad, but it feels like I'm constantly being beat down. I can't tell you what I weigh. I can tell you my ticker's wrong....

I'm just writing here before sticking my hand in that cereal box again... I had gotten over my emotional eating issues for years until the last week or so, and using food to punish myself for what i think I should have done etc..

thanks for listening.

09-22-2008, 12:23 PM
I'm not much into emotional eating, but there is a good book about it called Thin Again by Arthur and Judy Halliday. You can get it on Amazon for a few cents plus shipping. That might help you.

09-22-2008, 01:42 PM
I think dieting may cause us to emotional eat. I think we get into this situation where we reward ourselves with something we really wanted to eat when we are "good" and then we can end up unknowingly punishing ourselves binging when we've been "bad" because we beat ourselves up when we get off our diet. I think that is how we ride the dieting roller coaster.

carol3639 I have experienced the same thing you are. When I do IE, I don't crave anything. There are times I want to eat something and times when I don't. I find that just because it is time to eat doesn't necessarily mean that I am going to be hungry. Besides, do we really have to eat by the clock? The only time of day I eat when I'm not necessarily hungry is when I have to cook one meal each day for DH. I agree with you that knowing there are no good or bad foods helps too. We only like tomatoes at Costco (haven't had them straight from the garden in years) and I sometimes just like to go in and get one or two and eat them and find that I am satisfied.

09-22-2008, 01:55 PM
I never thought of that, Patty, the part about dieting causing emotional eating but it just makes sense.

09-22-2008, 07:38 PM
Went out to eat today because DH and I had drs appontments and not enough time to run home and go back to town for my appointment after his. We went out to KFC. My IE eating was really interesting. I ate what I wanted not what I thought I should eat. Ended up taking skin/batter off the chicken. I decided that I always loved mac and cheese so I got that and cole slaw. I never eat the bread. Turned out the mac and cheese wasn't as good as I thought it would be so only had a few bites of it and ate about 2/3 the cole slaw. I found it enlightening to find that when you can have whatever you want because there are no good/bad foods, you don't really want what you thought you did. If I can keep my head in IE way of eating and out of the "diet thinking", I believe that I will do a lot better. Oh, we always drink when water when we eat out. I think it is going to take "One day at a time" to get used to replace diet thinking with IE thinking.

09-23-2008, 11:44 AM
Gillian Hood Gabrielson makes a good point in her latest newsletter.

had an interesting experience the other day. An attendee from one of my past Am I Hungry? classes called to talk to me about coaching. She had gone to Weight Watchers to see if she could find some success there. This is really normal, many people who learn about Intuitive Eating will go back to some kind of dieting before fully embracing the non-diet approach. As she found out, it’s usually very hard to follow a diet after practicing IE for a while. She told me that after a day or two she couldn’t deal with counting points anymore.

I usually warn clients and class participants that once they learn and practice IE for any length of time, it’s really hard to go back to dieting. You become very aware of why you are eating, how overeating makes you feel, how awful the restriction of dieting is, and you just don’t want to go there again. Put simply, learning Intuitive Eating usually makes it hard to diet again. You miss the freedom and the peace that IE brings.

Blue Serenity
09-23-2008, 12:18 PM
Oh man can I relate to that Carolr3639!!!! It was practically kicking and screaming that I went back to calorie counting this last time around! But I was desperate. And it's true! I cannot stick to any diet that I have tried since eating intuitively last year. That has been a major problem for me. I am at that in-between stage right now. I want to forever say goodbye to dieting because I KNOW it doesn't work and I cannot stand the restrictions, but right now I am OVEREATING all the things I've been avoiding. UGH! I hate this. I gotta get out of this slump and just get it thru my thick head that IE is now how I will eat for the rest of my life ... no need to binge. If I want potato chips I can have them. If I want ice cream I can have it ... I just don't have to have it all at once! And if I want more all I have to do is wait until I'm hungry again. Why am I making this so hard when it is so easy?

09-23-2008, 01:54 PM
Since I've had the trouble, Blue, I've been trying to eat just what I want only not so much. Seems to be working, although most here on 3fc would be horrified at my eating right now. I'll get through it.

09-23-2008, 03:09 PM
carolr3639 Thanks for sharing with us. I can't stick with a diet since IE, but at the same time I find I still deal with the thoughts I've heard in "diet" info. All those years I didn't eat or want breakfast, now I wake up thinking that I have to eat breakfast and going through the struggle of it. Right now I don't know if I'm genuinely hungry for breakfast or if I just think I have to have it. So I eat it when I think I'm hungry and days I know I genuinely don't I don't eat it. I guess it goes back to learning to hear what our body/stomach is really telling us. I love how you have stuck with this and making it work for you.

blue I am in the stage of learning the same things you are. Good luck.

