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06-30-2008, 09:57 AM
HI & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Home of the BIG A$$ Walking Challenge!

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this summer

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate:

06-30-2008, 10:28 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Okay Susan...with the link you sent me that is what came up...hoe did you get the picture.graphic full size? Ugh, what do I know, lol...I tried. :)'re a sweetie! And thank you for the Dora graphic, too cute! I've not heard of that book but sounds inspirational. I am hoping to get some inspiration from the Biggest Loser Books I just got. Not sure if I mentioned it but I had ordered them a while ago an just received them last week...the cookbook, calorie counter book, can't remember what else but there are two others. I NEED to get back on track. And was thinking about that on my walk this morning. When I lost this last little bit of weight my focus was on getting and being healthy and the weight was coming off. Somewhere along the way it turned into "I have to lose!" and gues what...I'm not! But I hear ya about going away alone...thinking that's what I need. And a beach trip? I am jealous lady!

FRANCIE...glad you and Fonzo are enjoying being back together! :love: The comment made me want cupcakes too! I remembered talking about them not too long ago :lol: That movie is coming on again tonight, yay! I am making a note so I don't forget to watch it and must cook dinner early, lol. I tried the link to the game but it didn't come up. Of course I thought it might not...we've been having problems with this stupid computer...hubby is thinking about calling the computer geeks to come out. Waaahhh! I want Fealess 14! Now don't be a spoiler when you read it, lol.

SUE...fingers crosse for the new car :crossed: And WTG on the biking and walking. I'm thinking about going for a bike ride later...not taken it out for a while. Have fun at the casino if you go.

MINDEE...glad Brandon is okay and sounds like you guys had fun at the pool!

WILDTHING...WTG on the walking!

Hello to JULES, KATY, SASSY, TAMMY, CLARA and anyone reading this...feel free to join us!

As much as I didn't want to get up early this morning I did. Happy to say I actually have all my walking done, feels good too! Now I can concentrate on laundry and straightening the I wan to :lol: Finished my book and getting ready to start another. Disappointed with just having read 4 books this month, ugh!

What's everyone's plan for 4th of July? Anything special going on?

Well, I better get going. Want to get something done today. I'll be back later.

Have a good day, all!

06-30-2008, 10:35 AM
Hi All!! You have been busy little posters. Nothing much new here.

Teri really likes Patrick (who is a REALLY) nice guy, but is still in love with Dave (who fails everytime she gives him another chance) Why is it sometimes it seems we have to go for the bad guy who is gonna screw up when the great guy is there ready to treat us the way we should be treated??

Ry LOVES Washington, he has found his little niche. He's having fun on Sunday nights signing at a karaoke (sp?) bar, he was going to sing Tom Petty last night. Today he is going kayaking on the bay with some people from work. He is seriously thinking of going to cooking school. The display of the food gives taps into his creative side and he loves people and actually enjoys cooking.

Jerry & I are on vacation this week. Don't get too excited we aren't going anywhere. He's cutting wood and I'm painting and getting stuff ready to take to Goodwill and paperbacks to a local book sale, all the things we can't do when baby is here. Fun..huh...

Well back to work before hubby acts like I am not....I told him if he keeps being grumbly that I will go to work this week and take my vacation next week without him!!

06-30-2008, 12:14 PM
Good morning all!!

Cristina~Don't forget to watch the movie!! It's really good!!! I wanna read the book now. I read My Sister's Keeper and just loved it. Of course, I cried the entire time I read it too, lol. I haven't started Fearless Fourteen yet. I think I might start today or tomorrow. It sounds pretty good.

Jules~Thats sounds like a nice vacation to me. Except..I'd be buying the books and not selling them, lol. I'm glad Ry likes WA, because I do not. LoL!! It's too hot and miserable here right now.

Anyways..I went to bed kinda late (3:30am) and I woke up too early (8am). Fonzo kept moving around too much. Probably not used to sleeping on a comfy bed, lol. Then all 3 cats slept in the room with us. Which was a first. Only 2 of them slept with me while he was gone. I'm starting to feel unloved by my Sassy. She slept on his side, cuddled with him..then stepped over me to get off the bed, little traitor. And she was the one that never liked him, lol.

Anyways..I'm gonna have some breakfast and watch Army Wives. Hope you all have a nice day!!

06-30-2008, 12:29 PM
PS--Dominic will be 6 months old on the 4th--so hard to believe, I really need to post more pics, he has 5 teeth and has mastered rolling and what Teri calls the bunny hop top move himself where he wants to go.

Francie--sounds like little Sassy was missing Fonzo too!! Ry says that it's been hot in WA but the humidity is what he hates about the east coast. Something you will have to get used too--some days it's so high you actually can feel the moisture in the air. Most apartment complexes here have central air to combat it. Hubby wabts to retire to AZ to not have the rhe humidity. The crowd Ry has gotten into like the outdoors--hiking & kayaking. They also like to drink which all are his favorite things.

Cristina--I am still trying to get through "Girls Like Us" it's a 500 pager, like I mentioned before, it's interesting but I really don't like her style of way too much extra info. The lives of the three, Carole King, Joni Mitchell & Carly SImon do all end up intertwining. I am 2/3rds of the way through and I am going to make myself finish it this week, then I want something light, fun & a fast read. I just don't have the time any more to read like I used too, between baby and work being busy, switched allergy meds and the Zyrtec makes me sleepy!!

Well, my walls are all washed and ready for painting, just have to spackle some nail holes. Hubby is picking on me for jamming out to the 70"s on XM radio on Direct TV--I told him it's the decade I'm in in the book I am reading making me do it!! . I have to run to Lowes now....hoping everyone is having have a great day...

06-30-2008, 12:31 PM
oh...KC & the Sunshine band is playing...."please don't go"....

06-30-2008, 01:32 PM
Jules- My kind of music also...oldies. Any oldies. OMGosh your grandbaby is growing up fast. Time flies, doesn't it? I am so glad Ry is settling in and happy. DH always wanted one of our kids to go to culinary school. Now my DGS is cooking for a restaurant and loving it, talking of going to school. He won't though...he hated school. :)

Cristina- You are doing great on your walking AND reading. I have only read two books this month and can't get started on another...just ready to do something else I guess. What that is, I don't know. Like you and Susan I am ready to get away! Doubt that happens since Mom needs me.

Francie- Did you get to go to Homecoming, or did Fonzo just pop up at home? Either way I am sure you were glad to be with each other. Ahhh..young love. :) J/K with you.... I bet he loved the cookies too.

Susan- I am so glad my teen-age child raising years are over. With the two girls it was way too hormonal in the house. Then with "baby boy" I had lots of help until he was an angst ridden teen, then the girls were grown and gone. And DH worked nights, so DS and I were the ones clashing. We were/are pretty close, for those reasons spite of the hard times.

Mindee- Good for you swimming laps. I hear that is one of the best exercises and with little stress on your joints. Maybe Tommy would watch the kids and give you some time to go do that more often. My DS is trying to get healthy and I told him to go to the pool at their apt. He did and loves it..although he got burned the second time out there and had to lay off for a few days. (He hadn't gotten my public service announcement about sunscreen...BUT he has gotten it now!)

Katy- The other book I read was You:Your Body, by Drs. Oz and Rozien. It was very informative also. Hope you are enjoying your Mon.

Sassy- Where are you chicky? Hope you are rested!

Marti- How is WW going? I wish I had the will power to do that or South Beach. Ugh...I am such a loser...and not in a good way! :)

Wild- Wow...good job on the walking. I have found I walk more and longer if I have company walking with me. I used to walk with a neighbor (before we moved) and sometimes we would get talking and lose track of the time.

Waiting for the car dealer to call and let us know if they found the car we are looking for. I drove an HHR, but the colors they had left were not to my liking. I am just not a black or white car person. I told DH I wish the car companies would take my advice on colors...they are so blah anymore. If they find a good color we can do business. :)

I rode a mile this morning, but the wind killed me, so I hope to ride later. Don't know about walking yet...will see. I am doing a huge pile of laundry, changing beds, cleaning all know the drill. The life of a Susie Homemaker. LOL
DD and DGS will be here Fri. from Cali for a week and I want everything done so I can just chill and hug/bug the DGS. to put on a pot of green beans to cook.

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday.

06-30-2008, 02:14 PM
Jules~I didn't think about the humidity. Ugh, my hair is gonna fizz like none other, lol. It used to frizz here too, but not so much anymore, I dunno why. Az is a great place to retire to..but there is that dry heat problem they have there, lol. You can handle it if you have central air and not a swamp cooler. out for monsoon season. The storms are horrible!!

Sue~Fonzo just showed up, lol. He knocked on the door while I was eating ice cream..I thought it was my annoying neighbors coming to tell me to turn the tv down lower (I had the sliding door open). But was my Fonzo :) And yes..we are young and in love, lol. Proud of it too :D Although..he'll be hitting his mid 20s next year..and I'll be 24. Scary. We're almost 30. Even more scary..LOL!!!

06-30-2008, 02:59 PM
You are not almost 30 Francie!! lol. You are still closer to 20 silly young woman in love. You make me nervous because at 44 I am not almost 50, I am still close to 39....*wah.

My anxiety level went up when I read that. lol

wow, chatty bunch!! I don't know about the picture Cristina, I like it small, it looks good! Good for you for starting a new thread :carrot:

I will just do a ramble because I feel overwhelmed with all the poasting. lol - that is probably why I post a lot and keep up that way. I know, what a basket case I am.

Great to see you Jules!!! I am glad Ry loves Washington, it is beautiful up north. And little Dominic is growing up way too fast! 6 months, wasn't he just born?? Enjoy the time off, just puttering around the house is nice. I have done it for a year now. lol.

Hi to Sue, Mindee (so glad B is ok), wildthing (you can call me susan!!:D) and Katy and Tammy....and ya, everyone.

oh Francie - glad Fonzo made it back safe!!

Sue - What kind of car are you thinking about getting?? The teen years are a killer. I think w/ Rach though she has ADD or something. We were touching up her hair last night and she jumps from one thing to another.....she wants a nose ring, piano lessons, kickboxing..on and on.....I just really want to eat when she does that. Seriously.....I just can't take how intense she is.....:(

Cristina - You are welcome for the Dora, ain't she cute?? Doesn't Dora live in Hawaii??

sorry, time is up! bbl when I have more time. I have to get some errands done and pay my rent so I can budget this month. Stayed up til 1am and watched Bridezilla, it was kind of funny.

:wave: anyway - you all have a good day!

06-30-2008, 03:37 PM
just popping in while the kids are all in their proper corners.....j/k! Marissa and Logan are in their rooms, and Brandon is sleeping on the couch.

the boys already wanted to go swimming this morning! I had to tell them that it rained and it wasn't warm enough for them to go into the pool.

Francie~ You are not anywhere near 30! I am closer to 30 then you are. I will hit 26 in August.

SuzieQ~ How are you doing? How is Gabster doing in school?

Sue~ That is an option of having him watch the kids here at the apartment, but I am not seeing it since they have to go with me if I am just grabbing something out of the van! But it is nice to take them to the pool as well, since it tires them out as well.

hello to every one else...I am trying to get some things done before the kids wake up.

06-30-2008, 03:55 PM
Back again! :D

SUSAN...OMG! Bridezilla is so funny but annoying sometimes to me. I don't care if you are the bride some of those women are just nasty and it's uncalled for. Of course too, I know probably some of it is scripted, I think. idea where Dora is from...I don't know anything about Dora period except she's cute and Cambrie loves her, lol.

Did anyone catch the Baby Borrowers last week? I thought that was funny, but a little annoying. Those girls wanting to have a baby and then spent one day with one and didn't want any part of it, some of them. And all the crying, geez...what would they do for real? Now I don't normally watch reality t.v. with the exception of a few shows Bridezilla, Super Nanny, Miami Ink, & Wife Swap, and I guess HGTV, okay, so I guess I do watch reality t.v., lol. Just can't stomach most of them.

FRANCIE...I made a note, lol. I was wanting to read that book, My Sister's Keeper...almost bought it but passed it up at the grocery store and haven't seen it since. May have to go to the bookstore or Amazon. Glad to know it is good because it is on my to read book list. Fonzo sounds like Josh when he came home before we moved. I knew it was supposed to be the weekend before Thanksgiving and was waiting and waiting on his call and thought they changed the date once again. Was cleaning house on that Sat. and someone was laying on the doorbell pi$$ing me off. I said out loud...this better be good and not someone trying to sell something, :lol: The was good, lol. Almost 30, lol...silly girl! I would love to see 30 again, well, maybe not.

SUE...hoping they find the color you want. I'm not a black or white car person either. Enjoy your 4th and the week after with DD & the DGD' you can't wait! Your green beans sound delicious!

JULES...there you are...thought we were going to have to come and hunt you down. So what color are you painting and what room are you painting? Try not to work too hard on your vacation week. Glad Ry is liking WA...that would be great him going to cooking school. Well, maybe Teri will wake up sooner rather than later and realize Dave isn't going to change. I LOVE the 70's!!! I was having a hard time with Under The Banner of was a decent book but for some reason I could not get into reading it and didn't think I would ever finish it.

Well, my washer just went off and I don't want to listen to the thing beep, beep, beeping...very annoying. Can you tell I am a little agitated today, lol. I got up too early...not that it was too early, just felt like I didn't get enough sleep. Not really in the mood to go over to Char's later either but I will. I have some things we are giving her & Josh...thinking I will just take the wedding presents too...ha! never gave them to her...was waiting for Josh to come home and who knows when that will happen. Just glad to have gotten my exercise done and out of the way early otherwise I would be suffering right now. I think I need a nap. :dizzy:

Have a GREAT day everyone!

P.S. HIYA snuck in there while I was posting! Hope ya get the things done before the kiddos wake up.

