Weight Loss Support - Weight Loss Support June 30 - July 15

06-30-2008, 07:08 AM
Hello and welcome!

It's just so important to have daily accountability during something as all consuming as weight loss. If you would like a place to come each day and join a few folks who struggle through each day just (like you do), join us!

06-30-2008, 07:13 AM
Good morning!

A nice fresh week and tomorrow a nice fresh month!

You can't get much better than barbeque, can you? Lean meats and a nice garden salad from local produce ... yum! And it's that time of year.

The holiday is a weird day here. Some establishments are closed today and some tomorrow. I do need groceries but I'm not sure where or when I'll get them. But I still can whip up chicken and a salad tonight.

06-30-2008, 10:21 AM
Good morning, Susan.

Hrrrmph. I have to say I am not very happy this morning. This was my morning to run but I am bloated like I am preggers with a baby elephant, and I have very uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen. I suspect this is "Mittelschmerz" which sometimes affects me.
The treadmill was a real struggle today, although I did squeeze 4.2 miles out of it (2.4 miles running, the rest walking).
But, on Friday, I stepped on the scale as I was curious how I was doing and I was 184 lbs. This morning? 186!!! I know I could not have gained 2 pounds since Friday (I simple don't eat enough for that) and that it's probably water retention but nonetheless, I am very grumpy about it. Good thing I normally don't weigh myself that frequently, this would drive me bonkers.

I am at work today because I asked for a day off too late (half of my department already booked a day off) but I got Wednesday off. So tomorrow and Wednesday, I am hoping to do some gardening - I hope it does not rain (as much as I love rain). Tomorrow, my gym is open but regular classes are cancelled but there are 2 classes in the a.m. - one is Functional Training (for an hour) - it is supposed to be a tough core workout (I have never taken this class as it is at times that don't suit me) so I am going to take it tomorrow.
I am still hurting from yesterday's class. :^:

06-30-2008, 11:49 AM
This week is a short week here. Long weekend starting on Friday!

Normally a grilling weekend, not sure if we will being doing the family thing or not. I will be doing the virtual 3FC 5K, though! My sister is going to join me.

I have all my food planned out for the day, and entered into dailyplate. Now, to just stick with that ;)

06-30-2008, 12:08 PM
......You can't get much better than barbeque, can you? Lean meats and a nice garden salad from local produce ... yum! .............plus three tablespoons of mayo and half a dozen bottles of Bud...Oh dear, I'm so weak-willed........

06-30-2008, 12:12 PM
Well I kind of fell by the wayside during the week owing to the fact that I had to stay away from home on business, which meant mucho food and sugary carbs, but I redeemed myself by drinking NO beer at all over the weekend. ZERO beer, how about that? I think I deserve a gold star. Or maybe a wee reward. Like a six pack or something......

06-30-2008, 12:13 PM
If any body needs accountability its me. I am really excited. Today I walked 5 miles and I havnt had breakfast yet. I just want to be able to check in with somebody. I got on the scale this morning and lost another half pound. I can see differences already in my body. Not weight loss but just different little things. I am really excited about this month.

06-30-2008, 12:14 PM
I am currently on vacation , last week and this week, and happy spending time at home with my little muffins ( that means four little boys 6, 4, 4, 2). However, I do appreciate the change of scenery that going to work part time allows me.
ALso, not being near the refridge and cupboard all day long makes for an easier food day.
--am actively watching myself, feeling the urge to nosh nibble and snack upon me...

07-01-2008, 06:39 AM
Good morning! Happy Canada Day!

It's lovely to see you all here.

I had a good day yesterday. Lots of cardio at the gym.

I did a bunch of reading yesterday wrt aches and pains and tiredness. So, I'm eliminating a few things from my diet for a few days to see if I can do anything about that. My intake looks a bit weird for yesterday so I didn't put it in fitday, although I might a bit later. I know I didn't have a lot of calories but it might be better to keep track of how many.