09-24-2008, 11:01 AM
More from Gillian's newsletter.

Strategies for Successful Weight Loss

Warning: There are no magic bullets, unrealistic promises, or outright lies in this article. The truth is, weight loss is only successful if you can maintain the loss for your entire life. The following strategies will allow you to keep weight off without any suffering, guilt, deprivation, or rigid rules. You don’t need to be miserable to lose weight! However, if you feel like you do, I’m sure those magazines at the checkout stands will have plenty of restrictive diets and low calorie recipes to make you as unhappy as you think you need to be.

If you’re ready to find health and happiness, and want to finally live your life fully, you’re in the right place. Too many women spend years trying to lose weight only to gain it back (or more)! After years of dieting and denying myself new clothes, outdoor activities and other fun things because I “needed to lose weight”, I finally woke up. What I will share are a few of the strategies that allow me to be in charge of my life, have fun, take care of myself, and as a result, maintain a healthy weight.

Don’t Diet

It’s probably not news to you that diets don’t work. In fact, diets have a sad 5.2% success rate. They also cause destructive physical changes in the body that lead to weight gain and health problems. Here are just a few of these changes:

* Decreased metabolism
* Fat storage becomes easier, especially in the abdominal area
* Increased risk of heart disease and premature death
* A slower rate of weight loss (if at all) with each diet
* Increased binging and cravings

Eat Foods You Enjoy, When You Are Hungry

One of the reasons diets fail is because of “Diet Deprivation Backlash”. Most diets restrict certain foods, often your favorites. The more you deprive yourself, the more you crave these foods. You may try to make the craving go away by eating so-called “good” foods. But by the end of the day, you will often have eaten more calories than necessary from “good” foods and still eat the forbidden food, usually more than if you had eaten it when the craving hit. This is not an effective weight loss strategy.

Eat food that you enjoy. Eating foods that are healthy or low-fat or for other reasons is just another diet, and you know where that leads.

In addition, eat when you are physically hungry – it makes those enjoyable foods taste even better. And, if you eat when you are hungry and stop when satisfied, you have a much better chance of losing and keeping off the weight.

Don’t Focus on Weight

How you feel when you get on the scale? My guess is it depends on the number!

Face it - the scale is just a piece of metal that has no power over you. So why do you let it tell you how to feel about yourself? The truth is that your body will fluctuate anywhere from 1 to 7 pounds throughout the month regardless of your weight loss efforts.

Research has shown that women who eat based on how their body feels rather than focusing on their weight actually have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those eating to try to lose weight. Toss the scale and listen to your body, it works better.

These strategies are part of a growing non-diet approach to eating and weight loss known as Intuitive Eating. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, in other words, experience successful weight loss, this is the only way to go. Along with weight loss, you can expect a new freedom from dieting, peace with food, and the opportunity to live a full life. Sure beats a magic bullet, don’t you think?

09-24-2008, 01:21 PM
My toughest challenge is eating supper with DH. He really needs a good meal at night and feels bad if I don't eat with him. Well, last night it all tasted to good that I over did it and ate dessert on top of it. (We had pork chops with sauerkraut). I really didn't realize how full I was until about 20 min. after supper. We ate early, too (4:30pm) and I did get a little hungry later. I know one day doesn't blow it but I would like to get so that I never have that too full feeling.

Optical Goddess
09-25-2008, 03:06 PM

I haven't posted in awhile, because I didn't feel like I had anything to post. I've been going through a lot, and the result of my week long food bender, I have gained about 8 lbs. I know a lot of it may be water weight, but I actually do have more 'girth' around my waist. I don't remember having that before. I fell of the wagon, eating for eatings' sake and nothing else. Hunger be damned.

Like others, I was tempted to go back to dieting, but I just couldnt' do it!
I have started to finally 'get it', 'it', being that just because I'm not dieting doesn't mean I shouldn't care.

As an experiment, I've been eating what I want, but smaller portions, and really paying more attention to my hunger levels.

At work, we had a chamber of commerce thing, and there was food. I had about a table spoon of potatoes, cole slaw, pasta salad and 3 of those tiny cocktail weenie in a crescent things. And one cookie.

I've also gotten better at actually leaving food on my plate, and not feeling like I have to eat it just because I took it...

I also realised that one way to feel better about my body is to exercise more. I've mastered getting up early at 6:30 a.m. with my husband, I just need to take the next step and do something better with my time and work out...

