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06-27-2008, 09:08 AM
Hi Chicks

Wow, I had some great plans for yesterday and they completely fell through. I had to go work the front desk at church til noon and planned on coming home and doing some more yard work then taking it easy for a hour and laying out to catch a few relaxing rays (I know, its not healthy, I don't care). BUT! I wound up being at church until 3pm, so needless to say when I got home the kids had wrecked the house, Mr. Destruction was in top form being a booger, and AF had me totally drained. So all I got done was getting 3 of my flowers dead headed, dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and I got dinner done, Thats It! UGH!!

Yesterday was also DD's 16th birthday and she had drivers ed to finish plus basketball so we didn't do anything for her b-day. Not to mention she's on my doo-doo list anyhow because of her attitude lately. I planned on giving her 100$ but now I'm thinking more like 25 or 50 since she seems to think my only function in life is to give her everything she wants and if I don't she'll go crying to her dad and his side of the family and then they want her to come over so they can kiss her butt,AAAAH, it makes me so mad.

fergi, I know what you're feeling, trust me. My daughter gets upset with us and she'll run off to her dads about once a year telling me she never gets to see him and blah,blah,blah. Then when she gets over there, they treat her like a second class citizen and she comes home crying and upset because it wasn't all peaches and cream like she hoped for, and I always have that I told you so moment.

Kerry, have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I used to get nosebleeds and headaches at the same time, when I was married to Satan, turns out my blood pressure was spiking pretty high during those times. Although I do get nasty headaches now usually right after I do the mowing. I think as I've gotten older I've become more sensitive to the dust and pollen. Could be you need to wear a mask when you mow, I probably do, but I'm not gonna.

Be back soon, emergency! T

06-27-2008, 09:30 AM
Morning all...another day off. DH and i will be heading off soon to go biking around Lake Altoona. Then we may go looking at motorcycles. We've been thinking of ways to help save gas...and i've always wanted a motorcycle...so DH is thinking about us getting one for me. We need to take a drivers corse etc since i've never driven one. Wouldn't it be fun though LOL

Joan- as for the cat question. First off...what are you feeding him??? 1/2 cup 2 x day is alot but you don't want to reduce his food too much. At a famous feline wt loss clinic in the UK they don't just weight...they use several other methods to monitor wt loss. A good way to get the cat to exercise is put his meals in a puzzle ball...its a ball used to dispense treats to dogs...it makes the cat exercise some. I would highly recommend getting your cat on a perscription wt loss diet...from your vet..not just otc. Some of my favorite are Science diet M/D and royal Canin Calorie control. Most cats don't get hypothryoidism like dogs and human (although there have been rare cases). They ususally get hyperthyroidism...which causes extreme wt loss. First and foremost...i would get on a percription diet. And then start by feeding 1/4 cup am and 1/2 cup pm for a few weeks then go to 1/4 cup twice daily. Increasing exercise is the BIGGEST thing...just like humans. PM me if you have any more questions.

Alright all...got to get ready for biking...check back later

06-27-2008, 09:53 AM

GG, that does sound like fun, I keep telling DH he could get a scooter for the kids to do their running around, they laughed at me.

Erin, great job with the 2.2! any loss is a good loss and you're doing the right way, so Congrats!!

Toni, I need to get a bike. I keep telling DH I want one and he keeps saying he'll get me one and now 2 years later I still don't have one. Maybe I just need to go buy it and let the chips fall where they may.

Lisa, You go girl, make sure you make some time for Lisa too though. Work can be rewarding but too much work is just too much work.

Joan, my cat is fat and lazy too. My oldest son feeds him on demand. Actually he's not really fat, he has some belly fat that hangs and swings when he walks it's totally funny. But I'm pretty sure that he still probably eats too much cause the next to oldest son has to scoop the litter box and he complains constantly that he can't keep up with the output, ha, ha!

Off for the day, didn't really have an emergency, big DD was having a crisis in her room, she couldn't find her socks in her massive pile of dirty laundry in her closet and people were waiting for her to go to practice.
She's driving me Nuts:dizzy:


06-27-2008, 11:23 AM
Hi guys,

Just a drive-by. Cass is still on the disabled list so we are probably going to hit the ER again this afternoon. My pediatrician is closed today, so I really don't have another choice. They would probably tell me to take her to the ER anyhow since they don't have xray machines. Ugh. Not how I'd chose to spend a couple of hours with two kids.

I hope you guys are having an awesome Friday!!

06-27-2008, 12:49 PM
GG ~ thanks for the info. I actually give him 1/2 c. of dry cereal 1 x day. He needs a check up so will get him in to see the vet. I think that you're right about the exercise. He pretty much lays around and sleeps all day long. Regarding the motorcycle.... DH and I just had this conversation. He wants to buy a Honda to get to and from work too. He is not looking at it as a new toy but merely as a way to save $$$. I told him that sure he could save gas $$$ but could he afford the alimony and child support LOL. They're just so dangerous and we live a good 30 minutes away from his work place. Good luck and be careful!!!!!!

lois lane
06-27-2008, 01:50 PM
Happy Friday everyone!

I just got off from work today, got home and the house is in pretty good shape, plus I'm not exhausted this time. So I can't complain, lol.

Karen, hope the kids are feeling better. My son had hurt his knee a while back, no fracture or anything. It took him a while to feel better.

Joan, I have to laugh at your comment about your DH and the motorcycle.

GG, I've driven through Atlanta a couple of times and I have to say this, it was scary enough for me in my car, lol. I know you are a much braver girl than me though.