07-01-2008, 01:46 PM
Hi Susan B:

Thanks for writing! In 2005 I weighed 330#. I lost 50# that year and have kept it off; now I m very highly motivated to go the distance to 140#. I have been 100+ pounds overweight since the early 90's, and here is a list of my worst habits: eating when not even hungry, eating late at night, eating huge portions, and rewarding myself with food when tired, bored, depressed, or upset about something.

I have been weaning myself from eating late at night and that is going well. Also have started counting calories to help control portion sizes (love frozen WW & others for supper!).

So, the emotional eating is the biggie. I've been acting like a big old spoiled baby, and that must stop!


07-01-2008, 03:58 PM
Happy Canada day to all celebrating!!
I am checking in here, sucking up all the good vibes for the power to make healthy choices for myself. My family is going away for a few days at the end of this week. I need to go shopping for food and other supplies. My challenge is to avoid buying trigger items.

07-02-2008, 06:59 AM
Morning everyone!

I had a real good day food-wise yesterday and did a bunch of gardening.

It was so beautiful here. I worked in the morning but was outside almost all afternoon.

07-02-2008, 11:20 AM
Diane, congrats on losing the 50#! I hear you about emotional eating. It was one of the hardest things for me to overcome, but it's getting easier as I go along. I had to find other behavioral outlets for my emotions and it took a long time to develop them into habits. It can be done! :)

07-02-2008, 12:04 PM
Emotional eating is a real tough one. None of the fad diets cater for it, and yet it's probably the single biggest reason for failure to execute a successful weight loss regime. (IMHO) I mean, we all know what we SHOULD be doing, don't we? Why then do we fail so often?

07-02-2008, 12:16 PM
Hi everyone! Weigh in was today and I maintained. I am okay with that. Been really feeling the need to eat, though. Yesterday and today. Got the munchies something fierce!!

07-02-2008, 08:58 PM
Hey everyone! I'm new to this support group, but group I've been using no one is ever online, so I'm hoping this works better. I'm on WW flex and have been pretty good on it, lost about 20lbs and about 90 more to go. I've been doing pretty good with the exercise, worked out yesterday so took a breather today, but hope to get back into it tomorrow. I too have got the munchies really bad this week. I'm just hoping I can do well with my "diet" tomorrow and Friday, with the holiday break.

07-03-2008, 07:09 AM

I had a little look at my fitday so that I could relay how my changes have been going. I've had no wheat since the 29th and no dairy (other than yogurt) since the 28th. I struggle with diet coke tho'. I had one yesterday and part of one on Tuesday.
I'm going to the chiropracter this afternoon to see if he has any more suggestions.

I feel pretty good, other than the shoulder and hopefully chiro will fix that today. I think I might even run to the gym after I'm done with him. Cardio for sure.

My calories were too high yesterday but clean.

07-03-2008, 10:40 AM
Susan, great job! At least the diet coke doesn't have calories ;)

I ended up eating some off plan stuff yesterday after DH and I donated blood. We had planned on going out to dinner after donating and splitting a cheese calzone. I had a side salad and half the calzone for dinner. In the old days I would have skipped the salad and eaten a whole calzone. I did not feel full or even satisfied after dinner, which was really weird. I told myself I could have something after an hour if I was still unsatisfied.
1.5 hours later and I definitely wanted more to eat - so we walked down the street and I had ice cream! A small, but it was not planned for. So - calories around 1900 or so yesterday. I do have to say that I enjoyed every bite, and don't really feel guilty about it.

Back on the straight and narrow today. I already did my cardio today. Jogged 3.25 miles.

07-03-2008, 10:41 PM

The chiropracter fixed my shoulder. He's very happy with my weight training and told me how to tell if I should be doing shoulders or coming back to see him first ;)

I bought a funky pillow. Apparently they take some getting used to.
However, gals my age ... ahem ... need to take care of our shoulders. So, I'll perservere with the funky pillow.