The cookies are easily accessible to me, yet I don't want one. I have a bag full of those peanut butter pretzels, but haven't openned it for almost a week..

This may not seem like much to some people, but to me it's huge. It's a big step...

09-25-2008, 06:18 PM
carol3639 Thanks for sharing the newsletter. I copied it for reference. Good ideas there. I am going to stop getting on the scales and measuring how I feel about myself by what it shows. I heard someone say recently that if you eat a high fiber diet that you will feel full so you won't eat. My problem with that is that I hate feeling full. I really like satisfied better.

Optical Goddess Reading your message remined me of some things I've done before when I successfully lost weight. I wasn't really on a diet. I had read about someone who only ate when hungry and I had never heard of IE back then. Any way back then I made it a habit to always leave something on my plate to break the habit of thinking I had to clean my plate. Another little trick I did back then was when I wanted to eat something I would tell myself to wait awhile that I can have it later if I still really wanted it. What I learned is that many times I would forget about it and never eat it or I would end up waiting until the next day. I need to do that again. You sharing with us how you ate tablespoon of the foods reminded me of a woman I worked with years ago. She was tiny and cute when I met her, but she alway said that she had once weighed over 200 lbs. When I asked her how she lost weight, she said she never was on a diet. She always ate what she wanted, but she only ate a spoonful of each food served. She had kept her weight off for years. I lost track of her and don't even remember her name, but never forgot her story. Interesting that I haven't thought of her in years. Strange that she practiced what we call IE long before anyone ever had the term IE.

I've been hungry for a hamburger w/fries and chicken w/dumplins. I made homemade hamburger and baked fries yesterday and couldn't eat it all. I'm trying to learn that I don't have to finish it. I made the chicken and dumplins today and they were so good. Satisfied and not hungry sure is a good feeling.

09-25-2008, 06:20 PM
I agree that is a huge step and one that I am working on, too. Since I am experiencing the empty next for the first time in 37 yr., I feel I don't know what to do with myself, sometimes. I just miss the kids, especially the youngest as we had some good times in these final years of kids at home. Being a girl, I just felt like I could keep her around forever but I'm glad she got a job and is doing well.

09-25-2008, 06:22 PM
Seems like Patty and I were posting at the same time!

Blue Serenity
09-26-2008, 02:12 PM
Face it - the scale is just a piece of metal that has no power over you. So why do you let it tell you how to feel about yourself? The truth is that your body will fluctuate anywhere from 1 to 7 pounds throughout the month regardless of your weight loss efforts.

I've been meaning to reply to this since it was posted. Just keep forgetting!

I am guilty of depending on the scale. It has been a part of my life for so long I couldn't imagine trying to lose weight without it. I don't know if I can even consider giving it up at this point. I do notice other things, tho, like my face thinning out and my waist slimming down when I lose some weight. I can also tell when my clothes are fitting better, but for some reason that scale always has the final word! Of course participating in challenges here on the board that requires weigh-ins keeps my mind on the scale. But if you think about it our weight is everywhere! It's on our driver's license, our doctors love to check it, elevators have a limit on our weight as do chairs and such. It's hard to get away from that kind of thinking. Even the term "overweight" reminds us of some number on the scale. It would almost seem rediculous to say that one is "overproportioned" or "oversized" instead of "overweight." I can see where focusing on numbers on a scale has infiltrated our way of thinking big time! My husband even steps on the scale regularly, he isn't even trying to lose weight. Even if I wanted to give it up, I don't know if I could, it's like a lifeline. I'm tethered to it!

Optical, you said you've been really paying attention to your hunger levels. I really think this is key to eating this way successfully.

I am so happy to be eating this way again. All of the stress about eating is gone! I have been enjoying foods that I have abandoned in the past in my dieting efforts. Silly me! We usually dine out on a weekly basis and having the freedom to eat whatever I want is awesome. If someone suggests pizza I don't have to decline or blow my diet! This is great! I can't figure out why I stopped doing this! Again, silly me! lol Half of my week was good and it amounted to a loss of the weight I had gained back and then some. (Here I go talking weight again.) ;)

I hope everyone is getting settled into this way of eating. Just the emotional freedom from dieting is so worth it!

Have a great day! :sunny:

09-26-2008, 06:05 PM
I think dieting may cause us to emotional eat. I think we get into this situation where we reward ourselves with something we really wanted to eat when we are "good" and then we can end up unknowingly punishing ourselves binging when we've been "bad" because we beat ourselves up when we get off our diet. I think that is how we ride the dieting roller coaster.
I believe this is exactly what happened to me, and that years of yo-yo'ing up and down finally got me all the way up the scale to the size I am today.