06-30-2008, 05:03 PM
SO do we post in this one now? Why did the number change? Anyhwho it works for me. Today I got up and walked my 5 miles. It was pretty easy. I was so sleepy today though. I ended up taking a nap that was a hour and a half. More than planned but I do feel better. I had eggs and grits for breakfast. For lunch I am eating chicken vegetable and barley soup. It so good. And really healthy with all the fiber. Continuing on.....

Shopaholic- that is really funny about your cat. Our dogs are like that sometimes too. I am really glad to hear about your man being home. That is just wonderful.

Jules- that baby is beautiful. This has no relevance but I saw a lady at the track I walk at who had a little boy. She had the most beautiful calves. They were big like mine but they were in really good shape. I am gonna have those.

Sue- good job on your mile riding. I used to ride alot. I should pick it back up. I love walking more and I was in the morning. The afternoons are really hot. I usually work during the daylight part of the evening. I might pick it up on the nights I am not at work. What color are you looking for with your car?

Susan- my poor mother just nodded here head when I got like that. I am a huge talker and bless her heart she tried to listen.

FrouFrou- at least you got your exersicing done!!! Usually on days like that if I dont get it done first thing it doesnt get done. Thats something I got to work on.

It was really good hearing from you ladies but I will have to go to work tonight and my boyfriend just got back in town after being gone for 3 weeks and we havnt really hung out. We might tonight so I dont know if I will get back on. If not I will talk to yall tomorrow!!! Oh and my name is Asia.

06-30-2008, 06:09 PM
I loved the Baby Borrowers. I can't wait to see how they handle the next couple of stages. I don't understand why they are making them take care of teens and elderly people since they are just trying to scare them out of having kids. but all in all, it was a good show that I enjoyed.

Tommy is making ribs for dinner......

06-30-2008, 08:25 PM
back for a sec,,,,,,,exhausting but I am getting some things done, so I feel good about that!

Cristina - One little girl is from Hawaii, I was just curious because ......for no reason. lol
I have watched the 1st season of Brides and the lady from Japan made me so mad. She wouldn't let her husband kiss her and every time he tried to help w/ her dress she glared at him. I almost cried when she refused to get on the his scooter and ride off into the sunset w/ him. lol. anyway - onward to season 2! I have never watched Baby Borrowers. As for plans for the 4th I don't know.....Gab is going w/ her father Friday and I hope Rach has plans to DO something - lol. I will just work in the yard if the weather isn't too hot, go visit my mom and step dad or something.

Asia - Nice to have a name! We just change the thread # when we get at or just over 100 post.
I made some chicken soup for lunch figure the calories at 40 for the broth (low sodium, low fat) 100 for the veggies and I put in 1/2 an onion and 3 chicken tenderloins. It turned out really good , I think the whole pot is around 300 /350 calories.
Have fun w/ the boyfriend!

Mindee- mmm, ribs. I am ok, I checked in for medical for Gaby today. I have to go back tomorrow. Gab is tired at the end of the day. Otherwise she is a trooper. She is doing the library reading thing and earned her 1st prize of a free bowling session.

Jules -Missed hearing from you. Was D really a 4th of July baby?? My grandmother always said my uncle was born St Patricks day but that wasn't true, she was just really Irish, lol....... he was a Patrick though. And my other uncle was born (so we are told) on the 4th of July. So, is Dominic close to walking?? I think all my girls were close to or at 12 months of age. You'll be hopping :) :hug:...

Sassy and Katy - where are you ladies?

anyway - going to clean the place and just relax this afternoon and fill out applications I picked up.

chat later...

06-30-2008, 08:54 PM
omg- I forgot all about The Bacherolette tonight!! And here I thought I had to do job applications. :carrot: yay...and Rach is over spending the night and her friends and Gaby is exhausted from school so we hope she will just go right to bed at 7pm (ya right). So, it will be me, my bag of carrots and the bacherolette.

ok, that is a tad

Oh, if you are using corners for the kids you can have 1 more Mindee!!:carrot:

07-01-2008, 02:23 AM
Susan- Good job on your soup. It sounds delicious. Me and Andrew actually didnt do anything. He is taking golf for a PE credit. He fell of a golf cart today and hurt his back. He just wanted to rest. So I went to a freinds house and worked out. SO it ended up good anyways.

07-01-2008, 02:46 AM
doing my nightly pop in.......

my mom called me on Monday and asked what we were doing for the holiday. I said that I have no idea what we are doing. she suggested us going up there, and I told her that if we have the gas money we will be up there. she said that one of my other sisters will be up there, plus another sisters daughters will be up there.

then one of the kids' godfathers called and asked us what we are doing. he works at the race track that Tommy used to work at, and they are shooting fireworks off on Friday.

then Tommy is talking to him, and finds out that they are going to Vegas in August. which didn't seem odd to me, until he said "well, how long are you going to be there?" our friend told him that they will be gone from August 5th to the 10th. Which again, didn't seem odd to me.....what did seem odd to me was that he kept glancing over at me every two seconds. then Tommy finally says "well, I was thinking of doing a little birthday BBQ for somebody here." he hung with our friend and I said "so, were you actually going to throw it as a surprise party for me?" he said "yeah, but then I figured you would start asking a lot of questions when I go shopping and start coming home with all this stuff for it." he said that he came up with the idea on Saturday or Sunday.

we are making more time for the two of us after the kids go to bed. we sat down one night last week, and said that we had to have a mandatory time for just us, weekly massages, and some other things that have escaped my mind right now. but after every thing that has gone on in the past couple of months, it is all really needed!

07-01-2008, 03:38 PM
Good Morning!! (only 11:40 here!)

Mindee- you will appreciate this , there is a male POUNDING on the keyboard next to me and talking to himself, how %$#@$%^ annoying is that?? lol

Asia - Ya, the soup was good, I was surprised the broth had so much flavor, I think I will make another pot today :) Great you were able to get a wrok out in last night!!

k- this is a quickie!! I went down a pound, it is a recycle pound but I am happy about it. Chat later when I have more time.

Hope you all are having a good day!

07-01-2008, 03:50 PM
doing my daily pop in for now.....

SuzieQ~ That is hilarious! what was he so mad about?

Asia~ Sorry to hear about Andrew's back. Great job on getting the work out in!

07-01-2008, 03:57 PM
Just stopping by real quick because I'm supposed to be getting dressed, lol. We're going to the mall & Old Navy today. $1 flip flops!! Score!! LoL!! Anyhoo..I finally have a new cell phone, and I need numbers!! So if you wanna exchange numbers..PM, email or contact me on myspace!!!

Okay..gonna go now. Hope you're all doing great!!! :wave:

07-01-2008, 05:23 PM
Howdy Chickies! :wave:

SUSAN...hoping Gaby will fall asleep early so you can enjoy your bag of carrots and The Bachelorette...can't even spell it :lol: The soup sounds delicious!

ASIA...sorry to hear of Andrews back, hope it gets better soon! You ladies are making me want soup!

MINDEE...Tommy is a good husband! It is hard to pull off a surprise party for your spouse for sure. Yeah, I don't understand throwing the teens & seniors in there as well. It is supposed to be about having and raising a baby :dunno:

FRANCIE...I'll send you a message thru myspace with my number...I'm not much of a phone talker though so it may be a short conversation, lol. I didn't know Old Navy had $1 fip flops...gonna have to check it out. I saw the movie last night, finally! I thought the dad did I want to read the book, bet it is better. I've been wanting to read a few of her books just haven't yet.


Nothing much going on with me. V & I went and mowed and weed eated for Charlotte yesterday. Not sure if I mentioned that she had hurt her back at work and can't do a lot of things that she did before...mowing being one of them. Her old lawn mower had quit on her and we gave her our old one...not even sure why we still had it. Don't think Chase can start it so looks like me an V will be doing her yard which isn't a problem.

Today, had some errands to run this morning and even though I slept in, I still got it done before leaving, yay! Other than that nothing going on...going to finish my book today and then start another...trying to get back on track with it.

We are not doing anything special on the 4th, never do. Will hang around the house and probably do some yard work. May BBQ some burgers and dogs for dinner but nothing special.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-01-2008, 06:20 PM
Hi everyone!

yay - Jeremy is GONE! There are some great spoilers on the thread over at Survivor Sucks..I'm not going to post them here, but they are GOOD. PM me for the short version. So that's what I did yesterday. I caught up on Swingtown episodes online, did laundry, mopped floors and watched the Bachelorette. Ho hum.

DS has a friend over and everyone is screaming bloody murder in the backyard, so I'd better go see what's up.


07-01-2008, 06:41 PM
:dance::dance::dance: I forgot all about Jeremy!! Thank goodness he is gone Katy! Something about him that was odd. Maybe his "need" for DeAnna or his trying so hard to win her over. Jesse & D (cute how he has a nickname for her:o ) were all over each other, I was kind of surprised. Also he went from not knowing if he was ready for marriage w/ his talk with "Dad" now he is all ready to tie the knot.
It was nice to see Jason chill out and have some fun.
Not sure who she will pick, I guess I like Jason. I mean I LOVE Jesse but I am not sure Deanna will pick him since his future seems more unsettled -jobwise.
What was wrong in the backyard?? Hope no one is hurt!!

Cristina - Gaby crawled in bed at 6:40 and we read books, she finally was snoring at 7:55, with 5 minutes to spare til The B came on. :carrot:
That is nice that you guys can help out w/ Char's yard. The soup is good, I made some more today and it is so low calorie and fills me up, I kind of feel guilty. lol I put in a zuccheni, yellow squash, carrots and onion plus the tenderloin. Today I only had 1 can of broth so I just added water, not as much flavor but still good, and I put in a whole onion, because I love onions and only takes 20 or so mintues. I also cut up 2 cucumbers and tossed w/ low fat Italian dressing as something to nimble on.

Mindee- Who knows about the guy, what a nut. Probably on his single dating site and some lady was telling him what a loser he
Ok, I am mean. He swung his backpack over my head when he was leaving and I finally exploded and said "geeeeeezus, what it."

Franice :dance::dance: Yay $1 flip flops! I will have to tell the girls, I can't wear them, hurt my feet. I did paint my toe nails black last night to match my black sandals:D

k- on the run! I have to go get Gaby from school now.

07-01-2008, 11:52 PM
No exercise today...I feel like a slug. Just out of sorts for some reason.

I went to the bank and then to the Home Improvement Store. Mopped floors, cleaned baths and hung curtains. Tomorrow is grocery day after I take Mom to the heart Dr.
Somewhere in there I am hoping the car dealer calls and has found me an HHR. According to the internet search I did they are getting hard to find. Might have to wait for a 2009 model.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and planning a nice Holiday. :)

07-02-2008, 01:16 AM
doing my nightly pop in........carefully! I am repainting my nails, and so I am trying not to screw them up!

we decided to go up north to see my parents on Friday. not staying over night, just going up for the day. so it should be nice, my mom just sent Tommy an email and said to bring every body's suits because the pool is open.

we are going to pick up some of those nutrition supplemental drinks for Logan. He hasn't really had that big of an appetite lately, and Tommy was cleaning him up after his bath, and said that he could see and feel his ribs. not that long ago he had a gut on him, so I am hoping for a growth spurt!

Francie~ That is a score on the flip flops! that reminds me, I need a new pair!

SuzieQ~ LMAO....that is a good possibility. Maybe he finally got dealt some reality and didn't want to accept it.

Cristina~ I wanted to throw him a surprise party last year since he turned 30....but couldn't pull it off with him! it was a nice thought for him to try and pull it off, but he was right, I probably would have blown it for myself when he started buying the stuff!

07-02-2008, 02:02 AM
Hi all. :wave:

I have the biggest headache and have had it all week long! UGH! No matter what I take it never goes away!!! Or if it goes away it comes back!! Annoying!!! Esp when trying to work! lol. Aw well at least its MY Friday!!!! :carrot: Is it 9:30 AM yet? (<--when I get off of work) lol.


07-02-2008, 02:08 AM
Katy~Thank God Jeremy is gone!! Her dates with Jesse & Jason seemed a lot more fun than her time spent with Jeremy. Whats with the 3 J's? LoL!! I bet she'll pick Jason though. Jesse will be my side lover ;)

Cristina~Myspace is being stupid right now..But I did get your 2nd message, lol. I laughed cuz you forgot your number, lol. But then when I was adding you to my phone, I just typed in your name and clicked save, LOL!! airhead moment, lol.

Mindee~There was NO flip flops..they were all sold out. I was sooooooooo mad!!!!

Anyhoo..We had a pretty busy day. We went to Target and bought some games and I bought the new Jane Green book. Then we went to Petsmart and bought some toys for the cats. After that we stopped by Old Navy, but that was a huge waste of time. I did find a cute top though, but Fonzo looked like he wanted to poke his eye out, we left. At Barnes & Noble, I reseved a copy of Breaking Dawn (the last one in the Twilight series). I also bought some Maryland travel books!! At the mall..I bought 3 pairs of shoes!! Fonzo only bought 1 pair, lol. Afterwards..we went to see Wall-E..and omg..that was such a cute movie!!!!!!!!!!! I totally cried at the end, it just really touched me. And it was the 3rd Pixar movie to touch me like that too. The other 2 are Finding Nemo & Monster's Inc. We had dinner at Famous Daves and shared some hella yummy dessert. Mmmm!! I wanna go back tomorrow, but that would be a bad idea, LoL!! So we're home. We're gonna watch some movies after ****'s Kitchen. I'm dying to know who won. Tomorrow we're gonna go see Kung Fu Panda. LoL!!

Did I mention that I'm totally lovin Fonzo being home?? It was like he never left!!