Lori, you'll be fine! I have faith in you. Tomorrow, you'll be good as gold!

Did Rachel come back today? Rachel? what are you doing for exercise?

07-04-2008, 08:48 AM
FIL's birthday gathering: pizza - beer - pizza - beer - pizza - beer - CAKE!

I'm a naughty boy.

07-04-2008, 09:38 AM

I slept very well on my new pillow. And while my shoulder hurts this morning, it's not the sharp jab I have been having.

My calories were good yesterday and I did quite a bit of walking to run some errands.
Tonight is the gym!

AJ113 ... just be sure those off days don't happen too often. It's OK to overdo the odd day ....

Be good at the barbeque's and celebrations today!

07-05-2008, 06:32 AM
Good morning!

Yesterday was just fine! My calories were good, I went to the gym and I lost weight!

07-05-2008, 09:20 AM
Good morning ladies!
Susan, aren't you an early bird? You always post so early. I actually did wake up at 5:30 myself (in spite of going to bed around midnight) and I hoped I would catch a few more winks but one of dogs climbed into bed with me and wanted ear scritches. How could I say no? So I hauled myself out of bed at 6:30 and took the dogs for a half hour walk, then I went to the farmers' markets to buy a small truckload of goodies. One thing that I allowed myself today (which I haven't eaten very often lately) was a basket of new Yukon potatoes. They will go well with the whale, ahem, trout, that I will have for lunch.

Now I am going to enjoy some java , then off to the gym and I have a full day of gardening ahead of me. I brought home 16 strips of sod last night - I will be dead by the evening.
Wishing you all a lovely Saturday.

07-05-2008, 09:35 AM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great 4th (those that celebrated it, holiday style :) )
We were pretty low key, ate really well and then went to see fireworks, which were wonderful!

Today, my sister is coming over and we are going to do the 3FC 5K together.

07-05-2008, 09:10 PM
SusanB: Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't been on due to being with family for the fourth (Happy Belated Fourth to everyone!). I've been exercising last week, just doing the Hip Hop Abs video, but lately I have also been doing some swimming and will probably start walking on the days when I'm sore from doing one of the aerobic videos.

07-06-2008, 06:28 AM

That's OK Rachel, I'm not real sure why I was asking. Probably just to assure you that one or the other is good. Especially over a holiday, it's easier to get back on track if you've been exercising and over eating rather than stopping everything and needing to start it all anew. Did that make sense?

Tomato ... I start work at 7, leave here at about 6:25. I'm no early bird either ... not naturally ;)

Lori? how'd your 5K go?

Dh played in a ball tournament yesterday. He ran home to get me between games 4 and 5 and then we went to a barbeque. I should have taken a bottle of water ;) And I did not get the recipe for that salad. It was delicious but .....

07-06-2008, 11:13 AM
Good morning chickies,

I would love to sleep in on weekends .... if I could. Once I am up, I am up no matter what time it is. I woke up 5 (having gone to bed at midnight) - that's not a whole lot of sleep. :mad:

But, knowing the humidity (and the temp as well) will be rising, I took the girls for brisk morning walk and BB was good and managed to walk the entire 2 miles (vet is not sure yet what is wrong with her).
Then I gave myself a bit of a break, had a 1/2 an apple with some PB .... and starting feeling sleepy. I forced myself to get on the treadmill as today was my morning to run. I did 5 miles on the treadmill and burned 617 calories (well, as per the treadmill, but anyway) - woohoo! :carrot:

I did have to skip my 1/2 hour core class at the gym (it starts at 9:30) but hey, we have to make choices all the time.

I have already gotten a litre of water into myself, as well as an omelet filled with quark with lots of chives, a red pepper, tomato and some cucumber. Now I am enjoying my well deserved java.

I SHOULD be already in the garden, to work on the section that is still in the shade .... but I don't think it's going to happen - I will wait till it gets shady there after 4 pm again - I just showered and I want to stay clean for a bit.

