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03-19-2002, 10:52 PM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

03-19-2002, 11:27 PM
Good Evening to all~~Boy I'm late or early one. I'm just so busy I can't find time to do anything extra, and it's going to get busier, fishing is starting. I'm still working on the room. I spent all day yesterday in town, one or another. I couldn't find a border I wanted to come up with a way I can make it myself without standing on a ladder and painting. I bought some cheap border in two sizes. Four inch at the top and 6 in the middle. I bought a lighter gray and I'm painting the border that color. I just got through drawing up a template of leaves and those I will put on the painted border. Some of the leaves will lap over onto the wall off the border. I thank it will be very pretty, but will take much time to do. I like doing that sort of a thing though. I'll take pictures about a year from now when I finish. Right now I have bran muffins baking for hubby. I have to get up at 3 in the morning too, he's working over time.

Jo Jo~~As I've already said I'm pushing it to just try to get done what I need to each day. I was sleeping so good this morning when I had to get up. I usually go to bed at 10:00 and by 12:30 I'm up going to the bathroom. Last night I went to bed at 9:00 and I heard the TV on at 2:30 and I hadn't even woke up once. Very good idea about the paint, but I have decided to stick with what I have going. I hope your food is still going well.

Skeeter~~I seen you was on line when I copied these post down to answer. I bet you start a new thread, and I've already started one. You do just like I do when you get on the phone, talk 90 miles a min and still forget half of what you meant to say. I was nice to talk to you. I have one of the ATT cards on the way for you. You can call lots when you get it. Send that picture back to me again, I want to save that. You need to put that one in the album, it's a nice picture. In July here you can tan your skin with a fan it's so hot. We've had some really good rain for two days now. I heard on the TV a few min ago that we are going to have some heavy rains tonight. It's going to mess up our fishing this week end. MUDDY WATER!!!!

Jen~~The Hospital where you work needs to get with it, my daughter gets 100.00 bonus for extra work. I'm assuming you own your own home since your talking about having all that work done on it. That's great someone who is single and owning their on home. I worked a few years ago and spent the money on fencing our whole yard except the drive way. Of course I put it in myself. I dug 97 holes, I still remember very well. However we don't have any rock in our soil. You'll enjoy being able to put the dog out and now worry about it getting run over.
Well the muffins are ready to come out of the oven and I'm ready to go to bed.

03-20-2002, 09:36 AM
Hi All

Just a very quick post to let you know that I'm alive and missing you all.

Unfortunately, we all go through some "dark" periods in our lives and I seem to be going through one myself right now. Which is why I have been so scarce - it seems to be taking all of the engery that I have. :(

I am just so happy that I have my running. It gives me a chance to escape and clear my mind and have moments of sanity. I haven't missed a run yet and am now at just over 30 miles per week.

So once I work through a few things I promise to come back. However, it might not be until May. I honestly haven't even been coming into read - so I'm not sure how everyone is doing. Well I hope.

For any of you who have my personal e-mail address, please feel free to use it. I am trying to stay on top of that at least.

All the best to my dear friends.

Happy Easter.

I hope to be back sooner than later.


03-20-2002, 06:27 PM
Hey everyone :wave:

I got half of my house cleaned today and should be able to finish the other half tomorrow. We got a new thermostat installed today and I haven't been able to get it adjusted yet. It is 84 degrees outside and I am freezing right now. :lol: I keep setting it higher but it is so different than the old one, that it is going to take some time and patience.

Marlana~Thank you for sending the phone card, that was soooo sweet of you. I will send the picture again and I'll put it in the album one of these days. I think it turned out really good too even if I am fat. I don't normally want anyone to see pictures of me but I'm not ashamed of that one. My friend printed an 8 x 10 of it and I framed it and hung it on the wall in the living room. We have a cold front on the way here but not much chance of rain. I was out watching the fire plane and the helicopters fight a wildfire that is just across the river. I guess the wildfires have started for us again this year. :( I am so looking forward to our bass fishing trip on Tuesday that our friends are treating us to. I would never have the money to hire a bass guide so I am going to enjoy this trip to the fullest.

Jen~Hubby saw the doctor yesterday and it is confirmed that he has asthma. Evidently, he hasn't been getting much oxygen at all. Doc put him on an inhaler twice a day. We dropped the script off at the pharmacy at 4 and was told that it wouldn't be ready until 8. This is 'good' news for people that live out in the woods. It is 1 1/2 hour drive round trip. We had no choice but to come home and then go back last night. I told hubby that I would take the dogs and ride with him to keep him company. It's always fun to count the deer that we see after dark. There were 7 of them last night. That is a good idea to get the assignments done while the weather is cold. Especially, since this is the last of it for you. You won't know what to do with yourself when school is over. :D

JoJo~We were joking around and talking about putting all the fans back in the boxes and taking them back. Maybe we better just keep them though in case this thing gives out again during hot weather. I figure that if we developed one leak, chances are good for getting another one. We'll have to start saving some money to replace this unit. Money is very tight right now with us being on a fixed income but with enough time we can build up that savings account. Having to treat for termites before the end of the year really put a big hole in our savings account. It would sure help if we started staying home more. We need to just enjoy the time with our friends because they will be heading back up north soon and then we will be spending too much time at home.

Tobey~I hope that you feel better soon. I'm sure we all know about the dark days and can sympathize with you. You do what you need to do for yourself and come back when you can. I'll add you to my prayers.

I need to go whip something up for dinner. I have some salad that is already cut up and bunches of Lean Cuisine dinners. Y'all have a great evening.