07-02-2008, 02:30 AM
I only have time for a quick update. I went to Shara's house which is the friend from last night and we went walking. We walked 3 miles. I got to go to the movies with Andrew tonight. It was fun. I snuck in popcorn from home. We saw wanted. I was very good. There were a few parts that were kinda iffy. My eating has been really good today. I did some leg exercises while I did the dishes. I didnt weigh my self. I am trying to hold off untill Monday. I obsess about it so much. Anyways I have gotta get up and be at the park by 6 so I can walk with Shara. Adios!!!

07-02-2008, 02:39 AM
sassy~ I hope your headache goes away soon!

francie~ sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! the last movie that we saw in the movie theater was "Dukes of Hazzard" and I guess I should clarify that Tommy saw the whole movie.......I was pregnant with Logan when we saw it, so I had to take Brandon out and walk the halls when he got restless.

Asia~ Yay on getting in the exercise and the movie!

07-02-2008, 02:39 AM
Checking in since I was up and wanted something to do. Am reading The Pearl and I know I read it before, or thought I did but I'm not really liking it so kinda hard to get thru it. I think I need another James Patterson book, lol. he always keeps me going. about airhead :lol: I told DD about a hour after I sent you a message that I think I forgot to actually put my #, lol. We got a laugh out of that one, geez. Sounds like you and Fonzo had quite the day. I heard that movie was cute & good! Might have to take the kids to see it, lol. I'm not a fan of Angelina Jolie or I would have gone with the guys to see Kung Fu Panda...heard it is cute too! Is Famous Daves a BBQ place? I'm thinking that is the name of the place here and if it is the same dessert I am thinking, well, all I can say is OMG! The hubby wanted to go there for his BD.

SUSAN...sweet little Gaby. Glad you got to watch the B and she went to sleep early, bet she was pooped! The soup sounds too good!

KATY...hope all was well with the boys.'s hard to plan a surprise party for sure. Spending the 4th at your moms sounds like lots of fun!

SUE...hoping all goes well at the docs today, was going to say tomorrow and realized it is! Hoping too that they find you a HHR in the color you want. Sounds like we are doing almost the same thing tomorrow. I decided to buy groceries tomorrow figuring they would be busy Thursday.

SASSY...sorry you have a headache, hoping it goes away so you can enjoy your time off. :hug:

Well, I think I am ready for bed. Getting up early to get my walk in before heading out and running errands.

Almost forgot...with it being the first of the month I took my measurements and am very happy with a NSV. I am down an inch in my chest, and waist, a 1/2 inch in my hips and arm so am very happy with that. I am feeling now that the weights are doing their job! :woohoo: Now to get the pounds off! Oh, and I put on another pair of capri's today that don't fit. While I am happy about that I am frustrated as well...I am getting down to having nothing to wear! :yikes: Anyway...

Nighty, night ladies...I am sleepy.

07-02-2008, 02:48 AM
Good grief...:lol: One of those nights for me...stupid computer! It wasn't doing anything when I hit post so kept hitting it, posted my post 4 times, geez!

ASIA...good job on the walking! Can't even remember that movie, what was it about?


Okay, now I am outta here...tired of this stupid computer!

07-02-2008, 02:48 AM
Cristina~ I have a feeling that they will try and talk us into staying over night, but we have a lot of things around here that we need to do! like going through Logan's clothes and passing on the smaller clothes to our friend that works here at the complex. his younger son will be 2 this month sometime, so they will go to him. and his girlfriend or wife, is pregnant with his third child, so if they have a girl this time, I will just pass on Marissa's clothes when she out grows them.

that is great about your NSV!

Tommy has been weighing himself daily at work. he told me before he went to bed that he is shooting for 180.....I said "I wish I was at that number...but I am getting there! and we will get through this all together."

07-02-2008, 03:17 AM
Asia~Good job on the walking. I walked so much today my feet are killing me, lol. I really wanna see Wanted!!! I love Angelina Jolie.

Mindee~Wall-E is a pretty cute kids they'd probably like it. You didnt miss much with Dukes of Hazzard, lol. Great job on getting there together!!!! :carrot:

Cristina~Famous Daves is a BBQ place. The dessert we had was this huge brownie w/ice cream, and whipped cream.. We were gonna take half of it home..but it was just too good, lol. I haven't had a good dessert like that in awhile. I'm totally off my diet..but I weighed myself (after eating, lol) and I still weigh the same. So go figure, lol. I keep telling myself that I make up for it by doing a lot of walking, lol.

Okay so ****'s Kitchen was a bust. I seriously thought it was the season finale. But nooooo it's next week!!! Grrrr!!!!!! I dont wanna wait another week!!!!!!! :tantrum: LoL!!

Anyways..I think we might watch a movie or go to bed. I dunno. I'm feeling kinda tired right now, lol.

OH..we bought the cats a laser pen!!! LOL!! We haven't opened it up yet..but when we had one before, it was when Lucky was a tiny kitten. She went totally crazy with it, LOL!! She tried climbing the walls. I'm gonna go open it in a few mins to drive all 3 of them crazy. Ohhhh Petsmart today..they had a bunch of kittens and this pretty tabby cat that reminded me of my Toby. I totally wanted one of the kittens...but seeing the tabby cat broke my heart. :cry: After we packed up my mom's house..we had to leave behind her 2 cats (Toby & Little...although they were my cats too) with one of her friends. It was heartbreaking. I miss those cats so much. We just didnt have room for 5 cats.

Well..I hear Fonzo, so I better go..

07-02-2008, 02:14 PM
Hey All............


DH told me that he just heard, they are moving him to MY shift (same hrs and same days/nights!!!!!) :carrot: Now even more news. I think I have mentioned here about them putting DH & My teams under different management. (My team is under completely different management now) Well its going to be even more of a split.

They will be moving my team, again. We don't know where and most likely that will include me and the other nightshift girl too, which means we will be sitting alone for 10 hrs. (We work 2.5 hrs with dayshift).

But you never know with my co. as you all have come to realize I am sure. So nothing is "set in stone" until it happens, or at least that I how I am looking at it. lol.

But its news just the same.

DH thinks that our supervisor (for now we still have the same one) got tired of dealing with him being on days so I think he "cracked" and decided to give DH what he wanted: to work the same shift as me. lol. Amazing what persistence does!!! lol. Even if we aren't working on the same floor, at least we'll be on the same shift, that is until our new management decides to change my hours........again. lol. But still if we are both working the same nights and on the same shift, that is fine with me! lol.

Well that is about it, I just wanted to share with someone and my mom is at work and I don't want to call my mil because she'll end up talking my arm off and I don't want to talk that much! lol.

Well my mom just popped online so I got to tell her!!! lol. She was happy for DH & me. She said her shift has changed from 11 am to 8 pm to 2 pm to 10 pm. I told her, "Welcome Back to Nightshift" lol.

Big :hug:

07-02-2008, 02:28 PM
Happy Wednesday :dance:

Katy - Thanks for the PM! Was that you walking this morning in the village?? I was driving home and it looked like you but not sure because this lady had longer hair from what I remeber. :dizzy:

Mindee- How far a trip to your parents?

Sue - what is a HHR?? :dizzy: You are in a cleaning frenzy! I have tons of cleaning to get done myself. I cleaned out a closet this morning and found a school library book, thank goodness, it would have cost a $20 dollar fine if I didn't.

Asia, yay on the walking!

Francie - How long will Fonzo be home? Lazer pen sounds like fun, I think my cat is too lazy to get too excited over anything. lol

Sassy - wow, glad to hear about the change of hours for DH! I like your signature a lot, very pretty. :)

Cristina - Great about the NSV's!! I never had measured myself, go try the 2nd hand stores for the inbetween clothes. Do you have a Value Village back east?? They have cute clothes. Love the avatar! :)

Jules - Miss you!! :)

I have some job things to get done. Scale is down a bit to 153.8, credit the clean eating because I certainly have a lazy butt in the exercise dept....also, I do ok in the water.

bbl if I get a chance!

07-02-2008, 03:19 PM
just doing my daily pop in......

Tommy is going to pick up some more swimmers, and we will more then likely take the kids to the pool at some point in time today.

Francie~ I am no where near 180......yet. but we will get there without any problems. Tommy is shooting to hit 180 pounds before we start SBD.

Sassy~ That is great news!!!!!

SuzieQ~ My parents live about an hour and a half away from us. so, it isn't that much for us to make in one day.

07-02-2008, 04:07 PM
Hey ladies...

Feeling pooped and kind of sick to my stomach for some reason, thinking it is the heat. Supposed to get close to 100 today, ugh! Glad I did my errands early.

SUSAN...never heard of the place...but thinking about checking out the Goodwill, have to do something because I don't want to buy any new clothes and then buy more. I am getting rid of the bigger sizes too...don't want to leave myself open to gain this back. I try to remember to measure at the beginning of each month...key word, try. How's Gaby holding up with summer school? WTG on the loss! :carrot: Every little bit adds up!

MINDEE...for a while I was weighing every day and it was driving me crazy. the same time, it kept me on track. Wondering if that is something I need to start doing again. Shoot, I miss my parents were just 1 1/2 hours from me...I'de be there every weekend! You wouldn't think an 8 hour drive was so far but it is...a little homesick here. friend had one of those and it was so funny to watch the cats. I was thinking of the other dessert...can't remember what it was called, some kind of bread pudding...OMG! That stuff is awesome!

SASSY...yay for the good news! Even though you guys won't work on the same floor at least you will be home at the same time now! :carrot:

Hello to everyone else :wave:

I stayed up way too late last night and did not want to get up and now I am in a crappy mood...have been all day.

I made a mistake on my miles too...geez, couldn't do anything yesterday! I was off by 4.14 so adjusted it today. Did 7 today...was trying to walk off my frustrations...anyway, it's correct now. I think I didn't want to look at the calendar when we started this and thought I walked more than I did the first few days of the month, or I just don't know how to add, lol.

Getting some laundry done right now and hoping to finish The Pearl today and start Size 12 is Not Fat in between reading my Biggest Loser books.

May be back later to chat, not sure. Hope everyone is having a great day!

07-02-2008, 04:11 PM
Happy Wednesday Ya'll

Popping in for a few minutes. Just got back from Annapolis where I had my hair dyed and cut. My dd gave me a total hair makeover on Mother's Day 07 and I've been stuck with the same salon ever since. They are very expensive but do a wonderful job. Working on wedding stuff for both weddings. My dd wants to do a candy buffet at the reception and spending tons of time searching for glass candy dishes, canisters, apothecary jars etc to hold the candy, ideas for candy, boxes and such. They I had to switch gears and call the Omni in VA (where ds is having his wedding) and make arrangements for a farewell breakfast for all those staying at the hotel. I'm also looking for ideas to put in "Welcome Bags" for all the out of town guest coming to both weddings. The list goes on and on......

Has anyone tried Ali here. I haven't been to WW in over 2 months and will start back when I return from the beach in two weeks. I was seriously considering trying Ali to kick start staying OP. Kinda scared of the "oily seepage" side effects :o but most say that the fear of that side effect is what keeps them on their diet and limiting fat intake. I don't know......what I really need is a personal trainer, private chef and an angel sitting on my shoulder to help me make the right choices instead of listening to that little devil :devil: sitting on the other side. ;)

DH has had jury duty all week and not sure he will make it home tonight in time to go dancing with me because he said that they have to start deliberations at 2 today and it might take all evening. He can't tell me any more obviously :mad: I'll just go meet up with friends myself and get some exercise.

Well, I'm gonna catch up with Days of our Lives that I've taped and walk the dogs. Have a wonderful evening!!

07-02-2008, 06:36 PM
I am back (and they all said Oh, joy -lol)

Tammy - I haven't tried Alli, my 16 year old wanted too, but with the price and the side affects I think there are other alternatives to jump starting. You are doing good. I know if I mess up I just continue on what I am doing. Sometimes I think I will "fast" for a few days but as long as the weight comes off what does it matter??? Also I like food too much to fast , haha.

Cristina - wow, 7 miles, what were you thinking about? I was awake til 2 watching the first disc of season 2 of Bridezilla. The ladies have sure gotten nastier since the 1st season and I kind of miss the New York feel but it was good. Gab is ok, just tired. I was thinking of taking her to see that American Girl movie this afternoon.

Mindee- Oh, I am sure I have asked you in the past about the distance to your parents (or maybe it was the zoo??). 90 minutes is about how long it takes for me to get to the coast. btw - your husband is kind of cute! ...I was going to say that before but didn't but w/ the new avatar I

k- need to go get Gaby. Not sure what we are doing this afternoon , see how she feels.

toodles for now!

07-02-2008, 10:38 PM
I am too tired for indys...

The bathroom is painted (wanted periwonkle blue but it is more purple, hubby hates it..Teri told him at least it's not Barney purple and she loves it and it's her bathroom anyway..) , stacked wood (found a really, really big spider..I will post pics later...yes it was that big I took pics..), kitchen is all taped up and half the room is completely done...the other half I will finish's the half with the fridge and stove that needs to be pulled out and painted behind...the apricot lily paint I had was no I made hubby go to Lowes with me to pick the color after witching about the color in the kids old bathroom...he picked a blue..I really didn't want a blue kitchen but anything to not hear him @itch....started painting...he hated it and somehow it became my fault...I could have hit him in the head with a full paint can at this I will use the blue for Teri's old room (just NOT this week) and I went BACK to Lowes and I got a creamy/peachy color called something about dawn ( I am too tired to go see the real name)..but when I saw it after staring at all the paint colors and trying to pick one the arse wouldn't absolutely hate, I thought of my favorite Judas Priest song..Before the I picked it and thought the heck with's my kitchen!!

as you can see by that ramble...I am way really too tired to type starting to get a little delirious...going to back tomorrow....

LOVE you all...

07-03-2008, 01:28 AM
fricker fracker! I just typed up a somewhat small novel, and then hit the fresh button for some odd reason, and it was all gone!