Trish, its good to see you back. I have the same problem with my DD. She's only 13 so I guess I have a long way to go. Her birthday was cut way back this year because she just isn't appreciative. Sad but true.

Well ladies, if I can get my kiddos together we're going to go and meet my DH for lunch somewhere.

I really need to start exercising again. Kicks in the butt please!

Talk later, Alicia

06-27-2008, 02:03 PM
good morning,

had a good bike yesterday kids enjoyed the park. My brother and his family are coming over tonight. He is going to make dinner for me and this afternoon I am teaching a friend how to make a couple kinds of bread, so a day full of cooking for me. :) (maybe tmi but here goes...) DH just dropped off his post-vasectomy sample this morning, keep you fingers crossed for me that there are no "swimmers" left. :D

Karen, good luck at the ER, keep us posted.

Trish, Good luck with your DD, it is a tough age. I teach high school and it always amazes me how much nicer they are to their teachers than their parents.:(

GG, DH has an ancient motorcyle that I tried riding once, it was a lot of fun. I went really slow and only stayed on our road. I think I would be pretty nervous riding on big highways.

06-27-2008, 05:29 PM
afternoon all. Well we did go run errands and look. We also signed up for a motorcycle course thr the dmv. It was full until sept. I am going to wait until the course to decide to buy a motorcycle. We are looking at a used honda rebel since they are cheep and light weight ...good for women. My commute to work does not involve the interstate. But i know there's risk to a motorcycle. I think my DH is a bit worried about the risk...but I think he also agrees. The rebel averages about 50-70 mpgs. Can't argue with that...it would save some much $$$ it would probably pay itself off in a year or more since we'd pretty much stop driving the truck except for home depot or horse runs.

Having a great grilled chicken tonight with fresh oregano, basil and parsley and jalepeno fresh from my garden. If only my tomatoes were ready and then i wouldn't have had to buy one at the store today LOL. Soon the matos will be ready. (:

Alright all..i'm off..have a good one

06-27-2008, 09:02 PM
Hey all,

Trish, I am having me time tomorrow. A girlfriend and I are going out to see the new Sex and the City Movie, and maybe Spegetti Warehouse (if I can get directions).

This is soo sad, but I came home tonight from work and put on my pjs. I was just so tired and not feeling well that I may even go to bed early ~ even though I know I can stay up late.

Later gals,


06-27-2008, 09:21 PM
Evening Everyone,
I spend the morning at ER. I woke up with another nosebleed. So my dh told me to get my butt to the hospital. They think it is caused by severe allergies. But I have an appointment with my family doctor to get checked out. The only bad thing is that I couldn't get in until July 7th at 2:30 p.m. They did a cats scan of my head this morning. So I got a shot in bum and came home and slept 3 hours. I don't have a lot of energy right. I am waiting before I take a pain pill for my headache. Those suckers are potent!
Did go out to dinner tonight with my dh. I got a 6 oz. steak, salad with oil and vinger dressing and grilled veggies. So I was still go on my diet. Now if I could just excerise I know that I would feel better. But I didn't want to over do it today. I am hoping that tomorrow I can atleast go for a walk or do one of my walking dvd's. My bp was 142/90. So I will definately have the family doctor check my bp on the 7th.
Toni, I hope that your dh's test results come back that he has no swimmers. My dh had that done 4 years ago. So when they asked me for a urine sample today, I asked why. They said that they needed to make sure I was not pg. I laughed at them and said if I am I'm in trouble, my dh is a dead man and I am going to sue his doctor. I said he is sterile. But they said that they had to follow hospital prodcere and check anyway. So what did your brother fix you for dinner this evening?
GG, I have talked with my dh about getting a scooter for me to ride back and forth to work. Especially if gas prices keep rising. It took me $71 to fill up my van tonight. Your dinner sounds yummy! Hope you enjoyed it!
Joan, loved your comment about your dh and the motorcycle! Hope your cat gets to feeling better soon.
Alicia, could you start walking again? I remember when you were walking that you felt so much better. Did you ever get any of Leslie Sansone's Walk away the Pounds videos/dvds? It is well worth your money. Hope you enjoyed your lunch with your family!
Lisa wow that is great that your dept. is up in sales. But you need to take care of yourself, so you can go to work. Hope you can relax a little bit this weekend!
Karen, so how is the little patient this evening? I hope that she is able to walk some on it now. That would be scary not knowing what is really wrong with her leg. Hope you have a nice weekend! Your week sure has been a long one for you.
Trish, hope you had a good day today. I hope that you were able to eat on your plan. I hear you about your dd. My sdd is 12 and boy has she gotten moodier in the last year or so since she started her AF. She is a spoiled little thing. I kept telling her dad that he was creating a monster. He finally realized it and has told her that she is going to learn not to be spoiled. He has stopped spoiling her for the most part. Makes for long days when they start the day in a mood, doesn't it?
Hi to everyone else. Hope you are all having a great Friday!
Enjoy your weekend! I will try to check in with everyone. But if you don't hear from me for a day or so, you know that I am sleeping my headaches away with my meds.
Take care,

06-27-2008, 10:45 PM
Hi...stomach virus today...ugh...hope everyone's day was better than mine!

06-28-2008, 12:11 AM
Lauren sorry to hear that you are sick today. Hope you start to feel better!
Boy is this the week for us and our families to be under the weather. I just took one of my headache pills about 30 minutes ago. They are starting to kick in and make me sleepy. So I will check in with you all tomorrow. Have a nice evening!
Take care,