Since I am experiencing the empty next for the first time in 37 yr., I feel I don't know what to do with myself, sometimes. I just miss the kids, especially the youngest as we had some good times in these final years of kids at home. Being a girl, I just felt like I could keep her around forever but I'm glad she got a job and is doing well.

Hugs to you, Carol, from another empty-nester. :hug:
My daughter and her family never lived more than fifteen minutes away, until they moved to Florida this summer. Now that they aren't around any more, I feel very empty, at loose ends, and miss them terribly. :cry:

As for diets, something has just clicked off in me about them lately. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent (wasted?) reading diet message boards, trying to get motivated and inspired to take off the weight "once and for all", and it never worked.

The last couple of months, I just can't get into reading the boards like I used to. I have no desire to follow whatever plans are written about on them. This is my favorite area of the board here, and I don't check the other areas of the boards often any more.

I'm just DONE with diets, absolutely and completely. The less brain space that eating, food, the scale, and weight loss take up in my brain, the better I like it. It's such a waste of time, effort, and money.

I'm not trying to do by-the-book IE any more either, simply because I'm trying to let food and eating occupy a natural place in my life. I'm trying not to force anything, just let things fall into place as they will.

I think I'd like to gently nudge myself in the direction of a little more physical activity, and aim for more fruits and vegetables, for the sake of health only, but I'm not going to make a formal "program" out of those efforts.

Oh, here's one more thing I noticed--I've been wearing comfortable, long skirts this summer because in them I kept cooler than if I was wearing my jeans. One day last week it cooled off a lot here and I wore my jeans, but they cut into my waist all day, and I couldn't wait to change out of them that night. I realized that the tightness of the waist kept me focused on food, eating, and weight that day, and I didn't like it, so I think, for me anyway, wearing COMFORTABLE clothes, no matter what they are, is going to be a key thing to help me. As long as my waistbands aren't cutting into me, I'm not focused on all those other things.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Blue Serenity
09-28-2008, 10:45 PM
Quiet weekend in this thread. :)

Just wanted to check in. I've been doing well up until today. Ate some crackers when I got the munchies and that triggered a mini-binge that included a bunch of candy and carrots. What a combo! I was hungry when dinner time came and overate the spaghetti I made. It is one of my weaknesses. I'm feelin' it now. ugh! Needless to say I don't think I'll be putting anymore food in my mouth tonite, so tomorrow is another day! Back at it!

How's everyone doing?

09-29-2008, 10:43 AM
Blue, isn't it interesting how that full feeling really bothers us now? Becky, I"ve read on other IE sites about the comfortable clothes. I get so excited when clothes I haven't worn for awhile are now comfortable, I still tend towards wearing too tight things but I'm learning. I was gone over the weekend and eating was good. I can't believe how picky I"m getting. If it doesn't taste good I just don't eat it and usually find something else that I like. We were at a a Bible conference where all the food is provided and sometimes it's good and sometimes not. One thing that bothers me is when food that should be hot is luke warm. But I go by just fine and had a great piece of chocolate pie. Even desserts from caterers can be less than desirable but this pie was awesome.

09-29-2008, 02:30 PM
It was a pretty quiet week end around here. I found a website I had put back into favorites that I got somewhere here on 3FC I think it is called DIY(doityourself)diet. I found it quite interesting and easy to use with my IE not as a diet, but sort of a guideline to see how I can eat the things I like and not feel guilty while learning the transition from dieting to total IE. Her idea is that if we don't eat what we like and only eat what a diet says you must eat that you will not stick with a diet. Boy do I relate to that. I wouldn't want to follow it as a diet because I don't want to journal etc. I just don't want to go that route any more as it keeps you thinking about food all the time. However, as I checked out some things I felt would go along with IE I was surprised at what foods that I really like to eat especially when eating fast food isn't such bad choices if you do it wisely. I am really learning to enjoy IE. We ate out yesterday and and using the guidelines, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even after I came home, I ate what I wanted to eat throughout the day and I was satisfied and probably ate much less than I usually do. Not having to eat a certain amount of points/calories each day and eating when I want, what I want and the amount I do want really takes the edge off. Still struggling to stop thinking "diet" though. I find that I to have actually stop and remind myself by saying out loud to myself, "I am not on a diet". I guess that will take a while after actually dieting for so many years. I know I didn't diet until I was in my 20's, but it sure seems like I've done it forever. Just have to keep doing it... One day at a time and one step at a time.