I am dragging but majorly! Brandon was up at 2am, and then at 2:45 I went into his room and got him. brought him into our room, which then woke Marissa up. so, after a bottle, some medicine and laying her back down she was good to go!

fast forward to 4am, and I heard Tommy say that he was going out to sleep on the couch since he got kicked off of our bed. I roll over and proceed to fall asleep.

I get jolted out of bed at 6am to Tommy's alarm going off. I drag my butt out of bed to go tap him awake, then drag my butt back to bed. climb into bed, and proceed to fall back asleep until 9:30am!

Cristina~ I found that same thing with weighing myself daily. I found it to be disappointing if it showed a gain, but then I found it refreshing if it showed a loss from the day before. where we used to live before we moved up north, it took us close to 3 hours to get up there if there was traffic....but we usually made it up there in 2 hours.

SuzieQ~ I will have to let him know that! I think he is a cutie too! No matter how many rough patches we hit, I fall in love with him all over again!

Tammy~ I loved planning our wedding! Good luck with getting it all done! I have thought about trying Alli, but just haven't had the extra money to get it!

Jules~ You have been one busy lady!! I can't wait to see pics of it all!

07-03-2008, 01:33 AM
Hey everyone. Me & Fonzo just got home. We went to see Kung Fu Panda today. It was really good, I really liked it. I bought a pretty new outfit from Fred Meyers, lol. We also bought some Well..I just got poppers and sparklers, lol. It rained a little bit today..and omg, it smelled just like Az. It even felt like Az too. Me & Fonzo just stood on the sidewalk just taking it all in..LMAO!! We're total losers.

Anyways..I'm sooooooooo tired and its only 9:30pm, how sad, lol. I'm gonna go lay down now. TTYL

07-03-2008, 01:38 AM
Cristina- GREAT JOB!! I cant wait till I loose some more. At least thats a good thing to be frustrated about!!!

Midee- Thats great that you and Tommy can work on this together. I think Andrew is comming around. I know he wants to. He is fixen to go to New Mexico to work for the Boyscouts. I think he might start taking hikes every morning. He has all that tools there to get a really good start. He will be gone for a month. During that month will also be our one year dating anniversary. I am not so happy about him being gone but I think it will be a good surprise if he comes back and I am 20 pounds lighter. I can def do that. I have 5 weeks I think.

Francie-I work at petsmart!! They have some of the cutest cats there. I bet you will have a blast with your cats!!!

Sassy- Its good to here about the shift change. Hopefully things will continue to work out.

Tammy- I wouldnt do Ali for the life of me. Not only does it cause oily stool but it can cause accidents. Like potty accidents. I would just skip that. I take 2 ts of apple cider vinegar with 8 oz of fluid. I usually mix it with juice. You cant taste the vinegar. It works really well. you do it 3 times a day.

Jules- I like the way you picked you kitchen color. Its always frustrating with a hubby doesnt agree.

Things are good here. I havnt been on the scale because I am trying to wait until Monday. We will see. I have been super good. I am really excited about the 4th. We are going to a parade in the morning. I oder some new shoes and I hope they are here by then. They are awesome shoes for walking. But they can also be used for different terrains. My old shoes started scraping the back of my ankle. I have 3 or so sores. I cant give up though. I am enjoying my self so much right now. I have never been so active. Anyways i shall talk to you ladies later!!!

07-03-2008, 04:39 AM
Just real quick again...I forgot to mention that I bought more books today, LOL!!

These are the titles:
~A Women's Call to Prayer by Elizabeth George
~The Joy in Living~Mother Teresa
~Traditional American Tattoo Design (theres a lot of cool sailor tattoos in it!!!)

07-03-2008, 11:05 AM
ok...slept like a woke up by a smiling grandboy before his mommy left for work and dropped him off at the apartment with his auntie Geneva....hubby & I STILL are not talking...luckily he's on the tractor cutting wood and I can finish my painting in peace...cup of coffee in hand...ready to do indys now...

Francie--sounds like some heavy reading...I don't think 5 cats would have qualified you for being a crazy cat lady...but 5 cats in a small apartment might have made you a little MIL is a crazy cat one time she had almost 30....and she is a little nutso without the cats....If you are up for it when you get settled in Annapolis, I would like to go see the new Native American Museum at the Smithsonian in DC, maybe we can meet up and go there. It opened about the same time as the Spy Museum and Ry wanted to go there first.

Asia--(wild thing?)my dd had a friend named Asia in elementary school. Yes my hubby can be very frustrating.....even our kids sometimes wonder why after 22 years we are still together...our love for them and the new grandboy holds us somewhat together..I do love him...we have just grown apart and our differences seem to have become greater then the things we share alike.

Mindee--I can relate to the lack of sleep..the weekend of Teri's bday we had Dominic sleeping with us on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. The teething makes him get up alot and the one night I saw every hour on the clock starting at midnight and then he was up at 6 and didn't go back down for a morning nap until after 9. I don't know how women my age and older who have oops babies during menapause do it...going to the pool sounds wonderful...

SuzyQ--I have been drinking alot of water..I was bad yesterday and got a cherry coke (gasp...not even diet) & a regular Coke on my second trip to Lowes. I drink my coffe in the morning but somedays I crave a Coke really bad..I know I could switch to diet and it would be better, but I want the real stuff....glad the scale is going in the right direction

Tammy--you are one busy lady with that should talk with Cristina since she just went through one too. I don't know about the Alli either, I thought about it too...the side effects are kind of scary...there are some threads somewhere on this site with people who are doing it or at least have tried it. I told hubby I was going back to my Lean Cuisine and WW frozen lunches during the workweek instead of doing the fastfood thing with him. I need to quit sabotaging myself and giving into his wants...

Cristina--AM almost done with Girls Like seems like I have been reading it that I have started it I have to finish...the Carole King parts are my favorites. All three lead very interesting and Francie both read like I used too....With the baby here I don't get much time and evenings after work I get caught up on the housework that I can't get done when the baby is here...I am loving him being here...Teri broke up with Patrick cause she isn't over Dave...she is taking him back and giving him a chance...she is taking our advice (finally) and filing for full custoday and she is having him sign a paper stating that if things are not working out that she can ask him to leave her apartment at any time and he will go...right before he went to jail she found out that if he is "living" there, even if he does not pay ANYTHING, the police cannot make him leave...she would have to file an eviction notice with the court. The signed paper can be used to make him leave immediately though...once he is back, Teri says we can still pick up Dominic on Thursdays after work and keep him all day Friday...not as much as we get him now but we will have to make due.

Sassy--that's such great news...especially with the price of gas. It will be so much nicer to be on the same shift and actually be able to sleep together and do things.

Katy & Sue---het ladies...I forgot what your lasts posts were and this advanced option only takes me back so far.

Oh BTW to Suzy and Katy...I am having to go to Idaho in August (flying out the 19th--meetings on Wed & Thurs) and am trying to work a quick weekend in Tacoma out. If everything works out the way I am thinking then I will be renting a car and driving down to Portland for the day with Ry on Saturday since he wants to see Adam & Lauren too. Maybe we can all get together and have lunch or something.

Well I hope I didn't miss anyone...I have to start this painting...have been on this computer way too long...

07-03-2008, 11:36 AM
Mornin' all.

Thanks for all the kind words about my DH's shift change. I am just so thankful that we'll be able to spend time together again.

Oh and if that wasn't enough "Good News" here is more.......DH told me that a girl on dayshift stood up for me to that woman who said those mean things. I guess she was downing nightshift, again. So this girl stands up and says to the mean lady: "How would you know? You've never even worked one night!!! Those girls (me and the girl who works on the nights I'm off) do 5 x's the work you do and the work you do, you screw up!!!" :yikes: I SO wish I was there for that! lol. But man it felt so good to have someone stand up for me!!!! :carrot:

DH did buy me another book that was also on Oprah about past lives that I am reading about now. I thought that was so sweet of him to buy that for me since he saw me watching that show all about it and all. :)

Well the Good news is my headache is gone, thanks to Excedrin Migraine!!! :carrot: The bad news is I think I'm getting sick. :( I feel like crapola. Ah well at least I'm off until Sunday night, so hopefully I can "recoop" before going back to work! lol. So I may or may not be around this weekend, I plan on resting and fighting this "sick bug" lol.

I think its supposed to rain :rain: all weekend anyways, be nice to stay in and watch some flicks. ;) Oh and step out on my deck tomorrow night to see some pertty fireworks! (we can see them from our deck!!!) :)

I hope you all have a Wonderful and SAFE 4th of July!!!!:celebrate:

I want to Thank ALL of those hard working men and women who are fighting for us and to those wives, DH's, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and friends, who have to worry about their loved ones every single day/night. Thank You. I know that thanks is not even close to being nearly enough, but thank you.

Happy Birthday AMERICA!!! :celebrate:


07-03-2008, 01:47 PM
Hiya ladies...

Lot's of posting since I was here last, always good to see!

SASSY...yay for the girl at work! That was sweet of your hubby to get you a book. are one busy lady! WTG on the paint! Hubby will just have to live with it, lol. The bathroom sounds pretty...I've wanted a purple bath for a while, more of a lilac...just think it is such a pretty color. Glad Teri is taking care of things with Dave...isn't that crazy though, that he's not even paying but she can't make him leave?

SUSAN...I think that movie looks cute, and wanted to see it myself, lol. I just like that little girl since seeing her in Signs...too cute! Let us know if it is good. I think I was just frustrated because of not enough sleep...just got crabby and I HATE started my day crabby because I swear it doesn't seem to get better.

TAMMY...ummm, let's just say, if you don't eat 'right' with the Alli you will get the side effects, lol...I did try it and still have 1/2 a bottle left, maybe a little more. I thought I was eating right and didn't have so much fat, guessing I was wrong! I was just afraid to eat anything. So decided I will just stick with what worked in the past. Happy Wedding Planning to you! Ours is off until next year :( Nothing like a day of being pampered, eh?

FRANCIE... aaahhh, young love :love: You're not losers, just a young couple in love, you and Fonzo are too cute! Lots of reading for you to do for sure...don't you love the old tattoos? Well, I do, lol. Cat lady...guess I missed that somewhere...don't know where my heads been.

ASIA...thank you and good luck to Andrew on his job in New Mexico. Enjoy the parade!

MINDEE...good grief woman, hope you managed to get some sleep. Sounds like a busy night you had.

SUE...hoping all went well at the doctors. I know you are busy with preparing for your guests.

Nothing much going on with me today. Going to spend some time on the puter since I know I probably won't be on tomorrow. Nothing special planned, just working in the yard with V. He'll be home for the next 3 days. We'll bbq some burgers & dogs tomorrow but no fireworks. Just not into the fireworks...I like watching them and will probably sit outside to watch them. There's a lot of people across town behind us that do the really big ones...the ones I am afraid of. And then of course there is V's boss that lives down the street about 6 houses...him and his neighbor always do them. V said he made a point of bragging to the guys at the morning meeting yesterday about spending $1500 on fireworks. Not sure why he felt the need to brag but whatever floats his boat. Now if Josh were home and they were coming over we would do some for the kids. Okay...kind of got sidetracked on my little rant...can you tell I am still a little crabby, lol.

Exercise is done, and done! Had to run to the store to get a couple of things I forgot yesterday and that's about it. Maybe I will get some reading done. I'll be back later...have a great day ladies!

07-03-2008, 02:06 PM

Purple bathroom--I will be changing the shower curtain to a creamy one

07-03-2008, 02:09 PM

Try to find the spider in the first pic--next two zero's it in....others are around the yard. The spider creeped me out...I had just taken a break and then went back to finish stacking what was left of the wood...

07-03-2008, 02:10 PM

Last set of pics--Dominic for the last month or so, with the latest being the one in the bucket hat...

07-03-2008, 02:13 PM
Sassy--it's always nice to have a few people that will stand up for you. My fortune cookie this weekend said "The best defense is a friend who has your back"

Cristina--Maryland is a crazy state.

Back for the next coat!!

07-03-2008, 02:22 PM
OMG JULES! I immediately saw the spider...I HATE spiders! I would have freaked and would have ran into the house! Wouldn't go back out either until I had V kill it, lol! That thing was huge! Giving me the creeps thinking about it!

I think KS is the same...crazy/stupid laws here that don't make a darn bit of sense.

BEAUTIFUL bathroom! I love the color and the pics of Dominic are just too cute! I can't believe how big he is getting! I think my fav was the last one, the one where he was sleeping-looked so peacful, and the one with the bucket hat...he is adorable! So we saw the handsome grandpa and the pretty momma now where was the pretty grandma?

Anyway, was still on and thought I would check back before signing off and moving elsewhere, lol.

Have a GREAT day!

07-03-2008, 04:06 PM
Tammy~I wanted to try Alli, but I chickened out. The side effects is just something I don't want to experience.

Asia~Since you work at Petsmart, I have a question for you. Do they sell anything that will sedate cats?? We're going on a long time from AZ to MD..and we wanna sedate them for the first day.

Jules~LOVE the bathroom!! Omg, I totally want a bathroom painted in that color now. I'd have everything else sorta pink in it, lol. If we have a place with more than one bathroom, then I wanna claim one as my own and totally girly it out. Fonzo would probably take over the other one and have it all guyish, lol. I didnt look at the pic w/the spider. Spiders freak me out big time. A Native American museum!! Wow, that sounds pretty cool. I went to one in Az once. And during certain time, they'd come out and do some cool dances. What is the Spy museum?? Fonzo might like something like that.

Sassy~Oh heck ya!! Thats so awesome that the chick stood up for you!! Shoot..she should've punched that other stupid woman in the face!! But hurting them with words is a lot better.

