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06-29-2008, 01:36 PM
Hi everyone. So I've been preparing (grocery shopping, reading the book) to start SBD for a week now, and since I realized I wasn't going to have carbs for a couple of weeks, I've been eating more of them than I usually would while calorie counting. I had sushi last night, and a sandwhich with some chips yesterday for lunch. I had pasta the day before, and french onion soup with baguette the day before that. You can see I was fitting in some foods that I knew I wouldn't be eating, you know, to get it out of my system. Well, last week my weight was 181, and now it's 187. I feel like 2-3 lbs are actual lbs, but I feel like the rest is just me retaining water from eating foods that I usually wouldn't eat so much of. What do you all think?

Oh, and to any of you out there that are planning to indulge pre-SBD, let me tell you: everything in moderation! I indulged too much (obviously), and it wasn't that fantastic while I did it, and now I'm feeling bloated and uncomfortable. :o Even before the diet, this needs to be a lifestyle change. Probably the most irresponsible thing I've done in a long time. Nevertheless, it's time to move forward and make the right choices. Thanks for any input, 3FC chicks!

06-29-2008, 05:58 PM
Hi Audrey.

I am starting SBD tomorrow, and just like you I took a week to plan and clear out my cabinets and eat some of the foods that I love that I would not be able to have anymore. I also did this while calorie counting, but so I would not go over I just picked the foods I absolutely knew I would miss the most. I gained 1 lb, but it could also be because it is that time of the month for me.

Don't fret the weight gain. At least you realized it wasn't the best thing for you to do, and to be honest that is kind of a blessing. Making mistakes is what helps people to grow. I know when I would feel guilty about going over my calories, it would make me eat according to my plan for the rest of that week.

Good luck on your diet! Just stay strong. When are you starting?

06-29-2008, 06:10 PM
we indulged before we started SBD.... I didn't weigh so I have no idea how much I gained... but i ate all the things I thought i would never have again.

truthfully that was over 2 years ago. some of them I've had since then. some I have not (and I don't miss them)... just know you're on your way...

06-29-2008, 08:00 PM
It's really hard to tell whether the weight you gained is true poundage or just water weight. If you lose the pounds within 2 or 3 days, then it probably was water weight.
Try to remember how you feel after eating a lot of the "bad" carbs, that helps me to stay on track. As long as I'm eating on plan, I feel so good and have lots of energy, but if I plan a "cheat", I end up feeling bloated and run down. Like you said, this has to be a lifestyle change.

06-30-2008, 12:52 PM
Hi you guys! Thank you so much for the support!

Lucy: I started yesterday, June 29th.

So I've only been doing this one day, and yesterday I had a veggie and protein packed day, and was only a little grumpy by the end of the night. I got on the scale this morning just to see what was up. Even though my tummy is still more bloated than I'm comfortable with, the scale already went down 3 lbs: back to 184! So i'm sure a lot of it is water weight. And speaking of it: water water water! I drank a lot of it yesterday, and I'm sure it is helping. Good luck to you all! Lucy, let us know how your first day goes!