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03-20-2002, 08:38 AM
Welcome to Christian Encouragers! We are a group who will be there for you in encouragement and prayer. Everyone is welcome!

03-20-2002, 08:56 AM
Blessing to all,
It is cold and keeps raining on and off here. They keep saying that it is going to cold here by thur. Where is my spring weather we have had all WINTER! My MIL got to go home but will have surgery in 3 weeks. My FIL is still doing the same. I have caught myself snacking when I shouldn't. I need to get out of this slump I am in. Thur my DD is going to a friends so maybe I will just relax and scrapbook!

Zoe-I am so happy you found a dress so soon! Enjoy the event!

De-I am praying that your family and you are feeling better.

Patricia-Way to go on 1 lb gone for good!

Bethanne-Way to go on your loose pants. Little things like that keep me going. Just think about the next size down!

Wilma-I hope you get your walking in! I just can't walk when it is bitter cold out.

Ginny-We have been hit with the same bug here in Indy. My DD was sick sat night. Praying you and your family are feeling better.

Chicks for christ-This bug thing is spreading like wild fire!! Praying you are feeling better.

Angel Cat-Thank you for your prayer. I would not get caught up in what the charts say. Go by what looks good on you! If at 150 you feel good and look good then that is where you should be.

Pravda-How is being 30 feel now? Your only as old as you feel (boy do I feel old these days! LOL)

Sherry-Way to go on .5 lbs. I do that where I barly loose then I get on and I have lost 5.

Thank you for all your Prayers!
May the Lord Bless and keep you!

03-20-2002, 11:09 AM
Good Morning!
Sami- as busy as you are, thanks for starting the new thread.
Sounds as though your inlaws are stable, for now- an answer to prayer. Keep praying, about yourself too. You are under so much stress. Leave your worries at Jesus feet. And I will continue to pray for you.
I would like to ask for some prayer coverage for Dd (15). She is under so much stress- her softball coach really has put pressure on her. Thanks.
Gotta go for my walk.
have a great day.

03-20-2002, 11:11 AM
Good Morning! It must be cold everywhere, Sami. It's -26C here this am. It's been like this for a week now and is supposed to stay until the weekend. Today is supposed to be the first day of spring!!! Needless to say I have wimped out again and haven't walked. I can feel it in my waistline that I haven't been exercising.

It's spring break for me next week and Ds is going to BC with a friend. DH and I will go away for a couple of days and then spend the rest of the time at home. I hope to get some quality exercise time in then. I would like to establish a routine that is easy to do.

All of you who are doing so well: Keep it up! I need you for inspriation!!

I better get to work now. I'll talk more later!

03-20-2002, 01:01 PM
Didnt see the new thread!I hope the weather is better for your DS when she comes to B.C. Wilma. We just got dumped with a lot of snow here the past couple of days. It looks like winter not spring.If its not snowing its raining.I love the snow though,even though you dont have to shovel the rain.They say in Vancouver you dont tan you rust.Its one of the places where you can have pouring rain,ugly weather, but still go skiing.Way to go on everybodys weight loss. I hope to be able to post some loss soon. :cry: I havent been able to stick to anything yet. I guess I'm just not ready.

03-20-2002, 02:01 PM
I guess I should not complain, we could be having a drought. I enjoy the rain, if I can stay at home and not have to get out in it. But, I love Spring, so I am anxious for that to get here, but on the bad side, summer in Texas is no fun, so I guees I better enjoy the cold while I can. In a few weeks I will be whinning about the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilma- you can keep your -26c! I can not believe that it is that cold in Canada! I talked to one person from there that said it had snowed yesterday! I think they were in the Quebec area.

Sami-you sound busy. Glad to hear that your inlaws are doing a little better. I am enjoying 30, so far! I guess it isnt all that bad!

Ginny-Will be praying for your Dd. I think that sport coaches can be too hard on these kids sometimes. I hope you had a great walk today!

For all those that has lost weight- CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

Well, my brother inlaw had a heart attack on Saturday. He had a Stint put in on Monday and will have to go back for another one in a few weeks.
Then yesterday, my sister inlaw had to put her dog, that she had had for 18yrs, to sleep. So this week has been a trying one for our family. It is never too quiet around here anyway. I hate waiting for "the other shoe to drop!" I am praying that this will be all.

I have been really falling off the wagon. I try to get back on track and I am so easily derailed by things that I know that are bad for me. I have had a string of bad eating days.
I still have not been back to the gym. I guess I have convinced myself that it doesnt matter what I do, this weight aint coming off! I hate myself for being so easly pushed over the edge!!!!!!

I really want to be in shape and at a good weight for me, I am tired of being FAT and ugly. I guess satan has convinced me that I am not able to do this. But I do know other wise! I have gone down 10lbs and I am down like 4 sizes! I am just frustrated with the whole thing.

