30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Daily Chat Mon. June 30th

06-30-2008, 08:19 AM
Morning Everyone,
Just a quick note to wish you all a great day! I must be starting to feel better. I got up this morning and did a 30 minute workout. So now it is off to get ready for my busy day ahead. So I will chat with you all later. Have a wonderful day!
Take care,

06-30-2008, 08:30 AM
Morning all...very tired this am. Tried to get up to go to the gym...but it didn't happen. Oh well..sometimes sleep is important (: Hope everyone is good.

06-30-2008, 08:44 AM
Hey Ladies!!!

Well, read through some of the posts this am (really need to work out, but after 10 days off it's hard to get motivated!!!) Sounds like everyone had a full week!!

I weighed myself yesterday, only gained 2 pounds on vaca, but I feel like my clothes are a lot tighter (like I said, didn't work out at all. I take that back, I did like 200 crunches, but that was over the course of two days...I can't even really count it, lol)

Karen, i hope little Cass is okay. It stinks when they can't tell you what's wrong. I hope that if it's not resolved, the docs can get a handle on it!

Lauren, good luck at the docs...and I hope Eli's surgery goes well. I'm with Alicia,...I think I paid 150.00 to get Daisy spayed, of course she is a female, so I guess it is more involved, and she did stay overnight. How's the job been treating ya??

Alicia, how's YOUR job going?? Been looking for anything else?? How's summer going so far?

Steph, I forgot you were going away already...we have our 10th in Nov. I do remember talking about you going to Honduras, boy it came up fast!!! Hope it's lots of fun!!!

Patricia, congrats on the good work. You should be proud of yourself!!! Keep it up and you'll be in great shape for YOUR trip!!!

Kerry, hope you & DH are getting along better. Are you still looking for a summer job?? Hope you enjoy all your "traveling" today!!

Everyone else, hope you are well. I gotta get my butt in gear here. Gonna do a couple 10 min. trainer workouts, then lots of laundry & cleaning. I really need to get to the store for milk , fruit, all the stuff that needs to be replenished form being away. will check in later!!!


06-30-2008, 08:45 AM
boy do I hate moving my ticker to the left!!! Oh, well, I enjoyed my vacation, KWIM??

06-30-2008, 10:04 AM
Good Morning Chicks,

got up to run at 6 this morning but it was raining so I decided I would just go read my Bible. I thought maybe it was gonna rain all day from the way it looked and I could do a workout inside this afternoon but now the sun is coming out. I probably should stay in today I've got poison ivy from clearing out all the brush down by the creek, so I might need a break from that. I probably should go run right now while its still cool and not raining at the moment.

I'm having people over for the 4th, so I have a lot to get done, although I don't know why I bother trying to get things cleaned cause nobody really cares and the house always winds up in a shambles anyway. I do have plenty of kids around here though if they all take a section we can knock it out quickly.

Well, I'm gonna change my food up for a couple of weeks and do routine meals for breakfast and lunch and see if I can get the scale to move. Somethings obviously got to change.

Pam, glad the vacation went well.
Karen, good to hear the little miss is getting around.
GG, sleep is important to weight loss, look at it that way.

Have a good one, Trish

06-30-2008, 10:55 AM
Good morning,

I am really dragging today. We had a good weekened. We went for breakfast on Saturday and then to the MIL's for the day. Yesterday was unproductive. It has rained everyday for the past week. So it makes it hard to get outside to do anything.

Trish thanks for the support on the dd stuff. She called me the next day and her Nana took her on a shopping spree. So let's buy her things to make her feel better. But the thing about my daughter is that they can try to by her forgiveness but once her mind is made up it is made up. So needless to say she is still coming home. That is what is frustrating. You can't buy peoples affection and love. And you sure can't buy peoples forgiveness. I have taught my children better than that. I am just very disappointed at the whole situation.

GG- I just wanted to know about your schooling on being a vet. My daughter wants to be a large animal vet. She is thinking of going to A&M. So how long will it be for her to achieve this?