03-21-2002, 07:16 AM
Morning Ladies,
I'm finally back; Jeff's been sick for the last few days and parked himself in front of the computer, of course. I didn't have the heart to shove him away so I could do anything on here. Poor lamb went back to work today, but he still doesn't feel well; he sounds to me like he has a kidney infection/stone/something wrong, but of course he won't go to the doctor; he isn't dying yet. :rolleyes:
Anyway, we're doing okay other than sickness/pestilence. I have PMS, though, and I'm afraid to weigh; I've been eating everything except the paint off the walls for the last two days. I have a luncheon with my oldest today--she was chosen for the character trait "honesty" for the fourth grade and gets her award today. That's pretty good for only being in the school two months, I think. :cool:
Hope you all are doing good---I know Tobey's not up to par lately---hope you feel better, dear; I have those times, too; I know how you feel, and hope you're doing better. Exercise is very good for you now, so keep up the running! Come back as soon as you can.
Skeeter, Mama, Jen, JoJo, everybody, have a wonderful day! Love you all, and I'll be back tomorrow if Little Man goes to work....if not, I'll see if he feels like connecting up the oldest's computer to the internet so I can use hers in her bedroom when he's out here. I know he loaded the ISP on it, but he hasn't run her a phone line.....anyway, I'll try and get in here more often than I have been. I haven't even checked my email in two weeks!
Love you! Have a good one.

03-22-2002, 11:09 AM
Good Morning Ladies~~Making myself take a few min. to write to you all. I've been so busy working on wall paper border. Mostly gathering up suplies. I thank I have what I need now, but I'll be working on this one for a long time. It is slow and time comsuming. I thank I will like it when I'm finished. It is so cold here, it was 19 this morning. Our weather doesn't know what to do. And the poor trees are getting thier buds nipped. My food is still a problem, I don't know when I might get my act together. Is anyone else having a problem, or is it just me???

Tobey~~Sorry to hear that you won't be in for a while. Also sad to hear about a dark time in your life. I hope it ends soon and you can come back and write. We've come to care about you a great deal. Keep on running.

Skeeter~~OK, your house is clean and mine ain't. What can we do about that. I don't have time, and it seems that you have some extra time, how about you running over to my house and helping out. I would trust you to do some cleaning for me.:D The phone card is suppose to be on the way to me, as soon as I get it here, it'll be on it's way to you. I was looking forward to going fishing this week end, but it ain't going to happen. It's too cold and all the streams are muddy from all the rain.

Sally~~Good to have you back, sounds like your house is running about normal. I don't have to share my puter, and believe me I don't want to either. Congrats on the "honesty" award, thats nice. How come I don't have your email address?? It just dawned on me I don't have it in my address book. I used to...what happened to it???? Is it still at Yahoo??

I guess that is it for today. It's back to painting leaves for me. I need to get one section done today so I can fasten that cabinet to the wall for good. Have a great day everyone. Jo Jo where you at??

03-22-2002, 11:47 AM
Good Morning.

Its day one of my long weekend off. I have an eye appointment today. Its been a couple years since I last had my eyes tested and thought it was time to get it done again. I've never completely adjusted to bifocals since getting these glasses. I think the bifocal needs to be a little stronger or someone needs to work with me on using them correctly.

I don't really have plans this weekend, a group from dh's veterans group is going to the gambling boat by bus and he wants to go but I hate to spend that money with just a slight chance of bringing anymore back home with us. Plus, I get started and I just dont want to stop.

Dh was told by his boss that the guy who owns the property is selling so everyone is going to be out of a job before long. The property owner has his owner dealership and I think he wants the business of trailer repair himself. Thats so crappy but not much can be done. The buyers want the whole property. So dh is already starting to look around for something else. Dh really likes this job, really likes his boss to. I'm not near as upset as I was last time. I think we'll be ok till something comes along as he'll have no trouble with unemployment this time.

Marlana, I just missed posting before you this morning. I was just finishing my post and got knocked off line. Oh, you are so much more patient than I am. I do not picture myself hanging wall paper or border. My mil did a room once and it took them forever to finish it. It was a pattern where you had to match everything up. Yesterday was a crappy food day for me. Too much junk food at work. And I'm such a carb addict its terrible. Carbs have always been my downfall and I need to find some sort of food plan that can help me with that. I know I couldn't give them up completely. Dh wants to lose weight to so its got to be something we both can do. I've been thinking about checking out Somersizing. Its food combining. You can have all the fats you want but carbs, you don't eat them with certain foods but can have them at other times of the day. I may see if I can get the book at the library before I buy it.

Sally, thats great your dd was honored for being honest. I think stuff like that is good for kids and I wish they'd done stuff like that when I was a kid. Maybe I'd of done better and liked school better. I was just so shy and I think people just forgot about me but it seems like they try to draw kids out more now than they used to.

Skeeter, It is cold here today. Yesterday it was cold and windy and overnight it was supposed to drop down to 13 degrees. The weekend isn't supposed to be much better except for tomorrow is supposed to get up to 50. So much for spring. We were watching some squirrels out the window at work yesterday and I started thinking about you. This one is so funny. There is a small tree that has these red berries on it and the berries are all gone in the convenient and sturdiest places so he gets down on these little skinny branches to eat, falls off, gets back on, falls off. Its hillarious. I just love their faces. Do you think you'll ever see your babies again?

Tobey, I hope things start looking up for you soon. We all go thru those times and just need some time to ourselves. I'm really glad you have your running to. Remember we are here if you need to "talk".

Well, I'm going to get going now. Take care everyone.


03-22-2002, 01:00 PM
Hey everyone :wave:

This weather is so crazy here. Today is a wonderful spring day with temps in the 60's. I love it!!! For two weeks we have had temps in the high 80's everyday. This is what spring is supposed to feel like.

Marlana~You really have a lot of patience to sit and paint that border that way. I can do stuff like that when it is either really cold or really hot outside. It is going to be hard to stay in the house today with this beautiful weather. My amaryllis are getting big and ready to open. Everything is getting green. We still have dogwoods, redbuds and azaleas blooming too. I can't even imagine 19 degrees now. I think that was our coldest temperature this winter and I thought I was freezing. I guess we Floridians are really spoiled aren't we. I would love to come help you clean house and when we were through we could go fishing. :lol: I sure wish that we lived closer so that we could visit each other once in a while. Wouldn't it be fun to spend the day in each others kitchens?

Sally~Congratulations on the way that you have raised your girls. You must be so proud because we are sure proud of you!!!! I have always been very proud to be an honest person myself. It must show on my face. There was a guy selling little cups of food for the animals at Silver Springs when we were there. He had to leave just as I got to his table and he told me to just put my money in the cup if I wanted some. Then called over his shoulder as he left for me to sell some to the next group if I wanted. I am so glad that I don't have to share my computer with anyone. Good luck with getting your other one set up.