Anyway, enough whinning.

03-20-2002, 03:00 PM

Pravda, when I read your last post I started to :cry:It reminded me of me. I know how you feel because I feel that way sometimes too.You are on the right road,at least you are doing something about it. It takes time and we didnt gain this weight overnight.I pray for everyone here before I go to sleep at night and wonder why I cant do it.I need a better incentive, I think. I'll just picture my prince charming waiting for me down the road,lol.
God Bless, you can do it.

03-20-2002, 11:30 PM
Good evening!!!!
Nice to see all the posts today!!
Wilma- I do hope that your spring break is all that you want it to be,including restful and healthy! I might be strange.........but I really like winter weather.......the cold and the snow.......(the rest of my family thinks I am a bit off!)
Chick- oh, it is so hard to get inspired, don't we all know! ( I am in a bit of a slump now myself). But, the best reason- other than that overeating is not in obedience with what the Lord wants for us, is to take good care of ourselves (guess that is still the obedience issue, huh?). You will be able to do this! And how right that you are, that becoming overweight did not happen overnight and losing will also take time. Pray- talk to Him about what is bothering you and ask Him for His help. And we are always here for a big hug, smile:) and word of encouragment.
Pravda- maybe try to take this one day at a time. Set one day - just one- to go back to the gym. Maybe that will help you break out of this slump. So much stress in your family too- sounds like you need some time for yourself.
It is getting late, dear ladies and I had better get some rest. :yawn:
I did get 2 walks in today- for a total of 6 miles.
An answer to prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thank you Lord and to those who prayed) Dd's softball practice today was cancelled! So she came home at normal time, 4:30 instead of the normal almost 7 pm. (practice was cancelled because it snowed all day at school, which is 20 miies NW of home).
I had better get to bed. Sleep in peace!

03-21-2002, 08:38 AM
Blessing this morning,
I am looking forward to today because today is my day off and my DD is going to a friends for a play day so I have the day to myself! I am hoping to relax and scrapbook. Thank all of you for your prayers.

chick for christ and Pravda- I feel your pain when I blow it I also say to myself Why do I keep doing the things I don't want to do? I am going to pick one thing to change and do it all week like no fast food then the next week I will add drinking a glass of water before each meal the ect..... I can't jump in and make big changes at once or I can't stick to it. So I am making small changes one week at a time.

Pravda-I am praying for your brother in law and for your family. Keep us posted how he is doing.

Ginny-The Lord hear our Prayer! My kids play sports and we have had some real Loser coaches! My ds had one for football that treated him really mean had the other kids pick on him. And my son didn't tell until a year later. Said if we would of said anything to the coach it would have made it worse for him. He was in 6th grade. I will keep your dd in prayer.

Wilma-It is turning cold here. I had spring flowers comming up and now the temp has dropped again. Enjoy your time off.

Have a OP day and we are missing a lot of MIA come back!


03-22-2002, 07:34 AM
Good Happy Friday....
Ok everybody up and do "The Happy Friday Dance.":dizzy:
I start each Friday out this way with me kids....My daughter thinks I'm crazy...What's up with that?:lol:

Sami...I'm coming to your house. I am sooo behind on my scrapbooking. And I have to do the one for my son's school.
This has been a pretty good week for me. I lost 3 lbs. Now the total lost since Oct. is 48 lbs. woo hooo...One of my best friends sent me a beautiful basket of flowers yesterday at work. The card said "I'm proud of you." I'm so very thankful for the friends that God has blessed me with.
Still trying to walk every day. Son has started baseball and we have a game tonight....and brrrr it is cold here in Georgia again.
Come on SPRING!:D

Have a Super Friday everyone.

start 258: now 210.....mini goal 200

03-22-2002, 10:44 AM
Yay! I lost 5 lbs this week. I'm shocked, but really happy. :) Had a good week, just really busy at work, so I need to keep this short. I'm praying for all of you!!!

03-22-2002, 10:52 AM
Motivation! Self Control! Determination! Where the heck are these in my life right now? I too am doing "terrible". The wedding is June 1st. and I'm depressed and disgusted with myself. I will be the largest sister @ nephew's wedding and I swore I wouldn't be. PRAY for me girls & Gary. ( any other men sitting on the side).

Winter has returned to Southern Ontario. High winds, snow flurries and temperatures in the teens. The poor robins be hiding wishing they'd have stayed south a few more weeks.
As for the budding flowers, who knows if they can withstand this change. Silly weather we be having. Spring is here right?
I wish to go directly to summer now!

I wish all of you a super Weekend. I do the Friday yippppeeeee dance also.
Hugs to all of you from the farm.