Hope everyone else is well and had a good weekend. Welcome to the new girls.


06-30-2008, 11:02 AM
Mornin' All! :wave:

Alicia, When I called around to get quotes on spay/neuter, before I even got Eli, they said anywhere from 250-600, depending on size, sex and age! :faint: He'll be in and out in one day, since he's a boy. :) Drop off at 7:30, pick up at 6.

I think I really hurt my pointer finger this AM. I went to DD to get my coffee and this guy and his daughter were going in too, but Peter squirmed in front of them, so the guy waved my in. I went in the door, but got my finger stuck on the outside handle. OUCH! It's a little swollen now and I can't bend it all the way. :( I guess I should ice it, huh?

Have a great day all!

Christina S
06-30-2008, 11:19 AM
good morning...happy monday (im trying to convince myself)...i would rather be sleeping!

just a quick fly by..hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...and have a great monday!

06-30-2008, 11:46 AM
Mornin' Chicksters!

Kerry ~ enjoy your day traveling around the countryside. Are your sister and you close? I have 5 sisters and wish that I could see them more often.

GG ~ one whole week of staying OP is EXCELLENT! You should feel very proud of yourself. Best of luck for week #2 as well. BTW, can't beat fresh bluberries:).

Pam-a-rama! Good to have you back with us. Gaining 2 lbs. isn't bad. I'm guessing that there were no limits set on food and alcohol? It could be a whole lot worse! Sounds like you had a fantastic vacation. What did the kids name the hermit crab?

Trish ~ howdy Chickie:). Sounds like you've had a relaxing morning. I love how quiet the house is in the morning... because it sure doesn't stay that way for long! Are you having some fun this summer with the kiddies? Do you still have your little one home one more year? She just turned 5, right?

fergi ~ how's it going with the no smoking? I hope that you're doing ok. The stress of this last week can't be easy. My DD wants to be a large animal vet also.

Lauren ~ Yes, you should ice it, you silly girl:). If this were one of your boys you'd have already done that! I'm so quick to put neosporin, bandages, etc., etc... on my kids owies but seem to forget about it when it concerns me.... Good luck with the neurologist. I assumed that Peter already had the ADD diagnosis. We took Liam off of his ADHD (Adderol XR) meds a week and a half ago. I was curious to see how he'd act w/o them in his system. It's been really interesting and the most shocking part is that we can't tell a huge difference (!). I was hesitant to do this as I was expecting the worst. Now I'm convinced that the medicine was just barely taking the edge off. The only thing that is noticeable to me is that he is more impulsive this past week than he's been in years. We see his psychiatrist Wednesday afternoon and will discuss switching to another medicine (again...). I have such a love/hate relationship with medicine:(.

Alicia ~ sounds like the job is going a little better for you? I hope so. Are you still looking for another one?

KarenK ~ so sorry to hear about the little one. I would be worried sick too. Keep up posted.

Lisa ~ I want to see that movie too! My sisters, sisters-in-laws and grown nieces are all getting together in July to see Mama Mia. Can't wait.

Welcome to all NEWBIES!!! Looking forward to hearing from you again!

Where's Hanna? We miss you and hope that Sean is doing ok.

Hi Erin!

I've been biking and walking daily and loving it! Exercise has finally become a habit. Last night I got a babysitter so that DH and I could go out to dinner. Went to eat Mexican and then went to an ice cream parlor on the way home. Could we have eaten anything more fattening? Both of us came home and played Badminton for over an hour though:). We are having more fun with Liam's birthday present:). Happy Monday all ~ Joan

06-30-2008, 01:22 PM
Hey all...

Joan, so nice to be missed!!! The kids named the crab Eugene...after Eugene Krabs, you know, Mr. Krabs on Spongebob?? He's actually a pretty cool little pet, very easy to take care of. How's the summer with the kiddos going?? Mexican sounds great, havne't had it in awhile. Oh,a nd yes I actually did limit my eating & drinking, believe it or not. I probably would have gained 5-6 lbs had I not!!