Cristina~I have a ton of reading to do. The books I bought yesterday are just little side books. I actually have like..3 other books left to read. (The Host, The Beach House, and The Golden Compass-but thats like 3 books in one). I'm still not done with Fearless Fourteen. I just dont have a lot of time to read anymore, lol. By next week, things should calm down. Yes, I love old tattoos. I found one that I really want!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm gonna change it up a little bit, lol.

Well..nothing much to say right now. It's thundering here!! Exciting!!! It's been 3 years since I've heard thunder, lol. We always see lightening, but never thunder. I'm so loving it. wake me up today, but thats okay, lol. I think the raining stopped..which is good. I still wanna have our cook out today!!! I'm soooooooooo hungry right now, I'm thinking of waking up Fonzo right now to go get some charcoal and some yummy drinks.

Anyways..I shall go now. TTYL!!

07-03-2008, 04:49 PM
Cristina--all my hubby says was that I was a lot bigger than the spider and when I took the broom out to get it off the log he didn't want me to kill it... Grandma is the one who takes the pics....

Francie--the Spy Museum was really cool..Ry made me crawl throught a duct and spy on was fun..I will see if I can find you a link( love thunder and lightning storms...always have

Guess what...after all the witchin..hubby likes the paint job...says it looks really good...go figure...I have just a bit to finish up and then I am done for now. I have alot of paint left so I think some other time I will paint the paundry room and the halway to the kids old vedrooms and the new purple bathroom. I am going to paint Teri's old room the Sky Blue that he picked out..there might be enough to do Ry's old room too. He cut more wood so I have to unload it and stack it...I wonder how many calories I have burned this week....I am not keeping up with my steps though...

07-03-2008, 04:50 PM
alright, I got two windows open so I can respond without losing anything this time!

nothing really new on this end......just a typical day with no body taking a least the boys didn't....I hope Marissa did! another rough night with Brandon and his sleep again. he was up again at the same time, but I left him in his room, and after 3am I was able to go to bed without any tag-a-longs. so I gave in and poured myself a coke so I had that extra little bit of caffeine to keep me awake!

the boys are watching the movie "Firehouse Dog" right now. we caught it in the middle of it, so I am sure that they will want to watch it again the next time it is on.

Asia~ Good luck at losing the 20 pounds while Andrew is away! That will definitely be a nice surprise to come home to! what does the apple cider vinegar help with? I saw that you mentioned that you take it, so I was just curious.

Francie~ Who is the writer of the tattoo book? I have three myself, and I love looking at designs.

Jules~ I love your new avatar!

Sassy~ That is great news about the lady standing up for you! that is also awesome that your hubby got you that book!!! was that the episode where Dr Oz did the hypnosis thing to find out about his past lives?

Cristina~ I got some sleep.....but like usual, it is never enough! last night was pretty much the same, BUT I didn't end up with a tag-a-long.

Jules~ That is a great color for your bathroom!!! OMG......that is one creepy spider! Although, I don't think that classifies as a spider, I think that is a tarantula! My goodness is he getting big!!!!

07-03-2008, 04:56 PM
Mindee--Dominic loves that thing..My mom bought him a walker at the apartment...Teri says it funny to watch the baby chase the cat that is chasing the dog..Ry wants her to do a you tube video.....There was a bigger spider in my bathtub one morning...I screamed and hubby was like what..I said a spider...he went back mumbling and all I heard was OMG. AN elderly lady I know swears by apple cider vinegar--takes a tablespoon (I think) a day..she said it's good for what ails you...the bathroom color is darker than I wanted, but I think once I put in a lighter shower curtain it will be better...

out to stack wood again...

07-03-2008, 05:10 PM
Hiya ladies...

Back again for a few minutes before getting off the puter for the day.

JULES...glad Jerry liked the paint after all. And I had to take a look at that spider again, lol. Still can't believe how big it is. Is it a wolf spider...I saw on some show that they get pretty big but not sure about that size. I forgot to mention...I like your garden area and flowers...I have some of the purple ones on my porch...can't even think of what they are called, lol. And next time...let the daughter or hubby take some of you! :D I too love the new avatar...he is quite the cutie pie!

SUSAN...thinking of you & miss you when you are not here :hug: made me think of Charlotte saying yesterday how when they decide to have a baby how she is going to miss her sleep, lol. They plan on having two to add to the two she/they have.

FRANCIE...not to bud (edited: thoughts and fingers were not working toegther..I was thinking butt in but for some reason typed bud...just saw that) in but I too am curious about something to sedate my doggy. We tried some liquid stuff from the pet store and it did not work...he hates the thunder and fireworks, makes him a total mess and stresses the poor dog for days! Thinking you might have to get something from the vet. I did once on a trip with our dog (different dog) from CA to AR. Just really calmed her down for the trip but she was aware of things going on and when we would stop she was ready to get out and stretch like us. I've got some side books going to, lol...the Biggest Loser ones...hoping to get some motivation and get back on track with losing weight!

Well, ladies...guess I am outta here for now. Have two shirts to iron before heading up. Going to do a little bit of reading before Jeopardy and the news and then who knows what...probably cook some dinner.

Have a good rest of the day!

EDITED: Jules...a spider bigger than that one, OMG! I think I would die! I freak over little bitty ones and couldn't imagine seeing something like that in my tub. Oh, and you definitely are getting quite the workout!

07-03-2008, 06:31 PM

Happy 4th tomorrow to you ladies!

You are sweet Cristina, thanks! I am just busy, maybe I will catch up later on all the post! I love the avatar Jules, Dominic is a beautiful little boy.

Hope you all are having a good day. Managed to get 2 miles walked and make my soup. I seem to eat 1 thing until I am sick of it and move on to something else. haha. I ate pickled beets, turkey meat and low fat cottage cheese for a year back in 2000 to lose weight. :D Cool , huh?

Bought Gaby some shoes yesterday because the ones she was wearing were so stinky. In the heat her feet sweat, ick. So, this morning I put deoderate on the bottom of her feet. Hope that works.......:dizzy:

ok, random thought.

chat later.

07-04-2008, 12:32 AM
just doing my nightly pop in.....

Tommy made some rice krispie treats to take to my parents house tomorrow. I told Brandon that the place we are going on our "surprise" ride has a pool so we have to take our suits with us. so, then all I heard was "surprise" for the next 5 minutes after that!

he has picked up a lot of words since school. now, we just need to get the insurance hammered out and get him into the ENT.

07-04-2008, 01:15 AM
omg - I just realized 7 years ago on the 4th of July I found out I was pregnant w/ Gaby. I wasn't married to her father ,I was married to The R's dad (course we had been seperated for 16 months, I mean it wasn't like we were getting back together :dizzy:.
It was very depressing. I remember laying on the couch w/ the drapes drawn and listening to the parade go started by my house because I lived by the park. ......blah blah.
anyway, just remembered that......

Mindee- Be safe tomorrow driving. Cute about Brandon, what is ENT?

Francie - Do you ever watch Animal Planet? Gab and I did the other night and there was a rescue of this apt where there was 60 cats inside! Anyway - don't know why I am telling you this, just my cat story....:) Hope you and Fonzo have a wonderful 4th!

Sassy - I am glad someone stood up for you at work, that is sweet.

Jules - haven't seen the pictures yet because I need a different browser or some darn thing. Sounds like you have been busy painting, can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you come out in Aug, that would be so great!

Asia - Enjoy the parade tomorrow! You are doing really good w/ your walking, I am impressed.

Cristina - I laughed when you said whatever floats his (V's) boat in regards to the $1500 fireworks. .....and when you wrote ....."and then who knows what. ((talking about what you are going to do in the evening))..probably cook some dinner." I thought it was cute. Have fun tomorrow w/ the family!

Sue - How are you?? I hope you have a fun 4th.

Katy - What are you doing?? Was that you walking in the village the other morning at 9am??? This mind wants to know... :)

:wave: Tammy

I have no plans for tomorrow. Gab will be picked up in the morning by her father and stay w/ him til Sunday morning. I am sure the R's have plans, McD wrote me today so maybe we will hang out tomorrow night and catch up.

I guess that is it. Chat later.

07-04-2008, 02:27 AM
SuzieQ~ the day before my birthday it will be five years since I found out that I was pregnant with Brandon. ENT stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.

07-04-2008, 03:42 AM
Jules~That museum looks so cool!! I know Fonzo will want to go there, lol. They have a Sci Fi museum here and omg, I was so bored, lol. Fonzo was having the best time though. I like thunder storms..I just dont like lightening. During the summers in Az, the storms would knock the power out, and it would be soooooooo hot inside. And we'd open the opens and it would be even more hot outside, lol. But this one time..lightening stuck the street I lived on. It was sooooooo scary!!! I hate it so much!!

Mindee~The author of the tattoo book is Jerry Swallow, LOL!!! Did you know theres a rum called Sailor Jerry? I totally did not know that. Fonzo showed it to me today when we went to the mini NEX. Thats where the sailor jerry tattoos came from. And behind the label is like a different pic. Totally awesome. I wanna buy a bottle now.

Cristina~I want something that will make my cats go to sleep for a little bit. Or basically anything that will calm them down. I know how Sassy is with car rides. When we drove from Az to Wa with her..she meowed the ENTIRE time. Omg, it was so annoying. If we put the radio louder, then she would get louder, lol. It was like she was saying "I hate it here and you will know it!!!!!!" LOL!!! I dunno how Lucky would be..but in some ways, she's just like Sas. She hates sitting in those carriers. Her old owners kept her inside of one and never let her out. So now she's all traumatized. April is kinda laid back about car rides, so maybe we wont sedate her. Oh..we saw some fancy little carriers that we wanna get the cats.

Susan~I dont watch the Animal Planet too much. Some of the shows make me bawl my eyes out, and I'll be depressed for days, lol. But there was a story here about a bunch of cats getting rescued. The owner had a TON of cats and kept them all in cages. The poor kitties were covered in their own feces, and their fur was just so matted (one cat's fur was so matted it fell off!!). It was the worst case of animal abuse ever in WA. The stupid woman said she has depression and thats why she couldnt care for all the cats. Which is like whatever..I have depression and I still take care of my cats!! Even on my worst days, I still get out of bed to feed & play with them. They take care of me, so I take care of them too. Poor little kitties. If we didnt already have 3 cats, I'd adopt one of them.

Well..we had our cookout today. It was sooooooooooo good!! It grilled hot dogs and burgers. And Fonzo even grilled white corn. Omg, it was soooooooo good!!! I even made strawberry shortcake for dessert. Mmmm. I'm seriously full, lol. We watched Drawn Together while we ate..and a half hour ago..we finished watching Definitely Maybe. That was such a cute movie. I totally recommend it.

Oh..something really scary happened not too long ago. I was about to get onto 3FC, when I looked up and saw this HUGE spider on the ceiling. I totally flipped out and started banging on the bathroom door for Fonzo to get out, lol. Then I went and hid in the bedroom, lol. I couldnt stop shaking. It was so HUGE. Ugh!! I hate bugs!!!

Anyways..I'm gonna go finish up my book. Nighty night all!!

07-04-2008, 11:46 AM
Hi girls. :wave:

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks. Yes it was AWESOME that someone stood up for me, FINALLY!!! :carrot: DH has told me there are lots and lots of rumors going around work since we had the management change and all, you know how it goes............We'll just have to wait it out and see what all happens............

I'm just gonna "roll with the punches"...........I just heard an awesome song. It was "Rocks in your Shoes" by Emily West ( It hit home for me, honestly and truly. :yes:

I'm just gonna kinda "Wing it" for now and do an "all in one" since most commented on the same thing to me, about the girl who stood up for me. :carrot:

But Mindee asked about that book DH got for me, yes it was on the Oprah that had Dr. Oz on it. :yes: This is the book I'm reading: "Many Lives, Many Masters" ( Dr. Brian Weiss. The book I want about the "Laws of Attraction" I want is: There are actually 3 from that show:

They are the first 3.;)
Other Books (

All I've been doin' is sleepin' and watching tv/dvds..........And no its NOT LUCY for once! :lol: I have been watching "Little House on the Prarie" again........:lol: Hey there could be lots worse "addictions" than Old Tv Shows! :rofl: So its just been me and my cat cuddling up watching Little House. Well as much as my cat will cuddle that is. He only cuddles on HIS terms. lol.Right now since I'm on the computer I have GAC (Great American Country) on and they are playing song requests from the troops overseas. ;)

Well I hope you all have a Wonderful 4th! I guess I missed the fireworks they let off here lastnight. :( I was so tired I slept late and totally missed them. But there should be more tonight, or at least I would think! lol. If not, oh well. I have seen lots and lots of fireworks in my "day". lmao I sound like I'm an "old Foagie" don't I? lol. Sometimes I feel like one, that is for sure! lol.

Anyways, have a good one!


07-04-2008, 12:03 PM
Sassy~I love Lucy, LMAO!! I seriously want the box set. Me & Fonzo watch them together and just crack up all the time. I even have a couple of the dolls, lol. Thats sweet about the song requests from the troops. Stuff like that makes me cry. I'm very thankful to have Fonzo home this year.

07-04-2008, 12:08 PM

After months of wonderful weekend weather, it looks like our holiday weekend is going to be a washout. We have plans to go to a huge pool party tomorrow but they are calling for 80% rain. :mad: Tonight we will definitely stay home and not do any fireworks. We will both have two scared to death pups on our laps for several hours while neighbors illegally set off some firework.

Jules--I hear you with not talking to dh. Last evening I woke him up from sleep on the recliner to see something on "Hopkins" cause I have worked with some of the docs shown on the show and he snapped at me and stomped off to bed. Hey, I can be interrupted every time Tiger Woods hits a golf ball but heaven forbid I wake him up in the middle of his beauty sleep. I haven't spoke to him today because he is golfing but I'll have to cave in if I want to go shopping for a new mattress today. Your gs is adorable. I can't believe how big he is. Now you can keep that spider in your neck of the state!!