JoJo~I'm sorry to hear that your husband is going to have to hunt for a job again. It's too bad that the one he likes so well is going to end. Maybe he'll find an even better one. I think one of my babies has come home to nest. She brought her boyfriend with her and took him to her old nestbox. My husband made a wooden box for those babies to sleep in. We hung it in the largest oak tree after they all left home and they played in it occasionally. This past week we have watched a pair of squirrels playing in it again. All the wild squirrels have acted scared of the box so I believe this is one that I raised. I put a handful of peanuts out everyday. If I am late getting out there, a squirrel will sit in the closest tree and stare into the patio doors waiting for someone to see her and bring the peanuts. It is really cute.

Today is my lazy day. My friends are having a housewarming party this evening that I am helping with so I took the morning off. I need to go get a bath and fix my hair as soon as I get off this thing. Y'all have a great evening too.

03-23-2002, 11:48 AM
Good morning girlfriends. I just wanted to come in and say Happy Weekend. I'm off till Tuesday and I'm even thinking about taking Tuesday off. I'll have to think on it some more.

I went to the eye dr yesterday and my bifocal had to be strenghthened 3 times so thats part of the reason why I haven't adjusted to it very well. I was just going to get new lenses for the glasses I have now but then my insurance will pay up to a certain amount for a new frame so I found a really cute pair of frames. They are smaller than what I've got now. Over the years my glasses just keep getting smaller but the best part is how light they are. I could barely feel them on me. So I'm thinking of getting prescription sunglass lenses in the frames I've got now. They adjusted the nose pads and around my ears and I can see much better than I could. I remembered I had to pull the nose pads apart because my sinuses had my eyes really puffy and my glasses were really bothering my undereyes. I still want them to work with me on how to see out of the bifocal again tho.

I was thinking about running out to the mall today but I've got so much to do around here, I may just do housework instead. My house really needs a good cleaning anyway. I've got several stacks of old mail I need to go thru and probably throw most of it away and I wouldn't mind re-arranging the furniture in the living room.

Skeeter, oh, I'm sure you'll probably have some squirrel grandchildren now that she's brought her boyfriend home. I just think they are about the cutest things. Oh and rabbits. If I didn't have a cat, I think I'd get me a pet bunny except I'm not sure how my dog would react to that. She probably wouldn't care much for one. I agree with you about temps in the 60's. I love that to. 75 year around would be perfect. Not to hot and not cold.

Hi to everyone else. I've got to get going now and think about what I want to get started on first. Take care and have a good weekend.

Its now almost 4:00 and I just got home from the mall and I'm so excited. Shhhhhhhhhhh, dont tell anyone but I bought myself a new ring, a diamond cluster ring. It was 70% off and I couldn't pass it up. I haven't told dh yet. Kinda scared to. Its being sized right now so I have some time to tell him. I'm soooo bad.

03-24-2002, 04:00 PM
Wow, not much traffic in here this week. I hope we are all busy with spring activities. It isn't quite warm enough yet. The crazy weathermen have been predicting snow for this weekend, but it's 45 degrees now. Not likely! :D Boy am I glad for that.

I've been very busy all week. I worked last weekend, sat thru tues, spent a day of school at the hospital on wed, and worked thurs and fri. Yesterday I went out with dear bf. Today I'm not leaving the house. Mom went to spend the weekend with her parents, so I'm enjoying my house to myself.

I went in to see my doctor on Friday. I've been having chest pain a couple times a week all winter. It's pretty atypical, but it has been just about every day this week. Since my dad was 46 when he died from a huge heart attack, and I have Raynauds disease, which causes spasms of my vessels, I thought I'd get checked out. I'm probably ok, but I won't stop worrying until I find out for sure. I'm having an echocardiogram stress test Tuesday afternoon. That'll be strange, with one of the cardiologists I work with. :o Anyway, with Raynauds, the spasms are triggered by cold and stress, which is when I have most of the pain. I'm not sure how I really want it to turn out, either I have a heart problem, or anxiety. UGH.

Jojo- What a nice long weekend. I've put in for some each month all summer. Your new glasses sound nice. Every year when I get my check up, my prescription is a little bit stronger. Up until 8 years ago, I didn't even wear them at all. I guess I must be getting old!

Skeeter- You know, the high 80's sound wonderful to me. I can just feel the sun, warm, bright. My yard is just now starting to turn green again. But we still have over a month when we could get a decent snow. Man, I hope not. Your squirrels sound cute. One fell out of my tree this winter. There was a hole in the snow with a trail running back to the tree. That would have been funny to see.

Marlana- ohhh, wall paper and border. I'm glad I've got all of that done in my house. I do need to repaint the kitchen, which will include replacing the border, but it's along the chair rail so it's not too hard. Did you ever get the paint done on your furniture project?

Sally- Ugh, the pms. I get it for like almost 2 weeks. I'm glad I have a 6 week cycle though. I'd weigh 300lbs otherwise! Congrats to your daughter and her honesty award. It's nice to see the school is acknowledging something like that.

I guess that is about it for today. Don't know when I'll get in here next, so take care until then.


03-24-2002, 05:53 PM
Hey everyone :wave:

I just have time for a quick note. My computer has shut down on me twice already. This is my third attempt to get something posted. I think it is a problem in my surge protector so I have bypassed it and will see how that works.
We didn't get home from church until 2:30 today because we stayed for a luncheon to start off a revival. We are going back this evening and I am trying to get some laundry done. We are going back to Silver Springs tomorrow to see the second half and we are going fishing on Tuesday. I am looking forward to all of those things. The fishing trip is with a bass guide and almost guaranteed to catch bass. I know the guide and he is good. If I don't make it back in here, y'all will know why.

Marlana~I know that you are busy redecorating that room. Don't go crazy painting that border though. We all want to see a picture of the final results.