Trish, still doing the running, huh? I was loving it, but not seeing results and my knees were getting agravated...hope you were able to get a workout in!

Fergi, I guess I better go back and read more...what's going on with your DD?? Hope it's nothing too serious!!

Lauren, 200-600??? HOly crap, that's alot of dough!!! Good thing I have a small dog!!

Hi Christina!!! How was your party at work (it might have been last weekend, sorry!!! I'm a little off with my days...)

Hanna, Lisa, Toni, and everyone else, HEY!!!

Off to have some lunch. I'm the only person I know that can eat soup on a 90 degree day...I love soup. hehe

06-30-2008, 01:29 PM
Pam, :lol3: Love the crab's name!

Joan, Peter is diagnosed...it's ME looking to get diagnosed! :lol: Gosh, if you knew me in person, you'd wonder why I wasn't already diagnosed! :lol3:

06-30-2008, 01:54 PM
good morning everyone, I just finished a full week of exercise everyday. :D I am so proud of myself, unfortunately I haven't been eating well, so no loss. :( I have decided that I will do 2 stickers on my calendar, one for exercising and one for eating well, if I stay on plan throughout the day I will earn my second sticker. it worked so well for exercise, I am hoping it works well for food too, that's where I tend to have more trouble.

Pam, congrats on only gaining 2 pounds, I'm sure you'll be moving your ticker the right in no time! Sound's like you had a great vacation, enjoy being back at home again.

Lauren, my dad was diagnosed with ADD as an adult (he was about 45 or so), and OMG it explained a lot growing up! :lol: I think it's kind of interesting, he is a psychologist and never takes meds when he is seeing clients. He feels that he connects better and is a better therapist without them. I am curious to see what you think, have you tried meds before?

Joan, sounds like you had a nice dinner with DH, it is nice to treat yourself every once in a while, and the badmitton (sp?) sounds fun. :)

fergi, sorry to hear about your DD's experience. how old is she again?

Trish, poison ivy sounds nasty, do you have a very bad case? I can't believe it is almost the 4th already! Hope your BBQ plans go well, I can't wait until by kids get old enough to help clean instead of just making messes!

Everyone else, hope you have a great monday.

06-30-2008, 03:49 PM
Afternoon everyone! We had a busy morning and now everyone is down for nap time. Ahhhhh, I love this time of day!! :D

Lauren: I've never noticed you being ADD. Guess I'm unobservant!! Get some ice on that finger and elevate as much as you can. I know that will be difficult at work.

Kerry: Cool beans on the workout. I hope your day goes as planned! That's an awful lot of driving.

Pam: 2 pounds isn't bad! You will get rid of that in no time.

Trish: Ewwweee, I hate poison ivy! I hate it once and the itch nearly drove me insane! I do everything I can to avoid it now.

OK, there's the pitter/limp/patter of little feet so I guess I need to go now. She has to sit on my lap when she first gets up!

06-30-2008, 03:55 PM
Hi Guys,

thanks for the welcomes. I had a super busy weekend hosting a baby shower. So yes there was cake in my weekend.

I am not making any progress with my days plans of laundry and tidying my very messy kitchen. I want to go to a spin class at the gym this evening at 5:45. I am thinking that I will try making a yummy chicken salad for dinner, so we can eat shortly after we get home.

Must find motivation!

I have been reading back through your posts trying to work out who is who... hopefully I will get to know you.

06-30-2008, 04:06 PM
Hi all,
Have a good rest of your day! I've been gone for awhile, but still been losing!!!(slowly) I figured I should get back on and read some inspiration since my workout partner has left me indefinitely! I took my 15yr old son to the gym with me this morning, but he drove me CRAZY!!!!! Wish me luck!