In Christ Always,
Sister Joanne

03-22-2002, 11:18 AM
I bought a new scale yesterday. I know you're not supposed to rely on the scale too much but I still seem to need to weigh myself. It was a bit of a shock when I got on it. Now I know that I need to do something about it. I actually stayed away from sugar yesterday. Now I need to lower my carbs and increase my veggies. With spring break next week I hope to get into a routine with exercising.

I've been doing a lot of reading on fitness and the underlying message is to work at getting fit and the eating will follow. So, that's what I'm going to do. I find that going on "diets" don't work for me because it's easy to go off them. If I exercise I try to eat properly so as not to sabatoge the work I've done.

Gutchie: It seems like winter is hanging on everywhere. We haven't seen bare ground yet let alone flowers! I hope you can get back on track. I know exactly how you're feeling. Let's do it!

Beth Anne: WTG on the 5 lbs.!! You're doing awesome!!

Monica: You're also doing awesome. 48 lbs is a lot of weight!!

Sami: I hope you enjoyed your day alone. I love it when that happens. Next year with DS going off to college I'll probably have more than I need. DS is off with friends to BC today and DH is home for spring break so time all to myself will be rare. That's okay though. Busy season will be here soon for DH and I won't see much of him then.

Ginny: YOu're doing great with your walking. Come and get me and we'll go together.

Pravda: Please don't be so down on yourself. You're a beautiful person and the more you call yourself down the worse you'll feel. Concentrate on the good things about you and you'll feel better and then be able to deal with the hard things in your life.

It sounds like we all need a little lift! Let's lift each other up in prayer. God cares so much about us and He want us to communicate our feelings to Him. He made us and He knows what we need.

Have a great day!

03-22-2002, 07:58 PM
Hi Ladies-- I have been away from the thread for awhile as far as posting however, I have been reading the posts. I have been so busy with church, son and step-daughter softball games, daughter tennis matches and son, again, track meets--oh yea--I have also been on my new elliptical trainer [if I am not watching MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL--my wife just loves that !!!HA-HA!!
Quickly-Ginny, I can relate to your daughters' coach problems! My daughters' tennis coach is NOT a very nice man-- but it is hard to do anything when they are college coaches--we pray ALOT!! Maybe you can talk Monica into doing the Happy Friday dance next week with a curse on him--if it works I will get her to do one for my daughters' coach!!! What do ya say Monica?
Joanne, you are breaking my heart-- life is too good and too short to feel that way--If diets are not working [ I don't want to upset anybody 'cause I love you all, but I am not a big fan of diets because I think MOST PEOPLE have a hard time following them and when they fail they go right back to the problem that got them there in the first place--- OLD HABITS stay with us]
I think the best way is to just change the way you eat so it becomes NATURAL!! Be right back

03-22-2002, 08:14 PM
Prevention had a good article this month-- it said to cut your plate in half--that half fill up with ALL the fruit and veggies you want-- cut the other half into quarters, one quarter for bread, rice, potato, etc.-the next quarter for your meat-- if you are still hungry eat more fruit and veggies. Only put good things into your body and after awhile that is all you want-- I WAS A FAST FOOD JUNKIE after my first wife left--thank the good LORD He brought me a health concious wife. Then get out and exercise at YOUR own pace--it becomes a way of life--not a diet that you have to stick to. Don't worry about the weight--IN TIME-- it will go as you improve your lifestyle--Start today and by next summer you will be the HOTTEST babe on the beach!!! My daughter walks into the house from school--and her dorm at college craving fruit, this is what she eats--my son walks in craving JUNK--cause that is what he puts into his body [although he is getting better]
Sorry for going on and on-- I just worry about you guys!!!
I know the loss of the pounds are what you strive for but it seems that if there is no weight loss then everything goes back to the way it was--and you have to start over. Don't start over--just start a new lifestyle--- LOVE YOU GUYS--IN HIS LOVE-Gary

03-23-2002, 08:22 AM
Good Morning dear friends,
Another tough week has come to an end........and so far the job change has not gone well (still praying that I can find another job before I leave my present one).
Thanks to each of you for your encouraging words. I hope to get on here later and be able to leave a more lengthy post with personal responses. For now, gotta go feed the hungry mob.

03-23-2002, 09:50 AM
Good Morning everyone :wave:

Just stopping in for a moment, on my way to the basket of laundry here :( ~ I just wanted to say hello since I've not been here in a few days. I really didn't realize it was that long! :?:

I have a black tie affair to attend tomorrow and I've been frantically trying to FIT into something. :lol: It's taking up all my time too but I pray that you all are donig great and staying healthy. I'll post this weekend, I promise.