Christine & Francie--My vet offered something to sedate my Oliver as he totally freaks with every storm and I'm not looking forward to the fireworks tonight but I said no. He really does calm easily afterward and it doesn't last for long. Wow, you both have surpassed me on the reading. I'm just now collecting stuff to read while at the beach.

Hugs to everyone else!!!

I've got about 2 hrs before dh gets home from golf and then I need to sweet talk him into going out to look for a new mattress. I've been sleeping like crap for several months now and really believe it is my 12 yr old mattress. This has been a long build-up of daily remarks to dh. I make sure I make some remark about how horrible I sleep and how something hurts, (neck, shoulder, hip etc.) Then the other night I said to him "You know this will probably be the first holiday that we didn't hit the stores for some big ticket item like appliances, furniture etc." And he looked up from his newspaper and said "Why, what did you want to buy"? I've got him wrapped!!! They only downfall will be if he wants to hold back spending because of the upcomming weddings. If I buy a new mattress it will be a king which will mean a redo of our bedroom. I'll put our queen in my dd room. Heck, might even go for a total new bedroom set. But that will be redoing our bedroom, my dd room and I still haven't started on my ds old room. I gotta get those kids to get all their junk out of their rooms before I can redo them for guest. This has not been empty nest yet. It's been empty nest with their empty junk still staying! Ok, my rant for the day. I've just go so much that I want to do to the house before the weddings and not sure how much cooperation I might have from dh and "those kids that moved out without their junk"!

Well, going up to put on a face, do my hair and put on a smile for dh when he returns. If I get everything accomplished with the shopping that I plan, they're will be more than 4th of July celebrations in my house tonight :D

07-04-2008, 12:11 PM
Sassy~I love Lucy, LMAO!! I seriously want the box set. Me & Fonzo watch them together and just crack up all the time. I even have a couple of the dolls, lol. Thats sweet about the song requests from the troops. Stuff like that makes me cry. I'm very thankful to have Fonzo home this year.

I Love Lucy too and I do have the complete set and I LOVE it! Cuz I can watch them ANYTIME I want however many times I want and esp I can watch my favorite episodes over and over too and NO COMMERCIALS!!! :D But I warn ya, its ADDICTING cuz you can just "get lost" in "Lucy Land" for a while if your not careful! lol. At least I can! lol.

I have all the Little House on the Prairies too, I have 1/2 the Waltons. They don't have all the seasons out yet. I have most of the Roseannes too. I just wanted to have my old tv shows so that I can watch them whenever I wanted however many times I wanted and also could eventually share them with our children, if and when we have any and if they even are interested! lol. They will probably be like, "OMG Mom that is SO lame!" :lol: But look at us, we love Lucy and she's been around a while!!! So who knows our kids could love her too! lol.

Yes the requests are very touching indeed.............


07-04-2008, 02:46 PM
Okay, I just lost my post so I will try to come back later and do individuals. For now...have a good day ladies and...


07-04-2008, 04:17 PM
Good Morning,

Cristina - come back! :)

Mindee- see, I wouldn't remember w/ the older girls but a special day (like a hiloday or birthday) I remember Gaby. Thanks, couldn't figure out ENT :)

Francie - Probably something else is going on besides depression w/ those people that abuse animals. The cats in this case were well taken care of and the rescue team went end and rounded them up and had them all fixed in one of their mobile vans. Gaby is so into this stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if she turnes out to be a vet.

anyway, not overly chatty so I will just wish you all a good 4th! Gab went w/ her father and Rach is getting ready to go to a bbq and watch the fireworks on the river tonight. I might weed, work around the apt and of course walk some,,,

and Lucy is great , along w/ Carol Burnett....

07-04-2008, 09:17 PM
Just a quickie here because some of the fireworks are starting in the neighborhood and my dogs are getting frantic.

I can't believe that I talked dh into everything today :carrot: !!! We went out and bought a king size mattress and he agreed that moving all our bedroom furniture into my dd room and starting fresh in our room will be the most sensible thing to do. So now I gotta get rid of my dd daybed and bedroom set, move my bed into hers and start shopping for new furniture for my room. We will just use the free frame for our new mattress until we decide on what we want for our bedroom. I'm shocked because our bedroom furniture is only about 8 yrs old and in perfect condition. But trying to find a bed to match our furniture and then furniture to match our old bed in dd room will be too confusing. Woo-hoo, I love to decorate!!!!

Again, Happy 4th!!!!

07-04-2008, 11:58 PM
Tammy - wow, you did good! How long have yo been married?? He sounds like a sweet man, hope you guys have fun on your new mattress tonight!! :)

I have this old kind size mattress, Gab and I share it. I really need to get her in her own bed asap. I was thinking last year but Rach moved in and took the extra room.,,,,not that I mind, I love sleeping w/ Gaby. She will need her own space, especially when she is old enough for sleep overs.

So, no bbq's for me. I wasn't invited anywhere - lol. I was thinking McD but he had plans and it isn't like we are together anymore, so no big deal. Gaby is going out w/ her father and the fireworks don't start til 10pm. I called to check on her and she was a happy go lucky kid, eating her hot dog and pork n beans. Becky is up the street at some boys house(( oh, the father spends a lot on fireworks, men,,,,I think it is their favorite holiday)) , I have to pick her and her girlfriend up at 11pm and Rach is going to the waterfront to watch the fireworks.

and here I sit eating pretzels and mustard spending the evening w/ the ex husband. lol

bbl maybe......I am going to see if there is any reality shows on.

Hope you all are having more fun!! lol

07-04-2008, 11:58 PM
Hi ladies...Hope you had a great 4th. We grilled out, but ate indoors since it was chilly and looked like rain. It was good though. We made S'mores which I was surprised to learn my Mom had never had or seen. She had heard of them, but never tried. She is a big sweets eater, so loved them. I made a lo-cal ambrosia I found a recipe for on General chatter. It was very good.

I didn't exercise today...but will be right back at it tomorrow.

Still no luck on finding the HHR we might go look at something else tomorrow. DD and DGS from CA get in tonight, so I will most likely see them first thing in the morning.

Mom is not having her kidney procedure on Thurs. so we only have the podiatrist next week. DH and I are planning to sneak away, possibly Sun. or Mon. the 13th,etc. Maybe even two nights. DD/DGS will be gone and we have a week of no appts. Still trying to put together a trip to San Diego and Vegas for Fall. We have even discussed a week in Vegas before that as we want to look at property again. So many little time..and money..LOL.

I will do individuals tomorrow...catch up with you all.

Happy and safe week-end to you!!

07-05-2008, 12:05 AM
We posted at the same time Sue! You are so sweet, I hope you get a trip away and are able to relax. I didn't do any exercise either today, we will get back on board tomorrow!
Night to you :)

07-05-2008, 03:59 AM
Hi All. :wave:

I hope your 4th was great. I really didn't watch any fireworks......I have seen them many many times before, so its not biggie. Just haven't had the energy to much of anything. But I am feeling better so I guess the resting is doing its job of making me well...........

Unfortunately my "focal points" on cleaning has suffered this week. :( But there is always next week. :yes: Now if I can get my DH to at least GET started on that horrible office of his............:rolleyes:

I feel better, physically, but emotionally, I just feel blah. :p I feel like I am just hopeless in the weight loss and getting healthy dept. I get these newsletters from e-diets to try to motivate me, but all they do is make me realize how much work I have yet to go. :kickcan:

But I don't wanna give up. I just need to do better. I had a dream lastnight that I started biking to work!!!! That would be like a miracle for me because work is about 12.7 miles away. That would be 25.4 Miles a day x 3 nights a week on my "short weeks" and 4 days a week on my "long weeks". Yes that is doable I mean how many flippin' miles do they do on the tour de France? Ok looked it up and its: 2,235 miles!!! :yikes: And that is throughout all kinds of country. Mine would basically be flat except for the hill by our apt.

So yes indeed I could do it and yes it may take like a long time before I actually could do it, but it is doable. I just dunno if I have that kind of energy and stamina anymore! lol. But "can't" couldn't do anything as my mom always has said. lol. So who knows.......I could be peddling to work if I ever get off my fat lazy bum! :lol3:

Actually when I was younger I wanted to be a professional bike rider and do competitions and all, but never got that Not even close. lol. I think the farthest I've ever went on a bike was about 2 measely miles and that was when I was in A LOT better shape than I am now!!!

So whoppee do why can't I get motivated?? What is wrong with me?? I have never liked being overweight and now eeekkk obese.........:o So what is the problem here? Maybe I have something mentally "blocking" me??? Should I see a therapist? Should I go on a retreat somewhere? Should I become a buddist monk? What is the answer here? Okay okay I know the answer isn't that easy. But just "thinking out loud" here........So don't think I'm whining or complaining cuz I'm really not. I am thankful for everything I do have because there are many who would love to be in my shoes, I know that.

So I dunno. I just feel like a major change needs to happen for me otherwise I'm doomed..................and that is not acceptable for me. I just need to find that "fire" inside that I used to have cuz my "fire" has gone out a long time ago. :(

Anyways, rambling here..........:blah: Can't you tell I am feeling better? :lol:

Tammy -- I'm so envious of you. We do have a new mattress and I am thankful of that. But we so want a king size bed again, but in our teeny tiny apt, it just wouldn't work.......And I hate our bedroom "furniture" if you want to call it that. :rolleyes: So maybe after you have yours all done and complete, maybe you could take some pictures and share with us all so we can live vicariously through you? lol.

Cristina -- Awww sorry you lost your post. I hate when that happens!

Suzy Q -- My DH usually loves fireworks and he has told me that "He is tired of fireworks!!!" :faint: lol. Its cuz you can see them everywhere you go around here. Work and home and every place in between. So there is no getting away from it. lol. But still a man who is tired of fireworks??? lol.

Sue -- Yeah I feel like an old foagie though wanting to watch all my "old" shows. lol. Its just sometimes I'd rather just kinda "go away" into a different time and watch something different than the stuff they have on now. I'm glad your procedure when well and glad that its not the bad type of cancer. :hug: Glad your 4th was great. My thoughts and prayers will be with your mom when she has her procedure done on Thurs. Good Luck on the HHR hunt. My coworker bought one for his wife last yr. :) I hope you find some property you want and get to go on the get-aways that you want. I'm hoping DH and I are able to go the end of September, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!


07-05-2008, 10:53 AM
Sassy--You must be reading my mind and I'm sure so many others. Actually you could be a spokesperson for everyone who wants to get motivated and can't quite start. What I need is a kick in the butt. I keep saying to myself that I have 7, then 6 and now it's 4 months before my ds wedding and I really need these last 8-10 lbs off. Then again, I don't really have that long because I have to get my dress altered probably in Sept. :yikes: I keep making up excuses, like I have a big cookout/pool party to go to today, then next week is vacation at the beach. But I am slowly getting motivated. I'll start with long walks on the beach, then return to WW when we get back. Once I get back on my ellipitical, I'll continue for a while but it just takes that first step. Where's that magic pill when you need it ;). Hang in there!!

07-05-2008, 01:46 PM many busy bees in here, lol.

Last night was a bust. I got drunk at dinner, then really sick afterwards. The food and the drinking didnt mix well :( We came home and went to bed, lol
I woke up at 10pm and heard the fireworks, but was too sick to care about it. I feel better today though. I even ate my breakfast, lol. I like drinking better on an empty stomach. I don't get sick at all that way.

Sassy~I totally agree with you. I get emails all the time talking about exercising and eating right and I just delete them asap. They just remind me of how off track I've been lately. I keep telling myself that I make up for it by walking alot..but much good is that? I need more motivation. I need more self esteem. I need..something..

07-05-2008, 02:14 PM
Ok I havnt been on in a few days and you all have posted so much. I am trying to catch up but goodness.

Jules- Love love love your bathroom!!! I am a huge fan of unusual colors in bathrooms. Someday when I have my own it will probably be teal. I am glad to hear that he does like the paint after all. Also Dominic is also one on the cutest things I have ever seen!!!

Francie- Calm down for cats. Its 9.99 but I dont know if every petsmart has it. Also you can get NaturVet Quiet Moments. Its for both cats and dogs so it might be in the dog section. I am glad that you had fun at at your cookout. We had a cook out last night. Yum! I am really hate spiders. They make me cry.

Mindee- I take the aplle cider vinegar for alot of things. I take it for weightloss. Its supposed to do something with your metabolism and it makes you feel full longer. It also really helps with my eczema. All you do is drink 2 ts in 8 oz 3 times daily. You can use any liquid. I used juice. It actually doesnt taste that bad. You have to get unfiltered. I use Braggs. You can get it on line too. There are other health things it helps with to. I just dont remember. I also hope you had fun at your parents house too.

Susan- good job on your walk!!!! I love animal planet. Iwatch it all the time. Compared to some of the things I have seen on those shows 60 cat is nothing. Isnt that sad? The reason why guys spend so much on the 4th is because it is an opportunity to prove their masculinity. Baha. To bad it doesnt really work.

Sassy- I am glad to here that you are feeling better physically. When I feel like I am loosing hope I alway remember that there are people that always have a bigger struggle than you. I was pouting yesterday to my self and I thought man I just whish I was there already. I have 40 lbs to losse. But I saw my best friends cousin yesterday and she struggles so much with here weight. She has so many health issues. She doesnt have just a 100 to loose but double. There is always sombody worse. I see people who were like 400 lbs who got healthy. If they can do it then I have no right to complain about 40 lbs. That my tip. Good luck on your bike riding. I think it would be awesome if you rode to work. I might try that. I dont work at far away but it would still be fun. I really hope you get some sort of motivation soon. You can do it. You just have to realize it for your self.