06-30-2008, 05:26 PM
Hello All...boy have I missed you! Well, we returned from the inlaws in the Syracuse area...I have tried to read up but it is hard to keep up if you've been good. There was some good pizza and some even better strawberry shortcake so we will see! Wednesday I head to my moms in central PA...and she is an awesome cook so I need to have some serious reserve. Allie and Nate both traveled very well...surprise! Nate did watch lots of Thomas, Bob and mighty machines...I am not ashamed to use a DVD in travel! Allie just needed to be fed and changed a lot but we managed to do it. The scale says I have lost one pound which is truly amazing with the weekend...I am attending a WW meeting at my mom's on Wedn. night so we will see. I hope everyone is well and doing great...we enjoyed lots of boat rides and walking this weekend so maybe the fresh air and exercise helped...Take care, Erin

06-30-2008, 05:29 PM
Hello again......

Well Lauren sorry to hear about the finger. I know it is miserable. You don't realize how much a finger is needed until it is injured. I would get it checked out. I slammed my fingers once while at work. Ended up being off work for 6 weeks. Had to do physical therapy. Was not fun at all. I am not a stay at home person. So I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Joan: The no smoking is going good. The only time I battle with it is when I get home from work. I did not smoke at work. So about 330 I am ready to get one. So instead I shove food in my mouth which is why i gained back the weight.

Toni: My daughter is going to be 12 in August. People don't realize how much she is like me until they have to go toe to toe with her. I don't think the ex MIL realized that until now. And she probably does not like it either. I have raised my girls to be independent and not to take crap off of people. I raised them to defend themselves. I always tell them I am not always going to be around to fight their battles for them.

Pam: Long story short.....she went to California to visit the ex in laws. My daughter and her Nana got into it pretty bad. Then when I was talking to the ex MIL she hung up on me twice. Now the daughter wants to come home. So she is. I had a bad feeling about the trip to begin with and I should have trusted the motherly instinct.

Trish: Sorry to hear about the poison ivy. I have never had it. I am not allergic to it. My dad, husband, sister they get hit with it bad. The wind can blow and they will have it. The doctor told my husband that the oil from the plant can live up to year on your shoes and stuff. Is that not crazy?

GG: I agree sometimes sleep in more important. Especially when you work like you do. Your body needs it.

Have a good one ladies and thanks for the support.

06-30-2008, 05:58 PM
We made a trip to the library this afternoon. The kids were so good that I decided to drop by Sam's Club and get some shopping done since it was close by. BIG mistake. Liam and the little one were giddy with goofiness. I was about ready to scream but instead I did something worse... I downed 2 chocolate chunk cookies. Normally, I only buy meat there but today cookies went into the cart as well. To quiet the kids down and to calm my nerves! They're now begging me to take them to the pool and all I want to do is go take a good nap LOL. Hugs everyone ~ Joan

06-30-2008, 06:04 PM
pmasci... I'm from Bucks County too! I'm in Feasterville. I am laughing at your hermit crab story. We were in Cape May last summer and my daughter got 3 hermit crabs and they are still alive!! Can you believe that?

As for me... I woke up this morning so that was good... this is my first week so I am still curious to see what the scale says on saturday morning. I have been diligently writing my 3FC blog and am so far, so good on my eating.

When dieting over the past 3-4 years, I got so obsessed with counting calories and working out that I didn't lose anything! Many years ago I lost 50 pounds by following the old WW diet and walking after dinner. So I decided this time to just go back to basics. Eat less, exercise more. Profound, I know but I'm sick of going overboard with everything I do. I was thinking of joining the local gym to walk on the treadmill but I think I'll wait until fall/winter when it gets cold outside. I'm enjoying my evening walks with my husband, daughter and doggy. Rainy days I can do my Leslie Sansone kick boxing DVD... love that.

I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say I get obsessed. Like... if I usually walk 25 minutes on the treadmill, I feel guilty all day if I walk 23. I count the peas on my plate to be sure that they are in an even number because odd is bad luck. I cry because my family is eating wings and I'm eating salad. I REFUSE to do this to myself this time. I WILL lose weight. It is NOT a race. It is going to happen and I don't have to get nuts!!