Love in Christ,
Zoe <><

03-23-2002, 06:48 PM
Hi all! I just had to come on here and let you know that I have been out for a walk. Yes, a walk!!!! I did 2 miles and while my legs feel like rubber I know that in time I will get them back into shape again. I have also been sugar free for 3 days now. I hope to make this a habit.

DH and I are leaving for a couple of days after church tomorrow so I won't be able to be on here until Wednesday. I'll talk to you again then.

Have a great weekend!!

03-24-2002, 09:37 AM
:angel: Good Morning

Well I spent ALL day at the ball field yesterday. Son had his first game at 8:30 and we finished at 6:30....They won 3 out of 4 and placed 3rd.:D It was a fun day watching the kids....There was several teams of kids that I teach so I had to watch some of their games also.

ECMOM...I'm praying for you and your job situation.

Wilma...2 miles WTG....Hope that you and your husband have a wonderful trip...be safe.

Zoe....How was the black tie affair?

Gary...thanks for your encouraging words.

Blessing to you all...and anyone else I forgot.

I read this in a book this week and it really made an inpact on me:

"The one You love is (fill in the blank for your own needs) The words of a the prayer vary, but the response never changes. The Savior hears the prayer. He silences heaven, so He won't miss a word. He hears the prayers."
Our love is ever changing...Praise God His stays the same.

Have a wonderful Lord's day.

Love you in Christ,

03-24-2002, 09:55 AM
Good Palm Sunday Morning! Just wanted to say hi. Today is also my son's 22nd birthday. He wants to play golf for his birthday, like that was something new on a saturday and sunday. Ha!

Wilma ~ good going on that walk. I have not been on my treadmill in 3 days. :( Today doesn't look good for it either but tomorrow, Monday, I will be back in my routine. Keep up the good work....walking is just a great form of weight loss exercise.

Monica ~ I know you had fun on the ball field. When my daughter was young, I was her softball coach and it was so much fun....not just the couching but watching those kids play. I miss those days when she was that innocent. :angel: My black tie affair is tonight....why on a Sunday? :?:

Ginny ~ My prayers are with you and your job situation. I am praying that the Lord brings you THE perfect situation for you and your life.

Gary ~ I really enjoyed your paragraph on the cutting your plate in half thing. It really IS true although I tend to not do it. I've been better lately though, somewhat better but on my way. One day at a time. Oh, and March Madness is a problem at our house too. :lol:

Hello to everyone else. Have a wonderful Lord's Day and I will talk to y'all tomorrow. The black tie thingy is tonight, 6:30-1100 so I will be busy before that and pooped after it. It's a fundraiser for the hospital so it's for a good cause.

In Christ,

03-26-2002, 09:04 PM
just bringing this up to the top so everyone can see the old posts in here. I think this thread got lost somewhere.......:?:

03-26-2002, 09:21 PM
Hi everyone-- I have been busy, my son just had his 21st birthday yesterday--the wife, ex-wife my daughter and I took him out for dinner and "A" drink [step-daughter off in Ireland with her father this week, actually two] His boy/girl friends then took him out to the pizza/brewery in town, about 16-18 kids all having fun with their Designated Drivers!!!!! I was in bed when he got home but he looked just fine when he got home from mid-terms and track practice this evening. Going my 400 mile round trip to my daughters tennis match tomorrow-- I don't even think she is playing, only top 6 will go and she is #8 at the moment-- they are playing the #6 team in college in the nation.
Well gotta get dinner going the wife is pulling in the drive and I am in TROUBLE! Just kidding- she loves me. Later- God Bless you ALL-In Christ, Gary

03-27-2002, 10:39 AM
Hi there! I'm jumping in on your fun ! Actually Zoe invited me, we have a thread on buddy up called Is there any christians. Feel free to jump in on that one too. I'm 39, single, no children. I'm doing a 1400 cal. diet, there's that 4-letter word again:lol: I have lost 43lbs so far, since 1/2/02. I walk my treadmill every morning for 30 mins. and love 3fc web for its motivation, and inspiration. I never thought I would have the good fortune of finding so many brothers/sisters in christ, what a blessing!!!
EZMONEY- its great! your such a supportive dad, there are many parents that are too busy to participate in their kid's life's.Kudos to you!!! and I also liked the idea of dividing the plate. It would be great to use at a buffet also, when there are so many options. Hope you all have a great day!! Love in christ <><

03-27-2002, 09:48 PM
Hi everyone and hi Sue ~ So glad that you popped in here. I think we have 2 threads going at the same time for some reason so I am going to 'copy and paste' your note as well as Gary's......For some reason, we have 2 going at once so come over to #141. :)

Sue ~ I am going to come into your group too. I usually don't post every day but I'll be there. :)

Hope everyone is doing great.....

In Christ's Love,
Zoe <><