South Beach Diet - Cornstarch and corn flour question....

06-30-2008, 07:22 PM
I want to use a little cornstarch to thicken a stir fry sauce and wanted to see if that was okay for phase 1.....and in phase 2 is corn flour okay???

06-30-2008, 08:09 PM
Cornstarch and corn flour are not allowed on any phase. I like to use arrowroot in the place of cornstarch as a thickener. You can't tell the difference, and it's fine for Phase 1 as well as Phase 2.

06-30-2008, 10:32 PM
cottagebythesea, do you mix it the same way as cornstarch? equal parts arroot to water? or do you just add it to the pot as is??? thanks

06-30-2008, 11:12 PM
I use it just like cornstarch...because it tends to get a little chunky if just thrown in. In stir-frys, I just toss my meat in a little seasoned arrowroot and brown it, remove from pan after cooked and do the rest of the stirfry....after veggies are cooked, add the meat back into the pan along with the sauce. The meat will thicken the sauce.

06-30-2008, 11:16 PM
Thanks zeffryn, so it is pretty much used the same way as cornstarch then if you can coat meat and stir fry it.....I am very happy to hear that ;)....thanks :)....

07-01-2008, 12:17 AM
cornmeal is listed in the Good Fats Good Carbs as limited. I can't find cornstarch listed at all but I could have sworn that in phase 2 it was allowed in small amounts once in awhile. I use it in a few things in small quantities and then add arrowroot if it needs more thickening.

But I might be wrong. My books are older. Is it listed in the new book?

07-01-2008, 11:29 AM
I just checked the newer books and didn't see it......

Another SBD mystery.

07-01-2008, 12:17 PM
Yes, I haven't been able to find any reference to cornstarch in any SBD literature either, Zeff. My opinion would be to avoid it.

07-01-2008, 02:42 PM
Hmmmm.....I'm pretty sure I've seen a bit of it used in the SBD cookbook.
This is a plan we need to live with so I wouldn't fret a wee bit of cornstarch in a sauce although you can thicken sauces with other things - arrowroot has been mentioned but there's also vegetable puree and egg yolk.