Thanks for welcoming me to the group (;) now you're thinking... OMG what have we done!?) LOL Nah, I'm not really that bad. I just want to lose and not miss out. Slim shots seems to be helping too.

And right now... all truth out there... health is not first and foremost on my mind... I wanna be skinny again!!!! (she says in her best whine)... the health is a bonus!! LOL

06-30-2008, 06:39 PM
Afternoon chickadees!!

I forgot I had to run to town today to find hinges for a cabinet door, so that cramped my style. I took Mr. Destruction and Little Miss Chaos so that the big kids could clean house uninterrupted while I was gone. I think next time I will leave them behind and come home to the same messy house rather than put myself through that torture again.AAAAAAAAHHHHH!

Didn't get my run in yet but thats okay Mr. D has a baseball game in 30 min so after that I'll go run, its oddly cool outside today.

Joan, yes I am keeping little miss home for another year, everyday all day I think is too much right now, I hate the all day everyday Kindergarten thing. We haven't really done anything fun, I keep forgetting its their vacation, strange I know, but I'm consumed with all the work I have to get done and it sort of slips my mind that we should do something fun. My womens small group has been getting together with kids once a month for lunch and swimming at each others houses. DH is home after the 4th for 2 weeks, hopefully we can do a few fun things , he has a big to do list also. Fun, Fun!

Pam, I was having some trouble for a couple of weeks my knees were killing me. I rode my bike for a couple of days and then ran about half of what I was doing and biking as well. My problem is I used to run races so I have this thing in me that says I must go faster when I really just need to be able to go out and run 5 or 6 miles at a time without stopping and be satisfied that I accomplished it.

Lauren, don't we all need diagnosed?????

Toni, I had poison ivy last year really bad, first time I had ever had it and let me tell you it was everywhere................
Kids getting bigger doesn't mean no mess, it just means the mess they make angers me more because they should know better than to leave it for me to find.

Grace, HI!!!!!!!
food, losing is best done slowly anyway so you're on the right track, Yea for you!

Erin, glad to hear your trip went well.

Fergi, great job on the no smoking, I know its hard but baby its worth it. I used to never get poison ivy but last year I had an incident with my mower on the hottest day of the year and I was lying on the bank by my creek trying to fix the problem and later that night I started itching and ewwwwweeee I was one miserable girl, doc said I was probably so hot and sweaty that the oil immediately was absorbed through my pores. He warned me that once I got it I would probably get it easier from then on and don't you know it, he was right.

poppy, don't want to sound like I'm bashing you but, healthy is the goal. People can be skinny but not be healthy, Go for healthy the skinny part will be the bonus, not to mention, you'll feel better, live longer, etc, etc,...

Gotta go, game time! Trish

06-30-2008, 07:00 PM
CCmomof5... when I was doing it to be healthy, it didn't work. I had no motivation. Now that I am focusing on something different, I feel like I have something "physical" to work towards. In other words, if I eat the same healthy food and walk the same healthy walk, what's the difference what I think about when I eat or walk? If it works for me, why should it matter?

I can try on smaller clothes to check my progress, THAT is a motivator... I can't see my insides getting healthier... so trying on smaller clothing is the "physical" thing I mentioned earlier.

I'm surprised that that was the only thing you got from my post. Oh well.

06-30-2008, 07:28 PM
Poppy ~ I'm still trying to visualize your counting your peas to see if you have an even or odd amount LOL... for real??? I agree with you in that putting on a smaller size of jeans and being able to zip them up (w/o lying down on the bed) is a huge motivator! I just turned 40 and being healthy is my one and only concern. I can't believe how much healthier and more energetic I feel right now compared to a year ago. I don't like that I ate 2 (really big) cookies earlier but I'd sure like it a whole lot less if I hadn't already put in 8 miles this morning on my bike. Baby steps is what makes the difference. Keep doing what you're doing and stop counting your peas:).