Susan, what are you reading right now? My reading is on hold right now, although I feel I should start something asap. I finished the last book 2 weeks ago so it's high time I picked something up again.

Later, alligators.

07-06-2008, 12:28 PM
Wow. Five miles first thing in the morning is pretty impressive. I take off my hat to you.

A few days ago I realized that if I wanted to add another week of fencing camp to the one I was already doing back to back that I was going to have to get a whole lot more into shape. So, I've changed my strength training days which I was pretty much using to build upper body strength anyway into lighter exercise days, added a set of pliometrics to my heavy exercise days every other day, and generally increased the intensity and duration of my running. Yesterday was really pretty bad- I nearly quit a few times during my exercise plan, and I had to hold off on increasing the time I ran 7 mph per five minutes from 2 to 3 minutes, but in the end, with a little break in the middle, I ended up pulling off slightly more than I had at my last attempt as far as my other pattern of interval training and jogging an extra five minutes to boot.

Since I'm tearing up my legs so much, I've also been trying to pay more attention to getting enough protein, which I did manage yesterday largely because I went out and bought myself some egg whites- I've found it really hard to get 70 grams of protein daily on a 1200 calorie diet, but these help. I'm also working on making sure I actually do eat enough, because frequently I end up feeling depressed and sluggish for a long time before I figure out that the reason is my insufficient nutrition over the preceding few days. Exercise and eating were ultimately pretty good for yesterday, though.

07-06-2008, 03:46 PM

I am tired just by reading about all your exercise!
I, too, struggle with protein, I don't think I am eating enough (and I don't count calories but of course that does not mean that I eat anything and everything). I am eating very clean but I think I need to increase the amount of meat. This is becoming such science! :-)

07-06-2008, 07:16 PM
It is a science ... and I love it! It's like a game. How close to darned near perfect can we get this diet.

Right now I have a new Oxygen mag which should hold me over until book six of that Carol O'Connell series arrives.

07-06-2008, 10:47 PM
Susan, do you subscribe? I was thinking about it .... I should probably do it, because as I know myself, I will buy if I see it and that's so much more expensive than an annual subscription.

07-07-2008, 06:37 AM
No, I don't subscribe but I should. It is much cheaper and I hardly ever miss one. It's so easy to subscribe on the internet now, I'm not sure why I haven't.

I've done my usual eating too much over the weekend. Well maybe not as bad as usual but ... I guess we'll see the damage when I weigh in at the gym tonight.

07-07-2008, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone. Happy Monday. I'm back on the horse after a very indulgent weekend.

07-08-2008, 11:16 AM
The gym was good last night (the scale was not) I really didn't want to go but once I was there, it was great.

I had a spare sandwich at bedtime which put me up but only to about 1700 and I'm OK with that.

07-09-2008, 12:24 PM
I woke up this morning with actual hunger pangs. A grumbling tummy. That does not happen to me very often. Odd indeed.

About 1700 cals again yesterday. Not clean.

07-09-2008, 07:42 PM
Hi, everyone. I've been away a week or so but am still on program. Went a little overboard on 4th of July but only with extra wine, not food.

Re: the accountability issue, there's an article in the health section of the MSNBC website which states that people who keep food diaries lose twice as much weight as those who don't. I know the FitDay journal has really been great for me.

My neighbor gave me a bunch of fresh cucumbers so I've made some nice salads.

07-10-2008, 01:13 AM
I'm getting cucumbers too. I'll have to go hunting for salad recipes. I can start eating them just plain but I think I'll get bored quickly.

I ate a couple of desserty things today. No good reason. Just kinda dopey.

I'll go put them in fitday and see what damage I've done.

Accountability ... I post and read here at 3FC, fitday, a blog, a notebook ... very important. I'm not sure how folks decide to change something if they don't have a record of what they've been doing?

