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06-29-2008, 02:22 AM
I posted new pictures on my blog... 60 pounds gone. I cannot believe I have lost this much weight! Thank you all for your support :)


06-29-2008, 02:37 AM
wow u look totally awesome!!! Congrats on your amazing weight loss.

06-29-2008, 02:37 AM
You look AWESOME!!!!! You must be feeling very good!

Keep up the excellent work!

06-29-2008, 09:42 AM

Fantastic!!! You look wonderful. I can really see a big difference. I bet you feel great too.

BTW - where's your face in those pictures - next time, can we have a peek.

06-29-2008, 09:44 AM
Lyn, I've been following your progress on your blog for a little while now, and I'm so excited for you! That is a lot of weight lost, and you look great!

By the way, I made the squash mac n' cheese and it knocked my socks off :)

auntie g
06-29-2008, 09:46 AM
Wow! Great job! :bravo:

06-29-2008, 09:53 AM
Lyn, you are looking FABULOUS!!! You are SUCH an inspiration. I admire you greatly.

What an incredible gift you are giving to yourself. Keep up the amazing work. :cheer3::cheer2::cheer3:

06-29-2008, 10:05 AM
you look awesome :) well doen 60 pounds is so great in such a short amount of time

06-29-2008, 11:30 AM
Looking fabulous!! :woohoo:

06-29-2008, 12:20 PM
Woohoo! You are looking FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work.

06-29-2008, 12:35 PM
Lyn, you look fantastic. If I had to guess from the pictures, I would have said you'd lost way more than 60 pounds. The change is tremendous. Great job!


06-29-2008, 04:25 PM
You look fantastic!! :bravo:

06-29-2008, 05:40 PM
You look wonderful!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures with us, its great inspiration!

06-29-2008, 06:27 PM
wow! such an inspiration!!

06-30-2008, 07:50 AM
Wow!!!! You go girl!! You can definitely see a diference from 50 lbs down - especialy in your arms - and the rib cage area - which now curves in!!

And in spite of all your life stress right now - you hit a big success!Congratulations :) :) :) Go treat yourself to something fabulous!!!

06-30-2008, 10:06 AM
wow!! you are looking awesome :)

06-30-2008, 01:24 PM
Great job Lyn, I can't believe you don't see a difference, you look great in those pix! Hope all is going well and things are working out for the best for you. You are a great example of how to keep on plan through stressful times.

06-30-2008, 01:47 PM
:cp: WOW Lyn you are SUCH an inspiration!! You have come such a long way and you look GREAT!!!

06-30-2008, 02:44 PM
Your pictures look AWESOME!!!

Great Job!! :bravo:

06-30-2008, 03:24 PM
I can definitely see a difference from the 50 lb. pic's. You are looking fantastic! I've been following your blog too, and it is so inspiring. It has really helped me to keep going. I'm so proud of you for not giving up on your weight loss through this stressful time. Now whenever life throws you a curve ball you can look back on this. You'll know you made it through a really tough time without junk food to comfort yourself and you can do it again. :bravo:

07-01-2008, 12:03 PM
Thanks everyone!

Funny thing, yesterday I was wearing a new tank top (yeah my arms suck but I don't care, it was hot here!). This tank top was form fitting and when I walked past a mirror I saw the NON HUGE me!! I had to stop and look, "who is THAT?" I even stood there and posed a few times. If I stood with my big arms sort of behind my back, and only looked from the waist up, I looked NORMAL weight! And curvy! It made me smile. Visions of things to come :)

07-01-2008, 12:10 PM
I agree with the others - you're looking great!

And I hear ya on the flashes of your non huge self when you see your reflection. I get them once in awhile... and I have to stop and be impressed. I pretty much live for those glimpses now... I need them more often!

fancy daisy
07-01-2008, 01:19 PM
Congrats!! You look amazing! Keep up the great work.

07-01-2008, 07:15 PM
Yay Lyn! Great job! I'm going to take a page from your book and wear a tank top tomorrow. I am so self conscious, but it is hot and humid here too. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!

07-01-2008, 07:24 PM
Congrats...you look really great!! ;)

07-01-2008, 11:08 PM
i read a couple of your blogs from the beginning..your raw thoughts on your journey from beginning to present are interesting to read and i share some of your views. you look great! keep up the good work!! your story is motivating

07-02-2008, 01:01 AM
Lookin' great!

07-02-2008, 05:04 PM
Woohoo! You look awesome sister! Congrats on your success.

07-02-2008, 05:22 PM
Love your blog, read it every day. You are doing wonderfully

07-02-2008, 06:12 PM
Lyn, you are looking SO good! I'm really impressed at your determination!

07-02-2008, 09:09 PM
You are looking great! There is a huge difference between the start up pics and the 60lb pics! Your pics are a huge inspiration for someone like me, who started out at about the same starting weight. I can't wait to be down in 16/18's!