Tammy- Very nice on the king size. I love big beds. I really hope you get motivated too. It is never fun to try to be healthy without motivation.

So I was telling Andrew I had a certain goal to have by the time he got back. He said if I reach my goal he will take me shopping for a new outfit for our one year anniversary. He doenst know what my goal is. He just knows I have one. I have def got to stick with it now!!! I love to go shopping!!! Yesterday was my cheat day. I only cheated at supper. It wasnt to bad. I really needed it though. My truck broke so i cant go to the park and I cant walk in this neighborhood y my self. I have been doing taebo. I am officially hooked. I needed to find soemthing to tone my muscles. I absolutely love it. My truck will be getting fixed real soon so I will be back on the walking path. I got my new walking shoesin the mail today so I am all set. My last tennis shoes were leaving sores on the back of my left ankle and plus they were just regular shoes. They were new balance but I think the may of been running? These are special walking shoes that are supposed to help with form and they do!!!! They are so comfy to. I got them for 30 off of ebay but originally they are like 80 dollars!. I love good deals. Anyways back to cleaning. I cant wait to hear from yall.

07-05-2008, 02:18 PM
:dance: thank goodness for Saturday!

Good news, bad news....

Good news
I am down .10 a pound, can you imagine?? I am not going to complain, just frustrated how slow this is all going and about to slam my scale against the wall.
Bad news
oh, just that it isn't .20 of a pound. lol
bbl to do indi's.....

07-05-2008, 04:43 PM
I don't know if this will help anyone or not but it helped me back in 2000 when I lost 110 pounds.
It is Charles Swindoll on Attitude.This came from a special friend who I met on a weight board. His name was Brian and he lost 100 + pounds, he was young (in his mid 30's) and a single father.

You meet some people and they change your life, he was it for me. He died right ater Gaby was born in 2001 (of an asthma attack)) and I think of him a lot, he loved life so much and lived to the fullest every day. He was the Walking Postive Attitude.

I have lost 110 pounds twice in my life, once when I was in my early 20's and once when I was 36. I have started and stopped not even wanting to change my eating habits for a week. Food was more important to me and the comfort it brought.
I think the key (for me) is to disconnect how I think of food. That food is nothing but fuel for the body, it keeps us healthy mentally and physically. It isn't suppose to be a friend.

I also read this book that heped where it writes about how you should take care of yourself like a child. I mean would we allow our child to eat too much sweets or fast food? Would we make sure they got out to the park or would we sit them inside all day w/ a bag of chips? Are we going to give them soda or are we going to make sure they get water? So, it basically says to treat yourself like a child, treat yourself with the love you deserve.

I think when you get tired enough of being tired, you will change. At least that is how it went down for me. And being 36 years and not even able to climb a flight of stairs ((at 245))was finally becoming totally unacceptable. I deserved better, I deserved to live the life I wanted to live.

anyway - my thoughts......and if it helps anyone, great. I needed the reminder myself as I typed it.

oh, the Attitude saying.....

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.

Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company ... a church ... a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ... I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes.

07-05-2008, 04:57 PM
oops, forgot to do indi's....ha.

Sassy - Men like things that explode for some reason. I don't know. I didn't even miss the fireworks and I am the type of person to go to bed at 11:55 on News Year Eve. lol Anyway, you will get motivated when you are suppose to. I don't think we can force ourselves. I think there will be a moment and time when it all comes together and you will take off like speed of lightening. Don't give up hope on that! :)

Tammy - what beach are you going to?? The east coast is so pretty, always read about Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod...have fun!

Asia - Petsmart must be a fun store to work at, how long have you been there? Sounds like you have a very sweet, supportive boyfriend. Great price on the shoes! I spent around $40 for some NB shoes at the store , on sale of course.

Francie - hope you are feeling better :hug:

:wave: to Sue, Mindee, Katy, Grandma Jules, Cristina, and Carla!!

I had this chicken / rice dish for lunch, feel so full I think I better get out for a walk now. Miss my Gaby, what a loooong weekend. lol ....all missed up w/ the holiday yeseday.

anyway - chat later.

07-05-2008, 05:16 PM
Hello ladies...

Sorry for not getting back online yesterday, just too much going on. The hubby was home and it's not often we spend a lot of time together.

SUSAN...thank you for that. I absolutely agree 100% and it touched me. I also copied it and going to send it to myself in an e-mail until I can print it out. When I lost this last few pounds it was because my attitude changed, my thinking went from not caring if I lost weight but to focusing on being healthy. And the weight was just coming off. I have to get that attitude & thinking back because I am far from being done! And kudos to you missy! I know how far you have come...I have the article to prove it! You truly are an inspiration to us all! :hug: :bravo: Hey, just remember all those little losses add up! :carrot: are too easy, lol. Glad you are getting the new bedroom. more drinking for you missy! :nono: :lol: Hope you are feeling better today.


I slept in this morning but for some reason right now I am feeling sleepy...thinking I need a nap. But, I have laundry to get done, and some reading. Did my exercise today and yesterday. Got the yard work done yesterday too and BBQ'ed later in the evening. We stayed out and watched some fireworks, probably for about a hour. I don't know about anyone else but after a hour it kind of bores me...same old stuff just over, and over, and over. But there was a lot of BIG pretty ones. Don't know when it stopped...went to bed around 10:30 thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep and I was out in 5 minutes, lol.

Almost forgot, down a pound this week. :) Just hope I am not up that one plus another next WI, lol.

That's about all I have...take care ladies and have a great Saturday!

07-05-2008, 08:50 PM
Hi everyone!
I've been out of town, visiting my mom for the 4th. I have way too many posts to catch up on, so I'm not even going to try to do individuals now, but will try to check in over the next few days and get caught up with everyone.

We had a great time with Mom in Goldendale. She gave us a new mattress for our bed (desperately needed), and some antique furniture that I grew up with. I love getting this kind of stuff, and my mom has good taste, so I am happy to bring it into the house. It also reminds me of my childhood and that makes me happy, too.

BTW Susan, I think it was me you saw in the I was walking at that time. I think I was wearing a light blue tee...

Oh..another BTW...while in Goldendale, we were checking out all the July 4th festivities, which they had today instead of yesterday ( and no fireworks...weird).. Anyway, we checked out the used book sale at the library and I bought my first Shopaholic book! Better late the the party than never, right? I think it's called Shopaholic and Sister. I am finishing up a good book called Bread Alone about a recently ditched L.A. trophy wife who starts her life over again in Seattle as a baker's's really good summer reading.

TTFN ladies...hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend...

07-05-2008, 08:59 PM
Katy~Shopaholic & Sister is the 4th book. It wasnt really one of my faves. You should read the first book..Confessions of a Shopaholic. That way you can better understand Becky and her craziness, lol.

07-05-2008, 10:38 PM
Hi Ya. :wave:

Thanks for all the wonderful words. I appreciate them. Not doing indi's now. I am actually cooking. I know amazing! :faint: It isn't anything too wonderful, just home-made fries (not the bagged kind, I actually cut up the potatoes myself) and hamburgers. At least I control the ingredients and has to be better than that crap at the fast food chains for sure! I am waiting on the hamb. to see if maybe if dh wants to grill em, which would be even better. ;)
But at least I'm baking the ff's not frying, so that is at least a tad bit better. :)

I know I'm def. not the worse off and I am not saying I am, at all. :no: I just wanted to comment on how I was feelin' was all..........:kickcan:

Guess I just need to "buck up" and just do it and quit the whining. :nono:

Have a Good Night!

07-05-2008, 11:01 PM
Sassy - :hug: You have every right to your feelings. I feel bad if you ever have to think you need to buck up and stop whining. We all need to be heard and our feelings validated, that is NOT whining. :)
I only write of my motivation and my feelings, it wasn't addressed to anyone. It helped me though to write it.
At the moment I have this wave of depression over me and I am just waiting for it to pass. I certainly can't buck up to that,but if I look for some postitive in my life it helps me survive another day until I can actually feel happy again.....because this weekend I am so miserable and close to tears.
So, many hugs to you!!

Katy - I agree w/ Francie. I could not stand Becky's sister, she was way bossy. It is funny though. :) Was that you in the village?? Your hair is long??

Cristina - :bravo: on the pound! And thanks so much :)

k- out of here......

07-05-2008, 11:31 PM indies tonight and I promised. :( Just super busy day and really tired.
Saw DD and DGS..yay! He has grown so much and it just makes me sad that I can't see him more often. So smart for his age...(grandma speaking here) Of course, it goes without saying that I wish I could see DD more.

TAH DAH...we bought a new car and will pick it up Monday. I can't wait...will post a picture if I remember. It is an HHR after all!

07-06-2008, 02:24 AM
Hi All. :wave:

Well Dinner was a success! DH came home, grilled the hamb. and we ate the baked fries. Neither one of us finished all of it. :bravo:

I also did up all the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen too. So wow must be something in the air or something.

We watched "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was pretty good, definitely makes you think for sure. They are two of my favorite actors too and I thought they did well together.

Suzy Q -- Awwww I didn't mean anything by my comment. I was just "lettin off steam" really. I know what you meant. :hug: Sorry you are close to tears. Big :hug:

Sue -- I hope you get some rest. :hug: I wanted to lie down with DH but I know I can't since I have to go back to work tonight. :p But I just look for the positive, in about 2 weeks or so, DH will be on my shift and then I'll probably be coming here complaining about how much I'm seeing him! lol. Glad you got to see your DD and DGS. Family is so important, I sure miss my mom. I can't wait for the day that we are finally living together or closer to each other!!!
WOOHOO! :congrat: on the new wheels! :D Can't wait to see it!

Well all, I'm doing better than before when I posted. You have to keep in mind that when I posted before I had just gotten up about 1 1/2 hrs. before that so was still kinda "grumpy" if you couldn't tell. :p So I apologize if it came out the wrong way, I really didn't mean anything..........:hug:

Ok well I hope you all have a Wonderful Sunday! I think its supposed to start getting HOT and HUMID again, at least it is here in OH. :p At least I'll be at work in the heat, so won't matter much to me..........Although our building does get toasty, esp on our floor since we are all "closed off" from the rest of the place. (secure access) But soon I will probably be back on the floor I started out on anyways. :rolleyes: I just wish they'd make up their minds already!!! lol.

Well I guess I better close before this gets too long!


07-06-2008, 11:21 AM
Good morning!

Sassy- your dinner sounds absolutely yummy! I love lamb, particularly grilled with some rosemary..mmmm, I might have to make some of that soon. I 'm so glad to see that your DH will go to the same shift as you..I can't imagine how hard it has been for you two to be on opposite schedules. Sounds like your job is perking up :)

Sue - I can't open the attachment for some reason, but I do want to see your beautiful new car. Hope you and hubby can ( or did) sneak off. I really want to do that, but we are ba--roke! Hub just spent $$ on car repairs so the only sneaking off we are going to get to do is to the back yard, lol!

I'll bbl for some more chat..meanwhile, I took some pics of my flowers that I thought I'd share, so let's see if I can get it to upload properly

07-06-2008, 11:30 AM
Well, I was able to get one of them in the post. Here's the other one...

PS - thanks for the heads up on Shopaholic..I think I may check out the first one from the library before I read the one I bought. Fortunately, the kids' school has a used book sale every spring and I can unload books I don't want or like there and pass them on the someone else.

07-06-2008, 03:00 PM
just popping in to let you all know that we made it back home from my parents house. my mom basically held us hostage on Friday night and said that we couldn't go home. so we stayed the night and came home yesterday afternoon. we hung out for a little bit and then took my sister to another sisters house. then went out to see some fireworks. we were all so exhausted last night! I fell asleep while trying to get Brandon to sleep. Tommy was falling asleep at the computer.

Francie~ Thanks for that guys name! I will have to look online and see if I can find it!

I got a couple of books from my mom's house to read. One is called "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher. It is a memoir about anorexia and bulimia. And the other one is called "90 minutes in heaven" by Don Piper.

Other then that nothing really new going on. Oh yeah......we got some pediasure from my mom for Logan. He has been drinking it and eating all his meals that we put in front of him. so, I am happy with that. And he is getting his belly back!

07-06-2008, 05:18 PM
Inching down the scale to 153.4, yay. Had oatmeal for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch. I have to get started on my water. Gaby comes home in a few hours, thank goodness!

bbl w/ indi's - hope you all are having a good day. :hug:

07-06-2008, 06:21 PM
well, we took the kids to the pool today. we were there for 2 hours! now we are getting some dinner and then an early bed time for the kids.

we are still waiting for our stuff for the insurance and for the grocery I hope both of those go through soon!

07-06-2008, 07:13 PM

This is what my new HHR will look like..except it has pin stripes. :)

07-06-2008, 11:19 PM
Hey Gang:

I am just responding to those who posted to me, for now. I'll post more probably on the weekend -- when I'm off! K?

Katy -- It was good and neither one of us finished!! :carrot: Tonight before I came in, he stopped and got a Rotisserie Chicken. Usually I love those but this one was EXTREMELY peppery and I am a pepper lover and it was WAY TOO peppery even for me!!! :p Anyways I just pulled the skin off -- its not good for me anyways! lol. We did the lamb on the grill with rosemary once and it was good, but the recipe dh followed used WAY too much of the rosemary. We found some AWESOME mint jelly at the health food store. I can't remember what it used to be called, now its a Whole Foods Store, it used to be something else.........Anyways it is the best! Doesn't taste like that spearment gum we had as kids that had the goo inside? Does anybody remember that? lol. Anyways this mint jelly does NOT taste like the gum, it tastes like MINT! lol. And YES I'm VERY happy that DH is coming to my shift, but I will beleive it when I see it, you know how my co. is!!! lol.

Sue -- Love the new wheels! :cool:

Take Care All!!!