Mrs Snark
07-10-2008, 09:31 AM
I agree with you, Susan. I've written down every, single thing I've put in my mouth for the past 120 days. I find tracking (and journaling my thoughts and emotions) to be invaluable to this journey.

07-10-2008, 09:37 AM
Look at you with your beautiful face and lovely long hair! Hi Josephine.

Karen, I'm glad you brought that up. It's OK to post a link if you'd like.

I know that there are folks who say they just cut back and started walking and they do lose weight. I'm just pretty sure they are the exception and not the rule.

Imagine hitting a plateau and not having anything to look back at to see what's wrong.

07-10-2008, 10:22 AM
Hi gang!

Yesterday I had a bit of a stumble with food. Definitely ate too much, but I did jog for 3 miles and then walked one - so hopefully that will mitigate some of the damage.

Going to be 100% today. Had those yummy protein pancakes for brekkie with blueberries. Yum! So a good start to the day.

07-10-2008, 11:04 AM
Well, I like to be the black sheep. I am not tracking anything in Fitday, Myplate or whatever the sites are called; and I am not counting calories. I just eat healthy and smaller amounts. So far it has been working and I am hoping so survive like this in the future as well. I will change this only if I absolutely have to. But I am not saying my way is for everybody; we each make our own decisions, right?

I did my usual 4.5 miles on the treadmill this morning and last night, I spent an hour at the gym doing weights. This evening, I am meeting a friend for dinner, I can't wait. We are going Greek - I think I will have lamb souvlaki so that I don't eat chicken only. (I am afraid I may start sprouting some feathers soon). :-)

07-10-2008, 11:06 AM

You will be fine. I have a theory that if I burn off some calories the same day I ate more than I should have, they won't have a chance to "stick". :-)

07-10-2008, 12:15 PM
Ah but we already knew that Tomato was exceptional ... didn't we ;)

07-10-2008, 12:43 PM
Ah but we already knew that Tomato was exceptional ... didn't we ;)


07-10-2008, 02:08 PM
Food tracking has been indispensable tool for me. Whenever I have gains or losses (or plateaus!) Fitday allows me to do some detective work to understand why my body is responding the way it is. I don't think I would have gotten this far without it. Thank God for all of the online programs! :D

07-10-2008, 02:10 PM
I think I will have lamb souvlaki so that I don't eat chicken only.

OOH, am I invited? :drool:

07-10-2008, 02:28 PM
Absolutely - the more the merrier, but you better hurry, we are meeting at 6:30 pm and it's a bit of a drive from Vermont. (I drove to New Hampshire several times and I love going through Vermont - who wants to sit on the I-90?)

07-10-2008, 03:03 PM
Re: the accountability issue, there's an article in the health section of the MSNBC website which states that people who keep food diaries lose twice as much weight as those who don't. I know the FitDay journal has really been great for me.

Amen to that!

Last night I went out with some women to celebrate a friend's b-day.
Someone commented on my apparent weight loss and asked how I did it. I tell only very special people about 3 fc--I didn't want to give away my secret weapon- so I shared only the part about logging every bite of food eaten.

There was lots of agreement on food logging by another celebrater who was a bulge battler.

07-11-2008, 02:48 PM
Assessment time! Another good reason to keep notes!

The last time I did a pretty comprehensive assessment seems to be May 28th. Is that six weeks? about?

I'm down 4 lbs.
Bust is the same. Underbust is -1/2".
waist is -1 inch
hips are up 1/4 inch ... bubble butt?
thigh remains the same

I'm averaging in the 1600-1700 calorie range. I go to the gym three times per week and lift and do cardio at each visit. Chest & triceps/ Back & biceps/ Lower body/ a combination of two of the following treadmill, recumbant bike, elliptical. I walk to do errands almost every day 10-20 minutes and we walk to the gym 14 minutes.

Each day I see frighteningly little progress. But when you have stats to compare ... you DO see progress. Glorious, encouraging progress.

07-12-2008, 02:01 PM
Assessment time! Another good reason to keep notes!