JoJo~I've been putting a few extra peanuts out every day to make sure they all get a treat. We are going to take a few peanuts with us tomorrow. I had a squirrel eating out of my hand the last time we went to Silver Springs and tried to follow us to the car. :lol: I also used to have a pair of rabbits but gave them away. I wanted them to live in the yard instead of a cage but they wanted to live under the house. Can't have that so I found them a home because I couldn't stand keeping them in a cage all the time. My sister-in-law had one for years that she let run around the house when she was home. It stayed in the spare room and was locked in a cage at night but played with the cat when it was loose. It was so cute. It is 80 today and supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Our cold spells don't last long. Enjoy that new ring and I won't say a word.

Jen~Good luck with the tests. Let's pray for an anxiety problem because that would be easier to control. We actually had the heat on yesterday morning and this morning to take the chill off the house but I think the cold is over now. I finally got all my plants and bushes trimmed up and most everything is budding out. My Amaryllis has blooms getting ready to open any day now. It's really pretty when they open up before the dogwood blossoms are all gone. The squirrels fall out of the trees all the time around here but it would have been funny to see the one in your yard tunneling back to the tree.

I need to go finish this laundry. Y'all have a good Sunday and I'll be back Wednesday if not before.

03-24-2002, 07:02 PM
HI all...I am new here...in fact this is only my second time I've written. I went to another one, but never heard anything...so figured they had their own group and didnt' want an outsider...AT any rate I am trying to GET and BE supportive...I have been walking, and trying to cut back...but it's HARD! I don't weigh in...don't do a special diet just try to be careful. I hope to find inspiration, and friendship here.

I am married, with two teenage boys...and a husband....DUH. LOL...

SO...if I can figure out HOW to get back here, I'll be back...hopefully you can all help me, and I will try to help you as well.

Thanks for the chance.


03-24-2002, 09:53 PM
Evening all. I have been bad. :o I have made a pig of myself the last few days and I can only blame myself. But really I have had a very stressful few days. And I have relied on my friend food to help me get through it. That is one friend I wish I could do without. Friday I get to work and find out that one of my clients has been taken to the hospital. and if that was not bad enough. We found out around 9:00 that another of our client died that morning. Then in the afternoon, we found out that another client who had stayed with us while her mom had surgery a few weeks ago died on Monday. So I have needless to say been stressed. I love my job but I hate this part of it. You get so attached to them and to lose one is like losing part of your family.
I am going to get back on track tomorrow with my diet. I know that I have gained weight this week but I am going to weigh tomorrow anyway so that I will know where I stand. And to make matters worse, like they could be, I am pms ing.
Jen hope everything turns out ok with the doctor. Keep us posted.
Marlana I have not temped anythng with wall paper or border since we did my kitchen. Ever who build this hour must have been drunk or something because all the walls are bad out of wack. We measured down from the ceiling to put up the border the first time and when we go it up it all had to come back down because it was running down hill. Then we tried measuring from the floor not any better. So finially Bobby hung is and I stood back and told him which way to go. it may not be the straitest thing but it is up.
Well, better go. Hello to everyone else.
Also, Welcome Dush, you will find a great bunch of ladies here. They are very supportive and friendly. Keep coming back.

03-25-2002, 09:18 AM

Good Morning~~Hey some of you have wrote twice since I've been here. Decided I better get my big ol rump in here before I get throwed out.:D I was busy all week end working on my project. I sure wasn't busy fishing thats for sure, the wind blowed 90 to nothing all week end. One day our weather is warm and the next it's cold. Today is a cold day.Somebody is going to have to come down here and shoot me, except for Skeeter and I guess she would have to come UP here and shoot me. Me and my friend Food have got really close the last few days. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....Lord, I'm so addicted to eating. HELP!!! I'm a :ink: I'm going to do better this week. What a time to try and get on the wagon. Hubby has a mini vacation starting on Thursday. We might be taking off on a short fishing trip. I hope we do, I'm a little sick of this place. We didn't get to do much camping last year because of all the overtime at work. I've stayed on a food plan before when off on vacation and I can do it again.

Jo Jo~~Girl, I've got to have new glasses too. Hubby and I was talking about how blurry our TV has got. It isn't the TV, if I get close enough it really clear. Same for him. I got sunglasses, prescription, a few years ago, and with all the fishing I never used them much. It seems like I have to have both with me and was always changing them. I'm so sorry to hear about your dh job, thats terrible. If it wasn't for bad luck he wouldn't have any luck at all. I hope he can find something even better. The border would go up fast if I didn't have to paint it a solid color and then paint the leaves on it and then put it up...and then paint some more leaves coming off the border plus some stripes. I'm going to attach a picture and show you what I've been doing. I love rings, would love to see yours.

Skeeter~~Our weather is so screwed up the fish don't know what to do. We have buds on all the trees too. There's an old saying, "When the leaves on a dogwood tree is the size of a squirrels ear its Sandbass time. The squirrels ears are going to get froze off this year. By the way...the old saying is true. Tomorrow is you fishing trip, I bet you can't hardly wait. I'm as ready as I can be, except I'll have to roll into the boat. I would have put :lol: there, but it ain't funny anymore. I would love it if you lived closer too, but the kitchen is the last place we would need to be. It does sound like one of your babies has come home to raise her young. Maybe she has figured out that is she gets a boyfriend...fun part...she can have the babies...hard part...she could then through them out of the tree and you would rush out and get them and do the rest of the work.It could happen!!!

Jen~~I thank we are all busy, I know that I am. I'll be busy for the next few months. Hubby takes his vacations a day or two at a time in the spring so we can spend all our time on the water. Believe it or not, but fishing makes me as tired as working. What a time for me to start on a decorating project. What did I do all winter,:shrug: I don't know??? I hope that heard test comes out OK girl. I would be afraid to take a stress test, I could have a heart attack. My hubby is so into health. He walks everyday, he as lost weight, he don't know how much he hasn't weighed. He now has started doing some things to make his legs and arms stronger. He don't want any sweets, hasn't had a pop in over a month. He's got his act together and here I set. I'm guessing but I bet he has lost at least 20 pounds. He has blood pressure we all would kill for. Before he started the exercise bit his pressure run about 120 over 65, would you believe now it's running about 99/61. He has taken it for the last 2 weeks ends and thats where it is. I GOT TO GET MY ACT TOGETHER.