06-30-2008, 07:30 PM
sigh...I am having a rough day - food wise. :( I seem to be craving everything and am having a hard time with the will power (or as my mom calls it, won't power ;) ) Kids are sleeping, so I need to do my pilates. I really would rather go for a run and work out my frustration with myself, but DH said he would be home late and I know that if I wait until then I won't want to go. I really need to stay on my exercise-streak so I have some reason to feel good about myself.

By the way, it didn't help that my scale was crazy this morning, I was 204.5 yesterday and this morning it said everything from 207.5 to 215!! :dizzy: I know it was wrong, but what a way to start the day. :(

OK, enough of my pity party...

poppy, :wave: nice to meet you. Glad to hear you are exited to start again and are trying to be less obsessed. I seem to be an all-or-nothing type person, I am striving to be more normal in my eating, to try and make this weight loss LAST. I also understand about just wanting to be skinny, I feel like if you lose weight the right way, you will be healthy. Like Trish, I have seen a lot of skinny people who are WAY unhealthy. Sounds like your plan is a good one, eat less-exercise more. Funny how it actually works! :D

trish, had to laugh with your comments about bigger kids still making messes, one of the messiest ones is DH :lol: talk about a big kid knowing better!

fergi, way to go on teaching your DD to stand up for herself and to not be bought out with fancy gifts! as hard as this situation is, it really shows what a great kid you have.

Erin, congrats on your loss and good luck with all that mouth-watering food in your future. :D (I was glad to hear, but a little jealous your kids travel so well:p)

06-30-2008, 07:40 PM
Thanks IrishJoan... I turn 40 in November so I'm right there with ya!! I need something MORE than the promise of being healthy to keep me going this time. I've never focused on getting thin before, I've always focused on getting healthy. Now honestly, if I gave too hoo-has about being healthy, would I have gotten fat in the first place? LOL

Thanks for the response...

06-30-2008, 07:58 PM
Thanks Mamatoni! Nice to meet you too. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. Those cravings can be nasty. Sometimes I'll brush my teeth to ease it. Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't... LOL

I'm on day 3 and so far, it seems to be OK. I wrote down some ground rules for myself on my blog just to keep me on track. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I read my rules and find that it's really not as hard as I'm feeling it is at that moment.

This is my list of rules...

Eat breakfast.
Take lunch and don’t buy unless it’s completely, unbelievably and mind alteringly unavoidable.
Drink 4 water bottles per day.
Try to stick with low-glycemic carbs when possible. Wheat bread, etc.
No second helpings at dinner.
No eating after 8PM
Take a walk at least once every day.
Take the steps at work.
Lose 1-2 pounds per week as a weekly goal. Anything more is a bonus!!
Feel good about myself. I’m the only me I have.

See?? Easy!! I'm just happy to be here and to finally be on track.

06-30-2008, 08:15 PM
hi everyone!
It's me Hanna, I changed my screen name, but it is the same me! LOL.
I am sorry I have not been around, I had not been feeling well, no energy and at the same time just busy w/life. Sean had been stable for a while and now he is getting manic again, not a lot of fun.
I have gained a couple of Lbs. not much thought, I am about 112 and I had already gotten to 107, I need to not let my self gain more. I am working on it!
I missed you all, I am back!


06-30-2008, 08:22 PM
Hi All!

So the doc said according to the rating scale I filled out, there are 0 other 40 y/o women more attentive or impulsive than me! :lol: I don't know if I heard him wrong though, because it seems to me that it should be "inattentive", not attentive. I dunno. Anyway, he said tell your mom she's right, as usual. :lol: I get to start Focalin XR 5mg. tomorrow AM. Peter's on 15 mg! He said that it goes by metabolism, not volume, and that a 5 y/o hyperactive boy has a higher metabolism than a 40 y/o inattentive woman. :lol3: So we'll see! :)

Karen, You haven't spent enough "quality" time with me! :lol: Think about how I'm always complaining about my messy house...yet I'm too overwhelmed to get it in order. I can't stick to a diet for long (been here since Feb. '99!) I can multi-task the heck out of things at work, but I have a horrible time finishing things. My report cards always said, "Lauren's such a smart girl, if she would just apply herself"...seriously, every marking period! I was the girl sitting staring out the window, playing with my hair or something, instead of listening to the teacher. I get lost in my thoughts and can be 6 thoughts away from the original and nobody knows how I got there! :lol3: Anyway, I hope that I get that "fog has lifted" feeling that I read many adults get when they are diagnosed and start meds!