Each day I see frighteningly little progress. But when you have stats to compare ... you DO see progress. Glorious, encouraging progress.

Yes, no matter how small the progress it is going in the right direction that counts! When my weight isn't down by as much as I would like I try to keep in mind what it would be like if I wasn't doing what I'm doing.

Speaking of six weeks, I completed six weeks yesterday. Coincidentally, my last trip to the hair salon was the day before I started. My hairdresser said hesitantly Karen, have you lost weight? (He said later he's usually reluctant to say this to people because occassionally they will be indignant). Anyway, I was really happy since it's harder for people we see on a regular basis to notice the changes.

Anyway, 4.5 inches off the waist, 14.8 pounds.

Have a good weekend everyone.

07-12-2008, 02:37 PM
God job, Karen!

I was flooded with compliments when I had dinner with my friend. She has not seen me since early April or so (besides, I never told anyone I am working on my weight loss) and her jaw just dropped when she saw me. I have to say I also wore a wrap Tshirt that I know is very flattering to my figure, but anyway, I guess it is obvious that there are 24 lbs less of me.

Anyway, I was originally going to say that I took the fourlegged kids for a nice walkie at 6 a.m., went to the farmers' market, had a slice of pizza with some of the gall bladder disturber bits ;-) , got home, had my morning coffee siesta and then off to the gym. I forgot that our core class was cancelled because a local TV station was having an audition for some local version of The Biggest Loser or something so I went upstairs, did 20 minutes on elliptical crosstrainer to get my heart (and sweat) going and then I spent an hour and 10 minutes working the machines and free weights.
Got home, mowed the lawn, had some food, and I think I will read for a bit know. Very humid here today amd there will be possibly more thunderstorms later on. Yesterday, we broke a record from 1991 - we got 78 millimitres of rain (that is approx 3.25 inches for you imperial types). :-)

07-13-2008, 09:22 AM
Good morning!

I bought a scale yesterday. It does a couple of things that are pretty cool, but it metric so I've changed my profile to kilograms.
Now, I have to go read about over hydration because I've been consistantly over the top. Hmmm.

07-13-2008, 09:55 AM
I bought a scale yesterday. It does a couple of things that are pretty cool, but it metric so I've changed my profile to kilograms.

Such as? Does it make coffee in the morning and bring it to you when you are in bed? (Wouldn't that be cool?!) ;)
I kinda regret that I did not buy a scale like that. I bought mine in February to replace an old Ikea cheapo which was really out of whack, and at that time I thought just a plain digital scale would be enough. Little did I know ...... :D
Congrats on the purchase and I hope it will serve you well ...... and give nice low numbers. :smug:

07-13-2008, 09:58 AM
Body fat percentage and hydration level. Oh and weight :D

Can anyone remember why I stopped taking vitamin B? I took it for years for migraine prevention. And now, in my reading, I see that it could be helpful with this fluid thing. I kinda think I knew that too.

07-13-2008, 10:06 PM

Re the hydration level - I wanted to ask you about that when I asnwered earlier but of course I forgot. :rollpin:
When I get weighed at the gym, the readout from the computer mentions TBW (Total Body Water).
I am really confused about this. According to the trainer who weighs, it is desirable for the number to go up. (And mine is - at the end of April, my TBW was 94.2 lbs, end of May it was 96.4 lbs and end of June 97.2. lbs. I am definitely drinking my water (I think I average 2.5 litres a day). But, I thought that the more water we drink, the less water we retain - so why should the TBW increase?

If anybody can explain this to me, I would appreciate it.

07-14-2008, 06:40 AM
Up is good. Normally, folks walk around fairly dehydrated. The odd folk is overhydrated and that's fluid retention and that is something wrong. At my age, it's probably hormonal.

I'm not sure a healthy person can be puffy like I am just by drinking water. You'd pee it out. Flushed nicely clean :D Did that make sense? It's pretty simplified ...