Dush~~Welcome to our little group. I'm glad the other group didn't work out,:lol: that means we got you. We always are glad to welcome a newcomer. Come in and write all you want. Don't worry too much about writing to all of us right off, it'll will all get much easier after a while. We are a small group and that makes it a little easier to get to know everyone. We all struggle with our weight, and I'm sure you do, or you wouldn't have been here. I hope we will be able to encourage you and help you get on your way to losing the excess. Sounds like you've got off to a good start with a plan. Two teen age kids and a HUBBY, 3 very stressful things.:lol: Again.. A great big welcome to our group.
I'm going to get through this day on my food plan...I'm going to get through this day on my food plan...I'm going to get through this day on my food plan....There now I'll make it. The attachment is of the border I'm painting in the bedroom. Read what I wrote to Jo Jo to get details. This is a lot of work girls, but I love doing it. Have a good one.

03-25-2002, 11:33 AM
Hi Girls,

I missed you all this weekend. Sounds like everyone is busy lately.

Its icey out there this morning. I've got some mini daffodils that are bloomed and they are surrounded in ice. They were saying we could have 1-3 inches of snow plus tomorrow morning it may be icy like it is today. I plan to run out to the used book store today plus a couple of other places. I want to get some more memory for my puter. There is one place that has a realy good price on it all the time. Whenever I try to get it at Bestbuy, they always tell me that the brand I need is out. They told me I have to have a specific brand for Compaq but I found out different from another store that you can buy a generic one. So I just don't buy it from Bestbuy anymore. To me, that is trying to rip someone off. Plus I have to get a new mouse.

Dush, I tried to post to you last night but I got knocked off line. That happens alot on AOL and I keep saying I'm going to get another ISP but so far I haven't. I'm really glad you stopped and took a chance on us. We love it when new people join us. We are all at different stages of trying to lose weight. Right now, I am not on a food plan yet, I was but then got side tracked for way to long. And now I'm getting to where I can't stand myself and when I get like that, a food and exercise plan is usually not far behind. I'm just trying to figure one out that my husband can follow to cause he wants to lose weight to. Anyway, welcome and we will try to help you any way we can. Sometimes it just helps having a place you can come in and write about it. Thats what I love about this site. And I'm sure you could tell, we write about most everything.

Marlana, the dang phone woke me up at 8:30 this morning or I'd still be sawing logs. Oh well, its better I'm up early so that I get things done early. Your wallpaper border is really pretty. Looks like a ton of work. I'm hoping to paint our bedroom this year and in the back of my mind, I'm trying to think of some kind of paint effect I could do on it. Dh will kill me for even thinking of it. I'll let you know if I come up with something. :lol: Maybe when I get my ring, I'll try to scan it. I'm kinda having second thoughts about getting it now. I've still not told dh about it yet. Also, I've been thinking of telling him its a cz ring. Yikes!!!! I doubt if I do that but its crossed my mind.

Skeeter, I hope its not your surge protector causing you problems again. Doesn't seem like it was all that long ago since you had problems with that. Have fun fishing and I hope you catch lots.

Jen, I hope everything turns out ok with the tests. I'll keep you in my prayers that all is fine with you. I wish I could wear contact lenses but I've tried the hard ones and the soft and could never wear them. Part of the problem is fear of putting them in or taking them out. Plus I'm just so used to glasses and I don't have to do anything to them except cleaning them. I've got a really bad astigmatism and it has gotten worse over the years. I got these glasses in 99 and my eyes haven't changed to much since then, mostly the bifocal.

Teresa, you know, I find I do much better at home than I do at work with my food. There is just to much junk food at work and I have almost no resistance to the snack tins especially when it comes to chocolate. I've not had any chocolate candy at all this weekend and I have some most every day at work. One of these days we will all get to where we want to be with our weight but I wish it was sooner for me. I've just not been working to hard at it and I need to change that.

Well, I think I got everyone. I've got to get this posted before I get knocked off-line. Take care everyone.

03-25-2002, 02:18 PM
Afternoon, Ladies
I tried, and failed to get in here on Friday---I got up early enough to post a nice long note, but the computer wouldn't boot up for me---I discovered the problem though, and Jeff fixed it when he got home Friday night; there was an empty glass of Sprite on the workstation, and the Sprite had magically emptied itself into the keyboard. I say magically, because when I mentioned it to the other three occupants of the house, all I got was
:shrug: I guess it just leaped off the workstation and spilled. Oh well, fortunately we had a spare one.
How's everyone doing? The girls are on spring break this week, so I took today off, since they both had dental appointments. Then I'm off Friday also, so I like these three day work weeks! I've still not weighed--I need to, it's been two weeks now....I'm almost afraid to now! Maybe it won't be too bad.
JoJo, I want a new ring! You lucky thing--70% off! I would like an anniversary ring sometime--maybe for our fifth I'll get one, if I'm really, really good:devil: My engagement ring is just a "chip" and I want a big headlight. I don't really mind, though; I had to buy my own ring when I was married to Goofus...at least Jeff bought me a wedding set.
Jen, hope your tests come out okay; Raynaud's is where you have cold extremities, isn't it? I had a boss whose daughter has that...she doesn't have much trouble with symptoms unless it's really cold weather. Hope you're feeling better.
Mama, you're busy with another house project, aren't you? I wish I had time to do stuff---I can barely clear a path thru the house sometimes. We did get it all cleaned up this weekend, though. It's starting to revert back to its old self by today, I notice. Well, one day the kids will be gone and we can retire and I can have it like I want. Who am I kidding? The girls are never going to leave us---they have it too good! My mom spoiled us rotten, especially me, since I was the baby; I got breakfast in bed every morning until the day I left to get married. Wonder what possessed me to leave home and get married?? :D Especially to HIM. Oh, speaking of HIM, my attorney went to court today and is supposed to set my case for trial---maybe we'll get all settled in the next month or so.
Skeeter, how're the animals going? I saw a little teacup Chihuahua puppy at the park yesterday--little fellow looked like a rat on a string! My Maltese was with us, and he was all excited--he'd found somebody smaller than him! :lol: His 6 1/2 pounds looked huge next to that little guy....he was a cutie.
Hey Teresa--glad you're back in with us; I've been a :ink: lately and I bet I've gained back some too, but I'm going to weigh in the morning and face the music.
Dush, welcome! Glad you're here, and hope you get to post often.
Love to everyone, and I'll try and get back in here tomorrow, but you know how I am---Murphy's Law of Computing in action!