Sorry I can't do personals tonight! Gotta get the guys ready for bed!

06-30-2008, 08:23 PM
Hey Hanna! :wave: Why'd you change your name?!

06-30-2008, 10:17 PM
hi Lauren!
I donno! I am going back to the other name as you can see, know that I have it on the screen (the new name) I don't like it! LOL. I am telling you it is still the same me, crazy me!

OMG I have missed so much! what is going on with ya Lauren?

We were out in the sun this afternoon, it was beautiful! the kids asked me to put up the water slide so I did, I am so glad I did, it was the perfect weather for it.

I am going out for dinner w/Sean, DH is working lots. He has not been selling to many cars as no one is buying the big SUV's with the cost of gas...

See you guys later!


06-30-2008, 10:37 PM
well week 2 is starting rough. Not OP tonight. Had a Horrible day of work. Insane, lots of sick pets and we were suppose to have two dr's today but the other one was sent to another hospital. So i had to do 5 anesthtic procedure and lots of sick pets. I saw over 35 pets today. i brought my lunch but it wasn't enough. I had my sandwhich and olives at 12 but by 2 (since i was running all around the placE), by 3pm i was almost passing out. So ran to a bagel shop and got a bagel with low cal cream cheese and some soda. I really was going to try to eliminate soda...but i really needed the caffine. I didn't get out of work until after 8, didnt finish my medical notes so i get to go back early in the morning to get stuff finished. I came home and had a margarits. So therefore...definately not OP...but hopefully not too bad. I had an extra 200 cal to play with...but i know its probably way over that LMAO

Fergi- to answer your question...its 4 yrs of undergrad and then 4 yrs of vet school. So you're daughter is looking at at least 8yrs of school. It requires good grads, a good gre (graduate record exam). Its tough to get in..and most don't get in the first year. So tell her to keep up her grades. But i also recommend when she's old enough (not sure how old she is) to work with a vet...preferrable a large animal vet...to see if its really what she wants. Some days i love my job...other days...i wonder what i'm doing LOL

welcome back hannah-glad to see you back

hey to all else...sorry i'm exhausted...off to bed.

07-01-2008, 01:03 AM
Hey all, whats with everyone getting hurt? Lauren I hear you. Today i stubbed my big toe, only it was on a metal fixture and it bent back my toenail half way. You don't realize how much you need your big toe!!!

When I read your first post, I thought you needed medicine to handle Peters problems. How dorky is that.

:wave: to everyone ~ I am not typing great, and need sleep. Have a good day tomorrow.


07-01-2008, 02:06 AM
hi every one!
I took Sean to get McDonalds thats what he wanted for dinner, I didn't want to argue, so we went to Mc. picked up food and brought it home, I had their Southe west salad, which I really like, it was very good, then we were getting ready to go upstairs and put Sean to bed, I gave him all his meds and I turned around to get some ice tea, only to find out Sean dropped his medicine on the floor and it was nowhere to be found, the 3 dudes where in the kitchen at the time, so I had to call my neighbor to come and take Sean to her house and her daughter and I ran to the doogy ER. The over night visit at the doggy ER was going to be $2400 so we decided to bring them back home and keep a very close eye on them, the ER is only 5 minutes away, the vet said he felt confident to send them home, as it had been close to 3 hours when we left the ER to come home from the time they ate the pill. I know it is going to be a looooong night, I sure hope they are OK, I just couldn't ask DH to let me keep them ther overnight, he is so stressed right now as they are not selling anything....
I will let you guys know what happens tonight...