(I bet you all wish I worked EVERY day don't ya? That way my posts would be short ALL the time! :lol:)


07-07-2008, 12:40 AM
just popping back in for my nightly visit.

Sue~ I love your new car! One of the kids' godparents has an HHR.

Sassy~ Don't have too much fun at work tonight!

07-07-2008, 01:48 AM
just popping back in for my nightly visit.

Sue~ I love your new car! One of the kids' godparents has an HHR.

Sassy~ Don't have too much fun at work tonight!

Oh Yeah, LOTS of fun! lol. They should sell tickets its so darn fun! :rofl:

Have a Good one!

07-07-2008, 03:56 AM
had to stop in and purchase a ticket......:lol::rofl:

Well, we are now gearing up to do our grocery shopping, and with be 100% fully on the which us luck that we don't strangle each other in the process!

07-07-2008, 07:03 AM
had to stop in and purchase a ticket......:lol::rofl:

Well, we are now gearing up to do our grocery shopping, and with be 100% fully on the which us luck that we don't strangle each other in the process!
:rofl: :lol3: :lol:

Good Luck!!!

07-07-2008, 11:36 AM
Good morning ladies!

Just a quicl pop-in for me right now. Finished up my exercise and getting ready to head out for a couple of errands. Be back later to post more and catch up.

Have a good one! :D

07-07-2008, 12:58 PM
Quick pop in at work---bbl for indys!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

07-07-2008, 02:01 PM
Good Morning,

I am so glad it is Monday! I have tons to do and that helps keep my mind from worrying too much.
I have a huge run in my nylon and I think I will just take them off because I bought them 50 pounds ago and they are too saggy, shows the super glue blob that I applied to stop the snag.
Ya, super glue....I am not a chick that does things half a$$....unless it is exercise. haha.

Good news is I weighed in at 152.2. I am just putting it down at 152, otherwise I become obsessed, now I will just try to stay off the scale til Friday.
omg- I also claimed my last week of unemployment yesterday and there was a notice on the website about the extra 13 weeks that the senate passed. So, I called and it would be my full amount (455 per week) for another 13 weeks, I just have to call Wednesday to restart and I don't even have a lapse in payments. Thank God....otherwise I had visions of moving in with family members next month.
And if that isn't enough excitement the Bachelorette is on tonight.
Go Jesse!!!!

I have job things this morning so hope you all have a good Monday!

Love the flowers Katy!!
Beautiful car Sue!!

chat more later.

07-07-2008, 04:01 PM
doing my daily pop in.....

we are going grocery shopping tonight, and then we will be on SBD 100%. like I mentioned in my post last night, wish us luck that we don't strangle each other!

SuzieQ~ That is great to hear about the extended pay on the unemployment! yay on the 152!!!

I am going to get myself into bed sooner, so that I can get back up in the morning to get my workouts done before the kids get up in the morning!

07-07-2008, 04:04 PM
Susan~Congrats on 152!!!! WTG!!!! Team Jesse for sure!!!!!!

Anyways..I'm gonna be real quick right now. I just started reading "The Host" and I wanna get back to it, lol. But I think it's time to donate my hair now. If it's 10 inches, then I'm gonna make an appt to get it cut and styled. My hair will probably be kinda short for awhile..but eh, its just hair. It'll grow back. I'm donating my hair to Locks of Love in memory of my mom & aunt.

When Fonzo gets home, I'm gonna have him measure my hair..I'll let you know how long it is. Please let it be 10 inches or more!!! Okay..back to book!!

07-07-2008, 04:17 PM
Me again...

KATY...the flowers are beautiful! Glad you enjoyed time with your momma. the new avatar! And :yay: on the checks and to being at 152! :woohoo: Lots of hugs to you!

SUE...beautiful car! That is a pretty color! Hope you enjoy it and glad you had a nice visit with DD and the grands.

FRANCIE...that is a sweet thing to do! DD was going to cut her hair and I told her to remember Locks of Love. If I can ever get mine that long again I will do it too! Hoping you have 10 ins. :crossed:

Nothing going on with me...same old stuff, different day. Going to go watch Cambrie swim later. She's been taking swimming lessons and Friday wanted to call her Nana, lol. So she told me to come watch her.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

07-07-2008, 05:28 PM
Back again for a few minutes...I'm bored, what can I say, lol.

Anyone see the news on Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? They had a baby girl! I love it and am so happy for them but what the heck? They named it Sunday...Sunday???? Guess it would be cute with the nn Sunny. Love the mn though...Rose...the new filler name. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. Just thought I would share.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Going to try and get V to take me to Red Lobster before going to watch Cambrie. He got a gift card to there for Father's Day and I have been waiting and waiting, lol. Later Gators :wave:

07-07-2008, 09:24 PM
3 hours til The Bachlorette!! I am so getting Gaby into bed in 90 mintues so we have time to read and make sure she is snoring by 7:55pm.

Cristina - I like your book avatar too! I would never wear those girly shoes in my avatar and goodness knows I don't even own a purse....but my name is Susan, so I thought I would use I just haven't found one that I really like that is why I keep changing it.
I read about Nicole's little baby daughter. I am thrilled for her and her husband. I am sure it will be a beautiful baby. I am not too hot on the name, it is like a day of the week , right?? lol.....I think I did read it has spirtual meanings, be interesting to hear why they chose Sunday as a name.
Enjoy Red Lobster, I have never been there.....let me know what you order!

Mindee- What is SBD?? Have fun shopping!

Francie - That is really great about the hair!! Good for you.

Sassy - I remember the gum that burst, I forget the name though.

:wave: to Sue, Katy, Jules, Tammy, and Asia! Hope you all are having a good Monday.

I am so stuffed on lettuce...I made a huge salad for lunch, and trying to think what is for dinner....also need to save some calories for my pretzels and mustard. No exercising today, just scattered.
I would like to do the gym at the community center,I know I keep talking about this but I was at the pool yesterday and so jealous of the ladies w/ toned bodies.
I can have that too!! I just need to get my arse in there and learn how....and there are trainers available, I don't know if that is an extra cost. Anyway, a toned body would make me feel better.
Thanks about the extended unemployment and weight comments, that is sweet. I was at my wits end trying to decide who to move in with.....and nobody wanted me....lmao..oh, the ex's did. Ya, right.

Speaking of ex's though..... McD and I talked a bit and might take Gaby and a relative of his (another 6 year old girl visiting from Alaska) to the zoo or at least do a playdate. I haven't seen him in a month so it would be nice if we could be friends since he does live across the street.

k- better think dinner and spend time w/ Gaby.

Night all!

07-07-2008, 09:35 PM
Cristina~I love the name Sunday!! Even Fonzo thought it was cute, lol. But then again...we like the name and character Wednesday from the Adam's Family. I like your avator too. I have a ton of books icons, if you ever wanna see them..let me know and I'll send them to you or post them on here.

Oh..and my hair is 12 inches long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna get it cut after payday!! Yay!!

07-07-2008, 10:04 PM
Francie - Wednesday was a cute name and we have Tuesday Weld...great on the hair!
Enjoy the show tonight, I wish I lived on the east coast!! haha

k- have to get Gabster headed towards bed.

07-07-2008, 10:52 PM
Hi All. :wave:

07-07-2008, 11:18 PM
:wave: Hi Sassy

07-08-2008, 01:03 AM
just doing my nightly post......

SuzieQ~ SBD stands for South Beach Diet. Now, I just need some luck in that I won't strangle him during this first phase!

Francie~ That is great about your hair!!!! I keep saying that I am going to do that, but then I end up getting it all chopped off because it is too hot.

Cristina~ have fun watching Cambrie! how was Red Lobster?

07-08-2008, 01:26 AM
Well talk about a day. My truck was broken. My poor boyfriend had a hard time fixen it to. Its done though. I ended up riding my bike to work. Its about 2 miles. Well one of the tired is low so I go to try and air it up but the pump broke. Nobody could give me a ride. I mean nobody. So i rode with a partial flat tire. On the way I thought I was gonna die. The wind was blowing agaisnt me. It was awful. At least my truck is fixed. Iwent over to my best friends house. SHe is really fit and she has been trying to really push me. We did the walk away the pounds 4 mile walk. It was so much fun. Tomarrow I weigh. I really dont want to. I am actually really scared to. I dont know why. I am sure things will be fine. So anyways moving on....

I am really not a big kidman fan. I actually really dont like her. But I love Keith Urban. I really like the name too. I never would of thought of it.

Mindee- I hope you had fun with your kids at the pool. I really want to go swimming. Maybe tomarrow. Good luck with the SBD.

Sue- Awesome car. It looks really cool. I like those.

Christina- I hope you got to go to red lobster! Ilove that place. It has been ages since I have been there.

Susan- Great job on the 152!!! I cant wait till I weigh 152. Icant wait till i am in the 160's. Good luck on being friends with your ex. Its always beter to be friends.

Francie- I wish I had a foot of hair. I think it is really cool that youare donating it.

07-08-2008, 01:39 AM
Omg!! I totally checked and looked up who DeAnna picked!!! LoL!!! I couldnt stand the suspense.

I'm so happy she picked Jesse. I thought for sure she would've picked Jason. He's a good guy, I'm sure he'll make some girl very happy. That was really pathetic that Jeremy showed up though. Like, get over it man!!! Jeez, lol. Okay..back to watching the After Rose show.

07-08-2008, 10:57 AM
..and it's a win for Team Jesse! Apparently one of the reality tv boards were up in arms when it leaked that he won..they were threatening boycotts of the show, the producers must have forced her to pick him, yada yada...get over it people..IT'S A TV SHOW! The spoilers were flying fast and furious and one of them was that when Jeremy came back it was to rat Jesse out for texting his current girlfriend during the run of the show. Apparently, he initially came on the show to get some more visibility and pimp his buddy's snowboarding apparel, then he dumped the gf when got to F2. If it were true, I wish they would have shown it...I think it would have made it more interesting.

Francie...when Jeremy came back, it looked like we was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he received the boot...I think it all happened the same night and it was edited for drama. I like the name Sunday, too...I bet she's very cute..I wonder if they'll sell off baby pictures for charity. I was happy for them.. I felt sorry for NK with miscarriages and that wacko's nice to see her happy, at least that's the way it looks on tv ;)

Asia - I hope you can get the bike and the car fixed soon. As someone who has spent $2400 on cars in the last few months, I sincerely sympathize with the car trouble :( We just keep telling ourselves, " It's cheaper than buying a new car"

Susan- I thought about you when I heard the news story on the unemployment extension.. I'm so glad you get to take advantage of it! Do you have any good leads now? I hope you get a great job, soon. WTG on 152!

Mindee - Good Luck on South Beach.. it's great that Tommy is doing it with you. I hear that the worst is the first phase (kind of like Atkins) but then it's not so bad and it's like the Mediterranean diet, which is supposed to be one of the most healthy diets out there.

Cristina - make that man of yours take you out and show you off! You are looking great! (I checked out your pics on ms) Today Red Lobster, tomorrow who knows? I owe you a very belated thank you for the lovely card you sent for my bd and anny... I don't think I ever acknowledged them and I'm sorry was such a busy week, but it was so nice of you to think of me :)

Hi to Everyone else...I'll get to everyone eventually! My DD started 8 am swimming lessons. It's a great time for her..I noticed she pays attentions better and less goofing off. It does mean we have to get out the door first thing in the a.m. and now that is what I have to have a great day everyone!

07-08-2008, 12:48 PM
Good morning ladies...Have been busy here, and still am, somewhat. Having dinner tonight for my daughters and their families. Well, all who can make it anyway. I have a big ham cooking and made brownies. I am serving those with ice cream for dessert. That way I won't have any cakes or pies left over to tempt for days and days. :) And kids would rather have brownies and ice cream, so it is win, win.

Mom and I went out driving in the new car earlier. It is fun to drive and comfortable. I still didn't take a picture. Every time I think of it the car is back in the garage...grr.

Sounds like everyone is doing great and having a good summer. Getting ready to visit SIL in the off I go. Tata for now.

(I added my walking for the week-end.)

07-08-2008, 02:17 PM
Katy~I don't think that is true about Jesse. But then maybe I don't want it to be true, lol. Jeremy sounds like an even bigger jerk if he went there to tell DeAnna that, ya know?? I was totally thinking the same thing about Jeremy's clothes!! I was like.."has he been there since they left?!?!" lol.

Asia~Omg..that sucks so much about the truck & bike!! I can't believe nobody would give you a ride. That's not cool. Congrats on doing 4 miles of WATP!!!

Sue~Save some brownies w/ice cream for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL!!

Well..I had a really weird night. I read "The Host" some more last night, and then I had strange dreams about someone living in my body, LOL!!! And I kept rolling into Fonzo all night long, lol. OH..then this morning, I was having a nightmare..and Fonzo opened the closet door and it made this loud sound and scared the crap out of me...and I jumped out of bed and scared him!! LOL!!

I have this horrible pain on the side of my neck. It's been there for 3 days now. I tried doing head rolls, and it doesnt roll all the way over to the left, lol. I need to go to the chiropractor or see a massage therapist.

Speaking of massage therapist. I'm on speaking terms with one of my cousins again. (She's a massage therapist, lol). I gave her my new cell phone number..and we've been having friendly little email chats. So ya..we'll see where it goes from there.

Okay..time to redo my myspace page. BBL!! The season finale of ****'s Kitchen is tonight!! YAY!!

07-08-2008, 02:29 PM
Morning -

:dance: yay,,,Jesse!! I was sooooo happy and they looked so good together. I think the Jeremy thing was taped the night he was rejected?? anyway - bbl w/ indi's!!

07-08-2008, 02:30 PM
Awwwww.....the pic is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

07-08-2008, 02:43 PM
pssst, stop posting Francie! - lol


See ya there :scooter::moped::scooter:

07-08-2008, 05:10 PM