03-26-2002, 09:43 AM
Good Morning~~I'm pooped again this morning and right now my eyes are only half open. I stayed up and watched OU girls play basketball last night. GO OU!!!! Both our guys and gals are in the final 4. I thank it would just be great if they both won it all. I've got to go to Tahlequah today and take the RV to the transmission shop. It's leaking a drop of fluid every 6 months and thats just too much for hubby.:rolleyes: I bet he's going to spring it on me about Wed. evening that we are taking off on Thursday Morning and I don't have a darn thing in stocked in the RV. There's an old saying around here and it fits me perfect. "I have too many pokers in the fire."

Jo Jo~~OH dear God please keep that ice up there. You was talking about memory for your puter. I worry about my memory all the time. Both mine and my puters. I know there is a place for more in my tower. Can you put it in yourself???? THAT IS A QUESTION!!!:lol: I have seen those memory things for free at Staples. Of course you put the money up front and get it back in rebates. That reminds me I haven't sent off the rebate things to get my money back on the battery back up serge protector that is costing me 10.00. SEE...TOO MANY POKERS IN THE FIRE TO TAKE CARE OF ALL I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF. Boy I hope you don't have to take the ring back.

Sally~~I only have one of those people around here that doesn't know how things got to where they are. Boy but he's enough to make up for your two extras. I'll tell you how the old boy handles things. Us say we are going fishing and I ask him if he has put something in the boat and he always says, "Not yet."
Even if we were going down the road and I ask if he put the rods in he would say with a straight face, "Not yet." He's a pretty good guy though. I've had him for 40 years, so I guess I'll keep him. If my house stays clean all the time I have to stay in gear and pick up things when I see them. It's a good thing you wasn't my baby, I didn't serve breakfast in bed. YOU WAS SPOILED!

Teresa~~Oh "Friend or Foe" that is the question about food for us. At the time we are deeply into it, it seems as if it is a friend, but in the end it is not. I have to be honest about it, there has been times, only a few, that if it was not for food I might have lost my mind, because I couldn't deal with life the way it was coming at me. Of course I'm paying a high price for that way of handling my life. Now it's an addiction. And it is the # 1 addiction. The hardest one to break. Why??? Because we have to use our substance to live. No other addiction has that need. People who don't have a food addiction doesn't understand why we just don't push away from the table. Take my hubby, who has lost 20 or 25 pounds in the last 3 months. He don't eat sweets anymore, not even a pepsi. He walks everyday. But he doesn't depend on food to settle his mind down. He doesn't use food to get through a hard time. He doesn't use food to feel good, so there fore he doesn't abuse it either. The reason he gained weight is because of age and eating the wrong foods. Not to mention he has a wife who is a good cook. Your house is normal, most houses are out of wack. Works well for me, because my building s out of wack too. Hope you made it back on plan.

Speaking of building. I'm attaching a picture of the cabinet I built for Hubbys room. I set the junk on it to make it look better. I'm going to put a large green plant on the shelf below the TV. Boy not much of the border I worked so hard on showing after the cabinet was put in. By the way I like 2 trim pieces on the top having it finished. I screwed them up and will have to buy more boards. Ladies, this thing was hard to build, it is built on a 45 degree angle, and that was hard for me.

03-26-2002, 08:31 PM
Hi Everyone

What a long day. Spent 3 hours at the Dr's office with dh. He is starting with a new primary Dr because he is now on my insurance and it doesn't cover the Dr he used to have. Anyway, it felt like we waited forever for the Dr to come in but he spent almost an hour with us so that made me feel a little better. DH seems like really like him to because he listened to him. Dh was fed up with his other Dr but it was just easier to keep going to him than switching. At least now I understand more about low blood sugar and some of the stuff thats going on with dh for years now. First his old dr decided it was migraine variance and then once they did the real long glucose test and found out he had low blood sugar. He had really severe symptoms, passing out, seziure type symptoms and it kept up and and kept up and then once they put him in the hospital and had a psychiatrist come in and she decided it was an anxiety disorder that was causing those spells. When I had my hysterectomy, dh's former Dr saw I was there and stopped in and he told me he thought this was all in dh's head. Exactly his words. I didn't even speak to him, he just told me that. I was so p-o'd at him for it. Anyway, dh told the dr at times at work he will start sweating really bad, have spells where its like he blacks out but is concious, if that makes any sence and gets really fatigued. The Dh drew out a small chart of hours and how our blood sugar raises when you eat and then starts going down, and how insulin figures in with low blood sugar and told dh that he has to start eatting a small snack between breakfast and lunch and in the afternoon and evening. I've been telling dh for years he needs to do this and he just doesn't see how he can eat all that. Well now it makes sence to him. And I feel like crying because it makes sence to me now to and for awhile I felt that maybe some of this was all in his head. I feel bad for that. But I feel better to. This has gone on for so many years and no-one has really sat down to explain it like the dr did today. And I feel like dh actually listened to him about the food. So we will see.

We woke up to some snow this morning. At first they were saying 3-5 inches and then 2-4 but I don't think we got much more than an inch. Looks like its supposed to start warming up again. The last 3 days have been crappy between the ice and snow. I stepped outside with the dog last night and it was so weird hearing the crackling noises the trees made when the wind was blowing cause they were covered in ice. Even the dog was a little freaked out by it. Made me think of the ice storm we had Easter, 78. It was really bad and went down in the history books as one of the worst winter storms ever in IL.

Marlana, I love that cabinet you built. It looks like something you'd buy in a furniture store. I'm serious. You do really nice work. I wish they sold people memory like they do puter memory, I'd be buying it all the time tho. Yes, you can install the memory yourself. My brother put the last one in for me and I think if I study it enuff, I could figure out how to do it myself. You just have to be able to get the cover off the puter. I'm going to have to start watching Staples add a little closer for the free memory.