09-29-2008, 03:06 PM
It has really taken me a long time to not think "healthy foods". Now I eat whatever and haven't felt this good in a long time. Gwen Shamblin's book The Weigh Down Diet really is good about explaining that point. I just went over it again recently. One point she makes (try just go forget about all the hot water she has been in recent years) is that it is the AMOUNT of food we eat not the type, that causes trouble and dieting causes us to eat greater amounts of certain foods. We then go back to eating whatever (when we're off the diet) and gain weight and feel sluggish because of the excess calories we are taking in.

09-30-2008, 03:51 PM
I always knew chocolate had to be good for you but I still don't think most people really believe it.

A Dark Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Daily Dark Chocolate Good for the Heart, Loaded With Flavonoids
By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health NewsHere's news that's hard not to like. Eating a small, 1.6-ounce bar of dark chocolate every day is good for you. Very good for you, find Mary Engler, PhD, RN, of the University of California, San Francisco, and colleagues.

Now here is a medical experiment you would love to volunteer for. Engler's team divided 21 healthy adults into two groups. One group got a Dove Dark Chocolate bar every day for two weeks. Like other dark chocolate bars with high-cocoa content, this one is loaded with something called epicatechin. Epicatechin is a particularly active member of a group of compounds called plant flavoniods. Flavoniods keep cholesterol from gathering in blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots, and slow down the immune responses that lead to clogged arteries.
The second group that didn't get Dove bars wasn't totally left out. They, too, got dark chocolate bars. But their treats had the flavoniods taken out.

All subjects underwent high-tech evaluation of how well the blood vessels dilate and relax -- an indictor of healthy blood vessel function. Blood vessel stiffness indicates diseased vessels and possible atherosclerosis. Those who got the full-flavonoid chocolate did significantly better. Why? Blood tests showed that high levels of epicatechin were coursing through their arteries.

"This is the longest clinical trial to date to show improvement in blood vessel function from consuming flavonoid-rich dark chocolate daily over an extended period of time," Engler says in a news release. "It is likely that the elevated blood levels of epicatechin triggered the release of active substances that ... increase blood flow in the artery. Better blood flow is good for your heart."

Why Dark Chocolate Is Different
Not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa than other forms of chocolate. And standard chocolate manufacturing destroys up to half of the flavoniods. But chocolate companies have now learned to make dark chocolate that keeps up to 95% of its flavoniods.

Sure, this seems like a scam. Can't you get more and better flavoniods from other foods? Surprisingly, the answer is "not really." Engler says that dark chocolate

"Many people don't realize that chocolate is plant-derived, as are the fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy heart," Engler says.

While a little dark chocolate is good, a lot is not better. Chocolate still is loaded with calories. If you're going to eat more chocolate, you'll have to cut back somewhere else. And remember that a balanced diet -- and plenty of exercise -- is still the key to heart health.

Blue Serenity
09-30-2008, 04:50 PM
Sounds like an excuse to add dark chocolate to my next shopping list! muhahaha!

09-30-2008, 07:09 PM
I have developed a taste for dark chocolate and eat a 100 cal bar everyday. I always loved the Dove dark chocolate, but switched to the 100 calorie bar. I wonder if the Dove is the best. I love knowing it is clearing out my arteries. Wahoo!!! Finally a sweet that is really good for us.

10-01-2008, 07:57 AM
Well, here it is october 1st...and all last night I was in a panic about which diet I was going to start this month! Im just at a loss with them. I was low carbing and it just blew up in my face getting me right back to where I started. Too boot, I have painful heel spurs which really limits excercise for me. Im on my feet at work 9-12 hours a day, so the last thing I want to do is walk more. I'll try to do some bike riding. Ive got to try IE and hope I can get this dieting mentality out of my head. I am so hung up on trying to eat many small meals throughout the day to "keep my metabolism running high" and of course im a slave to the scale jumping on twice a day.

This is a very scary cliff to be standing on the edge of..but I think I'll jump in :D

10-01-2008, 11:05 AM
Glad you're jumping in, Tigerseye. It is really difficult after years of dieting to get out of that way of thinking. Even though I"ve been doing IE for about 2 yr., only in the last 4 mo. had I got it into my head that there are no good or bad foods. It's hunger and satisfaction for me. I don't know if there is a connection but lately I've felt better than I have in a long time. I really love chocolate and have been googling to find out its benefits. I know, however, if you eat too much of a food you will get really tired of it. I used to love honey roasted almonds but I haven't bought a can in several months.