Sally, I got my first diamond wedding set after 8 years and then I traded it in 3 years ago on the set I have now. I love the princess cut and baguette diamonds and thats what I have now for my set. The new ring is small round diamonds in a cluster. It is so pretty but man, I sure feel guilty about buying it. I've still not told dh about it tho. Yikes. Its still in the back of my mind to tell him its a cz ring I got off the shopping channel. I know I wont do that but its tempting.

Hello to everyone else.

I've got to get off here now and get out of these clothes. Take care everyone.

03-27-2002, 11:42 AM
Hi Ladies, I thought I better come in and write today although only Jo Jo wrote yesterday. I'm not going to be in for a couple of days because I'm going fishing. The weather is suppose to be great Thursday and Friday. It might rain over the week end. Always rains on Easter. Can't hardly wait to get on the water and wet a hook. I hope all of you have a great Easter week end.

Jo Jo.....I don't even want to thank about Doctors. We've paid out over a 1000.00 on doctor bills since Jan. grrrrrrrrrrr and the sad news is he still thanks something else is wrong. Bless his heart he has lost some weight though. Makes me feel really bad about myself. Why can't we do it the way he can. He just does it! I am so unhappy with myself. I hear you about getting it in your head thing. My dh thanks he has to have a pill for everything. Me I don't take a pill unless I have to. I know how to get the cover off of my puter. I've had it off a few times. I found the fan that was out here while back. I also blow out the dust.
I better go...I've got to go to town and check on the RV and buy food to fill it.

03-28-2002, 03:13 PM
Hey everyone :wave:

I sure hope that y'all have been having as good a time as I have. :smug: We had a wonderful time at Silver Springs on Monday and saw the other half of the park. Of course we also rode a couple of the glass bottom boat rides again. I don't think that I would ever tire of that. Then another wonderful day on Tuesday with the fishing guide on this river. We must have seen at least 40 gators along a 5 mile stretch of the river. The biggest number in a group seemed to be gathered in the same area where I go to fish from the house. I knew there were gators around me but never had any idea that there were so many.:eek: We all caught a few bass and threw them back. I got a very mean sunburn too. Yesterday I got my fish tanks cleaned and the dogs bathed and brushed and attended the last night of our church revival. Now I am working around the house and going to relax this evening and watch Survivor.

Marlana~I just love that border and cabinet that you made. You sure are a talented lady!!!!! It is also my favorite color. I sure hope that you have a good time fishing with your husband. You both need some time off to enjoy yourselves. I am just crazy about being on the water here. I love watching things in the water even if I don't catch any fish. There is so much to see on this river that I never get bored. We watched a large great blue heron catch a snake yesterday and take it up the bank to eat. I enjoy watching things like that. :lol:

JoJo~It's hard to imagine your cold weather when we have been in the 80's for so long now. I love this time of year when it is possible to cool off by finding some shade. In a couple of months that won't even help. It sounds like your husband has found a really good doctor. It is terrible to have to try to find a new one and expensive too. So far, I have tried a dentist that was a jerk and a doctor too. I have seen a new doctor that I think I am going to like but she is very busy. I've been sick twice now and couldn't get in to see her. I still haven't started a search for a new dentist.

Sally~I guess you need spare parts for a computer with kids using them too. :D I'm glad that no one else uses mine because I have enough problems by myself. Hope you have a good day off on Friday with the kids.

Teresa~I am so sorry to hear that you lost some of your clients. I don't know if I could handle dealing with that on a regular basis. Come back and let us know how you are doing as often as you can.

I need to get a few more chores finished before dinner time. Y'all have a great day.

03-29-2002, 01:05 PM
Hi Ladies,
Just got a second--headed to Walmart for some shopping; just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter! See you Monday.
Love, Sally

03-29-2002, 07:24 PM
Hellooooooooooo!!! Come out, come out wherever you are. Yooohoooo!!!!

Its Friday. I'm in a good mood, if you couldn't tell. The day went by fairly fast for a change. Usually Friday's are long.

Sally, I hope you have a great Easter to.

Skeeter, sounds like you've had lots of fun at Silver Springs. I wish I could see it again. Maybe someday. Do they have what they call Monkey Island there? I just remember that from somewhere and I think it was Silver Springs from the tour in the boat. Its a cool place. I would of loved to have seen a manatee. Looks like its going to start warming up now. Hopefully we don't get anymore of the cold stuff. I want to see green again. I miss the leaves and flowering trees really bad. I have to find a dentist to. Its been so long since I've had my teeth cleaned.

Marlana, I feel so much better since dh is on my insurance now. His former insurance was so crappy and we owe so much. There is no way we can just pay these bills off all at once. I hate even thinking about it cause its depressing. It is very aggrivating how men can lose weight so much easier than women. I know if dh really stuck his mind to it, he'd lose like crazy and I'd still be where I am or just a couple pounds off. Its not fair that men get the best metabolism. Its just not fair. I hope you are having a good time fishing.

Well, I'd better get going. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter. Dont eat to many jelly beans.

03-30-2002, 11:57 PM
Hello~~I'm setting here doing nothing so decided to come in and write a word or two. I've had kids since yesterday evening. I took them home about a couple of hours ago. I had 4 of them, my own grand kids. I enjoyed them but it was wearing down a bit when I took them home. Fishing hasn't been worth a darn. Other then that nothing going one here. OU men just lost the ballgame darn it. But the women have a shot at it tomorrow, it'll be tough but not impossible.

Skeeter~~You are one busy gal. I don't want anything to do with gators. The closest I get to a gator is a alligator gar. I don't even want to catch one of them, we do catch one once in a while. They have a mouth full of teeth. I tell you I'm having a heck of a time figuring out Survivor this time. They all turned on gab the other night. Of course he was a little bit nuts. But I want them to get Sean, the black guy he is one smart butt. I wish all the ones on the other team would make it to the merge. We have Blue Heron's here too. Up on the Ill. river where we go they are always nesting and they just make the loudest noise's over the nesting sticks.

Sally~~ Hope you have a nice Easter too!

Jo Jo~~It's Sat. and I've felt bad all day today. I went in to go to bed at 5:00 and then had to get back up. I don't know what my problem is, just in a hohum mood. You had to bring up bills again and I just got through doing my check book and bank statement. Found a bill from the hospital I hadn't paid, 380.00.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I hope the heck thats all of them. I can't keep up with them and he won't bring home a receipt so that don't help any.

Girls...what the heck are we going to do to get ourselves to losing some of this blubber??? I'm sick of myself. Thank I will call it a day now. Have a nice holiday everyone.

03-31-2002, 10:30 AM
Happy Easter Everyone :wave:

I thought that I would get on this thing while I am waiting to go back to church for morning services. We went to the sunrise service this morning and then cooked breakfast in the fellowship hall for everyone that stayed. There sure was some good sausage gravy and biscuits. I'm never going to lose any weight that way.

Marlana~I hope that you are getting some rest after having those grandkids. I was hoping that some of mine would decide to visit this weekend but haven't heard from them. They keep promising to come see us but haven't yet. We caught some of those gar on our fishing trip along with pickerel and mud fish. It seemed that everything was biting that day. I didn't really care what I caught as long as it put up a struggle. It is just so much fun to catch them but I didn't waant to clean any. Well, Gabe was one of my early choices for winner on Survivor but that's not going to happen. :lol: At this point, my other choice would be Gina. I hope she will make the merge along with her other new teammates. I don't care for John and blame him for the fiasco in that last episode. I only hope that they are smart enough to get rid of Sean and Rob before the jury starts forming. Those two would not be good candidates for the jury.

JoJo~I was telling my husband about the monkey island that they used to have at Silver Springs. They have a "monkey island" now that is nothing like the one that they used to take you to and the captain would be feeding them. Now the boat just goes by an area that has a few pairs of different kinds of monkeys but no rhesus monkeys at all. I was a little disappointed with that. There also is no big catfish like they used to have. I remember seeing such large ones on the glass bottom boat rides. I talked with one of the captains that has been there for 33 years and he said the last big catfish died about 5 years ago.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend. Don't eat too much candy or boiled eggs.

03-31-2002, 09:35 PM
Hi lo.

I hope everyone has had a nice Easter. I'm just glad to be back home to peace and quiet again. DH's family is very loud. And way to much food. I didn't do to bad but I didn't do that good either. I always try to justify it as its a holiday and only comes once a year.

Skeeter, we were at Silver Springs in 82 so its hard to remember if the captain fed the monkeys or not. I just like places like that. You know my favorite place is Sea World. I love it. Love the penguin encounter. We went there several times when we lived in California but I hear its very expensive to get into now. The closest one to us now is in Ohio and thats not close.

Marlana, I will try to not bring up that B word again, ok? :lol: I know, I hate them to. If I was a man, I sure wouldn't want to be named Bill since its such an unpleasant word. :lol: You must of had your hands full with 4 grand kids. I bet you are worn out. I'm sure fishing will pick up soon. Dh has been talking about getting his fishing license this year. You know, I honestly don't know how much we owe in medical bills. They stress me out to much to keep track of them to closely.

Sally, Hope you had a great Easter. You to, Tobey, Jen, Teresa and anyone else I've missed. I missed seeing you guys in here.

Take care everyone. Ugggghhhhh, its back to work tomorrow.

04-02-2002, 09:02 AM
Good Morning~~OH boy hubby has gone back to work and I get a day alone for a change. We fished our hearts out but for very little. It was nice to get outside and on the water. I've got so much work to do I don't hardly know where to start. Well I do to, on this messy house. I'm making an all out try at getting out of food today. Boy I've been on a non stop binge for so long now. I try to give up food but before my days are over I'm eating big time. Yesterday when we come off the river, the first thing we done was go to Burger King, the Whoppers really was talking to me, and it worked. OH well today if another day. I know I can get out of food, I just have to get my mind where it should be, that is the hard part though. Right now I'm listening to IN-U....thats the way it pronounced but not spelled. Ever heard his...her's...theirs...who ever's music. It is so relaxing, I can just lay back and close my eyes and float away. My brother in law has a burner on his puter and he made me 3 CD's, I've been going to sleep with them the last two nights. I wish I could learn how to get them on my puter and I would send them to you.

Jo Jo~~And the bills roll on, I wrote another check for 334.00 to the hospital yesterday. I thank that is all of them, it better be, I'm going to blow a gasket. 4 kids does wear me out. Well really it wasn't all of them, it was the 4 year old that wears me out. The older ones...15...12 and 9 is really easy to keep, but Brett never gets still and never shuts up. I am blessed with them all though. We like to take the older ones fishing a couple of times a year and they love to go. This year I don't thank we are going to take them I thank they have to have fishing license now past 12. Jillie is only 9 so she will get to go, and she's the one who loves it so much.

Skeeter~~We are just going to have to learn how to say no to gravy and biscuits and Whoppers if we are ever going to lose any of this fat. I'm started today and making my health the center of my life. I'm going to write down everything I eat...I'm going to go out and walk on the treadmill just as soon as I'm through writing here. I've got to where I hurts me just to walk to the mailbox. I'm tired of living this way. I know I'm getting older but I bet I would feel like a 35 year old if I lost a 100 pounds. This is the first of April so I've got I've got almost 8 months before my next birthday and GET READY FOR THIS.......I'm going to try and lose 80 pounds by my birthday. One day at a time I can do it. I've done it before I can do it again. This weight is not going to come off unless I change the way I'm thanking and eating. Do I want to live the rest of my life like I've been living...NO...so I have to change the way I eat. And I have to start getting some exercise everyday. Hubby started walking about two months ago and he is in so much better shape now, he almost runs on the treadmill, and don't get winded like he did. I can do it too. I just have to start off slower. Just thank how much easier thing would be to do. EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER. I'm going to do it, starting right now!!!
Hi to everyone else reading this, I'm on my way down, and right now I'm on my way out to walk. Bye Bye for now. If I get started it will make the rest of you want to get on the wagon too, come on now us get the ball rolling and get healthier. Boy girls, you got to get this music it's got me all worked up. This is post # 25...I'll see if I can start a new thread with a new logo. The attachment is a picture of one of the rivers we fished in..this one is Grand river....it's almost the lake at this point....The lake I live close to.